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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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you make it completely possible. 2022 is coming. are you ready? a week from tonight it will be election night in america. important governors races. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham has a great show as perusual. >> laura: you asked me to get my dog on the set. laura: you asked me to get my guard on set, but zoe is currently in the other room and is in therapy because you miss gendered her last night as billy, you referenced my dog as billy and that sent her into a canine tailspin. don't give your whole resume out. we don't need to go down memory
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lane, all right? we will get it tomorrow. she will be out of therapy. bring your dog to work day. i am laura ingraham. what is behind george soros's new group to stop this information in the media? we have an important expose plus why president biden needs to fire john gary now. i will explain that in a little bit but first, walking out and walking away is the focus of tonight's angle. they want you to know they care about the children, they are going to remind you that everything they do they do for the kids. >> if you work hard you can do better and pass on greater opportunities for your children. >> people must be able to decide
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our future, to determine your future, the future of your children. >> the children, the children, the children. laura: but the children adjust props in their quest for more control, more powerful bureaucrats and less for parents. so when girls were raped in two separate schools in northern virginia within months of each other liberal school administrators do their best to cover it up and one of father of one of the victims came to the school board meeting to voice concerns about safety they arrested him. it was absolutely disgusting. i can't believe it is america. the father appeared on the angle to describe the orwellian experience. >> my daughter was sexually assaulted at the end of school in may of last year and i went to the school board meeting to see what was going on. tried to tell the lady what had
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happened to my daughter and she looked me dead in the face and said that is not what happened, started in on me again and threatened my family business, my livelihood, next thing i know i am tackled to the ground. i'm just shocked and horrified. we all were horrified and as a parent i found his story to be extremely upsetting. both the crime that was committed against this young woman and the effort to vilify the family of the young woman. and it seems to get worse every day. former president obama rolled into richmond, virginia over the weekend to stump for terry mcauliffe and made the mistake of dismissing concern about the loudoun county crime. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trump the culture wars, this fake outrage
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the right-wing media has peddled to choose their ratings. that's not what you need, virginia. instead of forcing the community to cut back on the time we are just starting to recover we should be doing more to keep our neighborhoods safe. laura: neighborhood safe? the democrats can't even keep their school restrooms safe because they're more worried about the political repercussions than the health and safety and that goes double for the media and squabbles i remember when liberal journalists used to believe it was reprehensible for a defendant to use the victim of sexual history to impeach her credibility. that is exactly what happened in this case. the girl admitted in court she previously had had a consensual relationship with her attacker
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and they agreed to meet in the bathroom when the attack occurred. washington post reporter justin juvenile, not mentioning the name of the victim or her attacker published these details. he then followed up with a tweet clearly trying to throw a shade on the judge's decision, the chief judge in juvenile court who heard all the evidence in the case decided that the accused male teenager who wore a skirt did commit the sexual assault but it things the reporter wasn't happy with that. my question, where are all the women who stood up for victims in the past? let's remember their words. >> how many women and men are there across this country who are being harassed and they had no recourse and no voice. that is got to stop. >> this is why women don't feel comfortable coming for into a story. >> we have the greatest space for women to come forward. >> the washington post used to
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believe no means no, but now who wants women, especially concerned mother is to shut up and go away, the very democrats who claim to be the me too defenders. even kids are realizing that their schools are a mess. students at multiple area high schools participated in walkouts today to protest for safer schools after the loud and county school board officials originally denied that these attacks ever had occurred. parents are justifiably fed up. the latest non-fake outrage involved loudoun county's requirement that parents must sign a nondisclosure agreement to view part of its new race and equity curriculum. as part of the school's a broader equity agenda the district spent approximately
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$7,700 to become a licensed user of something called second step programs, a branch of the left-leaning nonprofit organization committee for children. according to a copy of the form, eligible parents at the l cps must sign the document to view the second step curriculum. all board members are attacking parental rights, making sign some agreement they will not talk about have to be defeated. all of them have to be thrown out on their you know what next go around the campaign against parental involvement in schools is being led by left-wing activists like jack schneider and jennifer berkshire writing the washington post parents claim they have the right to shape their school's kids curriculum, they don't, turn over all decisions to parents would risk inhibiting the ability of young people to think independently.
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randy weingarten, the odious far from the american federation of teachers loves this anti-parents week, nice on parents rights in public schools because my parents rights, she means the right to step aside and let the experts control it all. who on earth would tolerate this, parents paying the bill here, why accept the abuse and this will only make matters worse in schools where parents have started their own lockouts that are permanent. loudoun county is growing in population but it's school enrollment is dropping meaning the schools are losing state funding and the super rich and ultra liberal fairfax county schools are also seeing trouble on the horizon.
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we warned them if they keep their schools close for in person living while doubling down the curriculum with antiracism and equity parents would start pulling their kids out and that is exactly what is happening, the district is still down 10,000 students from their pre-pandemic levels. what happened? they moved their children to private or parochial schools, others opted for homeschooling, others went to areas of the country were schools were operating in person and yet school leaders according to this piece acknowledge that when it comes to students who have been in classrooms free pandemic they say they have no idea where they have gone. they haven't been disappeared by a magician and these people who don't know where the kids have gone are in charge of your kids education. this is absolutely terrifying, but don't worry, their priorities include pairing back on ap courses and mandating
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athletes get the vaccination. parents are not just walking out on these radical school administrators, they want to throw them all out. >> >> our kids are too important, we can't just sit back and assume everybody else is going to take care of this. we have phenomenal teachers but it is the leadership. i haven't heard mcauliffe say i am going to investigate what is happening in schools but i did hear youngcan say that so why not give it a shot. >> the former governor thing parents shouldn't be involved. >> my head was about to explode. i thought you kidding me? >> this week glenn youngken dropped in and reminding everyone mcauliffe has had a long history of fighting parental rights in education. easy to the when he was governor the first time in 2016 that would have given students the
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right to opt out of assignments containing sexually explicit content. >> it was bipartisan. it gave parents say, the option to choose an alternative for my children but then governor terry mcauliffe vetoed it twice. he doesn't think parents should have the say. he said that. >> these are not phony culture wars, they are not phony culture warriors, this is about who has the final say over the present and future of our kids education. this is about who you trust to keep your children safe at school. woke activists were masquerading as teachers or administrators can't be trusted. they have other priorities. the walkouts we saw today in virginia are only the beginning, the democratic party is about to experience what a political walkout across america feels like and that is the angle. amuse me will: former democrat advisor
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about her of our ages and a loudoun county parent whose daughter to part in today's lockout. let's start with you. where are the feminists rushing in to condemn the school board involvement county and what their role in covering this up was and the politicians, where are the feminists? >> this is a painful and mortifying moment, feminist dads and moms across the country, survivors of sexual assault should be rallying to support this family that is doing everything right when it comes to how you should support a child he was sexually assaulted. dad is trying to help people who are responsible, trying to warn other parents, this is what we do when a violent crime like this has taken place was they
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are rejecting shame, they are being targeted so i am embarrassed and ashamed feminists are not standing up to support this family and i am embarrassed and ashamed there is not a chorus calling up the horrific treatment of this young lady who is a minor by the court system and i just want to note very quickly, there is so much wrong with the way this young woman is being treated that it almost seems bizarre, punishing the family for speaking out. i am a survivor of child rape and an advocate, i walked with rape survivors, the judicial process - laura: that is awful. >> that judge could testify in the courtroom and their is the
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rape shield law in virginia, you're not supposed to bring up any victim -- laura: it was allowed, it was allowed in this juvenile court and the washington post went on to repeat it. where are all the feminists? i have to ask about your daughter because she became an activist today by walking out of school, five high schools across loudoun county and there were hundreds and hundreds, there were hundreds and hundreds of kids who walked out. why did she walkout? >> i don't think she was excited to become an activist because a lot of teenagers don't want the pressure, don't want the appearance to have gentlemen on them. when he realized when this happened so long ago and just finding out about it it really struck her. her friends and her and many
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other kids were blindsided that this was happening in our schools. why didn't they know about it? >> did she know the attacker? don't say the name of the attacker but was she aware of who the attacker was? >> it did not take place at her school. it was nearby. attacker being shuttled to another school to rape again, that case is being adjudicated, allegedly rape again, in juvenile court, the judge, no jury, the judge sustained the charges after hearing the evidence there was a woke thing happening, whether the individual is gender fluid or not, we don't know if that came
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into play but terry mcauliffe says parents don't have a right to education decisions and obama says these are fake phony culture warrior issues. >> very insulting. >> i do to note i don't think what this assailant was wearing is germane, young women, young men are raped by boys and men - laura: i don't care about it. i am saying they cared about it. that have come into play on the part of the administrators, might complicate the woke factor here. i don't think it matters. i agree with you. >> administrators are also engaged in a horrific cover-up because they have a duty to report that is legal and they
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know about a sexual assault, their duty to keep the kids safe. they have to report it. the last interview they say the guidelines are unclear. that is nonsense. there is something bigger going on here, parents are being targeted. they are being identified as domestic terrorists for speaking out at meetings where education is at stake. a bigger picture of the war against the family. laura: how is this factory and the governor's race as a matter of fairness and true equity? >> i've been reading a lot of social media walkouts and i am just shocked by some of the pushback because they are saying this is just political political posturing, something to help
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youngken. this has nothing to do with politics. it is crime in our schools, could have been a guy or girl, we are done with issues in loudoun county, we needed something positive today. we had kids that had a voice today when they haven't had one. they enjoyed it. they were taking leave and they made signs. laura: we are going to continue to cover this issue, thank you for your voices tonight. we appreciate it. merrick garland ordered the fbi to target parents for protesting against out-of-control school boards but now that there is massive political blowback the ag's distancing himself from his own memo.
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joining me is jim jordan, what is your next move here? >> we sent a letter yesterday the told the attorney general to resend his memo from october 4th which he did 5 days after the original letter came from the school board. when president obama referred to this as culture wars, culture warriors these are parents, moms and dads who don't want this taught in their schools, what to get involving kids education and oversee their kids education. what was interesting, they got this whole thing rolling, not once in that 6-page letter was the word parent or parents mentioned but in the apology that came friday night after our hearing with the attorney general of the memo from the school board association they mention parents then. that is what happens when you stand up, parents involved in kids education. laura: president biden stumping for mcauliffe in arlington,
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virginia and tried to tie glenn youngkin to january 6th. >> for the sake of your families and the country, we can't let this happen in virginia. extremism can come in many forms. the major they mob driven to assault the capitol. you can come in a smile a fleece vest. laura: who is the real extremist in virginia tonight? >> not these parents, we had democrat members of the judiciary committee try to type parents who come to school board meetings do not have this crazy curriculum taught their kids and defend your kids they tried to tie them to people who did bad things on january 6th. this is how far the left is gone. i can to the basic question who cares more about the kids education, government or moms and dads and i will bet on moms
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and dads every time. i seek this memo from the attorney general is the last straw. when you tell parents government is better, they know more about your kids than you do, when you tell them that that is the last straw and this will be the cattle for the new focus on freedom you began talking about when the virus started a year and a half ago, what they have done to our first amendment liberties -- laura: coming for the kids. >> parents aren't going to tolerate it. that is why they are standing up. laura: they are coming for the kids. that is the next thing. why john kerry should be fired immediately. my many angle in a moment.
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>> laura: >> i told you months ago john kerry would surrender to china on the climate issue washington post is reporting in early summer with 5 month before critical un climate conference, hits told president biden he wouldn't achieve his goal of tackling climate change unless the us/china relationship improved. what might the ccp be demanding,
12:27 am
the post and beijing insisted that cooperation on climate would not commence a and strained relations over human race, hong kong, i, traded a range of other issues. in other words give us everything or we are not sitting at the climate table and john jerry is more than willing to go along with this disastrous to render. when marco rubio introduced a bill that would have and products tied to the ccp's systematic oppression of the leaders john kerry along with big tech were instrumental in hobbling better first. why? because john kerry didn't want to offend china. that is why. the fact is he's been undermining our country to appear china for years. >> it was comprehensible that the united states and china would find cooperation on climate change which we found some common ground. we had disagreements with china on key issues absolutely but
12:28 am
climate has to stand alone. i will fighting this issue that is a trade issue or a cyberissue and we are going to fight about that while the world is falling apart you would really be certifiable. >> our borders falling apart but now you are worried about the world. what a certifiable here is believing china plans to live up to any climate commitment it makes. despite signing the paris accord china bought 3 times more call power online in 2020 than the rest of the world combined and now with rolling blackouts gripping the country, the ccp faces losing its grip on power, china is ordering as much coal as possible. still john kerry seems to be poised to give china anything it once in return for empty promises. it is time to change the climate of weakness and get rid of john kerry. joining me is former secretary of state mike pompeo, where did i get this wrong? >> you got it all right.
12:29 am
this administration is willing to sacrifice any element of american security with partners in the middle east or chinese communist party on the altar of the commitment to climate change, sacrifice the leader, america's national security interests, letting china bring in crude oil from iran, took a properly extraditeable chinese leader in huawei to return under criminal indictment, they let her go. this administration is willing to appease the chinese, sorry for the sake of a phony promise they are no more likely to live up to its commitment on energy than the man in the moon. we find the paris climate
12:30 am
records and in the trump administration we reduced total carbon output. the chinese current is pretty didn't get out of the deal. they stayed in but it creates, not the tremendously. >> the biden administration are so desperate for this empty climate deal with china the they are not going to prioritize any concern about genocide for climate change. this is what the national security boy wonder said today. >> john kerry noted that is chinese counterparts see a contradiction, the united states is pushing them to reduce carbon emissions at the same time sanctioning solar panel production. >> there's no reason the united states or any other country should be forced to choose between these two issues. >> how is that acceptable? we should just ignore human rights, china is going to care about human rights anymore if we cave on climate?
12:31 am
>> they don't give a rip about human skull with others during the wuhan virus that they exported this virus to those traveling to milan, they don't care, they are not about to change because john kerry shows up and tells them america will sacrifice millions of its own jobs and income for hard-working americans, you should do that too. this is a full's errand. he's been a full's errand, this is the man who said you couldn't have arab countries recognize the state of israel or there would be war, he has been wrong about a lot, no chance the chinese communist party will reduce carbon emissions for the sake of appeasing american interests. these are ruthless genocidal leaders of the chinese congress party intends on maintaining power and watching america's weakness. >> it is so depressing, the
12:32 am
china issue and the border are the two biggest issues facing america, china is our biggest adversary, we are losing sovereignty on the southern border. you sat across the table from president xi. is it not clear why he wants to only deal one on one with biden at this point given biden's performance and ability to converse, are you surprised about xi's desire to deal 1-on-1 with the president? >> it doesn't surprise me. he believes he will be sitting across the table from a leader will not defend america's interest to provide clear articulation of america being first and foremost, he sitting across from a leader who make better outcome for the chinese commonest party, the worst outcome of the chinese as well, not america's the security interest.
12:33 am
so he can cut a fair deal for his own team. laura: how are you so tan all the time? you are the most and just we've had a showing four years. is a perpetual beach vacation for you? what is your secret? you look very healthy? >> trying to live better after hard work for the last four years, get ready for hard-working the next want to take back the house in 2020. laura: thank you. george soros is putting his money behind an effort to combat misinformation. a reported moments reveals why he is doing this plus the new victim play on campus, the white persons fault, dennis desousa is here on a story out of harvard you need to hear about to believe.
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>> laura: the media are lavishing pra
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>> the media lavishing praise a new company dedicated to fighting disinformation and guess who is funding it? liberal billionaire george soros and reid hoffman, nothing the various going on there. from we return to breaking news correspondent trace gallagher. what are they up to? >> the media companies, good information and promises to combat disinformation which is interesting and ironic considering is being funded by two left-wing billionaires, george soros who spent tens of millions funding campaigns of far left prosecutors to overhaul the us justice system and reid hoffman, the founder of linkedand was forced to apologize for funding this information in the 2017 alabama special election for u.s. senate but now turn your trust, good information is planning to focus primarily on local news by
12:40 am
acquiring a company called courier newsroom which is local outlets in eight states including arizona, florida, michigan and pennsylvania. this is the same group of stations cited by the media watchdog group news guard for failing to meet basic standards of credibility and transparency and to further boost your confidence good information will be led by terry mcgowan, former democratic strategists who previously ran a progressive nonprofit called acronym which in 2020 run one of the largest digital campaigns to beat donald from. acronym also invested in the company that made major headlines for producing the cell phone apps the broke the 2020 i would democratic caucuses by delaying the vote tally but now turn mcgowan has released a statement that reads in part, at good information we are
12:41 am
committed to scaling immediate solutions the counter dangerous disinformation where it spreads and maybe buy dangerous she means shutting down stories like hunter biden's laptop or the wuhan lab the club of which were labeled disinformation and conspiracies by the left only to be proven legit. >> now what you have to here to believe, days go harvard university sophomore tyler golden published a lengthy diatribe about what convinced her to quit the premed program. her righteous rebellion started when the grand jury declined to charge police in the death of breonna taylor on the day of her inorganic chemistry exam she writes my body in your molecules of white supremacy as they seeped out of my computer from that proctor zoom room completed by the gym and catalyze the metabolism that would allow for the invasion of my body by a highly infectious life form, the
12:42 am
presence of the germ of white supremacy could cause hysteric hindrance within me. i haven't been able to show up mentally or emotionally since. joining me is dinesh desousa, host of the podcast, wide to the start sounding like the babylon be satiric website. >> appreciate being called as the official diagnostician on this issue. i was reading through this young woman's comments and don't think her anger is feigned. it is not made up. it is genuine but aimed at the wrong target which the target is not white supremacy. she's not experiencing white supremacy. is affirmative action. as the economist thomas soul pointed out years ago what affirmative action does it takes minority kids and made a mismatch, promotes them into an environment where they are
12:43 am
competitively outmatched by their peers. this young woman can't say i am having affirmative-action problems, not as well prepared, my are smarter than me, i should have majored in afro-american studies but not chemistry but here i am in chemistry class, she can't say that so she has to displace her rage and anger and invents the phantom of white supremacy. it's not white supremacy happening to her but someplace else which is preventing her from performing in class and she has withdrawn from school. laura: in dartmouth i had to drop out of organic chemistry. i couldn't do it, too hard for me. the student wrote about why she didn't skip the exam, could have asked to take organic chemistry another day but would have required me to release my breath to plead for the needs to catch it. 13 monthly to the germ of white supremacy shows up in my body
12:44 am
when i enter the science culture, the lecture hall or zoom room equivalent. she should have majored in drama. >> what i find interesting, to denounce any white supremacy happening to her, there's no white supremacy at harvard, no one is mistreating her, no professors have been condescending to her. she's white -- find a way supremacy in a distant place. if i were at dartmouth, the reason i'm performing poorly is because there are slum kids in india who only get one meal a day or i just came back from a medic screening of slum dog millionaire and so traumatized by this that i can't perform. think of the kind of how far-fetched this has to be to make any sense. laura: the fact that someone along the way taught her that this is okay to think this way. this is the result of education
12:45 am
gotten to harvard. >> more broadly go beyond her case and think about critical race. more broadly or will culture a lot of it is nothing but providing excuses for failure. incentive -- instead of focus on development how do i make myself better, how do i conform myself to the requirements of the test, the test must be biased, the college is systematically racist, the institutions are all against me. it is a labyrinth of excuse making in a sense trying to explain inferiority and failure and academic, you are not able to match up. >> calls kids of any race, and they are all coddled, thank you for being here which of the panel approved the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds and the comment made by doctor on the panel is one of the most twisted we've ever heard so we
12:46 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> you get some protection from natural infection. it's not as strong as what >> you get some protection from natural infection it is not as strong as what you get from the vaccine. >> people get infected them if they survive they develop some natural immunity but it doesn't
12:51 am
seem that natural immunity is as durable. >> that is a terrible strategy. no one should opt for infection over vaccination. laura: no one is advocating for that, he's missing the point rephrasing the question. they are wrong. is this show has pointed out many times, naturally acquired immunity is real, it is robust, it is durable and thinking we just heard clouding our vision and the vision of our leaders. my next guest introduce legislation to make sure the federal government follows basic immunology, well-established science. joining his tennessee congresswoman diana harshburger. tell us what this bill calls for? you are republican in a democrat house banana dreamworld what would this require? >> it would require federal agencies to take into account
12:52 am
naturally acquired immunity from previous covid infections before the government makes any polls or regulation concerning american citizens. that is what it entails. >> an fda panel went on to approve the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds. i need you to listen to what one of the panelists said. >> never going to learn how save the vaccine is less we start giving it and that is the way it goes. we should vote to approve it. laura: you have to pass the bill to know what is in it. we have to give the shot to know if it works. these are our experts. >> they are experts in their own minds. i've been a pharmacist for 35 years and i understand how this works, you go through clinical trials and the real study starts when you give it to the american public. this was an emergency use authorization vaccine.
12:53 am
now they are doing these studies and it took 6 months to do these studies in 5 to 11-year-olds and if you look at it, 6 months to 5 and 11-year-olds, compare this to when they did studies on polio, over 1 million people they studied this and it took a year, no comparison. we do not know the long-term health effects these babies will suffer and you know that we see the myocarditis and inflammatory responses in those young people from 18 to 26 so how do we know this is not going to happen in these children. even when you look at pfizer's research they didn't study things like that to keep children from getting covid, does it keep them from being hospitalized, you know what they looked at? what is the antibody response, the immune response, that's what they study and here we are
12:54 am
talking about natural immunity. we know the children recover from this with miles to little symptoms and hospitalization is almost unheard of in these children so why would you subject 5 to 11-year-olds to a vaccine we don't have long-term studies. laura: very small chance a child will suffer severely from covid. it has happened and is always tragic but very small chance. this is ridiculous what they are doing to the kids. laura: thank you. president biden didn't make sense in virginia. the last bite tries to explain.
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>> i give you tonight's addition of joe don't know. >> from terry's book when he is governor the next time. we are emerging from this pandemic and want to expand pre-k for 3 and number 4-year-olds. laura: okay.
1:00 am
that is it for us tonight. freedom matters, all for charity, all on the west side, next, remember, it is america now and forever. greg gutfeld and gaining taken off from here. >> he doesn't want to talk about trump anymore. i do. donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. todd: whose name is on the ballot? president biden can't stop talking about a former president while stumping for terry mcauliffe in virginia. parents know why they are voting republican. jillian: did you do this? >> isis


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