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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 28, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> hang on, one more day, friday tomorrow. 52 currently in charlotte, north carolina going for a daytime high in the 70s and rainy this afternoon. >> i'll be there for thanksgiving. my aunt and uncle live there. we loved having you. have a good day. >> bill: here we go. good morning. breaking news on the hill. president biden's agenda is on the line at this hour. house democrats meeting behind closed doors before the president heads overseas. a lot of drama. you joined us for an interesting day. dana has time off. a good day to come back. >> come early and get moving. hi, i'm martha maccallum and this is "america's newsroom." you have 11th hour talks that are prompting the president now to say you know what? let's delay the g20 departure a little bit to see if we can get something done on his side.
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sources saying he will unveil a framework this morning on the sweeping welfare expansion that he ran for president on. the president hopes this announcement will trigger a vote on that long-delayed already passed in the senate infrastructure bill that he would love to get through before he goes on the trip. >> bill: massively complicated. far left democrats held up the legislation on that for months. some like aoc said they won't vote on that bill until they see a text of the social welfare bill we described. there is no text. he is only giving them a promise to get it done later. >> his goal is to convince the progressives that he can get the human infrastructure through without the two senators torpedoing the plan. top line costs now said to be between 1.75 and 1.9. who is counting? >> there is no text or information how to pay for it. what's in and what's out seems
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to be changing by the hour. >> team fox coverage this morning. marc thiessen joins us with his reaction and chad pergram is running down this story beneath the capitol. hi, chad. >> good morning. the president should be arriving at the capitol in a couple moments. you might see members of the democratic party filing into the room where they'll meet with him. president biden came to capitol hill about a month ago trying to get a deal then and we thought they were a little bit closer on a framework but they weren't. here we are in late october and still trying to get this together. we do not have legislative text and that is key because the senate approved the bipartisan infrastructure bill, a separate piece of legislation in early august. progressives have been withholding their votes until they get something in concrete, in stone, on what the provisions are in the social spending plan. there seems to be a little softening in their position
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today. i asked alexandria ocasio-cortez about whether or not they needed legislative text first on the social spending plan before they release their votes on the infrastructure bill. listen. >> we need to have certain either through legislative text, through uniform agreement, we need something a little bit more than just -- >> ocasio-cortez indicates in her words they can't do the hokey pokey with one foot in and one foot out what's in the bill. here is what we expect. we expect the president to try to get democrats to vote for the infrastructure and steny hoyer things a vote on the infrastructure bill could come imminently. >> we'll pass these bills within the near future if not today. we know we won't get a cares act signed or passed today because it needs to be put in
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legislative language now that we have hopefully an agreement. but the infrastructure bill is ready to go. i hope that passes today. >> again, the house needs to sync up with the senate, something that's very important in that piece of legislation is a renewal of surface transportation program that expired the end of september. if they don't pass the infrastructure bill they have to renew those against and senate sync up in the next couple of days. the president is trying to get a miniature legislative win before going to the scottish low land for the climate summit. democrats want to get it set in form and get infrastructure across the finish line before the virginia governor race. the election is tuesday and thought support for that bill there might be attrition in support for that bill if they don't pass that before next tuesday. martha and bill. >> thank you very much, chad
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pergram. >> bill: want to bring in marc thiessen from the "wall street journal." fly by night taxation is the title. one day it's an increase in tax rates on corporations and the affluent. wait, that doesn't have the votes. how about a carbon tax? that won't fly either. there goes jeff bezos, let's tax him and other billionaires. everyone hates billionaires. i don't think you can underscore what's on the line for biden's presidency. >> it is everything. there is no excuse for them not to get something done. they control the white house, the house and the senate. it is all intrademocratic negotiations. republicans aren't part of this in any way. not like you have to reach across the aisle and compromise with the other side. you are reaching within your aisle and still having trouble doing it.
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so if he didn't -- doesn't get something done, it is an epic failure of unprecedented proportions. but also what's really interesting here we'll see what the details are. we'll see how much it is, we'll see whether the progressives are in line and whether it actually happens but think about how far they have fallen from their agenda what they set out to do on that inauguration day. bernie sanders wanted $6 trillion this bill. biden proposed 3.5. they will be less than $2 trillion when this comes out. we'll have to find out which of their priorities from that bill are on the cutting room floor. think about all the other things they wanted to do. federalize elections, add the district of columbia as a state so they could add two state democratic seats and pack the supreme court. they wanted to pass radical immigration reform, partisan immigration reform measures. none of that is happening. it is because quite frankly joe
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manchin and kyrsten sinema. they forced the democratic party to moderate its positions and saved the filibuster. if they had gotten rid of the filibuster they would have remade america in a way that was unthinkable. if we get away with just a couple trillion in spending for conservatives and the most damage the democrats can do i will take it as a win. >> bill: 1.75 trillion is nothing and you can agree on that. talking to martha before the show began here. the social welfare spending bill is so massively complicated. if they were to go forward with the vote on infrastructure, would that second bill be dead in the water for good? >> i don't see why. i don't see why they haven't passed the infrastructure bill already. think about where joe biden is standing.
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he has many catastrophes, afghanistan, southern border, crime across his covid booster plan getting shot down by the fda. one serial self-inflicted defeat after another. he needed a win. this guy needs a signing ceremony at the white house to show the american people. the majority of americans have said in a poll that joe biden is incompetent. he needs to demonstrate competence. he needs something. so an infrastructure bill would give him an opportunity to stand with republicans and democrats at a signing ceremony in the white house and claim a bipartisan victory. i don't understand how that can hurt him in any way. and he only needs democratic votes to get the rest done. if his progressives want to tank any kind of element of their agenda. they say if we don't get everything we'll take nothing? more power to them. good for them. >> bill: the president is arriving on the hill and whether or not he can be the closer people describe him to
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be. yesterday senator manchin said president biden is exactly the right man at the right time to understand the way congress works. we're about to find out whether or not that can be successful. >> this is fascinating. you go back to the moment where basically they promised the progressives okay, we will hold on the infrastructure bill and get your human infrastructure bill through at the same time and they were firm on that. you heard aoc say not a framework, we want the whole thing in one piece. nancy pelosi signed onto that, the president signed onto that. now it looks like the president is saying no, we are going my way. we'll get this infrastructure bill through. i also heard them say we'll get human infrastructure through without those two senators. good luck on that. how will that work exactly? they might pull over 10 or so republicans on the house side for the infrastructure bill to get that part passed but when they go back to the other in the senate i think it's a tough
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lift to do that without those two senators. >> bill: they will try to thread the needle. not easy as we pointed out. the back drop you have two significant stories developing for the country. one is the state of the economy that we'll talk about in a moment. the other is the fate of these governor races on tuesday. the one in virginia is getting the most attention. polling suggests it is neck-and-neck. if you get a republican victory on tuesday and don't go forward on these bills it is one of the scare tactics that democratic leadership is using to say to their members if you don't get it done now and you lose on tuesday, this could really go off the rails in a way that many can't predict. on the economy the gdp number came out 40 minutes ago. we grew at 2% in the last quarter. the slowest growth the american economy has had in about a year's time as we see the president, speaker of the house come into the frame. >> this is the frame. they need to get this across the finish line and infrastructure on its own over
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that huddle. let's listen in a moment to hear the sights and sounds of this. >> do you think the bill pass the house today? >> do you have all 50 senators on board with the framework? >> president biden: you're on board, aren't you? >> questions about the framework and whether or not that is in effect here. think about the fact, bill, that they have stripped out almost every way to pay for this thing, right? for the social spending side of it. they said we won't raise individual taxes, corporate taxes, the billionaire thing is on the fence, manchin saying he doesn't want to punish billionaires but might be okay for a 15% minimum tax for corporations across the board. expansion of the irs is off the table to claw back money through audits. the pay-fors on this are
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becoming more elusive every day. >> bill: manchin put out a statement about a month and a half ago, lengthy statement and heart felt saying we can't take care of medicare and social security. why would we expand ourselves into other social spending programs? who knows the fate of those and ultimately you have a debt that's looking at what, is it $29 trillion? >> again, put this in context of what they wanted to do. they wanted $6 trillion in spending is what bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez and the progressive left wanted. then they compromised to 3.5 and now it's under 2 which is a little more than manchin said. manchin said his ceiling was 1.5. looks like it might be 1.75. these are, you know, that's chump change when you compare
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to what they wanted to spend. again, i look at what could have been if it hadn't been for joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. if they weren't there they would have gotten rid of the filibuster, passed the most radical climate agenda, massive tax increases, trillions and trillions more in spending. they would have added d.c. as a state. they would have packed the supreme court. all these things that the progressives promised their people aren't going to happen. this will be the high point of joe biden if it happens will be the high point of joe biden's first term in office and then after that what's next? is joe manchin going to support another reconciliation bill? i doubt it. he thinks he has given at the office. he said he was comfortable with zero, he gave 1.75. that's it. >> bill: see if we can get any more audio from the question and answer here.
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[shouted questions] >> bill: now they go in and he tries to be the closer. 96 members of the progressive caucus. how will they break? the balancing act for this administration has been how do you keep them in line without causing a political brush fire throughout washington and the rest of the country? >> so marc's point. free community college is out. family leave 12 weeks is out. they got it to four weeks and looks like it is out as well. this human infrastructure bill has had almost all the legs pulled out from underneath it. it is very, very hard to see what is salvageable in that and if they can get an infrastructure bill through you have to ask yourselves as you pointed out you have the two big governor's races coming in virginia and new jersey. will republicans have the appetite to get that infrastructure bill passed and see that as beneficial or detrimental to them politically? that's another question for them. >> bill: if they come into view
6:15 am
we'll share it with you. pretty well choreographed. we weave our way through the capitol and down into the basement down below. take you back 11 years. we had a national debate here in america over healthcare. turned out to be obamacare. there was a rather infamous statement from the house from nancy pelosi leader of the democratic party in the house at the time who was before microphones and reporters were pressing her what's the text, what's in, what's out. what will the healthcare look like and this sound bite from her then in march 2000. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> that was 11 years ago and sounds familiar today if they go forward. we will see what they do >> and you can keep your doctor and that was a mess in that legislation as we look to what we'll see today. one of the big questions here
6:16 am
is the impact of all of this potential spending on the economy and we see in the polls that voters are not happy with what's going on in the economy between inflation and supply chain problem and also 59% in our recent poll said they thought this build back better bill would hurt the economy or it wouldn't do anything to help it. you are almost to 60% of those polled saying the whole thing they are working to pass will make a difference in their lives. that's a problem. >> bill: we cover it everyday. we don't know what's in it. the viewers at home and american public. 50% of the people don't know what's in it as well. >> they aren't alone. >> bill: we were on the air yesterday afternoon and you mentioned virginia. there was a survey if virginia that wanted to know how voters in virginia thought they were on the right or wrong track. two thirds of the people said wrong track. that's a significant headwind for terry mccauliffe.
6:17 am
we'll see what happens tuesday night. could be a late night. the back drop on d.c. now we move to this. watch. >> we haven't ruled anybody out in reference to charges on this case. it is still an active investigation. focusing on the three individuals, the armorer, assistant director david halls and then mr. baldwin himself. >> bill: the deadly safety lapse on the set of the movie. who handled the gun, considered a loaded prop gun before being handed to the actor alec baldwin and fired. >> defund the police movement prompting officer resignations across the country and the former chief of seattle why she stepped down and how cities can turn the tide on the mass exodus. >> bill: the stunning numbers you are paying at the pump coming up straight ahead.
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6:24 am
actor alec baldwin fired a single live round in the accidental shooting on the set of rust. of course, we all know the film cinematographer was shot and killed during the rehearsal. the sante fe district attorney said the active could face criminal charges adding no one has been ruled out. jonathan hunt live in sante fe, new mexico with the latest on this. good morning to you, jonathan. >> good morning, martha. this criminal investigation is now, according to the sheriff, firmly focused on three people, alec baldwin himself, hannah gutierrez reid the armorer and assistant director, the person who handed the gun to alec baldwin before it fired and killed halyna hutchins. the assistant director halls apparently told investigators he did not thoroughly check
6:25 am
that weapon. according to an affidavit released by the sheriff, quote, he could only remember seeing three rounds. he advised he should have checked all of them but didn't. that's one of the kinds of incidents that led the sheriff to tell us yesterday there was, quote, complacency on the set regarding weapons. listen to our exchange with the sheriff. >> any time firearms are involved the safety is paramount. i will say that. anybody knows that. if you know anything about firearms. any time a firearm is around or about safety is paramount. >> were there live rounds used on the set? >> i don't let my emotions get involved. we rely on the facts. thank you. >> now gis complacency on the set i asked the district attorney whether there was essentially a legal bridge from complacency to criminal
6:26 am
negligence. here is her answer. >> i will say there is a bridge and it will take many more facts, corroborated facts before we can get to that criminal negligence standard. again, they are gathering that as we speak. [inaudible question] >> i can't say that without specifically legally researching that. my off the cuff answer is no. >> the sheriff said today this should not be referred to as an accident. it is a, quote, criminal investigation. martha. >> martha: a big moment in the interview this morning. jonathan. thank you very much. continuing coverage from jonathan hunt in new mexico. let's go to bryan carpenter. armorer and trainer. the couple of new pieces of information we have are from dave halls assistant director and what he testified to in his
6:27 am
interview. he said he did not thoroughly check all of the chambers on that gun. he also, you know, talked about hannah gutierrez reed and said it would be her responsibility to roll the chamber to make sure there was nothing in there. >> right. just hearing that for the first time then, he stated that he saw three rounds in the cylinder and didn't check the rest begs the question were those three rounds actually live as well. unless you know the difference in how to properly check them, which generally especially if they are a dummy round, which is a round that looks identical to a real round except it has bbs in the casing instead of gun powder you have to physically shake them for a physical feeling. my question would be how do you even know those three rounds in there that you saw visibly were actually not live rounds? >> martha: that in and of itself is remarkable. if there were round in the gun
6:28 am
and he was assuming that those were dummies as you say, all of this is part of the investigation and he will have to testify to all of this. the people who handled the gun before him will have to do the same and a lot coming out about hannah gutierrez reed. the armorer on this set. nicholas cage walked off a set of another western because he was concerned -- he said she fired off guns without calling out she was about to do that. what are your thoughts on all that? >> you know, our industry, the people that do it professionally is a small group of us. it's a thorough vetting process. the vetting process occurs through word of mouth and people i spoke with, worked with, and that's how that works. but as far as the national certification for armorers that allows anyone to know the person has the time on set to be able to do the job and more
6:29 am
importantly the background behind that, which is always going to be some type of firearms safety, firearms instruction. a lot of people from that world migrant into this world and do what we do now. so, you know, as far as her level of professionalism i know nothing about that. but i do know that in order to properly vet people out that are going to be in the spot of safety of others, there needs to be some type of certification in place that shows like that, that may not have the resources, this is an immediate piece of paper with documentation behind it or something. >> martha: that will fall on the questions that go to the producers about the chain of command and hiring of the people on that set and whether or not they were qualified to be there based on their history. i want to play this for you. an interview that steve doocy did with the sheriff in new mexico who we saw at that news conference yesterday. listen to him talking about the
6:30 am
language of accident or criminal behavior, watch this. >> i'd be careful using the word accident. this is obviously a tragedy and it was avoidable. so right now it is a criminal investigation. >> martha: what do you think about that, bryan? >> i've got some experience in that space. the law enforcement space. i can tell you they've got their hands full. sounds like they are doing a thorough job, lots of moving parts in this, lots of people to interview, to find out the facts underlying to this. also the d.a.'s office has a lot on their hands in front of them. as far as the safety is concerned and the lack there of, having a live round and this has been shown at this point and people understand it now on a movie set never occurs, should never occur. what the issues are going to be are how much negligence occurred during that period of time.
6:31 am
were the safety protocols not followed due to complacency or was it a gross negligence involved there? >> martha: a woman was killed. that much we know and we know that if there wasn't a live round on that set, she would be alive today. so we'll have to go back to the chain of custody of all of these weapons and the arms that were on that set. thank you very much, bryan carpenter, good to have you here today. >> bill: very interesting there. stand by for more on that keeping an eye on the hill. president biden trying to rally democrats to get behind his social spending bill to get it over the finish line. progressives are the hold-out. this from lynchburg just yesterday. >> we don't teach critical race theory in virginia. it's never been taught. >> bill: terry mccauliffe says critical race theory in his state is a myth. will voters buy that? our panel takes it on next. refi. er
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>> bill: at the pump higher prices, average price a gallon of gasoline now $3.40 up a whopping $1.25 over last year. that was back when you were paying $2.15. prices haven't been this high in seven years and they're drifting higher by the day. watch that. >> martha: education staying at a hot topic with only five days to go until the virginia race for governor as concerned parents speak out against critical race theory. terry mccauliffe denying that lesson plan is even being taught in his state schools. >> i am sick of them talking about these issues of critical race theory. we don't teach critical race theory in virginia. it has never been taught. it is a racist dog whistle pitting parents against parents, parents against teachers and using our children as political pawns and it has got to stop. >> martha: former rnc
6:38 am
communications director and wood house is a senior advisor to the dnc. brad, let me start with you. it is kind of difficult to assess that all of these parents are trumped up over nothing. that the stuff that they see coming home from their schools that has bothered them, that teaches that racism is in the foundation of the country and all of that is a nothing. >> martha, this is being largely trumped up. there are organizations, there are political pacs on the republican side that are organizing parents to go to these school board meetings. let's talk about what this really is, martha. in 2016 it was about -- trump was about mexicans are murderers and rapist. in 2017 gillespie said ms-13 and the gangs will infiltrate virginia. this year critical race theory. when republicans can't win on the issues people care about they try to create racial
6:39 am
animus to drive their voters to the polls. that's what is happening here. terry mccauliffe is right. there is no curriculum of critical race theory in schools. >> martha: parents are just imagining things when they look at what's coming home from school. doug, they're just imagining it. they're upset when they hear that. they're upset when they hear that. they don't want to be told that they are falling for something that doesn't exist. they see it themselves. >> slavery? we can't talk about the fact we have slavery and jim crow? >> not one person has said that can't be taught in the schools. that's absolutely false. everyone wants the history of this country to be taught in our schools. the question is much deeper than that and hearing it at the board meetings. doug, i don't know how you get parents to become so passionate and animated. a lot of voters voted for
6:40 am
president biden just not even a year ago. >> i think we can have a reasonable conversation about what's taught in schools, what parental involvement would be. terry mccauliffe should be of course i want parents involved in the decision of schools and make your liberal talking points and you'll make. you come off as being more reasonable. the context here is also we've had schools closed in suburban washington, d.c. and fairfax, old town, alexandria, arlington, a lot of democratic or independent voters are, mad at schools and teachers who got in the front of the line of vaccines. it's not just about critical race theory or a book that's taught in a school. this is a two year long battle what's going on in our schools. whether or not our schools will be open and what's taught in them. >> martha: we talked a lot about -- i want to move onto the economy. when you put this up it's the number one issue for virginia voters. 40% say it's the top issue when they go to the polls. so brad, what is your assessment?
6:41 am
how do you think this looks? you see it is tight. what are you expecting on tuesday? >> it's a tight race. i want to tell you something, the race just got shook up today. i think glenn youngkin must have thrown up in his coffee when he saw that president biden has cut a deal to get the build back better agenda passed. he was banking on the disarray of the sausage making in washington to help him win on tuesday. now we have a deal. we have a transformative deal to help the american people and to help the people of virginia. the type of agenda terry mccauliffe is already running on. a game changer and it will help fuel a victory for terry mccauliffe on tuesday. the infrastructure bill and build back better agenda, huge that is getting done before the vote on tuesday. >> martha: we haven't seen it get done yet. i'm curious, doug. what is your assessment of what we watched unfold today? >> i don't think today has a big impact on it.
6:42 am
if terry mccauliffe wins he has done a good job and see if he has done a good job on the early and mail inballoting that he could run up a total that could avoid the youngkin surge. i don't know if he has been able to do that or not. what i do know if republicans win this race. new jersey is going to be closer than it should as well. that could be a harbinger for mid-term elections like we saw in 2010. what we saw in that case was democrats hit the panic button immediately. if terry mccauliffe loses democrats won't just hit the panic button they will have something happen in their pants as well. >> martha: thank you, you guys, old friends brad and doug. >> bill: doug has been holding that line. fast growing migrant caravan marching north toward the u.s. border. an exclusive ride along with officials out of texas to try
6:43 am
to deter thousands from crossing the rio grande illegally. could new york city be facing a shortage of first responders. why vaccine mandates could sideline hundreds of staff. >> we've kept it under wraps. firefighters have worked three and four terms. i don't think the mayor understands what will happen on november 1st. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed
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>> bill: skyrocketing crime and violent protests and budgets slashed. there are thousands of police officers walking off the job in major cities forcing some departments to reverse the budget cuts. carmen best t knows this best. she has written a book black and blue. former seattle police chief joins us now. this is what we found in a pew poll. the number of adults who want spending for cops to increase is now at 47%. now in the teeth of the national uproar in june of 2020 it was down to 31%. what do you think has changed
6:49 am
since then? >> well, i tell you, i think this is totally predictable. we're not safer with less cops. we need to have officers in the field and on the street and so the idea of slashing budgets and defunding the police is really in many ways backfired because as you know, crime is up, shots fired are up and totally predictable. i talk about that in "black and blue" >> bill: african-american cops are leaving the force in all major big cities, new york down 14%, philly 19, chicago 12, washington, d.c. off a whopping 25%, l.a. 24%. what is your solution for reversing that when you know you need african-american cops to police certain neighborhoods? >> well, i believe that police departments should reflect the communities they serve. we should have a wide level of
6:50 am
diversity within all our organizations. but as you know, policing has been in the crosshairs especially over the last year with all of the demonstrations and the issues around race and racism and certainly those issues are valid and should be addressed. but at the same time the defunding movement in many ways makes people so demoraleized. when officers left lay the blame mostly at the city council for not supporting them through budget and other avenues. >> bill: you are saying when they don't get the money they don't get the support and probably right about that. one plus one equals two. >> it is not a money issue. they are talking about cutting positions and jobs. how do you feel supported when, in fact, there is a movement to not have people working in the field? officers who are on the front lines know there is a need for the services they provide.
6:51 am
often because other services have failed in many ways. >> bill: why did you write the book? >> i really wanted to provide a beacon of hope. leadership lessons were learned. we're at the precipice of being able to move forward as a country and as a profession but there were a lot of tough lessons over the last two years and certainly things i learned over my lifetime i wanted to share with others having been in the police service for almost 30 years. it is a great opportunity to talk about leadership lessons, breaking barriers, racial reconciliation and how we move forward. >> bill: good luck, chief. carmen best, black and blue. >> martha: breaking now on capitol hill president biden is behind closed doors there huddling with house democrats. his trillion dollar agenda is on the brink. multi-trillion agenda is on the brink.
6:52 am
what we're learning about this framework as we start to get a little handle on what is in here. we'll fill you in in moments. fiery hearing yesterday on capitol hill. tough day for attorney general merrick garland. he refused to pull back on his memo that directed his d.o.j. to investigate concerned parents at school board meetings and see if any of them had leaning towards harassment or more on that. what happens next? senator mike lee drove some aggressive questioning himself and was part of that hearing and we'll talk to him about that next. your strategic advantage. regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans.
6:53 am
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6:57 am
>> bill: fox news riding along with texas troopers fighting against the surge of smuggling and trafficking on the southern border. dan springer in the state of texas. what did you see, dan? good morning. >> good morning, bill. in a few minutes we'll get an update from the dps about operation lone star. texas effort to crack down on
6:58 am
illegal immigration. one thing it has not done is deter migrants and smugglers who profit off them. last night in the city of roma. we saw a mexican cartel human smuggler standing on the u.s. side of the rio grande. he was on his phone coordinating with his partners on the mexican side sending rafts full of migrants across the river right into the hands of the border patrol. this goes on every single night. the smuggler avoids arrest as the migrants give themselves up. most of the 150 we saw last night will be allowed the stay because they're a family unit or unaccompanied minors. with a live drone shot we can show you the area in daylight next to a legitimate port of entry and watched constantly by soldiers in the texas national guard. not blocking them but letting them cross and handing them over to border patrol. this rio grande valley sector has a record 550,000 apprehensions in fiscal year
6:59 am
2021. a 508% increase over the previous year. one-third of all the encounters along the southwest borders. 60% of the migrants are from the northern triangle countries of honduras, guatemala and el salvador. the biden administration directs ice agents not allowed to take any enforcement action in a number of protected areas including schools, hospitals, places of worship and day-care centers, playgrounds and rallies and demonstrations. this reverses a trump-era administration policy that allowed ice agents to go into those areas. they have expanded on what happened during the obama administration. so no enforcement by ice agents in those sensitive areas. >> bill: dan springer reporting live from the border as it continues down there. thank you, dan. want to get back to d.c. now. the biden agenda is being tested as we speak. the president putting his travel plans on hold for a few hours. right now on the hill meeting
7:00 am
behind closed doors with democrats only for some last-minute wheeling and dealing and hoping to push the social spending agenda over the finish line. will it happen? a lot on the line. dana has the day off. martha is back with us today. >> martha: good morning, bill. good to be with you this morning. hello to you, everybody. president biden is planning to announce a framework for his social welfare and climate package this morning. what that will look like we're starting to get a little handle on that. he is hoping for a much-needed victory before he heads off to europe. but really a lot of the details we don't know what's in this framework except for a few things that slipped out so far. we're learning more about the priorities of the progressives that are now ending up on the cutting room floor like childcare is one of those issues, elder care is also sort of on the block, family leave is on the block. we'll see what is actually in it and want to see what's in it before they agree to vote on it.
7:01 am
>> we need something a little bit more than just an envelope. legislative text is one mechanism of us getting there. we are open to other mechanisms. passing this alone i do not think is a positive climate message and environmental social justice. we want to see the legislative text and assuming we're fine with that we'll go both bills. my understanding the framework is very general so let's turn it into legislative text. 90% of the text is already written as the speaker said it should be very quick and do it anywhere from 2 to 7 days and be able to get it done. >> bill: not easy stuff. peter doocy live in rome. >> hello, bill. all this fuss is about a framework. house and senate can't vote on a framework. they need a bill. the president thinks the ideas he is laying out in the meeting
7:02 am
we expect to wrap any minute in a package slimd down is 1.75 trillion. something he expects will win over the support of every kind of democrat. >> what is your message to progressives? [inaudible question] >> president biden: everybody is on board. you're on board, aren't you? >> the part about bernie sanders is hard to believe. he says every sensible revenue option seems to be destroyed. that means no way to pay for it. progressives still want to see an actual text. ilhan omar says she is a no until there is a text that they can see. the white house lays out the president's day like this. president will speak to the house democratic caucus this morning to provide the build back better agenda and infrastructure deal. he will return to the white house and speak to the american people about the path forward for his economic agenda and the next step to getting it done. progressives have enough support to sink whatever
7:03 am
president biden lay out today if they don't like what he has stripped out of this wish list and they continue pushing for an all or nothing approach with the blessing we're told of senator bernie sanders. that means if they don't get what they want they aren't going to give house leadership the vote on the actual infrastructure package for roads and bridges that they want. [inaudible] >> i want to see an infrastructure bill passed today and come to an agreement on the build back better care package. hopefully the president can get it done. >> we expect the meeting to wrap up any minute. the president has to get back and give that speech. we should start getting firmer details what exactly is left in this 1.75 trillion package. the president pushed back his departure a little bit but expect him here at 2:00 a.m. local time. tomorrow he has a meeting with
7:04 am
the pope, bill. >> bill: thank you, peter. enjoy italy. peter doocy coming your way. >> martha: the meeting with the pope. >> bill: what's in it, right? a big a.p. write up how to pay for it. very preliminary stuff. the proposal imposes a 5% surtax on anyone who makes $10 million a year. 15% corporate minimum tax that manchin was talking about. >> martha: for corporations that figure out ways to pay little or no taxes. this would make sure they pay at least a 15% basic tax. manchin calls it the patriot tax. >> bill: there are other details in there. frankly we're trying to get our head around it now. we don't know what will be in it at the end or if it will come to the floor. they want to settle up the progressives to get the infrastructure bill through and hang their hat on that. >> martha: an interesting from
7:05 am
jayapal. 90% is written and we think we can get both bills done in 2 to 7 days. the most optimistic thing i've heard from her over the course of this. the devil is in the details as we say. >> yesterday and last night my email is blowing up, yours is as to what's in and what's out. seemed like every 15 minutes something else is being taken out of the bill. you could tell there was really a ton of pressure in order for the president to have something he could present before he went overseas. that's what's happening now. how they react is anybody's guess. there is some reaction now. ilhan omar with chad pergram a few moments ago before the meeting started. >> you vote no unless there is concrete legislative text that you support? >> yes. we need to keep the promise that was made, i'm very clear. we need to see the two bills simultaneously together. if there is urgency in getting
7:06 am
this done, the senators need to understand that as well and move as urgent as we want us to move. >> what if the president says congresswoman, i need your vote before i go to scotland. we need an agreement on this. can't that be enough? what about the power of the presidency? >> we can have the agreement and next week vote on the two. >> bill: i didn't catch the end of it. >> martha: chad was asking her what do you say when the president says i need you on this? we need to get this done before i go. >> bill: i didn't catch her answer. >> martha: she said we can have an agreement and he can go to europe with the agreement, the framework, so he can go there and say we'll make this work, i have a deal, talk about the future of climate change when he goes to scotland and hammer it out when he gets back. >> bill: clear as mud. the progressive party and the progressive caucus in the heart
7:07 am
is 96 members. if they hold true to one another, they will determine the outcome of what happens on infrastructure and this social welfare spending bill. >> martha: yeah. they are very aware of that and we'll see. >> bill: you wonder now. a lot of political discussions and written over the weekend whether or not they misread their majority with a small m when you have a plus four advantage in the house and 50/50 in the senate. that carries a lot of weight as to how you interpret what you can and cannot do and it's the point we've reached. >> martha: she said we need a promise and wants to stick to that. see where it goes. joining us now who watched it play out utah senator mike lee. great to have you with us this morning. good morning. where do you think it all stands right now? >> i think it's a free for all and chaos. i would add that it's really
7:08 am
novel to have a party touting something this slimd down budget version when they are spending only $1.75 trillion. every single cent of this is borrowed. which means in effect every cent of it is going to be printed, which means all of it is going to further inflate the u.s. dollar, further impoverish poor and middle class americans who will find everything they buy more expensive. moreover, this isn't a bill. it is a framework. a framework the president said he needed so he can feel comfortable leaving on his trip to go to scotland and negotiate yet another deal that will make life difficult and more expensive for poor and middle class americans. >> martha: i understand your opposition to it and the reasons that you lay out for that. politically when you look at what is happening right now. there was some suggestion this morning oh, well, if we can just get the infrastructure deal through. we've heard all along progressives no way. we want it both of it.
7:09 am
infrastructure and human infrastructure or nothing. there was a suggestion this morning that was oh well, if we get infrastructure through we'll go back for human infrastructure and do it without the two senators meaning manchin and sinema. how would that work? >> their logic and math doesn't really work out. all of that said look, i'm thrilled to see that the democratic party is disassembling in this way. they've overreached their hand. you stated it perfectly a moment ago. they overplayed and overimagined their own majority. it is only a 50/50 majority in the senate. in the house it is the thinnest of margins. it isn't going to work. they've overplayed their hand and the american people are seeing they've been made poorer by democratic spending patterns and it will fail and i'll celebrate it when it does. >> martha: omar gave away what the back and forth has been
7:10 am
here. well, he can have the framework and take that on his trip to europe and that will be what he can arrive there and say i have a framework. we're getting closer and then they'll hammer it out in the next 2 to 7 days when he gets back and see what happens then. i want to reply your exchange yesterday with merrick garland. it was a bruising awful session for merrick garland yesterday. your side of the aisle was very hard on him in going after this question of parents and labeling them potentially domestic terrorists. this is biden leaving. i want to bring you this live moment as we watch this. he has a lot ahead of him. early morning on capitol hill and then head to rome where we saw peter doocy and will arrive at 2:00 a.m. rome time to get ready for his meeting with the hope. the president has a lot on his plate and linger on the live shot as we get a sense of the tension and the full-court
7:11 am
press going on on capitol hill. the president has to pull out at least an infrastructure deal here or the window gets slim heading toward the mid-terms. you have something to show for that and the pressure on him right now. that being said let's go back to the sound bite of senator lee and merrick garland yesterday to remind everybody what it was like in there. watch this. >> the very opening line of your memo says in recent months there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school administrators. >> the memo is aimed only at violence and threats of violence. it states on its face the vigorous debate is protected. >> what about harassment and intimidation, are those federal crimes? >> they are federal crimes. >> martha: merrick garland's response on that was difficult. basically sounded like they did almost nothing to substantiate the claim there was a dangerous
7:12 am
uptick or violence as a result of these meetings. >> they did almost nothing to follow up and responded with a memo threatening parents who show up to school board meetings. they acknowledged that they really couldn't identify a single example, not one single example of where someone had actually been threatened with violence. moreover they couldn't identify any reason why it had to be federalize i had. weaponized the department of justice and done so for purposes of threatening, intimidating and harassing those who don't support the leftist position. it is wrong and not what i expected from attorney general garland and american people should expect more. >> martha: there is nancy pelosi and the president as they leave capitol hill. obviously both of them each of them has a lot at stake in this dynamic. i want to circle back to this. this is clearly the biggest story of the morning here.
7:13 am
if the infrastructure bill which already passed the senate, if they can get it through on the house side do you think there are enough republicans on the house side? i don't know how much of a pulse you have on this to agree to that infrastructure bill to get it passed is the first question. >> i don't believe that they should because if they do, that signals yet another indication, another data point they can use to get the whole package passed. we don't want that to happen. republicans shouldn't vote for that. plus it spends over a trillion dollars. we can't afford it. it's borrowed. >> martha: what about on the senate side if they do get it through, how would they get the human infrastructure side of the bill passed without manchin and sinema? where would they get the votes? >> they couldn't. this is science fiction fantasy. they can dream about it but can't do it and deep down they know it. >> martha: i have one more question for you on the garland issue. now that he made it through the hearings, do you expect that there will be any rescinding of
7:14 am
that memo? it sounded this week as if they are going to stick with it and continue to monitor these parents. >> i urge and implore attorney general garland to rescind the october 4th memo. look, this memo by the national school board association was issued on a wednesday. the attorney general garland memo was issued the following monday just four or five days after the original memo which has been rescinded. it is not backed up by any evidence of a single threat of violence. it needs to be rescinded and i call upon the attorney general to do precisely that. >> martha: good to have you here this morning. there goes president biden getting into the motorcade and talking to nancy pelosi as he was heading out of the capitol. there was so much at stake and a brief window. historically when a president has the house, senate and white house and so far not a whole lot to show for it, you just
7:15 am
heard senator mike lee saying he doesn't want republicans to support the infrastructure bill which generally there is a little bipartisan support for rebuilding the infrastructure in the country. that's a big question. >> bill: it was generally believed there would be 10 to 15 republicans who would vote with democrats on that. we'll see whether or not is the case or if it even happens. so much of what we're talking about we're trying to figure out what the path is to get this done. in the meantime the president is heading back to the white house and he has an address scheduled for 11:30 a.m. from the white house to explain what went down and how he sees the path forward. he told reporters leaving there martha said i believe we're in good shape. so they've at least set themselves up to sell the idea that this can be successful before he leaves the country. >> martha: right. can they get progressives on board to be okay with a framework? you heard from aoc and jayapal
7:16 am
they want to see what's actually in the bill, right? so -- it sounds like he is going to head off on the european trip being able to say we'll vote on infrastructure and a framework for the second half of the bill. whether or not the second half of the bill falls by the wayside if he can convince them to move forward with the infrastructure part of the bill that's the huge if. >> bill: a couple weeks ago they said they would do it end of september. then halloween coming up this weekend. a lot of talk around washington is the christmas eve holiday. we've seen the pressure of the holidays get things through ultimately. the deadline for the moment really seems to be next tuesday and the virginia vote between terry mccauliffe and glenn youngkin. what are democrats seeing either in the early votes, what are they seeing in the own internal polling the way the race may or may not be shaping up? if they believe that mccauliffe could be in danger of going
7:17 am
down, what would happen to the biden agenda which underlines and underscores why you do it now before you take off to rome and later to scotland for that summit on the environment. that's what we're watching, right >> martha: yes. remains to be seen. the other thing we have to keep in mind the pay-fors keep dissolving along the way. an enormous bill that they say will be paid for by taxing people. we've seen the corporate tax go by the wayside. individual tax, both of those were out with kyrsten sinema. now you have billionaires being taxed or people make over $10 million taxed at 10%. that won't cover 1.75 trillion. not enough people in that tax bracket to cover that kind of money. >> bill: a long way to go. coming up this hour nancy pelosi will speak in 30 minutes. we'll cover it live for you. the president speaks next hour. we have that for you as well.
7:18 am
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7:23 am
>> bill: here is where we stand. the president has left capitol hill back to the white house now. we'll see him next hour and we'll hear from house speaker nancy pelosi in about 20 minutes. so we'll get our first reaction from what happened inside. hundreds of lawmakers were there. people will start talking and we'll try and weave this story together as we go. for now stand by for more from the hill. 23 past now. martha. >> martha: celtics star kanter keeping up his criticism of china taking aim at nike for
7:24 am
refusing to speak out against the uighur slave labor. former players are asking when the nba will back him up? joining us now is a biotech author of woke incorporated. vivek, great to have you with us this morning. a courageous move on the part of mr. kanter. do you think the nba will have to come around to siding with him on this? >> the first thing i want to say it takes a lot more courage for him to take the stand he did than for a player to kneel or paint black lives matter. i applaud him for something not only conforming with the peers but being courageous. china builds a great wall for any company that wants to enter the chinese market if they criticize the ccp but roll out the red carpet if you criticize the united states and how they've turned the game of
7:25 am
democratic capitalism upside down. we thought we could export big macs and basketball and think it would spread democracy to china. what they have done in return is turned our own businesses into trojan horses that undermine the united states from within by criticizing the united states but staying silent about china. that's their game. the nba is one of those trojan horses as is nike. the last time this happened was actually when morey of the rockets said fight for hong kong. niek' and nba buckled. lebron james buckled to chase the market they had in china. this time they'll have to make a decision. china is the single greatest geopolitical threat to the united states. worse today than three years ago. and the question is if you criticize microaggressions here at home. the question arises are you going to criticize the biggest
7:26 am
macro aggression on the global stage? i predict they won't but i hope i'm wrong. >> bill: i imagine 9 out of 10 people on the sidewalk would be able to pick out kanter from the lineup prior to this deal. turkish citizenship. born in switzerland. played five minutes this season and scored two points. everybody is talking about him. flashback here when he filed this video on twitter. watch his position. >> here in the united states nike stands with the black lives matter. nike stands with -- nike stands with the latino community and nike stands with the lgbtq community and what about injustice in america. but when it comes to china nike remains silent. >> bill: i think nike has said that there is no slave labor that goes into making their
7:27 am
product in china. i think they are on the record as saying that. how do you think this is resolved when one guy is taking on the chinese communist government and a major american company like nike in the midst of woke america? >> the fact he is calling out the hypocrisy as i haim to do in my book is the first step to progress. the ceo of nike a couple of months ago went to china and said stands with china. nike is a brand of china and for china. a direct quote from him. yet they criticize slavery 250 years ago in the united states without reducing their reliance on slave labor today to source sneakers that they sell to black kids in the inner city for 200 dollars. it's unsustainable. at the end of the day the chinese market is so attractive corporations will dance to
7:28 am
their tune. many are lap dogs to the ccp. when they say jump, they jump. the last cold war with russia. no companies in the united states were salivating to enter the russian market. the difference here is the tro january war. china may not be able to win t militarily but by inside undermining the moral credibility of the united states from within by criticizing the u.s. and not china. it will take brave people in athletics and popular culture for people to call out the hypocrisy so people can see it for what it is. >> bill: he has done it. >> martha: you look at the sneakers made with slave labor. black lives matter painted on the boards and you have him wearing these sneakers and a powerful message. more power to him. >> bill: nice to see you, vivek. we're waiting to hear from democrats after the meeting with the president.
7:29 am
speaker pelosi meeting with her caucus at the moment. she should be at the microphone in 20 minutes after the progressives defy her on the spending bill. where are they now and what are they saying? everybody has a voice in this. the margins are so slim everyone matters. >> martha: everybody will want to hear what she has to say this morning and read the tea leaves. republican governor launching a push to refund the police. what does that look like? we'll ask maryland governor larry hogan straight ahead. >> trying to reduce crime by defunding police is dangerous, radical, far left lunacy. we need to refund the police.
7:30 am
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7:34 am
>> he wants everything to happen today. so do i. he wants everything to happen today. >> leadership will have to talk about how they plan it.
7:35 am
>> a vote on the reconciliation bill today? >> my impression is they want to get everything done today. leadership and the president. >> he wants it bipartisan? >> they said they want these bills to pass today. i'm with them. >> who knows day-to-day? the bottom line, folks. this is the world we live in. not the world we want to live in. this is a great set of bills and we have to get them done. >> bill: that's a democrat from illinois. some initial reaction we get om the hill after the meeting broke out. maryland governor larry hogan is in studio. you are looking good. health is okay. you had a big scare but you look strong. >> doing great. >> bill: if he is right and they vote on these two bills today that's $2.9 trillion in government spending. >> it's crazy. look, president biden -- we worked together on the bipartisan bill. we got biden to agree to it.
7:36 am
no additional spending. all paid for 1.2 trillion. it passed in the senate in august. since then the progressives in the house hijacked this entire thing. biden's bipartisan agreement was we would take out all that stuff. debate it and argue it later. let's have agreement on real ina fra structure. the progressives are blaming manchin and sinema. the progressives have the problem. demanding, wasteful spending on social programs and conflate it with infrastructure is crazy and also showing weakness on the part of the president who said this was his signature achievement to get the bipartisan agreement. he had strong support from republicans on. now it's a train wreck, it really is. it's unbelievable. a typical example of probably the worst example of divisiveness and dysfunction in washington where the president can't get his own things done. he is not really in charge. >> martha: what is your feel for where republicans stand on
7:37 am
this? if the president can successfully decouple the bills for the moment and say i have a framework on social spending. let's get the infrastructure bill through, how many republicans can they rely on to achieve that goal in the house? >> that's the really big question. i'm not sure i can give you the exact answer. we had the votes. it was going the sail through the house back in august when the senate passed it it's tough now. many republicans feel we need to get the infrastructure done but don't want the social spending. when they say we won't do the things we agreed to unless we get every other thing we wants that's going back on your word not a compromise. how republicans want to get one good bill and kill a terrible bill when they tie them together. a crazy couple of days. >> bill: usa today poll biden
7:38 am
approval rating. disapprove at 52% in virginia. how much is today all about next tuesday? >> well, i tell you what, the dysfunction we're seeing, lack of leadership on behalf of the president not being able to get everything done and kowtowing to the progressives won't help and it won't help mccauliffe pull out this race. today is just another reason why people ought to vote for youngkin. >> bill: you have been if virginia. what are you seeing in the race? >> it's a very tight race. youngkin was down by seven points not too long ago w. the president's approval tanking and glenn standing up for parents in the schools he has all the momentum. it is still very close and it's about turnout and who shows up. >> martha: a lot of big guns coming down to virginia. president obama was there, vice president, president. when president obama was there he said this about the outrage issue that has been so driving that virginia race.
7:39 am
watch this. >> here we are trying to recover from a global pandemic that killed more than 700,000 americans, put millions in harm's way. we don't have time to waste on phony culture wars or fake outrage that the right wing media are peddling to juice up your ratings. we should be building on the progress we've made not tearing it down. >> martha: phony out rage as you see it? >> it shows desperation on the part of the mccauliffe campaign. i saw it myself in 2014. they brought in barack obama and hillary clinton and wore eefd about losing the race. the president is trying to get democratic voters to the polls with rhetoric. i don't know if it will be enough to have mccauliffe pull it off. >> bill: there is talk especially among republicans and a lot of political analysts that democrats have misread their majority and they've
7:40 am
misread the country in turn. >> no question about it. it's true. joe biden i believe won the democratic nomination because he portrayed himself to be the most moderate guy trying to bring the country together. he wasn't the most far left guy. bernie, warren and harris were way to the left of him and he is acting as if there is some huge mandate for far-left socialist agenda and there is not one. so i think they are totally misreading the average voter in the country, all the voters but even their democratic voters are as far left as where some of the folks are in the house driving the train and pushing biden to go to more far left position than he normally would have been. >> bill: you have been a proponent of refunding the police. how do you think it is resonating in maryland? >> it's resonating really, really well particularly among the people that are victims of crime in baltimore city. we had a balts more city
7:41 am
councilman calling for abolishment of the police and for defunding the police. i said how will you make policing better by taking away the funding? by saying we want to make education better by defunding it. we put $150 million more into police for better recruitment, training. de-escalation techniques and more community policing will help us to do a better job of connecting with inner city communities and doing away with the police is nutty. >> bill: an amazing shift in 18 months. >> i was pushing and the first one to speak out strongly against defund the police. i responded tough to the riots in baltimore with 4,000 members of the national guard and 1,000 police officers. we stopped the violence. >> martha: mandatory vaccination in maryland for your first responders and police? >> no.
7:42 am
we don't. we've got 86% of the entire population vaccinated. >> bill: thanks for coming in. nice to see you. we're waiting the hear from the president. that will happen next hour. also waiting to hear from the house speaker in a matter of minutes. stay tuned. trying to figure out whether or not they reached a framework on the spending agenda. what's in, what's out, who is on first? we'll try to figure it out. >> martha: everybody is crowded into that room. we'll be right back. record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank.
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>> martha: a lot happening now. top energy executives on capitol hill democrats are accusing the industry causing climate change. progressives want to stop climate action. profile hearings with tobacco executives as we remember back in the 90s who claimed they didn't think nicotine was addictive. today's hearing comes as energy prices surge to seven year highs for a number of reasons. canceled pipelines, discouraging of investment and causing a cut-off for energy in the united states. democrats are pushing the climate agenda. they are forcing americans to pay more for gas and heating oil as a result of that. so we'll see what the back and
7:48 am
forth is here in this hearing on the hill. >> bill: we're also watching the election on tuesday. fox news learning the virginia department of education recommending a book that says teachers must embrace teaching critical race theory. now that is significant because terry mccauliffe the democratic candidate on tuesday declared many times during his campaign crt is not taught in virginia. mike emanuel is on the story like he has from the beginning in d.c. today. good morning. >> the fox news investigation finds the virginia department of education recommends a book to education leaders and all stakeholders. our equity v.a. work is informed by literature, best practice and research. we want to do more than survive, abolitionist teaching. that book is by a co-founder of the abolitionist teaching network. on page 11 we want to do more than survive she writes while we don't forget injustice we're
7:49 am
focused on love, well-being and refuse to be oppressed any longer. teachers must embrace theories such as critical race theory. settled colonial izing. critical race studies and other critical theories to interrogate anti-blackness and frame experiences with injustice focusing the moral compass toward a north star for a fight for educational justice. throughout the virginia governor's race terry mccauliffe has consistently said it isn't happening in virginia. >> let's just be clear. we don't teach critical race theory. this is a made up, a trump, devos and youngkin plan to divide people and it really bothers me. >> we should not be dividing people in schools. >> how do you define it? >> it is not taught here in virginia. >> how do you define it? >> doesn't matter.
7:50 am
it's not taught in virginia. >> the state bureaucracy recommending these controversial teaching tools to all education stakeholders. >> bill: we'll follow it. mike emanuel in d.c. things are happening on capitol hill today that's for sure. waiting to hear from speaker pelosi and she is supposed to come out at 10:45. a few minutes late now but has to come out there with something and say either we'll have a vote on this infrastructure bill or we've got an agreement that because we have a framework we'll go forward with infrastructure or not. who knows what's happening behind the scenes. tense to be sure and we will bring you there live as soon as it gets underway.
7:51 am
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and score other huge deals all week long. ♪ shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ shop walmart's black friday deals for days. veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. >> harris: democratic infighting still has the president massive spending agenda in peril. he has been on the hill for an hour today already. pleading with his own party to get it together. still no answers while that's
7:56 am
going on, after republicans went after a.g. garland over his memo threatening parents. senator john kennedy of the great state of louisiana was one of them. he is in "the faulkner focus". along with ari fleischer and jason rantz at the top of the hour. >> bill: we're trying to tie this story together now. we can tell you we're watching the room with speaker pelosi expected to come out 10 minutes ago. it has been punted to 2:00 this afternoon. the president will be out at 11:30 from the white house before he goes to europe. former obama economic advisor fox news contributor robert wolf. welcome to the conversation. i want to read off the reuters wire now. tlaib says she is on in on infrastructure until there is a deal for both packages to go together. they want to vote today. roberts, what will it be? >> well listen, i think this is
7:57 am
the perfect bill because not everyone is happy. that's legislation, right? a lot of cookie cutting going on. you know, i think they should pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. my gut tells me they have the votes for both. they have to get some of the text down in writing to get the framework to have more meat on the bone. my gut tells me you will have a vote today. more importantly, bill, is this bill really is pretty moderate, right? you have infrastructure 1.2 trillion. on the cares act it is mainly childcare, elder care and clean energy. >> bill: there is nothing moderate about 1.75 trillion dollars. >> i would disagree. >> martha: it's a lot of money. we spent $6 trillion all in when you go back to the covid
7:58 am
beginnings of trying to bail out from the pandemic and i looked at a poll the other day, robert, one of the fox polls that said that about 59% of americans believe that build back better will either hurt the economy in the end because of inflation, or that it won't help it. so if you are in the white house and looking at that number are you thinking wow, we put ourselves on the line for something that maybe americans don't want more of? >> well, listen, martha. i think most americans don't know what's in it. bernie sanders was 6 half trillion. that will be 1.75 trillion. paid for a is coming from taxing wealthy people making north of $10 million. >> martha: they have already pulled out the corporate tax increase, beefed up i.r.s. to go after people with tax audits
7:59 am
and left with trying to get a bunch of super rich people and corporations the pay for it. i don't think there is enough money in that group. >> i'm not sure i agree with the analytics there. the i.r.s. enforcement is $400 million they believe. the minimum tax which is everyone agrees to at 15%, that will bring in $300 plus trillion. i think actually you don't have the wealth tax, you don't have taxes on assets. you haven't increased the capital gains side. i would argue this part is being paid for. >> bill: okay, robert. thank you, robert wolf. wanted to get your perspective before we have to sign off here. see you in person soon. apparently what biden said in the meeting it is not hyperbole to say congressional majorities and presidency will determine what happens in the next week referring to these bills and
8:00 am
also referring to tuesday's vote. big deal. mccauliffe and youngkin. complete coverage of that coming up momentarily. shots from the white house and we'll see the president in 30 minutes or so. >> martha: watch for nancy pelosi later and i'll see you at 3:00 on the story. >> nice to have you back today. we brought the action, right? >> martha: we sure did. >> bill: here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert now. a big question. can president biden get the far left in his political party to begin adulting? we're told behind the scenes it is an unmitigated mess. you're in "the faulkner focus". president biden is set to unveil the framework, he says, for his massive spending agenda in an address to the nation this hour before he heads overseas. he is going to glascow and talk climate change, blah blah blah and we're watching the lectern


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