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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  October 30, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello everyone i am lisa along with jacky and others pretty welcome to the big saturday show. a. >> a lisa, will alec baldwin is breaking silence on the movie set shooting and the cinematographer the got killed rated. >> there are accidents. but nothing like this. [inaudible]. >> what he said about working on
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movies again with top gun coming up. >> this one will have you saying, i am loving it, and by the supply chain prices and that means so will your wallet pretty. >> and last but not least,. >> what it is about what better way to fight climate change 85 car motorcade, joe biden's climate hypocrisy. >> but first the virginia governor captivating the nation and republican and democrat terry, hitting the trail ahead of tuesday's election and the viral campaign hosted that everybody is talking about will probably have the disgraced lincoln project was a spent more than a quarter of a million dollars on anti- efforts and valid admitting that are orchestrated this ending this group status item a buck to pose white supremacist and sing quickly pounced on his rival and
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treated the valley was one of the darkest days in history and this is england supporters are. in all of this comes a brand-new whole shows that he is courting ahead of the polls by a point margin in a huge shift from just two weeks before and you can see there from the crowds from each candidate today that behind him and it appears to be building from angry parents who are concerned about what the children are being taught in school. >> i really like a lot of the things he is done and he stands for, critical race theory, school choice. >> he and his campaign implies that the supporters are quite nationalist and are you a white nationalist brightest map of sematech brown skin. while lower taxes, just be free these crazy mandates, this is america pretty. >> the guys like yes, no. [laughter]
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and lots here, will start with this, what is your reaction to it is your take away. >> if that were at, listen, i have been talking about this for like the last two weeks and i said outnumbered and then america's newsroom anyone who would listen i said keep messing with these moms and dads, keep messing with the middle-class american try to take away the two things we care about a lot and that is a good policing and our education system and telling us that we have no say and no voice and if we do speak up for ourselves are trying to protect her kids where domestic terrorists oh heck no and then you want to make this up. i called it and i said there would be a huge upset and i'm calling arena, it's would be a blowout and you have no one in the democratic party has no one to think of themselves and it's ridiculous racist disgusting plots like this.
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lisa: and of course the predator and another guy but, i digress and let's get to the issue of education because this is a top issue in the race and this washington post poll has education the top issue increasing substantially since september and as the number one issue here i want to play sound from an upcoming interview with judge on justices judge which will air tonight and 9:00 p.m. in the state listen to this. >> how do you think it will be doing pretty. >> look mccullough has been a tremendous mistake but it's really probably not a mistake on from his simply emily said and he said the parents have nothing to do with what their children are going to learn and nothing to do with ended i heard that statement and i citizen going to be bad and be like deplorable but because remember when hillary made it seem like that come the snipes blew up.
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lisa: now jacky, what is crazy about this as he launched his race in the candidacy of the issue of education and then i'll set up an elementary school he went from september, he was up 33 points for the voters was their top priority to now is about nine, is a 42.3 percent since september alone and how does that happen. >> is a huge difference in the think it is because people are finally waking up and realizing for example the doj wants to stifle them in the school board meeting and say they don't support critical race theory there a lot of people out there who want to have some input on what their children are learning in school they want to be teams terrace because they speak up and they are scared to do it now so there was a buddy is going to protect them in education certainly is a huge topic but also the economy is really pulling very high in virginia as well and we'll get some of these, he is a businessman, if you are basically he got his mba
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at harvard and went on to boston and then he worked at mckinsey and he went on to be the ceo and oh of the carlisle true, if you're worried about the economy and education, allowing other issues out there, who better to manage the state and i think people are starting to sort of look around at what is happening especially in context of the biden agenda right now the democrats are doing the spinning and they are sing hold on a second here. we do not want this and that is why there are checks and balances in the government pretty. lisa: that's a great point and shot and it shows and you know what, called this and i said this months ago that this election in the education could be an issue and take a listen. >> if he was the governor he should walk away with this in biden in the state by ten points and there's not been for republican since 2009, he stuck in it because the issue became school and as of this months and months ago could that the issue
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in the coming elections is going to be what is going on in the schools. by the parents vote, and they do not like what is going on in school they feel like they're losing control and this became the issue in this election it and trust me, this is going to be a huge barometer kind of election gives mccullough and people understand yes that is right, is going to be about that. lisa: so jean reno is really trying to nationalize the race and trying to make it about donald trump and trying to say the gland is an extremist even though it comes across and glenda young - very focused raised issues of education and jobs etc. raw and i think he knows a thing or two about campaigns what your take on this the difference between those two strategies and why is important. sean: i thank you so important to know what he said, the voters care about a lot of things, they might be perry progressive in the climate change but if you do not have something very personal
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to you going right like the symbols like education of your child, there are not teaching math science english better teaching critical race theory, office and the becomes the number one issue because your kids are the most important thing to you and that's driving this turnout. and we agree here on education. i think important to look right so the campaign said looks a listen, all of donald trump republicans and democrats in virginia and obviously they didn't vote for him so that could be hit but he's right home and keeping our core issues that these folks care about. one last point when i look at this course, lincoln project protest and you mentioned at the top of the segment, this is a sign of failing campaigns and democrats are losing and therefore they tried these efforts and when you are winning and everybody's coming out and sharing you wanted your confident you don't do these kinds of things and so things are looking great for youngkin i
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would bet on him. >> i called it. lisa: will one for having a great shirt and secondly because your former educator and support for the school choice has skyrocketed in america and you think if younkin wins on tuesday that they can replicate this parents first in the midterm elections rated. >> if they have any brains in their head, yes the first thing they would do is run out and get deputized us are volunteering with the local sheriffs are police officers department in the second thing they be picking up some prizes and start teaching on the side and education yes, taking care of his 40 parents, and supporting her men and women who put in that uniform keep our neighborhoods safe that should be on the top because those two things, they take care of everything else in the nuke is a good, you can refine you have stay and you don't have the
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clouds and school choice absolutely parents are start to think now what might be more private sector education for the homeschooling it and your little mother ducks get their kids given the daddy ducts either kiss together and they have classes in science classes were going to start to see one thing with this pandemic and having a transparent president like president trump, people are involved now advantage of the issues you can't blame the big bad both is coming when we are all wolves, were not worried about that so fix my schools and keep my police but employee paid in the democrats are not interested in that republicans did not that just they should believe on it and do it because visa wolf tickets when you get in there, he doesn't supported o be no better than the democrats so yes, get involved. lisa: system pretty campaigning's so alex bullet in the bubble and breaks his eyes with her time get a seven of photographer on a movie set. >> there accidents on film sets
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lisa: welcome back to bigsaturds breaking his silence for the first time since the hard shotgun and killed the cinematographer also entered the film's director and the actors saying that is in constant contact with the family as well as police conducting the investigation he also said that he plans on advocating for gun safety on movie sets in future. [inaudible]. >> i have no sense of that but i do know that an ongoing effort to limit the use of firearms on film sets is something i am extremely interested in pretty
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sweet if this were off by saying that this is tragic obviously the family can be consoled by any words and right now the event has been in a nine -year-old child who lost his mother's was an unfortunate set of circumstances shaun also with you and i will say us another soundbite from alec baldwin talking about his status of the investigation. >> active investigation. >> she was my friend, we were very well loyal crew shooting film together then this harmful event and we were eagerly waiting for the sheriff's department to investigation. lisa: so the interesting part was when he said that we were a very very well oiled crew shooting film together and that is not one of the folks on the movie set were saying come there actually saying that things were falling apart in this project comes in and people have walked off and that very day. >> will of course, it is well
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oiled someone wouldn't have given alec baldwin again with around and it and someone wouldn't be dead if it was well oiled i think what is important, either numbers can go and what responsibility alec baldwin will have pretty but i think the safety is really important and probably alec baldwin should spend some time learning some basic safety features a fire arm use initiative under the right. but doing a wrestling can movie, i do want to get hurt, maybe go through some wrestling moves that will break my neck. and i don't want to break his neck but go to an expert to show me this so that we can be safe and alec baldwin didn't do any of that pretty. lisa: when you take control of god, there some sense of responsibility there lisa right so he's waving this thing around and he did not go through a series of very simple precautions to check on the gun that he was seeking responsibility for regardless of if somebody is subjected or not and if i were all in the gun, i
2:18 pm
would've checked it, wouldn't you. >> yes the irony here is he's been outspoken against the gun owner and everybody i know is incredible responsible alec baldwin was not in the sims not and this was an accident, it was negligence so if you get on the list of mistakes that were made starting with apparently why were live around us because the crew was shooting. can't with a weapon from alec baldwin also the hollywood arms expert, say you never point a gun in another human being onset which is something that alec baldwin did predict and the assistant director said he should've checked and he did and inquired from a previous movie because of an accidental discharge that injured someone and then you have the armor who said in a previous take that she didn't think she was ready for the job and then apparently an 11 -year-old said on another set pretty so you can do nonetheless for this does not seem like an accident, seems like negligence
2:19 pm
pretty but instead of taking responsibility and sing mistakes or media saying that this is what is at fault. not taking any responsibility whatsoever pretty. >> actually have another soundbite for you guys because he talking about theset movie says what we see here in this country rated. >> company bullets have been fired. [inaudible]. how many bullets have gone off in movies and tv sets. billions. and apparently . [inaudible]. meant to realize that when it does go through this horrible thing, that some new measures have to be taken. lisa: self they have been doing it for 75 years without incident which is not exactly true what that means is he must've been in good shape iia this gun around and if you look at how he is talking, the more he talks, you almost think that he gets himself into more trouble, just alec just stopped to say you're
2:20 pm
sorry. >> for small that would mean and i would just like to say that anyone who loves watch the movie crow, brendan leave rest in peace, but that was probably the most famous mistake of a gun going off in a start and even that was explain to a certain extent what this interview was about, never knew what he was saying, he was eventually ruled as a homicide as an accident i believe so therefore is off the hook in terms of being charged with murder. so now he wants to do an interview and of course he wants to cover basis and there is no knowledge of anything in what he is saying coming to say of course we gotta find out what happened now and he was not they were before because he thought he might be on the hook. now similarly because he's a producer, depending on what the family are going to do with the woman who is deceased and the men injured their families and him, figured that out but the gun armor was typically has come the reason the have good armors
2:21 pm
and she is the daughter of a very good armor and therefore this is a corbel case of nepotism or she gets the job that when she is asked about critiquing yourself, cycle i don't know if i was ready for it or not and you can say that if you're like in charge of comments writing, but when you're in charge of firearms, i've been on movie sets and adult movies with guns. is not only the second are the first and they can be commanded when you get the, you're instructed to look at it as well so there's a lot of mistakes here with the big reason is where hearing from old alec is because he so concerned voraciously is another these off the hook. lisa: you make a great point on the criminal side and he is off the hook but he'd better lawyer because there's a long road ahead pretty thank you for that in still ahead, targum about present biden was at the climate change is the number one threat facing humanity probably kicked off the climate summit in rome 5
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will make them eccentric joe and hypocrisy joe biden lands in rome care of the annual g20 summit, for climate change and center, president biden is very vocal about the efforts to reduce carbon emissions around the globe, and what better way to address the climate emergency, when the world leaders then have an 85, yes 85 car motorcade for him around the city broke, when in rome, you know what i'm saying, and jackie and going to go you, check this
2:27 pm
out pretty what is your response on this. [inaudible]. >> you said . [inaudible]. >> so, you ask him a question it and he talks about himself and how proud of the pope is of him and how do you even when letting answer the question i think we should be happy about that but how would you even go about getting a straight answer out of him when it comes to climate control really. >> he really can that's the problem here, there's all issue with respect to the dealings with the pope and how the democrats viewed the pope to be blessed if you will in the eyes of their constituents moving on to the climate change issue, he's have a difficult time trying to explain hypocrisy there you have someone right now is trying to ram through congress trillions of dollars of spending that includes so much money and provisions for climate
2:28 pm
change and then you have this 85 car motorcade riding around and when i asked president biden i would ask imply which attacks the market people make them pay for climate change issues and for electric vehicle subsidies why is that you've don't put more pressure on china and india and the two biggest polluters in the world because what is happening right now is it's all coming off the backs of the american people. but this answer, $303.40 from the national average today in the year ago it was $2.40, while prices are a seven-year high around $85 a barrel. and that was the longest time so why is that we have to pay more to pay for the parallels helping across the globe when it comes to climate change and everybody else can just shrug their shoulders look the other way. >> you like me and you like to lift weights, not afraid and afraid to throw a few pounds around and canoeing sling have
2:29 pm
2.2 million pounds generated of the carbon gender pride by dividing administration on this trip, honey put that in two words. >> well if you're a liberal elite like joe biden or barack obama john kerry, maybe bill gates, those emissions don't affect that atmosphere and if the caught and fun climate crisis is for you not for me kind of deal listen, this is hypocrisy to the teeth and they want to impose the rules but what gets me is earlier this week there was a house hearing by the democrats supported all of the energy and entered executives and asking them about oil production climate change and everything one of them fly on airplanes the drive cars and heat their homes and they turn the lights and all of them use energy and they're bashing every single one of the energy executives and marshall produce the energy that make your lives work in making americans happy with the lives so this stupidity has to and more americans have
2:30 pm
to call them on this we want to be smart and globally and environmentally conscious believe my oil and the natural s alone because i want to drive a car at 220 a gallon, not $3.50 a gallon. >> lisa, can we hear this answer because you like to tear things up so present biden, but she be more focused on right now, the claim controls, crisis or the inflation crisis going on here in america. we think will in affect the environment more rated. lisa: obviously infection iv should resign but is not taking my advice, climate change that is a liberal issue and the republican party has the party for the marking worker and democrats of the party for kitties and this issue alone underscores that point. look no further than the headlines from july when elsie parts were $59000 tesla and park it outside and you have joe
2:31 pm
biden with john kerry who exclusively fly private. so these are losing issues, the impact of all of his when jackie laid out that if are hard-working americans are hurt in his policies hurt hard-working americans who vote in the pricing scale up in their present jobs, and democrats actually cared about emissions, they would look towards things like natural gas, nuclear power as well with the don't care about this issue and they care about emissions all they care about is going to the other liberal and liberal friends. >> the limousine liberals, that's a coffee mug and on a teacher somewhere in america. somebody jump all over that. >> that will sell for about a hundred dollars predict. >> your vicious and i went to mess with you and you are always accurate and speaking of accurate is it time to say goodbye to the dollar menus,
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lisa: welcome back to the big saturday show, the prices having an impact on everything from as prices to christmas trees and at mcdonald's and the wall street journal regarding the date country increases in the popular fast food chain and so what is behind the more extensive burgers, light worker wages which increase by 10 percent so far this year in the operation costs printed and as an industry
2:37 pm
struggles, so too is the housing market. in one company has the potential solution to the problem. three d printed homes, more than 100 homes being crafted in austin texas, the project is centered reground in early 2022. and we'll get to it printed later but i love mcdonald's, i went there all of the time and i'm not going to say how much weight to put on but i remember the two big macs for $2. and now, the ladies i know you're waiting out there, but up 6 percent and he can't find workers in the wages are up and food prices are up pretty what is happening, are people going to actually keep going to mcdonald's because it can afford tgi friday's and mendoza choice but are they saying i'm cooking at home. >> while they would love to cook at home but good luck getting stuff at your supermarket so this is the exact result of the
2:38 pm
administration and they hired everyone who filled the carbon nobody actually knew how to do the job and they came in focusing on what was brilliantly put, limousine liberal agenda stuff. let's break down the workers but to make it to her small businesses cannot run because the race everything minimum wage so sure, so small mom-and-pop shots now have to increase wages which now means that they have to pay more insurances then of course, god raised the prices of the food and the suppliers come out and everything goes up you break even and because were so for you met having any challenge or called out in life, or make a mistake, five got my first job at arby's, when i walked in the door, i thought i am going to get out of here and i do not think i've made it here, i worked in fast food joint and inspired me to get college and
2:39 pm
get a job and now the try to push no, you're just fine when you're out and don't try to be better, and in charge of everything else. is $15 an hour, if that's the worst thing that happens to small businesses because it's really like making $8 an hour we get inflation and everything else pretty. >> i was stocking shelves and i too wanted to get out so jackie, she's not a liberal but she is our business resident here so there's a lot of debate, a lot of rising prices, supply chain issue and we just thought slow economic growth. reprinting too much money or spending too much money and the supply chain issue and what is driving inflation why are these costs going up so much. >> quarterly what is happening as accommodation of everything in the first thing that happens plus pandemic after we knew that we had a vaccine in the economy was you had the biden administration eight saint everyone to stay at home with a
2:40 pm
little bit more stimulus and more ppe and all of the stuff that they put out and everybody partied and they had a great summer and they realize, we don't really like doing the jobs we were doing we don't think were getting enough money to do those jobs so effectively would happen if 15-dollar minimum wage to try to push the act through congress congress and the so essentially they done this way and this is all how it starts with worker wages. including mcdonald's not exactly the site in brands inc. we have hiker prices and this is another tax on the consumers and we talked about gas than the last segment and food going up, another tax and the dollars that you bring in because it means you're spending more and everything else and this is not like a height problem, this is a regular kitchen table problem and have so many companies radio saying supply chain problems in raising costs and we are raising our prices in the products and even apple is saying it so this
2:41 pm
is going to be an issue that last for a while now you've got administration is still looking for any kind of plan to an across-the-board get people back to work because give people money to stay home, and incentivize them to come back his heart so it's really a big mess when you look at what is happened to the economy now pretty. >> 100 percent in those wages have risen and mcdonald's they still can't fill the jobs and on, young people taking the jobs in climbing the economic ladder. but i want you to you lisa, we know we have a problem and there's a lot of demand for housing and not enough supply, the cost have comments of these innovators in texas a three d printing, the spread homes. the cost and labor is lower and we can sell them, the saved by a three d printed home. >> can afford home so maybe, how about we just address the underlying issues, things that we can do about the supply chain
2:42 pm
and address the abundant job shortage and what is a new, empty shelves joe, he pushes forward a vaccine mandate and has 100 employees really think this way due to the economy and trees already pay people to stay home and now he wants to move forward with the vaccine mandate over finding out as those vaccine and vaccinated people spread covid-19 equally so doesn't even make sense on the basis. all of these problems that were facing society or government driven inviting driven markets are going to be paying more. and particularly among them pretty. >> just at miami beach so yes pretty 19. >> is not yet already guys, arm - what is that, is because people want the canceled culture comes to the baseball that is coming up next.
2:43 pm
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see welcome back to this big saturday show, the baseball bullpen is practically as old as the game itself in the backdrop, the famous scene from the movie major-league. >> is a blast from the pack now canceled culture is coming from the bullpen and instead ridiculous terms - cancel cultures also coming after the atlanta braves for the world series for the first time since 1999 printed and calls for for the team to do away with the final and rid themselves of the nickname. and cnn is doing same thing citing the young leaders. they call the tomahawk chop dehumanizing racist printed the
2:48 pm
start of the bullpen issue first predict i am an animal lover, and want to think of the bullpen the baseball doing and think abt actual goals, coming we just moving away too far here pretty. >> well now we ain't moving anywhere in first of all yes, take out the pink of this whole story of the bowl and you can add whatever you want to the end of that the bullpen the last time i checked, bulls and cows spoke horrible english and did not understand is i don't think that if you said bullpen to a counselor they would be like oh, so this is ridiculous and nobody has to pita and i am more animals than a small zoo and i stop my trump every time a turtle across the road whether there's traffic or not an ideal cut my dog is a big can answer me back on the baseball and i will be over my cold dead body before never going to say, barn . lisa: a leakage take this everything going on in atlanta,
2:49 pm
breaking out of the pandemic people have been so beaten down the looking ways to come together and celebrate things predispose is been a huge heart than you're looking that is seen that happen in the world series since 1999 never focusing on the names and the traditions and cnn is calling them dehumanizing racist. >> i think chop on an hindu that they had such a big heart and big body big strong body. but no, upper animals but were just too bored, openly when it comes down to, and the redskins but 90 percent of native americans, did not find the name offensive and they spoke of the name anyway if you go back to the term only 3 percent of hispanics uses so it ultimately comes down to the white liberals are to board so you do have to love the fact that is being played in atlanta after will smith killed the all-star game and in your face, liberals and i would like to and go find
2:50 pm
something better to do with your life and your time. >> well put. it is automatic and even ask you about sort of everything happening in the country right now and were worried about inflation these issues that are impacting all kinds of people, as many in washington and races going on in the country as well and yet were focused on this reading this is becoming sort of the headlines dominating the news now we are so much else to be worried about. >> the american people not focused on this sunday for the focus on those issues that i mentioned and i want to sit back and have a beer and watch the game read enough of this shut up and get out of our lives by the way these names are strength and bravery and i'm irish and notre dame is irish and i mean, we are celebrating these different parts of our past hour celebrating the strength and the resilience of some of these
2:51 pm
teams so this is not demonizing to native americans, this is actually celebration of the bravery and honor that i think our culture has for them. if this is ridiculous by the way, if you want to go after bullfighting were the kill bulls or where bulls are huge in the writers are so small, that is one thing to leave the bullpen alone. >> thank you. ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to.
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>> welcome back to big saturday show, this time now for the big saturday slot in the paper the biggest sale of the way, now my part of the week is mark zuckerberg's announcement that facebook is changing his name to met that, check this out. >> let's check out what different experiences could feel like starting with the most important experience at all connecting with people. imagine put on your glasses or headset instantly you're in your home setting. >> i just got to find something to wear. >> that's perfect okay well let
2:56 pm
start with how creepy that video was in mark zuckerberg as well, i almost lost it, he actually claimed that he's going to rule the world and some white guys, and his company should be this metta online virtual world there's so many people that are fed up with facebook and don't want to see the censorship on it and the opinions of other people and go off on these rampages that are basically saying step back from the virtual world and want to connect with each other a little bit more. and i look at this i think wow mark zuckerberg, you really think that you are that big. it's amazing to me pretty. >> hypervisor name pretty. >> oh please. i've's wednesdays myspace because it's all time for us to move on now and you know, my philosophy of the week as a society, is bidens infrastructure bill passing before the halloween deadline if
2:57 pm
it was a fish, we wouldn't even be putting in the water because is dennis flopping the only thing that was a bigger flop than that was the idea that there is a national candy corn day are you crazy, if it was up to me candy pumpkins and candy corn i would buy it in july they should be national candy four days should be every day delicious treat. >> automate one point oh is by a bag of candy and it was $12 and you want to talk about inflation when you're paying $12 for a bag of candy. >> does it have diamonds on it. >> the grinch that stole halloween and thanksgiving and christmas so might as will be funny, so my love of the week as the virus social media video and amazon driver honoring the request for customer to hide or packages from her husband when
2:58 pm
they are delivered. so it is funny as the dark matt said packages hide it they didn't know where the package was that the amazon driver followed the assignment in the package and eventually, it and posted it to tiktok and everybody had a good laugh a defined package but it was a novelty doormat so is pretty funny. sean: so your fobs are negative them into good of a mood because christmas is around the corner. my christmas book that i wrote with rachel which is not a flop and this book is you can preorder it now, from a lot of your favorite "fox news" personalities other christmas is going up and how they spend their christmas now and then this time when we have many people focused on canceling christmas, i think to take a look at how we celebrate this amazing time with our friends and families, the celebrating the true meaning, you don't get easter without christmas.
2:59 pm
so were excited about this and can be preordered a lot of people are thinking about candy corn halloween tomorrow. but we also are thinking about thanksgiving and regift and a great coffee table books also if you you're sitting by the fire rating and then by the pool pretty. >> will rita by the balcony. >> just think about the guys, christmas candy bar, red and white candy corn pretty. >> would you like about it so much pretty. >> because it is just so good, it really just taste like pure happy mess. there's no other word. >> give me like well i'm so mad, it's a piece of corn, they go back to being equal. >> candy corn with a certain type of line and brought out the flavors printed. [inaudible].
3:00 pm
>> it's also full of sugar predict. >> for you and the wine in the book was greater looks great for the holiday season that's amazing to see publishing that is celebrating christmas as you said. all right, that does it for us and will see back here tomorrow for the sunday show. alec baldwin speaking on video for the first time since he fired a popgun on a set killing the film's cinematographer, trent one. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ jon: alec baldwin telling fox news digital of hutchins, she was my friend. let's go straight to christina coleman alec baldwin breaking silence on camera.


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