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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 29, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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laura: san francisco police told me 90. you can watch the entire thing on fox nation right now and remember freedom matters. check out this code. this is awesome for christmas. the pink freedom matters had, huge camo hat all for charity and i love these cold or hot beverages, freedom matters made in the us, all for charity, greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> a little bit more. >> this is not what i thought was coming today. >> it is friday october 2, '09, democrats flushing their muscles and blocking a vote on president biden's social spending package. the president will meet with world leaders as the squad continues calling the shots in dc. >> vice president kamala harris stumping for terry mcauliffe as new fox polls show republican
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glenn youngkin taking the lead in the governor's race. >> from the hunter biden laptop story to justifying left-wing harassment, democrat senator kristen sinema, moments from the media to kickoff the seller we weekend. "fox and friends first". starts right now. laura: you miss out on a lot with a live look at austin, texas. over here, dancing, quite impressive. todd: just so we can play that. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning.
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we too president biden is in rome, a spending agenda from capitol hill. >> making a plea to democrats before traveling but progressives would not budge. >> reporter: president biden beginning his overseas trip without the legislative when he wanted, no vote on infrastructure spending and no deal on a reduced spending bill framework that leads up to his key promises. >> no one got everything they wanted including me but that is what compromise is. in these bills is what 81 amerian -- 81 million americans voted for. >> reporter: here's a framework looks, one$.75 trillion with $565 billion for climate investment, billions for two years for one year extension for child tax credit. to lower prescription drug prices. president biden hoped this would far his party's stalemate but it
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didn't even as the president arrived in rome congress still did not have a deal to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill which progressives are holding up. >> we need the vote on both bills in the house at the same time. >> we need a little bit more than an iou. this was not what i thought was coming today. >> reporter: despite policy and whip teams efforts, 9 house progressives refused to vote on the infrastructure bill with only a framework of the build back better bill blocking a proposed infrastructure vote yesterday saying they need to know what is in the other bill. >> this is a bad deal from the american people. the progressives controlling nancy pelosi who is a lame duck speaker of the house. >> reporter: congress did agree to extend expired transportation
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funding, the debt ceiling of government funding. laura: congressman james comeer. what do you make of the roller coaster? >> it is proof the progressives are running the democrat agenda, the house of representatives, the bill wasn't enough spending for them shows how far left they are. this raised every tax imaginable on small business, beyond any normal liberal's imagination, for all the liberal democrats. >> in the end progressives will get what they want.
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republicans speaking together, that we could do that but we haven't i feel at the end of the day they have to pass up and their base is restless. >> if progressives get what they want, what is the bigger picture for precedent going forward? >> it is a terrible precedent, allowing democrats to be able to get to this point. we are talking about a bill, we don't know how much it is going to cost, there is no debate who will be affected by the tax increases. we don't think it will come close to paying for the bill but it does raise significant revenue and our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they saw how there was no regular order, no transparency, this is being
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negotiated by people with no appreciation for finances or concern about the national debt. todd: there's the question of when. when is this going to happen if it does happen at all? >> the biden administration keeps putting forth arbitrary deadlines or dates by which they want something pass without dealing with the fundamental problem which normally was biden elected not to do this type of spending, people are not looking for increased spending when they have such economic concerns. >> inflation is affecting everyone. people are starting to understand if the government continues to print money then inflation is going to continue to increase so i don't think there's a sense of urgency by the average american to see the democrats continue on their unlimited spending spree so a
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lot of democrats will watch the political environment and see what happens in the virginia governor's race, that is a sure sign things are not going well for the democrats and a lot of democrats care about self-preservation. at the end of the day they may not pass anything but if anybody caves it will be the moderates, they stood their ground all the way through, they want to see a socialist economy and that is what the bill leads to. todd: i don't play much poker. i thought i was too bleary-eyed. thought there was something wrong with my comprehension but the biden administration is considering paying illegal immigrant families separated at the border, 450,000 bucks per person. the biden white house is incentivizing people to come here illegally by not sending
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them back. what is he thinking about cash price on top of that? >> this is the dumbest thing i ever heard in the average american will be furious when they find out, this was breaking yesterday, people are mad, 450,$000 here illegally who have been separated. not our problem if people get some braided but it should be the priority of the federal government to secure the southern border. every decision president biden makes has made our border more open to illegals and once again president biden prioritizes the rights of illegals over the rights of taxpaying working americans and it is hard to imagine a president would have this much disrespect for the will of law and our border problem will only get worse.
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if you are incentivizing people to come over here with ridiculous sums of money we haven't seen anything yet. jillian: the policy cause lasting psychological damage, the total payouts cost $1 billion or more, who foot the bill? >> taxpayers will foot the bill and it is shameful. this makes you believe president biden loves illegals to come across the border, you have this theory that this is biden's reelection plan or democrat reelection plan that is not true but every decision he has made would lead one to believe that and incentivizing people just this week he tied the hands of border patrol agents to where they can't arrest people that come across the border. they are not deporting people. this problem is only going to get worse, drug probably going
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to get worse, human smuggling is only going to get worse and the american people have had all they can stand, president biden's agenda and open border policy is another bad decision by president biden. todd: your colleague dan crenshaw said the family of the slain servicemember gets 400,$000, less than what the current payout is to people who don't fight and die for the country but simply come here illegally. what is the family of a slain servicemember supposed to think when they see that? >> they have to be devastated. i'm angered and every american would be angered when they find out about this. these illegal families should get 0. that is what they are entitled to. 0. any serviceman or woman who put
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their life on the line, can't cut a price tag on how they should be entitled to get but anyone over here is entitled to 0, that is the sentiment of the majority of americans and republicans a do what we can to block this but the majority democrats have in washington create a lot of problems in the last 10 months, hopefully they will argue among themselves on not spending enough money. this open border policy beats anything i have seen and the payout is insulting to every american. jillian: we covered a lot of ground, appreciate the time. mexico granting pregnant women around 1200 minors permits to travel through the country. migrants hoping for a warm welcome into the biden immigration policies the texas
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governor greg abbott warns don't plant across illegally. >> to arrest, to the blockade efforts and put them in jail for violating crime of criminal trespass in the state of texas. >> there are 5000 people traveling in a caravan, they travel 50 miles of 13,000 mile journey so far. laura: did you see this? the governor's race no longer dead even, fox news poll showing glenn youngin taking the lead among likely voters. jillian: a big shift from two weeks ago. >> reporter: mcauliffe was ahead. fox news poll showing he's down among likely voters by 8 points, 53%, mcauliffe 45%, outside the margin of error. analysts say the change is gop
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enthusiasm at a major pillar of this race is education energizing republicans. fox news poll showing youngcan up by a greater margin, by 14 points. youngcan saying this on hannity. >> it is a movement to stand up for virginians and to reject government control. we are winning the independent vote by double digits, democrats walking across the aisle in droves. >> reporter: republican glenn youngcan promise to ban crt his first day in office, terry mcauliffe denies it is taught in public schools. he is denying claims about failed negotiations in washington impacting his election. >> how many people the last week, not one person has asked me. >> as we close in on election
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day, candidate for jason myers says stakes are high. >> parents, not left or right, it is about right or wrong. >> vice president harris is to make another stop in virginia to boost support before next tuesday's election and donald trump is holding a rally monday in support of glenn youngkin. >> thank you. >> jason riley says republicans across the country should take a page out of youngkin's playbook. >> republicans would be wise to replicate nationwide. he is something that is resonating with a lot of voters, particularly suburban voters they are interested in bringing back into their ranks. even if this is a close race, if
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youngkin doesn't pull it out is close in pulley it out, something a lot of republicans should pay attention to, what is resonating with voters across the country. >> a better job on covid, education, economy and crime. >> and and on the blouse of the victim. the complaint is that the victims names, the abuse happened at the governor's executive mansion in albany last december. cuomo's spokesperson denies the charge calling it politics. todd: alec baldwin, fox digital explaining these photos of the actor in a small town exiting a -- baldwin said to be there with his family as they continue to
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investigate the deadly movie set shooting. they are focusing on why and how, no charges have been filed, a live rounds killing selena hutchins. jillian: aaron rodgers and green bay packers deal the cardinals their first round of the season with a dramatic pitch. >> intercepted. jillian: the packers defense coming up with a pick in the end zone with 24-21 win. >> part of this turning around,
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you need to do both. jillian: you need to catch it. time now 16 minutes after the hour trash piling up on city streets and sanitation employees protest the vaccine mandate. one under vaccinated worker getting ready to retire ways in next. jillian: you don't want to miss a minute, eddie scary, carley shimkus, joe concha and caitlin jenner coming up. all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. you don't get much time for yourself. so when you do, make it count with crest pro-health. get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale it protects the 8 areas dentists check for a healthier mouth. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. crest.
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jillian: no covid vaccine, no in person school. that is the policy adopted by oakland california school board. unvaccinated students 12 and older will not be able to attend in person classes starting in january. they will have to take classes online. >> if we don't want to we don't got to. these are not like the vaccines we got when we were children. nobody knows what is in them. somebody tell me what is in these vaccines. jillian: 60% of students older than 12 have had one vaccine dose. todd: trash piling up on the street in new york city is the vaccine mandate deadline expires. mayor bill deblasio canceled a vibrant a moment longer shift. >> anyone not doing their job you are harming your fellow
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sanitation workers, army neighbors and people and new york city and it is time to stop. anyone who doesn't want to do the job someone else will step up. >> you to react, unvaccinated sanitation worker sean killcohen. how bad could the trash situation in the city get? >> everybody is working as hard as they can. next week it will be worse. todd: how are the numbers in terms of vaccination rate. fdny, 64, sanitation coming in at 67%. sanitation workers do not show up, there are many others fill in for them. is that accurate? >> they are hiring but you need a cbl, so i don't know what he
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will do, 33% of people who show up don't know what they are doing, a bunch of rookie people. it will not be safe for the city. todd: your schedule to retire in 2024. how much did this mandate throw off your retirement? >> a lot because i may be going without pay as of monday. hopefully a new mayor reverses this. todd: if the new mayor does not reverse it what do you do to pay your bills? >> might have to give a shot i don't want to get, don't know what i am going to do. todd: you mentioned snow. piles of trash filling city sidewalks as tourists expect to see the tree and step on chicken bones instead. >> don't think he cares about the city.
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he's playing politics with our jobs. he thinks he has a shot at governor next year. todd: why is deblasio doing this? >> it is all politics. there is no reason. we have to get vaccinated or lose our job. it's not a reasonable timetable for a life-changing decision. >> the individual speaking on behalf of so many city workers for the same thing during a rally yesterday. we are thinking of you. keep us posted, not right what is happening. jillian: problems piling up at our ports and california officials say they will start finding shipping companies whose cargo containers stay on the docks too long. production and supply chain management expert joins us next.
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jillian: looking to solve supply chain backups on the west coast the ports of los angeles and long beach will fine shipping companies who overstay their welcome at marine terminals. the supply chain management expert joins me now. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> and long beach, per container increases in increments of $100
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per day for container. in your estimation is that the answer? >> it is not the answer. we are facing a supply chain crisis. there is a shortage. the focus is necessary but not sufficient. to attack this problem with fines on shipment companies that are usually not held is the wrong approach. jillian: our ports the main problem here? seems to me this is one piece of the, no effect. what issues have to be tackled? >> the administration makes it sounds like the tenor of the
1:31 am
press conference, it is wrong and capacity in ports with a big puzzle. such as there has to be more trucking capacity that encourage people to take trucking jobs in the longer-term, manufacturing has to be on sure. >> management of the trucking company, they say they don't have enough people on the roads, how much worse could this be at our ports? >> it is true there is a labor
1:32 am
shortage, they have not helped with many policies that disincentive eyes people from entering the labor force like the benefit programs and the vaccine mandates. the policies of the administration haven't helped in this instance. jillian: what about the long-term effects of the situation? >> in the longer-term taking a view, private industry will make radical changes during its procurement strategies and we have evidence of this happening.
1:33 am
intel, the father and leader in the chip industry. a strategy the completely outsourced manufacturing to the far east and reversed course in the sense that it is investing in major plans with arizona and manufacturing back to the united states. this will help tremendously but it will take time, doesn't set up manufacturing facilities. this is not the only example but a major example, one of the
1:34 am
prime examples of supply chain in this country. >> if shipping companies start to be signed, the cost will be felt by the consumer as it seems the case with a lot of things right now. >> it would be for the consumer as is the major cause of containers as increased by a sevenfold, 20,$000 per container. >> thank you for your expertise, have a wonderful day. todd: 34 after the hour facebook ceo mark zuckerberg announcing a new corporate name amid the turmoil in his company. >> would you like a new job? i do everything with fries. employment opportunities to every customer, a supervisor from raising cain will discuss it.
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this comes as facebook has faced a growing pr firestorm including a former employee accusing the company of prioritizing profits over safety and promoting harmful content to children. oil executives getting an earful from progressives on capitol hill, lawmakers questioning leaders from exxon mobil, chevron, shell and bp over allegations their companies downplayed the impacts fossil fuels have on climate change but republicans say now is not the time for what they are calling, quote, tone deaf hearings as americans are paying astronomical prices at the pump. >> why we joke around and mess around, you hate our homes, you cool averages, keep our cars going, this is insane. >> one of our colleagues say we have 11 years left to save the planet. jillian: the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.40. todd: the fast food chain raising cain offering chicken
1:41 am
during this nationwide labor shortage, pitching jobs to every customer they serve. a raising cain supervisor, thanks for being here. how did you come up with this idea? >> we came up with it on the fly to handle the labor shortage. everybody at our office is a cashier to start with so who better to send out than anybody from the corporate office. todd: corporate guys are doing it all. what the reaction when you ask a customer if they want a job? >> a lot of the reactions are positive at most say i didn't know, or i will share this with somebody and it is a positive reaction from our customers. they love coming and like talking to them. todd: does anybody take you up on this offer? >> we have hired quite a few.
1:42 am
i've gotten applications from the drive-through and talking to customers in the dining room. todd: let's look at some numbers, 6000 jobs have been added by you guys in the last 3 weeks, some from this. what are the reason someone on the sidelines says i'm going to get back in the game whether is it at raising cain's or somewhere else? >> it is a positive experience. everybody wants to come back to a place that has a great culture and see that we are having fun in the lobby talking to customers. it is important to want to apply and come to work for us. todd: do you hear people say the reason i wasn't doing anything previous to this was i was getting free money from the government or they were concerned about covid or a combination of the two? >> i haven't gotten much from our customers. it is more so they are looking for better opportunities or companies that treat them well.
1:43 am
todd: listen to your co-ceo on this recruiting strategy. >> we want all hands on deck. put the word out that we are recruiters. whatever we need to be. hopefully will make a difference. todd: how long will it be like this, struggling to find employees throughout the country? >> hopefully not much longer. we set a goal of hiring 10,050 days. it has been 3 weeks since we started this initiative, we are halfway through. todd: what makes you different from a lot of other companies that are struggling to come up with numbers close to that? >> what makes us different is we have a lot of fun, culture and are true to that and everyone sees it. they love our brand and our food, what better person who are
1:44 am
-- they are eating her food every day. todd: a good product they are willing to buy and good product they are willing to sell. thank you. jillian: it is 43 after the hour. new york state is pulling over 100 million bucks in pension funds for ben and jerry's over israel occupied terrorist. todd: do you remember this? >> come down to florida, take a taxpayer bonus money and enjoy constant interaction with vulnerable senior citizens you can breathe on. todd: that was not meant to be a joke. eddie scary is not joking, breaking down the scariest media moments. scary is his name.
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jillian: welcome back. reports of a man with a gun creating panic at los angeles international airport. two people injured in the chaos, no shots were fired and no weapon has been recovered. video shows 300 customers crowley airport tarmac after fleeing the terminal. flights were grounded until the
1:49 am
tarmac could be reopened, two people injured are expected to be okay. todd: from under biden coverups to justify left-wing harassment of kirsten sinema, breaking down the top scariest media moments. jillian: eddie scary, federalist columnist. how are you? conspiracy theories the remain unproven despite what you might have heard. the hunter biden laptop, does is rank at the top for you? >> it is a bizarre description of the hunter biden laptop story is an unproven conspiracy theory because by the time this piece came out many other outlets, fox news, daily mail, new york post which originally broke the story confirmed that this was legit
1:50 am
and never disputed by anyone and that was true going back to when the story originally broke my the new york post, the new york post story a nobody on the biden campaign disputed the details. hunter biden never said this was not true so to say it is an unproven conspiracy theory this late in the game is a flat out lie. todd: this article written by things that go bump in the night for the washington post, why can't the post accept this as a real story? >> media outlets like politico and the daily mail confirm these details. that was an attempt early on by facebook and twitter and other giants that buried the story to say they might be russian misinformation that is what this
1:51 am
did come into rehash the reasons they were trying to bury the story. and maybe it was russia, russia, russia, russia was none of that handout. other media outlets were able to corroborate the new york post's original reporting on the story so calling it an unproven conspiracy theory so late, so far after, never disputed by the white house, never disputed by hunter biden was very strange. jillian: let's talk about this, florida governor rhonda santos welcomed police officers to the state of florida who canceled or don't want to work in current cities because of vaccine mandates. i'm sure not everyone in florida is thrilled, there are people in all size living in all states the joy read has taken this on, listen to what she has to say. >> governor ron desantis, who else would it be?
1:52 am
rolling out this perverse dystopian tourism add to the covid blue line. come on down to florida, taxpayer bonus money, enjoy constant interaction with vulnerable senior citizens you can breathe on. jillian: what is your reaction to that? >> scary he is, every cringey tv. when this came out and she gave that monologue florida by this point under desantis has been outperforming every state other than hawaii in terms of infection rates, one of the lowest infection rates other than hawaii, outperforming states like new york that had a much higher vaccination rate, things were going well under desantis despite attempts by joy read that he was flouting the science are doing things that would intentionally spread infection. the numbers did not bear that out whatsoever. she's going on tv and lies, spreading the myth that he is flouting the science when he was doing very much the opposite, he was looking at the data, making
1:53 am
decisions based on that but this was never about and has never been about the spread in florida, caring about covid, it is about desantis being a popular republican governor in an important state, a big threat to democrats in 2024. todd: sticking with ms nbc an op-ed says kirsten sinema's bathroom protest was a long time coming. how do they get away with justifying the illegal behavior of filming someone in a bathroom? >> filming somebody on video, a woman no less, shocking and nbc also just this week published an op-ed questioning whether kirsten sinema is bad for bisexuals. that ran on nbc but this tells you what you need to know how the media view minorities.
1:54 am
they are not so special, worthy of elevation if they are not useful politically. kirsten sinema despite being a democrat is not being useful to liberals when it comes to the two massive welfare bills they are trying to pass, infrastructure spending, sometimes called social spending, she's not getting along with that. that bothered a lot of liberals so they see this as fair game, the media see this as fair game to harass in the bathroom, film or using public restrooms and attack her sexual identity. jillian: i don't see that type of behavior stopping anytime soon where you are harassing people in public doing things purposely getting on camera. do you see this ending anytime soon? >> of course not. it is always excused by liberals in the media when it is someone they don't like, in this case kirsten sinema who is serving as a wedge when it comes to passing these welfare bills. go ahead, follow her into
1:55 am
restrooms, we won't say a word about it. todd: get your copy of eddie scary's book privilege victims. i feel this is your holiday. >> it is just going to be this. todd: i would say that would be scary enough but that is me. you were born with it. jillian: there was a historical moment. glad i was here for it. thank you. we've got a big show coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first". cabins are taking a stand against what she calls woke cancel culture coming for comedian dave chapelle. todd: former virginia state senate candidate ron meyer, carley shimkus looking extremely serious. let's not forget joe concert the all on deck, a big 5 am hour on "fox and friends first," please don't go anywhere.
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get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. >> a little bit more. >> progressive democrats flexing their muscles and blocking a planned vote on president biden's social spending package, the president is set to meet with world leaders as the squad continues calling the shots in washington. todd: vice president kamala harris headed to virginia as new


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