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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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read. >> bret: thank you. tomorrow on "special report" we will debut the new fox news polling on the virginia's governor race. last time have the likely voter polls before the election next tuesday. we are following this race closely and also new jersey as well. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones. >> great show as always. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime," i'm lawrence jones. tonight we start on capitol hill where merrick garland was grilled by the senate. the a.g. was in the hot seat over his doj memo targeting parents who are concerned with their kids' education. last week it was a bill the source for garland's memo was a letter from the national school board's association. it warned that some type of uptick in violence at board meetings. we didn't see it though, watch. >> when did you first review the data showing this so-called disturbing uptick? >> so i read the letter and we
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have been seeing over time threats. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. i didn't ask you so you read the letter, that's your source? >> so, let me be clear, this is not a prosecution or. >> is there some study, some earth some investigation that someone did that says there has been disturbing uptick or did you take the word of the national school board association. >> lawrence: the letter refers to american moms and dads as domestic terrorists because they wanted to protect their kids. realizing the mistake the walked back the letter. this time a.g. garland refused to follow their lead. >> from october the 22nd, the national school board association apologized for its letter. why didn't you rescind that memorandum and apologize for your -- for the memorandum? >> responsibility of the justice department as i said in my opening is protecting americans from violence and threats of violence. >> protecting america. so that's a sorry but not a sorry from our attorney general.
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garland said he was concerned with protecting americans from threats of violence but what violence is he worried about? what incidents does he cite in the memo or the letter that was sourced the letter. ted cruz sought to find those answers, watch. >> how many incidents are cited in that memo? how many of them were violent, do you know? >> i don't know. >> you don't know. there is a reason you don't know. because you didn't care and nobody in your office cared to find out during this hearing i counted 20 incidents cited of the 20, 15 on their face are nonviolent. >> lawrence: it's clear the a.g. doesn't really care about threats. he sees this as an opportunity to silence opponents of the administration this sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it? remember this exchange from garland's confirmation hearing? >> under the obama administration, the irs targeted the political opponents of the president. it targeted conservatives for their speech. will you commit as attorney general that you will not allow
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the department of justice to be used to target those who are perceived as political opponents because they are political opponents? >> absolutely. i will not. >> so that was clearly a lie. but garland just following the lead of eric holder and using the department of justice to squash political dissent. maybe if the a.g. considered the ramifications of his memo, he would consider walking it back. >> did you consider. >> i do not. >> the chilling effect that this sort of threat of federal prosecution would have on parents exercise of their constitutional rights to be involved in their children's education? >> i don't believe it's reasonable to read this memorandum as chilling anyone's rights. >> lawrence: but it looks like this was the goal of the memo the whole time. the shutdown political dissent and silence parents. it seems we have another attorney general using the justice department for political gain. and this guy was almost a supreme court justice. joining me now dan bongino, host of "unfiltered" on saturdays.
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he is fired up. dan, first they told us that this was not happening. and then they have to confess and say well this is happening on colleges but really not in the classroom. then we found out in loudoun county when the parents discovered it was happening and stormed the school board meetings to protest, they made them sign nda agreements when they wanted to see the curriculum. and then find out the fbi was targeting the parents. they keep spinning on this issue. and we have an attorney general that's backing this mob. >> you know what this reminds me of, lawrence? it reminds me of one of those 1960s like red scare movies about like this is what the soviet union does. don't let this come here. except that it actually came here. think about what you just said like that story you just told actually happened, right? that the child was raped in the bathroom, we now know because there have been deals-judicial deals indicate the father is then targeted by people on the school board, they try to silence, and then they cite an
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incident at the school, that day and the incident is the father understandably upset that his daughter was attacked in the bathroom was an incident this father here complaining about his daughter being attacked? that happened in this country, listen, garland itch to vent on this because i go to sleep early and i have to go to sleep soon -- no, i'm serious. i saw you on the fox doing our pitch meeting you dress sharp even in your down clothes. i told you i'm really pissed let me roll on this for a second. let me be clear the fbi has about 13,000 special agents, right in the nypd alone has about three times that many cops just in new york city. not even in the state of new york. so there is a very limited workforce in the fbi. and merrick garland, the disgraceful human being sitting in the attorney general's office, thought it would be a good idea with these scarcely limited fbi assets to target what, lawrence, china?
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intellectual property theft? no, maybe al-qaeda, no, not that. aqap? maybe afghanistan the lack of vetting on the refugees maybe some people may have slipped into the country? >> nope, none of that maybe financial crimes, lawrence? bank robberies, what about that? none of that, no, let's target parents for school kids and by the way, one more thing here, i'm not done yet, one more thing, just to be clear, blm and antifa, burned down american cities. caused billions of dollars in damage. disrupt our economy for months, they burned down a courthouse or burned significant portions of it in portland, right, and by the way just the other day the department of the interior gets attacked, and where is the fbi on that is the answer is who the hell knows because merrick garland is focused on joey bag of donuts parents in the mid of east tuna fish ohio who shows up to his school board meeting and says hey, listen, i don't think you should be teaching my kid
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racism training in school. that's what i call freakin' priorities, man. that's why this country is falling apart. >> because of dip wads like that who can't get their heads surgically removed from their rumps and do what's right for the country instead of what's right for politics. sorry. i feel. >> lawrence: no, don't apologize. you took the audience. i think there is something very great and telling that you talked about when it came down to that school board meeting. what the audience may not know is that there was a memo from the superintendent of the school board and the board pretended to be crazy at their school board meeting. they acted like they didn't know what was going on at that time. so, not only do you have sexual assault that is being covered up, but whether you have the dad that comes to the school board meeting to petition them on sexual assault. by the way i don't understand what the fbi, know what the fbi did with sexual assault. they haven't been able to figure out the guy did with the olympics, and they didn't take
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that investigation serious. so we have this school board meeting and the school board members pretend like they had no cool commented these people are. i don't understand candidly how the fbi is not investigating that whole operation. >> there you go. >> right, lawrence? that sounds to me like a conspiracy cover up and there were overt acts to engage in the violation of people's civil rights. i thought that was the kind of thing we cared about. i mean, this -- listen, man, this country's soul is lost. not that we can't save it i'm not an optimist but i'm a real list. got blessed which place. there we never should have beat the brits, never should have won the war of 1812. still the richest country on earth. i have got to tell you a lot of really stupid dumb ases in charge right now. who are doing everything in this power to rip this place from the
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ground will root and branch and burn it to the ground. they are trying their hardest and the one good piece of good news about this is parents have had enough. we won, on the school board thing. and i many hoping it's just a matter of days before this embarrassment of an attorney general. is forced to rescind this ridiculous divisive entirely unnecessary memo. >> i have got to let did you go but i have got get your reaction to this. you have known me since i was 19 years old and i have been a libertarian for a while. the people that voted for this guy, in an effort for bipartisan, 20 republicans voted for this guy to be the attorney general because he is a moderate and let's bring the country together. meanwhile, is he targeting you. >> yeah. well, those 20 republicans, i want you to remember dan bongino's golden rule, you will never be disappointed if you remember this don't forget the rule. most republicans are really democrats up on capitol hill.
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but no democrats are really republicans. you remember that you will never be disappointed and you will see why 20 people voted for this failure sitting in the attorney general's office. >> dan bongino, got to catch his show. it's on saturday. thanks, dan. >> thanks buddy, good to talk to you. >> lawrence: you bet. now it wasn't just the two senators from texas bringing the heat. arkansas senator tom cotton let the a.g. know how he feels, watch. >> it's a shamable. this testimony. your directive your performance is shameful. thank god you ought to resign it's disgraceful. >> tom cotton joins us from the great state of arkansas. is he here with us. senator, i want to pick up where dan bongino left off. you weren't one of those 20 to vote for this guy to be the attorney general. why didn't you -- to be the attorney general why didn't you do that? >> thank god merrick garland is
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not on the supreme court because he has revealed himself to be a total idealogue. and i expected he would be that joe biden nominated him to provide cover for the department of justice to be deeply politicized and even weaponized against the american people. look at this directive in which he sicked feds on parents simply going to school boards to express their dissatisfaction with kids being indoctrinated or look at what happened in loudoun county, virginia. a father whose daughter had been raped. raped, by a boy wearing girl's clothes in the bathroom and had that rape covered up by the woke school board they wanted to pass a transgender all things. he was held up poster boy so-called domestic terrorist parents school board meetings. we now know it was all a cover up the department of justice relied on the false allegations from the school board sonks. letter rescinded its letter and
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apologized for it yet, merrick garland won't even apologize to that father and his victimized daughter. will not even rescind the directive sick the feds. i got news for him. every parent in america. if they are dissatisfied with their school board should go and make their voices heard and if merrick garland's feds show up they can tell merrick garland's feds they can stick it you know, senator and i appreciate your comments. i think it's time to have a real conversation republicans. the authority of the state. it just seems like they have way too much power. you have got-guy running for governor in virginia that says parents shouldn't be involved with their kids' education. and then you have got a doj targeting parents. got attorney general that pretends like he doesn't have a clue and he has been a judge for years. he couldn't answer the question that you and your colleagues provided for him today but i have got to going to take real leadership and it starts with the republicans because the democrats just aren't going to
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do it. >> you know, one thing that you could do if you are watching, especially if you are watching in virginia is get out in the next six days and vote for glenn youngkin. terry mcauliffe has said he does not think parents should be involved in their kids' education. terry mcauliffe strongly supports joe biden and merrick garland's. go vote for glenn youngkin in the next six days if you are not, maybe go his website. pitch him some money, call friends or email them in virginia. tell them this is vital that we send a strong message to terry mcauliffe and merrick garland and joe biden that parents should be involved in their kid's education. they have every right to do so. they shouldn't have the attorney general of the united states singing the feds on them. >> you know, it's not just that. it is the local races as well. part of the reason why the democrats have so much control is because they have control of all the seats on the local level. republicans have to be there. and so i look forward to them showing up for the fight. thanks so much, senator, thanks
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for your leadership. coming up, democrats think this is going to win them the governor's race in virginia. seriously? next i hope he brought his dancing. that's next. ♪ when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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>> lawrence: welcome back, the governor's race in virginia is coming down to the wire. the polls show that terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin neck and neck come down to black voter turnout. democrats are getting nervous so they are bringing out the big guns to campaign like obama, camera and even stacey abrams and pharrell williams with hopes sway black voters. if that doesn't work maybe mcauliffe will win the vote with ridiculous dance moves.
4:20 pm
look at this. unbelievable. joining us now to react brother and my friend and friend of this show. now, when you see come out they are pandering to black voters. >> absolutely pandering to black voters. i'm laughing than to keep from crying at the state of our nation under democratic leadership. the reality they trodded out the usual suspects. they had obama, you know. respect him as father, cool. that's great. and to be anticipated, right? then you going to go get pharrell because everybody is happy. americans are not happy. black americans are not happy at what's going on right now. everybody here that's listening right now is very upset. every time they pump their gas. this is under this leadership. and tap dancing for some more democratic leadership in state like virginia, right, tap
4:21 pm
dancing and just showing hey, blacks, we care about you, we are smiling. people are losing their jobs, pushing mandates, telling people they don't have personal and jihadi choice to make health decisions for themselves. all is good because biden is in there and they tap dancing for massa. >> i will tell you, maj i was at a diner earlier this week speaking with a lady nonpartisan person. lawrence, part of the reason i'm so upset i'm losing my business because of the biden administration. i can't get workers and get my products. i can't make money. that's simple for black voters to insult us by dancing and thinking that's going to get us to vote for you, i just think that tells you about the democratic party. >> because we don't hold them to task and we have to. my hood, hoods across america. the relates is this the same administration when the previous administration was getting ready and gave a bunch of money to historically black colleges and
4:22 pm
universities, along with great folks doing the work behind the scenes as well. this is the administration that promised money education for black vehicle folks that snatched about 30 billion away from it. these guys are liars. par for the course and showing you. they don't have to change. they don't have to change. if the black vote continues to go 90% in the clip in a direction that has not been productive for us for generations, they can continue to spit in the face of supreme black conservatives like frederick douglass. like harriet tubman. they can continue to do that unless we change. they showing black people exactly who they are and exactly who they have been. good old joe. good old joe lock up the blacks and dance while it's getting done. >> lawrence: let's bring it on home because i fail to believe that 90% of black folks would continue to vote for democrats if republicans showed up in the community and made the case. i mean, if you can't sell freedom i stay all the time then why are you even in this fight? >> yeah.
4:23 pm
it's two things to that. one, yes, 100 percent agreed. huge shouts to folks like kimberly klacik doing renaissance. huge shouts to people like yourselves on fox's platform taking these types of risks. having me on. i'm surprised they haven't canceled me off fox yet. huge shouts to people addressing that. at the same time huge elephant in the room that nobody wants to look at. they lie and the election was stolen. that's the reality of the situation. nobody wants to talk about the reality of what is going on in arizona. you guys know that. okay? i don't care about getting canceled. i'm in the hood anyway. it doesn't matter. but the reality is it's both of that republicans have to do more to address these communities because nobody in the hood is happy right now. it's a lay-up. biden alley-oop all day. >> lawrence: maj, thanks, brother appreciate it. >> appreciate you. thanks. >> lawrence: hundreds of americans are stranded in afghanistan. don't worry, our state department has something better to do. what could it be?
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>> lawrence: welcome back. we don't know how many citizens are stranded in average. likely in the hundreds. you think joe biden's state department would be doing everything they can to bring them home. that's the right thing to do of course. you would be wrong. instead, focusing on something way more important than americans. passport for gender neutral americans. the state department has officially issued the first gender x passport. the u.s. special diplomatic envoy for lbgtq rights jessica give gender neutral americans more respect. what about the americans left behind? that's the real question. joining me now is kayleigh mcenany, former white house press secretary and author of the upcoming book for such a time as this you should get that along with ohio republican congressman jim jordan. congressman, i will start off with you. look, i don't care about
4:30 pm
passports. put whatever you want on the passport. what i do care about is the american people that were left behind and the people that we pledged a commitment to. >> yeah. and other issues as well. we got a border in chaos. we have crime that's increasing in every major urban area. we have record inflation. we have a department of justice going after moms and dads who speak out for their kids at school board meetings. and, yet, at the state department, that left americans behind and handled this debacle that was the afghanistan exit is concerned about gender identity on passports. it makes absolutely no sense. it's why the american people are so frustrated but i think this and a host of other things are why you are seeing this turn around and a focus on freedom and focus on things that matter measure people are going to speak up loud hand clear virginia and new jersey and next fall in the elections. >> lawrence: cailee, i want to go to you. you knew the former president
4:31 pm
donald trump. on emotion. we can talk about the issues that matter to people on the day-to-day basis. >> i can't imagine the former president of the united states allowing americans to be left behind. i mean, rappers that didn't even like him from countries. >> he would have never left americans behind we had a phrase lawrence, lee no man behind, we left hundreds behind not only that the state department is either lying or misleading us. 100, 363, now 450. i don't understand how it keeps getting revised upward you are exactly right. i don't think we know the true number. president trump would have never done this. he also, obama, you remember, lawrence, last week, he said that the right focus is on fake trump wanted up culture wars. yonks, a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in the girls bathroom in virginia. >> there was a guilty verdict
4:32 pm
this week. the left focused on culture wars gender x passports. critical race theory in our military. that's not what americans care about. they do care about, i agree with jim jordan education and we are going to see next tuesday in virginia we might all be surprised with who wins that. >> you are so right, we have been covering, i have been in lowden talking to the parents on the ground. that will change the verdict of that election. i didn't think had a shot before then these parents are fired up. jim jordan, i want to go to you. i think is important. one other talking point from the white house, i haven't seen anybody challenge them on this. they continue to say that every american that wanted to leave afghanistan had that opportunity. do we know that to be true? no one is challenging them on that. >> no, i don't think we do. i would point this out, too. it wasn't just that americans were left behind. 13 americans gave their life one of them, mack matt was from the 13th district of ohio. 13 americans gave their life.
4:33 pm
hundreds were left behind buildings of dollars of equipment and weapons were left behind as well. donald trump would never have allowed that to happen. we know that. and the american people instinctively know that that is the difference. again, i think the american people are so fed up with all the bologna and ridiculous things they have seen 10 months of joe biden and democrats running our federal government. they are not longer going to stand for this reclaim their freedom and speak out loud and clear. >> lawrence: i got to ask you this, kayleigh. do you think there should be an investigation into this special interest group. coordinated in the white house. end up coordinating with the doj. they didn't want to go on the record. the attorney general didn't want to go on the record when senators asked him that today. do you think there should be an investigation kayleigh? >> oh, certainly. yeah, the national school board association telling the biden administration what do do we know they knew about the letter before it was sent. we had the teacher's union dictating cdc guidelines.
4:34 pm
we know the president of the nsda was then appointed to the a position within the department of education. if you don't see the nefarious nebulous ties here between these unions and the biden administration leading calling domestic terrorists. there should 100 percent be an investigation. i will defer to the congressman on that. >> lawrence: congressman, what are you guys going to do about this? this audience is furious. >> we starterred it. we did an alert to the attorney general yesterday. auto got another letter going to the school board association today. understand what happened. kayleigh has been around this town and so have you lawrence. less than 24 hours after we have merrick garland in front of the committee last week what did the national school board association do? issued an apology. we regret and apologize for our letter. we apologize for the strain and stress this caused the state and local school board association. they apologized twice in the same paragraph. that never happens. that's why we have got to. >> it doesn't.
4:35 pm
congressman, i'm with you. i have got to run and i support the letter. it's going to take more than letters, we need accountability. and republicans get in control to do something about. i think we are frustrated with the talk back and forth the letters being sent with letterhead. i don't think they mean anything, congressman. thank you so much. kayleigh, congressman, thank you so much for coming on the program. coming up, the caravans are coming. our own griff jenkins is with them every step of the way, hey, griff, where are you? >> hey, lawrence, this caravan is growing, show nothing signs of slowing down. we have brand new numbers. you will be stunned at the number of children in this caravan. that's coming up on prime time when we come back. ♪
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4:41 pm
business. i remember when i was there at the border when the haitian population was coming across and the mexican officials pushed the haitians into the united states. it seems like there is a different response running straight through them. what do you know to be true? >> lawrence, listen. this caravan is so unique. when i went down to panama a week and a half ago, i saw tens of thousands of haitians. when i got here to mexico, i expected to see thousands of haitians in a caravan. but, instead, it's not. i have never seen a caravan and i covered the one two years ago that went all the way from san paid degrees, honduras to guatemala to mexico across from eagle pass, texas where governor abbott has fortified defenses on the line so to say this. caravan is made up of at least 20 different countries. i have met people from central america that northern triangle. honduras, guatemala, el
4:42 pm
salvador, south america, venezuela, brazil, chile. i have met people from cuba there are haitians in here there are also people from china. from nigeria, from angola from african countries. this is the most diverse caravan yet, and organizers told me today, lawrence, that this caravan is 4,000 strong but he said they should have called it the children caravan because there are some 1,256 children under the age of 7 they count. there is more than 400 between the ages of 7 and 18. and they think there is approximately 100 babies under the age of 1. there are 65 pregnant women. three of whom we know are more than 8 months pregnant. this is a diverse caravan that has a lot of children and that is making it very difficult for them to travel. now, where i'm standing now, and in mexico, i'm 36 miles north of tapachula where we started.
4:43 pm
they have only made it 36 miles. two years ago there were 200 because they could ride on the back of trucks because mexican nationals would give them hitchhikes. but they can't do that now. it's against the law for them to do it. at the rate we are at now, they are not even going to be in mexico city until mid november but yet while the mexican officials the foreign minister tries to discourage them, telling them they are not going to be successful. they are not stopping. i watched them charge through a check point today, lawrence? >> lawrence: wow, griff. excellent report as usual. you stay safe out there, brother. here now to react representative brian donalds of florida, congressman, thanks so much for joining me today. you just heard griff's report. and you heard about the kids. and we have so much compassion for those kids. you are a father. i have a god baby and if anything ever happened to her i would be furious. we have to have a real conversation with the kids. the kids are the ticket. they want title 42. they know if they bring kids across the border they are not going to separate them. give them a notice to appear and
4:44 pm
send them right in the country. and most of these folks don't show back up to court. >> listen, this is a complete travesty that's going on. of all the failures of joe biden during his brief presidency, this might be the biggest. why? because we are allowing children to be trafficked by the coyotes, by the drug cartels. through south america. this is outrageous. and as much as they like to talk about how they want to do everything for the kids and the next generation. allowing them to go on arduous journey where so many of them frankly are being preyed upon. young girls are being sold into sex slavery, all this is happening because of joe biden's weak policy at the southern border. frankly his non-policy at the southern border. it's outrageous. and nobody should be supportive of this. it's a humanitarian crisis. it is a child crisis. and it is created by joe biden. >> there is no tears at the border. i mean, you are so right, congressman. people want to separate. it is a criminal enterprise. and by that i mean the people
4:45 pm
got to pay across. caravan q.r. codes. paying the cartels as well to cross. plus you have the drugs coming across. d.a. estimates 40% of the drugs coming across the border is laced. that's what we have in the united states right now. then you have the smuggling and sex slavery that these kids and adult are going through. you can't separate it it's one issue, congressman. >> it is all one issue. i want to talk to all the mothers of america. i want them to all understand one thing. it is not possible for children to traverse mexico and the other countries south of mexico without the aid of the drug cartels and the coyotes. that is what is happening. the only reason it is allowed to prosper, frankly, for those criminal enterprises is because of our weak policy at the southern border. there is nothing humane about this, lawrence. we have to uphold our laws. we must secure the border that is the most humane thing for these children because they will
4:46 pm
be put on this arduous trek, this arduous journey if they know that they will not be allowed to enter our country illegally. >> lawrence: something got to give, congressman. you know, you get weak policies from a weak president. and that's all i got say about that. thanks so much, congressman for coming on the program. last night we told you how kamala harris is tired of working on the border and how she wants a better portfolio and can you blame her? she just saw the caravan of migrants marching toward america. who wants to deal with that? but have no fear, reverend al is here. that's right al sharpton is taking his bull horn to washington to tell good old joe to build back better with kamala. in an interview sharpton says he will tell biden he wants to see kamala being used more effectively. are you kidding me? somehow sometimes less is more. joe con chat hill media columnist and kira davis is the host of just listen to yourself podcast and both of them are good friends. kara, i'm going to go to you first. everything that the president
4:47 pm
gives kamala, she fails at. why divif her more? maybe she needs to back off a little bit. >> i don't understand why anyone is giving kamala or not giving kamala anything. isn't she like one of the most powerful people in the world? >> lawrence: true. >> i would be grossly insulted if my pastor and my boss met without me to discuss ways that i could do my job better. i mean, what -- how insulting and i don't understand here's what i think, lawrence, i think kamala has the worst advisers in the world maybe only parallelled by joe biden. how do you think that gives you any kind of position of power to send this grifter in to negotiate for you for your job when you are the vice president of the united states? just pick a job and do. can't do the job she h i'm with you. i can't imagine how this helps to have al sharpton marching up to the white house and bossing
4:48 pm
joe biden around. >> lawrence: i'm always surprised by this by camera, the first candidate out of the primary. democrat voters rejected her. i don't understand why there is a entire group of people that is pulling for her to be the face of the democratic party. because we already know we may not see joe biden on the next ticket, right? >> great point. she supposed to be plan b. i love how she is called 2020 presidential candidate. good point, lawrence. she didn't get to 2020. didn't get to iowa because she was polling so poorly. should the vice president show she could do one job well before given more jobs in this situation? because 23% of americans approve of the way the crisis that is a catastrophe is being handled at the southern border. you will never guess who was put in charge of that. as you said before and by the way it's not frank harris it's kamala harris and see it firsthand, and you have spoken to border patrol and hear the same thing. we are getting no help from washington. the president and v.p. do not
4:49 pm
care. here is sharpton saying give her more responsibility. maybe we could put her in charge of a crime task force how does that sound to reverse skyrocketing violent crime in american cities. that's right, she advocated a bail fund for rioters in minneapolis. one man who got out has since been charged with murder. i guess that's out. look, she hasn't done a one-on-one interview with any major entity in nearly 140 days, the vip, the vp here she is completely mia and that's lol and except it's really not. because she is as visible at this point as michael avenatti these days. so, yeah, the reverend think she's should have more responsibility? i don't think so. >> lawrence: kara, part of the things that is the biggest problem is they are bringing all these consultants in. i can give you advice, give a damn. show up and do your job. fix the issues and then go up in the polls. >> right. i'm not sure what the end game was here when they brought kamala to the white house, but i mean, at the end of the day, i
4:50 pm
wouldn't put this woman in charge of my grocery shopping let alone any major issues. i'm trying to imagine what negotiations al sharpton is making with the biden administration to negotiate on her behalf. if you have got to send in a guy like al sharpton whose job is literally to sell favoritism. it's literally to sell favors, that's a big indication that you are really not cutting it at your job. >> lawrence: i would tell you, this kira, you may not have groceries for her to pick up. >> i do like bacon. >> lawrence: kira and joe thank you very much. don't go anywhere, the mandate called triple j. johnny joey jones going on the clock next. bogeys on your six, limu.
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: all right, a few minutes left in the show, time for triple jay, johnny joey jones on the clock, four
4:56 pm
stories, 60 seconds, let the emojis be our guide. so upset with the state of the planet that they have been starving outside the white house for over a week now demanding government action. just to be clear, no one is forcing them to do this, but still cnn reporter bill weir said even donnie never had to deal with these things activists are facing. really? >> yeah, listen, i hate it for them, i really do, they are out there and people are eating doughnuts in front of them, heckling them, it is a terrible life. buy them a meal and talk to them like a normal human being, maybe they can educate me on what climate change is all about, but i tell you if you stand out there and act like a crazy person and now you have people on cnn saying they are sacrificing more than gandhi, i'm just not sure any of us have an appetite. >> lawrence: i'll go talk with them, but i'm bringing food, as well. they are welcome to join me, but
4:57 pm
if they don't, they'll starve. moving on, if the hunger strike in d.c. doesn't convince you that something needs to be done about climate change, maybe this message from the u.n. will. watch. >> listen up, people. you are headed for a climate disaster and yet every year governments spends hundreds of millions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies. imagine if we spent hundreds of billions per year subsidizing meteors. >> lawrence: who invited dinosaurs to the u.n.? >> it is about as relevant as most people who speak at the u.n. did steven spielberg direct this one? it is right up there with the last couple of "jurassic park" movies that have bombed. i don't know fossil fuels and meteors hitting the earth and climate change -- they are stretching a little far here. i will tell you this, though, when it comes to being a raptor, there is a ford raptor, a pretty cool truck, it burns a lot of fossil fuel but a little more
4:58 pm
relevant to this conversation, may be. >> lawrence: i think it is pretty relevant. it is our show, we can do what we want uruguay california man said he spends $154 on food each year. according to a magazine, he has been doing this since 2014 and has eaten about 2,000 meals at the park. he saved just pay off his student loans, got married, and bought a house. i think this guy is smart. >> no, you know, i applaud him. he made a plan, he stuck to it. but you can find food other than six flags, ramen noodles, easy max, mom's kitchen, go home and see mom every now and again, sht charge. that is a lot of work to go all the way to six flags, a theme park that is really not a great impart to be added at the beginning, i wish they would charge -- last time i wast
4:59 pm
six flags, they would not let me eat at the carousel -- disney will spin me for loops and loops and not think twice about it. get some rides, man. >> lawrence: you may have started a movement i can get on board with. all right, last topic. halloween is this weekend, so let's see how accurate this candy map is. it says the favorite halloween candy for texas as starbursts, that is a lie, and your home state of georgia, swedish fish. >> no way. what are you talking about, swedish fish? are most popular halloween candy is whatever the dollar store has on sale. that's how it rolls in georgia. we like reese's cups, if we are going for gummy as we go for a sour patch kids, which is the favorite of coach kirby smart for the georgia bulldogs. on that topic, go braves, we have a game tonight, going to take care of the houston astra, i'm going to get the tomahawk
5:00 pm
chop in. he >> lawrence: good luck to you guys. i'm a texan, i'm going with the snickers. brother, thank you so much for being on the program. have a good night. thank you so much for watching "fox news primetime." i'm lawrence jones. i will be cohosting "fox & friends" tomorrow, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. eastern. tucker carlson is up next. see you! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy wednesday. we want to take you back a couple of februaries a go, not too long ago but a different time. february 2019, an american c17 cargo jet takes off from air force base florida bound for south america. the media are covering this and it is a big story. inside the plane, pallets of wheelchairs and crutches -- these are gifts the people of


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