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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  October 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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that's it for us tonight. remember, freedom matters here. all for charity, all for the website, it's my favorite. remember, it's america now and forever, greg gutfeld and the gang will tear it up and they will take it all from here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy glorious tuesday, everyone. things are going great around here, its date 2 of our amazing halloween extravaganza. before we get to the news, the next episode of our favorite sitcom awaits. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tonight's episode, inside the writers room. >> i was thinking, the show is not as funny as it used to be, we could use more laughs. anyone else agree? >> i think the show is as funny as it's ever been, if anything there's too many laughs.
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right. free fruit. >> fox & friends called, apparently someone murdered brian kilmeade and hung his body upside down in ainsley earhardt's office. we have a feeling for him. ♪ ♪ >> greg: applauding death, i always love a happy ending. have you noticed how great things are going in america? another massive caravan coming our way surging past mexican forces, and surging past mexico in general. i feel bad for mexico. i imagine thousands of people apparently escaping a of desperation and they enter your country and to say no thanks, we'll keep going. mexico must feel like everyone's first wife.
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[laughter] it is rude to. it's like asking the maitre d' of a restaurant directions to another restaurant. it's like going up to the hostess at applebee's and saying excuse me, do you know a place that offers mainstream american dishes served in a casual dining atmosphere, that offers delicious appetizers and no, not you. that's mexico. everyone walking right on through like it's the hosiery department at macy's. him you always had to go through there to get to someplace good to. it's more demoralizing than not getting a rose on the bachelor, just ask cat. we don't just have inflation, we have hyperinflation. i asked larry kudlow what it was and he said it's inflation but hyper. [laughter] and he punched me in the face. because that's how he rolls.
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we've covered the rising crime rates already, the supply chain crisis continue to make life and there is this. >> los angeles and -- what am i doing here? [applause] there's two famous guys in this audience here. >> the former general, keep calling him general. >> visit, or text your zip code to 438829. >> two weeks, or a week? i'm losing track of time. >> greg: that instills confidence but it raises the question, how can he be lost in thought when you have no thoughts? we are in worse shape than stelter after the holidays. that you know his astrological
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sign is eggnog? what are our leaders focusing on right now? terrible. last friday the white house released a 42 page plan to solve these problems. my kid, it's to promote gender equality because that's the urgent problem. not just at home, but abroad. yeah, a broad. that's funny, a sexist would say. never mind the hyperinflation and open border at home, is a hostess making $0.03 less than her male counterpart, thankfully we've already been telling the taliban to hire more women. apparently this is a remedy of an equal playing field, one that has been worsened by covid. which is such b.s., the smell of it should be seeping out of your tv. you want to talk covid inequality? the global death rate for men is about 15% higher than women, if that statistic were reversed,
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there would be marches and they would be the kind of marches that the media would say don't spread covid. that means for every ten women, there 15 men who croak. unlike me, gender equality only goes one way. if you're a woman who disagrees, try registering for the draft. never mind industrial accidents and fatalities, the ravages of war, men often get the shorter stick in life but we aren't complaining. women need a national strategy to fix something compared to the issues that both genders face right now under joe. it's like a doctor giving the patient for diabetes treatment for his dandruff. it's the same old stick as as they ignore issues that all of us, crime, economy, education, flatulence on planes, cat, they
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chase the stuff that helps no one but the diversity consultants. it's easy to do and like mayor pete, you don't have to do any work. telling the world we are all sexist and bigots is free, it's the only the plan the democrats have that actually does cost nothing. biden and kamala harris is the crazy lady that cackles i got which in a halloween house, they both wrote a letter together. she held the pen. claiming that rates of gender-based violence have risen significantly. really, is that so? may be it's so all violence has risen significantly. they only admit that violence has gone up if they can cherry pick the victims. gender-based violence went up with all kinds of violence, a rising tide of blood lifts all corpses. at least we've heard from kamala. she disappears more often than jesse watters whom the dinner bill comes. yeah, he's cheap. the turmoil we see, crime,
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overdose, mental illness, sexual assault in loudoun county, they pretend none of this exists but they have problems they embrace, why is that? lets ask our angry white male. ♪ ♪ >> wow, i had no idea men were in such trouble. we are graduating less, earning less money, and dying at faster rates. i guess on the positive side, that we have a good excuse for all the heavy drinking two cheers, guys. >> greg: that makes sense. our country rambles down an uncertain path like a "my little pony" collection, it's weird and a little scary. we have leaders who deny what we see with our own eyes and if we don't join their phantom crusade we are called a racist or sexist or even worse, trump supporter's. they've expanded the meaning of white supremacist so much that it even includes black moderates
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and they will kill me in the bathroom if you disagree and not for normal reasons. we are in tough times but the only jobs democrats create are in diversity and inclusion departments that divide and exclude, weird. it would be nice to stop them but they are all flying to another global warming summit in scotland. [applause] let's welcome tonight's guests! he's so conservative, his kids name are life, liberty, and lemon. matt schlapp! you'll believe his comedy is subjective once you been subjected to his comedy. she carves up pumpkins like ex-boyfriends, fox news contributor, cat tim pickel paul bunyan is dropping off with him for halloween.
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you are still a woman, right? >> yes. >> as a male talk show host talking about this topic i read the regulations and it says i should go to you first. are you obsessed with gender inequality? >> no, but you missed something. women live longer, but they also age faster. like in the eyes of society. as you know, it is my birthday week. [cheers and applause] i was born! it's my birthday week, i'm turning 33. a 33-year-old, it's not the same as a man turning 33. 8:30 3-year-old man is a young guy with his life ahead of him. turning 33 as a woman, people are already saying stuff to me like you look great for your age. it's not a complement to. him >> greg: it isn't. >> it's saying you look a lot
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less close to death than you actually are. tell me i look like [bleep] it's a lot nicer. there are worse things about being a woman, i don't hate men. >> greg: thank god for that. that's a low bar. matt, welcome to the show, do you think this is a distraction on purpose or do they believe this is the relevant urgent matter they have to go after right now? >> you see all these basic problems people have and they have been helping people around the globe, i guess they're going to create kind of an even playing field amongst the genders which they don't even believe in by making sure that men keep dying of covid by keeping tony fauci in charge of the whole thing. >> greg: i didn't even know those stats until i looked them up this morning. i thought it would be slightly, maybe there's a 3% -- 50%
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globally? that seems to me, joe, like a pretty big story that somebody like you in a tasteful beard would be interested in. >> a lot of it is because men don't complain about these things and i'm trying to change that by complaining constantly about everything. >> it's scary to see this is the kind of distraction, of course they are creating a distraction, pete buttigieg didn't go to work too much, he was home breastfeeding and no one noticed he was gone. i look at that like that shows you not only is he not up to the job, his job might not be that important. if my super puts up a sign that says back in 5 minutes the entire apartment building collapses. he's a guy who knows how to do things. these people don't know how to do anything and somehow they are in charge, it's really, really scary. >> greg: it's scary because of the 10% of the day they are supposed to be working, even working 10% is destructive.
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i would rather have them do nothing. but unfortunately they are flying to scotland for climate change, they are sending so many people to scotland, it's amazing, the numbers. to get out of the united states, i guess. tyrus, where do you sit on this issue? >> i sit wherever i want to. i'm glad you brought this stat up because men, we have to start being more equal. i'm serious, because these deaths are exactly the reason why the next time you hear a sound downstairs, honey, your turn. men have been convinced, who runs into the fire to save the baby? the guy. who breaks in the house? the guy. tobit is out there, but i really want my ice cream, who goes to get it? the guy. of course we get killed more because we get talked into stuff and if we question it, they are
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like really? i thought you were a real man. and we fall for this all the time. i would like to say, fellas, let's start sharing the wealth. next time we hear a loud voice in my house, i'm like you're up dear. in pete buttigieg 's defense, it takes about two months to get a pump on a man, have some decorum and respect. >> greg: i think you owe him an apology. him >> i think tyrus makes a good point, that's why there's no female version of when people say man up. >> women are too smart. >> i don't do anything, i don't even clean. >> greg: i feel we are in danger of turning this into an encounter group your go >> we have tried interventions with you, it doesn't work. >> greg: that is true. up next, wokesters label dave chapelle a bully and demand he be canceled fully.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: they want to control his thinking, but dave chapelle isn't blinking. the comedian sticks to his guns bending free speech, comedy, and fun. he's addressing the protest over his new stand-up special in his comments about the transgender community. that's after netflix employees staged a walkout last week which was attended by tens of people. i've seen more people in hammer's hot tub. plus a few animals. it's been said in the press he has been invited to speak to the transgender employees netflix and he refused. >> it's been said in the press that i was invited to speak to transgender employees of netflix and i refused. that is not true. if they had invited me, i would
8:20 pm
have accepted it, although i am confused about what we are speaking about. i said what i said and boy, i heard what you said to. my god, how could i not >> president biden: you said you want a safe working environment, it seems like i am the only one who can't go to the office anymore. >> greg: if he walked they would treat him like an active shooter. he revealed his documentary has been expelled from film festivals. >> the film i made was invited to every film festival in the united states and some of those invitations i accepted to. when this controversy came out about the closer, they began this inviting me from these film festivals. and now, today, not a film company, not a movie studio, not
8:21 pm
a film festival, nobody will touch this film. thank god for netflix, he's the only one who didn't cancel me yet. >> then he spoke directly to the trans community, he said if he wants to meet with them he's more than willing to he has some conditions. >> if you want to meet with me, i would be more than willing to. but i have some conditions. first of all, you cannot come if you have not watched my special from beginning to end. you must come to a place of my choosing, and a time of my choosing. and third, you must admit that hannah gatsby is not funny. >> greg: that's funny because it's true. she denounced the netflix special and i'm told she has a few netflix specials, they are the only specials with a trigger warning that reads "will not
8:22 pm
induce laughter." was that fair? she is not unfunny, or is she? >> we've heard from people who can't take a joke, now we've heard from someone who can't tell one. when her special came out, they actually tried to say oh, no, this is a different kind of comedy. i had all these messages people were sending me saying, he doesn't have to get laughs, comedy doesn't have to be entertaining. finally i had to block joe mackie. one more thing about this netflix protest, there were so few people there they weren't even worried about covid rules. a dozen people, you can tell because the cameras -- any closer those cameras would be performing a colonoscopy. don't fall for what they are saying, they don't represent a
8:23 pm
large group of any people, let alone this community they are talking about. >> greg: whenever you see any news stories where the camera close up for a group, that tells you there is no group. tyrus, is this all part of a brilliant rollout of his special? he turned his adversaries into publicists. so many people know more about this than anybody. >> i would think, maybe, but chappelle is one of those brother is not driven by money and fame, he walked away from $50 million and i can't see him putting himself through this, his family through this just to get you to watch because they are going to show up to watch. i think what needs to happen is some of us have to come forward, i think it's time i came forward to. i wrote the jokes, i'm sorry. that was me, i can't let chappelle take all the heat anymore, i did that, come get me. they go after him so hard and they push so hard, that he was transphobic and attacking
8:24 pm
people, they try to compare it to other things. and i for one was like when do i get my turn to complain about dave chapelle? all the light-skinned brother jokes made over the years, i was talking about how handsome we are and we get the jobs and the girls, it's unbelievably upsetting. you know how many times he said the n-word on tv? because he's black, he gets a pass? you give me my platform so we can go after him. another thing that is really great and i wish when we talk about a group coming after you as people who are saying it's causing hate. one of the things i enjoy about when they had clan meetings, at the end of every meeting they talked about getting rid of all the dash from the neighborhood, it was about setting up a scholarship fund for minority children, that's what dave chapelle did to the woman who passed away, he got a scholarship for her children. that's normally what you do when you want to hate a group, you
8:25 pm
pay for the kids to go to college. >> greg: you watch the special, that's what he ends up doing. what do you make of this? >> i feel like the only good thing about chinese corona, the pandemic is a lot of us watched a lot of television. all of these controversies came out about what's on and what's not on and you know what the best tv show of all was or whatever for those of you who had kids, we got to listen to what's going on in the classrooms. that's why this firestorm is going on in virginia. i say to dave chapelle and to you, it's nice to have comedy that is funny. i think if the country could laugh a little bit, maybe we would get better. >> greg: he's got the money, what he's doing is what jerry seinfeld should have done, other people with half a billion dollars, he's doing it to protect people who could be canceled or don't have the money or the will. >> i can't imagine having money
8:26 pm
and never saying [bleep]. >> greg: you just said it twice and you don't have that money. >> i don't have that money. >> you must have f you money if you are going to say f you. >> he's only going to meet with certain trans people, you mean he's treating trans people like individuals? he's saying the same thing, i would have trans friends if they are funny people but we do that all the time with each other. you're supposed to treat other people as individuals regardless of gender, race, isn't that what we are supposed to be doing? >> greg: this is going to be the topic of our next block, the idea that it's not about the identity block, it's about who are the jerks versus the nonjerks, that's how we should be segregating. we should be segregating the jerks. >> i like it to. >> greg: up next, he couldn't
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♪ ♪ >> greg: she slams crt and that didn't sit well with a loser from msnbc. the first black female secretary of state leaves a left-wing loser filled with hate. condoleezza rice stopped by the view, apparently she must have lost a bet. and condemned the teachings of critical race theory to children. >> one of the worries that i have about the way we are talking about race is it either seems so big that somehow white people have to feel guilty for everything that happened in the past. i don't think that's very productive, or black people have to feel disempowered by race. i would like black kids to be completely empowered to know they are beautiful in their blackness but in order to do that, i don't have to make white
8:32 pm
kids feel bad for being whites. >> greg: hearing that should make everyone feel hopeful and inspired so of course lefties reacted like vampires and a holy water hot tub. which i happen to own. take this one he calls condoleezza a soldier for white supremacy. accorded to him american history is a series of cycles were white people grow more powerful because of legalized oppression of black people, legalized depression. looks like his history class completely missed the civil war. i guess some people can't stand it when a successful black woman shares her opinion, it would be great when we don't pitch children against each other based on race. he is an irrelevant [bleep] who was parroting he already heard months ago about larry elder, started to think maybe segregation isn't a bad thing but only if we separate the
8:33 pm
[bleep] of every color from the nice people of every color. i would be for that, that's how a color-blind society should be. nice people here come up over there. in that group, i bet he would find some new friends among those white racists who just like him also hate black, powerful, independent women. [applause] is this a safe prediction, that he would probably not engage you in the same manner that he engaged condoleezza rice? if he was on this show and the topic was broached, do you think he might operate in the same vein with you? or what he may be think about it? >> i don't know.
8:34 pm
before we even engage, i would ask for a hug. i think it's important to hug it out. just to make sure you're okay and then just let him go. >> i don't know if i've ever seen you hug anyone. >> there's a reason for that, i don't know when to stop. i got that lenny syndrome -- i broke the jerk from msnbc. he don't move no more. your point was so all in all i can really do is tag onto it. him he is so thirsty. >> greg: that's what it is. >> i say this to my homies all the time it's not that white people are coming after your career and trying to destroy you. it's this brother, you know how many hurdles she went through from the time she was a young girl to get where she was?
8:35 pm
if there was anybody who has actual street cred to talk about racism and what's good for children, it would be condoleezza rice. at some point she might end up being the commissioner of the nfl, that's how powerful and smart she is. you laugh but it's true. if you know anything about her, football is her thing. she could be the next commissioner of the nfl, that's how good she is at telling it how it is and for someone like this broke brother right here in pinstripes, he would do anything. you were going to call her a soldier, they don't have an army. if they really had an army, they would be knocking on your door like what are you doing putting a black woman in charge of us? get your [bleep] outside. >> greg: he could probably break bread with white racists given his mentality, the way he thinks. >> i want to go back to what tyra said, if there was a loud,
8:36 pm
scary noise in the middle of the night, i have a feeling she's going. >> she would, yeah. while he texts about it, just tweet it. him >> greg: he will write a five page essay about why he didn't go downstairs, because it was probably oppressive. >> what's great about dr. rice is that at this moment whenever thing is racism, everything is about the left creating hostility, i don't know how she is. she sat in that studio in the view, it takes a special kind of -- you know what she held? there's several million views on that video already, everyone is thirsting for someone to tell us that's not all about race. >> greg: that's a good thirst.
8:37 pm
have you ever met him? him icing his name right? >> i never met him, no, anything else? [laughter] what's an nfl commissioner? is at the same thing as a roger gravelle. now that we've solved that, let me weigh in on what it means to be black in america. >> you're doing great. >> no one more qualified than me. the whole point is she didn't say what he says that she said. i can weigh in on that. he said that she said we shouldn't be teaching history as it happens, we should be whitewashing it so that specifically white kids don't feel bad. she did say that. she said we shouldn't make white kids feel bad on purpose just because they are white, and we shouldn't make a black kids disempowered because they are black. i think it's always better when
8:38 pm
you say something said something make sure they did. >> greg: he took the worst intention of what he thought he heard. that's what everybody does on twitter too. it's what they thought they heard, it's what they said to. >> that's why we are so great. >> they come in with the argument ready even if that wasn't with the other person already said to. you have to hand it to white supremacy, the most diverse organization. it's got such known white supremacist as condoleezza rice, dave chapelle, larry elder. if you look at white supremacy, it has all these black people in it, it's got asians, it's starting to look like a punk band from the 70s. you have a black guy on base and a couple jewish guys playing in the horn section. >> greg: coming up, they tried to stop him poking fun and now his song is number one.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: our internet overlords are demanding we stop rapping let's go brandon. his anti-biden rap song let's go brandon had been abandoned by u2 for medical misinformation, it reached the number one spot on itunes. check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if that does medical misinformation, it's a lot catchier than the fauci documentary. to be fair, the song did make other, more controversial claims that i don't agree with flexing the pandemic isn't real, that's false, dr. fauci funded its creation in a lab. it's not like this would've been the only rap song on youtube with claims that i don't agree with and you probably agree. i certainly don't think all
8:44 pm
bitches are hose. how did youtube do? not only to the song hit number one on monday but another anti-biden song titled let's go brandon was at number three. another example of the streisand effect, censoring something has the unintended result of making people ask who is barbra streisand? by tuesday, his song was still at number one and the other let's go brandon had edged out adele for the second spot, in your face cavuto! in other words, if youtube wanted fewer people to hear the song it would've been better off funding an ad campaign for it instead but in a perfect world, the whole top ten would be filled with rap songs.
8:45 pm
>> so i'm white like casper. got a dog named jasper. if you love castro's, stick with jay-z, if you love your freedom, pick me. >> don't you dare. how dare you! >> greg: i will go to matt schlapp, he is the whitest person. who was your favorite rapper and explain why? >> i feel like colonel sanders, i don't know what the deal. him >> greg: you're not a fan of rap music? >> i love rap music, i think -- there is something strange about a president who got 85 million votes, the most votes ever and people are spontaneously like
8:46 pm
making up mocking cheers for him all over the country, it becomes the number one song. it senses there's something rotten in denmark, sorry for the literary allusion. >> greg: denmark it's a bad rap by shakespeare, don't you think? >> of course. >> greg: let's do a whole hour on that. what do you think? >> i think it's great to see the mockery because the left to its mockery and how do you not make fun of joe biden? if he's so thin skinned which is what happens after a face-lift, the skin thins out. think of how hilarious this is, think back to last week on cnn when he was in that weird fist clenched pose. p looked like someone who was on family feud and gave a terrible answer and all the other democrats instead of saying good answer -- survey says, you are lame. i think we should mock all of our presidents. >> greg: absolutely. it's nice that conservatives are
8:47 pm
actually kind of learning from their counterparts. >> are they? >> greg: that i interrupt something? >> i don't know if anybody is learning from anybody. the censorship obviously doesn't work all the time. a lot of people have made careers off of being censored. if you look at someone like dave rubin, they don't care. they don't care about misinformation, this obviously tons of its. it's basically what the internet is. they care about acting as though they are trying to do something about the causes they are supposed to. >> greg: nice use of the air quotes. >> thank you, i've been practicing all day. >> greg: last word, tyrus. >> is not conservatives, it's not right wing guys, it's people in the middle, people who weren't political before were looking at this going what? maybe i'm wrong, i didn't see
8:48 pm
him at the less conservative meeting but maybe he'll be there. the point is that they're becoming -- the monster they created in president trump, this evil monster who is going to take everything away from you, it was just a reflection. he didn't take anything away from you. now they are doing it and we are seeing people who would never get in the fight are not getting the fight. him >> greg: that's a good way to wrap it up. up next, he's the reason -- he gave me my first job. to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement... us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. you ready for your first day on the job? i was born ready. go get 'em, kev. well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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>> greg: you might just get an addiction after reading his fiction. my next guest is an author whose new book explores china's role early in the pandemic. it's called "of course they knew." i also have to mention he happens to be my former boss who hired me 15 years ago or so which led to a show some would call red eye. he gave me my start on tv and he's finally ready to apologize. please welcome author, former executive vp for fox news and creator of redeye, john moody! before i get to your book, you hired me, what were you thinking? >> i was having a bad day.
8:53 pm
somebody saw you acting up in london and brought the idea to me, they said this guy either needs to go to jail -- >> greg: did you expect redeye to be what it turned out to be? i don't think you expected it to be that way, did you? >> i think the fact that we had you on at 3:00 a.m. might've had something to do with the confidence factor. thanks for having me here, congratulations on all your success. red eye turned into something that other people have tried to emulate and they can't do it and what you are doing now is wild and crazy and wonderful. >> greg: thank you. i'll never forget the first thing you said after i accepted the job, you said get ready to lose all your friends because you said that to me and you are right! >> i was clairvoyant. >> greg: tell me about the book.
8:54 pm
it's a work of fiction but it's basically what you would say ripped from the headlines, correct? >> there's a cliche for you, like all the others you use. i had a lot of time to look at 2020 and what's going on there, there was some real intertwining events, the crazy spread of the pandemic, we weren't ready for it. we knew it in from china, then we were told don't call it the wuhan flu, colored coronavirus and the only people who got hurt from that were mexican beer makers. then there was a social protest and there's nothing wrong with the social protests as long as it remains peaceful and legal. if it starts to burn down police cars, it's no longer a social protest. the third was a wild and crazy election we went through. campaign, the mudslinging, the election and the postelection quibbles about what happened and what didn't happen. i tried to weave these threads together and this was the book.
8:55 pm
for anyone still thirsting for a different thing as matt schlapp used to say, try this, you'll get your thirst quenched. >> greg: repeat the title and tell me what the title means to you. >> the title is "of course they knew" which refers to the chinese and i didn't have enough space in the cover to do the rest of the title. people can make their own decision about what it means. >> greg: where can people find the book? >> there are bookstores who carry it. the usual suspects, amazon, barnes & noble, kindles, if you go to an independent bookstore, asked them to stock it. >> greg: it's a fast read, obviously you are a splendid writer, much like me you began as a writer but i'm better looking. >> that the only way we are the same, right? >> greg: exactly. of john moody, thanks for
8:56 pm
joining us. don't go away, we'll be right back.
8:57 pm
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>> greg: we are out of time, thanks to matt schlapp, joe devito, kat timpf, and tyrus, i love you, america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, hundreds of students in a northern virginia school district walking out of class tuesday to protest the handling of a sexual assault case involving a female student who was attacked by a male student who entered the girls bathroom. tonight, parents got their stay at a heated school board meeting and it all


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