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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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halloween week. they did a bang-up job. they murdered emily and kat. thanks to jimmy bayliss, kat timpf, our great studio audience, "fox news at night" with shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news at night," i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪ break into night, republicans blasting the biden administration over reports the white house is and talk to pay some illegal immigrants who broke the law up to $450,000 each for being separated from their families. as congressman dad crenshaw notes, that's more than the insurance payment that goes to the next of kin who of service
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numbers were killed in action. outrage against the anti-trump group, the lincoln project come after a stunt involving individuals posing, apparently, as white supremacist to try to associate themselves with the republican candidate for virginia governor glenn youngkin. we've got reaction tonight from congressman youngkin and the democratic opponent. that is minutes away. plus the deadline has passed for new york city employees to get their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine leaving cops, firefighters, and a lot of other essential worker stays away from being placed on unpaid leave. we begin tonight with the potentially huge payout to illegal immigrants paid white house correspondent kevin corke is exploring how close is biden administration plan could be to reality and the massive blowback to the idea of this tonight. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, shannon. the u.s. government, our government, the one that gave americans anywhere between $62,400 in stimulus payments since the beginning of the pandemic, that's government is
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now talking about giving people, and this country, unlawfully sent, nearly half a million dollars in cash, each. while this may never come to fruition, just floating the idea seems to have achieved its purpose getting republicans on the hill all worked up and distracted while the biden administration tries to narrow its focus on its build back better plan. >> dozens of house republicans have sent a letter to three cabinet secretaries regarding reports that their agencies are in talks to give illegal immigrants separated at the border under the previous administration aliens in taxpayer funds. promising tens of thousands of dollars to those who unlawfully enter the united states would not only reward criminal behavior, the letter reads, but would surely send a message to the world that our borders are open and our rule of law will not be enforced. the biden administration claims that money would be reparations
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for "lasting psychological trauma." the story was first reported by "the wall street journal," which notes the numbers could actually amount to close to a million dollars per family. on capitol hill, g.o.p. lawmakers are positively incandescent, pure insanity, slap in the face said kevin mccarthy on twitter. bill haggerty added, jaw-dropping. calling it an assault on american sovereignty. while ron johnson of wisconsin tweeted, joe." texas congressman dan crenshaw, wounded war veteran. "bite and wants to pay them four to $50,000 for their hardship while breaking our laws. for perspective, if a service member is killed in action, their next of kin gets an insurance payment of $40,000." >> this is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. the average american is going to be furious when they find out about this. >> you think we have a problem
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in a caravan coming towards the border and what we've seen over the last several months. wait until word gets out that you actually get paid for breaking the law to come into our country. one of the many stupid policies from this administration. >> jim jordan speaking there. the administration is said to be considering these payments in order to settle lawsuits filed by the aclu on behalf of families crossing in seeking asylum here they were separated under the former president's zero-tolerance policy back in 2018. however, it's important to point this outcome of the white house still thinks the plan is not fully formed yet. shannon. >> shannon: kevin, you are also tracking on their top story for us tonight. this anti-trump group, the lincoln project, facing intense backlash tonight for apparently they've admitted to orchestrating the stunt accused to try to -- glenn youngkin, the images are everywhere. what can you tell us, kevin question mike >> shocking indeed, because basically what is happened here is we are
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talking about trotting out democrats to pose as white supremacists in an effort by the lincoln project to more or less smear or by association smear youngkin come of a candidate for the governor of state of virginia. it doesn't probably push independence closer to terry mcauliffe. the democrat in that race, and probably repels many of the people who already felt on the fence about this. as for the man that was apparently the target of the smear, here is glenn youngkin. >> this is so inconsistent with virginia values and virginians aren't going to stand for it. to have somebody do something like that in the middle of this campaign -- that is just absolutely vile. >> absolutely vile says mr. youngkin. as for the mccullough campaign, they deny what happened had anything to do with them. they said what happened today in charlottesville is disgusting and distasteful and the
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mccullough campaign condemns it. in the strongest terms. those involved should immediately apologize. still, the fact remains, shannon, while the campaign says it condemns what happened, they seemed contented, at least for a while today, to spread the rumor, if you will, foment the fraud throughout the day on social media. i think that has a lot of people asking very serious questions about whether or not they knew anything about this. >> we've heard from both campaigns and we've heard from the lincoln project and this whole thing unraveled rather quickly. kevin, thank you very much. you have bravely agreed to one of my taste tests tonight, so it's coming up shortly. adam kinzinger announcing he will not run for reelection next year. his district is set to be altered due to democratic control of gerrymandering, considered 1 of 10 republicans who did vote to impeach president trump earlier this year. another one of them with ohio congressman anthony gonzalez but he's also skipping a reelection
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run following the announcement today, former president trump releasing a statement through his save america pack, it's a plea said to down come eight to go. how are current takes a look at how some of the mainstream media are promoting the public criticism involving profanity directed towards president biden. in contrast to what we saw during the trip administration. >> president biden ran into some x-rated protests signs on a recent trip to michigan. >> some of the signs i saw -- that is why 81 million americans voted for me. >> facing an upward chance when he was in scranton for the washington process biden is becoming an object of hatred for trump supporter's blaming that in part on the norm breaking and vulgarity of the trump era. while briefly acknowledging that donald trump was also vilified, the post, like other news outlets, didn't loudly object when he was cursed out. such as at the world cup. >> [bleep]!
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>> or when robert de niro dropped the f-bomb at the tony awards. and much of the vitriol came not from angry citizens, but from their analysts such as cnn's white house correspondents. >> i don't see how you avoid the conclusion that the president of the united states is a straight up sociopath. >> after january 20th, he goes back to being another crock pot on. >> conservative rapper bryson gray and then impeach biden t-shirt has jumped to the top of itunes with a euphemism for f joe biden. let's go brandon, based on a nbc reporter mistaking a cheer for driver brandon brown. he sarcastically thanked youtube for posting the song's popularity by banning it saying the company told him that was because of medical misinformation based on lyrics about the covid vaccine.
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>> youtube spokesperson told fox news -- falsely claiming the pandemic isn't real and vaccines don't work. barack obama had his birthplace questioned and was interrupted by a republican during a speech to congress. [indistinct] actor mark ruffalo tweeted that george w. bush must be brought to justice for the crimes of the iraq war. biden, with his folksy uncle joe image, has been spared most personal attacks. but his current struggles are making him just another target of vitriol. no president a spirit in a polarized politics, and that is fueled by social media. blank joe biden has become a twitter hashtag. they see more offended now that the target is donald trump successor. shannon. >> shannon: howard kurtz, thank you very much. police are ramping up security at malls and shopping centers outside d.c. here in northern virginia. in response to possible terrorist threats over halloween
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weekend reportedly from isis ahead of election day in the hotly contested governor's race they are. law enforcement not releasing many details or specifics about the threat while urging shoppers to remain vigilant. fox news will be tracking that situation all weekend. the sheriff of albany county new york is not happy with how the news of a sex crime charge against former governor andrew cuomo was made public. craig apple says his people have done their jobs well, adding those overwhelming amounts of evidence in the case. former governor is accused of putting his hand under a woman's shirt. it's a misdemeanor, but it is a sex crime. he denies the allegation. new york city is a city on edge tonight with municipal employees have not yet been vaccinated set to be put on unpaid leave on monday. the trash already piling up in the streets there, no residents are worried about what's going to happen if they need some kind of emergency assistance. fire, ambulance, police. correspondent molly lawn has more on that tonight.
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>> good evening. the vaccine mandate deadline has officially passed and eric city, which means that nearly all city employees must have at least their first dose of the covid vaccine or they could be placed on unpaid leave starting monday. thousands of city employees took to the streets this week, but the protests did not deter leaders. even as advocates for the city's firefighters warned of a potential fallout. >> we need everyone we can to keep this city running and keep it safe. we are trying to avoid what is going to be an inevitable disaster by design on monday morning. i'll >> on friday morning, the fire department recorded a ratef only 70%. we will use all minds at our disposal, including mandatory overtime, mutual aid from other ems providers, and significant changes to the schedules of our members. the police commissioner reports 80% of the force is now inoculated with roughly 1,000 employees getting their first dose on thursday. >> the content is dig and see
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plans are in place for this will not affect go a federal appeals report has lifted a temporary order on health care workers. lawyers of the plaintiffs reacted putting front-line workers were hailed as heroes a few months ago, but are now "being vilified simply for exercising their sincerely held religious beliefs." we are already preparing an emergency appeal to the u.s. supreme court. near governor kemp is praising and vowing to do everything in her power to keep new yorkers s. in boston, fox news peer >> shannon: the head of the new york city firefighters union's warning about possible flow response time. it could have dire consequences of the city follows through with its enforcement of its mandate. let's talk about the science behind that order and taking on first responders and earlier city workers with immunologists and new york city puller
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sergeant tomei police sergeant. great to have you with us. sergeant, i will start with you. what is the reality on the ground for the city of new york avenue thousands of people no longer can show up to work on monday? >> it's crazy how about a year ago we had mcdonald's heading out free meals for social workers and take a day parades, but not all of the site and they are being filled and honest. we see it in the last week and a half. just imagine, not just sanitation, but with fires. if there is no fireman to be able to cover a certain area, the damage it could cause. police officers are going to have to step up and get in front of locations to be able to keep the city safe. it's not going to be easy, but i completely understand why every individual is doing it. >> shannon: so much of this has been, for many of this individuals, they've got natural immunity. but today here's the headline from yahoo. it says, vaccine confers better protection than natural immunity. there's a lot of media outlets saying that means that these
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legal challenges are over, that the vaccines are better than the immunity and you are not going to be able to rely on that for any kind of legal argument. your response? >> shannon, i think this is part of the dash for lack of a better term, part of the propaganda effort that the cdc has engaged in. this is based on a.m. nwr report which is essentially a nonpeer-reviewed document. frankly, this report that came out today is essentially riddled with problems. the biggest problem is that actually it excludes a very large population of patients, about 10-50% of folks who actually received the j&j vaccine. when comparing vaccinated people to people who have had previous infections, this particular study completely eliminates the least effective vaccine that we have. and this essentially is an example of cherry picking. so of course, the numbers are
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going to be inflated in favor of the vaccinated folks. the other issue is that, as i said, this is not a peer-reviewed article. frankly, one of the biggest critiques of all these other papers that demonstrate equivalency between previous infection and vaccination, one of the major critiques has been that they are not peer-reviewed. here we have the cdc itself engaging in a nonpeer-reviewed and incomplete study, which is cherry picking. >> i'm not a doctor, but looking at any study, who paid for it? and the cdc paid for this one. we want transparency and has a lot of questions. they themselves have language that say that the findings of this report are subject to at least seven limitations and they list all the potential problems with their own study. i think we all need time to digest, dig and come and look into it. in the meantime, as this fight goes on in new york city come here something from mayor de blasio about whether he's having any second thoughts about these mandates given that it may mean a big loss of workforce.
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>> i'm not having second thoughts. we expected that a lot of the vaccinations would happen toward the end of the deadline. we also know a lot of people made the decision once they really realize that they are not going to get paid, that is just a human reality. >> shannon: if your choice says you are not going to get paid -- is that a choice? >> no, it's not a choice bear the problem with our political leaders is going out there and making it seem like you're better than the people that make the city run. instead of going out there and giving contracts to her first responders, people going out there going every single day, the people that state and didn't even live in their houses for months on end because of covid-19, going out there and making it seem like they are not as good or worthy of what you believe in, that is completely wrong. we have to go to respecting our first responders, essential workers, because without them cities like new york city cannot function beer they are the heroes of that city and we appreciate them every single day for going out there and doing what they do to keep the city
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running. it's been on a thick about hours -- when there were riots, covid cases that it ambulances running all the time. the first responders there were absolute heroes beard they continue to be, at least in the view here fox news at night. it seems to have the lowest efficacy, it seems to wane at the closest -- correct me if i'm not right on the stats, at least in the main ones that are being used here in the u.s. as a hospital system in new jersey that is now saying that you are not going to be considered vaccinated anymore if you've only had a single johnson & johnson pit all employees he was got the j&j, the primary facts are required to get a booster by friday december 24th. data and analysis now indicate that a single dose of j&j may no longer confer a level of effectiveness that prevents infection and enough of our employees. so for everybody out there who's had johnson & johnson, and really for everybody else who's been vaccinated with two shots, at one point will be reached the limit on boosters come of done
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enough, there's nowhere of a requirement going to be considered on vaccinated at some point? >> look, shannon, this goes back to the problem that you and i have been discussing for some time now, which is that we are using vaccination as a metric for when to stop, when to vaccinate, and when not to vaccinate. and really it's immunity that should be our focus. so in other words, yes, the vaccines do have an efficacy rate at higher -- in fact, 70% of them have worked perfectly fine. and really the way we would know is by assessing the actual clinical methods of immunity, which the gold standard is the antibody test. as you know on may 19th of '21, they've discouraged for measuring antibody levels. when it comes to the police officers and places like new york and chicago, firefighters, these folks -- a lot of the folks are hesitant because they've actually had
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these infections before and are very likely to be antibody positive. what they are asking for is not unreasonable. it's a colossal abuse of power for our government, elected government officials do not believe this exit ramp open to these folks to be able to actually make an autonomous choice. it is not unreasonable. if they are immune, to actually have an -- this is science. it's ethics, and it's extremely reasonable. it's merely an abuse of power. he wanted the blood suspected that you had covid, it is your personal information, your medical permission to enter gives you what you need to make some really important decisions. >> on the other end of it, if you don't have antibodies, you would benefit from the vaccine. so that is very useful information. >> shannon: exactly. doctor, sergeant, thank you both. have a great weekend. >> pleasure, shannon. >> shannon: the real life hungry hippo putting up some
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including ppo plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, without a referral. enrollment ends december 7th. take advantage now. call or go online today. ♪ ♪ >> check out this tiny dancer, and a adorable spider. his striking resemblance to elton john. an illusion that the spiders were in cute little glasses. looks like he may be plain and imaginary piano. i think spiders are scary, but that one is actually really cute. i love it. okay, now minerva, the stuff marketing dog at the humane society facility and omaha, nebraska, notice how well spiders were trending after last story, so she disguised herself as a spooky eight like a creature. minerva is on a mission to inform and offer tips for
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keeping pets safe like trying to keep them away from the candy and away from the front door if they are not good with stuff. our trick-or-treaters are talking new jersey, beware. residents hereafter in their streets into a haunted forest as part of a home decorating contest. i'm told there is a live dracula come only at night come of course pretense of skeletons, spooky graveyard, plus some wicked smoke in light of facts. the mayor says this contest is mostly about giving residents something to look forward to and showcasing their towns character to the world. nicely done. now this, stella, the galapagos tortoise flown from germany to australia several months ago. i don't like after months of the required quarantine, she finally got to meet her new boyfriend, hugo. were told she is settling very nicely, the staff at the reptile park say they always get into the halloween spirit and they wanted to make her first time celibate in the holiday they are special.
9:27 pm
the team provided her with a juicy jack-o'-lantern garnished with two of her favorite soup, hibiscus flowers, by the way, the keepers say that they are deafly the park's couple. they need a couple name. and finally, you are watching timothy from the san antonio zoo do what he does best. snacking poolside on some pumpkins while flirting with his boot, fiona. a caption that reads "eating these pumpkins wanted me to remind you that you are gord delmont gorgeous." ♪ ♪ >> shannon: this weekend in the spirit of the halloween season, millions of americans will get scared out of their skin at a haunted house. tonight, chad pergram tells us in another's tour of one of the most famous haunted houses in the country. >> when people come to
9:28 pm
washington, they bask in the grandeur of capitol hill. but for this journey, we will go deep into the capital catacombs. for details of the congressional macabre. >> the u.s. capitol is a seemingly haunted place. mysterious sounds of a custodian who passed on. some can still hear her scrubbing the floors late at night. you might hear pennsylvania senator boyce pedro reading the bills late one night. the military converted the u.s. capital into a field hospital for union soldiers during the civil war. some have reported sightings of those soldiers wandering the building even today. >> some of them have continued to stay here. a lot of soldiers died here and they were very idealistic at that point and their spirits would be here. >> he just retired from the house after 30 years. you've seen him on c-span as the
9:29 pm
house reading clerk. he's observed some weird things in the house chamber late at night after everybody else is gone. >> all of the sudden come of the chamber directly in front of me, i see a man walk in front of me. and i look up immediately to see who it is and there was nobody there. if you tell is this real? but it was vivid. to speak of the towering above all ghost stories is the legend of the demon cat, which prowls the capital. it appears before national emergencies such as when the british were in the capital in 1814. the civil war. pearl harbor. kennedy is ghost stories. and he was capital is no exception. chad pergram, fox news.
9:30 pm
[laughter] >> shannon: chad pilgrim is the least evil person i know. i would say capitol hill is pretty scary. >> i was there once really early in the morning, i think i had a fox & friends. which started at 4:00 in the morning. i was like man... >> shannon: you know what you are going to like? we have a new -- it's friday night, like you i say, people at home are probably drinking. so why not us? this is nonalcoholic. it's a fixing -- tonight, we are trying to bake and soda. are you scared? >> i am scared britt actually took a whiff of it and i thought -- >> shannon: it doesn't smell good. cheers. that tastes nothing like bacon. >> that is awful. >> shannon: can i just read -- i want to know the ingredients
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in here. it starts with carbonated artesian spring water. >> okay. that's a good start. >> shannon: it's got all kinds of things. but it doesn't say bacon. it does say on the front, our dish of artificially flavored. >> maybe if it had bacon in it i might like it. >> shannon: there zero bacon in it. >> doesn't taste like bacon to me and i like lester, we've had a few that we liked. but this one, for me, gets the thumbs down. >> shannon: ohno. >> do you like it? >> shannon: i don't hate appeared >> i know you are from florida. >> shannon: he's going to take another step. let us know whether you would taste this. what you would think about this. it tastes too sweet to be bacon. >> that's a good point. i will pass. >> shannon: all right, cheers to the we can.
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you know what it taste like? rc cola. let us know what you think. some residents in san francisco are so frustrated with rising crime, they decided to band together, pool their resources, and pay for private security in their neighborhood. you are going to hear from them next. (man 1) oh, this looks like we're in a screen saver. (man 2) yeah, but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 2) definitely higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he...
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: america's big city crime, crisis has become so acue that some residents of san francisco are taking their family safety into their own hands tonight hiring personal security details to patrol their streets. chief correspondent jonathan hunt shows us tonight, good evening, jonathan. >> the crime waves began in early 2020 had to still at a problem in many cities from coast to coast. san francisco among those cities where a group of 150 families and the waterfront marina district are so fed up with a car and home break-ins, they've banded together to pay for private security to patrol the
9:38 pm
streets. >> there's been store break-ins, there's been car windows broken, you could walk in the neighborhood and see one at least every other week if not every day. >> couple weeks into moving and i got my car broken into. i understand the concern. protecting the cars. >> patrol special officers are overseen by the police commission. they've seen a number of clients in areas like the marina district double since the start of the pandemic. >> now it is up to about 70, probably 20 in the last month. just because of what's going on. i do everything in a regular san francisco police officer does, but they don't in vehicle pursuits and i don't write tickets. >> he believes the car break-ins are part of an organized crime rate. offer to $100,000 reward for
9:39 pm
information leading to arrests. but despite the crime, san francisco home crisis is shooting up. reporting they are up a whopping 57.6% from a year ago. the real estate rebound from pandemic lows is similar in new york despite millions of social media views for some violent assaults including this one. that apparently happened after the man who threw the punch had angrily demanded others on the subway get out of the way of him and his children. perhaps the most disturbing thing about that video is the lack of reaction from those who are around the woman who got hit. it appears from the video that not one of them intervened. shannon? >> shannon: very disturbing. jonathan, thank you. let's get some more perspective on america's crime crisis
9:40 pm
tonight. matt mccall b act along with retired las vegas police lieutenant randy sutton. great to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: we want to put up some of the crime has come in on across the country, austin up 88% when it comes to homicides, los angeles 60%, and portland 57%. randy, you and i were talking about this during the commercial break. in new york, it is possible that there will be thousands of first responders and law enforcement officials who will be off there beat come monday. >> naturally this will lead to even more crime. like we haven't seen enough in new york. we haven't seen enough in seattle and portland and the madness continues. so if you remove even more first responders, law enforcement personnel, you are going to see more of a jump in crime and you know the criminals who are watching this are just licking their chops and
9:41 pm
going, bring it on. >> shannon: yikes. in the meantime, matt, you are working in austin on prop a about getting additional funding for police officers and setting a minimum standard. want to give you a chance to answer one of the critics on that. the mayor has written a opinion piece in the austin american state committee saying this, if prop eight passes and that one part of our budget, mean and the police, is substantially increased, devastating cuts will be required elsewhere. included in the the fire to payments from a library parks, and more. prop a is not just fiscally irresponsible, more and partly as a threat to public safety. he says even though your argument is more cops, more safety come he's arguing over all the city would be less safe. your response? >> austin has never been less safe than it is today. and that is a direct result of the decisions that are made in our city council made last year when they voted 11-0 to cut one-third of our police budget.
9:42 pm
shannon, not one major city in america cut their budget by one-third the way we did. one year ago we had 1800 police officers, now we have 1390 -- excuse me, 1490 available officers as of this morning headed to probably 1390 by the end of this year. that is why we can no longer respond to every 911 call that comes in. that is why we could no longer do proactive policing through specialized units. that is why he has come as you point out, our homicide rate is up 80%. on tuesday, austin i have a chance to vote for prop eight to ensure we have 2.0 police officers for 1,000 population to increase community policing, the most of any city in america. and to institute sensible police reform. our mayor doesn't care about public safety. if you look at his record, his statements, he's talked about a world where we don't have police at all. it is unbelievable.
9:43 pm
he says things like that in public. austin is never going -- i've lived here since 1984. if it is been ten years and in . i want our city to be safe for everyone. that's not the way it is right now. >> shannon: in the meantime i want to play something from congresswoman alano mar about the issue in her city. [indistinct] >> shannon: tough to hear, but what she said -- police have chose not to fill their oath of office and provide the public safety they are owed to the
9:44 pm
citizens they serve. ben shapiro responding says d from the police also let the police aren't here. final word to you, randy? >> to call ilhan omar delusional would be generous. the reality is that she is very calculating in the statements. her misinformation, disinformation about law enforcement is part of a long-term effort to derail the entire criminal justice system and to put forth a radical anti-public safety menu that she is just pushing forward. i mean, no human being that has a lick of common sense could take ilhan omar's comments and look at them and go oh, yeah, that makes sense. she's out of her mind. >> shannon: she's got folks voted for her in her district who are with her on some of
9:45 pm
these things, so she is speaking to her constituents. randy, we will leave it there for now. have a great weekend. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: ever notice how that bag of chips seems to have a whole lot of air or candy boxes partially filled? it's got a name. to some consumers got so mad they are suing over it. some say we should cut some slack. we will have a legal debate, next.
9:46 pm
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call or go online today. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: we are digging into those halloween treats this weekend. take note, they have the boxes of candy, how much space is filled with air? that extra space has been a center of several class action lawsuits. a new jersey judge dismissing the case against tootsie roll saying they dramatically under filled their boxes of sugar babies and junior mints. it's the difference between the capacity of a package and how much product it actually contains. so that is where we began. his it legal discussion with civil rights attorney robert pattillo with lawyer brian rotella. good to have because both. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: we got an illustration that is part of one of these complaints. it's got a sugar babies box and it shows the box and it shows how much of the box actually had a refill on it.
9:51 pm
that is the red part. the part that actually have candy is at the bottom part, the nonread part. so what are we to do with this? is it legit? >> no, it's not legit. even though sugar babies are completely different meaning in the then modern content. if you buy a 50-inch tv, they give it to you in a 70-inch box. because they give you packing materials we don't look at the box and say, where's my 70-inch tv? because you don't go by -- you go by the description that's written on it. the container of sugar babies has the proper ounces on it. it has the proper serving size on the back. then guess what question mike you have no cause. going by what it says on the box, not the size of the box. >> shannon: that is basically with the judge said here in the u.s. district court. he said that the kennedy both in metric considered managements is displayed on the front of the boxes. is that enough? frankly, i don't want any packing materials inside the box but i don't think they are
9:52 pm
necessary for sugar babies. >> shannon, we are suing over sugar baby fraud. let's just get that out there. >> shannon: if it was no caps, but sugar babies, no. >> going back to what robert says, there is no reason. i call it crunchy or as moshe. you don't want your potato chips crunchy, you want that space in there so they are. i don't want my junior mints' moshe. we have halloween coming up your meal the other thing i will say, there's another legitimate reason old enough to remember when we did autopsies on our trick-or-treat candy so that there wasn't anything in there that was contaminated. more space in these packages, more risk for that. i hate to be the neighbor with the lights off on halloween eve here when trick-or-treaters come around, but i think these cases have to be dismissed. >> shannon: the fda has this to say about containers. a container that does not allow the consumer to fully view its content shall be considered to be filled as to the
9:53 pm
misleading -- if it contains nonfunctional flack filled, flexeril is the difference between the actual capacity of a container and the volume contained therein. isn't that how we would decide a legal dispute? you can't see it when you are buying the product. it's not legit. >> i think that is a portion of it, but at the same time we have to use common sense standard that every american uses. if you look at the label, when you buy the product it tells you price per ounce of what you are paying for. a look at the front of the box as the judge said, it has both a metric and the standard measurement appeared we look on the back, it has the number of sugar daddies you are supposed to eat per serving and how many servings -- how many more ways can i tell you how much is in the box? besides making it translucent? >> shannon: brian, ten seconds. >> shannon, i think next we are going to have the dash i'm sorry. it is a sugar fraud lawsuit.
9:54 pm
let's put this one on the shelf. >> shannon: okay. have a wonderful halloween but i hope you both get delicious candy. >> same to you, shannon. >> shannon: some good news before we say good night. it is a special day here at fox news at night. we are celebrating the show's fourth anniversary. i actually cannot believe that. four years ago we launched this program, quickly shown together. we continue to add to our time, or is likely to say, our family. through good times and actually some of the hardest times our country is seen in the last couple of years. we've done numerous extended overnight shows for election coverage, breaking news, remember those air strikes? the death of president h.w. bush, our cities unrest and turmoil. we've had countless newsmaking interviews with guests including president trump, congress may come foreign leaders. we've taken the show on the road to jerusalem, miami, detroit, columbus. we are super grateful for you,
9:55 pm
our viewers, for being part of the team. here's to a whole lot more shows, dance parties, and years to come. kevin, you were there for some of the scariest part. >> it has been great and i'm looking forward to many, many more great shows. >> shannon: let's do it. have a great weekend here that is it for us from washington tonight. we will see you back here monday. i'm shannon bream. do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing! you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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♪ yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ ♪ it's a freshness like i've never smelled before ♪ one sniff of gain flings and you'll be a gainiac too! the only detergent with oxiboost and febreze. if you can come acuity snare drum, ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." about 20 minutes into the 2016 presidential campaign, it was pretty clear the american media were horribly addicted to donald trump. they hated trump, obviously, but they also needed him in order to live and that is the h face of addiction. if you've ever seen a person who grimaced while gulping warm vodka before breakfast with shaky hands, you know what it looks like. there was never any question about what was going to happen for sure when news o


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