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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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raining he would go stiff legged. >> bill: dogs are so demanding. they want a rain coat to go outside. how about a rain coat and umbrella? >> dana: i said i wanted to buy another coat for jasper. which coat do you want to get rid of? i lost a coat. dogs look cute in coats. "the faulkner focus", turning it over to her? hi, harris. >> harris: we'll start with a fox news alert. president biden is hitting the campaign trail today again hours from now. he is going to virginia. we all know biden needs any kind of a win at this point. if that blue state turns red katie bar the door so to speak. note the timing. the president was just in new jersey yesterday stumping for another democrat in a competitive governor's race and a gas-filled verbal explosion by biden. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". when he gets to virginia
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president biden will attempt to boost terry mccauliffe locked in a tight race with a republican glenn youngkin. he was on the program yesterday. the president's approval rating in virginia like much of the nation has taken a dive and in recent fox news polling, virginians are split when it comes to biden's favorability. he won the state by 10 points. the president's recent trip to new jersey is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. first he joked with school kids about how he handles the news media. >> president biden: you know, when you are president you see all these people here? they are with you all the time. they get to ask you all kinds of questions. and you try to figure out how you can avoid answering them sometimes. >> harris: he got a lot of attention for coughing into his hand and using that hand to shake hands with the public all
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while maskless. >> president biden: thank you, thank you, thank you. >> harris: this move comes days after one of his own cabinet members tested positive for covid. for more on this joe concha, fox news contributor, media and politics columnist at the hill in "focus" now. your top line thoughts about first of all joe biden's stumping for other democrats. >> well, it's -- you have to wonder perhaps what the mccauliffe campaign is thinking here as you mentioned, harris, the president is not polling well in virginia right now. it is a blue state. i saw one poll he is only at 41% approval. when you look at his approval among independents. when you see this race and it is a coin toss at this point, independents will decide this race. those undecided at this point. he is very much under water there. if you are mccauliffe do you
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really want this huge neon reminder broadcast to those undecided voters and charged up glenn youngkin voters where he has the energy now what is synonymous with this president? skyrocketing inflation, supply chain crisis, worker shortage, soaring gas prices but as it pertains to this race a president who stands with teachers unions instead of parents. know this. education you've talked a lot about it. that is what will decide this race. 6 in 10 independent voters, that decide the tight elections side with youngkin when they say they believe parents should have more influence on their children's education than school boards. the defining moments of this this ways when -- it fired up suburban parents. this is an off year election. they are engaged. in terry mccauliffe uses that statement around education and
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parents will probably be a primary reason. >> harris: you look at what mccauliffe said and what the white house did via the president and that is to follow the national school board association, since apologized for calling parents terrorists, followed what they wanted, their demands, and in the course of action got the doj to sic the f.b.i. on parents. the doing and staying. not just the state of virginia. saw it in new jersey. president biden repeated for the fifth time a story about riding amtrak that has been debunked for months now. >> president biden: as vice president i used the like to take the train home because my mom was very sick and dying. the secret service are wonderful, the best in the world. they never liked me taking amtrak because it stops too often and too many people get on and you don't know. so i walking up to the getting in the train on that friday and
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a guy who was the number three guy from new jersey a guy name negri came up and grabbed my cheek and i thought they would shoot him. i said no, he is a friend. joey, what's the big deal? >> harris: joe, what's the big deal? >> the big deal is a, i'm from new jersey. you live in new jersey. do we really speak like that? this whole thing about us having an accent i'm sorry, right. let's unpack this. the president said he had this very specific conversation with the conductor on the train as vice president. a conductor who retired 16 years before that conversation that never happened. it is the fifth time he tells the story. one would think his chief communication advisor would step in and instruct him maybe we don't go down this road anymore because you can be fact checked on this. you sound foolish when you talk
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about it. i don't know what the point is of telling that story in the first place. so don't cough in your hand and shake people's hands. don't tell young school children run from people who want to hold you accountable. it was a disaster of a day for a president having a disastrous 10 months. he desperately needs a win. there haven't been any wins to this point, harris. >> harris: you are preaching on all those points. you don't cough in your hand and shake joe biden's hand. you don't need to be in a pandemic. since we were five. don't just defund and dismantle police departments, blame them, too. that's what liberal congresswoman ilhan omar seems to be doing as crime is skyrocketing if her state particularly minneapolis. >> reduction in police in our cities and the lawlessness that is happening is due to two
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things. one, the police actually to not fulfill their oath of office. and provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens they serve. minneapolis police department is the most dysfunctional police department in our state and probably in the country. >> harris: if something goes wrong, joe, do you think she calls 911? i do. the crime spike includes a 116% increase in murders. joe. >> the congressman made that remark in minneapolis and calls the police dysfunctional. minneapolis might as well be called murder apolis. it was already a bloody one last year as we witnessed on tv. now an initiative to replace the minneapolis police department with something called the department of public safety unquote. effectively defunding and
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already demoralized police force. police officers will be called peace officers in minneapolis. omar who gets protection from the "washington post" and "new york times" and cnn when making anti-semitic statement and hypocrite on defunding police and paying thousands of dollars in private security will get away with making ridiculous statements. the new normal in traditional journalism. thou shalt not threaten squad. >> harris: or the president as he let the kids in jersey go. that was the best part of what you said reminding us how ridiculous it is. joe concha thank you for being in focus. keep watching. >> here in the united states nike stands with the black lives matter, nike stands with
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-- when it comes to china, nike remains silent. you do not address brutality in china. what about the slave labor that makes sure shoes and that makes you rich? >> harris: well, critics say the white house isn't going to do it but an nba player finally calling out china and those who do business with that communist nation. cantor plays for the boston celtics and born in turkey. he has been tearing into communist china and the sneaker giant nike and calling out nba stars staying silent over china's human rights abuses. on the list is lebron james. over the past four days he rocked the sports world and beyond highlighting china's
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subjugation of china and calling it modern day slavery. nike, michael jordan and lebron james are scared to speak. william la jeunesse with the story. coverage from los angeles. william. >> the twitter post went viral because of what it said about lebron james and his contract with nike and the company for using slave labor in china to make shoes. he rips both as hypocrites. >> dear nike. your company says you are making positive impact in our communities. that is true, yes, you are. here in the united states nike stands with the black lives matter, nike stands with -- but when it comes to china, nike remains silent. you do not address brutality in china. what are you doing about the slave labor that makes your shoes? that slave labor that makes you
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rich? >> james famously said what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and insisted kentucky arrest three cops. he said stand up against police brutality and for minorities but nothing about china and the abuse of forced labor and ethnic minorities there where nike and the nba make millionss showing games and selling merchandise. james twitter page lots of pictures of him but nothing about this. china says cantor is grandstanding for tibet and denies labor camps. fans are lighting up lebron as a hypocrite. i guess lebron is blind to this while being a great activist for human rights. what's tough for nike and lebron is unlike the past, they can't dismiss cantor as some
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right wing bigot as they have other critics in the past. >> harris: it is tough for china? they don't care. they cut the feed because he wasn't wearing shoes that went against them. wow, communism. growing and strong. president biden and his v.p. together? not a common sight these days. is it possible the vice president kamala harris is trying to distance herself from the commander-in-chief as voters are getting more distant in their support of him? virginia parents going after former president barack obama claiming he blew off their concerns over education calling them phony trumped up culture wars. those comments made on the trail tore terry mccauliffe in virginia. republican glenn youngkin has a big beef with them. tyrus weighing in on all of it yet. >> taking care of our children and making sure they have a quality education and are safe in schools is not a culture
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war, that's a fundamental right in virginia.
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>> harris: fox news alert now. high school students in loudon county, virginia, walking out of class in protest of the school board's handling of a sex assault of a teenage girl in a school bathroom. the walk-out has begun. this is live right now. a judge found the suspect, a teenage boy, was guilty. the victim's father is the one whose anger over the assault led to his arrest. and ultimately led to that national school board association letter to the white house comparing all parents to domestic terrorists. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel is live for us in loudon county. this is real for those students and everybody else, mike.
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>> no doubt about it. the national school boards association has apologized but it certainly did a lot of damage with parents worried they would be treated like the enemy for expressing first amendment rights. also a lot of focus on attorney general merrick garland who wrote a controversial memo earlier this month. some alarmed the memo may have a chilling effect if the justice department will treat parents like domestic terrorists. 19 house republicans on the judiciary committee are calling on garland to rescind his memo. you side stepped the chilling effect the law enforcement apparatus would have on parents' speech. they initially urged the biden administration to investigate school board protests. garcia has been appointed by education secretary to the national assessment governing
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board. loudon county virginia father scott smith demanded answers about his daughter who was sexually assaulted in a girl's bathroom at school. the family attorney says the smith family stands stronger than ever in moving forward to insure that those responsible in the loudon county school system are held accountable so this may never happen again to anyone else's child. a short time ago some students walked out at broad run high school in loudon county to protest the way that sexual assault case was handled by the school system. one of the many reasons education is a major issue in the virginia governor's race. >> taking care of our children and making sure that they have a quality education and are safe in schools is not a culture war, that's a fundamental right in virginia and what i'm standing up for. >> there is another school board meeting here in loudon county later today. harris. >> harris: we'll be on it at fox. thank you. tyrus, fox nation host and fox
8:21 am
news contributor co-host of gutfeld. good to have you in focus. you take a lot of boxes on this issue. your background as an educator, a parent. when the reports first came about that dad trying to get answers and accountability after the sexual assault on his child, you had a lot to say. >> well first of all, i couldn't be more empathetic in this time of you just want your kids to be safe. we're already dealing with a pandemic, dealing with a lot of divisions in the country and something happens to your daughter. i have three daughters. and it would have been probably double amount of police to carry me out wondering why the individual -- not an accusation -- there are charges against him is being allowed to go back to school or why were the people not getting answers? the first person that was
8:22 am
contacted should have been the family. they didn't. he got treated as a criminal. the dad. this is why i get frustrated. politics has no place in education. it has no place with our children. regardless of whatever the situation of the person who assaulted the young girl. whether -- how they identify irrelevant. it was an assault in the bathroom period. whatever group they identified with or whatever, that seemed to be more important than actually dealing with that young girl's issues and what she went through. the cold part was there is another alleged assault at another school. so this is something that the school board knew about and they didn't want to deal with it because of the optics. how can you explain that to a father who just -- you can't. >> harris: you were very gingerly around that.
8:23 am
it's cultural politics. >> you have to be respectful even -- >> harris: a victim is a victim. the only box she checked. >> an assailant is an assailant. a criminal is a criminal. >> harris: the national school board association which i have been saying for weeks i don't know if we said those words out loud, this is a union that came on board because they had some kind of connection to get an immediate response from the white house, the d.o.j. and the f.b.i., wow. okay? and one of their people now has a pretty cushy job with the biden administration. >> which is shocking. perfect example. kevin hart made jokes years ago and couldn't do the academy awards. these people weren't only complicit, they wrote a letter condemning parents and calling them domestic terrorists ruining potentially their lives. nothing was done. why aren't they fired?
8:24 am
>> harris: one got a promotion. >> one was promoted for basically telling an angry parent who had every right to be angry, i don't justify getting physical. to put that stigma of domestic terrorist to be told that. you can't fix that. there will always be somebody in the room looking at that person and said they were called a domestic terrorist. that's not something you shake off. >> harris: maybe that's why they apologized on friday. you could have set your watch. egg timer for how long it took for one of their members to be part of the administration with a cushy job. a lot of backlash to obama appearing to dismiss -- amid the alleged sexual assault here is what obama said over the weekend during the campaign event with the democrat terry
8:25 am
mccauliffe. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped up culture wars. this fake outrage that right wing media peddles to juice their ratings. he is not talking about serious issues, that's a shame. not what this election is about and not what you need. >> harris: parents not taking kindly to those comments. one told fox news that is the most tone deaf statement i have ever heard. another obama is clearly clueless for intentionally misleading the crowd. >> mr. president, you need to make time. you are a father, you have two daughters. your outrage should be the same as mine. i voted for president obama and respect him and i like some of the things he has done but i have issues when people speak and he was there to help and
8:26 am
all you did -- you ignited some voters but the wrong ones. the wrong ones and you probably sealed the deal. if i was running i would be running that clip constantly. you are telling americans, you are telling parents that their feelings don't matter when it comes to their children's education? i find it shocking. >> harris: what also is shocking about this is the words of barack obama are the ones that we're talking about today. if they lean in on what biden said in jersey yesterday. different issue gaffe filled mess it is a tough row. real quickly, tyrus, you voted for obama. your politics are per your own issues. how damaged are the democrats over this education issue in your opinion? >> this is just -- i voted for obama, i voted for trump. i vote based on what i feel is best for me and mine. it is just one thing after another. they are out of touch. they're trying to push an agenda nobody voted for. president biden was supposed to come in and bring us together.
8:27 am
he has been a front man for this progressive woke agenda which the country is rejecting and we're seeing it. we aren't getting rid of our police departments or watering down our education and parents will pay attention to what's going on in skoo. go out and volt. i think we'll see shocking results in the next year. >> harris: good to see you. thank you. appreciate it. thousands of migrants headed to our southern border. that's what we call them until they get to the border. if they try to get into this country we're rounding them up and they're illegally here. they have a message. tell biden we're coming. another heartbreaking story of how illegal immigrants are flooding into america destroying lives. and then there is this. >> tens of thousands of people across the american economy will lose their jobs weeks before christmas. i'm afraid if the president doesn't amend the executive order joe biden may end up being the grinch that stole
8:28 am
christmas. >> harris: people stepping up the fight against the president's covid vaccine mandate. congresswoman stefanik is in "focus" next. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. >> texas has been alone on this fight from the beginning. joe biden and the federal government is nowhere to be seen. he won't make it to the border. for the first time i think you see texans get behind texans and we're ready to secure our border on our own. sadly that's what it has come to. you have texas national guard and dps agents as well. the bottom line is people, regular, everyday people do not feel safe. >> harris: congressman tony gonzalez schooling the biden administration over the border crisis as a new massive highly organized it has been proven now caravan is making its way toward our southern border.
8:34 am
the clear message from them tell biden we're coming. that's a quote. this as fox news has captured exclusive video of a smuggling operation bust. we are live in texas, bill. >> good morning to you. a lot of activity out here yesterday as we were working the trains. got wild video. we'll get to it now. the first clip. this was one of the trains we saw yesterday where there were 23 illegal immigrants hiding inside of a coal car in the middle of the blistering heat. 23 illegal immigrants all single adult men texas dps had to pull them out one-by-one. every one of them were arrested for criminal trespassing and taken to jail not handed over to border patrol. the second piece of video an hour before that we saw another train with more illegal immigrants hitching a ride on it. this time texas dps stopped the train and pulled five single men off that train. arrested all of them as well.
8:35 am
checked them for tattoos and taken the jail as well. not turned over to border patrol. look at the third piece of video. this one is wild. texas dps found 19 illegal immigrants hiding inside brand-new cars being shipped on a train to the san antonio area. look inside the windows and see the migrants sitting inside the cars. some of the seats have fresh wrapping on it. it goes to show how far some of these migrants are willing to go to hide from law enforcement out here. those were smuggling themselves. that's not always the case. look at the video. fox news previously reported cartels are heavily targeting u.s. citizens on this side of the border with advertisements on social media apps like tik tok and whatsapp offering young people money to help with human smuggling. pick up migrants. quick cash, show smuggling routes and offering thousands of dollars per ride. some people in the u.s. will take them up on the offer. take a look at this piece of video given to us by texas dps.
8:36 am
two girls livestreaming themselves in a police pursuit with texas dps. driver with a gun in her lap. two girls from austin smuggling five illegal immigrants in their vehicle driving down to del rio after seeing one of those ads. picked up the migrants up. got in a police pursuit and crashed. both were arrested for human smuggling. look at this last piece of video. the migrant caravan on its way. texas is getting ready for it. we went up on a helicopter with texas dps yesterday. texas national guard deploying a bunch of resources and manpower towards the del rio bridge. the same area we saw the situation with the haitians last month. the governor saying he won't allow a similar situation to happen and deploy the resources down there as a show of force and send a message that the red carpet will not be rolled out if the migrant caravans want to show up in texas. they tell me they will not be allowed. those resources are going down
8:37 am
there as a physical deterrent if that caravan arrives in the coming weeks. send it back to you. >> harris: this is unbelievable to me, bill. we have a porous situation that is delivering day after day national security breaches and texas is going to fight on its own. they are doing the job now of the federal government because for some reason the white house doesn't see it? wow. thank you, bill. elise stefanik congresswoman and house republican congress chair. i wasn't planning to start here but i don't think we can ignore the reporting from bill now. breaking news with all the fresh video and the breach of national security. i want to get your reaction to it. >> this is a border crisis of historic proportions and while joe biden and his administration fail to admit it is a crisis, the american people understand it is a national security crisis, a public health crisis and
8:38 am
homeland security crisis. this is the highest number of illegal border crossings on our southern border in over 30 years. the highest rate in the month of september in our nation's history. republicans stand for border security, for providing more resources for border patrol officers to secure our border. what is frustrating harris, as democrats are discussing this $5 trillion tax and spending package there are zero dollars for border patrol and border security. that is inexcusable because of this crisis we're seeing get worse and worse every day and every month. >> harris: hard to believe. you hear somebody like senator manchin in west virginia being maybe one of the hold-outs and suddenly perhaps capitulateing on a wealth tax and so on and so forth. when you talk about no dollars being in that monstrous bill it is affecting his state and all states by the drug cartels coming here with what they're carrying. >> it is affecting all states
8:39 am
including my home state of new york. i have border patrol officers being transferred from the northern border to the southern border. transfer after transfer because of this major crisis we have at the u.s. mexico border. republicans will continue to fight back, to stand for border security and to expose joe biden and house democrats' failure when it comes to protecting our national security and securing our borders. >> harris: thank you for your comments on that. i add in those secret flights which are coming to new york, new jersey, florida, of the little ones, the little babies coming across the border and this administration secretly flying them into places. let's move to this. pressure is building on the white house now as more americans have stepped up their fight against president biden's vaccine mandate. states pushing back including governors in texas, florida, arizona have issued executive orders to create loopholes for those hesitant to get the shot and the house gop doctors caucus weighing in highlighting
8:40 am
the mandate is government overreach that could have a drastic impact. these decisions are best left to local leaders and it is inappropriate to hold federal dollars hostage. this could have unintended negative consequences on the quality of patient care and workforce shortages. private companies are asking for a delay on the mandate fearing a mass exodus of workers more than 50 employees from across the united states government are suing the administration as the deadline for them to be fully vaccinated is approaching. congressman brian mast who called the mandate fiction and the long lasting impact on america's federal workforce. let's watch. congresswoman stefanik. >> they get rid of all of the conservatives -- not all of them but a huge swath of them in the state department, in the department of justice and other agencies because they are throwing up their hands and saying i'm not going to do this and participate in this massive government overreach and i am
8:41 am
going to ship out and move on. that gives the left the numbers that they want in government. >> harris: congresswoman stefanik take it apart piece by piece for us. >> these vaccine mandates whether at the federal level or some of our democrat governors are putting them into place are unconstitutional and illegal. in my home state of new york you talked about how we could see massive shortages. we're already seeing worker shortages in new york with our unconstitutional mandate. i represent a hospital in my district in a rural region, lewis county no longer able to deliver babies because of this vaccine mandate. our workers whether it's our nurses, doctors, first responders, law enforcement officers, they work and put their lives and health on the line throughout the covid pandemic and now these mandates are forcing them out of a job if they choose not to get the vaccine, that's their personal choice. that is already exacerbating a labor shortage we're already
8:42 am
facing in this country as we head into the holidays with such a significant supply chain crisis. republicans are opposed to these top-down mandates. it is government overreach at its worst and most frustrating and telling more me to hear from the president he mocked americans for standing up for their freedoms. this country is based upon freedoms and republicans will defend freedom. >> harris: congresswoman stefanik from the great state of new york. great to have you. appreciate your time. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: vice president kamala harris appearing to distance herself from president joe biden as his approval is hitting all-time lows and as you heard from congresswoman stefanik the crises numerous and stacking up facing the administration. top of mind for many americans, the cost of things like the upcoming thanksgiving dinner. just one example. inflation, prices skyrocketing and experts saying it will only
8:43 am
get worse. what can fix it? power panel slices it next. >> why is inflation here? because of the spending of what the democrats have done. the trillions of dollars, supply chain. the most expensive thanksgiving we've ever had. the price of gas in one place in california is over $7. the shelves are becoming empty based on the democratic policies.
8:44 am
i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself.
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>> harris: breaking news we want to get to and learning about this. special counsel john durham now a year into his investigation says he is not done with his work. he is going deeper into the origins of the democrat-fueled russia investigation against president trump. he is about to question michael sussman, the attorney who was connected to the hillary clinton campaign, lied to the f.b.i., did not disclose the fact that he was connected with clinton's campaign. michael sussman. and a new witness james baker. and so as this comes to fruition as we learn more about the john durham going deeper into investigation now we can tell you it has been more than a year since he was appointed by the former a.g. bill barr. we'll keep you posted on what if anything this turns up.
8:49 am
a new fox news op-ed titled how to lose a country in 10 months hits the president over his many crises from the border to his foreign policy. former obama economic advisor larry summers is going after the biden administration on another crisis. my alarm is increasing until the fed and treasury fully recognize the inflation reality they're unlikely to deal with it successfully. really bringing it all home a "new york times" headline, this year's thanksgiving meal is poised to wallop the wallet. the price of everything in potatoes to coffee is soaring. 16 pound turkey that was $13 two years ago will cost almost $22 this year. one woman telling the times i dread buying vanilla. power panel. former speaker of the oklahoma
8:50 am
house, richard fowler, fox news contributor. gentlemen, great to have you in focus. t.w., i'll start with you. inflation. biden has got to do something. >> there is no doubt, harris, thank you for having me. joe biden and his failed economic policies in 10 months has set america back 40 years after squandering the recovery he inherited from donald trump less than a year ago. it is jimmy carter 2.0. the difference is jimmy carter was just incompetent. joe biden is intentional. he really wants to be a one-term president to finish the obama goal of transforming america into socialist nation. we're seeing it happen. that's the reason the left is so obsessed with ending the filibuster, packing the supreme court. they resent american exceptionalism and want to destroy the three c that have made this country great. capitalism, constitution and christianity. it is happening. inflation is a means foran end for this administration. they lied and said it was
8:51 am
transitory. the real goal is they want to create a two-class system. ruling political class and a working slave class. that's what we're headed to if this continues. >> harris: your response, richard. >> that's just astonishing and not based in fact. yes we're dealing with inflation because we have a supply chain snag and most of our ports. beyond that we had a global pandemic the caused the economy to completely shut down. we are also finding we're seeing a very job market that is more and more folks looking for jobs and more companies looking for workers and seeing quite a bit of economic growth. not the stagflation we saw under jimmy carter. we're dealing with inflation caused by a global pandemic that we're working our way out of and why in joe biden's build back better plan trying to address those issues. we lost 2.9 million jobs women decided to stay home and take care of their children. >> harris: whoa. before you take every woman and put us under the bus it wasn't
8:52 am
a choice to stay home and take care of our children. >> that is outlandish. >> harris: some instances we were in restrictive lockdowns. you can twist it if you want but i don't know if you can twist away from the facts. the cost of childcare has gone up. the cost of everything has gone up. t.w. >> richard, bless your heart. you have the hardest job in america having to come on tv and defend this incompetent administration. the reality is the border crisis, the crime crisis, the inflation are all because of biden's policies. inflation is caused because joe biden is paying americans to stay home. >> that is inaccurate. >> he is flooding the market with lick i had tee. i'm a banker and it is happening. i don't know -- i don't know the real world in oklahoma. people are staying home and not working. >> harris: you guys are
8:53 am
somewhat talking over each other. a little my fault because i knew you wanted to get some things out. let's move on with this and richard i'll come to you first. the president struggling with record low poll numbers although you might not want to talk about this, either. a series of crises. vice president kamala harris appears to be keeping herself away from the commander-in-chief. the tracking by the "los angeles times" the two have appeared together only 18 times since february. but just once in september. and once in october. and as the president deals with that favorability issue, problem, disaster, the anti-biden chant let's go brandon which are code for nreeng up what they're really saying, let's go, brandon, hitting the itunes hip-hop song. they are ahead of adele's new song. ♪♪♪
8:54 am
>> harris: richard, quickly. >> i was waiting for the album to come out. but beyond that i think it's more palace intrigue whether or not the vice president and president are together. they were together last week. >> harris: what about the song? they are chanting it at home games, away games, college games. >> it has everything to do with the fact that we're a very divided country. divided under obama and trump and continue to be divided. >> harris: i've never heard that blank blank barack obama.
8:55 am
tw, >> it's ironic kamala would distance herself from joe biden. she has low poll numbers. the chant is americans pushing back on the biden tyranny. this time it's organic and happening in stadiums, not hollywood with the elite. it is organic and happening from rural america. >> harris: the [bleep] is interesting. "outnumbered" after the break. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches the ability to take on the world. in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company.
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>> fox news alert on a stunning new spin on the democrats anti- police rhetoric comes from congresswoman omar whose city i reeling from a spike in violent crime that she now blames on th police. this is "outnumbered." i am joined by my cohost at house of kennedy on foxbusiness kennedy. in the center seat, the federalist senior editor chris bedford. minneapolis is seen as


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