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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 26, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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eastern, 7:00 local, john. >> john: thanks, jeff paul outside minute maid stadium. sandra, who are you betting on? >> sandra: i feel like i'm going with the braves. >> john: they've had a sweetheart season. the way they have got the momentum can serve them well here. >> sandra: just for that, i'm taking the astros. bet ago buck. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks, guys. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in new york. we have brand new developments this afternoon in the mystery of what really happened on that set at the alec baldwin movie set where halyna hutchins was gunned down. first, this story for you today. turns out that this woman, the head of the national school board association, that lobbied the white house to investigate the riled up parents that they're meeting shortly thereafter got a white house
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appointment. so right before that, right before attorney general merrick garland decided to take the advice from the letter and called the fbi to keep an eye on the parents. now garcia used this dad as an example of the dangerous uptick that they said existed at these school board meetings. his terrible story coming up. >> it's really scary that our government is going to weaponize themselves against parents? they're using my video across the nation to spread fear? that's wrong. i'm not a bully or racist. i love this country. i have better stuff for it. >> martha: here's a question. how much coordination was there between the nfca, the white house and the department of justice about these troublesome
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parents that needed to be watched? congressman jim jordan led some tough questioning of the attorney general and now he issued a letter for the attorney general to start pulling back on this. first, mike emanuel with the origins of how all of this laid out. the time line is fascinating, folks. here's how we go here. hi, mike. >> hi, martha. a statement from the school board said the action that parents were taking at school board meetings were equivalent to hate crimes and domestic terrorism. after that, virginia garcia was appointed. she was also the key player with that communicated with the white house to find examples of the school board incidents. october 4, the justice
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department sent a memo saying they would take action to school board members and prosecute parents when appropriate. last week the top republican on house judiciary pressed the attorney general on these matters. >> i read the letter and we've been seeing over time threats -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. you read the letter? that's your source? >> let me be clear, this is mott a prosecution or -- >> is there a study, some investigation someone did that said there's a disturbing uptick or you take the words of the national school board association? >> the nsba apologized for certain parts of the letter last friday writing the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators and students is our top priority and there remains important work to be done on the issue. there was no justification for some of the language in the letter. any loudoun county, virginia. the schools have been ground zero for a lot of this push back from parents against what is going on in the classrooms.
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martha? >> martha: thanks very much. mike emanuel reporting there, this is jim jordan from ohio. congressman jordan, good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: where was the evidence in the hearing that there was a dangerous uptick or threat to these school board members? if there was, that would have to be dealt with. but now you have the national school board association saying we didn't really identify any dangerous uptick. you nailed down that's what merrick garland was basing -- calling the fbi in on these folks. >> the only basis for the memo, the very first sentence, the uptick in violence and threats. the only basis is the letter that the school board association sent to the president of the united states. five days later, the justice department does that, gets the fbi involved in local school
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board matters. there was coordinate from the get-go. they talked with the white house and probably the justice department as well. all of that took place. here's the kicker. 24 hours after that hearing, the school board association apologizes. that never happens. the fact that this apology is more than a normal apology. they apologized twice in the same paragraph. we regret the letter and apologize for the later in the same paragraph. we regret the stress and strain this put you understand. so this doesn't just happen. that's how bad this was, the number of people leaving this organization and how wrong it was to reference parents that were just standing up and saying we don't want this racist anti-american curriculum taught to our kids. to then equate them to domestic terrorists. that's how wrong this was. that's why they apologized. >> martha: no doubt they're getting the political backlash of what parents are feeling about this across the country and may have sent a message here as well.
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one of those parents was on last night with laura ingraham. his story is awful. his daughter was sexually assaulted by a trans individual in the bathroom at their school. when he went no to complain about it, they were told it never happened. suggested that he was lying. a judge has determined that this young person is indeed guilty of this assault. he's been vindicated, his daughter has been vindicated. so he was used as here's a data point, here's one of these parents that is so disruptive that he needs to be arrested. your thoughts. >> it's a tragic situation. the fact that the attorney general of the united states didn't know about this. in fact, this did happen in loudon county, this is ground zero about critical race theory, where mom and dads are speaking up about what is happening in their school district. for him not to know about that
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and worse yet, that was a reference point in the original letter. that was the basis for the attorney generalissuing his memorandum that gets the fbi involved, not just any fbi, the press release that a come anied the memorandum from the attorney general, that talks about the national security division at the fbi. that is the division that deals with domestic threats. this is frightening, this is the last straw, a catalyst for rea wakening in america for freedom. >> martha: you asked merrick garland about this letter. he wasn't aware of it. what do you hear back from the department of justice on that? >> we sent the letter yesterday. every republican on the
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judiciary commit did signed it. leader mccarthy is for it, every republican and mom and dad support it's it i belt. we asked resend the memo. it's a memo within 30 days. october for to november 3, in 30 days, in every united states attorney district, all of them are supposed to convene a meeting to deal with this dough mystic terrorism threats. what are you doing to stop it today? let's hope he does. >> martha: we've been watching the durham investigation which is getting more interesting in the past month. today there's word that they want to speak the james baker, the white house attorney on this. tell me about what the significance is that michael susman that spoke to the fastball general counsel about whether or not this server, this trump server that he said is connected to a russian bank.
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i'm just -- i think the fbi ought to know about this. that turned out to not be the case. he was linked to the clinton campaign. what is the significant baker? >> the dossier was part of the campaign. susman went straight to the fbi and handed false information to the fbi. who was that person? jim baker. not just anyone at the fbi, but the chief counsel. so of course it makes logical sense that durham would want to talk to the guy that received the information from susman when susman was lying to him. it's entirely appropriate. exactly what should happen. we'll see how it shakes out. i think this is a pretty important step that the durham investigation is taking. >> martha: we'll be watching. congressman jordan, thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: so we will soon have a better sense of whether actor
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and producer alec baldwin might face any charge in this shooting death that occurred on the movie set "rust." we learned that there was live ammo recovered from the scene. so what was that even doing in the vicinity? mark geragos tell us what he knows now after this.
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baldwin or others on the set face any legal consequences for the accidental shooting death of halyna hutchins on the set where baldwin was the producer and the star of this movie. investigators recovered live ammunition from the scene. a search warrant reveals that baldwin was told that the gun was "cold" or inoperable, didn't have life ammo. mark geragos has more with his take on a the potential charges in several hours. first to matt finn in los angeles. hi, matt. >> hi, martha. there's more concerning details emerging about how dangerous the set of that movie was. a lot of the focus is on the film's 24-year-old armorer. in a new interview with tmz, a
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principal cast member is praising her work. >> i think the armor having been pressed for time as much as she was was doing a fantastic job. i overheard the director praise her a couple of times for being as safe as she was. >> a search warrant reads that the film's director, joel souza who was also shot in the shoulder said no life rounds were supposed to be on the set. the firearms were checked by an armorer and then halls. when halls handed baldwin a gun that was believed to be cold, he fired it hitting halyna hutchins in the chest killing her. and hall was fired from a movie when a gun unexpectedly discharge injuring a sound
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member. halls said he was remorseful for that indent. and the l.a. times reported that he turned down the movie "rest" because of two reds. he wonders how a real loaded gun was on the set. >> it's rubber, you know? a rubber prop gun. there's no reason why when you're rehearsing you can't use a prop gun and it says it there in the policy that whenever feasible, use a prop gun. >> there's a report news on that the gun that baldwin used was for target practice and perhaps explaining how it was loaded. we expect to learn more tomorrow. martha? >> martha: thanks, matt. let's bring in mark geragos, trial later that represented michael jackson, scott peterson,
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chris brown and co-host of the reasonable doubt podcast. great to have you back with us again. obviously there's so many questions that are coming up here. we spokes with an arms expert in the film industry, steve wolf yesterday. he said it's not possible to fit live ammunition bullets in a prop gun. they're not made that way. they're made for short blanks. it's inconceivable that this chain of custody of this gun, of the three, none realized this was not a prop gun. >> well, i think that is one of the -- probably laser-like focus been the investigators on this case. one of the big problems besides introducing live ammo on this movie scene is your surviving victim is the director. the director is the one that hired the assistant director and
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presumably had knowledge the assistant director was previously fired and is also as your package just indicated praising the armorer at the same time. my guess is if you were a fly on the wall with the prosecutors and the investigative agency, they're probably struggling with what are we going to do with the fact that our victim here is also the person that probably hired the people and was supervising all of this. you combine that with the fact that alec baldwin is presumably in charge because he's the producer and has a great voice on the budget here. i guarantee you they're also looking at whether or not people were shaving money or trying to cut costs. this is one of the results of that. >> martha: so what do you think? do you think we will see a situation where alec baldwin is potentially charged with something here? if so, what do you think that might be and who else?
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>> well, i will tell you i would be shocked if there wasn't an involuntary manslaughter charge brought in this case. who do they bring it against is a real question. because i don't know that we've heard all the facts. there's been reports that people have walked off of the set. if people have walked off of the set, they're going to -- and there's texts apparently prior to this happening talking about safety. if those things are true, then i think you potentially will see two or three people get fired on and presumably for involuntary manslaughter. i don't think anybody intentionally did this. from what has been reported. but clearly somebody introduced live ammo on a set and were pointing it obviously at the director. >> martha: thank you, mark. we'll continue to keep you in
12:21 pm
the loop. thank you. >> you bet. >> martha: still ahead, we'll speak with lindsey graham on the breaking news out of afghanistan that just crossed this afternoon and brian kilmeade on the president's admission that he tried to avoid questions whenever possible from reporters. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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>> martha: plans in motion to salvage the democrat's bill by taxing the rich. chad pergram has more. >> good afternoon. the plan to tax the ultra wealthy is popular with the left. senate finance committee ron widen believes the rich should pay taxes on special assets that they own. taxes shouldn't just a supply when they make transactions. >> when those billionaires have all of that money, for example, in their stocks, their liquid assets, it means that they can go to the bank and get a low interest loan for a very enjoyable life now. >> the wealth tax would not generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the bill. it won't align with special senate budget rules. that's why democrats are considering a sur tax of 3% for those earning more than $5 million a year.
12:26 pm
there's concern about balancing the books by soaking the rich. >> lawmakers shouldn't be targeting small groups. they should learn from other countries that have benefit programs like what they're wanting to set up and fund them with broader taxes that don't negatively impact. >> utah senator mitt romney says taxing the wealthy could discourage investment. >> i'm happy to pay my fair share. let's not create a system that jeopardizes our commission engine. >> steny hoyer says there's just not the votes to raise it 26.5%. >> martha: thanks. let's bring in marc thiessen and austan goolsbee from the university of chicago and president obama's former chief economist. great to have you with us.
12:27 pm
since we're waiting for the beginning of the world series, i think i would play this sound bite from tillman fertita. watch this. >> it's the european way. our great capitalism will come to an end. do i believe in taxes to make our country great? absolutely. i don't think a billionaire's tax is the way to do it. do it on income. you can't do it on balance sheets. it will never be right. >> martha: he's the rocket's owner. my head is in baseball. what do you think about that, austin? >> the argument that a billionaire says don't tax me, go tax someone else? i guess -- >> martha: there's the argument that you heard from mitt romney is it just chills investment. big business owners find ways to get around it and makes them not invest in new businesses, not build new factories, not hire
12:28 pm
new people. >> two things about that. that was the logic of donald trump cutting taxes for the same billionaires and big corporations by $2 trillion in 2017 was on the prom necessary of how much growth that was going to give the country and it didn't. it didn't pay for itself and didn't satisfy the promises. so now reversing those things and making that group pay more i don't think has that negative of an impact on the -- >> i'm not so sure about that. >> that's exactly what joe biden promised and now he's just doing what he promised when he was running. >> martha: we saw the highest labor force participation in the trump administration. we saw businesses that were taking advantage of lower taxes and appreciate -- >> the lowest -- >> martha: and marc, you've studied this. >> austin factoring in the pandemic. before the pandemic, we had the strongest economy in american
12:29 pm
history, the lowest unemployment rate. everybody was doing better. 56% of the country said i'm better off now than four years ago under obama and biden. so you know, that's just the economic reality. you could have the myth that billionaires -- a few handful of billionaires can pay for this spending when democrats were pro mosting spending billions. now they're spending trillions. they're arguing over whether -- they're saying -- when manchin says my feeling is 1. 5 trillion, they say that is chump change. that's not enough money. that's where we are right now. this bill, even at 1.5 trillion is going to tax every morn. you know why? it's going to drive inflation. it's going to continue to overheat the demand side of the economy, the supply side can't keep up. workers are being discouraged to go to work and the result is shortages and higher prices. inflation is a tax. it's as much as if the
12:30 pm
government was taking out out of your paycheck. we're paying a dollar more an average in the tank than we were a year ago when biden was elected. that is a gas tax. if you're paying more at the grocery store, it's an income tax. every dollar you earn is less. the democrats have already raised taxes and this bill will raise it further. >> martha: it's clear the president doesn't like that line looking at this. here's what he said about tax cuts. watch this. >> i view it as a tax cut for middle class families. a tax cut. we never have an argument when we talk about the wealthy, this is a tax cut. it changing lives of the american people. >> martha: austin, quick reaction to that. the costs are going up. it's money out the door. >> but if costs are going up,s that a reason to raise the taxes on high income people to pay for the spending. not to not raise taxes on high
12:31 pm
income people. it's just pure logic. when the president is talking about -- >> don't raise the spending. >> the president says we'll pay for child care, infrastructure, what things that they negotiate into it. marc's logic is a bit confused. it's going to wrong way. >> martha: i don't think anybody think as handful of billionaires will cover 1.7 trillion in spending. everybody sees twit trickle down to pinch them in one way or the other. thanks for being here. is a coming up, american families are about to have the most expensive thanksgiving since the first one held in 1621 according to "the new york times." also coming up, we'll address this. breaking news out of the pentagon on how many americans
12:32 pm
are still stranded at this moment trying to get out of afghanistan. senator lindsey graham when "the story" continues.
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>> martha: guess who is coming for thanksgiving dinner? save a big seat for a big fat helping of inflation. a report says this could be the most expensive thanksgiving in history. look at these jumps in prices that you're seeing across the board. you see this every time you go to the grocery store. joining me now is lydia hu. great to have you with us on set. thanks for being here. what are you learning out there? >> we are anticipating what could be one of the most expensive thanksgiving dinners ever. it's tough. last year was one of the least expensive in ten years. now we're able to be back together in person but paying more for this. so what are we paying for more?
12:37 pm
turkey. prices are already up more than 16%. so i did quick calculations that means you'll pay more than $18 for a 16-pound turkey last year it was under $16. paying more for your fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy going into your baked goods. canned vegetables. prices of aluminum are going. that will be translated as well. >> martha: the producers, they're having trouble getting supplies of the materials because of the backups in the force, right? and trying to pass on some of that to cover their costs to consumers. that is clearly what is driving this. this is an interesting poll that we have from the fox news poll. a recent one about people understanding of bills for groceries and every day items. you have 83% of those polls
12:38 pm
saying their costs have increased a lot or a little. so that's something clearly that people are noticing across the country. just a flashback to july 4. you said costs were down last year for thanksgiving. if you remember this, the white house tweeted out if you're planning a cookout this year, get excited. it's going to be 16 cents less than last year. >> don't spend it all in one place. >> yeah. what a tough swing last year when it was less expensive to now more expensive. i can tell you from my reporting from the fox business network and talking to the producers and farmers, the indications i'm getting from them it's not going to get better from here. it's going to get worse. the labor shortage. they've increased wages for workers. they can't bring those back down. we've heard conversations about prices for plastics and cardboard. maybe those will settle into
12:39 pm
next year as we see demand subject site. one thing is that i hear, the labor costs won't go away that will be funneled in to prices that they charge to you, to me. the other thing i'm hearing about, energy prices. energy has gone up. gas is up 42% or more over last year that is a big drivers for food production. we can expect that to continue. >> janet yellen said it will come down next year. there's not a lot of indications that energy prices are changes or labor prices are changing especially if we pass this spending package. we'll see. lydia, thank you. great to have you here. thank you. so remember this? >> we believe there's still a small number of americans under 200 and likely closer to 100 that rein afghanistan and want to leave. >> so according to the pentagon
12:40 pm
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>> martha: senator lindsey graham joins us as the pentagon updates today on how many americans they believe are still stranded in afghanistan. first, we want to check in on bill melugin who has taken a flight above eagle pass, texas as the national guard prepares for an oncoming migrant caravan said to be at least 3,000 people. bill, can you hear us? >> yes, i can. good afternoon to you. we're currently riding along with texas dps above eagle pass, texas right now where the state of texas is preparing for the my grand caravan moving through
12:45 pm
mexico as we speak. what the texas national guard is doing, they deployed humvees along the international bridge here in eagle pass. you can see humvees have been deployed here. there's at least 30 of them. goes a couple miles as far as the eye can see. they're trying to deter this caravan from entering in weak areas of texas. we remember what happened in del rio. what you're looking at is the state of texas sending a clear message that this caravan won't be allowed to enter here in eagle pass. if we can pan up. this continues to go around all through the international bridge area. they have trooper vehicles here. they have humvees stationed here. and they're positioning as many potential resources in anticipation of this migrant caravan in eagle pass.
12:46 pm
take a look at this video in del rio yesterday. again, they're doing the same thing there deplaying massive amounts of national guard resources to the river's edge to make sure what we saw happen in del rio doesn't happen again. governor abbott has said, if the federal government isn't going to do its job and secure the border, texas is going to have to fill that void and that's what they're planning on doing. they're doing that in del rio. back out here live in eagle pass, they're doing the same thing here in eagle pass as well, which is about an hour away. the idea being, as texas watches the caravan move north, they're sending a clear directive that they won't be allowed to enter in texas. back to you. >> martha: that's incredible. thanks, bell. an unbelievable bird's eye view with trains and now this. looks like governor abbott is
12:47 pm
building his own wall of vehicles across texas to the best of his ability. so it's a really stunning thing to watch. this state stepping up and stepping in where the federal government has left them. thanks to bill melugin on the chopper live. also breaking today, a top pentagon official seas that the united states has to remain vigilant against terrorist groups gaining traction in afghanistan. not surprising. revealing that isis-k could have the ability to launch an attack against the united states with six to 12 months. the undersecretary of defense issued that warning during a senate hearing today. we also learned that there's far more americans stranded in afghanistan than anyone in the government has admitted. >> the department of state is in contact with 196 american citizens that are ready to depart and arrangements are being made for them to do so. another 243 american citizens have been contacted and are not
12:48 pm
ready to do ebb part. >> senator lindsey graham says that afghanistan is in a free fall situation. thanks as always. i'm sure it's no surprise to you that that number was pretty shocking and surprisingly higher than a lot of -- than what we've been told. >> yeah, i said last night the biden administration is the most incompetent group of people in my lifetime in terms of running our government. the same people in charge of the boarder are also in charge of afghanistan. what does it matter that we missed it by 100% in terms of american citizens? you know why the others are not rey ditto come? the taliban won't let them. they're going to extort us. they're going to use americans to extort us and the international community to get assistance to the taliban. we're in a terrible spot. isis getting stronger. the taliban doesn't have the capability to defend america against al-quaida and isis. only we can do that.
12:49 pm
the decision to abandon afghanistan is the biggest mistake since 9-11. we have that terrorist organization in charge of afghanistan now, americans under the control of a terrorist organization. we have thousands of afghans that fought along our side bravely abandoned. who will help us in the future? this is a disaster at so many levels. if they don't change policy at the border and afghanistan, it's a matter of time before we have another 9-11 coming from afghanistan, most likely through the southern border. >> martha: i remember general milley saying because of the way we left afghanistan the concern that terrorists would regroup either al-quaida or isis-k was accelerated. that that had moved everything up. now you hear from this undersecretary of defense that 6 to 12 months he says isis-k could have the capability to attack the us. that's not a long time. >> no. we're relying on the taliban to help us prevent an attack by
12:50 pm
isis on the united states. what kind of position is that? the over the horizon capability to deal with terrorism in afghanistan is in partnership with pakistan. we don't have american soldiers and bases in the region. we're blind with what is happening on the ground. the taliban said publicly two weeks ago that they wouldn't help us when it comes to al-qaeda. that wouldn't cooperate with the united states when it comes to the al-qaeda threat in afghanistan. that is basically declaring war on the united states. so in line with al-qaeda. even though they don't like isis. i don't think they have the capability to deal with isis. we're in a bad spot. we're relying on a terrorist organization to police two terrorist groups. >> martha: and they don't care what we think anymore. they have support from china and russia. they don't need to worry about what we think anymore. senator graham, thank you very much, sir. good to have you with us. thank you.
12:51 pm
>> thank you. >> martha: see you soon. president biden is scrambling for a deal on the spending program and struggling under the weight of issues like afghanistan, inflation and overall his support. so it's not surprise he's running into tough questions. he says he tries to avoid them. brian kilmeade is next. >> remember that? i'm being serious. >> mr. president -- >> no, i'm asking you a question. is that accurate? >> i know what you're talking about. mr. president respectfully, do you think the people have issue with pulling out of afghanistan or the way that things have happened? listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now
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♪ trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. >> martha: so we've been looking at it all hour. the face of the border situation, the inflation crisis, which is continuing to get worse, you have tanking poll numbers that are a reflection on
12:56 pm
quite a bit of that, president biden describes his job this way to a room of preschoolers in new jersey yesterday. watch this. >> when you're president, see these people here? they're with you all the time. they get to ask you all kinds of questions. you figure out how you're going to avoid answering them. >> martha: if there's something that the president says he's clearly successful on, it's that, brian. he's not answered a lot of questions and he's gotten away with not doing many sit-down interviews at all. the lowest we've seen in past presidencies. >> something about preschoolers and kids that makes you say what is on your mind. brian, you want to talk about this? i say let me jot down a list about the self-inflicted wounds in nine months. the border by far is the biggest. inflation affects the most. both of which you can say he plays a huge role. the supply chain, you have to be kidding me. act like you're addressing it.
12:57 pm
the energy policy, solely responsible. texas step doing it. afghanistan, you just did a sheingment. told a little story. the way we left every day i can't get any head around. the russian cyber attacks. did we ever let them answer that? private c c c c c c c c c c c c.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
ask the question and provide the answer. five or six times, he said and let me answer it better for you. he fixed his answer. i have never seen anything like that in my life. i don't know how much longer he can do it. the other problem is, nobody cares about his answer. the raters reflect it. you might not like president trump but you watched. i don't care what channel you subscribed to or what party you voted for. there's no reason to watch because the answers aren't with him. it's the system behind him. the question is who is behind
1:00 pm
the curtain. a long pause. did i worry you? >> martha: it's true. thanks, brian. we'll see you tonight. brian is the author of "the president and the freedom fighter" which i just dug into. it's a great story about abraham lincoln and frederic douglas. he's hosting fox news prime time" this week. that's "the story" for october 26. i'll see you tomorrow. >> neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. very glad to be back. some of you know that i tested positive for covid. a lot of you were kind to check up on me, see how i was doing. still testing positive but safe confines for a relocation right now, i'm at home. i'm not putting any one in danger. my wife tested positive. so the only vulnerable one right now is our dog. very good to have you.


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