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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 28, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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ultimately get it through. jillian: we will see. to be determined. >> hopefully they don't get it through. let's kill it. jillian: sean, good to see you this morning. thank you. >> thank you. have a good morning. todd: how happy they didn't send us to haunted house. jillian: i love haunted houses. todd: sad for you. glad they sent -- "fox & friends" now. jillian: bye. >> republicans grilling attorney general merrick garland over targeting terrorists. >> you have weaponized the fbi. >> thank god you are not on the supreme court. you ought to resign in disgrace. >> what's your message to americans worried about getting christmas gifts on time. >> we be addressing and attacks the supply chain issues. >> these are totally unserious. >> heading to capitol hill. >> to get on board with massive tax and spending plan. >> one of the paid promises family medical leave may wind up on the floor. >> general milley spoken out
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first time on china's escalation it? >> is very concerning. >> i don't know if it's quite the sputnik moment but i think it's very close to that. >> and to the left. got another. astros take game 2. steve: live from new york on this october 28th, 2021, we came to work today and something different. this used to be, until yesterday, studio f. but yesterday they renamed it studio m and why is that? well, as all part of our 25th anniversary, we renamed it yesterday in honor of our founder rupert murdoch, who is the chairman of fox corporation and executive chair of news corporation. this plaque was officially unveiled yesterday by his son lachlan. watch this.
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>> so, first of all, apologies from suzanne who couldn't be with us today unfortunately. but this is really her and jay's brainchild. and that's really to, you know, as you know, we are standing on what was, until moments ago, studio f. but, you know, today we are dedicating this incredible space to you, and calling it a studio m. >> thank you. >> named in honor of our founder, rupert murdoch. >> thank you. >> you know, what happened, dad, as you know studio m is really the heart of the fox news operation between "fox & friends" and harris outnumbered martha and "the five." election coverage and town halls all that happens within studio m. >> i'm very honored. thank you very much. >> we are inspired by your -- we're inspired by your passion
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for journalism and for news and inspired us the last 25 years at fox news and for the next 25 years. >> thank you. >> many, many years to come. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> keep it winning. >> the plaque is over there. when you have come into the green room you see these images of rupert murdoch who started off as a publisher. also a publisher of "the new york post." he was a producer and a television pioneer. and that is all part of our 25th anniversary celebration here so this is probably the biggest studio dedicated to news in new york city and it is now officially studio m. and ainsley, and lawrence, i know you are upstairs, but the coolthing about this is the stu, studio m is 3,675 square feet, which here in midtown, manhattan, can you imagine what this would rent for if you were
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looking for a two bedroom or something like that? ainsley: it would be too expensive for us. steve: anyway, welcome to officially now studio m and studio m has got a beautiful staircase. you have seen it a million times. we go right up here. here is our walk. that's pete's place he dedicated that over the weekend. ainsley: come on up,. steve: steve up here to the mezzanine level of studio m. they renamed it. ainsley: saw pictures of rupert. gosh, that man right there gave all of us a life. his vision gave you a voice. america, we love waking up with you every single morning and thanks to fox news, your side of the story is being told. we tell both sides but the other networks don't necessarily tell your opinions and your thoughts and we bring you that every day. lawrence: favorite part keep winning. ainsley: thanks to you guys at home. steve: speaking of winning. last night the astros won.
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our man will cain is live in houston. so, absolutely. it's tied up 1-1. it's a horse race, will. will: it is 1-1. now they are headed back to atlanta for game 3, 4, and 5. last night 7-2 the astros got the ahead and braves could not catch up. i did my eating tour. steve i know you will be into that i will show you some of the most creative ballpark food you ever imagined. i have something special for lawrence that i thought this is for lawrence jones when i found this one particular item. i will leave with you this as i walk the corridors both of the last two nights to tie into what you were talking about, the relationship between fox news and its fans, you can feel it every time you get out of that wonderful studio. you walk the corridors and people tell you how much they
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appreciate the relationship they have with us and our department of education occasion to bringing them the truth. it's an awesome feeling as it is for astro fans this morning. >> one of these win the next two games they win the world series. will: if that happens they will not be back in houston will. will: whoever wins the next three it's over. will i'm a ranger's fan. ainsley: same. steve: you got rout for home state team. will: they in the same division. there is a little bit of a rivalry. that's a complicated thing that only the sec has been able to pull off in college football. do you root for your rivals if they make the playoffs. ainsley: i do. i'm sec carolina and clemson and i pull for clemson when they're not playing us. lawrence: wow. ainsley: i try to at least.
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lawrence: so kind of you. steve: point to lawrence to ho is sitting in for brian today on the spot. you are from texas are you rangers? lawrence: rangers. i'm from dallas. will and i are on the same. steve: today routing for houston. lawrence: absolutely not. ainsley: pulling for the braves. lawrence: i'm not rooting for either one of them. i'm going to watch a great game. whoever wins wins. i will support the parade. it is texas first. i'm not rooting for a team. i root for the state. steve: check it out. tonight on fox. game 3 tomorrow, rather, on fox. game three at 8:00 p.m. meanwhile, did you see, man, it was fiery, the attorney general for the united states sat down on capitol hill and he took a lot of incoming from republicans on the senate judiciary committee after he was sworn in. merrick garland essentially was asked by pretty much every republican, are you ready to quit because the stuff you did regarding that memo, sickened sg
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the fbi on the parents after the school board association wrote you that letter was despicable. ainsley: they rescinded that letter. the national school board association regretted apologized for the letter. some of the language was too harsh. many of the questions were if you wrote this memo because of this letter and now they are apologizing for letter, wife are you still pushing this memo and language in your letter? ains. lawrence: that's exactly right. as you guys know the democrats pretty much were silent yesterday. the g.o.p. senators well, they had some questions for merrick garland, take a look. >> presumably, you wrote the memo because of the letter. the letter is disavowed now. so you are going to keep your memo going anyway, right? is that what you are telling me? >> senator, i have the letter from nsba that you are referring to. it apologizes for language in the letter. but it continues its concern about the safety of school
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officials and school staff. >> it didn't receive an anonymous letter. white house political staff co-wrote it with this organization, which is why the organization has rejected it. you know these facts now to be true. and, yet, you still won't disavow your memo. >> law is based on facts. it is impartial. it is not used as a tool of political retribution. this memo was not law. this memo was politics. >> general garland, you have weaponized the fbi and the department of justice. it's wrong. it is unprecedented to my knowledge in the history of this country. and i call on you to resign. >> thank god you are not on the supreme court. you should resign in disgrace. ainsley: in addition to that resigning, tom cotton also said aren't our security divisions, our national security divisions supposed to be chasing the jihadists and supposed to be chasing chinese spies not our moms and dads at consume board meetings. lawrence: even if this alleys
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was true which can is not based on what i have seen i have been to loudoun county. it local police should be involved. why haven't they produced examples. steve: there was one father arrested found out later. lawrence: the daughter was raped. steve: yeah, exactly. you can understand why he was agitated. lawrence: school board tried to hide it. ainsley: he didn't want to announce my daughter was raped in the bathroom. he came out later and said that. steve: yesterday, on the heels of that there are 19 house republican judiciary members who have signed a letter and what they have asked is they have written it to the national school board association, said hey, can you tell us exactly what your communication was with the white house with the department of justice, with the fbi and everybody else because they are trying to show the coordination between the administration and the school board, trying to intimidate the
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parents from not getting up and standing. and giving their points of view. >> it's okay to go a school board meeting and give your point of view, it's called the first amendment. you can even scream at the people behind the, you know, up there. on the podium. but you can't hurt somebody. and you can't threaten somebody. and that's why these republicans want to know from the school board. they are giving him until november the 10th, turn over the correspondence have you had. communications you have had with the white house. we know they have communicated with them. so we can figure out what exactly you guys. lawrence: garland asked by senator acres yesterday who did you get in contact from the house. he wouldn't go on the record. i think it's important to get to how we got here. first said it wasn't being taught in the schools. then they said it was in the colleges. then they said when the parents wanted to see the curriculum you have got to sign a a number disclosure agreement in loudoun county before you can see it then you get parents upset at
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school board meetings. they have never been involved. because of the pandemic they saw what their kids were being taught. then you have the fbi that is essentially sicked on these parents. so we're starting to see more and more of what is happening. i don't think americans of any party, the democrats i spoke to in loudoun county are saying you know what? we are not going to be involved with the party if this is going to be the way they treat us when we want to be concerned with our kids. ainsley: those senators not only asked for the national school board association to talk about their communications, give up the information of who you have communicated before you wrote that letter. but they also -- they said will you please ask the a.g. to rescind or withdrawal his october 4th memo and giving the nsba until november 10th to provide any information. we interviewed a lady yesterday. she is one of the moms who is concerned. she is in fairfax, virginia. a mother of six. her name is stacey langton. she said she has gone and protested outside of these
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school board meetings at the last one she went to after a.g. garland said we will not be sending the fbi to these school board meetings. that very night she went to a school board meeting she was outside protesting and she said she saw unmarked cars and there was a helicopter flying above shining a light on their group. watch this. >> go to the school board meeting on thursday night and all of a sudden this has never happened before. we have federal vehicles there. we had the dhs vehicle that you saw, which i posted a picture of. i took that photo. and we had several of the what they call ghost cars which are the unmarked police vehicles for different agencies. some may have been fairfax county. some may have been fbi. you know, they were charcoal gray. they were the white ones, then we had a helicopter. a literal horton overhead that was circling. and it just the absurdity of this, you know, it was a group of 25 parents and, you know, we were waiving at the helicopter because it was shining its spotlight down on us. and this is something that is
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incredible in america. and it's, you know, ridiculously unamerican. steve: here's the thing. she has got her concerns about what is happening there all across the country, obviously school boards don't like to have parents come in and say hey, you guys are screwing it up and give their points of view. in man indicated dough, minnesota, just over the iowa line from where i was born. apparently the school board, what they're doing now to control the parents, they are saying okay, you can speak, but you have got to give your name of and then you have got to give your home address. lawrence: unbelievable. steve: which could lead to problems that's never been done before, i believe, at that school district. it's one of those things that is that an attempt to intimidate the parents i would go speak but i don't want to give my home address because i don't want someone following me home. lawrence: clear intimidation.
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ainsley: announced new rule didn't do it in september. they are doing it in october. and she says it's because of the behavior of some of the members of the public is considered unacceptable. she said the open forum would be closed if you if she hears crowd noise, grandstanding, applause, talking or hollering or any outburst. steve: work at the library. ainsley: november 1st, participants can only speak to any item that is on their agenda. the big concern there are these mask mandates because the board set on august 18th you have to wear a face mask if you are in school grades k through 8 whether or not you are vaccinated or not. lawrence: we have crime all across this country. violent crime. being pushed into railroads. people being mugged on the streets. and they give half the effort that they're giving toward these parents toward kicking the real crime? can they shine a light from the helicopters people getting mughtd on the streets of new york and all across the country that i have been covering for almost a year now?
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it just seems like parents have been declared enemy number one when we have gangsters that are literally running the street of all the major cities and by the way the suburbs as well it seems like a race of resources. ainsley: silencing people who they agree with. steve: seems crazy what they're doing in minnesota. have the local police there. if there is a problem if parents get, you know. violent or aggressive then deal with that all this other stuff you have got to be quiet, no applause. that's nuts. just saying. all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, live from studio m., the white house playing the blame game on the supply chain crisis as prices on just about everything through the roof. ainsley: doesn't the buck stop with the president? didn't he say that? we will dive into it next.
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. jillian: good morning, we are back now with headlines. authorities say actor alec baldwin is cooperating with the rust movie set investigation. they are not exactly sure where he is. the santa fe sheriff saying authorities need more time to consider if they will file charges. this as bald win re-tweets this. an article by the "new york times" detailing the movie's assistant director admitting in a search warrant he declared the firearm a cold gun and handed it to baldwin without actually doing a proper gun check. in just hours, the thousands of new york city firefighters will gather again for a major protest against the city's vaccine
3:22 am
mandates. city workers have until friday at 5:00 p.m. to get their first shot. those who do not have expected to be placed on unpaid leave starting monday. comes as fdny union leader up to 40% of the city's firehouse could say close from short staffing as a result of the mandate. more than a quarter of the nypd's 55,000 workers could be sent home over the vaccine mandate. let's turn now to fox weather and look at this. dramatic video showing an ef 2 tornado ripping across a texas highway. the tornado crashing through power lines and throwing a vehicle through the air obviously catching shocked drivers off guard. the powerful storm leaving behind a large debris path through orange county and thousands left without power. disney pixar creating stir for casting choices for new buzz lightyear movie.
3:23 am
>> 3, 2, 1. 0. jillian: this time around, actor chris evans will be the voice behind buzz. he replaces comedian tim allen who has been the voice since 1995. the change has some fans wondering if it could be about allen's conservative political leanings. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: tim allen could do it and he sounds just like buzz lightyear. ainsley: that's what we are used to. lawrence: going to be weird. jillian: i haven't seen any of them. i live under a rock. i'm jillian. steve: when you don't play with your toys and leave the room. ainsley: they come alive. they battle each other. lawrence: thought i was woody and on my boot i would write my initials owe he at the bottom of it. steve: because you are from texas. ainsley: my nephews love that movie. steve: if you try to buy some toy story toys or things for your kids. ainsley: good luck. steve: you will have a problem
3:24 am
because of the supply chain issues facing everybody across the country. yesterday, lands end on their home page said, you know, the best time to order stuff is right now. on l.l. bean five paragraph note saying you could have trouble getting stuff from us this holiday season. ainsley: pretty much every website. steve: worker shortages. issues companies that supply their goods. they are talking about how they can't get the stuff so they can't get the stuff to us those are the facts where again if you are the white house where you didn't get a handle on this until about 15 minutes ago you are going to do creative spending. ainsley: we are all experiencing this. it's not the end of the world in my household. i'm waiting on some furniture. i'm waiting on fabric and things like that. because i just moved into a new apartment. i ordered new furniture in may or june. still waiting for the majority of it all of the companies say
3:25 am
the same thing. we cannot get the workers. we do not have the workers to make what you need. you just have to be patient with us. steve: look at that. lawrence: not just toys or furniture. it's like basic things that you need. ainsley: medicine. lawrence: order gatorade in the case. protein powder. they don't have the bottles to fill them. they can get the product but can't get the packaging. ainsley: americans feel like what's next? come on, we just went through this major pandemic. so many people died. our lives were put on hold. now we are trying to get back to normal. we are spending more money. trying to buy things that we have been wanting to buy for a while. now we can't get those items. steve: so if you are the white house and you are facing this blue biden christmas shortages on everything. how do you spin it? jen psaki and company have come up with something very creative. what they said essentially because of joe biden's
3:26 am
leadership, suddenly coming out of this pandemic pent up demand and people are spending more money that's really good. forget about the fact that you can't get gatorade or furniture. this is a good thing. watch this. >> what's your message to americans who are still worried about getting christmas gift on time. halloween, is this going to be happening at fast enough pace? >> i think our message is that, one, what's happening right now is that so many people across the country are purchasing more goods online. maybe some of it is from habits that developed during the pandemic when people weren't leaving their home. some of it is because we have seen an economic recovery that has been underway for the last nine months and this is leading to a massive increase in volume. that's what's happening at ports. but what we would tell people is we are addressing and attacking the supply chain issues even with the increased volume which is the it root cause here. ainsley: never seen anything like this. our fault spending too much
3:27 am
money. before the pandemic we were spending money and getting goods on the date promised. paying. >> morgan: breakfasted a that to the list. >> morgan: electricity, gasoline for your car. it. steve: if you can get a car. ainsley: mcdonald's raising bacon and fruit. wages are up because they are having hard time getting workers. having to pay workers more money. can't keep up. lawrence: this is lazy political commentating right here from the white house. when they look at the polls and you see that the president is at record low. 11 points, 11 point dropping in the polls, you would think they would say let's pivot on this a little bit. let's talk about that our secretary of transportation was on leave for two months. take some type of accountability but they are not going to do it. just shocking to me not changing their position based on the polling. steve: the white house misjudged everything. they misjudged how quickly demand would resume after the pandemic and we are on the back
3:28 am
side of that and misjudged how much money people would spend when they are given a whole bunch of cash from the government and also, you got that cash, don't have to work, which means people aren't in the warehouses to put the stuff on the truck to get to our house. lawrence: just too much for them. they have too many crises going on in the white house right now. steve: order today. ainsley: 6:28. as anti-police sentiment triggers an nypd ex, did you officers are looking toward sunnier skies. how a florida police department is attracting the top notch talent right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that.
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ainsley: 12 nypd officers making the move to florida as antisentiment gross in hometown. not alone either. more than 5300 nypd officers already left the force just last year. that's 75% more than the year before. joining me now from lakeland, florida we have the police chief reuben garcia of the assistant chief hans lehman and hector he lopez who just moved down there. good morning to all of you.
3:33 am
>> good morning. ainsley: officer lopez. what drove you down to florida? >> well, what drove me down to florida was my family told my fiancee great opportunity to leave new york. kids in college i feel like the colleges are great for my kids. that's one of the main reasons. ainsley: did you get that $5,000 bonus that ron desantis was promising you and you don't have to pay state taxes down in florida? >> no, i was not given that $5,000, no state taxes in florida is also a bonus to me. ainsley: okay, chief. will he get that $5,000 bonus? >> yes, ma'am. we're looking into those when that timeline came from the governor made that available and when we brought these officers down. if they're eligible for it, they will certainly get it. ainsley: what does this mean to you to have 12 new officers
3:34 am
keeping your community safer? >> it's a wonderful opportunity for our city as well as the officers coming down. we had a shortage just like many of the other police departments across the nation. and this was a great opportunity for us to reach out to officers we knew who were looking for other opportunities. and give them an opportunity down here in florida. it's a win-win for everyone. ainsley: yes, sir, it is assistant chief lehman, how did this all come to be? did you reach out to these officers or did they find you? >> beth. we tried every recruiting tactic there has been except taking our recruiting trips on the road. this past spring we started brainstorming and figured new york would be a good place to start. a lot of folks relocate from the northeast down to florida. so that was our first plan was this past spring and we went up there for three nights and rented a hotel conference room and advertised via social media
3:35 am
and word of mouth. we had two new york officers we hired in 2020 that have done really well here and enjoy this department and they were part of that recruiting effort as well. so to get more new york officers down officer loud dick, what is your story? did you grow up in new york and how long have you been an officer. >> i did grow up in new york. i grew up in the bronx where i was an officer. i was an officer six years in the bronx. ainsley: did you ever think you would be forced to leave new york and find a better place? >> i don't think i was forced it was more opportunity for me to just go to a state where it's warmer and better to grow. >> heart breaking i love this city. so many people have left to go down to florida because of covid and just it's an easier life and sunny, the weather is great. and not as many taxes. thank you all so much for being on with us. god bless you.
3:36 am
stay safe out there on the streets. >> thank you. ainsley: 6:35 on the east coast. the astros heating up the world series with a big win over the braves. will cain is live in houston as both teams look ahead to game three tomorrow onight. will? will: hey, ainsley ever walked around the corridors and seen the doors you are not allowed to go. i went behind those doors to see what it's like to put on a fan experience. i'm going to show you when we come back. ♪ ♪
3:37 am
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ainsley: houston astros bounced back in game two beating the atlanta braves 7-2. steve: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain went behind the scenes to see what it takes to get a world series production on tv. lawrence: that's right will is outside minute maid park in
3:41 am
houston. he joins us now. what's up, brother? will: hey, lawrence, yesterday i got see an empty stadium. i got to go behind all of those doors you don't normally get to open and see what's behind the wiz of the oz if you will. fan experience and turn a baseball game into a rocking concert and entertainment venue. watch this. >> welcome to the minute maid park. ♪ ♪ will: a few hours before game two of the astros and braves all quiet here at minute maid park. in a few hours this entire thing will be pumping with music and fan experience and all coordinated in here. check it out. garrett. what's up, garrett? garrett is in charge of entire fan experience. show me how it runs. >> front row up here we have staff that run led boards.
3:42 am
ball strikes out. will: i'm out there in the stands looking up three balls and one strike. these guys are putting all this information in here that comes out on the big board. >> it takes four different people to make that happen. my favorite spot in the room obviously the music. so, all of the player walk-up songs. >> what does carlos carrera. >> bad bunny. >> looking for fans with great signs. looking for high energy fans. will: tell me about the camera set up in the ballpark. how many cameras, how many stationary and how many manned. >> four stationary and one roaming camera around the ballpark. and obviously 8 different cameras around the ballpark that give us the bullpen shots. some of those shots and things like that. will: we move over here to the pointer because i want to see what else you are in charge of producing. audio visual one aspect of it. tell me what else goes on in the
3:43 am
stadium. >> orbit beloved mascot. orbit has something new for me. bobby our train operator and then we also have a new d.j. station in the ballpark. will: have massive american flag covering the entire outfield. is that under your direction as well. >> yeah. our coordinator on field for all activations down there. we are in constant communication, stand by for flag, unfurl flag. players determine the outcomes of the games but we can help them out and really get the crowd going. give them that energy for moments they need it and nothing else like it. will: so, steve, ainsley, and lawrence, it's all very coordinated and produced but not all aspects. we were on the field last night. orbit is the mascot. control everything he does. martine our cameraman has been wearing a yankees cap all weekend. orbit was up in the camera
3:44 am
trying to yank that yankees hat off of his head last nights. ainsley: i would say normally very brave if someone did that in new york they might be worried. down in texas people so nice they probably gave them a pass. will: commenting. steve: what was the highlight of the actual game. will: highlight of the actual game bottom of the second where the astros had had about four or five grownders. none of them very hard balls. the braves made a couple defensivers put them ahead 5-1 end of the second the rest was history for the astros last night. those bats will come alive this will be a series. lawrence: looks like anybody's series right now. will: yeah. i'm telling you i think the astro bats have a lot to say. i still predict the astros in six. lawrence: there you go. there is will cain's prediction. ainsley: i want to see the food tour coming up. lawrence: watch game three
3:45 am
tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on fox. we will be checking in with will live from houston all morning. ainsley: check in with janice dean for our weather outside. feels great. a little chilly but perfect. janice: it is fall. a little chilly. need a warmer jacket as you head out the door. we had the reports of several tornadoes yesterday in and around the houston area into louisiana. up across portions of the midwest. that's sunday. over 200 tornado warn storms that threat is going to happen today across portions of florida and the southeast. you can already see the live lightning strikes along the gunk of florida. there is future track. go through the afternoon and evening hours you, that's when we see some of these storms turn severe. area of low pressure drift toward the mid-atlantic and get up here in the northeast on friday. i'm concerned about the flooding threat, especially new york city area. tornado risk from florida up towards portions of the southeast and the mid-atlantic. you know, it's possible.
3:46 am
i don't think we are going to see a ton of tornadoes but large hail, damaging winds and the isolated threat. there is the next storm that moves into the northwest over the next couple of days and that's going to bring flooding concerns as well. all right. we are at midtown, manhattan. i know we have renamed the studio. could we rename the plaza maybe like weather machine? lawrence: yeah. steve: maybe that part right there. thanks, janice. janice: bi. lawrence: thanks, j.d. the biden administration looks to end bail. could it open a revolving door for career criminals? steve: plus, get ready to' buckle down. tim ray join us live special performance of incredible new song straight ahead here on "fox & friends" live from studio m.
3:47 am
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be steve: at a time when violent crime is at all time high the biden administration may be letting more criminals back out on the street. joe biden's new plan to promote
3:51 am
gender equity includes a proposal to eliminate cash bail for some suspects. here to react we have got reverend eugene rivers iii of the director of the seymour institute. and jack brewer ceo of the bureau group and t.w. shannon former speaker of the oklahoma house of representatives. guys,thank you very much for jog us today. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. reverend, start with you, no cash bail means you don't have to put up cash to get bailed out. that just means you get out. is that a good idea at the federal level? >> at the federal level and a number of local levels, it's prepreposterous idea. only incentivize accurately criminalityadversely effect thet
3:52 am
cities. that idea applied in the south side of chicago, north philadelphia or any of the inner city absolutely catastrophic. it's a terrible idea and if president biden and vice president were to come into any of the hoods in any of the major cities, they would get an earful because it's the context and i know this personally having worked in the courts advocating for young people. one of the most frustrating things was some criminal dude gamed the system and got out free. it incentivizes criminality. steve: why are they doing this. >> trying to make up for the horrible policy joe biden put crime bill. it bothers him laying his head down at night knowing he has been the cause of 3 million to 4 million black men being incarcerated when they shouldn't have been. if you want to fix that problem,
3:53 am
you don't do it by letting people out on the streets. particularly in a situation where lawlessness has poured through our communities across the board. and our kids now don't even look at right or wrong the same way. they don't have a fear of god anymore. and so you cannot make moves like this. when you start talking and telling kids you going to let them out without any bail, it's absolutely ridiculous. and now, as you continue to see what this administration is doing, you will notice that even with this policy when it comes to private prisons and those types of things, they are not in our government is spending over $8.9 billion per year on our federal bureau of prisons and 2% of that, less than 2% of that is going to programming. what's happening is now people are going into jail and going into prison. there is no rehabilitation. they are not putting their money toward actually getting people to rehab and get back into
3:54 am
society and be productive. they are not doing that anymore. they are going to let criminals out. you see what's happened in new york city. they do the same thing in new york city. now what's happening you have lawlessness. this has to stop. kamala harris, joe biden shame on you. >> shame on you. steve: obviously the reverend agrees. now one of you guys has to turn off your skype machine, just saying, i'm hearing it t.w., as jack just said, here in new york city, there is a degree of lawlessness given the fact that it's almost impossible to get arrest these days. i mean, they might stop you. they take you down to the cop shop. next thing you know you are back out on the street. nobody stays in jail. >> steve. that's exactly right. if there is no question that joe biden is choosing criminals over community. it's that simple. it's quite the flip flop from the old joe biden who i call the grand wiz of mass incarceration. he used to call black men, everybody on this panel joe
3:55 am
biden considered a super prefd tore at one time. oh, wait, now he has to do something to pay his elm antifa allies and blm black line. what criminals get out of jail free card. can you think of anything the local looters wouldn't want more for christmas than get out of jail free card? that's exactly what's happening. joe biden is calling for lawlessness in america and this is just another example of their real ineptitude and frankly their disdain for law enforcement and law and order. steve: okay. lightning round. everybody gets 10 seconds. each much you speak directly to joe biden. reverend, what do you have to say to him about this? >> mr. president, and madam vice president, it is a crime against poor black people in the poorest neighborhoods to release crastles into these -- it's a crime and dereliction of duty.
3:56 am
steve: all right, jack? >> radicalization, not incarceration. -- rehabilitation: like thebi. remember those in prison. steve: t.w.? final 10 seconds. >> i will say this to the grand wizard of mass incarceration. i see you what you are trying to do. undermine great republic of ours. conservatives are uniting and we are not going to stand for it. steve: thank you for joining us. reverend, jack, t.w., thank you very much. >> thank you. >> god bless you. steve: not just cars. the first ever self-driving boat set to make debut at fort lauderdale show coming up live on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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4:01 am
retouched school photos for kids as young as pre-k. >> whiten your teeth or even your skin tone really says we are not okay with you being who you are. >> he pops up. comes to the plate. scores. on top. ♪ ainsley: good morning to you. look at that our studio used to be f as in "fox & friends." they just renamed it study yop m in honor of rupert murdoch to started fox news. steve: all part of our 25th anniversary commemoration here in studio m. and the rededication yesterday took part midday just ajay sent to this 3,624-foot studio. biggest newsroom in new york city. just watch. here's what happened yesterday
4:02 am
here in the brand new studio m. as you know, we are standing on what was, until moments ago, studio f. but, you know, today we are dedicating this incredible space to you, and calling it a studio m. >> named in honor of our founder, rupert murdoch. really the heart of the operations "fox & friends," harris, outnumbered. martha. and "the five" and, of course, all of our election coverage and our town halls. all that happens within studio m. >> we are inspired by your -- we're inspired by your passion for journalism and for news and inspired us the last 25 years at fox news and for the next 25 years.
4:03 am
lawrence: one message, keep winning and because of him we all have jobs and we are able to serve you every single day and be ourselves. steve: yeah. so when you look in on us here on "fox & friends" in the morning or outnumbered or "the five," just think to yourself, you know what? they are live from studio m. as in murdock, mr. murdock, our founder. ainsley: he changed all of our lives. steve: he changed america. ainsley: he really did. your voices can finally be heard here on fox news. we tell both sides of the story where we always hear, especially when we were celebrating the 25th anniversary. thank you so much that fox news tells our stance as well. lawrence: before the fox there was no one covering those stories that mattered. all these stories happening in loudoun county, there is literally no other news organization that's doing it. so we are doing it because you care about those issues. steve: you do indeed.
4:04 am
we have two more hours starting right now. let's go from studio m to mmp minute maid park in houston where will cain is. will, the as the astros got the win they needed to tie it up last night. will: they did. 7-2 over the braves, steve. so it's 1-1 headed to atlanta now for game 3, 4, and 5. before we leave houston, i took a tour, yes, of course of the ballpark but in true "fox & friends" fashion. i want to take a tour of the food here in houston at minute maid park. see how creative they could get. i got my hands on pretty interesting food. check it out. will: i wanted a tour of ballpark foods. chief jimmy the chief executive chief here at minute maid park halves a spread for me. first, chef, let's go through this one at a time. what did you make for me tonight? >> we will start with a lobster quesadilla. real lobster. not the fake stuff. will: yum.
4:05 am
oh yeah. what's next? >> two hot dogs griddle driddle. will: jam in there wonderful great ballpark foods stepping it up a notch. they also had some asian nachos. those were on won ton chips. the crawford dog was my favorite with that bacon jam. i at a something to the three of you really quickly. steve, this is you doritos nidal malik hasan choos cool ranch covered in nacho. ainsley h. town honey cocktail. ainsley: wait a minute. that does sound good. will: so good. ainsley: i'm going to drink thigh calories. this man i thought of you right away boozey bears. gummy bears soaked in raspberry vodka overnight. lawrence: that's pretty good.
4:06 am
steve: do you know what? you should butter lawrence up because you could actually use right now that jacket he bought earlier in the week it. will: that turtle neck? steve: you look like you are freezing right now. will: he had a turtle neck on. it's 60 degrees. lawrence: you got to be like the people not like you are in studio. will: what are people wearing in 60 degrees in susan? turtle necks like new a diner? [laughter] steve i love the trash talk. ainsley: can't knock a turtle neck. warm and cozy. will: yes, you can yes, you can. ainsley: you ever in a button down. it's cold. it's cold against your skin. lawrence: ladies approve. that's what matters. will: good for you. steve: will, thank you very much for the tour of the food there lobster quesadilla, looked delicious. 8:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night on fox.
4:07 am
ainsley: best out of seven. nens three in atlanta. today is the travel day and game three will be tomorrow. lawrence: there is grand new reporting on biden's spending plan. ainsley: president expected to announce it before he jets off for oclimate summit. steve: jacqui heinrich live outside the white house. jackie, the president at the last minute changed his schedule to stick around and try to bend some arms, didn't he? >> that's what we are hearing. we are hearing that he will probably democrats american people at some point before taking off for europe. he is scheduled to take that trip later on today. he is going to be meeting with foreign leaders, very important to this administration to have some action taken, legislative win in his back pocket in order to forge aggressive action on climate change when he stands shoulder to shoulder with the foreign leaders at the climate 26 climate summit. dates of conference intersect with november 2nd governor's race in virginia. and it is believed that as
4:08 am
democrats, if biden and the administration gets nothing done, terry mcauliffe loses, they look pretty bad. so they want to make sure this gets over the finish line ahead of those two dates. now, there was a last-minute push from the white house to get this done. we know that there is going to be a framework released. multiple sources saying that it's expected to land somewhere between 1.75 and $1.9 trillion. that is what congressional democrats were told to expect the last time they spoke with the president. but this came together at the last minute. the programs and the pay for fs were undergoing multiple iterations really undergoing surgery as recently as last night. including p including nixing one quarter stone that the president and administration most often promotes. we are talking about the familiens portion. paid leave. senator manchin did not want that plan.
4:09 am
>> something is going onion about. inconceivable to me. >> so the news that the family's portion was being scrapped moved bernie sanders to throw his own weight around like manchin suggesting as recently as yesterday there wouldn't be support with reconciliation framework with that change. effectively killing infrastructure portion. without details being broadly communicated to the caucus. there is feeling among democrats they will be asked to pass this bill exactly knowing what is in it. progressives have been yesterday to block something like this. aoc tweeted last night details matter. on climate they are life and death. to do my job i need more than an iou. not too much to ask. president biden is expected to release those details. pelosi right now we believe, is trying to get an accurate count of how many democrats in the house would vote in support of this, remember, she does not like to bring bills to the floor that are bound to fail. it's expected anywhere between
4:10 am
10 and 15 republicans could potentially make up for some of those progressive votes that could defect. but, again, those are calculations that pelosi is having to make. steve: jackie, just to be clear, the bill that the republicans would vote on would be the -- would be the smaller infrastructure bill. >> correct. >> they pair them together. so the big question is with the big thing that had been 3.5 trillion. now it's closer to 1.7, 1.9, something like that. this has not been scored by the cbo. we don't know how much it's really going to cost. we don't know how they are going to pay for it. lawrence: don't have it on paper. >> that's raised by a the love members who say this all fuzzy math. we haven't seen texts and pay fors and revenue raisers. we south africa this all come to a head last month and fizzle out. it could happen today. trying to have different outcome ahead the president's trip.
4:11 am
ainsley: sound all too family. we will read it after its pa was do you remember when that happened in 2010. steve: no, i don't do you have a video? >> pass a bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. steve: the fog. we are in the middle of the fog right now. yesterday, did you see yesterday? what a disaster on the democratic side yesterday. because they are at each other's throats. you know, joe manchin wants one thing. joe manchin wants something closer to 1.45 trillion. bernie sanders says he wants something closer to 10 trillion. >> trying to stronk arm. this bill is not being done under regular order. they don't have any text. a lot of these deals are going on behind closed doors. some members know what's in it. there was a big scuffle between two committee chairman yesterday about some parts of the bill
4:12 am
being taken out. the senate is not even cooshedating with the house. it is baking mess. indictment on the biden administration itself not being able to lead. that's why you sigh the president of the united states trying to take control of this party but he is trying to serve two groups the moderates and progressives. they promised he was going to be the most progressive president of our time. but during the campaign trail, he said he was a moderate. ainsley: joe manchin is trying to represent his people in west virginia. he says we don't want this paid family and medical leave. we want to scrap the billionaire's tax kirsten gillibrand says it's still on the table. steve: going to vote on it great. ainsley: nancy pelosi kept pushing the deadline. supposed to pass it a few weeks ago and now saying halloween. steve: the whole reason the bipartisan infrastructure biffle would have been passed in august. ainsley: but the progressives said no. receive receive progressives
4:13 am
said them get together because you will not get them all in. >> lawrence laurence remember they have thought they had came to some type of consensus. word had already pred answered progressives killed that bill. weful see what happens. >> did you egark taking the heat on the senate judiciary committee. they were furious he came out with a memo directing the fbi to look into disturbances, threat of violence, intimidation, harassment at school board meetings. clearly the republicans all felt that that was trying to get the parents to shut up and not talk about crt and mask mandates and stuff like that. if you missed it, here's a little bit and then we are going to talk more about it. >> presumably, you wrote the memo because of the letter. the letter is disavowed now. so you are going to keep your memo going anyway, right? is that what you are telling me? >> senator, i have the letter from nsba that you are referring
4:14 am
to. it apologizes for language in the letter. but it continues its concern about the safety of school officials and school staff. >> didn't receive an anonymous letter. white house political staff co-wrote it with this organization, which is why the organization has rejected it. you know these facts now to be true and you still won't cistles allow your memo. >> 4r5u6 based on facts. it is impartial not used at parrillo retribution. this memo movie was not law. this memo was politics. >> it is wrong and unprecedented in the history of this country and i call on to you resign. >> thank god you are not on the supreme court. you should resign in disgrace. lawrence: a lot of fireworks there. part of what the attorney general who is the apparently involved in politics now ever since he became the a.g., he tried to distance himself from
4:15 am
the letter that the national association of school boards associations wrote. the problem is you can't distance yourself from a letter that was used as a basis of the memo that he sent out from the department of justice that targeted parents. steve: it looks fishy because apparently the white house was talking to the school board association way before they wrote the letter a couple of the people school board association talking to the white house hey, what doing, blah blah blah, stuff like that. next thing you know, he combs out. -- comes looks like thee pressured the department of justice to get political putting their thumb on the scale when it comes to the parents. ainsley: tom cotton did not let him off the hook he said number one are you going to investigating dr. fauci for lying to congress after national institutes of health admitted to funding gain of function research at the wuhan lab. did anybody at the fbi express any doubt or disagreement or concern when you asked them to basically investigate these parents at school boards? he said no no one expressed that
4:16 am
toe movement tom cotton says we have we are getting phone calls from fbi agents telling us they don't agree with this. he said our national security division is supposed to be chasing' jihadists and chinese spies. not parents in a school board meeting. >> the reason to believe why the republicans interest, i say, not only because parents are being targeted as domestic terrorists, 20 americans roted on him to be the attorney general. how could you vote for a gimp now targeted -- this is supposed to be a gipe nonpolitical that wouldn't do something like this that was almost the moderate choice to be on the supreme court and we see something different obviously. steve: one other update i just got a note from the white house correspondent for fox who used to live upstairs from my house. at apparently the president is going to speak to the nation before he jets off for rome. our correspondent already in rome. he just sent me a picture.
4:17 am
ainsley: if you throw a coin in the fountain that promises that you are going to come back. it means you will return to italy. steve: to the fountain. steve: you know what? he was dallas a little boy. it worked. ainsley: throw another coin in and take his new wife there one day. steve: not a bad idea. 7:16 in the east. jillian joins us with an exclusive. jillian: i have thrown a coin into the fountain but have not since returned. ainsley: let's ask the murdocks we will go there on assignment. >> you talk about travel arrangements i will talk about this video. memorial for geash petino at the home of her boyfriend brian dawn live. 22-year-old was declared missing last month. her remains were discovered in wyoming park weeks later. will laundrie's remains found in a florida swamp he was the only
4:18 am
person of interest in the case. the biden administration expanding the list of places ice agents cannot make arrests to, quote: sensitive locations. the new guidance from mayorkas instructs agents to refrain from places of worship as well as bus stops and home oless shelters. ice agents banned from making arrests at hospitals and schools. let's go to fox weather right now. officials are working to restore power in massachusetts. this as over 300,000 customers are still in the dark. the state saying it could take several days to restore energy as emergency responders work to pick up treened and broken wires powerful cyclone swent threwth region. a will tree fell on a driver in new jersey. do you remember the fan who gave towfd, right? he keeps on winning. gift fing byron kennedy about
4:19 am
$31,000 of corinth toe currency. on top of the bitcoin brady promised him. kennedy joined us earlier this week to discuss the exchange. >> i didn't even realize that he was running up to give me the football. all my friends are diehard bucs fans too. they think i did the right thing. jillian: still outweighs the gift. valued half a million dollars. who knows what the crypto could be worth. lawrence: i support it. steve: brady gave him a whole bitcoin and looks like gronk gave him half a one. jillian: better than none. ainsley: he did the right thing and they paid him back. lawrence: good things come back to good people. ainsley: that's right. steve: he should hold out. he should still demand dinner with tom brady and beer. it should be the beer brady summit. lawrence: him being school getting him more stuff. doing it right. steve: just a matter of time sit down at buffalo wild wings.
4:20 am
ainsley: gronk, gizelle and tom were there. steve: jackpot. ainsley: wealthy socialite. ghislaine maxwell heads to trial next month. new lawyers scared jurors won't like her because she is rich. nancy grace is live with the latest in this case. receive receive see anything that floats your boat? we are live largest boat show in fort lauderdale with a look at the top models including boats that drive themselves. lawrence: trying to get one. ainsley: i will take any of them. lawrence: right? ♪ limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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steve: we are just a little over one month away from wealthy socialite ghislaine maxwell trial for allegedly grooming victims late jeffrey epstein seen with her in these images. new court documents fear blue collar jurors could put their client behind bars for decades because they don't like that she is so rich. a new york judge has since denied their attempt. nancy grace has been following this case since the very beginning, she joins us right now. nancy, good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for inviting me and yes, there are fears by ghislaine maxwell that a blue collar juror will convict her. that's not just rumor or i understand endo. they actually filed motions to the trial judge to question the jurors privately one at a time without anybody in the do you remember hear and to keep the jury questionnaire a secret. no, absolutely not. not in this country. so that was denied.
4:26 am
steve: sure, you know, she had, you know, here in new york, where the trial is going to start at the end of november, we read all the time about well her lawyers are asking for this and that. and exclude this. she has got a lot of needs. >> yes. she is very, very needy. but, let me tell you something, it's not that unusual. defense attorneys will ask for the moon. but here they are really focusing on her wealth and privilege. and i find it ironic that her whole life she has traded on being super wealthy in all other connections. and now she is trying to hide that from a jury. in fact, on the jury questionnaire they actually ask do you dislike wealthy people and will you hold it against someone with a luxurious lifestyle? jurors will probably say no we just don't like child molesters. steve: can you explain, we have been looking at these images with her with jeffrey epstein. what was their relationship? >> well, i got to tell you
4:27 am
something, many people hypothesize that he kind of took the place of her father who was a very wealthy, needy magnate and died under mysterious circumstances and filled those shoes with power, position, opening doors for her in the u.s. the reality is she fell for him. she was in love with him. but he couldn't stay true to one single woman and he is a perv. he was a pedophile she would go out and troll for little girls for him to molest. let me add little girls about the age of my daughter lucy. and oh how i would love to be either the prosecutor or a juror in this case. steve: yeah. you have a special, investigation, nancy grace investigates on fox nation regarding this particular case. and here's a clip where you talk to one of epstein's victims who says maxwell knew what epstein was doing. watch. >> she deserves to be in jail and i hope she stays there. i'm glad she is not getting
4:28 am
bail. when it comes to maxwell she obviously knew what epstein was doing and was in on his freaky fantasies. so, i find her culpable. and i think that she, obviously, knew what epstein was doing. steve: so, nancy, the investigation available now on fox nation, maxwell was not granted bail. given the fact that she is so rich, if she would have been out, do you think she would have run? >> yes. don't you remember them trying to find her looking all over the world? she at l.a. in-n-out burger. french riviera. she was everywhere. other than court, let me tell you something, i have looked at a lot of files and read a lot of police reports, supplemental and crime lab reports. it's a whole other thing when you talk to the victim and you talk to the witnesses. and that's what we did. and this fox nation special it
4:29 am
changes everything. and we found out of the massage parlor in his manchin where he would rape these little girls. he had scenes of heaven and angels and clouds painted above it. steve: check it out. it's available right now fox nation. nancy, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. 7:29 here in new york city right now from studio m. two doctors silenced for voicing their opinions on covid. one out of a jock. the other could lose his license. they are going to join us live coming up. plus, will cain is live in houston with a navy officer who nailed the national anthem before game two last night. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ o say does that star spangled
4:34 am
banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: we saw that last night and we said we have got to talk to that navy officer and houston native who nailed every note of the national anthem before game two of the world series last night in houston. ainsley: afterwards the houston astros went on to bounce back. they beat the atlanta braves 7-2. so they are tied. lawrence: head down to houston where will cain is live outside of minute maid park along with the officer walker and she can sing. ainsley: she she can. will: she can sing. petty officer walker with me. she got up early after staying up late last night. petty officer walker thank you.
4:35 am
thank you for your service. that was beautiful last night. truly was. i'm always shocked when you see someone sing like that in front of a crowd of tens of thousands how nervous are you? >> i wasn't nervous at all to be honest yesterday. i felt really good. the crowd, the energy was great. serves ready. will: how many times have you done that where you sang national anthem at sporting event. >> four times three for the astros and one for the houston dash. will: tell me the first time. >> first time. will: you are normal by the fourth time, been there, done that? >> yeah, pretty much. i kind of felt more comfortable because i was use to the stadium. kind of used to the room and everyone. and i just felt really good because it's the world series and i just felt really good about our team and our houston spirit. that kind of kept me. will: did you grow up singing?
4:36 am
lessons? in the church? tell me about your singing experience. >> so i grew up in the choir and i grew up singing with my family. i have a musical family and background. my mother she plays piano and sings. i grew up with her and that's kind of how i got into music and singing. she grew up why navy. >> i like water the ocean and i like to travel. she is great. thank you for your service. ainsley: yes. she has a beautiful voice and using that to bless all of our lives. thank you so much. tell her congratulations. will: you bet. i will. ainsley: watch game three tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. on fox. today is the traveling day and then they are heading to atlanta. here is another story for you. two doctors speaking out in the name of silence. they are silenced -- in the name of science, i should say, now they are being silenced. hundreds are rallying in support of one of the minnesota surgeons dr. jeff horak who says he was
4:37 am
fired after speaking at local school board meeting and defending rights to decide if children wear masks to school. another doctor has his license investigated for a fifth time in one year over his stance on natural immunity. >> i'm not vaccinated i'm not. i have been very clear about that. i have a plethora of antibodies because i recovered from covid. providing support for dr. jeff horak, a surgeon who was fired because he spoke at a school board meeting. ainsley: those two doctors join you us now. dr. scott jenkins and surgeon jeff horak. thank you so much for being on with us. >> you are welcome. >> thank you, ainsley for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. dr. jenkins, you are running for governor frontrunner. former state senator. family physician. what is your stance on the vaccine. >> vaccine is a game changer. it helps a ton of people. it's got to be targeted.
4:38 am
the fact of the matter is for people over the age of 70 with multiple underlying conditions it does decrease hospitalizations and decreases the risk of death. but if you look at the group of people under the age of 50 that are in good health. they have 99.99% chance of recovering. i think we have to remember that health freedom, has to if you will be the overarching guiding light. this is america and we a constitution that provides rights and protections for us. ainsley: you posted that information on social media. thousands of people viewed it. and then what happened? >> well, frankly, we have seen so much weaponizing of different tools. the minnesota board of medical practice has been weaponized by people who disagree with my interest in trying to provide some kind of context into what is going on. and i think dr. horak has experienced the same thing. i think various force was are weaponized against him. i really think the critical take away message for all of us is that if it's happening to someone else, it could happen to you. and if they want to attack me,
4:39 am
fine. i'm requesting to push back, i'm going to fight. i'm all in and i can be a pit bull. but i don't want any other minnesotans having to undergo what i have been put through. ainsley: dr. horak, you were a surgeon 15 years and terminated, why? >> i was terminated -- i actually don't know why. i spoke at a school board. i was asked by the community to speak at a school board about mask mandates. i gave my expertise and my professional opinion. nine days later, my employer medical group gave me an option to resign or to be terminated. the only information i got was that my views were no longer congruent with that of my employer. ainsley: how did you feel about that? these were some of your friends on the board. >> oh, yeah. they were all my friends. i have been there for 15 years. initially i was just shocked. i was -- i didn't know what to do. ainsley: the medical group board
4:40 am
statement says to be clear this was a decision that was made by dr. horak's peers who serve on the medical group board not by lake region healthcare the hospital where dr. horak practiced general surgery. what are you going to do now. >> i have been trying to figure that out. it's been just a week. we will get there i have faith and i know i will be good. ainsley: there was a rally in support for you a few days ago. thank you both for being on with us. i'm sorry that you are being silenced and canceled because you have different views than other people in the medical field. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. 7:40 on the east coast. merrick garland on the hot seat following afghanistan's withdrawal from afghanistan. emerging threat following the president's botched withdrawal. heading down to florida where the nation's largest boat show being held the will boat that will make a splash on the water. ♪
4:41 am
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>> anybody briefed you about the increased likelihood of an attack emanating from afghanistan by isis or al-qaeda because of our complete withdrawal? >> we are worried about the risk of attack by -- >> one thing to be worried. has anybody told you the likelihood of an attack is greater because of our withdrawal or not? >> there are different views about the degrees of likelihood. that doesn't change our posture. lawrence: wow. attorney general merrick garland in the hot seat pressed on the administration's response to the growing terror threat in the wake of its botched withdrawal in afghanistan. fox news contributor and medal of honor recipient dakota meyers served in afghanistan and he joins us now to react. dakota thank you so much and thank you for your service as always. >> thank you. lawrence: the attorney general
4:46 am
seems cool, calm and collected. i guess a big question is should americans? >> i mean, look, i think when you look at the afghanistan question, you know, whenever the senator was asking him if the withdrawal has, you know, basically, you know, made the threats from al-qaeda or if anyone has even told him that the threats of al-qaeda are higher because of the withdrawal, you think that would probably be the easiest question that the attorney general could answer that is nonpolitical, right? the answer would be yes. i mean, absolutely. i would look back at the senator and say absolutely. we all know this is the case. but, what all i got from the entire hearing yesterday was the fact that the attorney general's priorities are to preserve the policies and the agenda of the administration over protecting the citizens of the united states. and that's literally the only answer that i got from the hearing. the entire hearing. lawrence: seems like he has
4:47 am
become this political figure which i think is shocking to a lot of americans since he was a federal court judge as well as the guy nominated once to be on the supreme court. i guess, dakota, because you have so much experience on this, what is the threat? what should americans be concerned of? is this -- it seemed like they tried to make the comparison between homegrown terrorists and they totally dismissed what could be on foreign land to come to the united states. >> yeah. i mean, look, we have a border that's not secured. thousands of people coming across it every single day. we have no plan, no agenda, to secure that. i mean, look, the threats, i mean, al-qaeda is smart. i mean, don't kid yourself in any way. and now they just have a safe haven. you know, the taliban came out and straight up told us that they are not going to help us with going and, you know, seeking out al-qaeda and the
4:48 am
enemies of the united states while we are sending them american tax dollars. we are giving them money to help fund them to, you know, sustain their government. to sustain the president in afghanistan. they are -- they are just saying that they are not going to be our ally off of our tax money while taking our money. it is insane and so the threat is real. the threat is real. we have seen what they have done before. i mean, you know, you are looking at -- you know, you are hearing the department of defense who we have the best intelligence agency on the globe and they are telling us it's six months a year. they are planning attacks already. you know, it just -- what is our fbi doing? obviously they are not focused on anything other than the -- lawrence: they are focused on the american people and targeting parents when they have a concern about their kids' education instead of keeping us safe which i think is utterly redick luz. dakota, thank you so much. we are praying for your brothers and sisters. we know a lot of them are going
4:49 am
through mental health crisis watching this play out. we thank you for your service. >> thank you. lawrence: you bet. all right, it looks like jillian is back in studio and she has headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's begin with this. there is shocking video out of philadelphia. as a man tries to kidnap a 2-year-old boy in the middle of the day. a man trying to take the child from his grandmother while they were on their way to church. she was able to fight him off by throwing her keys. the grandmother telling police the man threw a bag at her claiming the boy was his son. police are still looking for the suspect. california governor gavin newsom reacts to in and out defying mandates requiring all customers to have a covid-19 vaccine. >> i'm going to double down on my commitment to them. at the same time they have difference of opinion as it relates to these edicts and we have to work through them. jillian: one bay area in and out is under investigation. and another temporarily shut down after the burger joint says it refuses to be the government's vaccine police. rules for thee but not for me.
4:50 am
michigan governor gretchen whitmer flouting d.c. covid rules going maskless at a bar this despite the nation's capitol being under a strict indoor mandate even for the fully vaccinated. new york governor kathy hinojosa the same. hinojosa -- hochul maskless photo. why she is comfortable breaking guidelines when children as young as 2 are forced to wear masks in school. and then there is this. the maryland mom is outraged after learning her daughter's school pictures came with a digital touch up option. jennifer green joined us on "fox & friends first" earlier. listen. >> i can't believe that young kids are being offered this option at all. i feel like there is part of their childhood that is trying to be rushed. i definitely feel like social media is to blame for a lot of that. >> life touch says most, if not all school photography companies offer this service and expectation as available option for school. those are a look at your
4:51 am
headlines. send it back to you. steve: they fixed my daughter's sally she had shine on her glass, they actually took the shine off put somebody else's eyes. jillian: are you serious? >> yes. ainsley: i wish they would brush her hair. steve: ainsley, it's her hair. lawrence: i don't want people messing with my teeth. jillian: i don't mind. ainsley: i get what she is saying. they are perfect the way they are. they don't give the combs out anymore to kids to brush their hair before the picture. jillian: what a catastrophe. no one fixed her bow. no one even made her hair turn a certain way. she is still beautiful. and they are funny. something we look back at years later. steve: janice dean, the school portrait machine joins us now from fox square. janice: i wish they could retouch my hair as well while i'm doing the weather forecast.
4:52 am
it's okay. sometimes it's the wind machine that makes it look good. take a look at the maps. temperatures cooler in the northeast. we had that big nor'easter that brought the heavy rain and the winds. we had wind reports of 90 miles per hour off the coast of massachusetts. now we have got the potential for showers, thunderstorms, and even severe weather for florida up towards the mid-atlantic. so, we could see hail, damaging winds and certainly tornadoes later on this afternoon into this evening. know what to do ifthere is watc. fox weather is always there for you. damaging wind threat ongoing especially in the afternoon hours daytime heating. there is the forecast today next storm system moving into the northwest. i will have to make a spooky forecast for tomorrow so we know what to expect for halloween. right? back inside. lawrence and ainsley and steve. steve: that is coming up on sunday. thank you very much. j.d. meanwhile, if you are in the market for a brand new boat, then get ready to seize the day. ainsley: we are taking you to the world's largest in water
4:53 am
boat show for a look at some of the hottest new boats featuring the latest technology hitting the water this year. lawrence: auto expert joins us live from fort lauderdale international boat show. hey, mike. >> hey, good morning, guys. lawrence, ainsley, and steve, let me tell you this is the greatest show on water. we are down here obviously the fort lauderdale international boat show. and i have got to tell you it's really exciting down here. you know, even during the pandemic last year they hosted this show. and people wanted to get out and explore. what is great about this show something for everyone. not just about the big super yachts. if you are looking for a hover hover board or paddle board everything for you. i came down to check out some of the things happening at the boat show. i have great news for you. yesterday debuted new book called the solis 415 cs. marine industry center console boat are the things. the engines are always mounted on the back of these boats. for the first time solis is
4:54 am
going indoor motors they partnervolvo. 50% more range with this boat and 39% decrease in emissions. they are going very green with this boat. and vovopenta cool docking feature. joy stick sit next to you. has six video cameras around the side of this boat as you can see right there helps you park the boat in the dock saves you trying to maneuver yourself around other boats. one of the coolest pieces think tesla but on the water. new company called x shore. elix 8000. 100 miles of electrification range. lithium ion battery. top speed of check this out 35 miles per hour. it only takes about 6 hours to charge it you are seeing technology being ported over from the auto industry now into
4:55 am
the marine industry. ainsley, i'm seeing you on this in the cayman mainly during the summer months. owned by the owner of the houston rockets. 250 feet in length. it comes with its own bell helicopter on the back. it has a jacuzziy. the best part is the price is $150 million. lawrence, i was thinking about you and yesterday i had the chance to take this really cool flight board out had here in the inner coastal top speed 35 miles an hour with this really cool hover board. so much fun to be on something like this. you can explore the area. i will close it off with this guys. i have been here three days. broward county is on fire. jobs are here. the marine industry, they are creating opportunity for people. the night life is fantastic. so as janice was saying a minute ago, as things start to cool down in the northern part of the country, you can come down here to fort lauderdale and check it out. it's all about jobs down here at this boat show. they will do nearly 800 million in sales over the next five days
4:56 am
from everything from that hover board you saw a minute ago to the super yacht right there. lawrence: while you were talking, i talked to ainsley, we are working out the terms. i'm going to get a loan from her so i can buy that boat. ainsley: i wish. i wish, maybe one day. i just want a small one i don't. even care. lawrence: thanks, mike. >> if we combined all of our incomes at fox news channel and tried to buy that boat we will still be hard pressed to get it. ainsley: true. steve: that's why you are so far away from it. ainsley: the helicopter that's expensive. thank you, michael. president biden and congressional democrat reaching agreement for spending bill. dan crenshaw is going to be here to react to the news at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment
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5:00 am
>> brand-new reporting on a possible deal between democrats on biden's social spending. >> he's expected to land somewhere 1.75 and $1.9 trillion. >> merrick garland completely humiliated on capitol hill. >> you have weponized the fbi. >> we are trying to prevent violence. >> thank you god you are not on the supreme court. >> what's your message about americans getting christmas gifts on time? >> we are addressing and attacking the supply chain issues. >> totally unserious. >> two doctors silenced for voicing their opinion on covid.
5:01 am
>> health, freedom has to be the overarching guiding lig >> and that's in to left. astros take game 2. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york in news headquarters of corporation, this is the lobby. why are we starting out here? because something new. come on in here. as of yesterday, this was studio f but take a look right here. it is now studio m. why is that? well, eddy come on here. you follow me then? because yesterday in this very hall studio f was rededicated
5:02 am
studio m. why? so that everybody would remember forever the man who started the company, our founder rupert murdoch. the dedication took place right here. the ceo of fox, his son did the honors. watch. >> so first of all, apologies from susan who couldn't be with us today, unfortunately. but this is really her and jay's brainchild and that's really to as you know we are standing on what was until moments ago studio f but, you know, today we are dedicating this incredible space to you and calling it studio m. >> thank you. >> come closer and have a look. name and honor of our founder rupert murdoch. >> thank you. >> what happens, dad, as you know, in studio m it's really
5:03 am
the heart of the fox news operation between "fox & friends", outnumbered, harris, martha and the five and the election coverage and our town halls all that happens within studio m. >> i'm very honored. thank you very much. >> we are inspired by -- we are inspired by your passion for journalism and for news and inspired us the last 25 years at fox news and for the next 25 years. >> thank you. >> many, many years to come. congratulations. >> thank you. steve: so the plaque is right there and this is the green room and so all the guests who come in to visit will be reminded of the illustrious career of our founder rupert murdoch who started in the family business in australia in publishing and then they expanded there and expand intoed the united states and became a television producer and ultimately a television
5:04 am
pioneer. and what they've done is they renamed the studio, studio m to mark 25 years we've been in business here at 1211 avenue of the americas and here it is, the biggest tv studio we think in new york city dedicated exactly for news gathering so that every time one of the hosts of fox news channel comes in and they see the assignment is in studio m, we are reminded of the man who made it possible. rupert murdoch who ainsley and lawrence remember it was 25 years ago when the tv critics said absolutely no way fox news channel will ever take off, 25 years later, we are not only the number 1 news channel, we are the number 1 channel on cable television. and so as we -- as i head up the famous tv steps up to the level here in studio m, our hats off
5:05 am
to our founder rupert murdoch who all made it happen who gave us all jobs and changed america with fox news channel. ainsley: remember another network said we will squash them like a bug. we put that up in the newsroom, it gave us a reason to work really hard and squash them like a bug. >> because of the folks that every single day watch the channel, they wake up every morning and they are truly family of ours and we appreciate. ainsley: mr. murdoch from australia, comes to america and changes television news in our country and brings you your views as well as the views from the other side and you get beth sides of politics, of every news story right here on fox. steve: not just news, it's also sports, fox sports invaded the world of sports and, in fact, the world series was last night down in houston, will cain joins us live where houston tied it up with the braves last night. 1 and 1 now. will: they did, bottom of the
5:06 am
second inning, steve, the astros took charge. several 4, 5 grounders to the bottom of the order, scored, put astros 5 to 1 after jose run and 5 to 2. 1 to 1 in the series and head to atlanta for games 3, 4 and 5 and i in the remainder hour will take a tour of the ballpark behind the scenes on what it is to turn a baseball game into an entertainment spectacle. stick around. come hang out with me. later on. steve: will it be possible for you to announce inside the stadium, do you think you can arrange that? will: me be the pa guy? take on that job? steve: maybe. will: i'm going to see if i can do that. pull a few springs. lawrence: we have to get him a jacket. he's freezing. ainsley: bring us cracker jacks. game 3 tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. on fox news. let's bring in texas congressman dan crenshaw, good morning to
5:07 am
you, congressman. congressman: good morning. steve: i think i know which team you're for? congressman: i'm glad to see the game tieing it up and going to atlanta so we can beat them in hometown. ainsley: our president is going to europe for climate summit and before that he's heading to the hill and trying to convince the progressives to vote for infrastructure even if he doesn't have the votes for the reconciliation because the squad is trying to -- the squad said no, we have to vote for beth of they will together. do you think there's a chance they vote before he heads out? >> it's not looking good for him. the progressives are consistent that they want to attack the reconciliation package, the human infrastructure which includes illegal immigrant amnesty as well, just mind you, but i don't think they have the votes here. they still want to connect those things and moderates like manchin and sinema who will not
5:08 am
vote for that and even if they got the bipartisan infrastructure package through right now it wouldn't mean much from what biden wants to message. it's for the most part infrastructure. it's not their green new deal stuff. so it's worth noting that biden will s going to go there empty handed with a lot of rhetoric, with a lot of empty promises and by the way i'm going as well with another group of republicans because we need to -- we need to be expressing the more rational environmental approach that we need to take. steve: usually if it's a democratic president and unified control of the government with the house and the senate controlled by democrats, you would think that the opposition to a big program like this would be from the republicans but actually the opposition is within the president's own party and you have to say that joe biden brought this on himself because about a month ago he said, you know what, i listened to the progressives and even
5:09 am
though the infrastructure, the 1 trillion-dollar thing was pretty much a done deal in the senate. they passed it in august, he said, okay, the progressives say you can't vote on that until you vote on this gigantic 3 and a half trillion dollar deal, so, you know, it's a mess but joe biden invented it. >> yeah, joe biden has to understand that he's dealing with socialists and socialists are inherently greedy. one of the main tendency of socialism is to take other people's money, it's called greed. they are greedy in legislation as well because they think, yeah, we like all of these things but it would be much better if we held you hostage and have ten times the numbers of things on our wish list. that's how they act. it's child like and very irresponsible. we have to be careful not to do the same thing when we are in charge and it's tanking the agenda and unclear to me where they go from here. those negotiations are still ongoing and republicans need to come this with eyes wide open as
5:10 am
well. it would be nice if we could just vote on infrastructure but these things seem to pass at the hip with the reconciliation package. that seems inevitable at this point. i want to point to the american people how easy it would be to pass infrastructure bill. the senate voted unanimously to simply use covid money that hasn't been spent yet and allow to be spent in infrastructure and disaster mitigation. we could all vote for that right now if only one person and nancy pelosi would actually put that on the house floor. >> congressman, so yesterday the ag was in the chamber in the senate testifying before congress about his dealings with that letter that came from the school board association and now the house is launching an investigation into the dealings there, what can you tell us because i know the good folks of texas in our home state are upset about this because it seems like the department of justice took a political document and used it as the
5:11 am
basis to target parents? >> well, it doesn't seem that way. it is that way. that's exactly what happened. the news broke a little while ago. i think what's new is merrick garland coming on the hill and testifying and getting grilled as he should be getting grilled and the school board association that initially wrote the letter has retracted it. they've retracted the letter because even they were like you know what, we went a little too far here. this language, it's just not correct. there's no violence. there's angry parents. i'm sorry, what school board has never dealt with angry parents before, stop acting like this isn't something new. what is new what they are teaching in schools, what is new is the crt curriculum and small children having to wear masks and parents are really sick of it. their patience are end because they had to fight with school unions to get back to school and parents have right to be mad and gaslighting that occurs from
5:12 am
merrick garland and barack obama, this is trumped up culture war stuff and -- lawrence: don't believe your eyes. congressman: they want to paint you as a bunch of crazies and violent. that's where it gets really bad because that's what merrick garland is doing. he kept saying that in the testimony. we are just looking at threats of violence. name one, name one incident. this is absolutely ridiculous. they are trying to intimidate parents out of this and my message has been to parents, look, it's jus words, it's just intimidation tactics, they can't do anything to you, you should double down and keep doing what you're doing and let the school boards know how you feel. ainsley: the hearings can be long and if our viewers at home didn't watch the entire thing here is a portion of it. this is the ag defending the memo. >> senator, i think all of us have seen these reports of violence and threats of violence. that is what the justice department is concerned about. it's not only in the context of
5:13 am
violence and threats of violence against school board members, school personnel, teachers, staff. it's a rising tide of threats of violence against judges, against prosecutors, against secretaries of state, against election administrators, against doctors, against protestors, against news reporters. that's the will be that we responded as quickly as we did when we got a letter indicating that there were threats of violence and violence with respect to school officials and school staff. >> you know, congressman, as we look at what's going on in the coming wealth of virginia with the gubernatorial election if glen youngkin wins and beats terry mcauliffe, one of the things that the parents have said, they are motivated by that fbi memo which came from the national school board association and that's why the national school board association apologized because they don't want their fingerprints on a loss in
5:14 am
virginia. >> yeah, that could be it, honestly. i think that's not outside the realm of possibilities. there's a lot of parents in northern virginia area that traditionally vote democrat. there's a really good chance that they'll vote for glen youngkin in this virginia race because of terry mcauliffe and he said repeatedly over again that as parents you don't have control over your parents' curriculum and he's doubled down on that statement many times and recently put an ad trying to bring down a little bit. we know how he actually feels. look, republicans have been saying the sky will fall when democrats are in charge for a long time and people just didn't believe us. i would see this while campaigning all of the time. more moderate voters saying, okay, that's just right-wing talking points and there's no way democrats think of those things and there's no way they will do those things. they are doing all of those things. they are doing all of them. lawrence: congressman, one of
5:15 am
the other issues that the democrats are completely failing on is the border. we know from our reporting that border control aren't allowed to do their job. well, now the administration has set another standard when it comes to ice. they are saying they can't make pursuit or arrests at schools, doctors' offices, parades or rallies. just to be clear, illegals have safe spaces from being arrested, do american citizens have those same capabilities as well, congressman? congressman: well, that's actually -- that's actually a great comparison because we just got done talking about how parents should be targeted because, you know, they want to protest at their school board they should be labeled as domestic terrorists and we should use extreme language like talking about threats of violence and increasing threats of violence and that's on the one hand the doj talks about that but on the other hand when you're talking about illegal immigration and trying to do
5:16 am
interior enforcement, right, the conversation changes wildly. irs of all, they -- first of all, they don't want to call i legal immigrants, i don't know what the buzz word is, probably angel of the sky, who knows. it's a completely different narrative and it's dangerous at this point because it's increasing the incentives to come across. now you know if you do get across, you probably won't get caught. you will get a bus ticket to where you want and you might get a court date and you might not and even if you are deported, just go to a parade. they're not going to come get you. they are basically telling people we are going to stop this inhumane deportation. it's -- it's such a disaster and, again, we try to tell americans this is what will happen and people lack at you and say, how could people in charge of our government actually be open border. you're just being extreme, you're being hyperbolic with
5:17 am
your rhetoric, dan, and i will tell you, we were right, we were right about everything with these people. these people have become absolute extremists. the democrat party has changed wildly in the last decade and these policies are just an outgrowth of that. ainsley: remember when socialism was brought to the table by bernie sanders and we were like what, and now many of them support it. thank you so much, congressman. steve: have a safe trip to scotland. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good morning, let's begin with this story, in just hours the thousands of new york city firefighters will gather again for major protest against vaccine mandate. city workers have until friday at 5:00 p.m. to get first shot. those who do not are expected to placed in unpaid leave starting monday and comes as fdny leader that 40% of fire houses could close, more than a quarter of nypd's 55,000 workers could be
5:18 am
sent home over the vaccine mandate. a man allegedly attacks a flight attendant on board a flight from new york to california. witnesses say he hit the woman in the face following dispute over the federal mask mandate. the flight landing in denver last night so authorities could take him into custody. american airlines saying the man will never be allowed to travel again adding, quote, we will not be satisfied until he has been prosecuted to the full extent of the law. let's go to fox weather and very dramatic video, look at this showing ef2 tornado ripping right across a texas highway. the tornado crashing through power lines even throwing a vehicle through the air catching drivers off guard. the powerful storm leaving behind a large debris path through orange county and leaving thousands without power. all right. now to this, k9 take over washington as senator tom tillis holds the parade, bumble bees
5:19 am
and firefighters to cats, tax the richards, senator tillis channeling senator kyrsten sinema dangerous creature sweater for one of his dogs while the other named mitch went for house minority leader, mitch mcconnell. isn't that cute? steve: bipawrtison. larry kudlow with spiraling supply chain crisis. ainsley: plus in montana, special performance of their new single with more celebrities. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:20 am
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look back before the pandemic, we were spending just as much and we were getting christmas gifts on time, what's the real reason? larry: i just love it. they usually blame trump who left them with a v-shaped recovery and a vaccine so they always blame somebody and now they are blaming consumers. look, there's a couple of things going on here. one of them is the supply shortages and the containers left in los angeles port, long beach port. now some of that might be unavoidable after the pandemic or the worst of the pandemic when the economies reopen, but, but, but biden refuse today get involved in union rules which are partly responsible for the backup in all of these containerships. they closed down at 3:00 p.m. the port itself would not be
5:26 am
open 24/7 and there's, you know, threats of strikes and wage increases and so forth. so unions are in some measure to blame for this. the second thing that i would raise is the gasoline price. the gasoline price would be at least 1 to a 1.50 lower if it weren't for the biden attack on oil and gas and fossil fuels in general. we are producing 11 million barrels a day, pre-pandemic, we were producing 13 million barrels a day. the oil companies and companies and frackers don't want to drill because of constant attack on green new deal policies. you have a shortage of oil and that is contributing mightily to the higher world price which is about $83 and the price in gasoline. i mean, that's just something
5:27 am
they could have taken care of. force the unions earlier and get on that and open up the oil fields. you know, stop -- keystone pipeline, all they are doing is goring consumers, the bull south carolina paid for by middle and lower-income consumers and it's something that did not have to happen near to the extent that it has happened. ainsley: i know that you have been critical of $3.5 trillion social spending plan and you have a special edition of your show tonight talking about this. tell us more. similar already well, it's going to be great fun. we've got -- republican leader mitch mcconnell. house republican leader kevin mccarthy and we have steve forbes, art laffer, steve moore, mercedes and yours truly, larry kudlow and we are going to carve up, it's not $3.5 trillion anymore, i think it's down to
5:28 am
1.5 or 1.75. that's too much and there's a lot of crazy still, some crazy taxes that may be in here unrealized capital gains, the war against billionaires, high taxes on earners that would take personal rate to 48% and still providing welfare for illegal immigrants, so there's a whole area that's got to be carved up and we will look at it and we will try to tell you how good or bad the economy is going to be and what to do with the stock market. ainsley: good deal. we can't wait. thank you, larry. cuddly save america kill the bill today at 4:00 p.m. on fox business. it is 8:28 on the east coast. the world series, will cain with behind scene looks of the prospects of getting the game on your tv. well? >> the astros took game two and when we come back i will take you on the field and behind the
5:29 am
scenes into what makes a baseball game a massive entertainment spectacle coming up on "fox & friends".
5:30 am
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5:33 am
lawrence: welcome back to "fox & friends", the world series tied up after houston astros bounce back in game 2 against atlanta braves. will cain was at the game and went behind the scenes to see what it takes to get a world series production on air. he joins us live outside park in houston with more. what's up, will? will: you know, lawrence, these assignments honestly, they are pretty awesome. i get to walk around on the field when nobody else is in stadium, got to be on the field last night before the first pitch and i got to go behind the scenes to see, you know, what makes a game an entertainment spectacle, the audio visual board, the mascot, the music, the whole thing. we will take you behind the scenes, watch.
5:34 am
>> welcome. ♪ ♪ ♪ will: hour before game two between astros and braves all is quiet in park but in a few hours this will be pumping with music right in here. let's go check it out. here is garrett, he's the producer. garrett is in charge of the fan experience. show me how it runs. >> what you see on the front row up here we have staff that run led board, the ball strikes out. will h when i'm out there in stands and it's 3 balls and 1 strike, the guys are putting the information in here that comes out on the big board? >> yeah, it takes four different people to make that happen. my favorite spot in the room obviously the music, so all the player walk-up songs. >> carlos correa? >> he has bad bunny.
5:35 am
looking for the high-energy fans. >> tell me about the camera setup, how many cameras. how many stationeries. >> we have cameras that give us the bullpen shots. will: we moved to the corner because i want to see what else you're in charge of producing. the audio visual is one aspect of it. >> orbit the mascot. will: massive american flag covering the job outfield? >> yeah, coordinator of activations down there, we are in constant communication, all right, standby for flag, and coordinating all those elements.
5:36 am
>> the players obviously determine the outcome of the games but we can help them out and really get the crowd going and give them energy for moments they needed and nothing else like this. will: so lawrence, about -- i'd say 4 hours ago todd pirro asked what would be my walkup music. it took me 4 hours. a cdc thunder struck or m&m lose yourself. those are the two songs that i would choose from. you like that? lawrence: i thought you were going to go with jay-z, m&m, you have to love your brother. >> loose yourself you're ready to fight somebody in a good way like a boxing match. i'm ready to hit a home run. lawrence: you can watch game 3 at 8:00 p.m. only on fox. criminal charges not ruled out in the accidental shooting involving alec baldwin. one new mexico sheriff behind the investigation.
5:37 am
he joins us live next on "fox & friends".
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5:41 am
steve steve stunning new findings in the accident shooting involving alec baldwin as we know charges may not be completely off the table. santa fe county sheriff adan mendoza joins us right now from new mexico. sheriff, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what does that mean criminal charges not ruled out? >> well, i think that was a statement by the district attorney but i will confirm that that we haven't ruled anybody out in reference to charges on this case. it's still an active investigation and we are still gathering statements and facts, so nobody has been ruled out as a suspect in this case. steve: is everybody cooperating? >> everybody is given an initial statement. we are hoping that there will be
5:42 am
some follow-up statements, a couple of the focused individuals have retained counsel and will work with counsel to work with them to hopefully get a follow-up statement. steve: what does that mean focused individuals? >> well, we are focusing on the three individuals that -- that had either handled the firearm or inspected the firearm prior to it being handed to mr. baldwin. so there's the armor, hannah gutiérrez reed, assistant director david halls and mr. baldwin himself. steve: you mentioned mr. baldwin. i know that you're in contact with him. is he still there? do you know where he's at right now? >> i don't know his exact physical occasion but we have been able to reach him and he has been cooperative in the investigation. steve st. because i saw this morning on tmz they have an image of him and his family i believe on sunday where he is in new england.
5:43 am
right now you're proceeding as it's an accident, a steve accident. if there were charges, would they be predicated on negligence? >> right now we are -- i wouldn't -- i'd be careful using the word accident. this is obviously a tragedy and it was avoidable, so right now it's a criminal investigation and as far as charges are concerned, it's a little early in the investigation to determine whether charges will be filed and we obviously will be working close with the district attorney to determine if -- if there are charges. steve: so just to back up to what you just said, are you saying it's too early to call it an accident? >> i wouldn't -- as of right now i wouldn't call it an accident at all. it's a criminal investigation. steve: all right, interesting stuff. sheriff, thank you very much, we know that you're busy, thanks for taking little time to check and stop by and start your day with us. >> thank you.
5:44 am
steve: all right. 17 minutes before the tom of the hour. janice dean, it feels like fall? janice: i does and i have kind of a winter jacket because it feels quite cold, quite chilly. let's look at sever weather yesterday and over the last couple of days, 200 reports of tornado warnings from the gulf coast up towards the midwest and parts of the mid atlantic, so we had quite a system move through over the last couple of days that brought severe weather across the gulf coast and now we are concerned with areas over florida, the southeast and up towards the mid-atlantic and the northeast tomorrow so the threat for severe storms including large hail, damaging winds, even tornadoes will be ongoing especially in the afternoon in the evening and so know what to do if there's a watch or a warning in your area. all right, steve, i will hand it back to you. steve: thank you very much, jd. folks, keep it right here because country star tim montana and michael ray are about to bust out a special performance of a sure fire hit, you are going the hear it here first coming up next.
5:45 am
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>> so good morning, everybody. breaking news on economic growth that's not good. the numbers out a moment ago.
5:49 am
what it means for you and your family, we will get into that. a day of drama for democrats, what's in, what's out, what's up, we will have our team take us through that and policing in america gets more difficult by the week, former chief in seattle has solutions, we will talk to her. we have a big morning of news, big two hours coming up. see you in 11 minutes, top of the hour. steve: well, talk about a country music dream team. lawrence: superstar lee bryce and tim montana and michael ray all joining forces for a new hit song, higher education and we we have a special performance. ainsley: tim montana and michael ray join us now. congratulations. this song, i'm reading the lyrics. i love them all. tim, i will start with you, how did this come to be? >> a song i wrote in a writer's retreat and michael and i get together and compare songs here in the garage in nashville and
5:50 am
one night i played for him and he said, what are you doing with this song, i don't know if i'm going to cut it. let me put it out and let's see if we can rally some of our friends. we made a few phone calls and the magic happened and here it is. steve: michael, you guys big stars, you know how egos are, how do you figure out whose name goes first? >> well, i just -- i just followed their lead. i was just happy that they said yes. [laughter] steve: sorry, mr. montana. >> come on again? steve: sorry, that's just the way it works. you called them up and you got together and was it collaborative where they'd say, you know what, would we change this part to say this along the way as you work out all of the bumps in the road? well, sometimes we were listening to this song, i knew when i was cutting this record even though it was under weird times, you know, we were still able to cut music and make music
5:51 am
but it was in different areas. everybody was in their own personal studios so we weren't making music the way we were used to making news but but when you hear a song that is written bike higher education was written like the guys wrote it, there was really nothing that anybody needed to change. it's about that underdog life that's about that hard work, that grind, that -- those moments that really make, i come from a family of middle-class first responders, linemen and so i come from the higher-class family like kid rock so for us to make sense who we are and it wasn't much to change. steve: got you. lawrence: tim, could you see you guys doing something like this? can we expect an entire album? >> i don't know. [laughter] >> getting the -- the magic of getting people in one room, so
5:52 am
we will take it one song at a time and we are fortunate that we got all of the people together for this one and i'm happy to have them and that would be awesome. that's a pretty hard feat. getting everyone in one time -- i think lee bryce had 12 hours at home. see it meant a lot to me and i'm a big fan. it meant a lot that they took time to be a part. steve: we know the music video that will debut tomorrow. first, this is the first time that we have ever seen the video of everybody hearing the video. the world premier performance on television of higher education. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:53 am
>> they all said i wouldn't mount to nothing, but i know a thing or two about a thing or two. ain't going to tell it all but i will tell you something, a lot of things they don't see that's good. got my higher education. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 am
>> i've got my higher education.
5:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> hang on, one more day, friday tomorrow. 52 currently in charlotte, north carolina going for a daytime high in the 70s and rainy this afternoon. >> i'll be there for thanksgiving. my aunt and uncle live there. we loved having you. have a good day. >> bill: here we go. good morning. breaking news on the hill. president biden's agenda is on the line at this hour. house democrats meeting behind closed doors before the president heads overseas. a lot of drama. you joined us for an interesting day. dana has time off. a good day to come back. >> come early and get moving. hi, i'm martha maccallum and this is "america's newsroom." you have 11th hour talks that are prompting the president now to say you know what? let's delay the g20 departure a little bit to see if we can get something done on his side.


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