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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 30, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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make each of these. she calls it a labor of love. >> jessica: i do get it, greg. it's so sweet. everyone trick or treat safely. have a great holiday weekend. >> shannon: i want to see picks ♪ ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ ♪ will: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. some beautiful shots across this country. nashville, tennessee, beginning to look like las vegas, nevada. you saw a shot of truist park in atlanta world series on fox. pete: you spent a little time
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there. will: in houston for games one be and two. rachel: carley was. pete: in atlanta. will: who by the way is the newest host of "fox & friends first." [cheers and applause] will: talk to her about that coming up in a little later in the show. pete: now i have something on by pants. [sighs] pete: hope they can't see it. right before the show started. rachel: now, everyone is going to be looking. pete: oh, boy, pay no attention, how are you doing, rachel? rachel: good. pete: looking forward to halloween? we all have kiddos coming tomorrow. the halloween parade on "fox & friends" always famously chaos. did you see the one on friday? rachel: no, i did not. pete: if you missed it, you should check it a.j. hall brought two of his kids, one of them decided to lay on her face. [laughter] pete: for the entire parade.
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petewhose kid will play on their face tomorrow? will: you two carry the weight on that. i have to admit. i appreciate you guys on that. pete: 18. not bad. rachel: no, not bad for three people. will: 18 children between the three of us? will: 9, 6, 7. pete: maybe still going. who knows? will: your math is correct. pete: took me a while though, it is not easy. it is 6:00 a.m. who gets up at 6:00 a.m.? will: people with 18 children. [laughter] pete: that's exactly right. and we will do the news, maybe a little bit of it. we will see. thanks for being with us. we look forward to all four hours. we begin with the race for virginia's governor. glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe has a full day of campaigning on this last weekend before election day. will: but this as outcry rings across the state after an anti trump group admits, get this, to
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planting fake, quote, unite the right members at a youngkin rally. rachel: unbelievable. and todd piro joins us live on the ground in alexandria, todd, what are you hearing about this? todd: good morning, guys, glenn youngkin likely to be up. he will be here in 90 minutes for a meet and greet here at this farmer's market. while the fruit here is probably going to be some of the freshest around, the political apples lobbed at the youngkin campaign yesterday were rotten to the core. take a look at this. the disgraced anti-trump group, the lincoln project, facing intense backlash this morning for a viral hoax where people holding tiki torches showed up to a youngkin campaign bus in charlottesville in mock support, clearly trying to invoke some of those who took part in that deadly rally in that city in 2017. the mcauliffe campaign seizing upon the stump treating, quote, this is who glenn youngkin supporters are before saying those involved should apologize. youngkin though firing back.
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>> to have somebody do something like that in the middle of this campaign that is just absolutely vile. i can't describe it any other way, just offends all virginians. this is terry mcauliffe. this is what he stands for and this is why he is about to lose heir job. todd: as youngkin rallied supporters in five different stops nothing could put a damper. fox news poll showing the republican with an 8 point lead among likely voters. >> we are standing up, not just for our kids, but for america's kids. that is our responsibility as virginias to lead. to lead. >> this is our moment. every day i get asked glenn, what's going to happen on that first day? what's going to happen? todd: we have known that what kids are being taught in schools really shifted this race, now we have the numbers that bear that out. a new "the washington post" poll
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shows education the number one campaign issue with 24% of virginia voters putting it at the top. get this, guys, virginia voters who cited education as their top priority favored mcauliffe by a whopping 33 points in september but the latest numbers show they now favor youngkin by 9 points. and to add a little bit more excitement to this whole campaign, former president trump expected to hold a tele rally for glenn youngkin prior to tuesday. back to you. will: thank you so much, todd. i could talk about this fraud in virginia for the next hour. rachel: let's do it. pete: go for it. will: i love the word that glenn youngkin used this is vile. a couple different layers of this. the lincoln project which is absolute absurdity of an organization is pretending like this was some kind of symbolic metta statement. this is who the right is now. no, this was fraud. they pretended to play this off
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as real. it wasn't a symbol. they attempted to act like white supremacists showed out four youngkin. take a look at your screen. you have a black man, you have a woman. you have tiki torches in the driving rain. everything about this it is absurd and stupid and it's a race fraud. it's a race hoax that they tried to play on the virginian people. one last point rachel and pete. the people behind the lincoln project are the guys that ran republican campaigns for two decades, this is why republicans were losing races they had a bunch of boo footballs running everything now running against the republicans everywhere they can. pete: first just against trump and now just against republicans which means they are democrats. hearkening back to their good old days democrats holding tiki torches, democrats being the racists. >> here's the other thing. youngkin isn't like a big trump guy either. at all. like he is kind of accepted all
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the trump support he has gotten, but he is not like a trump person. he is a, you know, pretty -- a lot of people think he is a lot more like mitt romney. >> mcauliffe has tried to make the race all about trump for sure. rachel: he has. interesting those poll numbers that we saw education is now the number one issue, it's really, it's education but it's really about indoctrination. i think what parents are really worried about is that they are seeing that we are losing the future. we are loses our kids to this really dangerous ideology which is are cancel culture, marxism and obsession with race. again, using this race card. i mean, will, i get your outrage. it's crazy what just happened. but do you think that this race stuff even really works anymore? it's so predictable. i do feel like in many ways donald trump did a good job of going, go ahead, call me racist. i think it doesn't hurt as much anymore because we get the game. will: i hope you are right, i
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do. pete: i think you are right especially in the realm of the internet. it gets debunked in 10 seconds. rachel: i get called racist. just don't think are special. it gets lobbed so much. and it's so desperate here at this 11th hour of this campaign. will: i think the analogy to illustrate your point that resonates to me it's a knife whose blade has been dulled. it offends offends and divides this country. when you have to manufacture it. rachel: donald trump -- go ahead. pete: i was going to say you were going to say with education front and center and terry mcauliffe saying effectively parents shouldn't have any control what's going on in their classrooms or at their school boards, that was obviously a big mistake but he is actually being honest too. was it a mistake or not? a political mistake but policy where they are. donald trump is going to have exclusive interview on justice tonight at 9:00.
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we have a bit of a preview. he talks about this virginia gubernatorial race and what mccalifornia said, listen. >> how do you see youngkin doing against mcauliffe? >> i think is he going to do very well. mcauliffe made a tremendous mistake. it's probably not a mistake from his standpoint, he believes it? >> right. >> he said the parents have nothing to do with what their children are going to learn. they have nothing to do with it. i heard that statement. i said is that going to be bad? is that going to be like deplorable? remember when hillary made the statement delocial? it's not a nice word and it blew up. rachel: that's not a nice word. will: interview at 9:00 p.m. on justice. check it out. joe biden takes the g-20 family photo with president leaders in rome. the president stepping out on the world stage facing a september call global audience as the democratic party remains fractured here at home. rachel: senior administration officials the overarching theme going into today the united states is steadfastly committed
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to our allies. pete: and climate change. leaders will discuss the global economy and a global minimum tax which is a top priority of joe biden. he is sitting down with the u.k.'s boris johnson, francis fs emmanuel macron and germany's angela merkel in just a few hours. those are images from just moments ago there. everybody is vaccinated. everyone is outside. and everyone is wearing a mask. rachel: yeah, kind of crazy. yesterday another irony was that joe biden met with the pope. the pope gave him more time than any of the other presidents before him, which some people think would make sense because he is the second catholic president of the united states. but he is also the most radical pro-abortion president in terms of policies that we have ever seen. he got to that meeting in an 84-car motorcade and purportedly they were going to discuss the
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weather or global, you know, whatever. they are talking about there. not a lot of catholic issues. he came out of the meeting, joe biden, and said well, you know, the pope said that i'm a good catholic. pete: and i can take communion. rachel: i can take communion. what wasn't mentioned was if he would have to go confession first which he would have to and then change his policies. this is a huge debate american bishop pressuring the pope do something about joe biden's really public -- really public stance on abortion that is so contrary to the very fundamental beliefs of the catholic church. this is a big issue the pope, i think, giving a lifeline to joe biden on this. really angering a lot of catholic bishops in the united states, especially the conservative ones and creating a real rift. will: mentioned the 85-vehicle motorcade. pete pete said 84. clearly the 85th vehicle was very important. rachel: was it 85?
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pete: it was. you missed one. without that one he wouldn't have been okay. rachel: apparently only four people can be in a vehicle because of covid in italy that is why they had to have so many cars. >> will: well, they were on their way with the other 84 vehicles to make it a total of 85 to discuss climate change and i'm just here to tell you that is going to be, you brought up a debate that is going to be a debate going forward. most of this covid protocol the response to covid laying the groundwork for massive debate to push climate change policies under the guise of public health. pete: very much so. the path has been paved. but, when you have 85 vehicles on your way to the climate change summit after taking a big old jet over there doesn't make a lot of sense. rachel: we are being played. let's face it. will: everything for it covid was precursor. pete: biggest thing the bill 3.5, 1.8, maybe if we pass it is
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the climate change. they had to hang ton that one. everything else could go. climate change this h. to stay. i will ask you, does it effect how the american catholic bishops view joe biden's status the fact that the pope said you are a good catholic, it's to come take communion? rachel: i think the rift is there actually angering -- more than angering, confusing the flock. this is a very important issue, the issue of life is fundamental. and he is complicit in it in the murdering of innocent life through that procedure that they like to call healthcare but it's not. and it's a huge issue in the catholic church. this will have reverberations this meeting moving forward. will: at the top of the show we showed you a picture of truist park in atlanta. last night the braves won game three of the fall classic 2-1 series lead. rachel: city electric as they host their first world series game in over two decades. pete: carley shimkus spoke with fans around the ballpark and joins us live.
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first, carley, may i on behalf of all of you was wish you a massive congratulations. [cheers and applause] pete: welcome. [screams] [laughter] pete: new host of "fox & friends first." we love you. carley: you guys are the best. thank you so much. yesterday was honestly one of the best days of my life. everybody was so sweet about this announcement. and i'm so excited about this new role. you three i look up to. thank you for everything that you have done for me in my career behind the scenes. and also i'm at the world series. like what an amazing mix of things. i am not worthy of this. i don't deserve it. so i feel like the big winner. but, really, putting little old me aside, yesterday was all about atlanta. they were the winners, and they won the game 2-0. that means that the braves won the first world series homer for
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them since 1999. 2-0. let's talk about the two runs, the first one courtesy of austin reilly in the third inning. that was the first big exciting moment of the night and braves catcher hit a home run in the eighth making it the first time did he it at home this season. ian anderson did a great job. he pitched five innings of no hit baseball only gave up three walks and the braves pitching staff held up their end of the bargain only giving up two hits. braves brought their a game and the fans did, too. i spoke to a lot of fans before and during the game. they were hilarious, the beer was flowing. check out some of the excitement. you said by the will of god you got these tickets. this sounds sort of like a spiritual experience for you. >> it's going to be life-change. i woke up this morning with the most energy ever. carley: is this kind of like your christmas? >> christmas, new year's and my birthday all in one. >> if the astros won, i would
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dance. carley: i would love to see that. >> i would buy my wife a new mercedes. carley: whoa. how cool is it you goat bring your son to the world series. >> for four years we have been looking forward to this. the night he was born, i was sitting in the hospital holding him watching a braves game. carley: wow, you know, guys, talking to that father and son, was definitely a highlight last night. that's what sports is all about. he told me on the night his son was born four years ago he was holding his newborn baby in his arms, dreaming about this very moment. the moment that happened last night. last night the crowd was wild. there was music pumping. it was an extremely loud experience. still this morning the sounds a little bit different i'm sure can you hear the clean up crew in the background. they are working very hard to make this stadium as spotless as it possibly can be. clearing up the peanuts and hot dogs and some of the beer that i can very much smell still right
3:18 am
now. [laughter] car everybody had a very, very good time. they are making the stadium clear for game four. catch all the action game four 8:00 p.m. eastern time. rachel: thank you, carley. will: great job. rachel: and congratulations? carley: love you guys, thank you, appreciate it. will: so bill maher is done with covid controlling people's lives. said it's time to put it in the past. >> i know some people seem to not want to give up on the wonderful pandemic, best of your recollection you know what? but, you know what? it's over. bye-bye. will: railing against the restrictions next. pete: and it's getting spooky on fox square. yes. what are those? those are our faces being carved into pumpkins. we have some tricks and tips for own jack-o-lantern.
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>> just resume living. i know some people seem to not want to give up on the wonderful pandemic, but, you know what? it's over. there is always going to be a variant. [applause] >> you shouldn't have to wear masks. i haven't had a meeting with my staff since march of 2020. why? also, vaccine, mask, pick one. you have got to pick. you can't make me mask if i have the vaccine. i travel every state back on the road. the red states are a joy. the blue states are a pain in the [bleep] for no reason. nobody seems to have any super spreader events. i mean, you know, it was great. it was so everywhere fun having a pandemic. but, you know, bye-bye. [laughter] will: that's bill maher on his show "realtime" it's over.
3:24 am
time to end the restrictions. rachel: do you think that signals to the liberals it's over? we have been saying it's over for a while. pete: how do you liberals view bill maher these days? will: that's a good question. pete: he points to what a lot of us do as it's gone along the performance art that has become covid, just give meet real science behind it give me the real information and let me make my own choices. you see every leader after every leader that professed to be the purveyors of science doing something different themselves. will: not just the performance, median do such a great job of cutting through to the heart of it. i think when he says it was so much fun having a pandemic. what he really highlights there is that i think people have made the pandemic part of their i'd. at this time and they are going to have a hard time letting go of it. it became part of who they are. i mask, you don't. i'm vaccinated. you are not. so much is about their identity. not the public health threat. rich rach i like to eat healthy,
3:25 am
but there are people who would think about eating 4e789y as like almost like -- i'm good because i eat sustainable. or i eat organic. i am willing to pay $12 to kale so i'm a good person. they transferred to covid. i wear a mask and you don't or i got vaccinated or i'm willing to vaccinate my kids that's how devout i am. that sort of thing. there are going to be karens out there. i'm sorry to use that word people get offended. they love to scold. they love to show, virtue signal. if the pandemic ends they lose that absolutely right. pete: what's it like for that to be your identity? rachel: it's pretty pathetic. pete: the reality is he makes that joke he is right. cuts through the heart of it. we are going to cover it this morning the fact that new york city police officers are losing their job yesterday if they didn't get the vaccine based on a continuation of this being the centerpiece of people's lives and now leaders are doing it.
3:26 am
rachel: i have a family member who right now is on pins and needles because next week she will find out if she got a religious exemption. she expects she won't get that exemption and she will lose her job. single mom, four kids. it's wrong. this is so divisive. it's wrong. if the pandemic is over. then all of this stuff ends. and. will: thinking about what you said and wind it up with this. two sides of the pandemic. one is the authoritarian part of it. when will that go away. when idea. when will fauci cease having power? i don't know the answer to that on the identity side? when will people stop using this to make themselves feel better about when they can replace with something else. they replaced this, they replaced i'm a better person because you are a racist with i believe in science. when they find the next thing they can replace that with, then they will let go of the pandemic. rachel: irony of so much of what they are doing is antiscience. pete: all right. it is 26 minutes after the top
3:27 am
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♪ pete: welcome back. the supply chain crisis continuing to cripple the economy as the cost of the most basic necessities like food, put pressure on your wallet. personal finance expert and economic analyst with dan roccato joins me now. dan, thanks so much for being here. you are going to break it down item by item here this morning. we will go bananas, big macs and coca-cola. the produce giant del monte is
3:32 am
hiking its prices why? >> breakfast of champions. good morning to you. basically it's costing more money to move that product into this country. costing more money to move that product to our shelves. labor costs are way up. as you know we have done a good job at fox reporting on that. so, therefore, it kind of ripples through. that means that the price you are paying for your banana this morning is more than it was a couple weeks ago. pete: absolutely. bananas to big macs, mcdonald's. >> we have good at super sizing. now super size cost. >> yeah. you got that right. all about the price of beef and labor. mcdonald's has boosted wages good thing for employees, at some point, right. that price increase gets passed on to you and i as consumers when we go there with our family. listen, every employer as you know, pete, has been talking about the cost of labor. pretty soon we are going to be paying more to the guy that delivers our packages than to the doctor that delivers our
3:33 am
babies. wage inflation is real, particularly in these jobs at places like mcdonald's and delivery services, et cetera. pete: one of the things you just assume is going to be there no matter what is something like coca-cola. their ceo says we could see shortages of coke? >> well, i think look, the supply chain is this messed up as it is today, that inevitably has a ripple effect even on big companies like coke who you would think have this down to a science. did he warn you may see sporadic shortages of certain brands and products. again, pete as you said it goes right back to the supply chain where we are having a great amount of difficulty moving the product from the factory floor to your supermarket shelf in to our kitchen as well. pete: real quick exit question. your prediction. we were on a path to energy independence. we are not now. we are paying a lot more at the pump. where does that go? >> average driver 1 bucks extra each week, pete.
3:34 am
that particularly hurts lower income drivers, middle class families. let's hope to see the price of oil come down. we are producing our rig in downtown this country number of oil wells one third less than they were a year and a half ago. this isn't rocket science. you increase supply, you will bring down prices. pete: let's true. let's hope. hope not a good strategy for the economy or in the military context. dan roccato, thanks for breaking it down for us, i appreciate it. >> thanks, pete. we will see you. pete: see you. the white house may be planning to shell out, get this: $450,000 to illegal families separated at the border. arizona a. brown very much is outraged by the proposal, he joins us next. ♪
3:35 am
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worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." a new "wall street journal" report says the biden white house is mulling payments of nearly half a million dollars to illegals separated at the border back in 2018. republicans were quick to bash the policy as unacceptable and, quote: pure insanity. joining us now to react is arizona attorney general mark brnovich. what are your thoughts on this idea that we would pay almost half a million dollars to people
3:39 am
separated at the border who came here illegally, which, by the way, is almost $50,000 more than what we would pay the family of a fallen soldier in our wars. so what do you say to that? >> it's unconscionable. what the biden administration is doing on the border is really quite frankly unthinkable and unconstitutional, rachel. we have this terrible crisis that's turned into a catastrophe. and the biden administration is now trying to monetize people coming into this country illegally. so that will end up with even more people trying to cross our southern border illegally. but essentially you know and i know, this is all about the biden administration, the far left trying to redistributed wealth in this country. so they are subsidizing people breaking the law, coming into the country illegally. we will get more of that and they want hardworking american taxpayers to pay for it as i said it's unconscionable. it's unconstitutional.
3:40 am
rachel: mark, i understand what you are saying what you think the rationale is. just some of the initial reaction that we have seen from americans over the last day or two since we have heard about this it's wildly unpopular politically. why are they doing this? >> i'm not sure. i think that, you know, one of the things that we learned in school or we use to learn in school before critical race theory was jammed down parents' throats is that you shouldn't succumb do peer pressure. the far left, the aocs, the chuck schumers and nancy pelosis, cartel kelly in the democratic party are essentially far left neo marxists. and they really believe that they want to redistribute wealth. they want to make up society, and they don't care. they want to destroy the middle class of this country and they are going to do it by any means necessary. that's what this is. and what breaks my heart and i know you know this, in arizona, we're seeing a dramatic increase in fentanyl deaths among teenagers in pima county now the leading cause of death replacing
3:41 am
car accidents and suicides. that's coming to every state in this country. every taxpayer is going to pay for this not only the tax dollars but through their family's health and well-being. rachel: not to mention we are injuring who brought their children here. this migrant caravan that is on its way to our border, they say it may goodell rio but there are now reports it can come to huma, arizona, mark, i have friends who live in huma, arizona, they can't even get their children into their hospital. they have to travel hundreds of miles away because their hospitals are and social services strained. what are you doing to prepare for this caravan coming through? are you doing anything to stop it. >> well, you know, we are trying to use -- i'm trying to use all the tools at our disposal. that includes multiple pieces of litigation. trying to force the biden administration to continue building the wall. and just yesterday the u.s. supreme court agreed to take our
3:42 am
appeal, our case about the public charge rule. the public charge rule the biden administration rescinded which basically says if you come here, you have got to be able to support yourself. you can't be on public benefit. the biden administration by eliminating that rule is forcing or overwhelming hospitals in border state having to pay for benefits. everything from child care, snap, hospital care. and the system is overwhelmed and so there is no way. it's unsustainable. the cartels have gained operational control of our border and it's not just as i said about the fiscal cost. it's about the cost when you have drug cartels that are operating with impunity on our southern border. so we know and you know that there is going to be a record amount of people illegally crossing our border, more than 2 million people this year, it's unsustainable. rachel: absolutely. it's wrong. mark, thanks so much for joining us this morning and bringing attention to both of these very
3:43 am
important issues that are right here coming to our border. thank you so much. rachel: all right. i'm going to toss to you, will. will: great job, rachel. we begin headlines with this. a search warrant revealing a fourth person handled the gun used on the deadly shooting on the rust movie set. it says the film armorer prop master and assistant director all handled it before it was given to alec baldwin who accidently shot and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. he warned producer also previous safety directors dave halls who allegedly told baldwin the gun was safe to use. rushed conditions on the set are to blame for the tragic mishap. meanwhile, the supreme court rejecting the emergency appeal to block maine's covid vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. justices neil gorsuch, clarence thomas and samuel alito
3:44 am
dissenting putting out maine is not offering religious exemptions. the justices saying healthcare workers are losing their jobs all for adhering to constitutionally protected religious believes. now, delivery in disguise. door mat reads please hide packages from husband. ♪ i understood the assignment ♪ i understood the assignment ♪ i understood the assignment will: the driver hid the package in a bush. the user behind the post saying this driver, quote, understood the assignment. and those are your headlines. but how do you know it's in the bush? hide it from the husband how does the wife know where to look? rachel: she has the camera. will: that's why you are smarter than me. pete: a lot to ask of a delivery
3:45 am
person though. you have got to be on your game. rachel: let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who is on his game he will gte give us the fox weather forecast. rick: they have a trusted rip relationship with their delivery person. take a look at the maps. for the most part really cool air across the northern plains, currently 43 in attorney general. not that bad right now. get ready because the next few mornings are going to be really cool. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories all across the southern plains. take a look at this, oklahoma, you have frost advisories in effect this morning. growing season that is about. slow moving disturbance cutting across the eastern part of the country. southern side of this bringing showers and unsettled weather across parts of florida. not a complete washout. you will see showers and clouds across much of florida. then the senator of this is up across parts of the ohio valley bringing rain across much of
3:46 am
kentucky and it is going to be a really rainy day especially across areas of new england. here's your forecast for the rest of the day out across parts of the west. warming up nicely to 72 in l.a. and still warm down across parts of the south. well, it would not be a halloween weekend on "fox & friends" without some pumpkin carving. this morning we have a special guest on fox square, an artist carving pump continue kins for 45 years. you can see he has already carved, pete, i think this is pete right here. we have got will who i have to admit i thought was obama. and then me right here. so he has already done this. this is all by hand. with. >> that's correct. rick: there is not anything you printed and put on here, you are an artist. >> yes. i have background in art and so i have some basic skills. rick: you have basic skills and can put it in a pumpkin. this pumpkin is going to be rachel by the end of the show. check in with you. this is whether a he is going on right here.
3:47 am
he is going to see if hugh is really as good as he says he is. you can do this, hugh? >> yeah. >> for the benjamin hotel we are carving portraits for people who are -- they send their photographs before they arrive. send their portrait. >> you are the master pumpkin carver? >> yep. >> here we go. all three of those. we will see what he can do with rachel right here by the end of the show. you have got about three hours. can you do it. >> i hope so. >> pumpkin right there. rachel that will be your head. rachel: looking forward to seeing all of them. pete: i have go gott to see it up close. rachel: still ahead a college professor under fire for profane rant targeting white people. that's next. >> we got to take these [bleep] out. but we can't say that all things begin and end. white folks are not impotent and
3:48 am
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3:51 am
♪ ♪ be. will: rutgers university professor giving bad marks to slamming white people as villains. >> the thing i want to say to you is we have got to take these [bleep] out. we can't say that all things
3:52 am
begin and end. white folks are not impotent and eternal. they are not going to go on for infinity and infinity. will: here to react fox news analyst gianno caldwell. i have seen the full five minute clip or more whatever it may be. it's vile from start to fin anyone. i don't know any other way to describe it than it's pure racism. >> 100 percent. will, it's great to be on with you. i think this is our first time on air together. will: it is. >> thank you for having me. i am extraordinarily not even disappointed and saddened but the fact that our country is continuously going in this direction which equates to more racism which i think woke is the new racism because it seems as though in order to be woke it's about how much you can attack white people or how much you can use hatred-filled language against white people. this is disturbing. it's a trend we are seeing all across the country. think about what the mayor of chicago did when she said i will only talk to black reporters?
3:53 am
think about the hop executive who just got a $10 million verdict because he was discriminated against because of the hospital's woke agenda. lastly, knowing that the left is not denouncing this kind of language and rhetoric and i think the greatest example of something similar because they're aligning themselves with race and racism. i think about hunter biden and the language which he used when he used the "n" word multiple times and we didn't hear any denunciation from the left or even his father. these are people who claim to be in line against racism. we're not seeing being evident at this time. will: not only failed to denounce it's rewarded. she teaches at rutgers. britney cooper tweeted the following. i will never need to defend why as a country we need to teach accurate supremacy. silence those of house call out racism and that is that on that.
3:54 am
really quickly, gianno, i don't know where this goes. this kind of inflammatory language beyond that this type of teaching, this does not end in a good place for this country. >> no, it doesn't. she is a black supremacist. we can talk about white supremacy and we can deal with that i think that's something that should be a part of the conversation. but at the end of the day, hatred are knows no race. it knows all races i should say. racism knows all races and the fact that you want to hate white people for being white is disturbing and disgusting. will: yeah, you are absolutely right. let's move to this really quickly gianno, you brought up chicago. the city of chicago approved the largest basic income pilots in the country. 500 monthly payment. why is this a priority as crime surges and by the way officers are being forced out of a job thanks to the vaccine mandate. basic income in place of enforcing criminal laws.
3:55 am
>> yeah. this insane. and i have got to tell you there was some alder men who were simply owe posed to this plan because they believe money should have went into violence prevention that is the absolute case when you think about the pure facts which is more children have died in the city of chicago than all -- more children have died in the city of chicago than all -- i'm sorry. will: covid deaths. >> i'm sorry. i got a mind freeze there yeah, it's disturbing, especially considering the fact that i have family that are still there i have family who just had some situations with some shootings in the city of chicago and it continues to happen all over the city. it's not black issue anymore where you saw on the south and west sides of chicago. it happens everywhere. and that's where the pure focus should be for the mayor of chicago. that's not a priority and it's disturbing. disappointing. will: people are dying on her street and nothing is being done about it gianno caldwell, it's notes first time we have spoken.
3:56 am
let's not let it be the last. >> agreed. thank you. will: fda clearing the way for kids as young as 5 years old to get vaccinated. we weigh the benefits and the risk with dr. matter in carry in the next hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ ar insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:01 am
will: to identify check that out. rachel: see if pete looks like hunter biden in that. i'm definitely taking mine home though. pete: going to take yours home? we will see what you look like if you want to take it home. rachel: either way if i look scary. pete: oh, yeah, you do look like obama. will: i have got to go out there and check that out. rachel: i love all the scary music we are getting. we are all getting in the mood of halloween. [screams] pete: we were talking about that level of interest in horror movies. rachel: yes. pete: you are more into them than will and i. rachel: i was more into this them when i was a kid. the ones that scared me were the ones about the devil. i remember watching the exorcist for the first time. i would never watch exorcist with my kids but my parents did. i remember being so frightened at the end i turned and said this isn't true, right? and my mom said oh, yes it is. oh, yes, this can happen.
4:02 am
rachel: i can't believe this. will: we will move on to some real news here. i didn't watch friday the 13th. halloween. i think i saw one nightmare on elm street and it scared me as a kid. [screams] will: as an adult i figure if i watch them it will be silly. stuck between it was is care isy then, scary now. are he will any of them actually a good movie. [. rachel: send your best, what is your favorite best halloween movie. send that in to. pete: the first one i saw is i know what you did last summer. teeny horror movie. and that scared me. you are right if you watch them now you would probably be. will: silly. pete: there you go. that wasn't planned hopefully we get to a few later on in the show we are glad you are here. we begin this hour right here in new york city where mountains of trash are piling up with some residents saying it's been days since it has been collected.
4:03 am
rachel: they already have a rat problem here in new york. this will make things worse. the smelly scenes playing out just before the vaccine mandates on city workers is enforced. will: ashley strohmier joins us now live in brooklyn with more. good morning, ashley. >> hey, guys, luckily i have not seen any rats just yet as that is not something i want to deal with this morning, especially standing in front of this pile of trash in brooklyn. but mayor bill de blasio did acknowledge that there were pile-ups throughout random parts of the city like here in brooklyn and then he said it on wednesday and again on thursday saying there were delays in trash pickup. about 67% of the sanitation department have been vaccinated this is a mandate for new york city workers. takes effect on monday. and then trash pickup isn't the only issue the city is facing. first responders are also up against that deadline. the nypd has a vaccination rate of 84% and the fdny is at 77%. here is one sergeant with the nypd on how this mandate could potentially hurt the city.
4:04 am
>> it's crazy how about a year ago we had mcdonald's handing out free meals to our essential workers and ticker tape parades now all of a sudden villainized see it with the garbage sitting curbside. imagine not just with sanitation but fires. if there is no firemen to cover a certain area the damage it can cause. ashley: despite numerous first responders sharing the same concern, commissioner shay says there is con ten genesee plans in place. however, the fire commissioner said in part a portion of its workforce didn't get the vaccine and they will use all means necessary at their disposal. this does include mandatory overtime and significant changes to their schedules. i do want to add to this. just yesterday, actually, there was 8% of the nypd that was added to that list to get it up to a higher percentage for vaccination rates about 1,000 officers did get the vaccine. according to the fire department monday, november 1st, it has the potential to see 20% of the
4:05 am
fire companies close and 20% fewer ambulances on the roadways. back to you guys. will: that is huge. rachel: thank you so much. pete: thank you, ashley. rachel: thank you, ashley. can i say something on sanitation workers? my garbage man and i do not actually come in contact with each other. he picks up our trash. same with firemen. if you are getting saved in a fire, do you care whether the fireman throws you over his shoulder and pulls out of a fire has the vaccine? pete: i'm sure they don't. rachel: when do the people of new york say enough? i feel bad for the people of new york. a part belief doesn't they keep putting up with this. pete: these sanitation workers don't have to go to work. what happens when a sanitation worker doesn't go to work for a few days you get piles of trash. reminder of leaders who they are working for who is doing the heavy lifting. to your point, rachel, what's gone on the last couple of years
4:06 am
in covid. you had people pay spraying counsel their packages in their apartment refusing to leave their apartment while sanitation workers continued to work when there was no vaccine no. protocols. no knowledge and they worked every single day and now they are the bad guy. that's what it's come to in new york city and other cities across the america. will: piles of trash will the least the new york city problem. i was on "fox news primetime" with brian kilmeade. what could happen if 20% of the firefighters and firehouses were forced to close down? what could happen to the people of this city? listen. >> it's going to be next to impossible to keep the same level of service up in new york city. from what i understand there are already firehouses closing due to staffing shortage. for the last several months we have had firefighters working more than 24 hours, three tours and four tours just to keep firehouses open. this staffing crisis that's going on right now is only going to be exacerbated. several firehouses close the last few days because they can't keep the doors open.
4:07 am
if they send a third of the firefighters home on monday, you're going to see a very different fire department. will: he went on to say by the way that dfny response 65 structural fires every day. 100 life or death situations that they respond to every single day not to mention i think his number was something like 20-something heart attacks that they respond to. rachel: giving to say. your dad has a heart attack and somebody can't come in time to help your dad or mom? will: now reduce their response by 20%. lengthen the time in which it takes a fireman to get to that life or death situation. i think the end result is this needs to be said. these vaccine mandates and those that push them they are creating a public health crisis. they are not replacing one. they are creating one of the latest article in the lancet by the way is that vaccine does not stop the spreftd day or night. they may help with severity they do not stop the transmission of the delta variant.
4:08 am
pete: cracking down on vaccine status doesn't affect whether or not the virus spreads. will: exactly. pete: really what it comes back to is personal responsibility and own choice whether you have natural immunity or want the vaccine yourself. rachel: let's not forget early treatments and studies on ivermectin showing it actually can prevent covid. that's something that people need to look at as well. pete: it's amazing. we thank all the law enforcement officers and firefighters. i mean, before this mandate, the nypd had a policy where you either had the vaccine or got tested. a lot of officers were grateful for that option. that wasn't good enough even as we learn more. rachel: totalitarianism is never ending. anyway, we have another crises at our border. and which donald trump was in office, there was a lot of media attention given to people who were separated at the border because they brought their children and the children were
4:09 am
separated and those people have filed lawsuits against the u.s. government and our government wants to settle this and make it problem go away. it's not a small amount of money. it's almost half a million dollars for these people and which by the way is more than is being paid out to people who lose a loved one in the military. and so it's really causing a lot of dissension in this country. people are really angry about it. pete: it's not just 400, it's potentially 450,000 per person which could come to around a million per family. because it would be the parents and the child of taxpayer dollars because our justice department and homeland security are effectively through this bill prepping to pay out a lawsuit. they can decide to fight the lawsuit brought by the aclu, which is effectively brought together a bunch of these families to sue the government. instead of doing that, they are planning to just pay up. 450,000. rachel: the reason, pete, we talked about this. they don't want to look like they are fighting against these
4:10 am
people. easier to settle. pete: they don't want the pr perception from their far left base that they would be fighting against people that were, you know, separated by donald trump. that's what it comes down to and that's why your taxpayer money going to go to law breakers. rachel: speaking of donald trump, he will actually weighed in on this issue. this is what he had to say. >> we have become a dumping ground. and it's a very, very sad thing. now, on top of everything, i understand they are going to give certain people $450,000 it's not even believable what they're doing. it's not even believable. and you have big caravans coming up. you have tough caravans. they went right through the mexican police like it was -- like it was butter. we better stop them. that's all i can tell you. will: truly inexplicable. unbelievable. i have hard time understanding why there would be any reason to settle this lawsuit much less the numbers we are hearing in front of us right here.
4:11 am
pete: i don't think there is a reason to settle it they want to settle it. they want to give them money for their own p.r. purposes. rachel: they are getting such bad pr from independence. forget republicans who obviously are really outraged by this. but look at independents, look at just working class people the democrats still want to say that they represent. how would you feel if you were making $40,000 a year and you're working your butt off and you find out that they're giving people who very irresponsibly brought their children over. they used -- many of these people used their children to come over. some of these children were abandoned in the dessert. they get over here. i mean this is huge -- it's a way to incentivize really bad behavior. will: massive incentive. you guys think there is election day reckoning, hun be nest election there is reckoning for these policies. i will rely on you two because you know more about the gender
4:12 am
of unicorn than i do. in kansas high school apologizing after facing backlash for the gender unicorn looks like this gender unicorn i guess lays out who you can or should or possible to be attracted to women, men or other genders emotionally attracted to, again, same options. i'm not familiar with this. you both told me this is actually a thing that's been around for quite a while the gender unicorn. rachel: by the way this gender unicorn form is exactly why virginia governorship is in play right now. this is the kind of stuff that these radical idealogues are sneaking into the classroom and really usurping the role of the parent to talk about issues to deal with sexuality. i don't co-parent with the government. i don't think people should co-parent with the government. especially on issues like this. but, yeah, happening. i will tell you this: i have a friend who his daughter was coming home from school. grandma picks her up and she
4:13 am
tells grandma, grandma, she is 11 years old, i think i like girls. and grandmother says why? she says because in class they talked about this and they said, you know, some people like girls, some people like girls. she is 11 years old and she is like well, i like girls. again, these are very young age this one was for a high school class. this kind of stuff is hang at younger and younger ages. i think a lot of parents are saying these are our children. let us handle these sensitive issues ourselves. pete: gender unicorn worksheet used across the country. i can't remember what was on the top. who is pushing it. trans educational project or something. it's intentionally meant to be gender ambiguous. purple unicorn without any parts where are you attracted to. utter and complete confusion. i don't care if you are a high schooler, forget it about it. an 11-year-old to your point. we have young kids trying to figure out who they are and what they believe this. is meant to confuse them.
4:14 am
will: this is an oleg -- this is not what you would expect. rachel: the story i told you about 11-year-old is in green bay, wisconsin. will: this worksheet was not appropriate and could violate their personal privacy right. students who received the worksheet have been asked not to complete it. pete: they only put that statement out because they were found out. rachel: right. pete: just like loudoun county and everywhere else. this is precisely what could be and likely is happening near n. a classroom near you. will: absolutely. wherever you live. pete: wherever you live. you probably just don't know about it and they have been wanting to hide it from you. they believe they don't have an obligation to share it with the parents or grandparents. they have been hiding behind that shield. may this moment be one where parents wake up and demand to be able to see everything that's taught or just decide to go somewhere else.
4:15 am
rachel: or go somewhere else. also really important to talk to your kids at dinner time in the car when you are driving them to soccer or baseball practice. there is a lot of stuff your kids are getting that you don't know about. will: all right. we have some additional headlines for you this morning starting with this. albany county sheriff and district attorney not coordinating the new andrew cuomo case. sheriff craig apple says he, quote, would have liked to have speak to the d.a. before a criminal complaint was filgd against cuomo the former new york governor misdemeanor charge of forcible touching. this as letitia james announces her plans to run for governor. meanwhile president biden joins world leaders for the g-20 family photo this morning as the global conference kicks off. that meeting is happening now. the president is appearing on the world stage despite turmoil in own party back here at home. in just a few hours he will be sitting down with the u.k.'s boris johnson. france's emmanuel macron and germany's angela merkel.
4:16 am
at the vatican yesterday president biden met with the pope who told the president that he should continue receiving communion despite his pro-abortion views. a philadelphia children's hospital dressing up nicu newborns and infants in halloween costumes. their smallest patients going big for the holiday with this baby dressed as a mermaid. another here is dressed as a football. [laughter] will: and then you have a baby yesterday do. and finally an avocado. and those are your headlines. rachel: that is so adorable. if you have ever had a child in the nicu as i did for seven weeks, the people go in there and try to do things like this and make you feel like, you know, you are still normal and still celebrating halloween. it's beautiful stuff. there are people who do a lot of wonderful things in nicu volunteers who hold babies whose parents can't be there it's a wonderful thing. good for those people.
4:17 am
pete: god bless the work they do. speaking of. will: do it find a segue. pete: tickets going first for the third annual fox nation patriot awards. wednesday, november 17th at hard rock live theater in holiday, florida. tickets sold out but still spots available at the other tiers and it's worth it. go get your tickets fox awards. i have my flights i don't know if you have yours yet. will: i'm booked. rachel: i'm booked. are you going to be the little mermaid as the host? worth the price of the ticket. pete: i could sing. i know the song. rachel: he does know the song lead us out on the song. pete: i will lead us out after the remainder of this promo. "fox & friends" hosting the show multiple other shows being hosted from this award show as well. will: i'm prepping for this performance. ♪ it's always good. rachel: fda authorizes the
4:18 am
pfizer vaccine for kids as young as 5 years old dr. matter makary warns not every child needs the vaccine. he breaks down the benefits and the risks. will: and todd piro is live in virginia three days from tuesday's crucial election for governor. todd? todd: guys, the son is not even up yet, but the excitement is already building for glenn youngkin's campaign appearance here within the hour. "fox & friends" live from virginia all morning long. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
4:19 am
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♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the fda authorizing the use of pfizer's new covid vaccine for kids as young as 5 years old. the final step is a recommendation from a cdc advisory panel meaning the first children to get the shot could be as early as wednesday. this as a new poll shows 30% of -- 30% of parents say they will definitely not give their child this vaccine up 6 points in just a month. here to react is john hopkins school of public health professor and fox news contributor dr. matter makary. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. rachel: so i'm a little confused about this because i can't --
4:23 am
based on everything i'm seeing, doctor, i can't see why this vaccine would be medically necessary. kids are more likely to die of the flu. there haven't been any long term studies, as a mom i would not want to give my child something that didn't have long-term studies. >> i don't think it's a one size fits all strategy, rachel. i think we are going to have to individualize and tailor the recommendation. if the child has a co-morbidity, in my opinion, it makes sense they should get vaccinated. if the kid had covid in the past and recovered, no, there is no scientific value to it. if the kid is healthy, it's an individual choice, people can look at the study, it was only 2,000 kids who got vaccinated in the study and followed. and 16 unvaccinated kids got covid and three vaccinated kids got covid there was a reduction there. the benefits may outweigh the risks but many parents may not be comfortable with the rate of rare complications which are not going to detect in a small study, final point to consider we don't know the risk to kids in a post pandemic era, because
4:24 am
as delta burns through the population that risk to kids is going to be much lower in the future. rachel: are you worried that this study and the fact that this is coming out next week there is going to be a push from the government to make this mandatory? >> yes, i am concerned. and we have also been assured that there would not be mandates for covid vaccines in adults and here we are now with an incredible push that's a blanket indiscriminate vaccination policy that doesn't account for things like natural immunity. rachel: there has been a lot of coercion like ways to coerce people into doing it without actually mandating them. i want to move to another topic because your research team at john hopkins is leading a long-term study on natural immunity. my question to you is why is dr. matter makary doing this and not the nih or cdc? i have no idea why with all the money we have spent on covid this has not been done yet. >> that's a great question. rachel.
4:25 am
i ask it to myself and my team all the time. you know, our public health officials continue to say that they don't know the durability of natural immunity. well, covid has been around. we have got people who have been infected for 18, 19, 20 months. test their blood. study it. follow it. release the data on tests and reinfection tests that are positive at the cdc. and so we have not had any research as if public health officials don't want to know. so, my research team has taken on the task of doing the largest durability, long-term study of natural immunity to date. we will see what the results show. we are going to get the results in the next several weeks. and you know, why am i doing this? the government has $50 billion for medical research and 30,000 employees. we have 8 staff on my team and about a million dollars in funding. but we're going to do this study so that we can look let the scientific process happen.
4:26 am
rachel: not to mention the government is sitting on troves of data as well that they could be using and putting to use in therst so thank you for doing a service for america unfortunately the government not doing this nih and cdc is causing people to lose further confidence in public health officials. so, thank you, dr. matter makary. appreciate it. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: critics, blasting president biden for his inability to sway voters in the critical governor's race. sean duffy, the love of my life, is live here in studio with reaction. ♪ my boogie shoes ♪ and boogie with you ♪ well, i want to put on ♪ my, my, my boogie shoes ♪ and boogie with you. ♪ ♪ wow... that's so nice! the gift of ancestry®... is a walk through your history. do you remember who this is?
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4:31 am
pete: welcome back in three days virginia voters will elect a new governor. will: youngkin and mcauliffe have a full day of campaigning today. rachel: todd piro joins us live from alexandria, virginia. todd, what do you have? todd: as the sun comes up the crowd is getting really really busy. at love people passing behind us going to the main stage where glenn youngkin is going to be arriving shortly. the farmer's market was started in 1873, can you believe it? great things behind it another politician epic reversal of fortunes of revolutionary proportions. his name glenn youngkin our fox news poll showing him 8 point lead among likely voters. turn around two weeks ago when terry mcauliffe was ahead by 5 points. if you still had any question as to why, she's correthers answered on the trail yesterday. take a listen.
4:32 am
>> time for a change. we want to put kids and education first. we want parents to have some say. we know we are not the teachers. buff we know that we know our kids the best we want to partner with the teachers. >> he understands the problems we are facing. we have had a businessman as a president and succeeded. we need a businessman as a governor so we can succeed. momentum is on our side. >> parents are fed up with public schools serving the teachers unions. they need to serve us. they are called public servants for a reason. todd: but mcauliffe and his supporters holding tight to the democratic playbook of topics, including covid. >> we don't want antiscience people running our state education department. >> education most important issue. >> women's rights. >> having the rights to choose san issue that is extremely important. we are still in the middle averaging pandemic so having mask mandates is something that's really important.
4:33 am
todd: no matter what, democrats try to refocus on, a new "the washington post" education now the number one campaign issue with 24% of virginia voters putting it at the top. virginia voters who cited education as their top priority favored mcauliffe by 33 points back in september. the latest numbers show they now favor youngkin by 9 points. pete, we haven't seen a campaign turn so quickly since the minnesota vikings 1998 campaign they started. quickly went onto the playoffs thanks to the foot of one gary anderson. [laughter] pete: wow, todd. wow. that was done really really quick. i still have ptsd from 1998 and you just triggered it. todd: guys, don't worry, for 9:00 i have something coming for will. will: all right. i cannot wait. cowboy vikings by the way tomorrow night. pete: tomorrow night cowboys,
4:34 am
vikings. will: sean duffy sitting with us on the couch. good to have you with us this morning. sean: good to see you, guys, well played by todd piro. rachel: i'm still trying to figure out george washington started a farmer's market. pete: he threw a lot of nuggets in that report. rachel: the farmer's market might be canceled. will: sean, you heard todd's report will the changing poll numbers in virginia not just mcauliffe and youngkin. we have seen that joe biden has been to virginia. attempting to sway that race. it looks like if anything, it has had a negative effect on the numbers for mcauliffe. that's a correlation not causation. it certainly hasn't helped. sean: reminders voters the policies of joe biden will be the policies of mcauliffe. america doesn't like the policies of joe biden. i think what's important and i did this for 10 years with rachel. it's important that you care about what people care about. remember, bill clinton i feel your pain if you feel the concerns and pains of people, here you have a supply chain
4:35 am
crisis. we have inflation burning. the border is open. and joe biden is flying off to a climate summit? who cares around their kitchen table about climate right now? we care about the issues that are affecting our families. and so this administration is out of touch. and i think, again, you add in the school issues, and, listen, rachel and i talked about this a lot. you see the energy on the ground in virginia. you can feel when a win is happening. you can almost taste it. and it feels like that's where youngkin is at with the energy that he has in virginia and terry mcauliffe is just trying to claw his way into, you know, traditional democrat voters to turn out and maybe eke out a victory. feels pretty good for youngkin. pete: hoping the media will help him out. the economist has a headline that's pretty. the economist no right wing publication. no one loves joe biden. americans elected the president to get rid of his predecessor. they are not sure what else he can do.
4:36 am
will: seems a huge mistake to nationalize this election. the democrats want to make this about trump and biden. what a mistake. sean: i think it's an interesting issue because they try to nationalize it because when you go to local issues, you go to loudoun county and you talk about school choice and whether parents have a right to dictate the kind of education their kids receive vs. school boards, they are like this is a disaster for us. maybe if we can nationalize it and remember virginia, you hate donald trump. we're not donald trump. and youngkin is trump. that's a play they are trying to make. if you think about in this article pointed this out as well. democrats tried that in 2020 as well for congressional candidates. it didn't work. we picked -- republicans picked up a lot of seats in 2020 that we were supposed to lose because the tie from trump to the congressional candidate wasn't successful. it's not successful tying young down donald trump either. rachel: especially when you look at youngkin. youngkin's record he is more of a mitt romney type of, you know, he globbed on to this issue with
4:37 am
the school choice and parental, you know, say in education, which was really smart of him. but it kind of came to him. sean: can i make one other point, too, it's interesting. you mentioned joe biden goes to virginia not very successfully. well, donald trump, you guys reported, is going to maybe do a telephone town hall in virginia, i think if you are the youngkin campaign you are like no, no, no, no. we're good here. do not come in. donald trump doesn't really -- i think they premiere he doesn't come in at all. you have to know who is a good surrogate. president trump probably doesn't help get those independent voters youngkin needs to win. i love donald trump but he should stay away from virginia in this race. rachel: mcauliffe couldn't keep joe biden away and now we see these poll numbers tanking. talk about something that's not tanking which is our book. sean: no. rachel: moving up the charts amazon and all the other charters. sean: we will show you the video
4:38 am
box and the book and opened it up. rachel and i did this book. we love christmas. we know some americans in america want to cancel christmas. we want to celebrate the stories' of some of our fox favorites. [laughter] will: reason why pete and i are not in the book. it's your favorite. sean: but, you know, we shared stories of everyone's christmas and what it was like growing up with their christmas celebration. how they celebrated. now, you get great pictures. i was looking through our pictures. and we have just little jesse watters in his criminals hat. rachel: here he is in like a michael jackson jacket of some sort. sean: lawrence jones' pictures in here when he was a little boy. we love this book because we love christmas. rachel: we love people's stories. it's a beautiful coffee table book. great gift. no supply chain issues. printed in america. preorder it now you will get it in time for christmas. you will love these stories and learn more about ainsley and brian, not pete, not will, but
4:39 am
john roberts. sean: fox favorites in this book and two of them are on this couch today. really quick promo as well kitchen table podcast this week we have victor davis hanson which we were really nervous about interviewing him because he is like this intellectual giant. sean: rachel prepared for two hours with her interview. i did what pete does, i sat down and just did the interview. pete: don't prepare at all. easy questions tout a really smart person. rachel: can i say really quickly victor davis hanson did parents advice on picking colleges for their students. this is great, great podcast. download it now. will: during the break i will share my christmas tradition. rachel: let's do that. pete: in the paperback edition. will: that's when they will add me. rachel: i will add you have guys when we go paperback. pete: see you tomorrow for the halloween parade on "fox & friends." rachel: bring the kiddos.
4:40 am
sean: pete's wife and i bring the kids. in we got the short end of the stick. pete: you really did. good luck. see you tomorrow morning. all right. liberal leaders continue their push to defund police departments. is that really what their constituents want? we have got new numbers revealing more americans rejecting the left's anti-cop narrative. will: and our pumpkin carving expert is hard at work. i got it. rachel: here i am. i look very scary in that one. pete: give it time. rachel: trying to make me a little scary. cool for halloween. i like that. will: look at your eyes? pete: will and i are scared of you. will: coming up on fox square ♪ ♪ ♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪ ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪ ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪
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4:44 am
♪ will: new study from the pugh research institute is finding a growing number of americans want to spend more money on policing compared to last year there was a 16% jump in those looking to fund the police. that's up from 31% now to 47%. and for those who want to increase funding for police by a lot, there was a 10% jump. now, when asked, in the alternative, if they want to support defunding the police, pugh says there was 10% drop compared to june of 2020.
4:45 am
so here now to react from the wounded blue organization, our ceo eddy richardson, peer support advocate lindsey mccaul long and founder lieutenant randy sutton. thank you all for being with us. randy lieutenant randy sutton. let's start with you, what do you make of these numbers? clearly the public is asking not just for more police but, perhaps, a lot more, given policing. >> i'm not surprised quite honestly. they are seeing the reaction to the incredible crime increases that we have seen across the nation. when you look at the violent crime that is literally plaguing american citing all over the country, it is a direct correlation to the defunding, demoralizes of law enforcement and we are now seeing that the public is waking up and seeing that the narrative of the left, the dehumanizing and demonizing of law enforcement is now
4:46 am
reaching critical mass and it's affecting their lives and their safety. will: lindsey, i would love to turn to you now, we have america's the wounded blues first annual survival summit. hundreds of american police officers are scheduled to attend. tell me what we can expect and what the summit is all about; well, largely the summit is about helping those who have served. we have a lot of first responders, be it police officers, firefighters, emts, even dispatchers who have suffered a lot of trauma. anybody who is a part of the wounded blue, we have all suffered some sort of trauma whether it's physical or emotional and people are getting training. they are going to hear about how this effects them emotionally. things that they can do to help themselves get better and to be more whole talk about family and couples. we know what the rates look like for divorce in law enforcement. that's something we want to change. you know, people go out. we left the street. i have been injured in the line of duty. as a matter of fact, yesterday
4:47 am
was my three year alive day. and, you know, i get to celebrate with people because i am here. i get to share my story. and i get to help people get to a much better place and right now people are -- people are happy to see each other. they are sharing their stories. they are being more open. afternoon they are looking at somebody who is in the same place or has been in the same place. they have been and they're like, wow, i found my people i'm not by myself and that's the most important thing. will: to lindsey point great point to the summit. people can find out. officers can find out they are not alone. >> that's the big thing. if you look at our tagline, it's never forgotten, never alone. that's for a reason. and most of us suffered silently for a long time. not realizing that there is other ones out there like us. when you are involved in a critical incident that the majority of the time you are shut down for any outside contact. and to find out that you are not the only one that's struggling.
4:48 am
not the only one fighting for your benefit. not the only one trying to go through the multistages of grief between dealing with a physical ailment. dealing with the mental trauma. dealing with the absolute and complete loss of your blue line family because you're not working anymore. and most of these people have gone from working 70 hours a week to being stuck in an armchair froferg any number of issues. and the big thing is just making sure that they realize there is still a family out here. there is still help and they are definitely not the only ones going through it alone. that's absolutely critical with dealing with the trauma. will: lieutenant, and friend there at your feet i didn't get his or her name. >> kustos. will: awesome. we appreciate all four of you have being with us this morning we look forward to the event we thank you so much. >> thank you some. >> thank you. will: turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for fox weather forecast. rick: good morning, will. big storm across the east going
4:49 am
to keep things gloomy and cool. scattered showers on and off. take look at the weather map. show you what's going on temperature-wise. temps 44 in attorney general. big cool down coming over the next couple of days, temperatures well in the 20's and overovernight lows. system brought coastal flooding especially across the chesapeake bay around the delmarva. see that today. persistent an shore flow with this system you see spinning slowly there on the southern tail of this scattered showers florida and in towards the north. see those showers throughout day today at times being very heavy. look at the future track. watch what happens much of new england really socked in some spots 3 to 5 inches of rain by the time this is done tomorrow morning. ry. rick: all right. send it back to you inside. will: be out there to see new one moment. halloween weekend and dressing for adults, too, with a candy and wine pairing.
4:50 am
coming up. ♪ ♪ you know, you hear a lot about celiac, but i never thought my dna would tell me i had a higher risk for it. i mean, i'm a food critic.
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4:53 am
♪ pete: just in time for halloween
4:54 am
fox nation host kacie mcdonnell travels across america in search of people and places connected to monster sightings. >> there's an energy with that. we don't even know how many people died in that awful night. >> as many as nine of these monsters. >> it was unimaginable what we saw. >> did you ever go back there. >> i don't see me going back. >> we have seen an enter an entf the blessed mother. pete: casey, what are people going to see here? >> thank you for having me. in time for halloween dropping today three new episodes of season four of monsters across america. i love the heck out of this show. it is so fun. it does make your skin crawl. and you get to meet some of the most interesting people across our country. three new monsters that we are investigating on season four. they are available now on fox
4:55 am
nation. tivo man and you have this spin walker. the spin walker might be one of the most interesting monsters we have reserved. so john dover a recently retired lieutenant from the navajo ranger sat down with us had calls over the career about skin walkers. he said the first man and woman were taught this by the gods. it didn't start out as evil but now it's pretty evil. actually one of the -- one of the laws that you weren't allowed to morph into a skin walker, half human half animal. tivo man half human half goat. maybe a deal with the devil. super soldier project gone wrong. we have the army out there if you are familiar with maynard he has wine and insight as to what that might be. pete: new mexico skin walker. i will have to check that out. >> great for kids too. pete: i was going to ask that. >> all of my kids their friends
4:56 am
love it. pete: monster 4. available on fox nation now. thank you so much. appreciate it all right, an american intel report reveals we may never learn the origins of covid-19. k.t. mcfarland reacts next hour. ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. how does amerisave deliver such low mortgage rates time after time? awesome question. see, the risk-based pricing model we use called yield spread premiums is displayed as credits or hits, depending on the -- okay, cool.
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♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: that is fox square and that is me in a pumpkin and we saw will and pete. we're going to go out there and check them all out and see how they look. good morning. 8:00 hour eastern time here in new york city. [spooky music] rachel: welcome, and almost
5:01 am
halloween eve. will: it is halloween eve. [screams] will: and that's a master pumpkin carver doing everyone on the show including rick. we should go out there and check his work. i think he was pointing out it is hard to carve a pumpkin very difficult. pete: looks like he is using a scalpel. as was pointed out by rick of all people will's pumpkin look as lot like barack obama. we want to go down there and see it ourselves. rachel: i'm looking a little scary on my pumpkin. [screams] rachel: i like that because it's halloween. tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day here on "fox & friends." we'll be dressing up. our kids are all coming dressed up. it's all going to be very fun. pete: the "fox & friends" halloween parade off the rails. rachel: we have 18 kids between us. will: thanks to those two.
5:02 am
rachel: we did the heavy lifting. steve: i have 2. rachel has four of her kids and pete is bringing them all. rachel: super mom is coming with all seven. pete: we will see when they burn this place down. rachel: tell them what happened on the "fox & friends" parade. pete: "fox & friends" on friday weekday show did it a.j. hall one of our long-time producers great guy. his wife nicole was out there with their two kids the daughter just decided to take a face plant and lay down in the middle of the parade. you can produce it all you want. producers work hard to make it look good and then kids do what they want. rachel: you can't produce kids. that's what we are looking forward to tomorrow. pete: that's true. although our youngest is -- valentina is. rachel: 2. pete: there is the video right there. parade over. it wasn't going to happen. then you had a bunny walking around. it's just a train wreck. everybody likes watching a train
5:03 am
wreck. rachel: i will tell you what else is a train wreck if you are terry mcauliffe in virginia you feel it's a train wreck. we will begin talking about that race. candidate glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe are planning a full day of campaigning today. pete: this as outcry rings across the stated over an attempt to falsely link youngkin to racism. will: it's a race hoax, a fraud. todd piro joins us on the ground in alexandria with who is behind this stunt, todd. todd: going to get to that in a second. do you know who is behind me now? glenn youngkin. he arrived five minutes ago to thundering cheers and applause. you can see a crowd at a farmer's marketability within the last 30 minutes, i would say. speaking of farmer's market, we can almost guarantee the fruit here is going to be fresh. nothing like the rotten apple lobbed at the youngkin campaign.
5:04 am
the an lincoln group facing backlash viral hoax people holding tiki torches showed up campaign bus in charlottesville. trying to justify wildly condemned stunt quote our demonstration is a way of reminding virginians what happened four years ago. the republican party embrace of those values and glenn youngkin's failure to condemn it the mcauliffe campaign tweeting, quote: this is who glenn youngkin supporters are before later saying that those involved should apologize. youngkin firing back. >> to have somebody to do something like that in the middle of this campaign that is absolutely vile. i can't describe it any other way. it offends all virginians. this is terry mcauliffe and this is what he stands for and this is why he is about to lose heir job. will: as youngkin rallied supporters, nothing to could a damper on the excitement and cheers on the heels of fox news
5:05 am
poll. showing republicans with 8-point lead among likely voters. take a listen. >> not just for our kids but for america's kids and that is our responsibility as virginians who lead. to lead. this is our moment, every day i get asked, glenn, what's going to happen on that first day? what's going to happen. will: in a last ditch attempt to stop the bleeding, calling on kamala harris to rally voters. >> every four years, when this election happens, for governor of virginia. it's a tight election, it's a close election. and it is a bellwether for what happens the rest of the country. you know, the last time i was standing with terry, i saw a bunch of signs and they said don't texas virginia. right? let's not texas virginia.
5:06 am
todd: i'm sure will loves when you texas anything. hear the cheers behind me. former president donald trump will be holding a tele rally on the eve of the election. will: kamala looking to fire up the crowd met with crickets. had punch lines no, i do not clearly land and they didn't. they were silent. rachel: by did they bring her in you talked about earlier what a mistake it was to nationalize this governorship election because, you know, the national issues don't look good for democrats right now. but, also, you have to know if you are terry mcauliffe that this whole campaign is hinging on the school situation in, you know, parents rights, parents, you know, rights to know what their children are being taught. kamala harris has zero credibility on this topic. she has nothing to do. she doesn't have kids. she clearly sides with the teacher's unions and the school boards on their.
5:07 am
she knows very well what the doj did. was probably backing it when they wanted to call these parents domestic terrorists makes no sense why you bring joe biden in and why you bring somebody like kamala harris and so unlikeable. you could see that. pete: never got more than 1% in the primary. and she is the vp. rachel: no constituency. pete: i will say to the lincoln project, their failed former republican operatives who we know why they are failed in their previous job because they pulled garbage like this which only backfires in their face. which shows they are not republicans they are democrats dressed up as something else. they finally -- it turns out these guys and one gal are actually democrats. will: they are democratic operatives. pete: it fits because democrats the racists originally. will: stunning as they sit and there impersonate white supremacists didn't take long that's a black dude and that's a woman and those are democratic
5:08 am
operatives. they found them on the internet within probably one hour. it's a vile race hoax. rachel: can i say one point about that? this is the same party that says there is never any false flags, right, when we talk about january 6th and other issues. this was a false flag. i'm so glad it was exposed before the election. because a lot of times these kind of stunts are after the election. will: you ever absolutely correct. you brought up earlier by the way this gubernatorial election is about parents. it's about schooling. that's something bill maher the host of realtime said he was warning about months ago, watch. >> terry mcauliffe, he was the governor. he is running again. he should walk away with it biden won the state by 10 points. it has not gone statewide for a republican since 2009. he is neck in neck because he is -- the issue became schools. i said this months and months ago that the issue in the coming elections is going to be what's going on in the schools. parents vote and they don't like what's going on in schools. they feel like they are losing
5:09 am
control. and this became the issue in this election. trust me, this is going to be a huge barometer kind of election because terry mcauliffe loses, people understand yes, oh, that's right. it is going to be about that. pete: it will be a wake-up call. terry mcauliffe is "avatar" for joe biden in virginia. and not just virginia by the way. there is a big governor's race in new jersey as well. and jack ciattarelli is a lot closer than he should be in the blue state of jersey to murphy recent poll 6 points. both of them huge indication rejecting the garbage come from joe biden to include all the way down to the classroom. rachel: do you think that project veritas video where they caught one of the aides for the governor. pete: yeah, i think. rachel: let me explain. pete: go ahead. project veritas video couple advisers to phil murphy caught on camera saying the mandates we can't do universal mandates and vaccines now after the election
5:10 am
is he definitely going to do it. he is campaigning one way but after it will be something else. it hasn't gotten a lot of media attention but traction inside new jersey. we will see, parents, it goes down to control for parents who controls kids parents or schools or bureaucrats at issue in both of those states. rachel: a lot of business owners afraid of that vaccine mandate happening as well. will: speaking of that education seems to have supplanted the economy number one issue on voters' minds. economy looms at number 2 when you talk about small businesses, inflation and supply chain. here is example. del monte raising the price of fruit. mcdojtedz anticipating a 6% increase in prices. pete had an interview a little bit earlier why that is both labor and beef prices going up. coca-cola expect shortages to continue through 2022 i mentioned pete had a good interview earlier with pete rick
5:11 am
price hikes, listen. >> basically costing more money to move that product into this country. costing more money to move that product to our shelves. right? labor costs are way up, at some point, right? that cost increase gets passed on to you and i as consumers when we go there with our family. listen, every employer, as you know, pete, has been talking about the cost of labor. pretty soon paying more to the guy that delivers our packages than to the who delivers our babies. wage inflation is real, particularly in these jobs at places like mcdonald's and delivery services, et cetera. rachel: we had my husband in here just a little bit ago, and he was speaking to some of his former colleagues in the house and, you know, when you have people in tough races who are campaigning right now, they have their ear to the ground. pete asked several of them what's the number one thing you are hearing about on the ground? and they said gas prices, food prices. gas prices, food prices.
5:12 am
and that's why i think, you know, joe biden going to talk about the weather with a bunch of globalists in europe looks so bad. that's why it's a mistake as well for terry mcauliffe to allow -- i don't think he wanted joe biden and kamala harris. i think he got somehow strong armed into having them as surrogates in this race. i think they are going to drag him down because right now people don't like how out of touch and really lack of empathy that you see from this administration on some issues that are really hurting people. pete: total disconnect. continuing to pursue this bill on capitol hill a couple trillion dollars which would only add to inflation. by the way they say we are not going to raise taxes on, you know, anyone that's making less than $400,000. the irony of inflation is it is most hidden tax out there and the most regressive tax. it hurts of the people who need a dlart most. both directions. rachel: paying $20 a week more
5:13 am
in gasgoing to hurt poor people. will: paying 10% more for the eggs you buy at the grocery store who does that hurt? turn to a few additional headlines for you starting with this. search warrant has been revealed and shows a fourth person handled the gun used in the deadly shooting on the rust movie set. it says the film's armorer prop master and assistant director they all handled the gun before they gave it over to actor alec bawltd win who then shot and killed cinematographer halyna hutchinson. he washed about previous issues involving establishment director hull. who told baldwin the gun was safe to use. anyone familiar with firearms knows if it's in your hand it's your responsibility. that rust armorer releasing a statement saying rushed conditions on the set are to blame for the tragic mishap. enough blame to go around. new york representative alexandria ocasio-cortez calling
5:14 am
out president biden over build back better cuts. aoc saying on instagram, quote: i think given how much bbb acronym has been slashed there is more opportunity than ever to bring the heat on biden to cancel student loans, he doesn't need manchin's permission on that. now that his agenda is thinly sliced, he needs to step up his executive action game show his commitment to deliver for the people. will: this as democrats fight over details of the trillion dollars spending package. and in a controversial story, today is national candy corn day. rachel: is it controversial? what's not to like? [screams] slow down. >> candy corn, let me help you. will: candy corn was invented in the late 1800s for someone working for a candy company in philadelphia. the three striped treat became
5:15 am
popular in 1889 thanks for candy company known today as jelly bellies. you don't know? candy corn is controversial. rachel: what's not to like it's triangle of sugar. will: some hate it and some like it. pete: invokes passion. will: some say it's chalky. i would have said i'm not a candy corn fan. you and i were eating. i think i just for got pretty good. pete: do you know why you forgot once a year. not the kind of thing you dive into july. have a couple candy corn. rachel: if i was at a movie theater. pete: really you? would choose candy corn over all the other options. will: i don't want you wanted. rachel: it's a cone of sugar. just pursue garr. wirld after this. pete: all right. will: eat a bunch of candy corn. pete: you are right i'm pretty much done.
5:16 am
i'm over. here, dave, candy corn for you. i think i just hit dave. will: got to try again, dave. that was embarrassing. [laughter] pete: the atlanta braves seizing a 2 to 1 lead last night game three of the world series. rachel: you can tune in to fox at 8:00 p.m. tonight to see game four. will: first the new co-host of "fox & friends first" carley shimkus joins us live from truist park in atlanta. rachel: we love you, carley, congratulations. carley: i love you so much, too. thank you so much for those sweet words i really appreciate it. right now you may think that i'm in a major league baseball stadium which is cool enough as it is. what you might not know is that truist park also doubles as a world class museum. check it out. carley: up here inside truist park home of the atlanta braves. now, this stadium is relatively new. it opened in 2017, but it is filled with so much history. almost half stadium, half
5:17 am
museum. this is carolyn sarah. carolyn, what is your official title because it's pretty long. >> senior director of ballpark tourists and hall of fame. carley: that means you know a lot about braves history. >> 150th anniversary. we started in boston in 1871. went to milwaukee in 1953. and we have been in atlanta since 1966. we have actually won a world series in all three cities. we would love to have another one here. carley: why are these numbers featured on this wall. >> we have 10 braves retired numbers. these are numbers that nobody in a braves uniform will wear again. number 21 one of my favorites warren. the winningest lefty in all of baseball. 363 wins, he served three and a half years in the armed forces and earned a purple heart. carley: amazing what about 29. >> he will be game tonight on fox. carley: this is one of the most important pieces of memorabilia in sports history. >> it sure is.
5:18 am
bat and ball used to break babe ruth's record in 1974. >> what was his record. >> 714. so 715. actually babe ruth played for the braves as well in 1935. carley: so i asked you earlier where the best seats in the house are this feels fancy. >> this is the truist club. 160 seats here. you are closer to home plate than the pitcher is. carley: this is so cool. so close to the field right behind home plate. normally these seats cost $525. because it's the world series, these are going well above $10,000. can i sit in one of these seats? >> go right ahead. carley: this is going to be the most expensive seat i have ever sat in. ♪ carley: i could get used to this. play ball. this is a trophy that you just won 2021 national league championship. you have to see this. this is the moment. >> yes. carley: the 195 world series
5:19 am
trophy. the last time. >> i'm sure braves can get another one of those. cash car won the world series. if you do get another one of these, where are you going to put it? >> we will make room for it right over here. carley: if you guys want to take a similar tour, you can go to now, of course, the braves won the game last night. might be because of expert pitching, solid hitting. i also think it's because of this guy blooper. he got the crowd going yesterday. you better watch out because astros are coming for you. the game four you can catch all the action tonight fox 8:09 eastern time. check it out. will: i want to see a blooper vs. orbit fight. can you organize that. orbit is the astros? carley: will wants a blooper vs. orbit flight. is that possible? carley: he has the guns ready. there you go. will: talking about, here is what i know because i was there a few days ago in houston. where you are standing is better
5:20 am
than the seats. literally on the warning track. we'll be watching, all right. more "fox & friends" coming up. carley: see you guys. ♪
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♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." president joe biden on the world stage this weekend joining world leaders earlier in rome for the traditional family photo at the start of the g-20 summit. yesterday biden was in vatican city meeting with pope francis where climate change, oddly, was a big part of the agenda. here to break down the president's trip so far, former deputy national security adviser for president trump and author of revolution k.t. mcfarland. always great to have you on the show. first of all, a little weird 85-car motorcade to discuss climate change with the pope of all people. now he is off to the climate summit in glasgow as well as the g-20 summit. all attention not really on joe but maybe on someone who is not even there xi jinping who is the greatest polluter of all.
5:26 am
what's going on here? >> look, this is a big mistake for president biden to go. first of all, just symbol on it a lot of the world leaders that he is meeting and he brags about how he knows them all known them for decades they are going to look at him. he is clearly on cognitive decline. is he not the joe biden he was 20 to 30 years ago. i worry it's a symbol for america "in decline" we have dysfunctional washington, d.c. weevmentd have economy sputtering when it should be thrig. chinese testing a hypersonic weapon and the united states is in retreat everywhere and especially sham bowl lick bolic withdrawal. bad look. substance of it is bad, too. rachel: sends a really weird message back home. people are worried about inflation and not being able to buy, you know, the basics in their life. the supply chain, so many businesses are suffering because
5:27 am
of that and people are worried that christmas isn't going to, you know, be able to go off the way they always remembered it. so so many things in flux. and it seems so out of touch to go over to europe to talk about the weather. >> you know, if he really wanted to bring down gasoline prices, for example, really wanted to help the economy, what would he do? he would have stayed home, first of all, and he would have turned fracking back on. you know, what the trump administration did was president trump understood that the key to all of this was energy independence and fracking and creating natural gas. cheap, you know, affordable, secure natural gas. that would help the american economy. that would help our dependence on the middle east. we would be able to get off the middle east and other countries would be able to get their energy from us. it would have been a great win all around. what nobody talks about what great win for the environment. because natural gas has been driven so low that the market was taking -- free market was having companies and countries say look, we're going to switch from dirty coal to clean natural
5:28 am
gas made in america. yet, president biden turned all that off. so that's why this is really, i think it's just a fraud the g 20 conference and particularly the glasgow conference. just virtue circling not even wearing their masks. rachel: not wearing masks and flying in jets and massive motorcades and all this kind of stuff. i want to talk to you about a another topic which is the dni report on covid origins. here what they said. they said the intelligent community judges they will be unable to provide a more definitive explanation for the organ gin of covid-19 unless new information allows them to determine the specific pathway for natural contact with an animal or determine that a laboratory in wuhan was handling handsars covid 2. what do you make of this. >> china has had almost two years to cover up any evidence of what was going on at the wuhan virology lab. but i think there is a second reason. so, no, we will never get to the
5:29 am
bottom of it we will never have proof because it's been destroyed. the second reason i really fault the u.s. government and the intelligence community and dr. fauci himself is that we were in that wuhan virology lab. we were funding some of this -- some of it maybe not gain of function, we were funding a lot of that research. and here's why i particularly personally am so upset by this is so the obama administration turned off what's called gain of function research. that's where they take a relatively harmless virus, scientists do and get more lethal and more contagious really for the, i guess, they have some theory about why that is important. i'm not sure what that theory is. but, the obama administration was concerned enough that they shut it down. they didn't let dr. fauci send money to china to do it at that lab. and what happened was somehow in the transition between obama and trump, it was turned back on. now, deputy national security adviser a decision like that should have been made at the white house. at the highest level.
5:30 am
it wasn't. i never saw that piece of paper. i never got in those meetings. certainly president trump. can you imagine what president trump would have said? wait a minute, why are we sending american tax dollars to research institute in china, number one. what are we trying to do trying to create frankenstein mad scientist virus? it would have been a score on both sides. i really wonder whose decision was it to be involved in wuhan, american involvement. that's what i think we will never get to the bottom. rachel: right. the money was laundered through ecohealth alliance dr. fauci's study and that's how it got to the lab. >> we have interesting stuff k.t. mcfarland. always great to hear from you. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: all right, take care. the g.o.p. may have an opening to exploit in virginia's governor's race, the suburbs, our mom panel tells us how working parents could make all the difference in this race. stay with us. ♪
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♪ pete the race is on. with only three days to go until election day in virginia. a new fox news poll finds republican challenger, glenn youngkin, taking lead over former governor terry mcauliffe. 8 point lead. this as the "wall street journal" op-ed claims the g.o.p. has an opening in virginia
5:34 am
saying, quote: youngkin put the suburbs back in play as democrats leap left. let's bring in our parent panel to react fairfax county virginia mom with parents defending education azra naomi. quisha king and "new york post" columnist and mother of three karol markowicz. ladies, thank you for being here. azra, i will start with you, you are there in virginia. is this an opportunity to recapture parents, moms in the suburbs? >> wow, a lot of people discovered that these moms exist in the suburbs in virginia just over the past few weeks. i will tell you this began in the spring of 2020. there is a momma bear revolution that began then. because of things like this book called "woke baby." they started coming after america's babies in activists and educrats who tried to claim our kids. helen miller wrote a letter in
5:35 am
june of 2020 said she was hopping mad and a woman speaking to the school board first time ever. pete, it's a revolution right now that's happening in america and it's absolutely going to define the election on tuesday. pete: yeah, we will be watching. karol, there isner election in new jersey, a governor's race, it's a lot tighter than people anticipated it would be. do you think this is a movement that extends beyond say swing states and suburbs into more blue areas where parents still want that kind of control? >> well, it's funny, likes a are like asra,began during the pareo they cover math and science and history and the rest of it when they are learning about all these woke concepts like, you know, critical race theory and gender issues and all of this kind of stuff. so i think my big issues throughout this whole time has been that the republicans had not capitalized on it. the biden administration at this point is taking credit for opening schools when everybody
5:36 am
knows that they stood in the way of schools opening. so i love to see republicans all over the country capitalize on the idea that, you know, it's not a radical concept. parents care with their kids learn in school and they should absolutely run on it in all the states. pete: absolutely. keisha, let's say does go glenn youngkin's way and electoral backlash, do you think democrats are capable of pulling back from the precipice of critical race theory of all the gender theory that's being taught or are they saddled with this because the he educational bureaucracy is so captured? >> pete, i think they are saddled with this. we can see that the democrats have never been on the side of school choice. they have never never been on the side of parents. they really dug their heels in on this issue. i think they have to own it and i think parents will continue to stand up regardless of what side you are on politically because everyone knows that the best indicator of a child's
5:37 am
educational outcome is when parents are involved. and so democrats have put themselves. a corner where they have to live with that decision. and i think that virginia and other states around the country are going to show that parents want to be involved. pete: asra, you are there in virginia, are we seeing actual changes at the school board level and classroom level? we have seen parents stand up. we have seen the government attempt to clarify you as domestic terrorists. do you believe it will translate into changes in the classroom? >> pete, that's what so is disturbing about this. like quisha and karol said, parents are expressing very serious concerns about curriculum, about classrooms, this tragedy of the sexual assault in loudoun county, but, unfortunately, what parents are facing is a big cover-up. unfortunately, just like quisha said, the activists and the
5:38 am
educrats are doubling down in their agenda. right now, for example, we see them spending millions of covid dollars on social and emotional learning surveys that are basically just trojan horses for the entry of these controversial activist ideas. and so they need to really have kind of conversation with themselves about the future that they want to have in our school because, you know these momma bears aren't going anywhere. so they need to really adjust their relationship with the parents because they are right now silencing parents. pete: karol. >> but we are speaking up. pete: good for you. karol, a lot of this is about parental prerogative and choice. we just saw an emergency authorization of vaccines for kids as young as 5. is that the next chapter of this as parents are confronted with potential mandates for their kids just to go to school? >> well, that is coming. california had already announced
5:39 am
it. i have heard from a number of private schools around new york that they're already announcing it even though the vaccines aren't out yet. i think a lot of this is who do the kids belong to. do they belong to the system or do they belong to you? the parents need to recognize that this fight is coming. i think the idea that it's just about school boards or it's just about cr. >> it is narrow. this is -- i mean the crt thing is obviously a giant problem. it's really a widespread wokeness. they don't believe that the kids are yours. they believe that they can do whatever they want with your children and whether parents understand that is really what's going to be kind of the issue going forward in the next year plus. this is all new. this uprising from parents. and i hope they get that this is not going to be a short thing. this is going to be ongoing and it's going to be a lot of factors. it's not just schools. it's not just one topic. pete: amen. quisha, last word. >> i definitely agree with both asra and karol. i think teachers, school boards,
5:40 am
administrations they need to realize that they need to get out of the healthcare business and leave our children alone and let parents decide what is best for their children. i think if they continue to push through with these mandates for young children, they are going to see even more parents get very involved in our movement. pete: absolutely. well i can tell you this asra, karol and quisha as you were talking will and rachel's heads were nodding the whole time. you three are very impressive and give us a lot of hope. thank you for joining us this morning thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, everyone. have hope. pete: amen. rachel over to you. rachel: we will turn to headlines, a suspect who shot an oklahoma deputy seven times is found dead along with his estranged wife. police say brazen chesser opened fire on a deputy domestic violence call. body found in the woods behind his home and his wife's body was
5:41 am
found inside the home. police have not released details about their deaths. the deputy had surgery for what police say are non life-threatening injuries. protesters lining streets demanding big banks stop financing oil companies demonstrators in seattle holding what they call a die in. laying in front of a chase bank. they claim financial institutions like chase bank and liberty mutual quote prop up fuel companies. the activists say they are planning to hold more protests over the next few weeks. and only in australia a woman's round of golf interrupted by a mob of kangaroos. take a look. >> beats the golf today. all decided to settle in the middle of the fairway. rachel: wendy left dumbfounded as more than a dozen roos hopped
5:42 am
over to tee box. the kangaroos peacefully leave her to finish her round and those your headlines. so. pete: that's intimidating. kangaroos? i wouldn't know what to do. do you run? do you zigzag? kind of like will the alligator. will: don't fight them. i know. that will do not fight them. "u.s.a. today" is getting called out for stealth editing multiple pieces after a calmness to cry the atlanta braves nickname calling it racist. one headline keeping the braves in the bullpen. the name in the bullpen and avoiding it throughout the article. now up to bat multiple times throughout this has made it difficult. clay travis of -- okay, stealth editing prior pieces by the same author bob nightingale. so, you know what's funny is political correctness yesterday can't keep up with political correctness today. >> well, and this isn't even the
5:43 am
most ridiculous stealth editing that they have done associated with this, will. if you remember, stacey abrams wrote a piece for "u.s.a. today" about how upset she was with the voting bills in georgia. and after the braves lost the all-star game, they went back to "u.s.a. today" and stealth edited her editorial to make it look like she wasn't supportive of the idea of major league baseball pulling the all-star game. this is really creepy orwellian double speak to go back and change articles that had already been published in an effort to adjust for now. you know what is going to happen, problem with the great mascot debate as you know. it doesn't ever end. you are done with the redskins, you are done with the indians, now the chiefs from kansas city are going to be on the proverbial pardon the pun chopping block. same thing going on with the atlanta braves right now. i thought by the way credit the
5:44 am
braves fan. they brought the tomahawk chop even louder than before. this is important. tomahawk chap is in atlanta to honor deion sanders that's when it started in atlanta this trend, okay? that is directly connected to deion sanders having been a florida state seminole. the seminole tribe have said that they're honored by florida state's endorsement of their heritage and history and so chief osceola, everything associated with the florida state seminoles, including the tomahawk chop is endorsed by that tribe and it should be in my opinion the same way for the atlanta braves. this is not malicious. it's not designed to be a negative. it is designed to be an honor of the history of native americans in the country and i would encourage braves fans to chop on, keep it going and win game four tonight with herschel walker and donald trump in attendance. it's going to be a wild scene in
5:45 am
atlanta. will: you are right. not presenting anyone against the offense. the offense is manufactured so the agitate tores can continue to bring virtue. it doesn't end. the fascinating discussion that you and i have had where does it go next at 6:00 i saw you tweeting about the vikings, the fighting irish where does it go next? the answer is some place. there will always be another place to go. i have got get going, will. >> they have to they have no reason of predicting these woke progressive activists they always have to find a new target. which is why you can't negotiate with them on things like this because it's never going to end. there's always a new target. they are always offended by something, even when it is inconsequential and not in any way remotely offensive. will: you are not just focusing on world series, bus tour previewing college football. fox noon kickoff show just in a few hours and looks like you are
5:46 am
today in jacksonville, florida for florida-georgia. let's start i believe, clay, talking about some games. i think we want to start with michigan-michigan state. at noon. big o'reillyry game. michigan state getting four at home i believe because i took the spartans in that game. what are you looking at here, clay? >> i'm on the same side as you, will. this is crazy. this is the first time michigan and michigan state have been ranked in the top ten since 1964 for a game of this magnitude. i don't think either team, to be honest, expected to be undefeated right now. mel tucker, natural coach of the year in my opinion based on what he has accomplished already. and look, this is going to be an incredible game, going to be on fox at noon. where the big new kickoff crew is set up. they are in east lansing right now. major battle in the big ten east. who is going to end up being age able to win that division. set the table alongside of ohio
5:47 am
state hosting penn state. it's moving day in the big 10 east. i like michigan state to win not just cover the 4 and also i think penn state will keep it close but i think ohio state knocks them off and so we will be looking at ohio state, michigan state as the two top teams i believe at the end of the day in college football in the big 10 east. will: oregon, colorado. i don't know what colorado is getting but it's got to be a lot, clay. [laughter] >> look, oregon got a big win last week, will against ucla. pac-12's last hope for a college playoff football team. they should walk all over colorado. continue their drive toward the pac-12 championship game and duck fans would hope they could join washington and also earlier duck team in the first year of the playoff and be the third pac-12 playoff team, pac-12 has only won one game in the college playoff. first year march we will see
5:48 am
what happens with oregon this year. i like them to win comfortably over colorado today. will: i don't know how you did last weekend. another undefeat he had weekend for me. 5-0 last weekend. what are you shaking your head at? rough weekend for you? >> it was brutal for me. i mean it's won one of the worst gambling weekends. you and i are on opposite sides here. proverbial swing game. good side for michigan state spartans or maybe running in the other direction convinced that now they are screwed. will: play along with clay and i. download the fox bet super 6 app. and enter for a chance to win $25,000. all you need to do is pick six outcomes from today's college football games and watch sand see how it all plays out. free to play download the fox bet super 6 app. to get started. clay, what's kicking on outkick? >> man, we have got so many different big stories that are going on right now. do you know what's getting a lot of attention even for people big sports fans.
5:49 am
first of all people want to know what is going to happen in florida-georgia and is richardson going to play? this virginia's governor's race, man, i cannot wait to see what's going to happen on tuesday. there is a massive amount of interest in it and also the world series. braves up 2-1 let's chop on and win game four. will: we will be watching. have fun today. >> i appreciate it, will. you bet. will: 5-0 bics. 0 -- picks.halloween candy whats better with it with a glass of wine. what wines pair best with our favorite treat next. ♪ ♪ i'm missing you like candy
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[spooking music] pete: we are getting into the holiday spirit here on fox square. will: while millions of kids satisfy sweet tooth with halloween candy we want to spice things up for adults as well. rachel: i love this idea perfect wine pairing to go with your candy. the founder and ceo of sandra's wine life. >> hi, guys. pete: hello, how are you doing? >> i'm great. rachel: who knew? >> halloween for adelegates,
5:54 am
too. especially when the kids come home with the candy and check the candy we have to have a variety pairing. there is an actual system of wine and candy. so. rick: you invented i believe. >> i invented the whole thing. >> the wine and candy is the same as wine and food. lighter brighter fresher the food. the lighter brighter fresher the wine. the more complex wine. the first one is sovian blanc it goes with sour patch. particularly lime sour patch. unbelievable. you put a lime sour patch in your mouth and take a sip of this. it's like an explosion of fruit. will: green. >> always goes with skittle anything -- what goes with butter finger. >> chardonnay. the buttery goes wonderful.
5:55 am
and national candy corn day. the acid in the wine creamy makes it softer and creamier and sugariy in our mouth. rachel: we should have had it on set. >> rick: >> this one is like that really nice savory kind of melt in your mouth. this last one is a cabernet. got to have a good cabernet. i will pass this one to you. bigger the wine the bigger the candy, snickers, milky way the peanuts, the caramel the darker chocolate. rachel: you make me want to drink wine. >> i know, that's my job. thank you sandra so much. this was a fun segment.
5:56 am
>> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. pete: rachel, you are supposed to read. rachel: sorry. what is halloween without pumpkin carving, we will check back in with our carver on fox square as we wait to see my special pumpkin. [laughter] ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. .. for the win win.
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7 days a week or book today at ♪♪ brian: welcome to "fox and friends" on this halloween eve. will: at the end of this show, tomorrow around this time, make sure you hang in on the
6:01 am
halloween parade, 7 kids in attendance, four kids in attendance, one kid in attendance, it will be a lot of fun, all dressed up including us. rachel: do you know what it is? it is a surprise. will: she's really in the spirit today. rachel: who knew there was a wine pairing, looks kind of fun. brian: we been determining that all of our lives. it formalized everything we've been doing. will: your wine was what you have been doing. pete: walk around with soda pop? will: we have all this music for halloween, let's say thriller, the all-time halloween song. a lot of our producers here are
6:02 am
already dressed up. currently it is halloween weekend. is that what the kids are doing? rachel: what millennial do, they dress up all week. will: you know these shows are run by people who are very young and ambitious and smart but follow the trends of young people and have been dressing up. rachel: old people get to find out what young people are doing. and apparently they are dressing up. we want pictures from the control room, we went to see what your 80s interpretations are. i saw one ponytail i like. pete: the stage manager is always dressing in the 80s. stopped in 88. we know we love you. we are very glad you are here on saturday. rachel: of fun weekend and a
6:03 am
busy weekend because virginia, things are heating up. glenn youngken and terry mcauliffe have full days of campaigning and tuesday's election. pete: todd piro asked the youngken of the state the reason virginia. live in alexandria. >> reporter: on your standard october saturday alexandria farmers market is pretty people, kind of strolling with their saturday morning coffee at 8 am, not this saturday. a raucous crowd greeting a raucous glenn youngken and i spoke with the presumptive leader in the race for the virginia gubernatorial seat. >> i didn't know what winning looked like and here's what it looks like, people gathering together, engaged in our democracy. >> the themes he keeps heading resonate with his supporters. >> i'm here because he's trying
6:04 am
to unify the state. it's not about red or blue or democrat or republican. it is about virginians. i like a lot of the things he stands for like getting rid of critical race theory, school choice, food tax, things of that nature. >> reporter: glenn youngcan is accused by terry mcauliffe of being a white nationalist, terry mcauliffe and his campaign imply that glenn youngcan supporters are white nationalist. are you a white nationalists. >> last time i checked i am brown skinned, puerto rican. i vote for him because i want to see rt out of our schools, lower taxes, just the tree, these crazy mandates in america, land of the free. terry mcauliffe is all about government in your lives, youngken wants to get us freedom. >> reporter: we shot that
6:05 am
moments ago, trying to turn it quickly. we move on, enthusiasm not dampened by the disgraced anti-trump the lincoln project, showing a very youngken campaign bus, trying to jump just -- justify the stuff. this demonstration was our way of reminding virginians what happened four years ago, the republican party -- those values, glenn youngkidnaps failure to condemn it. this is a glenn youngken's supporters are, those involved should apologize. that is clear that the lincoln project fiasco is a last-ditch attempt to turn around a campaign that is turned quicker than, are we ready for it? the 2007 dallas cowboys following burial fated trip to mexico. hopefully glenn youngken and jessica simpson don't take a trip in the next few days.
6:06 am
>> good tony romo reference, taking shots throughout the morning. got a viking shot and the cowboys shot and he says goodbye. that is why, thanks, tv as todd piro. rachel: glenn youngken said this is what it feels like to win. on the campaign trail you do feel that when you are on the ground, you feel that momentum, it is clearly behind glenn youngken. a couple points, the sleeper story at the end of the selection will be how many minorities are against crt and care about the economy, real practical kitchen table issues and that is what president biden reminded her junior voters about when he joined this race and nationalized it reminding them of policies democrats have. the second thing is the mama bears, who will be the heroes
6:07 am
of this election if glenn youngken wins, who for years have been trying to bring this to attention. this is not something that just popped up, moms and dads have been seeing this for years and it reached a boiling point and these moms brought it to the attention of the youngkin campaign. i know one of the women who did. they are nationalizing this issue and there are so many people it resonates. will: a great interview with some of those mama bears. armani and keisha about the role of moms and parents in this election. >> democrats have never been on the side of school choice. they've never been on the side of parents, they have to bear heels in on this issue so they have to own it. >> these mama bears are not going anywhere. they need to adjust their relationship with the parents because they are right now
6:08 am
silencing parents. >> i would love to see republicans capitalize on the idea that it is not a radical concept, parents care what their kids learn in school and they should run on it. in all the states. will: watching virginia because you see the parents in loudoun county standing up against all odds after all the shutdowns they see what is there and are fighting against and you see a candidate who countered it from the beginning, terry mcauliffe has all the money, a name id, has been the governor before, this is a state because for democrats and the wave feels like it is going the other direction, sacred the ballot box and do things right. it could be the kind of election that sent shockwaves through the democrat party. we will see if they change their stripes but ultimately realizing they are out of step with independents, the one black kid todd asked the question to said this is america, land of the free, where am i? all i want is freedom.
6:09 am
will: where are we? in the interview had with those 3 moms, crt is only one piece of the pie wherein we are losing control of our children's lives, the system wants to control and take over so many decisions, crt is one part of that, critical trance. critical gender theory is another part of that and covid protocols lose 5 to 11 is being approved for the vaccine and how long does approval precede mandates for children. how quick will it be everywhere else. speaking of mandates a growing number of states suing the biden administration over those mandates, states have joined to sue the biden administration over the mandates. what is the number up to? i don't have a full count from you.
6:10 am
>> alaska, missouri, wyoming, planning to sue georgia, kansas, idaho, south carolina, utah, west virginia. the governor has been on the forefront fighting against the mandates and having a pulse on where the american people are as governor ron desantis, here he is on the ingraham angle. >> all the press does, the corporate press, they try to use whatever they can to attack a political enemies. when donald trump was president every single thing involving covid they said was his fault. the minute biden took the oath of office you never saw the covid metric at his doorstep, they protect the governors in their own party, they tried to explain away anything that happens as bad like nursing home disasters and people like me, their political opponents they tried to smear and blame,
6:11 am
we are in a situation with low numbers, you don't hear our people. >> some of the lowest numbers, he embraced from the beginning, what about these, where is clay today, jacksonville, florida. we are in a different phase of covid than we were before. we know a lot which we should be trusting people a lot more except for autocrats or democrats which are the same word at this point going back and forcing people. >> ron desantis didn't get credit for protecting seniors. he looked at the data and said we got to protect seniors in nursing homes, he did the
6:12 am
opposite of what cuomo and other governors did in other states, didn't get enough credit for that it is not getting credit for the low numbers we are seeing of covid infection rates in florida. >> his detractors point to the fact that there are a lot of deaths in florida, always has to be just for population and balanced again, maintaining your economy as fully open and the engine buzzing and people keeping some normalcy, balanced against that and the story of covid is long. we will see what happens this winter in states across the country. florida is doing well now. we will see what the story is. >> we will see what happens with long-term studies of the vaccine as well. >> a stories unfold, where did covid originate? overwhelming evidence is that came out of a lab in wuhan. did it originate as a bio weapon. doi does not think it was developed as a bio weapon but they don't think they are ever going to have enough information to say whether or not it fully came out of a lab because china is standing the way of evidence. rachel: they have had two years to destroy evidence. will: the director of national intelligence pulled together
6:13 am
the intelligence agencies, more or less inconclusive, we don't know because we haven't been able to see it, we don't think was a bio weapon but it could have been injured, the whole idea that came accidentally out of the cave somewhere has been pretty silly debunked at this point by people who looked at this. to me this report is a bit of a nothing burger and the passing of the book since i am holding china to account. rachel: there's been no real interest in the current administration to get to the bottom of it. it is an important question, americans deserve to know where it came from, how it originated and who his covering of the evidence and what happened to those brave whistleblowers that were disappeared in china, we ought to know about that because those were some brave humans who tried to alert the world what china was up to a i spoke to kay t mcfarland, former national security adviser in the last hour, here's what she had to say. >> china has had almost two years to cover up any evidence
6:14 am
of what was going on at the wuhan virology lead but there's a second reason, i won't get to the bottom of it. it has been destroyed but the second reason i felt the us government and the intelligence community and doctor fauci himself is we were in the wuhan virology lab, we were funding - we were funding a lot of that research. i wonder whose decision was it to be involved in on, the american involvement? that is why i think we will never get to the bottom of it. >> great question and if you recall doctor fauci tried to take everyone off the scent of china which makes him look complicit by virtue of that. you would think doctor fauci, leaving our pandemic response, knowing where funding would
6:15 am
went would want to because the bottom of that. >> i understand why you might not want to the government to the bottom of it and totally compromised medical journal at the beginning of this, to become for mice international health organizations in the pocket of china. everyone had an incentive to cover up the evil communist regime and it will take leaders who can cut through that and have clarity and understanding, you know what happened. >> everyone in america knows. >> everybody is supposed to know every once in a while. >> we are going to turn to your headlines. the mayor of st. louis barely skipping a beat after gunshots interrupt the press conference. [gunshots] >> i hear gunshots in my neighborhood tonight. my son and i fall asleep to the lullaby of gunshots. >> jones and kansas city mayor quentin lucas were holding a joint print press conference how the cities can stop violent crime.
6:16 am
how ironic. the fda approving pfizer it's covid vaccine for kids age 5 to 11 was earlier doctor marty acarry joined us to discuss the safety of kids getting vaccinated. >> it's not a 1-size-fits-all strategy do individualize the recommendation. if the child has a comorbidity it makes sense, they should get vaccinated. of the kid had covid in the past and recovered, no scientific value for it. >> they are expected to be eligible. with cdc approval. taking a bite out of the hero bread. >> i am pumped because of hero. truly unbelievable. >> the subway sandwich, and investor in the lab with 0
6:17 am
carbs. that credits his long career to the workout regimen. will: we need to get some hero bread on the set. >> don't know if it tastes good or not. they are amazing. >> like anybody else. rachel: if you look at the diet, i thought it was going to be inspired that i don't know. >> that's where i am. good for you. >> greatest of all time what? rachel: we get the candy and wine. we are the wrong -- >> before 9:00 am. >> and atlanta braves won game 3 taking a 2 to one, series
6:18 am
lead. >> this is electric as the braves hurst -- poster game in two decades. >> carley shimkus with brenda hope with "fox and friends first". congratulations. we have to keep doing it. >> so happy for you. carley: thank you. i love it. so excited. i love being part of, that is really cool, the "fox and friends" family and want to do a good job. the players want to do a good job as a right, the braves came out on top losing 220. the first run courtesy of austin riley in the third inning and responsible for a home run. ian anderson pitched five innings of no-hit baseball so good job to him. the braves brought their a game, the fans did too. we spoke to a lot of fans last night. they were hilarious and excited
6:19 am
and living life to the absolute fullest. check it out. you said by the will of god you got these tickets, sounds like a spiritual experience. >> has to be life-changing. carley: is this your christmas? >> christmas, new year's and my birthday all at once. carley: i would love to see that. >> i will buy my wife a new mercedes. carley: how cool is that you bring your son to the world series? >> for four years we've been looking forward to this. the night he was born i was sitting in the hospital holding him watching a braves game. carley: the little boy and his father you can relate to that. that is what sports is all about. as for dusty baker, the actor, and uneventful michael usually his players can bounce back. we have to wait and see. you can catch all the action tonight at 8:09 eastern time on fox.
6:20 am
will: i will never forget watching the twins be the braves in 1991 with my dad. carley: yes, classic, love that. >> that was the last time any minnesota sports team, when i was 11. someday again soon, sorry. california ports are flooded with back logs so florida is standing by ready to help. we will talk to congressman carlos jimenez next. the last , i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. (announcer) enough with the calorie counting, carb cutting, diet fatigue, and stress. just taking one golo release capsule with three balanced meals a day has been clinically proven to repair metabolism,
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that will incentivize bishops, waiting for 40 days off the coast of california to go through the panama canal and visit either of florida port, gulfport or port on the eastern seaboard to expedite our supply-chain problems and alleviate those. this is not going to be the silver bullet but it is a solution to get more goods on our shelves faster. >> is it just proximity and habit is the reason they go to california when as the governor pointed out ports are open 24/7 and there's capacity in florida? >> it is proximity, another 5 days to sail around the panama canal and reach our ports but waiting 40 days in the ports of california makes a lot of sense for them to go ahead and come over this way so that's the reason for the legislation.
6:26 am
it also allows the states that have hundreds of billions of dollars, money that was allocated last year, to be able for them to be able to give these shipping companies incentives to entice them even more. we need to get as much of our economy, ports, involved in the supply chain crisis as quickly as we can and we see california ports are overwhelmed. will: covid plays a role, existing cares money would qualify the things that seem like common sense i washington. what kind of response have you had? are their ships already saying i will trade 5 days for 40? >> we need to get this legislation through. the heritage foundation, now
6:27 am
i've got to convince congress to pass legislation. there are $125 million available. it takes 500,$000 to cross the panama canal. we can do 300 ships, get them on the east coast, get them in process faster than they are the west coast. was this legislation passes if it passes it makes sense. nothings like that in congress. it makes sense. may not pass congress but i think we can get a bunch of ships to make the change, come over. make sense economically. every day a ship is sitting idly by in california costing 100,$000 per day to sit there. imagine at 40 days you are talking $4 million just sitting here. we can cut that and we can help
6:28 am
america. we can get these containers back in circulation so american products can be exported around the world. >> i talk to others who say we have a massive container shortage, we can move goods but you are talking 500,$000 at the panama canal, you see how it makes sense. thank you so much. appreciate your time and good luck. no fax, no class. kids will not be allowed in schools if they don't get the covid vaccine in oakland, california. one school board members as kids will be the victims of the mandate. he joined us next. imagine having someone else do your books for you. as your quickbooks live bookkeeper,
6:29 am
i'll categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, and close your books. cool. - yep. know where your business stands. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping.
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>> no covid vaccine know in person school is new policy adopted by oakland, california at school board. and vaccinated students 12 and older will take courses online starting in january. our next guest is a school board member who voted against the mandate, those were black or brown are actually vaccinated.
6:33 am
mike, glad to see you this morning. you add the new mandate to the science that is there for anyone to see about the risks children represent to each other and themselves of covid and how did the board justify the decision? >> first i want to say i am fully vaccinated and so is my family. i believe vaccinations are essential to keeping our community safe. i voted no on this mandate for two main reasons, number one is my understanding is in the state of california is the authority of the state legislature to determine which vaccinations are mandated, not local school boards and what is really happening is local school boards tried to find solutions that haven't been addressed by the state. the second reason, i couldn't
6:34 am
support this policy because i represent a community that has lower vaccination rates than many of the surrounding communities and i wasn't prepared to support a policy that could potentially force thousands of our students into an independent study out of the district. the keys to raising vaccination rate is access and education and one of the high schools i represent over the summer we had a vaccination pop up center supported by the county the board of health that vaccinated 25,000 community members. those are the models we need to expand, access to accurate information and vaccination. >> not to mention the cost of forcing kids out of school, we know after two years, the massive cost to keeping kids out of in person learning. years with the school district had to say, we will ensure every student those the options to educate them and their families about the importance of the vaccines and as a last resort, unrolling the student would be a possibility. your reaction. >> it is essential we raise the
6:35 am
vaccination rates and a lot of us believe the best way to do that is access to education. i hope the stable take action and provide guidance and in the meantime before this is a limited we can increase the vaccination rates in our community so we don't have to face this crisis. >> i'm hopeful we will follow the science and not crush the education process. >> that is what we have been doing. will: up next, j d vance joins us live. where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go. qunol is the number one cardiologist recommended form of coq10. qunol has 3 times better absorption than regular coq10. the brand i trust is qunol.
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use code tv and get $50 off plus a free foot rest. rachel: welcome back. president biden with world leaders if the g 20 summit in rome appearing on the world stage despite turmoil in his own party back home. peter doocy joins us in rome. >> we expect the president to pop up here in rome at a meeting about iran's nuclear program for starting talks with the iranian's was he will be joined by boris johnson, emmanuel macroin and angela merkel. the overarching theme going into saturday is the united states is committed to our allies and partners and
6:40 am
face-to-face diplomacy at the highest level was he is part of the 90 minute meeting with the pope to talk shop about the climate aspects of his build back better agenda which has been slimmed down to only $500 billion, a foreign worker remains stalled because progressives won't touch it until they are assured by the president it can pass the senate. he can't give them that assurance. the president could with him privately, his legacy as a leader will be determined by what happens to this plan in coming days, new taxes at home are on hold so the president is taking his tax -- tax raising request the global stage. we were told it this morning at closed session g 20 leaders spoke in favor of the new, 15% global minimum tax on corporations and the formal announcement, formal endorsement in a written way from all 20 leaders will come
6:41 am
at some point tomorrow. also tomorrow a presidential press conference in italy. rachel: enjoy rome as much as you can. president biden meeting with pope francis at the vatican telling reporters some of the key issues in focus on this trip. >> the climate and build back better. what did you discuss about climate and build back better? >> president biden: a moral responsibility. >> with the party divided into mystic agenda in jeopardy, is climate change the most pressing matter, let's ask jay d vance was welcome to the show. you are not just running for senate but also a catholic, a convert to catholicism. what do you wish the president of the pope discussed during the meeting? they say they discussed the moral responsibility of climate
6:42 am
change and that is all we heard about from that meeting. >> one of the things i'd my about the catholic church and the christian faith more generally is it deals in timeless and eternal truths and i think from the sanctity of human life, the abortion issue to the importance of families, fathers being in the home, one of the biggest drivers of childhood poverty in our country is lack of fathers in the home. i wish the president of the pope and talked about those timeless issues instead of focusing on the liberal order of the day. at the end of the day the christian faith is not feel-good liberal politics with a grandfather in the sky, but a deeply rooted tradition that should inform public policy and a rich way. it sounds if you judge by the president's perception that he was really a garden-variety conversation about liberal politics and that the missed opportunity. >> the catholic faith puts an emphasis on family. they call the catholic church
6:43 am
the domestic church and jesus was born into a family which you give an indication how important family is to the idea of christianity. 15 of the catholic church says those persevering in manifest sin are not to be admitted to holy communion and get president biden says in his conversation with the pope, the pope told him you are a good catholic and you should receive holy communion. what wasn't mentioned, don't know if the pope said go to confession first but we don't know. but again this issue of abortion is causing a lot of confusion among rank and file catholics. >> exactly right. i would love to hear the pope's perspective on this too but judging from what president biden said and what nancy pelosi said when she had her
6:44 am
audience with the pope, what is happening as left-wing politicians come to rome, get the blessing of the pope and use it almost as a cover for their ultra liberal politics. at the end of the day if i was going to talk to the pope i would say you should appreciate the liberal politicians are using you to get a good political moment out of this without investigating the core reasons they are not popular among christians in their own country. at the end of the day christians believe in protecting the sanctity of the unborn, that is a critical catholic part of the faith but also other christian denominations as well and the sitting president of the united states claims to be a devout christian and is pursuing the most radical pro-abortion anti-life agenda i have ever seen in my life, something about that doesn't make sense. rachel: doesn't make sense to me as a fellow catholic. good luck with your rain. let's turn to chief meteorologist for our fox
6:45 am
weather forecast. >> janice: ugly day across the eastern part of the country. a lot of cloud cover, scattered showers, temperaturewise, cool across northern plains. it will get cooler, temperatures around 10 to 15 degrees below average across much of the northern plains. on the east a little warmer. we have a lot of coastal flooding around chesapeake bay and across this area that we will see today. persistent onshore flow we are watching from this system. the southern side is bringing scattered showers across parts of florida, not a majorly rainy day but we will see things a little unsettled. a big storm across parts of the northeast and over the next number of hours watch what happens. all the moisture being pulled across southern new england toward northern new england tomorrow morning, much of tomorrow morning across maine
6:46 am
most of that is finally gone. today, 63, sunny in kansas city the central part of the country will be gorgeous. will rachel: happy halloween from paula deen, she's live with her favorite dishes. look at her. ♪♪
6:47 am
6:48 am
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6:50 am
jillian: just in time for this weekend, at home with paula deen streaming now on fox nation. >> wonderful treats like graveyard jack-o '-lanterns and halloween fingers and vampire bites and hocus-pocus hunched. will: celebrity cook fox nation host paula deen, our favorite. good morning. >> how are you?
6:51 am
will: doing great. how are you? >> doing great and i hope i can stay that way and you don't make me cast a spell on y'all. will: if anybody could. >> it would be me. you won't believe on my special what i was able to do with a frog i found in my yard. you are not going to believe what i did with him. you will have to watch. he was dead but he came alive. i've got all kinds of powers. rachel: is he sitting next to me? >> either one, take your pick. either will or pete will be my frog man. i have got in front of me we are going to have some wonderful treats, this is the
6:52 am
graveyard putting and it is so easy to do you take your balloon, blow them up to the size you want and dip your balloon in the melted chocolate and then you want to take some scissors and slowly let the air out of your balloon. when i was practicing, i didn't have a tree blow up in my face and we didn't get it on camera which i was sad about so we are going to sell it with a little dirt, graveyards have a lot of dirt in them and fill it with putting, wonderful creamy banana vanilla and then put more dirt on it.
6:53 am
we are burying him good. we are going to take our tombstone and stand him up. is that precious? it is so fun to do with your children, it is just precious and you take your little thing and make the faces. any face you want, happy face, mean face. >> then they just eat the ball. you eat it all. you break it like that. along with the putting and it is so good. i had some wonderful paulawean oh fingers with awesome red ink. yes. rachel: what are they made of? >> they are made of any kind of pastries. i think i used puff pastry,
6:54 am
frozen pie crust but really tasty, along with a little adult beverage. and then you put the fingernails, they look so wicked and i get my hocus-pocus punch. >> don't have anything to cheer with. >> >> watch at home with polythene and halloween special. in fox nation. >>. >> i lobby for the show. >> we are going to go -
6:55 am
>> -- >> logging for the slumber party. >> don't know if palmer wants me there. >> i would love for you to be there. thanks for joining us. >> happy halloween to you all. final check on our pumpkin masterpieces. ♪♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100.
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7:00 am
in this amount of time. pete: go to >> it is i would say one month, it could take 2 or 3 hours. pete: we are out of time. have a great day. neil: this halloween weekend the president looks to scare up some support from half a world away for some sort of framework that allows the big spending bill to pass. let's just say it is looking pretty scary for him right now. the president has been meeting with counterparts from around the world, the richest nations on the planet and committing themselves to


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