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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 29, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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wellcare. it's medicare done well. >> fox news alert. president biden meeting with french president emmanuel macron in rome i had a veggie 20. at home his landmark economic agenda is in shambles. the far left flexed its political muscles. this is "outnumbered." kayleigh mcenany joined by harris faulkner and emily compagno, abby hornacek, and in the center virtual seat, former wisconsin congressmen and
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fox news contributor sean duffy. happy friday, everyone. the president meeting with france's leader after major diplomatic dustup earlier this year over a nuclear submarine deal. meanwhile in washington, progressives lost a vote on the infrastructure package saying they won't consider it the delicate assurances that it won't be linked to the legislation. "the wall street journal" says when all is said and done the cost could be north of $4 trillion. >> we need a little bit more than an iou. >> this is not what i thought was coming today. >> comments that were made. we need to see the bills simultaneously together. >> the progressives have done our work in getting everybody to a place where we endorse the framework the president laid out. >> kayleigh: the failure of democrats to come together was
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felt beyond washington. biden had hoped the deal would be in hand before the governor's race in virginia. both parties see it as a predictor for next year's midterms. fox polling shows the republican glenn youngkin with an eight-point lead over democrat terry mcauliffe. that bleed well outside the margin of error. youngkin edging out mcauliffe in the real clear politics poll. congressman duffy, you know what a messy day it was for the biden administration. it was the second worst day of his presidency. the first being the fall of afghanistan. the second being the fall of his domestic agenda. it was very messy. he was supposed to speak at 11:30. they move it to 11:15, back to 11:30. pelosi says we are voting for infrastructure. that doesn't happen. i think we have learned about the president, he's not a
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closer. >> sean: not swaying any democrats to vote for this bill. politics is messy. negotiation is messy and i don't like this but i do think democrats will get the deal done. they are going to get infrastructure down, the socialists build back better built on. what's interesting is the one point $9 trillion covid package that passed in the spring, jill biden was at the height of his political polling. that bill is underwater. americans don't like big spending bills especially when they don't know what's in it and the more time they have a more -- the more they don't like it. you might have 15 house republicans they could lose their seats. they passed this, you're going to see 40, 50 democrats they could lose their seats. catastrophic for the party. passing the bills is catastrophic for america. >> kayleigh: no doubt. i think it will pass. one thing democrats are pretty good at is sticking together. it contributes to this sense of incompetence when ap found 36%
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of voters agree or support the job biden is doing on his domestic agenda negotiations. that's a small number. the second point sean duffy made, this is a monstrosity. this would be a behemoth of a bill that would be very bad for our country in the long run. >> emily: it's a typical playbook. for the democratic party, it takes your money to fund a bunch of ridiculous things. growing the government and shrinking your income. so we know that the irs is the worst agency but this bill funds a program to surveil your fellow americans and yourself if you make or spend more than $28 a day. it provides amnesty and taxpayer-funded benefits to millions of illegal immigrants. the heat your home tax -- >> harris: how is it compassionate to heat your home?
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seriously. it does kind of feel that way. it's a necessity. it's not a right but it's a necessity. >> emily: i said it tongue-in-cheek. the compassionate heat your home tax. it can grow your bill by up to $242 a month. people don't have that kind of money. the made in america tax which crippled your average american small business owner and all it does is create an advantage for foreign companies. the hallmark of the democratic party, even more regulations for small businesses. all it does is make it more difficult to be an american, make it more difficult to make a livelihood and i propose changing the name to something like dumpster fire. >> kayleigh: that would be accurate. biden called it fiscally responsible. that's what -- moving onto the political implications of this, i spoke to an rnc official this morning. to the point about heating your home.
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they said the internal polling shows 70 to 80% of voters have noticed the price of goods in their life going up. that's enormous. you don't get 80% of people -- >> harris: where is the other 20%? shopping or not leaving their houses? >> they link the inflation to biden. >> harris: it wasn't happening before him. >> abby: this official said they were shocked because biden was brought to virginia. >> harris: that didn't just happen because of joe biden. the democrats handed the republicans in that constellation, that race and anybody running for governor right now against the democrats, they handed them a beautiful thing. they handed them americans who want to their voices heard in republicans and we hear you. that made the democrats say the opposite because i guess they are in the oppositional game. we don't hear you and we don't want to hear you that we are going to go to the doj and get
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the blah, blah, blah on you. i can't imagine there's a lot of republicans at the national school board association. you said something that hit me. it has to do with those things that bring us together. something senator john kennedy of louisiana said yesterday. you have got parents. a quandary with the relationship, democrats. you go up against small businesses which hire up to 66% of people in this nation and you crush them harder than the pandemic that killed millions of people around the world, when you do that, that means you don't see people as human beings. you don't understand the connection point between having a dream and helping other people have their dreams. that's what small businesses do. they don't get it. the polling may have been fueled somewhat in virginia by biden stinking up the place. the polling was also taken after obama was there and he was still
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relatively popular when he left office. it would to combination of things. when i have looked for this president to be able to do based on his bringing people together mantra, why wasn't he the one to stop the slide for terry mcauliffe. why wasn't he the one to come in. he calls it the america rescue plan. mcauliffe made it worse but you have a flip in that race. he couldn't stop the slide. >> kayleigh: he couldn't. he won the state by ten points but biden's approval rating is 43%. they are calling it "biden remorse" and they are seeing it play out in local races across the country. in iowa republicans picking up the seat they hadn't had in decades. it's going to be a key midterm strategy. bring up the quote unpopular president," as terry mcauliffe called him.
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>> abby: biden brought up trump 26 times in that speech in virginia. we thought he was going to be the great unifier. in a place where the president won by double digits less than a year ago you're seeing a republican turn a five-point deficit into an eight-point lead. there's a lot a reason why that's happening but you're seeing what matters to voters. education and economy. to reemphasize a point on economy, biden saying that you won't have to pay taxes if you make less than $400,000 but you look at the inflation. i remember being back in kansas city for our proud american coverage over the fourth of july and bringing up a tweet from the white house that said biden's economic plan is working. things -- your fourth of july cookout is down by $0.16. now towards thanksgiving coming up here shortly and experts are saying this is going to be the most expensive thanksgiving meal in the history of the holiday. what was a 16-pound turkey last
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year cost $12.96. they are expecting $21.76 for 2021. this is what matters most to voters and education of course, we see youngkin promising to ban crtv and mcauliffe saying crt is not being taught. >> kayleigh: the dance we were just subject to. >> harris: we just eat popcorn when she's dancing. amazing. >> kayleigh: outrage at reports president biden is thinking about paying migrant families separated of the border 450,000 bucks per person. lawmakers quick to point out that families of fallen u.s. soldiers don't even get that much.
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>> harris: we want to take it back to the french embassy in rome, italy. president biden moments ago asked about what he knew about the rift between france, australia, and a scrap multibillion-dollar submarine contract. we chose ourselves instead of our ally, france. look at biden's answer. >> president biden: i think what happened was, to use an english phrase, clunk.
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[indistinct] i don't know any reason... >> reporter: what do you think happens? >> president biden: i was under the impression that france had been informed long before. [indistinct] >> harris: first impressions. what do you think, kayleigh? >> kayleigh: wow. a president who took his first international trip. praised by emmanuel macron. watching that same president go on his second trip and sit next to the french leader and a badly hobbled situation. afghanistan was chaos and he betrayed one of our allies,
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france. remember that john kerry came out and said biden was unaware of the submarine deal until there was a huge kerfuffle. it was john kerry who liked him in on what was happening. he said he quote literally was not aware. this is not a commander in chief. >> harris: so many problems with that part of the story. sean duffy. it speaks to the issue of our relationships that we think we have versus what they are. france thought they were going to do a submarine nuclear powered submarine deal with australia. in a different fashion, we stepped in and took the deal did that deal with australia. what i am reading today is that some in the french leadership fuel, where are we? back to america first with donald trump. they knew what they had in former president trump. they can't figure out what they have with president biden. if what kayleigh is reporting is true based on those reports that we know that this president had
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to find out about that deal from john kerry and not because he was negotiating it for our nation himself. that could be a sign of something, i don't know. what do you think, sean? >> sean: joe biden said himself he had no idea this deal was taking place. >> harris: why didn't he? >> sean: who is not in the loop. many of us speculate he's not in charge, he's not running the show. it begs the question, if it's not joe biden, who is in charge? we have a right to know that but no one really does. when you look at macron's body language, they're asking if this relationship was repaired, he was a stone cold killer. he didn't say anything. >> harris: i don't know if i would go that far but he didn't lean in. >> sean: didn't give any blessing to biden. i think those -- this was right for america. saying we are going to sell ourselves. we are going to take that revenue, we have better
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equipment, good on the administration of biden should've known about it. >> harris: nuclear powered submarine deal is good for the nation. why can't we just be transparent with our allies? why did we hike out of afghanistan with death in the wake and not tell our allies? what is it about this administration that says, i know what it is. pass it first and we'll tell you what's in it later. >> emily: i found this whole thing demoralizing as an american citizen because we are watching our commander-in-chief, to kayleigh's point, we are watching him stumbling and bumbling. i was under the impression and yes, it was clumsy. i want my commander in chief to be in command of all the facts and all the information. when we are on the world stage for him to act with leadership. some semblance of strength. to me, it's embarrassing. to your point about the bill, i
9:21 am
find it ironic that pelosi said yesterday how he had us an encyclopedic knowledge of what's in the bill. i really question that. it seems to me this guy can't remember anything. >> harris: awww. abby. >> abby: i'll keep it quick. it comes down to the point, less than half of americans have trust in this president to get things done. the latest gallup poll said 42% of americans have trust in him. it's because we have seen time after time again him flip-flopping on really important issues. the message that he is sending to the american people and also as you can see to other countries is not the message probably that is the whole truth. i'm not saying he's not telling the truth. i'm not calling him a liar by any means but i think the white house in this administration has a messaging problem and it's not getting through to the american people. it's not getting through to other countries like france. >> harris: sean, when you hear
9:22 am
emily talk about well, she's not sure if he can remember and you hear abby skirting the issue of not sure if the truth is being told, all of it comes back to one point. you don't have to make a judgment about anything. just know that the facts aren't meeting what's happening before our eyes. however that journey is happening, whether it's untrue or forgotten, whatever it is, it's problematic for him then for the american people. >> sean: for me, i don't agree with joe biden's policies but i'm an american. i want my american president to be successful, to be sharp, to reflect well on our people when he travels overseas and that's not happening. for me, that's troubling because i love my country. to have a president who doesn't know what's up or down or in or out is problematic for the nation. >> harris: i add into the facts, they kept the live feed from the vatican today when the president was meeting with the pope and they gave us dribs and
9:23 am
drabs, that awkward moment about how much catholics and irish drink. oh, you know, drink -- it was bizarre. that's what they chose to show us rather than the rest of it. i don't know. again, deal with the facts. make of it what you want. he does tend to gaffe. gaffe is a verb in my world. we'll move on. outrage at reports president biden is thinking about paying migrant families separated the border. this is even more people who would have intention perhaps to cross here illegally if they had to are on their way. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali.
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administration is reportedly in talks to pay $450,000 to each immigrant family separated at the border. "the wall street journal" reporting that families separating during the trump administration could get 450k per person. republicans are going after that pretty quick. arkansas senator tom cotton tweeted "it's unthinkable to pay a burglar who broke into your home for the quote-unquote psychological trauma they endured during the crime yet the biden administration wants to reward migrants who illegally entered our country with up to $450,000 each for just that reason. insanity." texas congressman dan crenshaw with this comparison. "biden wants to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 for their hardship while breaking our laws. for perspective, if the service members killed in action, their next of kin gets an insurance payment of $400,000. let that sink in."
9:29 am
sean. >> sean: is that to me, harris? >> harris: avenue. >> sean: great. i looked this up. if you come from el salvador, the average annual salary is $4,000. they have to work over 100 years to make $450,000. this is a huge payout. i'm sure this will be discussed later but this is a loss of that was filed. it hasn't been litigated. there hasn't been a judgment made. this is that biden administration sang okay, we want to settle this and we are going to pick a number. $450,000 per person. think of the families in my district that make $40,000 a year. to think they are going to pay taxes or pay the debt were going to have because we are borrowing the money, to pay for illegal immigrants who broke a lot of come to our country, i think it radically inflames the country that we are paying people who came here illegally. >> harris: my main question would be, since they took a
9:30 am
punch at the former administration or you worked, my main question would become his adjust the people you think the trump administration separated at the border or executive to be more than that. is this just about politics? saying we had to fix with the trump administration broke? why that particular group? why not others? they are surreptitiously putting children on planes and taking them to places across the country from the border who were unaccompanied. why those families? if it's not politics, one other reason is there? >> kayleigh: it's politics. the left wing base is inflamed because they haven't rolled back each and every one of the trump era policies. they are giving treats, we won't deport people like we talked about yesterday. we will do half a million dollar payouts to the families. it's about appeasing the radical left. department of homeland security referred us to doj.
9:31 am
doj didn't answer. health and human services. one government lawyer has threatened to resign over this, not put his name on the clays. -- on the case. an attorney said 9/11 families might not of god is much as we are going to give to these families. >> harris: might? emily. >> emily: it is par for the course of what the of administration does. they throw your money on the problems result because they are not fixing the problem. they are ignoring the push factors from central and south america, ignoring cartels, ignoring smugglers, ignoring border security on our southern border, the relationship of president obrador. only to throw money to people once they get here illegally. how about you adding background checks for employees that volunteer at the emergency shelters? how about you stop wetting kids getting how about you do
9:32 am
your job before you take my money to throw people who been broken. they made this entire mess and now they're going to take your money to try to fix it like they do with every other problem like homelessness in california and the like. it absolutely does nothing and all it does is stink of their political messaging that they try to really new voters were sustained their far left constituencies. all it does is make me sick. >> harris: let's hear from senator blackburn who was on "focus" with me last hour. >> 9/11 families, military families where they have a loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice, they are not getting this kind of payout. harris, we don't even know what legal authority the president has to be doing this. >> harris: that's a great question. abby. >> abby: i think what's interesting about what she said
9:33 am
is that the grounds for the lawsuit and the emotional distress of some of these families and i don't mean to compare but i can't imagine the emotional distress that the family members of our loved ones who are going on fighting overseas and sacrificing their lives for our freedom through when they lose that family member. i think about the 13 marines in afghanistan. the fact that these illegal immigrants are getting more money than that. it's dumbfounding. to further the 9/11 point, the 9/11 commission and the victim compensation fund averages $240,000. just to put a number on that. if we step back from this, i hope this administration cares about the children under their own border policy stresses much as they care about these children. as we have seen, they have been dropped over the wall and abandoned in their put onto a watch list. they are pumped with birth control, these young girls. i hope they take an introspective look at their own policies and implement something
9:34 am
for these children as well. >> harris: powerfully said, abby. just ahead, face will commit a series of controversies rebranding itself as meta. a focus on virtual reality. will it get rid of the long list of damages that facebook has committed? the panel weighs in next. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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9:39 am
few months for the company facing a major trust deficit after a whistle-blowers revelation. abby, this whole concept is confusing. they are going to keep people at home but yet the goal is "connecting with people." not sure how that works. >> abby: it's like social media i guess they're trying to take a step further. it's very confusing. i think what mark zuckerberg is coming to find is that it's really hard to manage the mental health of nearly 2.9 billion monthly active users that facebook has. he is shifting the attention away from it and he says it's not due to recent controversies but now the reality is that it's a perfect time for them to rebrand. my mind kind of goes back to mcdonald circa 2004 when super size me came out and everyone's like, oh, my gosh, we can't eat at mcdonald's. it's unhealthy and contribute into the obesity epidemic. mcdonnell said okay, we're going to add healthy options.
9:40 am
we are going to add wraps, salads, herbal tea is. people want to look at mcdonald's differently and i think that's what mark zuckerberg hopes to do with this new name change and his goal with the metaverse that he is revealing to us. >> kayleigh: senator blumenthal has a reason for the name change he speculates. rule the tape. >> it will continue. changing names, emblems, insignias, logos. it's all about, they want to continue the business model that makes them money. >> it's all about the cosmetics. >> emily: earlier this year when serial killer rose west, she put into change her name to jennifer jones. everyone in england was laughing. you still butchered nine girls.
9:41 am
we still know who you are. we are going to call you jennifer but we know exactly what you've done then this to me is the same thing, just like what the senator said. it is lipstick on a pig. you can change her name to whatever you want. the bottom line is he or expanding your attempt at controlling us, satiating us, soothing us so we don't see behind your insidious measures into abby's point, i think it's another example where it's all about attention, not connection. they keep using that word connection but it's a false connection. it's not actually the meaningful connection that humans need to survive and thrive. it literally to exist. it's absolutely only about dopamine surges. for him, sort of repairing what has been absolutely demolished and the public eye in terms of his public perception. >> kayleigh: a whole host of problems. yesterday we were talking about instagram, owned by facebook, curating content for young women who have eating disorders that just incentivizes eating disorders. >> harris: why now? why now?
9:42 am
if these problems existed and we know from the whistle-blower who came from facebook with a trove of receipts, why now? what was it about what we found out as the world that still disturbed mark zuckerberg that he wanted to try to shift, not change. i think that's what we are talking about. it's like with jennifer jones. she'll always be a serial killer. with him, his company, a serial abuser. look at what we found out about entities in charge of an effects on young girls self-esteem and suicide in the negative thoughts young boys & girls club about themselves. that i agree doesn't change by making it overdue for option now through meta, having a different option. the baseline reason why people go to facebook will still be there and i would argue that with the algorithms seeking out young girls and their habits as we learn from the whistle-blower, now we won't have an insider to tell us when
9:43 am
it really gets bad because she is gone. >> kayleigh: that's right. sean, a whole of controversies. mexican drug cartels using their app. the fine for violating user privacy. to add to that, women in the middle east being coerced to sex trafficking essentially via facebook. organ sales,, the list goes on and on. >> sean: mark zuckerberg who funded money to impact the election, that money going to green bay, wisconsin. to triple down on love point, jeffrey epstein or ted bundy could change their name. they are still jeffrey epstein and ted bundy. >> harris: people that weren't addicted to serial killers. they are addicted to social media. >> kayleigh: halloween under
9:44 am
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♪ ♪ >> emily: school districts across the country are canceling halloween. ditching plans for halloween event saying they want something more "inclusive." a school district in melrose massachusetts near boston is doing the same claiming some students feel left out. the district saying "over the past several years, we've worked to deemphasize halloween and shift our focus toward community building through fall celebrations." this is in line with our mission, vision, values, and district priorities." sean, part of the emphasis allegedly was encountering students and families who didn't feel comfortable participating in halloween activities. why punish the rest? hang at home, rent your other favorite movie. whatever, man.
9:49 am
don't have me taken away from the halloween party. >> sean: what's fun about a fall celebration? i want to get dressed up in go trick-or-treating and i want kids to work hard and get the reward of candy in their basket. some kids may not have enough money and their families to get a costume but what's great about america is so often if you tell people listen, we need some money or old costumes we have so kids can get dressed up and celebrate halloween. we are generous people. we would give it to them. they would have costumes and celebrate halloween. all liberals are fun burglars. they take everything fun out of america and life. >> emily: i think we have photos of what your kids are going to be. or last year. share with us at the family is going as this weekend. >> sean: they have ten ideas each of them, haven't decided. i put rachel in charge. you can do it. i can't figure this out. they are going to surprise me.
9:50 am
>> harris: you have a lot of first responders. >> sean: i do. i have an aoc in there. "i love communism" is what that button says. they are too involved in politics. >> emily: love the creativity, sean. harris. >> harris: i love the fun burglar. that was hilarious. fun. why is fun outlaw? i agree with sean, if some people are without, let's help them. it's the season all year long. help people in need. we need those moments. we have been in lockdown. we are in the supply chain crisis. you can't get things that you need to. not just desires. so why not take a moment to celebrate? why not? my house looks like jason lives there from the outside. seriously. i am not that much into the decoration and all that.
9:51 am
i love the colors of the season. my birthday is october 13th, and halloween is my birthday backwards and i'm going to rock that. in my age, you celebrate twice. >> emily: that's the point, there's always hoping to celebrate. the answer is to broaden, increase the inclusivity, not to encroach and titan so that everyone is sort of left limp. >> kayleigh: you hit the nail on the head. it reminded me of a school in new jersey that wanted to take holiday names off the calendar and have days off. they ended up not doing that. a school board member said if we don't have anything on the calendar, we don't have to hurt anyone's feelings. that's not the answer. let kids have fun. add more holidays to the calendar. don't take them away or erase them. >> harris: what are they going to do next? we don't have a grading period?
9:52 am
>> emily: abby, i heard you laughing. what's your take on it? >> abby: i am laughing because how do you promote inclusivity if you don't give kids the opportunity to practice inclusivity? i go back to what sean said. if you don't have the money, people can donate things. my mom made every single one of my halloween costumes. i remember wanting to be daniel russo because i love the karate kid. i went to my mom and i said i want to be a shower. she got a -- some kids said some things to me. what a weirdo. my mom was like, you be you. if kids see something, that's coming from a place of insecurity. i think as much as we should be teaching inclusivity, we should also be teaching the values that run parallel to that and getting through a tough time or dealing with adversity or dealing with someone who might poke fun at you and moving on from it.
9:53 am
i say let the kids dress how they want. >> emily: filho. >> abby: i can dig out that shower cost you meant give it to anyone. >> emily: do you believe in ghosts? what a new poll on the paranormal says. ♪ ♪ g for are here. the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now.
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>> don't move, it won't hurt you. >> [screaming] >> what happen, are you okay? >> he slimed me. >> that's great, actual physical
9:58 am
contact. [laughter] >> it's amazing, just like bill murray in ghostbusters, americans say that they had actual physical contact with something supernatural, a new poll finds 63% of people believe in some form of paranormal activity like ghosts or aliens, even big foot. only 23% say they don't believe in any of that stuff but still say they are not about to do anything that could provoke paranormal activity. so is it ghouls, goblins? what do you believe in, abby, i will start you up with you, because i believe that you believe in little green men. >> you know, we have yet to find out, they could be walking among us, i might be one, you might be one, we could've come here together on a ufo. i am very confused by that number is only at 63% and not at 100%, because based off of the videos we have seen online, they have to be real. i choose to think that because it is fun and we are coming up on halloween and i know that emily, you share the sentiment.
9:59 am
you sent me a ufo shaped chandelier for each other, maybe that will still happen. >> unfortunately i was denied. john duffy, obviously you know firsthand that the government spent decades researching paranormal activity and extrasensory perception come all of that stuff is real and the government knows that. >> emily, i was not that high up. i try to. have you ever watch the movie "the conjuring?" when i was on reality an end i, rachel and i did a haunted assay and asylum looking for ghosts, i did not see any, but my wife rachel was like there are ghosts, i've seen them before it's real. >> yes, there are, with a paranormal investigator and a historian and he told me all of the origin stories of so much and how many different cultures across which of these stories and legends and supernatural beings are believed in. across that so many different types of humans, kayleigh what
10:00 am
do you think? >> i do not believe in ghosts, but i believe in angels. >> very good for this halloween. >> i know it is not halloween, but if you have ever had a toddler and you forgot to put them in a zip up seat and you go out trick-or-treating, it can feel like you are with a little monster. >> everyone, thank you for watching, a very happy halloween to you all and i hope that you encounter either some type of halloween goblin or go store or maybe even a guardian angel. take care, guys, stay safe. >> sandra: we begin with a fox news alert as democrats feel the heat on multiple fronts from the push to pass president biden's agenda and to push back within their own party to the bombshell from virginia voters in a brand-new fox poll. welcome to "america reports" on this friday, john and sandra are off today, i am in i am anita vogel in new york, hand hello, benjamin. >> hello, nita, great to be with you today, we


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