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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 26, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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you have. no offense to us. going tomorrow into it. there is institutional memory you need to have especially when our national security is at stake. congressman rob whitman, we appreciate you being here shedding light on it this morning have. great day. jillian: thank you, sir. >> thanks jillian and todd. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning. we will see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts. todd: right now. jillian: bye. >> president biden pushing hard for the massive tax and spending plan. >> as his poll numbers plummeting another all-time low. >> tax cut. tax cut. this is a tax cut. >> massive migrant caravan heading north. >> this caravan 3,000 strong. >> joe biden is purposefully not enforcing the laws, creating a magnet. >> governor's race in virginia is now down to the wire. >> this is a moment where virginians can reject this left liberal progressive monopoly. >> governor opening and welcoming job creator. >> thousands of new york city workers protesting against the
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city. >> vaccine mandate. >> we are not anti-vaccination we are anti-mandate. no one wants this crammed down their throat. >> astros game one of the world series. >> third world series in five years. meanwhile the braves haven't been to the world series since 1999. ' ♪ ainsley: looking at that getting ready for the astros and braves game right here on fox. on regular fox channel not the cable one. steve: not the all star game which was supposed to be played there instead it's the world series. that is why we have dispatched will cain. will is going to kick off our coverage that's right. but lawrence we are going to start with you today. because it's just a week away. lawrence: okay. steve: from the big election
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down in the commonwealth of virginia. >> i feel bad for will. you see his body language drop when you chose lawrence? will, we will get to you next hour and make you first. will: you just watch. [laughter] lawrence: good morning, family. it is a big race in virginia, a dead heat as we reported last week. and it continues. the former president of the united states to come down here to virginia. essentially say to the parents, you know, this is a culture war. there are more important things. well, we got more reporting from the daily caller yesterday essentially saying that parents now have to sign an nda agreement before they can see the curriculum that is being taught in the school. what is the school district hiding? we will have the guy that's running for governor against the former governor mcauliffe here youngkin. he will be here live in the 7:00 hour. a lot of big news coming here in virginia. we will be here to talk with people about the news of the day and what matters to them.
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steve: lawrence, it's called the famous toastry that you are at in ash burn, virginia. ainsley: you said your recipe the last time we talked to you about this your recipe is better than your mom's. did you get in trouble? >> you know, my mom got lupus when i was in the eighth grade so i did all the cooking from school. i think she has to give me a pass on this. she wasn't too upset, ainsley. ainsley: okay. sounds good. i want to see that recipe in steve's next cookbook. lawrence: steve, you heard it. steve: i did. brian: stay busy. meanwhile will cain you have been busy setting the game for the seven game series the astros against the atlanta braves there are so many subplots to this
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one. will: one of the subplots at "fox & friends" is lawrence jones' turtle neck. i will try not to comment on that with every live hit i have with you. minute maid park in houston. here are some of them experiences have novelty and hitting vs. pitching and how about vindication. retribution. on many levels on that one. first of all, look, the astros are experienced. they are here for the third time in five years. the braves haven't been here since 1999. the astros are missing many of the great starting pitchers, culler, verlander out for a long time. the braves have their pitcherrers and help to stop those astros. subplot of all subplots. pull the all-star game out of georgia for voting rights bill and host the world series 3, 4, and 5. brian: i wonder if it will be brought up in the broadcast. steve: just was on this one. will: more than once on this
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one. i promise probably not on the others. i wouldn't place my bet on that. bet on the astros, not on that. ainsley: thank you, will. brian: yeah, the only thing is, as will notes, the whole thing is did they cheat their way to the last world series and be vindicated by winning without banging garbage pails. ainsley: look what they sent us, they sent us cookies, one for you, baseball. steve: my goodness, thank you. ainsley: look what they also sent us, cups made out of baseball bats. steve: name of this company, i saw it earlier. is called dug out -- ainsley: says fox sports. brian: think the pilgrims had something like this. on the mayflower, they had to get a piece of wood and stump. steve: how many baseball bats did they have on the mayflower. >> did they have lathes back then? ainsley: may have yours and yours? because i have three nephews they would love that.
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brian: it's in my office. yeah. it won't be free. steve: meanwhile, we will be checking in with lawrence and will throughout the morning. meantime talk about what's happening today, later today. the president of the united states is going to motorcade across the potomac river from the white house over to pentagon city where is he going to be at a campaign event on behalf of that man who is embracing right there terry mcauliffe. what's interesting is there are a number of polls out. we cited one the other day where it's a dead heat according to monmouth. brand new survey came out from emerson. they show that mcauliffe and youngkin are in a dead heat at 49%. what's interesting is mcauliffe was up by 5 points in august but now they are tied. and, according to the survey, the number one issue in virginia for voters is education. and that is why mr. youngkin is surging and that is why mr. mcauliffe is flail ling. ainsley: well, because we covered some times loudoun county, fairfax, virginia.
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right next door to loudoun county. parents are upset about what's being taught in the schools. the schools originally said we are not teaching crt. now, according to the daily caller, this is the headline. loudoun county forces parents to sign nda file form to view crt style curriculum. they can only be given in information in pinner. they have to sign this form first. parents are not allowed to download or broadcast or take a picture in any manner whatsoever. they don't want you to know what they're teaching your students. brian: wait a second, this isn't a trumped up culture war? this is actually the curriculum which bypasses democrat and republican. it bypasses race and religion and ethnic background? so what is it about this curriculum that they want parents to keep their mouths shut if they, in fact, choose to see it? glenn youngkin weighed in on what's going on with schools as he knows change if he gets the job. >> we know, we know it all starts with curriculum. we know it does.
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we know it does. let me be really clear. we will teach accelerate math. [cheers] >> we will award advanced diplomacy. we will teach all history, the good and the bad. so, friends, on day one we can come together and see and look forward and bring our children together as neighbors, as neighbors to live their dreams to support one mother and on day one i will ban critical race theory in our schools. [cheers and applause] brian: right now they have a contract with a company called second step this was obtained by the daily caller. and second step is already in austin. it's in places like denver, colorado. lee county, florida, over in chicago. and basically, it is a seemingly left wing agenda. it's about social consciousness. it's about -- it's gotten to the point where even in utah one music teacher in particular sam
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crowley he resigned he said he could not in good conscience present material that teaches children that parents are road blocks to their goals and material which contains propaganda and encourages students to become activists. steve: what's so curious is it was just a couple weeks ago that the white house said joe biden would not be campaigning on behalf of terry mcauliffe because joe biden's approval ratings were so low. we don't need that but at that time terry mcauliffe was also up. this morning there great article in politico that says that joe biden, the reason he is showing up today to campaign for terry mcauliffe in crystal city, pentagon city across the river, joe biden will be able to spin a loss. so owe is stumping for terry today. he knows and the whole democratic party apparatus knows that a loss for terry mcauliffe would be, you know, it would be indicative of how america feels about how the administration has handled that
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pandemic and these big spending things so they're putting out all the big guns which we have seen. but, at the same time, apparently the white house is talking to the mcauliffe campaign every day now trying to coordinate messages and when not. and according to politico, the white house is happy with how mr. mcauliffe is running his campaign. ainsley: youngkin says is he going to ban critical race theory. terry mcauliffe says diversity is just as important as math and english, listen. brian: yeah back in 2019. >> we don't do a good god in education system talking about diversity. we don't. got textbooks. it has to be a big part of how do you fit into the social work of our nation and our fabric. how is it that we deal with one another to me is as important as, you know, your math class or english class and so forth. steve: he just said diversity and inclusion are as important as math and english in the schools. back in 2019. and now, of course, what is he trying to do up, you know, up to
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the moment, is now he is trying to say that mr. youngkin, if he is elected the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, will actually fire a bunch ever teachers, mr. youngkin says that's a load of you know what. brian: what else amazing to me. one of the first things you remember president obama out on the stump and misses the moved the moment. when he goes out and gives a speech and talked about trumped up culture wars we have got to get back to work and do the things that are important and in a crisis. what is more important than the curriculum of your kids? usually you understand politicians like him with all the successes he had understands the moment. but this moment seems to have passed by people like terry mcauliffe who has been cooking cooking this 40 years and barack obama by far the most popular democrat in the country and i will add to this. the one thing that terry mcauliffe needs is president biden to pass some type of, you know, some type of build back better plan. evidence can honestly turn around and say my party really has done nothing so far.
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1.9 trillion we don't need. blowed up the border. blew up average. can't get their own material. can't get their own agenda passed. so if he goes over to glasgow without this build back better plan passed or bipartisan plan passed that is really going to hurt terry mcauliffe. ainsley: moms are going to come out and vote in virginia. as mother when my daughter goes to school i'm teaching her to include everyone. i'm teaching her as far as diversity is involved include everyone. consider everyone's god's children. i'm teaching that at home. when she divots classroom i want her to learn how it read and sight words and alphabet and sounds so she can learn to read. i'm more concerned about that when she goes into the classroom. because i'm teaching the rest at home. i'm not a qualified teacher. i look to our teachers at school to teach my daughter how to do the things that a 5-year-old would learn to do. not inclusion and diversity because i'm teaching that at home. i'm not trained as a teacher to teach her how to read the proper
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way and to learn all the sight words and sounds of the alphabet particular letters. so when i put her in a classroom, i want her to be up to par with other 5-year-olds and that's important to me. i think that's important to most of the parents. steve: that's what we learned during the pandemic some people were stuck at home with kids leaning over shoulder what are you looking at? oh my goodness that's critical race theory. that's why it's the number one issue. glenn youngkin tied with terry mcauliffe. mr. youngkin is going to be joining us just about 80 minutes from right now right here on "fox & friends" live from ash burn, virginia. >> come up, frustration mounts across the country as hundreds of americans take the streets over to make their stance loud and clear against these vaccine man. brian: amazing. tampa bay bucks fans gets his hands on nfl history as tom brady throws his 600th touchdown pass. the reason he gave it back coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ jillian: good morning, we are back now with headlines. at least two people dead and four others including a police officer are hurt in a boise idaho mall shooting. officers exchanging fire with the suspect before taking them into custody. the officer was briefly hospitalized. investigators are searching for motives but believe the shooter acted alone. new revelations are surfacing from the set of rust. the head electrician saying he held the dying cinematographer in his arms after she was accidently shot by alec baldwin.
3:19 am
we are learning from a warrant that baldwin was pointing the gun at the camera when it was fired. he was told it was a cold gun and not loaded. another member on the movie set coming to baldwin's defense saying he previously handled weapons safely. happening today the fda's independent vaccine advisory board could approve covid-19 shots for kids as young as 5. right now only children 12 and older eligible to receive the shots. should the board approve the vaccine the cdc director would have to sign off, that would happen next week. this comes as moderna reveals its vaccine generates a strong immune response in children between 6 and 11. and the new orleans saints escape with a big monday night win over the seattle seahawks. a seattle miscue allowing the saints to push ahead with this 33-yard field goal from brian johnson. saints running baca march did his part accounting for 178 total yards and a touchdown in the 13-10 victory. that is a look at your
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headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: fantastic. thank you very much. brian: 19 minutes after the hour. if you happen to be caught up in new york city yesterday. you couldn't get agot the brooklyn bridge 11:45 in the afternoon. cops, firefighters, city workers marched across the bridge to gain attention to the fact that this vaccination mandate. all these going to be fired. this is not accept to be men and women holding those signs. many of which said you didn't care at all when the essential workers had to dom work when we didn't-when we didn't know where this vaccine came from and the vaccine was months away. you didn't ask. when we had symptoms you said stay home. no one asked whether we were quarantining. came to work we need you. now saying you are fired unless you do what we say. they are not tolerating it, obviously. ainsley: started in brooklyn, walked across the brooklyn bridge and ended in city hall on the manhattan side of the
3:21 am
bridge. 50,000 new york city workers have not yet been vaccinated. they are required to get the first shot by friday. steve: that's right. and if they don't get it by 5:00 on friday, and if they have not started the vaccine series by november the 1st, they will be placed on unpaid leave until they are. ainsley: 50,000 workers. brian: has anyone thought this through? ainsley: what does this mean for all of us that live in new york? brian: we are screwed. ainsley: call 911, they can't come as quickly? steve: that's great question. these kind of vaccine mandates protesters we saw yesterday with 5,000 people here in new york, all across the country, also the pda filed a lawsuit to overturn the mayor's vaccine mandate which does apply, we need to point out, applies to every single city employee in new york, except for people who work at rikers island. there is such a staff shortage you will have until december 3rd. ainsley: staff shortage you are
3:22 am
exempt. steve: what's so curious about this though yesterday it was announced by the federal government that visitors from 50 different countries, if you are from a country and you want to come to the united states, but your vaccine rate is so low like 10% or lower, we are still going to let you come into the country if you have got a compelling reason. so, in other words, all those firemen and all the policemen. ainsley: so much fought so much over the last 18 months. steve: they are going to get fired or placed on unpaid leave. ainsley: another country don't have access to the vaccine come on over. steve: we saw those images of the caravan from central america down in mexico yesterday with griff, none of those people are vaccinated but they are going to be allowed in as well. there is just a double standard. come on in from other countries but the people who are. ainsley: live here pay taxes here, sorry you are losing your job. brian: the arrogance of this administration, listen to me or else at tiewfd is not sitting
3:23 am
well in seattle and chicago and denver and let's go brandon. we know how that's interpreted. andrew ansbro joined us on prime last night. he is vaccinated. his guys and women many are not. here is where he stands on this and his hope and fingers are crossed that they get to stay because they are suing the city on in mandate right now on staten island. listen. >> we're not anti-vaxx. we are anti-mandate. no one wants this rammed down their throat the president made a statement. i hope he walks that back. i don't believe can be fired without municipality coming to the table. we have a lot of good points backed by science. and this plan with the testing with a vaccination plan it works. only athrough go two weeks. they stop because it wasn't working for them. steve: you know, there are lawsuits all over the country
3:24 am
for people who are putting. hoping the court systems keep in mind the courts have declined to strike down vaccine mandates across the country. looking at the courts they are not going to help you because whether it is a municipality or, you know, private company or whatnot, employers can have as a requirement of working for them a mandate. a vaccine mandate. as long as there are accommodations for people for a variety. ainsley: chicago fraternal order of police meeting city council cill about the mandates. look at state of louisiana, some of the congressman come on over here. chicago is right on lake michigan. south of lake michigan is indiana. they are saying just come over the state line. and we will let you work here at some of our police departments and you will not have to get vaccinated. brian: delta variant is dipping going down in almost 40 states. there is no reason for this type of conflict. many of these men and women already had the virus knowingly or unknowingly, they have the
3:25 am
antibodies. they have to get the antibody test and they are beginning to get them andrew said. also they estimated 72% of the nypd is vaccinated. 83% of city workers are vaccinated. is it really worth it to you to fire all these great people, 18% and then just 17%. is it worth it for you to fire all these people, destroy their careers and their lives because you want 100 percent compliance? that is not true in any walk of life ever and many of which have natural immunity that you refuse to take into account. ainsley: can't we compromise? brian: no. ainsley: individuals given up so much. 9/11 firefighters. brian: teachers. ainsley: exactly there has to be a compromise. if you are not going to get the shot we will find alternative. test you every day. provide some tests to you because you give so much to the community. brian: like delta is doing. you have a testing option like we have. steve: some people it was easier to refuse to get the shot when it was only approved for emergency use. but now that the fda has said, you know what?
3:26 am
it's okay for everybody. that is what is giving -- putting teeth into it or a variety of entities, the mandates. brian: doesn't sit well with the american people. meanwhile,. steve: it is 6:25 here in new york city. we were just talking about these images. texas law enforcement is bracing for impact as yet another massive migrant caravan heads straight toward the united states. congressman tony gonzales says the president is encouraging illegal migration instead of fixing the broken system, answered will join us live coming up. ♪ but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c.
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entrust your heart to entresto. [chanting] ainsley: that is a massive migrant caravan traveling through mexico. they are chanting yes, we can. as they are trekking toward the united states. 1,000 texas troopers and rangers have been sent down to our southern border. they are bracing for that arrival. texas congressman tony gonzales says president biden can fix this at any moment but he chooses illegal immigration over fixing the broken system and he joins us now. good morning, congressman. >> hey, good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. i mean holy cow when we saw those images yesterday, a massive caravan coming to america. what do you think about this because you are a texas resident. >> yeah, no. the biden administration just continues on this illegal
3:31 am
immigration route and all it's doing is encouraging more and more people to make this. the sad part about it is this caravan that we are seeing of thousands of people is only the shiny object. underneath that, these folks aren't controlled by the cartel, these are kind of a local organization that has put these together so what you are not seeing is the thousands of folks that are run by the cartel continue to make it over our southern border. it's only going to get worse until this administration stands up and does something. ainsley: you know, congressman, when we see these images yesterday we had griff jenkins in the crowd. and he was showing us people in wheelchairs. lots of kids in our strollers. of course our heart breaks for them. we understand how much they want to be in america by the grace of god we were born here. many of us have come here and done it the right way. isn't there a better way to do it know? >> there is absolutely a better way to do it. and, you know, the sad part is instead of this administration focusing on legal immigration reform, clean-up i think a lot of people, especially on the
3:32 am
republican side, are open to the discussion on legal immigration. they have chosen to go down the illegal immigration route. just look at the reconciliation package. kevin mccarthy last week held a round table to discuss it. and in this reconciliation package is amnesty for about 10 million folks which is completely the wrong approach. what isn't in this reconciliation package, a package of trillions of dollars is nothing for border patrol. ainsley: they are ignoring it when we hear that the texas rangers and texas police officers, they are heading -- a thousand of them are heading down to the border, we see those images of what they did in at tapachula yesterday. they ran through the mexican national guard. how do we know they are not going to do that to our men and women at the border. >> yeah, texas has been alone on this fight from the beginning. the federal government, joe biden is nowhere to be seen. he won't make it to the border. he won't send anyone else to the border as well. texas is on its own. for the first time though i
3:33 am
think you see texans get behind texan ases and we are ready to secure our border on our own, sadly that's what it's come, to texas national guard thereagents. the bottom line is people regular every day people do not feel safe because ever the chaos that this administration has caused along the border. ainsley: this is what is coming to america. thank you so much for being on with us. we appreciate all your service and what you do for our country. will. >> thank you, ainsley. steve: you are welcome. one week out from high stakes race for governor. lawrence jones live from the famous toast tri in ashburn, virginia. hello, my friend. >> good morning, my friend. it's a lot going on right now. as you may have seen there is a new poll that said that education is the main issue for the folks in loudoun county. we are going to be talking with our friends here. having breakfast with them coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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are. >> this is a moment for virginians to come together. to come together and reject this left liberal progressive monopoly that has tried to turn virginia into california east. it's just not what we're going to become. >> we need a governor that's going to be opening and welcoming, job creator. record investment education that's why i'm running. ainsley: not going to become
3:39 am
california east. steve: we are just one week away from election day in the race for the governor of the commonwealth of virginia. ainsley: i know. the candidates are neck in neck in critical election. what are the issues driving the voters to the polls. brian: i know you never ask me that. ainsley: did i turn to you and ask you that. brian: you want me to turn. ainsley: let's ask lawrence jones. brian: that would be better he has a microphone. lawrence: good morning, family. as you guys know, education is the number one issue. a lot of these virginia voters here. let's talk with some of my friends here, we have angela right here. let's talk about, you told me that it's been a while since a republican has had a shot in this county. >> yes. >> why is this candidate youngkin different? >> well, i'm not sure if he is really different. i think he is about really trying to get his message across to the voters. and it's something that's really important to the state to turn red. >> and you say people are fired up? >> yeah, i think in this county for sure. if you have children that are in
3:40 am
school enrolled in school here, it's very, very important subject for them. lawrence: thank you so much. guys, as you know, we have been traveling across the state and telling education is that issue. we have a concerned parent here. angela, talk about, you have a son. you said you have never been involved. >> no. >> now you are involved? >> yeah. our schools are too important. our kids are too important. we can't sit back and just assume that everybody else is going to take care of this. what's happening in the schools right now, we have phenomenal teachers but it's the leadership. we need to -- we need someone to come in and basically, i think, clean house or something. and i haven't heard mcauliffe say, hey, i'm going to go and investigate what's happening in the schools. but i did hear youngkin say that so why don't we give him a shot. lawrence: how would you feel about the he former governor saying parents shouldn't be involved. >> my head honestly was about to explode when i heard that are you kidding me? of course you should be involved. our kids are the most important
3:41 am
thing, and their education. and they have lost ear i don't have learning. we have got get that back. and we have got to -- we need new leadership is what it is. lawrence: thank you so much. we appreciate it one last person i want you guys to talk to this hour. we have michael right here. he has been speaking out at these school board meetings. you said, michael, you are so fed up that you are considering even running for the school board. >> absolutely. i think we can all sit at home and complain about what's going on but i think it's my deuteronomy to step up and actually put in my name for school board. so tonight i will probably announce it at the school board meeting. discuss it with my wife and friends. i'm all. in i'm going to get on the roller coaster. lawrence: why is that so important? >> because what's been happening over the last couple of years and what's in the school system is very toxic. can you call it what you want. i think we need to get back to academics, pure academics, need to open up dialogue with parents and get back to school safety. lawrence: guys, the former
3:42 am
president the united states, barack obama was here campaigning. he said it's just simply a culture war. as you can see all these parents that are here today they say something different. send it back to you in new york. steve: lawrence, as you are there in the very noisy famous toast tri in ashburn, virginia. does everybody say they are going to be out and voting by tuesday is there early voting there? how is it working? i didn't get that are people going to be showing up to vote early? >> yes. people already showing up to vote at the polls. a lot of the folks here have said once they leave here to meet the governor, the guy that's running for governor youngkin, they are going go and work at the polls as well. that just shows you how invested the folks here having breakfast. steve: they're motivated thank you for joining us ashburn
3:43 am
virginia. brian: even though couldn't hear it sounds of the diner. brian: i do worry about the election going to be so tight. one side not accepting the verdict and blaming the election law. ainsley: please don't go there. brian: one or two points it seems. jillian mele no, doubt when i toss to you willing to accept it can i count on that. jillian: yes, always. good morning to you brian, ainsley and steve. healthy homeowners are hiring private security to protect their san francisco homes amid a rise in crime across the city. house speaker nancy pelosi becoming victim after her home was vandalized in january. 150 residents in the city's marina district paying to patrol their neighborhood from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. this as two prosecutors imit and joined the effort to recall their boss. they say boudin allows criminals to walk the streets. california ports are going to start finding companies with cargo ships lingering in the water. ocean carriers will be charged
3:44 am
in i object corrects of $100 per container per day. this as the supply chain crisis threatens to delay holiday shipping. today, lawmakers set to question snapchat, youtube and tiktok executives amid mounting public scrutiny over social media's impact on children. in a statement, connecticut senator richard blumenthal saying, quote, these app.s have been misused to harm kids and promote destructive acts such as have and flism schools, deadly viral challenges, bullying, eating disorders, manipulative influence or marketing and grooming. and finally, president biden tells students that he avoids reporters and their tough questions. listen. >> when you are president, see all these people here, they are with you all the time. they get to ask you all kinds of questions. and you try to figure out how you are going to avoid answering them sometimes. [laughter] jillian: the president previously joking he is not allowed to take questions from reporters. that is a look at your headlines. send it back to you.
3:45 am
steve: i didn't really notice a lot of those kids paying attention to him. they seemed to be playing with the legos in front of him. brian: kids are kids. legos are luring even to janice dean when she is not on camera, she plays with stuff. janice: oh, we're going to have to save that talkers definitely. yes, legos all over my house, actually. i have gotten a lot of them under my feet sometimes in the morning when i'm least expecting it. take a look at nor'easter developing across the northeast, rather. this area of low pressure that's developing. just off the coast of new jersey, flash flooding is going to be a concern. we could get 3 to 5 inches of rainfall in the new york city area. and that's going to cause some real problems on the commute in. if you can stay inside, stay indoors for the next couple of hours, i would advise you to do so. this area of low pressure is going to be with us through wednesday and thursday, so 3 to 5 inches of rain. the rain will come together and then later on this afternoon, the strong winds, we could have wind gusts in excess of 50 to 7f
3:46 am
long island up towards new england. this is going to be a big story, we are going to be watching as well as fox weather. you can download the app., of course, fox debuted yesterday. it's doing awesome. it was the number one app. yesterday. on itunes. and i'm sure it will continue to be such great success. brian: take that tiktok. janice: back to you. steve: all right. thanks, j.d. brian: buccaneers fan forced to hand over priceless history. is he scoring big that fan joins us live after the break. world series begins on fox tonight. game one of seven game series. will cain is live on the field in houston where the astros and braves will face off in just a few hours. one of those people are mascots. ♪
3:47 am
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you. brian: it will first game of the world series. catch all the action on fox. ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain is outside of minute maid park in texas ahead of tonight's game. hey, will, you have some friends there with you. will: i do have some friends with me. orbit and the shooting stars cheer squad with me right here in houston.
3:51 am
four of the 18ladies. i think vegas thinks, fox bet thinks houston has a slight edge. they have the experience three of the last five world series. hasn't been here since 1999. good contrast here experience vs. novelty. >> hitting vs. pitching. proving yourself to the world and proving yourself to the city of atlanta. houston has a lot to prove. they have a lot to prove that this can one that can be won without controversy. atlanta has something to prove we are going to hold the world series. yanked the all-star game from us but world series in atlanta. a lot of good tension here. no tension amongst this crowd. they know or they think they know who is going to win the series. who is going to win the series. >> we definitely are houston for sure. will: back to you guys. steve: we, that's great. will there at minute maid park in houston. thank you very much. don't miss game one of the world series tonight on fox 8:00 p.m.
3:52 am
eastern time. all right. ainsley. ainsley: from the baseball field to the football field, legendary tampa bay buccaneers quarterback tom brady becoming the first player in nfl history to throw 600th touchdown pass on sunday. the bucs 38-3 win against the chicago bears. steve? steve: this history making football was almost lost when wide receiver evans unknowingly handed it to a bucs fan didn't realize the significance that it was part of history. ainsley: how much did you say it was worth, brian? brian: $500,000. steve: half a million. fan to get the ball back. watch? >> what do you say to the fan who gave you back your 600th ball. >> really cool. i got it in the bag over there mike gave it away. i'm sorry. got to fix that. >> fan said when you asked for the football he said he couldn't say no to tom brady. >> that's pretty cool. that's pretty cool. is he going to get something nice in return. brian: well, we will see. joining us now is that bucs fan
3:53 am
himself who did the right thing byron kennedy. byron, thanks so much. can you describe the scene for us? why did you get the ball from evan and what did they say to you to get it back? >> well, i got the ball from evans. i was sitting up in the front row wearing an evans jersey, big number 13. steve: that will do it. >> i must have been yelling louder than everybody else. i didn't even realize that he was running up to give me the football until he was a couple feet from the wall. i was just caught in the moment celebrating and then i suddenly saw him gesturing toward me. and he jumped up. gave me a hug and handed me the ball and jogged off and congratulated tom brady as well. steve: then a little while later somebody came back and said hey, you know that ball. ainsley: we need it back. steve: the value, as you know, probably half a million dollars. what are you getting in return and would you like something else? >> yeah. it's a real valuable ball.
3:54 am
one that's eventually going to make it to the hall of fame. in return, at the time, i got a different game ball. and then one of the management people from the buccaneers came down and gave me $1,000 gift card to the team store. and then yesterday afternoon, was actually when the v.p. of communications came and talked to me. they gave me a call. i was on my way back home and he gave me a call and said they have been talking for the last hours, days, what they can do for me. steve: sure. >> he said they gave me two signed brady jerseys, one for me, one for the friend who has season tickets and brought me to that game. a signed brady helmet. a signed evans jersey. and signed evans cleats. i think those are the game cleats that evans actually wore in that game. so three touchdowns catching cleats. steve: is that enough? >> well then on top of that they also gave me season tickets to
3:55 am
the rest of this game -- or rest of this season and next season as well. last night. brian: go ahead. ainsley: was it worth? you have this ball that was history. you could have sold it for a lot of money you did the right thing, probably. but what are your friends saying? do you regret it? >> i don't. no. all my friends are diehard bucs fans, too. they think i did the right thing. and even if i would have kept it i wasn't going to sell it. so it would have just been sitting in my office as opposed in tom brady's office. brian: what else did you find out last night? ainsley: your fingerprints are in his office. brian: what else did you find out last night? >> on the way home after that i saw tom brady posted me on his instagram story and he was on monday night football as well with peyton and eli and they talked to him about it. and he actually said that he was going to -- first he said my name. said my name on national television. steve: right. >> answered said that he was going to give me a full bitcoin
3:56 am
as well. steve: well, you know what? byron, i think he needs to i can that you out to dinner. invite you over to the house. let's break bread together and ains meet gizelle. steve: that would be fun. >> that would be fun double date with them two and my fiancee and i. steve: tom wread is watching. come on, make it happen, tom. ainsley: come on we could have paid for our future kids' education. >> she was actually out of town. yesterday that's why i was driving home. i picked her up from the airport yesterday. but, no, she thinks i did the right thing as well. ainsley: could have bought a house. you did the right thing, byron, you are a good guy. brian: a lot more fun. steve: congratulations. >> thank you. steve: all right. moreriends" in just a minute. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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when did you see the signs? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at >> this is a tax cut. all while approval ratings hit a new low. >> may get it done not sure it will work out politically if they could. steve: another massive caravan heading not united states. >> 3,000 strong. >> only get worse until this administration stands up and does something. >> dave chapelle answer for people trying to cancel him. >> >> me vs. that community. it's about corporate interest and what can i say and what i
4:01 am
cannot say. >> thanksgiving 2021 shake up to be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday. surging fastest pace in 11 years. >> astros and braves ready to hit it in game one of the world series. >> this is the third world series in five years for houston. meanwhile the braves haven't been to the world series since 1999. ♪ anything can happen. anything can happen. ♪ ♪ brian: really exciting. braves back to the world series. that's great. astros last one show they can do it without banging garbage pails tipping off pitches. that atedz excitement to the fox broadcast tonight. nothing is more exciting to tossing out. ainsley: would you like some
4:02 am
coffee? brian: you can't sully this, can you? isn't it supposed to be for beer? ainsley: is it? it's for a drink. fox sports sent us these. this is a cup made out of a baseball bat. brian: this is something, steve, you can be proud of me. can you make this on a lathe. if i had made it myself but i don't. ainsley: can you make it. steve: i probably could. ainsley: woodworking class. steve: i specialized. ainsley: what do you have here? steve: cookies from funny face in new york city from our friends at fox sports. same people that made cookies of my face for my big birthday party last week they were fantastic. funny taste bakery. ainsley: take a picture of whoever you are planning a party for send it to funny face and send you cookies that look exactly like that person. brian: this tastes a little like coffee and a little like a pine tree. >> lawrence you are live in virginia in the final week of the high stakes governor's race the whole world is watching.
4:03 am
i want you to wait because will cain had texted the control room and demanded we go to him first this hour for minute maid park in houston texas ahead of tonight's big world series game one steve having dunkin' right now. will: back in new york getting ready for the big game tonight. i'm on the field. how awesome is this. had the privilege here of being on a few fields during my career. i was in sports before hanging out with you guys every morning. there is not a field anywhere that isn't magical. i mean, minute made, wrigley, you folks back send me to the field of dreams. it's such an awesome feeling tonight. game one, world series, braves and astros. brian, you asked me earlier about the subplots and story lines. even if you are not a massive baseball fan so many stories to pay attention to in this series
4:04 am
starts off tonight game one minute maid park in houston. brian: will, i could be wrong on this. wasn't dusty baker in the lineup when hank arron hit 715 and isn't he the manager of the astros right now? >> here are the facts i can verify. dusty baker is the manager of the astros right now. the last time he was in the world series 2002 with the giants, taking me back to hank aaron those days, brian, i will have to rely on that. i don't know, was he? brian: curious. meanwhile like i will look into this. you have no curiosity as well. if i lawrence jones brian, i'm going to get right on that. let me go verify that. ainsley: did you hear that i think will is calling brian old. i wasn't born then. will: ainsley knows what's up. ainsley: i gotcha. hey, lawrence, tell us what you are doing. brian: yeah, that was your toss. lawrence: that was a great toss. brian old. he is never going to live that down. [laughter] hey, guys, welcome to the diner here.
4:05 am
we are talking with folks all morning. as you know the number one issue in virginia is education. you can't tell that to the former president of the united states, barack obama. who says that this is just a culture war fight. that youngkin is trying to rev up the base and this is all part of former president trump. what i can tell you this. the people on the ground here, former democrats, they are independent, and they are concerned with the education system and how it's impacting their kids. we breaking news just yesterday night as i was going to bed the daily caller did a report. apparently the school district in loudoun county before can you see what they are teaching your kids, they want you to sign a nondisclosure agreement. so the big question is what are they hiding? well, we are going to be talking with the guy who wants to be the next governor of virginia, youngkin, he will be here this hour to discuss his plan for education discuss it send it back to you in new york. >> all right. >> lawrence. thank you very much. mr. youngkin coming up in 25 minutes from where you are right
4:06 am
now. ainsley: break that nda read critical race theory whether a they're teaching our kids yet if did you go public with it the county sues the patience? brian: department of justice, merrick garland will probably send the fbi to their house and make an arrest. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the fact that joe biden was in new jersey yesterday standing in front of a bridge they are going to replace. keeps getting stuck open. it's one of the busiest bridges in the world. now they are going to rebuild it not with the infrastructure money the build back better money but actually with other funds for new jersey transit. he useds it a back drop try to sell what he is selling which is the $1 trillion infrastructure thing and then the 2 or $3 trillion thing. you know, it's interesting. right now, the democrats are saying, you know, the president needs a win before he goes to glasgow, scotland. do you know pressure other democrats. i don't think the people in scott land really care. because there is not going to be anything regarding the climate
4:07 am
change passed by the united states government by the time he gets on that big plane tomorrow and heads to rome, but, nonetheless, it's all about joey on the stump for joe's program. hoomplet here is president biden yesterday. he says his plans are about moderates. brian: not about moderates vs. progressives. republicans have been dealt out. before i toss this, let me just say that he might have made a big mistake. they are saying that by having chuck schumer, i guess a moderate in some circles, and joe manchin and the president and not factoring any of the squad like jayapal and bernie sanders and having them is beginning to alienate the wild left that is not had in sync with america but dominating the democratic party and that could blow this whole thing up. here is what president biden says is really taking place behind closed doors. >> well, i'm tired of trickle down. trickle down doesn't -- hasn't
4:08 am
worked so much for the last 15 years for working class and middle class folks. that's why i propose two critical piece of legislation. these bills are not about left vs. right or moderate vs. progressive or anything that pits one american against another, these bills are about competitiveness vs. complacency. they bore expanding opportunity, not opportunity denied. i view as it a tax cut for middle class families. a tax cut. we never have an argument when we talk about the wealthy. this is a tax cut. it changes the lives of the american people. [applause] brian: what a range of emotion. steve: he was very much. you know, he was talking about the train track and for the fifth time this year he repeated a story that's absolutely made up. brian: the amtrak story? steve: fifth time this year he made up a story how close he was to amtrak where he talks about the conductor he used to see all
4:09 am
the time when he was going to washington to delaware. brian: does anyone believe him. steve: angelo negry. joe said when he was vice president the conductor came up to him i have done the math have you traveled 1.4 million miles on air force jets. 1.2 million miles on amtrak. here's the problem. he retired in 1993. not -- was not there when joe biden was vice president. biden didn't reach a million miles as vice president until deals of 2015. even cnn says the story it's false. and yesterday i believe he doubled down and said god's truth, this is a true story. it's not a true story. if those names if that's the name and those numbers. he keeps telling it. ainsley: it's been debunk wanted and he keeps telling the same story. his approval rating accord cording to real clear politics october 1st all the way until two days ago on sunday.
4:10 am
52% say they disapprove. 342.9% say they approve. no one briefed the president that the story is -- that you are saying is not true and that everyone is talking about how it's not true. even cnn, who roots for you every day says it's not true. does anyone -- it goes to show you everything they do is all reactionary and no one can pretty much rein him in. one of the big stories took place last week when condoleezza rice decided to go on "the view" and prelude to al smith dinner. let me go on "the view" and meet with those women. i'm not sure why she took the mechanic began mccain seat at which time crt came up. at which time cr rs who has a unique background an one of the most i believe one of the best resumes, brightest people in this country weighed in on what's happening with the curriculum in our schools, so-called crt. listen. >> i thought they didn't teach
4:11 am
critical race theory in schools. they went toe like law school or something. >> that's right. i sure hope not because i'm not certain 7-year-olds need to learn it i grew up in birmingham, alabama. my parents never thought i would go up in a world without prejudice. they also told me that's someone else's problems not yours. you are going to overcome it i would like black kids to be completely empowered to know they are beautiful in their blackness but in order to do that i don't have to make white kids feel bad for being white. so somehow this is a conversation that has gone in the wrong direction. we teach the good and the bad of history. but what we don't do is make seven and 10-year-olds feel that they are somehow bad people because of the color of their skin. >> that's part of the plan that. >> t. is part of the plan. steve: part of the plan. after she explained her opinion, then the had this headline listening to what she said, considers' crt stance proves she
4:12 am
is a foot soldier for white supremacy brian brian a joke. receive steve the op-ed was written by do you ray who worked at msnbc and cnn as well. ainsley: i don't understand why this would be a foot soldier for white supremacy. she says. brian: impossible. ainsley: i couldn't go to a movie theater she knows better than anyone what segregation is. she went to segregated schools. i would like black kids to be completely empowered to embrace beautifulness as black people. i don't want to make white people feel bad for being white. how is she a foot soldier for white supremacy. what do you disagree with. >> steve: he says white children and adults should absolutely feel bad about the past atrocities committed by white americans. >> all feel bad. they should feel they should also understand that modern white power is directly related to those atrocities.
4:13 am
white people gain economic and institutional advantages from slavery and segregation and subrogation of black people to continue to help them to this. ainsley: to her point saying cr. >> it is teaching to fight racism with racism. teach another group of kids to feel bad about the color of their kin that god gave them. brian: couple things. that is really where the rubber hits the road with this debate. going to make a people a generation of americans, americans first feel bad something that more than likely they are not only do they have nothing to do with, obviously. but even their ancestors weren't even in america at the time when it happened. tell a 7-year-old to feel bad about your privilege. feel bad about the color of your kin skin. apologize for who you are. it's so dangerous to our country. and to our youth. and i even wrote an editorial about this that mr. l. plush next week on and took frederick douglass. frederick douglass grew up as a
4:14 am
slave but had white friends. evidence came to the conclusion that kids don't see color concludes made by a slave child at the age of 8 years old. included adult one of the most respected americans in history. why are you going to drill color into a kid's head when they're so susceptible and basically clay, when they don't see race. you are forcing them into a dialogue they should not be forced into. steve: meanwhile dave chapelle is having a dialogue with people. now famously. he has got a netflix special out called the closer. he has been criticized because there is some transgendered jokes in there walk out by trance employees netflix. he said i was invited to speak toe trans employees at netflix and i refused. he said that's not true. he has no problem with the lgbtq
4:15 am
community. his problem now is with corporate interest about what he can and cannot say look, netflix didn't cancel me but he did a documentary last summer after george floyd was killed he was invited to wawnch of film festival. because of that controversy a lot of rescinded. he said this about what is going on with him. there is a lot of misinformation about him but he would like to set the record straight. >> i said what i said and boy i heard what you said. my god, how could i not? you say you a safe working environment at netflix. it seems like i'm the only one that can't go to the office anymore. [laughter]
4:16 am
i want everyone from this audience to know even though the media frames this it's me vs. that community. it's about corporate interest and what i can say and what i cannot say. [cheers] >> to the trans gender community i'm more than willing to give you an audience you will not summon me. i'm not bending to anybody's demands. [applause] and you can judge for yourself but you cannot have this conversation and exclude my voice from it. that is only fair. you have to answer the question. am i canceled or not? >> no. >> then let's go. >> there is a couple of things, number one is they came for conservatives and they are getting comedians, and if you how his cancel is coming. when you come after dave
4:17 am
chapelle have you really gone too far bitten off more you can chew. hardly a champion for fox or anything else. what he is somebody who speaks his mind and can't exist without doing it whether you have jon stewart and dave chapelle on the same side as bill maher against cancel culture, you know you have overshot the target and the shrapnel is flying everywhere. and i just hope he has got the type of power and clout to allow the american people to get behind him and get on top of the court before it talk that talk to anybody about it special from start finish so they understood whacketly what is he talking about. they like he said you can't have this conversation about me and exklute me. you can't cancel me if you are going to talk about what i am saying, i need to be part of this conversation. it's not about race or sex. it is about they disagree with me. and they want to cancel me just because we have opposing views.
4:18 am
probably don't even have aowed posing views, sat down with all sides and they had a decent conversation and listened to each other. they would probably find a common ground. brian: america has lost its sense of humor and is he not going to change his ways. he has that type of power. he going to release it in 10 theaters and people will get a chance to see it. not about transgender. about him doing ned in a cornfield in the middle of the pandemic with other great comedians. that's what the whole thing is about. add to this in particular. the ceo of netflix, whoever he is stood up for dave chapelle and he got the blow back. i'm not sure if corporate america is the problem. i they people people cork for corporation is the problem. jillian jill check out what's going on in florida now, police admit to not immediately noticing brian laundrie's disappearance last month,
4:19 am
mistaking him last week along with several items including a notebook which police now say could be salvageable. laundrie still the only person of interest in the an bring death of gabby petino whose remains were discovered in a wyoming park last month. ilhan omar is labeling the minneapolis police department as violent crime wave, listen. bill provide the public safety they are owed to the citizen they serve. >> this comes as omar and other liberal lawmakers fight to dismantle the department. violent crime in minneapolis up 17% over the last year. while murders are up 9%. arizona senator kyrsten sinema harassed again by left wing activists while traveling out of washington, d.c. the moderate democrat having to ask them to not touch her as she made her way through the
4:20 am
airport. she faces pressure to support president biden's massive tax and spending plan. sinema was approached by activists earlier this month while sitting on an airplane and later while walking through the airport. and take a bite out of this. hershey unveiling this group kit kat costume right in time for halloween. the costume breaks apart like the candy. hershey says it will not be available in stores. fans can enter to win the costume by tagging three friends on facebook or instagram page. guys as luck would have it there we are enjoying this. ever wonderful costume. ainsley: i'm glad we put our hair outside of. >> the hair has to be out brian said we should be one of those barges out in the middle. christmas. if we -- barges. we can at least eat the kit kat. steve: we can barge in. brian: thanks, jillian.
4:21 am
10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. elon musk calling out biden's plan billionaires saying the government won't stop there your money could be next, i agree. >> fox business. >> under pressure. ♪ ♪
4:22 am
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4:26 am
last night on freedom i asked p. what he thinks about tax on people like him. >> it will i do believe in taxes to make our country great? absolutely i don't think a balance sheet billionaire's tax is a way to do it. if they do, brian, all it's going to do is make me not build as much, because i won't have the ability to create some more jobs and then you are paying so many different taxes every employee pays. it's truly a mistake. it's the european way. our great capitalism will slowly come to an end. >> that's where we could be heading. our next guest agrees host of american built stuart varney. don't feel bad for billionaires but billionaires tax, right. >> why? >> senator warren wants to add up everybody's wealth the wealth of billionaires, stocks, bonds, business, artwork, your
4:27 am
diamonds, your intellectual property, everything, add it all up and then take a piece of it, every single year. whether you made a profit on a stock or a bond it's irrelevant. how much have you got? pay up 43% if you are a billionaire. can you imagine what that does. taking billions and billions of dladz dollars away from productive people use that money to create more jobs and create more innovation in our society. musk is absolutely right when he says quoting margaret thatcher the problem with socialism eventually you run out of other people's money because eventually they will come after you as well. they will lower that threshold. billionaires now in the future might be millionaires and couple hundred thousands down it comes because they are desperate for your money. that's what it is. brian: we want to make billionaires the rich bad when they should be something we aspire to. >> exactly. take on the european point of view. wealth is bad.
4:28 am
rich is bad that's not the way it should go. elon lusk worth $300 billion. that's enormous amount of money. built that company from scratch in about 20 years. is he now the preeminent manufacturer of cars on this planet and we want to make him out to be the bad guy? something wrong with this guy? take it off him punish him for his success? that's the wrong direction for policy. we should be celebrating success. not punishing it. brian: right. because with it comes others who he mentors thousand engineers come we saw that with apple and see it with jeff bezos, how many years did he lose money. how much when he left with his job. i'm not saying they are perfect people but people we should learn from and aspire to. >> this policy is based on jealousy. i know socialists. i know them real well. they are jealous. they want to take your money. you have got more than me. i want it i'm taking it that's their mentality.
4:29 am
brian: get ready for the most expensive meal of your lifetime thanks to the supply chain crisis, inflation and transportation expenses, labor shortages, trade policies and more. that's your word? >> my word? that's right. who are you going to blame when you have to pay out more money this thanksgiving for your dinner than ever before? who is to blame here? i think it's biden, who has flooded the economy with money along with the federal reserve, so you have a whole bunch of money chasing fewer products because of the supply chain crisis. and biden has done nothing about the supply chain crisis. nothing at all. brian: we are going to hear more from you on varney and company starts at 9:00. go until stuart runs out of gas about two hours. watch american built every monday 9:00. please plan accordingly or set your dvr. that's what stuart varney looks like different tie and same jacket.
4:30 am
>> you are killing me. brian: one week away from the high stakes race for virginia's governor. this morning lawrence jones is live from the famous toastery in ashburn, virginia. lawrence? >> that's right, brother. the former governor of virginia says parents shouldn't be involved ned occasion. his opponent glenn youngkin has a different message. he is next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ inophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: well, with just one week until virginia voters pick their next governor, president biden is heading to the state today to campaign for terry mcauliffe as polls show the democrats in a dead heat with republican candidate glenn youngkin. steve: meanwhile head back to ashburn, virginia west of washington, d.c. where lawrence jones is live along with virginia gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin who has surged, lawrence, in the polls over the last couple of weeks. >> he is surging in the polls and it's a dead heat, guys, i have got to tell you i have been here since 5:00 a.m. it's a large crowd here. they are not taking too kindly to the former president of the united states word about education. glenn, i want to bring you in. looking at the polls right now, a dead heat.
4:35 am
the former president of the united states says that this is just a culture war that you are waging, this very issue, what do you respond to him by saying? >> taking care of our children and making sure that they have -- they have a quality education and safe in schools, that's not a culture war, that's a fundamental right in virginia. that's what i'm standing up for. parents all over virginia, but particularly here in loudoun county, have been standing up at board meetings trying to get people's attention that they're unhappy with what is happening in schools. so as governor, i'm going to go work for parents. i'm going to work for children. i'm going to work for teachers who have absolutely sending me notes every day please help me teach our children how to think and not what to think. this is all about our kids. i can't wait to go work for all of them. lawrence: the president of the united states is going to be here today to seal the deal, he thinks, for the former governor. the governor -- former governor is walking off from interviews. is he not taking meetings with parents like you are. why do you think that you have former democrats and people still classify themselves as
4:36 am
democrats and independents supporting your campaign? >> well, there has just been this groundswell of support. it's not republicans against democrats. it's -- we are winning the independence by a couple digits. democrats flocking over to support us. virginia has recognized that the issues of low taxes and better jobs and great schools and safe communities, they are not political issues. those are the issues that all virginians want. my opponent has nothing to say on any of them because he is on the wrong side of all of them. and all he can do is try to bring in other personalities to try to get the spotlight off of his failed policy. lawrence: does it work. >> no, it doesn't work. people flocking to our campaign. our events are huge. 10 day bus tour. everywhere we go we are jam packed to capacity. and people walk up to me every minute and say glenn, i'm a lifelong democrat. i'm voting for you. lawrence: what about crime? that's a big issue for those in the country today. it's also a big issue for folks in virginia. what is your response to that? >> well, we are a 20-year high in murder rate. we have continue to vest in law
4:37 am
enforcement, raise salaries and vest in training and training. qualified immunity and health system. invest in innovative programs that bring law enforcement and communities together to rebuild trust. this is about solving problems not casting stones and oh by the way using lofty platitudes that don't translate into action. i'm a business guy. i'm all about getting things done. and this is why we are going to win because virginians are so ready for a leader who will get things done and not just make empty promises. lawrence: i have to ask you this because there is clearly a big movement. you see this crowd of people. i haven't seen this in a while at a diner right here. >> it's really cool. lawrence: they have been here since 5:00 a.m. why you are you the man? this is something new for you. why should the voters of virginia go and cast out their vote, early voting has already state started. a lot of these are working the polls. why are you for the job. >> i'm an outsider. i'm not a politician. all of a sudden therein is a moment for somebody who doesn't owe anything. i'm not beholden to special interest. i haven't made deals for 43
4:38 am
years. i get to come in and do what's right for virginians. our platform is so straightforward. lower taxes because too expensive here. we going to make sure our schools how though think not to what to think. these are the things virginians want and these are the things i know i can get done. time for virginians to come together and make a iment that. not just on behalf of virginia but on behalf of the country. that's why we have some people joining us from around the country. folks are coming to our website. which is youngkin for and sending us notes and joining the program. it is amazing to see it happen. lawrence: diverse people here today. latinos black vote for youngkin. a lot of folk here supporting your campaign. until the elections, glenn youngkin, thanks for taking the question. >> thank you so much. thanks, everybody. [cheers] lawrence: guys, send it back to you in new york. steve: round of applause.
4:39 am
thanks, lawrence. ainsley: a crude awakening for texas u.n. demand the all-star state end reliance on oil and gas. one ceo says it only only hurt american jobs and she will join us next. brian: wouldn't be a big seriesd series without a big bet mattress mat. biggest bet in history on the line. ♪ ♪ wealth is your first big investment.
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steve texas governor greg abbott is slamming the united nations after that group's leader says texas needs to be less dependent on oil and gas. governor abbott responding on twitter saying, quote: texas, to united nations, the world is reeling from spiraling fuel costs caused by premature reliance on renumber energy. needed right now. here is production council ceo ann bradbury, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: why is the u.n. coming after the united states china's greenhouse gas emissions more than all other combined. why aren't they saying china do more. stop it. >> china is 7% in growing and
4:45 am
first of all, we need to be cognizant that climate change is a global issue, not a united states specific issue. and this is also a really timely conversation as world leaders are preparing to meet in glasgow next week to talk about world solutions to climate change. and i think we also need to be cognizant of the world's growing demand for oil and gas and for energy in the coming decades. today, 1/3 of americans struggle to pay their energy bills and around the world there are 2 billion people that live without access to reliable energy. and we will never solve climate change if we are not also realistic about the world's growing demand for affordable and reliable energy. steve: sure, anne, the u.n. guide says gas production prosperous in the area of
4:46 am
climate change talking about renewables. texas is the number one producer of what is it wind power? texas is able to do both. >> that's exactly right. i mean, we absolutely recognize that there is a place in the world energy mix for wind, solar, renewables for all of the above. but i think there is a real cautionary tale to be told as we look around the world at what governor abbott characterizes as this premature over reliance on renewables. and what you see in certain states in the u.s., in the u.k., in the eu is spiking prices and less energy reliability because of this premature over reliance on renumbers. steve: anne, before you go, the president of the united states has said a couple times over the last week there is nothing i can do in the short-term to get the price of gas down. how long is it going to be this expensive? because it's a buck more now than it was a year ago.
4:47 am
>> so, you know, gas prices are a function of supply and demand. as we come out of covid, demand around the world is increasing. as people, as the world opens up. what this administration can and should be doing to address both gas prices but energy prices at large, is supporting domestic production. and they can do that by working with industry in the collaborative manner on regulatory process on regulatory rules that reduce emissions. in a cost effective and common sense way. they can support infrastructure to move product to the markets where it's needed in a clean and efficient manner. they can support production on federal lands where, you know, where oil and gas is produced. and we can also oppose policies that raise taxes and fees on america's oil and gas producers. steve: lots of good ideas. let's see if the administration does any of them. anne, thank you for joining us from d.c. today.
4:48 am
>> thanks for having me. steve: all right. now, 12 minutes before the top of the hour. check morning forecast got easier with the arrival of fox weather which officially launched yesterday from our brand new studio w. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean the weather machine. janice: what do you think of the app., steve? steve: i love it i have looked at it 20 times in the last 24 hours. janice: fantastic. one of the top three apps can you get where you get your download your app. fox use qr code on your screen. go fox as well. i was inside studio yesterday. state-of-the-art studio studio w. the app. itself, stuff that you have never seen before when you are tracking weather, it's 3-d. you can actually get inside the storm and see where nor'easter is tracking across the northeast. i highly recommend it. it really is incredible. i'm not just saying that because
4:49 am
i'm the weather lady. take a look at nor'easter, first big one of the season. great time to launch a weather app. all this stuff happening. area of low pressure is strengthening offshore. right now we are getting the heaviest rain in the new york city area. >> down towards new jersey, up into new england. so the heavy rain will continue today on and off. but it's the wind gusts 50 to 7y as this area of low pressure strengthens off coast. so we have eastern long island up towards new england. you could get hurricane force winds, and that's going to cause power outages and trees down. so you have your wind alerts in effect. your wind warnings the darker blue. and the wind watches in the lighter blue. we are going to be talking about this over the next day or so. 3 to 5 inches in new york. that's going to cause a lot of flooding. people are urged to stay off the roads especially if you can't see the both the water that you are traveling through. steve? steve: absolutely. the storm woke me up last night. who do i lodge a complaint with. is it you?
4:50 am
janice: you could write that down and i will put it in a box somewhere. steve: okay, great. thanks, j.d. janice: bye. steve: they say everything is bigger in texas apparently that includes the wagers. will cain joins us live with the famed mattress mack who is betting big on the astros this world series. his bet is amazing. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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4:54 am
steve: batter up. the world series givens tonight on fox as the astros take on the braves at minute maid park. ainsley: a lot is riding on tonight's game, especially for math rest mac -- mattress mac, betting over $3 million on the astros -- steve: what? ainsley: a record prize of $36 million. brian: yeah, as usual. mattress mac and "fox & friends" weekend cohost will cain are together again. will: everybody knows mac, every ice storm, every hurricane after
4:55 am
hurricane katrina. but this time he has another promotion going for the all customers at gallery furniture. what happens, mac, to the astros win? >> come out to gallery furniture and buy a mattress before the game starts, if the astros win the world series, you get all your money back. and we have sold thousands of mattresses, overwhelming, that's why i haven't slept at all. will: so free mattress if the astros win. he's made the largest bet in american sports history, is that what it is? >> well, i've got $2 million with caesars at 10 is to 1, so if it cashes, i get back $20 million. and so i'm in this to win it if the astros win, $36 million. will: so 36 million is your potential winning. mac's not a weekend gambler. he knows what he's doing. this bet, though, made in july
4:56 am
was not all here -- >> well, it's a lot of heart. i'm a huge astros fan, and i bet with my heart and not necessarily my head. legal, i said, and if astros win, i win back $36 million to pay for customers' mattresses. will: i asked if he bet on single games, and he said, nah, 36 million is enough. steve: all that money in the hat dress. mattress. will: nice. steve: game one tonight at 8:00 on fox. ainsley: still ahead, a big day for tom brady. the star quarterback shares a touching moment with one of his smallest fans. the fan that stole our hearts, coming up.
4:57 am
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5:01 am
tickets for the rest of this season, next season as well. >> tonight the braves will take the field against the astros. >> who's going to win the series? >> >> we definitely are are. >> oh, yeah. ♪♪ steve: live from the washington, d.c. area, that is alexandria, virginia. i believe that's old town, not far from are where joe biden's going to be dropping by later today to campaign for terry mcauliffe. we have got two big contests coming up. live right now at minute if maid park down in houston, will cain, he's waving right there. but the other contest, officially, is one week from today, and that is the gubernatorial race down in virginia, and that's why lawrence jones is live at the famous toastery in loudoun
5:02 am
county because, lawrence, they're famous for their toast. [laughter] >> reporter: that's exactly right. and when i get a minute, i'm going to take a moment and is get a bite of food. but, guys, youngkin is still here talking with folks. it was a packed room since 5 a.m., and everyone was sitting around. how it's turned into pretty much a standing room only. just had a great interview with the guy that wants to be the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia. he's coming out swinging, getting the former -- against the former president of the united states, barack obama, who said this is apparently a culture war. uproar for no reason. he had something different to say. guys, the interesting thing is what i found out last night. they're requiring parents if they want to talk about what's happening in the school, they have to sign a nondisclosure agreement. parents are saying what are they hiding in loudoun county? back to you guys in new york. ainsley: okay, lawrence are.
5:03 am
have a good drink of your coffee out of a baseball bat. steve cut this in half for us this morning so brian could the drink his coffee. it is a hollowed bat. brian: it's all about fox sports. thanks, lawrence. listen up, i know youing haven't been paying attention when will cain's been talking, but i want you to. will, can you set the stage for us for game one of the seven-game series, perhaps? >> i can do my best. i'm glad to find out that's a hollowed bat. by the way, no cheating here, just vindication, just validation at least on the part of the houston astros who are making their third appearance in the world series in five years. meanwhile, in the other dugout, the atlanta braves, haven't been here since 1999. you will have hitting from the astros, you will have itching over here on the brave -- pitching over here on the braves' side, and you will have subproperties. the issue -- subplots. you will have the controversy,
5:04 am
pulling the all-staff game out of atlanta and now hosting games three, four and five of the world series. it all begins tonight in houston, they're already setting up. it's getting exciting. you can feel it in this stadium. brian: all right. help out. they might be a little short on labor setting up the field, will. steve: thanks, will. since he's at minute maid park, maybe you should put minute maid in that. ainsley: that's not a bad idea. brian: does that come out of a concentrate still? steve: there are, like, 20 different varieties of hadn't maid. i spend a lot of time at the grocery store. let's head to the border. migrants marching towards the united states, they are in southern mexico. ainsley: state troopers and rangers here in america are deploying to go down to the border. brian: griff is in mexico, how close are you to the border? >> reporter: good morning.
5:05 am
the migrants made it only 25 miles north of where they began. let me show you here, you can see the migrants still sleeping, slowly getting up. traditionally they've gotten up and hit the road before dawn, but they're taking their time. an organizer here tells me, and get this, that they're waiting for another group of migrants, perhaps in the thousands, of mostly haitians behind them as they're waiting to come. as you can see, conditions are are rough here, just sleeping openly in the street. if we talked to one of the migrants yesterday because a lot of the people have been focusing on the fact that people are from central america, but we meant a group from nigeria. his name is matthew, and he says he hopes president biden will help him on his journey to the u.s. listen. >> -- [inaudible] nigeria, and i believe he is a good man, you know?
5:06 am
[inaudible] >> reporter: i'll just give you another look here. you can see the town is very small, with but to have this many migrants, at least 3,000 if not stronger, that have descended on this town, and that is why texas governor greg abbott speaking out yesterday saying he is take no chances preparing for when gets to the texas border. listen to governor abbott. >> biden administration is awol. the biden administration if has abandoned any pretension of securing the border -- pretense of securing the border. it's up to us to secure our own border. >> reporter: now, we're trying to speak with mexican officials here about that other caravan, if there is yet another caravan on its way here that the migrants are waiting for. they said they heard that, but they will not confirm that. we'll bring it as we get it, guys? steve: thousands of people show up in a little town like that, who feeds them?
5:07 am
does the organizer have prepositioned food for all those people in. >> reporter: great question. a lot of times the little towns do roll out, particularly the churches -- there's a church here opening their doors last night. but at the stop the night before we learned that an individual named tristan caul are from georgia, a professor of some type, donated 50 chickens for dinner that night. steve? steve: i don't know how far that would go with all those people. griff, thank you very much. brian: let's bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy, sent a letter to president biden to do something about the boarder and this immigration crisis. -- border and this immigration crisis. leader, welcome. do you expect a response or is this like spitting in the wind? >> i hope to get a response, and we won't shut up. i've listened to this prime minister say he's been in -- this president say he's been in
5:08 am
office for more than 40 years, but he can't prove he's ever been to the border. we'd like to sit down with him because the challenge of what is happening, it's making every city in america a border city. fentanyl has increased by more than 300%, killing americans. you watch the cartels where i just had a round table just last week with mayors from these cities down there. they've had to close their schools 42 different days just this year because of the crime that came across and the high-speed if chases. now what we're finding, we are catching people on the terrorist watch list. so this is not just central america. more than 150 other countries. we have caught people that came from yemen not on the same day, but on different days. why rah they come -- are they coming to america, who are they working with, and what do they have planned? this is about the security of our country, and the president is too busy to deal with it? we'd like to sit down with him, talk about the facts and solve
5:09 am
this problem once and for all. ainsley: when we saw these images yesterday, we were all just floored because if thousands of them are headed toward our border. some were this wheelchairs, kids in strollers, families coming up. i know republicans are worried about mass amnesty, these alarming numbers, and we saw thousands of them busting through the mexico national guard. are we worried that's going to happen when they come to america? >> well, if they won't abide by the law enforcement there, why do we think they'd abide by it in hurricane? america, one of the -- in america? america, we believe in a legal immigration system. but when you break society down, you break over the law, that crypts tremendous amount of problems in our country. and this president is ignoring it. remember, this isn't the first time a caravan's coming. this isn't the first time he's been warned ahead of time. he lied to america that he was sending people back home of. no, in the dead of night he sends them around the country.
5:10 am
remember, we're in the middle of covid as well with no one being tested. steve: absolutely. and at the same time, leader mccarthy, you know, they're letting thousands of people into our country, but at the same time with these government mandates on vaccines they're firing cops and ask firefighters left and right, but they're letting these people in. yesterday the news was if you're from a country where the vaccination if rate is, like, less than 10%, the federal government says if you've got a compelling reason, we're going to leapt you in because we want to restart this international travel thing. it seems like there's a double standard for international people and for people who work here. >> i don't understand these first responders were our heroes last year that worked when there wasn't a vaccine. now you want to fire them and allow other people into the country illegal he who could have covid and spread if it throughout the country by not even telling the mayors of those cities that you're bringing them into your city. this is what's wrong and
5:11 am
backwards. and if the president does not have time to go understand what's happening along the border, those of us who have been there would love to sit down with him to work together to solve this problem. that's what our government is designed to do, to find the compromise. we spent time there, we understand it. let's bring in the border agents who have been pushed beyond means about what they've had to work through and let them explain what's going on. brian: leader mccarthy, he has no interest in solving this problem. that's the issue. it's not that you have different views. one leaves the door open and one is trying to strategize to organize who comes in and out. and they're leaving the door open, and they're ignoring it. so i think the whole thing is fruitless until you guys find a way to get back the house and the white house. meanwhile, let's talk about what's happening. because you lost the house and the senate and the white house, nancy pelosi has an agenda and the democrats. social spending through the roof. and even though they're having trouble with their own caucus,
5:12 am
they look like they're going to get something across to the tune of between 1.5 and $2 trillion. and the reason why they're struggling, according to the speaker, it's because the media's not selling their plan. remember this last week. >> -- new poll shows only about 10% of americans describe themselves as knowing a lot of specific things that are in the reconciliation package and that the majority don't know anything at all. so do you think you these to do a better job -- need to do a better job in messaging, and going forward how do you -- >> i think you all could do a better job of selling this, quite frankly. it's hard to break through when you have such a comprehensive package. brian: so it's media's fault. so cnn realized they were wrong, so they quickly changed it, and they have now an article on, get up to speed how the spending bill would change your life. so they're helping out. they probably get on the same
5:13 am
page. won't you love to have a compliant media like that? >> i would love that. remember what's in this bill, $200 million for a park in pelosi's district. she's on her farewell tour. in this bill is also amnesty for about 10 million illegal immigrants that you watch coming across this -- brian: won't the parliamentarian strike that down? >> i don't know if they will or not, but it's in the democratic bill that they want to pass inside the house. remember what the american public is saying, that we are in the wrong direction. the top two issues were inflation, and why is inflation here? because of the spending of what the democrats have done, the trillions of dollars. you watch what they're doing, every day, the supply chain. the most expensive thanksgiving we've ever had. the price of gas even in one place in california is over $7. our shelves when we go into our stores, you don't believe it's america. it's based upon the democratic
5:14 am
policies. and there's a second top issue, the immigration at our border. the democrats are headed in the wrong direction. but it's not just the price of the bill, it's the provisions that are in it. don't get hung up that, oh, it's less money. it's not less hundred. all the democrats are saying is they won't fund the it as years, but it will still be a program that will break us. steve: leader mccarthy, the democrats now are talking about to pay for it they would have, like, a trillionaire tax or something like that. brian: billionaire. steve: trillionaire, ultimately. it's going to involve about 700 people. but a lot of people are saying it can't possibly be constitutional because what they're saying is we're going to tax you on unrealized capital gains. if you haven't sold it, it's not income. and if you have a bad year, is the federal government going to give you that money back if you're a trillionaire the next year? >> no. remember, it's not just people out there that are saying it's illegal.
5:15 am
even the democratic chairman of ways and means said he looked at it and it's illegal. remember what the socialist countries in europe have done. they imposed a wealth tax. and france, germany and sweden pulled it back because it doesn't work. remember, america has tried this before, alternative minimum tax, that only went in with a handful of americans had to pay, the wealthiest. and what happened as the years progressed? millions of those in the middle class had to pay for it. remember what else is in this bill, 85,000 irs agents. and, remember, they say it's going after the wealthy the -- brian: going after everybody. >> but they're going after you. you know what the number 85,000 is? that's larger than the population of scranton, pennsylvania, the hometown of this president. and what are they going to spend their time on? going after you. and don't think, oh, i'm not a millionaire, they won't come after he. yes, they are. if you spend $28 a day, they're coming after you, and they're valuing what you have. the irs. and we know it's an incentive for them to make the value
5:16 am
higher just to tax you whether you tell it or not or whatever the value is. that is not the america we believe in, that is not the america that the constitution says, that's why we are fighting, and we need people to join with us because we only need four democrats to say no to stop this. brian: good luck. ainsley: congressman, thank you for coming on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. reporter: a guatemalan man is under arrest for killing a florida girl. according to deputies, he was on his way to buy more beer when he hit a car being driven by the girl's here, pushing it hundreds of feet down the road. >> he'd been in his home country last saturday night like he should have been, our 5-year-old beautiful little girl would have been alive. reporter: eyewitnesses say morales ran away. when deputies caught up with
5:17 am
him, his blood alcohol level was still above the legal limit. wealthy homeowners in san francisco are hiring private security to protect their homes, house speaker nancy pelosi becoming victim when her home was vandalized in january. 100 residents paying to patrol their neighborhood from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., this as two prosecutor ares quit and joined the effort to recall their boss. they say he allows criminals to walk the streets. happening today, the fda's independent vaccine advisory board could approve covid-19 shots for kids as young as 5. right now children only 12 and older are eligible. should the board approve the vaccine, the cdc director would have to sign off, and that would happening next week. this comes as moderna reveals its vaccine generates a strong immune response in children between 6-31. . -- 6-11. >> the man who gave back tom
5:18 am
brady's 600th ball is telling us about the reward he got. >> one of the managers came down and gave me a gift card, signed brady jerseys, a signed evans jersey, signed evans cleats. reporter: they're also giving him season texts for rest of this year and next, and he's hoping for a dinner with the g.o.a.t. himself, tom brady, which if that ends up coming to fruition, he better tell us. steve: that would be the ultimate though. thank you. i'm going to have it on my book shelf forever. reporter: he's just hoping for that. brianbroken what bothers me most, you know, i don't keep much stuff. [inaudible conversations] brian: his kids, i mean -- ainsley: i know. how much more do you need? the guy said they're saving money to buy a house. you could have kept that ball. he sold it. he said even if i had kept it, i
5:19 am
would not have sold it. steve: we'll see what happens. ainsley: happy wife, happy life. as beyonce might have said, you've got to sell it, honey. brian: ainsley, she's already left. steve: she's right there. brian: e necessary can't canter -- enes kanter is calling out china. leo terrell weighs in about the courageous turk. ♪ ♪ >> i'm dan cohen, i've been at foxr 25 years. >> i'm rob monaco, i've been at fox news for 25 years. >> everything was brand new. we were figuring it out as we went. >> we're right out of college, it's the most exciting time of our lives. we can do whatever we want to learn this business, and that's
5:20 am
what we did. >> they built the newsroom, put in the floor, and next day everything had desks. the next day everything had computers, and people were like, oh, the internet. >> i remember telling dan i needed something. well, just check your e-mail. we have e-mail? we've been here therefore, and now i think dan and i are more mentors. >> when i think 25 years, it just amazes me how fast it went. >> if you love what you, do it doesn't feel like a job, which it didn't. ♪ ♪
5:21 am
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when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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5:25 am
china. you need to speak up. millions of uyghurs are currently detained, sold and assigned to work at forced labor camps, prisons across the country. brian: boston celtics' center enes kanter slamming the, this ba and nike -- the nba and nike. leo terrell, this takes guts because he came out against china, and look at his shoes as well as the treatment of tibet. this is big. >> you know, brian, i applaud e necessary if canter because he's going to -- enes kanter because he's going to take a financial hit. he is a true human rights activist. ten aside colin kaepernick and lebron james because he's talking about china, and the nba has been completely quiet. why? because of the money. it's easy, brian, for an nba player to criticize america. they don't go to prison. they can criticize america day
5:26 am
and night, call us imperfect. but when it comes to china, the reason why you don't hear lebron james or the nba is because of this. they don't want to lose this. and i applaud e necessary if canter -- enes kanter because human rights injustices go beyond borders. brian: i know that his family's under house arrest basically in turkey. if he came bark he'd be jailed or killed because of what he said about erdogan. so this guy has stood up. all right the celtic games are taken out of china. why has the league been so quiet? >> i'll tell you why, because of this. and here's the thing about it, enes kanter has a record of being a human rights activist. brian, remember last year the george floyd case, nba stepped up, they had black lives matter on the floor.
5:27 am
put down stop forced labor on the nba floor. the nba is all about money. lebron james was critical of daryl mauerly because of his criticism of china, but it's all about money. it's disingenuous for the nba to talk about human rights injustices in this and -- in this country and not look overseas and not talk about china. it's all about money, you know it and i know it. brian: leo, he called on lebron james to go visit a prison camp. wow. >> hey, don't hold your breath, brian, because lebron james makes millions of these over there. and i'll tell you right now, if he was really concerned about human rights, step up. talk today. brian: yep. >> hold a press conference with enes kanter along with the nba and black lives matter. all those groups who throw america under the bus, let's
5:28 am
focus on china if you really care about people being victimized. brian: this takes guts. >> this bothers me. this bothers me because civil rights does not stop at the borders. brian: absolutely. and this takes gunpoints. this is purely for the people of -- gunpoints. guts. all he does is it his own career at risk because he's really good, but he's not a superstar. they easily could decide that he's not worth the trouble. thanks so much, leo, great perspective. >> thank you. brian: still ahead, we're just one week away from virginia's race for governor, plus, we're checking back with will cain because we promised. we sent him too houston, we're paying all of his expenses. he will tell us about baseball. ♪ tonight i'm gonna party like it's 1999 ♪♪
5:29 am
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hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. ♪♪ [cheers and applause] steve: tonight the atlanta braves are taking the field against the houston astros in the first game of the world series, all tonight at 8 p.m. eastern on fox. let's head back to minute maid park to check with "fox & friends" weekend cohost will cain who's up -- you're the first one on the field! >> pretty much, yeah.
5:33 am
but i am on the field, and how awesome is that, steve? yesterday though i hit the streets of houston where i got to talk to some astros fans about how they're feeling about not just game one, but the series. >> i got the mug, i got the bat -- >> orange jersey for my son. >> you going to all the games? >> going to all the games. >> how we feel? >> we're gonna get 'em game six. >> astros are going to win? how many games will it take? >> six or seven. >> yes, they are. >> so, steve, that was some fans loading up on geer. i want to show you something -- gear. this is the astros world series hat. you see the patch? here's a sign of the times, i heard this from a lot of the fans, they were looking for a jersey, jordan alvarez, and they were looking for the after on the sleeve just like the hat.
5:34 am
can't find it? you know why? supply chain issues. can't find a jersey, an astros jersey with the world series patch but it's sitting on a ship most likely somewhere off the coast of california. steve: look at that. job well done. will, thank you very much is. >> reporter: you bet. steve: meanwhile, braves fans are hoping the team bring the world series title home for the first time since 1995. our next guest helped lead atlanta to victory 26 years ago. let's bring in lead mlb an and hall of fame pitcher john smoltz. good morning to you. >> it's a little audiocassette world, but it is what -- awkward, but it is what it is. steve: you use to be a pitcher for 'em, tell us about what atlanta's got on the line. >> atlanta, the city itself doesn't have a lot of championship, baseball being really its only one. and i think time has flown by.
5:35 am
it's been forever since i was in a uniform. i did get the last loss in 1999 against the yankees, but i think what the atlanta braves have done this year is pretty remarkable story. of course, every team has injured, but it's a pretty remarkable story in the way that they found themselves back in the postseason and now back in the world series. either way it goes, either manager -- which are older managers, and i love it because this is a young game, and we have a lot of information -- east manager's going to have a great story to tell when they hoist the trophy and win it. dusty baker and brian it? kerr, of course, with atlanta. and the irony is brian's son is a hitting coach for the houston astros. a little bit of family i can't believe going at it here. steve: and the other thing, john, they didn't get to play the all-star game in atlanta, so this is redemption for people of atlanta. okay, we earned this on our own, you got that come back.
5:36 am
>> you would think so, yeah. all that went through that time and is certainly where they are now, it is the for atlanta, it's a proud baseball town the now. it never used to be because we weren't very good before 1991. but i think, you know, just calling this world series, for me, as ad broadcaster it's going to be unique and challenging. i can promise you my job will be first and foremost to give the insight of the world series with the greatest, joe buck, and i'm looking forward to it. there are a lot of great storylines that will come through the series. steve: nobody knows this topic better than you, john. good luck tonight. >> my pure. thanks for having me. steve: catch game one of the world series on fox as seen on my cookie right here tonight at 8 p.m. ian time. eastern time. delicious. meanwhile, we're just one week from virginia's high stakes race for governor. actually, it's going on right now. the election will be in a week.
5:37 am
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they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to work for parents, for children, for teachers who are absolutely sending me notes every day, please help us teach our children how to think and not what to think. taking care of our children and making sure they have a quality education and are safe in schools, that's a fundamental right in virginia. and that's what i'm standing up for. brian: yep, education taking center stage in a tight race for the next governor of virginia. ainsley: loudoun county parents reportedly forced to now sign an nda-style form if they want to do the full curriculum inspired by critical race theory, an issue that is sure to face backlash at tonight's school board meeting. steve: let's head back down to ash burn, virginia, where
5:42 am
lawrence jones has got somebody right there at the famous toastery. >> reporter: good morning, family. angela actually owns this establishment. you've been very clear, you said this is welcome to anybody, but you were happy to have us this morning, we thank you for that. let's talk about education. >> okay. >> reporter: you said that something has to give. >> absolutely. here in loudoun county we really need some accountability, we need some ownership of our school board and our officials to really help out with everything that's going on in national coverage. we're hopeful we're going to get some change here. >> reporter: what's the main issue for you? there's a big walkout that's supposed to happen today. what do you see happening right here on the local level? >> right now we're just really trying to get some transparency on the things that are going on inside our schools that haven't been appropriately covered, and i think there are a lot of citizens in loudoun county really doing a great job holding the school board accountable. >> reporter: thank you so much for having us here. >> yeah, absolutely.
5:43 am
>> reporter: over here, this is hispanics for youngkin. what is the major issue for hispanics in loudoun county and virginia? >> education. absolutely, education. as a mother of two school-aged children, we're supporting glenn because he wants to restore excellence in the education system, and he's passionate about it. i believe every child regardless of status or race has the right to quality education, and we should never pit our children against one another and try to make this about race. education, i'm passionate about it, it's why the hispanic community's coming out to support glenn. >> reporter: and you've been leading the hispanic everetts for youngkin -- efforts for youngkin. you see him really merging issues together, demetrius, you say that we could have the border president, barack obama, coming on the ground to support the former governor who has all the name id. that should tell you a lot. >> it tells you a lot.
5:44 am
it tells you that they're scared, it tells you that glenn is, you know, making waves, and he has the support of the people. and, you know, as a parent, i support him. as a latino man, i support him. and like i said, if you bring obama out, you're pulling out the big guns, you're scared. >> reporter: you think youngkin is going to win next week in. >> i pray that youngkin win. >> reporter: all right. we've been here all morning. a lot of talk about education. that big nda story that came out last night telling parents if they want to see that curriculum, they have to sign a nondisclosure agreement, they're fired up about that. seems like education is going to be the issue. ainsley, i know you're going to be here next week, and you're going to get to meet these great folks i've been talking to for the last three weeks. iowans going back down there to have a conversation with parents on election morning. thanks so much, lawrence. steve: great. and thank you as well to the famous toastery in ashburn, virginia.
5:45 am
if you need toast, may we suggest the toastery. brian brian you have all different sides. you could set it on sunny, on crisp -- steve: we don't have to do it. ainsley: do you like a crispy toast? brian: i think that's a little personal: i don't know if i want to share that with the people. steve: i want it toasted. ainsley: the waitress will figure it out. brian: let's go up to jillian. jillian: i like the butter all the way around the edges because i don't like dry bread. brian: you know what i love? i love i can't believe it's not butter. ainsley: what about cinnamon toast? >> reporter: that's where it's at. new revelations surfacing -- the dying cinematographer was held in his arms after she was accidentally shot. baldwin was pointing the gun at the camera when it was fired.
5:46 am
he was told it was not loaded. another member on the movie set is coming to baldwin's defense saying he previously handled weapons safely. floyd mayweather offers support for kyrie irving over his stance on the covid vaccine. >> kyrie, what's up? i know you're going through a lot. we had a chance to hang out in 2016. you represented the red, white and blue. you're a great person, great father, great athlete, and you believe what you believe. >> reporter: fans are protesting against the vaccine mandate forcing irving to forfeit his salary for missed games. spanks founder sarah blakely celebrates her company being worth $1.2 billion by sharing the good fortune with her employees. watch. >> i have bought each one of you two first class tickets to anywhere in the world. [cheers and applause]
5:47 am
>> reporter: wow. blakely giving all 500 plus employees a free first class trip and $10,000 cash. i myself have been a contributor to this billion dollar company. ainsley: yeah, right? [laughter] she has a house in atlanta, and she bought a lot of property down in the tampa area. brian: can i ask you, are they comfortable? [laughter] ainsley: no. >> reporter: it doesn't matter. beauty is not comfort. ainsley: when they're higher -- >> reporter: yes. ainsley: but they do the trick. brian: all right. just curious. ainsley: you should try 'em. brian wroin you never know. made a lot of money. steve: all right. let's check in with janice dean. she's inside because we've got a nor nor'easter outside. janice: thank you for not
5:48 am
asking. we have the potential for severe weather across the central u.s. because of that winter storm that brought all of the snow yesterday. that's going to hit the plain states and then this nor'easter that's causing problems for the new york city area down towards philadelphia and new england. 3-5 inches in the new york city area, that's a significant amount, and that's going to cause flooding. we're already seeing videos of the subways flooding here in new york city. of course we are. flood alerts anywhere from new jersey, parts of pennsylvania, up towards new england, and this is going to be with us for the next 24-36 hours even though the rain is going to move away. we're going to see those winds start to kick up later this afternoon, 50 to 70 miles per hour, eastern long island up toward new england. the potential for large hail and damaging winds and tornadoes from texas all the way up towards nebraska. with my if slim tummy, i send it back to steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: funny, because i asked brian how he likes his toast,
5:49 am
that's personal if, yet he can ask about our spanx. brian: you know what? double standard, and and i feel terrible about it. i feel awful. steve: thank you for the weather, j.d. more "fox & friends" straight ahead, but first let's check in with bill hemmer. bill: good morning. how about this stunning day in new york? stay indoors. ainsley: flannel pajamas, coming up. bill: nice show, guys. good morning. will president biden's trip to virginia help or hurt in that governor's race? newt gingrich will analyze that. reports that democrats want to put immigration reform into this giant bill. is that even possible? ronna mcdaniel will address it. the nba player taking on china, the communists, nike and the league. clay travis is here to talk about it, join dana and me this 11 minutes there top of the hour. see you then.
5:50 am
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♪♪ steve: comedian dave chapelle opening up about the backlash over his netflix special, and now he says he's willing to meet with the transgender community but won't cave to cancel culture. watch this. >> i said what i said and, boy,
5:54 am
i heard what you said. my god, how could i not? you said you want a safe working environment at netflix. well, it seems like i'm the only one that can't go to the office anymore. [cheers and applause] i want everyone in this audience to know that even though the media frames that it's me versus that community, that's not what it is. it's about corporate interests and what i can say and what i cannot say. [cheers and applause] to the transgender community, i am more than willing to give you an audience, but you will not summon he. i am not bending to anybody's demands. [cheers and applause] and you can judge for yourself, but you cannot have this conversation and exclude my voice from it. that is only fair. you have to answer the question,
5:55 am
am i canceled or not? >> no! >> then let go. steve: and one of the things he was responding to was the fact in the are press there were stories that, apparently, he was invited to speak to the transgender employees at netflix, and he declined. he says that's not true, he was never invited. ainsley: he says if you are going to judge, watch the whole special on netflix first, and netflix says we are not canceling him, we're not putting a kiss claimer up at -- disclaimer up at the gunning of the show -- beginning of the show. he's the number one guy on netflix, and they support him. brian: in one column, the anti-cancel culture which consists of jon stewart, bill maher and dave chapelle and just about every conservative against this new wild leavitt. leavitt -- wild left. and i hope people have the courage to stand up to it because a guy that powerful can really make a difference. ainsley: 8:55 here on the east
5:56 am
coast, more "fox & friends" just moments away.
5:57 am
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with the part of the dream you can buy -- with money. where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? with the part of the dream you can buy -- does it get tangled up in knots? you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go. >> good morning, denver. coming up on let's see, coming up on 7:00 in the morning. time to go to work. >> while we look at denver and the sun coming up, the sun will be going down at prime time. i have a great lineup with
6:00 am
great pictures of these people. dan crenshaw, general jack keane what's going on with china and the threat and glenn youngkin who many people say was on our show already. >> you are taking him again tonight. he is in a battle with terry mccauliffe. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. we're one week away from the closely-watched governor's race in virginia. new polling shows it will likely come down to the wire. hang on and buckle up. here we go as we say good morning. turnout is a big deal. i'm bill hemmer. how are you? >> dana: how are you? i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." one time i was doing election coverage analysis or something and we were about three days out from the election and i said well, it is either going to be a blow-out or not. and then i said that's really great


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