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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 28, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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logistically log jam supply. a lot of that spending will be out over years. you have a lot of people coming off of extended unemployment benefits as well that will be bolstering the employment base and that will bring down labor costs. >> neil: all right. too soon to tell. john bussey, thanks very much. that will do it here. we'll keep you updated on those races. >> greg: hi, i'll greg gutfeld, herald dough, jesse water and evil shannon bream. "the five." president biden begging democrats to save his rear end before jetting off to europe to cede the pope. joe telling dems behind closed doors to pass his massive spending plan or it's presidency is toast. he then announced his party has
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reached the frame work on a $1.75 trillion deal that he says will transform america. >> any single element of this frame work would fundamentally view -- be viewed as a fundamental change in america. taken together, they're truly consequential. when paired with the bipartisan infrastructure bill, we will truly transform this nation. as i said before, the plans are fiscally responsible. they're fully paid for. they don't add a single penny to the deficit. i want everybody to be able to be a millionaire or billionaire to seek their goal but all i'm asking, pay your fair share. >> greg: okay! but so far radical democrats say almost $2 trillion doesn't go far enough. they're threatening to blow up biden's big plans. >> so you're not on board with the frame work as it's drafted? >> i want to see it in text.
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>> you know if nancy pelosi were to bring up the vote in the next couple days? >> if it's by itself, a stand-alone, absolutely i'm 100% a no. there's no getting me to a yes. >> progressives have been clamoring to see text of the bill. pelosi just dropped the 2,400 pages worth. so bust out your reading glasses, jesse, old man. for when a vote happens, nancy pelosi is being crystal clear. >> are you holding a infrastructure vote today? have you made that decision? are you holding a infrastructure vote today? >> greg: a true leader. so jesse, there is a democrat victory in here. they have made it so americans so 1.75 as a small number? a bargain. >> greg: yeah. they began with $3 trillion,
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which means their strategy worked and we're screwed. >> jesse: we're screwed. i don't think the strategy worked. i think it's a mess. i hope i'm wrong. i think they'll get something passed in the next five days to give joe a win overseas so he which beat his chest to the world. they have to get something done under the wire before tuesday. so the media will write this story. this is the comeback kid. an inside the beltway story. the rest of the american people, this two-headed monster will not affect them in a positive way. does nothing for the border or inflation. does nothing nor the supply chain. does not create jobs. if anything, the democrats are going to own inflation when their spending trillions on top of what we already have. they already own the border crisis and slipping in this bill. i did read some of it. amnesty for 10 million illegal immigrants. they're going to own high gas prices because they slipped in a little green new deal here. they're going to own the weak
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recovery because they're going to raise taxes higher than it's been done before. in a couple years, you may have government-run day care. in a couple once they get that off the ground. private day care will sky rocket. they have to compete with this new program. in a year they have a few hundred electric car charges stations. 2% of us own an electric vehicle. it's not that great. some of the spending is good. you want wi fi and nice railroads and less traffic, but a lot of this is doubling down on the boondoggle of bankrupt programs like medicaid and medicare which are not doing well right now. so this country is going to sit around for the next couple days and watch a bunch of untalented politicians try to raise taxes so they can square the numbers to see if they can pay for stuff that nobody wants or needs. that's what we're watching right now.
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>> greg: kudos to your assistants. at 2,400 pages, we never know. we keep repeating the same mistake. the worst part about this. we know of this is crap. nobody reads it because it's impossible. that's the big lie. that we're actually know what is going on. >> the thing is, i know you think maybe it's a foregone con clues that they get something done. we literally got an e-mail from jason donner, one of our producers that just talked to manchin that said we're working together in good faith. we're hearing the same thing from senator sinema. a lot of people in the house -- looks like the speaker is not pulling the trigger on the vote. so what the president said, we made progress but i don't think we've seen a press release saying we have a deal. so i think in d.c. there's a lot of steps to go. they're trying to sneak in this stuff about immigration. parliamentarian has ruled against them on this. they have acknowledged that.
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senator dick durbin said we know but we're going to try again. they're throwing everything at the wall. but big things that people expected and wanted in like democrats have run for years on lowering prescription drug prices. that won't be a part of the bill. people said we're got to have it or we're not doing it. it's not in there. the president did his interesting whisper thing with his pay your fair share. pay you fair share. according to the irs a nonpartisan group, top 5% pay 60% of income taxes. that's up to the american people whether they think that is enough. >> greg: that's all they rely on, pay your fair share. it's not going to work. people at the internet know what people are paying. geraldo went to visit the pope. what do you think of the pope? you know him. you hang out with him. you have dinner with him. >> i like the pope. i'm half catholic. >> greg: there's no such a thing. >> i am half catholic. i feel fully catholic and fully
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jewish. if you don't understand that, you don't understand your colleague. what disappoints me here is how the progressives and the squad have been revealed as petty politicians that would not allow a infrastructure bill to go forward where there would be the bridges repaired and the streets and the wi fi. they could have done so graciously. yes, we want this big bill to remake society and be generous to least amongst us. let's do this where everybody benefits. a highway that is smooth without holes in it. benefits the rich and the poor alike. and the fact that they were against it and they used their power to screw pelosi and force her into this unwieldy bill i think is disappointing to me. i have been a huge fan of their
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energy, of their new insights, their idealisms. but they're revealed to be rather than idealistic, politicians, ruthless politicians of a differentsport. >> greg: i can't believe they're ruthless politicians. katie, help me. lwh. i'm a libertarian without hope. i fear that we've gone to this place where you have people relieved to have a $2 trillion bill that is 2,500 pages that means anybody that believes in small government, it's over, it's dead. >> i'm going to give you hope. i know you'll reject it. i'll give you some hope. look at the polling on this reconciliation package in every state that's run by democrats but also republicans, purple states, west virginia, for example, arizona, people are against this kind of spending. even if they pass it and get it shoved down their throats,
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they'll look at it nextier and 2024 and say we watched what you did and you voted for it anyway. now someone has to blink here. it's going to have to be senator cinema and senator manchin on the socialists in the house that are holding this up. because a deal was made this summer on infrastructure between republicans and democrats at the white house. the president promised they would not go together to be voted on. they're changing that now. it was interesting to watch nancy pelosi kind of saying i'm releasing the text so you can complain about it, which was funny. see what they can can do. joe biden is on the verge of being a lame duck president. at this point he can't get infrastructure done and he can't get the reconciliation package done. therefore he has nothing to show the first year in his presidency, which does not give him a lot of strength and negotiating power. >> greg: you should talk to hunter, the smartest man he's ever met. >> where do you get the 10
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million illegal aliens getting amnesty? did you make that up? >> jesse: i read it in the text. >> you did not. >> it was in the frame work. >> it's a pretext. >> it's dating back to 1979. >> what do you mean? >> they're back dating the status for people that came here earlier -- >> talking about dreamers. >> greg: control yourself, people. >> you portrayed them so evil. >> greg: disgraced former new york governor andrew cuomo just got charged with a sex crime. the breaking news next.
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>> jesse: this is a fox news alert. disgraced forker new york governor andrew cuomo has been charged with a sex crime. it took place last december. he forcibly touched an intimate body part under a woman's shirt but did not name the victim, this is two months after he resigned in disgrace when 11 women came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. cuomo will be arrested next week.
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geraldo, this is a misdemeanor charge, forcible touching. tell us what you know. >> geraldo: let me read the statute. a person is guilty when such person intentionally and for no legitimate purpose forcefully touches the intimate part of another person for the purpose of degrading or abusing a person punishable by up to a year in prison. he would have to register as a sex offender. what he did, remember the female stat trooper? he put his hand under her blouse and touched her belly. i don't know if there were witnesses. it's a he said she said. in the climate of today, you know, when she says, people believe. so he's screwed if i can misuse a verb there. >> jesse: katie, your thoughts. >> katie: well, it's not just a he said she said at this point.
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they clearly believe they have enough proof to take it to a court of law. it's different having the debate in the media. he will have to register as a sex offender. i'm wondering if his brother, chris cuomo that helped develop these statements and was actually editing and approving statements going after he's women on official government time for new york, he would write something or approve something and show it up on the new york governor's website published as a press release what he has to say about this now that it's reached criminal charges. so whether this will go through -- he's supposed to appear in court next week. whether he will plead guilty or not is still a question. but we certainly moved from just allegations and reports from the attorney general of these types of things taking place into the arena of prosecutors believe that they have enough to prove this or they wouldn't take it to a court of law. >> jesse: if he's convicted, do you think forcible touching,
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misdemeanor conviction, do you think he would serve prison time? >> shannon: i doubt it. he's going to be looked at -- the court will look at him as a first-time offender. if other women come together and there's additional charges, that could change. but there's a lot of folks that said new york state officials have dropped the ball. like they stopped the impeachment thing because he said he would resign. if he's facing criminal charges, they do that to assure he cannot run again, a lot of calculations here. what an amazing turn around from a year ago. you think that it was rumored he would be the attorney general. he could run for president. he got a huge book advance for a book, "leadership crisis." 196,000 ranked. yours is ahead of that, jesse. >> jesse: i hope so. >> shannon: to think of what happened in the last year to where he's facing criminal
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charges for touching a woman's body against her wishes, this is far from over for him. >> jesse: greg? >> greg: i would say it's a fall from grace but there was never any grace to fall from. he went from hollywood's favorite governor to an unemployed accused sex offender. so he might have a future in hollywood. thank god chris is still at cnn. his brother. he won't have to cover it. braces the question, what happens over at cnn with chris cuomo. he was advising his brother. we get it. he was telling him about how to smear the accusers. he was in on all the calls. right now you're seeing cnn's numbers in a death spiral. in a free fall. they have never been in this situation like this before. it's safe to say there's a combination of factors contributing to this and this is one of them that women are turning off cnn because of their support for andrew cuomo. i believe that with all of my heart. it's a disgrace.
2:20 pm
they should shut down the network. >> geraldo: do you have any siblings? >> greg: three older sisters. >> geraldo: would they advise you if you got in a jam? it's different because he's public. >> greg: we've been through that argument. it's beyond that now. the guy has -- i mean, cuomo works at cnn. you don't advise a public figure if you're that. you have to step out if you're that. >> jesse: he won't be covering it tonight on the so or any night. no one will know because nobody watches that network. >> greg: climate change. he will cover that. that's urgent. >> jesse: another ratings bonanza. coming up, the battle over education ramps up. wait until you hear the latest attack on concerned parents. ♪♪
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when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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♪♪ >> shannon: upset parents being called all sorts of names in battle of education. terry mcauliffe making another controversial claim. >> i'm sick of them talking about these issues of critical race theory. we do not teach critical race theory here in virginia. it has never been taught. it is a racist thing. it's pitting parents against parents, parents against teachers and they're using our children as political pawns and it has to stop. >> shannon: so while he denies crt is being taught in schools, take a look at these headlines. virginia's department of education promoting a book that says "teachers must embrace theories such as critical race theory."
2:26 pm
fairfax public schools instructed teachers that critical race theory is a frame for their work. and christopher russo say mcauliffe is not telling the truth. >> his idea that it's not taught in virginia schools is false. we have records, including actual contract receipts from loudoun county virginia. they're paying for consulting that references critical race theory by name. >> shannon: katie, this is turning out to be a huge deal in virginia. whether terry mcauliffe wants it or not, it is. >> katie: he keeps insulting the people that vote for him. in fairfax county, 10,000 kids have been pulled from schools. they do teach critical race theory. he's not acknowledging it. fairfax county paid a racist himself $20,000 to give a speech
2:27 pm
for an hour to school administrators and to teachers last summer. they backed that up when it came to light and public documents that they made that much money saying it was essential to how they learn to teach children. it's not just the issue of critical race theory. it's about pornographic books in the libraries for young children, parents leading them out loud and embarrassing school boards over it. what do you think the parents are doing? terry mcauliffe spearing parents saying this is a racist dog whistle. there's parents in loudoun county and people that actually come from china that say they don't want it in the schools. finally, it's not a food look for the loudoun county school board and calling the sheriff's department and acting like they're domestic terrorists and asking for insane security when
2:28 pm
they're tax-payer funded and have the right to be there. so terry mcauliffe says he should be listening to them and their concerns. >> shannon: he does need their votes. in minnesota, there's a school board that says if you're going to come up and speak, you have to list your name, state it out loud and your address or jesse, you won't be allowed to speak. >> jesse: yeah, they're basically asking parents to dox themselves. that is scary. it's uncalled for. there's no need for that. but mcauliffe, i don't know if his dumb or lying. he gave birth to crt in 2015. it started in virginia under his tutelage and taken off like a rocket ship. that i have contracts for all kinds of wackos and institutions. one of them got $2.4 million and happened to be the son-in-law of merrick garland.
2:29 pm
i read all the text like white students need to apologize. it's sick stuff. they're teaching racism in virginia. if parents oppose it, the governor says you're a racist. the wheels have fallen off the mcauliffe campaign. nobody is showing up to his events. now he's criticizing voters that he needs -- >> geraldo: 20 he wins. >> jesse: this is a blue state that biden won by double digits and it's a -- >> geraldo: a with win is a win. $20. >> shannon: you going to take it? >> jesse: let's go. >> shannon: okay. we'll check back in on that. meantime, geraldo, parents have a lot of different concerns. katie talked about it. a big ad that has to do with books and things that are full of vulgarity and violence. when they go to read them before the school board, they're like you can't use that language here. shut them down. parents say we should know what is involved with our kids and
2:30 pm
have say. >> geraldo: all true. but for decades i've heard this argument about it was about sex in the old days. don't teach overt or explicit sex to the kids that are too young. i want to be a moderate here. both sides are right. i think everybody is now on notice. everybody is on notice. the teachers unions after getting burnt and the national school board association after getting burnt around lying about what they're doing, what their intents are, critical race theory is. ney get it and 0 the other hand, the parents and katie, you're almost always right except when i look at the school board meetings, i see a sea of white faces. nothing wrong with that. >> katie: you're not looking very hard there. >> shannon: there's other american parents -- >> geraldo: my point is the parents are on notice that
2:31 pm
egregious over aggressive is ever the top -- >> katie: they're never overly aggressive, geraldo. >> geraldo: not me. >> shannon: some yelling is screaming is okay but burning things down is not okay. >> greg: mcauliffe called it a dog whistle, the parents concern. there's real racist dog whistles. if you think black people can't get an i.d., that is a dog whistle. if you think rioting and looting is acceptable behavior because they're black, that is a racist dog whistle. i used to think there's nothing more racist than a low bar but the dems introduced a no bar. that's why there's no prosecutions after all of these riots. to them, the left, everything is racist except actual racism. you can blanket all whites as oppressive. it's not racist. it's education. if you call it out, mcauliffe calls you a racist. it was your point, jesse, i can't remember.
2:32 pm
i think it's over. generally it's over. they have killed the accusation of racism once and for all. you keep calling people racist, it doesn't mean anything anymore. they beat it to death. people are -- people used to be afraid of being called racist because it is. it's like being called a pedophile. but they did it so much. you know what? i'm going to challenge you. i'm not a racist. that's what parents are doing. the left is in trouble. if they don't come up with new ideas, they're sunk. now i'm a hopeful libertarian. >> shannon: in the blink of an eye. coming up, united nations dropping a bizarre climate change video featuring a dinosaur. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ no two dreams are the same.
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>> geraldo: the united nations go from the prehistoric to the ridiculous with their new video on climate change. feature as talking dinosaur, addressing the general assembly and warning the big bad humans about global warming. >> i know a thing or two about extinction. going extinct is a bad thing. at least we had an asteroid. what is your excuse? you're headed for a climate disaster and yet every year governments spend hundreds of billions on fossil fuel subsidies. >> geraldo: sound like jack black to you? isn't the problem that the -- i was in l.a. when i first went to l.a. 20 years before you were born. i remember the skies were brown. it was horrible. i was 98, in beijing with clinton.
2:38 pm
again, chocolate skies. you can't deny that humans are affecting in a negative way the climate. isn't the real issue that the united states can't do it alone, that we can't sacrifice or pay for what china won't do, what india won't do? >> katie: i'd say l.a. does not have the same skies. beijing does that proves that a free market system in the united states, capitalist system can get rid of pollution that is different than trying to control the climate than pumping money in a global system. this is about government control. so thousands of every day products are made with petroleum. if you control the energy, you control everything else. you control people how they heat their homes, what they buy. that's what this globalist governance wants at the u.n. apparently they have much the money to make stupid videos. >> greg: that's our money. >> katie: yeah. it's not about clean energy. they call it clean energy like the electric cars and buses that
2:39 pm
the president touted today. they're terrible for the environment. they have to mine the batteries in china, use a ton of water to get them out of the earth. you can't dispose of them. same for wind turbines. this is just a mechanism to control money. as greg pointed out to get more of it from americans to give it's to europeans. >> geraldo: that's a grim assess mess. >> katie: it's true. >> geraldo: kids love dinosaurs. there's nothing wrong -- >> jesse: this is not for kids, is it or for adults? this looks like it's for adults at the u.n. think about that for a second. >> greg: it's for democrats. >> jesse: it's for children a.k.a. democrats. you're right. katie is right. this is not about the science. the science changes depending who you give the grant money to. this is about give me your money right away or you're going to die. that's a stick-up job, geraldo. that's what this is about, constraining american capitalism
2:40 pm
and for liberals to feel relevant and virtuous to throw other people's money at a problem that you can't keep track of. since 1986, emissions went up in this country and in 2007 shale revolution, geraldo. natural gas and our emissions are down back to the 86 levels -- >> geraldo: so you're hopeful. should we not be concerned? >> jesse: we have amazing clean area, clean water. we preserve the natural -- >> geraldo: michigan -- >> jesse: it's not a densely populated country. you drive and and you don't see people for miles. >> geraldo: plenty of room for the illegal aliens. >> jesse: which we'll pay a half a mile for separating them from their moms. i'll take a half a mill if you break me up from my mom. >> shannon: he will text you. >> geraldo: you like john kerry, the climate ambassador? >> shannon: we talked and john kerry today, a few weeks ago, he
2:41 pm
was in china. he said his whole lifestyle is about travelling the world to stop the fossil fuels and the use of them. he was in china a few weeks ago and while he was there, had these conversations, he had virtual meetings with leaders that he could have done from the united states. yes, he was having virtual meetings after he traveled all the way over there. so i think there's room for improvement -- >> geraldo: having a high profile guy in charge of it. >> shannon: i don't know. him the dinosaur, i don't know. the dinosaur to me is a clever idea when you talk about extinction. he sounded like he had a southern accent. >> geraldo: my grandkids love them. but to jesse's point, this was not supposed to be for the children. crunchy critter. you know what that is? they're advocating the harvesting of insects. they say if we eat insects -- >> greg: the people that push it don't do it except for brianna keller. i thought the dinosaur was
2:42 pm
great. the botox has helped kerry's fossilized face. he deserves it. >> geraldo: he's a war hero. >> greg: if this were a republican ad, cnn would do a fact check. there's no proof that dinosaurs could speak the queen's english. we're told how farmful things are. like words, costumes. don't wear -- no cap guns no, cinema blood. certain words that are triggers, traumatic. the left can have a dinosaur tell you that life is ending and it is appealing to children to use the dinosaur. so scaring people for some reason is only the turf of really comfortable, rich white liberals in their electric cars. >> shannon: you know who won't be convinced? china. >> geraldo: all i know is that tesla just sold 100,000 vehicles to hertz.
2:43 pm
so somebody disagrees with you. the fastest is up next. ♪♪
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>> katie: welcome back. time for the fastest. first up, 30% of americans say they're not afraid to live in a haunted house if it means that they'll score a dream property. so if is anyone down for there? >> greg: what if your dream house is a haunted house? i would love a haunted house. i love to hear weird noises at night if it was ghosts and not homeless people. >> katie: 20% of americans would mind living in a house where a murder took place. based open your experience -- >> geraldo: i'm from long island. i went to high school there. the amitiville horror house is a real place. i get the itchies. i don't like it. i'd rather have a good juju than
2:48 pm
bad juju. >> greg: you anti-semite. >> shannon: listen, i'm sleeping with a bible next to me on a night stand. the bad guys come in, we'll have a problem. like you said, don't wake me up. i'm not that scared of stuff. if you bother my sleeping, we'll have a problem. >> geraldo: you sleep with a bible and dagen sleeps with a loaded gun. >> shannon: i love in virginia. can't have both. >> katie: jesse, a third of americans believe they have already lived in a haunted house. >> jesse: yeah, it put up with a ghost for a penthouse on park avenue. what is the worst that can happen? i'm possessed. >> geraldo: depends on the ghost. >> jesse: call the exorcist. >> katie: up next, a new study claims men are just as emotional than women. guys apparently become emotional while watching sports. to our sports fans. >> jesse: have you seen the
2:49 pm
eagles this season? have you cried? i don't cry. >> shannon: ever? >> jesse: i don't cry a lot. i've cried once in the last couple years. >> geraldo: really? >> jesse: when jesse jr. was born. >> katie: maybe you're not a cryer but you're emotional. >> geraldo: i am emotional. when i get mad, it's over in a heartbeat. i get mad and it's over. when i cry, i cry like lassie movies. the happy ending where the handicap person walks. of that mercurial person. that is why i'm doing okay. >> katie: greg, i don't know if i believe this study necessarily. but i do think that men cry more when they get a called or they're sick. >> greg: maybe. but the thing is if this study found the truth that there's dramatic differences, it would have been buried.
2:50 pm
sex different research doesn't exist anymore. it deals with two binary -- >> jesse: are you saying men and women are different? >> greg: yes. >> geraldo: that's it. we're off the air. >> greg: the only research that you see now is that we're all indifferent. we're all the same. i don't know if that is the same. and that's the truth. >> katie: shannon your thoughts about women versus men and crying. >> shannon: it's an age thing. my hugs and i are more tender hearted. every time we have homecoming soldiers, it's like i can't do the rest of the show. more of an age thing. >> katie: and more proof sibling rivalries never go away. one in two adults argue into adulthood over career goals and homeownership. greg? >> greg: i have three sisters. hard for me. the famous one. i remind them constantly that i'm the most famous. given the fact when i grew up, they constantly teased me and
2:51 pm
bothered me, made my life a living hell. >> geraldo: are they on the payroll? >> greg: no. i don't put my family on the pal roll. >> jesse: everybody does that, geraldo. >> geraldo: i was at scotto's at the bar. i was talking with a guy that was very accomplished. he told me his achievements. he said now i have to outlive my sister. >> katie: jesse? >> jesse: i hope my sister is not competing with me. that would be sad. >> katie: shannon? >> greg: you're going to get a mom text. >> shannon: i am my siblings biggest fans. my brother just got promoted to lieutenant colonel. we cheer for each other. >> greg: so shannon. >> jesse: i want to apologize to my sister. i didn't really mean that. >> greg: you're evil and cloak it in nice. >> geraldo: you can't take it back. >> jesse: she's not watching fox. she's never seen the show. >> katie: if my brother starts
2:52 pm
competing in me, i'll be in trouble. he's a smart engineer. >> shannon: one more thing up next. ♪♪ ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit
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♪ >> greg: there you go. one more thing. i'm going to go first. look at this. brand new available in the fox shop. >> geraldo: doesn't have a horn. >> greg: that's true. make one more for you. guess how much these are? jesus. >> jesse: made in america? >> greg: $25. >> jesse: definitely made in america. >> greg: fox agone in matter of minutes. >> geraldo: his sisters get it. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great
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♪ >> greg: other stuff on my my website gutfeld that's where i get a piece. that's called a coyote, walking around that's a hero cat. look at that speed. >> geraldo: i have coyotes. >> greg: phoenix cat named sonny. that's it for me. cats are great. jesse? >> jesse: friendly neighborhood dispute update. poll results in i told you about a situation just started ticketing everybody. we were within earshot. he said guys can you move your cars? no? handing out tickets. just because he can doesn't mean he should. he should have the decency to speak to the people parked there that's what builds community. exactly. michael schumaker says if you
2:58 pm
are parked illegally you are parked illegally. jesse says he knows the manager. totally being a karen. >> oh. >> jesse: whatever, michael. rowdy will says no. not if the people are within earshot. come on, man. president joe biden. and finally pappa nas suck it up. whining sound like omar. >> katie: omar and karen. >> jesse: results are in. i win 67 percent said the cop was totally out of line should not have ticketed everybody. given us a heads up. >> geraldo: shamed poll. totally rigged. here is tonight's edition of geraldo's news with geraldo check out cops all access on fox nation. it's great show. it's really happening. they have just renewed it until the spring. people are piling on cons are
2:59 pm
great. been around forever. thin blue line, we love them. remember, i have a charity, honored to be a part of life's work. we have opened 50 group homes over the last 50 years. since i did the stories about the institutions. this is the geraldo home. the first one of the 50 that we opened. that looked a little stainingy there, didn't it? eric adams, the probable next mayor of new york said some nasty things about the handy capped being dumped because of overreaction to exposes. he did it without educating himself. he went to the geraldo home over the weekend. he saw with his own eyes how humane treatment of these people and katie, i'm sorry i took your time. >> shannon: that is beautiful. making a real life difference. this is cute. senator had dog on capitol hill
3:00 pm
in costume at an event where lawmakers can be nice, get together, have some fun. >> katie: who won the costume contest. >> shannon: i don't know. i'm trying to figure out what they're dressed up as. >> greg: katie, 10 seconds. >> katie: courtney pots change her tire on the side of the road. surprise for her. >> greg: that's very nice. that's all for us. "special report" up next. hello, bret. >> bret: hello, greg. i'm outside today. thank you. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier coming to you tonight from capitol hill where president biden now admits his entire presidency is hanging in the balance in the president's words, quote: the house and senate majorities and my presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week closed quote. and we're just getting word. that an infrastructure vote will not happen tonight. likely next week now that's breaking we will get the very latest from chad pergram


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