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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 28, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> it is thursday october 20 eighth. president biden headed to the hill in a melee attempt to get the party on board with his politics but as the showdown between modern and progressive heats up looking more likely the commander-in-chief will be headed overseas without a political victory to tout. jillian: there is this. >> hallelujah. seems like donald trump has confirmed he will be coming to virginia so we are very excited.
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jillian: open -- terry mcauliffe with confidence as donald trump teases a possible last-minute appearance in virginia. where the race stands now as early voting continues. heather: capitol hill getting heated. >> thank god you are not a springboard. you would resign in disgrace. >> the nation's top cop taking heat from lawmakers as he defends the memo labeling some parents domestic terrorists. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: president biden's last ditch effort to tout his spending plan is democrats a little help for party unity. jillian: the president prepares to face world leaders without a victory under his belt. >> president biden has his suitcase packed but he hopes to
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bag a dealer two with the last-minute stop by the capital leaning on house caucus members, his democratic counterparts less optimistic they can find an agreement. >> i think we have revenue interest. i don't quite but something is taking place i don't know about, it is not conceivable to have a deal. >> they can't agree how to pay for the build back better bill floating the idea of a billionaires tax, senator joe manchin hasn't been a big fan. >> a lot going on is going to become everyone is going to pay, we will end up with everyone participating. >> reporter: there is what in and left out of the was one of the president's agenda promises, paid family and medical leave could wind up on the cutting room floor despite fierce opposition within the party. >> it would be devastating.
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i'm not going to give up until the deal is signed. jillian: progressives have said they would not pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill without the social spending bill being used as leverage. alexandria ocasio cortez says this must be linked on climate issues tweeting i need more than an iou. it's not too much to ask but speaker policy is moving ahead with the without progressives, the process of setting up next step in a timeline to pass the reconciliation bill even as there is no bill yet. todd: thank you very much. house republicans lodging an investigation into troubling attempt by the white house and the justice department to target parents. todd: attorney general merrick garland takes a lot of heat on capitol hill. >> reporter: that senate hearing
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yesterday turning fiery is merrick garland faces tough questions about his memo requesting a federal response to violence at school board meetings. >> you have weapon eyes the fbi and the department of justice. it is wrong. it is unprecedented in history of this country. >> the politicization of doj. you know better. >> did you consider the chilling effect this sort of threat of federal prosecution would have on parents exercising their constitutional rights? >> your forms are shameful. thank god you are not on the supreme court. you would resign in disgrace. >> reporter: garland refusing to back down maintaining his memo is about threats of violence and does not target parents for speaking out about mask mandate
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and critical race theory in schools. he released the memo in response to the national school board association's letter but compared angry parents at board meeting to domestic terrorists. they have now apologized for that letter. senator ted cruz confronting garland over a potential conflict of interest asking about his son-in-law's education company that promotes critical race theory in schools. >> this memorandum -- >> did you seek an ethics -- >> this memorandum has nothing to do the other >> are refusing to answer? >> i'm telling you there's no -- >> you are saying no, answer it directly. you know how to answer a question directly. jillian: democrats pushing the narrative that angry parents at school board meetings are dangerous. >> domestic terrorism in the united states, has it been more from overseas or homegrown terrorists, most of them being right-wing extremists, have there been threats and violence against schools in the united states of america? >> there have been. >> these are people acting out their feelings in a file and manner.
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the same as on january 6th. >> republican members of the house judiciary committee are demanding the nfb aid provide documents showing any and all communication it has with the biden white house and the justice department. >> scary stuff, general milley calling china's hypersonic missile test very concerning and almost a sputnik moment. jillian: republican senators calling out the intelligence community on a woke agenda. here is the latest. >> good morning. china's recent test of a hypersonic missile system was described as concerning by joint chiefs of staff chairman general mark millie. he added this is a significant technological event for the country. the comments hall reports the chinese tested two hypersonic missiles over the summer that are capable of carrying a
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nuclear weapon. press secretary jen psaki was asked about the general's comments during a briefing at the white house. >> i have seen general milley's comments which is a concern we all have about china's military modernization efforts. they continue to pursue capabilities that increase tensions in the region and we have concerns about that and that was reflected in his comments. >> reporter: tension between washington and beijing continues to rise as the united states about to protect its friends in the region. yesterday president biden spoke at the virtual asia summit where he reassured american allies like taiwan that the us would stand with them. this month chinese president xi jinping vowed to proceed with reunification as i that could mean an invasion of the island. republican lawmakers are criticizing president biden on his stand against meeting. representative devon nunez saying using better pronouns will not counter hypersonic missiles. user for into a different biden administration policy. todd: the biden administration
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sending a list of places ice agents cannot make arrests to, quote, sensitive locations. the guidance, alejandra mayorkas asks agents to refrain from arrests at places of worship and bus stops and homeless shelters. ice agents were already banned for making arrests in the hospital and school settings and now they have refrain from apprehensions in weddings, funerals and protests. time about to be 8 minutes after the hour. cargo ships backed up at nearly every us port in the white house is looking to blame anyone but themselves. we will tell you why they think you, yeah, you, are behind it. >> staing up against vaccine mandates, florida is taking notice, the pitch to the california staple to the sunshine state when we come back. ♪♪
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jillian: welcome back. florida opening its doors to in and out burger as the california chain refuses to comply with vaccine mandates for customers in a steep. florida chief financial officer jimmy petronas joins us live. a number of in and out locations had to close down as a result of
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the violations, not wanting to see everyone's vaccine card to allow them to eat in their restaurants. they received a number of citations and you actually wrote to the president of the company over the situation they are dealing with, have you heard anything back. >> what the state of california is doing to this american icon is a tragedy. i applaud what lindsay snyder is doing, pushing. it would never happen in the state of florida but mark my words, just like tesla left california because of overregulation you will see in and out burger move out of the state of florida as well. >> you think they will move out of california. >> i grew up 30 years in the restaurant business and can relate to the struggles of what it takes to run an operation to make customers happy before i became cfo the state. we got enough a lot to offer. my phone is ringing off the hook
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with site selectors, even the presidency of the saint joe company called me and said i will take lindsay around and show her sights that her products would work, amazing in our great beautiful state. >> that will be interesting for sure. i to pull up this quote, in and out refusing to comply with the mandates in california, quote, we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. it is unreasonable, invasive and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not. can you tell me how difficult it is to take a stand like this. >> i applaud the encouragement he has shown but i know this. lindsay, what i can offer you in my commitment on behalf of the state of florida is you will be in a mandate free state. we love to see businesses
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prosper and i had no idea there were so many east coasters who have eaten the west coast hamburger. from the bottom of my heart, this is an invitation that we will do whatever we need to enjoy your product in our beautiful state. >> i was wondering as one in charge of making decisions it must be a tough one to make because you know when you're making these decisions there are so many people, all your employees and customers need jobs, these employees and there's a lot on the line, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. in the meantime i to talk about what is going on in florida, take a listen to what ron desantis has to say about ports as a solution to the supply chain issue. >> we have capacity in our ports to offer good incentives they reroute their ships. if you're going to sit off the coast for days on end might as well bring it to florida. jillian: this is an issue affecting every person in this country, the supply chain crisis. is florida the answer to that? >> absolutely.
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florida - millions of the goods automatically end up on the east coast. i applaud the governor's leadership on this. florida spent $1 billion just since 2019 enhancing our ports. look at what companies have done like home depot and walmart, target, they are making their own investments because they can't count on the solutions out of the biden administration. jillian: why of these should start off the coast of california or other locations haven't started to make their way to florida? >> as you see the president's only solution is we will make the crews work 24 hours a day that is not going to cut it. you wouldn't see the investments and commitments other private companies are making, the vaccine mandates in companies like jb hunt saying my truckers
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are going to push back and now you exacerbate the situation where it is that much more of a challenge don't understand why the biden administration doesn't flex puzzles and offer other reports to do the jobs and take a chance of ruining christmas. jillian: thanks for joining us, appreciate it. heather: it has been 20 months since my last in and out burger. we are reaching the final days of the virginia governor election and some voters still undecided and glenn youngcan capitalize on the sinking approval rating, top dems burning fuel as they travel overseas for a 2-week climate change conference. can present get worldliness on board with his agenda and his own party struggles to get on the same page? ♪♪
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>> the race for governor hitting
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a fever pitch in estate president biden won by 10 points that republicans may have an opening that will push them to victory. a bit asking can republicans can repeat in suburbia soccer moms get set up with progressive excess in washington or at their area school boards? here to discuss is editorial board member at the wall street journal, democrats playing with fire when it comes to suburban parents they literally road to victory less than a year ago? >> if you look at virginia president biden carried by 10 points a year ago and where we are having these fights, fairfax county went for president biden 41 points. in loudoun county, 24 points. terry mcauliffe should be coasting to victory in virginia but education is the key issue because terry mcauliffe's debate
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that parents shouldn't have anything to do with what is taught in school and shouldn't be allowed to see what is in the library, the library books, that has galvanized a lot of people, the remarks are damaging in themselves, the youngcan campaign used them to full advantage but it is in the context of now we know there was a sexual assault in loudoun county and the superintendent, sure there are no sexual assaults of parents are furious about that and the national school board association implying parents who protest these things are domestic terrorists so all these are energizing a lot of people who are not necessarily republican. youngcan is doing better with independents and the question is
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can he get enough in the suburbs for victory. >> undecided folks, 5% are in that category. i'm curious, this close to election day what ultimately could sway them one way or another in a short time remaining? >> the issues are out there. the question is turn out. that is why terry mcauliffe is bringing in barack obama, stacy abrams with claims of a stolen election. it does look a little desperate but if glenn youngkin doesn't win this race with all the circumstances favorable to him and running a pretty good campaign it will be hard to see any republican winning ever. todd: really? >> it would mean virginia is structurally a blue state at the state level. they could win local elections
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and so forth but if glenn youngcan can't pull this out it is hard to imagine another republican doing it. >> in the 20 seconds remaining shouldn't we expect any last-minute surprises as we lead up to next tuesday? >> we could. i don't know. the mcauliffe campaign is stayed on message at their mission is trump from trump, scare people want from, through an abortion. they are running a very national campaign where youngkin is doing bread and butter issues like schools and crime so terry mcauliffe is going to stick to the script. >> on choice to not back away from the position on the video where he was caught saying parents should have no choice but doubling down, focusing on trump, see which one works, thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> look at this. dramatic video showing and ef 2 tornado ripping across the texas highway, the tornado crashing
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through power lines, throwing a vehicle through the year, catching shocked drivers off guard. the powerful storm leaving behind a large debris path through orange county and thousands without power. senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast was always scary when you see videos of tornadoes but when you see it like that, through the highway, up close and personal. looks like the wizard of oz. or on it all day doing local alert in the texas area around to download it because it is free and it is awesome, the apps is available to download. we are tracking this, the threads for severe storms along the florida gulf coast up towards the southeast, area of low pressure moving across the plane states over the mississippi river valley and you can see our friends in florida that is the greatest chance of strong storms including logical,
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damaging winds and some tornadoes later today, keep that in mind, there's your threat, very likely and possible for much of the state of florida towards the mid-atlantic, towards the southeast as well. damaging wind threat is the biggest risk, we could see large ale, heavy rainfall and tornadoes as well. there is your forecast today, watching that storm system that brought the storms yesterday and the next system moving into the northwest, in new york city, still a little blustery, the remnants of that nor'easter yesterday but mostly sunny skies. >> i love the fall feel. >> my favorite time of year. new york has all four seasons but something about fall is so refreshing. go take some skiing lessons but it is fall. that means halloween. heather: got to do this, the new fox weather apps is available.
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>> i was trying hard to make this transition happen. now you understand what i'm talking about, 27 minutes after the hour and we have lawrence jones and carley shimkus. >> love the outfit and the enthusiasm as they share the story of survival.
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>> governor terry mcauliffe vetoed it twice. he doesn't think parents should have a say. >> the mom in the ad made headlines in 2013 for campaigning against toni morrison's bulova. is and was assigned to read it in an advanced placement english course. the parent maybe not so much. >> chris cuomo those words were concerned parent in a glenn youngkin campaign ad. >> defending critical race theory while saying the virginia gubernatorial race should not be this close. o concha, why did cuomo attack this mom with the same vitriol he did a bicyclist in hampton last year? >> that is when he was covid positive, shutting the virus and drove 30 minutes from his home and on a verbal confrontation with the 60-year-old guy when he asked doing out, your sick with covid. the police report filed against
2:33 am
him and chris cuomo on the air consultant the governor on how to beat sexual harassment allegations but this is the guy we should be speaking to. he's labeled an anchor. he is not. he is a partisan opinion host and given the latest commentary he called parents in the virginia races accused them of wanting to ban rapid books, not surprising to see this anchor see everything through a racial present because that is what critical race theory teaches and that is the opposite of what martin luther king jr. used to preach, we should judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin but that is the tempo of cnn to do everything through a racial prism and the what chris cuomo, 80% of his audience since the beginning of the year, that's what happens
2:34 am
when you're out of touch and fake your own quarantine at the height of covid. todd: let's talk about this for a second because the climate change conference is happening in scotland and we can pull up the list of democrats who will be attending the climate change conference. you can see them on screen. john kerry has taken heat in the past for flying a private jet to various climate things if you. what do you expect to happen from this? >> rules for theand not for me. john kerry will lead the all-star team, the same guy who flew to iceland in 2019 to pick up the arctic circle award for climate leadership. he is the environmentally responsible one and here's what he had to say flying fear, quote, the only choice for someone like me traveling the
2:35 am
world to win this battle, he flies private, can't go to commercial. he flew a private jet in august, martha's vineyard with a bunch of maskless people at an indoor tent, couldn't take the ferry to martha's vineyard, he flew instead. pete buttigieg is going as well. i thought there was a supply chain crisis which instead of flying to the climate summit he should be going to long beach or savannah to fix that problem, talking to people running those places. this is virtue signaling, exactly what it looks like and will be completely critical when all these people fly private, thereby destroying the climate even further. speaking of climate i like fall too, that is my favorite season. >> i was wondering. >> who needs key lessons?
2:36 am
>> we are not divided. >> you're missing out. it's not the skiing, it's the lodge after the skiing. todd: i get it. >> it doesn't happen after skiing. >> you go skiing. ever feel you have mountains to ski over there, where do you go? jillian: i've been to vermont, canada. >> we will talk next time. have a good one. >> see you tomorrow. >> halloween. we sent carley shimkus and lawrence jones to new york city to get the ultimate -- jillian: look at this. >> we are outside blood manner in new york city, spirited halloween. we are about to get terrified.
2:37 am
let's go. >> we are good, you got this. >> okay, okay, okay. >> this is just the beginning. >> come on in, let's go. we are waiting on you. >> oh my gosh! >> okay. >> no, no, no.
2:38 am
[screaming] >> oh my god! >> all right, all right. >> no, no, no, no. carley: i am never going to forgive the "fox and friends" crew. >> never again. >> strong adult journey a company. carley: let us get out of here. >> reporter: you won, you won. not my best to move. jillian: was actually scary? carley: terrifying. it was impressively terrifying. i was scared from walking up to it.
2:39 am
they are outside today commit. >> is like death. carley: it is 10,000 square feet long. >> i was looking for the producers and this girl screaming. >> don't know if you could tell that lawrence and i held hands the entire time and i have to say was such a gentleman. when you are doing this it is all fun and i had fun but it is so real we were both scared and he was protecting me. your mom would be so happy you, we bonded because of this experience. it was so much fun. >> they are feel performers. everything you see in a movie experience that in real life.
2:40 am
and in the middle of i don't know about you, we talked about this, it started to be funny. >> the beginning i actually cried. i cried because i was so scared. then towards the end i was like okay, i got this, this is more fun and started to smile. i'm not going to lie. >> i'm going to say people there were so nice. they are not supposed to touch you but it felt like they were touching you. >> a little bit. >> kind of feel like they are breathing. i closed my eyes and i see one of the characters still. >> we made it. todd: i hope you get that drink whether it is later today or right now. todd: bouncing back with a commanding winning game 2 of the world series. jillian: will cain gives us a
2:41 am
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city will put lives at risk. jillian: the potential consequences. >> reporter: 50% of the fdny vaccinated which includes firefighters, officers, ems workers could lead to the shuttering of 20% of fire companies here to address potential shortage, commissioner saying we will use all means at our disposal including mandatory overtime, mutual aid from other ems providers and significant changes to the schedule of our members. as for the nypd commissioner 75% of the force is vaccinated. he was thanking everyone in the medical division. mayor bill deblasio is requiring all city workers get one dose by october 20 ninth or face unpaid leave. todd: the white house reinforcing the notion the supply chain issues. >> reporter: jen psaki blaming americans for the supply chain
2:46 am
crisis. >> so many people purchasing more goods online. maybe some of it is from habits that developed during the pandemic. jillian: the pandemic when people were quarantining. of it is not just spending habits she mentioned the economic recovery. we will get new consumer price numbers november 10th. expect some pretty big numbers. jillian: those in san francisco listen up. a driver there may break a record for what they pay at the pump. >> san francisco's metro areas $0.03 away from an all-time record high that they could hit in the next couple weeks. >> this is the national average for gasoline at $3.39 a gallon. last time we saw prices is high the record was 2012. this is tied to oil prices and oil prices are at $82 a barrel this morning.
2:47 am
of those go higher gas prices will continue to go. todd: $5 a gallon in san francisco. jillian: the houston astros bouncing back to be the braves in game 2 of the world series. todd: will cain went behind-the-scenes to see what it takes to get a production on the air. he joins us now. >> reporter: hello. due to the 7-them to win over the braves it is even up so they head to atlanta but what did they do yesterday? i got to see the stadium before the production and during the production, got to see what it looks like when the entire thing is together for a fan experience, the whole atmosphere and what it takes to conduct the type of symphony. >> welcome.
2:48 am
>> reporter: a few hours before game 2 of the astros and braves all quiet here. in a few hours this entire state will be pumping with music and a fan experience. let's check it out. here is garrett. garrett is in charge of a fan experience. show me how it runs. >> we have a staff that runs the led board. >> i'm looking up, 3 balls 40 strikes, they are putting that information in here that comes out on the big board. >> it takes four people to make that happen. my favorite spot in the room is the music so all the player walk up songs. he has bad bunnies. our job is getting fans pumped up looking for fans, looking for high-energy fans. todd: tell me about the camera
2:49 am
set up, how many stationary? >> we have four stationary and one camera around the ballpark and eight different cameras around the ballpark the give us the bullpen shot. >> reporter: we move to the coke corner. i want to keep what else you are in charge of producing. the visual is one aspect. tell me what else goes on. >> the beloved mascot always has something new up his sleeve. the train operator and the new dj station in the ballpark. todd: a massive american flag covering the outfield under your direction as well? >> our coordinator on field for all activations. we are in constant communication and coordinating all those elements. the players obviously determine the outcome of the game so we
2:50 am
can help them out and get the crowd going, give them that energy, nothing else like it. >> reporter: we are in television so we are used to some of this production but fascinating to think every little moment in the ballpark, the music is played between pitches. once you get to a full count it is all about ahead of time selected by the picture in the experience you enjoy a ballpark, someone put a ton of thought into, looks like a keyboard in a room above the crowd. it was cool to see the park entry and popping last night. todd: we are tight on time but what is your walk up song? jillian: i was going to talk about it. >> reporter: i don't think about that. i will talk about it on "fox and friends". i like slow country. todd: nothing gets a crowd working like sad slow country. jillian: you have one. todd: let me clear my throat. it is my song tomorrow at
2:51 am
8:00 pm on fox. we look forward to it in the next 3 hours. jillian: not a sad slow song. democrats forcing president biden to drop campaign promises from his spending plan. sean duffy next. todd: not a bad option. ♪♪ always look for the grown in idaho seal. . .
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jillian: welcome back silencing school parents school board demanding members state home address if they want to be heard. school board saying anyone who does not give their address will not be allowed to speak. parents say they feel uncomfortable and afraid with the new rules fearing potential property damage or harassment. >> attorney general merrick garland refusing to retract the controversial school board memo even after the school board association apologized for the letter. listen. >> the letter that we -- that was subsequently sent ghots
2:56 am
change the, um, the association's concern about violence or threats of violence it responds to concerns about violence, threats of violence, other criminal conduct. that's all it's about. jillian: here to react former wisconsin congressman and fox news contributor sean duffy. sean, it's good to see you. i do wonder where all of this goes because i kind of feel like this is the tip of the iceberg as far as some parents are concerned. >> well, i think -- let's understand what happens. the national school board walked back that letter because they have, you know, small, you know, groups of school boards around the country that when they saw the letter come out and said our organization is calling, you know, parents domestic terrorists? we want nothing to do with that, so the political pressure came, and they had to walk that letter back. well, merrick garland doesn't have a constituency. is he out there saying i'm going to move forward. i think that you know, there is a lot of threat to school boards and because there is no threats
2:57 am
of terrorism around the world, i should spend my time going after parents, which is absolute insanity. that he is so out of touch. sit back and watch this election in virginia. terry mcauliffe is please, please walk this policy back. give me a shot at winning in virginia. you are killing me merrick garland. stop. todd: yeah. i don't get why garland didn't say we messed up as well. let's move on. senator cotton not holding back. take a listen. >> that letter and those reports were the basis for your. >> no, no senator, that's wrong. >> that's shameful. this testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful. >> that's not correct. >> thank god you are not on the supreme court. you should resign in disgrace, judge. >> sean, look, merrick garland was portrayed as a moderate during the time of the supreme court nomination. did we dodge a bullet by garland not getting on that court? >> god, 100 percent.
2:58 am
some people love mitch mcconnell. some people don't like mitch mcconnell. those who don't like mitch mcconnell should be thanking him listen we are not going to take up merrick garland for a vote. we will wait until the election of 2016 and see who wins. otherwise, this would be the man on the supreme court. and this is -- i mean, this is shocking. that he is going after parents in america and, again, there are so many threats our country faces. the fbi shouldn't be focused on parents. that's a job of local law enforcement. the fbi goes after national threats, not moms and dads in america who don't want their schools to teach their kids to hate america or that their gender isn't real. >> we have a minute left before we have to toss it on off to "fox & friends." democrats now dropping paid family medical leave from joe biden's tax and spending package. sean, why did they drop this one which arguably has a broader appeal than some of the other progressive wish list items that they appear to be keeping.
2:59 am
>> i will tell you what, i'm following this closely, this is a moving target. the progressives and moderates, manchin and sinema all negotiating. how this ends up, you know, i'm not sure. you are right. paid family leave, again, there is a lot of the priorities in here of free college, pre-k, these are all issues that they love and they want in. they are making some hard decisions on what has to get cut. and todd, i don't know that they are going to be able to come together. i know they're working hard. there is rumors they will be able to get a deal. i'm a little skeptical that this will get done any time soon. jillian: interesting. let's not forget the president was elected on few things paid family leave. provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave and medical leave family and medical leave. todd: healthcare as well. interesting to see what they chip away from healthcare to get
3:00 am
this thing through. to your point, sean, if they ultimately get it through. jillian: we will see. to be determined. >> hopefully they don't get it through. let's kill it. jillian: sean, good to see you this morning. thank you. >> thank you. have a good morning. todd: how happy they didn't send us to haunted house. jillian: i love haunted houses. todd: sad for you. glad they sent -- "fox & friends" now. jillian: bye. >> republicans grilling attorney general merrick garland over targeting terrorists. >> you have weaponized the fbi. >> thank god you are not on the supreme court. you ought to resign in disgrace. >> what's your message to americans worried about getting christmas gifts on time. >> we be addressing and attacks the supply chain issues. >> these are totally unserious. >> heading to capitol hill. >> to get on board with massive tax and spending plan. >> one of the paid promises family medical leave may wind up on the floor. >> general milley


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