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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 28, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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these places, november 5th, still selling tickets in charleston, west virginia, at the charleston convention center. go to" >> give me some tickets and i will come. >> brian: that is it for "prime time. what i would like you to do is listen for the snare drums. tucker carlson's next. shannon bream at midnight. >> i'll see you then. >> brian: bye. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's a bewildering experience working in cable news right now. fun, but pretty unbelievable. just about every morning as we are putting the show together some story from the biden white house crosses our screens and we think to ourselves "come on, there is absolutely no way that can be real, it is just too crazy." and of course pretty much every morning what we had assumed was a joke turns out to be entirely real. it is actually happening.
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the biden administration really is that crazy. they really are firing thousands of nurses in the middle of a pandemic, firing thousands of cops in the middle of a crime wave. no, they are not kidding, even in the slightest when they tell you that is a genuine female four-star admiral standing right there. joe biden isn't giggling. he tells you it is a victory for women everywhere and he means it when he says it. he means all of these things, even though once he does not understand, which is most. as the guys who runs the babylon bee told us recently it is getting tough to run a parody site in this country, no matters almost impossible to be more ludicrous than reality already is. and yet. even by those impossibly high standards, we can confidently announce tonight that we have just read the single most deranged news story ever printed in this country. so no matter what happens going forward -- and god knows what that will be -- this story will live forever as the high
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watermark of political lunacy. marketer calendars. october 20th, 2,021, this is the day that things couldn't get nuttier. and here it is. according to a piece in this afternoon's "wall street journal," the biden administration has decided to pay reparations to illegal aliens. in other words, foreigners who came here without invitation, who came in willful violation of legal statutes passed by our congress for our constitution, those people are about to get a groveling apology and huge amounts of cash. why? because our government dared to enforce its own laws which now apparently is immoral. so the biden white house is going to pay criminals for committing crimes. it is almost impossible to believe that is real. but it is real. according to the journal, the administration claims to "offer immigrant families that were separated during the trump administration around $450,000 a
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person in compensation. the u.s. department of justice, homeland security, health and human services, considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million per family. a million dollars per family for illegal aliens at exactly the moment that american families are becoming noticeably poorer by the day. you won't be surprised to learn according to the paper that nearly a thousand reparations claims have already been filed. why not? the total payout from this, more than a billion dollars. so how much is that exactly? let's see. if you are an american citizen who was killed in a war defending your country, our government promises to send your family a hundred thousand dollars. that is less than a quarter of what joe biden intends to give illegal aliens for the inconvenience of being deported. they are once again getting $450,000 apiece from your tax receipts. that is more than some of the
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9/11 victims got. it is more than any ordinary american ever gets for anything from the u.s. government. most people in this country just give. foreigners with no respect for our laws or systems, meanwhile, are hitting the jackpot. so take this back, you have to wonder how long the sort of think and continue. how long before the people who make this country run -- who by the way are not the same people who run this country, those are rhetorical very different groups -- but before the people who make this country run decide they have had enough and they are not going to take it anymore? why pay your taxes at this point -- seriously? it is too insulting. it is too destructive. it is evil. who knows how long it's going to take to get there but at this rate it is coming quick. in the meantime, what can we know? we can be certain how the rest of the world is going to see this announcement. why wouldn't you cross our border illegally at this point? he would have to be insane not to. joe biden is literally paying people who do it. so not surprisingly, as fox news 'griff jenkins just reported,
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new waves of illegal migrants are coming as fast as they can. here is caravan. >> chanting liberty, the caravan charges through a checkpoint as the mexican national guard stance by watching. the migrants, undeterred by mexico's foreign minister, who says they are being deceived by the organizers. >> they tell them "let's go in the caravan, we get to the u.s. and they will let us pass." it is not true, you saw what happened with the haitians, it is the same thing. >> but the warning is not breaking the will of the migrants. >> that is not stopping us because we have the power of god right next to us, and he is going to open. god is not going to stop us. we are still proceeding, we will still be moving, he is not going to stop us. >> tucker: we act like this -- we just can't stop it, but that is not what is happening. the biden administration is actively encouraging this, and more so today.
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legislative framework the democrats released today would give amnesty to millions and millions of illegal aliens, the largest amnesty proposed in the history of this country. the center for american progress, which is of course are closely aligned with the biden white house, released analysis and concluded nearly 7 million illegal aliens living here would get green cards under this proposal. specifically it would legalize anyone here illegally as long as that person can show he or she arrived in this country, follow this, between january 1st, 1972, during the first nixon administration, and december 31st, 2009. that is a span of 27 years, quite a strike zone. what about the millions of illegals who came here since 2009? they are fine, too. the biden administration has put out a list of no-go zones, not places -- foreigners who break our laws can go anywhere, but i noticed were federal officers trying to enforce those laws. i.c.e. agents according to the biden white house are no longer allowed to enter schools,
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hospitals, health care facilities, places of worship, playgrounds, child care centers, crisis centers, homeless centers, rehab facilities, food banks, disaster recently relief centers, funerals, basically not allowed anywhere. so that is it for immigration laws. they are done. they are totally ignored. they are totally unenforced. the question is the one that is never asked by anybody is how exactly do american citizens benefit from these changes? well, let's see. here's a recent report from the state of florida. >> when sheriff discusses this horrific car crash that killed a 5-year-old girl, the anger in his voice is hard to miss. >> had he been in his home country last saturday night like he should've been, our 5-year-old beautiful little girl would have been alive. >> but instead, ernesto lopez morales was driving down state road 60 and mulberry. >> he has already drank six 32-ounce beers by his own
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admission. >> this sheriffs is a lopez morales was out buying more beer. we are told his headlights were off, he was speeding, and he slammed into the back of a hyundai a mantra driven by a mother. the impact brushed the back half of the a mantra, including the backseat with a 5-year-old was in her car seat. >> tucker: so here's the point of that awful story. batman, ernesto lopez morales, should never have been here in the first place, here was here illegally like millions of others and he did not even have a driver's license. after downing the equivalent of 16 regular sized beers, 16, he killed a 5-year-old girl in a car crash. so the question is, what will joe biden do about things like this? well, nothing. we know that for certain because biden has already announced a drunk driving is no longer grounds for deportation. >> you only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that's committed, and i don't count drunk driving as a felony. >> tucker: i don't count drunk driving as a felony. well, that's a big change. oh, that only applies to people
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here illegally, not to you. the biden administration once again is making this country poorer, more chaotic, and in many places much more dangerous. that is not an accident, of course, it is being done on purpose. people close to it see it every day. james chilton close to it. a fifth-generation rancher from the state of arizona. his property on the mexican border, and over the last few months, his ranch has been transformed into something unrecognizable. his ranch is now covered with garbage. dropped by people coming into this country. illegal aliens fire weapons at border patrol officers as they head back and forth into mexico. so watching all this happen, watching his land to be destroyed by foreigners, children had an idea. so the biden administration as you may have noticed things it cares deeply about the environment on something called ecological justice and this seemed in just. so chilton called the forest service for help, maybe they would save his patch of the environment from being poisoned and destroyed. but no, they didn't. the forest service said they
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couldn't come to chilton's ranch because the property was too dangerous to patrol. federal agents can't even go there. this is america. over much of the past nine months, a lot of this chaos has flowed northward over mexico's border with texas. unvented foreign nationals from more than 100 countries, thousands more every day. several times on this show we have asked with a state of texas plans to do about this. how can texas help to save the rest of the country? well tonight we are happy to tell you the governor of the st, has mobilized the texas national guard to protect the sovereignty of this country and of his state. the governor of texas, greg abbott, joins us now to explain what he is doing. mr. governor, thank you so much for coming on. thank you for doing this. if you don't mind, and if you could give our viewers an overview of what have you you have done to secure our border h mexico. >> i will tell you exactly what we are doing but i want to emphasize a phrase you used earlier, that is the biden administration is actively encouraging this, which is in contrast to what the trump administration did. what the biden administration has taken over, what texas has
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done, we now have 6500 national guard and dps troopers on the border to help secure the border, and as we are talking right now, they are identifying locations on the border where they are laying down razor wire to secure all the possible crossings that these caravans may be coming to, and then in addition to that, beginning today, we begin dropping these large containers that you see on 18-wheelers, that you also see on these ships that are going across the ocean, we are dropping them down on locations that could be crossings that would be used by these caravans to serve as a blockade to prevent them from coming across the border, and then on top of that, if they do come across the border, the national guard and the texas department of public safety are authorized to arrest any of these people who make it through our blockade efforts and put them in jail for violating a crime of criminal trespassing in the state of texas, and tucker, on top of that, texas is stepping up and we are building
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our own border wall. that process has already begun. we are in the process of getting bids on it and i am told to expect part of the texas wall to be completed before the end of this calendar year. >> tucker: amen. when the country falls apart, states have to act like countries. so you are the chief executive of a state whose sovereignty is being violated by foreign nationals. many of whom are not even from nearby countries, or latin america, but around the world. it seems you are doing the sensible thing, the only thing. what kind of pushback do you expect to get from the biden administration for doing this? >> listen, the biden administration has been pushing back every step of the way. among other things that i did, tucker, i issued an order of preventing any of the ngos or other assisted aides in the state of texas from transporting or moving any illegal immigrant within the state of texas because of health care reasons, because of possible spread of covid. the biden administration sued me, they went to federal court, they got a federal court to rule that my executive order was
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unconstitutional. i will continue to act, however, but it just goes to show the level of pushback by the biden administration, even trying to deny me to protect the health and safety of my fellow texans. >> tucker: you have had hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people come from other countries moving through texas, and then coming into the united states. how -- to what degree can you stanch the flow of people coming in illegally, do you think? >> so, the best way we can do that is the strategies that we are employing as we speak right now, and that is to identify all of these locations where they may be coming across, and they are called low water crossing areas, and then to serve as blockades in those regions so that we will be preventing the people from coming across the border. >> tucker: what -- i have to ask you, since you deal with this every day, what do you think the biden administration's motive is in throwing open our borders to the world? >> it is clear, kind of what you are talking about earlier. joe biden believes in open border policies, and his
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ministry can do, and they are truly trying to redesign the united states of america, in a complete lawless way. they talked about this on the campaign trail went all the democrats were on the same debate stage talking about, quite literally, these socialistic policies they would employ in the united states, which mimic ocasio-cortez and her acolytes, and they are acting out on all those policies and promises they made during the campaign. that leaves it to the states now to step up and do everything we can to hold onto the united states of america until republicans can regain control of congress and the presidency. >> tucker: yeah, with new attitudes i hope from too. you are certainly protecting the rest of us by doing this. governor, we appreciate you coming out tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so last night, we showed you a trailer for something called "patriot purge," our new investigative documentary on what happened on january 6th, debuts monday on fox nation. this morning we woke up to this tweet. it comes from congresswoman liz cheney, suburban virginia who
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for some reason represent the state of wyoming in the house. "fox news is giving tucker carlson the platform to spread the same type of lies that provoked violence on january 6." she made it explicit: "make this man -- the platform has a show at once." that was a point of the tweet and amusing to read at. this is not cnn. we work for fox news. our bosses do not pull people off the air just because some screechy little politician does not like what we say. sorry, liz cheney. keep in mind that liz cheney has not even seen the film she is so angry about, just the trailer. a minute and 42 seconds pulled from three full episodes. liz cheney is not waiting for the facts here. she knows were certain we have weapons of mass destruction, and she plans to invade. according to liz cheney, this show is dangerous. because we have dared to report on what actually happened on january 6th, this show is somehow, she says, betting violence. now if that argument sounds familiar, there is a reason it does appear that argument is a
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staple of those hysterical purple haired college activist you see yelling at people in viral videos. your speech is violence, they shout, our violence is speech. so in other words, burning down america's cities is a civil rights protest, shooting an unarmed female trump supporter to death is an act of courage, but objecting to racist propaganda being impose on your kids at school is terrorist, lock most parents up. that is the official position of the democratic party and has been for at least a year. what is interesting that suddenly it is liz cheney's position, too. in some ways, you can see why cheney was so enraged by our trailer. until yesterday, she and nancy pelosi had a monopoly on how americans were allowed to understand january 6th. it was a racist insurrection, they told us with straight faces. it was the single worst day of political violence since 9/11, the civil war. that was there often repeated story line, and they were entirely in charge of that story line no questions were allowed. but unfortunately for them, that
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is not how a free society works. politicians don't get to put parameters around your thoughts or conversations. free people are permitted to ask any question they want. they can follow the facts to their own logical conclusions, and that is exactly what we set out to do months ago when we began reporting on this story. we spoke to dozens of people who were directly involved in the events of january 6th. we screened hundreds of hours of relevant videotape. what we found in the end of our no resemblance whatsoever to the story that you have heard repeatedly from liz cheney and nancy pelosi, as well as their many media mouthpieces in the media. they were lying. we will have all of the details for you next week. in the meantime, by the way, we had hoped very much to speak to liz cheney directly tonight. sniping over social media can be amusing, but it is not really the way adults communicate with each other. so we called liz cheney's office this morning to invite her on the show, but she emphatically refused to come. it turns out liz cheney is not simply a liar, she is also a
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coward. not really surprising, neocons usually are cowards. in any case, i'll offer stands. liz cheney is always welcome on this show any. on the way out tonight, we want to show you again what we have been working on. it premieres monday. here is what it looks like. >> hey, it is tucker carlson. we spent the last couple of months working on a project we are finally ready to roll out. for a full week, we are going to get to the bottom of what really happened on january 6th. there has been an unprecedented level of propaganda about this. we think we have found the truth. in a multipart series on it on "tucker carlson originals" called "patriot purge," that is on fox nation. all other fox nation show, "tucker carlson today," is going to feature interviews tying it altogether. here is an exclusive first look. [chanting] >> what exactly happened on january 6th? how much of what we were told
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about that day is a lie? >> if that wasn't insurrection, it was the most poorly conducted insurrection ever. >> "patriot purge." all next week, exclusively on fox nation.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: oh, they are mad about our january 6th documentary. they don't want to lose control of that story line. it was a racist insurrection. shut up, yes it was. found a lot of facts that showed it actually wasn't, it was something else entirely. they wouldn't like that at all. and they don't. well, here's an interesting story. according to news reports today, the former governor of new york -- recent former governor andrew cuomo could be arrested next week. a criminal complaint was filed against him up fairly from groping a former aide in the executive mansion. he would have to register as a sex offender if he was convicted, which would be pretty unbelievable. meanwhile, he has not been charged for the things he actually did, like causing the deaths of thousands of people in nursing homes across new york. he never will be. francey hakes is a former federal prosecutor and joins us tonight to try to walk through the complexity of future potentially criminal
5:25 pm
andrew cuomo. francie, thanks for coming on tonight. i want to throw it to you, what do you make of this? >> it is really interesting, tucker, the thing that struck me the most about this at this point is apparently the police officer filed the summons or these charges, misdemeanor charge, against the former governor without permission of the district attorney's office, and so they were not supposed to be filed yet, these charges, so i don't quite understand how that happened. i feel pretty certain the district attorney would have made it very clear when she wanted the charges filed, so that is the first thing that strikes me. the second thing is the name of the charge, forcible touching. of course, we all know what it means, if you read the paper work, it means a sexual assault. that is pretty significant that they have laid it out this document. >> tucker: because this -- i am not in any way defending andrew cuomo, who is lonesome by any definition of a term, but i never read anything, any claim that suggested he was a criminal, he is just a weird,
5:26 pm
creepy guy. because it is new york and everything is so politicized there and everything is a plot to put somebody in some position of power, can we take all of this at face value? honestly? >> well, tucker, it's interesting because they did attach, they indicated they have a lot of proof that goes along with this charge. they obviously find the claim to be credible. this is in effect groping, he groped her sexually, is what the charge is. they say they have swipes of cards of people going in and out of the mansion, sell records, so they have obviously tried very hard to bolster or support what the victim was saying happened, but ultimately, it is a question of her credibility because there were only the two of them in a room together. >> tucker: well, he is clearly a weird guy, he always struck me as a mob guy by the way he talked -- i'm not saying he is a hit man, but it was the way he talked. what about his friends, anderson cooper and all the people on tv who are good friends with him. if he becomes a registered
5:27 pm
sex offender, will they still be his friends, do you think? >> well, i'm not sure i know whether anderson cooper will want to hang out with him, but i can say that when jeffrey epstein was a registered sex offender, lots of people seemed to want to hang out with him, so maybe in certain circles it is acceptable to be a registered sex offender. i can promise you, it is not acceptable in my circle appeared >> tucker: and remember, he killed himself. [laughs] francey hakes, it is so great to see you tonight. that is such a great point. i appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well, here is something we never thought we would say. in the state of virginia which is now essentially democrat state, a state in control of the democrat party, polls show the republican glenn youngkin has a meaningful lead in the race against terry mcauliffe, the former democrat governor. apparently, mcauliffe strategy to keep attacking parents are calling them racist, it isn't p. we have details next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: new polling from this company shows that glenn youngkin, the republican running for governor in the democrat-controlled state of virginia, is now leading terry mcauliffe, the former democratic governor, by a wide margin, 53% to 45%. polling from the group coefficient has youngkin up by four points. just two weeks ago, according to our polls, mcauliffe was leading the race by five points. so, what happened? here's what part of what happened. terry mcauliffe set out loud that parents had no right to be involved in their own children's education. they are not really your kids, they belong to the teachers union. that was not a gaffe, he kept saying that. on msnbc, for example, mcauliffe just argued that parents who complain about their kids education are racist. >> one of the fake crt battlegrounds is in loudoun county, the richest county in virginia, where our friend and colleague alex wegner
5:34 pm
interviewed a leading republican suburban mommy activist who is fighting the states equity and inclusion curriculum. >> education has become the flash point across the country. do you know why? >> tell me. >> you don't mess with our kids. >> joining me now is terry mcauliffe, democratic candidate for governor of virginia. [laughs] sorry. i just want to -- it's a lot. >> we don't teach critical race theory. it has never been taught in virginia. this is a made up, racist dog whistle. >> tucker: oh, it's racist. a contributor to the show "fearless" with our friend jason whitlock. we are very happy to have him on tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so, parents do or do not have a right to influence their own kids education? is there actually a debate about this, do you think, and the rest of the country? >> hey, tucker, thanks for having me on.
5:35 pm
i don't think the debate is going on in the rest of the country. i think most regular parents understand that the government does not own their children -- or at least i hope they understand that. really, what we are seeing play out is two things, one is on the surface, and that really is epitomized by joy reid and terry mcauliffe, which is a narcissistic classroom cosplay that involves two groups in the elite, privileged class: white liberals seeking absolution for sins they didn't commit, and black liberals seeking empathy for injustices that they didn't endure. and that is on the surface. >> tucker: i'm going to give our audience a moment to transcribe what you just said and put it on their refrigerators for all time. such a great description. okay, pause over. >> and you hear it coming out in the language that they use, right? when we were in school, teachers taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. they were mrs. jones or mr. smith. now, teachers are describing
5:36 pm
themselves as liberators and d colonizers, because what has happened, the classroom has turned into, you know, an opportunity for them to exercise their narcissism, but below the surface, the bigger issue is something every american has been going through the last year, which is that struggle between our rights as individuals and the government's rightful authority, and you see it when churches are trying to stay open during the pandemic and governments say you can't even meet outdoors, but we will okay a 10,000 person rally in the town square, and really, particularly for christians like me, those who have opted out to homeschool their children like my family has, what this comes down to is answering the question, right, is jesus lord or a caesar king? and what we see play out is that tension between two competing authorities, and what you see,
5:37 pm
virginia, new york city, the upper northwest, school systems asserting authority that they do not rightfully have. our children are not there is. my wife and i are not in a throuple with the federal government or the local government, and they need to realize parents have rights, and what you see is these mama bears were standing up and saying you can't do this to our kids, we don't want race essentialism, we don't want radical gender theory, and what i am looking for -- what i am really hoping for is more dads standing up and saying and doing the same things, because for too long, fathers have taken a backseat when it comes to the education of their children. what we need now is we need more liens and if you were house cats. >> tucker: amen. it is sad to hear you say that because the whole point of america is we have never forced people to choose between their faith and their allegiance to the government, and now this government is forcing people to do that and it is a tragedy. delano squires, i appreciate
5:38 pm
that. i hope you will come back. >> thank you for having me on. >> tucker: so, people who don't want to borrow it to joe biden's mandates have been told they are not allowed to have jobs. now they are told they can get medical care and they can go die. a woman in colorado was just denied a life-saving organ transplant because she and her donor -- she had a donor -- didn't take the shot. they join us after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: fox news alert for you, joe biden is historically in popular in this country, just crossed the atlantic looking for his friends, landed in rome, italy, and immediately conducted a super-spreader event. applied and gets off air force one, wearing a mask. his wife, who is eight doctor, isn't wearing a mask, she should know better, but then biden takes off his mask to wade into the crowd. touching people, may be on the backs of their necks, breathing on them, as he did the other day spitting on them, maskless. what do we make of that? only history will be able to explain it. meanwhile, a profound and very sad story. a woman has kidney failure and desperately needs a kidney transplant to save her life. in september, colorado health system uc health took her off its kidney transplant list. the amazing thing is, unlike so many people seeking new organs, she had a donor lined up.
5:45 pm
but uc health said sheesh could only remain on the list if she and the donor got joe biden's shot. so they are not getting it. the two have now started the transplant application process at a different hospital located in the state of texas. we are happy tonight to be joined by them. thank you both very much. this is such a sad story. i'm not even sure i can add to it, and if you would mind telling us what you faced, you need this to stay alive, what did they tell you? >> so come at the end of august, i was approved to be added to the list, and about 28 days later, i was notified that because my donor and myself were unwilling to be vaccinated, that i would not be able to receive my transplant with uc health in colorado. >> tucker: did they explain, it does not seem to make any
5:46 pm
sense, they are essentially saying get the shot or die, did they explain why in a rational way? >> initially, it was that the policy had changed. that was the major thing. and then when i began probing to understand what my options might be, the gist of it was they were trying to protect my health from coming in and not being vaccinated, that i would have a certainty of facing covid posttransplant, it is not a certainty it is a probability, and having had covid last july, i had natural antibodies, i asked if that would tout know my account, i said what about testing 48 hours before surgery, what about a religious exemptiod no, that only applies to employ, so what if i signed a waiver? you know, saying that i understand with the risks are that i am taking, and they said no. so, all avenues that i could think of are closed to me.
5:47 pm
>> tucker: and you are facing death. jamie, this must have been baffling, you volunteered one of your own organs to save the life of a friend. how could they possibly deny you the right to make that sacrifice, on what grounds? >> right, they're just a vacation in that was that i could potentially give leilani covid in the operating room, and i just thought that was ridiculous because they are not even testing patients prior to surgery to even try and prevent you from bringing covid into the operating room. why wouldn't they do that? and again, it was as if it was a certainty that i would have covid and give it to leilani, even if i tested negative, i could potentially have had a false negative test and still gave her covid in the operating room. >> tucker: well, if you are vaccinated, you could certainly give her covid, too, that is not an attack on vaccines, it is a scientific fact. so how does it strike both of you that this hospital system which exists to save lives is
5:48 pm
basically saying he will die, certainly you will die without this organ, unless you obey joe biden's mandate, nonsensical mandate? i mean, how do you even digest something like that? >> right, it just, for me, it felt like they are holding my kidney hostage. here i have a perfectly healthy kidney that i am giving a gift to leilani, and they won't let me give it to her because we won't be coerced into having the covid-19 vaccine. >> tucker: you must of been -- leilani, you have come all this way, you have a donor, you must have been despondent when you heard this. >> absolutely. we were kind of thinking that this might happen before the end of the year, and it was somewhat like running into a brick wall at 90 miles an hour. i really had a lot to digest about what did that mean for my life, you know, would dialysis be available to me, so i did reach out to the same hospital system and asked if i would be
5:49 pm
allowed to receive dialysis without having the vaccine, and i was told yes, but that it was highly irresponsible of me. >> tucker: lecturing you as they threaten you with death. really, this is one of the saddest stories -- leilani and jaimee, thank you both for coming on tonight. good luck. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> appreciate it. >> tucker: so, the democrat running to be the attorney general of virginia is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from antigun groups financed by michael bloomberg, yet he wants you to do be the chief law enforcement officer of the state. we have the man who is trying to unseat him next. >> hey, it's tucker carlson, we spent the last couple months working on a project we are finally ready to roll out. for a full week, we are going to get to the bottom of what really happened on january 6th. there has been an unprecedented level of propaganda about this. we think we have found the truth. we have a multipart series on
5:50 pm
"tucker carlson originals" called "patriot purge." that is on fox nation. our other fox nation show "tucker carlson today" is going to have interviews tying it altogether. here is an exclusive first look. [chanting "stop the steal"] >> what exactly happened on january 6th? how much of what we were told about that day is a lie? >> if that was an insurrection, it was the most poorly conducted insurrection ever. >> "patriot purge" all next week, exclusively on fox nation.
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>> tucker: well, the virginia governor's race is getting the most attention, but there is another key contest in virginia that we decided on tuesday, they attorney general's lace.
5:56 pm
it shows a lot of power, to enforce the law are not. in virginia, the attorney general is a guy called mark herring, you might remember him because he once called ralph northam, the governor, to resign over wearing back place, and it turned out he had also worn black face. he is also the guy who wants to take your guns away, taken money from michael bloomberg, promises to do everything he can to eliminate the right of law-abiding citizens. >> laws like universal background checks, ban on assault weapons, reinstate the one gun a month law, extreme risk law, we can do this on jul. the time for action is now. >> tucker: so get rid of the police, hike the murder rate, then prevent you from defending your family, that is the program. jason vie on rose is trying to
5:57 pm
stop that. thank you so much for coming on. give us your pitch, if you would. this race matters, we do not pay enough attention to attorneys general races, why are you preferable to that character? >> tucker, thank you for having me. if you want someone trained as a politician, mark herring is in your hand. if you want someone trained as a prosecutor, i am your candidate. the murder rate at a two decade high, and a lot of politicians have played political games, far left political games with our safety, going back from our schools to these local commonwealth attorneys, these prosecutors that have been funded by these outside special interest groups, you have the fairfax attorney, a case where an individual raped a five year old child over the course of a year, and the commonwealth attorney general decided a life sentence without the possibility of parole is too difficult and too harsh for a child rapist, i'm going to give a reduced sentence, drop some of these
5:58 pm
harder charges, and this individual is not eligible for only a 17 year sentence, with parole out in ten years, and a parole board that has this criminal first, victim last mind-set where they are letting out violent criminals back on our streets, people like david simpkins, who at 56 prior felony convictions, including 14 prior armed robberies, forcible sodomy, abduction. to tucker, he was supposed to be in prison until the year 2066, they let him out, and what did he do with his 56th chance to get his life straight? you can vitek committed his 57th crime, or holding a gun to rob -- he should never have been in a position like that but it is far less parole board to let him out. and see what is happening in loudoun from our schools, not just the curriculum, these far left -- ended the mandatory
5:59 pm
reporting requirement of sexual assault in our schools and we saw what happened in loudoun. just this week or 500 students walk out, saying our schools don't feel safe because you had an individual, a ninth grade girl went into a bathroom and was the victim of a violent sexual assault, and then the perpetrator then was transferred to another school where a second alleged sexual assault took place. right now you have parents saying listen, this isn't about left or right, this is about common sense, right or wrong. the first step a parent should have come of the first confidence is they drop their child off at a school, that they are going to be safe, so again, mark herring would rather focus on far left politics, in fact he brags that he turned that office of the attorney general of virginia as a progressive powerhouse. i want you to get back to a law enforcement focus, and that is where having so many virginians come down and rally around everywhere we go across the state. >> tucker: i think you make a good case. if you're the chief law enforcement of the state and the states crime rate goes way
6:00 pm
up, maybe you should not get reelected. jason miyares, good luck on tuesday. that matters. by the way, apparently, someone on another channel attended to fact-check out document on january 6th. [laughs] our documentary hasn't aired yet! [laughs] what they hate it already. all the more reason to watch it. they are lying, as you will find out monday. we will be back tomorrow. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: all right, thank you, tucker, and welcome to "hannity." we begin this night with a fox news alert, the disgraced former governor of new york, andrew cuomo, has now officially been charged with groping a former aide, which if convicted could land cuomo on the sex offender registry. we have all the details coming up. also, a judge is now refusing to pause new york city's vaccine mandate for city employees, and now the fdny in new york is preparing to close


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