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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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emily compagno, and a book coming up. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. it is almost impossible to overstate and we have tried just how profoundly this country is changing right now because of joe biden joe biden's lunatic immigration policy. biden has opened america's borders to the world, promised unlimited global benefitsed including free health care to anyone who shows up there regardless of immigration status
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of the world's poorest people have showed up. over the past year, more than 1.7 million foreign nationals from 160 different countries from around the world have shown up at our borders, virtually all of them have been let in, almost none of them were ever leave how big the group is this, it is more than twice the entire population of denver or of boston or seattle or detroit or nashville or las vegas, it is more than three times the entire city of atlanta coming in a single so america will never be the same after this and that's the whole point of the exercise fors the biden administration is subverting democracy, diluting the political power of american citizens by importing a
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brand-new population. that is exactly what's happened. there's no way to justify this on the basis that it's good for america. it's not. it's good for the democratic party. for the country, it's a catastrophe and it's happening without the knowledge or consent of most americans. has been on the story virtually alone at the very beginning joins us tonight from the border at texas with some remarkable new footage. >> good evening. that's right. we are 40 of miles inland and this has turned into one of thes big hot spots, the trains out here, illegal immigrants to get further into the united states. we will show you what we are talking about. take a look at this wild footage shot right here yesterday by texas. it what you looking at is finding a 19 illegal immigrants hiding inside of brand-new cars that were inside of a train being shipped to the san antonio area. you can see them looking t panng up and down and hiding to evade from law enforcement and looking at the second piece of the video. here is what we saw today, one
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trend that had more than 20 illegal immigrants who were hiding inside of a coal car in the blistering heat out here they were all single adult men dp has to get out there one by one, 23 in total, all of them arrested and taken to jail for criminal trespassing, they are not being handed over to the federal government, take a lookj at this third piece of video, a couple of hours before that incident, some more hitching rides on trains out here, hold five others single adult males off of this train and arrested them as well, they are all going to jail as well, they are not being handed over the border patrol. as all of this is happening from a brand-new migrant caravan down in mexico heading our way as we speak, take a look at what happen when they encountered roadblocks on the mexican government the other day, take a look.
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like a hot knife through butter you can see they pushed right through that resistance from the mexican government and take a look at this video we just shot here about an hour ago in del rio, went up on a j helicopr and what you are looking at is the state of texas is now preparing for this migrant caravan, deploying massive amounts of texas national guard resources down to the bridgee area, this is the exact same area we saw those 15,000 e haitians last month, the idea behind this being the state of texas will step up where the federal government is not securing the border, they will not allow another situation to happen so they are prepositioning resources all along the border to send a message to those caravans, you will not be allowed into texas texas telling us unlike the federal government, they will not roll out the red carpet for these caravans. we will send it back to you. >> tucker: that is hearteningpe to hear, thank you so much.
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finally, this does with the federal government will not do we put in a request to talk to governor abbott. it's a disaster and it's hard to believe as you watch that tape that not so i long ago, this country actually enforced immigration laws. just two years ago in august of 2019, federal agents kick down the doors of seven separate chicken plants, arrested hundreds of foreign nationals who were living and working there in violation of american law. several executives were later indicted. among the charges brought, child labor. so our decadent corporate press ignore this except to portray the rates is heartless and barbaric, not surprisingly, a trade group agreed with that characterization. how dare the government enforce its own laws? is interesting is the people that actually live in central mississippi have a very different lower the wages for people who were actually born.
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theyey understood immigration as they do understand immigration primarily as an economic question. when you flood the labor pool wages go down and that's called supply and demand. one's illegal workers were gone they were forced to hire american citizens. in this case, many of them were african-american. you'd think the biden administration with its much repeated commitment to equity would think this is good but of course, they didn't care. not interested in helping working-class people have any color. princeton professors, msnbc trans-humanist tech billionaires, those of their people, their main constituency but blue-collar high school graduates who want a decent hourly job, no chance, not interested. so the administration shut down all workplace immigration. now places who hire illegal aliens to undercut american wages have the full protection of the department of homeland security because is not a corporate conspiracy or anything, don't you worry for
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the rest of the world is fully aware of this, they follow these developments and they have the internet.. as a result, you just heard him say a massive migrant caravan has formed in southeastern mexico.. in watching even more footage of that was not seen in his report. you can see the caravan is heading here smashing through the police barricades as it does.
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>> tucker: everybody sympathizes with americans who want a better life in this country. of course, ourur government's primary concern always must be the welfare of american citizens in a country that is rapidly getting poorer, which we are but in general, you sympathize. but migrants who violently break through a police line, no, not allowed here ever. there's no possible way he would benefit from anyone doing that period. and in contrast to previous years, these migrants are not coming exquisitely from latin america, they are coming from as far away as china. because why wouldn't they? the border is now open for everyone.s fox news griff jenkins has been covering these caravans for years and immediately saw something very different, watch. >> we are in the town 16 miles north where there is caravan started, you can see them children playing on a swing set but we are seeing a lot of families, a lot of children out here and we are seeing migrants from many different countries
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not just central america which was what was the situation in 2019. but we see haitians in here even one woman from china we couldn't speak to her because she didn't speak spanish or english. every migrant way talk to today says they have one destination in mind and that is the united states.ra >> tucker: why are they coming? we don't need to guess about that, ask the people who are coming here. not embarrassed to articulate it at all. they are coming a because they know immigration enforcementre under joe biden has been suspended in the united states. the white house hasn't simply ended workplace raids, people come in and they know they will never be forced to leave. already, the administration has released more than 160,000 t illegal migrants without telling the people in these neighborhoods they are moving because they don't care what american citizens bank. by the way, how many are vaccinated? you can't go to events, you can't have a job in this country
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without being vaccinated. what does that tell you?y tens of thousands of those migrants according to documents obtained by fox news have already receivednd a permits. soon they will receive free benefits in health care that joe biden has promised them. just ask them and they will tell you. >> the best time because of the administration? because of joe biden. >> tucker: because of joe biden. it's that simple. at the same time, you should know biden has ordered the government to build a wall around his family's vacation home in delaware and diversity may be our strength, he often says that but joe biden doesn't want to anywhere near him or his family. the irony of that iser almost difficult to digest. it was just a year ago that biden was telling us that walls are immoral and that's what he would never build one. >> they will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration.
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>> tucker: except around my vacation house in delaware hypocrite. but it's more than hypocritical it's criminal and not in a rhetorical sense. breaking federal law even as he looks for these lunatic policies. presidents have been impeached for less than that. no american president weber has been impeached, not even donald trump has ever even been accused of crimes this flagrant or serious. not even close. according to new court documents between january 20th in the end of march just for example, the biden administration refused to take custody of 37 illegal immigrants in the state ofus texas, many white additional criminal records but according to an affidavit, the administration refused -- narcotics violations.ef at the height of a drug epidemic, almostio 1,000 americs
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every year. so it's really clear this is not simply an incredibly dangerous and destructive policy that intentionally hurtsiv america ad it is that, it's more, it's an unequivocal violation of federal statute. it is a crime. section 2:30 6c of the nationality act requires federal agents to detain and hold any alien who is released from criminal custody if the alien entered illegally and was removable onon any of the crimil grounds of admissibility and was removable on almost all. it got that?bl in other words, for the safety of american citizens in every country, the u.s. government is required to arrest and hold criminal aliens and deport them. but joe biden has refused to do that, he is breakingt the law. right out in the open. so why hasn't he been impeached?
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not because he has bad character or he is senile but because he is breaking federal law. not long ago, joe biden would have been impeached for that. even democrats understood not so long ago that immigration law is fundamental to any country. >> it is our obligation as elected officials to keep the american people safe in our borders are our first line -- early lines of defense. democrats support also enforcing laws my current laws against those who came here illegally and those who hired illegal immigrants. >> the only way that we will stop the flow of illegal immigration into this country is tell those who hire them that they no longer can. >> tucker: that was before the democratic party decided to wholeheartedly embrace its role as corporate toadies and more significant way before they decided it's too hard to
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convince the population that our policies help them because they don't help them at all. it's much easier to guarantee they'd be elected into perpetuity by having a whole new nation of voters that's exactly what they are doing and they bark like dogs when you say it because it's true. the position then the democratic party's official position, watch. >> the democratic position recognizes you have to find a way to earn their way into a deal. they are required to take 11 years worth, they pay a fine have to learn to speak english. if we want the problems of canada right now, keep encouraging people to keep their foreign language. english will unite this country. >> i can't think of a country that has two languages as they were accepted languages that is doing all that well including switzerland and/or canada. >> tucker: that was a
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completely different joe biden. spending an hour playing you tape from joe biden five years ago need to how he's doing now but the divided country is united by language is true. there is no country in the world that remains united but has different languages, period. it's a central fact of life. everyone understood that. now, joe biden and the party has decided that really nothing matters including who lives in the united states and amazingly some republicans in congress appear to agree. has made a permanent break with people like this within his own party, just tweeted this "we have a just discharge position that would force a vote requiring turning folks back to mexico under health laws of communicable disease. over 180 house republicans have signed on but approximately 30
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have not signed on. why haven't they? then he listed their names, good ford him. it's a good question, why haven't they? it's because they are busy selling out there country. congressman chip roy joins us tonight, think iss so much. i've got to ask, this isn't simply policy difference that they have with open borders people. it seems pretty clear the white house is encouraging the violation of federal law. how is that not impeachable? >> you're exactly right. never before in the history of our country has any president completely and blatantly disregarded the laws of the united states more than what joe biden is currently doing. he is doing so willfully andt purposefully. he is purposely not enforcing the laws of the united states and in fact creating a magnet for people to come to f the united states, causing them to bum-rush our border and endangering the migrants and
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endangering americans causingera massive influx,iv spilling americans and that is happening because of purposeful action by him did not enforce the laws. we have parts of fences restingv title 42 not being enforced americans being threatened to be fired from their jobs right now fired from their jobs but we are allowing people to come across our border with a not so much as a covid test. we have a president who refuses to enforce the micro protection protocols which president trump allowed to work with mexico to have people on the other side of the border try to claim asylum and here's the important part. they are using asylum is the a crux for all of this, they are saying if you want to come to the united states, you claim asylum, you can come in. now he is creating an entitled class of migrants who do not qualify for asylum under our laws.
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they are coming here seeking opportunity and neither use nor i criticize those migrants from wanting to come here for a better way of life but i do criticize the president for failing to faithfully execute the laws of the united states agreed he should be impeached republicans should unify and push to impeach them both. >> tucker: you are doing something in this tweet that very few of your party are doing which is naming the names of your colleagues in the republican party, not just liz cheney though needless to say she is on the list who are preventing this from happening and i just want to say thank you and i hope all of our viewers will go to your twitter feed and read this, pretty stunning. thank you. congressman chip roy of texas. >> thinks, god bless you. >> tucker: a couple of months ago, we made a pretty obvious point, a lot of people who weree in the crowd urging others to break into the capitol on january 6 have never been indicted. could they have been working for the doj? we were attacked for saying that. turns out they were. in a new report from revolver
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>> tucker: you keep hearing democrats say they need to find out exactly what happened on january 6 and we strongly agreee with that. in a recent hearing in congress thomas massie of kentucky confronted or highly partisan attorney general merrick garland with this footage t erratum apps was in washington the night before january 5th. he was encouraging trump supporter's to enter the capitol buildingng illegally and said it numerous times. in this clip, some people in the crowd immediately decided this guy must be working for the federal government. watch this. >> we need to go in to the capital, let's go! we need to go into the capital into the capital.
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okay, folks. we go to the capital. the capitalist is the direction. when mikey was a guy telling trump supporter's they need to d break the law and go into the capital. that's real video and they say no, then they accuse him of being an undercover federal agent. that guy was on tape encouraging people to break the law organizing what happened that day. has he been indicted? asked the attorney general about that and they attorney general refused to answer. also pointedly refused to say how many federal operators were there in the crowd that day on january six. >> as far as we can find, this individual has not been charged with anything. sentiment of this is the most sweeping investigations in history, have you seen that video for those frames from that video?ng
10:26 pm
>> i said at the outset, one of the norms of the justice department is to not comment on impending investigations and particularly not to comment about the particular scenes for particular individuals. >> can you tell us without talking about particular incidents are particular videos how many agents are assets of the federal government were present on january 6 whether they agitated to go into this capital and if any of them did? >> i am not going to violate this norm of the rule of law, i won't comment on investigation that's ongoing. >> tucker: don't want to violate the rule of law. and of course the doj leaks all the time the details of tons of different investigations that are politically usefulls to the. we don't know whether this guy was working at the federaltse government, we haven't talked to him. we can onlym. show you video frm that day but we do know it doesn't seem like he has been punished for this if you're
10:27 pm
looking for people who organizei that day, has he been indicted? not that we know of. we haven't seen any evidence that he has been. a new piece in revolver news notes that the fbi removed a photo of ray epps from its most wanted page this summer. right after revolver news reported on the story. it is with revolver news and runs it and joins us tonight thank you so much for coming on. i recommend had an enormously detailed piece today up on your site, really doing the reporting that legacy news organizations out to be doing and absolutely aren't and i recommend it to her viewers but tell us specifically. what have you found out about this man encouraging others to break the law in washington. >> here are some of the key points about the news article that you mentioned. first, we got some of an idea of this fromm the clips you presented.
10:28 pm
he is calling for going into the capital the evening before january 6th and this isn't just a one off, some crazy who comes and goes. he goes repeatedly to group after group redirecting them saying we need to go into the capital and sure enough on january 6th, it's a veritable where's waldo? he is everywhere, all around the capital shepherding people to go to the capital where her problems are. within 20 seconds before the very first breach of the capital, this individual whispers into someone's year in 20 seconds later, we have the very first breach so he is everywhere and as you pointed out, very curiously, he is not indicted, doesn't seem like the feds want him or have any interest in him although they did, they had him for a while on their most wanted page and until revolver dot news did a report. what is the significance of this timing? there were two things.
10:29 pm
for one, there was a "new york times" piece that had come out that essentially ran cover for the feds but did it in a way that t was counterproductive. it amplified the name of that so it wasn't convenient after revolver had reported that the feds were likely involved. but what i did do is said that ray epps was acting alone and as you can see in this news piece he seemed to be coordinating with a number of people in this initial breach and many of those people also remained curiously unindicted but perhaps the most thing, the fbi scrubbed his face from their database just a day after revolver ran a report on his fellow oath keeper stuart rhodes who was also unindicted so there is just a cast of curious charactersd unindicted. >> tucker: it's a really provocative and very detailed
10:30 pm
very well reported piece and i'll recommend to everyone watching tonight. we will talk to you again thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: just to restate, we don't know the truth of this at all, it's awfully weird in any reasonable person would agree ray epps always welcome on the show, want to hear directly from people so if you are ray epps and watching this, we would love to have you. by the way, have done a lot of reporting on january 6th all in a soon-to-be released be released episode of tucker carlson originals, three episodes and we will bring a lot of it to you next week. it's not a secret that facebook sensors anyone who criticizes the democratic regime. a new report details exactly how facebook is doing that. that's next.
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>> tucker: got hold of a bunch of internal documents from facebook from the company's internal racial justice chat room. a hen they found among many other things facebook employees are obsessed the site breitbart. breitbart shouldn't be allowedac to talk. why is it on facebook? so apparently facebook cut traffic to breitbart news by as much as a fifth without telling them and also wrist a bunch of other conservatives britt
10:37 pm
alex marlow runs breitbart and joins us tonight to respond. thank you so much for coming on. so were you surprised? i was a little shocked by how open they were, were you surprised? >> i was shocked only by the framing of it for "the wall street journal" but out the story has if it would be some sort of hit piece and it contained a smoking gun in it which is that these wokeness jw's had pressured senior management to just diminish not just breitbart, but fox and conservative media and cutting down their most engaged users to favorite corporate billionaire backed multinational conglomerates to promote their news over breitbart which is accurate and incredibly popular and was thriving while w dominating on the platform. >> tucker: it is so interesting, they have all thesc different left-wing news outlets and they were completely fixated on the idea that breitbart might have a story on facebook, they couldn't get overhe it, no diversity of opinion, did you note this?
10:38 pm
>> absolutely. there's literally billions of facebook pages and this one pagd for whatever reason triggers the left of such an unbelievable a to read that they have to wind to their bosses to get us censored. thankfully, it hasn't totally worked at but every republican member of congress should take note of this. all their criticism of us were before 2020. >> tucker: they hate facebook because they think drum voters organized something and that's why they are trying to force facebook to censor because wega have an election coming up obviously. i appreciate your coming on tonight. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> tucker: a lot of polling on how americans are doing for a new survey americansw are unhapy as i have been in 50 years. a public intellectual who has thought a lot about that from executive director at the claremont institute, here's part
10:39 pm
of it. one of the conclusions he reached, there were other times in human history in which people had greater levels of happiness and give us an example of what that means. >> some of these ancient histories, you see that there were people who belong to the city that had genuine ambitions and that actually ruled themselves and in many regards that is a form of fulfillment of human nature to genuinely rule not in a tyrannical way, these were democracies. in a way that we don't have. in we have become more and more private beings, we don't rule politically.e in the country is ruled on our behalf and not just by the
10:40 pm
structure of the constitution that is a representative democracy, not just that, but because there are bureaucracies there is a political class that rules on your behalf and basically says this country doesn't really belong to you and thank you for voting one way or another but we are going to do the business of ruling. also, there were religious arrows were certain parts of the human soul more and more fulfilled. we certainly don't live in one of those but we did up until not long ago at least happy private sphere. we had families. we had devotion, the raising of kids whom we loved and that also is degrading more and more being dismantled and so what you would ask if you gain this trend out, what you would ask is whatever americans really left with if they don't have politics and religion and they don't even have a family life anymore? it was not happy circumstance.
10:41 pm
>> it's not even just consumer goods, he would have to be some relentless titillation, the movies, the music, the drugs all of that but even that is not enough, it's not enough because everybody feels somehow it needs to unhappiness. they created these new industries to reassure you that this is happiness or to give you a psychological medication to just shut off those thoughts and there areth industries, and norma's industries with vested interests that now exist that cannot be questioned that are meant to reassure you that you are happy actually prayed that they repeat, the psychiatrists and it can't go on like that. everybody knows. m >> tucker: so that idea
10:42 pm
their industries in the united states whose purpose is to convince you despite the evidence that you are in fact happy, you are satisfied, don't ask for more? >> yes, or to lie on your behalf, to make excuses on your behalf. >> tucker: you're very happy stop complaining. what a smart guy appear that conversation went on for a long time and it's worth watching it's on fox nation right now. young children are not at risk for getting or spreading the coronavirus and yet schoolshe across the country are still requiring masks, even young children with disabilitiesin are being massed forcibly. speaking to a parent of one of those children, really shocking story next.
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>> tucker: this is a really upsetting story, want to warn you. jeffrey still has a 7-year-old daughter with down syndrome. she is nonverbal. officials in the state of florida forced her to wear a mask by tying it to her face
10:48 pm
with a nylon cord and they did it for six weeks rated jeffrey steele said he only found out this was happening the day his daughter got off the school bus earlier this month with the mask strapped to her face. he said it was soaked with saliva. mr. steele joins us tonight. this is a very sad story and i appreciate your coming on. people need to hear it. just to describe what they did to your daughter sophia, if you would. h >> what happened y was, sophia physically has ears that go forward due to her down syndrome disabilities and her body so the mask would obviously fall off regularly so we didn't even know they were masking sophia and what they did was when i found out when she got off the bus, my wife had called to tell me at work was they had tied this mess with the blue nylon cord and said this is how sophia has gotten off the bus and her mask is completely wet with her saliva. >> tucker: does it mean the
10:49 pm
child is insensitive, of course so you've just got to wonder what effect this had on your daughter. >> it's interesting because we reviewed a lot of her records from the school year and from the time that this massed mandate came in place from the county school board which was against of course the executive order of governor ron desantisrs and we did not want sophia massed because another thing she has is an enlarged tongue due to her down syndrome disability and so she has a mouth breather, it is very dangerous to be covering her mouth for a long period of time and we are very lucky since this has occurred that she didn't seizure. >> tucker: you must have had a fit, this is your daughter. what did the school say? i assume you confronted the people who tortured her. >> i did confront the school and it's interesting no one has denied what has happened but they have tried to move it to the left into the rights of is not to focus on the actual facts
10:50 pm
of the case which we will be presenting to corp. what they w said to me, i spoke with the principal and had a school police officer present with me because i needed to remain calm and i waited a few days for that to happen so i met with them after columbus day on the 12th but she had admitted that they had done that, she had the teacher in the meeting on monday with her and i asked her why she didn't and the principal explained to me that she did it because of the massed mandate and i said my daughter is exempt automatically legally from wearing a mask at all, why didn't you call us and talk to us because he wrote to us many times about sophia putting her hair into her mouth, taking her shoes off, et cetera and asking us to help out with that but never once a comment about her wearing a mask and until the 13th of october when meeting with the principal and the teacher on a microsoft teams meeting. >> tucker: the cruelty that
10:51 pm
this has unleashed in the country is beyond belief and i'm so sorry that your daughter was caught up with it and i hope you prevail in holding them to account. >> people can donate. we have a web site now up for sophia. >> tucker: good. >> people can donate for legal fees that we will accrue. we will fight this all the way. >> tucker: i hope that you do. thank you. no governor in the country has been worse, more tyrannical more ideological than a finance tycoon called phil murphy in new jersey and has become way worse during the pandemic. he said so himself on the show so we thought it wouldth be interesting to talk to the man who was running to unseat him which we will do in just a moment.
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>> tucker: so phil murphy
10:57 pm
until a couple years ago was just some creepy finance guy. now he's the king of new jersey so we had phil murphy on at the beginning of corona and asked him how you get thehi right to orderlies people around like they are your servants, and here's what he said. >> the bill of rights, as you well know, protects americans -- enshrines their right to practice their religion as they see fit to congregate t together to assemble peacefully. by what authority did you nullify the bill of rights in issuing this order? how do you have the power to do that?ig >> that's above my pay grade tucker, so i wasn't thinking of the bill of rights when wera did this. >> tucker: given this, he was an early adopter to fascism there is someone running against him in new jersey, and overwhelmingly democratic state for the republicans have one -- we are going to talk now to a jack. he's running against phil murphy for government new jersey, which is this year, he joins us. thank you so much. almost 30 years ago that jim florio lost, a democrat, in a democratic state because he just went way too far. why do you think you can do the
10:58 pm
same to the sky? >> phil murphy has done the same thing, tucker. he's gone way too far left, he's very extreme and you know a year and a half ago on this very show, as you just said, the bill of rights, that's above my pay grade. it's not funny. but worse than that, he told the highest tax people in the nation if taxes are issue, we are probably not your state. he's basically telling, you jerseyans to leave. >> tucker: i mean -- and i know, i think you got a million more democrats than republicans in the state, but is it your sense that -- there got to be democrats who say this guys too much per. he's incompetent, he's nasty and just totally authoritarian. i mean, do think -- honestly a shot to win? >> a majority of democrats in new jersey, tucker, are fiscally conservative and socially moderate, and this guy is just way too extreme. and so we won six of the last ten governor races in the state and no democratic incumbent governor has been reelected more
10:59 pm
than 40 years. we are right where we need to be with eight days to go. >> tucker: this guy makesto jim look with completely reasonable. are you worried about fraud in new jersey?es could be on rhetorical question. >> where boarding in person this year and we've got a great legal team on the ground in those areas that have been trouble spots but no i'm not and i don't want anybody staying home because they think a republican can't win or its rate. we are very confident in this year's election system we are confident to win on november 2nd. >> tucker: jack, i don't even know everything stanford. i know you're not this guy he's really loathsome. just the worst, so god's become aware working rooting for you. hope you can do it. >> thank you, tucker, we can. >> tucker: i hope so. we are out of time unfortunately. a brand-new episode, as we said of tuckerra carlson today with arthur, super smart guy, it's on fox nation. you can also check out the latest ofuy tucker carlson originals, on the scam of wind power. a
11:00 pm
environment, bad for you, and imposed on the powerless by the powerful for the profit of foreign companies. that's not an overstatement. we will be back tomorrow 8:00 p.m. and overnight trip the show that show that is the sworn enemy of line, pomposity groupthink. in the meantime, the great sean hannity takes over the 9:00 p.m. hour. >> sean: as always, thank you. and welcome tonight to "hannity." as inflation rises, the economy stalls, the border spiraling way out of control in the middle of a pandemic and covid-19 mandates. now there's talk tonight, we may have to push that back, the recognition that there are tens and tens of thousands of crucial workers that have decided they're not going to agree with that. regulations having no end in sight, bidens poll numbers plummeting to the mid-30s, and now yet another all-time low according to gallup, since taking office in january, bidens approval rating has not plummeted a whopping 27% with independents.


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