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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 28, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the holiday season, i have a lot of customers that depends on buying my product. >> sandra: will let me put the message out there, you can buy kachina safe on walmart, amazon, msn. we are pulling for you. we hope you can stay in there. >> bill: nice to be with you. >> sandra: this was fun. thanks for helping us out today. john roberts will be back next week and thank so much for joining us, i'm sent to smith. >> bill: high bill >> martha: thanks, sandra and bill. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. so it's been a pretty tense day and a long day already for the president of the united states, job. he reportedly told members on the hill that the really tiny margins and majorities and his presidency are on the line when it comes to these two bills. a clear effort to convince
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progressives that even this slimmed down 1.75 trillion human infrastructure frame work as they're calling it, he's trying to say to them, this would do it. this would achieve the economic transformation of america that you seek. >> any single element of this frame work would be viewed as a fundamental change in america. taken together, they're consequential. >> martha: they weren't so convinced of that. it wasn't flying with progressive that are dug in. >> so you're not on board with the frame work? >> i want to see it improve. >> this is not what i thought was coming today. >> martha: she said she felt bamboozled. leading to this moment minutes are. >> are you holding a infrastructure vote today? have you made that decision? >> martha: no comment from speaker pelosi.
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let's bring in mollie hemmingway, author of the new book "rigged, how the media, big tech and the democrats seized our election." dan henninger is also with us. great to have you with us. i want to start by this. we saw nancy pelosi walking off when she was asked, is there going to be a vote today. we know the president wanted to leave for this trip with something sort of done. something that he would have in hand. here's what she said about the bigger bill. she wouldn't answer that question. this is what she said about the human infrastructure bill. >> those that said they want to see text, the text is there for you to review, for you to complain about, for you to add to, subtract from, whatever it is. we'll see what consensus emerges from that. we really very much are on a path. >> martha: all right. i want a shot of this.
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this is what it is. this is what they have to go through and figure out if there's something that they want to add to or subtract from. this part here is the first 370 pages of the build back better bill. this, because we couldn't get it printed in time, this is what it would look like if we had all 2,400 pages on this desk right now. so this is what you have to go through over the weekend, no halloween, folks, if you want to dig in and you want to read this bill before you actually vote on it. mollie hemmingway, your thoughts on this. >> it's not even enough time to read the bill much less understand it or have a good idea about the funding mechanisms of the bill because there's so many unknowns and so many changes that are happening. it's worth remembering that joe biden did not run claiming he wanted to fundamentally transform the country and
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increase the size and scope of government. he said he was a moderate and a unifier. for some reason, he's attached his legacy for pushing through this massive or more massive depending what the range is there spending bill and he keeps tying to it arbitrary dates. the decision he had to get something today doesn't make sense. because it's so arbitrary that he's going on a trip. >> martha: richard, so obviously, you know, it's a situation of getting everybody to read this enormous bill, 2,400 pages of legislation. most of this has been around a long time and keeps getting put into this bill of, you know, wish list things that a lot of people haven't wanted a long time. where do you think it stands? >> it looks like we're not going to get the build back better economic plan but we're also going to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill plan. if i can put it in context for a second. at this point in donald trump's
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presidency, john mccain turned down on a repealing and replacing obamacare and trip had yet to get his tax cuts, which were widely unpopular. at this point, biden has 1.9 trillion rescue plan, looks like he will get his bipartisan infrastructure plan and a $1.75 trillion economic plan. exactly what he ran on. child care, climate change, helping people that don't have healthcare. that's precisely what he ran and won by seven million votes. this is an incredibly accomplished year for him not withstanding what his critics say. >> martha: so you feel great how things are going. we see what is going on in the polls. this president has lost more with independents in the first nine months of his presidency than any president since world war ii. dan henninger, maybe richard is right. this will turn it around for president biden. >> well, if the outlook is as
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bright as richard is suggesting, why is bernie sanders there in the senate saying he's uncertain. he wants to see the text. why are the progressives holding this up? the answer to that is that they have gotten to the point of not embarrassing joe biden or saving his presidency is no longer their goal. what the progressives want is specific things. for bernie sanders, it's negotiating drug prices with the government. that is out of the bill. he's upset about that. our reporting tells us that the progressives in the house are upset that there's not stronger enforcement mechanisms in the bill for some of the climate provisions. that's why they're saying they want to read the text. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the left to get the things that they wanted and it's not going to obviously settle for half a loaf. so i think this is far, far from over. i suspect it's going to run past next week for sure.
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>> martha: molly, here's ron klain saying no, the net cost is still zero because we raised more than enough revenue to pay for every investment without raising taxes on anyone making less than $400,000, which is tough to figure out given all of this stuff a has been stripped out of here by senator sinema and senator manchin. >> they don't have a good idea how they're going to fund this massive spending bill. again, remember, it was not that long ago that spending $700 billion on tarp was met with such frustration by the american taxpayers that had to pay for it. democrats claimed that they have ideas for how to "pay for it" but the fact of the matter is a tax on unrealized capital gains or whatever hair-brained ideas that they have is not sufficient to deal with the massive expansion of the welfare state
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and to fund such enterprises, that comes down to the middle class that has been strained by decades of bad policy, having to foot the bill and carry the bloat and the weight of an unefficient massive federal government. >> martha: it's clear in the polling that people are concerned about the economy. 60% say that think that build back better will hurt the economy more by throwing more money at it or it won't help the situation with inflation. so we'll see where it goes, dan, richard and molly. great to see you. great to have you with us today. so china says the united states is over reacting to their missile test believed to be hypersonic and we need to stop making them our "imaginary enemy." nikki haley joins me next. stick around.
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>> martha: a new warning from china after general milley warns about their stunning launch of likely two hypersonic missiles that went all the way around the globe during that test. general milley called it a significant event and china has all of our attention. today china snapped back with this. >> we urge the u.s. to stop making issues out of china or perceiving them as an imaginary enemy. abandon the cold war mentality. china's national defense and military objective do more that benefits mutual trust and cooperation and do more for world peace stability and development. >> martha: in a moment, nikki haley responds. first to benjamin hall live in
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london. hi, benjamin. >> hi, martha. general milley said this was an enormous change to the character of war fare. the u.s. military needed to adapt accordingly to keep up and respond. this is the first time a u.s. military official said that china was surprising them. the missiles capable of being armed with a nuclear warhead circled the glow in low orbit at five times the speed of sound before gliding down towards their targets. china's new technology makes the multibillion dollar u.s. missile defensive obsolete. >> they have gone from a peasant based infantry army that was very large in 1979 to a very
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capable military that covers all the domains and has global ambitions. so china is significant on our horizon. >> china's military is expanding in other ways. beijing is building cyber capabilities and conventional forces and engaging in military activity near taiwan. the cia said they were setting up a mission center for china. when . >> martha: thanks, benjamin. nikki haley is here, former governor of south carolina and former u.n. ambassador and author of "all due respect, defending america with grit and grace." thanks for being here today. so when you hear china push back on general milley's comment there and say that time for the united states to stop thinking about us, this imaginary enemy
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in china, what do you say? >> they want us to trust them. why would we trust them when we saw what they did to hong kong? why would we trust them when we saw how they handled the pandemic? why would we trust them when they tested this hypersonic missile and didn't tell the world? why would we trust them when they fly more planes over taiwan? they have given us no reason to trust them. we can't fall for their words. i dealt with china before. they say a lot but wash their actions. don't take your eyes off of their actions and we're losing this and we're not being smart about it. >> martha: it's scary what you just said. we are losing this battle because we're behind in many ways. we know the pentagon was stunned by this hypersonic missile test. clearly we have a large arsenal ourselves. with regard to taiwan, it's easy to see that this becomes a flash point potentially between the united states and china.
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because china is determined to include us in this one china policy. we have committed to it, which says that taiwan is allowed to defend itself as a democracy and we can give it some help in defending itself but not get involved. but now we have confirmation, nicki from the "wall street journal" and the president of taiwan, there's marine boots on the ground in taiwan. is it time to change the one china policy? >> first we have to change america's policy to china, period. the fact that they have past us when it comes to hypersonic missiles -- these are intercontinental ballistic missiles can go over and we can shoot them down. hypersonic missiles are remote controlled cars. you can't catch them and detect when they're happening. they're modernizing their military. they're way ahead of us on block chain. america, wake up. what is it going to take? taiwan, yes, that's one issue.
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when they saw how we handled afghanistan, the reason china started flying war planes of taiwan is the same reason that russia started hacking us, the same reason that iran hit a base in syria. they're not scared of america anymore. more is. we have to start asserting ourselves. we have to stop following and start leading and wake up. this is really scary stuff. why did our intelligence agencies not know that china was that far along -- >> martha: why do you think they didn't know? >> something is very wrong when our intelligence agencies -- think about it. they missed 9-11, messed up with iraq, they messed up with afghanistan and now you messed up with these hypersonic missiles? something needs to be done with the intelligence. it makes me think our intelligence is not being modernized or it's too bureaucratic that the information is not getting up fast enough. that has to be changed and it -- >> martha: does it bother you
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when you hear the military focusing on sort of equity issues and white rage and things like that? >> i think it's feeding right into what russia and china want. we look so distracted and they're getting away with everything that they want to get done. you will watch when the beijing olympics come up, this is china's way of saying we're the new super power of the world. that hypersonic test was very strategic. they knew exactly what they were doing. the same way they knew what they were doing with hong kong with the pandemic. you'll see them continue to do that. they're traying to create this iron wall around china to where they have a huge surveillance state and they know everything that's going on in their country and they supersede every other country in the world. we have to stop them. >> martha: before i let you go and before we bring in claudia tenney, i want to ask you about 2024. i want this quinnipiac poll. asks the question, would you
12:20 pm
like to see donald trump run for president in 2024 or not. among republicans, 78% say yes. they would like to see the former president run again. what goes through your mind when you see that? >> i wish everybody would focus on what is happening right now in this country. because 2024 is a mile away. if we don't start focusing on how distracted we are, the goal should be number 1 are virginia, new jersey's governors races next week. then 22. if we don't win 22, 24 doesn't matter. we have to be focused. we have to be prioritized. the fun thing is to talk about the spinning wheel. we don't have that luxury. we have to stop the bleeding of what biden is doing and then figure that part out. >> on the spinning wheel of 2024. indulge me. vice president pence has indicated that he wouldn't rule out running if president trump does run. you said you wouldn't run if he ran. does that leave open a door for you to be on a ticket with the former president?
12:21 pm
>> no, it opens the door to say if for some reason i see that there's a place for me, i'll sit down and have a conversation with president trump at that time. then we'll talk about it. then we'll go from there. >> martha: okay. let's bring in claudia tenney, one of the iron ladies that named themselves in the spirit of margaret thatcher. as nikki haley's pack is supporting her fellow conservatives here, including three members of congress. we have -- go ahead. we have claudia tenney with us, a new york congress woman. good to have you here. the first thing to ask you as an iron lady, who do you view this enormous 2,000 page bill in short order to figure out what is in it. >> first, it's an honor to be on with ambassador haley who personiies the iron lady.
12:22 pm
ambassador haley has a unique background and stood up strong when she was our ambassador. margaret thatcher teamed up with ronald reagan and john paul ii and changed the world. when you have this conversation with ambassador haley about what is going on with china, the president needs to view china the way that reagan and pope john paul viewed the soviet union. we're at acrossroads with marxism and freedom. are we a self-governing republic or sling into socialism and become a dependent state. margaret thatcher is my inspiration. that's why i team up with michelle fishback, women winning to stand the test and have stood up in difficult races and have
12:23 pm
shown courage and tenacity in their willingness to defend our principles as americans in a time when we're at a crossroads. we need to stand up now and need leaders today. we're so honored to have the endorsement of our ambassador nikki haley. >> martha: nikki, before i let you go, these were three seats that nancy pelosi is targeting already. when you see what is shaking out with this enormous bill and some democrats think they're getting somewhere and this is a win, what do you think? >> these are rock stars. they're running circles around nancy pelosi. i can tell you claudia is pushing back on china. she's trying to get internet nor the cubans. our veterans were in very tough races last time. pelosi has her eyes on them this time. we need to win and we will have
12:24 pm
their backs. we have to get these iron ladies and so many republicans elected. it was the year of women in 2020. look at their actions. they're fantastic. they're strong. they're leaders. they'll be around for a long thyme. we have to support them in that. >> martha: i guess the ball gets rolling tuesday. it's election day again. we'll be in d.c. and virginia and focused on the virginia's governor race and the new jersey race as well. one to keep a close eye on. so here we go. buckle up your seat belts. thanks for stopping by. good to see nikki haley. thanks for being on set with us today. >> thanks so much. >> martha: coming up, an important new nugget breaking today in the investigation into the deadly shooting on alec baldwin's movie set. wait till you hear what the sheriff said a short time ago next.
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>> a snitch line on parents. started five days after a left wing political organization asked for it. if that's not political, i don't know what is. >> martha: that was jim jordan hammering the attorney general for politicizing the justice department. now his committee is demanding that other officials at doj testify about their role in
12:29 pm
targeting concerned parents who they wanted to track as potentially causing too much trouble, becoming harassing, things along those lines. so mark meredith has the breaking news on the new front in this story. hi, mark. >> good afternoon. house republicans say they have nor questions for the justice department. they're calling for more hearings. they want to know why the federal government would want to interview with these school board meetings. the justice department is facing a firestorm over a memo to stop violent school board members. but the justice department said they were trying to silence speech. republicans want to hear from deputy attorney general and acting attorney general mark lesko. in a letter to the chairman, jerry nadler, republicans say they need the hearing so the committee may examine the troubling role of the national security division in targeting concerned parents at school board meetings.
12:30 pm
nadler is not likely to grant this hearing request. wednesday merrick garland was pressed on the memo which sparked outrage. garland said she was only trying to ensure public safety including school board members. >> don't believe it's reasonable to read this memorandum as chilling anybody's rights. it's about threats of violence and recognizes the constitutional rights to make arguments about your children's education. >> republicans are not buying it. they say the justice department way overstepped their authority here and the two senators are calling for garland to resign over this matter. martha, comes on going. >> martha: thanks, mark. there's a significant shift in the narrative around the deadly shooting on alec baldwin's film set. the new mexico sheriff in charge of this investigation telling fox news earlier today that it
12:31 pm
is too early to say this was an accident. listen to this. >> i'd be careful using the word "accident." this is obviously a tragedy and it was avoidable. so right now it's a criminal investigation. >> just to back up to what you just said. are you saying it's too early to call it an accident? >> i -- as of right now, i wouldn't call it an accident. it's a criminal investigation. >> martha: that was interesting with steve doocy. so nobody has been cleared of any charges yet. sounds like they're at the beginning. they have to track every movement of all of these people. the santa fe district attorney also saying that she has not ruled out potential criminal charges in in case if she finds that they are merited. so president biden is still dogged by the backup at the california ports.
12:32 pm
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>> martha: the white house saying that president biden will host a supply chain meeting this sunday, just weeks after ordering two california ports since they opened 24/7 to ease the backlog. that's been a difficult thing to carry out. they don't have enough truckers. we've heard that from them. we have 77 container ships that are off the coast of california, off the l.a. and long beach ports. now you have republican governor ron desantis saying he thinks florida can be a solution, a helper in this environment. >> you see all the ships off the west and east coast of the united states. we have the capacity to alleviate the backlogs. reroute ships to florida. >> martha: that's where we find
12:37 pm
madison alworth. hi, madison. >> the governor is asking for ships to consider the ports here. to give you idea of the ports in california, they're waiting for anywhere between 9 and 13 days just to get to the port, which is where i'm standing here. this is port everglades. the wait times for a cargo ship here, zero dates, no wait at all. that's why the governor is calling on the companies to consider ports like this one. i'm with the director of the ports, jonathan daniels. the governor wants more routes to florida. are you seeing that or increase in routes and activity at the florida ports? >> we're seeing more activity. we're seeing larger ships, more cargo move on and off of the ships. there's one of our ports that has seen the movement of one of the routes that was taking place because of the congestion just a little north of jacksonville port. so the vessel was moved down.
12:38 pm
when it gets here, it will be hard for them to leave and go back to the congested ports. >> this is a problem that we're seeing now. is this a long term problem? what are we looking at here? >> we think so. certainly as the global economy changes coming off of the pandemic. it's a perfect storm right now. we think we need to explore ports and all ports to prepare for surges like this that will occur in the future. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> like he said, jax port has a route that was re-routed because of congestion. temporary now. could be permanent. we're seeing more active in florida. >> martha: thanks, madison from fox business. let's bring in fox business anchor, dagen mcdowell. great to see you today. what do you think of this proposal from ron desantis who takes advantage of an opportunity here to do well, to shine and to say we can help out. >> right. keep florida open for business and do what is in the best
12:39 pm
interest of the residents of florida, visitors and the businesses. we saw that during covid. i talked to a logistics expert. he said short run this could only save maybe at most 5% of goods that are headed to the united states for this holiday season. short run, won't solve the problem that the biden administration needed to work on this 150 days ago, even longer than that. not 15 days ago. longer run, this could one, help save the eastern passover season coming in this spring in terms of goods coming in the united states but could be a good economic opportunity for florida. you'd have to focus on larger, deeper water ports, rerouting railroad capacity, building more warehouses in the state and more trucking terminal capacity. huge revenue generator for the
12:40 pm
state also, great for business. >> martha: so big picture, you know, when you look at this -- globalization question, a piece in the national review on what is the culprit. they're saying it's regulation and taxation. we treat american companies like enemies and then see the run-off of this in term of their ability to a, make things here or b move things around the world in a better way. >> right. in terms of treating corporations line enemies. see what comes out of washington with the democrats and the revenue. and corporate taxes. but bigger picture for ron desantis. it's important to point out that elections have consequences. ron desantis won the governorship but fewer than 33,000 votes. can you imagine what would have gone on in the fine state of florida, i own a place in miami, if andrew gillum, far left
12:41 pm
andrew gillum was the governor? it's worth discussion. >> martha: it's interesting to remember that governor's race. we're going to two governor's races in virginia right now. the pivotal factor is desantis was pro school choice. it was an education issue. >> terry mcauliffe vetoes three school boles last time in virginia. glenn youngkin has run on that. additional charter schools that he ran on. he's also running on getting rid of the grocery tax, getting rid of repealing the gas tax increase in the state of virginia. i'm from virginia. >> martha: southern virginia. real virginia. >> bill hemmer called it downstate. we don't call it downstate. we call it so side, not downstate. >> martha: thanks for the good
12:42 pm
news that christmas is not going to happen but easter, the bunny might get through. >> add one thing. middle of next year, the contract for the long shoremen is up. so you could have a slow down, even a work stoppage in the middle of next year. so nonunion activity at ports in florida could alleviate another supply crunch. >> martha: make your own costumes for halloween. dagen, thank you. good to see you. >> buy stocks. >> martha: nobody needs anything. also breaking today, president biden pushing clean energy against the backdrop of rising energy prices in the country and potential shortages as oil c eos get had in front of congress about their guilty nature of the climate crisis. we've been watching this. rick perry joins us with his
12:43 pm
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>> martha: this story just breaking. the biden administration is considering payments to immigrant families separated at the border under the trump administration. payments that could amount to nearly $1 million according to the "wall street journal" per family. this is their report that was just released. government agencies are working to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of these families. the aclu says that they have identified more than 5,000
12:48 pm
children separated at the border during the trump administration. that reporting coming from the "wall street journal." meantime, have you been to the pump lately? it's not so great. the national average for a gallon of gas, $3.40. that's according to aaa. it's $1.35 higher than it was last year. that adds up fast. house democrats laden to oil company executives today in a hearing. they accused them of spreading lies about climate change. republicans said it's a distraction. >> after four decades of deception and delay, it is time for the fossil fuel industry to finally change its ways. >> it's critical this committee examine the pressing concerns of american citizens. inflation caused by the biden
12:49 pm
administration economic policies is 5.4%. gas prices are at a seven-year high and heating bills will rise as much as 54% this winter. the purpose of this hearing is clear. to deliver partisan theater for prime time news. >> martha: joining me now, rick perry. former energy secretary under president trump. thanks for being here. when you watch these executives in front of congress as they say they're doing oversight on this issue of climate change, what do you think of what you saw in there today? >> well, this is political theater at its greatest. what the democrats are doing to constituents in a lot of places, take texas for instance. democrats running for re-election there along the border in heavy fossil fuel areas of the state.
12:50 pm
henry cuellar, lizzy fletcher. their constituents will be devastating in the democrats policy, if the green new deal goes into place. it will stifle the fossil fuel business. the radical democrats hate fossil fuels because they want to see a redistribution of money, they want to see marxism put in to place and capitalism fall. so the politics that's being played here may make for good tv but it will delve state the average american out there. heating fuel prices will go through the roof, gasoline prices are reaching record levels in modern history and it's going to get worse. they don't care about the fossil fuel industry. it's what is going to drive the economy of america. >> martha: we've seen a lot of
12:51 pm
changes take part in a lot of areas that are environmentally sensitive on behalf of companies themselves in terms of the way that they do business. we haven't seen the same changes coming from places like china, which, you know, would make a much bigger global impact if there was a coordination. this man, neil crabtree works for the keystone pipeline. >> three hours after president biden's inauguration, i lost my job. my crisis is the mortgage payments, the food i need to put on my table and the healthcare i need to provide to my family. instead of demonizing the ceos and presidents that are here today, i would like to thank them for the opportunity that they provided me. >> martha: quick thought if you can. >> he's spot on. this is about the future of
12:52 pm
american families and the united states was doing a great job dealing with this climate issue, whether it was american liquid fall gas going to europe. this administration is killing it. >> martha: we had total energy independence not long ago. thank you, governor perry. >> you're welcome. >> martha: he died fighting for our country in world war ii. he was 19 years old. now 78 years later, private first class harold hayden is laid to rest officially at arlington national cemetery today. a story only here next. veteran homeowners, with mortgage rate near record lows and home values at record highs now is the time to use the equity in your home to pay off your high rate debt. the newday 100 va cash out loan combines your mortgage, credit cards, car loan and other high rate debt into one simple monthly payment near the lowest rates in newday's history. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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>> martha: a u.s. marine killed in world war ii has received a hero's burial nearly 80 years later. lucas tomlinson has his story from arlington national
12:57 pm
cemetery. >> martha, harold hayden was 19 years old when he shipped out to the pacific with the marines during world war ii never to be seen from again. he was lost and killed in action. his body was just identified last year. he was buried at arlington national cemetery with full military honors. the story begins with a battle in november 1943. harold hayden of ohio was among the 18,000 marines that stormed the beaches in a group of islands in the central pacific in world war ii. the marines pushed ashore inch by inch. their mission to defeat the japanese 8,000 miles from tokyo. hayden and his fellow marines captured a base to launch air strikes to japan. victory came at a high cost. 1,000 marines killed including hayden on the final day. half the marines killed were
12:58 pm
never found. hayden's remains were identified by the pentagon's pow mia accounting agency. after an undiscovered burial site was found by history flight, a nonprofit organization. on wednesday, the marine corps honored hayden with full military honors at the national cemetery. nearly 80 years later, the hayden family watched as he was finally laid to rest back home on american soil. over a year after the battle, the marines would storm the beaches of iwo jima.
12:59 pm
martha? >> martha: lucas, so glad that you were able to go there and take the time to honor him and his family. must have been an extraordinarily moving ceremony for this family. >> sure was, more that. >> martha: and a shout out to history flight without whom these remains would not be able to get back and forth from the burial places to the united states. lucas, thanks very much. good to have you with us. we remember harold hayden today. the latest untold podcast is now available. it's really directed at college football fans. it's a great new book. it's called history through the head sets. it goes through covid and all of the changes that were made during the course of the season
1:00 pm
playing with notre dame. it was an election year. i sat down with the authors, one of those is reed, my son and his buddy, john mahoney. we had a great conversation. don't miss that. head to a great christmas present. thanks for being with us. check that out. a great day today, october 28. we'll be back here tomorrow. see you then. >> neil: just call it a frame work in progress. man, oh, man, is it ever an expensive frame work. we're told probably 1.75 trillion. probably closer to 1.85 trillion. but who is counting? what we do know right now is they're not in total agreement on this. among the goodies packed into this, $400 billion for child care and preschool, $150 billion for the older population, $200 bill in child tax,


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