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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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worth. a snicker's bar will cost $50 and we will have beaten inflation. feminism makes you happy. yellen is a genius. that's it for us tonight. we will see you monday. have the best weekend. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i am in tonight for sean. president biden is abroad with his agenda stalled at home. biden and speaker nancy pelosi had their spending plan spoiled by progressives. i didn't know they had a backbone. they insist that no vote move
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ahead on the infrastructure and democrats still have no deal and are searching for answers amid deep party divisions and the distrust among left progressives and the moderates. house republicans are sounding the alarm. pointing to 31 policies they building will wreck america. the gop warns that build back better will do just the opposite. by worsening the labor shortage with incentives not to work. the green energy tax credit, many of those will be given to the wealthy who can afford pricey electric cars and other green products. the bill is packed with more incentives for illegal immigration including amnesty. according to the "wall street journal," the true cost of the
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biden spending spree is closer to 4-trillion dollars. ask yourself, how will any of these improve the lives of the middle-class american? more cradle to grave entitlements and welfare and massive spending as inflation surges. does joe biden even know what is in it? we have evidence that the president himself is not aware of major policy decisions coming out of his own white house. just look at this exchange with the french president macron over the botched submarine deal that led to france withdrawing their ambassador from the united states. take a look.
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>> i was under the impression. gorgeous you -- joe, you are the president of the united states. here from reaction former republican senator and ambassador scott brown and american conservative union chairman matt. you served overseas and in the united states senate. the president is overseas. that doesn't instill confidence in what he believes and knows and able to convey on the world stage. >> no, it doesn't. i like joe biden. i have been to his house. i had a beer with him. been to the office. i was disappointed he got elected but hopeful he would do
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well. if he does well the country did well. he is not doing well. -- afghanistan sent shockwaves around the world and scared our allies. now he has to go around and apologize. it's scary and concerning. we have a lot of work to do to make sure this country is safe and secure and the border and afghanistan and the deficit and defunding the police. so many things are creating unrest. the american public paying $4.60 for gas and bacon is out of sight. where does it end? >> this is the concern. the president's plan with pelosi and schumer, they have not been able to draw it together. the underlying policies will destroy this country.
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>> yes. that's right. from your congressional service, we can see what the dollar amount is. that's bad enough. not the horror of the story. the horror are the policies jammed in there. all this green energy stuff, you nailed it. it means you pay more for food and all of the necessities of life that are driven by energy costs. why? why will we shed all of the manufacturing jobs? because we have a u.s. president that would apologize and be accepted by the french people than the people of west virginia and arizona. reconciliation, they don't need any republicans and they control the senate and the house and it's all on them and they can't
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get it done because social is doing meat. >> we talk about it being progressives. put on your senate hat for a moment. you would probably be a no if you were still in the u.s. senate. >> of course, and reconciliation happened because of me and obamacare. that's the first time they used it on any piece of legislation because i would have stopped obamacare cold. i wanted states to develop plans like they did in massachusetts. they want this one size fits all approach that the federal government is trying to ram things down your throat. you and i both know what happens up there. they pass a bill with a framework. then they plug in whatever they want. they are trying to affect social change. change the nature of our country through legislation and the pen. it's unacceptable.
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giving giveaways to illegals. people who are doing everything correctly, putting them ahead of those people. you can't make this stuff up. it's deeply concerning. it has to stop. >> matt i find it interesting that senator bernie sanders said the reconciliation is held up by just 1 or 2 senators. well, there are 50 senators that are no. it's more than just 1 or 2. it's 50 plus. they don't have the votes. >> yes, 2 things to keep your eye on. like scott brown's election in massachusetts was a wake up call for the democrats on how unpopular obamacare was. glenn youngkin in virginia. look at these polls. virginia is a blue state. why are blue voters considering voting for a republican?
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they liked the old democrat parties and not this through socialist party. the other thing amazing about biden he is the great senator there from in his 30s. he can't sit down with the liberal republicans to get a deal? even they find this bill obnoxious. >> it's so bad for america. thanks for joining us tonight on "hannity." biden's fuzzy math is spewed by the treasury secretary janet yellen who claims the trillion dollars of new spending will push inflation down. i don't know how she does this with a straight face. she is admitting more supply shortages are coming. >> it will boost the economy's hotels hotels to grow and supply
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potential that pushes inflation down and not up. for many american families experiencing inflation and seeing the prices of gas and other things that they buy rise, this package will lower some of the most important costs. >> is this going to get worse before it gets better? >> well, from will be some continued shortages. >> the democrats can only run away from reality for so long as inflation affects the lives of every american. the federal reserve's inflation measure still stands at a record pace for the 4th straight month. here for reaction former trump treasury department official and republican congressman devin nunes.
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the treasury secretary is saying excessive spending by the federal government will push inflation down. i don't know how she comes up with that but that's when she claims. >> the president talked about multi-trillion dollars plans costing zero and the treasury secretary is saying it won't add inflation to the economy. this is math for dummies. they are gas lighting us with pure nonsense. we have pumped in 6 trillion dollars into this economy since the pandemic hit. we have to do a lot of it last year because we were in the middle of an emergency related to the pandemic. the government shutdown the economy across the country. the government had to step in, in an emergency way. the problem is now that the democrats arep emergency level spending absence
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of an emergency. that led down a dark economic road with inflation. we are seeing incredible inflationary pressures on everything from groceries to your gasoline. if the democrats spend additional trillion dollars the inflation today will look like a walk in the park. >> congressman, we served in the congress together. i had the pleasure of serving with you. it's stunning. the federal government will spend more then, if the democrats got their way. more than 1 out of every $4 spent in this country would be spent by the federal government. it's stunning to be above 25% of gdp if the democrats got their way. >> you are probably lucky you got out when you did. we are passing all sorts of new
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records. when i watched that recording that you played of yellen, it reminds me of the 1980s soviet union with the leaders in their it 80s who could not function and could not walk and you never saw in public. from pelosi to biden to yellen, i don't understand what she is talking about there. anybody who thinks if you put more money into the economy that good things are going to happen. what they ought to focus on is stop the blue states like mine that it pay people not to work. to get the supply chain problems figured out. stop paying people to stay home and do nothing. the idea of spending trillion dollars this is embarrassing to have somebody like this as the treasury secretary.
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>> monica, there are 5 million less workers in the work force than previously. when you go to a restaurant they are having trouble getting the labor in place. that's a big part of the why the ports are full of containers. they don't have the labor to take it out and bring it to market. >> well, that's right. when president trump left office he handed president biden the fastest economic recovery from any crisis on ord -- record. this president squandered those gains. it's a result of the left wing government policies. whether it's the worker shortage he created because the government pays to you stay at home or the supply chain crisis with this administration also created. there is a direct consequence to
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these socialist policies. you know who is suffering? the most in the poor, working class and the miss class being squeezed. >> people on fixed incomes. congressman, last word? >> i would say that if president trump were still president, he would be at the ports of los angeles and not over in the u.k. talking about global warming with his buddies that wanted him to be president. we were going to get the united states on the right back with biden. guess who is not there? vladimir putin won't be there. xi from china not going to be there. you know why? because they will burn coal and build nuclear plans and pipe natural gas into the european union who will have to buy it. they are cleaning our clock.
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while rome burns biden is fiddling with his buddies in the uke. >> hasn't been to the ports or the border. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. also developing tonight with just days until the virginia governor's race republican glenn youngkin has all of the momentum. a new fox news poll shows him up a whopping 8 points over the struggling mcauliffe. 2 weeks ago that same poll mcauliffe was up 5. the mcauliffe campaign is showing signs of desperation. new emails reveal a botched effort to it kill a fox news story about mcauliffe hiring a lawyer to challenge the election results. here is the rnc chair woman and
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a fox news contributor. ronna mcdaniel, what is the latest? >> well, glenn youngkin is running a virginia focussed race and focussing on education and lowering taxes and back the blue and lower crime rates. mcauliffe is floundering. bringing in his swamp friends like kamala harris and biden. resorting to terrible tactics. the virginia people recognize youngkin is a candidate that will do good things for virginia. that's why he is surging. >> and my understanding in the race they are trying to nationalize it. i think the people of virginia are smart enough to figure out education are really important and the governor has a stay in it. give me your perspective.
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>> it's desperation on the part of terry mcauliffe in virginia right now. it's amazing to sit back and think about the fact that for so long, education has been a strong point for democrats. it's been the issue that democrats have managed to win on. for terry mcauliffe to turn this around and allow education to become the issue, the singular issue unifying republican and glenn youngkin is using to surge here at the end. i think probably will wind comfortably. it's a new day in virginia and it will be a new day outside of virginia once democrats in washington realize what their voters in virginia think of these crazy policies.
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>> the presidential election joe biden won virginia by 10 points. it's the people in the middle. the unaffiliated that are swaying hard to the right in this election? >> yes, virginia about a blue state. democrat governor but it's moms like me in blue states who are watching our kids shutout of the classroom. we are working to get them educated through the pandemic and to be insulted by mcauliffe to say parents have no say this their kids education. we were the ones going through this day after day as our kids suffered not be in the classroom and not with the friends and dealing with the pandemic. it awakened parents in virginia. that's why you are seeing mcauliffe surge. it will take everyone getting out to vote.
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we need a strong election day turnout. go to the polls on tuesday. >> i think there are a lot of people who made up their mind but need to get out and vote. the last few days has a lot of stupid things but showing up and voting is what it comes down to. >> yes, absolutely. it's interesting to look at the cast of characters that terry mcauliffe dragged into the state to campaign with him. he can't campaign alone. he can't make the deal it. to look across the way and you see glenn youngkin standing there by himself campaigning on his own. making his case to voters. i think virginia voters do appreciate that. also interesting that terry mcauliffe and joe biden went into the state earlier this week, all they could talk about
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was donald trump. they can't talk about the issues and can't talk about the person they are running against because he is running a great campaign and identified issues that voters care about more than whatever it is that terry mcauliffe is afraid to talk about. >> youngkin has stayed focus on the issues that people care about. when talk about issues and what affects people you win elections am that's what i think we are in the middle of seeing. thank you both -- coming up out rage growing over the report biden may pay hundreds of thousands to illegal immigrants. arizona attorney general and a congressman join us with their reaction as this special edition ever "hannity" continues. cooer our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. . hey, guys!
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>> biden's open borders agenda is on full display. the "wall street journal" revealed that the biden/harris administration wants to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 each stemming from allegations they were separated from families and suffered trauma. common sense americans are outrigidus at the administration for giving this treatment to illegal immigrants who broke our laws. republicans are demanding answers firing off letters:
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these persons crossed into our country in an illegal manner aware of the consequences of violating our rule of law. as congressman crenshaw pointed out. biden wants to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 each for breaking our laws. if a service member is killed in action their loved ones get $400,000. here for reaction is the arizona attorney general and senate candidate and a republican congressman from florida. thanks for joining us. mr. attorney general, this is so offensive to me. saying they are separated from
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families. each person gets $450,000. that's $900,000. i can't believe anybody would even consider this. >> it's absolutely mind boggling, jason. let's put this in context. crenshaw mentioned the tragedies with the military families. even the victims of 9-11 didn't get this kind of money. the biden administration will have the federal government snoop on your bank transactions even if you committed no crime but let people who broke the law have the irs send them half a million dollars of your taxpayer money. president biden cares more about the children in haiti and honduras than he does about the children of american taxpayers. there are many lawsuits against
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the biden administration getting them to care about the american taxpayer rather than the people who broke the law. >> abide by the laws on the books. congressman, we have open borders. they say the border is closed but from are incentives to bring people to the united states. you would probably accelerate your time because you think you will win the lottery. >> yes. that's absolutely right. mexico said it will give people visas for the migrants along the way. what has me so upset is with our borders open and people coming from 60 to 70 countries including people on the terrorists watch list.
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you have 5,000 of the most hardened isis and al-qaeda terrorists released from the prison in afghanistan. we have no idea where they are. the pentagon is saying isis may strike us within 6 months. we have an isis terror threat now in northern virginia against a specific threat again shopping malls. this is not just an immigration issue. this is not taking jobs and services away from the american people. this is a national security issue. we have a white house asleep at the switch. >> mr. attorney general, i went to go to one of the detention facilities there this arizona while i was in congress. there were people there from 150 different countries. these are not just people from 1 to 3 countries. they come from all over the world. who is paying for all of this to
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bring these people? any evidence who is doing this? we know the drug cartels are involved. do you have any specifics? >> facebook is helping facilitate people illegally crossing the borders. you know the border security is national security. the people on the terrorists watch list have been apprehends and the cartels are becoming richer because of joe biden. it's not only a terror question but the terrible issue of drugs. the price of fentanyl is falling. it was seized in one stop that could kill the entire population of washington, d.c. this is a problem that will affect all of us not only in arizona but throughout the country. shame on the biden administration for not only decriminaliing but monetizing
6:31 pm
people breaking the law. this is a catastrophe. people will die as a results of joe biden and kamala harris and shame on them. >> you are run against senator kelly. there is no evidence he is doing anything to curve what is going on not only in arizona but -- his president and his vice-president, joe biden and kamala harris, are absolutely totally absent from this crisis. congressman, it begs the question: what are we to do? biden/harris are doing everything to bring in as many people as they can before republicans are able to get involved. >> yes. we have should great attorney generals in arizona and florida and texas. they are doing what they can to stop this in the courts. we will have to get the majority
6:32 pm
back in the house. pray god in 12 months and fire pelosi. send her back to her ice cream in california before we can do anything about it in the congress. american needs to understand this is not just a border problem. this is a national problem. these migrants are being shipped across the country. we can't get straight answers as to where. thank god for the "new york post" that caught some of it. drugs are sent across the country. i talked to veterans and others that are not getting the services they need and our schools are overwhelmed. our medical services are overwhelmed. yet we get a shoulder slug from the border czar. i don't know what we are getting from the white house. it's not much. >> no, it's nothing. >> thanks for joining us on
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"hannity." straight ahead the left covid mandates are threatening public safety in major american cities. we will bring you an update as joe and leo terrell join us with the reaction as this special edition of "hannity" continues.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> nowine more troubling developments opponent surrounding the consequences of vaccine mandates. new york city is facing a possible major city worker shortage ahead of today's vaccine deadline including the potential loss of thousands of police officers, firefighters and first responders. the new york police department says they are bracing for a wave of retirement in response to the mandates and the fire department
6:38 pm
is warning that 20% of fire companies could be closed as soon as this monday with 35% of firefighters choosing not to get the vaccine. that means thousands less cops and less firefighters as soon as monday. it's not just new york. the los angeles sheriff calls the mandate a threat to public safety that will crippil resources. can we afford to lose police and firefighters. joining me now joe concha and leo terrell. what is life like with less cops and less firefighters?
6:39 pm
>> horrible. the sheriff refused to layoff departments because crime is problem in democratic cities. the progress left of the of the democratic party hate cops and they abandoned law enforcement since 2020. they don't care. what is happening is they have put power and control over the right and protection of citizens. we have increase in arson which shoplifting in broad daylight. democrats don't care about law abiding. that's what you are facing in new york -- law and order. law enforcement and firefighters and first responders are in jeopardy because of democratic controlled cities. chicago is a nightmare. you expect black on black crime and they are dismantling law
6:40 pm
enforcement. >> joe, many of the democrats did take a position that said, hey, we want to defund the police department. this is another way to look at it and get at it to actually have the number of police and firefighters reduced. was this part of their game plan all along? >> it appears so. we are told by the same leaders to follow the data and look at the science. let's look at the death toll from covid in new york city yesterday. zero covid related deaths in a city of more than 8 million people. the 7 day rolling average is in the single digits. the transmission rate is below 1. that means the virus is not spreading. that's the science. what the hell are we doing here? is this vaccine mandate in the
6:41 pm
name of public health? the facts say no. we saw a record number of resignations and retirements in 2020 in police department across the country. you hear the same thing over and over again. we are overworked and under-appreciated and portrayed as the bad guys when we put our lives on the line. and the media portrayal by cable news and the "new york times" and "new york post" they assume police officers are guilty. and the president has been mia this this. this hurts morale. when mayors like de blasio they demonize police to score cheap
6:42 pm
political points. as covid deaths are going down tell reduce the already depleted police officers that will result in the loss of life in the poorest communities where they are needed the most. >> it's next to the federal workers such as the border patrol. just put mandates in place. a huge percentage of walk away. leo, do the firefighters and policemen understand who is doing this? i have never seen a major political party be so derogatory to the workers who help us when we dial 9-11? >> they do. joe hit a lot of points. the law enforcement and firefighters i know it's coming from democrats. not republicans or independents. they look at florida. no mandates. no masks.
6:43 pm
the lowest covid infection rate in the country. half of california and they are scratching their heads. they know that the democratic party is anti-police and anti-first responders and there is a progressive wing of the democratic party that hates the police! i am talking about the squad. they hate law enforcement. they want to dismantle it. they get it and it will be over in 2022. there being reckoning in 2022 and 2024. >> i hope so. ron desantis is offering $5,000 bonus uses to come to florida to hire the people being put under these terrible situations. joe, you can't just flip on the switch and hire a bunch of police officers or firefighters. they have to go through years of training and the lotions is
6:44 pm
stuning. >> one police officers you spoke to said if you start to lower standards to entice more people to come in or get more people to pass the tests, then you will have the policing that is not on the level that we have seen over the years. that's going to be a bad thing. to leo's point, i am old enough to remember the white house press secretary jen psaki said republicans want to defund the police and not democrats. take her at her word, right? >> i have a hard out. i have to go. we have a commercial. the woke culture gone too far? stay with us. where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go.
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>> welcome back to this "hannity" special. the world series is under way and the animal rights group peta calls on the baseball world to stop using the term bullpen. they suggest the name be changed to the woke friendly arm barn. you can't make this stuff up. i spoke with a georgia senate candidate herschel walker and the co-host of the clay travis show, clay travis. thanks for joining us. a lot happening in the political world and a lot in the sports world. clay, wokeness knows no bounds. it's trying to inject itself into sports again. i can't believe they want to change the term bullpen into the arm barn. any end to this? >> no, sooner or later and herschel walker i talked about. this you have to stand up and
6:50 pm
say we are done. the atlanta braves do the tomahawk chant because of deion sanders. this idea with everybody having to change their mascot names. it is never going to end. the woke element stays angry. that's what they predicate this on. you can't negotiate with them. peta, god bless them for the insanity. i think the phrase arm barn is funny. nobody out there was thinking the bullpen was an offensive term. >> what terrible did anyone talk to the bull that is upset? that's why i am running for office. this is ridiculous. i think peta has done a lot of great things, but this right here is going too far. >> herschel walker, you are putting your name into the ring there.
6:51 pm
you will have to deal with this wokeness and all of this other garbage. why did you decide to run and say, i want to be part of that mix and help solve these problems? >> well, this is the reason why. you see things like this. nobody has common sense. now we have leaders in washington that don't have common sense and do what is right by the people of the country and the people of georgia. it's not right. we have good police and good military. we have to protect them. at the same time we to get some of this nonsense out. talking about the bullpen. let's be real here. >> [laughing]. herschel walker, you picked up big endorsements. with the name recognition you bring, you are breaking the a -game to that fight.
6:52 pm
>> well, that's one thing i said when i got into the race. i won't come out promising you anything. you can't do anything unless you bring people together it. right now people see that i am bringing people together. one of the biggest endorsements was from senator mcconnell and also from president trump. these are two guys that have been at each other but agree i am the right man for the job in atlanta, georgia. they will do whatever they can to get me elected. bringing people together right there. i love america. i love what this country stands for am people need to recognize that right now. you see what is going on. you have to see what is going on with the gas prices and food. this economy. look at the border. people have to know something is wrong. >> herschel walker, you will be saturday at that braves game. i don't know you said this yet.
6:53 pm
that will be a heck of a scene. the idea of the braves and the tomahawk chant. world series back in atlanta since '99 that's awesome. >> am excited because they moved the all star game. the braves will bring the economy to atlanta. they lost a lot when they moved the all star game. i am excited to it see the braves making it to the world series. they are playing well. just because you start out low, if you continue to focus and play together you can do amazing things. look where the braves are at right now. they have a good opportunity to win it all. that's where it starts tonight. and tomorrow night. >> herschel walker, who are you going to the game with? >> i am going with president trump. president trump asked me to go. i was excited to go with him. he is a friend. he's been a friend for over 30
6:54 pm
years when he asked me to go -- i don't have to buy a ticket. now i will get this it trouble. i will pay for my ticket so i can go to the game. i will go with trump. i will be up there in the booth. bringing this country together. i have one guy, senator mcconnell, a great leader and people can say what they want. he endorsed herschel walker and president trump did the same thing. i talked to him a couple of days ago and talking to president trump about that. bringing the people together. that's how we get it done. the greatest country in the world because we are so diverse and have everybody can have their own mind set. >> clay, do you think anybody will notice if herschel walker walks into the game with president trump? >> [laughing]. they will be playing in atlanta first world series since 1999. it will be electric there.
6:55 pm
and come saturday night when president trump and herschel walker the next senator from the great state of georgia are there, there will be a lot of fired up atlanta braves fans tomahawk chopping and i think there will be a few chants. >> herschel walker, i am hoping. the bulldogs winning a championship and herschel walker winning. made in america. >> thanks for joining us. more "hannity" special after the break.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." that's all the time we have left. many thanks to sean hannity for allowing me to sit this.
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check out my podcast. jason in the house. you can find it anywhere you listen to it podcasts. this it week we are with the senator from wyoming. jason in the house. thanks for joining us. "the ingraham angle" is up next. happy halloween. hope you enjoy it. have a great day. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. florida has the hottest economy in the country and among the low covid cases and death rates. why is the media attacking governor ron desantis. he is here and has a thery. and bind's meeting with the pope and raymond raymond has it all in it friday's follies and a special anniversary surprise. where have


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