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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 25, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for this evening. we always thank you for being with us. please set your dvr, never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham takes it from here and a little birdie told me you just had a doggy on the set, is that true? >> laura: i did! i held it up to my staff about 11 months ago and now it's a giant yellow mass of hair. so now i have to be very careful. a puppy. her name is zoe. >> sean: is the dog still there? put him on tv. or her. >> laura: she is in the closet because it's lightning. >> sean: going to sound like anthony fauci in a minute. >> laura: all right, hannity, i will bring zoe out tomorrow. >> sean: bring billy out
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tomorrow, i want to meet billy. >> laura: billy? who is billy? get your pronouns correct. >> sean: 30 years in radio, i can't hear a thing. >> laura: i will talk to tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we have a lot to get to so let's dive right in. the american dream loses steam. that's the focus of tonight's angle. this is the left's economic policy into sentences. number one, americans should spend a lot less. number two, the government should spend a lot more. you got it? and democrats, by the way, are about to pop open the champagne on capitol hill. why? because they are closer to spending trillions of dollars we don't have on stuff we don't need. as protected, joe manchin seems poised to betray the people of west virginia and agree to this massive bill, and biden wants these gargantuan spending packages. why? because he wants them for his big trip to glasgow for climate
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change. also he can say "see, guys, we are behaving over there in the united states, we are serious about changing our ways, look, we are creating a new expanded welfare state and more giveaways to cronies who offer green solutions." so pathetic and so predicable. meanwhile, as we unilaterally disarm on oil and gas, germany is building coal plants! of course they are. and of course china never stopped, belt and road baby, it's all the way. that's all that matters to china, global domination of every industry. in the e.u. and china love seeing america prostrate herself on world stage because with biden in charge they will almost always get their way. and somehow back at home, biden's team thinks that they're going to get their way with the voters by stoking inflation with all this spending. they think biden's record low approval numbers will be revived when people's paychecks are
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ravaged by inflation. it seems the only argument for the left is, you know, for democrats at this point, the same one that jimmy carter tried to resounding defeat. people, you consume too much. >> many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption, but we've discovered that only things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning. piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence or purpose. >> laura: how depressing! now, the press knows that as long as the democrats stay in power, americans are going to see their standard of living declined. so all they can do now is try to persuade us to accept that
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decline. and to that end, a lefty writer over at slate named kevin mattson actually pines for the days of jimmy carter. and he wishes that biden could give a speech urging americans to do with less. something like we are used to pushing a button and getting a product delivered. that might have been a necessity at the height of the pandemic, but now it's indefensible. that is, if we care about carbon footprints, climate change. please. i'm begging him, biden should give his own malaise speech just like that. please do it. now, all the usual suspects are picking up on this theme of lowering expectations. over at nbc they want americans to stop using automobiles. check out this title. "americans are in total collective denial about how lethal our car dependency is. it would have to stop normalizing the suffering
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because by cars." is it just me or is it all starting to sound like the babylon be? the point is it's really hard to convince the americans to shrink their ambitions. pursuing and achieving, and yes, purchasing, according to our own free will, it's ingrained to americans dna. that's why biden is using a rhetorical sleight-of-hand with his lame build back better to sell all this nonsense. let me tell you, there's nothing better about it. in this nothing original about it either. joe's speechwriters stole the theme from the one world crowd. >> we owe it to future generations to build back better, including a fairer, greener, and more resilient global economy. >> build back better and more resilient economy. >> looking ahead. we need to build back better. >> laura: i don't know why
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this -- i find this hilarious. biden is a was plagiarizing. of course when china hears this claptrap they see a chance to degrade the power of the u.s. and the power of the nation-states standing up totalitarianism. so china then gets to write the rules of the road while using all of the sappy lingo. >> the earth is our one and only home to scale up efforts to address climate change and to promote sustainable development on the future of humanity. no global problem can be solved by any one country alone. there must be global action, global response, and global cooperation. >> laura: i mean, this is just all music to the heirs of the world economic forum, which has always see the u.s. as an impediment to globalism.
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remember back in the 2016 time frame during the campaign, the wtf painted the picture of their utopia in the not-so-distant future. welcome to the year 2030. welcome to my city, or should i say our city. i don't own anything. if i don't own a car. i don't own a house, i don't own any appliances or any clothes. it might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us in this city. and what were they saying about rent at the world economic forum? no. they envisioned it's all free because it's communal. in our city, we don't pay any rent because someone else is using our free space whenever we do not need it. by living room is used for business meetings when i'm not there. that sounds fun. and by the way, the global elite don't want you worrying about that whole privacy thing anymore either. once in a while i get annoyed about the fact that i have no
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real privacy. nowhere can i go and not be registered. i know that somewhere everything i do, think, and dream of is recorded. i just hope that nobody will use it against me. all in all, it's a good life. that's not made up, that's real. doesn't it sound like a young ccp kind of pamphlet? and four years later, the word "collective" gets used more. of national sovereignty is a quaint, outdated idea for the global billionaires. >> 2021 will be so critical to reestablish trust in our ability to shape our common future in collective and constructive ways. >> so it cannot be a mere restart, it's a reconstruction, must be a transformation. >> every country, city, financial institution, and
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company, needs to adopt credible plans for plans to cut emissions by 50/50. >> laura: you can be sure that they will not suffer under this new regime. if anything, he and the rest of the global billionaires were only get richer. but working-class americans will feel the pain, and they are forced to sacrifice, and they will be forced to tailor their dreams to this new global normal. by the way, it's a new normal where america is just another country in a global league of nations, no better and no worse. now, i remember reagan's answer to this type of defeatist approach that was sold by jimmy carter when reagan spoke at the 1980 g.o.p. convention. >> they tell us they've done the most that could humanly be done. they say that the united states has had its day in the sun, that our nation's past -- they expect to to tell your children that the american people no longer
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have the will to cope with their problems, that the future will be one of sacrifice and few opportunities. my fellow citizens, i utterly reject that view. the american people are the most generous on earth created the highest standard of living, are not going to accept the notion that we can only make a better world for others by moving backward ourselves. >> laura: the people we ran into in mississippi seem to carry that same optimistic spirit forward. you know, mississippi is a state that of course has it's problems, but right now it's economy is booming, and it's on implement rate is nearly half that of new york city. the people of mississippi we ran into are not interested in settling for less. >> democrats and some in the media are saying it's time for you as an american to scale back your expectations. make do with less. is that acceptable to you?
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>> you should not change your lifestyle, absolutely not. do what you want how you want and to have jen psaki out there saying stuff like we are having a crisis -- it's ridiculous and it's insulting. >> 16 years old and i'm going to continue to work and survive for my family and do what we want to do. >> laura: more americans are seeing it, biden and the democrats offered ideology of despair and decline. meanwhile, our populist movement teaches that through hard work and innovation, and by staying true to our traditions, americans of all races can build a better life for themselves and their families. that's the american dream, which biden and his global fraud friends much never be allowed to steal from us. and that's "the angle. but how is build back better selling with the public? welcome a real clear politics
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has biden's approval sitting at its lowest point of his presidency, and a recent gallup poll found that biden's support among independents has plummeted. i kid you not. 27 points since february. it's no wonder the net share of americans who think the country is on the wrong track has nearly tripled since early july. running me now is tom bevan, cofounder and president of real clear politics. tom, this has been a stunning and pretty swift fall. americans not seeming to buy the build back better agenda with gas prices where they are and where they're buying power is shrinking by the day. >> no, definitely not and it's becoming more and more of a concern. in his recent fox news poll, 87% -- 87% of folks said that inflation was their main concern. in a reuters poll from last week, the economy was the number one issue of concern among
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voters, more than the second and third issue, public health and immigration, combined. so clearly the economy is at the top of the list and biden is not trying to sell his plan, but in that same fox poll we had 59% of folks saying that they didn't believe that the build back better plan was going to either make a difference or that it might actually make the economy worse. i think 38% thought it would make the economy better, so the public is not really buying with it administration is selling, especially in terms of dealing with the issues that they care about right now, which is growth and inflation. >> laura: democrats, tom, i think they have a new spin on on the whole inflation problem. watch. >> inflation, a major concern, growing at a rate we haven't seen in 30 years. how much of a discussion was that in your meetings at the white house? >> so actually probably wasn't as much a discussion, build back better, build fast, the infrastructure bill passed, it's going to begin stabilizing.
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it's already starting to stabilize. >> laura: well, tom, is that talking point working that this gigantic bill is going to calm inflation somehow? how is that going to work? >> [laughs] i don't know. it is certainly -- they've made two arguments, number one that it costs zero, not going to add to the national deficit. that really hasn't been accepted by the public. and also this idea that this is somehow going to taint passing -- trillion dollars in spending is going to tame inflation and i don't think that the public or even most economists believe that that's the case. the other problem for the administration though is that they've been sort of dismissed dismissing and mocking. jen psaki from the white house press briefing room the other day talking about the supply chain crises, ron klain tweeting something. they've been off-kilter in terms of not only addressing the issue, but in terms of their tone and dismissing with the
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american public is talking about. >> laura: gas prices are a daily tax on every american, and hitting the low income and middle income americans hardest, and their answer to that is saying it's -- this big spending bill is going to help and lower your expectations, drive less, have expectations where you don't have to buy as much at christmas. i just think after the last year and a half of the pandemic, people don't want to hear "don't go to football games, they're dangerous and don't buy as much for christmas." that's a bummer for most people, just a total bummer. >> yeah, it is sort of -- managing the decline, as people like to say, and biden didn't do himself any favors in his town hall when he was asked about gas prices, said there's not a lot i can do about it and really it's up to saudi arabia. that's not what americans want to hear, especially when we were energy independent just a couple of years ago and now we are relying on saudi arabia to determine whether, you know, people are going to be paying more the pump here or not.
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that's not a winning message with the american public. >> laura: tom, great to see you, thanks so much. no matter what catching in the left uses to sell its plan, whether it's a great reset or build back better, this end goal is always going to be the same. it's about lowering your expectations and ultimately controlling your behavior. that includes what information you consume, where you travel, and how much. how much energy you use. and even what you eat, especially if it comes from a cow. >> we got to address factory farming, navy we shouldn't be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> would you support changing the dietary guidelines give up the food pyramid. >> yeah. >> to reduce red meat specifically. >> yes, i would buried >> laura: joining me now, is a nebraska cattle rancher, trade, the perfect last name for a rancher. good to see you tonight. what would it mean for the country if the left sparked a war on meat?
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>> hey, laura, thanks for having me on. i think it's funny that we've got people in our administration that have been talking about -- they've been in power nine or ten months and they want to do away with something that the human has been consuming for hundreds, thousands of years, and that the most wholesome product on the face of the planet, and that's beef. so to take this kind of dietary guidelines and talked about lab grown, high sulfate, high sodium, cultured meat, we are not taking back what god gave us, and that's the most wholesome, nutritious protein on the planet, and that's beef. >> laura: how has inflation hit your industry? i happen to know a couple of great restaurant tours that specialize in steaks, and have been hearing it from them. what do you think? >> yeah, beef, we have never seen this kind of surging
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demand, never in our industries read [indiscernible] all-time highs. but it's not that way and it's not that we had cattle ranch. my fellow americans, we are -- seen [indiscernible] during the pandemic, and they are telling us, the administration is telling us that cattle and beef are not. a similar thing and just because it's -- like we've never seen in 30 years, that is not coming back to rural america, that is not coming back to ranchers and people that built this country. we just simply aren't seeing that and it's couching our customer and consumer at the same time. >> laura: thank you, we are losing your shot a little bit but i think we got your point. we wish you the best and we will check back with you. maybe it's the hat that threw the shot off. i don't know. good to see you. in october 19th, this show played eight seconds of be role showing empty shelves.
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the footage was mismarked in our system as it actually showed shelves for march 2020. not a big deal but we of course apologized for putting up inaccurate visuals, but the really odd thing came in the ensuing days. publications from politifact to "the washington post" were so concerned with this 82nd mistake. the question is why? because they want to distract from the fact that it is happening now. so in the interest of accuracy, we want to take you on a tour of the united states. check out these shelves from brooklyn saturday. and here in connecticut last thursday. and then glendale colorado, target, you've had a hard time finding meat, even toilet paper. here are some empty shelves in chicago. and finally, in tennessee. i hope that clears some things up the fact-checkers who were very concerned with the eight seconds from our october 19th show. and our next guest says that if
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big tech has its way in the spending bill, they will never again have to hire an american worker if they don't want to. so much for the bernie sanders and aoc crowd being champions of american workers. plus, the alleged rape of a woman by an afghan refugee in montana has officials there calling for a pause in resettlement. the details are shocking, in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> the build back better agenda which we are trying to pass in washington aims to do that, it's a pro-family, pro-worker agenda. >> this important package that will move us forward in terms of america's working plan. >> bigger than anything we've ever done in terms of addressing the need for america's working families. >> laura: but it turns out all that was just lip service of course tucked inside the so-called build back better bill is an insidious provision that would flood the country with t potomac cheap foreign labor. my next guest uncovered sections in the bill that would essentially allow unlimited numbers of green card to be issued to foreign workers, especially in the tech industry. senator bill hagerty joins me now. senator, what does this provision, this language, mean for those americans who want to
7:26 pm
work in industries such as tech? >> laura, they hid this provision in the 2500 page bill. certainly they haven't been touting up with what it does for the american worker is set them back for generations to come while big tech billionaires are smiling all the way to the bank. it gives a 10-year hiatus on the caps on green cards, basically on limited green cards, which means permanent residence for foreign workers right here in america. they can hire as many foreign workers that they want, they don't have to worry about discriminate against american workers, they can do it all day long. just like we facebook had to settle multimillion dollar suit for discriminate against american workers in favor of foreign workers. this provision basically allows that to happen all day long. >> laura: now, it wasn't long ago, senator, i think, that bernie sanders opposed these types of policies. watched. >> the middle class in this country continues to shrink, wages are going down. i don't know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country and get
7:27 pm
workers who will work for lower wages and drive wages down even lower than they are right now. >> laura: senator, what the heck happened to senator sanders? they completely abandon american workers here. if this link which is allowed to stay in the legislation. >> i wrote him on friday to let him know that this was in the bill. perhaps he didn't know. i really am surprised to find myself agreeing on anything with bernie sanders, but in this case, if he indeed wants to protect the american worker, we are on the same page. i don't know where he will come out on this but this bill has so many other problems in it, i'm certain. the big issue here is that we are going to harm american workers, we are going to take away the opportunity for our kids. i was just in memphis, laura, meeting with leaders there, community leaders, encouraging them to get young people to focus on stem in middle school and high score areas. this is going to be something i think we got to focus on to make
7:28 pm
a real opportunity for our youth. we got new high-tech jobs coming into tennessee. i want those kids ready for those jobs. the last thing we want is for those jobs to be given to foreign workers and much worse than what bernie sanders was talk about in the clip, he was talking about guest workers who had come for a temporary period. these are permanent residency status employment arrangements here and they would allow this for a decade. >> laura: you have that and then you have millions of people flooding across our southern border who again, if the democrats have their way, will be able to stay and work in some capacity, most of them in entry-level jobs, but that's going to hurt the lower income people, then the middle income to upper income are going to be heard from the visas, so american citizens are getting it every which way from the democrats' policies. and i'm just going to say this again, senator. aoc, "the squad," sanders, all these so-called republicans were standing by silent, why are you the only one speaking out about
7:29 pm
this? where all the other senators? i mean honestly, where are they tonight? >> we've been digging in deep on this. i intend to expose this to my colleagues and i hope many other republican senators. up and push back on this just like i plan to do. >> laura: i hope so, because we are going to be naming names if they don't. senator haggerty, thank you for bringing this to our attention, what a scandal. for weeks we brought you a story and story after story about the heinous crimes committed by the so-called fully vetted afghan refugees that biden had airlifted into the united states. well, tonight we have another shocking story out of missoula, montana, where 19 rolled afghan refugee has been charged with raping a woman. montana governor is calling on the biden administration to halt the resettlement of afghan refugees in the states. joining me now is congresswoman of new mexico, where there was another issue involving an afghan refugee. congresswoman, you say you have demanded answers from the
7:30 pm
administration and they are stonewalling you? >> yeah, same story as last time, laura. we'd asked now three different times for an update on the ongoing investigation and it really kind of makes me worry why are we looking like it's beginning to seem as though they are protecting the afghans and not the americans, and i want to wonder also, are these perpetrators still on the campus? i mean, how they left, because as you've seen in the news, over 700 people have walked away from these bases in america. we know at least 500 have, and to the point that local law enforcement have been calling residence and to in and around the base camp telling them to lock the doors and windows because they just don't know who had left the base and e being stonewalled with information on an ongoing fbi investigation concerning a service woman. it makes no sense at all. >> laura: you know what we heard morning, noon, and night, we heard that we made promises.
7:31 pm
we made promises, so we have to bring all the people. i don't know who made promises to whom, but this is america, and you have to play by the rules, and we brought a lot of people in here, a really expedited basis, who were not vetted and who were not interpreters and who were not translators. if they were just brought here and now they've left the base and summer committing crimes. and by the way, the media shamelessly painted those of us skeptical of importing these afghan refugees as bigots. >> tonight, the venomous backlash against afghan refugees. >> they are getting caught up in what i call the brown menace, which is this trump, right wing fear of people coming into the country from central and south america. these people seem to be getting swept up into that xenophobia. >> these afghan refugees are happy to be her, they are hopeful. i don't know about you but these are the types of people i want living and working in my
7:32 pm
country. >> laura: really? i don't think that last little snippet aged very well. does he really want these people all living right next to him? i don't think so. >> there's no doubt about it and what's unfortunate is they continue to tell us that they went through extensive vetting. it's really hard for me to believe that somebody who worked along the coalition u.s. forces came to america, stayed here less than six weeks and then committed a crime such as the rape allegation. that makes no sense at all. we are talking a very serious crime here and suddenly they have no criminal background i made past all of these vetting processes with fine colors and now six weeks and -- >> laura: there is no vetting. we have a horrible echo on the line, congresswoman, but there is no vetting. it was a big joke from the beginning it was sold to the public and it was a complete lie. thank you for staying on this story for us. if chapelle has a message for activists trying to cancel him and biden finds a pure group.
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raymond arroyo has all the details in "seen and unseen" next. ♪ ♪ don't be fooled by the bike. or judge him by his jacket. while ted's eyes are on the road, his heart stays home. he's got gloria, and 10 grand-babies, to prove it. but his back made weekend rides tough, so ted called on the card that's even tougher. and the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. medicare from blue cross blue shield. by your side, no matter what.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for a "seen and unseen" segment where we were the all the stories behind the headline and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. raymond, i understand that joe biden made a very special visit today push his build back better agenda. >> as you know, laura, the
7:39 pm
president seems to be having some cognitive difficulties, but today in new jersey coming he gathered around a table with his peers for a policy discussion and he fit right in. watch this. >> holy mackerel. holy mackerel. holy mackerel. your name is landon? i got to stay here and get my instructions. ke legos. i want to stay, can i stay? i don't want to go. >> you might call that gold blocks better, laura. it was a very weird event. the president is clearly pushing the t-shirt union universal pre-k plan, which has a price tag of $450 billion. my thought is who thought leading biden loose in the classroom was a good idea? the awkwardly straddled multiple children. given his history, these are not exactly edifying images. it was a little peculiar. >> laura: what was he doing
7:40 pm
there? playing leapfrog? that was a strange -- >> they advise actors, avoid children and dogs. for addled presidents, that goes double. i don't know how this helps his build back better education spending palouse. >> laura: is like universal pre-k crt, antiracism agenda. because if you're not turning your kids into little propagandists at age five, you got to get them at age three. what's the latest about this hunter biden art heist? i'm sorry, i mean sale of arch. >> remember how jen psaki told us those purchasing hunter biden's art would not be buying influence at the white house. she claimed the gallery owner would make sure another hunter to the white house knew the purchasers were. hunter was fraternizing with potential buyers in l.a. now in a surprise showing, hunter's work is on display in new york and the gallery owner,
7:41 pm
the ethical fire wall silence, laura, showed up on instagram wearing a camp david hat. the question it raises, to the gallery's, did george burgess go to camp david with the first family? you don't pick that hat up at walmart, and does this complicate the ethics of this entire art sale? to my eyes it surely does. >> laura: inquiring eyes want to know. can you get that down on bleecker street from one of the vendors down there? >> i don't think so. george burgess' friend, a columnist, wrote he's wearing a fabulous cap emblazoned with the presidential seal in the words "camp david presidential retreat 46" all over it. doesn't look good. finally, laura -- >> laura: outrageous. >> we have some breaking news. dave chappelle is speaking out after netflix employees staged a walkout after what they say or trans-public comments in his last comedy special.
7:42 pm
netflix stood by the comedian and chapelle just released this on instagram. >> i said what i said and boy, i heard what you said. my god, how could i not? you said you want a safe working environment at netflix. well, it seems like i am the only one that can't go to the office anymore. the only one who didn't cancel me up for the transgender community. i am more than willing to give me an audience, but you will not summon me. i am not bending to anybody's demands. in my or not? and let's go. >> that was from nashville show the other day, laura. chappelle says his untitled documentary about doing comedy stand-up throughout 2020, he can't find a distributor.
7:43 pm
film distribution and studios have walked away from him. but he's clearly drawn a line in the sand that several comedians i spoke with today set is a long time coming and it's an important battle. >> laura: my question is why does he even feel like he needs to address, you know, the few members of the trans community who are upset? i'm sure not all of them are upset, number one. number two, people making a lot of noise, chappelle should just go on his merry way, he's making tons of money. i'm sure if he puts his thinking cap on, he's a smart guy, even though he's attacked me personally -- stupid move on his part -- but he can just get through it, he can find us tradition buried are you worried about him finding distribution? i'm not. >> he's on the road with joe grogan and a number of other guys and look, this is like the rebel tour, burning the country up. but look, it incited a media firestorm, this story. you know the folks in hollywood who controlled distribution are
7:44 pm
leaning on dave chappelle, but he said i will meet with the trans community with a couple of conditions, i get to set the timetable. you have to watch my special in total and you have to admit, hannah gadsby is not funny. she is the lesbian comedian who also has a special on netflix and she was not too happy about what dave chappelle had to say. >> laura: look, it kind of has them in a box here, which is great -- i think this his hilarious to watch. they really don't know what to do with chappelle and he's holding up a mirror to them and what they should see in the mirror is rank hypocrisy. pushes buttons the way comedians are supposed to push buttons, and they don't like it because he kind of exposes the dash it kind of goes as after everybody but he exposes them along the way. they will brook no dissent, period, they will not allow anyone to call them up. >> chappelle may win this one. >> laura: i think he's winning
7:45 pm
it. i think he is winning it and they are come as you said, raymond -- the other folks are the most unfunny, unhappy people out there and the rest of us are just having a good time. so you expose them, raymond, and so does chappelle, great job tonight. and still ahead, why is the january 6th rider who led the first charge into the capital being shielded suddenly by the feds, and why is the attorney general refusing to talk about it? congressman thomas massie has the shocking details next. ♪ ♪ did you know that you don't have to be 65 years old to qualify for medicare? that's right. in fact, many people who are already on medicaid also qualify for a medicare advantage plan.
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♪ ♪ >> probably going to go to jail soon. tomorrow, we need to go into the capital! into the capital! [indiscernible]. >> as far as we can find, this individual has not been charged with anything. said this is one of the most sweeping investigations in the history. have you seen that video or those frames from that video? >> so, as i said at the outset, one of the norms of the justice department is to not comment on pending investigations, and particularly not to comment about particular scenes or particular individuals.
7:51 pm
>> laura: the individual that the attorney general refuses to answer questions about is a man named ray apps. so why is he potentially important here? according to a new investigation from revolver, apps may have led the breach team that first entered the capital on january 6th. moreover, revolver also reports that the fbi stealthily removed ray apps from his capital violence most wanted list on july 1st. why would they do that? congressman thomas massie has been looking into this. what that his reaction there tell you? they aren't supposed to comment on ongoing investigations, he's right about that. but this apps thing, when they were getting grandma. you know, hauling grandma in for questioning, but this guy doesn't get -- he just kind of disappears? very odd. >> in light of the recent revelations that half the
7:52 pm
plotters in the whitmore kidnapping plot were fbi agents or informants or assets, and in light of that video, which in part of that video, laura, the crowd is chanting "fed, fed, fed" at the gentleman in question. i thought it was only fair to give merrick garland, chief law enforcement officer of the country, a chance to clear this up. look, i'm not -- you know, he can comment buried by the way, i followed up with another question. i said don't comment on any of the suspects, just comment on your own officers in general. how many were there, how many encouraged the crowd to breach the capital, and how many of themselves went into the capital? he can absolutely answer those questions, laura. earlier in that hearing he answered jim jordan's question. he said there would be no fbi agents at school board meetings. if you can tell that, then he can tell us there were none there on january 5th or january 6th. >> laura: they said multiple times there will be no stone
7:53 pm
left unturned, it will be the biggest investigation we've ever done in the history of the fbi, but you just mentioned it, congressman, so we need to play it, the moment the crowd seems to be onto him. watch. >> into the capital! [screaming] >> fed, fed, fed! >> laura: oh. congressman, the crowd was highly suspicious that the feds were trying to infiltrate the rally there. has anyone been able to explain this individual not being in custody, questions, removed from any kind of list that the fbi had assembled? >> it's highly suspect that his picture was on the fbi web page and then they took it down after six months. and i thought this was a sweeping investigation. his begs another question, laura. if the attorney general is not going to answer any of our
7:54 pm
questions in the judiciary committee about january 6th, then why does the january 6th committee, pelosi and cheney's committee here in congress, exist? i assume he's not going to answer any of their questions either. why does that committee exist? you know, merrick garland, we should give him another chance. he should come on tv and answer this question. we are not asking about anybody was going to be convicted. we are only asking about his assets and his agents. at the time they weren't his but they work for him now. >> laura: congressman, we are going to follow up. we are going to follow-up with you. thank you very much, we will get back to that end an exciting announcement next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: we have exciting news on "the ingraham angle." one of our producers just got engaged. she and malcolm are a wonderful couple, and we are so happy for both of them.
8:00 pm
wondering why she left early on saturday. as she had something important to get done. anyway, congratulations. best wishes to both of you. wonderful news. we have great gear. we gave billy a lot over the weekend wonderful time. this is all for charity. enjoy it. nice comfy, cozy on greg gutfeld. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome to another monumental monday, you marvelous maniacs. it's the start of our first halloween weeklong extravaganza. as you can see, i am in costume. i came tonight as jesse walker. you can tell i am h


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