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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 30, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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weather wild on fox weather app download it right now in the app store before we go remember don't forget to follow unfiltered facebook and instagram and fox, unfortunately that does it for us tonight on unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday. love you am. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. corruption is killing our country. joe biden limped to virginia this week to stump for democrat governor terry mcauliffe. it was a catastrophe. he praised the current governor to got caught with black face.
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>> it goes without saying how much i appreciate your current governor ralph north ram. got to keep virginia blue. then biden decides to go full cnn. he talks about trump the entire time. >> i ran against donald trump. and terry is running against an after he co-light of donald trump. trump, donald trump. is there a problem with trump being here? jesse: donald trump isn't running for governor of virginia, but that sleepily strategy, that's all he's got. then a funny thing happened, a we love trump chant broke out.
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>> let them go. that's okay. that's all right. why don't you hang out and talk to me after this is over. okay? jesse: they juiced the crowd numbers reporting 2,500 in attendance. "watters' world" fact checked it. around 800 people showed up to see the president of the united states in a blue state he won by double digits. something doesn't add up and we know what it is the whole thing is cringe, like terry dancing. nobody wants to see that. he's worse than elaine from seinfeld. in another speech in new jersey he coughs into his hands and starts shake other people's
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hands. media silent. no masks, media dead silent. but make sure you have to makes your 6-year-old. the whole thing is a fraud. it's like the emperor with no clothes. the media is afraid to say he has no clothes on. because if they call him out his entire presidency collapses. biden and the democrats don't see how awkward this is. they take this silence as a license to steal. because they are not called out for anything, they can get away with anything. that's what they think. hunter biden's paintings are worth $500,000. that's more than picasso's work. is anybody paying attention here? our attorney general's family is
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getting rich off critical race theory in schools. merrick garland's daughter married a guy pushing crt in schools. angry parents are now the new domestic terrorists. the attorney general is using the fbi for profit. ted cruz called him out and he stonewalled. >> is critical race theory taught in schools and is four on-in-law making money. did you seek an ethics opinion? >> did you seek an ethics opinion? >> this memorandum has nothing to do with -- >> are you refusing to answer if you sought an ethics opinion. just answer it directly. you know how to answer a question directly. jesse: he doesn't need to know a
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9th grater was raped by a boy wearing a skirt in a school bathroom. he doesn't need to know the superintendent covered it up. "the washington post," the worst newspaper in america wrote, parents claim they have the right to shape their kids' school curriculum. they don't. joseph stalin said education is a weapon. the public schools have become a weapon straight out of the communist playbook. that's why they are pushing free pre-k and daycare. guess what else is in the bill. they want to hire foreign nationals on the cheap.
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the government is supposed to be working for us, but they are working for big tech instead. politicians save companies on labor cost and the money is sent whack -- back to politicians in the form of donations. but bernie sanders wrote the bill. isn't he supposed to be against this type of thing? >> the middle class in this country continues to thank rink. i don't know why we need millions of people coming into this country to drive wages down even lower than they are now. jesse: where did that bernie go? he's a corporate sellout. biden has no respect for american workers despite his lunch pail persona. biden killed the wall. >> there will not be another foot of wall constructed in my
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administration. jesse: costing taxpayers $5 million a day not to finish the border wall. it just sits there rotting. the taxpayers are footing the bill for a new wall, but not on the border. around president joe biden's delaware beach house. almost half a million out of your pockets for biden to have his own wall. politicians protecting their own homes with your money leaving your country and your home open to caravans. joe biden says he has nothing to do with caravans coming into the country, but that's not what they say. >> why now? because of the administration.n. because of joe biden. jesse: biden hasn't even been to the border. he hasn't visited a jammed up
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port either. but he had time to unveil a first time ever gender strategy. we did find out biden's strategy for getting americans out of afghanistan. a smoke email shows biden ordered the planes coming out of and to be filled with refugees and they didn't need to be vetted. there is another hostage crisis besides afghanistan. haitian bandits took 16 american citizens hostage and joe biden hasn't mentioned it. media covered up two hostage crises. it's got to be hard to be that corrupt. these countries take americans hostage and we give their people amnesty. now an afghan evacuee is accused
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of raping a woman in montana. the me too media didn't get around to covering that. but -- i went back to a senator's apartment i was comfortable with and he kissed me in a shocking way. >> are you suggesting that senator assaulted? >> i am suggesting i was in an uncomfortable situation with a senator and i didn't know how to deal with it. jesse: more media covered this and the 9th grate transgender bathroom rape. but a senator going in for a kiss, front page news. sexually abused. a senator who we will name,
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republican richard burr from north carolina sold a bunch of stock after he got a secret intel briefing on the coronavirus last year. has he been charged? he called his brother and his brother called his broker and sold a bunch of stock also. his brother hasn't been charged. they want the irs to look at your bank account fit has over $600 in it. washington is corrupt to the bone. the voters are getting hosed. but biden is throwing it in our face. he logged in more personal travel days than any other modern president. he spent 108 days vacationing or working from his delaware homes or camp david, more than barack obama trump and bush. all of them.
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the fed keeps buying the debt. the dollar gets destroyed pushing oil prices higher. the wages are eat be up by inflation and open borders. everything is made in china, -- acommunist country that just sprang a virus on us. but you can't criticize them. blatant corruption staring us in the face. are your eyes open yet? joining me, former presidential nominee, ron paul. you predicted this. you predicted the destruction of the u.s. dollar. you predicted the inflation. you saw this coming. how does it feel to be right? >> not much fun. but it's a mixed blessing.
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it's good if you are thinking straight. but people think how do you make these predictions. a spontaneous thinking to having a natural reaction to what the governor is doing and it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. but it's a disappointment in one way. but it gives me reassurance. i talked about the money issue for a long time. i had a wild theory about money. if you print too much of it, it will lose value. everybody laughed at that. but it's something that people will wake up on after a time as long as they think they are getting a benefit. the thing that bothers me about all this corruption. i think everybody is starting to recognize it. but the corruption is worse than it was when i first went to congress in the 70s. it is definitely a lot worse.
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but what really bothers me and why i think it's so dangerous, there is no shame whatsoever. it used to be -- and i met two people in congress over those 30 years who said i made a mistake, i wish i hadn't done that. but can you think of a president who ever made a mistake and lives were at stake and people died, and people lost their jobs, and people weren't bankrupt? people had stupid policies that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into right people into our country and become legal citizens. but they don't lose shame. they don't say -- they are not shameful about it. they don't believe there is anything wrong. it's a set of standards of right and wrong, good and bad and evil and what you should be if you are a public servant representing the people. that's where the problem is. all the things you talked about
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are absolutely true. and they are scary. but the big picture is this understanding of what morality is all about. our founders talked about that. they knew this system wouldn't work if you don't have the people being halfway decent. jesse: the reason we don't have the shame factor anymore is because the media is dead. the media used to be a check on these crooked politicians. they used to stick mics in their face. they don't do that anymore. speaking of corruption, you just mentioned it. joe biden is considering paying illegal immigrants who were briefly separated at the border $450,000. it's around a million per family. this is more than mare american families get when their husbands or southerns are killed in
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action d -- husbands or sons are killed overseas. this total payout is looking to clock in at over a billion dollars. your not on that. >> they don't have any shame for doing something sow stupid. but they don't have a belief there is a cost to this. it's just going to happen. that's the most bizarre thing. in a way the immediate cost goes to somebody else. the middle class people who are the victims. they think as long as they vote a certain way they will get checks in the mail. but this is an indication of how governments spends money that they don't have, then they rely on this corrupt counterfeit machine at the federal reserve. and they print at will, and they
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wonder why we have problems. facebook was having a little bit of p.r. problems and their stock was going down a billion here and a billion there. but they said, well, it doesn't look good for our stock. in one day they put in $50 billion to buyout their own stock and prop up the system. you were talking about misleading the people. there is a lot of misleading going none the marketplace -- going on in the marketplace. jesse: you were raising this issue years ago. i know it doesn't always feel good to be right. but you saw it coming. ron paul, thanks for coming on "watters' world." i agree with you, it's sick. they are going to spy on someone's bank account who hasn't committed a crime.
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jesse: if virginia goes red tuesday it will send shock waves across the country. biden won the state by 10 points, but terry mcauliffe is down to youngkin. education is the number one issue with voters in the commonwealth. you know the transgender bathroom rape cover-up. a 12-year-old student says she was gang raped at a fairfax county middle school. but barack obama says it's all just snowflake outrage. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phoney trumped up culture wars.
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this snowflake outrage that the right wing media pedals to juice their ratings. jesse: barack's b.s. doesn't work any more. too many americans know the truth because of the internet. would barack obama wants his daughters in high school to wander into the school library and peruse this book, gender year predicting oral sex, and gay porn? gay or straight, it doesn't matter. why are public schools inflicting this on children? joining me, kelsey bolar, a loudoun county mom. i'm not a square guy. but even for me, this is way too much. >> it is absolutely insulting that we have a former president and a dad of two daughters
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doubting parents' sincerity when they explores outrage over these times of images being available to children in school. we produced an ad trying to play it during the 11:00 p.m. hour when adults are watching tv in virginia. but those tv stations deem this as to explicit for adults to watch. yet we have these images available freely to public school students, teenagers and children. it's insulting that we have the biden administration labeling parents as domestic terrorists and former presidents doubting our sincerity when we as parents try to have a voice for our
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children. jesse: students are doing lap dances, they are cross dressing. they are throwing cash attitudes giving lab dances to teach -- lap dances to teachers. when i went to school we didn't do any of this. we played basketball in the gym, now look at them. i don't even know what to say. what do i say to this, kelsey? >> we are hearing a lot about these scandaled playing out in virginia. but they are happening all across the country. parents are finally waking up to the curriculum content their children are being exposed to in public schools. and rightly so, they are engaging with their local school boards, peaking out and fighting for their -- speaking out and fighting for their children. there is no reason any school administrator should be getting lap dances.
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jesse: republicans are now winning the education debate. they have taken this issue from the democrats and now it's a republican issue because of how far the left has gone. thanks so much for your reporting. we appreciate it. a "watters' world" investigation into george soros. public schools turning into fight clubs. we'll look into the source of the brutality. such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally. imagine having someone else do your books for you. as your quickbooks live bookkeeper, i'll categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, and close your books. cool. - yep. know where your business stands. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping.
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presence throughout major transportation hubs and shopping malls increase security will lookly remain in place through tuesday when voters head to polls for virginia closely watched gubernatorial race. and new york city is brace for possible work issues over the coming week. city worker issues that is only 83% of gotham police force firefighters and gab received a covid shot and those who fail to comply placed on unpaid leave to
8:30 pm
face worker issues. i'm ashley strohmier now back to waters world for all of your headlines log on to fox a "watters' world" investigation into george soros. a hedge -- hedge fund tycoon. he launched a fund to tackle misinformation. media backed by or owes money from the ground up decided what is misinformation. >> i consider the trump
8:31 pm
administration a danger to the world. but i regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or even sooner. jesse: he has resources to make politicians he doesn't like disamare from the ballot. he boosted national politicians like clinton, kerry and obama. but he found a way to make a bigger impact. plow it into local politics. his money went towards defund the police movement. austin, texas defunded the police and murder exploded 74%. there is a proposition in austin to get the money back. but or owes donated half a million to fight the proposition
8:32 pm
to keep austin p.d. defunded. orosis buying local prosecutors all over the country. texas d.a. jose garza got elected and he allows aer. to get out who then went on to murder people. another dismissed 800 cases against black lives matter cases. or owes' pacs have given a lot to kimberly gardner. she slapped the mccloskey's with felony charges for protecting their home from that dangerous mob.
8:33 pm
he propped up kim foxx's campaign, the woman who dropped charges against smollett. or owes spends lavishly to empty jails. he invested a quarter billion into racial justice organizations. his open so side foundation funds groups who push critical race theory big time. if you get in the way of the or owes agenda his network will hunt you down. kyrsten sinema was followed into the bathroom by activists funded by or owes. he wants to go full radical aoc style. or owes gave $28 million to democrats in just first three
8:34 pm
months of this year. or owes pacs have given $3000 million to perkins coie. hillary, the dncsoros were all using the same law firm. a top election lawyer, eli air, muchelias is the one who claimee russians attacked the dnc server but never let the fbi see sit.
8:35 pm
another pushed the russia collusion hoax with the fbi. the group hired the discredited dossier author christopher steele to help them. you might find money originating from george soros. what drives him? we can only speculate. white guilt? anarchy, ideology. chaos invites for social spending. democrats crony capitalism is an opportunity. and wild fluctuations in america create market volatility that can be taken advantage of. whatever motivates soros is a
8:36 pm
mystery. but it's time to step up and beat him at his own game. we reached out to him for comments and the response we got was pretty nasty. our next guest, author of the new book, "our broken election." john fund. your thoughts on soros and his influence. >> we shouldn't just look at soros because it's 91 years old. but he has a whole bunch of proteges who will take his place. i expect mark zuckerberg and his wife will take his place. there are others. groups of soros-inspired millionaires. the tides foundation. barack obama used on on their
8:37 pm
board. it's not just soros. it's the ecosystem he's building. if we know his money is involved and we can tackle the arguments, his cats do lose. there is a recall effort to get rid of the soros d.a. in san francisco. i'm from san francisco. let me tell you what soros has done. they have gotten rid of felony charges for any shoplifter to steals less than $950. 22 walgreens drug stores closed? san francisco. senior citizens can't get their prescriptions filled. they can't get basic groceries. this leads to high crime rates and isolates our seniors in places where they are basically
8:38 pm
alone. jesse: he's destroying cities, and we called limb out for it. his money is a player in these districts. it's time for republicans to step up and take advantage much it. john fund. nice book. everybody will be check it out. a sudden surge? school violence across the country. judge joe brown knows why. he's next.
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jesse: just a few months into the first semester and violence public schools is out of control.
8:43 pm
students are brawling in hallways across the country, classrooms, bathrooms, school buses. some say it's spent-up anger apartment pandemic, but there is another reason, we believe. judge, what do you think is going on here? >> we have gone the our country country -- he mass cue late. emasculated. when a young boy becomes a man web's a man of peace until he
8:44 pm
needs to be brave and courageous. it's about make where he lives a better, more secure place filled with economic prosperity, sense of purpose. morality and ethics. he follows the law because the law is of value to him and it helps him do his thing as a man in terms of fulfilling his obligations to home and family. we turned a lot of places in this country into -- a matriarch which is not a good thing. we had 50 years of propaganda where emotionalism, what you feel like, forget all the rules. not what you ought to do, what you want to do. that doesn't work. when mama has the boy and he's a cute kid in elementary school,
8:45 pm
she doesn't get. but when he hits puberty and he quickly shoots up and he's a few inches taller than her and he doesn't understand discipline, authority, manners, courtesies. he's out of hand. when you don't socialize we kill each other and that leads to violence in the hallway and in the hood. now, you have a lot of things that contributed to this immediate uptick which i understand is 30 to 32 percent increase in homicides the last 18 months. you have got your ride will, cbs, nbc, abc. they were trying to get rid of
8:46 pm
president trump. but kids see this and they say, everybody is out of control, why not me. you see this mess down on the border where people get reward for breaking the clear law. let's go do it. jesse: i think you nailed it, judge. it's the lack of positive male role models in children's lives. it's the destruction of core masculinity. young children are not taught how to control themselves or respect each other and keep things straight. and now they are just kind of flying off the handle because they can't control their emotions because they haven't been taught to do that. now we are seeing that play out in the school system and we are seeing it play out in the streets. we have to run, judge. but i want to have you back
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jesse: time for triple play. the single "let's go brandon" mocking joe biden is the number one track in the country. different versions are in the top 10. even beating out adele's new song. check it out. >> open the border lose the order. ♪ let's go brandon jesse: youtube band the song for quote harmful false information. raymond arroyo has been rocking out to this song. raymond: you can't hold the people down. they tried to strip it from platforms. whoever that nbc reporter is who
8:52 pm
replaced f joe biden with let's go bran dan should receive an award. that's quite an accomplishment beating adele. jesse: it's blowing up and they can't stop it. next we have halloween. and i don't know. i think kids should be able to dress with whatever they want to dress with. but the adl, the alliance defense league said you can't dress up as a superhero. don't be a hobo, don't drips as a native american. raymond arroyo they are saying don't stress up as a super hero or princess. but you read these recommendations, and i wonder what are the children supposed
8:53 pm
to dress as. can you dress your daughter of snow white? no. it reeks of privilege. i knowing why, can't do him. that's italian appropriation. he's made of wood which is environmentally insensitive. i guess kids can dress as inanimate objects. rocks would be good. jesse: we have a crazy woman i guess they call her an influencer. she is a model. she took a selfie at her father's open casket at his funeral and she doesn't think there is anything wrong with it. raymond: when a dead relative is photo bombing you and you are not a member of the munster
8:54 pm
family. this is the kardashianing of the america. have a little self respect. just a tiny little bit for your family if not yourself. jesse: there was one woman who smiled for a selfie at auschwitz. >> we need to shame these people into desensey. the shamer-in-chief. raymond arroyo to set everyone straight. a malhalloween "watters' world" flash back is next. do you consider any halloween costumes offensive? >> maybe people who don't have anything on a o man, that's a whole lot of wrinkly at least my shoes look good!
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[♪♪♪] jesse: there is nothing scarier than joe biden's america with halloween tomorrow. i hit the streets to find out what scares new yorkers. halloween coming up. what scares you the most >> boasts >> do you believe in ghosts? >> no, but the concept. >> what scares you? the state of this country. >> liberals. jesse: they can be spooky. >> they are scary, yes. jesse: do you consider any halloween costume offensive? >> maybe the people with nothing on at all. jesse: are you going to dress up as anything? gentlemen, i'm watters and this
9:00 pm
is my world. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, my exclusive and can't miss sit-down with president donald trump is moments away. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. a big show with president trump. you won't want to miss a second of this interview. breaking news as alec baldwin speaks out on camera for the first time about the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins. outrage as reports of a plan from the biden administration to pay


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