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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 26, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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dan crenshaw, general jack keane what's going on with china and the threat and glenn youngkin who many people say was on our show already. >> you are taking him again tonight. he is in a battle with terry mccauliffe. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. we're one week away from the closely-watched governor's race in virginia. new polling shows it will likely come down to the wire. hang on and buckle up. here we go as we say good morning. turnout is a big deal. i'm bill hemmer. how are you? >> dana: how are you? i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." one time i was doing election coverage analysis or something and we were about three days out from the election and i said well, it is either going to be a blow-out or not. and then i said that's really great analysis, super
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insightful. we'll do a lot better than that today. >> bill: we pay you for that. >> dana: i promise it will be better today. the contest between mccauliffe and youngkin is in its final week. president biden joins mccauliffe tonight. some worry his low approval rating could be a drag on the ticket. >> bill: new poll from usa today showing the candidates at dead even in a state the president won less than a year ago by double digits. >> dana: newt gingrich will join us in a moment. but first we go to arlington, virginia. >> in that same poll 5% of voters are still undecided. before the candidates can try to sway them they have to convince their own base to show up on election day to get out the vote tour bus is continuing on. tonight mccauliffe will return to northern virginia. president biden will rally on his behalf.
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he is running against glenn youngkin. both made stops in virginia beach yesterday. biden easily won the northern counties last year. approval rating has taken a dive since. mccauliffe admitted those numbers have been no help to his campaign. the new fox news poll 50% in favor of the president. 48% don't favor him. youngkin says he welcomes the president to virginia. >> i guess virginians might be excited. i doubt it that joe biden is showing up. i said bring him in and have him campaign as much as he wants. i'm campaigning for virginians. >> mccauliffe has focused on tying his opponent to president trump calling him too extreme on issues like abortion and covid-19 policies. >> we need a governor open and welcoming. job creator. investment in education and that's why i'm running. >> education has become a
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stand-out issue. mccauliffe promises teacher pay raises. youngkin found support among parents trying to find their voice and what happens in their children's schools. >> dana: wanted to ask you about this. we understand there is an update on a school sexual assault case getting a lot of attention in virginia. >> it's really ironic it has been playing out as the race is going on. over the summer a parent was arrested at a school board meeting in loudon county, frustrated over a report his daughter had made of being sexually assaulted in a bathroom. at the time of the school board meeting those administrators said we don't know about this, it never happened. it turned out in emails they did know it happened. anyway, that student who was accused in that case saw a juvenile court judge and ruled in favor. charges the equivalent of being found guilty in adult court and appear before a judge next month. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: joining us now the
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author of the upcoming book beyond biden. former house speaker newt gingrich. a lot to get to here. good morning. first of all want to show you joe biden's approval rating in the state of virginia today. 41% in a state he won by double digits less than a year ago. does he help by going there later today? >> well, i assume that mccauliffe is finding that he can't motivate democrats to go vote and so biden like obama over the weekend sort of the last desperate pass to try to get people to show up and vote. on the other hand, "the new york times" reported this morning that this will be the most expensive thanksgiving dinner in american history. if you are bringing in biden with inflation, with the massive illegal immigration, the problems of getting out of afghanistan, at some point we have to say is this really helpful or not? but you see the difference in
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the two campaigns. youngkin very intelligently early on said i will run as a virginian on virginia issues. i will ignore all the effort to nationalize the campaign. oddly enough mccauliffe was governor for four years decided he couldn't win on virginia issues but he has been trying desperately to nationalize the election to make it about trump, to make it about biden, to make it about anything accept mccauliffe and youngkin. my hunch is it doesn't work in the end and mccauliffe will probably get defeated because people won't turn out to vote for him. >> dana: president biden is trying to do anything he can to salvage his legislative agenda. you can see it happening. here he was yesterday. listen to this. get your take on it. >> president biden: what are we doing? what in god's name are we doing? by the way, you hear these numbers 3.5 trillion or 1.75 trillion. we pay for it all.
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it doesn't increase the deficit one single cent. >> dana: this is the same line -- -- do you see it that way? >> i think it is probably a problem but partly -- if you thought you bought a race horse and you ended up buying a donkey there ought to be a point you decide not to race it. they have bills that aren't very popular. the more people learn about them the less popular they are. what he said yesterday is a lie. they talk about a big tax increase that they're trying to get written into the senate finance committee. a big fight between the democrats and house ways and means and the democrats and senate finance over how to raise taxes. now, all this talk about biden
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we can spend -- his numbers, 3 1/2 trillion. 1.75 trillion. that's like 5.25 trillion. is there anybody in america who believes you can spend 5.25 trillion, not billion, trillion dollars and not raise taxes? and not somehow pay for it with deficit financing? so i think they've got themselves out on a rhetorical limb. they can't get off it. for some reason nobody on his staff can explain to biden that this just makes him unbelievable. nobody believes what he said yesterday. not either side i don't think. >> bill: education is a big deal. mccauliffe is trying to turn it back on youngkin. alexandria's report about the 14-year-old essentially found guilty of assault in the bathroom. three days after president obama went there and talked about phony culture wars. i think to a lot of parents in virginia they don't see it that
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way and add now we get reports that immigration might be slammed into the reconciliation bill. i don't know how you do it. a price tag of $100 billion. mitt romney was on with bret last night and said this. >> i think the democrats are pretty desperate. they want to get something done for the president because he is circling the drain with the electorate in the country. as a result they're willing to do almost anything. i think you will see legislation passed. the problem is it is not popular with the american people and doesn't address concerns people have. >> bill: do they really pass legislation knowing what's on the line and how much has yet to be decided? >> i'm not sure yet because you have the hard left in the house, the people who are basically big government socialists. they have all said they won't vote for the infrastructure bill until they see the details of the larger bill, the 3 1/2 trillion bernie sanders socialist bill.
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meanwhile, you've got people like manchin and sinema, senators in the democratic party saying they aren't going to vote for a 3 1/2 trillion dollar bill. i don't see any -- to the best of my knowledge there has been no movement. all you have is people talking, gossiping, leaking, but in fact they're about the same place they were two months ago and the reason is pretty straight forward. the american people do not want bigger government. gallup reports now we're back where we used to be about 58% want smaller government. when you tell them about these bills they think it adds to inflation and inflation is what will kill the democrats next year. but "the new york times" is right and we have the most expensive thanksgiving. it doesn't matter because you can't afford the gasoline and then you can't buy christmas gifts because they're on a ship off long beach which biden the other night on cnn couldn't
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remember the name of. at some point this stuff all breaks down in a very practical and human level. it's not about politics and ideology, it doesn't work. i think that may be the best republican battle cry next year. this ain't working. which is what happened to jimmy carter. >> dana: fascinating. i could listen all day but we have to run. >> bill: i just want to throw this out. significant chunk of virginia voters are pessimistic about the country's direction. that defines the last answer and see what we get on tuesday. thank you for coming in today. >> great to be with you. >> dana: alec baldwin's producer and star is raising questions about his responsibility for last week's prop gun tragedy. it injured the director and killed the kin may to go grapher. production is on pause while
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the investigation continues. we're live in los angeles with more. >> it seems like every morning more troubling details are emerging about safety issues on the new mexico film set. a prop master now tells the "l. a. times" that he turned down working on the baldwin movie rust because he felt there were massive red flags calling the movie a slap dash production with an overriding focus on saving money instead of concern for people's safety. he tells the "l. a. times" he turned down the part in an email saying in part after i pressed send on the last email i felt in the pit of my stomach that's an accident waiting to happen. now we're learning in an interview last month the head armorer said she had self-doubt about her own experience. 24-year-old said on the voices of the west podcast she wasn't sure if she was ready for her last job and also my first time being head armorer as well. i wasn't sure if i was ready.
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doing it like it went really smoothly. last thursday baldwin accidentally shot and killed 42-year-old halyna hutchins on set. when baldwin fired a gun it killed her. one of the big questions is whether anyone will face criminal charges including alec baldwin who was an actor and producer on the film. >> safety bulletins put out by the industry deal with how to handle firearms on a set. they aren't complicated. they've been around for years and it struck me as, you know, you don't have this happen if basic safety policies are being followed, the end. >> the sante fe sheriff and district attorney are holding a joint news conference tomorrow and we could find out if there will be any criminal charges filed in the shooting. >> bill: exclusive video shows
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officers finding dozens of migrants inside a freight train and getting new details on the tactics smugglers are using. >> dana: an nba hitting one of the league's biggest sponsors. >> bill: inflation, newt gingrich was talking about it on turkey day. why this year's meal could be the most expensive on record. cheryl casone will talk turkey and money and all that's with it. come on in, cheryl. >> dana: i love your purple. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. >> bill: now gas prices in the u.s. going up for the 28th day in a row averaging 3.23.
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so far aaa says it is not stopping drivers from hitting the road in the u.s. >> dana: thanksgiving is sure to put a bigger dent in your wallet. from the turkey and coffee expected to cost a loss more. cheryl casone is host of american dream home on the fox business network and joins us with more. i think people would be maybe not shocked by this but disappointed, worried? >> shock actually. i've been digging through the prices and the expectations. first i want to show you the price jumps we saw in september for different things that will be on the table, right? whether it's poultry prices, that jumped more than 6% last month. rolls up 4%, crackers up 7%. look at the numbers. this is september data, okay? we haven't gotten data for what we'll look like for november and december.
6:20 am
canned veggies and canned pumpkin jumped. coffee 4%, spices. turkey prices this morning. pulled data. look at this. a 16 pound turkey which is one of the most popular sizes for thanksgiving in 2019 was $12.96. they are expecting $21.76. >> bill: that's almost two times. >> most people want a 20 pound turkey or smaller unfortunately. different things. we were talking about the truck driver shortage, labor shortage. they are paying truck drivers double what they were paying before. everybody likes to have wine at thanksgiving dinner. glass bottles are stuck on container ships off the coast of california right now. so when you go to the grocery store you will either see a shortage, you'll see higher prices, or both. i'm not trying to say it will be panic buying. that's being discussed a little bit. we're seeing consumers stock up on everything they will need for thanksgiving. there is a big debate do you want a fresh or frozen turkey.
6:21 am
frozen turkey prices should stay manageable. fresh turkey, the more popular option for the purists who want to cook the beautiful thanksgiving table, that will be a lot higher. you will really pay for a turkey $80 or $90 if you want the organic, fresh range-free turkey. >> dana: if you want to go out for thanksgiving will pay more. >> restaurant owners are telling us are ordering their turkeys now and paying 20% more for their turkeys. >> dana: does it surprise you i don't cook my own turkey dinner? >> i don't cook mine. i'm with you. >> dana: i wait for an invitation somewhere. >> bill: it is amazing. >> the prices are big jumps. >> bill: i want to emphasize these are september prices. we aren't into october or november yet. cheryl, thank you. nice to see you here. >> dana: catch a new episode of america's dream home tonight at
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8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. >> bill: come back soon. new video from our team at the u.s. border shows that texas public safety troopers finding nearly 30 migrants hiding inside a freight train car trying to sneak deeper into the country. we're live in texas. good morning, bill. what's going on there? >> i tell you what, we had a wild afternoon here yesterday working these train yards. want to get right to the video and show you what we're talking about. look at the first clip. we saw one train that had 23 illegal immigrants hiding inside of a coal car believe it or not in the blistering heat yesterday. 23 illegal immigrants all of whom were single adult men. texas dps had to pull them out one-by-one. every single one were arrested for criminal trespassing and taken to jail and not handed off to border patrol. look at this second clip just a couple of hours before that on a different train we saw other illegal immigrants hitching a
6:23 am
ride on a different train. texas dps pulled five of those men off the train. we have a train coming by us now. texas dps pulled five men off, arrested them for criminal trespassing and they were not handed off to border patrol either. the third piece of video is wild here. this is texas dps finding 19 illegal immigrants being smuggled inside a brand-new vehicle that were on a train being transported to the san antonio area. 19 illegal immigrants hiding in brand-new vehicles. you can see there is fresh wrapping on the seats hiding from law enforcement inside a train going to the san antonio area. those people were smuggling themselves. not always the case. look at this video here as fox news as previously reported cartels are targeting young people in the united states to help them with smuggling. ads on tik tok and social media platforms advertising quick
6:24 am
cash, offer thousands of dollars per ride and some people take the bait and do it. case in point, look at this piece of video here given to us by texas dps. a girl facebook living herself with a gun in her lap as she is fleeing from texas troopers in the del rio area. a passenger with her. two young girls from austin. they saw the ads on social media for smuggling and drove down to the del rio area. loaded up their car with five illegal immigrants and they're being chased by texas dps. we lowered the audio because of the cussing. they crash and both women are arrested live on th one of the many things that happens at the border. to wrap it up look at the last piece of video. went up with the texas dps helicopter yesterday. what you are looking at is the texas national guard deploying to the area around the del rio international bridge. why? they've seen the migrant caravan on the way to the united states as we speak. texas governor greg abbott says he is not going to allow
6:25 am
another del rio situation to happen like we saw with the haitians last month and pre-deploying resources to say if the federal government won't secure that area the state of texas will step up and fill the void sending a message to the caravan saying you will not be allowed to enter texas. we apologize for the train behind us. >> bill: do your job and work. it is happening every day. thanks for that reporting there on the border. >> dana: are the democrats trying to pull a back door maneuver on immigration? reports suggest they try to push for amnesty on behalf of millions in the country illegally through president biden's human infrastructure bill and republicans seizing on education in virginia's election. what can we learn from the last time they capitalized on that issue? >> i said glenn, stand up for our children, too, please. we all know terry mccauliffe
6:26 am
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it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> dana: one week out now from election day in virginia. the race for governor seen as a for cast for next year's mid-term and a referendum on education as parents push for more say at what's taught in their children's classroom. nearly half of virginia voters think parents should have more influence on school curriculum. 10 points higher than those who want to see school boards have the final word. joining us now is rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. i noted james hohmann of the "washington post" wrote a piece republicans are addressing education and they see it as a winner. >> i've been seeing it since the pandemic when parents were finely in tune with their kids'
6:32 am
education. many kids were virtual and paying attention to what was happening in the classroom and you come to virginia and a governor candidate in mccauliffe saying parents shouldn't have a say in their education. coming at a time when we were going to work figuring how to do zoom and get kids educated it is so offensive to so many parents. we don't want our kids being taught things that we don't agree with and have democrats side with unions over parents has really created a division in virginia especially in the suburbs. >> bill: what else are you seeing here? i mentioned this a moment ago in the usa today poll. a significant chunk of virginia voters say they're overwhelmingly pessimistic about the country's direction and match that with our own polling or concerned about the following things, inflation, higher prices, 88% healthcare 81% and what schools teach 80%. what would you add to that, ronna? >> i think crime is a huge issue as well. you are seeing crime rates rise
6:33 am
in virginia. they rose under mccauliffe when he was governor and they're rising again. this defund the police movement the democrats continually embrace, mccauliffe has accepted endorsements from people who double down on that. inflation is a big issue. people are paying 42% more for gas, more for everything. thanksgiving dinner will cost us more. everyone is feeling that and know the biden administration and their policies are what caused all of us to be paying more and for our money to go less far which is hurting many american families. >> dana: let me add another issue. we had a report from bill at the border. we have one every day all day long and always something like what? that's fully happening and it is shocking. we find out today the democrats are considering trying to push through immigration reform may be including amnesty in the reconciliation bill.
6:34 am
how will that affect the turnout? >> it's huge. everybody is watching the catastrophe at the border. we just saw what happened with afghanistan. we're seeing what is happening with our energy prices and inflation and seeing the insulting way they are treating parents calling us domestic terrorists for taking on interest in our kids' education. on issue after issue they're out of step with the american people. people are actually hurting. they cannot buy things that they want. they can't afford it. this is having a huge impact on families and why you are seeing the pessimism and shift. what you see in virginia a blue state where republicans have a real chance not just with the governor but to pick up the majority in the legislature there. and new jersey where we have a candidate closing the gap on murphy as well. >> bill: list of lawmakers not seeking reelection or higher office. overwhelmingly democrats but a lot of republicans are on the list as well. in addition quinnipiac put out
6:35 am
a poll who americans want to control the house. republican 47, democrat 44. we are a long way for next year's mid-term. how do you see this breaking? >> we are a long way but it is really unusual to have a poll have the republicans ahead at this stage. a lot of our races that we've seen this year bill and dana you will like this. democrats are underperforming what joe biden did in november of 2020 and republicans are overperforming the ticket in 2020. so we're seeing that enthusiasm translate in races in connecticut, new hampshire, texas. on november 2 we will see ohio and new jersey and virginia. we have to do the work and have to get out and vote and do everything we need to make sure we win. >> bill: do you think mccauliffe or youngkin wins on tuesday? >> oh, that's a tough question. listen, biden won virginia by 10. northam is a governor.
6:36 am
they have two democrat senators. the fact we're competitive and pick up seats i think in the house of delegates says a lot about virginia. and where we're seeing the gains is in suburban, virginia, richmond and nova area. we need to bring the suburban voters back into our party. >> dana: always great to see you. thank you so much. >> bill: thanks. tax man getting a boost from congressional democrats pushing for the i.r.s. to take a closer look at tax returns to raise money for the massive spending agenda. does it mean they'll snoop on your returns? hillary vaughn has been snooping around capitol hill. what did you find? >> well, the biden administration is trying to get creative and coble together inventive ways to pay for their trillion dollar social spending plan. you're right. one of the proposals on the table would not just impact and target the super rich but everyday americans. reporting requirement for banks to hand over to the i.r.s. details on what goes in and out
6:37 am
of your bank account is not just spying on the wealthy but target blue collar workers, middle class families, anyone spending more than $10,000 in a year. the more information the i.r.s. has on you the more audits they can do and more money they can grab from taxpayers. >> it is not just the price of the bill but the provisions in it. don't get hung up it is less money. it is not less money. all they're saying is they won't fund it as many years. >> a beefed up i.r.s. will beef up the tax revenue by billion yas. 780 billion in more tax revenue over 10 years is what the white house thinks they will get. the congressional budget office says their projections are way off bringing in only $200 billion over a decade. the banking industry is begging the biden administration to strip this requirement out of their proposals saying they're already getting complaints from customers who want to know what their bank is handing over to them writing this. the likely question of any
6:38 am
american taxpayer making less than that why does the i.r.s. need my account information if they aren't going to use it? it's a substantial expansion of the i.r.s. authority will expand rather than roll back. another thing on the table. assets -- some moderates are on board with that. >> i'm open to anything that makes people pay that aren't paying now. people that don't report income like you and i and earned income there has to be a way for them to pay their fair share. >> that tax is getting some blowback from even democrats who says they aren't sure if it will even work. republicans are saying the i.r.s. is trying to tax money that americans have not even made yet. bill. >> bill: wow. here we go. hillary vaughn. we'll see if in the end it makes it. thank you. >> do you even know?
6:39 am
>> there are so many forced labor factories in china. >> boston celtics player taking aim at the nba biggest sponsors saying it is profiting off china's slave labor. the houston astrohosting the braves at the world series game one tonight. we're live outside the stadium next. veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save.
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>> dana: fda advisory committee meeting to look at data on the pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11. they expect to green light the shot and expand vaccinations to millions of kids across the country. the recommendation will go to the cdc for final approval which could come as early as next week. >> bill: nba player cantor of the boston celtics slamming china for the second time in the past few days in a twitter video he goes after its use of slave labor. he goes after the abuse toward tibet, and he takes on nike and indirectly the nba for refusing to speak out against it.
6:45 am
>> when it comes to china, you do not address brutality in china. you do not speak about discrimination against the lbgtq community and not say a word about oppression. >> bill: clay travis joins us now founder of cantor was born in switzerland. can he get change from nike, china, and the nba? >> good morning. i hope everything is going well. i love what he is doing. not only is he a turkish national. his family has felt the hard hand of oppression in their country. they have been imprisoned. he himself is not allowed to return to turkey without facing imprisonment himself for being
6:46 am
outspoken against the leadership of that country. and one of the things that is the biggest flaw i would say of what we should maybe refer to as woke capitalism in this country is it doesn't look outside of the united states borders for far more egregious violations of humans rights. what cantor is doing is pointing out the hypocrisy of companies like nike, apple, amazon, of all different sorts of companies that are large and influential in this country, apple for sure, and have major and substantial interests in china. and do not hold china to the same standards that they claim to hold people in the united states and companies in the united states to. and so the nba's rank hypocrisy what it comes in ripping america to shreds while shutting up and dribbling for chairman xi and everyone in china has been ripe to be
6:47 am
exploited here and i give credit to cantor for intelligently ripping that dichotomy and hypocrisy and i hope others in the nba will join him in speaking out against china. the bigger picture here, guys, we're evidently as a country just going to show up in beijing in february for the winter olympics and pretend that the last year and a half hasn't even happened. that china didn't lie about covid. that they haven't taken over hong kong. they aren't threatening to take over taiwan. are we really just going to show up and make nice with china and be there for the winter olympics? it's shameful and i think it can be built upon here. >> bill: 150 countries show up there. >> that's right. >> bill: china pulled the feed a week ago. >> dana: does he get any pressure from other players or even the nba itself even if they do it quietly to get him to stop? >> i'm sure, dana.
6:48 am
i'm sure there will be some quiet pressure. i want to hammer this and one of the great untold stories in sports now. there are many nba players currently on the court will chinese sneaker deals. when there was a conflict about uighur, the muslim minority in a province. china said not only are we going to continue with these slave labor camps, the chinese sneaker companies came out and bragged that their shoes were made with chinese slave labor to pick cotton and nba players are endorsing and wearing those sneakers on the court in nba games right now. the fact that most in the media are ignoring this is a form of rank hypocrisy and it needs to be discussed, debated, and it needs to change quite frankly. >> bill: fascinating issue here. we're watching from afar and keep an eye on it too, clay. you are right about february when the world descends about
6:49 am
beijing what a story that will be. >> dana: great to see you. thank you. >> good to see you guys as well. thank you. >> dana: the world series gets underway tonight on fox. the braves and astros facing each other for the first time in the fall classic. jeff paul is live outside the ballpark at minute maid stadium. hi, jeff. >> we're mere hours away from first pitch here at game one of the world series. a lot of interesting story lines this year maybe compared to years past. one of the biggest ones will be fans will be back. you look at last year's 2020 world series and a few tickets were sold. fans spaced out. this year the recommendation in place is for folks who aren't vaccinated to wear a mask. that's just a recommendation. that's very welcome news to businesses here in the downtown houston area who have, like many big cities, suffered during the pandemic. they hope to make up some of
6:50 am
those extra dollars they missed out on over the past year. the other major angle is that this is the first world sear eefs the astros will be in since the sign stealing scandal surfaced after their last world series appearance in 2019. investigations found the team was stealing signals of opposing teams during the 2017 and 2018 season. my view they won the world series beating the dodgers in the 2017 season. so a lot of the houston players have been heckled throughout the season. atlanta braves fans are hoping it gives them the edge. they haven't won a world series since 1995, 26 years. should be great first pitch 8:00 eastern, 7:00 local. dana. >> dana: great to have you there. thank you so much. all seven games will broadcast on fox. game one between the astros and braves starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> bill: nice if it goes seven games, ?riet a good series. check this out from last week.
6:51 am
>> you increase the trance missability to humans you say isn't gain of function? >> senator paul, you don't know what you are talking about quite frankly and i want to say that officially. >> bill: so now in a moment here one of dr. anthony fauci's biggest critics getting what he considers vindication. the nih admitting to funding gain-of-function research. senator rand paul is our guest coming up live and we'll reflect on that conversation from the past summer. a month's worth of rain in 24 hours. a storm that is drenching the northeast coming up from our brand-new fox weather studio.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> bill: major milestone for tesla, 1 trillion yesterday.
6:57 am
tesla joining apple, amazon, micro soft in the exclusive club. shares in the electric car company gaining momentum after hertz said they are adding 100,000 tesla cars. >> dana: given this news, does tesla still need subsidies? why would you? it's time to be done with that. are you fine with that? >> bill: i'm fine with that. >> dana: i love the journal's position on that for years. millions of people are batting down the hatches, a nor'easter slamming the region and new england with heavy rains and winds. some places may get a month's worth of rain in one day. kendall smith is live in fox square with more. high, kendall. >> how are you doing? we're live out here this morning. it is wet, it is soggy. the northeast has been getting pounded by rain this morning. we've been out here since 6:00 a.m. and i do have to say that
6:58 am
conditions if you can believe this or not, have actually started to improve. so this morning we just had torrential downpours. as i was reading into work this morning i actually encountered a lot of ponding on the roadways. that allowed for a messy commute for a lot of drivers this morning. i'll step out of the way so you can see what we're dealing with right now. taking a look behind me you can see there is a light rain falling here in manhattan. that's good news. we're still under this flash flood watch until 6:00 p.m. so i just want to make sure everyone is still aware in the northeast that although the rain is starting to lighten up, that's just a precursor of what's to come. more rain is on the way. we'll have a couple of rounds of rain. you can see the folks behind me they have their rain gear and that's what you will need. this morning it was chilly. now the good news is we're in the 60s. it is not so bad. it is starting to warm up a
6:59 am
little bit. as we head throughout the afternoon hours what's really going to become the concern is the wind. we're going to start to see the winds ramp up. our sustained winds will be anywhere from 25 to 40 miles per hour with our wind gusts around 50 to 60 miles per hour in some locations. for that reason we're worried about downed trees and power lines. it is not only the wind that we're worried about, we are also worried about the flooding concern heading through the next 12 to 24 hours. >> dana: you know how i knew all this was happening? i downloaded the fox weather app and had it. look forward to meeting you. it's pouring, right? the app is great. wow, it will rain all day. because of the pandemic i hadn't worn the rain boots that i have in two years. do you know how much dust was on these boots? good thing it was raining so much it rashd it all off.
7:00 am
>> bill: perfect day to clean them off. we have studio envy because of the beautiful place they have next door in fox weather. download the app. it is super, the wave of the future. >> dana: do you think their table wiggles? >> bill: not yet it doesn't. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. white house press briefing about to get underway as president biden holds out hope for a deal on his massive tax and spending plans by the end of the week. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer good morning. democrats scrambling to save the agenda. moderates are resisting on a range of far left priorities and the issue how to pay for it. newt gingrich telling us democrats seek to finalize the deal and remain still far apart. >> to the best of my knowledge there has been no movement. all you have is people talking, gossiping, leaking. they are about at the same place they were two months ago
7:01 am
and the reason is pretty straight forward. the american people do not want bigger government. >> dana: president biden will be campaigning with terry mccauliffe tonight in virginia where a loss could call the -- >> bill: let's head to mark meredith at the white house as we await today's briefing somewhat earlier than scheduled normally to get underway. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. the briefing will be getting started in the next few minutes and waiting to see what the white house may have to say today. we're watching what's happening on capitol hill as democrats still haggle over the president's social spending bill. the fight over not only how to pay for it but a handful of issues addressing medicare, medicaid, paid family leave as well as climate change. still the white house says it is optimistic a deal can get done. some lawmakers even believing it could happen in a matter of days. we've heard those statements before. the president trying to pitch congress one last time. here in new jersey yesterday. >> president biden: let's get this done. let's move.
7:02 am
and by the way, you hear these numbers 3.5 trillion or 1.75 trillion. we pay for it all. it doesn't increase the deficit one single cent. >> as these negotiations drag on over what to cut to bring the price down there is always the possibility the president could lose support among progressive lawmakers who urged the white house not to rein in some of their previous promises and republicans plan to keep on the pressure to expose what is a radical spending bill. >> it is not just the price of the bill. it is the provisions in it. don't get hung up that it's less money. it is not less money. all the democrats are saying is they won't fund it as many years. >> later tonight president biden will campaign with his friend the virginia democratic governor candidate terry mccauliffe holding an event in arlington. the president campaigned for him before and democrats are bringing out all the big names trying to help mccauliffe over
7:03 am
the finish line. some pollsters suggests the president's lower approval rating could hurt. we'll see whether or not the president's visit may be able to help mccauliffe in the final stretch. vice president harris will be doing one more event with mccauliffe at the end of the week. >> bill: a lot of fire power. jerry baker, host of "wall street journal" at large on fox business. welcome back to the program. it has been a couple weeks. thank you for coming in today. i saw a number here that the ground that the president has lost from the start of his term has not been matched since the second world war. he is down 27 points among independents. jerry, how low can this go? >> well, i suspect it can still go lower. you are absolutely right, bill. it is an historic decline. remember when he came in he had a certain amount of honeymoon that president trump never had. he was enjoying approval
7:04 am
ratings around the high 50%. there was a sense the country wanted to month ofsh and he promised to heal the country. almost everything he has done has been not only divisive in so many respects whether regard to the enormous spending plan, the border, what's happening in afghanistan, but also as revealed a level of ineptitude and concern and most of all you see the economy and inflation rising. i don't think it is surprising. the thing i would be most worried about for biden the economy is deteriorating. inflation as everybody knows. seeing the highest rate of inflation in more than a decade. prices for all kinds of goods are going up and a tremendous supply squeeze. every evidence that the economy could drop into recession. we'll have gdp numbers for the third quarter will be weak. we could see a decline in the economy in economic output in the fourth quarter. if that happens, then there is every reason to believe that
7:05 am
biden's approval rating could go lower. >> dana: i want to get your take on this. pushing for a deal for a specific reason. he wants it done before he goes on the trip to glascow to talk about climate. here is what he said yesterday. >> do you have a plan before wednesday? >> president biden: by the grace of god. >> are you concerned if you have to leave without your -- >> president biden: it will be very positive to get it done before the trip. >> dana: the trip is to talk about climate change. i learned that 13 cabinet members are traveling to glascow and this to me shows that's their priority. their priority is not traveling to any of the other issues, not to the ports, or the border or the middle of the country where manufacturers and small business owners hurting. 13 cabinet members to talk about climate. he wants the deal done so he can tell the rest of the world
7:06 am
the u.s. will reduce emissions but china doesn't show up there. >> you capture what the main problem is here. not only the challenges we're facing from all the things we talked about but the fact this administration seems weirdly not focused on the issue or refusing to accept the issue. take the inflation issue. they keep saying it will be transitory and good news because the economy is growing. or the border, they think they have control of the border. when actually they want all this emphasis on things like climate change as you said, extraordinary number of people going to the conference in glascow. we had a big statement yesterday kamala harris putting out how america is improving gender equality. this looks like an administration fixated on these progressive issues, these big issues that progressives have been pushing for years and joe biden wasn't going to be pushing but is now pushing while the country is focused on getting past covid, getting economy straightened out and
7:07 am
inflation down and growth going, sorting out the border and america's standing in the world. it is this weird disconnect between this administrations priorities and what it thinks needs to be done and what the actual challenges are that most people see in their lives. >> dana: i want to bring this up. your column today in the "wall street journal" headline is the republican gop has a chance at more than election victory. it could break america's stalemate by not looking banff to trump and reagan. what are you recommending to the republicans. >> i do think the democrats problems are a huge opportunity for republicans and they can sit back and enjoy the swing of the pendulum and maybe make big gains next year and get the white house in 2024. it would be a mistake. there is a bigger opportunity here. if they can craft an agenda that actually addresses the concerns of most people on some of these progressive issues like the woke stuff and at the same time address the economic
7:08 am
concerns people have and the deep economic and social problems in the country i think the gop has a chance not just to win in 2022 or 2024, but actually to realign the country in a way that hasn't happened. we've had 50/50 elections for the last 30 years. there is a chance here if republicans get it right to break through. not necessarily trump. it's donald trump's agenda but not necessarily donald trump but a new agenda that has a real chance to reshape american politics. >> dana: an interesting column. we appreciate you coming on to talk about it. >> bill: thank you, jerry. see you soon. 13 members of the cabinet will go plus staff. you wonder how many planes that is. xi won't be there. how do you get a global climate deal without beijing in 2021 is beyond me. >> dana: i can understand everybody is arguing they have to be at the table in glascow. they want to increase government so much. this is why a lot of americans are saying we want smaller government again because why
7:09 am
send 13? why not 20? who is going to stop it? it keeps growing bigger and bigger when you don't need that type of a -- what do you call it when you have everybody going. not a coalition but something. you would not win on $25,000 pyramid. delegation, delegation. >> bill: ding, ding, ding. from a classroom yesterday as we await the white house briefing we got this. >> dana: a judge in loudon county virginia ruling a teenage boy did sexually assault a classmate in a school bathroom in may. this is the same incident that prompted the victim's furious father to speak out at a school board meeting where he was arrested. now we learn one of the people who likeened such incidents to domestic terrorism has been given a top spot on biden's governing education board. >> good morning. her name is viola garcia, the president of the national
7:10 am
school boards association. she signed off on the controversial letter urging the biden administration to investigate school board protests and now garcia has been appointed by education secretary to the national assessment governing board which assesses what american students know and can do in math, reading, science and writing. in loudon county, virginia, a number of spirited school board meetings in recent months. parents raising concerns teaching critical race theory in the classroom. proposed transgender policy and of course one father scott smith wanting answers after saying his daughter was sexually assaulted in a girl's bathroom at school by a male student wearing a skirt. smith was arrested as a school board meeting in june after an activist told him his daughter was not assaulted. now there are calls for the superintendent and school board members in loudon county, virginia, to resign. a big reason why education is a hot button issue.
7:11 am
>> parents all over virginia and loudon county have been standing up at board meetings trying to get people's attention they are unhappy with what's happening in schools. as governor i will work for parents. i will work for children. >> election day in virginia is one week from today. there is also another school board meeting here in loudon county later today. >> dana: thanks, a terrible story. >> bill: it sure is. the father was charged with disorderly conduct. let's see what happens now. we were teeing this up waiting for jen psaki. this is from the president yesterday touring in new jersey. roll this. >> president biden: all the people here? they're with me all the time. they ask me all kinds of questions and try to figure out how you can avoid answering them. >> dana: pretty good at it. >> bill: do you think the 6-year-olds appreciated it?
7:12 am
right over the head. in new jersey to push build back better and a governor's race. republicans feel like they have a chance against murphy. >> bill: murphy has been in the middle of a lot of covid debate back and forth. >> dana: he was drafting behind governor cuomo. he didn't get as much attention because cuomo was getting all the attention but he deserves criticism as well. >> bill: the massive migrant caravan heading for the border. we heard from one of the migrants yesterday on the walk. >> therefore i am trying to -- it's time to go back to the united states. >> bill: griff jenkins on the ground in mexico. >> dana: military suicides skyrocketing dennis mcdonough will discuss a new bill to help.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. >> bill: two weeks after the facebook whistleblower that said the site was morally bankrupt. others head to washington today with where a senate panel is going to question them how their platforms affect young people. aishah is live on the hill. >> the field is wide open for these senators and they are not happy with big tech particularly now that they are armed with knowledge that they received from facebook whistleblower francis haugen who told them how big tech's algorithm allow the spread of misinformation and harm children. lawmakers are widening the
7:19 am
investigation into tik tok, snapchat and youtube. vice presidents from all three of those companies. there are big concerns for lawmakers besides mental health. expect china-related questions fired at the tik tok executive. the first time they've sent a representative to the hill as well as how the platform is being used by the cartels to recruit smugglers, even american teenagers to help bring illegal migrants across our southern border. several senators are ready to take action. they have bills at the ready to protect children online and want to strengthen competition, protect your data. the biggest bipartisan support is to reform section 230 currently giving websites a lot of liability protection. senator blumenthal says these apps have also been misused to harm kids and promote destructive acts such as
7:20 am
vandalism schools, marketing and grooming. so because democrats and republicans are really on the same page on what happenings with big tech you can expect a fiery hearing now underway. >> bill: we're watching. thanks. nice to see you aishah hosni on the hill. >> dana: a new push underway to try to stop the alarming rise in military suicides. a bipartisan group of senators introducing a bill that would require the pentagon to take immediate action to improving suicide prevention efforts to save our service members and veterans. joining us now secretary of veterans affairs dennis mcdonough. this is a critical issue we need to talk about more. this year alone and especially since the afghanistan withdrawal, the chat line calls and the texts into the veterans suicide hotline, the texts that come in are all up a huge amount. up to 70 to 90% on the text
7:21 am
line. there is a lot of veterans in distress. last weekend i heard the story about a veteran who called to get some help and he was told he could get an appointment in march. that was a report on npr. obviously even with increased resources for the military veteran hotline this is not enough. tell us in terms of what you see is the scope of the problem and what could be done differently to help these guys. >> thanks so much, dana. i'm glad you had me on the show today. especially on this critical topic. i think i'm here to talk about an ad campaign that is very timely. let me address a couple of the issues you just raised. we did see an uptick overall of 7% of calls, texts, and chats into the veterans crisis line. that number is 1-800-273-8255. press 1 if you are a veteran
7:22 am
and if you are experiencing crisis. we saw a slight uptick at that time including we saw starting from a lower starting point increased texts and chats. now, what we see is an intensification of some feelings of veterans going back to vets from the vietnam image because of some of the stories from afghanistan. we want veterans to know irrespective of what generation they are that we're here for them. we have wide range of services available through v.a.. and all of those are available at and we hope our veterans go ahead and reach out. don't wait. we want to make sure they know there are services there for them. that they do enter this crisis. >> dana: let's play a little bit of the psa from the ad council. >> veterans, when you are
7:23 am
struggling, sooner becomes later, becomes someday, becomes when. don't wait. reach out. >> dana: for those who reach out and can't get an appointment right away is there a supply problem in terms there aren't enough doctors or mental health professionals in order to help them? >> it's really good question. here is what we know. if you are in emergency, if there is an emergency today, we will get you in to see somebody today. if you need to see somebody today we'll make sure it happens. if it is an urgent situation. we see that overall across the country it takes about a day and a half to two days for you to be seen. for more routine care it can frankly get too long. we're working really hard to drive that down. you mentioned this story on npr. this is a story i was struck by, too. we're working really hard to get in touch with that veteran and with his wife to make sure
7:24 am
we get them the care they need. >> dana: i'm sure they feel it's urgent, right? >> totally. absolutely. >> dana: there was another thing that's happen. i want to quote the executive director of the u.n. world food program. he said that this winter millions of afghans will be forced to choose between -- we are on a countdown to catastrophe. if we don't act now we'll have a total disaster on our hands. i bring this up because the distress about what happened in afghanistan in august has continued. we know there are some really brave veterans that are continuing to try to get some people out of afghanistan but the pain of what we could see could also add to their distress and i wonder if that's on your radar and something that's being considered. >> we've been planning for this period now for some time and what we have seen is an increase in outreach from some of our vets. we'll make sure we're there for
7:25 am
them absolutely. we will continue to follow that closely, dana, i hadn't been aware of the particular quote you read but we are worried about that. want to make sure also we recognize vets across the country are as you said working hard to solve this problem. get veterans out of afghanistan, help resettle them here and get them the support they need once they have resettled here as we saw over a generation ago from the vietnam vets helping vietnamese refugees settle in this country have become a real success story. so i am fond of saying and i see it up close and personal in this job every day if you look behind every interesting innovative thing that's happening in this country you'll find a veteran. that's true on afghanistan, my guess is it's true at your news station there and certainly true among our healthcare professionals here. that's how i think we'll address this. >> dana: we would love to help on that part because they
7:26 am
certainly deserve everything that we can possibly do to help them especially when they're in distress. mr. secretary, thank you. >> thank you, i appreciate the chance to be with you. >> bill: the house on monday passing a bill that awards congressional gold medals to 13 u.s. service members killed in that suicide bombing in kabul. 11 marines, one navy corpman and one army soldier died in the blast. the medal is the highest civilian award in the united states. it has been issued only 176 times dating back to 1776. >> dana: that's recognition they deserve. >> bill: you need senate approval. the president has to sign it. >> dana: i appreciate the secretary coming on. veterans affairs department has seen an increase in funding from 90 billion in 2000 to i think to $200 billion today. we still can't seem to get a handle on helping them in the appropriate way we need. i don't know if it's more resources or just a different
7:27 am
approach but we appreciate him coming on and we'll stay on top of that and pay attention to the veterans hotline number. the texts and chats they can at least get that done. all right. republican congressman calling out president biden over the crisis at the southern border. watch this. >> like never before in the history of our country has any president completely and blatantly disregarded the laws of the united states more than what joe biden is currently doing. >> dana: this as customs and border patrol a record number of migrant encounters over the past 12 months. griff jenkins is south of the border in mexico as a massive migrant caravan heads our way. hi, griff. >> good morning. you can see here in this town migrants gathering. we'll tell you what their plans are. they are going strong and we have that after the break.
7:28 am
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>> bill: southern border crisis going from bad to worse. the most organized this year. team fox coverage reaction from former acting ice director tom homan standing by. first griff jenkins on the move today in mexico. good morning. what's the status? >> good morning, bill. it is day four and the migrants made it 25 miles north of where they began that journey. here to my left is a church where migrants spent the night. did laundry and on the sidewalk the migrants gathering. you see to my right the protection, mexican officials that look after the migrants attending to them. some of them not feeling well. it has been in the 90s here. we've seen a pregnant woman faint yesterday. a lot of women and children. i have to tell you we've seen migrants from more than a dozen countries from central and south america, cuba, haiti,
7:34 am
nigeria as well as as far as from china. it is the most organized. the organizer is a man who is an american and mexican dual citizen and voted for president biden and frustrated with what he perceives as mixed messages from biden. it was so organized they began this with a qr code on facebook and he talked to me just a few moments ago about why an american is down here leading this caravan. here is what he had to say. >> i am an american citizen. i have been a migrant all my life but i also been advocating a lot. mexico knows me. they give them papers, to stay to work and one of the reasons why they don't do it. >> and bill, fascinating. these migrants tell me they take a rest day. too hard for the first three days. they will stay here until they leave tomorrow. they will try to make it
7:35 am
farther north and fascinating. this is a map handed out to the migrants from the group which is a migrants rights mexican government organization. what you look at is a map of the trains. we know migrants take the trains where they can go all the way to across from mcallen or across from el paso or tijuana. interesting they would be helping them along their way, bill. >> bill: it is so organized. thank you for that. griff jenkins there. between the qr code and everything else that's going on, the american with dual citizenship helping the group, dana. >> dana: that's why we bring in tom homan former acting director of ice. i was stunned looking at the qr code. tom, the administration said they have made it very clear to the migrants saying do not come. they are so organized i don't
7:36 am
know how to make a qr code. they have this thing. that's how you sign up to get aboard. >> the bottom line is look, we have the first president in history of this nation that came into office within days and intentionally unsecured the most secure border we ever had, dana. under president trump we had illegal immigration down 81%. most secure border in my entire career of 35 years. most secure border in my lifetime and we have a president that came in within days and unsecured the border and we have a secretary of homeland security helping him do that. it is unbelievable what they have done. when you unsecure the border, that's when -- there is no down side securing the border. less drugs, less illegal immigration. less women sexually assaulted and less women dying and less opioids coming into the country that killed over 94,000 people this year. he intentionally unsecured the border. the most unpresidential thing i
7:37 am
ever heard. he and his secretary should be impeached. the mexican government is assisting the caravans to the get to the u.s. border. under president trump mexico had military on the north and south border and helped us secure. the mexican government helped more to secure the border than a democratic congress. it is by design. not incompetence or mismanagement. this is what they want and why they haven't done one thing, not one thing to slow the flow. >> bill: would would this be by design? what would be the ultimate intent? you have the judge's order to remain in mexico to go into action in november. we assume it will take place. one of the big tools you used to keep migrants on the southern side of the border. explain yourself. >> the president sold out to the progressive left to win the election now keeping his promise. they truly believe in their hearts, future democratic voters, they don't have to vote. all they have to do is being
7:38 am
counted in the next census. these are -- they think this will lead to perpetual power in congress and lead to them being in power to congress for years to come. that's the only reason you want an insecure border. nobody wants more drugs and cartels making millions and people dying. under president trump he actually -- the wall and everything he done. if immigration was down 83% how many lives are saved. how many millions did the cartels make and how many children didn't die? >> dana: i have a thought, too. apparently the democrats are trying to get the reconciliation bill done and reports me might try to add immigration reform including amnesty into that bill to get it done. that doesn't really send a signal to migrants that they shouldn't come to the border. >> no. everything they are doing, the secretary last week sent a memo out to ice. basically saying being in the country illegally is no longer enough to make an arrest.
7:39 am
he said being illegally in the united states is no longer illegal. no reason to arrest an illegal alien. they have to be convicted of a serious crime. congress talking about amnesty sends a message. when you stop building the wall that sends a message. this administration every step they've taken sends the wrong message and wonder why the numbers are increasing? we went from the most secure border to an historic high this past year more illegal crossing than ever in the history of this nation. congratulations to the progressives. they're winning the war on this. >> bill: thank you for coming in today. it's not going away. see you in a couple of weeks. nancy pelosi said last hour they're 90% there on this bill. you referenced the immigration possibility. $100 billion is what the value was. if you are 90% there maybe the last mile is the toughest.
7:40 am
you have issues on medicare and climate and you throw this in there and you have to write the bill and show it to people to convince the progressives to vote for it. >> dana: there is much attention on kyrsten sinema and what she will do and progressives are mad at her. senator mark kelly astronaut he has been very silent. he is the one up for reelection in 2022 and he won't be able to not vote on this. if they get to that what will the arizona senator do, the other one, not sinema? more curious. amazing about the qr code. also this. a bombshell admission by the nih reigniting calls for fauci's removal. kentucky senator rand paul is leading the charge. >> it came from the lab. all the evidence points to that and it was gain-of-function research. during the two year time guess how much money they were getting from the american taxpayers? $21 million. this guy has got to go.
7:41 am
7:42 am
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>> he should be fired. the thing is he still -- >> you think he should be fired by the president? >> absolutely. just for lack of judgment if nothing else. he is probably never going to admit he lied and continue to disassembly and try to work around the truth and massage the truth. >> bill: that is rand paul saying fauci should be fired after nih admitted to funding some gain-of-function research at wuhan. something fauci denied multiple times under oath including this time last may. >> the nih has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the wuhan institute. if you look at the grant and
7:47 am
you look at the progress reports, it is not gain of function. >> bill: kentucky senator rand paul my guest now. sir, thank you for coming back here on "america's newsroom." good morning to you. what do we think now? >> the thing is overwhelmingly the evidence points towards this vierous covid came from some lab. hasn't shown to be an intermediate animal host. looks like it came from a lab. the technique they use in wuhan and other labs is dangerous. combine an unknown virus with a virus that can cause a pandemic and they say what happened? they say what happened. nih admitted they combined an unknown virus with a sars virus and created viruses in the lab that don't exist in nature that gained function and ability and gained dangerousness. it sounds like gain of function but fauci says it wasn't gain of function because we didn't know in advance this was going
7:48 am
to happen. they do experiments with unknown viruses and don't know what they'll get. dr. fauci says it is not really gain of function unless gain of function occurs. but it is really, we're going to let them experiment with pandemic causing viruses and unknown viruses? this is very dangerous research. i've been calling for an investigation for over six months. not one democrat has allowed one hearing to develop. this is important. what if the next one has 50% mortality. two of the virus they experiment with have that mortality. nih is funding this kind of research and it should stop. >> bill: we had an expert on yesterday saying we don't know what the chinese were doing inside the lab in wuhan. what exactly they were doing with the money and technique. you were on axios, fauci was on abc and said this. roll it. >> i totally disagree with
7:49 am
senator paul. he is absolutely incorrect. neither i nor dr. francis collins the director of the nih lied or misled about what we've done. when people talk about gain of function they make that implication which i think is unconstitutionable to do to say maybe that research led to sars covid 2. >> bill: he also said it would be molecularly impossible for the viruses worked on to turn into sars cv2. >> we aren't alleging -- we're arguing the technique of recombining viruses is how covid could have been created with that technique. he is saying that wasn't used. he is still lying to the american public. if the chinese created covid you think they will release a paper that we created covid and
7:50 am
it slipped into the public? they will never admit that. it goes to fauci's lack of or naivety as far as judgment. to this day the nih is still sending money to wuhan because fauci trusts the scientists in china. i don't. i think they lied to us. they looked at thousands of blood samples from 2019. if it was percolating through the population we should have found at least hundreds of people in china that had covid-19 in 2019. they found zero in a sample of thousands of blood samples they looked at. to the researchers that looked at that indicate it came directly to humans, not animals first. >> bill: senator, thank you. the debate will continue here for lack of a congressional investigation. i wonder if we'll ever know the answer. you know what beijing will do. they won't give you much. senator, we'll continue the conversation soon. rand paul in d.c.
7:51 am
>> dana: former clinton campaign attorney is due back in federal court today. michael sussman is accused of lying to the f.b.i. and one of only two people charged so far in the trump/russia origins probe after 2 1/2 years. could we see more indictments soon? ♪♪♪ i'll shoot you an estimate as soon as i get back to the office. hey, i can help you do that right now. high thryv! thryv? yep. i'm the all-in-one management software built for small business. high thryv! help me with scheduling? sure thing. up top. high thryv! payments? high thryv! promotions? high thryv! email marketing? almost there, hold on. wait for it. high thryv! manage my customer list? can do. will do. high thryv! post on social media? hash-tag high thryv my friend!
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7:57 am
hotter than the new song from adele. >> dana: former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman back in federal court today a month after being indicted for lying to the f.b.i. in connection with the trump/russia probe. attorney general merrick garland confirmed that special counsel john durham's investigation is still in action. what more could we learn? david spunt is live in washington >> we know durham looking at the origins of russia probe not done with his investigation. sussman plans to fight this all the way through the end. someone close to sussman tells me he ultimately will win his case, sussman is the former attorney who says special counsel according to the special counsel brought information to the f.b.i. about an alleged server the trump campaign used to communicate with the kremlin through a
7:58 am
russian bank. that information didn't pan out. not clear in what capacity sussman was acting into the trump campaign. according the durham sussman claimed he was being a good citizen. in 2 1/2 years durham has charged two people in the probe. sussman and kevin clinesmith. a former f.b.i. attorney who pleaded guilty to falsifying a document to apply to surveil carter page. in a court filing we learned durham is knee deep in the investigation, 81,000 pages from october 20th. does not sound like he is done or wrapping up. it was confirmed by the attorney general merrick garland last week at an oversight hearing in congress. >> i think you can redly assume his budget has been approved. we don't normally make a statement about those things. you would know if he weren't continuing to do his work. >> sussman's court hearing
7:59 am
begins in 5 or 10 minutes. we'll follow it and expect it to go many months. sussman wants to take it all the way. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: thank you, david. before we go, big shout-out to a veteran of high accord. paul russell dan ford turned 99 this week. 54 missions during the second world war, north africa, berlin, france, big party in portland, texas last week. he still cuts his own grass at age 99. my kind of guy. thank you for your service. >> dana: happy birthday. love him. all the veterans out there. we mentioned it is raining here and the west coast. dogs cannot stand it. most dogs don't want to go out in the rain. this one has gone completely dead. nope. not going. it is so hard to get them out there. jasper in the lobby when you would get him out of the
8:00 am
elevator and realize it was raining he would go stiff legged. >> bill: dogs are so demanding. they want a rain coat to go outside. how about a rain coat and umbrella? >> dana: i said i wanted to buy another coat for jasper. which coat do you want to get rid of? i lost a coat. dogs look cute in coats. "the faulkner focus", turning it over to her? hi, harris. >> harris: we'll start with a fox news alert. president biden is hitting the campaign trail today again hours from now. he is going to virginia. we all know biden needs any kind of a win at this point. if that blue state turns red katie bar the door so to speak. note the timing. the president was just in new jersey yesterday stumping for another democrat in a competitive governor's race and a gas-filled verbal explosion by biden. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". when he gets to


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