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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  October 30, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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need to see your hat excuse me ted turn around. turn around ted. turn around okay. all right and this is stella very laid back as you can see stella stand up, i didn't say lay back but stand up. stella, anyway i hope you have a great halloween. hey, say hello to them. ♪ ♪ >> halloween is here but the horrors of this biden administration will last sadly a lot longer. we'll take tay a tour of joe biden horrors coming up. plus virginia turn red parents are on verge of shocking democrats and taking back the troll of this children's education. but the doj doesn't seem to care about that targeting as domestic terrorist and retired navy s.e.a.l. joins us to react and you may know him as dancing
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weather man. nick kosher is bring his energy here to unfiltered. [laughter] all right but listen, before we get to this, regularly scheduled program, i saw this this morning i want to clear up some confusion from our administration what about a fair share actually means. it means everything -- >> i want everyone if they want to be a millionaire and billionaire to seek their goal. but all i'm asking is -- pay your fair share. pay your fair share. pay your fair share and right now many of them are paying virtually nothing. >> so tired of this guy and republicans need to cut crap with this stuff and this is what wealthy pay is overwhelming majority of tax and this career grip never earned a buck doing a real job wants more. i don't owe you a dollar more to
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this grifter and grifter son there with big guy nonsense out of china. i don't owe him a dollar or dime more. there got that off my chest so democrats want people already pay most of the taxes to pay more. so they can turn around and give your money you worked for to people who aren't even paying tack tax and to boot around even in the country legally check the this headline. we're going pay hundred of millions of dollars now -- to familieses separated at the border. why were they separated at the border because they came in e lislely by the way do we get a refund for law enforcement services and medical services we had to provide to people who entered country illegally no, you're not going get squat no refunds they treat us like idiots they're sticking it in your face now and embarrassing you now as we put them in beginning of the show and said
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to ourselves, this story can't possibly be real. we're going pay half a million dollars to people in the country illegally. yeah, unfortunately -- this -- now back to our regularly scheduled programming. should come as no surprise to anyone that in thes are obsessed with horror is their thing. fortunately i'm not talking about a steven king mostly dreadful but joe biden house of horrors that's very real here's character use may encounter in dreadful house of horror dr. frankenstein joe biden himself why is that because joe likes bringing dead ideas back to life. dead ideas like wealth tax you know we've tried that before. stealing people's money and stuff tag it and flushing it down the toilet bowl like government doses and then you get to government outside of our military and court is it is a total complete waste of time
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better off burning this is same old lie that's never worked and been tried in past but try it again. sadly this who horror show is oy getting started that brings us to character number two in house and yes secretary and treasury janet yellen wants tax financial gail in income that doesn't actually exist yeast and suck the economy dry. >> wealth tax, but it would help get at capital ingas large part of the incomes of the wealthiest individuals, and right now escape taxation. >> how does that make you feel tax income you don't have yet you know tax income on your home equity. you haven't sold your house doesn't matter they want it. can't forget about mummies in house of horrors especially
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those wrapping faces with multiple masks. [laughter] like joe reid remember this one? >> i am vaccinated joined team pfizer and i did go jockey today in the pack and this was the mask that i wore with a doctors mask under it. [laughter] dan: folks there's a werewolf in house of horrors every time every house of horrors needs a howler and no one better than this guy. who sits around all day at the network cnn and howls about conservative and fox news. check this out. >> where's the fox newsroom? why isn't "special report" with bret baier covering this story every day? why isn't fox news swungd chris wallace covering this incredible claim right now? >> sorry. [laughter] dan: cracking me up -- it is so -- what should i do derchghtly
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michael? what should you do differently to find a new line of work if you want to know werewolf and no would be complete without zombies they are the best you probably seen them in hit series of the walking dead. ♪ ♪ >> what about these zombies? [cheering] [laughter] dan: what's the difference, right? both mindless, i mean, what is the difference can't have a house of horrors without goats things that once were and are no more. sadly, hear how it go. hero police officer who were no longer around because they've been fired over vaccine mandates or they've been defunded.
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frightening stuff. of course in biden house of horrors you'll need skeletons to scare people and throw a good skeleton and skeletons and closets and stuff what about this guy? [laughter] let's just -- let's just family friendly show so -- leave that one right there. you can't have a house of horrors without a creepy clown either. a creepy clown -- so who is creepy clown biden administration well here's dr. fauci well here's the clown part. telling you what you and your kid can do on halloween. >> particularly if you're vaccinated if you're not add a degree of protection to yourself and your children and your family and your community. enough of this guy my gosh when will he resign if that's not enough here's the creepy part of the fauci clown show. >> nih has not and does not now fund gain of function research
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doctor barrett does not gain of function research it is not gain of function. >> i don't favor i will repeat again, the nih and niad categorically has not funded gain of function research again. we have not funded gain of function research don't know how many times i can say it madam chair we did not fund gain of function research. dan: check out this headline nih admits u.s. funded gain of function research in wuhan despite fauci's denial. but it gets more disturbing. listen on a serious note i have a hard time reading this headline. yeah if you have a dog, you know what i mean. these dog experiments that went on, arrest fauci trended on twitter doctor faces criticism for this stuff. i don't to talk about it i put it in there and watch and had to turn volume if you have a dog
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you know exactly what i mean. all of this stuff fits the requirements of him being both creepy and a clown. you know the last house of horrors i want in a big with witches stirring up nasty. [inaudible conversations] then i'll be perished in the land. [laughter] again get the diapers out. it is a joke. it's a joke. i know you need your diapers for that. take it easy. but sad part is even though we use humor again none of this is inaccurate. not just the damage joe biden done but how quickly he's done it. happy halloween and treat for me will be if you please go and vote on tuesday in a virginia
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and new jersey gubernatorial elections to put an end to this dreadful house of who ares are we live to. coming up on unfiltered angt pa causing millions of damages for parents who may have been school stop teaching critical race theory which do you think the doj is prioritizing retired navy s.e.a.l. joins me on targeting parents reminds him on a communist regime he grew up under. welcome to allstate. here, if you already pay for car insurance, you can take your home along for the ride. allstate. better protection costs a whole lot less. ♪
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wellcare. it's medicare done well.
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welcome back to unfiltered you know good quality leadership is not always about making the right decision, right? even the best leaders occasionally screw up and make wrong call by i can tell you what essence of a failure and loser, it is someone who makes the wrong decision then double down on the wrong decision. which sound a lot like our attorney general merritt garland targeting school boards. pledgets apologize to parents of this country moms and dads? >> there's nothing in this
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memorandum that any parent should be concerned about. >> did you consider the chilling impact your memorandum would have on parents, exercising their constitutional rights? >> did you look up the instances? >> as i had testified, decision to make, sending moment is for -- >> did you look it up? >> anyone on your staff look them up? >> i don't understand answer. j directive it is shameful. >> thank god you're not on the supreme court. you should resign. dan: doubling down on bad decision as you heard while national school board association that sent letter has apologized for their mistake here it is there we regret and apologize for letter right there in front of you. here's another failure. leftist senator dick durban doubling down on memo. >> i invite members of this
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committee if you don't believe me type school board violence into your computer and take look at what's happening. these are not routine people insense or anger but these are acting out their feelings in a violent manner over an over again. you know he's right about one thing the senator here. some people do act out their feelings in a violent manner. where we've seen that before? [bleep] >> when asked about violent groups torn passed buck antifa blm that's another hall mark of a failure never taking responsibility. here's senator tom colt cotton asking this question about black lives matter and antifa. >> judge you talked all the
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about intimidation and harassment have you issued a memorandum like your october 4th memorandum about black lives matter right it is from last summer? >> you're talking about the summer of 2020 in the summer of 2020 -- >> a lot of crimes committed -- >> so parents are the problem. but threats from groups like antifa and blm as long as they happen in 2020 no worries folks no worries at all double standard is ridiculous and unacceptable waged war on american cities. they threatened a federal courthouse in portland, oregon check out these headlines they're everywhere setting fire to the courthouse turning it into a fortress to fight back against these people. those are headlines that happened -- and who can forget climate riots outside the department of the interior just last week attorney general garland refused to call it domestic terrorism. >> do you believe these environmental extremists who force their way into the dchght
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interior are also domestic terrorists? >> so i'm not going to be able to reference that specific distinct and this is first i know about it. >> two pictures of individuals forcing them into a government building right in washington, d.c. and one you very as i laid out -- very welcomely called in domestic terrorist but refusing to call groups take a look with same atrocities in washington, d.c. smessic terrorists. >> when i know the facts of the other i don't know facts of. dan: here's the damage they have done. it is incredible. people killed, billions in damage. and look at the in comparison to what happened with parent protest. ridiculous. so my any task force blm and climate riots why no hot line to report those specific groups. >> joining me now is retired navy s.e.a.l. who fled "drago"
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thank you for join me i appreciate it you've been on the show before the audience really loved your story. it is incredible now you've seen this before in communist poland you have seen these government intimidation tactics we're seeing here. you know, your warning to american people about this stuff having seen it with your own eye. >> i've seen that and i experience that. my vantage point is different and my perspective is different too. please remember that i spent almost two -- i spent time in prison as a prisoner because i oppose -- outspoken i spoke and you're right i experience it and my family experienced it in schools. and i can extend on what happened with the government terrorized the city.
7:20 pm
dan: you mentioned to us when we interviewed you "drago" how you remember very specifically as a young boy the terror your words in your mothers eye when is the government abuses its power like they did in formally communist poland. you can just describe that because really american people need to hear this right now. as government gets out of control -- >> dan, i want to make a point this is not my story unique there was quite a few, many stories like mine where when i spoke about the curriculum they told at the school and was not very liking. i was immediately pulled out of in my class i was detained in principle of my mother was kidnapped by secret police from the school where she was a teacher she was driven to my school, and in the principle threatened by secret police that
7:21 pm
if my mother would go to prison, and i would go and my siblings would go to or orphanage if socialism so that was terrifying for her and for me but this is not unique in a socialist state it happened before. so this is very disturbing seeing that garland now extending label of domestic terrorism to a concern whose daughters are being raped in the schools. whose children put in alcohol, and this is something that i thought i would never see it again. and here we go. but let me tell you this, socialism needs two things, it needs --
7:22 pm
it was villas today parents professing per vision in our schools. going to be tomorrow it could be your son, your daughter. and remember, joseph stalin had -- a thief henchman and got totally garland and this is very disturbing this is the same thing that i was talking before on many occasions about socialism that social bill dation and socialist terror. dan: "drago" you escaped communist i really appreciate it. >> thanks thank you for having me over. dan: ofng. up next, alec baldwin tragic movie set shooting sending shockwaves through hollywood and trying to figure out what exactly went wrong and used to handle firearms for a living and
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>> welcome to fox news live i'm ashley strohmier members of the g20 swiftly taking axon global issueses at their rome summit today and settle a dispute from the trump era and tariffs on 10% on steel and a aluminum maintained and duty free and trump administration placed tariffs in interest of gnarl security and g20 endorse a global minimum tax on corporation and in washington top democrats at house senate compromise written to cover president bides 1.75 trillion social and environmental spending bill. now they hope that this will clear the way for house passage of the one trillion dollar infrastructure bill and vote could happen by tuesday. i'm ashley strohmier, back to unfacility unfiltered with dan bongino.
7:28 pm
dan: welcome back actor alec baldwin tragic shooting killing cinema photographer and hear is somebody who used to handle firearms for a living pete hegseth and fox and friend weekend co-host thank you for joining me. appreciate it. >> we handle them our entire lives. dan: there's golden rules you and i know you never fire at sthung you're not willing to kill and if you do it because it is a movie set, of course, you have to check, check it twice, you feel you probe the chamber with your finger and not a live round it seems like all of these rules went out the window. >> like every rule went out window every sing one and not to
7:29 pm
mention mention two in days that happened. if you're actor or crew you should have done a full sweep of the entire set to ensure people unked protocols. and they didn't have live rounds. how in the world is that conceivably possible as someone who is executed missions with blanks in training? versus live rounds you go through a lot of painstaking detail to ensure not a live round is comingled with a blank and there's no such thing as an accident. you know this. you know verbiage we use in military and law enforcement it is a negligent discharge. a misattack had to be made and clearly with the ammunition there was. but you hit the high points. you never point at something you're not prepared to shoot. there's something called treeinger discipline. you never put your finger in the trigger well unless you're prepared to pull the trigger and in this case as we learn from the police report this they were
7:30 pm
rehearsing scene which means in the rehearsal you're not pulling trigger so why is his finger even in the trigger well? to begin with let alone pointing it at the camera and then pulling trigger if you're rehearsing? so -- not to mention checking the ammunition to not to mention you want a weapon unload until you're ready to use it if you're rehearsing unloaded before you use it so -- it's -- there's so many things broken here. that alec baldwin it maven may have been a accident but he's producer and buck stops with him he didn't know gun or all neglection and something tragic happened. i'll be surprised if anyone is held for account. you know you would be and you know i would. i've had to -- put guys in a lot of trouble for something less than this. we'll see if anything happens here. dan: yeah. now, that's why i wanted you on about this. we spent our life around firearms again you check it, you
7:31 pm
check it twice. you finger probe chamber to make sure there's no round if there is a round check you have to fire it and make sure you triple check that's, in fact, a blank. with a crimp top or no round unbelievable so -- >> recognizable with ammunition. dan: absolutely right so you know there's savings fund so government has this -- like essentially 4 01k program, i saw this i can't believe this did not get more media attention. so the government wants to take the nearly trillion dollars that government workers put in their own retirement funds called tfp to invest in green new deal type companies. i cannot believe this not get mainstream media talk about a big middle i thinker that show up to work every day. >> my goodness so you put on uniform and put on a badge i had
7:32 pm
a thrift savings plan when i was deployed multiple times and 10.return. on the money that you want to put into it, and you can ultimately want to invest in things that i don't know dan, go up -- and are stable. and find me one aspect of investment in our government that gives you a return for what you want. let alone these propped up green new deal program it is that have shown a -- shown a pretty long track record of falling through. this is -- should have a lot more exposure and who is behind it alexandria cortez socialist want more government money invested in the government. dan: they're getting new deal all right. people investing their money but it ain't clean man i'm telling you right now a whole lot of red as they gets their safety together at the end of the year like what the hell negative 7% return on my money listen money talks bs walks right brother?
7:33 pm
>> you want me to work for uncle sam and i do and invest in uncle sam when i know it is not going to go up. save it. yeah. only a socialist can come up with that plan. [laughter] dan: pete i'll will watching, of course, tomorrow fox and frengsdz in the morning you're terrific thanks for joining us taking the time. >> thanks i love your house of horrors you're spot on. happy halloween folks facing invasion at the house of horrors two. a massive caravan is on its way to our southern border right now with nothing to stop it. where is joe biden? my message for him, coming up next. [inaudible conversations] at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we
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welcome back town filtered of all of the danging things biden administration has done i can make a strong case their destruction of our southern borders the most dangerous. and given wrong words they really don't seem to care. >> we've been to the border so this whole, this whole thing about this the border we've been to the border we've been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. j and i haven't been to europe and i mean i don't -- i don't understand point that you're making. >> i know it well and i should go down and whole point is i haven't had a lot of tomb to get down. >> doesn't need to know what the mess was left by the administration that's his view. dan: don't have time to go to border is it a priority or missing thawfl and turns out bide has enough team take vacation as a matter of fact 108 days of vacation away from the white house. so we know he doesn't have time for the border.
7:39 pm
but here's what he should have time for because it involves what's geng going on at border does he have time to fix problem of fentanyl across border check out this fentanyl overdoses kind of a big deal leading cause of death and thousands of abandoning children that are sex trafficked and family business and smugglers bringing more children to u.s. border? do you have time for people who are smuggled across the border in the backs of sweltering hot trucks? does he have time for people who were smuggled across border and the deadly chases of then caught on camera like this one. [bleep] let me up -- let me out. does he have time to defend united states against the coming caravan? making its way through mexico
7:40 pm
right now? as i was told you can avoid but can't avoid a question right so if that's invasion how would you describe that? but here's what the constitution says is actually biden's responsibility. the united states shall guarantee every state in this union republican form of government and shall protect each of them from invasion. the constitution and democrats should read it sometime maybe download the app. but our country's top cop merritt garland is not worried about border crisis either. >> i would tell them not to come it depends why they are coming. when was last time you've come to border maybe a week or ten days ago. if they never mentioned to you that they've got a problem -- with being overrun by seekers i
7:41 pm
know from reading news media that border patrol agent it is feel that way. >> we know why they're coming. just ask the people who work at the border. >> have so much lawlessness anded a administration that open door for criminal behavior and that is where the problem has come up constantly. border is wide open right now. they are so overwhelmed -- they're huge sections of u.s. border you pick the state. we have it to go back to the policies of trump, in order to get this under control if we don't -- the catch and release will continue and people will continue to come. biden doesn't have time for the border an apparently media doesn't have time for journalism either they're avoiding the story. they can't seem to find time for that either. coming up on unfiltered democrats are getting desperate in virginia. a new fox news poll shows republican glenn youngen surging head and flip the state ahead
7:42 pm
and lisa boothe is ahead with what's driving parents to the polls. such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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dan: i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take out to make their own decisions. >> i don't think parents should
7:46 pm
be telling school what is they should teach. dan: welcome back to unfiltered that was terry dreadful candidate of governor of virginia now coming back to haunt hmm and new fox poll shows republican glenn youngkin taking an eight point lead in the gubernatorial race and weeks down by five huge movement there. what was behind it parents have a lot to do with it joining me mow to discuss fox news contributor lisa boothe thanks for joining me so listen this is surprising to us. again you know we warned him do not mess with the momma bear you start tinkering with their kids you know, they're going strike back and you're seeing it now. >> and terry mcauliffe is seeing and education is number one issue and what is remarkable about this dan, is terry mcauliffe launched company on issue of education. he stood in front of schools
7:47 pm
talking about these issues that's what he launch his campaign on and fast forward to where we are today and glenn youngkin winning on issue and a 42 point swing since september alone, heading in favor of glenn youngkin leads on issue by 9 points you go back to september what happened that was when terry stood in font of virginia at that deacts telling parents they shouldn't have a say and what the schools teach. and then what happened catering on that issue. >> such an amazing point that democrats have always considered this -- you know, their real house issue and now youngkin seems to have found a model going forward where we take this back. but there's two things about this of a minute left. education is two things one is about quality of education but secondly education in the culture wars through crt i see it through both of the lenses and youngkin is winning on both. >> you look at the issue of loudon county so it is really important for glenn youngkin to
7:48 pm
win he doesn't have to wean it but do well there that's the epicenter of all of this and loudon school board to push gender policy and biden won by 25 points what happens there? that's where affiliate fight is happening not just in virginia but nation as well so as you mentioned, if glenn youngkin wins this is a recipe moving forward for republicans, to win on issue much education to give parents choice when to comes to school choice and being in charge of what their kids are being taught. dan: lisa thanks that's great analysis i appreciate it. >> thanks dan. dan: coming up on unfiltered forecast is in. time for our lightning round who best to join us nick kosher -- aka -- dancing weather man. after the break. ♪ ♪
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at the end of the show we do a leaning round and pack in as many stories as we can for you the week it is saturday night so we're supercharging today lightning right get it supercharging by bringing nick kosir co-host of the america weather now on fox weather app you may know him as dancing weather man. check this out. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] nick is even more instagram following than me check kind of jelly i have to be honest. nick listen, man, you've got moves, brother, i have watched you on instagram forever true story. i'm sitting there brushing my teeth i see fox news commercial, and i see i'm like is that the if dancing weather guy nick this is awesome he works for fox now great to have you. >> man honored and humbled to be working with people like you i feel like i'm not worthy so i'm flattered. dan: you're respected
7:55 pm
meteorologist but you have other skills so i said to my team you have to grab nick see if he's willing and who better than last segment of the show than to judge famous dance scenes. i don't know if you've seen this one before, nick this is my personal favorite elaine really broke it down for us on seinfeld they can this out. ♪ ♪ [laughter] dan: i don't know, nick what didn't work there was it lack of upper and lower body coordination i don't know i'm not a dancer your thoughts. >> first of all excellent choice i'll swerve a little bit here. everybody she gets roasted for that dance. i love it i think if you've got the doll to get out with a bunch of people and be you then you're killing it man plus i've thought
7:56 pm
jane, lane from seinfeld was fine so always got that -- going for her. dan: there you go. listen i'm with you i get it. if you have guts to get out there do your thing as they say. listen, politics aside you have a virginia governor race, i don't to ask use about that. terry mcauliffe running he decided to bust a move too but i'm sorry -- i'm unsure about these moves. check this out. ♪ ♪ >> all right, sir. ♪ ♪ dan: i don't know nick that's like the classic i don't know -- dad dance? i don't know. classic sorry -- >> white dude at the wedding reception that's a staple. that's a staple of ours so look i can't -- hate on him for that because i've probably done that a time or two myself. [laughter] dan: i have seen your videos you ain't doing that now you're like pro out there.
7:57 pm
all right here's one of my personal favorite wife and kids and maybe i like this movie. this was jennifer garner thriller from 13 going on 30 this is legitimate. check this out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheering] all right nick. pulled that off man not too bad. >> not only pull it off but did it in heels i've never had to dance in heels i don't know what that's about in my opinion i give it a ten. ten i tell ya. dan: yeah. i like it that's one -- my daughter loves that. in your line of work you know you're a meteorologist been doing this for a while so -- sometimes mother nature gets the best of people. you know your thoughts on this, check this out. ♪ ♪
7:58 pm
>> exhausted i've run out of things to say it is snowing and it sucks here. [laughter] dan: you know, listen, i lived in a hurricane zone in florida don't underestimate the wind if it sucks sometimes you say it sucks be honest. >> that's what i'm saying be honest about weather you know that weather did look like it sucked that clip there got me the way that my man threw legs up in air like a turtle like he was done threw up the white flag i don't know any time they don't get hurt i think it is hilarious. dan: slipped i've had bruises on my rear end back then i promise if it whatted today it would be over the internet and when it whats a bunch of students
7:59 pm
laughed too. yeah like big joke. so i've been told cameras were rolling when i was told you were on the show. what's going on? >> huge fan of yours beg brother is always watching. my little webcam got me when i open up your e-mail. take a look at this. ♪ ♪ >> jump, jump -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] dan: nick is that my own personal unfiltered dan bongino dance we have your permission? >> my full permission. i'll do it again for you. dan: i'm serious man i've been watching you. forever since you were with a local affiliate you're hilarious your videos are great. world is a serious place but sometimes we need to smile. >> thank you man. i appreciate it buddy. >> you can watch nick on fox
8:00 pm
weather wild on fox weather app download it right now in the app store before we go remember don't forget to follow unfiltered facebook and instagram and fox, unfortunately that does it for us tonight on unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday. love you am. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. corruption is killing our country. joe biden limped to virginia this week to stump for democrat governor terry mcauliffe. it was a catastrophe. he praised the current governor to got caught with black


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