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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: we are out of time, thanks to john mcwhorter, ra the rugged man, kat timpf, tyrus, our studio audience, shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld, i love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in new york city. breaking tonight, president biden arriving in europe leaving his multitrillion dollar social spending plan back home hanging in the ballots. democrats delaying a key vote as progressive support looks like it's crumbling and just hours from now, new york city's vaccine mandate goes into effect with critical worker shortages expected to get worse as trash
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is now piling up on the streets of the big apple. >> are they coming to ever pick the garbage up again? i don't know but i'm told there are rats in everybody's house. >> shannon: alec baldwin spotted shopping in vermont following that deadly accidental shooting. we begin tonight with the democrats divide on full display once again as the left-wing of the president's party sidelined his agenda items after he leaves the country. white house correspondent kevin corke is tracking the very latest developments for us tonight. >> usually we think of republicans as being splintered when it comes to making big deals in washington actually happen, names like romney, collins, and murkowski come to mind but now it is actually democrats who are dealing with intraparty division and that could spell very big trouble for
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the biden agenda. >> i'm pleased to announce that after months of tough and thoughtful negotiations, we have a historic economic framework. >> a framework which is washington speak for we are close to a deal but don't yet have a deal, it turns out they don't. despite an aggressive whipping campaign from democratic leaders and a trip to the hill by mr. biden himself, there is no deal insight for the presence build back better plan, nor for the senate infrastructure offering. undone as it turns out by progressive democrats. members of our caucus will not vote for the infrastructure bill without the build back better act said washington state congresswoman pramila jayapal. we will work to meet atlee to finalize and pass both pieces of legislation through the house together. oregon senator jeff merkley explained on twitter that the point of this two track process was to have both the
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infrastructure bill, and investments in america's families and our climate path together two details matter and house progressives are right to take the time to make sure we fully deliver for the american people. the setback comes hours after house speaker nancy pelosi told democrats she would at the very least bring on infrastructure bill to the floor tonight hoping to have it cemented before the president landed in italy. she didn't. according to multiple sources, she did manage to get kicked out of a meeting with the parties progressive caucus tonight, calling into question her ability to close a deal in an environment where progressives come in at the party's leadership are really driving the parties politics. with his agenda now hanging in the balance, the president is half a world away, no closer to seeing it through and nowhere nearby to use what remains of his influence to impact the negotiations. keep this in mind, democrats
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wanted $3.5 trillion to pay for their plans, that is a number as everyone knows has been halved down to roughly $1.75 trillion. even that number to be honest may not withstand the party's apparent civil war. sources tell fox tonight speaker pelosi will push for a boat at least on infrastructure at some point next week. >> shannon: thank you for breaking all that down for us. as the president tries a couple of multitrillion dollar spending packages, new data shows economic growth is down, prices are up, and the supply chain means backlogged. >> folks on spending much right now, u.s. department of commerce data showed economic growth slowed to a 2% annualized rate in the third quarter. republican senator john barrasso says this is a red flag for the american economy.
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>> the economic numbers that came out are so bad, they were the warning sirens sounding for the economy. the numbers that economists expected, we only got to half of that type of growth and at the same time we have the flames of inflation running wild. >> not everyone believes the disappointing third-quarter gdp reading is cause for alarm. >> it all comes down to earnings, it comes down to a strong consumer who has tons of cash on the sideline and the holiday spending season where we as these consumers with money in our pockets are going to payoff and satisfy that consumption need. >> on wall street, the nasdaq and s&p rallied to record highs as investors awaited final words in the president's spending plans, the labor department reported weekly jobless claims at 281,000 which is better than anticipated and the best number since the start of the pandemic.
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employers say they are holding onto staff longer and competing for workers. amid a blue-collar hiring crisis, mcdonald's joined other restaurants in raising menu prices, "the wall street journal" reports the fast food chain hiked prices in the u.s. by about 6% over last year, a result of rising wages and more expensive supplies thanks to the global bottleneck. national security advisor jake sullivan said the continuing supply chain problem will be a topic and the presidents meeting. >> we are working towards agreement with the other participants on a set of principles and parameters around how we collectively manage and create resilient supply chains going forward to. i don't want to get ahead of what comes out of it, i will just say broadly we are expecting solid outcomes from the supply chain meeting. >> last but not least, family vacation in california is about
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to get pricier. disney has announced ticket prices in their parks, in that state are about to go up. >> shannon: with the president off to europe, the depressive members of his party are pushing his build back better agenda back into limbo. let's discuss the latest drama in the gloomy economic indicators with former deputy assistant to the attorney general, great to have you both back. >> something from susan rice, the key advisors as this is resolved possibly coming together, here is what she said. >> it's transformational, historic, it's already garnered since being released today. support from every spectrum of our party, nobody is arguing about the substance. >> it seems like they are arguing about the substance or we would have a deal, where would we stand tonight? >> there isn't a deal right now, you have people like
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senator manchin of west virginia, senator sinema of arizona who objected to major parts of this plan. i think this fight is going to go on until christmas. we will have a difficult time getting to 2118 votes in the house and 51 in the senate. you look at these economic numbers, it's a bad picture right now. you have rising inflation at the same time you have low growth. there's a word for that, it's called stagflation, something we haven't heard about since jimmy carter was in the office, if i was the white house i would be nervous about this and incidentally given how bad inflation is now every time people go to the grocery store and people go to the gas station they pay higher prices. the one thing republicans should be saying over and over again is it you think inflation is bad right now, wait until they spend and borrow on tax three and a half to make $4 trillion, that's going to come from more money pushing to the economy and
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making it a lot worse. >> shannon: you heard susan rice say it's transformational, that's a word speaker pelosi used as well pick of the president used the word fundamental change to america, fundamentally change life for america, that makes people nervous especially when you're talking about underpinning for the economy. >> you've got the government getting involved and things have traditionally been for the state's. why does the federal government have to get involved with child care, with education, with family life? wise the federal government trying to impose an unconstitutional tax, a wealth tax when the democrats have such slim majorities, just a three vote majority in the house, 50/50 tie in the senate, you don't have this broad-based consensus for this kind of spending blowout that would be a great society version 2.0. instead i think americans don't want a lot of radical change, they want something more like the status quo.
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>> shannon: we know the economy is the big issue for voters and americans in general, we saw people worried about inflation and worried about the direction of the economy, the direction of the country and we are going to have a bellwether election next week in virginia and in new jersey, gubernatorial races are going on. we got fox news poll and about likely virginia voters, the virginia governor versus glenn youngkin. it's been a tight race, likely voters go for glenn youngkin 53% to make 45%, has primarily been about education there. certainly the economy and what is going on with the biden administration, there's a point to where the team is grumbling about not wanting to be tied with what is going on in washington, get the president has gone there and campaigned for mr. mcauliffe. this latest poll is not good news for him. >> it's interesting, i live in
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the washington area and live in virginia, it's so interesting because in last fall where you see biden's signs and a lot of those northern virginia suburbs, you're seeing glenn youngkin sides. i think this is going to be a big win for republicans, i think it's a protest vote against -- there's a lot of local issues here for sure but i think also there's a lot of dismay about the way joe biden has handled the presidency. if i'm right and glenn youngkin wins this race, i think it makes it harder for joe biden to pass this bill. the 25 democrats in the house that are republican districts, that is a tough vote for these guys. >> shannon: the president acknowledged as much sang with his presidency and the house in the senate, if he was good to hold onto them, he wanted these bills passed he thought it was the democrats best shot. this has to do with virginia parents who were polled, who do you trust to do a better job in virginia?
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this is something they have hammered because of crt, because of controversial issues that have come up but also because of the doj memo the attorney general got grilled about more than once on capitol hill and most recently in the senate. parents feel they are being targeted and they -- if they are a physical threat and that if there is harm if there's anything illegal going on but for many of them, it sounds like there has been a backlash to the doj memo that is not going to help terry mcauliffe in virginia. >> i had a lot of respect for attorney general merrick garland as a judge but to go out and claim that reasonable protests at local school boards are somehow a threat to the federal government that has to be pursued by the fbi shows how extreme this biden administration has been. the genius of our system is that a lot of issues like education are handled by local governments where people can influence what happened because they don't want
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to see a centralized national government control of education in our country. >> shannon: it stirred up a big debate and a lot of conversation, we'll see how it plays out in that virginia election, we will keep an eye on new jersey next week as well. thank you both. the trash is already piling up here in new york city tonight ahead of friday's deadline for municipal workers to comply with the new covid vaccine mandate. a severe shortage of police officers, firefighters and other essential workers. laura ingle in this tracking it all tonight from new york, good evening. >> the clock is ticking for city workers who aren't vaccinated against covid-19 with the mayor of new york city telling those workers if you don't get the shot, you go on leave and you don't get paid. city workers rallied outside near bill de blasio's official residence, against the mandate is a new york city resident
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safety could be potentially at risk. the fire department revealing it will need to close as much as 20% of fire companies and 20% fewer ambulances to run calls. >> i'm a city worker like so many of you here, firefighter for 16 years of serving this city proudly. >> firefighter jackie michelle martin is hoping to remind the mayor firefighters stayed on the job over a year and force them to make a life changing decision. after eliminating test out options, she said it's just not right. >> nine days is not enough time for people have mortgages, family, for sick children to make a life-changing decision in only nine days. >> bill de blasio said he has contingency plans in place with first responders with mandatory overtime, scheduling changes and other options. he expects to see a surge in
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vaccinations among city workers by friday. >> we have the spattered with health care workers and everyone who works with the department of education which by far is the biggest agency. a surge of vaccination right up on the deadline. >> losing firefighters and police officers, a huge concern for many. vaccinated police officers were at 73% at last check potentially leaving the city without a quarter of patrols. a police spokesperson telling fox in a statement we will be prepared for any changes in personnel due to the mandate. then there is the issue of trash. complaints have already started as reports of sanitation workers are in a slow down ahead of the deadline, only 62% of sanitation workers are vaccinated which means those workers warned vaccinated don't get at least one shot by friday at five, trash on the street could become an even bigger problem. late thursday, the new york city firefighters union reportedly
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asked state court to put a hold on the city's mandate. the fight not over yet. >> shannon: former new york democratic governor andrew cuomo is facing misdemeanor sex crime charged night accused of putting his hand under a woman's shirt. the court document does not name the woman but he has been publicly accused of groping and aid. at the executive mansion around that date. no comment from the andrew cuomo camp. lori lightfoot getting a chilly welcome after a fall out of the city's mandates. after the mayor was introduced, chicago's first union to endorse her in her 2019 runoff election. you can hear for yourself. [boos] >> shannon: some union members say that is being overblown but
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the mayor spoke for a minute or so before wrapping up her remarks. los angeles international airport, temporarily grounded due to reports of an active shooter. police did arrest one person near terminal 1 of lax just before o'clock p.m. local time. there was no threats, no active shooter, no reports of any injuries. major storm headed to the east coast this weekend where we could see the worst coastal flooding in 10 to 20 years. fox weather meteorologist tracking it all for us, good evening. >> nearly 20 million people, thanks to a deepening low-pressure system that is going to bring in a very strong wind gusts and concern for flooding. this low-pressure system, the same system that brought severe
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weather through the planes into the gulf coast. this low-pressure system moving into the mid-atlantic, it's going to spread not only rain and bring in that flood risk but as it pushes into the washington, d.c., area and up into the mid-atlantic, he has a southeasterly flow. the set up for this low-pressure system is why we have this cause for concern for coastal flooding. strong winds are going to push that and bring in two to mecca e spots. this is why we have coastal flood warnings in effect for areas. more likely later in the day on friday overnight and early saturday morning. here's some of the high tide times, delaware city, six to mecca 17, annapolis, maryland, overnight. that's one thing that could see some water over the top of that,
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we want to be mindful in those areas. for going to be out late night on friday, early saturday morning and be careful in some spots. this is outside of washington, d.c., expected to crest at 7.22 feet on saturday. it's already in minor flood stage expected to near major flood by the time we get into the weekend. rivers are reporting minor to mecca moderate flood stage early this morning and we are going to continue to see those waters rise as this low-pressure system moves into the area yet. alerts also going to be a concern, it's going to be that southeasterly wind that pushes the water on shore and brings in that water to some yards, could approach some vulnerable structures, that's why we want to stay off those roads if we can. we could see wind gusts upwards
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>> shannon: you're watching the golden knights competing in the united states parachute association national skydiving championship. this is 1 of 2 army parachute teams performing their choreographed routine in the skies above arizona. the golden knights finished third and ninth place with their
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two teams ergo just a few miles north of phoenix, sunny the cat saw trespasser in his backyard and reverted back to his days when he lived out on the mean streets. the fierce feline chasing a coyote often a matter of seconds never to be seen again. coyotes are serious, they are notorious in that area for snagging cats and dogs, small ones. i just want everyone to know what you saw on the camera, that's the oldest sonny, he was adopted to but at that moment he was very focused on protecting his turf. footage out of texas, traffic coming to a complete stop on high ten after a violent tornado swept across the road at one point it appears to be a vehicle. power lines are flashing, still tens of thousands were left without power. a tennessee mom praising luke bryan on social media after the country star came to her rescue when she blew a tire leaving her stranded on the side of the road with her small kids after
9:27 pm
experiencing several devastating family losses, brian talked openly how he thinks it's important to care for others and pay it forward to. what a nice gesture and had the skills to get it done. the oklahoma county sheriff's office called the halloween spirit and decided to have a pumpkin decorating contest. here is the winner, a decked out patrol car and lots of lights actually flashing. we want to ask you for pictures and videos, hit us up at shannon bream or at spring 29 media. big changes coming to facebook, the embattled social media giant's rebranding itself and trying to bounce back for more than one round of negative publicity, fox news correspondent gerri willis has details for us tonight. >> kept under wraps for weeks, facebook's new name finally revealed today by none other than the company's ceo and founder mark zuckerberg. the name?
9:28 pm
meta. as an meta-verse. >> to reflect what we are and ad what we want to build, i am proud to announce our company is now meta. are mission is still the same, to bring people together. >> an ongoing firestorm of bad press focusing on the social medias noxious impacts on children and girls and the efforts to be platform conservatives all in an effort to expose excruciating details and thousands of pages of internal documents made public by former employee francis haugen over the last several weeks. zuckerberg denies this is motivation for the name change and instead says he wants to double down on the multibillion-dollar investment in the meta-verse, a 3d version of the web that would transform gaming, shopping, fitness, entertainment, and even your morning business meeting. users with access the meta-verse using vr headsets and instead of
9:29 pm
seeing your workmates via a two-dimensional view screen, you would view a three dimensional portion of the meeting, facebook is already announced its plans to hire 10,000 people in europe to develop the meta-verse. none of this is coming cheap. facebook's investment this year alone is expected to cut operating profit by $10 billion and industry analysts have been cutting facebook's price targets because of its. pressure on facebook mounting tonight on disclosures that the ftc is investigating facebook's disclosures and has republicans and democrats alike on capitol hill called for new guardrails on the company. >> shannon: thank you so much. time to bring back kevin corke because it is national chocolate day. we're not going to miss the opportunity, i had to go to the vending machine to find something. i like my chocolate a little fancier but i'll take this. i don't know how this is different from any other day in my life. >> you and me both, let's be
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honest victor i love chocolate, you love chocolate and apparently we have -- i want to share something i think you will probably say of course. americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each and every year, that's about 11 pounds per person. i'm guilty of that. there are a lot of benefits to eating chocolate, a powerful source of antioxidants, they can improve your blood to flow and lower your blood pressure. we may actually according to some researchers reduce heart disease, protect your skin from the sun and improve brain function. be honest, how often is in the house and many times a week would you say you have chocolate? >> shannon: seven days a week, i'm not even going to pretend. i usually do the individually wrapped in squares i feel like that give me some measure of control, how about you? >> i have a cheat cabinet, that's how much i like sweets.
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i eat chocolate every day, dario, you can attest he will bring me -- i have chocolate every day and i love it. >> shannon: everyday amount of ration, it's like taking vitamins. it's a health elixir and we are only taking care of ourselves. put that with a red one which is also good for our hearts, we will basically be triathletes. >> we will live to be 115 and chugging along. this is old school, i don't usually eats the hershey's but it still tastes great. >> shannon: i like it, this one of course has cookies and caramel in its. peanut butter, i'll do it all. it's this time of year. >> it's everywhere including in our executive producer's office. >> shannon: and in my stomach. thank you very much. more details trickling out about the film set shooting with alec baldwin, how many protocols had to be missed in order for this tragedy to happen?
9:32 pm
what investigators are letting tonight, we're going to forget all it down with a hollywood director who is directed shoot out scenes himself. robbie starbuck explains how this is supposed to work, he joins us live next. ♪ ♪ ordinary tissues burn when theo blows. so dad bought puffs plus lotion, and rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion
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i'm doing something good for me finally. (announcer) go to to lose weight and get healthier. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up and tonight's real news roundup, michigan state university reminding students to choose a halloween costume that doesn't "perpetuate stereotypes and cultural appropriation" according to the daily wire. the university published an article under its inclusion and intercultural initiative warning that halloween can become a breeding ground for racist, sexist, culturally insensitive, and violent behaviors toward many visible and invisible identities, noting that someone's culture should not be someone else's costume. here's a live look at charlotte, north carolina, were a jury awarded a white man $10 million in a reverse discrimination suit agreeing with his claims that his race and gender were motivating factors in decision
9:38 pm
to fire him as senior vice president back in 2018. he claimed he was fired to make way for for women and minorities. they said he was fired for poor leadership and believes the product is not supported by the evidence supported at trial, it will be appealing. >> you are headed for a climate disaster and every year governments spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies. imagine if we have spent hundreds of billions of year subsidizing giant meteors. is my wild idea, don't choose extinction. >> shannon: that is it frankie the dinosaur created by cgi by the united nations to advocate for climate policy at of a u.n. conference in scotland, urging nations to take advantage of pandemic restructuring in order to leverage climate change regulation. authorities in new mexico saying alec baldwin is cooperating with
9:39 pm
the investigation into the accidental shooting death of a cinematographer on a movie set last week. the probe is focusing on who brought live rounds on the set, let's get some expert insight on how something like this could have happened from hollywood producer. this is a retweet from alec baldwin, before he handed a revolver that he had declared cold to alec baldwin on the set of the film "rust," he should have inspected each round in each chamber according to an affidavit but he did not. what do you make of that bit of information we're getting tonight? >> it's absolutely true. onset there's almost nothing more serious than making sure you inspect guns. is a huge believer in the second amendment myself, i know the most basic principle about guns is assume they are always
9:40 pm
loaded that is something we teach everyone onset, always assume a gun is loaded, it gets checked, checked again and checked a third time and everybody responsible for it needs to check it including the actor. the actor is the person who's going to be the one ultimately using it and when the gun comes into your hands, you have to be the person to check it and understand the lethality that could come with it. it was a failure on all fronts. >> shannon: investigation as it's underway now, it's early on but there are reports that there were some 500 rounds that were found onset, some of them blanks, some of the dummies, some of them live rounds. would you ever have live ammunition on a movie set? >> never, not for any reason. it's one of the most inexcusable things about the whole case and alec baldwin being a producer on the set had to be aware and if he wasn't aware that the negligence in itself, producers need to be aware that there is issues onset. they are out there shooting cans on breaks, that never happens
9:41 pm
onset. i've heard from people all over hollywood this week that work in this area in props and they are all just dumbfounded how this could happen on a set two >> shannon: i got to tell you, i grew up a dad with who is in law enforcement tommy how to handle and clean guns, always assume it's loaded to. you never pointed anyone you're not prepared to shoot or kill. there are basic rules but i got to tell you even as somebody who knows guns pretty well, i didn't realize actual guns were used in some movie scenarios come i thought they were all fake props. tell us what actually happens onset, is it unusual that an actual operable gun was onset? >> not unusual at all. i've said for a long time, it's weird that we call them proper guns because they are real guns, very rarely are principal actors using fake guns, the using real guns on most every time when you're a lead actor and it's why the process is there where it goes from a safe to an armor, they take it to the a.d., they
9:42 pm
check it, the actor typically checks it, even one of the actors from this film set onset, all of the experienced actors were all checking the guns when they came into possession of them. that is what is normal. the fact that it wasn't checked before it was used is what is not normal. same thing with protection, if a gun is good to be pointed towards crew, there are shields up, there were no shields used during that scene to protect the cinematographer who ultimately unfortunately died and that is inexcusable. >> shannon: we have a couple sound bites from the sheriff, this one is about whether or not we should be using the word "accident." here's what he said to. >> i would be careful about using the word accident, this is obviously a tragedy and it was avoidable, so right now it's a criminal investigation. as of right now i wouldn't call it an accident at all, it's a criminal investigation. >> shannon: there are a lot of different people who would be
9:43 pm
responsible and be in this chain of possession of this weapon, what do you make of this that the sheriff says i wouldn't call it an accident? it is a criminal investigation. >> i agree with him wholeheartedly, i think there's a big ocean between accident and criminal negligence that causes someone to die. there's three people here who are sharing responsibility, ultimately that person who is holding the gun, they hold the most responsibility. that's the way i see it. we will see how the law sees it at the end of this but i do think there is culpability for the people involved in this because it rises that level of negligence bigger you talk to anybody in hollywood it doesn't matter that background, this has to take a collection of dozens of negligent decisions for it to get to the point for this to happen. that's a problem that can't be solved by anything but the law coming in and making sure somebody pays the price for what happened. >> shannon: it's gut wrenching to know this woman lost her life, completely unnecessarily and we can only hope if there is
9:44 pm
any good to come from its, it will beef up security without these are handled on movie sets so there isn't a repeat of this, thanks for giving us an understanding. what's in a name? the cleveland guardians, it's a roller derby team, they don't think the name would be -- they are taking on the newly branded cleveland guardians baseball team, night court's next. you be the jury. ♪ ♪ never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™
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♪ ♪ >> time now for night court, cleveland indians that they put controversy in their name behind them when they announced they were changing the name to the guardians. it turns out there's already a cleveland guardians, there is a roller derby team. that team is taking the baseball franchise the court arguing cleveland cannot have two teams with the exact same name. the baseball team says it shouldn't be a problem, the team should be able to operate as is. a privacy specialist and attorney along with criminal attorney bob emma welcome back. we are going to start with exhibit a, two sports teams in the same city cannot have identical names pick a major baseball will never apartment
9:50 pm
chicago cubs lacrosse to operate alongside storied baseball teams pickle imagine seeing a new york yankees shirt and buying it, which team did you just support? >> i think it's going to come down to two things, damages and usage. when you talk about damages, the derby team experienced an uptick on their website and social media pages and profits on merchandise because of this name change. when you talk about usage, this is actually coming down not to federal trademark law but common law itself. that is important to talk about because they are going to point to their use of the name back in 2019. where the baseball team is going to have the stron strongest argt is in the last two years because they were not using their social media, they were not
9:51 pm
using their website and arguably that would've been the most important time for them to do it during covid. >> shannon: let's get to exhibit b, the cleveland indians, soon to be the guardians. we have been and continue to be confident in our position to become the guardians, we believe there is no conflict between the parties and their ability to operate in their respective business arena. >> they're going to say that but it's ludicrous. the bottom line is that cleveland, all their social media platforms they have been using, they have an open and notorious of the trademark law for over seven years with due respect to what sarah is saying, they have gotten hammered. their websites crashed because people are going on thinking it's the baseball team, merchandisers want merchandise for the roller derby team anymore because they feel like they are not appropriately using the trademark when it's the other way around. that had a lot of good will lost and social media rankings have
9:52 pm
gone way, way down because it's being consumed by the baseball team which has not even started. their argument is very clear, we were the first here, the first has the right to the trademark and what does the baseball team do? they go to some island i never heard of on the indian ocean on the east coast of africa to file some paperwork in order to try to support their claim. if that is not the most dubious and deceitful thing, it's consciousness of guilt right there. the roller derby team, they are getting shafted with this. >> shannon: exhibit c, it is inconceivable an organization with more than a billion dollars estimated to have annual revenues of $290 million plus would not at least have performed a google search for cleveland guardians before settling on a name, even occurred to research would've returned to website cleveland guardians as the first hit.
9:53 pm
>> it's going to come down to damages and usage for the baseball team. quickly, it's interesting to see both parties are not really talking to the media about the lawsuit, i think what is probably happened behind the scenes as they are working on a deal. >> they're going to look for a settlement, the baseball team asked them for their logo and they went out. with all the money they have, they came up with a graphic design with a g, wings very similar to the roller derby's logo. in a complaint, they don't even have creativity to come up with a logo that doesn't look like our logo? it's a heist in plain sight. >> shannon: thank you both. good news before we say good night, a kangaroo sanctuary
9:54 pm
in australia has adopted a trio of rescued baby kangaroos. the three joey's snuggling together were rescued by a group of unknown individuals with the sanctuary thanking them, we welcomed three orphans last week, the babies are all doing well and love one another already. we need love and cuddly animals in this world, i thought we would give you that story tonight. >> we need a lot more of that right now. i want to take you to the peach state, georgia for this good news good night. that's where we find tim huff, a certified paramedic and a rookie officer who had been on the job for less than a week. together they saved the life of a railroad worker when collapsed on the job. on track him unconscious, he had to use a defibrillator and the victim survived. good news good night.
9:55 pm
>> shannon: that man was in distress on the tracks and unconscious, thank goodness someone found him there. thank you so much. that's it from new york, i'm shannon bream. see you on the five tomorrow. hed jerking in my face and hands affected my day to day... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults... while i continue with most of my mental health medications. (vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in patients with huntington's disease. pay close attention to and call your doctor if you become depressed, have sudden changes in mood, behaviors, feelings, or have suicidal thoughts. common side effects include inflammation of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. don't take austedo if you have liver problems,
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tucker carlson's next. shannon bream at midnight. >> i'll see you then. >> brian: bye. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's a bewildering experience working in cable news right now. fun, but pretty unbelievable. just about every morning as we are putting the show together some story from the biden white house crosses our screens and we think to ourselves "come on, there is absolutely no way that can be real, it is just too crazy." and, of course, pretty much every morning what we had assumed was a joke turns out to be entirely it is actually happening. the biden administration really


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