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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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showed you the trailer for our latest documentary, a three-pard series called "patriot purge," the best thing we've ever done. we are really proud of it because we think it answers what actually happenedbe on january 6th. it all debuts next week. the first part is on monday. that's it for us tonight. we will be back tomorrow, but in the meantime, the great sean hannity takes over. >> sean: as usual, thank you tucker, and welcome to "hannity." >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines. day 74. >> sean: all right, day 74 americans abandoned by your president joe biden. day 50 since joe biden has not mentioned does he abandon. today, joe did not do anything did not mention anything, he had zero public events, not one. now for most americans, it was a normal workday, but not for joe. he apparently just does nothing. keep in mind, this is not an uncommon occurrence. there have been 12 days so far
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this month alone where joe has done absolutely, positively nothing. now, generally, biden spends a lot of time indoors, taking it easy, and for good reason. his mental and physical capacity appeared to be extremely limited. many in the u.s. media, oh, it has only taken them ten months but it finally caught up to this show and are now saying that which they would say privately publicly and admit that joe is a cognitive mess. last night, he was up way too late, by his standards, 4 miles away from the white house campaigning for his good friend terry mcauliffe, and let's just say, predictably, did not go very well. his speech was slurred completely disjointed, at times he forgot what he was talking about midsentence. sadly, this is what we have all come to expect. the bar is that low when it comes to joe talking. take a look. >> for americans in this
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pandemic and want to expand pre-k for 3 and 4-year-olds. >> 40% of all products coming into the united states of america on the west coast go through los angeles and, and -- what am i doing here. i commuted every single day for 36 years as vice president of the united states. >> i tell you what, i would like -- ♪ ♪ >> this job, this job, the jobs or going to be created here. >> i want to thank the former general, i keep calling him general, my -- the guy who runs that outfit over there. >> i'm running as a proud democrat for the senate. >> i got in trouble running against a senator who was a mormon. the governor, okay? >> we hold these truths to be self-evident. all men and women created -- you know the thing.
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>> agree with me. go to joe 30330. we choose truth over facts. play the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone, make sure that kids hear words. >> sean: what i my -- what am i doing here? come on, man. are you a junkie? anyway, joe biden sadly not doing well but think for a second. stand back and think about this. think about how dangerous this is for this country, and think about how dangerous this really is for the world, to have a clearly, obviously, cognitively compromised president of the united states of america. but there is one thing that joe biden does seem to remember. we learned last night donald trump in fact, and might be all he seems to think about because last night joe biden barely mentions terry mcauliffe or glenn youngkin, but he did obsess
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incessantly about donald trump calling him out by name a whopping 24 times, we were counting. take a look. >> this is not a trump rally. we let them holler. i ran against donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. now he does not want to talk about trump anymore. well, i do. donald trump. trump. that is who trump is. president trump's lie. trump's bad idea and bad record. single best measure of the economy is the stock market. i never thought that. is there a problem, when trump ain't here. donald trump. donald trump. trump. donald trump. >> sean: donald trump obviously takes up a lot of space in joe's incapacitated brain. one reason for joe's obsession is trump's avoiders are seemingly everywhere biden goes come along every motorcade route, outside of his events and even last night at, yep
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terry mcauliffe's rally. listen closely because trump people were there. [indistinct chanting] >> that's all right, let them go. let them go. that's okay. that's all right. why don't you hang out and talk to me after this is over, okay? well, thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. that's right. this is not a trump rally. we let them holler. >> sean: junkie. anyway, according to, at one point the protesters were chanting "we love trump," the only thing that was missing was "let's go brandon." joe biden trying to use donald trump as a political distraction. after all, joe's first nine months in office have been catastrophic. one dumpster fire after another. today, biden's attorney general merrick garland completely humiliated on capitol hill. and rightly so, from the moment
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that he has been sworn in garland turned that doj into a partisan political weapon. you might remember first, he targeted georgia's completely legitimate and very accessible election integrity laws that frankly didn't go far enough all while ignoring delaware's very restrictive election laws and we can't forget the 5,000 plus years joe biden represented delaware, he never once lifted a finger to make voting more accessible in his home state. by the way, georgia, 17 days in-state early early in person voting. none in delaware. every precinct drop box in georgia. none in delaware. both states require voter i.d. garland's doj now encouraging law enforcement to investigate parents that speak out at school board meetings and outside, you know, groups, comparing them to domestic terrorists. it involves parents critical of some of the curriculum like critical race theory.
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the mistreatment of children including that one father whose daughter, you know, allegedly raped in a loud and county public school confirmed by the police department that investigation is fully underway. take a look. >> do you understand why a parent would be upset when your daughter is raped at school, the school board covers it up and then lies to you and claims that had been no assault, we have no instances. of assault in our bathroom. that was a flat out lie as of the court concluded this week. do you understand why a parent would be upset? >> absolutely, and any expressions of upset -- >> this letter calls him a domestic terrorist. you baste a direction to the fbi, an official direction from the attorney general -- >> he was cited by the school board association, which we now know that letter and those reports are the basis for your -- >> that's wrong. >> this is shameful.
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this testimony, your directive your performance is shameful. >> that's not correct. >> thank god you are not on the supreme court. you should resign in disgrace judge. >> the fbi and department of justice, your u.s. attorneys are now cataloguing and collecting all the ways they might prosecute parents like mr. smith because they want to be involved in their children's education and they want to have a say in their elected officials. it is wrong. it is unprecedented to my knowledge in the history of his country, and i call on you to resign. >> sean: speaking out against school boards, that is not domestic terrorism. you would think school districts welcome input from caring and loving and concerned parents. protecting your kids is not domestic terrorism. demanding accountability from your local elected government officials, that is not domestic terrorism. senator hawley, senator cotton will both join us in a minute. they are dead on accurate, as was ted cruz. and by the way, garland should resign and take responsibility.
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it happened on his watch, and especially because the ag merrick garland, has a serious conflict of interest here. while the attorney general was busy looking into the potential parents that are threatening to school boards, these are parents that have concerns about the curriculum, crt. his family happens to be making a lot of money creating crt curriculum for schools. oh, that is called a conflict where i grew up. take a look. >> your son-in-law makes a very substantial sum of money from a company involved in the teaching of critical race theory. did you seek and receive a decision from an ethics advisor at the department of justice before you carried out an action that would have a predictable financial benefit to your son-in-law? >> this memorandum is aimed at violence and threats -- >> i just asked a question -- >> no predictable -- >> did you seek an ethics opinion? yes or no? >> this memorandum -- >> did you seek an ethics opinion?
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>> this memorandum -- >> general, are you refusing to answer -- >> i'm telling you there is no possible -- >> you are saying no. just answered directly. you know not to answer a question directly. >> sean: checkmate, ted cruz. why not answer the question merrick? did you seek an exemption or not? what you have to hide? of course, there is not going to be a resignation, no one in the biden administration does. the world is imploding in front of our eyes, all around us, and joe biden's poll numbers have never been worse and here they are pretending everything is fine. it is not fine. afghanistan, no, that is not fine. learned last weekend, still hundreds of americans abandoned behind enemy lines. gas prices $1.50 more a gallon everything you buy and every store you purchase anything, you are paying more for. grocery prices, nationwide shortages, supply chain issues covid-19, more deaths in 2021 then 2020.
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a depressed labor market, prices at the southern border, enemies all over the globe that hate us and bolden, china, russia north korea, iran, more hostile more aggressive than ever. and back here at home, biden's build back better new green deal socialist spending bill would only exacerbate all of these economic problems. a look at this new government study. trillions of dollars in government assistance over the past few decades has caused a massive workforce exodus. now we go to build back better socialism? and they are going to give trillions more to americans to choose not to work? if that is passed, our workforce will be decimated. supply shortages will get worse. the rate of inflation will increase, and americans who do work will suffer even more. the only good news, democrats can't seem to come to an agreement on their new green deal build back better socialism. now despite having majorities in the house, the senate, and
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control of the white house democrats still, well, they can't seem to get it all done. now there is a serious battle between actual, bolshevik-style socialism -- of socialists, they want to use this build to help end capitalism completely in america, and then liberal democratic socialist, only slightly less socialist, i just want to raise taxes, spend money at a slightly less accelerated pace. coming up, we will have a lot more on the infighting of the democratic party. it looks like tonight that aoc and the squad are now completely caving to the establishment nancy pelosi, joe manchin kyrsten synema, and joe biden. apparently congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and company and the squad are all talk and no action, we will explain straight ahead. first us more on tonight's top story, senator tom cotton is with us. senator, good to have you come i want to go to your comments in particular that we just played and you said, you know, that letter -- you are referring to
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the letter about parents and school boards and domestic terrorists, you called his directive, his performance shameful, and thank god you are not on the supreme court, and you should resign. i sat back and i was grateful you said it, senator, because it is a disgrace, and i didn't see him give an answer that made me feel comfortable that he understood the severity of what went out here. >> no, he didn't, sean, and thank goodness merrick garland is not on the supreme court because he has revealed himself to be a far left ideologue in the job of attorney general. he sicced fbi and department of justice on parents who wanted to express their opinions at school boards. can those meetings be contentious and he did? yes. but they accuse them of being domestic terrorists, and on that basis alone, he directed the fbi and u.s. attorneys across the
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country to investigate and potentially prosecute parents because they are worried about their school indoctrinating their kids to hate america, or their kids being forced to wear masks, or not being in person in class, or one particularly egregious case, you had the walk school board and superintendent of loudoun county, virginia, who covered up the rape, sean, the rape of a 15-year-old girl by a boy wearing girls clothing. because they wanted to pass a transgender policy during pride month. well, i'm not surprised, her father got a little heated at that board meeting. >> sean: by the way, as he should. now what is interesting about that is that supervisor, the guy on the board of supervisors that should know better, denied any knowledge of it, but yet the local police department acknowledged it had been investigating it from the first day. isn't that correct? >> yeah, and sean, a juvie court judge just announced this was in fact a sexual assault.
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and sean, that school board of superintendents transferred that boy to another school where he sexually assaulted another girl. all because they didn't want it to interfere with passing a transgender policy during pride month. you know, sean, if there ever is actual violence or threats of violence to the school board i'm very confident that local police and sheriffs deputies can handle it. maybe merrick garland's department of justice should be looking into loudoun county county school board superintendent who can't protect young girls from being raped by boys pretending to be girls. >> sean: and it is a big issue is for parents we will see -- we will know maybe a week from tonight what happened in virginia because this is a big issue for parents and all the commonwealth of virginia. i was really grateful that you pressed him, and he didn't give a particularly good answer on anthony fauci and whether or not he was truthful. now we have anthony fauci's emails. we have the 900 pages of
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documents from "the intercept." and now we have the nih letter that came out. do you have any doubt gain-of-function research on coronavirus says at the wuhan virology lab was funded by tax dollars and that anthony fauci knew? >> none at all, sean. speaking of people who should resign in disgrace, tony fauci should resign in disgrace beard he repeatedly lied to the american people and by congress saying his agency did not fund this risky, dangerous research in china, of all places. now his agency has admitted that. he has lost all moral authority to serve in this administration and to give any kind of guidance to the american people. his next public appearance should not be at the congress it should be at the federal courthouse. >> sean: when you look at joe biden's overall presidency from afghanistan to the border to more people died in 2021 of covid, inflation, the economy energy, foreign policy, can you name a single success, senator?
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because i read and watch every day, every detail of what he is doing, and i don't see one area where i can say "wow, he is doing a good job here or here or here." i don't see it. >> no, sean, although i guess he seems to have generated a lot of enthusiasm that college football games. [laughs] every saturday, given the chants of young college students across the country, many americans have of the biden administration. no, been in total shambles. joe biden has been in washington for 50 years. no one ever thought he was up for the job of president, and we have seen that in spades over the last nine months. >> sean: senator, there were a few of you who did a great job today. you are one of them and we appreciate what you did. thank you. i know ted cruz was great, and also this man, missouri senator josh hawley, who joins us now. senator, you equally had strong remarks, and going back to this case of this supervisor in the school and this memo about
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domestic terrorism for parents you said that all i can conclude is either you are not in control of your department or more likely i think to be the case is about a knew full well exactly what would happen, meaning the memo going after and targeting parents that are concerned about what is being taught in their kids schools. >> yeah, what we saw, sean, is the department of justice and federal prosecutors are already drawing up a list, 13 crimes on this one particular list, 13 crimes that parents could be charged with. these are federal crimes, by the way, sean, the attorney general standing up there and saying we are only concerned about justice, meanwhile his prosecutors are making lists of crimes parents could be charged with that have nothing to do with violence. one of them was making an annoying phone call to a school board member, that is on the list of something a parent could be charged with by a federal prosecutor. i mean, you talk about an attempt to chill speech, to shut down speech, that is it. >> sean: you made a good legal
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argument because the supreme court has been clear that the word -- with the word intimidation and with respect to the constitutional protection and that it directs a threat to a person with the intent of placing a victim in fear of bodily harm or death. these are parents saying no, we want age-appropriate information that is given to our kids. we don't want critical race theory. and we don't think parents speaking out ought to be labeled or looked at or investigated as domestic terrorists. >> parents have every right sean, to go to a school board meeting -- i've got three little kids of my own. they've got every right to go to a school board meeting and say "hey, i don't want my kids taught critical race theory, i don't want my kids forced into mask mandates or vaccine mandates" -- they can express their opinion on anything. they pay their taxes and our voters.
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the idea that the biden administration and merrick garland would weaponize the fbi against parents to try and silence speech, i mean, man that is a new low, not just for this administration but in american history. joe biden owns it merrick garland owns it, and i think history is going to remember them unkindly for it. more than that, i think the voters are going to remember them unkindly for it and express their views pretty soon. >> sean: we just got an internal memo within fox news from chad pergram, apparently joe biden is going to the capitol tomorrow for the democratic caucus meeting at 9:00 a.m. and the president headed to glasgow on the summit whatever energy summit or climate change summit, anyway so there is a push, there seems to be this intramural battle within democratic ranks, the progressive wing and then the less progressive wing, but it is a matter of degrees of socialism, right? it seems that they can't come to an agreement.
11:21 pm
it seems that they really want to spend trillions, and they don't have any means to pay for it. it seems the talking point, that 3.5 trillion will cost you zero has not gone particularly overwhelmed with the american people. where do you see this headed? >> well, i think the real problem here is the american people look at this and it is desperately unpopular. the american people look at what joe biden has given america runaway inflation, foreign policy that is in total shambles, a border that is a source of crime and drugs pouring across it, people can't get basic supplies, can't buy christmas gifts, can't get their car repaired, that is joe biden's america and now the democrats want to double down on it. it is so unpopular and some democrats in congress are starting to realize it. they are like, whoa, people don't want this, and yet other democrats want to drive it over the cliff. the american people don't want what they are selling. again, i think pretty soon the american people, whether
11:22 pm
virginia, here next week, the races to come, they are going to get weight in and send a loud message. >> sean: i'll ask you the last question i asked senator cotton. afghanistan disaster, border disaster, more people americans dead of covid this year than last year, inflation, the economy, giving up energy independence, hostile regimes russia, china, iran north korea, they don't seem intimidated by joe, ever think it could get this bad in ten months? >> no. but i tell you one thing he has been successful at, which is discrediting local liberalism for the joke that it is. the local liberals want to remake the society, they want to change america from top to bottom. they want to impose their value system on this country, economic socialism, hollow out the working class, and now biden expose that for what it is, a total and complete disaster. >> sean: great job today. a few of you did an amazing job. you did a great job, caught and
11:23 pm
did a job, cruz did a great job lindsey did great -- you are all great today. we need republicans to stand strong like this and united. and merrick garland should resign. we will see what happens. thank you, senator, appreciate it. when we come back, it appears progressives are all talk, no action bureau aoc, what happened? i thought you were going to be the great fighter clear. kevin mccarthy, congressman will join us next, and senator lindsey graham, will joe biden get his build back better new green deal socialism bill through? apparently is headed to capitol hill, have to get up really early tomorrow 9:00 a.m., straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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democrats self-imposed halloween deadline, still no houseboat insight for the $1.2 trillion so-called bipartisan infrastructure package, no deal on the massive build back better new green deal socialist spending orgy either, and the frustration, the inviting, the rage now hitting a boiling point, one moderate democrat telling fox news "it isat the effing progressives." n i guess now we have a moment to see, is the squad real or not real, what are they really made of? because they are losing almost everything they say they needed demanded, and wanted. now, is the progressive squad led by aoc all talk and no action? has aoc and the squad been rolled by pelosi and schumer and biden? because it looks that way. is it going to be okay with the squad that manchin and sinema have been getting all the attention of the democratic party leadership, in other words, aoc and the squad given up and become washington swamp creatures?
11:29 pm
they are allowing pelosi to stab them in the back? do they even know what is going on? because as it stands tonight everything they say they were going to fight for, the hill that they were going to die on is not happening. it is all falling apart. joe manchin has poured cold water on a scheme to tax the unrealized gains of billionaires and millionaires,re paid leave that's been scrapped, no agreement on medicare expansion or closing the medicaid gap. no consensus on the repeal of state and local taxes, no agreement on even a top line number. and we are still waiting to see whether democrats will try to sneak in amnesty through the backdoor.oc t earlier today, senator sinema senator manchin had a two hour meeting at the white house and their officials, but it is clear huge obstacles remain, far left progressives pointing the finger
11:30 pm
straight at the so-called moderates, who are pointing the finger right back at them. but it seems the most face time with biden and pelosi and schumer seem to be with the senators manchin and sinema. we are also learning tonight about biden's plan to include the elimination of cash bail and his so-called gender equity plan. eliminating cash bail for violent criminals and putting them back on the street? just like they did in new york and elsewhere, even as crime is rising? is this how democrats think what, we are going to have law and order and safety and security? it with reaction, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. well, i guess it didn't take long because i thought the squad, they claimed to be principled, and it looks like that pelosi, schumer, and biden have decided to go along with manchin and sinema, and they seem to be rolling over the squad and the squad seems to be allowing it, so i guess maybe they are all talk and no action congressman.
11:31 pm
>> i don't know. we will see tomorrow. the one thing, even when the president had a meeting up in delaware this weekend, he did not bring any progressives with him, it was manchin and sinema. the president coming back to the white house -- back to the capitol. the last time he did that, the democrats walked out demoralized. they said he couldn't answer the questions, he didn't inspire them. all he said was "we can get it done." he walked in to raise the white flag to say it is over, and said that both bills need to be passed together. they are doing it again tomorrow.ot i think the same thing is going to happen. they are going to walk out demoralized, fighting among themselves because their policiesal are wrong. think about this. they open up the border, so now they want amnesty. they create inflation, so now they want to make everything more expensive for every single american. they have overreaching big government, now they want 85,000 irs agents to spy on your bank accounts. this is what they want to go champion to the american public and could they bring the president into their district? his ratings are so low, they can bring the vice president, nobody can find her. and nancy pelosi,i, she has been
11:32 pm
on the farewell tour, a lame duck speaker, and probably going to walk away after she tries to put her members up on a vote that they know they will lose. >> sean: you know, you've been talking about, rightly so, about supply chain issues. we have all been talking about inflation. we have all been looking at the horrific state of the economy. everything we buy, everything we purchase we are paying more forr i think one of the great accomplishments of donald trump that he never got credit for was bringing this country into energy independence. the loww cost of energy reduced the cost of everything we purchase.en now, with joe biden, jen psaki admitting he is going to go to glasgow and begged opec to produce more energy yet again after they turned him down. now the question is, instead of begging opec, why doesn't he begged texas and oklahoma and north dakota and alaska? senator barrasso actually says we have more oil from putin than we are getting from alaska.
11:33 pm
why don't we look to our own resources and lower the price and increase the supply of energy up here? >> that is exactly what -- we can look to california to produce in my own district, as well, california more reliant on ecuador, 60%, getting foreign oil into california. we were energy independent remember what that means, the price of gasoline lower, now averaging over $3 a barrel. in california -- a gallon. in california, it is over $5. we have more americans working but also we were supplying the rest of the world, remember this, when the democrats shut down a pipeline, the safest best environmental way to remove petroleum, our natural gas, they shut down -- we now have russian natural gas coming into the east coast. american natural gas is 22% cleaner. why would we ever look to opec to answer our questions? why wouldn't we look to america? god has blessed us with the
11:34 pm
natural resources. why don't we utilize them? they are more environmentally sound, more american jobs are created and the world becomes safer when america leads. >> sean: will you please tell your counterpart in the senate mitch mcconnell, s when you happen to run into him to please stop caving and raising the debt ceiling after telling conservatives all across the country for two months that he would never, ever, ever go along with raising the debt ceiling? can you, i don't know, can you pass on c a little message from your friend sean? i appreciate it. >> i will pass on all your messages, sean, but the one thing i will tell you, the senate has been united. you watch with the senators did we are not raising this debtbt ceiling because we have a credit card already charged up and all they want to do is expand it further. why do we have inflation? the runaway, wasteful washington spending that the democrats have created. we've got to change the course of history here. >> sean: all right, leader mccarthy, thank you. now also tonight, hundreds of americans still trapped behind
11:35 pm
enemy lines in afghanistan abandoned by joe biden. we learned last weekend that there are hundreds of them still there.en they have been lying to us, all while he tries to act like this mess never even happened. he has turned the page. earlier today, lindsey graham grilled the attorney general on the terror threat created by this botched withdrawal. take a look.m >> every day, i am briefed by the fbi -- >> my question is specific. has anybody briefed you about the increased likelihood of an attack from afghanistan by isis or al qaeda because of our complete withdrawal? >> we are worried about the risk of attack -- >> it is one thing to be worried. has anybody told you the likelihood of an attack is greater because of our withdrawal or not? >> differing views about the degrees of likelihood, that doesn't changeif our posture. >> sean: here now, the senator from south carolina lindsey graham. senator, we learned this weekend
11:36 pm
that we abandon hundreds of americans, thousands of green card holders, and their families. they liedth to us. >> not only did they lied to us about the number of americans left behind, there is no plan to get them out. thank god for sean hannity to remind the american people that we have american citizens held by terrorists and we have thousands of afghans who thought along our side that are being abused as i speak, but here is what i want you to know. the worst is yet to come. you went down a laundry list of the last ten months, the parade of horribles, i'm here to tell you the worst is yet to come. when it comes to afghanistan the taliban has refused to help us with al qaeda al qaeda and isis. the attorney general is the only guy in town that doesn't understand the taliban being in charge of afghanistan makes a terrorist attack on our country more likely. everybody said that, and the attorney general apparently doesn't know that. so al qaeda and isis are roaming freely in afghanistan. our border is beyond open, and
11:37 pm
the attorney general went there last week and asked him, what was his reaction to the catch and release problem -- program that has led to the surge historic surge of illegal immigrants? he says, i t don't recall being told that. he would have you believe that he went to the border in arizona and nobody in the border patrol told him, oh, by the way, the catch and release policy counseling remained in mexico has led to a complete overrun of our border. >> sean: you ask him what he would tell people come into this country illegally, and he said i'd tell them not to come. here is the problem. our constitution -- and you are a lawyer, tell me where i am wrong here -- our rule of law is based on our constitution. and joe biden is picking and choosing what laws to enforce and not enforced. e and not only is he not enforcing the law at our border, he is aiding and abetting the lawbreaking, and he is making every excuse in the book for it. this is supposed to be our top law-enforcement official.
11:38 pm
now if he is not going to uphold the laws of the land, why is he in that job? >> well, number one, does he understand the nature of the problem? if you believe what he told me under oath, the border patrol never informed him, the remain in mexico policy worked and when it was change was being overrun if you believe what he said -- the taliban in charge of afghanistan puts us at risk. how can he not know these things? let me tell you, the worst is yet to come. we have no plan to turn things around in afghanistan. when ithi comes to the border, e stopped deportations. when it comes to inflation, we are about to pour gas on the fire. everything you catalogued as a problem is about to get worse and more than all others, school boards, fbi agents going after parents. a terrorist safe haven -- nobody is doing a damn thing about it.
11:39 pm
>> sean: i will close with this, you said biden's presidency is a disaster for america. as bad as i predicted, in "live free or die: america and the world on the brink," book i wrote for the first time in ten years, as bad as i thought it would be, itba is even worse. why is any disaster and what options do we have to fix it? >> in 2022, you can take the power away from the democrats in the house and the senate. in 2024, you can elect a new president. i wrote a piece today talking about thece last year. when trumpod was president, the lowest border crossings in history as a nation. now we have the largest. when trump was president, the taliban were not in charge counterterrorism force on the ground in afghanistan. everything biden has done has blown up in his face and the worst is yet to come. >> sean: a few mean tweets and some strength would be pretty goodod prescription right of borrow it now. thank you, senator. appreciated. when we come back, project veritas strikes again. a new tape that could be
11:40 pm
damaging for new jersey governor phil murphy. six days from now they have that gubernatorial election. by the way, if you are against vaccine mandates, you don't want to miss this tape. plus, the latest on the virginia gubernatorial race as we continue. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪ do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect...
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now an explosive ♪ ♪ >lo sean: now an explosive development tonight in the new jersey governor's race. six days from now, after project veritas appears to have caught democratic operatives admitting vaccine mandates are likely coming in the state but they won't announceic that until aftr the election. now, of course, we always let -- we report, you decide. here is the video for project, veritas. >> [speaking spanish]
11:45 pm
>> sean: now murphy's team is trying to say that they "this video does not in any way -- does not depict any member of the administration or anyone involved in public health policy." but are they associated with a campaign completely? they don't want to answer that question. the governor's office cannot speak to the video anyone involved, the administration neverny had planned or nor is it making plans for a blanket covid-19 vaccine.
11:46 pm
oh, like pelosi said and fauci said and biden said, and then they did anyway? you remember the woman you just on the video, she is a paid advisor for the campaign. we also reached out to her. we have not heard yet. here with reaction to this former attorney general pam bondi along with leo 2.0 terrell. pam, oh, she is just associatedd with the campaign, not part of the campaign but just associated, speaks for the campaign and is part of it, so she knows nothing and we don't like her anymore. >> yeah, she knows exactly what she is talking about and legally of course this is a dream case of government overreach, and it is a drastic power grab, and we are looking closely at america first policy institute, sean, at all of these cases, and you knoi what she said? we need to win first. that is all they care about, and then they are goingat to destroy all these small businesses trying to fight back after covid. that is what they care about: winning and then shutting their state down again. hey, everybody, move to florida. >> sean: that is actually a
11:47 pm
great point.t. and then he even admitted at one point, well, if you are against higher taxes, new jersey is not your state. i'm like, okay,ew why don't we just put up a signut saying if u like living in government lower taxes and less regulation, leave the state. that is a great state motto leo. >> i'll tell you, sean, it is very scary. new jersey -- listen to me. you don't want to make the same mistake as we did in california. we are a blue state. it is terrible here with new jersey, murphy's people are lying to you. they don't respect your liberty they don't respect your freedom. you do not want to turn into another california. homelessness, mandates, they are after your kids, you are right pam is absolutely right. florida is the model. independent republicans, do r nt vote for murphy. you do not want another california on the east coast. >> sean: great point. last 30 seconds, pam.
11:48 pm
>> yeah, it is unbelievable sean, what he is doing, and again, win at all costs. people, is that the governor you want to be there, who is going to keep saying that? and these businesses have got to get back in business. it is illegal to do that, yet he doesn't care, he just cares about winning. >> sean: all right, pam bondi thank you. leo, thank you. coming up, santann fe district attorney says criminal charges have not been ruled out in the cinematographer killed on the set of alec baldwin's movie "rust." what does that r mean for him? straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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11:53 pm
the sheriff specified that one of the guns was a nonfunctioning firearm, and according to the district attorney, criminalre charges are in fact on the table. here with reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with weapons expert bryan carpenter. is that normal, to have live ammunition on the set like that and as many incidents as we have been able to chronicle with people fearing the environment on the set, is that normal, too bryan? >> no, a live round anywhere near a set, as i've said previously, would be the nuclear option, the worst possible scenario, never to be anywhere near b that. when you have complaints like that from cast and crew of a show that is run normally, it would be addressed by the producers. there would be, obviously department head meetings where they would sit down and ascertain what is going on here why are we having these problems, and what can we do to put a stop to it?
11:54 pm
prior to moving forward at all. >> sean: i was trained, my parents for law enforcement gregg, as you know, my mom was a prison guard and since a young kid i was trained in firearm safety. if i was in charge of a weapon on a site, there would be no access to live ammunition by anybody at any time on that set. and i would never have a bullet a live bullet out there available for anyone to get near or to touch, even if -- i doubt they would even bring it on the set.e >> yeah, but this appears to bea a movie set out of control, run amok with acts of gross negligence and recklessness. somebody died as a result. justme take a look at this list. a young novice desired to be the armor, she has self-doubts and says she is still learning. there is, as you point out, live ammunition on the set where there shouldn't be. a targete. shooting taking place at tin cans, that is absolutely forbidden.
11:55 pm
guns were not properly checked and secure. there were two accidental gun discharges on the set before the fatal shooting. the assistant director was fired from another film for a gun mishap that injured a crew member. he admitted toap police in this case, he failed to fully check the gun, anti-shouldn't have been touching the gun at all. the assistant director as well as the armorer are most at risk for criminal charges, but so is alec baldwin because he was not just an actor relying on assurances, no, he was in on location producer. with that added responsibility comes an added duty to protect the safety of the crew. failure to do so is a crime. it is called involuntary manslaughter. >> sean: it seems like a lot had gone on leading up to this and none of it created a safe environment for a firearm. thank you both. when we come back, mayor lori lightweight is tonight's villain of the day. we will tell you why next. ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
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>> chicago mirror lori lightweight mercilessly booed by a group of union workers. take a look. [boos] >> that's all the time we have left. in the meantime, not let your heart be troubled, lori ingram introduces us to the puppy tonight. >> laura: hello. could you get a return so you can see the dog? i mean, this is -- speak out there's like a 10-second delay. i'll see it in a second. >> laura: this isn't really working if you can't see her. >> that is a cute dog. what's the dog's name? >> laura: is away. although you called her billy in a very gender confused manner
12:01 am
the other day.


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