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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 31, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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is my world. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, my exclusive and can't miss sit-down with president donald trump is moments away. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. a big show with president trump. you won't want to miss a second of this interview. breaking news as alec baldwin speaks out on camera for the first time about the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins. outrage as reports of a plan from the biden administration to pay illegals separated at the
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border almost a half million each. the latest in this developing story on this special edition of justice. but first we start with my exclusive sit-down with president trump in florida where he's in great spirits and as fired up as i have ever seen him. his redirection for the virginia gubernatorial race and so much more. >> thank you for having us here at mar-a-lago. if there is one word that can sum up the biden administration it's crisis. if you look back at the last 10 months on the biden administration what grade would you give them? >> it's probably the worst presidency? history. i used to say jimmy carter. i'm not a fan of bush getting us
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into the middle east. if you look at afghanistan and that horrible thing that happened to our nation with these young people being killed, and so badly injured. we have over 2 some, no arms, no legs. -- over 20, no arms, no legs. nobody talks about them. and to leave the military equipment brand-new right out of the box. they didn't explode it or blow it up. they did a couple of old planes that weren't very valuable. it's getting to get pretty close, what's happening on the border is one of the great embarrassments for our country also. judge jeanine: what grade would you give the biden administration? >> i would say an f. it's a failed administration. it's a disaster. i wish he could do well. i love the country more than i love anything. family, god, country.
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we have to take care of our country. i would love to see him do well. i don't think there has ever been a greater embarrassment as an administration. we had everything ready to go. we landed it on a plate whether it was the border or afghanistan. we were going to get out but what dignity and strength. judge jeanine: joe biden was a united states senator, he was vice president for 8 years. he was sold to us as a guy who understood foreign relations. >> his own secretary of state said he never made a correct foreign policy decision in his life. it was made recently by gates and others who worked for them. not getting out. i set it. you. i brought it down to 2,500 soldiers and they weren't going to touch us.
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they knew. then he took out the military before he took out the people. he left maybe thousands of people that are americans and should be taken out. judge jeanine: why do you think he didn't listen to his military? >> i think our military is largely discredited. he might see that if he understands it. i wanted to get out also. i remember milley telling me. i said i want every screw, every bolt, every tank, i want the tents, i want everything out. getting the planes out, you just fly them into pakistan then take them over to our country. so easy. but i remember milley saying, sir, we'll save money if we leave the equipment. i said, save money if we leave a $50 million airplane or $10 million tank, you think we are
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saving money by not flying it out? what does that mean? sir, it's cheaper to leave it. i said that's a fool talk. when milley said that, i lost such re-expect for him. i said tell me again. and i really lost a lot of respect for him. judge jeanine: we have a school board controversy that feeds into a gubernatorial race. parents are being referred to as domestic terrorists by the national school board association. they took it back after they outraged. but the attorney general merrick garland is ready to deploy the fbi into local jurisdictions which is a job for the sheriffs and local police, and he's doubling down. >> i have been watching the school board hearings more closely than i ever have.
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the parents are incensed. er in not terrorists. they are angry, they are hurt, they are crying, because their children are being taught things that in our opinion, and my opinion, and a vast majority of the people in this country's opinion they don't wants their children to hear about this stuff. they want to go back to reading, writing and arithmetic. they want to hear that black people are good and white people are good. this is the division being caused by these programs are just terrible. judge jeanine: the amazing parts of this is the national school board association that drafted this letter ends up, the administration promotes the head of that association, gives them a plum job. we know there was coordination between the biden administration and the national school board association to get that letter to the attorney general so they could start going after parents.
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there was a young girl raped. the school board knew about it, the superintendent lied about it. now we have a gubernatorial race in virginia. it will be a forecast of the 2022 mid-terms. how do you see youngkin doing against mcauliffe. >> mcauliffe said the parents have nothing to do with what their children are going to learn. i heard that statement and i said is that going to be bad. will that be like deplorables? that's not a nice word. and it blew up. i think this will cause him tremendous problems tuesday. judge jeanine: do you think glenn youngkin will win? >> i think he's a good man, he loves the country. judge jeanine: do you think he will win? >> he should win. my base has to turn out. if my base turns out, he will
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win. i want them to turn out. judge jeanine: they are referring to youngkin as a trump acove light. -- a acolyte. >> i know him as a good person. the last person that ran as a republican did not embrace trump in virginia. he got killed. he was just absolutely destroyed. and i think if my base doesn't come out, he can't win. i think my base has to come out strongly. judge jeanine: do you see yourself as a kingpin for elections going forward. >> this is a great honor, if i endorse somebody, they win. i think i'm 148-2. that's a pretty good number.
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i did endorse youngkin. i hope it woarnt be three. i endorse him strongly. he's a good man. he's a sane person. these people are insane. judge jeanine: let's talk about inflation. we have inflation of 5.4%. the prices of beef are up 17.6%. the average american family spending an average $175 a month. gas prices are up in southern california, $5 in new york. and joe biden when he was asked about gas prices he says i don't see anything that's going to reduce significantly, reduce gas prices. he doesn't know. >> he doesn't have any idea. >> one of the things i was most proud about is our country became energy independent. we had our own. we had more than them.
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we were number one by far over saudi arabia and russia. number one by far. i had the pipelines going. amazingly, i ended the russian pipeline. i got along well with russia. i got along well with putin. they weren't happy with trump. i can tell you that. biden opened up this big mess of pipeline over europe. you heard it a thousand times. we are energy independent, no longer. i was so proud of that. first time really in history, they say 75 years. but i don't about believe we were ever energy independent. we were doing so much. it was $1.87 a gallon. if you look at the numbers. now, yesterday they had in a certain section of california
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$7.70. it's going to follow, it's going to go a lot higher than that. biden sent people to go see russia, saudi arabia and other members of opec that we need help because we don't have enough. when you talk about inflation, the biggest factor is no energy. the trucks, the factories, the deliveries, the planes. it's so energy based that the energy now is so expensive, we don't have enough oil. i filled up the strategic reserves for almost nothing. when oil hit bottom we were almost empty with the reserves. nobody thought of it. i never got credit. i don't think anybody ever mentioned it. but i bought 75 million barrels, i believe it was. 75 million barrels which is a massive order. it was good for two things. the prices got so low it was hurting our energy jobs, and we bought it cheap as hell.
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now he wants to use that energy, that oil that i bought at a great price different should be used in cases of emergency. he wants to drain it so the prices come down. judge jeanine: even he said it will save about 18 cents a gallon. >> i could get that down within 6 months. i'll bet i could get it down to $2.50. judge jeanine: don't he know how to do it? >> i don't think he does. you get down many dollars. you have to let the oil companies go back to work. they ended leases. they ended anwar because of lisa murkowski. she is not a republican. she says she is a republican. ronald ray gain tried. bush tried. i got it done. maybe it's bigger than saudi
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arabia. maybe. they fried for many many decades to get it done. i got it done. this would have added to our supply. we were already the biggest in the world by far. we ended all the leases on government lands. and frankly we are pumping out for years. and not hurting it. done in an environmental way. natural gas is very clean. we have wind mills destroying our landscapes, killing all the birds. you know where the turbines are made? germany and china. judge jeanine: still ahead, what donald trump thinks of bird * and the vaccine mandate. what he thinks about the latest caravan heading towards the southern border and how it can be stopped.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." we return now to my exclusive interview with donald trump. covering everything from dr. fauci to the latest caravan heading our way. let's talk about what's going on with the firing of police officers, firemen, nurses.
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now we are talking about vaccinating kids month are 5-12 years old and forcing them to continue to wear a mask. our heroes are being fired, they are losing their jobs. are you sorry you didn't fire dr. fauci. >> they are because of bad policies made by the biden administration. he has been there for 40 years. he walks in and said hi, my name is tony. everything he told me we do, i didn't do. he wanted to keep china open. i closed it to china. and he actually said president trump saved thousands and thousands of lives. i was sitting in a room with many, many people. i said we have to close it to china. i then closed it to europe.
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and we saved thousands of lives. what i did do, and we want freedom and all of this. this was a great achievement worldwide. i think we would have thanked 1917 like the spanish flu where a hundred million people died. i got vaccines done in less than 5 months. they said it would probably take 5 years. and i got it done. but people shouldn't be forced to take them. judge jeanine: you must have seen this caravan coming, more than del rio. the caravan is actually fighting with the mexican national guard forcing their way through. how do we stop this? and what do we do once they get here. >> the wall would have stopped them. judge jeanine: they are letting them in. >> the on thing they can do is go to small areas where the wall would have been completed.
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before we start that, let me just tell you. these are rough people. they were going through the mexican police who are tough. they were lined up, they thought they could stop them. you look at the front few lines of the people there on this caravan, and we ended it, we stopped the caravans. now what happened, they are talking about one caravan 120,000 people. that's like an army. if you look at that front line they look like they with belong in the nfl. they should be signed for the nfl. they burst through tough mexican police who tried to stop them. they had no chance. we have to stop them. we can stop them but we have to get very tough. but we cannot let -- our country is being poisoned. you know what else?
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it's being poisoned with drugs. we had fentanyl down to the lowest number since its founding. fentanyl is worse than anything. much of it is made in china. i had him just about stopped. all of a sudden they are making fentanyl like crazy and sending it through the border. the numbers object fentanyl are going up 10 fold. when we would have had the wall completed i would have had it down to almost nothing. the fentanyl and drugs generally are pouring through our border. people that are very sick are coming into our country. very contagious diseases, not just covid. covid is peanuts compared to some of these diseases. they are destroying these leaders if you call them leaders, they are destroying our country. judge jeanine: the saddest part
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of it is they are here. i manage it's just as many who got through who are runaway. you can multiply times 7. if they have 1.7, you multiply times 7. that's the number that comes in totally unchecked. you are talking about tens of millions of people over a relatively short period of time. over a two-year period of time we would have more than 10 million people coming into our country. our country will never be the same. our country changed already. judge jeanine: do you have a plan to go to the border to boost morale there? are you going again? >> i just got back. i was there recently. biden wasn't there. judge jeanine: he says he doesn't have time. >> i don't think it helps for me to go. i am not the president. he has to go to the border.
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the border patrol people are incredible. i was there three months ago. nice people. and they are tough people. they love our country. they really want to do their job. it would be easier if they didn't. they are being treated with tremendous disrespect. judge jeanine: still ahead president trump responds to the escalating crime surge. plus he has a message for hunter biden that you don't want to miss.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to justice and our exclusive interview with president donald
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trump. i want to talk about my favorite subject, crime. they are trying to defund the police, demoralize the police. they are now firing police. we have got shocking headlines from everything bite * releasing a gender equity plan to make sure women are released. eliminating cash bail and all kinds of crimes. two san francisco prosecutors have quit. i just want to take one second and read this one case. >> they quit in protest. judge jeanine: he's not make arrests, but he's letting people out. in one case as man charged with robbery, 8 prior felony conditions was released early by the d.a. he is then arrested four more times for other crimes. but the district attorney's office never charged him. 9 months after he was set free
12:30 am
he hit and killed two women while driving drunk if a stolen car. this is america today. what can we do about this? >> this is america today and it will only get worse. you have millions of people, many of them are the worst people. some are the worst -- judge jeanine: the d.a.s are the worst. >> all they want to do is indict republicans. they use the d.a.s, the attorneys general and the federal government. sometimes you have fair people, sometimes you don't. they are good at destroying republicans. they are horrible at destroying crime. you look at chicago. you look at new york. what's gone on with the crime in new york. new york is like a different place. it can be changed. it would be so sad you wouldn't want to talk about it. deblasio is the worst mayor.
12:31 am
it's filthy dirty. people are living on park avenue in tents where people come from all over the world and they pay tax that gives our police the money. they have to re-fund the police. what's happening? new york and chicago where 88 people were shot last no and 6ed. 88 -- 6 died. they had a labor day weekend where many, many people were shot. judge jeanine: this week merrick garland was asked whether he would appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden. hunter biden who couldn't get his so-called art listed in any gallery until his father became president. now selling at the same price as a monet or degas.
12:32 am
>> the art is so terrible. he's getting half a million dollars per painting. a monet -- it's such a terrible situation. and we are not going to learn who the buyers are. should i buy one? it would give me great access to the white house. judge jeanine: they say there is a wall, they have no idea. but there are people come together exhibits. >> the concept of it is ridiculous. you said couldn't get in the past. i don't any he painted before. he just started. he's learning by the numbers. i believe mass bad that is. it's so obviously horrible. that is a terrible thing what's going on. they are getting numbers like nobody has ever gotten. i am thinking about opening up my own gallery.
12:33 am
judge jeanine: how much are you going to charge? >> a couple million a painting. judge jeanine: what are you going to paint? >> i will payments whatever the hell i have to paint to get $2 million. judge jeanine: thank you for having us here at this beautiful mar-a-lago. this more "justice" ahead including a stunning leak from the biden white house. they are considering paying immigrants $450,000 each who illegally crossed our border in 2018. tomi lahren and leo terrell are with us next. stay with us.
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12:39 am
right, $1 billion with a "b." tomi, i want to start with you. >> every american should be so angry about this. he owe illegal immigrants nothing but a deportation notice and removal. thinking about paying them out nearly half a million per family. judge jeanine: tomi. not a family. per person. a family of four gets $2 million. >> even better. they won the lottery for illegally coming into our country. it's a horrible tragedy to be separated from your family. but you crossed our border illegally. you are owed nothing from the
12:40 am
american taxpayer. every american should be so lividly angry with this. we have gas prices hitting $5 --and some places even more. this is joe biden, and "let's go brandon." >> the psychological trauma is the american people trauma died by the illegal aliens. $450,000 a pop? i could defend those cases and beat every one of those cases. this is blood money to the aclu and unions. criminals getting a profit for crossing over the border. they wouldn't pull this during the trump administration. they are doing it on the biden administration because the biden administration is pro illegal
12:41 am
immigration. these lawsuits are frivolous. if i brought these cases to you, you would dismiss them. those attorneys should be sanctioned. judge jeanine: what's going to happen now is they will say everybody come on in if you were brought in in 2018. they are getting them money for anxiety and fear of strangers. did they not travel 2,000 miles on foot with coyotes suffering injuries and injustices. and they are going to get money. they are getting more money than some of the family members of the 9/11 victims whose family members were killed. i'm furious about this when hard working americans are trying to make a living. virginia, the election is tuesday. we have mcauliffe. and we have youngkin.
12:42 am
what do you think? >> i think this race will truly unite the american people. the democrats made a very bad mistake. they decided to go after parents. parents whether they voted for trump or biden. they have one thing in common, their children. they made a bad decision weaponizing the justice department against parents. this will be a litmus test for the nation. i think we'll see a victory for republicans. it will usher us into 2022 and back into the white house. >> as a former teacher, every parent has a right to be concerned about their kids' curriculum. democrats are trying to deny parents the right to see and review the curriculum.
12:43 am
the virginia parents speak for every parent in this country because as tomi said, education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle. and education is the key for advancing in this great country. i see a youngkin victory and critical race theory being the center point of a republican victory in 2022. judge jeanine: some of the school boards claimed they were victims. and the national school board association had to admit they were wrong and apologized. though her i garland denied. we have a school board member in california saying f you to a parent complaining about what's going on. >> the school boards know they
12:44 am
will not face any consequences for it. but the american people are waking up. parents are not going to stand for this, no matter who they voted for. these administrators and school boards have too much power and the american people are taking it back. >> that hot mike revealed. she got caught, judge. and they told you how she has no respect for parents. that is a warning sign. this happened in california. what's happening in virginia? it's across the country. the school boards, the districts that are democratic have no respect for parents. parents have a right to be involved in their kids' education. this is a wake-up call. this is the number one issue? america regarding education and parental control. judge jeanine: after all the yelling by the school boards and
12:45 am
f you, they are still doing it. the school board hates the parents. andrew co-more former governor new york charged with a sex crime, tomi. >> shock. it's not shocking. the best thing that happened to them unfortunately was a tragedy that happened to our nation. we largely turned away from cuomo and his brother. the best they can do is disappear off the radar in shame. whether he's charged or not i have a feeling we'll see many much more often. they are so in love with themselves that they will not go away be even if they are in shame. judge jeanine: cuomo had the unmitigated gall to say, he's calling on the sheriff to preserve all the records, as if the sheriff is going to get rid of them. >> the bottom line is this. this is a little justice
12:46 am
regarding criminal charges against cuomo. this is a man responsible for nursing deaths in new york. this is a man who fell from grace in new york. the best thing that can happen is he never holds another political seat? this country again. conviction and no running for office again. judge jeanine: next, new reaction from alec baldwin over a week after the killing of one and the injuring of another on his "rustings are movie set. stay with us. and don't forget at the end of the show i have got a treat for you. >> she was my friend. the day i arrived and started shooting i took her to dish with joel the director. x were a very, very well oiled crew smoothing a film together. then this horrible event happened.
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see you can't answer questions about this. it's an active investigation. she was my friend. she was my friend. i met with her husband matthew and her son. the man is overwhelmed with
12:51 am
grief. there are incidental accidents upon film sets from time to time. but nothing like this. this one in a trillion. judge jeanine: that was alec baldwin break his silence after the shooting that killed halyna hutchins and injured the director joel d'souza. so many questions remain unanswered. take a listen to what the shaffer had to say this week. >> right now wouldn't call it an accident at all. it's a criminal investigation. >> an armorer who worked in the industry for 3 decades is with me. do we know whether or not this was a prop gun or a real gun? do we know that? >> when you are filming a western they are real guns. they may not be from the western period. judge jeanine: i am not asking
12:52 am
that. was it a prop gun or a real gun, do you know? >> i think it's a real gun. judge jeanine: we have live ammunition in a real gun. a cart is brought out, alec baldwin take the and he shoots. you have been on 200 movie sets as an armorer. tell me all the mistakes that are made from the get-go with this gun. >> the guns were never checked properly. they were never laid out unload. the ammo should be been all blanks. i don't know when the -- where the armorer was when he grabbed the -- when the a.d. grabbed the gun and handed it to alex baldwin when said he checked it. judge jeanine: the armorer is the daughter of a very famous
12:53 am
armorer. she is only 24 years old. there are several mishappens on this set. are you familiar with the mishaps? >> i think there were negligent discharged of the gun. it went off when it wasn't supposed to. judge jeanine: the fact that there is a live round in this gun that's a real gun. why is it even pointed at an individual when i think the rules are you should be 20 feet away and never point at an individual. >> you are correct, judge. i believe this was rehearsal and i think they were lining up a shot and in the shot mr. baldwin was supposed to be pointing the gun wright off of camera. judge jeanine: the camera is the camera is held by a human being. this isn't a remotely controlled camera. we have got him within 20 feet, a real gun with live ammunition
12:54 am
and we have got him with this drawback. he's got to pull the hammer and pull the trigger in order for that gun to shoot. am i correct? >> you are correct. >> judge jeanine: we don't know what the role of alec baldwin here. but isn't he involved in the hiring of security and safety? >> not necessarily. sometimes that falls to a line producer. he may not have been involved. judge jeanine: what about the fact in the eyes of law enforcement, they have three people at the very least in their -- within their sight. and there is a crime of negligent possession of a gun, i believe. it's a misdemeanor in new mexico. who could get charged with that, spike in. >> i believe the armorer could get charged, the first a.d.
12:55 am
could get charged. dave hall. i don't know about there baldwin because he was told it was a cold gun, in movie terms that's an empty gun. judge jeanine: mike, thank you so much. next, a halloween surprise with unexpected furry visitors in my studio.
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finally tonight you all know that i was heart broap when my little prpbs passed to onat the ran bow bridge, bill and i were depressed and i decided way to resolve was this to get another dog an instead i got brothers red and ted inseparable and buyers remorse. but things always work out in the end. with the brothers and now the three of them are here to celebrate halloween. turn around ted say this is red, this is ted ted turn around they
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need to see your hat excuse me ted turn around. turn around ted. turn around okay. all right and this is stella very laid back as you can see stella stand up, i didn't say lay back but stand up. stella, anyway i hope you have a great hey, say hello to them. ♪ ♪ >> halloween is here but the horrors of this biden administration will last sadly a lot longer. we'll take tay a tour of joe biden horrors coming up. plus virginia turn red parents are on verge of shocking democrats and taking back the troll of this children's education. but the doj doesn't seem to care about that targeting as domestic terrorist and retired navy s.e.a.l. joins us to react and you may know him


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