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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 25, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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much continued success to you, really is an amazing story and i hope everyone gets a look deeper into what you've built there even be on this promotional. we'll talk to you again really soon. back tomorrow, you can catch me on making money tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we will be watching facebook popping in after-hours trading, the five starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with dagen mcdowell, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. president biden hitting the road pushing his multitrillion dollar spending plan as he becomes increasingly unpopular. >> this is a tax cut, changes the lives of the american people. so let's get this done, let's
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move. we have the most talented workforce in the world, what are we doing? what in gods name are we doing? by the way, you hear these numbers, 3.5 trillion or 1.75 trillion, we pay for it all. it doesn't increase the deficit one single cent. >> dana: with a backdrop of americans facing product shortages, bidens approval knob wow numbers losing more ground from the start of his term than any other president. affording the high prices are here to stay. >> when do you expect the inflation to get back to the 2% range which is considered normal? 2022, 2023, when? >> i expect that to happen next year. we are going through a period of
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inflation that is higher than americans have seen in a long time, but we haven't lost control. >> dana: some of the media telling americans to stop complaining. worried about the supply chain? stop buying so much stuff which is not the most american of attitudes. >> jesse: no, it is not. and we get these types of things when democrats are in office. all of a sudden, the media can shift the accountabilities of the american people so shut up, you pampered shopaholic and start lowering your expectations, that happen during the last democratic president, we would get hit with a domestic terror attack and told that's your fault or we would get high gas prices and they'd say you shouldn't have bought that suv and then a republican gets in the office and everything is his fault. racism, sexism, your girlfriend
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has a drinking problem, everything on the earth is that presidents problems with the problem with joe biden as he is creating problems and then ignoring the problems he's creating. he's not doing either one and that's why his poll numbers are sliding so dramatically. he see his picture, he looked like a ten and you meet him at dinner and he is two. >> dana: happens all the time. >> jesse: you are thinking how do i get out of here? he had a blurry picture during the election because he was hiding by it in and now he is in full focus and he is ugly and we don't like this guy so now you are seeing janet yellen come out there, can she go one paternity like mayor pete did? every time she opens her mouth, i'm scared. she comes out and mrs. inflation last year and now we are hit with a major inflationary period that's going to last until at least next year and then she says this, but we haven't lost
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control. it is in that reassuring from the treasury secretary? i feel so much better that you haven't lost control but now you have high prices and low growth in a weak dollar and that is a recipe for disaster. >> dana: could we get your take on all of that? >> dagen: i thought it was weird that she was staring up at the ceiling like this. i don't know what she was looking at but when someone will look you in the eye, they are lying to you. this is an unprecedented experiment with the amount of money they've been pumping into the system and they haven't even begun to start pulling back on it, that alone is going to be a disaster. but i do love it if you're spending is going to be socialist, than the paved for it has to be socialist and they are talking about this new annual tax on capital gains which is a wealth tax. i don't care what anybody says,
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you are confiscating people's wealth and it is fraught with peril, weighs raises so many problems whether it's only for billionaires, what ends up happening is these taxes never raise enough money, billionaires are going to move so good is end of hitting? people much lower on the financial scale. look at alternative minimum tax designed to hit less than 200 people hit millions and billions of people but also will expand the power of the internal revenue service and it's un-american and unconstitutional but biden's governing for applause and accolades overseas which is where he is going later in the week and that's why he's getting the double middle finger from americans who drive and shop stores. >> dana: biggest drop was with democrats and independents,
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free fall. to make a lot of it has to do with the fact that he keeps yelling at us. like were popping wheelies on his front yard and he is shaking the rake. do your point about we haven't lost control, that is part of the whole idea of setting a low bar. but this is the depends presidency. they have lost control. the slogan is suck it up. it's being pushed by the media as you saw, the same media that allows any restrictions or housing, that would be seen as bigoted but if you're an american, you suck it up, you have to deal with loss. in diminished availability of products so people who aren't from america get the care it but as the citizens who get the stick and what's hilarious is they are citizens for buying stuff after they gave them the money to buy the stuff so you're
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telling us now we must appeal to every rational punitive announcement, don't spend that money. and don't save it either because that's bad. you want americans to pull back, you have to as well. no more flights to push climate change, no more met gala, no more dining out at insanely priced, this let them eat cake thing is wearing the thing when we can't find any cake. >> dana: going to new jersey to campaign for the democrat phil murphy, then paying a lot of attention to virginia, not new jersey i'm a bit educated today by friends that this race is a lot closer, quietly tightened, do you think there's a possibility the republicans could win in new jersey? >> probably not. it's a blue state but we talked
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a little bit about it before coming on, this will be the first time a democrat it's for gets reelected. so then you add to it all of the consternation around the issues that we raise here and every other day around biden in the immigration crisis and how this might be bleeding over to these candidates but i would remind everybody as much as we sound gloomy about things, not the only barometer. i'm a capitalist, always have been and the democrats i align with what are we where we want to be? no, no doubt that prices have gotten too high but i'd remind everyone also we have incentivized investing in this country and to force management companies to be really efficient and as a result, that efficiency breeds a lot of things including profitability, more investors
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but if demand gets a lopsided one way, creates problems. they didn't get this right with the stimulus. i'd much rather earn this and not give them too much but set it as well, since 2007, we've had nothing but an experiment with the federal reserve and some of it they've gotten right in some they've gotten wrong. i wish they had pulled back and that's what i don't know if he was saying don't spend as much on stimulus although he did say a little of that, he was concerned about the fed's we've got to look at all of this and when the fed does what it does come on the people who win the most are rich people. >> dana: do have confidence that they're listening to those issues? >> i don't know what she was looking at when she was talking but she is smart and she is capable and clearly, they have the tools to do what needs to be done. but politically, i think the
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country is blaming democrats for this month by the president was in new jersey and why he will have to go to virginia. there is one guy they wouldn't count out ever in the collection and that's terry mcauliffe. >> dana: walking back after calling parents domestic terrorist but has the damage already been done?
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>> dagen: a huge reversal in the battle over education. the school board has said it is sorry for calling parents domestic terrorists but this is after the department of justice use that letter as justification and so far, there is no indication that the doj is backing down. you get a load of this, former president obama stumping in the virginia governor's race and
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mocking parents concerned with what schools are teaching their kids. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped up cultural wars. the fact that he is willing to go along with it instead of talking about serious problems that actually affect serious people? that's a shame. >> dagen: i know a lot of parents in virginia who are libertarian, independent, democrats, and they are mad and he is missing the mark. >> greg: he is alicia silverstone, clueless. i forgot how powerful a feeling it is when you were scolded by captain superior, it's been a while. how does he square this feeling when the school board apologized
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and didn't mean anything? it's pretty funny in a way when they apologize for the latter, they through merrick garland -- treated merrick garland like my sheets when i was a teenager, hung them out to dry. anyway, my theory is -- i'm all over the place today. obama gets his news from cnn so he doesn't get half the news everybody else covers. he doesn't know about crt, doesn't know the first thing about it, doesn't know about the rape allegedly covered up by the school board and this letter that was a direct threat against parents do you can spot a cnn viewer, somebody that is writing on low information like merrick garland. it's all the same. did i make any sense? >> dana: so much sense. >> jesse: especially about your bedsheets. >> dagen: it is a loser to try
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to stifle the speech of parents which is what they are doing, it was a threat not backing off of the memo that merrick garland wrote but critical race theory is taught and promoted in virginia schools and there is plenty of evidence that terry mcauliffe is lying about and they are telling that to the parents who see it firsthand. >> dana: never understand why the administration doesn't take yes for an answer or get out of the situation because the supreme court said you can't do that and just be like sorry, and left the court. they want to withdraw the letter, then we will withdraw the guidance, no problem, and move on from it. they want to continue to fight which continues to ratcheted up. if he does when, this will be a big reason why it's but i will point out one that you might not
2:19 pm
find, fairfax county and northern virginia has excellent schools and excellent schools. since the pandemic started, 10,000 students have left so they have left in that where they said. they're not going to richmond, they have to go to northern virginia tomorrow. >> dagen: it's close to home. it's a short trip, doesn't get sleepy. as the day moves on. but it was what's actually happening is it's happening messaging from president obama and from mcauliffe and the rest of them campaigning in virginia. >> this race is close and will continue to be close up until the last minute. i think it's great that the national school board association said we made a mistake here. i wish more people in public life, business, politics,
2:20 pm
academia, media can step back and say a mistake was made. i think that makes you stronger particularly if you say here's what i was trying to do. i wish some of the parents, that story about the bathroom is one of the most haunting things. we've covered multiple stories in the last few weeks, those people should be held accountable and an investigation should be done if that story is right. furthermore, we should not encourage parents to confront and try to threaten people with violence. everybody should step back. that's what i hope we do and i hope we all follow the words who said it best last week. black kids don't need to sit in the classroom and told they are great and white kids be told that they are bad and white kids should be told they are great and black it shouldn't be told they are bad. better teachers, better school, and better curriculum can help. all of that can help create that kind of situation. i hope whomever wins is raised in virginia and i want terry to
2:21 pm
win, that's what they are committed to doing. >> dagen: the company panorama that is peddling this garbage to schools is run and coowned by of merrick garland, will get asked about that again on wednesday. >> jesse: it's got everything you want in a story, potential corruption, race, a retraction in a cover-up in the white house conspiring with the school board, transgender bathroom rape cover-up on the ag comes out and bombs and is clueless on the whole thing and i don't want anything to do with it. cnn doesn't cover the story, doesn't even break on cnn and fox covers it and so barack obama says you know that culture war? let's talk about culture wars. in this is a culture war's side started at his side is now losing and now he says this is a phony culture war. you don't get to start it and then call it phony once you
2:22 pm
start losing, that's not how this works and then everyone is upset, that's fake outrage, you're not really angry, you are just fake angry and let me tell you a little bit about how business works in tv, barack obama, fox news covers the culture war that you started because it is real news so people come to fox to watch real news. cnn doesn't cover the story and so people don't want to go to cnn and their ratings go down. that's how this works so he can come down and say parents, ignore your parental instincts, that motherly instinct that you know something is wrong with your daughter or your son at school, ignore that. plus not a winning message. >> dagen: they can ignore it because their kids went to private school just like terry mcauliffe. >> greg: and i make a prediction? i think the republican is going to win and you want to know why?
2:23 pm
's name is young kid in and it's about young kin. >> dana: that's exactly why. a bold prediction. karl rove has nothing on me. >> dagen: can i give everybody an update? the judge did give an update that he did engage in nonconsensual and will be sentenced next month. it happened. up next, dr. fauci facing calls to be fired after a bombshell admission on gain-of-function research in wuhan.
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>> greg: america's top dr. facing new calls to resign after being accused of lying to congress. dr. fauci has repeatedly denied the national institute of health funded controversial research that could have contributed. a senator rand paul has been sounding the alarm and wants dr. fauci gone. >> you should be fired. absolutely. the thing is just for lack of judgment if anything else, he's probably never going to admit that he lied when he will continue to dissemble and work around the truth and massage the truth. you make dr. fauci still claims he did nothing wrong. >> i obviously totally disagree, he is absolutely incorrect. neither i nor dr. francis collins lied or misled about what we've done. i'm when people talk about gain
2:29 pm
of function, they make that implication which is unconscionable to do to save may be that led to sars-cov-2 you can ask any person of good faith was a virologist and they will tell you absolutely clearly that would be molecularly impossible. in >> greg: molecularly impossible. >> jesse: that was my nickname growing up. >> greg: if you call for dr. fauci to be fired, it's less likely to happen and you saw that with the wall and remain in mexico. he's just going to say no he's not. >> jesse: you might not be above fired, but he might retire because of the dog thing so emma comes into breakfast and says did you see dr. fauci kill dogs and i had to look around and yes, he gave them to do these deadly experiments on dogs. it would rip their vocal cords out so you couldn't hear them
2:30 pm
screaming as they were infected with insects and then killed them. a lot of people say gain of function, but it's the dogs the americans will be most upset about and that might push fauci overboard. here is why we hate the media. rand paul gets up and accuses fauci and fauci denies it. look at what fauci said in looking at the evidence to try to find out the truth. the media doesn't want to know the truth and that's why we hate them. he got caught cold and then goes on his show and says he doesn't like the implication that specific grand lead to that specific virus that was covid-19 that killed 700,000 americans. we were saying you funded gain of function sloppy, risky research at this nasty lab which
2:31 pm
leaked and killed almost 1 million americans. >> greg: perhaps he had a different definition of gain of function so they were talking of two different past each other, could that be it? that's the only way i can see this. >> i am not a clinician or medically trained in this regard but i think about what i've heard over the body of work, there is collaboration amongst scientific labs around the globe that we have been supportive of research efforts as americans particularly in china, as well as some of the things we have looked at here all in an effort to try to bring about the solution and try to figure out cures. i don't consider myself a supporter of anybody's politics because i buy from their franchise. i am a big chick-fil-a fan. i don't think when i eat a 12 piece nuggets in a large fry
2:32 pm
that somehow i'm contribute into someone who has a different position than i do about choice. i also don't think if i buy an apple or nike product i am contributing to china's ability to build up their military. fauci and rand paul need to let them in a room and shut the door, the two of them have a deep-seated personal animosity towards one another and you can't get the facts anymore. >> jesse: we got to them and fauci lied. >> i think if you look at this whole body of work, i don't believe that fauci or the nih. >> jesse: we did look at the body of work and there is evidence they funded gain of function in wuhan. >> every president, every administration of the last 50 years would have been guilty of this. >> jesse: gain of function started recently, it is risky, a lot of scientists don't like it because it is risky for now we don't know if it causes pandemic but what we are saying as it was risky research had a sloppy lab
2:33 pm
that ended up leaking and killing us. >> what i'm concerned is there was something intentional. >> jesse: you think the chinese intentionally leaked this virus? i'm glad you said and i didn't say it. >> the reason i say this, they won't let us in and the presumption has to be if they won't let us in to investigate, you end up thinking the worse. i could be wrong, but that is why we arrived at that point. i say and i declare it. >> dana: ebeling that senator paul and dr. fauci both want the best for their constituents and so i think it's very important that the argumentation has gotten to be like a political lightning rod to move people one way or another from a very good to get to the bottom of it. would love more focus on the china piece and whatever was happening in the lab, it could
2:34 pm
happen again and we have to just presume that they did. somebody called another bipartisan, i don't think we need one. >> greg: i'm tired of them. >> dagen: we never get any answers. i don't know who it's close out the altar at this point, he has passed his youthfulness if he ever had any. unless he was there, and harold essentially was saying american dollars went to create a bio weapon. that was unleashed on the world and killed 5 million. >> i did not say that. >> dagen: that's the implication. >> that is not my implication but your interpretation come i want to be clear. >> dagen: these organizations
2:35 pm
we need to rely on have become solidified under joe biden with fauci's organization, the cdc with children vaccinated still have to wear a mask, the national institutes of health where we need them and going to trust any of them and fauci is leading the way. >> greg: up next, new details on what exactly went wrong in the alec baldwin movie set shooting.
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>> new details on what happened just moments before the fatal movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. affidavit said the actor was
2:40 pm
practicing drawing a gun from its holster and aiming the gun at the camera for the gun then went off, killing the cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring the film's director. cast and crew members said they heard an assistant director yellow gold gun before handing it to baldwin meeting it was safe to fire. ducal people reportedly handled the weapon before handing it to baldwin. some of the liability issues here, but as things come out that gives it even more color and more for, what are your thoughts? >> greg: every piece of information paints a truly careless, reckless set and whoever is in charge of that is usually the producer and baldwin as a producer but they violated some incredibly simple rules even i learned when i got nra instruction. you treat every gun is loaded, you don't point an end when. i learned that within the first 10 minutes but even if you joke about stuff, they will throw you out of the gun range.
2:41 pm
anybody moves, the elderly pound your arm and tell you to stop it. so the playacting, nothing was real, somehow encourages people to deviate from safe handling. point guns in stupid ways and would have nip this in the bud, the question is are they ever allowed on movie sets? it's like having a smart conservative on cnn. the people that use corn if you're in hollywood, the people use corn, actually possess the skills that could help you. if you are a conservative and have to stomach the left wing ideas of your yoga instructor, you understand more likely going to be liberal, then you should get a real honest to god gun expert. probably going to be a trump supporter and nra instructor but
2:42 pm
instead whoever was in charge of the safety has no clue, no experience and for that, woman died. >> they have to have this kind of training. and if you don't, use fake guns go from here on out. >> dana: i understand the desire to have the story line in the movie and a rancher gets accidentally killed. a vintage gun and it's there and a lot of movies usually this doesn't happen often thank goodness, interested in a liability perspective because he that personal question, carelessness, recklessness, the production company and it could lead to something like what you're saying. >> jesse: the right to bear arms but with that comes great responsibility. using the gun responsibly, don't point it at someone, don't carry it around and i understand what
2:43 pm
bad greg was saying on friday is people who are irresponsible with their rights to bear arms shouldn't take away the right to bear arms from those people who use those responsibly like 99.9% of gun owners. that's why people are upset with the situation. baldwin was negligent, the crew was negligent, and a woman died. a lot of times if you have an accident, people still do get charged whether it's negligent homicide, manslaughter, and someone will have to investigate all of the things that went wrong and they are a half dozen things that went wrong and there is a strong possibility you make it charged as producer and as the shooter. >> you think he is responsible as a shooter? >> as a shooter and a producer. >> even though it was filled with.
2:44 pm
what are your thoughts on that? >> dagen: my prediction is it will be a civil case and not a criminal one prayer they will get sued into kingdom come over this, the production company, even individuals. twilight zone case where the filmmakers were taken to court in a criminal case and the death of the two kids with a helicopter crash, that was the template for criminal lawyers and prosecutors to stay away from that but this is the armorers job to make sure that not only the gun is safe, but it's also the job by was reading a lot on this for them to stand up to the producers who were going to cut costs and taking this from greg, low budget production, the cheaper it is, the more money you make and one more thing on this. they were using nonunion labor.
2:45 pm
the camera guys who were in the labor union walked back walked off, this would be a blow up rap your next movie set. >> up next, one of the greatest rants on the hollywood candy you will ever see.
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>> jesse: mississippi state head coach mike leach had a lot to celebrate after his team's dominating win this week but not many were expecting an epic rant on his favorite halloween candy. >> what's your favorite halloween candy? >> i completely hate candy corn. gummy bears for sure, it's got to be the ones. when they used to have the phrase in a box, have to go to the store to find it. they have those nerds clusters,
2:50 pm
which are great. the nerds clusters. you've got chocolate, probably almond joy. >> jesse: then he praised candy innovation. this guy knows his stuff. >> dagen: it is all sugar so what's the difference between candy corn and gummy bears other than the texture? i don't understand that logic. all your favorite candies will pull a filling out. >> jesse: are you a candy corn guy, gummy bear guy, where do you stand? >> he seemed like he was having a good time. a snickers man and a skittles guy. >> jesse: the chocolate thing came out of left field. i did not see almond joy coming. >> dana: you know that commercial, i don't like either and i never understood a great affection for mounds and i've got those in my halloween bag, i
2:51 pm
don't even know if my dad liked them. >> jesse: take that out of context. i'm going to try these nerds gummy clusters and you go on. >> greg: he was my hero up to a point. probably the same generation, anybody who brings up sprees, i remember the ads for them, always a woman holding a long tube of sprees, but then they moved to boxes. but then he went to almond joy and he lost me because coconut is disgusting in a candy because it is too flaky, the texture is weird. you have to always go with toffee, he far. heath bars are amazing. you can't find those anymore. do you the marathon bars or the $100,000 bar which is great?
2:52 pm
so he was great until he went to the almond joy world. he fumbled. >> jesse: that's a football reference. >> dana: we should find out what the 100 grand would be worth today. >> jesse: whatever it was, janet yellen didn't see it coming. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: you can control the weather. >> dana: can you? >> greg: yes. >> dana: now can't. did you get the triple sized one? i just encourage everybody to download this app. right now. you don't want to be the only one without this app. because you get all this extra information, exclusive 3-d mobile radar the storm and the people that are on the fox weather channel. they are lovely. absolutely lovely people. get to know them. check out the show but, also, download the app. because that's where you get all the good stuff. jesse? >> jesse: well, it didn't rain where greg tried to in new jersey this weekend because i was at pumpkin patch whiteman farms in norristown, new jersey. don't make any jokes. jesse jr. in the patch looking very, very cute there. ellie, i think slinging apples, that's how you do it. you don't go apple picking you sling apples at targets and win prizes. there is jesse jr. being held by sophia looking cute. that was weekend and now i'm
2:58 pm
exhausted. >> greg: wasn't like mine at all. >> dana: did you pick apples? >> greg: i also went to a white man's farm. anyway, do this. greg's haunted dog house news. there is a german shepherd guard dog being trained. the owner is trained for security reasons. but he trained him using a haunted house. let's see how the dog did. uses a run them up through different things. >> dana: oh me, gosh. >> greg: he handles it quite well. weighs not phased at all during this training exercise they had skelton tons, other things. i didn't watch. >> jesse: he handled it better than dana and i did. >> dana: i was just thinking about that the other day. >> greg: why don't we find out how you handled it. [screams] >> dana: oh my god. [screams] [laughter] >> greg: those were the days. >> dana: that one was too, too much. >> jesse: we were putting it on a little bit. >> dana: were you?
2:59 pm
i was not. i tucked in and hid behind jesse the whole time. harold? >> harold: he wasn't kidding. i want to take a second to give a shout out to my man manard maynard. congrats to you. second today at the 35th anniversary. >> jesse: getting a little too comfortable. >> harold: 86 world series. show this. >> greg: show this. >> smoky wilson. little roller up along first. behind the -- here comes and the methods win it. >> that's how they close out game six of that series and a few days later went on to win the world series. >> jesse: thanks. my dad just had another heart attack. [laughter] >> dagen: 30 for 30 on it there was a beard olympics over the weekend in germany. oh, yeah. you know, a lot of these men look like that they maybe lived in the old west here in united
3:00 pm
states of america. instead they came from all over the world. they were judged on density and length of their hair in categories like mustache dolly whiskers freestyle. >> dana: geraldo will be here tomorrow we can find out if he spent the weekend in germany. >> dana: great show, everyone. thank you very much. that is it for us. bret baier is up next. >> bret: i want to say i like candy corn. defending candy corn. thank you, dana. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden says he hopes his fellow democrats can reach agreement on his massive tax and spending plan before he leaves for climate summit in europe wednesday. but, he is not sure. internal squabbles among democrats have prevented passage of the legislation for months now. and now a completely new way to pay for the bills is raising new questions. we'll talk about all of that live with utah senator mitt romney in just a moment.


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