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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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in costume at an event where lawmakers can be nice, get together, have some fun. >> katie: who won the costume contest. >> shannon: i don't know. i'm trying to figure out what they're dressed up as. >> greg: katie, 10 seconds. >> katie: courtney pots change her tire on the side of the road. surprise for her. >> greg: that's very nice. that's all for us. "special report" up next. hello, bret. >> bret: hello, greg. i'm outside today. thank you. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier coming to you tonight from capitol hill where president biden now admits his entire presidency is hanging in the balance in the president's words, quote: the house and senate majorities and my presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week closed quote. and we're just getting word. that an infrastructure vote will not happen tonight. likely next week now that's breaking we will get the very latest from chad pergram.
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that's one of two major breaking stories tonight. the other? a dramatic shift in the virginia's governor's race just released fox news poll showing republican glenn youngkin turning a 5 point deficit into 8 point advantage over the last several days. this is a poll of likely voters in virginia. it's a contest, obviously many view, as an indicator of where the country is ahead of next year's midterm elections. first, president biden rolls out this framework for a scaled back $1.75 trillion social intending and tax plan in an effort to erase divisions within his own party and get his domestic agenda on track. a framework may not -- may be a long way from the actual deal. as always the devil is in the details and there haven't been many. the democrats' vice chair of the problem solvers caucus is standing by with us to talk about that. plus, this comes as the president is, right now on air force 1, heading to rome for a key economic summit and later a climate change conference in scotland. we'll hear from peter doocy in
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rome a bit later. first up tonight, the breaking news, it looks like the plug has been pulled on this vote tonight which is a huge deal, congressional correspondent chad pergram with, let's call it, fast-paced legislative chaos or really ugly sausage making. good evening, chad. >> all of the above, bret. the president came to the capitol for the second time in a month and failed to close the deal liberals are not satisfied so despite the stage craft of a presidential visit this morning, nothing is settled. this is why a verse version of the bill appeared today, it's far from final. it's a framework. the text is up. the text is up for review, for consideration for review. this is the legislative process. >> democrats will ultimately modify the text to appeal to members to vote yes. for instance, there is a provision in the bill to provide legal status millions of migrants, that has not yet
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passed muster with the senate parliamentarian. they are days away from voting on this bill, bret. >> progressives wanted the text of this bill. they got it. but they are still not ready to vote on the infrastructure bill. why is that? >> that's right. it was thought that the text of the social spending plan would unlock votes on the infrastructure bill. it has not. pelosi was cryptic when the house would vote when i asked her about that earlier today. listen. >> are you holding an infrastructure vote today? >> [inaudible] >> very important infrastructure bill today. >> that sounds like a no. if not saying yes. >> that vote is off for now. pelosi does not lose votes on the house floor. if they had the votes, they would call the vote on the infrastructure bill tonight. that is not going to happen. >> liberals don't trust democrats kirsten sinema and joe manchin that attests to the deep divide within the party. >> there has been so many
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changes in the process. so many people, you know, yes, no. doing the hokie pokey, one foot in, one foot out. >> certainy to be clear doesn't have to be legislative. it could be enough of a framework. enough of a handshakes, those types of assurances? >> i think we need something a little bit more than just something on the backs of an envelope. >> progressive cori bush says that she was, quote, bamboozled by what happened today during the huddle with president biden aides pushed a bind filled with pumpkins. there was a joke the bill would turn into a pumpkin if they don't vote tonight. they will not vote on infrastructure tonight. maybe bring out the pumpkins, bret? >> bret: we confirmed that a punch bowl added first that the house will vote for the short-term extension of the surface transportation authorization and then essentially pull the plug and publicity it to next week, chad. that's what it looks like. >> absolutely. the reason they have to approve the surface transportation
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program. those programs expired at thes end of last month. they have did a band-aid bill. if they passed the infrastructure bill, that funding was included in that piece of legislation and everything would be soyinkaed up with the senate. remember, bret, the senate approved the infrastructure bill back in early august. >> bret: the president is putting as he said on the line. let's take a look what's inside it or at least what's inside it so far. here is correspondent jacqui heinrich. >> after months of negotiations between moderates and progressives, a clear message from the white house to congressional democrats time is up for talking. >> no one got everything they wanted, including me. that's what compromise is. that's consensus and that's what i ran on. >> $1.5 trillion spending announced by the white house. president biden explained to the
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american people direct most of its spending $555 billion to clean energy and climate. >> this framework also makes the most significant investment to deal with the climate crisis ever, ever happened. beyond any other advanced nation in the world. >> the plan also directs 400 billion to child care and preschool and includes a one year extension of the child tax credit, money for affordable housing, higher education and fork force development and if the parliamentarian approves it immigrants who entered the country before 2010 could be eligible for green cards. the white house says it would be fully paid for, including with tax hikes on the top 0.2% of earners and a new 15% minimum tax on the largest corporations. but the bill has not been officially scored. and it does not include key provisions like prescription drug pricing or paid leave. most democrats and president biden himself want it. >> i'm still fighting for paid leave. i frankly have a hard time debating it because i don't understand why we don't -- wouldn't have that. >> house democrats are formally
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whipping the vote on the smaller bipartisan infrastructure plan that could pass as soon as today. including with a mix of republican votes. if house speaker nancy pelosi chooses to take up the bill face of opposition somewhat dependent on the g.o.p. to carry it over the finish line. >> bret, despite that breaking news that we won't see a vote tonight, this does still feel a little bit different from the process when it played out last month. at that point in time you did not see the white house, the president whip the vote on the hard infrastructure. they allowed the reconciliation talks to continue. that is not the feeling this time and the fact that this is happening with a key component of the president's plan left out of this package, paid leave, something that he has promoted and campaigned on, that just showed that the white house really does want this done as soon as possible. bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn, thank you. as mentioned in the top of the show, final days of the extremely hard fought virginia governor's race thought to be indicator of where things stand
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politically really across the nation and ahead of next year's midterm elections. it's a swing state. virginia likely voters are souring on president biden. he has gone from 1 percent advantage on approval to 13 points deficit in just a few days. during that same period, republican glenn youngkin has taken a big advantage over democrat terry mcauliffe on the education issue, among virginia parents he leads 52-40. youngkin has a similar lead on the economic question among likely voters. both candidates are spending a lot of time on the road all across the commonwealth, heading into the final weekend. correspondent rich edson has the latest from buena voice attachment good evening, rich. >> good evening, bret. it's a beautiful part of the state. it's the western part of the state. you can hear the bus behind me right now. glenn youngkin has just shown up here just a few minutes here. this is a conservative area of the state. he is going to try get these folks to the polls whether it's early on election day. it's his fifth event of the day.
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he has another one after this. terry mcauliffe is about an hour and a half from here in charlottesville, virginia throughout the day. is he making his way up to northern virginia. the blue parts of the state. trying to turn out the democrats and make sure they get voting. mcauliffe says 867,000 have already voted in this election. that's another dynamic in this race given how quickly and deeply his poll numbers have fallen. some democrats have argued that congress finally passing this infrastructure and social spending plan will boost mcauliffe's chances in this race. mcauliffe told us that is not necessarily the case. >> do you think it will be giving a boost to your campaign? do you think the whole concept is overblown a national issue when talking about state election. >> yes, i think significantly overblown. nobody, nobody has asked me about what is happening in washington. i mean, they don't -- they are really looking at local issues. >> this race does have a national flavor. mcauliffe is trying to tie
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youngkin to former president donald trump. youngkin's campaign saying that trump talk is a sign mcauliffe is losing on state issues. as for the democrats' infrastructure announcement, youngkin says it's emblematic of that party's approach. >> i just think what we are seeing in washington today is the exact example of terry mcauliffe and joe biden's run away tax and spending philosophy. and we have seen it in virginia. virginians are ready to have a government who understands what it means to have a leader to invest prudently but recognize it's taxpayers' money. it's not government's. >> about 150 miles northeast of here, former vice president mike pence is school issues in loudoun county. youngkin's campaign says that is unrelated to their elections effort. meanwhile tomorrow, mcauliffe will embrace the current vice president kamala harris campaigning with him in the norfolk area. bret?
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>> rich edson as glenn youngkin starts throwing t-shirts up there in buena vista. let's bring in dean phillips. he's on the problem solver's caucus. congressman, thanks for being here. >> good to be with you, bret. >> we are getting this information realtime. and we have got a couple people tell us the plug was pulled on infrastructure vote tonight are you surprised by that. >> i'm disappointed not because i'm a democrat mind you. i'm disappointed because i'm a an american. i'm disappointed because i work with 20 democrats and republicans on the problem solvers caucus that helped put this bill together. the country gheedz it 19 republican senators voted for it we should all be disappointed. i revere this institution the one behind us right now. and there are people around the world, world leaders that don't think our system of governance can work any longer. i'm out to prove it can. a lot of democrats and republicans are out to do the same. so i'm disappointed. we are going to get done. >> bret: the reach it wouldn't come up tonight because progressives en masse would say i'm not voting for it unless we see the text of this reconciliation bill. >> the pragmatism challenge on
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both sides of the aisle. manifests itself again tonight. overcome it but disappoints me. >> bret: have you seen speaker pelosi, herd the cats. she is known for pulling a rabbit out of the legislative hat. to say see her whip the vote and do the count is kind of unique. >> it is. and the president of the united states of america came to do the same today. this is important for the country. i do believe there are enough democrats and republicans probably to pass it tonight. obviously that confidence is not manifested in the leadership right now. i think we will get back here next week and get it done. >> bret: there is pressure on senators sinema and manchin partly from senator bernie sanders, take a listen. >> bret: okay. i think we have it. at one point today bernie sanders said i before there is a vote in the house infrastructure bill the members in the house have a right to know that 50 senators are supporting the
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strong reconciliation bill. it's clear chris coons said they backed this plan but it was not good enough for progressives on that front. for people who say we didn't like when speaker pelosi said we need to pass the bill before we know what's in it. it seems like it's the same process again. >> the process in the congress is broken. i say that objectively. we have got 1600 pages of text just a few hours ago. this happens regularly. huge packages. and the institution is not well designed to operate in the way that our founders really intended. that's not a partisan perspective. i think that's a universally accepted perspective and we have got to do better. these packages, it's not unique to one side of the aisle or another. pros pro-says has to. problem solvers do this better i don't think constituents are being well served and certainly the country. >> i know you want to vote yes on the infrastructure bill. where are you on the reconciliation bill. >> first of all, i have to see exactly what's in it. and i like a lot of it, bret.
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i think child care is important. pre-k education terribly important. cohorts studied in the u.k. years ago indicate crime rate dropped 50%. those kids who receive early childhood education. i think we need to allow americans to get to work. young mothers who can't afford child care there are some elements. i ask people to look at it objectively. partisanship gets in the way of everything we do here. look at the bill. look at the components. you don't have to love everything. i don't either. if it's overwhelmingly beverly, i think we should give it a reasonable chance. i think a lot of it is very good. >> bret: a couple quick things. you are and understanding the republicans haven't been in recent years, you are concerned about the deficit and debt? >> i am. >> does this moment, the fact that this is punted to next week as it looks like. does that hurt president biden. >> it can't help. you just broadcast poll numbers in virginia. you don't see swing numbers in polling often. that's because of our inability so far to pass this bill. time will tell.
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some months from now a lot of people will forget about these very moments. i'm optimistic. i was born with it i just ask our country to take a breath and recognize that if we can't unify around showing the rest of the world that we can do things in this country, using our founders' extraordinary system of governance we have to do that. i ask everybody to join us in that effort. >> bret: congressman phillips, welcome back any time. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> bret: the stocks were up today. new record close the nasdaq surged 212. also a new record finish. up next,facebook making big changes. we will tell you what they are in a live report. >> "avatars" will be as common as profile pictures today but instead of a static image, they are going to be living 3-d representations of you. ♪ when did you see the signs? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics.
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♪ >> breaking tonight, former new york democratic governor andrew cuomo facing a misdemeanor sex crime charge tonight. he is accused of putting his hand under a woman's shirt on december 7th of last year. the court document out today does not name the woman, but cuomo has been publicly accused of groping an aide at the executive mansion in albany around that date. there has been no comment so far from the cuomo camp some big
3:20 pm
changes are coming to facebook including the name. the embattled social media giant is rebranding itself and trying to bounce back from a very bad round of negative publicity. fox business anchor gerri willis has details tonight from new york. >> that's right, bret. it's been kept under wrapped for weeks. the new name for facebook has been revealed by mark zuckerberg the name method that as in metta verse. listen. >> to reflect who we are and what we hope to build, i am proud to announce that starting today, our company is now metta. our mission remains the same, still about bringing people together. >> but the big question is whether a new name can detract from an ongoing firestorm of brad press focusing on the social media platform's obnoxious platform on children and girls and efforts to deplatform conservatives. all of this exposed in
3:21 pm
excruciating detail in thousands of pages of internal documents made public by former employee francis hall again over the last several weeks. he says this isn't the reason for the name change and wants to double down on investment in the metta verse. that's a 3-d version of the web that would transform gaming business meeting. users would access the metta verse virtual reality headsets and, for example, instead of saying work mates via two dimensional view screen it facebook has announced its plans to hire 10,000 people in europe to develop the meta verse. none of it is coming cheap. facebook's investment is expected to cut operating profit by $10 billion and industry analysts have been cutting facebook because of it. pressure on facebook is mounting as the "wall street journal"
3:22 pm
reports the ftc is scrutinizing facebook disclosures and democrats and republicans on capitol hill call for a new guardrails for the social media giant. just yesterday, the company advised employee he is to hold on to corporate documents in order to respond to legal challenges. meanwhile, more whistleblowers are expected to go public. even so, facebook shares finishing the day higher by 1.5% after this announcement. bret, back to you. gerri, thank you. families of nine victims killed at a south carolina church have reached a settlement with the justice department over a faulty background check that allowed dylann roof to purchase the gun he used in the 2015 massacre. includes 63 million for the families of the slain and 25 million for the survivors. roof had been arrested weeks before the church shooting on a drug possession charge. but a series of clerical errors and missteps allowed roof to buy
3:23 pm
that handgun he later used in the mass kerr. up next, president biden heads to europe for a key economic crisis and a global warming and climate change summit and a meeting with the pope. we will have a live report from rome. but, first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york. union members protest outside the mayor's mansion over coronavirus vaccination requirements. mayor bill de blasio's new rule requires them to get at least one dose by tomorrow. fire officials estimate 32% of the department sun vaccinated right now. union officials say 70% have already had a coronavirus -- the virus. fox 2 in san francisco, as oakland public schools will require students be vaccinated against covid-19 to attend in person class. the new policy starts in january for students 12 and older. the district may grant exemptions based on personal belief. and this is a live look at philadelphia from our affiliate
3:24 pm
wtfx, one of the big stories there tonight, meriam webster, editors at 455 new words to the dictionary. the list includes coronavirus vocabulary such as vaccine passport and super spreader. food words such as air fryer and fluffer nutter. and even some political language including vote roma. no vote-o-rama here onville. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: a gorgeous night here on capitol hill. the top executives of major oil companies face tough questioning today as americans are paying the most for fuel in at least seven years. gas prices are averaging $3.40 a gallon nationwide. republican jim jordan says the president is making the situation worse. >> i will tell you what's frustrating a member of congress telling american oil and gas companies to reduce production at the same time the president of the united states is begging opec to increase production. that that is the dumbest thing i
3:29 pm
have ever heard. that he was the scenario we are in. god bless chevron saying they are going continue to crease production. >> bret: house accuse disinformation about climate change. as we told you earlier, president biden is on his way to europe right now for a pair of big conferences and a meeting with the pope. white house correspondent peter doocy has a preview tonight from rome. >> the president is putting problems with his proposals book home on hold. >> i will have more to say after i return from the critical meetings in europe this week. >> and as european officials make major security upgrades, u.s. officials are setting a high bar. >> the president is about to go on a trip, a very important trip, with the g-20. >> he is packing progressive plans in italy at the g 20 president biden will call for a new global minimum tax on corporations, coordinate ways to fix the supply chain, and plan nuclear negotiations with iran. >> it's not entirely clear to me yet whether the iranians are
3:30 pm
prepared to return to talks. >> next week at climate summit in scotland, president biden plans to highlight america's goal 50% less carbon emissions in the next nine years. >> we need to execute a clean energy transition. summit being skipped why skipped by the top u.s. competitors and adversaries. >> the dynamic will be interesting to unfold. >> the whca joined vatican supporters in expressing our disappointment that the world won't see live pictures with president biden's meeting with pope francis. that follows a claim by jen psaki that the white house was working on it. >> we are working through every lever we have to advocate for access for the press pool and for press when the president visits the vatican. >> president biden had been pushing for progress on multitrillion dollars agenda
3:31 pm
state side because he claimed congressional preoccupies the thoughts of other world leaders. >> they don't measure us based on the size of our military. they measure want to know can we get anything done. not a joke. >> but even without a vote, the president left the country. >> i will see you in italy and in scotland. thank you. >> and there are plenty of things this president would like to talk about when he lands in about 90 minutes but there are plenty of unresolved issues that other world leaders in town might try to make him talk about like the topic of the last meeting of the g-20 that was virtual and closed to the press. president biden's hasty pull out in afghanistan. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live in rome early friday morning. peter, thank you. fox news has learned the virginia department of education is recommending a book saying teachers must embrace critical
3:32 pm
race theory which links racial discrimination to america's foundations and legal system that appears to contradict the statement by democratic nominee tea mcauliffe that the theory is not being taught in the commonwealth of virginia. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the story. >> on day one i will ban. critical race theory in broader education on topics the history good and the bad, all of it all of it. to teach our children to view everything through a lens of race. >> democrat terry mcauliffe tell supporters it is not happening in virginia schools. >> we could not teach critical race theory here in virginia. it has neff been taught. it is a racist dog whistle. >> a fox news investigation has found the virginia department of education recommended a controversial book in march 2020 to all stakeholders as part of
3:33 pm
its ed equity at this. co-founder ba tina love we want to do more than survive. abolitionist teaching and the pure suit of freedom. love writes while we did not forget injustice we are focused on love and well-being and refuse to be oppressed any longer lastly teachers must embrace theories such as critical race theory. on page 147, love claims disciplinary actions in school harm black and brown children. teachers spirit murder children every day through these glasses because their vision is impaired by hate, racism and white supremacy. they cannot see black joy or black humanity. today a loudoun county high school history teacher who is suing the school district said she has seen damage done by critical race theory. >> it is encouraging students to discriminate against each other. i have witnessed it firsthand i
3:34 pm
have seen students exclude one another. >> what this amounts to is the state bureaucracy recommending these controversial teaching tools to all education stakeholders school administrators, principals or teachers could see the suggestion, read the book by love and implement any element of it in their teaching. bret? >> bret: you know, mike, what has fox news uncovered revealing fringz between loudoun county sheriff's office and the school board there? >> well, bret, new documents obtained by fox news reveals significant conflict between a local sheriff's office and the school board, august email show the loudoun county sheriff's office rejecting whether a it said were extraordinary security requests including superintendent scott ziggler requesting an explosive sweep and undercover presence for future school board meetings. ziggler requested multiple sheriff's department deputies, a five person quick reaction force and under cover deputies at the school board building. sheriff mark chatman complained the school board was asking law
3:35 pm
enforcement clean up it mess. bret? >> bret: all right. great reporting. mike, thank you. up next, as thousands of migrants head for the southern border, an update on how officials are getting ready. ♪
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>> bret: utility crews in new england are trying to restore power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses after a nor'easter battered the coast hurricane force gusts 300,000 customers lacked service this morning in massachusetts. several thousand more outages were reported in rhode island. schools in most states canceled classes for the day. the biden administration is said to be in talks to offer migrant families separated at the border during the trump administration. compensation of around $450,000 per person. that's according to the "wall street journal" tonight. it says the payments would aim to resolve lawsuits filed on
3:40 pm
behalf of parents of children who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma. near the homeland security or justice departments are commenting so far. operation lone star is working to beef up xas side of the southern border tonight. as the migrant caravan with 3,000 travelers, at least, heads knot through mexico government correspondent dan springer has an update tonight. >> in roma, texas, an exclusive look at a human smuggling operation. a mexican cartel member stands on the u.s. side of the rio grande coordinating with partners just across the river in mexico. this is after they already transported around 150 migrants on rafts. migrants who immediately turned themselves in to the u.s. border patrol. most will be processed and allowed to stay in the country because they are either part of a family unit or unaccompanied minor. >> it happened here in the rio grande valley where according to the cbp record 150,000
3:41 pm
apprehensions were made in fiscal year 2021. an increase of 500 percent over the previous year. it happened in front of a couple texas national guard members. >> we are trying to repel [inaudible] there is time for they have already -- back. >> operation lone star is the effort by the state of texas to crack down on illegal immigration crime. humvees are starting to line high trafficked areas in hopes of deterring the large caravan making its way through mexico. since march, the texas demght department of public safety says it has made over 1400 arrests for trespassing. the state also says it has seized 10,000 pounds of marijuana. more than 3,000 pounds of cocaine and meth. and 132-pound of fentanyl. a staggering amount that equates to 30 million lethal doses. as
3:42 pm
for caravan fox news saw officials key port three bus loads of migrants on this plane. it's not know where these deported caravan members were taken or more in the coming days, that leaves some good news for texas officials gearing up for the arrival of thousands of migrants, bret? >> bret: dan springner roma, texas, dan, thanks. up next the panel on the latest in the spending negotiations and the virginia's governor beyond our borders cases and deaths there searched a record numbers. russian president vladimir putin ordered a nonworking period for most business, because of coronavirus. restaurants can provide only takeout or delivery service. some venues are limited it those showing proof of vaccination or recovery from coronavirus. and south korea's spy agency indicates kim jong un has lost 44 pounds. he remains healthy and public loyalty to him amid worsening
3:43 pm
economic problems. spy agency with the weight update there. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back from capitol hill as you look at the steps here. they are going to wrap up this interim bill, band-aid bill highway problem caused canceled on the infrastructure bill tonight. once that vote is done, you will see a mass exodus on these stairs of house members, all punting to next week. the panel analyzes next. about customization. dj, l that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ >> bret: well, up here on capitol hill we are waiting for the mass exit after the vote we just talked about because there is not an infrastructure vote. there is not one happening tonight. they have pulled the plug. it's going to happen, they say, next week but that's not locked in because there are a lot of moving parts. you had the president pleading with democrats to get together and give him a vote as he is on air force one heading to two big summits over in europe. and he wanted that. he is not getting it at least not tonight. jason riley, "wall street journal" columnist and senior fellow at the manhattan institute. leslie manner democratic strategist and guy benson political editor of guy most of the guy ben sony show. i'm sitting here with
3:48 pm
congressman dean phillips, we are getting word that it's all falling apart and not voting and he is disappointed and can't believe that they went through all of this today and didn't finally get to vote. >> democrats there is no getting around that. they were raising expectations at the leadership level. we heard the president making a direct appeal. there was talk about a vote today. giving him a victory in hand. as soon as he lands in europe. that's not going to happen. it's not going to happen tomorrow, it sounds like, maybe it will happen next week. ening all democrats show they run washington right now. the one thing that might help nancy pelosi in the coming days, a handful of republicans in the house who want to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, i think conservatives across the country would urge those republicans even if on the merits you support the infrastructure bill it has been linked inextricably by the democratic leadership to this
3:49 pm
monstrosity build back better plan and to throw a lifeline to the democrats when they clearly still don't have the votes within their own caucus there was another rough ugly day for the democrats in washington. >> yeah. the house just voted to pass that interim until december 3rd for the highway programs as expected. but, obviously no big vote leslie. what about what guy just said there the linkage of those two bills. the progressives who said we are not voting until we see the text. until we know that it's going to pass. until we know that senators manchin and sinema. that linkage caused the vote on the infrastructure bill to fall apart. >> listen, i have said from the beginning you just can't have all of this. you need to have this infrastructure. that's a bipartisan win for the president. win for the country. win for our abyss mall infrastructure system whether you have so many republicans saying we are on board of with
3:50 pm
this. centrist moderate democrat you know that. and kind of feel like a lot of their demands or requests have been met. you heard speaker pelosi say and you secretary of defense rightly as well, bret. they wanted to know the fedex. they have have got the text. they want to the have these two together they have these two together, they wanted to have climate change. they get climate change. i think really who is leading the march on this bernie sanders is because he doesn't like what is happening with the lowering drug prices and president biden is accurate. we all know when you are in a meeting and in a negotiation, everybody walks away from the table everybody walks away leaving something on the table i just don't think the progressives realize this,. >> that is exactly what the virginia democratic nominee for governor said about this whole thing and about what's happening over all. take a listen. >>
3:51 pm
>> let me tell you what is happening right now because i just happened to see a new fox poll, ready? youngkin 53, mcauliffe 45. that's virginians coming together. >> we are going it win this race, compromise is not a bad word. they just need to do their job. and quit prancing around, get in a room get this passed we need help here in the states. >> >> bret: yeah, they are not getting in a room, jason, and as mentioned. buena vista, sorry for the mispronunciation earlier in virginia. glenn youngkin referencing that poll let's so he it. it is a massive shift in just the a number of days that is glenn youngkin on top 53-45 we will put it on the screen and then the president's job approval rating is also upside down in that race in virginia and all of this, jason, is contributing to this problem for
3:52 pm
terry mcauliffe right next door to the capitol that is dysfunctional. >> yeah. it is. bret. you know, the democratic playbook these days is to try and turn your republican opponent into a stand-in for donald trump. i don't know that it's going to work in virginia. it might. i mean, virginia is not ehas not elected a statewide republican in a long time it could work, youngkin is not a trump -- he is not someone who bream brace former president's tactics and language and persona and so forth. so, we will see if it plays out. i think he has tapped into something youngkin has that republicans would be wise to replicate nationwide this issue of education was being taught to our children, it's something that is resonating with a lot of voters, particularly those suburban voters that republicans are interested in bringing back into their ranks, so i think
3:53 pm
even if this is a close race, even if youngkin doesn't pull it out but is close in pulling it out is something that a lot of republicans should pay attention to, how he is running this campaign and what is resonating with voters all over the country. >> guy, just to come back full circle here to capitol hill, it's hard to overstate this moment today. i mean, we are watching the biden presidency house and senate to do what they want them to do. anything before he goes on this trip. i mean, he pleads with them and says my presidency, the midterms are on the line. and those were his words. >> yep, and then this happened it all sort of fell apart. i still think they are going to get something done here. it would be such a cataclysm for them politically not to. but, it has been a very bumpy rocky road. it doesn't seem like the president really has the juice. and the democratic congressman that you just spoke with, there
3:54 pm
on capitol hill, he actually referenced back to virginia. and the polling over there where, you know, in our new poll, double digital lead for youngkin among independence, parents on the economy. on crime, up 8 on education. even up one on covid. if those numbers are anywhere close to reflective of the electorate on tuesday, it would make sense that glen p glenn youngkin sound sod confident today on my radio show and terry mcauliffe has seem so bitter and desperate. the last week or two. >> bret: good plug for the radio show there guy. >> get it in there. >> bret: he said by the way the president i don't think it's hyperbole that the house and senate majorities and my presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week. we will see what happens next week. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with the panel. ♪ ♪ to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll have many questions.
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>> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. leslie, first to you. >> arizona democrats confirm they didn't vote for senator sinema to ignore constituents, vote against free community college and have photo op.s with republican senators like mitt romney. they ever fed up. have enough. and strongly seeking her replacement. >> bret: all right. how about that? jason? >> crime in new york city increases after vaccine mandates for police are implemented. i think we could see a real backlash here in these vaccine mandates for first responders, police, firefighters and so forth. cities have already seen uptick in crime. problems in recruiting so forth vax seen mandates only exacerbate the situation. >> bret: guy? >> mitt romney breaks the very on brand for mitt romney. jason the once played mitt
4:00 pm
romney on snl. >> bret: it all comes full circle. it is pretty funny to look at. on "special report" tomorrow we will cover the president's trip the european trip and what all this means on capitol hill for all of that been quite day. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade and i'm standing outside of capitol hill. >> brian: thank you, bret. congratulations your book is number one in the country. that's awesome. i know it's going to stay there because it's excellent. but, on the other side, i hope it doesn't jeopardize friendship i moved forward with my legal case. you are standing, no longer sitting. brit hume told you to sit. you are not listenerring to him anymore because of me. i talked to my attorney, judge jeanine, her show is on saturdays, run away hit. she says brian, i filed an application to register my unique and unusual never done style of reporting with the u.s. trademark and patent commission. i expect immediate approval at which time i will turn around and


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