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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 25, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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instead they came from all over the world. they were judged on density and length of their hair in categories like mustache dolly whiskers freestyle. >> dana: geraldo will be here tomorrow we can find out if he spent the weekend in germany. >> dana: great show, everyone. thank you very much. that is it for us. bret baier is up next. >> bret: i want to say i like candy corn. defending candy corn. thank you, dana. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden says he hopes his fellow democrats can reach agreement on his massive tax and spending plan before he leaves for climate summit in europe wednesday. but, he is not sure. internal squabbles among democrats have prevented passage of the legislation for months now. and now a completely new way to pay for the bills is raising new questions. we'll talk about all of that live with utah senator mitt romney in just a moment. today, president biden was in
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the northeast pushing hard for the plan which continues to undergo late changes. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich starts us off live tonight on the north lawn, good evening, jackie. >> good evening to you, bret. on his way to new jersey, to promote his plan, the president said that a deal could get done ahead of his foreign trip by the grace of god and with the goodwill of neighbors. but, he is putting hits foot on the gas with hopes can come together in just degree days. three days. >> these bills are not left vs. right or leading the world or continuing to let the world pass us by. >> president biden in new jersey spending plan still as democrats have not settled on proposed programs and ways to pay for it have fluff support to pass. the frenzy of activity up against the clock just days before the president meets with foreign leaders in italy and scotland where he hopes it have a legislative achievement in his back pocket. >> do you want a deal by the time you leave for -- >> -- yes. >> something you expressed to democrats.
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>> that's my hope. it would be very, very positive to get it done before the trip. thank you. >> with no time to waste, the president huddled this weekend with chuck schumer and senator joe manchin with publicly backed passage half the size the president proposed. sources tell fox democrats now expect the final agreement to fall below $2 trillion. but the white house insists it still costs nothing. >> and by the way, you hear these numbers, 3.5 trillion or 1.75 trillion, we pay for it all. it doesn't increase the deficit one single cent. [applause] >> business leaders say that's fuzzy math. >> i think it's going to add to the inflation because all that has to get paid for. how do you get it paid for? you raise taxes. the fed is going to have to step in and do something. and taxes -- taxes are a hidden inflation cost to the average family. >> and republicans say no matter what the final agreement is, it's a problem for america. >> take some bad stuff out and
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put other stuff in to make it up. and so as this package gets scaled down as we have seen it happen through these continued talks, the white house has begun framing whatever gets done as historic. we started to see that shift in messaging last week when it became clear some of the key climate provisions were going to get scrapped. the white house saying no one policy makes or breaks climate effort. so this shift could be seen and is being seen by some as expectation setter in case the top line amount falls far below what was initially proposed. >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn, thank you. >> i wouldn't call that a tax but it would help get at capital gains which are large part of the incomes of the wealthiest individuals and right estate
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taxation. >> bret: treasury secretary janet yellen talking about new proposal for the pay-for for this administration proposal. let's talk about that and what's being debated on capitol hill with utah republican senator former republican presidential nominee mitt romney. senator, thanks for being here. >> thanks bret, good to be with you. >> bret: first of all, before we getted into the nitty gritty and details here. there is optimism being projected by the administration and democrats on the hill. where do you see these pieces of legislation tonight at this time. >> the democrats want to get something done for the president because he is kind of circling the drain with the electorate in the country. as a result they are willing to do almost anything, i think. i think you will see legislation pass. but the real problem is the legislation is not popular with the american people. and it doesn't address the concerns people have. they are concerned about inflation, they are concerned about empty shelves. and this legislation makes things worse not better. >> bret: let's talk about this
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new paid for structure. it's a proposal to go after unrealized capital gains. some people are calling it wealth tax on 700 billionaires. why in your opinion does this not work? >> first of all, it's not a good idea to tell billionaires don't come to america, don't start your business here to tell the steve jobs and the bill gaetz and people like that this isn't the place to grow your business go somewhere else. that's not a good idea. tax people not with they sell something just when they oown it and the value goes up. what that means is the people multibillionaires are look and say i don't want to investigate in the stock market because if that goes up, i am going to get taxed. so maybe i will, instead, invest in a ranch or in paintings or things that don't build jobs that create a stronger economy. that kind of distortion of our economic system is a bad idea for the entire country country we depend upon people of means to invest in enterprises and stock market. that's one of the reasons why the stock market keeps going up
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which is good for all of us. the idea that there is somebody out there give us up for free is just not going to work. >> looking back at the alternative minimum tax the ant when it was first created it was going after a very small number of people and over the years it expanded. to roughly 5 million people under amt, is that what you see potentially happening here? >> well, that's, of course, one concern. which is not only will you convince billionaires not to invest as much as they have in the past businesses or starting investments in the stock market, but instead you will have more and more people that get hit with a tax. the idea of taxing people as the value of something goes up, not when they sell it, but just when the value goes up, that's a pretty dramatic change. the unintended consequences from that kind of change i don't know if the democrats have thought through. and whether it applies to 700 billionaires or 700,000 americans, ultimately, the idea of taxing people based on the value of something going up suggests values will keep going
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up. what happens when they go down? are they going to get a refund check? are they going to get paid interest for not having had the benefit of their money during the time when they were taxed when it went up before? there are so many problems with a dramatically new tax scheme that i don't think the democrats have thought through. i think it's a big mistake. i know a lot of people recognize that with nature everything is connected. and that if you change some portion of our natural system, why it could have an impact throughout our natural environment. well, the same is true in the economy. when you change dramatic an aspect of how we tax people you can expect a lot of unintended consequences new tax idea -- >> bret: the president keeps on saying this is not going to add a single dollar to the national debt and this is all going to be paid for. even though the paid fors have changed dramatically in the past few days. you do a lot of reaching across the aisle talking to democrats.
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do you think moderate democrats like the senators mark warner, like the maggie hasans, like other senators are going to go for this kind of big change on this issue? >> well, i think they look and see that the president is in trouble they see democrats are in trouble politically. they want to new tax system of some kind so they can if you will hold fast to their original commitment. i think they are making a mistake to raise taxes. i think they are making a big mistake to put in place a new tax scheme. have a significant impact on the economy. and, i also think they are spending money in the wrong ways. look, they are adding to inflation. and instead of dealing with something like the emergence of china as a global competitor, we are going to be giving out two years of free pre-k. raising taxes at a time we
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shouldn't and also encouraging more inflation and not addressing the real problems that our country faces and that the american people are concerned about. >> bret: you know, president obama went after you as a republican nominee in 2012 on this issue of taxes that you were paying less as a nurse or secretary. and it is the same a messaging that they are using today. here is senator dick durbin. >> but you ought to pay some taxes. if you can build rockets and take your friends up for a little shot into space, shouldn't you pay a few bucks in taxes? i don't think it's unream. ununreasonable. same thing true for corporations. look at the most profitable corporations in america too darn many of them pay no taxes. what's going on here? >> bret: is that attractive politically, senator. >> obviously been working for the democrats for a long time it's simply just not true which is that people pay taxes and the higher income people in america as you know pay a higher share of their income in taxes as they
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should. as a matter of fact, we are one of the most progressive, meaning one of the most highly taxed high income people in the world plunge developed nations. corporations pay taxes on income. follow the rules and report the income consistent with those rules and pay taxes if they have a profit. if they don't have a profit, they don't have a tax. so, these are obviously diversionary things and the reality is that people are paying their fair share. if there are people getting around the law somehow, there is a loophole, fix the loophole, but don't create a new tax which is going to encourage high income people not to invest in starting businesses not to invest in the stock market and create more jobs here. that's a serious mistake. >> bret: i want to read tweets from larry summers obviously prominent democrat in several dreargses talking about inflation. when the biden administration inflated budget in february it
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expected 2% inflation in 2021. i was warning about inflation. their forecast is no locker operative. may and june secretary yellen expressed confidence it would be late by 2021, early 2022. now this forecast is no longer operative. he goes on to say in the interview secretary yellen asserts twice that inflation has decelerate. this is a bit misleading. as the tree month and 12 month cpi inflation rates are both around 5% on annual basis. democrat larry summers. finally your thoughts about inflation and where we are on that issue? >> i think it's hard to predict what inflation is going to do in the future. we are seeing it now, people are seeing it in the prices they pay for food and gasoline. but $1.9 trillion that the biden administration put out in january. now asking for trillions of dollars more i hope you understand what a trillion is. a million seconds ago it was early october. a billion seconds ago george henton walker bush was president
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a trillion seconds ago. a trillion seconds ago neanderthals walked the earth. trillion is enormous amount of money. creating inflation hurting the american people. >> bret: senator mitt romney we appreciate your time tonight. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: the dow closed record close. the 64, 1722. the nasdaq jumped 137. president biden has selected the president of the national school board association to a federal panel that develops tests to track student progress. viola garcia leads that group which wrote a letter to the president calling parents protesting at school board meetings domestic terrorists over the weekend that group apologized for that letter. issuing that late friday afternoon. a source lois to attorney general merrick garland says he and his team are pleased to the apology and that syncs up with
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his thinking, the attorney general's thinking. he was on the fence last week in front of house republicans who criticized attorney general's own memo on the subject call for justice department intervention on this issue. he will face more questions likely this week in front of senators. meantime a judge in loudoun county, virginia ruled in a case of a male student accused of raping a female student in a stone bridge high school restroom in late may, according to the attorneys representing the victim's family. they say the judge ruled the young man engaged in nonconsensual sex. sentencing will be next month. that case, you remember, made headlines when the girl's father cited the attack during a heated school board meeting. the superintendent said his office did not have any record of such an assault. he later said he wrongly interpreted the question and apologized. well, education is the number one issue or one of them in a virginia governor's race, which enters its final full week of campaigning. democrat terry mcclawch is bringing in his party's top stars to try to hold off
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republican glenn youngkin. correspondent alexandria hoff tells us where things stand tonight from fairfax, virginia. >> good morning. >> good morning. [cheers] >> you guys are up early this morning. >> how are you? >> republican glenn young i can be and former virginia governor democrat terry mcauliffe continue to pepper the commonwealth in a race to break sudden tying position in the polls. for democrats it's all hands on deck. >> thank you very, very much for coming today. >> today matthew's band was part of terry mcauliffe's. >> governor terry mcauliffe. >> stacey abrams let her voice as did former president barack obama in richmond on saturday. >> we are at a turning point right now both here in america and around the world because there is a mood out there, we see it. >> you bet it's a turning point because virginians are so tired of what tea mcauliffe andnd the left liberal progressives have
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done to virginia. [chants shame on you] >> youngkin gained ground on mcauliffe as he pushed for parent empowerment in schools. mandate vaccines for students, educators and healthcare workers. >> glenn youngkin and donald trump share a dangerous, divisive agenda this would take our commonwealth backwards. on education, virginia beach african-american political action council. youngkin's campaign promised to increase funding for historically black colleges and universities, virginia's only black governor, douglas wilder says could give the republican an edge. he told "the washington examiner," quote: when glenn youngkin says that it's a high priority, there are people who won't forget it tomorrow president biden will campaign for mcauliffe in northern virginia despite the candidate having expressed concern over the president's low approval ratings' impact on the campaign. >> he knows that. he has all these people trying to come in bail out his failing campaign. >> today, mcauliffe announced
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that vice president harris will campaign for him once again at an event on friday that will feature performance by pharrell, former vice president mike pence will be making a stop in loudoun county, virginia on thursday to discuss educational freedom in schools. but youngkin tells me this stop is not tied to their campaign. bret? >> bret: alex, thank you. up next, we introduce you to the brand new fox weather and take you to the site of some extreme weather out west. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield...
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>> bret: midwesterners dealing with the effect of severe weather tonight a knew thousand people without power as strong storms hovered over that area. o'hare airport is 05 cancellations today. electricity cut for thousands of homes and businesses in southeast, missouri after several tornadoes and high winds swept through that area last night. a tornado hit southwest of. farmington fortunately no reports of injuries. new way to get information. fox weather app. up and running said to be the number one in the app. store. fox weather app. up and running comes at a time extreme weather in the west.
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storms have been pounding that region actually out west for some time and flash flooding is a concern in the areas 1k5rd by wildfires. fox weather correspondent max gordon is in feather river canyon tonight in california. good evening, max. >> hey, good evening. welcome to the steep, rugged terrain of the sierra foothills this san area that is no stranger to fire. earlier in the summer the dixie fire chewed up nearly a million acres of land, but right now the concern isn't about fire, it's about the flooding that comes after it. now, burn scar areas are an issue right now because when a wildfire burns through the woods it, destroys trees, vegetation, and did you have on the forest floor that helps soak up rain that leads to flash flooding whether you have heavy rain fall like we have been experiencing in california. vegetation holds the soil in place like mud slides and other issues can be a problem on burn scars. mudslide on highway 70 about 8 miles north of the tiny
3:22 pm
community, shut down a large stretch of highway 70 that wrongs along the feather river canyon through the dixie. no word when it will reopen or how long it will take to clear the debris from mudslide. while the rain can be destructive it is very needed. california in the midst of a severe are drought and californias and lakes running low. orville second largest reservoir. over the summer lake levels hit historic lows. reservoir held only less than a quarter of its capacity. now with this rainwater levels in the lake are on the rise. meanwhile things are expected to be drying out here in northern california. we have seen some sunshine peek out today which is good news because the flash flooding threat should now be over. bret, back to you. >> bret: all right, max. congratulations on the launch, too. >> thank you. >> bret: a public strengthened and hurricane rick bearing down on mexico's southern pacific coast. warnings of flash floods and mud
3:23 pm
slides in the coastal mountains there. a half dozen emergency shelters have opened in the region. up next. live team coverage of the border crisis as thousands of migrants head through mexico on the way to the u.s.s. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the u.s. are covering tonight. fox 6 in milwaukee as the judge considers whether use of force experts can testify at the trial of an illinois teenager accused of shooting three people during a protest against police brutality in wisconsin last year. it's likely the last hearing before kyle rittenhouse goes on trial november 1st. his attorneys are seeking expert testimony to bolster their case that the teen acted in self-defense. wfxt suffolk county sheriff says he is optimistic his plan to use empty treatment center for the homeless is close to becoming a reality. outgoing mayor ken jamie announced last week encampments are no longer allowed on public
3:24 pm
property there under the plan police would pick up people with outstanding warrants and relocate them to that facility. this is a live look at minneapolis from fox 9. our affiliate out there. the big story there tonight, minnesota's congressional delegation introduce as resolution to posthumously award the congressional gold medal to pop super star prince who died in 2016. lawmakers cite what they call his indelible mark on minnesota and american culture. the resolution is led by congresswoman ilhan omar and senator amy klobuchar. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ and just being sustainable isn't enough. our future depends on regeneration.
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that's why we're working to not only protect our planet, but restore, renew, and replenish it. so we can all live better tomorrow. ♪♪
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>> bret: breaking tonight highly organized caravan of 3,000 migrants is now heading through mexico toward the u.s. border. we have fox team coverage tonight. bill melugin and his team go on patrol with officials targeting human smugglers in south texas, this side of the border. we begin on the other side with correspondent griff jenkins in southern mexico and the latest on this migrant caravan. good evening, griff. >> griff: good evening, bret. the migrants had a rough day. the heat was so bad they had to stop in the shade for three hours. we witnessed a pregnant woman faint. then the tropical storm hit when they resumed. so they stopped here where it's
3:29 pm
just 25 miles north of where they began in top choula over the weekend. >> they have been walking for three days, a new migrant caravan 3,000 strong from all over the world. central america, south america, haiti, cuba, africa, refusing to be deterred by the mexican national guard. >> we tried to stop them on the first day. they are determined on making it to the united states the situation in my country is tough momentarily. it's time to go back to the united states. >> griff: but the journey is hard on foot in 90-degree heat. women with small babies, children in strollers, some even wheelchair bound. temporary aid stations along the way offer assistance. the caravan is following this same path of the caravans of 2019. organized by the same person. pueblo only this time a qr code was used to sign up. mohica is demanding the mexican
3:30 pm
government do more for the migrants and give them work permits. he also has harsh criticism for how president biden is handling the border crisis. >> all the biden administration is doing is throwing money at it you know, it's not really fixing anything. they don't even -- i don't even think they care about this issue. so when i see this, it hurts me because i voted for biden. >> many migrants also had a message for the president. >> we want to be there to work. the message we want to send to him as to be patient to -- for everyone. >> griff: much of the group knows their journey may not be a successful one. >> >> griff: are you worried you might get there and be deported back to -- >> i'm really worried. i'm really worried for many, many things. >> >> griff: bret, organizers say migrant also start marching again before dawn tomorrow. mexican officials won't tell us
3:31 pm
whether they plan to stop them although they have been monitoring them all along the route. same route as it was two years ago, well, they have got more than 2400 miles to the u.s. border. what's different this time, mexican nationals are prohibited by law from transporting them. bret? >> bret: griff jenkins live in southern mexico with that caravan. griff, thank you. tonight we have new exclusive video from south texas. our team embedded with texas state troopers and special ops personnel there as they carried out missions targeting human smuggling and other criminal activity. here is correspondent bill melugin. >> a shocking scene in texas monday afternoon as we witnessed dozens of illegal immigrants hiding inside of a train car in which they had been hitching a ride in the blistering heat. while embedded with texas dps, we watched as troopers pulled the migrants out one by one. all of them single adult men who have been hoping to use the train to get further into the
3:32 pm
u.s. 2023 men were pulled out in total. and their demeanor changed noticeably when texas troopers told them they would be going to jail for criminal trespassing instead of being handed off to border patrol. earlier in the day we saw more migrants hitching rides on trains passing through the area which is about 40 miles inland from the border. when this train came to a stop, texas dps arrested the migrants on board. five of them in total. all men. they told us they were trying to get to san antonio. troopers checked them for tattoos, looking for possible signs of gang affiliation and then took them into custody. they will also go jail for criminal trespassing. and take a look at this video. on sunday, in the exact same area, texas dps found 19 migrants hiding inside brand new cars that were being shipped on trains. how they got inside of them is unknown. texas dps has been working the train wards for months now,
3:33 pm
often encountering runners and migrants trying to estraight. they have made more than 1300 arrests on trains since july. that includes gang members and cartel members. and texas doesn't believe in catch and release. >> our message is do not come to the state of texas because you will be apprehended and placed in jail. we are not going to lay out the red carpet not like what the federal government is doing. apprehend these individuals and place them in jail and that's what we are doing right now. >> bret, one important thing to point out is that the central government is not out here working these trains. border patrol is not out here. it is only texas dps. you can see in just a matter of hours how busy it can get out here. texas state troopers tell us they're the last line of defense when it comes to these trains. they say if they weren't out here patrolling it would be a total free for all. we will send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin along the border in texas, thanks. up next the russian cyber war on the u.s. intensifies. ♪ >> our networks are under siege every single day.
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behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start. ♪ >> bret: police in poisey, idaho say five people and police officer injured a shooting in a shopping mall. they say one person is now in custody. police are briefing reporters saying they are working their way through each business at the malibu do not have information indicating additional threats. police are asking people to avoid that particular area. authorities in new mexico say actor alec baldwin was rehearsing a scene in which he was set to draw his gun while sitting in a church pew when that weapon fired. a cinematographer was killed and the film's director was wounded. a camera operator tells authorities baldwin was told the gun was safe to use. new york city municipal employees protesting against the covid-19 vaccine mandate there shut down the brooklyn bridge into manhattan late this morning. nearly 50,000 city employees
3:39 pm
have set to be vaccinated with a deadline just days away. workers must have their first shot by 5:00 p.m. friday if they want to come to work november 1st. the biden administration is detailing its new international covid-19 air travel policies for most foreign travelers to the u.s. they start november 8th. foreign nonimmigrant adults will need to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 with limited compensations and all travelers will need to be tested for the virus before boarding an aircraft to the u.s. the moderna says a low dose of its covid-19 vaccine is safe and appears to work in 6 to 11-year-olds. moderna has not yet gotten the go ahead to offer vaccine to teens. studying lower doses in younger children while it waits. pfizer's kid size vaccine is undergoing evaluation by the food and drug administration for youngsters and could be available by early november. pharmacies have starting to offer a variety of covid-19
3:40 pm
booster shots, days after health officials approved the extra dose for moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. walgreen's, walmart, sam's club and rite aid say they will have the pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson doses for eligible parents. cvs will carry pfizer and moderna booster shots. former facebook scientist says the company is making online hate and extremism worse. francis hallgen spoken to british. profits over safety she says and hid its own research from investors and the public. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has disputed the portrayal of the company saying it paints a false picture. despite all of this controversy, today facebook reported a higher profit for the latest quarter saying its net income grew 17% to more than $9 billion from july through september. there are new warnings tonight
3:41 pm
about russian-based cyberattacks. microsoft says the same agency behind last year's massive solar wind strike is targeting hundreds more companies and organizations inside the u.s. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon fills us in tonight. >> russia's cyberattacks continue. microsoft telling over 600 customers they had been attacked close to 23,000 times. the success rate in the low single digits by the same group responsible for the hack on solar winds. >> this is the single intelligence group of the russian foreign intelligence service. >> we have professional, exceptionally skilled. >> microsoft says they noticed the latest intrusions beginning in may. a month after the biden administration announced new sanctions on russia for cyberattacks. this time it is attacking a different part of the supply chain. resellers and other technology service providers that customize, deploy and manage cloud services. the pentagon says it comes under cyberattack every day. >> the department at large gets
3:42 pm
attacked thousands and thousands a times a day and so we are obviously, we work very hard to make sure that we can build our resilience against those kinds of attacks. >> the state department announced plans to name a new cyber czar to deal with the new threat. >> we plan to establish cyberspace policy led by senate confirmed ambassador at large. >> lloyd austin recently visited ukraine on russia's doorstep. >> we again call on russia to halt its persistent cyberattacks and other maligned activities against the u.s. and our allies and partners. >> cyber experts like james lewis say new tools are needed. the main thing is enough to the hack per se but the russians don't deter us anymore. we have to get over some of these 20th century ideas. >> last summer after a meeting vladimir putin in geneva, president biden said he would
3:43 pm
sphiewnd any more russian cyberattacks, today russia appears to be undeterred. bret? >> lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. thanks. multiple officials tell fox news the u.s. military was tipped off to last week's attack on a small base in syria housing american forces. those personnel were then moved before that drone strike. american officials believe iran was behind the drone attack. they say it was launched by iranian proxy forces under orders from tehran. one official says five drones were used in that attack. up next, the panel on the new additions to the president's massive tax and spending plan and just how much clout on capitol hill does he have left? ♪ ♪
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>> the bills are going to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the country for better for years to come. you hear these numbers 3.5 trillion or 1.75 trillion, we pay for it all. >> the president looked us in the eye and he said i need this before i go represent the united states in glasgow, america prestige. >> quite possible they will try to jam something down our throats this week. hard to say when will be in this package. we can tell by what they have
3:48 pm
been saying it won't be good for this country and put us on a path toward socialism. >> bret: massive legislation, the sausage process on capitol hill and a lot happening. will the final moments changing the whole dynamic of the thing. we have seen this before. and this has polls, including our latest fox poll show on the economy the president is under water. as you see there. 39% and then if you break it down by affiliation, independents, he is losing exponentially. it's not just our poll, it's other polls that show independence leaving president biden in droves as this legislation is churned up on capitol hill. let's bring in our panel fox news senior political analyst brit hume. mollie hemingway federalist and charles lane opinion writer for "the washington post." it's to see all the maturations on the hill. trying to make this deadline that passes before he leaves for the climate summit in glasgow.
3:49 pm
i'm not sure everybody is playing the same game. >> well, it's also the case, bret, that i don't think the public care as fig about this glasgow summit and whether the president has his package. i don't think it will make any particle to the difference to the outcome of that summit and whether he does torrent. it's also not clear either, bret, that he is going to improve his standing with the public if he is able somehow to ram this bill or something this package, this new spending through or something close to it because we have had all this spending so far. the public is worried about spending. and it's certainly worried about deficits. but even more so it's worried about inflation. i think people generally believe that government spending with a cause of inflation. so, you know, they may be able to get something done. it's not at all clear to me it's going to work out for them politically if they do. >> the pay fors, you know, when we say pay fors, how they are going to raise taxes to pay for what they are proposing. here's the treasury secretary, senator romney on this show.
3:50 pm
>> it would impose a tax on realized capital gains on liquid assets held by extremely wealthy individual billionaires. i wouldn't call that a wealth tax. >> it's not a good idea to tell billionaires don't come to america, don't start your business here, tell the steve jobs and bill gaetz and people like that. this isn't the place to build your business go somewhere else. >> we depend on people of means to invest in enterprises to invest in the stock market. >> bret: chuck, for the longest time the pay for was going to be increase in the corporate tax rit, increase in the individual rate. now unrealized capital gains for 700 billionaires. >> well, what happened was kyrsten sinema said she didn't want to vote for anything that raised the capital gains rate or the corporate tax rate or the individual rate.
3:51 pm
incidentally this wasn't joe manchin's objection he was willing to raise the corporate rate though he objected to a lot of spending. what strikes me is the enormous disconnect between what seems to be emerging from all of this and where the president started in his campaign and what he promised to do with the tax code which was essentially undo a lot of the trump tax can you say in 2017. with the exception of corporate minimum tax and proposal on billionaires which has a lot of details left to be worked out to put it mildly, that all seems to have gone out the window now and that when all is said and done the individual tax rates may remain from the trump system. and i must say that from a progressive or a liberal point of view, that's a very murky kind of an outcome. yeah, sure, it's great to nic the billionaires a little bit more. there is a lot of millionaires and hundred millionaires who are still going to be racking up
3:52 pm
huge capital gains. >> bret: mollie, i said over the weekend on "fox news sunday" it's legislative jenga you pull out a block and the thing could come tumbling down. who is to say moderates okay with all of this? so far republicans are holding the line here. it's not a done deal by any way, shape, or form. >> think about how there is no republican engagement with this because of how extreme it is. so we have the variation from super progressive folks to so-called moderates who are still willing to have trillions of dollars of additional spending and this is pretty radical. it's very different from what president biden promised in his campaign. chuck is talking about what he talked about the tax code. he also said he would be a moderate and centrist e would unite the country. and pushing through a far left agenda. and it does seem like not a lot of thought going into it i understand transportation funding about to run out and they want to get the
3:53 pm
infrastructure bill passed. it's also true that this scheme of having a few hundred billionaires is probably not the most effective way to handle it because nothing like this has been done before. we don't know what the effects of it would be. mitt romney talked about how this could cause people to move offshore. wealth inequality is a big problem. but, taxing the rich more is a less effective way than making sure that the middle class, which has suffered so much since the 1970s could grow and expand. >> bret: not only that, brit, are you going to get enough money. >> bret, and one more thing about that, the tax on unrealized capital gains i think is a wealth tax no matter what janet yellen says. the constitution authorizes the government to tax income. well, unrealized capital gains i'm sorry are not income. it's not even clear this would be legal. this would be constitutional if they were able to do it. i guarantee you it were to pass,
3:54 pm
were to stand, it would never raise the amount of revenue they project because behavior would be changed to avoid the tax. >> bret: right. i mentioned with senator romney, chuck, the amt started out very, very narrow the alternative minimum tax. then suddenly broadened as the need for more revenue increased. >> well, i tend i tend to think -- >> bret: go ahead. >> i'm sore my audio went out. i tend to think even the projections that i have heard for this are not very substantial. 250 billion over 10 years isn't a whole lot of the 1.75 trillion they are now talking about. and president biden has emphatically said this would be 100 percent paid for. and i think those words may come back to haunt him. >> bret: we will follow it okay, panel. when we come back, tomorrow's
3:55 pm
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well the world food program declares afghanistan the world's most serious humanitarian drivers. the collapse of the afghan economy is a real sleeper issue following the withdrawal of u.s. troops and hunger is spreading in that country. >> bret: all right, brit? >> it finally begins to dawn on trump supporters that the democrats' current use of donald trump as their best issue may be a sign that trump may not be the republican's best hope for returning to power in 2022 and 2024. >> bret: the tweets go to at brit hume. mollie? >> in response to democratic pressure, major league baseball moved their all-star game from georgia earlier this year because georgia ask voters to have identification when they vote. and now the world series will be
4:00 pm
held in two voter i.d. states. georgia and texas. >> bret: that is quite something after all of that. panel, thank you very much. tomorrow on "special report," we will talk about tensions between the u.s. and china with arkansas republican senator tom cotton. thanks for insight us into your home tonight, that's it for "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by the man brian kilmeade starts right now. >> let the record show you did not call the man. you called me the man. correct? [laughter] >> brian: i think you are picking favorites, bret. >> bret: no, will is the man, too you are the man this week. >> brian: what a come down. bret have a good night. good evening, everyone. and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm brian kilmeade. all right, let me tell you what's it comg up on the show. check the big board. lindsey graham is going to be with us in a matter of moments. talk about afghanistan and what we learned from ambassador dal ziad what stacey abrams said yesterday in


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