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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options. them there, morgan luttrell, wants to be the next governor of new jersey. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it turns out that biden only occasionally shows up for work. according to a new analysis by his friends, he has spent 107 o his first 275 days away from th white house. for perspective, that is four
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more times that other president presidents allowed themselves. so joe biden much an event ask yourself why is that. before you reach the obvious conclusion, consider another explanation. it is possible there is a legitimate biden away from major american population centers. it's possible his eighth understand that these two dangerous to be in washington. consider the tape we played a few days. therero he was on film, his gap mark spewing hot corona breath panting like an obscene phone call or. they were trapped in his path. he had no choice but to you in clouds that his personal errors ole miss, would you like some
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saliva with your entrée tonight. you're getting a heaping gallop anyway. watch if you gear this video. or shut yesterday in the event in newho jersey. did you see what just happened.
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that was a crime caught. first he coughs into his hand,i filling his home with a deadly pathogen . and then showing no remorse whatsoever, he walks up to unsuspecting human beings and intentionally transmits this microorganism that's been brewing and his respiratory tract. he does this all with his bare hand like h an ice cold assassi. clearly he has done this before. it is not the first time. it was not an accident. he knows that he's doing. he has seen thatat data and he understands people that have been been fully vaccinated and they can spread more prolifically than -- and that is why he has been lecturing the rest of four months about the importance of hygiene. >> just imagine today , the
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president, and breeze, wearing masks, instead of mocking. imagine a president today who practices social distancing instead of holding super spreader events. >> oh, a president who practice social distancingea like not reading other people's soup, yes , that. he proceeds to do it anyway and he's been doing this from the very beginning of the pandemic. here he is on the campaign trail last year. suddenly he has to caught. thankfully he is wearing a mask at a time. the wholean purpose of wearing mask. but what does joe biden do as h feels left lambright begin his throat? he rips down his mask and cough into his own hand, once again spewing his belt, onto the mini is unsuspecting hands he's abou to shake. how is this not assault?
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>> the kinds of investments tha will stimulate the economy. >> no one from the cdc arrested joe biden no one ever will, the people that make the preferred to follow them. there's a single thing to be learned from covid, the people that enforce them don't believe that they work or matter. it's not about public health. it is about obedience. how else do you explain miss. it is a mask with a hole in the middle for your mouth. it is designed so that to the end french horn players can mee the regulations that are impose that orchestras. as long as we get see their chin , the rest of us are safe, that's the idea. it's lunacy and this a lot of that going around right there.
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just the few hours go up at all issuing emergency authorization for the fiserv vaccine, this on a and at children ages 5-11. so what does the site say about this? will it turns out children of those, of the 72 million children in this country, 700 have died of buyers back. data showed that among the pull of the ages of children 5-11, there's nearly 2 million covid cases and only 138 deaths total. for march through october, a child had a won a million chanc of dying from covid. right now kids are ten times more likely to die of suicide. that's the actual pandemic. there is reason to think that mandated vaccines for kids coul be -- if not conducted trials for
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young people. according to pfizer, participants 5-12 will be studied in post- authorization studies. and upwards improve our drugs and tmake it mandatory for smal children will tell you whether or not it is safe. according to the -- pfizer previously announced the vaccine side effects for small children are generally comfortable to those 60-25 -- 16-25 years of age. he's the potential for many of the cases among small kids in order to protect and age group that is that at risk in the first place. once again this is lunacy according to the sides and people around the country are starting to figuree it out. some of the demonstrations that took place yesterday in new yor city.
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someone role of the american media is that always cover political demonstrations. they are easy to explain. pictures are compelling. it is simple. all of them get coverage, but not the demonstrations. they were ignored completely by legacy media. instead cnn continue to spend
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time hunting down and attacking anyone whoor decided not to tak joe biden profit shot. the propaganda slandered lisa booth. she is in her 30s and is healthy. she corrupt up with the believe that she was allowed to choose her own medical care. more than anything, she is responsible person. she cares about others. she would never under any circumstances consider coughing spittle into her own hand and rubbing it on other people are telling them. this not a chancepeli that lisa booth would do that because she is better than that. shee is not joe biden. she is not an imminent threat t public health. most of usus aren't. he's been suggested to the same attacks. in july khris cuomo, of all people, called congressman donald because he refused to take the mandated shot. >> will never tell you not to get vaccinated.
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what i'm saying is i made the decision not to get vaccinated. he doesn't matter if it is you are joe biden of anybody else that is going to want me to get it, i'm not going to do it. asas a free person. >> that doesn't make you just a free person. freedom isn't just defined as the bold and ability to be strong. it's about doing the right thin because if your answer is just that i don't care what they say. un-american, that is being down as a proxy for being bold. >> of the people want to be protected. they have access to vaccines. go get the vaccine. i would never tell anybody not get vaccinated. >> khris cuomo calls you, how does he feel exactly. congressman donald's joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. it's great to have you. you turn down the shot, it is your choice. just immoral test. would you ever caught infectiou
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phlegm onto your palms and then sneer atve an people around you without telling them? >> no, actually, that was nasty before covid and now it is just downright, it just doesn't make any sense. a lot of people, they use hand sanitizer. i tell my kids that a cop in their hands and go wash them before anything else. t for the president to do it as a complete disrespect to thean people aroundpe him. >> especially since he is the head lecturer. he is the more laser in chief calling people and unpatriotic in the country. here's a guy that's capable of spreading covid, everybody else people doing it, taking no precautions whatsoever and then touching people with his filth encrusted paws. by doesn't t he say something about this? >> actually a lot of americans are saying something about it. you say something about it. big media has got one job and
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that is to protect joe biden at all cost becausead protecting j biden need some marxist progressive agenda. it is athat samples so they wi never out him but that beautifu thing about communication today people can take video of him as being disgusting and copied into his his hand the past like wildfire. it's in a good way. >> that is exactly right. so you have come out in a prett brief way and explained yoursel in a rational way as an americat , thishi healthy choice that you have made. what has reaction been to you for saying this. >> most people don't really care , to be honest with you that it's on the political people that want to make an issue of it . we of a lot of people in anothe country who have had covid and not gotten vaccinated. if you look at the spread and some of the information were starting to seea is they are mo persistent than people who just got vaccinated but never had
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actual natural infection so i think people just need to make decision for themselves. >> i thought those were the rules.. of a any other health procedure that they would badger us and the getting in the future? reduction,'s cancer surgery? what else is their business. >> and hope they believe in gender fluid et so who knows what they would want to do. just completely and more people to be free and make your choice that you just want to be left alone and you want people to mind your business. >> that is a a great line. i shudder part of that. thanks so much for coming on tonight. good to see you. >> any time. thanks. >> so the department of justice launched hundreds of hundreds o hundreds of investigations afte january 6 minute, the largest i history. they did not arrest
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someone caught on tape threatening to murder a republican member of congress. this is an amazing story and there's been a development on this front. kept court has that for us tonight. >> incredible story indeed, what happened en to the congressman. that's of this nature, asphalt they should amend this case authorities have acted the lately. last weekend the la area, that frost comes actually months after it and that was returned in may by a federal grand jury. prosecutors say that back on january 9, e elledge they calle the office of that gates and hi and his family. >> tell him to watch his back. tell him to watch his children. tell him to punch up everyone. i'm coming for him. he's going to die. he's that despicable tyrant.
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i'm going to put a bullet in yo and one of your kids. i hate you. incredible. that happened in january and ye we are now hearing about an arrest. you may recall it was one week ago that congress and gaetz gav a speech saying that a man was traveling to dc and threatening to kill him and despite the recommendation, according to th other jacob he still did not press charges. he's a longtime member of the media, having worked as the camera operator for abc, nbc an cnn. >> oh, a member of congress by depth. i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> any time.te we have an update on one of the four stories we've ever reported . the sexual assault and apparently committed by emile wear a skirt in bathrooms allowed in county schools.
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but be seven, their pack of that . this could be for next year. we will have the very latest on that.
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♪ ♪ a boy dressed as a girl's accused of raping an actual gir in virginia. that play. hasir been found guilty by a jue . the father of girl that j said was is called scott smith that he plans to while a lawsuit ove this and that can't come too soon. the recent school board meeting the superintendent, scott sigler , said we don't have it up records of assaults occurring i our restrooms because they couldn't be bothered to keep track. what does that to keep the equity agenda. so students rewalked out of sch today to protest. he brokehe this story and deser credit for it and joins us tonight with an update. thanks so much for coming on.
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everything about this story is stomach turning. tell me where we are. >> yesterday the kid was picked it up both assaults, the first one happened in the bathroom where he was convicted of rape in the second one where the school did not tell anyone it happened andct transferred him a different school and he was transferred to another school and i broke the story under sho a couple of weeks ago and most of them here largely ignored because they said it was unsubstantiated. two days ago barack obama alluded to it while campy with terry mcauliffe going up phony right-wing outrage. yesterday everything was substantiated in court includin a bizarre detail that this kid was wearing a skirt is central to his defense. he claimed that his wristwatch have got caught on the script thatla he was wearing while he hanging out of the girls bathroom and that cause inadvertent sexual contact to occur. so barack obama, that he is the
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heartless monster in and let that everyone now, described th of the child as phony right-win outrage. >> this is what he is talking about parents big up in arms an virginia and claimed it is all cultural or stuff.s first of fall i never cared about the fact that this is transgender. the big issue here is that school district do not have the same priority as parents and that is really what luke rosiak at the nail on the head with. the head of the teachers union said something similar this week . the issue is what is the appropriate role for appearance in schools and the democrats seem to think that they shouldn't have one. the problem is the main case study that they had for the parents are bad movement turned out to get total hoax spirit this guy was arrested and he looks like a blue-collar guy an he got angry at a school board meeting. he was opposed to mass. that the clip that the media have the whole time that you ca
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hear his wife screaming at the end, my daughter was in school and this is what happened. so nobody asked the sky why he was mad. we also found out this week tha the white house worked with the national school board association to write the letter the cult this continent other periods domestic terrorists, which that the adjacent used to justify fbi involvement. >> he your daughter gets in the and nobody even cares to keep track of the and then you get to announce -- it really does tell you about everything. we wouldn't ou know this without you, luke rosiak. this is a governor race in virginia next tuesday is the election. democrats are panicking t. this story has got to be having an effect on the race because the former democratic governor, terry mcauliffe, is running against a republican called bra
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younkin. virginia is now a solidly pleas state. all hands on deck moment for th democratic party that's why you are seeing joe biden on stage live right now a. he just wrapped up by campaign event for the indefensible terr mcauliffe. what is going to happen. >> it turns out that the democrats have worked to make many changes to the way virginians play virginians vote many of died due to covid changes of last year are no permanent. it virginia law mandates the localities have a drop off location for absentee ballot. the washington times is reporting that the republican volunteers are guarding some of the drop-off boxes. what is going to happen why? khris bloom is a analyst and joins us tonight with his best analysis. thanks so much for coming on. whatng you think is going to happen and why? >> consider this, it was only
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just a short few weeks ago that terry mcauliffe was complaining that joe biden present unpopularity was dragging his and mcauliffe's campaign down and there he is with him in virginia. this is a candidate running scared, very scared and the reason he was never picked to b in trouble getting elected and now this year began and this guy , 11, is is very successful business man. he's run a disciplined campaign and mcauliffe isas made one blunder after another common at the least of which is his assertion just a few weeks ago that he didn't want to have parents telling school boards what to teach the kids. that is widely shared view of the democratic party. it's not across the party politic as a whole. independence to like it and it was as big of a political blunder as i think i seen a lon time. so he is in trouble.
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cricket it's a very police stat but he is worried and he is scared and the president -- >> that just a manifestation of that. >> i can't help to comment on this as they are live, but here you have joe biden that has midterm as for small children i school, panting and strangers without a mask. very close to the face of someone right now. another woman right now, how ca they square at this behavior. that the demands that the rest of us claim what. >> they obviously can't. and i think the president probably knows, whether he woul ever admit it, the science on m asking is doubtful and if anybody wants to wear one, not going to discourage them but my guess is that the president isn't sick and will get sick an the people around him will be there, but it is have puck or see scale having kids be massed
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in school and all the rest of it . >> so the mcauliffe campaign brought in, dismissed this phon outrage. i wonder reporting in politics this year, is obama still a person who can get democrats ou to the polls? >> i think he can help. i think even biden can get them. these big names and people like obama and biden, they probably can't sway elections but they can do a couple of things. that can help you raise money, particularly a sitting president . and they can pay a lot of money to go have dinner with the president. maybe get a picture taken so they're good fundraisers and they can help turn out t crowds that they can spend this election. i don't know. think about the stuff that mc auliffe has been saying. he's made up all kind of wild numbers about the covid presenc in virginia.
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he has been slapped with four pinocchio from the washington post fact checker. so this is a man of trouble in that is why we are seeing all these characters rolling into virginia to campaign for him. if he loses, if terry mc auliffe loses, it will be seen as a political earthquake and if the democrats weren't already worried was going to happen 2022, they will be terrified. the fact that the races even close to all, and it is very close indeed from the polling, that atta be terrifying for democrats that they are on the wrong course and the need to change. that ought to be the message. >> we've kept these mesmerizing pictures up on the screen. is glenn younkin, will he, has he beenas pressing on the schoo issue coveted it appeared that have a say in what their own children learn?
10:30 pm
>> he's made of the central issue in the campaign of this i a phenomenon that i've seen happened throughout the the years were a candidate i is beh and doing the best that he can subtly. he's got an issue that resonate with voters in a play that move the needle and this education issue at this point with all these restrictions of kids goin to school and all the covid pain-and-suffering kids have been through, this has hit a nerve. and he has pounded that and he has pounded that hard. what of the wild charges is tha he is a donald trump clone. he certainly is not. trump has endorsed to many is not rejected the endorsement. on the other hand trump had ver little to do with his campaign. and if anything, this is a guy that came out of nowhere on his own off the strength of his campaign which has been pretty
10:31 pm
well run. he's making this -- in order to tell their backing something, trump is their big issue and he may be their best issue. >> it is amazing. if he wins, that would be perfect. >> so it is pretty hard in your 50s to decide if you are a pop artist no experience whatsoever and then make millions to sell crp he's of painting. today brent tried to visit that show. she joins us next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we can't get over the pictures we just showed live pictures of joe biden breathing on strangers, coughin up phlegm and smearing it on w people with his hand, that is
10:37 pm
the real hacking scandal. it was joe biden present lungs, repulsive. will the white house respond? we hope so. >> paul has committed a moral crime. hehe noted that gender is a biological fact detected in blood tests and in your dna. of course he is being destroyed. he response to his critics. trace gallagher has that for us tonight. >> dave chapelle said that he will meet with netflix transgender employees under three conditions, backed up watch his special which started this controversy from beginning to end and they have to meet at the time and plays of his choosing and that have do it. that hannah gadsby is not funny. she criticize chapelle for saying things like gender is a fact and for defending the author, jacob rollings.
10:38 pm
michelle says also says that th lgbt community has been largely supported and he believes this protest has the big to do with that community. watch. >> it has nothing to do with them. what i can say and what i canno say. >> he says because of this protest, he and his documentary film called untitled about is 2020 comedy tour have been uninvited international film festivals, so he is the headlining his own tent city tour to talk about the film. heut ended his city asking if h canceled or not. sounds like the answer is mostl not.ds >> coming to admit that hannah gadsby is not but money is trul hilarious. thank you. >> so again that stage of our crackhead through your 40s and he made a lot of pornographic videos, mostly up yourself come and then once you've got fit, you decided that i want to be
10:39 pm
anti- roma and i'm a highly pai pop art is. you probably couldn't do it mus your dad's president. that is how hunter biden pulled it off. he sold five of his finger painting for 75,000 apiece and he's trying to sell -- so hunter biden present our sho just opened. a highly non-decrepit columnist and she visited the art show an that to tell the tale. she joins us now. think so much for coming on forced europe reporting venture to the art show. how did they go? >> well, unfortunate wasn't allowed in. i did try. there was a very large security guard out of the front who said that i had to have an appointment. i did try to make an appointment . i need -- and ailed the gallery owner i asked if i could have one of these exclusive use of hunter biden's painting but unfortunately unfortunate got n .esponse
10:40 pm
of him and went across the road to another art gallery, very high and art gallery called the lawrence gallery in there i foundar that they have beautifu paintings by picasso and mark chagall and lichtenstein and so on. they are cheaper. you can buy a picasso, a signed picasso for $400,000, which is cheaper than hunter biden's $500,000 painting. so i think possibly the people who are paying insane prices fo hunter biden's painting are not doing it for the art. >> there but how many actual artist, talented people who sleep withd for skiers with th recognition of income has seen this and decided to give up and jump off the bridge. any news on that? >> it's interesting you say tha because one of the gallery owners along that street, i knocked him on the door of the ec, and i he said he had just
10:41 pm
been talking to an artist about the fact that hunter biden is getting enormous amounts of money and this other artists ha slaved for years to try and mak a living with his art and everyone is scratching their heads thinking it's very curious . obviously it is only because hi father's president. thatsi the only business people are buying it. with the notoriety and potentially the influence because, of course, we know tha joe biden is partial to a bit o influences with his family. >> and your dad's president you get special privileges. miranda, i appreciate what you've done for the sake of news . >> it's a pleasure, tucker. >> so that he thought she has spent a lot of time demanding that you takean the shot. he also has done cruel experiments on dogs, repulsive
10:42 pm
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: a nonprofit a nonprofit organization has just found that a lab and tanisha, north africa, infected dozens of eagles with disease causing parasites. this research was funded by ton fouche. according to the nonprofitit th money went to you, quote, drugging beagles and marking their heads in mashed cages of the insects could eat them alive . that is disgusting and people funding it should be submitted to that and see how they like it . the washington post defended that. a columnist will defend anythin that came up and nobody was his job to take one for the teamsth saying that complaining about this is immoral people defend anything. the president of peter joins
10:48 pm
us tonight. thank you for joining us. >> this sis so offensive that it's hard to talk about it on tv . a while leave out the possibility that there's some reasons why we had to torture dogs to depth. give us your view. >> there's no reason for the disgrace that this experiment is . it imimis just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on at nih. they by thousandsog of dogs and subject them to experiments tha only freddy krueger could think of. the last time i was on i said thath the nih director needs to go at unfortunate since then he hasn't announced his resignation . now the esother nih directors n to go. >> my sense from a reading abou this is that many of these torture sessions, they are not ethan experiments. they can't help themselves. it is driven by findings of the spun he available so picks from a takes plays but that doesn't
10:49 pm
help science or any people. it is just they need to spend the money. >> that's what we know. they spent about 19 billion hav a difference here on animal experiments, even though we kno that thesehe experiments are no going to find cures and treatments for human beings. if you look at the other laboratoriesan, inside the nih laboratory in maryland, as we exposed last year, brain damage monkeys and then try to frighte them and petty cages with plastic snakes and spiders. thises kind of experimentation goes on all the time. if you look at the primate center at the university of washington, they are full but h radiated monkeys destroyed thei immune system and we are all paying for that. it needs to stop. >> i feel sick just hearing these stories, why would anybod see people defend the stuff as science. why would anybody defend this? >> defending the status quo seems to be that the fault
10:50 pm
possession, unfortunately. that is not how we progress in society we have to get nih to come to terms with this. their constituency is that the animal experimenters. it's the american public. >> defending the status quo seems to be the default positio for a lot of people. i don't the guy got could've pu it better than that. that is exactly right. thank you. >> thank you. >> so recently suspended by twitter. what did he do? he told the truth according to science. he went after an official -- [indiscernible] a new partnership announced todayache to push back pass thi kind of censorship. this may be part of the answer to get out from under the thumb. we've got the news for you next. t out from under the thumb of the oligarchs who control free speech. more on that next.
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he rich levine is a biological man and until a few years ago had a wife and two kids. now identifies as a woman and i the biden administration that i grounds for a promotion. the biden administration cultur rachel up being a female four start admirable. >> i'm honored to serve as the first female 4 start officer.
10:57 pm
>> tucker: call yourself with whatever you want. it's when you force us to go along with that we have a problem. are a member of congress. indiana congressman jim banks was suspended from twitter for pointing out she is a biological man. theyol combine with local that platform promises to provide free speech, even if joe biden does like it. he's one of the founders of local. he joins us tonight. congratulations on this. tell us what this will mean for people who use the internet. >> well, tucker, we are going to create a parallel eco-system online where people can tell you the truth. the simple truth is that rachel levine is a biological male. i have the "new york times"
10:58 pm
tweet right here. they call her a female in the tweet. who is sharing this information? we are taking out congress people on twitter for misinformation that is truth and the "new york times" is spreading their alternate facts. what we are doing with the alliance of rumble and locals is creating a situation where people can say what they want to say. we are not policing people. if you want to say bad things about me are tucker carlson, yo can do it. if you break the laws of the united states you have a bigger problem than us. there was a promise of a free and open internet 20 years ago. unfortunately over the last 20 years, we learned that we were the products. our data and user habits. we are manipulateed in ways we can't imagine. that is not our intention. we will build new servers and make sure people can't have their websites blown up like they did to parlor.
10:59 pm
we will make sure that people don't get taken out for just saying basic truths. we will let people debate political topics whether vaccine mandates are legitimate. that's what everybody wants.s. everybody just seems to be afraid to say it. >> tucker: parlor got pulled right off the internet by amazon web services. this will be invulnerable to that? >> yes, 100%. that is not an exaggeration. rumble built an incredible infrastructure which locals will be using. you will be able to have your website and do what you want. and we provide you with the service. if you do something illegal that's a problem -- now you hava a legal problem with the u.s. government. we are not in the business of policing. we are in the business of actually doing what everyone was promised with free speech.h.
11:00 pm
>> tucker: thanks for announcing that here. great to see you. >> thanks, tucker. we will be back tomorrow. the sworn enemy of of lying pomposity, smugness and group think. and now ladies and gentlemen the great sean hannity takes over the 9 p.m. hour.ow >> sean: thanks and welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage abandoned behind enemy lines. day 73. >> sean: we won't give up thinking about and praying for and reminding all of the country that it's now 73 days.da tonight the official number of americans still trapped in afghanistan continues to rise. first it was they told us under 100. then a couple of hundred. now getting closer to 1,000 tonight. in other words, the biden administration didn't know how many americans that joe bidenn left they don't know how many thousands of green card holders


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