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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 27, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> yes. i'm worried about giving away the farm. todd: wow, efficient do. not mess with a doctor named congresswoman mayor netanyahu miller-meeks. jillian: thank you for joining us, ladies. we appreciate your time have. a good day. have a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ >> todd: president biden can't stop talking about a former president while stumping for terry mcauliffe. >> doesn't want to talk about donald trump anymore. i do. donald trump, trump, donald trump. donald trump. >> this is a candidate running scared very scared and with good reason. >> today get an update on the investigation into the deadly shooting on the set of the movie rust. >> witnesses are cooperating so far. no charges have been filed. >> fda advisory panel is recommending pfizer vaccine designed for children. >> we are never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless start giving it. >> that's why got to respect
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parents who are not comfortable with the risks of the vaccine. >> kamala harris reportedly upset, not an all star portfolio. >> recall upset border czar that's a tough job she wants to do the easy stuff. >> this someone a lock into left and gone. 5-0 atlanta what start to for game one for the braves ♪ oh, sometimes, i get a good feeling. ♪ ♪ brian: great job by the atlanta braves. they are not letting injuries slow them down as it looks like game one in houston. the best of seven straight ahead. let me just bring this up in the tunnel 2 towers jones concert. six hour concert. they were out standing.
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ainsley: in the rain. brian: didn't rain on them, it rained on us. and the bay flooded into the stage. ainsley: should have about bought a box, brian. brian: i don't know if there is a box. steve: i don't think it's they one person. people people people behind him. seems like everybody. ainsley: how about that game last night the braves won there in houston and the pitcher, he used to play for the astros and one of his form everywhere teammates hit the ball 96 mile-per-hour ball and hit him in the leg broke his fibula went on to get three more outs. steve: it was rough. he will be out for the entire rest of the series. let's bring in will cain outside minute maid park in houston after the braves beat the astros game one. >> good morning to you, it's a good morning for georgians. good morning to all the atlanta fans who came all the way here to houston because they came away with a victory and it was sealed almost right off the bat. first inning, third pitch, jorge
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right out of the park. and then it was the braves' night from then on out. braves won 6-2. took game one. i think the astros are still confident. manager says we know how to hit our bats come alive. it's not over yet. just a good start for the braves. >> it was a good start for the braves and, you know, will, the fact that they did not play the game, the all-star game in atlanta and soon they will be heading back there for a lot of people in georgia it's like okay, we're eventually going to get the big game after all. brian: vendors will be happy. will: yeah. what a predicament for commissioner and what a predicament for major league baseball. hard to be consistent. sweet irony that they will be hosting at least three world series games or two. three games after yanking the
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all-star game out of georgia. if it's anything in atlanta like it was in houston it will be party. everyone, braves fans, astro fans having a good time starting 4:00 p.m. yesterday. ainsley: watching game 2 tonight on fox 8:00 p.m. eastern time. if you are in texas that's obviously 7:00 central time. brian: one of the first things i did was cover the world series for fox in '97. >> seems like a long time ago, okay turns out it is. the marlins played against cleveland. what's the difference between florida and cleveland in the fall? steve: about 100 degrees. brian: i loved florida for the first two games. traveled to cleveland with florida outfits h to quickly go to a walmart, cvs, whatever it was and buy coats. ainsley: they didn't have fox weather then. brian: told people i should be able to write this off you kept me on the road two and a half weeks. no one has winter and summer clothes. i had to have four dags. steve: you are back to talking about flo rida.
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ainsley: lawrence jones bought the suede jacket. brian: i'm still not over that. steve: commonwealth of virginia coming up on the next tuesday, they will officially have the election day. we should know who wins between glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe. well, you can tell that the mcauliffe camp is panicking calling out every big star in the democratic party. the president of the united states came to virginia yesterday, arlington just across the river, pentagon city. and during that 17-minute speech, he mentioned donald trump's name 24 times. keep in mind, joe biden won the state by 10 points but because his approval numbers are completely upside down, what is he got to do? he is trying to turn glenn youngkin into a trump clone which is not accurate. ainsley: brought attention to youngkin's fleece vest.
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listen to what he said. >> trump likes to boast single best measure of the economy was the stock market. i never thought that well, if that's true, take a look at the stock market now. we are on the move. but we are on the right track. we got more to do. so if you are looking for someone that's going to keep your economy going and growing, the man behind me is the guy to get it done. extremism can come in many forms, it can come in the rage of a mob driven to assault the capitol it can come in a smile and a fleece vest. brian: is he actually saying you elect glenn youngkin and is he going to take over the capitol and you will see the shirt he has underneath his outer wear. huge leap. this is the big picture. a lot of people looking at this and say well, virginia, joe biden wins by 10. terry mcauliffe is, this really about mcauliffe or youngkin or is this about republicans and democrats and where the suburbs are going. this is what is as at stake.
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if terry mcauliffe win it out democrats will interpret that make sure every candidate in a tough situation runs against donald trump. but, if it turns out that youngkin can come all the way back, run a more effective campaign with absolutely no surrogates, never saying anything bad or good about donald trump, it will let democrats know running against,. steve: note to terry mcauliffe don't ever do that again. brian: karl rove just called and backed you up on that, steve. not enough to run against donald trump if youngkin is able to win. you have a shot at the suburbs. if you have the right message about schools and kids and families. authentic, you have a shot at winning back the suburbs once yours. ainsley: even though brought in big names still neck in neck in the polls. kamala harris bringing her back with pharrell. dave matthews, cory booker is going there this week. he has had the president
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clearly. steve: and the white house talks to the mcauliffe campaign every day because they know that the future of terry mcauliffe and joe biden are tied together because if terry mcauliffe loses, that is a very bad sign for joe biden and the democrats in the midterms. meanwhile, glenn outcome kin was on with brian kilmeade last night out of this studio, studio m and talked a little bit about haw all the enthusiasm seems to be on the republican side. >> there is no enthusiasm for terry mcauliffe. no one is showing up to vote. it just translates in the fact that he has invited anybody who has ever held office anywhere in america campaign with him. what we are see something big enthusiasm on our side. and this is what is hang across virginia. this is no longer republicans against democrats. it's virginians coming together to make a statement that they are ready to elect a different kind of governor. a governor who can get things done as opposed to one who is full of empty promises and by the way a tired 43-year career.
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steve: sweater vest. brian: must be embarrassing, terry mcauliffe is not just a veteran politician. is he veteran operative. puts together the game plans. ainsley: used to be governor. brian: to see barack obama come out for terry mcauliffe it's got to be humiliating. the clintons and obamas really in a rivalry. they buried the hatchet for a few years. they don't want to call on each other. mcauliffe is the latest version of the clinton campaign. so he is doing everything in order to win. you see how short his temper is you also see something else that joe biden has been doing a lot. making up things that didn't happen and doubling down on them. it seems "the washington post" has picked up on a consistency, consistently inaccurate that got him four pinocchios when he is talking about the coronavirus. cases in kids. ainsley: he said on september 28th and 29th 8,000 cases in virginia yesterday. on october 7th, which was a thursday he said there were
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8,000 cases on monday. and more than 1100 children in icus. the turns out before that 35 kids in virginia hospitals not necessarily in icu. brian: huge difference. ainsley: 1100 to 35. on october 13th he said 4,000 cases and 1142 kids in icu. october 21st, 4,000 cases yesterday. 1142 children in icu beds. and at the same time that was not true. there were 334 people of all ages in icu. steve: the reason he brings up coronavirus, which, you know, by the grace of god we are on the back side of this is because glenn youngkin is against vaccine mandates. and terry mcauliffe is for it and that's why he is saying hey, you know, you elect this guy, look how bad it is right now. he said there were 1100 kids in the icus, there were 35. that's why "the washington post" gave him four pinocchios fact checker as bad as it gets.
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this has happened too many times for mcauliffe's language to be an accident. he repeatedly mentions a weekend number for cases 8,000 but suggest it's a one day figure. he offers wildly inflated figures for child hospitalizations 1100, it was actually 35. the pandemic will continue to be serious policy change for the next virginia governor. but there is no reason for mcauliffe to hype the numbers. he earns four pinocchios at the same time, the irony is he also earned the endorsement of "the washington post." so even though he is telling a big fat fib, he is their guy. >> they called mcauliffe's campaign to find out why is he doing this? he said oh it is a slip of auto tongue. the problem is the tongue kept slipping over and over and over. and they are inaccurate numbers. brian: got to come up with better damage control. if this goes to youngkin. the fact it's close right now. totally self-inflicted wound this ask is called organic issue that youngkin was able to pivot to and sincerely embrace. that is the education of kids
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and curriculum that shouldn't be secret that the parents should have a role in. then you have the fbi getting involved and loudoun county which went by 20 to joe biden over donald trump. now it's loudoun county, democrats and republicans have one thing in common. they care about their children, grandkids and they are sounding off to one candidate who says embrace the teachers. teachers unions, the other candidate says i want to listen to the parents. ainsley: inflate the numbers on covid so it fits your narrative. then you tell parents there is not crt in the classroom. and the parents say there is. oh there is if you want to read the curriculum you have to sign nda. you are not allowed to take pictures and can't tell anyone what you read. steve: latest poll neck in neck. number one issue for the people of the commonwealth of virginia is the economy. joe biden's economy numbers are tanking. we haven't seen inflation like this in such a very long time. and. >> hidden tax. dollar extra every time you put one gallon of gas in your car.
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ainsley: turkey cost more too. steve: highest ever. number two in virginia is education. right now on both of those, youngkin is leading. brian: it's going to be interesting. last four polls dead heat. exciting. another reason to tune in on election day. martha and bret will have the -- this is by the way a fee promo to them. martha and bret on tuesday election. ainsley: our show will be down there, too. brian: ainsley will be down there on tuesday. ainsley: we will be down there, "fox & friends." steve: the show. ainsley: i will represent the show. steve: i have a feeling this election will be covered by the fox news channel which you are watching right now thank you very much. brian: won't go repeat programming on election day. steve: have we ever? brian: no. i just wanted to clarify. steve: shocking new details describing the moments that led up to deadly shooting on the movie set of rust. what we now say the
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investigators say criminal charges could be filed and no knows who could be it responsible for that. brian: source opened up between president biden and vice president harris exclamation point. ♪ ♪
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a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. ♪ ♪ steve: criminal charges could be brought after the deadly shooting last week on the set of the movie rust.
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brian: authorities are not ruling out anything on what is described as, obviously, a tragic accident. ainsley: todd piro is here following the latest story. what's the latest. todd: affidavit search warrant told authorities that actor alec baldwin was practicing drawing the gun when it discharged. inside a church set setting in a pew, cross draw holster, trying to grab it from his hip using the opposite hand. as we know that discharged from the doomed prop gun tragically killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and cinematographer. what we didn't know is cameras and camera crew were protected by shields, the rest of the crew was not, that actor talking to tmz, take a listen. >> everyone on the camera crew was protected by shields. and the camera was protected by shields. so, that made me question me being in front of the camera and
3:20 am
sort of in between all that fire. todd: as you said today hopefully more answers still to come. santa fe county sheriff's office says it will hold a news conference at noon eastern to discuss the case. back to you. brian: thanks, todd. one of the actors one of my first jobs, he said i was getting hit a lot by blanks, and i didn't want to complain because you know with acting. steve: they put the shield up so the blank doesn't hit the camera and hurt the lends. brian: trying to break into the most competitive industry in the planet. ainsley: that's true. steve: todd said press conference later today criminal charges on the table. here is an important thing, they keep calling it a prop gun. it's an actual gun. ainsley: actual bullet. steve: there were actual bullets and blanks and movie bullets and stuff like that. it was used off set by the crew for target practice where they would have actual bullets. and it sounds like the actual
3:21 am
bullets were there along with the fake bullets, which is complicated. and apparently, according to something i saw on the daily mail this morning. the crew used that gun, that killed the woman, to shoot cans with live ammo just a couple of hours before the death. so it's like the person in charge of the gun has got real bullets and fake bullets. and the crew was using it to shoot cans and stuff like that. it looks like a tragic accident where it just all got messed up. ainsley: use real guns. steve: you should be able to make a computer make bullet comes out with smoke like that. brian: not only that is that a good question. that's a question the crow director brandon lee was shot in 1993. shot and killed. why are movies still using real guns. this is a guy in the business. he can't figure it out. you would think there is one thing about productions now. everybody knows you are slimming down. you are trimming it up in order
3:22 am
to get a movie to the market to streaming in an equitable budget worthy fashion. but when you cut corners on safety, that's a huge issue. my sense is that alec baldwin executive producer and exposed. i imagine you don't do that without insurance. i'm wonder if insurance blocks and protects stuff like that. how can you possibly have permission to do a movie without insurance. ainsley: we don't know if they will continue to do the movie later date. steve: is there insurance for manslaughter. brian: accidents on the set? steve: i don't know if it's an accident. ainsley: it is an accident. steve: we will hear from. ainsley: you mean the gun. steve: it had real bullets. it's so complicated. and that's why it's going to be great to hear from the people involved later today. you will see it here on fox. brian: i just want to say one thing. you might not like alec baldwin might love alec bald win. don't let political agendas tweets you like or don't like, it's just a tragedy all around.
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ainsley: of course. steve: terrible. ainsley: let's stay out west. times annoyed she hasn't been given all star portfolio joint appearances. notice you don't see president biden and kamala harris together as much anymore. brian: just seven times. ainsley: one was public. this last month in october they had seven times they were together. one was public and six of them were behind closed doors. steve: well, because back in the beginning of the administration in the month of february there were 38 events where they were together. and then only seven in october. they were once together in september at a public event for 9/11. and then in the past month for the martin luther king memorial dedication ceremony. but here's the thing. so you wonder well, why aren't they together as much? there is an "l.a. times" story that says she doesn't like her assignment. she wish she had something different than the border because the border ♪ working out. brian: she has worked so hard at it she made that zoom call that
3:24 am
visit. and then spent 45 minutes there and then yelled about a soldier on a -- excuse me a trooper on a horse. that should really taking up a lot of her time. didn't have a jean shirt to travel with to pretend she is looking busy. it's all a cameo with her. i'm stunned at this. this is unbelievable opportunity for someone to step up because the 78-year-old president clearly doesn't have the bounce in his step. spending most of his time at delaware summer house. quote from a former harris staffer who requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive topic. he said he remains concerned by an apparent lack of trust between biden and harris. operations she hasn't been given any all-star portfolio as you mentioned. criticism the white house disputes. there is so much to be done. my goodness walk in and just pick up a folder because no one is doing anything about the supply chain, about inflation, about the border. about getting our men and women out of afghanistan. pick a lainie lane.
3:25 am
ainsley: white house says it doesn't tell the whole story. they often have meetings together. they meet weekly for lunch. and when it comes to the daily briefings, harris attended 15 back in february. 17 in march and only 2 in october. but his poll numbers are dropping 538 is reporting today that if you look at their poll, 55% of approval rating back in march. on friday it was 43.4%. steve: the white house pointed out, look, not all of their appearances together wind up on the public schedule that people know about. ainsley: they have clearly declined. steve: for what reason? brian: look at his numbers. steve: maybe there is something to that maybe she is trying to back away from him. maybe he is trying to back away from her. ainsley: her numbers aren't great either though. steve: no they are not. dan crenshaw republicany texas had this observation about her not liking perhaps that border czar job. >> she doesn't want to do hard work. she wants to do the easy stuff. she wants reporters to follow
3:26 am
her around and see what kind of fashion she is into at any given moment. she wants to talk about space and do these sort of cringe-worthy moment on tv. she likes to do the fun stuff. she thought this vp job would be easy. she is frustrated that she would be assigned as the border czar because that's actually a tough job. so, you know, i don't think we should have any sympathy for kamala harris, needless to say. and i don't think she can escape her role here. i mean, that's a fantasy if she is trying to live up to that. i mean, but you are seeing that amongst many democrats who are hoping to distance themselves from the unpopularity of biden. brian: think about this. joe biden -- barack obama is this young guy. >> we have cares mat dick. joe biden has all the experience and relationships. they team up and win twice. joe biden did a lot of work whether you like him or not or effective or not. he was doing everything. he was doing a lot of substantial assignments, pike mikepence did a ton. using relationships in the house to help get things passed.
3:27 am
think how valuable kamala harris would be right now. as a senator 1-800-joe manchin. what is the problem. kyrsten sinema do you have time for lunch? maybe we can go over the hurdles exactly are over the last six months reports on our show and politico, behind the scenes kamala harris is, woulding. the relationships in order to get joe biden's agenda passed. that's what vice presidents do. you don't wait to be called to be assigned. i mean, if your goal is pass reconciliation plan and i hope it doesn't pass. you should have the inside track on this new generation of senators and clearly you don't. steve: well, and the white house says don't read too much into the numbers about the appearances. everything is fine. brian: sorry, white house. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: i wonder if joe manchin is upset you gave away his phone number 1-800, joe manchin. steve: he doesn't man the phone until 7:00. >> illinois police officer is
3:28 am
killed while approaching a vehicle he scp suspected of being stolen. story tyler timmons died after being taken to a hospital near st. louis. the shooting suspect is now in custody. timmons leaves behind a wife and daughter. a go fund me for his family says he served in law enforcement for 14 years. he was 36 years old. an fda advisory panel is backing a covid-19 vaccine for kids as young as 5. the panel believes the shot's benefit outweighs any risk. the pfizer shot third of the dose given to teens and adults. the study finding 91% effective. this as the cdc says immunocompromised people may need a fourth dose of the vaccine six months after the third. let's go fox weather. a powerful nor'easter slamming the east coast, bringing flooding rains and ferocious winds through several states. schools are closed and roads are shut did you know in some areas amid torrential downpours. states from the mid-atlantic to new england hit with widespread
3:29 am
power outages. massachusetts reporting more than 260,000 currently without power. cities crawling to a halt amid flash flooding. jfk airport reporting over 2 inches of rain in a span of hours. and take a look at this. the university of pittsburgh releasing a list of so-called sexist terms to avoid. on it is secretary mankind, chairman, freshman, the school is urging everyone to use administrator, human kind, chairperson, or first year student instead. one of the colleges professors saying quote it's about politeness and consideration for others. steve: okay so would they change secretary of state. brian: don't ask question. university of pittsburgh wants us to change. ainsley: freshman first year. brian: please don't i find it offensive. ainsley: police union blasting the governor to the statewide mandate. why they believe strict go guidelines are putting lives at risk. brian: republican governor. fed up father explains how he
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dozens of officers face termination. in a letter on facebook the union president says several legitimate exemption request were denied adding quote willful attacks on public safety personnel and continued rushed planning around the covid-19 pandemic is putting lives at risk and can i add this whole numbers are in retreat especially in massachusetts? the president of the state police association of massachusetts sergeant mike chevron joins us now. how bad are things in massachusetts right now. how many men and women are told to go home? >> we're receiving letters approximately 10 to 12 day. and they are being denied, reasonable accommodations. however, the odd part here is they are being told that they do have medical condition, and/or a religious exemption that should be allowed but because this
3:35 am
administration will not allow for our troopers to wear a mask or get regular testing, they are going to be separated from service. either through retirement, termination or forced resignations. brian: you tell me the force is 2700 down to 2,000. every day more and more names are being released of people released from their jobs. how does the stated going to respond to this message. >> they will be seeing delays in service. this morning we are in the middle of a storm and i just heard on the radio they are holding over the midnight shift in order to fill all the calls for service because of downed trees, flooding and the like, and that's going to become the norm. we will be seeing troopers held over, working longer hours. increased case loads and the potential is there for, you know, increase in homicide solvability rates are going to go down. brian: thousands face the same thing november 1st in new york. going to be joining you. sergeant, was this there this much concern about the safety of first responders and essential
3:36 am
workers like you and your men and women when this pandemic first hit and trying to find out what it is and where it is from and scram to be get a vaccine? were people that concerned about your welfare then? >> you know, i think that the citizenry was. i wouldn't say that the administration was not. they are not as -- at this point in time, concerned with us and other members of public safety state level in massachusetts. brian: do you think they understood what they're getting into? just because most got vaccinated they thought okay, i will force the rest. but do they realize this force needs to be 100 percent. brian: i believe that's it right there. i don't believe they truly understood that we do have legitimate medical and religious exemptions and they didn't think this out. and they didn't come to the table and properly discuss this with us and negotiate. brian: you just want a testing option. is that what you are hoping for. >> i just want our troopers for the ability to remain employed by wearing a mask and having a
3:37 am
legal testing option, yes. brian: the state of washington is looking at you guys and the chicago. wins another four years he will probably do that in the state of new jersey. people should look at massachusetts and find out which it might be staring at. sergeant mike chevron, thank you so much. hopefully there will be open minds and governor will admit when he is wrong. >> thank you, have a good day. brian: we reached out to the governor's office forever comment and have not heard back. atlanta braves taking a lead in the world series best of seven. will cain joins us outside minute maid park in houston with a home team that's looking for redemption. >> they, brian. it was atlanta's night in houston at the braves astros won the world series. go inside and come party with me in houston when we come back on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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>> take the trip. >> well, it was a big night in houston as the atlanta braves take home game one of the world series beating the astros 6-2 in a marathon game of four hours and five minutes. "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain live outside minute maid park with a recap. will, we showed that homer. first time in world series history. the first bat are, first inning, first game boom! home run. will: game started, game over. you said it was a marathon game. it was. but it felt like it shot out of the gate and in retrospect, it was over, as you mentioned third pitch of the game out of the park and after the third inning, the braves pretty much had everything they needed to beat the hometown houston astros in game one of the world series, i will be honest, i was in the
3:43 am
corridor. i was ordering a jalapeño sausage dog the significant portion of the braves fans were already cheering. in fact, let me take you into the corridor for just a moment and let you see the atmosphere around game one. check it out. will: how are we feeling. >> we are great today. game number one. october. will: do you guys feel okay. >> everybody is very welcoming. texas friendliness? >> friendly competition. >> are you excited. >> i'm so excited. so excited. we are going to win. >> right there is the stadium. >> do all this. >> astros 2017 season. >> what are you going to do if you win this year you have another arm there. >> i i have got another arm i will do it on this arm. >> do you refer to yourself as the rally nuns or everyone else rally nuns? >> [inaudible] >> are you saying prayers as well? during the game? >> yeah, i have been praying.
3:44 am
>> for? >> before, during and after. [laughter] will: steve, the rally nuns will be back tonight for game two. we will see. i suspect we will see the same level of enthusiasm tonight at game 2. the astros still feel confident. they will feel confident that their bats will come alive and we will see the same party atmosphere and i will be there. i will bring it to you tomorrow morning on "fox & friends." steve: i love the rally nuns. what about the fact the braves pitcher got drilled, broke his leg and he still threw three more outs. i mean, that's determination. he threw three outs with a broken leg. will: you know steve, i love sports. everybody watching i love sports. these type of moments, inspiration resilience, toughness we want to teach our children and marvel at when it happens on the field. that was a moment for charlie. unfortunately now, steve, is he gone for the series. braves will have to look elsewhere for pitching. steve: they will indeed.
3:45 am
game two tonight 8:00 p.m. on fox. will will be there and have a post game show with us tomorrow, thank you, sir. will: see you tomorrow. steve: quarter before the top of the hour. jillian joins us from the mezzanine level with the news. jillian: that's right. let's begin with this. a brutal robbery was caught on camera. a man pulling up to a woman walking her dog in houston at gunpoint. authorities say the man stole her purse and when the suspect tried to flee, the woman got caught in the passenger's side door. surveillance showing she and her dog were dragged several feet. police say she broke her arm and sustained other injuries but is recovering. they are still looking for that suspect. that is awful. the arizona marine veteran seen here stopping an armed robbery is honored for his bravery. a local sheriff's office presenting james killedder with its citizens valor award. kilter making his political leanings quite clear supporting a make america great again hat and a let's go brandon t-shirt
3:46 am
at the ceremony. >> everyone is very supportive of me and my family. it's kind of overwhelming a little bit. >> kilter says he was just in the right place at the right time a massachusetts school district canceling? school halloween celebrations there year, a letter from the superintendence saying quote over the past several years mps tworkd deemphasize halloween and shift focus toward fall celebrations saying a key priority is equity and inclusion of all students. many families pushing back even signing online petition to bring back halloween for the kids. that's a look at your headlines, steve, i will send it to you. steve: kids will miss the candy, just saying. i remember those days, thank you, jillian. janice dean the weather machine joins us right now from outside where the first time in 36 hours it's not raining here. janice: thank goodness, my hair thanks the weather gods right now, we still have strong winds because that nor'easter is off the coast of massachusetts.
3:47 am
last night we had wind gusts in excess of 80 miles per hour. look at that i mean, that's impressive for a nor'easter this time of year. beyond hurricane force winds for coastal massachusetts. and that's going to be ongoing today as this storm is going to slowly move towards the east eventually but can you see those wind gusts in new york and montauk and boston, throughout the day today things will start to finish certainly the rain forecast who s. notes have great as yesterday. wind alerts are anywhere from long island up towards maine there is the future track. the rain is going to diminish again and the storm is going to move to the north and eastward very slowly. but those wind gusts are going to be ongoing. so i'm concerned with power outages and trees down for the northeast. we will keep you posted on that with fox weather all day on the app. and then we have the potential for strong storms across the central plains, parts of the gulf coast could have some strong to severe weather, including tornadoes which we've keep you up to date on. all right, steve, my friend.
3:48 am
have you downloaded the app.? i know you have. fox steve: it's right here. i had the first day. janice: very nice. steve: check it out app. store fox loudoun county father sick and tired of woke policies at kid's schools, he will join us next to explain how he is trying to shake things up from the inside out. and the back-up at our nation's ports is growing but the president thinks, you know, honest, the economy is okay. >> look at the stock market now, we're on the move but we are on the right track. steve: are we on the right track? senator tom cotton on the reality between main street and wall street straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this very did busy wednesday. good morning, washington. ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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ainsley: as the battle over critical race theory heats up in the state of virginia one dad decided to throw his own hat in the ring for a school board seat. >> what's been happening over the last couple of years and what's in the school system is very toxic, so you can call it
3:53 am
what you want, but i think we need to get back to academics. we can all sit at home and complain about what's going on but i think it's my duty to step up and actually put in my name for school board. >> loudoun county father of two michael rivera first announcing big news on breakfast with friends yesterday and he joins us now. good morning, michael. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> you are welcome. thanks for coming on. why do you want to be on the school board? >> well, i think myself included a lot of us sit around and complain about what's going on in the government and local government and all sorts of other political actions. and we don't ever really get out of our comfort zone and do something. so i discussed this with my wife in detail and we said we have got to do something. this is the life of our child, this is the life of children in loudoun county. and as you can see, this is a trend that is across the entire united states. ainsley: you announced last night at the school board meeting. what was the reaction? >> i got some cheers from my supporters outside because we're
3:54 am
not allowed to be in the school board meetings. and so we set up a screen and some speakers outside in order to hear what the speakers were saying. we also had independent media actual speakers as opposed to the camera being pointed toward the school board. i don't address the school board anymore, because they have shown to be extremely disrespectful in terms of looking at the telephone and messing around with notes on their desk. i think it was a pretty good reaction and i got some high fives when i accepted outside. >> why is the school board so liberal? are they behe woulden to teacher's unions? >> i'm not quite sure. if you follow the national trends, you could probably infer that. and i would say follow the money. teachers unions live off of dues and if teachers aren't following lock step or move to private schools there will be a production in revenue. so, i don't want to speculate about what is driving the school board. i just know that we need to absolutely get back to pure
3:55 am
academics, and really care about what the children want as opposed to what political forces are driving. ainsley: there was op-ed in the "the washington post." this is the headline. it says parents claim that they have the right to shape their kids' school curriculum. they don't. randi weingarten, who is the teacher union boss, number two teacher union in the country, she retweeted this and wrote great piece on parents rights and public schools. what's your reaction? >> so i made it a point to reread the article last night because i had read it a few days earlier. randi weingarten doesn't have a lot of credibility. she was for masking kids. she is for vaccinating kids. and immediately, if you go into the article, there is a hit on the republican party which tends to diminish the credibility of the article. they said the republican party tends to suppress votes. if you wanted to talk about kids and their parents and rights, you wouldn't have put that statement in there. i don't know the folks that she quoted in there saying there is
3:56 am
precedence for parents not having control over their children's lives, but it is dystopian and disturbing to think that the state should be controlling our children's education solely without us having any influence on them. ainsley: michael, thank you so much for joining us. we wish you all the best for the school board. >> thank you very much for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. 6:55 on the east coast. california shutting down another in and out. the hefty fine handed out after the burger joint failed to check customers' vaccine status. ♪ yeah, you really got me going. ♪
3:57 am
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>> president biden stumping for terry mcauliffe with just days left. >> extremism can come in a smile and a fleece vest. >> no there is no enthusiasm for terry mcauliffe. he has invited anyone ever hold office campaign for him. >> charges could be brought after the deadly shooting on the movie set of rust. >> everyone on the camera crew was protected by a shield. that made me question me being in front of a camera. >> a massachusetts police union is blasting the governor through statewide mandates. >> they didn't think this out and they didn't come to the table and properly discuss this with us and negotiate. >> university of pittsburgh releasing a list of so-called
4:01 am
sexist terms to avoid. on it, the secretary, mankind, chairman, freshman. >> base is stolen in a world series america wins a free taco from taco bell there he goes, throw down. stolen base, america gets a free taco thanks to ozy ♪ ♪ ainsley: good morning to you if you are just waking up and waking up last night the braves won 6-2 first game of the world series. second game tonight right here on fox. steve: their pitcher got drilled but still able to pitch three more outs, unbelievable. will cain was there. we saw him in the last hour where he was talking to some rally nuns up in the stands. brian: as usual. ainsley: they were praying for the game. steve: they were praying. will, i think the headline is america got a taco yesterday on
4:02 am
taco tuesday? will: i don't know. is that the headline? i got a jalapeño sausage dog, steve. steve: it's good for you. will: to be honest it is good for you, brian. i'm going to go to the game tonight sounds like work going to a world series game. it felt like work for all of about 30 seconds for me. can you ask my producer what are we eating. who are we drinking and who are we hanging out with. it was ball. i was in the corridor high fiving not just astros fan because i'm objective reporter. everybody was having a party and by the end of the night, honestly by the end of the third inning the braves were having the best time. they were wearing their pearls and celebrating because it was their night game one of the world series. >> fantastic. as it turns out it looks like somebody on the braves used his speed to beat out an infield single at the top of the first
4:03 am
inning game one. stole second base to activate taco bell steal a base steal a taco promotion. will: i don't know that steve. ainsley: how is charlie morton doing, that pitcher that broke his leg yesterday? >> will: yeah, broken leg out for the rest of the world series, ainsley. i'm sure he is heart broken. but, you know, sports is about tragedy and try imp. and -- triumph.that moment reprh about sports, resilience, toughness, morton pitched three more outs but is he done for the world series now. that puts the braves in a are tough spot. one win under their game. i promise you astro bats will come alive see if they have deep enough pitching to offset it. brian: get out of retirement always good in the clutch and i think he went on to win another world series. will, good know you are having a good time. i'm concerned sometimes you take work too seriously and take it home to you.
4:04 am
to know you are getting paid to high five fans heartening. brian: unbelievable. well, i have been thinking, i got a long day ahead of me here i am again. i have to go to game 2. i'm just thinking maybe wings tonight. i don't know. nachos. steve: you are in houston have a steak. come on. will: ainsley, can we talk about that? there is a pretty fancy bar set-up that i'm pretty interested in. there is a lot of flavored drinks, ainsley, be. steve: 7:00 in the morning and you are talking about cocktails? brian: you have a press pass. will: journalist brian asking questions. ainsley: he will be off the clock tonight. steve: he is working this. ains i would say a little grapefruit in your drink or do a frofn margarita. steve: all the spots.
4:05 am
will: brian, steve, i wasn't on the sauce. i was being a journalist asking the mixologist what's the most polar drink, trust me. brian: hegseth just fired his agent. how did i not get this gig? ainsley: thank you, will. steve: he wasn't on the sauce. ainsley: game two tonight at 8:00. ainsley: 7 if you are in texas. brian: what is this jane john wayne movie in member of the senate committee. do you have a favorite team in the world series, senator? >> i don't have a favorite team in the world series, i will be rooting for the braves after that performance by charlie morton. what with a brave show. i feel bad he broke his leg but incredible went three more outs on a broken leg. celebrate them and their performance and all get a job as good as will cain's in the
4:06 am
future. ainsley: senator, joe biden is claiming that the economy is on the right track. we have these shortages. we don't have truck drivers right now. prices are going up. gasoline, our electric bills, toys for christmas. we have all these backlogs, at the ports in california 105 vessels, 107 on monday just waiting to be unloaded. infrastructure and social spending bills, stalled now in washington, listen to what president biden said though. >> trump, i love this one, trump likes to boast the single best measure of the economy is the stock market. i never thought that. well, if that's true, take a look at the stock market now. it's higher than it's ever been. [cheers] >> i guess we're doing well. it is. not only that more people working today than just before the pandemic started. household wealth is up. people are buying more things. manufacturing is up.
4:07 am
we're on the move. but we are on the right track. steve: senator, he doesn't mention that the federal government has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy to make things fluid and liquid and that, for the most part, is what every economist says is the reason the stock market is at such highs because the federal reserve is taking care of everything. >> yeah, that's right, steve. it's amazing joe biden thinks the economy is on the right track. how out of touchy and the democrats are probably haven't spoken to folks paying $3 and $4 a gallon to fill up their tank or families stretching their budgets each week to pay for higher prices at the grocery store. look what they are trying to do now add another $2 trillion to this economy. they want to give welfare benefits to millions of illegal aliens at a time we have a crisis at our southern border. or spend hundreds of billions of dollars on fanciful green energy programs. it's just going to cause you to
4:08 am
pay more for your gas lien or gasolineor winter months. they are part of the problem we are having right now and plan will only make it worse. brian: jason fuhrman he of high class problems harvard economist who chaired the white house council of economic advisers under president obama, according to my colleagues, president obama a democrat. he says the original sin was an oversized american rescue plan that contributed to both the higher output but also higher prices. and larry summers said similar things about inflation. >> we have critical of janet yellen. i mean, between ripping each other -- democrats ripping each other's eyes out on the reconciliation package and the way the economic experts are disagreeing publicly, you don't even need republicans. >> yeah, bribe. i mean, jason fuhrman and larry summers are not exactly right wing knuckle draggers. these are former obama and clinton officials who have been cautioning democrats for months that they are going to
4:09 am
contribute to the massive rise in the cost of living working families are seeing or supply chain shortages that this country now faces. kids will have to go out this sunday wearing sheets with holes cut in them like charlie brown. costume cost more than it's ever cost. brian: everyone will be a ghost. >> you can hardly find christmas presents on the shelves for your kids. now, maybe that's a good thing because people aren't going to have enough money to buy christmas presents because they are spending so much money on gasoline and on food they grocery store this all goes back to the democrats failed economic policies. what are they doing now? they are simply trying to double down on them once again. steve: absolutely. we look at some empty shelves across the country there are sporadic outages of stuff because as ainsley was talking about the supply chain is not back to normal. yesterday, goldman sachs says we probably won't see the supply chain back to normal until the
4:10 am
middle of next year that could explain this poll. is the american public, are you confident that joe biden is going to quick recovery. when he took office it was at 52%. as you can see he is now under water 44%. all of his numbers are under water. and that's one of the curious reasons why we were talking earlier about why would terry mcauliffe call in joe biden to help bail him out because two weeks ago terry mcauliffe was saying look, he is not very popular so he is not coming here. what's terry america clarify see in joe biden right now? brian: money. >> terry mcauliffe looking for any harbor in the storm. he has been flailing for weeks his poll numbers sink under the weight of joe biden and the democrats' failed economic policies. he has called in joe biden. he called in stacey abrams. he called in barack obama. he was looking for anyone who help save his failing campaign. nothing is going to save terry
4:11 am
mcauliffe. that race next week is going to be a canary in the coal mine when glenn youngkin is elected governor of virginia as a preview of what will happen next november when the american people repaleudisiated and republicans take back control of the congress. ainsley: barack obama called that girl being assaulted by boy in the woman's bathroom fake outrage. the boy was convicted and sent to another school where it allegedly happened again and then today the a.g., merrick garland is going to testify today for the senate judiciary comply. what can we expect? where is it all going to go? >> ainsley president obama showed up shocking callus indifference to the plight of the young girl who had been sexually assaulted and then had her woke school board try to cover it up the news would have interfered with their transgender policy. then they attacked her father for expressing his outrage at a school board meeting. as you say merrick garland has a
4:12 am
lot of explaining to do. he is coming to the senate judiciary committee today to testify in part of why he sicked the feds on parents like that father who is outraymond at the assault of his daughter and now the school board association sent the letter that merrick garland admitted was the only reason he directed the fbi to investigate parents has repudiated the letter and apologized. yet it's merrick garland's position that he is going to continue to use the fbi. the fbi to investigate parents who go to school boards to express their dissatisfaction liberal policies and left wing curriculum. merrick garland needs to resign because this has been a sad, pathetic performance over the last few weeks. it's just of a piece of the politicization of the department of justice under merrick garland for the last 8 months. steve: senator, as you describe the national school board association apologized for sending that letter said we were wrong to do it. of course, apparently they school board association, only
4:13 am
two people were in on the letter. and the balance of the board was seemed. but if they are saying it was nond for us to say that, will then merrick garland say i'm sorry, i shouldn't be have done that because i overstepped. >> that's what he should say. he should say i'm sorry. i acted inappropriately and i will resign. that's what merrick garland would should say. singing the fbi on parents on the basis of nothing more than a politicized baseless letter that was probably ginned up by the school board association activist friends white house and the department of justice is an outrage. brian: yeah. let's talk about another outrage. one of the worst things to happen to america over the last few years is can this no cash bail. in a push they say bow to minorities who can't afford to bail themselves out of jail when they say middle class and up class can't afford to bail themselves out of jail. they said no more cash bail. which means you have a certain amount of time to put charges on
4:14 am
somebody. if you can't keep them there, immediately overwhelmingly they get out and commit another crime. before can you process paperwork. it's gotten a disaster for the state and now maybe for a country now it could be coming our way. quote gender equity no cash bail. we will work to end cash bail. reform our pre-trial system. recognizing the harm these procedures processes cause particularly for black women and families. is this addressing the needs of minorities or is this putting criminals on the street? >> brian, the white house's national strategy on gender equity reads like a parody of a gender studies ptd thesis. it also shows the misplaced priorities of joe biden, kamala harris and the democrats in washington. where is the 42-page study on how to stop the crime wave that is washing across this country. it's not by eliminating cash
4:15 am
bail as you say in new york. have you seen what happens when you eliminate cash bail. criminals are arrested. they are put right back on the streets. they threaten their victims again. they threaten the witnesses who might testify against or for that matter where is the 42 page strategy for the white house to counteract inflation or the supply chain crisis? i don't see those strategies strategies. it just goes to show how out of touch joe biden and kamala harris are and how out of touch the democrats are in washington. steve: all right. ainsley: thank you so much, senator. >> thank you all. brian: at times looks like just trying to break the country. open up the borders. forget about prosecuting crimes. allow looting up to $1,000. it's incredible. outspend our budget by the tune of $28 trillion. and then pour more money into a system while embarrassing us in afghanistan. allowing china run rampant. somebody from another country is at the controls of our country. ainsley: illegal activity. did do a crime you can get out. if you are a looter or rioter and harming these businesses who
4:16 am
have to shut down losing money. we don't care not prosecute those individuals. if you are illegal trying to get into our country come on in. >> while democrats have control of the white house. the house of representatives and the senate are trying to pull things as far as to the left to their far left agenda as they can get away with. brian: far wrong agenda. steve: right now it is stalled in the house and the senate. we will have more on that in a minute. right now jillian joins us and takes us to florida. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's go ahead and begin with this story. more than a dozen nypd officers are taking new roles with a florida police department. new york's finest heading south as the city imposes a vaccine mandate. according to the post. only 72% of the force is fully vaccinated. employees who have not received their first dose of covid-19, that shot anyway, the vaccine, by monday, will be put on unpaid leave. now to california, where health officials close a second in and out restaurant over its refusal to enforce vaccination rules. the location and county saying
4:17 am
quote we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. it is unreasonable to subrogate nurse into those who may be served and those who may not system closed for the same reason earlier this month. white house press secretary jen psaki promising more pressure on opec, psaki blaming uptick on gas prices on supply issues. in the last year alone gas prices have increased by $1.22 a gallon. this as president biden embarks on second major foreign trip as president tomorrow. ready for takeoff. a japanese start-up company puts this $700,000 hover bike up for sale. the machine is equipped with conventional engine and four battery powered motors and fly 40 minutes at 62 miles per hour. the creators offering a, quote: new method of movement for everyone and especially car lovers to try out. for some reason, i see brian
4:18 am
trying that out. and i'm debating if you would be successful or not based on other. brian: i would have a 50 percent chance of survival but i'm willing to take that chance to survive traffic. ainsley: so cool. remember whether jet pack being. brian: live on the water like aqua man. steve: brian, you want to avoid traffic we come to work at 3:00 a.m. brian: that's one way to do it. except today in the pouring rain it was a little challenging i hydroplaned. ainsley: did you really? brian: i. brian: yeah. note to self if you have a four wheel drive car put it in four wheel drive. polls are getting tighter in the race for new jersey governor. be the key to flipping the garden state from blue to red. republican candidate jack it ciattarelli will make his push to voters next. ainsley: panel of retired seals going to join us live straight
4:19 am
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steve: wear less than a week away in from election day, democrats have made trips to the state of new jersey to show support for new jersey governor phil murphy the incumbent. as polls tighten could undecided voters flip the state blue to red. jack joins us this morning. good morning to you.
4:24 am
>> good morning, steve. steve: i was looking at a poll this morning have you made it competitive. what is it about this election cycle that has motivated a lot of independents and republicans to come on board for you? >> be just as joe biden has failing the country phil murphy failed new jersey. we go out and talk to what matters most. tacks and what makes new jersey a better place to do business. steve: in fact, one of the things you said on the stump, you want to make new jersey more affordable. ultimately lowering taxes and things like that. also to bring good jobs to new jersey because it is not highly rated on places to start businesses? >> no, it's not, steve. this isn't campaign rhetoric. this is a fact. new jersey is the worst place in the nation in which to do business and we're not going to have that under governor chet really. this will be one of the most dynamic and compelling place to
4:25 am
do business i know what we need to do our tax code. to create more jobs. i want people believing they can achieve their american dream in new jersey again. steve: jack i live in new jersey just across the george washington bridge i cannot tell you i realize this is off year election i have never seen as many people knock on my door want to talk to me about the school board. concerned about what's going on in the schools in new jersey. see on the program crt and mandates and stuff like that. does that wave of enthusiasm people running for school board help you? >> absolutely, steve. there is great energy at the grassroots level because of county and municipal candidates. real difference is all these people running for board of education. i think that's great news. because of the school property tax is usually more than 50% of
4:26 am
anyone's total property tax. and you know that in bergen county. i think it's great that people running for board of education making those highly competitive races because they are not real happy what's going on in public schools. all the changes made under phil murphy's administration have not gone over well. don't forget, all during the pandemic with all that remote learning, parents got see the public school curriculum up close and personal. they didn't like what they see. steve: jack, how would you change the way new jersey schools are operating right now? >> we're going to get back to basics, steve in teaching critical life skills and leave a lot of that other very sensitive mature subject matter home between parents and their children at the kitchen table. when i said that in the first debate phil murphy mocked kitchen table. steve: there you go. jack ciattarelli who is pro-kitchen table. sir, thank you for joining us live. that's where we have all our conversations at our house as well. thank you, sir. >> steve, thank you. steve all right. it's coming up on 7:30 here in
4:27 am
the east. will cain joins us live from outside minute maid park in houston ahead of game two of the fall classic which you will see tonight on fox. hey, will. will: that's right, pete. good morning. game one goes to the braves here in houston outside the minute maid park. game 2 tonight. i will take you side the inside yum. talk about how everyone in america gets a free taco. coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest.
4:28 am
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brian: wow, look at will cain's graphics. beating the astros in game one. 6-1. ainsley: head down to houston where will cain is live with a recap for us. will: hey, ainsley, yes, game one in the books goes to the
4:32 am
braves shot solar out of the park. and everything was in the rear view mirror for the braves at that point. they had the game in bags by the third inning. at that point by the way a little bit of bad news for the braves charlie morton starting pitcher took a ball right to the continue i can't. broke his leg. he is out for the rest of the series. but, now there was a big moment. i put my journalist hat on. steve mentioned it so i did some digging, turned out steve doocy was right. everybody in america gets a free taco because last night in a promotion with taco bell if a player stole a base during the world series and it happens during game one. then everybody on november 4th. that's next thursday, gets a free doritos loco taco. so,. pete: hegseth to the line. he will be there, i'm sure early you will get one as well. i hear supplies are in high numbers for everyone out there
4:33 am
in america. brian: will, what is your metabolism like. you and pete together have no body fat. what's going on? >> will: it's high. to be honest it really is high. brian: you don't even have to eat right? will: you know, there was a time in my life, brian, but i had to get it together. i will be honest with you i got to get it together. i get a little soft. people call it skinny fat. i want to be that. steve: now, will, regarding the free taco, don't go today, everybody, according to taco bell twitter, taco hero won america free dorito loko taco which is delicious, get yours on november 4th online in the store or with the app. november 4th. that's today to get the free taco. ainsley: order more things don't just get the free taco. get those crispy cinnamon things. will: can i confirm those details are correct. will: you got that right.
4:34 am
brian: meanwhile ear piece is in the other ear. [laughter] will: no, it's not. game two tonight right here we will be here minute maid park. braves astros. brian: how similar are your hits with us as they were with espn? will: they are not similar. brian: not at all. will: here's what we need do brian, yell at me, tell me i'm wrong about all my sports opinions, yell at me and don't stop until i interrupt you and then i will win the debate and then that will be like espn. steve: okay. fine. you made it easy to understand. ainsley: i won't yell at you. brian: we yell at you off the air. steve: or complain about his food. ainsley: we will be checking in with you all morning long. thanks so much, will. have fun tonight. steve: a a lot of fun. remember when the white house said this? >> 90% of americans in afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave. >> i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not.
4:35 am
steve: well, a new report from the pentagon reveals how many americans were truly left behind and it's bigger number than you have heard. a panel of retired navy seals running for congress going to join us live from the capitol joining us next coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had.
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time after time? that's a good question. well, to drive costs down, our underwriting system is built on a digital infrastructure, powered by a hyperconverged, hybrid-enterprise -- it's okay. i don't... who cares? ♪♪ >> we believe 1 lurks to hundred americans remain in afghanistan. >> we had about 100 american citizens in contact with us who were -- who seek to leave average. >> the department of state is in contact with 196 american citizens who are ready to depart and another 243 american citizens have been contacted and are not ready to depart.
4:40 am
brian: sickening, no one who wants to talk about it making sure you pay attention to it despite claims from the white house that few americans were stranded in afghanistan last month. the pentagon confirming more than 400 u.s. citizens have been left behind. nearly 200 of them want out immediately. i'm sure the numbers are higher. our next guest served on the frontlines war on terror as elite navy seal teams running for congress. their service not done. navy seal commander former interior secretary ryan zinke running for montana's second district. luttrell served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. represent the 8 congressional district replaced congressman brady. retired seal sniper brady duke is here running for florida's seventh congressional district retired navy seal. derrick van orden wants to represent wisconsin third congressional district almost won last time. eli crane remarkable entrepreneur. they join us now to react from the new numbers from the chaotic
4:41 am
withdrawal. derrick van orden, let's start with you have you knew when they were approximating 100 they weren't being accurate and weren't being candid. did you know it was this bad? >> yes, absolutely i believe it's worse. the biden administration has a problem when at the tense and confidence from the american people. we do not believe the biden administration and i still don't. the secretary of defense, the secretary of state, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the national security adviser and the president of the united states, intentionally left hundreds, if not thousands of american citizens and our allies terrorists, it's completely unacceptable. brian: brady duke when it comes to getting these men and women out, here is what i am hearing, some choosing to stay do you know why the choice giving them. sir you can leave but leave your family behind. when you say not doing that they say you choose to stay. i'm not buying these shah raids, are you. >> no, not at all. you know, they welded those gates shut. knowing that there were americans still on the ground. the biden administration proving their incompetency i do directly
4:42 am
remember that biden said this was an extraordinary success. and so to hear that from the mouth of the president knowing good and well that there were americans on the ground is absolutely embarrassing to the country and not something that you can even call american. brian: you know, our military minds all said it wasn't my plan. you know with civilian leadership it wasn't my plan, it wasn't my recommendation. eli, is that enough if you are a general or you are an admiral to say well, what do you want me to do? >> no, and i think that's a lot of the problem with this administration. nobody wants to take ownership or accountability for what's going on in this country. i wish it was afghanistan was an isolated incident. but clearly it's not. we have problems all over this country and that's why the five of us are running. brian: morgan luttrell, it turns out in terms of the u.n., they look at countries under stress and under extreme conditions and they look at afghanistan as number one. people are beginning to starve, what i worry about and tell me if i am wrong is them using american hostages to get some.
4:43 am
men of action. answers; bent on doing just that. you have been out in the field with face paint on. why do you think you can serve again in the house and make a difference. right now you are in the minority if you are sitting. >> well, you know, it's time for action, and look, this is fixable. but this is going to be fixable about people that care about the country, love the country. and the seals with us today, you know, we care about the country, we sacrificed. we put our fortunes and our lives on the line to save this country. this country is worth fighting for. and it's time that we bring transparency, bring the majority back. and, look, the mission is simple. it's majority white house, save america. there is no plan b.
4:44 am
and we need warriors like the gentlemen with me to love their country, fight for this country today. brian: understood. i will be real quick on this. i want you to weigh, in derek, you barely lost last time. what did you learn from that from the last time out and what are you going to run on now? >> listen, i'm running against an idea. it's the big government socialist idea that the democrat party, joe biden and nancy pelosi are driving this country into the ground with. so we are running for freedom just that simple. brian: brady duke when you look at what is out there right now. if success leaves clues. glenn downkin close the gap by focusing on education. is that something you are going to bring to the table? >> education is absolutely vital. you know, education is the foundation of our american family. abraham lincoln said the philosophy of the classroom will be the philosophy of the government in the next generation. and i think we are seeing the ram any my occasion of that so education is dearly important to
4:45 am
me i have five children. brian: frustrating to watch thousands of people come in this country illegally and federal government doing nothing. and states trying to act. right now incarcerating putting in prison is not feasible or plausible. so, here you are running i believe in arizona. how do you plan on taking action there? can you do it as a one of 100 or hundred? >> absolutely we can. we need to get back to president trump's border policies. i'm proud to have the border patrol union's endorsement in arizona. we need men and women who understand security and who understand common sense and clearly in the building behind us, we don't have a lot of that right now. brian: ryan zinke, right now the president of the united states is going to be going over to glasgow and not only going to the g-20 but talking about clean energy and climate change. do you know what china is talking about how to modernize the coal industry. massive convention. can we have clean energy at the same time our number one enemy
4:46 am
put caution to the wind? >> well, you know, it's interesting, this administration has begged opec to produce more energy but at the same time submarining our energy to produce energy in this country. energy in this country drives our nation's economy. and to have this president deny the u.s. low cost fuel, the abundance and deny the american people the ability not to be behold ton foreign entities for our energy needs, look, the united states we can produce in consideration all the above, and make sure that we are energy dominant as the trump administration did. but the glowk glasgow and realize energy drives the economy of america all part of why we are running. and follow us at seal brian: awful under theall of yo. >> all of us together.
4:47 am
we are together in fight. brian: absolutely you can't live in montana and not care about the environment. you can do both because national security is at stake. derrick van orden, brady duke, eli crane, luttrell. thank you very much. in 81, 64%, now 16% that will change if these five get. in thanks all of you, i appreciate you spending your morning on "fox & friends." >> thanks, brian. brian: thanks, guys, appreciate it check in with senior meteorologist janice dean because she has promised to give us the fox weather forecast. >> of course i love that you still need me even though we have a wonderful new app. you can go get it at fox i promise it will be amazing. take a look at the maps because we have a couple of things going on out there. there are the current temperatures, 59 in new york. cold enough that i pulled out a winter jacket. 38 in denver. we have the potential for showers and thunderstorms along a cold front for parts of the gulf coast today. some of those could turn severe and then we also nor'easter with us for the last 12 to 24 hours
4:48 am
brought wind in excess of 80 miners for parts of coastal massachusetts, tnd going to take some time for this to get out of the way. for now see wind gusts in excess of 20, 30, even 40 miles per hour. that's going to cause power outages and trees down. especially for this region of new england. so we will keep an eye on and this then the rain threat will be out of here and we will watch the severe threat along the gulf coast. all right, brian kill me back to you. brian: all right, janice, thank you very much. big tech executive deniesing reports that social media apps taking a toll on teens. next guest former facebook employee hear her warning. i put that in bold myself for your family. ♪ stand up ♪ stand up ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique.
4:49 am
that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? does it get tangled up in knots? you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go.
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4:53 am
>> we make no effort and have no plans to market to young children. our child safety specific policies prohibit content that exploits or endangers minors. we're calling to improve safeguards. ainsley: facebook faces backlash over their reported knowledge of instagram's effect if on teenage health. an employee warns big tech is targeting your children and big businesses. kara frederick joins us now. good morning. as a former facebook employee, you know what happens behind the scenes. do you agree with what they're saying? are are they putting safeguards in place to protect our kids? >> i think there are degrees of gradation here, but when you think about the priorities of these companies, i'll offer a data point that i think is particularly socialing for american families -- sobering for american families. over 90% of actors are outside
4:54 am
of america and canada. it isn't apple pie, it isn't american families, it isn't american values. they are look outside of the country. they are look at other things to develop their growth. and what i think is player important is that preteens, there was a pew survey in 2020, 30% of them use snap -- sorry, 30% of them use tiktok, 22% of them use snapchat. this was the first time that tiktok and snap executives were on the hill. it should not be the last. we need accountability from them too. ainsley: parents don't always know what their kids are seeing when they use their phones. tiktok, 1 billion monthly users, 62% between the ages of 0-29. 10-29. parents are concerned about eating disorders, exposure to sexually-explicit content. if you look at the front cover of "the new york post" this
4:55 am
morning, it shows pictures you'll find on social media and shows anorexic girls, super skin think legs, bony hands. and if you read the article, facebook's own researchers found that instagram barrages teenage girls who are anorexic with videos and photos of other girls who are super skinny. is this true? >> yeah. and when it comes to the algorithm and putting forward incendiary content, absolutely. it encourages people to see more and and more things that are extreme pleasure. so tiktok i would focus on too specifically when it comes to this. a lot of doctors in australia, in america, in canada, in the u.k., they saw teen girls developing these -- "the wall street journal" reported on this, and the breeding ground for health issues, what they had in common was tiktok. all these teen girls were looking at tiktok, and now doctors are seeing an uptick.
4:56 am
none of this is good. i think tiktok is a wolf in sheep's clothing. ill -- it comes to you in the guise of cute little dance videos, but parents these to stand up and say enough is enough. parents are the key. ainsley: tiktok made $34.3 billion last year. real quickly, how old should our kids be before we let them go on social media? >> i would advise wait until their consciences are tully forms -- fully formed, when their soul ises are bolstered, so as late as possible if at all. ainsley: thank you so much is, kara. 7:56 here on the east coast. it's a shipping nightmare before christmas, and the biden administration could be left holding the bag. stick around. ♪ ♪ like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes.
4:57 am
always look for the grown in idaho seal.
4:58 am
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♪♪ >> back up at our nation's ports is growing, but the president thinks the economy's okay. >> we're on the right track. >> urging the white house to shelf the vaccine mandate over fears it could push a mass -- >> a father who has to change the direction of loudoun county school board by becoming part of it. >> we need to absolutely get back to pure academics as opposed to political forces
5:01 am
rising. >> an update on the fatal shooting on the set of the movie "rust." >> so far no charges have been filed. >> this one's slammed to the left field. atlanta up 1-zip. ♪♪ steve: it was a great night for atlanta in houston as atlanta wins game one of the world series. welcome to our world headquarters here, his -- mezzanine level of studio m, ask congratulations to stolen base last night, everybody in hurricane will get a free taco bell taco on thursday: ainsley: next thursday. brian: i mean, this is brilliant. because no one goes to taco bell for one taco.
5:02 am
i like that free one, and then you say, well, uncle steve, aunt sally, the three kids, the cousin, next thing you know that one free taco is a boon -- steve: 75 tostadas. brian: and tacos are great for you. ainsley: anything free, which resonates with the american people. steve: especially now! ainsley: that's right. the second game is tonight, and will cain is live outside minute maid park in houston after the braves won. good morning, will. >> reporter: yeah, there's a lot of smart people out there as it turns out. taco bell, get everybody in. i was thinking about it yesterday with, you remember we had mattress mac on, he placed the largest futures bet in history, put a $3 million bet down that could pay $36 million, but he has a promotion going to you buy a mattress here in houston and the astros win, you get it for free. so smart, right?
5:03 am
smart hedge just like taco ebell. not so smart or not so cute for the astros last night. braves jump out right in the first inning. the braves won 6-2, first inning set the pace. charlie morton the starting pitcher to a broken leg in the third inning. so they'll have to go on without him in the rotation, and the astros's will come alive which, i think, means we'll have a long are series on our hands. game two right here at minute -- ainsley: how will the braves do without charlie as a pitcher? >> reporter: well, they have some other pitchers. they're not incredibly deep. neither bullpen, by the way, astros or braves, are one of the best bullpens in baseball, but we'll see if they can get by -- brian: i do feel bad for joe buck, he's got to do football and baseball, and he's having
5:04 am
too much fun. steve: you'll be able to see game two on fox at 8:00, let's hope somebody else wins us food. and thanks to taco bell, one of our biggest advertisers on fox. brian: he doesn't even hide it, i'm there to have fun and talk to friends. ainsley: let's talk about what's happening out in california, those two ports where we're expecting to get all of our christmas gifts and everything coming from china and vietnam, they're still having problem problems although the president did say 24/7, they're going to be working. tuesday, yesterday, there were 105 vessels still anchored and waiting, on monday there was 107, and there's a big shortage of truck drivers. steve: absolutely. and we know there are problems with truck drivers, but we had someone on last week who said the real problem was with the long shoremen and the unions. so even though joe biden last week said the ports are going to
5:05 am
be open 24/7, there are so many hours this a day where nobody shows up to have stuff offloaded. he is did, the president also said last week he was thinking about having the national guard, calling out the national guard drive, and people are going, okay, that's a great idea. the next day the white house walked that back and said, you know what? we're not actually going to use the national guard. brian: he works at the white house. he should have known that. i still don't know why that's a bad idea. this is an emergency situation. steve: anytime you call up the national guard, there's whole bunch of stuff that kicks in. obviously, he feels like he's got a hand on it. the point is it's not getting think better. and goldman sachs, the big investment bank, said there is little chance the cargo crunch will resolve in the next couple of months. they say by the middle of next year we might see some relief. ainsley: just when we thought we were getting better with the
5:06 am
pandemic and the numbers were getting more under control -- brian: but it's our fault because we order too much as americans. ainsley: some of it's the chemotherapy medicine. brian: oh, i'm sorry. go ahead. ainsley: you can't get toilet paper and you see empty shelves. hasbro says it's stopped them from delivering $100 million worth of toys this year. steve: supposed to get it in september, it was delayed, they wanted to put it on the shelf for christmas. so when they were reporting their quarterly earnings, we had $100 million worth of stuff stuck on those ships. and you look at the toy stores, a lot of parents are going i'm going to have to buy stuff early, and kamala harris -- i believe it was during the month of july -- said you should be buying stuff for christmas. brian: you know it's an hedger when "the new york times" says it's so bad, biden's top advisers are are meeting once a
5:07 am
week. get them a fireman's pole, it's an emergency. all hands on deck. meanwhile, truckers who were asked to do so much for so long with so much on their shoulders and they're 80,000 trucks down, here's what dale brown and jim ward told fox and friends first this horning. >> those requirements, however well intentioned, we know are going to continue to it further disruptions and strains on the supply chain. through an industry survey that was recently completed, it appeared about 50% of our drivers have not been vaccinated, and of that 50%, 37% said should they be forced into having to be vaccinated, they would consider leaving the industry. >> i don't see where i need the vaccine is. i mean, i've already had covid, and from what i understand, the natural immunity is better than the vaccine to start with. and like they said, they're going to start is dropping out. it's going to happen. steve: so what they're talking about is they're talking about joe biden's mandates which are
5:08 am
going to kick in in about a month from now. and the worry is a lot of these drivers are the drivers who are going to bring not only toys and stuff like that, they're going to bring chemo-- brian: medicine. steve: medicine and all that stuff to us. and so there are a number of retail and trucking groups who are asking the omb, hey, could the administration pump the brakes and have a 90-day pause so those mandates don't kick this until february. because if it hits before the holidays, it will not be a good christmas. ainsley: well, hopefully taco bell can get all the materials they need to make these tacos by next thursday. brian: yeah. if the omb doesn't listen, they deserve what they get. 15% of almost everyone industry is reluctant to get the shot. so you're telling them you're fired pd, you're finished, you're through. teachers, firefighters, cops,
5:09 am
medical workers, anybody contracted with the u.s. government because joe biden will sit there and say i want everybody vaccinated, how dare you not. meanwhile, at eight minutes after the hour, what's going to take place today. major hearing, it's going to happen this week front and center the attorney general, merrick garland. ainsley: yeah. he's going to testify today before the senate, and parents are really concerned about what he was saying, basically referring to them as domestic terrorists. steve: the school board did that. ainsley: the school board association wrote that in a memo to him. he did call in the fbi, and the association has apologized now, but he has not, and he's still saying the fbi might be needed in some situations. you've got that young girl who was assaulted by the boy in the skirt in virginia, and the parents are really upset about it. they want an apology from barack obama because he said this about the curriculum.
5:10 am
>> we don't have time to be wasting on these phony, trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage that the right-wing media ped if billions to juice their -- pedals to juice their ratings. instead of forcing our communities to cut back at a time when we're starting to recover, we should be doing more to support people who are educating our kids and keeping our neighborhoods safe. steve: so while he was this virginia over the weekend talking about, you know, the mcauliffe youngkin race, he talked generally about the schools and things like that. ian pryor who's one of the parents very concerned about what's going on out in loudoun county, he said i don't think barack obama has a clue what's going on. he gone straited just how -- demonstrated how clueless he was. it's clear all the star power is reading off the same deceptive sheet music with talking points
5:11 am
designed to deceive people as to what's really happening in virginia public schools and specifically louden county. brian: it's one of the rare times that barack obama's political instincts have failed him. this is real, this is organic, this is not scripted. these are people standing up, democrats and republicans, for what's happening in their schools. and one quick thing with her ific garland. i was -- merrick garland. i was surprised when the board of schools said we were wrong. and we didn't even check with the board, just two of us wrote it. by the way, viola garcia ends up joining the biden administration. merrick garland, if he start, open -- if he is smart, open up and say upon the new revelations that happened this weekend, i think it was a headache to mobilize -- mistake. steve: then it would seem like the doj had been politicize ised
5:12 am
a week ago or two weekes ago when they said it initially. he's not going to come anywhere close to any sort of apology. brian: in response to a letter which they say was wrong, so so he could honestly say, listen, in light of this new information, i would like to apologize. senator josh hawley's coming after him and everybody else on the judiciary committee because he is so vulnerable on this as well as being ethically compromised. ainsley: think about this young lady who was assaulted in the bathroom. the man was a young boy, his name's not being released, was convicted. and then they pushed him to another school where he allegedly did it again. that's still going through the court system before he'll get sentenced. but the young lady, think about in high school. everyone knows, her parents are speak out, she probably has a lot of friends probably in the high school, and many of them in loudon county decided to participate in this walkout yesterday. they decided to walk out of the classroom -- brian: so it's not a trumped-up
5:13 am
culture war. ainsley: exactly. one of the parents was, i believe, on jillian's show earlier, and this is what she said, why her daughter participated. >> something she was excited to become -- it's not that she was excited to become an activist because a lot of teenagers don't want the pressure. they don't want their peers to have judgment on them. i think she realized when things, when this happened so long ago and people are just finding out about it, it really struck her. she just -- her friends and her and many others had felt really blindsideed. this is happening in our school. and why didn't they know about it? steve: and when she says why didn't we know about it, there are also calls to have the superintendent of schools from loudoun county resign because, remember, after that dad was dragged out, the dad of the
5:14 am
daughter who was sexually molested, and we've seen the charges and they are very graphic, we're not going to get into it, apparently he -- the superintendent -- sent out an e-mail at the end of may and explained, hey, this happened, there was an assault in the bathroom and things like that. but when that dad went to the school board and was dragged off and arrested and stuff like that, it was the superintendent said we had no idea. that was not accurate given the fact that the e-mail showed that he knew all about it. and that's why there's so many people now saying that superintendent has got to go. brian: right. steve: can't trust him. brian: we're going to see if this is a national issue -- steve: oh, it is. brian: -- and how many people are going to be taking action. it's going to be the teachers union versus the parents. that's what it is. mcauliffe is speaking to the teachers union who support every democratic candidate, and the parents aren't unified enough to
5:15 am
speak politically. they're just is speaking from the heart. ainsley: i don't understand why some of the unions i think this material is appropriate for little children. if you read what some of these books say and teach in these counties in virginia that are in our kids' libraries or some of the videos being shown -- brian: are you a soldier as a teacher? are you a soldier because they hand out a curriculum and tough just find a way to teach it, and if you do have an objection, you quit? steve: the school board has been able to determine the curriculum for years. but now suddenly people, because of the pandemic, parents were watching what was going on. and that is why in hi state of new jersey -- my state of new jersey during this runup to gubernatorial election next tuesday i've had a dozen people come to my door. they're running for school board, and they tell me what is being taught in the schools. and it's the same stuff that is going on in the common wealth of virginia. so this is a nationwide issue, and people are motivated. to you want to impact what is
5:16 am
being taught in the school, get on the school board. brian: i just worry, steve, you're going to get a a little angry and you'll realize on sunday it's not the school board, it's trick or treating. just remember -- steve: you're the one who hates halloween. i bought three great big bags -- brian: you like when kids come to your door. steve: absolutely, it's fun. ainsley: my sister-in-law, in front of her house, i went to visit them in south carolina, it's very scary. they have, like, six witches in a circle like a seance made out of trash bags. hi sister-in-law head them. i have to get aic church please do not show my if daughter this, she will be scared. but then she ended up going and august around on sunday morning. steve: so halloween is sunday. in the meantime, time for some news with jillian. jillian: also a halloween lover. iowans i don't like the witches and the evil and all of that.
5:17 am
jillian: i've already started eating the candy. ainsley: what's your favorite? jillian: milky way, kitkat. brian: just remember to brush and floss. jillian: all right. let's begin with this story. we expect an update on the investigation into the deadly shooting on the set of "rust." seven me dogger if halyna hutchins killed, director joel souza was hurt after alex baldwin firing the weapon he was told was cold while rehearsing a scene. prosecutors are not ruling out charges. the district attorney is reportedly focusing on why live ammunition was on set and how safety protocols were allegedly ignored. an fda advisory panel is backing a covid-19 vaccine for kids as young as 5. the panel believes the shots' benefit ifs outweigh any risks. the pfizer would be a third of the dose given to teens and adults. a study finding it to be 91% effective. this as the kdc says
5:18 am
immuno-compromised people may need a to fourth dose six months after their third. a fox weather alert now and a powerful nor'easter becoming a bomb cyclone overnight. flooding rains and ferocious winds slamming several statements. schools are closed and roads shut down amid torrential downpours in some areas. more than 400,000 homes are without power this massachusetts. cities crawling to a halt amid flash flooding. jfk airport reporting over 2 inches of rain in a span of hour, and i managed to get through it all. now to atlanta where police officers are forced to use their own money to clean their cruisers. a city councilman saying a car wash agreement expired creating a lapse in coverage. the paperwork is said to be stuck in city hall. that is a look at your headlines. i don't know how i slept through all of that last night. steve: the night before -- both
5:19 am
live in new jersey -- it woke me up. 10:00. ainsley: i love it. it's calming. steve: thank you the, jl january. brian: thousands of migrants will be back on the move this morning heading towards the eyes. griff jenkins is live in mexico and tells us what he's learned from the organizers. plus, retired i.c.e. director tom homan here with some outrage. ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪ ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪ ♪but i like it, i love it♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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5:24 am
[inaudible conversations] >> brian, i apologize, i may be breaking up a little bit here. we're right in front of the caravan. they made it 25 miles north of where they started. the fifth day, they want to go 20 more miles, we'll see if they can do that. but now mexico's foreign minister is speak out saying that these migrants are not going to be -- [inaudible] just look how big this caravan is. they have every intention of getting to the u.s. and one of the things we've been trying to find out as we've been talking to the organizer here is who's paying for this. we asked him that exact question. here's what he told us, listen. >> this is a way that they go. what happens happens and a lot of times the people of goodwill
5:25 am
like the churches give food. i don't know. >> reporter: so you can see now him leading this caravan. they're giving out, the mexican government, pamphlets on how the migrants can best get through this journey. we're going to keep monitoring it. one thing for sure is, they're not slowing down. there are about 3,000. guys, back to you. brian: wow. i looked at the numbers, zero coverage every other network and this should be a number one priority. griff jenkins, thanks so much is. joining us now, former i.c.e. director tom homan. tom, it doesn't surprise you. one thing i noticed, rate well dressed, pretty well prepared. you've got kids in strollers, people in wheelchairs. what's going onsome. >> well, this is an open board, and they know it is. -- border. that's why they're going to keep coming because there's no consequence, no returns. and they know, you know, last
5:26 am
year the biden administration's released 600,000 into the ideas. and if you add the other 400,000 gotaways, that's a million illegal aliens who came across that border. and they know that. this administration's actions speak louder than the words. brian: they say that i.c.e. arrests are down as if there's not many illegal aliens committing crimes. is that the case? is. >> no, i.c.e. has been capitate thed. -- decapitated. they didn't do their job anymore. they said being in this country illegally is not enough reason to be arrested by immigration officers, so arrests are way down. brian: have you ever seen thinking like this? >> no, i haven't. and i noticed the other day the chief patrol agent made a statement that he had tremendous concerns about the texas dps activities on the border. i have a tremendous concern he's still the chief. what has texas dps done? 150,000 illegal aliens arrested,
5:27 am
8,000 were criminals, 6,000 felons. they've had 844 car chases, seized 132 pounds of fentanyl that could have killed millions of people, they've seized 373 firearms and the chief patrol agent says he has tremendous concern? it's ridiculous are. he ought to be having a press conference thanking hem for helping him, baking them a cake or something. it's unconscionable. brian: yeah, i want you to hear, everyone to share with us the disdain for this statement. this was a criticism of governor abbott. i want other agencies' help, i certainly need it at this time, but coordination has to happen. how dare he say that. you're doing nothing. you're allowing our border patrol to be trampled on, their reputation to be destroyed. they are outmanned, outthurmed. they're not allowed -- outnumbered. they're not allowed to do their job, and you're criticizing the only people doing anything. how does this guy sleep at night? >> i don't know.
5:28 am
border security experts? show me one. show me a border security expert in this administration. it isn't the president, it isn't the border czar, kamala harris, it isn't the secretary, it serb ly isn't the chief. -- certainly isn't the chief. the men and women rare aring the green uniform standing on the front lines are the only experts. border patrol stations are not welcoming centers. if you want to fix the border, let these men and women do their job. he says that texas dps is, their arrests are delaying, don't know if the aliens are getting a chance to claim asylum. he knows that's a lie. every time the dps finishes what they're doing, they get released to immigration officers. he also says it's delaying the repatriations. you're damn right, because you're adding a consequence. the consequence delivery system, operation streamline. they prosecute numerous illegal aliens for entry which would
5:29 am
decrease the recidivism rate. he should know that. operation streamline started in del rio when he was assigned. it's ridiculous. brian: because you know they know better. that makes it worse. tom homan, thanks so much is. nba, abc, cbs all have one thing in common, zero minutes on this. quick news, president freedom fighter now come out in five days, hope to see is everyone one day one november 3rd barnes & noble, my first visit. i'll have to fly. november 5th, i'll see you at -- kentucky book fest calcar the 40th year, it's my first, and the charleston coliseum. tickets still available in west virginia is. i believe governor justice will be joining me there. talking about all the war on history and how to win it. meanwhile, nba player enes kanter doubling down on his criticism of nike and china with
5:30 am
a message on the court on his sneakers. author douglas murray on his courage right after this. ♪ ♪ i get off on -- ♪ like the way it gets me every time it mitts me -- ♪ i've got a rock and roll heart ♪♪
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♪ jillian: good morning. fox news alert, an illinois police officer is killed while approaching a vehicle he suspected of being stolen. officer tyler timmons die after being taken to a hospital near st. louis. the shooting suspect is now in custody. timmons leaves behind a wife ask daughter. a gofundme for his family says he served in law enforcement for 14 years. he was 36 years old. new research shows paying people toll get vaccinated against -- to get vaccinated against covid doesn't really work. in fact, the research shows it actually had the opposite effect. back in july president biden
5:35 am
told state toss pay people $100 to get the jab. well, throwing pun. s and brawling at a dog show in miami. a group of women reportedly started the chaos after they demanded refunds for the event. they became upset after their dogs did not win the contest. no injuries or arrests were reported. those are your headline, steve, i will send it to you. steve: you don't see that every day. thank you very much. we've told you yesterday about boston celtics' center enes kanter slamming nike over its response to human rights abuses in the country of china. >> when it comes to china, nike remains silent. you do not address police brutality in china. you do not say a word about to oppression of minorities in china. steve: he's talking about the weergs there. now the nba star is tweeting to the owner of nike, bill knight, how about i book plane tickets for us, and let's fly to china
5:36 am
together. we can try to visit these slave labor camps, and you can see it with your own eyes, telling lebron james and michael jordan you're welcome to come along too. author douglas murray joins us now. what do you headache about this? >> -- make about this? >> this is an amazing story and a great sign of hope that a star of kanter's caliber should actually blow the whistle on one of the human rights outrages of our day. you know, every era in history does things and allows things to happen that future generations look back on with just horror. it's the same with our generation, obviously. our generation looks at the past, how on earth could they do that. i would bet anything that generations after this one will think how is it possible that in america that all these major corporations like nike went around lecturing the american people about nonexistent problems in america or very,
5:37 am
very minor issues in america, and all the while were making their products in the communist party of china's fiefdom, all the while allegedly with slave labor and much more doing the work. it's one to have absolute outrages of our day. most people allow are it to just slide by, and i am just so full of admiration for will kanter for not allowing -- mr. kanter for not allowing that to happen. steve i wonder how many nike products are in those container ships off the ports of l.a. and long beach because, you know, given the supply chain issues we've had over the last number of months, why wouldn't the official uniforms and what not of the national basketball association be made in the united states of america? let's make more stuff here, and we don't have to worry about that. >> absolutely. you know, as i say, the the nba,
5:38 am
like nike, they all lecture us. they all lecture us on a daily basis about their woke credentials. but jobs that they've always been taking out of america, outsourcing to china, outsourcing to the worst possible sources in china. and here's the other kicker to this. it's not just that they've taken jobs out of america while lecturing americans, it's that a they've given power to the communist party of china's authority. you see, just since this happened, since mr. kanter decided to criticize it, chinese state media has gone blank on the celtics games that they're meant to be broadcasting. they decided not to do it. now, this is a deal with the nba worth $1.5 billion. steve: right. >> so when enes kanter speaks up on this, it's the sort of thing that's going cost the nba a lot of money potentially. steve: sure. >> but this is the problem, the
5:39 am
ccp has everybody over this barrel. and it's time that we work over that barrel. everybody from the basketball players to anyone else who can speak up should do. we've got to reverse this. steve: let's see the bill knight -- if bill knight from nike responds because all eyes are on him. it's in his court now. douglas murray, thank you very much for joining us live. >> great pleasure. steve: meanwhile, our attorney general, merrick garland, promised the fbi would not be mobilized against parents, but a virginia mom says the feds are showing up in force. you get to hear her story coming up next. and the atlanta braves taking an early lead in the world series. will cain this houston ahead of game two as the sun comes up. will? >> reporter: sun's up. a little cloudy here, steve. cloudy for the astros, perhaps. dropped game one. braves took game one early, in the first couple of earnings.
5:40 am
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♪ >> will fbi agents be attend thing local school board meetings? >> no, and there's nothing in this memo to suggest that. ainsley: that was last week on october 2 1st, last thursday, when the attorney general, merrick garland, insisted the fbi would not be present at school board meetings. but my next guest says the feds and a helicopter were sent to intimidate parents that very night in fairfax county, virginia is. a mom of six, stacy lang done, joins us now. >> hi. ainsley: good morning. you saw the feds there that night, right? >> right. and i don't think it was a coincidence because we had actually done a protest at the
5:45 am
department of justice on sunday. october 17th. so four days prior to the school board meeting we were there at 3 if p.m. on constitution avenue standing in front of the department of justice, and, you know, we had about 45 parents, and we had a very peaceful, uneventful protest for one hour. there were many dhs marked vehicles at the doj with us that day, and, you know, then we go to the school board meeting on thursday night, and all of a sudden this has never happened before. we have federal vehicles this. we had the dhs vehicle that you saw which i posted a picture of, i took that photo, and we had several to have what they call ghost cars which are the unmarked police vehicles for different agencies. some may have been fairfax county, some may have been fbi, you know, they were charcoal gray, the white ones, and then we had a helicopter, a literal helicopter overhead that was circling. and the absurdity of this, you
5:46 am
know, it was a group of 25 parents and, you know, we were waving at the helicopters as it was shining a spotlight down on us. this is something that is incredible in america, and it's, you know, ridiculously un-american. and honestly, i have paid a heavy price because of what i said at my school board meeting on september 23rd about the pornography and the pedophilia that i found in my son's high school at fair tax high school. and since -- fairfax high school. and since the doj protest on sunday, on monday night my family has been receiving daily threats. so i have threats against my children by name, i have been followed in my car with my children in my car. they have my vehicle, they know where i live, and i don't know who's putting somebody up to this, but it's obviously meant to intimidate me. it could be it's the doj, it could be it's mcauliffe 's campaign people because i know this is suddenly all about the election here in the state of virginia. it could be the school board.
5:47 am
it could be the lgbtq community. i know there are a lot of people who are very unamendment about what -- unhappy about what i said at the school board meeting. i don't know who is in favor of pornography in their children's school. this isn't the political issue, and even the liberals shouldn't be happy that there's porn in the schools. so i'm not getting a lot of sleep right now. nobody' sleeping in my house because we can't be sure that we're safe. merrick garland is actually testifying today at the senate, and he's going to talk about mobilizing the fbi against parents. maybe he should mobilize the fbi into who's threatening my family. ainsley: yeah, it's interesting. parents who are getting threats, there's no fbi. thank you so much, stacy. i'm really sorry. stay safe. >> thank you. ainsley: let's check in with janice dean for our forecast. janice: hi, ainsley. the rain has moved out, but we still have gusty winds along the
5:48 am
coast especially from long island up towards massachusetts. this is the almost category 2 hurricane strength, wind gusts from this nor'easter, that is going to be ongoing today, at least tropical storm force winds even though this is not a tropical storm, it's a cold low as opposed to a warm core low. but the results are still going to be the same. the power out edges -- outages, we could see structural damagings. warnings in the darker blue and watches, wind advisories in the lighter blue. the rain has moved out, the wind's still going to be an issue. we're going to see travel delays, be extra cautious along the coast. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: coming up next, will cain's going to join us live outside of minute maid park ahead of game two in the world series, i -- but first, dana perino. dana: i'm hoping will will take you and me on one of these trips. we'd love to.
5:49 am
democrats throwing everything against the wall for president biden's human infrastructure bill. nothing is sticking. senator john kennedy will fill us many. biden rallying for a struggling terry mcauliffe. we'll talk to glenn youngkin, judge jeanine will have the latest on the investigation into the shooting on alec baldwin's movie set. we'll see you in just a few minutes. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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ainsley: the atlanta braves taking an early lead in the world series beating the astros 6-2 in last night's game one. steve: let's head back down to houston where will cain has a recap of last night ask a preview of tonight. will? >> reporter: so i think as far as the action on the field, steve, there's two big takeaways. yes, the atlanta braves took game one, they took it early in the game with a leadoff homer, jorge solar sets the pace, and it was all in the rearview mirror for the atlanta braves from that point forward last night. but as you know, there are many, many games to go, and they lost their starting pitcher, charlie morton, for the rest of the series to a broken leg. as to the atmosphere around the game, it was a party. and i took part in the party from the jump. this is what it looked like inside the stadium. check it out.
5:54 am
how we feeling? >> oh, we're great today. game number one, october. >> reporter: you guys feel okay? >> everybody is very welcoming. reporter: texas friendly. are you excited. >> i am so excited. we're going to win. >> reporter: when did you do all this? what are you going to do if you win this year? you've got another arm there. >> i'll put it on this arm. >> reporter: do you refer to yourself as rally -- [inaudible] are you saying prayers as well? during the game? >> yes. [laughter] >> reporter: so the rally nuns sent up their prayers. the astros might need a few more. starting on the, game two on fox, right here, minute maid park in houston.
5:55 am
here's my plan for tonight, i hope it makes you all happy. i'm going to do an eating tour. steve: great. fantastic. >> reporter: good idea? steve: absolutely. last night america, everybody won a taco. are there any free food items up for grabs tonight? >> reporter: not that a i'm aware of, steve. i can't break any news on any free food. ainsley: nachos, ice cream, the prettiesings? -- pretzels? >> reporter: you've got to get a hot dog. there's barbecue, there's wings, there's a shake shack. brian: will, quick sports question. is this it for dusty baker? does he retire win or lose after this? >> reporter: i don't know, brian. is he 70 now? what is dusty baker, late 60s? don't predict the end for people who are doing it well, you know what i'm saying? everyone wants to write off tom
5:56 am
brady, no, no, he's breaking the curve. dusty baker, i'll let him go when he wants to go. he can hit the lights on his way out. brian: 1974, he was with the braves when hank aaron hit that homer. steve: well, tonight is the food tour, and will cain do it, so we're going to watch you tomorrow, will cain. thank you very much. excellent job. great assignment. ainsley: more fox and is friends just moments away. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> brian has a big night. prayer for his daughter. her soccer team. >> they have to win the make the playoffs. >> let's see how it goes. >> i don't know what i'll do. >> bye, everyone. >> bill: good morning. we're six days away from a make or break bellwether race. president biden throwing his weight behind terry mccauliffe. will the president help the cause or will he weigh it down? that's the query today. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." are you asking me? >> bill: do you want to answer it now? >> dana: give a tease. it will be a close race. i think youngkin wins by a hair and the democrats will realize that their strategy for running in a state like virginia won't work in 2022. >> bill: did biden


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