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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 29, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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on the top and sunglasses staring at you and hands are moving away like a piano player. >> julie: i love the spider and his toupee. nice. >> bill: happy halloween. be careful and have a great weekend. here is harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. the far left handing president biden the big l for a loss sending him off to europe to talk climate change with tanking approval numbers, a fractured political party, and little to no progress on his multi-trillion dollar legislative agenda. that's an l. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". progressives once again forcing top democrats to delay a vote on that bipartisan infrastructure bill. they are demanding a guarantee
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now that moderates will back their spending plan. not even an in-person meeting with the president himself on the hill yesterday could change their minds. and at this point, they may as well be chanting let's go, brandon. so what's in that massive social spending bill anyway. here are a few items. amnesty for some illegal immigrants. more than a half trillion on climate alone including $180 million for endangered species. free universal pre-k and a lot more. far left says they won't back down until they get all of what they wanted. >> we need a little bit more than an iou. >> we need to keep the promise that was made. we've been very clear we need to see the two bills simultaneously together. >> progressives have done our work in getting everybody to a place where we endorse the
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framework the president laid out today. >> this is not what i thought was coming today. >> harris: angry democrats. senator marsha blackburn, republican from tennessee, is standing by to go in "focus." first peter doocy is following the president today reporting live from st. peter's square in the vatican. peter. >> good afternoon and president biden right now is meeting with italian leaders a little ways away from him but can't do something he said he wanted to do ahead of this trip which is tell foreign leaders about all the big, bold action to combat climate change that the united states is taking because democrats did not act even though behind closed doors on capitol hill president biden told them that his legacy as president will be determined by what happens in the next couple days. progressives in his party want all or nothing. so when the president asked them to vote on half of the
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plans, just the roads and bridges, they chose nothing. now the head of the progressive caucus says in a statement members of our caucus will not vote for the infrastructure bill without the build back better act. republicans think that gives the progressives all the leverage. >> well, it further proof the progressives are running the democrat agenda now in the house of representatives. to think that that bill wasn't enough spending for them shows just how far left they are. >> we are told the number one item on the agenda at the meeting with president biden was care of the planet. serious stuff. there were also lighter moments like when the president gave the pope a presidential challenge coin. >> president biden: this is -- i'm only kidding about this -- next time i see you, you don't have it, you have to buy the
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drinks. i'm the only irishman you have ever met who has never had a drink. >> president biden is running way behind schedule in italy. today his final one-on-one sit down with a leader will be with the french president macron. they're meant to meet in person for the first time since france publicly trashed the united states for saying that they surprised them when they cut france out of a nuclear powered submarine deal. the president is expected to be an hour late to that meeting to smooth things over. >> harris: still very much abroad the way he does it here. the important address to the american people to announce the framework and the outline on the back of a paper towel and he was late for that yesterday, too. i'm done. republican congressman michael burgess writes the bideer/sanders bill is a socialist spending scam.
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the "wall street journal" board writes 1.75 trillion cost that democrats have assigned their bill an illusion using phony accounting to finance a few years of new spending and 10 years of tax increases. democrats are trying to squeeze spending into their top line costs with the real costs likely to be close to $4 trillion. these people think we can't add. the bad press keeps on coming. "new york post," biden's build back is failing because it was never a good idea. democrats stall out on brink of victory. senator marsha blackburn in "focus" from tennessee. thank you for being in focus today. the president abroad at a critical time for his own party. what will republicans do while he is there? because everything is on a tinderbox now. maybe an opportunity for some
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folks. >> well, it is an opportunity for some folks because as you said, this bill is the democrats' wish list. this is their socialist wish list. they want to take one vote, take control of your children, education, healthcare, bank account, force the green new deal on you, shut down small businesses and as you mentioned earlier, harris, 555 billion dollars for green new deal and climate projects which are their pet. and the progressives, the socialist democrats as they call themselves, they are saying we get everything we want or we don't vote. >> harris: it sounds like they are in charge. and look if there is only one pair of pants to wear they have both legs. where does that leave the president? >> what that leaves the
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president and pelosi is beholding to these individuals. now, the moderates in the democrat caucus are not going to vote for this $1.75 trillion as you said all the tax increases over 10 years. this is going to pay for just a couple of years of all this spending. so they are piling up debt, trillions of dollars of debt. and they are happy to do it to get their way to get these socialist takeover programs on the books. more control of schools, more control of curriculum, control of your checking account where they have realtime access shutting down small businesses, complete government control of healthcare, one size fits all. it is this socialist model that they have been after for years. and, of course, climate is their god. they want everything to center on climate change.
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>> harris: senator, the opportunity for republicans it sounds like is exactly what you are doing to get the word out as much as you can for something that's not legislatively written yet and also the far left's complaint. you have to see what's on paper. for now you can tell us what's in it that you know about. that's at least progress. make no mistake about how important the week ahead is for president biden. sources say yesterday on capitol hill he told fellow democrats i don't think it's -- it sound dire. >> it does indeed. their policies are proofing to be so unpopular that the independents on moderate democrats are moving away from this version of joe biden. i talk to people every day that say we did not vote for this.
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we thought he was going to be a moderate. we thought he was going to be conciliatory and bipartisan. but then he comes up with these policies like a half million dollars for every single illegal immigrant that has come across that border and faced a family separation. >> harris: is that cash, medical care? i'm curious. many are coming here testing positive for covid-19. some of them not even being tested at all. maybe $450 is medical care? i'm being sincere. how will we spend all that money per individual. >> bill: it is cash. >> harris: wow. >> this is per person. if you've got four people in your family and there was a separation, you are talking about a pay-out. now 9/11 families, military families where they have a loved one who made that ultimate sacrifice, they are not getting this kind of
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pay-out. harris, we don't even know what legal authority the president has to be doing this. we would like to know what legal authority that he is using to have dhs, hhs, and the department of justice go negotiate these pre-payments to these individuals that have broken the law at the southern border as they came into this country and now they get this, they get free benefits, they get free healthcare. people are really not happy with what joe biden is delivering and it is why they are moving away from him, this agenda, why they can't pass it. and even why the new jersey and virginia governor's races are not as expected. >> harris: it's reaction from house minority leader kevin mccarthy, pure insanity, a slap in the face to law abiding
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citizens who wake up and pay their taxes. texas republican dan crenshaw said for perspective if a service member is killed in action their next of kin gets an insurance payment of $400,000. let that sink in. republican jim jordan with this. let's watch. >> you are going to pay people half a million dollars who broke the law at the same time the biden administration is getting ready to raise taxes on the hard working families of this country. you get amnesty with democrats and now they pay you for breaking the law. >> harris: we could hear you agreeing. i have a follow-up question for you. you mention the moderates and independents are moving away from the democrats and where are they going? can you put them in your party? >> i think we are going to catch some of them and they are supporting us by saying look, families are struggling. people are trying to get back to work. we've got 10.4 million unfilled jobs in this country.
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we are trying to work with individuals on job training and as people are struggling to turn around and say we are going to pay those that illegally entered this country, we are going to pay them, this is unprecedented but this administration is taking many unprecedented moves and harris, that's why people are moving back to the middle and they are saying no, we aren't for extremism. we love this country. we are patriotic americans. we want everyone to be treated fairly. we want there to be equal treatment under the law. and that's why they are going to stand with us. >> harris: senator marsha blackburn, great state of tennessee talking to everybody. as you said, they may be listening now that they are seeing what's unfolding inside the democratic party. the president making it very,
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very clear that a lose now, an l could be detrimental to his presidency. great to have you in focus. thank you. the vatican taking heat from the press after suddenly canceling its planned live broadcast of president biden's meeting with the pope. why did they do that? then there is this. >> what's happening in virginia today with us winning independents by double digits and democrats walking across the aisle and voting for us, people from virginia are ready to step forward and make the race not even close. >> harris: the republican is on top now. virginia's battle in the new stretch. polling shows glenn youngkin has pulled far ahead in a race many say could set the tone for the mid-terms of 2022 and
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>> the nation is watching because they recognize that when virginians stand up and take a state that has been blue and elect a republican governor it will make a statement heard not just around the country but around the world. we'll stand up for the values that mean the most to americans. we'll make a statement that will be heard around the country. >> harris: how we started the week on "the faulkner focus" on monday. first place, the man who wants to be the next republican governor for virginia glenn youngkin in "focus." the latest fox news poll shows him skyrocketing ahead of democrat terry mccauliffe in the closely-watched virginia governor's race. youngkin now with 53%, two weeks ago mccauliffe led with
8:20 am
51%. that's what i like to call a little flip and roll. and with election day on tuesday, polling also shows likely virginia voters trust youngkin to do a better job on key issues like the economy, crime and state's hot button topic education. mccauliffe had taken heat for saying parents should not have control over what schools teach their kids. and this week he dug the hole deeper dismissing concerns over educational issues all together. >> how will you work with the parents who have concerns about how things are being taught in schools? >> let's be very clear here, this is all generated by glenn youngkin trying to find a divisive tactic. it is a racist dog whistle. i hate it. it is pitting parents against parents and teachers against teachers. >> harris: an indication of how spicy the race is getting terry mccauliffe's 21-year-old daughter caught on camera
8:21 am
flipping off rival glenn youngkin signs. raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. we knew this race would tighten and it has in new jersey between the democratic incumbent and relative to people maybe newcomer although a legislator for a while. nothing is like this race in virginia. it went flip. why? >> right. look, harris, i lived in loudon county where this is all happening. we moved out three years ago and i will tell you why later. you could see this coming over a long period of time where the education -- what was once the best public schools in the country suddenly started falling apart because of the curriculum. what has happened over the last nine months is joe biden. joe biden has ratcheted this up because mccauliffe and biden want to hand education over to the teachers unions. what you see is parents have
8:22 am
had enough. when biden's justice department launched in and said we'll criminalize parents who speak up, that caused a backlash in loudon. i've spoken to friends of mine who are liberals, democrats, independents, they are furious in loudon county over this. some have taken their kids out of the public schools. others are leaving or planning to leave, harris. so i think they poked the wasps nest on this. people will tolerate government intrusion in their lives and deal with a lot. when it starts to impact their kids there is hell to pay and i think mccauliffe and the democrats will see that in the days to come. >> harris: you gave us part of why you left loudon county. president biden's approval in virginia is under water among likely voters by 13 points. 43% say they approve. 56% say they disapprove and it was 50 to 49% two weeks ago. that is a state he won by 10
8:23 am
points, raymond. >> yeah. this has been going on for the long time, harris, really it was the end of last year even when trump was in office you had local officials and that governor in virginia clamping down and shutting down the schools for months and months and months. they ended special education for children. we did a town hall in virginia and the parents were furious over the closures. then after that the critical race theory curriculum and now wanting to push parents out of the process began from the political evil. the politicians have to realize no matter the party, you work for the people. the message they'll hear loud and clear and loudon and clear in a few days, watch. >> harris: terry mccauliffe's campaign raised eyebrows by spending nearly $60,000 to hire a man by the name of mark
8:24 am
elias, a high profile attorney and masterminding challenges. the mccauliffe campaigned scrambled to kill the story. this email mistakenly sent to fox news. one of those reply all situations maybe. the attorney is infamous for hiring christopher steele to compile the since discredited dossier on opposition research on donald trump when he was working for democrat-linked law firm perkins. your thoughts on all of it. i don't want to get too far into the weeds. i think people can follow this easily. >> the dots are being connected here. the democratic party over the last few years has been brilliant in creating a narrative. it is something they do so well. you saw abc try to resurrect christopher steele in anticipation that donald trump might enter the presidential race in 2024. this is all part of a larger
8:25 am
effort. it should be concerning to people when you see these figures involved in a local election. it shows you it is not a local election, it is a national one how they see it. if youngkin pulls out the victory it appears he might. democratic congressmen and senators will run like scalded dogs from biden and his agenda. if he thinks he has trouble trying to pass the infrastructure today, wait until next week. >> harris: he said if he doesn't get a win here his presidency is over. that's interesting. i'm thinking that the far left is okay with that. he is not what they wanted anyway. i'll move on. major intrigue as the world's two most powerful catholics met earlier today. the vatican abruptly canceled a planned live television broadcast of pope francis getting together with president biden in some parts of their
8:26 am
meeting. this was the president's first meeting with the pope as president. the vatican cited covid protocols as a reason for the dialed-back coverage. but many are wondering why the sudden change then from the original coverage plan? the president spoke after his meeting with the pope. let's watch. >> president biden: we talked about the fact -- [inaudible] [inaudible question] >> harris: raymond, your take. >> bill: i want the audience and you to realize who we are seeing here. when you see the president and the pope together, you are seeing the two primary teachers of the catholic faith today in the world. one teaches doctrine, the other practically teaches you how to live out your faith.
8:27 am
that's the ramification of this no matter what anybody says. so the stakes were high for this meeting. back at home the u.s. bishops have been challenging joe biden trying to hold his feet to the fire of canon law which requires a catholic to be in good standing with the church and public catholics to defend church teaching. if you continuously oppose the church on issues like abortion. in fact if you move in the other direction and advocate for it you are not to receive communion. that's the canon law, not an opinion, but the law. they are trying to enforce that. you have these images today. i think the vatican was concerned video of a live meeting may expose biden to a gaffe no telling what he might say and you heard some of the blarney about drinking and whiskey and being a irishman. they wanted to tamp some of that down. >> harris: there was more of that? i don't know, that was awkward when biden oh you are meeting
8:28 am
the only catholic who never had a drink. i don't know, do you have to go there? we all know we're individuals. you don't have to lump any group together. i thought he was -- i'm so confused by it all. >> this is why they didn't want the live coverage. they didn't know what he would say. >> harris: we never know. >> we heard bits of it. that was embarrassing enough. the u.s. bishops were also concerned that something might be said to put them in a difficult position and you heard the minute biden was out of the meeting he is saying the pope says i'm a good catholic and should receive communion. all the blarney and pictures don't wash away the reality. what does it mean to be a catholic and good standing and what are the requirements to receive communion. >> harris: the two popes you've interviewed.
8:29 am
>> benedict xvith did the only english language interview. when he met with barack obama the first thing he mentioned was abortion. he handed him a pamphlet on bioethics and john paul ii. they were amazing men, giants. >> harris: i wanted our viewers to understand your experience here as you talk about the topic in such detail. raymond, thank you very much for being in "focus." new york city firefighters are protesting for another day. the mayor's vaccine mandate with the deadline which is today. they are warning it could cost lives with serious staffing shortages coming up immediately. plus there is this. >> i couldn't be more proud of all of the courageous families stepping forward for patriotic education, for getting back to basics, and putting education back into the hands of our parents. >> harris: you see the vice president there as attorney general merrick garland is
8:30 am
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will walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and, if you're eligible, help you enroll over the phone. call today and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> harris: house republicans are taking aim at attorney general merrick garland demanding jerry nadler hold a hearing on the controversial memo targeting parents at school board meetings. those republicans wrote this. concerned parents voicing their strong opposition to controversial curricula at local schools are not domestic terrorists. parents have an undisputed right to direct the upbringing and education of their children, end quote. and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell with these suggestions of issues garland might be more concerned about.
8:36 am
>> 2020 saw the homicide rate jump more than at any point in over a century. our southern border saw more illegal crossings last year than any year on record. these are the sort of issues that should keep the department of justice up all night long. but alas attorney general garland has other priorities. >> harris: a new piece by tammy bruce the national school board association domestic terrorist debacle. she is now in focus, ur op-ed. the one thing that stuck out to me more than anything else was the question which you say has strong evidence the try to answer now is which way did the letter first flow? did it come from the school board association? did it come from the mighty teachers union?
8:37 am
or was that conversation started months ago from the white house? what have you found? >> this is the question that has to be asked. i think americans don't realize and it has been discussed a little in the last few weeks with some of the behavior of the biden administration, emails, etc. in fact, the administration, particularly the democrats, sometimes republicans, work with nonprofit groups and lawyer groups and civil groups to get agendas moved through the government. lawsuit settlements with the big amount of money regarding migrants $450,000 to individual migrants is a settlement because of lawsuits. or you have task forces. so we're seeing this. here is the timeline. the 29th the letter came out accusing parents of being like domestic terrorists. october 4th merrick garland established a task force. on the 13th -- less than a week. on the 13th the president of
8:38 am
the national school board association was appointed to a federal committee overseeing education. and then you had the apology just about a week and a half after that for their language. in the meantime everything was in motion within a few weeks but they bragged in emails that they were in discussion with the white house and the department of education for weeks about this issue and it wasn't an organic letter that arrived and went to the white house first and then to the d.o.j. that sounds to many people like a collusion to get a particular result that would then allow the d.o.j. to do something federally that normally it would not be allowed to do because this is local issues. they needed it to be either hate crimes or domestic terrorism to trigger the ability for the federal government to act and that's what that letter was supposedly doing. >> harris: a couple points there. normally not allowed to do that
8:39 am
and twice as fast. when you put those two things together. i caught your usage of the word collusion, the correct usage, not like what we have heard that word used for in the past. we'll move on. "new york post" with the scathing headline merrick garland has proved himself unfit for supreme court but he shouldn't be egged, either. another from congresswoman beth van dine reading this way. the justice department aims to threaten parents into submission. what do you make out of those headlines? >> merrick garland said and i believe him there is no intention to use the patriot act to go gather up parents. the intention all along was to frighten you so they wouldn't have to do that. the intention was to keep you out of the school board meetings, to make you think you were wrong to want to go and participate. we should welcome american citizens participating in a system they are paying for. so this was meant to be
8:40 am
intimidation to use fear to stop the conversation. what they are worried about is this national conversation. other parents seeing parents saying you can't do this. >> harris: they're worried about it catching fire. >> it already has. you can see what's happening in virginia but as a result americans are seeing that maybe we aren't so divided. we see people of all colors, all backgrounds, all economic backgrounds. >> harris: which way are people who may be leaning one way or the other saying we're all alike. >> we look to virginia. massive numbers quickly to a republican in a state biden won by 10 movements. our poll taken the day after barack obama rallied for mccauliffe. the day after biden rallied for him. >> harris: that's not surprising. >> but for obama and the day after is when that poll began to be taken. that's a remarkable rejection
8:41 am
of all of this rhetoric and an embracement and realization that families and parents have something in common, the future. >> harris: the two men obama and biden are so different. not just the polling numbers at this point in the presidency but obama was someone was still rising popularity the last time we checked. biden with sinking popularity and why you aren't surprised. as someone who is falling coming to help you they probably won't be able to help much. >> he won the state by 10 points. the democrats don't understand what's happening with the most basic group of people, american parents. >> harris: they look at the polling and i see it in some of their social media, too. they look at the polling as something that is otherly, right? a lot of times the president will say they aren't showing me those numbers. watch it when he is asked about polling. that's fascinating. quickly i just want to get your take now on what happens if it
8:42 am
isn't a republican win in new jersey or virginia? have things shifted enough to have an impact? and look, i don't know about virginia right now because it has flipped so much there may not be time for mccauliffe to come back. he was leading by 51 and losing 8 to 9. >> i always told my radio audience local races are local including it can happen anywhere. to not use one election as a bellwether about what is going on. however, like with polls, you can see a trend that is occurring and this was a switch within two weeks because people are deciding and they've decided what they don't like. for those who voted early they have gone for mccauliffe but that is before so much of this kind of took in. it depends on the turnout on election day. i would say still a year is a long time for the mid-terms. these are trends. we see it around the country.
8:43 am
everyone will see numbers that surprise them regardless of what the outcomes are. >> harris: i know the outcome is great when tammy bruce drops by. >> harris: loudon county was asking the sheriff's department to deploy the swat team for all school board meetings. you can't even make this up. knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ when did you see the signs? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at >> harris: we want to grab breaking news now. of course, this is in europe and we knew president biden would have a bilateral with the french macron. we know that their relationship is rather stressed now because the united states cut them out of a nuclear deal with australia. and put a lot of pressure on them. in fact, they pulled one of their top diplomats and yeah, this is -- we assume repairing that relationship. a couple of things for you to know. this is live. the pictures you are looking at. the president met a short time ago at the vatican. so obviously rome, italy is where we are. and eventually they will talk climate change. but right now without an
8:49 am
interpreter in that room we are going to watch this, monitor it for news for you. but we wanted you to know that this was going on. this is huge when you look at your oldest ally in western europe in the face and you say here is why we cut you out of that nuclear arms deal. here is why that happened. i have to assume that maybe this would come up. this is what we're reading now and this is inside the french embassy there in rome. this is what we're reading. they weren't very happy about the fact that joe biden didn't let them know what was going on with that deal and part of the reason was they don't like the america first the former president had and they think at least they knew what was coming with president trump. we can watch and listen at the same time. let's watch now. >> this is the embodiment, we
8:50 am
acknowledge some bilateral -- [inaudible] the nuclear sector, the space industry and, of course, the most advanced technology and we want to have some extended cooperation on regulations as well. we will continue to work together on the main issues, climate change, digital sector, health. which will be on the agenda of the g20 and we will also upgrade our discussions on control which remains a key issue. in a few words this is what at the heart of our work over the past few weeks what we will be discussing today. these are very concrete decisions that are being taken to support some initiatives, some joint initiatives and joint actions on all of these
8:51 am
matters and to me this is very much the beginning of a process of trust, of confidence which we're building together. thank you very much. for the work undertaken over the past few weeks and for your presence here today. >> president biden: we have no more loyal ally. you have been with us from the beginning and the reason why we came here in part. my father always told me -- [inaudible]
8:52 am
>> president biden: we have a strong affection and sense of loyalty. there is no place in the world where we can work together. [inaudible] [bad audio] [inaudible]
8:53 am
[inaudible] >> is the relationship repaired? >> president biden: are you asking me? the answer is i think what happened -- [inaudible] >> harris: wow, you did not see the french president jump to answer the question that was just asked has the relationship been repaired? our president then said are you talking to me and began to talk? look at how awkward it got for a moment when he was trying to respond to macron describing their current conditions and
8:54 am
that nuclear arms deal that i was telling you about that the french got cut out of by the biden administration. and then biden went on to say he was trying to explain, you know, what happened with afghanistan. look, you remember when we exited so quickly from afghanistan, we didn't let our allies know. the germans, french, others had to go in and get their people behind enemy lines. our military was not allowed to do that. it is an interesting situation, absolutely interesting situation. i think we probably would want to go back to this for just a second but i can tell you this as we monitor this going into a commercial break with "outnumbered" on the other side. these two men are now going to go into a meeting. the last meeting the president had a little while ago was with the pope and they cut the live feed on that particular one. we got to see all of this including the moments that
8:55 am
seemed a little, well, i don't want to editorialize, you can see for yourself. the answers were what they were about their relationship. the united states, the closest ally from the beginning is how the president described france. thanks for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is next. he vietna, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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that's wellcare. it's medicare done well. >> fox news alert. president biden meeting with french president emmanuel macron in rome i had a veggie 20. at home his landmark economic agenda is in shambles. the far left flexed its political muscles. this is "outnumbered." kayleigh mcenany joined by harris faulkner and emily compagno, abby hornacek, and in the center virtual seat, former wisconsin congressmen and


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