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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 28, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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in pittsburgh, i met a electrical worker who climbs up on those power lines in the middle of storms to transform us and keep the lights on when the storms hit. he calls himself 100% union guy. his job is dangerous. he said, "i don't want my kids growing up in a world where went the threat of climate change change of their heads." folks, we all have that obligation. in obligation to our children and grandchildren. the bipartisan infrastructure bill is most significant since we've built the highway system and won the space recent decades ago. this is about rebuilding the arteries of her economy. cross-country now, there are 45 million bridges and 173,000 miles of roads that are in poor condition. some of the bridges you don't even take a chance of growing across and shut down.
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they can't be built back the same standard because the water is not going to get better. we just need to keep it from getting worse. we have to build back better and stronger. no one should have to hold their breath as they cross a rundown bridge or dangerous intersection in their hometown. need to bring her infrastructure up to speed. good union jobs at prevailing wages. jobs you can raise your family on. have a little breathing room. jobs that cannot be outsourced. jobs are pleasing like water pipes so families can drink clean water that improves the health of our children putting plumbers and pipe fitters to work. jobs length thousands and thousands of miles of transmission lines to build a modern energy grid. jobs making high-speed internet foldable and available everywhere in urban and rural
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america. this pandemic has made clear the need for affordable high-speed internet. the idea of a parent having to put their kids in the car for virtual learning, drive and set in a mcdonald's parking lot so their child can access the internet when schools taught virtually is not only unnecessary, it's just wrong. it is wrong. this up before, these plans are fiscally responsible. they are fully paid for. they do not add a single putting to the deficit and they do not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. it reduces the deficit and here's how. i don't want to punish anyone success. i'm a capitalist. i want everyone to be able -- if they want to be millionaire billionaire, seek their goal. all i'm asking is you pay your fair share.
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pay your fair share. pay your fair share. right now, many of them are paying virtually nothing. last year, the 55 most profitable corporations in america, 55 of them, paid 0 and federal income tax on $40 billion of profit. they should be paying taxes. it's that simple. that is why the build back better framework will have a 15% minimum on the largest corporations. a minimum tax of 15%. the top 1% of the wealthiest americans of age is estimated $160 billion a year in federal taxes and that's wrong. we need to change that. under my plan, if you earned
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less than $400,000 a year, he will not pay a single penny more in federal taxes. period. they continue to cut taxes for middle-class for child care, health care, and so much more. for much too long, working people of this nation in the middle class of this country have been dealt out of the american deal. it's time to deal them back in. i ran for president saying it was time to reduce the burden on the middle class and to rebuild the backbone of this nation. working people in the middle class. i could have been any clearer from the moment that i announce my candidacy. that's why i wrote these bills in the first place and took them to the people. i campaigned on them. the american people spoke. this agenda, the agenda that is in these bills, is what 81 million americans voted for.
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more people voted than any time in american history and that's what they voted for. their voices deserve to be heard and not denied or worse, ignored. here's what i know. we make these investments, there will be no stopping the american people or america. we will own the future. i've long said that it is never a good bet to bet against the american people. i've said that to foreign leaders and everyone here in the country. which means it is always good bet to bet on the american people. just give them half a chance. that's what we are doing. that's what these plans too. they are betting on america and believing that in america. believing in the capacity of the american people. if you look at the history of the journey of this nation, will becomes crystal clear is this. i was late again. given half a chance, the american people will never, ever, ever let the country down.
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let's get this done. god bless you all and may god protect the troops. i will see you in italy and scotland. thank you. speaker there's a president of the united states taking no questions after a very high-stakes speech. it was supposed to be at 11:30 and was moved up to 1115. the president, nevertheless, it showed up after 11:30. he announced a general framework. note where, a framework is not a legislative text or deal. it is not something that can be voted on. you have progressive lead of the party wanting to see the tax and bernie sanders saying that it needs to be improved. speaking of the framework, that very same framework which kyrsten sinema described as making significant progress. leaning more towards the moderates and away from the progressives. no deal and nothing that can be voted on today.
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this is "outnumbered" i'm kayleigh mcenany. i'm joined by michael jose emily compagno, kennedy, fox nation host tomi lahren, and iraq war veteran and business owner, john james. welcome everyone. john, i would like to start with you. i've been in the white house as secretary and member mark meadows. where are we? i was fortunate that my boss stomach boss was a creature of the hill and he knew where the party started. i could go to the podium with accurate information. i didn't have to inflate the deal he did not happen. i know how high-stakes those moments are. it doesn't have feared that the president while by releasing this and pumping us only to deliver a faux victory lap on the domestic front before he heads overseas. >> john: that's exactly right.
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that's something that i want you all to remember. it's about victory laps. it is about political winds. right now, we are in this rush situation where nobody knows truly what is going on because this party in this administration particular focus is on pulling and panic. right now there showing the polling going around the nation as a result is our ineptitude. right now, we're going down the same dark path of rushing something so important the same way that we got into the botched pullout in afghanistan. joe biden was so anxious for a victory lap on 9/11 that he was willing to sacrifice 13 service members in kabul. we spend trillions of dollars to satisfy campaign promises of this administration and people who are going to have to go on the campaign trail to show that democrats can actually govern. we deserve much, much better from our administration. it's not about keeping up with the joneses, but keeping up with
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population and taking care of our people and not being focused on artificial agendas that this administration is trying to push. >> kayleigh: it's fascinating that you mention afghanistan. he wanted that 9/11 photo op of being out of the war in the artificial deadline. we saw chaos much like we are seeing now. domestically, tomi, i'd like to give our viewers a little bit of a history lesson. he went and held previously and any time the president of the united states goes to the hail, you end up getting leaks from members about lawmakers that he met with. here are some of the background comments made by some of his members from the last meeting. here goes. this would political. the fact that the present came to the hill and whipped against his own bill is a strange thing i've ever seen. when the presence united states comes, it's to close the bill and not say hello. massively disappointed. one source describes biden's visit as a nothing burger. the lesson the president went to
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the hill was to push for infrastructure. he made mansi pelosi's job a lot harder. >> tomi: the american people want our president and we are all thinking the same thing. democrats are being honest with himself. why should we trust you? what should we trust your administration was reviewed on nothing and it was ten months that would give us any reassurance you are give dot governing effectively any of the plan and agenda for this country that is going to be effective ad prosperous for the american people. we have little trust in this administration. it takes a little more than going to the grocery store and seeing the empty shelves or seeing that this is going to be the most expensive thanksgiving and history. things like that. things about our southern border being wide open and her president tells us he's too busy to attend to that matter. we hear them talking we hear the fluff. we hear his notes about women working in climate change, but
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were left of the big nothing burger and a president who doesn't seem to have any sense of direction and the american people are suffering as a result. the only thing that we can hope is that there are moderate democrats out there that truly believe in the american spirit and the american dream and do believe in some semblance of limited government. we hope that we will get that delivered to us. this president, clearly, is in over his head and does not know what he is doing. quite frankly, i don't think he has the time to govern. >> kayleigh: i do know that the mother democrats believe and: and this is popular in west virginia. not only that, but the associate press reporting 36% approval rating. part of that may be because there's mistruths. they state's $2 trillion but it's far more than that. >> emily: thank you for that. john james talks about political
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winds, but it's at the expense of the american person and american people and american tax dollars. they've $2 trillion worth of programs, but it's actually $4 trillion because they include the supposed expiration dates that they know will draw in new constituents or maintain those on the press of left that are wondering if they should flee the independence approval waiting to make rating for the present have dropped by double digits. and they know that anyone in power will not let these programs lapse. it affects a child's credits, paid family leave, it includes medicaid expansion, and obamacare subsidies. these are small programs. it will in place the cost to double in the inflation the kennedy knows more about, it will be more like triple the amount. that is our dollars. >> kayleigh: it all added up. we did it for you guys. here's what we are spending this year. it is up to $7.5 trillion.
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government expansion and reconciliation, $4 trillion. $1.9 trillion in march. we are made of money, it appears. we spending it on? my former colleague stephen miller said democrats priorities are mind-blowing. they're dropping paid family leave for americans but keeping that amnesty for illegal aliens and uncapped foreign workers for big tech titans. what it delivers is for illegals and billionaires. bernie sanders descending like a corporatist. >> kennedy: speech the present was just attacking billionaires and multi-milling corporations. we have massive corporations they donate money to these campaigns to make sure that the tax laws favor them. president biden says things that governments would to pay their fair share, he is giving a blank. he does not mean it. he knows that billionaires and
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big corporations are going to be able to get out of the tax requirements. i just want to say that joe manchin and aoc should not be part of the same party. the president knows that. tomi was absolutely right when she said that the present was in over his head. he cannot walk this tight rope. nancy pelosi was more adept. she went in to the caucus today and she's gonna crack skulls because she wants this deal done. this president does not know how to do it. >> kayleigh: and there was report that she wanted to vote on the infrastructure built today which was a clever move on pelosi's part. biden's overseas so she demands a vote. apparently was a very brief meeting in a progressive caucus when she went. but speaking of pelosi, can the progress of trust or? in any of us trust her?
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here's 2010. >> you can find out what is in it. >> kayleigh: john james, can anyone trust nancy pelosi or joe biden question rick >> john: you can trust ansi pelosi pelosi to do what's best for nancy pelosi. she cares more about retaining the gavel than she does about her next breath. she only understands washington she's a creature of washington. right now, she only sees the ability to show the american people that she and her demented and twisted way can lead. she understands the deadline she's running cancer it's an artificial deadline based on election day and the numbers in the democratic party. this is the only time they're ever going to have to push their socialist agenda through to maintain her ability to maintain power. it's not about the people, it's about her maintaining power. you can trust nancy pelosi to do exactly what is best for her and
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of the united states of america. >> emily: if i may just underscore what you've just said is that many of her and that the aarp came out with a statement that said specifically we have no idea why the bill back better program fails to lower prescription cost for virtually every american family. so that it's an a on the head that when push comes to shove, the american people as a last thing that these people care about. >> kayleigh: but don't worry because illegal immigrants amnesty. just had some of the biden administration has just expanded its list of "sensitive places" were immigration officers cannot make arrest. stay tuned for that. that is next. are you a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family? newday usa can help.
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>> kayleigh: expanding the list of so-called sensitive locations. those of the places where i.c.e. officers cannot arrest undocumented immigrants. up until now, it's only been schools and hospitals. as of yesterday, and now includes at rallies, demonstrations, even parades and food banks. texas republican dan crenshaw's is that policies like these are fueling the migrant surge at the border. watch. >> it's dangerous, at this point. it is increasing the incentive to come across. now you know that if you do get across, you probably won't get caught. you'll probably get a bus ticket where we want. you might get a court date and might not. even with all of that and even if you are deported, come to a parade and hang out. they're not going to come get
9:22 am
you. >> kayleigh: 's between you and i, your reaction. >> tomi: let's also keep in mind that there are cities and entire states like california that are already sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. it's already incredibly difficult for them to arrest and detain criminal iranians and this extends that. their legal americans and we are expected to wear masks wherever we go and be vaccinated to go to work. but now illegal immigrants have sensitive places where ice cannot arrest and detain them. this shows the priority that the administration has beer there is no will to enforce our border they have no will to make sure the people in our country are supposed to be here and they are legal and they want to obtain legal status. this is their priority. start up approval and deportation. any time a to you and tells you that they care about border enforcement or immigration integrity, they are lying.
9:23 am
>> kayleigh: and this list is overbroad and the fact that anyone could say i was protesting. i'm standing on the sidewalk protesting. that is going to be afforded more of a generous interpretation than a restrictive especially under this administration, as tomi points out. century studies district have stomach or working with i.c.e. agents and officers. how do you see this playing out in the real world? >> john: piggybacking off what's between and i was saying, i do not believe their words. believe their behavior. they are putting americans at risk. when you take a look at this administration and you take a look at democrats it seems like they care more about reelection that doing the right thing. they care more about taking residents with illegal citizens
9:24 am
and holding them to mark draconian sailors and people who are coming here illegally. we are also a nation of laws and i'm a big fan of humanity and making sure that we have a legal way to let people in. here's the thing. we have a medicare crisis coming. weaving social security crisis coming. our american fertility is dropping and we do not have a way to pay for these things coming in. businesses are struggling to find people and you have people who are willing to sacrifice and work hard to come to this country and frankly, this administration has not figured out a way working with congress. this is where politicians fall down across the board, to get immigration reform that does not allows for people to have opportunity once they get here. you see the priorities laid out. believe their behavior. they do not care about immigrants, they only care about themselves. >> emily: kennedy, you are a big fan of humanity too. >> kennedy: and i've a great deal of sympathy for people who are leaving places that have an absolutely decimated by the drug
9:25 am
war. certain countries and placed his stomach stomach central america. they do not allow people to do that legally. the federal government have been bad about venting people when they get in here. they need to make sure the people who commit felonies can't get in in the first place and if they are here and they hurt people, they are sent away and can't get back in. our laws are completely screwed up and our priorities are backward. this is a kind of thing where it seems like a big deal, but they are making themselves look busy. they are not actually tackling immigration and they are not titling root causes. they're not tackling kids who been abandoned by coyotes. none of that. they release an edict like this where in the end, it does not mean anything. >> emily: and there is a point where compassion becomes cruel.
9:26 am
we go up that sick line along time ago because to her point about focusing on things that look good on paper, all it does is destroy safety and destroys the safety of those trying to come over here for various push and pull factor reasons as well as the safety of the communities here that receive a lot of nefarious characters in and amongst all the while many once. >> kayleigh: under the guise of compassion, the biden administration has created a communitarian disaster. they put a massive green light. when they rolled back remain in mexico and are not turning away people at the border. even sent to fight this. make no mistake, this is a catastrophe. we are seeing babies being dropped over border walls and we heard about the human smuggling. we cover this earlier in the month, but the gap is a stretch of the most hazardous and pirtle you could journey. 88,000 migrants across this gap
9:27 am
and their spiders, their scorpions. we have a picture that will pop up of the mass grave of migrants who were traveling through the darien gap that they had to date and bulldozed. it is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking. the biden administration is directly responsible. >> kennedy: forget the vipers. >> kayleigh: snakes as well. hazardous situation. to remember when people saw kamala harris' president and training? not so fast. some of her supporters wonder whether she's being hung out to dry as her public appearances with the president have dropped sharply. a good number of her public events are close to the press. i wonder why. this comes as rubbed and al sharpton says that he plans to meet with the president. he says is in an interview. "i want to see her be used more
9:28 am
efficiently and i think her be in charge of voting was important. i question her other assignments. i think he should continue to give her more positions of power" emily, i was fascinated by this. al sharpton going to meet president biden. we are reporting from the daily mail that harris is frustrated that she has not been given meaningful duties in the white house is disputing that. why do you need al sharpton to fill in for you? >> emily: it's leasing an appropriate. here's why. al sharpton has a long run of racist and anti-semitic moments. biden is listening to him because he has no original thoughts in her original leadership bone in his body. remember back in november of 2020 when kamala harris tweeted, "i want to speak directly to the black woman in our country. thank you. you were too often overlooked
9:29 am
peer" thanking them for the votes of put her in office. now we are supposed to tell our black female vice president that her voice is not strong enough and she is not a good enough advocate for herself and listen to this guy who puts down black women even while vice president harris tries to lift them up. it seems that she is the one being overlooked. >> kayleigh: no doubt about it. kennedy, i almost laughed out loud when i heard sharpton say that he needs done academic she needs more things to do. >> kennedy: it's she has things that she is not taking head on. when she succeeds there and we talked about the framework for this legislation, she needs to build framework for immigration. she needs to do that in a number of different ways. she's not doing that. once she shows she is serious and she can be successful, then she can have more
9:30 am
responsibility. it's kind of terrifying that she is the number two person in the country. the president tends to seize up and he is in cognitive decline, clearly. the vice president is not taking the role that she's been given which is very, very substantial peer she's not taking it seriously. she sang that it has been diminished. she does not attend the presidential daily briefings. they're not just for the president, but for key cabinet members. and we were told that she would be ready to lead on day one, but she certainly is not taking initiative. >> kayleigh: were told us from sin biden. he said, "he would be returning to the process of the vice president joining him with briefs." that is the plan going forward, but news alert, she has missed 206 presidential daily briefings. did she decide it's not worth your time? >> john: i'm flabbergasted. if this was another administration, this would be
9:31 am
dismissed as the height of misogyny from a knight in shining armor coming to the rescue of kamala harris. here it is the highest ranking female elected official in our nation's history and she needs a mate to come out, al sharpton pugin or al sharpton should be? al sharpton should be in lansing, michigan, right now asking why black people are drinking water worse than flint, michigan. we have known about this since 2018 and refusing to do anything about this. there is no shortage, sadly, the crises that come layers could lead to end. not the least of which immigration, supply chain crisis, the border crisis. now, it was just reported in the past two days that not only do we have asymmetric threats of terrorists that are capable of hitting the united states and the next 6-12 months, but we
9:32 am
also have china with sputnik moment launching hypersonic weapons that can orbit the world. and she can jump into those deleted. we've a place over president to his no idea where he is right now. but right now, how high the victimhood goes up in this party that the second most powerful person in the planet feels helpless and needs and sharpton to comment. if she can't show up to at joe biden, she cannot show up to putin, she cannot show up don't stand up to president xi. >> kayleigh: place holder president. sometimes i think that kamala harris thinks this is a show or request a power. she disappeared after afghanistan and she's m.i.a. she hires jen psaki's brother-in-law and a calm seem to come help her. as this all about the betterment of the country or her future?
9:33 am
>> kennedy: i believe her career spoon to be over. she was post be the answer to being a female woman of color and that's what she was chosen for this position. just like her boss, president sleepy joe biden, she is also in over her head. she thought this was going to be easier but it turns out she was not likable. we all knew it and that's why she failed so miserably in the democratic primaries. with our president, joe biden, who does not speak to us or the media. does not answer question. second in line is kamala harris who awkwardly laughs and is not present and is not fulfilling any of her duties and she's been assigned. these are the two people that we have running our country. are we being pumped right now? now they want to settle on for the taxpayers to pay for when we have these people running the country? what are we getting out of this cosmical a lot of nothing. >> kayleigh: i used to think that hillary clinton was the least like a politician but can
9:34 am
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>> kayleigh: facebook is expected to reveal its new name today amid a firestorm of controversy. including a new poncho report on how instagram is harming young girls which comes of the hills of other shocking claims about the social media giant. this one involves targeting teens who suffer from eating disorders and bombarding them with teachers about their anorexics. something that doctors say can worsen the disorder. the new york poorest is calling it's insane. and what makes this worse is that facebook executives knew about it and did nothing to stop it. i was spoken facebook testified about similar algorithms that target teen girls.
9:39 am
>> facebook knows that the way that they pick the content on instagram for young users and all users amplifies preferences and they've done something called a proactive. they take exit they've heard, like can you be read to the algorithm by anorexic? they've recreated that experiment and confirmed that yes, it happens. facebook knows that they are leading young users to anorexia content. >> emily: senator blumenthal's comment to mike office made a fake instagram account pretending to be a young girl wn eating disorder. >> kayleigh: senator blumenthal has done great work on this. going so far to create a fake then one day, 24 hours, therl. content curated a sickly incentivized in disorders and set into it.
9:40 am
if you are a girl with an eating disorder. instagram's recommendations was to latch onto a person's insecurities and young women's vulnerabilities about their bodies and drag them into dark places that glorify eating disorders and self harm. a sitting united states senator managed to discover this through proactive work. but yet, instagram and facebook and what they discovered this back in april. you've "the wall street journal" with their bombshell report that three in ten girls on instagram and of having body image issues. this was internal research that "the wall street journal" found. you've the united states senator and a publication in "the wall street journal" seeming to do more work to bring light to this issue than issue than instrument self. it's a real tragedy. >> emily: kennedy, i've operated in some areas that are vulnerable and right for eating disorders. i was in a sorority and a cheerleader from the nfl. watching someone waste away and watching how to sense if they are to tiny triggers is a rear .
9:41 am
i've seen girls fall off the place of society. for the sham of social media program that is destroying girls and targeting them at such a young age and perpetuating it. what are we posted that? >> kennedy: and then flipping the switch. it could be doing a lifetime of psychological harm and you're doing it knowingly. they're playing with these girls lives and self-esteem. i think that the numbers are much higher. i think it is -- 30% question work i would say it's worth 70% of some of these young users who have body dysmorphia or body insecurity. facebook and instagram, they are not nurturing them. they are forcing them into an early grave. how dare they!
9:42 am
they know exactly how these algorithms work. the fact that they are using young women as experiments come as disposable lab rats, is absolutely awful. i hope more whistle-blowers from these companies come forward and someone sprout the conscious. the fact that they are making this much money off of despair and death and psychological harm, it is beyond reason. >> emily: it creates a lifetime of pain and of lifetime of things where you can and cannot control manifesting and food. that never goes away. someone in america dies every 5g disorder and yet, these facebook executives knew about it for months. how many lives condensates question accounting lives are forever damaged and broken because of what they are doing? >> tomi: i would like to remind folks that facebook,
9:43 am
instagram, and other social media platforms found donald trump to be too dangerous to exist and communicate with his followers on their platform but they find nothing wrong with these algorithms that are targeting young women and young men. we see this hearing after hearing, facebook is called to the carpet. we see zuckerberg being asked questions and we see these hearings being popped up often and nothing comes out of them. we never get true accountability and i don't agree ever will. we cannot count on congress, we cannot count on facebook, we cannot count on instagram. what we can count on is parents. parents, you need to see what your children are looking at on instagram and you need to look at their search pages. you need to see with their liking and what content is popping up. you are going to be the last line and the only line of defense making sure of the young ladies and young men and all of us have a healthy sense of body image. it is up to you. facebook and instagram are not going to fit the bill. >> kayleigh: these are so insidious, these pictures with
9:44 am
different tags. it goes way beyond visual representation. it is absolutely horrifying but they are doing to these girls. >> john: i'm going to try to contain the anger here and say that's a stretch i can't. facebook is a philip morris of our time. the doj and fbi must investigate facebook immediately. if anybody is found to be culpable in the death of americans, particularly children, they should go to jail. full. so many people are dying as a result of exposure and it being taken advantage of by social media. somebody needs to be held accountable. there are people, not algorithms, that are allowing these things to happen. if these things were happening with the knowledge of people at facebook or any other social media company, they should be held accountable to those kids and to his parents who are losing kids. i guess, it's a parent's responsibility, but you don't see every single thing your kid
9:45 am
does. we count on the american government, limited government, to do things that we can't do and hold his behemoth multibillion dollar companies accountable. not hurting and praying on children is what we expect merrick garland to do rather than going after parents at school board meetings. >> kayleigh: while we have talked, one person has just died of eating disorder. absolutely, those execs need to ntable. were "outnumbered" in just a moment. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on,
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visit for more info. >> kayleigh: parents are outraged to find out drastic at earning options are available for the kids school photos starting as early as pre-k. 1 foot a month saying that a photo company it removed her son's freckles.
9:50 am
love freckles! another mom says that her son's hearing aids were edited out. come on. photo retouching is entirely an opt in and they say that they tried to authentically capture a child. services like this make it even harder to just be a kid. but are we learning this from adults? adults do an awful lot of photo retouching. >> kayleigh: i have put filters on family photos to enhance the colors of my clothing. totally fine. we are talking to someone who had more freckles than the night sky if you're alone on a hunting trip. if someone removed my freckles, it would send a signal that freckles are susceptible. that's too far. the hearing aid, no. but colors question work fine.
9:51 am
have we gone too far expecting the perfection that we can remake herself with programs? >> emily: we've seen this commodified an actual program. i see two issues. one they are damaging the child's confidence and authenticity. hearing aids and freckles, absolutely not. but that's part of being a kid. if you wait out the braces, what was the point? it is obviously damaging, but it is a reflection of what they see adults doing. who literally created this option at that company? that person needs a definite reality check. >> kennedy: lifetouch. come on. were better than this. your future prude. do you want imperfections in school photos? >> tomi: we need to make sure that we are teaching children
9:52 am
that imperfections are natural and we should embrace them. especially when their children. leave their school pictures alone and let them enjoy being themselves. the boy, i love a good filter. i wish my boyfriend knew how to use them. my fiance, now, knew how to use them as well as school yearbook companies. he could use a tutorial. whatever company is doing it, send it my way for my fiance because i appreciate a good filter. >> kennedy: sometimes i put her head to my pictures and i just say look what a great time having john come over to about you? john, we have a picture of you. if only all of us could look this good. this is john's graduation. >> john: oh, no. that must've been my wife trying to do me a solid sending that picture. there really a picture? i grew up in the 80s in the 90s when parents did not care about your feelings. i look like a fat steve urkel with suspenders and a bow tie and everything.
9:53 am
terrible school pictures are an american right of passage. at the same time, that ugly duckling phase, trying to phase that out like it something bad. but something good. our oldest son, eight years old, chipped his tooth before picture day. i came back in and asked my wife and they fixed his tooth for his picture. as long as they have parent's permission and you can opt in or out and you have parent's permission, i don't see anything wrong with it. but fat steve urkel is a lot worse than what you guys just thought. >> kennedy: more of you to love. coming up, it's okay to cry. we will tell you what a new survey discovered when it comes to men shedding tears. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably.
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[crying] >> are you okay? i didn't mean to startle you. are you okay? >> new study so that adam sandler's crocodile tears may have been warranted. get this, a new study shows that men may cry more often than women according to a poll over 2,000 americans men cry an average of four times a month and women on the other hand we pump about three. so our 21st century men more sensitive than generations past? we will come to our expert on that. >> i would say absolutely yes. i'm trying to teach my boys that you only cry when you are hurt and now teaching them that they can be hurt physically or emotionally. i have seen trained soldiers who have lost their trained a canine partner in combat and it's tough
9:59 am
to go through. so teaching men how to deal with their emotions and have mental and emotional where in wellness without crumbling and falling to pieces when there are other options at the table. that's the line that we need to walk. frankly four times a month corresponds to college football and that may be one of the reasons why men are crying more often. >> not if you will are a husky. who cries more at movies? you are your fiance? >> i will save more the men that i have dated, women don't cry as much because we have makeup on. men cry and they can just wipe it away. i think that solves it. >> tears i find. don't make a fine. neediness, no. >> i don't believe this study, with rare instances, i haven't seen the men in my life cry and maybe they do it behind closed doors but i don't believe it.
10:00 am
minus the exception that john jaynes brings up, those are absolutely acceptable reasons to cry. >> women were excluded for decades because it's now been debunked but they assumed it was fluctuating because of other things in their life. strong and so it could. don't cry just because we are gone. now, here is "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert, president biden desperately trying to save his economic agenda as he juts off to europe. as president biden suggests the deal is almost done. progressives are saying not so fast. look who is here? >> good, great to see you. and it could be a very busy two hours. i'm bill hammer in for john roberts. the president arriving on the hill earlier today announcing a framework deal on that massive spending packa


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