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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 25, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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this is the play with a lot of headlines. 9-year-old noah reid weeping tears of joy after tom brady gave him his hat. he had a sign that said "tom brady help me pete brain cancer." his father said it changed his life. that's "the story." >> president biden making a push for what expected to be $2 trillion in social specialing during a stop in virginia today. will that spending keep prices soaring? we're on it. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. neil will be back tomorrow. first, more with chad pergram. talks could get a deal by wednesday. lydia is here with more information on the ports. chad? >> good afternoon, charles.
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this is the week the democrats home to forge an agreement on the social spending plan. obstacles remain. paying for the bill could be a problem. >> what are we doing? what in god's name are we doing? by the way, you hear these numbers, 3.5 trillion, 1.75 trillion. we pay for it all. it doesn't increase the deficit one single cent. >> increasing the corporate tax appears to be on the ropes. there's not a big spike. democrats are focused on a billionaire's tax that would only impact several hundred people. kyrsten sinema is skeptical of additional taxes. joe manchin appears to be okay with taxing the ultra rich. >> i support everyone paying their fair share of taxes. how you get to it. we all have a different
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approach. i think corporations should be paying a minimum if you're doing business in the united states. everyone that has the protection of this country should be paying. >> gop senator mitt romney says the rich would hide their assets and shelf money abroad. manchin met with president biden and chuck schumer in delaware over the weekend. manchin says the spending ceiling for him is $1.5 trillion. that's why so many programs likes environmental provisions and beefed up healthcare are out. charles? >> thanks, chad. inflation remain ago big concern. oil prices topping $85 a barrel before pulling back, this is as shipping backlogs continue to drive prices higher. lydia hughes at j.f.k. where they're trying to end the log jam but it comes at a price. lydia? >> hi, charles. shipping a 11,000 pound pallet
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of cargo with american airlines will cost 20 to 30% more now than before the pandemic. there's other estimates where chartering an entirely private cargo flight will cost $2 million. before the pandemic, it would be $750,000. retailers are paying these fees desperate to get products on the shelves ahead of the holidays. american airlines reported that revenue from their cargo line generated 3.7% of the revenue in the third quarter of this year. the best quarter for cargo ever. nearly double the amount it generated in the same same in 2019. other airlines like united and delta, they're seeing growth in cargo revenue, too. we've heard about the lack of truck drivers is adding to the backlog of shipping containers in our seaports. american airline says they're not saying the same issue at the
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airports. >> we haven't seen that much of an issue. a few things here and there. usually when people give us cargo, they have a plan for the opposite side. >> demand is expected to pick up heading into the final stretch of the holiday season. but while cargo is moving, in fact, this pallet is headed to milan shortly. it's coming at a cost. you have to think that retailers and businesses paying the fees will be forced to pass it along to the consumer. back to you. >> thanks, lydia. of course, as much as they can. inflation meanwhile is a top issue for voters in the latest fox poll. 87% of voters say they're extremely or very concerned about higher prices. this is as the white house comes to spend $2 trillion in spending. and they say a billionaire's tax will pay for it. will it really?
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let's bring in douglas here. you know, first of all, when they say billionaire's tax, i hear charles payne tax. that's coming to me and i'm not a billionaire, doug. >> yeah, what they have on the table now is this idea of taxing unrealized capital gains, looking back and capturing everything a crewed to date. it's an untested concept. there'sner been alleged language. we have no idea how you make a transition to that, how you enforce it, what revenue you get from it. there's clear incentives to change assets from publicly traded assets to things that wouldn't be taxed and dumping the equities can't be good news. there's a lot of questions that surround this idea that billionaires will pay for this. >> i think nancy pelosi said the math doesn't add up. maybe it's $200 billion and we're talking about a $2 trillion blend. i tell people the story about the alternative minimum tax.
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an article in 1968. 155 families did not pay taxes, so america up up in arms. we created this tax to go after 155 people, 155, doug and 20 years later, it's five million people. if people fall for this, it seems to me that it's going to widen. will start with 1,000 people but eventually it's going to scoop up more. >> the numbers say it will take about 700 americans. we have the largest expansion of the largest social safety net and have 700 people pay for it. doesn't add up. that's not the way to make law. you get broad buy-in for the spending and broad buy-in for what it takes to finance it. we haven't fixed social security, medicaid. they're all in financial disarray. this is not a strategy that
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hangs together. >> if it was, the social security lock box, if we opened it, it would be full of cobb webs i suspect. so the clock is ticking for the democrats. the beginning of the last week, we heard by the end of the week, beginning of this week, krysten sinema has drawn a line in the sand. what else could that go after? >> well, they could go back to things that have been field tested before. if you look at the ways and means bill, that looks like the obama green book. those are all ideas that i think democrats have confidence in, they would know how to implement them. they just don't have political support. they have run into a dead end on the corporate tax, on the top rate for individuals and a variety of other things that i have a revenue problem. if you think about how this is developing, they're making it "cheaper" by just shortening the numbers of years that these programs exist. that's the same thing saying they're going to front load this spending. if they can't come up with the
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taxes to pay for it, you have a front-loaded spending bill that had a lot of deficit finance. that's the stimulus in march all over again. it's an inflation problem. this is not gooding in a good direction nor the democrats. >> let's talk about that. we had three major stimulus bills. $5 trillion. almost $900 billion that went into bank accounts. that has exacerbated this inflation issue. even though wages are going up, it's being eroded because inflation is going up just as fast. >> yes. the 1.9 trillion in march was a huge mistake. the economy was growing. there was no need for stimulus. it was too big. first, it went into bank accounts and fueled asset inflation. came out as people got vaccinated and fueled this consumer price inflation. it's add a top line cpi rate of 7% annually.
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wages are rising 5 but not as fast as inflation. people are falling behind. >> where are we now with respect to the new rates? >> they've been fairly busy. most of the regulatory action has been taking down regs that the trump administration had implemented. so they've got a lot of regs finalized, a lot of paperwork hours for doing that but don't have a big regulatory burden yet. they promised to make climate the number 1 priority. they don't have a legislative vehicle for it. so get ready that will span every agency in the government and going to be an enormous amount of rule making the next three years. >> doug, you're the best. thank you. folks, it happened. ding ding ding. tesla has joined the trillion dollar club. that's right. the stock closing above $1,000 a
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share. now, hertz agreed to buy 100,000 electric vehicles. tesla valued at more than the top nine automakers combined. i'm talking g.m. and ford. president biden in new jersey today. he's in virginia tomorrow. two races for governor that could hold the keys to so much. with the president's numbers sliding, are democrats worry? lee carter is coming up. later critics say this video police just released of shoplifters should be putting liberal policies front and center.
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>> charles: president biden returning to the white house after a stop in new jersey today as the state gets ready for the gubernatorial election next week. the president is heading to virginia tomorrow to campaign in that state's tight race. forget about turning out the base. independent voters could be turning out to be the biggest problem. to jacqui heinrich with the latest. jacqui? >> charles, good afternoon. the president went too new jersey to promote his spending plan working with what is really a three-day window to try to get this done if he wants to bring it across the finish line, go to the hill and call it
1:15 pm
an achievement before he heads to italy. he wanted to have and wants to have legislative achievement in his back pocket when he appears shoulder to shoulder with these foreign leaders. because there's no time to waste, he met with chuck schumer and joe manchin in wilmington. this morning ahead of his trip to new jersey, biden said he was hopeful about a timeline. >> you want a deal by the time you leave? >> yes. >> something you expressed to democrats? >> that's what i hope. would be very positive to get it done before the trip. >> the president also needs to get this legislation a cross the finish line. he's sinking in the polls. he lost more ground on job approval from day one since any president since world war ii. his approve value among independents is driving that loss. 34% of ends approve of the job that biden is doing and the lowest of his term to date, a
1:16 pm
fall of 21 points since june. the polls showed his approval holding 42% after dropping sharply in september. that is becoming toxic for democrats running for office including in the new jersey governor's race where the president went today to promote his agenda. white house said the point of the trip was not to campaign for phil murder by he endorsed him. biden is headed to virginia to campaign for the democrat, terry mcauliffe in the dead heat race there. that is considered to be a well weather for the mid-terms. progressives are saying there's no mistake staving off a vote on the first half of the president's agenda. could have happened in september. they decided to block the vote and are now being asked whether this has complicating factors for the governor's races in virginia coming up. they're saying that these are blue states and they should be easy to win. we'll see how it pans out.
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>> charles: thanks, jacqui. let's get the read from lee carter. what is the impact of president biden? these are free falling approval numbers, particularly amongst independents in the key governor races. >> it's staggering to see the level at which the approval ratings have fallen. you're looking at a 30-point drop in a matter of months. you can't point to one thing. it's everything. in general, independents and republicans and democrats are feeling the country is going in the wrong direction, a lot of people voted for him because they gave him the better than the doubt saying it's better than it was. people are now feeling worse. it's bad news for governor murphy in new jersey who thought that he had a sure path to re-election. his gap is narrowing and narrowing. with more than a third of voters in new jersey as registered independence, his race will be tighter than he expected. so i think even though these
1:18 pm
races might likely not go completely -- it's not for sure that they will go the way they want to. the fact that biden is out there in democratic states. think about new jersey. it's gone democrat every year since 1992. every presidential election. virginia where biden carried at ten points is now a dead heat. this is bad news. >> charles: also his policy. the michigan sentiment number came out that caught my attention. it was a free fall. one of the reasons why is the belief or trust in the government. this administration's economic policies. went down to 19% from 31% in a single month. we saw a cnn poll where 25% of folks say yeah they want to see both bills passed by 34% said it would hurt their family. people are waking up to to the fact that this free money comes at a price.
1:19 pm
doesn't it seem this way? >> sure does. look at 70% of americans say they feel the impact of inflation on their daily lives. about the same number of people say america is going in the wrong direction. there's no doubt about it. feel are feeling it in their pocket books and all over the place. many appreciated the stimulus time for covid but it's not time to be pumping more money out not knowing where it's coming from. the messaing that it's paid for, it's not working. people say i'm concerned about the spending. it's not the message that works. >> charles: that's the irony here. you say it's a variety of things. what they have in common, the president gets out in front of the cameras and says it's okay.
1:20 pm
no, the afghanistan withdrawal wasn't botched. the jobs reports that should have been a million people and it was 190,000 is great. every time he tells people it's great. some folks are feeling insulted about that. >> you're right. i also think he promised unity. people are not seeing it. he said compromise. he said a new day in washington d.c. and it's not. the level of trust that people have in joe biden and the democrats to do something differently than has been done before is eroding. that's a real problem. he did have the benefit of the doubt. he had more than 60% support on day one. people wanted this to be -- wanted him to do a great job. they wanted things to go the right way. little by by little bit it's going to wrong way. independents are really -- they've had it. >> charles: we have a couple
1:21 pm
minutes to go. president obama of course, add mid-term was mind boggling how much they lost. to coin a phrase, they were shellacked. a lot of democrats must know that if they continue along the path, they'll sacrifice their own political career. you think they're up for that? >> i think they've got to come up with something better if they don't expect the same result. at the same time, republicans have to come up with their north star what are they going to run on? is it the economy? if you look at the playbook in 2010, so many people running for it. not just ago this or running for something. so the republicans have to put together a signature policy, whether it's something that will say that things will get better. my guess is it's around the economy. they have to get a rallying cry so people say they will vote against this and for this. mid-term will keep people home president.
1:22 pm
>> charles: i love you telling me what you're for. i can make a proper assessment. thanks, lee. >> great to see you. >> charles: police releasing video of another handbag heist. what is driving thieves to get more brazen. andmigrants running over a barrier. is anything being done to stop this?
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>> charles: in chicago's war on crime, my next guest says criminals are winning. we're back in 60 seconds.
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>> charles: lately chicago's magnificent mile is looking anything but.
1:27 pm
grady trimble has more. >> charles, theft and burglary are up across the city of chicago and it's becoming a growing problem here on the magnificent mile. in the latest incident caught on security camera, you can see a hooded susrespect push past a female employee at this store. the robber and another suspect rush into the store, snatch up as many designer purses as possible and rush out. amid the rising crime, major retailers like macy's, gap and disney have closed stores on michigan avenue. critics place part of the blame on kim fox. her office stopped prosecuting shoplifting as a felony as the stolen items are less than $1,000. in a response, there's concerns about crime and the impact it can have on safety. we continue to prosecute retail
1:28 pm
theft cases as misdemeanors as felonies based on the facts and evidence. the rise in shop lifting is not just a chicago problem. in san francisco, it's becoming such a problem that walgreen's announced they're closing five more stores in the bay area as a result. back here in chicago, there's concerns crime could get even worse because of the city's vaccine mandates for police officers. already a number of chicago cops are on unpaid leave because they have not gotten vaccinated. charles? >> charles: thanks, grady. it's not just theft on the rise in chicago. shootings, murders also up according to the city's police data. my next guest says kim fox's charging decisions are to blame and introducing a bill that would allow police to override them. jim durkin joins me now.
1:29 pm
we reached out to mayor lori lightfoot and attorney fox. they were both unavailable. the state attorney's office gave us a statement that read -- >> charles: i've seen some pretty good evidence crime is going on. it feels like it's going on without any sort of -- any sort of threat of prosecution. >> that's correct. what we're seeing not only in this retail theft what we've witnessed in the city and also in the suburbs, it's also violent crimes. there's no accountability. there's no consequences that are this state attorney's office is doing with respect to crime at every level. she took office saying i'm not going to prosecute retail theft cases unless they're over $1,000. it's $300 is the threshold for a
1:30 pm
felony theft $1,000 is a lot of stuff. i know police officers and suburban mayors are like we don't waste our time because we know the state's attorney's office won't charge these vandals and thieves that come in and grab things, running out to the parking lot. it gets worse than that. we have shootings going on, gang land shootings that are 0 in open daylight that are so brazen it also -- reminds me of -- last time i seen anything like that was in the al capone days. there's no consequences. the state attorney is not doing her job. >> charles: just seems that so much of this is this resistance to blame people who commit crimes. either the gun committed the crime, it's a gun crime or it was like indifference, only $900. is that the motivating factor here? just some sort of -- it's not --
1:31 pm
it has nothing to do with law and order and feels like everything in my mind to deal with some social commentary or statement that it's not their fault. >> well, i think state attorney fox is in the wrong position. she should be a public defender. i served in that office for a number of years. i trade every case, i've investigated, charged everything from retail theft to capitol murder. the fact is the suburbs have lost confidence with our state's attorney. even worse, chicago police and also police departments throughout cook county have lost confidence in her. every issue charging decisions. she's making decisions on the street as if she's part of a jury. she shouldn't be doing that. it's about whether or not probable cause. that's why i had to introduce my legislation which will allow suburban police departments to override a decision to reject a
1:32 pm
felony charge or something that she says is a continuing investigation. that's what chicago police have had under their ordinances. i want suburban police officers to do the same thing. murders are stacking up without charges when they have good evidence. i talked to the police chiefs that have been sitting in this abyss that the state's attorney has created. >> charles: from being an outsider and i watch and pay attention, seems like there's frustration with the mayor's office and kim fox as well. is there a frustration throughout the state that things are not good and the victims of the crimes are the ones that they're saying they're trying to protect? >> the state's attorney of cook county is not protecting neighborhoods. there's clearly frustration with mayor lightfoot.
1:33 pm
she was a federal prosecutor. she understands the criminal justice system. there was a shootout on the west side where 90 shell casings were recovered and there was a death. two people were shot, severely hate. the state's attorney's office said they weren't going to charge because it was mutual combat. she looks as it as a gentleman's duel. that's how she's approaching these gang cases and horrible crimes. she's looking for ways not to work with the police. she's doing the opposite. that's not the role of the chief prosecuting attorney in our county. >> charles: thanks, representative durkin. we'll continue to follow up as your bill progresses. thank you. >> thanks very much. >> charles: coming up, a massive group of migrants breaking through a blockade on their way to the united states. griff jenkins is there on the ground in mexico. >> charles, we're just arriving about 25 miles north of where
1:34 pm
the migrants crashed through. the town says they will receive them. we'll have a report on the other side of the commercial. see one g portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage.
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♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> charles: the border surge continuing. 3,000 migrants now making their way to the u.s. after pushing past police in mexico over the weekend. griff jenkins is on the ground with more. griff? >> charles, they're 3,000 strong and not losing any steam. there's a big tropical storm coming down on us. i'll let you stand and see the caravan right now. three day three and made it 25 miles north of tapachula, the southern most city in mexico. when they began, they got resistance from mexican
1:39 pm
officials. so far nobody has pushed back. i've been in a lot of caravans. i went from one from honduras to the u.s. border. this women has more migrants from more different city than ever. there's people here from haiti, south america, cuba, africa, all over the world. we talked to some of the migrants from el salvador and honduras. here's what they said. >> my country is tough monetarily. so i'm trying to -- it's time to go back to the united states. >> are you prepared to walk that far? >> if we have to walk 2,000 more, we'll do it. all of our strength is to make it. >> charles, the organizer of this caravan is the same organizer of 2019.
1:40 pm
there was a qr code put up for migrants to sign up. as you can see, they're coming now. [speaking spanish] >> so as you can see, migrants from haiti. hey keep coming. a long ways to go. about 2,500 miles to the u.s. border if they're headed for texas. >> charles: thanks. the question is how are officials here going to brace for this latest surge. i want to bring in department department of public safety, chris oliveras that joins us now. what is the plan? obviously so well-organized and so brazen and so confident, how -- what happens when they go to the boreder? >> great too be with you, charles. we're closely monitoring this caravan right now. we can just -- we can mobilize resources at a moment's notice. we have a great partner with the texas national guard that has
1:41 pm
deployed thousands. but what took place in del rio with the haitians, texas will not allow that. that won't happen again. we're closely monitoring this caravan. we'll work closely with our federal partners. the question is, once they get to a certain location, where are they going to break off and where are they going to end up. right now we have plenty of assets in place to deter this caravan from surging the southern border. that's what we're focused on right now. >> what was the message? you have folks from all over the planet really. it's like a united nations. there's a qr code, a lot of money had to go into the organization of this. what do you think the message was? get to the border and you mentioned your federal partners. once you get past the border patrol, some federal agency will make it easier for you to get
1:42 pm
into the united states? >> that's the issue right now. the issue the federal government sent out this message that right now is the time to come to the u.s. you'll be let in to the country. that's why you see the large groups of caravans surging the border. we saw that in del rio and continuing to see that day in and day out. we have thousands coming across the border every day. so the problem is the messamess. come to the u.s. and you'll be let free. there's no consequences. there's no rule of law that is being enforced by the federal government. that's why texas is stepping in, we're stepping in. we're going to do what we can as far as the resources that we have to contain this surge. not only that, charles, we are arresting illegals coming across. so we're making arrest. we made over 1,400 arrests since july. the message we're sending, don't come to texas. if you do, you'll be arrested and you'll be placed behind
1:43 pm
bars. >> charles: 1.7 million apprehensions, shattering all records out there. still the big major organized caravans continue. are you upset or frustrated with the mexican government. was president a lot of resistance there. >> right. that's something that the federal, our federal government need to work out with the mexican government. they have to put more pressure on them to stopping the caravans. what we saw in the videos, that's not taking place. they have to take a stand and have action to prevent these caravans. right now there's so much money involved with human smuggling, just to give you an insight, right now human smuggling are making over $100 million a week. they have so much power right now, it's difficult to shut these groups down. as long as the message is being
1:44 pm
sent to come to the u.s., we'll continue seeing the caravans making their way to the southern border. >> charles: i have to wrap this up. $100 million a week. >> that's correct. that's what we're getting from our resources, from our sources that they're making well over $100 a week on human smuggling, not even narcotics. >> charles: thanks, chris. we're learning more about the unfolding events that lead to the fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie "rust" and possible warnings signs that were ignored. we have details next. i looked on ancestry and just started digging and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. it actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did.
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♪ ♪
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>> charles: new details into the fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new film, "rust" including troubling information about the assistant director. jonathan hunt is in los angeles with more. jonathan? >> hi, charles. according to the director of the movie and other view, at least two people likely handled the gun that killed helyna hutchins before the gun was handed to alec baldwin. as a series of vigils were held over the weekend for hutchins, new information released by the sheriff revealed that baldwin was rehearsing a scene at the time, drawing his gun from his
1:49 pm
holster and pointing it directly at the camera where hutchins was standing. the affidavit released by the sheriff that according to joel souza, someone hollered cold gun, which means the gun was safe to use. other crew members in the industry have come forward to reveal that they had previously raised concerns on different productions about the approach to safety issues. concerns are raised about the armor person on set. on the set of rust, that was hannah gutierrez. neither gutierrez or halls have publicly commented. baldwin's wife posted on
1:50 pm
instagram saying "my heart is with helyna, her husband, her son, their family and loved ones and my alec. it's said there's no words because it's impossible to express the shock and heart ache of such a tragic accident. heart break, loss, support." the questions that remain understand answered, charles, how on earth did a live round get into a gun that was about to be used on a movie set in who put the live round in the gun and why. >> charles: thanks, jonathan. now to wicked weather slamming parts of america including a bomb cyclone on the west coast. max gordon is in california with the latest. >> hi, charles. right now i'm standing in the steep rugged terrain of the sierra foothills. this area was ravaged by the dixie fire. it burned over a million acres in the neck of the woods.
1:51 pm
with this bomb cyclone, the latest storm system moving through, the focus has turned into burn scar flooding. burn scar flooding occurs when the vegetation is burned off. the vegetation help soaks up the rain. vegetation holds the soil in place. mudslides and erosion issues can be a problem. we've seen a big mudslide about 8 miles north of porga. cal tran has shut down a large stretch of road. no word when way 70 will reopen. all the rain can be destructive and needed. california is in the midst of a drought. that include lake oraville, the
1:52 pm
state's second largest reservoir. lake levels hit only a quarter of the capacity of the lake. but now with this rain, water levels in the lake are on the rise. meanwhile, back here in northern california, things are drying out. so we're getting some relief. there's going to be scattered showers throughout the afternoon but the risk of flash flooding should be over. back to you. >> charles: thanks. congratulations to max and the fox weather team on a launch of the new fox weather service. meantime, this man stands to win the largest pay out in sports betting history if one team wins the world series. get this. he doesn't plan on keeping a cent. meet him next. when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle.
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>> betting big, texas businessman is betting on the houston astros to win the major league baseball world series against the atlanta braves. the astros when it all, will receive a payout totaling nearly $39 million so what does he plan to do with it? joins me now. this is one heck of a bet you've made and everyone is all abuzz about what you're going to do with the money if you win, tell us. >> it is a big bet. i had but $3 at 10-1 and i bet
1:57 pm
350,000 at 16-1's with the big return and what we do is run a promotion, the astros when it all because we get your money back free and we are selling mattresses like hotcakes, biggest record days over the last week continuously so we plan on giving not all, but certainly most of the money back to our customers who can invest it in every mattress because they will get it free if they win the world series against atlanta braves. >> you're a legend in part because you take risk, the ultimate entrepreneur, built this business into a magnificent success and you would think about thinking big, is not the underlying message as well? >> the thing that amazed me most is 90% of the customers who came out here buying over the last three or four days are brand-new customers even though we've made it new customers coming in like the store and the excitement,
1:58 pm
the thrill of buying a mattress so it's a great marketing tool to keep us relevant in an ever-changing retail environment especially with online retailers so it makes it fun and relevant to the customers and getting lots of new customers coming out here buying furniture and mattresses because that's what it's all about. >> what about the supply chain issue? you know better than everyone else the furniture industry, any signs that this may start to fix itself sometime soon? >> it's interesting you say that because the supply chain of mattresses has really been disrupted because of the incredible cold front we had in february which destroyed two of the leading makers that makes phone so they are having shortages of foam so we sell a lot of made in america
1:59 pm
furniture, little more insulated than our friends are buying most everything from china or vietnam but the supply chain has certainly been disrupted but i think there's a light at the end of the tunnel that's going to get better. >> what about overall inflation? you can get away from it, how are you dealing with it? >> every week, the prices go up. i'm amazed the customer will continue to pay for the price increases, the mattress price increases not so much but sofa, dining room table, bedroom furniture going up every other week so the inflation has been rampant and of course the employee situation trying to pay our team members more and do more for them so we have plenty of great people that serve as our because of the end of the day if we take care of our customers, they will take care of us. >> you created a lot of buzz all the way up and new york, it is palpable and now i am rooting
2:00 pm
for houston to win it all and much continued success to you, really is an amazing story and i hope everyone gets a look deeper into what you've built there even be on this promotional. we'll talk to you again really soon. back tomorrow, you can catch me on making money tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we will be watching facebook popping in after-hours trading, the five starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with dagen mcdowell, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. president biden hitting the road pushing his multitrillion dollar spending plan as he becomes increasingly unpopular. >> this is a tax cut, changes the lives of the american people. so let's get this done, let's


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