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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 28, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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jaynes brings up, those are absolutely acceptable reasons to cry. >> women were excluded for decades because it's now been debunked but they assumed it was fluctuating because of other things in their life. strong and so it could. don't cry just because we are gone. now, here is "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert, president biden desperately trying to save his economic agenda as he juts off to europe. as president biden suggests the deal is almost done. progressives are saying not so fast. look who is here? >> good, great to see you. and it could be a very busy two hours. i'm bill hammer in for john roberts. the president arriving on the hill earlier today announcing a framework deal on that massive spending package.
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it's currently listed at 1.75 trillion, half of what democrats initially wanted. it also includes $2 trillion in tax hikes. >> sandra: proposals for family leave are and they scramble to get democrats on the same page, and that's just days before the suddenly neck and neck governors race virginia where democratic loss could be seen as an indictment of a party that cannot get things done. president biden addressing the nation this morning at some key democrats will remain skeptical. >> and our people. >> it's a major, major snafu and clearly to my mind, we need to have certainty.
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and we can trust. >> on john barrasso is standing by with reaction and there is a lot of it so far today. >> sandra: we look forward to that but for us to the white house and jackie heinrich with the very latest as a president has just departed. >> hi, sandra. just a fact of the white house was the one that made the announcement of 1.5 trillion, and that they made an announcement. and that tells you, that's about the strongest signal that you can get, that the administration's time is up for the talking phase and house democrats, right along with it. and that could come as soon as tonight. they did not expect the retaliation talks to get caught
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off. and they are down on the infrastructure bill, and 1.5 trillion isn't enough. >> president biden: no one got everything they wanted, including me. but that's what compromise is and that's consensus. and that's what i ran on. i've long said compromise and consensus are the only way to get things done in democracy. and that gets things done for the country. us because they wanted it done before the virginia governor's race which is november 2nd. it's considered bellwether, and they're feeling is if this big push from the white house fails, it is a really bad look for the president and a really bad look for the party. and it is unmoved by the president's request to move forward. >> i'm going to do my best to make a good bill even stronger.
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>> from day one, both of those bills are linked. i support the infrastructure bill but i want to see a strong build back bill as well and they are linked. >> and that expect some social spending to continue. and that's something the white house has promoted and something the president campaigned on so they really do want this to wrap up now. >> let's bring in the chair, and john barrasso. and a member of the finance committee. we talk about this as a country, spending more.
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the thoughts in this moment, as president biden now juts off to europe. >> for us to talk about spiking energy prices and the only thing your viewers need to know is that today in america, we are using more oil from vladimir putin in russia then we are from alaska. and that's a result of the biden policy is. as you just said it, he's off to europe to glasgow, scotland, so i believe way the white flag of surrender of america, and that's a policy of the administration. they came in with an offer, and i think he left empty-handed.
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>> sandra: you say disarray and here's some members of the squad. i think it's a bit of a leap of faith in the president and i think the first step is, i've got to see the legislation. ilhan omar said the united states the only industrialized country in the world not to guarantee family and medical leave and she's obviously not happy. she's calling it an outrage. build back better is our opportunity to change it. that being said it, as our own jackie heinrich just said, time is up. and don't just stand there, spend some thing, phase of biden's long-term presidency. his goal is to spend money to win democratic vote. what happens next here, senator? >> especially in the light of economic, and the warning sirens
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are sounding loud for our economy. we only got two half of that type of growth, and the inflation is running wild, and that's what the president is talking about doing when he goes to europe which will raise the cost of energy. i've got the frame work, right here. the two big things that strike me about that is they still supersize the irs to try to squeeze taxpayers and it's still the largest and most expensive part of this, they are driving and heating their home in the hot cost of energy making energy much more expensive and much less reliable. >> sandra: and more, just a framework.
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and that's who we are about to hear in the 2:00 hour. nancy pelosi, listen. >> we have controversy. >> sandra: americans wonder what the consequences of this massive spending will eventually be. you're talking about gas prices, energy prices, and this is real tangible stuff that the american people feel when they go to work this morning, they fill up the gas tank and they are playing paying a whole lot more which is inching towards a record high. oil prices continue to go up, they are at nearly $82 per barrel so what did the american people need to know as all this plays out on washington? >> gas prices at the pump are at a dollar per gallon and it's
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about $25 more to fill up a tank. natural gas prices again at a seven year high and this is the biden policy. this is the keystone xl pipeline companies blocked exploration for energy and on public lands in terms of leases and he shut down alaska. this is what joe biden hasn't brought to the american people this massive inflation. and that's what the american people want to talk about. they want to talk about the crisis of inflation and the crisis of the southern border with mexico. the president, we are talking about things that are very different. and that's at the time that we have soaring energy prices and food prices in america and people are absolutely done with where this president is trying to take the country. >> john: it's
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senator john barrasso, it will be a busy afternoon and likely a busy weekend as well. when we see the polling, people are concerned about inflation and its top of their concerns right now. you don't see that being addressed. >> john: economic concerns on that boat in virginia as well. he mentioned nancy pelosi, we should see her around 2:00. she's meeting with the progressive caucus on the house side. and congressman jaya paul who heads up the progressive caucus says right now there are too many no votes for the bipartisan infrastructure bill to pass on thursday. he said they would have an infrastructure today and it really makes you wonder whether or not that will happen. and you start to look at the calendar. if it's not tomorrow, is it next tuesday? if it's not next tuesday, you're going to wait until the president comes home from his trip at scotland and he will ask yourself, what was today all
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about? it was more i think confusion, perhaps the time element starts to compress the thought, to move forward and give that initial advantage to get somewhere. >> sandra: you didn't get the sense that he had a deal, you got the sense that he was pitching and selling. >> john: i would agree with that. what's all this now and in the meantime you got another fox news alert. the state of florida is suing president biden, nasa and several administration officials and agencies of recovered vaccine mandates. at this as it applies to government contractors. the lawsuit first obtained by fox news argues the role is both unlawful and threatens the state's economy. phil keating is live in miami. >> good afternoon, bill. despite state law, republican ron desantis of florida and the republican attorney general are suing president biden, nasa and other officials and agencies
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believing that in the end florida will prevail in court. the lawsuit challenges the federal order that requires executive branch workers and government contractors to either prove they are already vaccinated or get the shot in the arm. the law that is to go into effect nationwide in early december. governor ron desantis and ashley moody say that rule interferes with florida's employment policies and threatens the sunshine state's economy. florida is seeking a preliminary injunction in u.s. district court in tampa. >> just because you're a business that has federal contracts, is not right for the federal government to come in and rewrite those contracts and shoehorn this in. then if you don't comply they either have to fire people or if you don't comply they will just cancel the contract entirely. >> bill: a florida's governor last week called for a special legislative session to enact a state law banning businesses
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from imposing vaccine mandates in that session is supposed to happen next month in november. very serious note, there has been decent pushback from the business lobby because a lot of businesses think they should be able to run their business as they want to and that could require vaccines for their employees and of their to keep everybody as safe as possible. bill? >> bill: thank you phil. you will see it only here. >> sandra: attorney mary general merrick garland facing rapid-fire questions. >> what on earth does the national security division have to do with parents who are expressing disagreements at school boards. it's wrong and it's unprecedented to my knowledge and the history of this country and i call on you to resign. >> sandra: did those senators get any answers? plus new allegations and a whole new question, did the white house have direct role in all this?
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give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. >> sandra: hundreds of thousands of people still in the dark in new england after a nor'easter barreled up the coast with hurricane force winds. the storm grew so strong so quickly forecasters say it qualifies as a bomb site cyclone. extreme weather also heading down south where a driver in texas capture the small club video as it tore across i-10 near beaumont. the storm damage dozens of other homes across texas and louisiana. >> bill: i saw that on fox weather.
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and it's all at your fingertips. >> sandra: that's fantastic, you have great access to radar and things coming up. tech on your weekend. >> bill: is clean and it's new. we love that. the ag merrick garland was on cross hairs on capitol hill. to investigate local school board meetings, we still do not know the full role of the white house, and miranda divine, we want to take our viewers back to yesterday and the specific exchange. senator kennedy and the ag. >> and drafting the letter the national school board association collaborated with the white house. for several weeks, they worked on it together. yours has just a vessel.
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>> comic >> bill: they tried to get him to budge but he did not. that memo has not been retracted. did they move the ball at all? >> it's incredible, no. the republican senators were very strong and they have left us with absolutely no doubt about merrick garland and his character. that's the white house to go after joe biden's political foes, and just trying to stand up for their children and stop them from being propagandized whether it's critical race theory or relieve filth. and the parents don't want that. they have every right to defend their children against that kind of propaganda.
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and, what we have seen is the freedom of information requests that "the washington free beacon" revealed last week which is the email showing that the white house and the school board association, the woman in charge and her right-hand man, they were talking for several weeks. the department of justice staffers would have been involved in that, because you know that merrick garland was very careful in his last performance, and we don't know if anybody, they have plausible deniability of not knowing what his own department is doing. i think senator kennedy is a point to him was pretty well
10:22 am
taken. there is no self-reflection and no humility. he said in his last appearance, and that's based solely on that later, and they have no -- it should now his memo. >> bill: but he hasn't budged on that. and they go back to the whole idea of hunter biden's artwork. >> will you appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden? >> i'm not -- that's investigations about the former
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president, and that's with respect to every citizen of the united states. >> that's what we are thinking with the independent counsel investigation. they've gone to the gallery, and soho in lower manhattan. what did you find out about hundreds of artwork? >> i went to the gallery where his very expensive artworks are being displayed, but they are not letting anyone in. you can only get in with an appointment which you can only reorganize with him himself. and i did try, and we did find across the road at the martin lawrence valerie some very nice picassos and of roy lichtenstein's and lots of other
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great artists, we have lots of those and you can actually buy a signed picasso and you can buy one of hunter biden's $500,000 paintings. you can buy a signed picasso for 400,000. i think that it just shows that the people who are buying hunter biden's artwork and not doing it for the art, there were other reasons. >> bill: the story moves on this afternoon, i feel a little bamboozled because this is not what i thought was coming today. she's now unknow one infrastructure saying "we need both of the bills to read together. it will be interesting to set up for nancy pelosi to speak at the top of the hour. >> bill: we are waiting on
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policy, and you have to wonder when it's going to be end if it comes after the race on tuesday in virginia. and of republicans when they are. how that changes the entire dynamic from the biden agenda. >> one of the world's biggest protist companies feeling the pinch from all the inflation and now, it has plans to raise prices. just to raise the example of inflation hitting the american dinner table. >> bill: and stunning devout meds and the alec baldwin movie shooting. investigators leaving the door open to file criminal charges as we learn it crew members may have skipped some of these safety protocols onset. >> it's still an active investigation. we are still gathering statements and facts so nobody has ruled been ruled out.
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pushes his new spending plan. research shows that you come in the grid at slowest pace since the recovery began last year. gdp growing just to present in the third quarter and not short of expectations and down from 6.7% in the quarter before that. let's bring in susan lee from fox business. is there great concern about slowing growth in this country as we make plans to spend more money? >> there has to be. you know that heading into this year, wall street and that it government having a blowout economic recovery, you died gdp forecast for six or eight and 7% in 2021 and that would be the fastest since the early 1980s. it is been the new reality that was set in today with a really disappointing gdp number over the summer time yes, the delta variant spread but what about the supply chain bottlenecks and inflation and skyrocketing prices, that's really hurting the consumer. you look through this report, and so did i. personal consumption falling off a cliff, spending on goods down
10:31 am
9% and when the consumer empowers around 70% of the economy, and by the way they are not feeling that optimistic heading into the all-important holiday shopping. come it makes you wonder whether or not they will open their wallets and they expect some sort of pick up in the final three months of the year. >> sandra: great question but not before we all spend more on our goods and services. we are seeing those containers on the ships, still having a hard time getting those goods and a lot of times they don't absorb them, they pass them down to the consumer. here's donte on the big protist company out there. they have to raise prices they say, despite our efforts to mitigate these increasing costs within our supply chain, they are simply too great to absorb. the unparalleled cost have been persistent and show no signs of regular eating. it necessary to implement inflation, justified price increases. we had an obama economist, mohamed al larry on this program
10:32 am
yesterday who said inflation is not going away. in fact, it could get a lot worse before it gets better. so are other companies like del monte having to raise prices? >> absolutely. you heard that from nestle and procter & gamble, these are just some of the company's over and over again during these earnings seasons because i've been on the call for the ceos and they said that they don't think that this inflation is transitory meaning, it's going to stick around for at least this year as well as next year. you had some price increases and again that's weighing down on the consumer. and meaning that they are making more money than anticipated, but they are paying the premium price for aluminum cans and corn and cotton at the highest in ten years on oil prices doubling over the last year. you can bet that the companies are expanding these supply shocks and inflation shocks and they are definitely going to pass that on to consumers.
10:33 am
>> sandra: we don't often show things like this on our screen but this one is worth showing. this was easy to understand what's going on, you look at the line and it shows third quarter 2020 growth and how it was way up there when this recovery began and how far it has come down to the announcement today, just 2% growth, put your political hat on for the last question here. voters obviously care big time about pocketbook issues. and if one of the biggest conversations we are all hearing back home is how much more we are paying will be go to the grocery store, what impact do we believe this is going to have as voters will have to make a big decision? >> speaking to some of the biggest ceos in america so far in this earnings season and over and over again chemically say that that they are concerned. but that result in something at the ballots and voting stations? americans are not happy about those price increases.
10:34 am
and i think people will vote with their pocketbooks this time around. >> sandra: and susan lee, great to have you. >> bill: it's oh 2% gdp growth slows in the year and you look at virginia. it's on my mind, can you tell? i've been studying that quite a bit. economics of the newborn concern and we found a survey yesterday that showed 66% of virginia voters believed that those states are on the wrong track. that is significant. it's a reflection about how people feel about their own lives and their families direction. >> sandra: and it appears this bipartisan concern about the inflation and that the fed is doing nothing to change their strategy about it. >> bill: and the market is up today. earnings seasons are pretty good, hitting all-time highs. >> sandra: record profits from a lot of these companies for
10:35 am
sure. >> bill: waiting on speaker pelosi, and at this just in. explosive new details between the fight between parents and loudoun county officials on the extreme measures the embattled superintendent tried to put into place. that report you will only see first here on fox. >> sandra: the pentagon confirming china's test of hypersonic missiles which are hard to detect and intercept. did this bring us closer to the brink? general jack keane will join us, just ahead. ♪ ♪
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find new peace of mind. find new roads. chevrolet. >> to infinity, and beyond! >> bill: is so it's the end of the line for alan as a buzz lightyear. alan is an outspoken's conservative, evans is playing the human astronaut but the toys based on. >> sandra: by the way, toy story may be underrated as one of the best children's a franchise. it's good to. fantastic. i'm a fox news exclusive, the virginia department of education pushes a book promoted critical race theory. despite the democrat terry mccall's claims that crt is not being taught in the classrooms there. education issues have reshaped that race now tied in the
10:41 am
closing stretch. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel is live in d.c. with the latest on that. hello mike. >> sandra, good afternoon. a fox investigation has found that the department of virginia education as us said all stakeholders at teachers must embrace theories such as critical race theory. it's formed by literature, best practice and research and below are the resources currently occupying space on our desks. we want to do more than survive. evolution is freedom. the book is from a cofounder of the abolitionist teaching network, from page 147, bettina love writes that all disciplinary schools harmed black and brown children. teachers spirit murder children through these glasses because they are -- they cannot see black joy or black community.
10:42 am
james baldwin said a child cannot be taught by anyone who despises him and a child cannot afford to be fooled. as long as teachers turned to gimmicks are not the north start they will never understood understand how they are being fooled by patriarchy, homophobia and classism and how their so-called accountability measures really show dark children how much education despises them. on the campaign trail democrat terry mcauliffe has pushed back on this issue. >> i'm sick of them talking about these issues of critical race theory, we do not teach critical race theory here in virginia, it has never been taught. it's pitting parents against parents and parents against teachers and they are using our children as political pawns and it's got to stop. >> what this amounts to is the state bureaucracy recommending these controversial teaching tools to all educational stakeholders. >> sandra: mike emanuel
10:43 am
reporting from washington for us. by the way we will hear again from mike in our necks are as the next shoe drops in the virginia school drama. on fox news for us to obtain documents that show what school board members think about the parents who protested in those meetings. their requests to law enforcement are so extreme that they were flat out rejected by the police. we are working to bring you the fox news exclusive's and we will have it for you in the next hour. it will all be new at two. >> bill: in the meantime sandra, the pentagon acknowledging for the first time that there's the pentagon tested hypersonic weapon over summer. mark milley calling it very concerning a very close with sputnik moment. retired four-star general jack keane with us now, fox news at senior strategic analyst in general, nice to see you. here is the sound bite from general milley i got the attention. >> what we saw was a very significant test of a hypersonic weapon system.
10:44 am
and it is very concerning. i don't know if it's quite a sputnik moment but it's close to that. it's a significant technological event that occurred or test that occurred by the chinese and it has all of our attention. the one we were trying to advance into space. this hypersonic missile can travel mock five or six and we don't have a defense of if it were to come our way. how concerned are you about this? >> when the chairman of the joint chiefs is very concerned, we should all be very concerned. i'm not sure why we didn't confirm this a while ago, maybe it was our intelligent system trying to catch up and make certain this event took place. there are two primary concerns here and one is that our early warning system will be defeated by the launch of the system and we will not pick it up. it can come from a mobile
10:45 am
platform and we don't have the sensors that are able to deal with that as of now. secondly, the system itself as you mentioned in the introduction, when it gets back into the earth's orbit after having orbited the earth and to come up by the way, most of our targeting has to do with missiles, ballistic missiles that we will use in the vicinity of the north pole as the trajectory. they can actually come at us from the south pole because they can orbit any place of the earth. then when it gets into the earth's atmosphere it's flying so superfast and it has such dramatic maneuverability and a change in altitude that we don't have anything currently to defend against it nor does anyone else, those are the concerns that we have. it's the overarching concern that the united states has with china increasing its nuclear capability.
10:46 am
we have about 1400 as does russia and are stuck pile is about 3500. the good news is if china was able to conduct a first strike which this capability gives them, because we don't have the early warning system, our nuclear triad is still an effective deterrence. a sufficient number but survived that first strike to destroy china and that obviously is the deterrent that it has been so satisfactory to the soviet union and the united states holding these incredibly lethal nuclear weapons for all of these years and it never having come close to actually using these weapons. that is still there, but yes, we have a lot of concern. the other thing is they have deployed these missiles
10:47 am
conventionally and they are still testing. >> bill: that's one of my questions, how far behind are we on the technology? i understand this happened during the month of august, we were distracted from the chaos in kabul. is that why beijing took the decision than to test it? >> i don't know. i suspected it had more to do with technology than anything else and they interestingly enough have never confirmed that this is what we believe it is. they described as a reusable space grab, being sent into space. if that was a case, why are you hiding it and why did you just announce that at the time? why are you keeping it sacred? there are over concerns here and they have concerns about their growing nuclear capability and we have concerns about the conventional capability which we are behind, particularly when
10:48 am
supplied to the pacific region. we talked about it many times. >> bill: president xi is not messing around. we will try to see what kind of connection there is without relationship. jack keane, thank you. >> sandra: of viral moment, a school board member was caught saying this when her microphone was still on. >> your time is up. [bleep] >> sandra: and chris were it's flying there. hear from a mother who is being cursed out after voicing concerns over school masks and vaccine mandates. >> bill: also what's in a name? mark zuckerberg may be hoping for a second chance. why the facebook ceo is looking to rebrand the sites, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bill: happiest place on earth for everything but your wallet. disney announcing its raising prices at its california parks.
10:53 am
a single one day, one park to will now hit you for $164. >> sandra: whoa, oh, my gosh. >> bill: parking is also going up, disney it as expressed a strong demand since reopening in april. $160 just to get in the door. >> sandra: i don't want to be a debbie downer, but people who have gone during the pandemic as things have gotten better, it is so much fun. but that's a lot of money and really limits a lot of families being able to go. spin on it that's before you get a drink and something to eat. >> sandra: or pay for the hotel. >> bill: or gas. coffee. >> sandra: good point. the alec baldwin shooting investigation now focusing on the key question, what is live ammunition on that movie set? key correspondent jonathan hunt is live from santa fe, new mexico. it's a question everyone has been asking. >> and sandra, the shooting
10:54 am
death of helena hutchins has been referred to as alec baldwin and others as an accident. the sheriff very much took issue without an interview with fox saying at this point nobody should be referring to her death in that way. listen to the sheriff. >> as of right now i wouldn't call it an accident at all. it's a criminal investigation. >> alec baldwin appears to have left the studio. these tmc photos were taken in a small new england town over the weekend chilling baldwin with his families. he is one of the three main subjects, the other are the armor onset hannah gutierrez reed and derek hall, who admitted he did not thoroughly check the gun before handing it to baldwin. the affidavit says "he could only remember seeing the three rounds. he advised he should have checked all of them, but
10:55 am
didn't." those kind of actions led to toa sheriff to say there was complacency on the set. listen again to the set comic sheriff. >> any time there are firearms involved, safety is paramount. anyone who knows anything about firearms any time a firearm is around or about safety is paramount. >> did you -- i don't let my emotions get involved, this is an investigation and we rely on the facts. >> the sheriff told us again today as the district attorney did yesterday that criminal charges against baldwin and they are certainly still a possibility. >> a story we will be closely watching. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: a fox news alert,
10:56 am
expecting to hear from nancy pelosi any moment now as we look inside of the room. last minute scramble to save president biden's agenda fizzling in from inside of his own party at the moment. >> sandra: the headliner at the moment, congressman daya paul telling reporters just a short time ago that there were too many to pass anything today. members of the congress say they feel bamboozled. a brand-new hour, when we return. because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial
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security every veteran deserves.
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to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. >> sandra: fox news alert, as we begin a brand-new hour, 2:00 on the east coast and the president in desperate need of a win. the presidency is on the line, any moment now. nancy pelosi set to speak amid the dysfunction in her party. i'm sandra smith in new york. look who is gracing us with his presence. >> bill: good to see you today, tom's daughter is getting married this weekend, the whole family. nice to see you. double duty today, and it's been
11:01 am
a big day already and a ton of movement on all of this stuff. whether or not they progress toward the finish line is something that we really don't know. president biden announcing a framework, a plan which republicans say is nothing short of socialist welfare. the bigger prompt of the president is in his own party, democrats unhappy and unable to get on the same page in the press tag well below what many of the fellow democrats want. it is not just the cost but we do not yet know how they will pay for it. >> sandra: bottom line, this plan is nowhere near that done deal at this hour in the pushback is coming from democrats across the spectrum. the loudest on the far left. >> bill: moments from now, his job is to get legislation to congress on behalf of president trump. we will talk to mark in a moment. chad program is running down just about anything that runs down the hill. >> the first thing we are
11:02 am
waiting for here is the press conference with house speaker nancy pelosi. she was supposed to break the press just after the president came to capitol hill this morning and obviously he has left and he's on his way to europe so, everybody wants to know whether or not they can actually pass the infrastructure bill that's a separate piece of legislation later today. the issue right now is progressives are withholding their votes for that until they get something locked in form on the social spending plan. here's cory busch, a democrat from a missouri. >> it has not changed. i have held steady with what we have talked about us progressives, at least some of the progressives up until now, keeping notes of bills together and we don't have that right now. also i feel a little bamboozled because this is not what i thought was coming today. >> bill: she is the chair of
11:03 am
the progressive caucus, the democrat from washington state and she said we don't have the votes if they were to put that on the floor. keep in mind they could lose three democrats and there are some republicans who do support that piece of legislation that kevin mccarthy the minority leader thought it would be indicated if any republicans voted for that bill. those two bills are kind of writing in tandem right now and liberal democrats like bernie sanders of vermont, they are pushing for changes. >> there is to my knowledge no language in there that takes on the pharmaceutical industry. and that's a major problem in the bill. >> the key here is that they have a framework. it's not a bill, it's not an agreement. we are told that it may take several days to get this piece of legislation together and give an actual price tag and a score from the congressional budget
11:04 am
office, and everybody understands every jot and if they do forge ahead with the infrastructure bill later today you know that it's probably going to pass for the reason because house speaker nancy pelosi does not go to the floor and lose. so she puts it on the floor 80:00 o'clock or 9:00 tonight and you can bet that it's probably going to pass. but does this framework do enough to unlock those of oats for the house of representatives to pass the infrastructure bill? remember that the senate approved that piece of legislation in early august but passing the social spending plan they have a long way to go probably next week at best. >> bill: it's haddock, congresswoman jaya paul who heads up the house, has said that there are too many no votes
11:05 am
to pass infrastructure. is she right? >> nancy pelosi the speaker is a very good vote counter but, jayapal demonstrated her metal saying if pelosi puts a vote on the floor it's probably going to pass and if they don't go tonight then that will tell you that they don't have the build. >> bill: is great to see you, updates when we get them from the hill. >> sandra: let's bring in marc short, one who knows a lot about getting a presidents plan through congress. great to see you, thanks for being here. and does anyone walk away from that happy? >> thanks for having me. it certainly seems like they have quite the dilemma in front of them. i think today they wanted to
11:06 am
have a big pep rally to his on the president off to scotland but it doesn't appear to be going well for them. i think one of the ironies is they are messaging to each other as to say, look. we need to show we can get something done for the presidents benefit, and the reality is what they are trying to get done, nobody wants. all the point continues to suggest is that americans are posting trillions of dollars in additional spending and additional taxes and so they sort of boxed themselves into this, like your if you do when you're if you don't. then everybody, and if they do get it done it's going to hurt them next november because nobody wants what they are trying to pass. >> bill: mark, think about the legislative side of this. was it smarter to go there and try to put the squeeze on lawmakers who are on the fence, or would it have been smarter to go overseas in europe and come back and live to fight another
11:07 am
day? >> i think they had a couple of timelines they were facing. one of the things they are feeling pressure about it's a race in virginia because i think if glenn young can wince this tuesday and will put more pressure on them and at that point a lot of democrats began peeling off this giant tax-and-spend bill. i remember legislator phil gramm said you don't take a hostage unless you're willing to kill a hostage. and in reality we are not allowing the moderates to have that unless we get something more specific. to be clear, a framework really means nothing. i framework for three and a half trillion just a couple of months ago that they all celebrated if you recall but there was a framework for even more than that. so that requires you to have the legislation and as chad set a
11:08 am
minute ago, when you pass that reconciliation it requires a cbs score and a joint on taxation score. there are no details. they can't even score this. we are a long way off from legislation. because that should make people nervous, right mark? how are we going to pay for this and that's why "the wall street journal" this morning's writing about fly-by-night taxation. i'll let you give american people the warning that you see as this is coming. one day it's an increase and the general says on tax rates in the corporation and the affluent. but that doesn't have the votes. there goes jeff bezos, let's tax him and a 699 other billionaires. it pulls well and everyone hates billionaires. so we are left wondering obviously, we got the framework and not the full legislation but how is this going to get paid for? >> you make a great point. each point they had they float and it ends up dying.
11:09 am
whether it's a clean energy plan or whether or not it's the child tax credit or billing or tax plan, so each one ends up falling under its own weight and i don't really know. i do think there is another great dilemma here, they have all told us in the white house that it costs nothing. well if it costs nothing then why are we having to pay for $300 in tax increases, and a few hours ago, the white house chief of staff or unclean tweeted out that this is more than fdr's new deal and spending. also telling you from the white house podium that it costs nothing. >> bill: tried to thread that one. how would you rate -- they don't have the votes and thus the majority that they do have in the house and senate side, some have suggested that they read that wrong. and they read at the american people wrong. >> i would agree with you.
11:10 am
the margins are just incredibly thin, even if they were able to pass the tax relief, they had 32-54 margin in the senate and a 15 vote margin in the house. they've got no margin in the senate and four votes in the house and it's incredibly hard to get something done like that. your question bill, i think they misread the results of november 2020 and and they left 15 new house republicans last december, and it wasn't and they ran into the wall because they were saying they don't want the taxes or spending. >> sandra: biden's presidency is on the line and we are about to see nancy pelosi step up and speak. what does she say? >> i think it's it's a foolish political move when you are
11:11 am
still here at ten months into the presidency. but i think she will again try to give another pep rally and say that her conferences will come together and we will get this done at some point. but again, we've been there. we've been there when there was a framework for three and a half and we've been there when he said he had a six and a half trillion plan. here's an house speaker nancy pelosi. >> good afternoon. thank you very much for accommodating the excitement that we had this morning. this is the president of the united states, a president with a big vision for america, and presenting a framework and a building better with women.
11:12 am
i said over and over again it was about children learning and parents earning and that means with universal pre-k and child care and home health care and child care tax credit and all the rest, that is a liberation for women to be able to pursue their careers and help take care of their families, while their children and family members are cared for. so in any event, what we talked about was the fact that if any one of these features were in the bill that we were taking up in the congress, if we were taking up the child care pieces of this and at the home health care pieces of it, it would be historic. big. nearly a trillion dollars. children learning, parents earning. parents and loved ones at home and respecting those who do so. the second piece on health care, this one is particularly meaningful to me because of the
11:13 am
affordable care act, the affordable care act has been expanded of course to make it stronger but also to include the people who were not covered in the states that did not expand medicaid. we don't expand medicaid, we expanded the affordable care act to enable those folks to have access to affordable care. if that were the only thing we were doing in this legislation it would be transformational. it's transformative and cause for celebration. so on the house side, there are many aspects to it but that one makes a drastic difference. then when we go to the third bucket, when i was the speaker first time on the climate issue, for a long time it's been my flagship issue but at that time i formed a select committee on
11:14 am
the climate, and we got good things in terms of president bush with the energy bill, but we could get 60 votes in the senate and it was when president obama was president and we moved on. at the same time we were doing the health issue. but it was then so important. now drastic and urgent, short fuse on the well-being of our planet. and so imagine half a trillion dollars. and that's a half a trillion dollars both in tax credits and outlays of what we need to do to protect the planet for the children. all three of these are all about the children and they are also all about jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs that are created by the new green technologies and jobs that are part of the national
11:15 am
protection of our country. until it's an initiative with a big tax cut to the middle class, creates good paying jobs and it lowers the cost per family and also while making the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. that's a framework that the president shared with us this morning and it's remarkable. it's remarkable in that it's a big vision, a bigger vision than we have seen in a very long time may be dating back to president franklin roosevelt in the stomach and of the new deal in some respects to lyndon johnson who had a great agenda as well. but we always remind everyone that franklin roosevelt had 319 democrats in the congress of the time and we have 220, and that makes a big difference. again that transformative
11:16 am
agenda, the president was knowledgeable. and he knows chapter and verse because he wrote this. he campaigned on this. i spoke to this in the state of the union address. i told him last night and this morning, on the phone last night but today in front of our colleagues, he said when he gave that state of the union address we were standing -- sitting behind him. the vice president of the united states, kamala harris and speaker of the house. people said how did it feel, the two women? what was really exciting is a speech the president made about women. not about two women, but about america's women and what happened with the progressive agenda that he was putting forth. at the same time, we are moving forward with a once in a century chance to rebuild the infrastructure that has been
11:17 am
passed the senate a while back. and of course the fact that we have reconciliation. we call that build back better legislation. some systems are 100 years native, and the colleagues talked about their own experiences in their own community. that was made of bricks and wood, that's a nice mortar system. it's there is no question question, the most expensive, the most expensive maintenance is no maintenance and that is where we are in many cases and
11:18 am
it's about jobs, jobs, jobs. over the life of this bill, at seven and a half -- pretty exciting. so where we are in time, that's what you want to know. right? 3:00? 2:30. right now the rules committee is preparing to go in. they have text, the text is up. your people have said it, i want to see text. the text is up for review, for consideration, for review. people say that this should be this way or clarification or addition or subtraction, whatever it is. this is the legislative process and, right now, today, we will
11:19 am
be having a hearing. and that's a build back better initiative and it's pretty exciting. i'm so proud of the work that our chairs have done and at the work that everybody did to kind of cut it in half and in a way that we could maintain support for it. and so that is what is happening now. we had said for a long time now, if we had a framework that had our priorities spelled out clearly and agreed to, that added up to a top line. start with the priorities and added up to a top line which was a limit.
11:20 am
prior as i mentioned the top line at 1.75 approximately, and the commitment that we would have the same bill passed the house and the senate. that's what we have now. that's what the president presented and we won't have anything, regardless of whatever input we have in the bill unless it is agreed to by the senate. and of course, we have to have it comply with the senate 51 vote rule and there are two things, the bird wall and a privilege scrub. is that more the subject you want to know? anyway that's what we have to do and we hope to do that soon but we again have to listen as the print version goes out. and it's always moving a bit and that will happen.
11:21 am
so there are paths that could get this done but as i said the text is there. for you to review, for you to complain about, for you to add to or subtract from or whatever it is, and we have the hearing today, and it text out there, and the path to get this all done. >> thank you, madam speaker. we've been hearing from a lot of progressives who say they would still not vote for this package. so is it premature to move forward with the vote on the bipartisan package today and it do you trust senator's manchin and sp 24 will vote on what's outlined in this framework? >> i trust the president of the united states and again the text is out there, they have some. anybody, any senator come and a house member has some suggestions about whether comfort level is or the dismay
11:22 am
might be and we welcome that. but i trust the president of the united states. we have -- in all of these things, we have agreement. that goes further than i thought. i don't know, we will see what they say back. there are some things that are not in, and i have frankly not given up on but being the mother of five and six years i always bring that up. changed more diapers than anyone in the congress, i would still like to see that if we can't get the rest. but that's still a work in progress. >> when we hear from some of your members like cory from missouri who said she was bamboozled about what she could
11:23 am
expect today, and what is your response when you hear that sort of dissension in your caucus about where you stand? >> i have respect for all of our members and the full spectrum of the big ten that are in the democratic party and they have concerns when they hear senator manchin say, i'll just have concerns and they hear about it, everybody has a chance to say what they wish. >> one of the things that progressives want is to have a vote at the same time as the infrastructure bill. so to delay -- in order to move these bills of the same time. why are you insisting on having the infrastructure? >> we've had a target for this for a long time. remember, we were totally ready and i say this because i feel some level of responsibility for
11:24 am
working everyone so hard to be on time for december 15th. and then, the rug was pulled out when they said we are not going that high and then we had to take it down. but in the meantime the clock did not stop taking on the calendar. did i mix my time frames there? so when we see that october 31st is the date of expiration will on the highway trust fund that we made the target date to get this done, we need certainty. let me just read this to you from our colleague. today, at the house does not pass a bill by october 31st -- this is from peter defazio. surface transportation programs must again be extended without authorization in place, they have federal motor carrier safety of administration and the national highway traffic safety
11:25 am
administration and the federal transit initiation will have to cease effective operations as a result that would force for a low of approximately 3700 employees of the u.s. department of transportation. short-term extensions are highly as disruptive of transportation project planning and delivery carried out by this department of the states, the state and department of transportation. so this is professional. let's do it in a timely fashion. let's not keep having postponements and leaving any doubt as to when this will happen. >> madam speaker, you have called this as a -- you and the president have called this legislation but how is this transformational, and how is
11:26 am
this transformational if you are having to cut things like major climate programs and what are the plans going forward? >> thank you so much for your question. it is transformative and it is historic and at the issues that it addresses, and these are not issues, they are values, and the resources that are allocated there. i'm still fighting for paid leave. i frankly have a hard time debating it because i don't understand why we wouldn't have it. and, universal pre-k child care, child tax credit, home health care, and of the rest. so one program is important as it is does not subtract from the rest of it. again, we still want that. we have it and we passed it in the department of defense bill,
11:27 am
former department of defense bill which has paid for our federal department of defense employees, so we have already gone down that path very nicely. in fact senator manchin said some very good things, when he voted for that, it would have that in there. but how can we say that this is transformative? because it is. families in 12 states will now have access to the affordable care act and that's very important. because we will have a half a trillion dollars to save the planet. and it's a health issue, and that's the environmental justice
11:28 am
of it all. it's a jobs issue, and it those technologies, it's a national security issue as our security experts tell us, the conflicts that could arise from competition for habitat and resources because of rising sea levels and all of the other consequences of the climate crisis. and it is a values issue for us to honor our responsibility to future generations. that's a time frame for us to do that, matters are getting worse and we are not going to make matters worse. we are going to pass this legislation. and as i say that we have to -- what this legislation will do is to help the president meet his goals. the goals of america for a how reduce emissions and pollution and the rest and normally how we
11:29 am
do that, meet and meet the goals of the paris accord but also how we help other countries do so. the poorest nations in the world have contributed the least to the emissions challenge that we faced, and we need to's shared technology and other resources with them so they can meet their goals at as well. it will be transformative, taking together and it's quite a spectacular package that biden has put forth. i salute him for it and, you don't have to tell me, i wrote it. and that was what was so demonstrated this morning, his meticulous attention to detail. his encyclopedic knowledge of everything that was in the bill
11:30 am
and we go to glasgow, we wanted to go as strong as possible. and of course i brought the greeting. the congress of the united states, and it will be part, i assume it will be part of the discussion but the climate issue is not just about help, it's about people in poverty, taking a terrible bite of this wormy apple called the economy crisis. and i'm happy to answer that question. >> does a framework included $100 billion investment so they say is separate for immigration?
11:31 am
is that separated within the ville sack better act or within the bills act better act. >> are you building an infrastructure most of the day? have you made that decision? >> so are you holding an infrastructure vote today? that sounds like it's a no. beta-1 so that's the critical question. she did say they are moving forward with the vote. i thought chad's question about the progressives, that's not much of an answer on behalf of the house speaker. when infrastructures he said this is professional, let's do it in a timely fashion. but can you do it given the vote margin in the house?
11:32 am
>> on the social spending bill they are in range. we will see what consequences emerge. chad was able to get in there and ask about jayapal saying she felt bamboozled when she woke up this morning. she said she sidestepped the question about the specific concerns and they had concerns when senator manchin said something. jackie heinrich is live at the white house as we take all this in and now we know next come the house rules committee will be meeting i believe she said at 2:30 but i believe there's an update that that happened at 3:00. at their meeting on the social spending bill. >> the text of that bill is also out and it was just released, more than 2,000 pages. these are some of the things that progressives have that they needed it in order to vote in support of a hard infrastructure bill and if that came up for a vote, she said they wanted to have all the details on the reconciliation portion because
11:33 am
before they could pledge to support the fifth. right now i'm learning from the source that there are nine house democrats, and it speaker pelosi is trying to work through those members and hopefully change their minds and are hoping that reconciliation framework in the text that's out is going to be enough, and house republicans that are, that's a high 15 but it's a safe ten. it's a tough calculation for pelosi who did not like to bring the vote to the floor and include in her web count, and that from a democrat standpoint, and the credit if that were to succeed. it's a tough call for pelosi, and a lot of members are going
11:34 am
out of town potentially, at the end of the evening. the longer this drags on, one of my sources is telling me that this could amount that nine dems were against and they made up by essentially ten republicans that were for it, and that could change. so waiting to see, and it's clear that the president wants to see what happens, the president going to the hill, and the country to the need to pass this, and that's how they are last month, and they want to take their time into it right and want to see the vote bills passed. different tone from the white house compared to when this all happened. it's going to come down to the math as it always does, and,
11:35 am
what jayapal saying is after more progressives would vote no and doom this bill, but what you are saying is that based on your sources the vote is too close to call? suggesting that there could be a 50/50 bargain here. meaning it could or could not. >> based on what i'm hearing, jayapal may be exaggerating how many of her members would vote against this if it came up for a vote. i'm hearing the numbers are very close and that was part of the reason why the white house took a different approach today. they don't want to do something that can be completed. but they clearly had enough to work with if they felt comfortable moving forward in this way. >> and that's the reason why speaker pelosi did not answer the question because she didn't know. jackie heinrich, thanks.
11:36 am
>> sandra: weigh in on this moment. >> the first thing is and i think the most important thing is, you really do sense the urgency in it speaker pelosi's voice. it's the same urgency that we sense from president biden and i think the reason for that is because we have a couple of elections next week and i think everybody realizes that if republicans do much better in those two races next week on tuesday, and a couple of states that are pretty solidly democrat now, it's going to be the demise of joe biden and nancy pelosi's entire agenda. it's going to be over if they don't get this thing done by tuesday. >> bill: talking about new jersey and virginia. you live in virginia. what's happening there? >> it's incredible. i've not witnessed this type of enthusiasm for a candidate since 2009. a lot of that in 2009 was driven
11:37 am
by a snap back the obama election and obamacare and now you have a snapback against biden, and what's interesting about that is in the case of obamacare, they energize a lot of republicans and conservatives and that was a breath of the tea party movement. and it's against president obama, and it thrilled with obama. and they had obamacare to .2. so while you have this enormous enthusiasm for glenn young can right now, you don't have that same -- anywhere near that kind of enthusiasm on his side.
11:38 am
>> bill: and charlie if i could, you don't live in washington, d.c., or even northern virginia, you live downstate, for lack of other description. >> we live in real virginia. >> coming off the heels, and the obamacare movement that was happening in in washington, d.c. and the state contribution, does not allow a governor to seek a second term in a row and that means it's actually an open seat all the time. so every four years, it follows that in a presidential election, and that's why it has such a hyperfocus. so the history charlie, the party out of power has won the governor's office repeatedly. except for one time in 2013 and that was terry mcauliffe. i put all this in the barrel to
11:39 am
try to understand what's happening in d.c. and what sort of impression is biden trying to make and in between the lines on the numbers they see in the state of virginia, are they super concerned that terry mcauliffe could go down on tuesday night? >> i think they are very, very concerned. one caveat you have to remember is obviously virginia 2021 is different from virginia 2009. it's a far bluer state but pretty reliably democrat now. back then it was more of sort of a purple state, but virginia has turned largely because of northern virginia has turned out very much, very blue. and the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell got some grief from republicans when he punted the debt ceiling into december. i think it was a very shrewd move but the reason i think it was a shrewd move is because he
11:40 am
was calculating that if you kicked it to december he would have a stronger hand, again, because it would be after the virginia election and democrats are going to be -- they are going to have their ears pinned back in this election even if glenn young can only comes close to winning. it's going to be a devastating night for democrats and democrats have to face reelection across country next year going to be a whole lot more circumspect about running off with the green new deal circus in washington if they think they will have to pay a similar price next year. >> sandra: can we go on the record that no one ever questioned if you live in real virginia, charlie? that's for sure. [laughs] but i was going to play the sound where we knew this race had changed. it was a moment that changed everything virginia when mcauliffe said this. >> i'm not going to let them come into schools and make their own decisions. so stop the bill but i don't
11:41 am
think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> sandra: and that was a moment, charlie. >> truly an astonishing moment and of course that's an issue that's not a conservative issue or republican issue only, that's an issue. if the issue of schools and parental involvement in schools is something that affects everybody and it's concerning for absolutely everybody. there's another issue that i think it's gotten very little play but i think it's very important. all douglas wilder who is the first elected black governor in the united states. he was the grandson of and earned a seat in the governor's mansion back in 1990. and he is a true independent, he is kind of a -- a little bit of a thorn for the democratic party here in virginia because i think may be democrats here don't really like that kind of independence, but, doug wilder is a -- is a true icon. he's a historic figure and man, he is not endorsed when young
11:42 am
ken in this election but he has laid down some firepower against terry mcauliffe and very, very encouraging about glenn young cannot only on his style but more importantly on more important issues, in issues thag wilder such as historically black colleges and universities funding the state democrats, they have completely short shrift for years and glenn youns made a commitment to fully fund. the first black governor in the history of the united states, the first black governor anywhere in the united states is on the fence at best and kind of actually all but endorsing the republican in this race and that's a huge issue. >> bill: charlie, thanks. it's good to get your analysis. charlie hurt there. we've mentioned virginia and
11:43 am
loudoun county will be in the center of this education pushed back on behalf of american parents watching what's being taught in the classroom. in a moment, first on fox, you'll need to get here, new documents which will explain where the story might be going, next. ♪ ♪
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11:48 am
>> bill: a fox news exclusive, new documents obtained by fox news digital exposing the depth of the conflict and between the loudoun county school board. in extreme measures that the loud and embattled county superintendent wanted to put in place of the school board meetings. steve washington was one westmont mike emanuel live in washington, d.c., to run the story down. >> good afternoon. at these newly obtained documents revealed a loudoun county sheriff complained about the school board asking law enforcement to clean up its mess. sheriff mike chapman's rationale for denying extra support to school board meetings, the school board unilaterally decided to limit public comment. it unilaterally decided to hire a security firm with metal to detectors. the school board made all of these decisions without consultation with the loudoun county sheriff's office. at six of school board members brought this to bear by creating antiracist groups on social media and the
11:49 am
loudoun county sheriff's office has been made to appear as the muscle for the school board and worked at the school board direction. after june 22nd the loudoun county sheriff's office and it sheriff chapman received a national criticism for being the bad guy including death threats. emails from august to show the loudoun county sheriff's office rejected what it said were extraordinary security requests from the school board and loudoun county has been ground zero for much of the pushback from parents about what's going on in local classrooms. the requests included an explosive sweep and undercover presence. and zigler was once again on the hot seat. >> if you want to see, and all of you are on this.
11:50 am
>> loudoun county public schools have declined to comment on the story so far. >> bill: mike emanuel, thanks in washington, d.c. >> sandra: is now a member is forced to apologized after getting caught costing at a parent. >> your time is up. [bleep] >> sandra: maybe she didn't know that was going to get picked up. christina coleman is live with los los angeles with more. >> parents are demanding that immediate resignation of the president after she was heard saying the f word. it happened at a packed school board meeting where president mike parents were voicing their frustration over critical race theory on the states of mask and vaccine mandate for students. right after lauren repoll the company mama for her, spoke out against the vaccine mandate enforcer frustration with a school board member, the school
11:51 am
board member was heard cursing on this open mic. >> choose your own path. it was rude of you to say that parents were selfish. >> thank you. margaret is next, your time is up. [bleep] >> sandra: in the school board president issued an apology saying, "i'm deeply sorry for the inappropriate comments i made that last night's board meeting. i will personally apologize to the speaker who most certainly deserves to know that women members of the public address the board of education they must be heard with respect. but she doesn't feel like this apology is sincere and neither do some other parents. >> it's not easy being up there to speak as is. >> i think it's indicative of the up to the school boards have
11:52 am
towards parents right now and especially asset muscle windows by the school district. and criticizing board members and also this new rule. >> this business meeting of the school board is not a meeting that belongs to the public. that resulted in an official that was not allowed to speak. >> sandra: parents were visibly upset at that meeting having to go about their address and saying they feared retaliation and damage to their homes. >> sandra: athena coleman, a lot of that happening around the country. we are covering it. >> bill: facebook is no more, call me mehta. among a host of controversies, the company announcing its name change just a few minutes ago. how does mehta sound to you?
11:53 am
>> you know we had to wait a long time for it, it's been under wraps for weeks and kept supersecret and then we waited virtually an hour and a half to hear the new name today at the annual conference. mehta for meta-verse. the company founder mark zuckerberg saying it's all about the future. listen. >> to reflect who we are and what we hope to build, i am proud to announce that starting today our company is now meta. our mission remains the same, still about bringing people together. >> that's the big question, whether a new name can detract from an ongoing firestorm of bad press focusing on the social media platforms and noxious on children and girls, and employee efforts to do platform conservatives. all of this exposed in excruciating detail and thousands of pages of internal documents made public by former employee francis haugen, you see
11:54 am
her here come over the past couple of weeks. zuckerberg, the founder and ceo of facebook denying this is a motivation for facebook's name change and instead he says he wants to double down on his multibillion investment in the mud of years. that's a 3d version of the web that would transform it gaming, entertainment, shopping, fitness, even your morning business meeting. users with access to meta-verse using vr headsets and for example instead of seeing your workmates via a two dimensional screen that you would view a three dimensional version of the meeting. facebook has already announced plans to hire 10,000 people in europe to develop the meta-verse and of course none of this is coming cheap. they are expected to cut operating profit by $10 billion, and pressure on facebook is mounting as the ftc scrutinizes
11:55 am
facebook to exposer's and democrats and republicans on capitol hill call for new guardrails for the social media giant. >> bill: not bad, it works. good to see you. >> sandra: your christmas presents might still be stuck at sea more than two weeks after the president to quite an emergency at the busiest sports complex. the situation there does not seem to be improving and more than 100 cargo ships are still anchored off of the course of events in los angeles. that's where you find william lawson s. william, you've been telling the story there for weeks. is it getting any better? >> some things are better and some things are worse, like news that we have a new surcharge or tax. the president teams support that could raise prices or consumers. so shipping lines right now, the docs are full. there are about 99 ships offshore waiting to unload but
11:56 am
that terminals are overflowing with containers. shippers and truckers have until hollowing to move 60,000, starting sunday, they will charge them for every container that is not moved on time. and that compounds everyday meaning if you are a week late to that goes up $2,600 per container. >> we are in a crisis. we are in a national crisis or for that matter a global crisis. >> we will use every tool in disposal to help move those boxes out of the terminal. and that's the intent. >> 350,000 containers sitting here at the port and at least half are empty, that's causing a nightmare shortage for truckers. here's why. stay stay with me. follow the graphic clockwise. the ship comes in and the containers off-loaded. it goes to the warehouse but because they have no labor they are holding onto that so the truckers have to leave with no
11:57 am
chassis. or they do bring an empty here at the port, but the shipyard doesn't have room for it or they are holding onto these chassis. and that's the bottom line. as it relates to this tax, officials here is say it's not supposed to be inflationary, but people pass things on and that is the price of progress. >> sandra: for every reason you just supplied, that's why it's called a supply chain crisis. and let's bring in susan custer out of. and, you had to give up your livelihood because of this. >> after last segment, i'm thinking about it right now.
11:58 am
>> bill: how come, what are you up against? >> first i want to tell you about the product and why i have to go overseas to have this product made. i designed and patented a glass cooking lid for the microwave. it's made out of borosilicate glass which is an industrial grade glass. when i designed it i thought it was going to be made in the u.s. but i went and looked for factories and their factories had closed in the past ten years so like so many people i had to actually go overseas to source my product. >> sandra: and so when you see what's happening with the supply chain crisis and the containers stuck out on the ships at sea and there's a trouble getting the truckers and the higher gas prices, not so much going into the shortage, what do you think when we see all this happening? >> i've been going through this for a while because this really started for me last year at the end of the fourth quarter. at my container was about a
11:59 am
month late and, that's my biggest selling quarter, and that was my product in march that was going to be the lids that i sold in the summer. that container did not come in until october and i definitely was nervous, that once again i would miss out on the fourth quarter. that's the future of not having the product to sell in the third quarter but i do have products to sell in the fourth quarter. i'm making up for that lost revenue. >> bill: susan, how long can you hang on? >> honestly, i'm not sure at this point because the container price has gone up 300% and i also had an increase in my actual product from manufacturer. so i met a 27% increase in my costs. so i don't want to pass up for
12:00 pm
the holiday season, i have a lot of customers that depends on buying my product. >> sandra: will let me put the message out there, you can buy kachina safe on walmart, amazon, msn. we are pulling for you. we hope you can stay in there. >> bill: nice to be with you. >> sandra: this was fun. thanks for helping us out today. john roberts will be back next week and thank so much for joining us, i'm sent to smith. >> bill: high bill >> martha: thanks, sandra and bill. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. so it's been a pretty tense day and a long day already for the president of the united states, job. he reportedly told members on the hill that the really tiny margins and majorities and his presidency are on the line when it comes to these two bills. a clear effort to


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