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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 30, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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jason in the house. you can find it anywhere you listen to it podcasts. this it week we are with the senator from wyoming. jason in the house. thanks for joining us. "the ingraham angle" is up next. happhalloween. hope you enjoy it. have a great day. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. laura: i am laura ingraham, florida as the hottest economy and the lowest covid case and death rates in the country so why is the national media still attacking run desantis, the governor is here and has a theory about that plus president biden absolutely meeting with the pope and why won't politicians stop dancing this raymond arroyo has it all in friday dollars and a special anniversary surprise at the end of the show, be sure to stick
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around for that but first where have all the men gone is the focus of tonight's angle. once relegated to women's studies, classrooms and college campuses, toxic masculinity entered the cultural vernacular a few years ago around the time the american psychological association jumped in to warn males who socialize and conform to traditional masculinity ideology are often negatively affected in terms of mental and physical health. the argument is boys are conditioned to be tough and not show weakness and by suppressing their emotions they are likely to be prone to violence or aggression, to end up in prison or in trouble at school. people who work in gender studies programs are dead set against the old confining rules
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of masculinity. you will see this in a highly produced hollywood conversation. >> i think there is a model about being a real man in america and sometimes that model is stoic, hard, tough. my friend joe berman, who used to be a professional football player said he remembers his father just saying to him be a man, man up, tough it up, don't be a girl. >> this is how far we have fallen, telling the boy not to be a girl is now considered abusive. we are in an upside down world and more people see through the
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attempt they are making, to wrap their attacks in traditional gender roles around an anti-bullying campaign. that is absurd because real men do not bully, real men don't beat their wives, real men don't hurt animals or children, we know that. all decent people agree on that and long before the phrase gender fluid popped up, good parents told their sons both to be a man and to be courageous, valiant, compassionate i heard my friend's father say stop whining and be a man. he said it a lot. it didn't hurt my buddy one bit. is a great dad today but today the radical left has one goal in mind, to destroy the underpinnings of the nuclear family by targeting the distinct parental role fathers and mothers play, ideally, we all know it is better for children to be raised by a mother and a father who were present and involved. we also all know that single moms and dads do their best but
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it is much harder, god bless them all. i say this is a single mom myself. yet somehow this idea of the traditional roles is threatening to the radicals who see the traditional family, especially traditionally minded men as an impediment to the ultimate goal of socialism and rewriting of american history. black lives matter has the disruption of the nuclear family as one of its goals. the entertainment industry joined the anti-family, anti-masculinity crusade long ago. male protagonists are often portrayed as goofy, helpless saps or gender fluid geniuses. >> from the dad's class to the ballroom. that sign has been drawn.
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>> it has only been thanksgiving but feels like forever. >> newsflash for hollywood, women want men to be men. they also were honest and kind as well but most women i know, even women who work outside the home prefer a man who will protect, provide and defendant we don't want men who will elbow us out of the way or whose idea is getting a facial. a member the man, the obama people used in ads to push obamacare? even morning joe couldn't stop laughing at him. >> looks like a bad weekend.
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>> all the pajama boy fans are shocked that young men are flocking to non-a feminist men like jordan peterson who wrote 12 rules for life and especially furious that millions are tuning in to listen to manly men like joe rogan. >> toxic masculinity which is a hilarious expression, you need to thank toxic masculinity from the bridges, all the jets, all the rockets, toxic masculinity, if you break down the things men have invented, always toxic men prevent you from being murdered in war, protected the country and all the different things you can attribute to toxic masculinity most of it is positive. >> the fact is the natural instinct of most men is to protect women but that is being beaten out of them by angry
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feminists or overly feminist men who love submissive types. this seems especially to be the case in more liberal urban areas and the consequences of horrifying. something that happened in a manhattan subway car when a woman told the perturbed african-american man to take a chill pill. >> take a chill pill. >> that is so be. >> knows what didn't happen. not a single man on the train intervened. a more shocking incident took place in philly when a woman was raped on the l train with other passengers aboard, not a single one did anything to help her and earlier this week in san francisco was a young woman who
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chased the men pushed an elderly asian lady to the ground. when the woman confronted the assailant she was stabbed three times. where were the men? frankly the mass feminization of men should trouble women the most was the victims and all those heinous attacks were women who were overpowered by bad men and because the cultural elites and institutions of spent years colonizing masculinity there were no good men willing to step in to save them. joining me now is someone who did answer the call, one of the heroes of the 1517 train to paris. i know the situations are different and maybe people are worried about getting sued or branded racist if they step in but to what do you attribute the seeming end of traditional masculinity or the goal of
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ending traditional masculinity? >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it and i would say not only is it a culture war with the media and things like that but it starts at the school board level and conservatives dropped the ball and things like that for a long time you see some of the kids in high school more concerned with making tick-tock video and it is sad to see but in those cases in particular in a major city these days you have das that often don't charge these criminals for committing crimes and then if they don't a lot of times they are back on the street in the next day or two and a major city you can carry a gun and even if you did stop the man on the subway from punching that woman you might run into -- don't know what is going to happen.
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don't know if there is one single thing we can pin this on but it is a degradation of our society when it comes to treating men like they should be treated and asking men to step up in the way they should step up. >> barack obama made comments about traditional masculinity with bruce springsteen in a podcast a few months back. >> the message american culture sends to boys about what it means to be a man, the emphasis on physical toughness and suppressing your feelings, narrow distorted ideas of masculinity contributed to so many damaging trends we see in the country whether it is the growing inequality in our economy or our complete unwillingness to compromise on anything in our politics. laura: your response to that? is it wrong to teach your son to be tough but fair and compassionate?
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why is it wrong to teach your kid to be tough and stand up for himself or herself? >> it is not and shouldn't be. i thank god for how i was raised and a lot of my friends were raised. we help stop a terrorist attack on train to paris in 2015. if we didn't have the child and we had some were weren't raised to join the military and learn a lot of the skills we used that day, i'm not sure i would've even survived. it is like joe rogan said, we have a lot in our country that is owed to toxic masculinity as the phrases it. jillian: it is good to see you tonight, you didn't have to but you did, thank you. the attacks on traditional values continue in texas, the naacp is now urging pro athletes not to sign with any teams in the lone star state, the group writes legislators in texas past
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archaic policies that directly violate privacy rights and a woman's freedom to choose, restrict access to free and fair elections are black and brothers and increase the risk of contracting coronavirus. i wonder where they got their marching orders. space change they want to deny women their humanity and this is what is so frustrating. >> this is a fundamentally anti-democratic, anti-american bill and me are going to do something in congress very quickly. >> a legislature and congressional body that is not reflective of the diversity of the state. >> joining the secretary governor dan patrick and former nfl player burgess owens. it is obvious what all this outrage is about, making a big scene to whip up the vote before 2022. your reaction to the latest attack on texas? >> it is a very misleading
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letter and actually hurts players they say they are trying to help, misleading for this reason. it helps republicans. first of all, on the election bill 82% of texans support a third-degree felony for ballot harvesting, 79% supported adding the last four digits of your social security number to mail in ballots, 59% agree with prohibiting drive in voting or late-night voting. the heartbeat bill, 55% of texans support it, 58% of hispanics and 47% of blacks and the ui elbow about stopping boys from playing girl sports 58% of texans supported, they are totally wrong and everything they said and financially they want black players to support
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president biden will dramatically increase their taxes on the highest paid black people in america, 74% of nfl players are black or nba players, 58% of nfl players are black and 8% of major league baseball players. they live in california or new york total taxes over 60%. tele black player you're going to sign it and million dollar contract and take the.8 million home. in texas you keep most of your money. the ncaa is doing a disservice to black athletes a country. >> the kodak prescott of the cowboys, all these phenomenal players who played for texas teams. what kind of position does this put them in now? >> congratulations on your last four years. 2020 has been a remarkable moment for us. what is "happening now," these folks are not pro-black. everything they touched is going against us. we've lost the last four years 40% of the black community due to abortion, 20 million black babies, voting against pro-choice for black kids which
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is why we have black boys in the state of california cannot read or write. these guys on the wrong side and i'm thankful for the opportunity to show what this is about. it was might supremacists, leading the country in the gross middle-class, it was a black elitist we trust that opened the doors to leftist and marxist and we've seen the result of that. the door is open, eyes opening and the black community will start realizing these never been our friends and not our friends today. >> lieutenant governor patrick, the new york times is lamenting the fact that month after month in texas they enact of the pro-life law, number of abortions fell by 50%, that is incredibly positive news, let's hope it drops even further but
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they consider that bad news, when lives are saved. >> as burgesses and i'm so proud of him for what he has accomplished in his life as an athlete and off the field and congratulations to you with four years on the air. on this issue they are misleading black americans and black americans are waking up at are going to vote republican, let the democrats and the naacp continue these lies to the african-american population. >> the onerous tax increases that are going to hit successful black businessman and athletes, not to speak of the tens of thousands that are on their way to the southern border right as we speak tonight making their way through mexico to the southern border were going to flood the job market for low income, middle income workers, all of this is disastrous for the black community america and the black community but especially the black community. >> absolutely. understand the power, the engine
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that drives small business owners. i saw that, black businesses everywhere. if the naacp fighting against small businesses and do everything they can to not allow us to prepare for, to think about it and at the end of the judeo-christian values of the, we believe in god, country, family and everything the naacp and black the carcass, any of those folks on the left are going against those principles that make the country unique, unique culture, we need to fight for it and thank goodness americans are waking up, talking together, we the people, the most powerful words in the history of mankind, it will be a difference. >> thank you so much. why is the corporate media so invested in taking florida down. governor ron desantis has a few thoughts next.
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>> laura: florida laura: florida is one of the big covid success stories the media would prefer to ignore. the sunshine state has one of the lowest daily death rates out there so after months of saying
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ron desantis was responsible for death and destruction where are all the mea culpas? florida's economy is booming and they are leading the country in job creation? silence from the press. what does governor desantis think of this? he's here for part 2 of our interview. >> florida is no longer part of the united states, pretend we don't exist. what all the corporate press does is try to use whatever they can to attack their political enemies. when donald trump was president everything involving covid they said was his heart. the minute biden took the oath of office universe all the covid metric late at his doorstep even though there has been more covid death under president biden then under donald trump and trump didn't have any vaccine except the end of the administration so they do the same thing, protect the governors in their own
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party, tried to explain anything that happens as bad like the nursing home disasters we have seen as people like me who are their political opponents they tried to smear and blame. now that we are in a situation with low numbers you don't hear a. laura: your nominee for florida surgeon general is under fire for not towing the line on covid. the agriculture commissioner nikki fried asked you to withdraw the nomination, cnn had this to say. >> that this opportunity to expose the surgeon general go, it is too important for the top public health official to be treating me this way the way he treats covid in general. everything is very cavalier, vaccines, masks and the way he treated me. >> they are trying to get you
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call your commissioner there for what exactly? there really reaching, they're really afraid of you. >> this is a manufactured - he was asked to meet with the state senator, he offered to do the meeting outside or he would stand in the hallway of that made her more comfortable and she rejected that is using it to get political airtime on comcast and at&t so that is fine, that is politics but the ideas that he needs to be withdrawn is ridiculous, he already made a huge impact. cdc would say all these healthy kids should be quarantined in schools, one person is infected the whole class goes home. that was terrible, disruptive for parents and there is no data to support it so joe when he came and understood that, he got rid of healthy quarantines in the state of florida. that has been a huge source of relief to so many parents, kept thousands and thousands of kids
12:26 am
in school and the result has been in the 5 weeks we've done that our cases are down 74% among school-age kids so joe was right about that. the overall media narrative would have said you need to quarantine healthy kids and he saw through that. i think they view him as a threat. part of it is about me but it is him because he doesn't accept the narrative. laura: your reaction to democrat howard dean predicting something about your next election. >> i would be shocked if desantis is reelected. as governor of florida. they are sick of it. normal ordinary good americans whether republicans or democrats are sick of it, always wing nuts who know better for the most part. and our catering to the worst instincts of human beings. is wrecking the country and we are not going to put up with it anymore. laura: your response to that.
12:27 am
>> that was the mentalities it said people should be locked down, kids kept out of school. and for the people up, that is why we have more opportunity in our state than any other state in the country, that is why kids have been able to go to school, that is why people are beating down doors to be able to move to florida. even to vacation in florida. our tourism is doing phenomenal. we are up in august of 2021 over pretty covid august of 2019 when the rest of the nation was down significantly. you have a corporate media echo chamber that is reflected in that line of thinking, they have been dogging florida for two years but average people out there realize those are phony narratives of a vote with their feet and they look to florida as a place that stands for freedom and that is one of the reasons we are thriving and will continue to thrive through the rest of my two terms as governor. laura: you told police officers across the country if you are forced out of your job because
12:28 am
of the vaccine mandate try coming to florida. we welcome the applications. so far have you convinced people taken you up on that offer? >> we have a $5,000 signing bonus. got to get into the legislature. it applies to all out-of-state police officers regardless of vaccination status and we did it because they are being treated so poorly around the country, some of the mandates the lack of morale, support from the communities and the defunding. they are already coming down but once we get this into law you will see some the down the door to come to florida. we are a law and order states and we will make it financially worthwhile to do it so we will have the strongest, we have one of the strongest already but without question we will be the number one state to be a law enforcement officer anywhere in
12:29 am
the country. laura: the way it used to be. we appreciate it. thanks to governor ron desantis, terry and greta star in two dancing fools, speaking of out of step pairs, biden met with the pope and the results disastrous, raymond arroyo explains it in friday follies next.
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>> welcome to fox news live, federal appeals court upholds the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, literally reverses lower court decision that blocked vaccinations on ground to did not accommodate religious exemptions. a lawyer is fighting to appeal the decision to the supreme court early on friday they rejected the on similar grounds. the callaway volcano continues to erupt, the observatory says
12:35 am
red hot molten lava pouring out, no homes are threatened but there have been one fatality, amanda died in a steam explosion. the delaware volcano has erupted dozens of times since 1952. it is one of the world's most active volcanoes. back to be ingreat mingle for the headlines on jillian: it is friday. time for friday follies and return to raymond arroyo. it is not attributable to terry mcauliffe's education stands i understand. >> youngkin branded himself with his everyman appeal, terry mcauliffe is better known for this.
12:36 am
♪♪ when is the last time we dropped off ♪♪ >> this is a man who should never dance. it is as if he is borrowing someone else's legs. looks like he's dancing to another song when you see him move. dancing with the stars will not be calling. even activists are getting and understands routine. climate cover girl greta thunberg could not resist busting a move. >> we are no strangers to love. ♪♪ >> here's my score, 0, nothing. >> mcauliffe was trying to steal
12:37 am
some of trump have standing sunday because he did that little thing and people liked it. they thought it was funny. but he does that hip swear, that is tragic, those hips are not meant for dancing. there is a close-up of greta dancing which i find far more intriguing. >> i don't think they should dance, unless you are trained, don't dance. at the vatican there was a two step going on there as well, the president met with the pope and when biden gave his holiness the challenge coin things got very biden. >> next time i see you you have to buy the drink. i am the only irishman you ever met who has never had a drink.
12:38 am
>> this is part of the reason the vatican decided to pull the plug on their live coverage of this meeting. they didn't know what biden was going to say so it was probably to protect the president from himself. typically biden looked less like a head estate at the vatican and more like a guy at the end of the bar during last call. there is more of the released vatican footage. >> famous african-american baseball player, no one has ever pitched a win at age 47. how do you feel about pitching a win on your birthday that's not how i look at age. i look at it this way.
12:39 am
how old would you be if you didn't know how you were. you are 65, i am 60. >> all the delaware won't get around the crucial question raised by the visit. what does it mean to be a public catholic in good standing and can a politician who supports abortion on demand receive communion? canon law us bishops say no. >> what does the pope say today? >> we talked about a good catholic and - >> did he give you - >> the question is that the pope really say this or not, the vatican is refusing to confirm
12:40 am
or deny any of it but it doesn't matter. the church teaching is clear, you shall not kill and the canon law says if you support these things, abortion on demand is a public official know communion. is not as a sign, is a sign your part of this community and you agree with the teachings of the church. you are free to leave or stay but those are the rules. laura: i find so much of that visit disturbing especially the random, interesting to americans but the satchel page story about age was just dumb, i'm sorry. what? >> these are the edited versions. laura: that is the best of paper. >> might be best for some politicians to avoid costumes particularly if you already live in outer space. >> halloween is almost here and it is time to choose your costume. i've chosen mine. this is my homage to captain kirk.
12:41 am
>> accept it is to mister spock. they can't even level with the voters over a halloween get up. >> yellow. captain kirk is yellow. laura: star trek was more for boys. it was more of a boy thing. are you dressing up this year? >> i'm not. a raymond arroyo this year. laura: you are a sight for sore eyes on halloween. great to see you and you stay right there because up next this show is celebrating an anniversary. which one? surprise in moments.
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>> laura: so hasn't in the laura: so many in the television media treat viewers like they are idiots telling them what they think they want to hear instead of what is the fox news is like a tall glass of ice water in the desert. it has been a huge privilege to be on the air here for the past four years every night at an p.m. eastern. i can't believe it has been that long. we try to bring you the issues that matter.
12:47 am
we want to respect your point of you intelligence and you are the reason we have reached such heights as a network and as a television show, 10:00 every night a number one show and it is because of you. i would like to look back at our highlights from our four years together. welcome to the ingraham angle. i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham make of a busy washington. >> taking over the channel in perpetuity. >> we have a jampacked show. what type of show we have? we are monitoring breaking news, stories you will not want to miss later this hour. we will bring you street analysis. >> the key point here, right on the money. >> we are on two up river.
12:48 am
the boat unit had to rescue them. >> this is where it happened, may 20 seventh two days after the killing of george floyd the autozone which is right here burned to the ground. with industry block area how hard would it be? how long would it take? >> under a minute. laura: how about heroin? >> same thing. laura: that is why i am here with dozens of frustrated parents, students and teachers. at the white house our newest supreme court justice, amy coheny barrett was warning. it has only been 20 years since i worked for you. now you have this nice chamber. we had to deal with a tiny one. >> anybody else without shadow was with these phenomenal bookings. laura: a still having fun? >> having a good time because we are doing the job like just about nobody else has ever done. laura: today was the 3 states print across the upper midwest and i was lucky enough to tag
12:49 am
along for each leg of the ride. laura: ten degrees, windchill, nobody is leaving. >> the first liberty, the foundation of our republic. laura: it has been awful but more awful is losing america to a new normal. emails to and from anthony fauci show us how cody his relationship was with china. you are satisfied with all the transparency coming out of china about the trajectory of the disease and the origin of the disease? >> by direct interaction with chinese health officials i can believe what they are telling me. laura: we are bubble wrapping our audience tomorrow. it will work well. >> we want to unite everybody, not divide them.
12:50 am
>> this country has had more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world. laura: time for an american call to action, this is no time to be silent or afraid. my next guest quit her job as an icu nurse as a result of these vaccine mandates. >> a decision that was right for me. laura: parents have power in numbers. >> my daughter was sexually assaulted at the end of school. i went to the school board meeting to see what was going on, next thing i know i am tackled to the ground. >> my son was taken from me, nobody should have to deal with that. laura: never forgot demetrius, not one day since last year. of 50,$000 reward, 20,$000 now. what do you pray for when you pray for this country? >> peace. laura: back with me now is raymond arroyo. this is fun. smile.
12:51 am
go to the edge. the aclu used to care about the rights of accused. >> in such a cruel fashion. laura: my hand slipped a little bit. >> happy mardi gras. look at this problem. [scream] laura: raymond knows if i see a bug i can't help but scream. i hate you. i'm so embarrassed. our watch party. what do you say to america? >> coming around.
12:52 am
laura: i can't believe it has been four years. is that not scary? seems like yesterday. you told me you were on the effort two years, i would say two years. >> it is a total blur. i keep thinking of paris, norman the, being at that historic 75 anniversary of normandy, but the moment, we don't have on video, is when you returned to the studio as were locked in the bathroom moments before show time and thought we would have to send a demolition crew to remove the door. those moments with strongest. laura: i wouldn't be surprised if fans did get that on video. by the time the fifth anniversary rolls around, they will say we did have a small camera as you emerge from the bathroom coming up. this is a few weeks ago because
12:53 am
we opened our studios in washington and the latch, a life all can. >> ready to slip under the wall. tommy, sam, ms. people, and alisa on maternity leave. this is like academy awards. everyone knows how important they are to the show. you have been integral to keeping me laughing. >> thank you for making me part of the fun. laura: we love everyone especially you the viewers. we helped the country understand
12:54 am
these issues and last along the way which we all need to do. a sneak peek at my new project, the last bite is next.
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>> m will laura: my new fox nation special california on the edge takes you on a tour of the worst parts of the once shimmering state and we reveal how drug abusers are treated more favorably than homeless vets. >> it is ridiculous this is going on, you guys are out on the street. laura: for activist robert reynolds this issue is very personal. >> in 2018-19 i didn't like what i saw. i was in iraq, the va told me if i got one of the dog i could come inside. i'm not getting the dog so i ended up on the sidewalk and saw
1:00 am
veterans being turned away and ending up in the street and it was heartbreaking to see. there was no one checking on them. laura: you can watch the entire thing on fox nation right now. that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching. it is america now and forever. gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> greg: happy friday, my frighteningly friendly little freaks. it is the last day of halloween week, which means it's time to check in on our favorite sitcom. >> previously on "here's greg"... >> would you look at this? i've seen it a million


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