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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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keep chopping. >> all right. that was a good one. atlanta, they did that. that does it for us, folks. thank you very much for sticking with us. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> jon: a busy weekend in the red hot race for virginia governor. both candidates are traveling throughout that commonwealth hoping to sway voters and to win the contest that could shape the national political dialogue. good evening, i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". with just over a week to go until election day democrat mcauliffe and the republican youngkin are both working to shore up support in what's shaping up to be a tight race. this weekend mcauliffe made campaign stops with several
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heavy hitters from his party, ahead of an event with president biden scheduled for a tuesday. this as the latest polling shows youngkin gaining ground on his democratic opponent. mark meredith is leading our coverage. he's live in virginia and just spoke exclusively with glenn youngkin. >> it's been a busy weekend for the two men hoping to be the new governor of virginia. they have been crisscrossing across the state. where we are is where the republican candidate wrapped up an event, been surging in the polls lately with a major focus on two issues public safety and education. we have been with him all weekend long. the crowd is very enthusiastic for him, something many political experts may not have expected a few months ago in this traditionally blue state. the democrats are trying to label this political newcomer as an extremist but that hasn't been slowing down his momentum. democrats are bringing out every star they have to try to boost
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mcauliffe's campaign. yesterday former president obama pitched in. on tuesday president biden will hold an event with mcauliffe in arlington one last time before the election. today we asked youngkin if he's worried at all about the democrats getting an advantage here with president biden hitting the campaign trail. >> if president biden wants to campaign in virginia, come on. spend all the time you want here. i'm talking to virginia va yans. -- i'm talking to virginians. we can't help but look at president biden and recognize what a failed presidency looks like, look at afghanistan, the border, our economy, you look at the fact that everything he's doing seems to be making america worse. and i'm going to go to work and make virginia better. >> today mcauliffe was in charlottesville headlining with rally with democratic activist abrams. he's been urging his party to take this race more seriously. top democrats will readily and publicly admit they know this race is close. in the final days we have seen
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mcauliffe tries one message on the stump as he tries to reach swing voters by labelling youngkin as a close ally of president trump. >> we don't want another trump want to be. we don't need a lap dog for donald trump as our governor. we need a real governor here in the commonwealth of virginia. that's why i need your help. >> we asked youngkin about the trump factor in all this. he said he's instead trying to focus on the issues about education and public safety, not focusing on presidents past or present. but with president biden hitting the trail, that certainly could give mcauliffe a boost. we will look to see what it means in the polls in this final run-up to election day. jon? >> jon: mark meredith live from new port news, virginia. mark, thanks. so that republican gubernatorial candidate glenndown -- glenn youngkin is
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doubling one. the actions of upset parents were compared domestic terrorism. we have that story. >> republican candidate for virginia governor youngkin told fox news that a newly uncovered e-mail sent to school board members confirmed what he already knew, that they were aware of an assault that they claimed not to be. here he is this weekend. >> there must be resignations. in fact people who have not resigned, i don't understand how they can possibly go into their next school board meeting. we had administrators in a school board who have been covering this up. >> on may 28th, superintendent scott ziegler sent this e-mail to school board members, quote, this afternoon, a female student alleged that a male student sexually assaulted her in the restroom. and yet, on june 22nd, when the father of the girl who reported being raped in a bathroom by a male wearing a skirt tried to air concerns to the board about transgender student policies. he says the superintendent publicly denied that a bathroom assault happened. >> i had never been to a school
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board meeting before. i didn't know what to expect. but i believe that they had full intentions on trying to shut that thing down early. >> that father scott smith was arrested at the meeting. and when he was cited in the national school board association's original let tore president biden -- letter to president biden where they likened the actions of some parents to doest manic pafrpts -- domestic parents. that sparked the justice department's controversial decision to intervene. on friday the nsda apologized for their choice of words. >> they're apologizing because they got caught and embarrassed the doj and exposed them for the political hacks that they are. and so what they have done is ignite a firestorm. >> early last week superintendent ziegler apologized for the district's handling of the loudon county case where authorities say the same suspect went on to be accused of another sexual assault, this month at a new school. jon? >> jon: alexandria hough, thank you. now, this fox news alert has
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president biden and the democrats race to try to pass their massive spending bill by next weekend. the president and senate majority leader schumer met with manchin in delaware this morning to try to continue negotiations. david spunt is live in wilmington with more. >> the white house is saying this was a positive breakfast meeting with senators schumer and manchin saying they are making headways to try to get some sort of deal here. president biden one week from today's going to be in glasgow scotland for a climate summit with other world leaders, wanting to bring something tangible to those world leaders saying he can get his climate priorities from the united states and mention those on a world stage. also a week from today, which happens to be halloween, that's the deadline, that democrats -- a self-imposed deadline to pass this package, infrastructure, social spending plan, which includes those climate
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priorities. jon? >> here's the thing, the president looked us into the eye and he said i need this before i go represent the united states in glasgow, american prestige is on the line. many members understand that. we're working very hard to get a deal. i understand we're close, and i'm confident we're going get there. >> the president heavily courting both joe manchin and kirsten sinema. today manchin and schumer both met with the president. but the majority leader chuck schumer has been on the same page lock step with the president. it is getting joe manchin to really come on board with these priorities of the president. now, schumer originally several months ago, jon, wanted this 3.5 trillion dollars social spending plan. that figure right now nowhere near that, a little bit less than 2 trillion is what we're looking at right now. as far as the issues under negotiation right now, raising taxes on billionaires and
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corporations, climate prior priorities, also don't forget the child tax credits >> the republicans involved in a way in this negotiation. this is all happening on the democrat side. if it indeed true that biden said this costs nothing, then why is it so hard to negotiate? >> the president will spend the night at his home in delaware. tomorrow he will head to newark new jersey to tout that build back better plan hoping to get some results here before he heads overseas. jon? >> jon: david spunt live in wilmington, delaware. david, thanks. meantime, a migrant caravan is surging through mexico on its way to the u.s., saying president biden's policies are the reason the members are coming. arizona congressman andy biggs will join us in a moment to discuss what he wants president biden to do regarding that surge. but first bill melugin is live in laredo texas with an update on the situation there. bill?
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>> jon, good evening to you. that's exactly right. we know that brand-new migrant caravan is on its way to the united states as we speak. what we don't know is how long it is going to take them to get here and exactly which part of the u.s. border they're planning on going to. but take a look at this video in mexico yesterday, as that caravan got on the road. what you see here are thousands of those migrants in that caravan literally just forcing their way through a mexican national guard skirmish line that was set up to either slow them down or stop them. you can see it had no effect whatsoever. mexican government not offering a whole lot of resistance, but this caravan again, thousands strong, extremely organized. they're actually having qr codes that members can scan if they want to participate in this caravan. they're advertising it on social media as well, but again, they are planning on getting here to the united states. we just don't know how long it will take them to get here. there's an independent journalist following that caravan. she interviewed a migrant from west africa and asked him specifically why is he trying to
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get to the united states right this second? take a listen to what he had to say. >> why now? the best time? because of the administration? because of joe biden. >> there you hear it, because of joe biden, he says. take a look at this photo right here. this is out of laredo where we are right now. this is a very popular human smuggling area. what you are looking at are 12 illegal immigrants who are caught in a human smuggling operation here. the smuggler actually tried to bring them into a local public park here in the laredo area. they were caught by border patrol here, but again, this is also a popular drug trafficking area, human smuggling as well, people doing whatever they can once they cross the border to try to get further into the interior of the united states. earlier today, former i.c.e. director tom homan was on fox news. he blasted the administration for their policies. take a listen. >> the root cause is the oval
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office. the promises he made, the executive orders he signed, get rid of all the programs that worked in the trump administration, that's the cause. the president of guatemala has said that. the president of honduras has said. even the president of mexico has said the biden policies are causing the surge. >> again, jon, the big question right now, a lot of people are going to be wondering is when and where is that migrant caravan going to be showing up? the when is a big question. they are very far away from the u.s. border right now. they are in southeast mexico buy the guatemalan border, likely take them at least a couple of weeks to make their way up here if they are walking and taking some sort of bus transportation. where they plan on crossing, we don't know. you can be sure the federal government is keeping tabs as is authorities in the state of texas. back to you. >> jon: bill, i know that you have been on the border a long time. you have talked with border patrol. what is morale like among border patrol agents? >> rock bottom. it's never been lower.
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we're constantly talking to border patrol agents about that. their biggest frustration they say they feel like they've been turned into kind of glorified social workers, having to do paperwork more than patrol most of the time because there's so many family units coming across. there aren't as many agents out there physically patrolling the front line of the border anymore. and that's incredibly frustrating to them because they say there's been absolutely no change in policy despite the fact that this crisis is now at historic levels. back to you. >> jon: bill melugin, live from laredo, texas, doing a great job, bill, thank you. border patrol's encountered more than 1.3 million aliens at the south border. have you sent a letter or issued a memorandum to u.s. attorneys directlying prosecution of these cases? -- directing prosecution of these cases? >> no, and the reference of cases comes from the department of homeland security. >> look, you have managed to issue a memorandum about parents showing up at school boards. why can't you issue a memorandum
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regarding the million plus people who illegally entered the country? >> jon: that's arizona republican congressman andy biggs at a house hearing last week pressing attorney general merrick garland on the biden administration's response to illegal border crossings. congressman biggs is joining us now. he's a member of the house judiciary and oversight committees. did the attorney general have any satisfactory answers for your questions, congressman? >> absolutely not, jon. in fact, he couldn't address how many arrests, how many people have been prosecuted under our immigration laws. he can't tell us how many people are wandering around the country with removal orders. he couldn't answer anything pertaining to that. but somehow, jon, he found the ability to personally, as he said, personally work on that memorandum to go after parents at school board meetings. it's absolutely incompetence, and it's more than that, it's a dereliction of duty in my opinion. >> jon: okay. why is the administration
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willing to completely look the other way as more -- well over a million people have just kind of walked into our country? >> i will give you two to three reasons. number one, they campaigned on an open border. number two, they said that they've indicated that they think these folks will end up voting democrat at some point, and that's part of why they want to give amnesty to these people, which is ultimately a path to citizenship. and the third thing is, there's a lot of people that are in this administration that don't believe in the [inaudible] nation state. they don't believe in the concept of a nation state. that's something that's been a treasure on the left for a long time to eliminate that. so there's three reasons right there, but the bottom line is, they all make our country more insecure, and this is a national security issue right now. >> jon: we want to put up the fiscal year numbers from 2020 versus 2021. fiscal year ended in september. 458,000 apprehensions at the
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border last year. this year, 1 million 734,686. those are just the apprehensions. there are, what, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands more who came across the border but did not get stopped? >> jon, that's right. the estimate is at least a half a million. so we have known got aways of about a thousand a day that we know are getting into the country. then there's a whole lot of other people we don't know how many get in. we don't know where they are going. we don't know where they are coming from. we don't know what their intentions are. if they're not surrendering -- because right now everybody is surrendering because they know they will be released into the country most likely. if they are not surrendering, they're bringing probably drugs. they're sex trafficking. they're human trafficking. some people are actually on the terrorist watch list that are coming into our country. while i was there a week ago, sitting in a meeting with some border patrol leaders, a fellow from syria came into the country
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that they apprehended. this is a real issue, jon. it's well over 2 million people have come into the country illegally this year. >> jon: where is the vice president? she's the one who is supposed to be fixing this problem; right? >> well, she's supposed to be, but she's talking about climate change being the root cause. and the root cause -- she would see better if she would look in the mirror. it is her and joe biden with their horrible policies and their failure to lead on this issue. i'm kind of glad that she's not more involved because she tends to mess up everything she touches. >> jon: meantime, we have got that huge caravan, apparently the largest yet on its way from i guess the southern part of mexico on its way up and headed for the border. what is the administration doing to try to turn that around? >> well, as far as i know, they're just monitoring. i mean, what we need is we need a vigorous cooperative relationship with the mexican government in the northern triangle states to actually put
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down speed sticks for these caravans like we had with president trump. when he got involved and worked with these leaders, they started helping us stop those caravans. these guys are doing nothing. i've met with border patrol agents at different sectors over the last few weeks asking them what are you going to do? they are putting together plans. there's virtually not enough personnel or facilities to deal with this. we have to have help from the mexican government. quite frankly it would be nice to get some help from our government leaders too. >> jon: republican congressman andy biggs of arizona, thank you. >> thanks, jon. some breaking news we're following out of new york city. a large group of people holding a protest outside the barclays center in brooklyn in support of nets player kyrie irving. the star point guard has been banned from playing home games because he's not received a mandated covid vaccine. a similar protest against the
3:18 pm
city's vaccine mandate held in new york's time square last saturday. the nets just lost to the charlotte hornets in brooklyn. it was the team's third regular season game, without irving. new questions being raised about safety protocols on the movie set where alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer. a live report up next. and then charles watson will have the latest in the investigation into gabby petito's death and what brian laundrie's parents may or may not have known. charles? >> -- spotted out together for the first time since brian laundrie's remains were found. more on that coming up. this is wealth. ♪ ♪ this is worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think.
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and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. >> jon: fox news alert. multiple questions arising over safety protocols on the movie set where alec baldwin shot and killed a cinematographer in what he called a tragic accident. prior to her death workers on location there reportedly complained about unsafe conditions involving the use of the firearms in the film. we have more from our los angeles bureau. >> jon, more details are emerging just how troubled this movie set was. now the family of the woman who
3:23 pm
was shot and killed is speaking out. the father of the 42-year-old said in a newspaper interview said he doesn't think baldwin is responsible for the tragedy. hutchins father said he believes the props people who handed the gun to baldwin are responsible for his daughter's death. hutchins husband posted a picture to instagram writing we miss you, the sister of the cinematographer said she had a marriage that was an example and leaves behind her husband and their 9-year-old son. a vigil was held last night in new mexico. another vigil is scheduled in a few hours here in los angeles. hutchins was killed thursday when after alec baldwin fired a prop gun on the movie set. the associated press is now reporting a crewmember specifically complained about the assistant director who handed baldwin the gun. a prop maker filed a complaint in 2019 against assistant director david hall over concerns about his disregard for safety on another set. the ap reporting hall has not returned calls or e-mails for a response.
3:24 pm
former atf agent tells fox news that it is critical that prop handlers and the actors use extreme caution on set. >> it is even more important if you're using an actual firing working revolver, that you have to keep the live ammunition completely away from where the blank ammunition is, and frankly that responsibility falls to the armorer that's on set, but even an actor picking up a firearm. >> and the film union hutchins was a part of told me this afternoon that right now they are not engaging in speculation and are waiting on investigations to find out what went wrong on this set. jon? >> jon: matt fin live in los angeles, thanks, matt. so many questions surround the deaths of both gabby petito and brian laundrie, after laundrie's remains were found last week, an autopsy came back inconclusive. his remains will be sent to an
3:25 pm
anthropologist. charles watson is outside the laundrie home with that story. charles? >> hi, jon. yeah, the hope is a forensic anthropologist will be able to find clues as to how and when brian laundrie died. once that is complete, the laundrie's family attorney tells us there will be no funeral. he also says the 23-year-old's remains will be cremated when the time comes since the discovery of brian's remain wednesday, his parents have been basically holed up in their home until today. video shows both chris and roberta laundrie get in their pick up truck and speed off. our cameras lost them around 9:30 a.m. and so far haven't been back home. that's the first time we saw brian's parents out since they joined the search for their son on wednesday at the environmental park where personal items and human remains belonging to brian were later discovered. that family's attorney has repeatedly dismissed claims that brian's parents planted evidence or knew exactly where to find their son's remains.
3:26 pm
criminal defense attorney mark geragos says he's not buying it. >> they and the authorities show up at the same time, and within a very short period of time find a notebook, find a backpack and find the remains. that is, you know, most people in the criminal justice system don't buy into coincidences. and that is going to i think reignite the authorities to take a look. >> and this is a live look at the parent's home today, since the fbi confirmed brian's death. several flower bouquets have been delivered to the front door of the north port home with people paying their respects. a lot of unanswered questions remain surrounding the death of brian and girlfriend gabby petito who was found dead in wyoming last month. that includes some level of scrutiny towards the north port police department. authorities as well as, you know, the fbi spent more than a month searching the carlton reserve to find brian who was missing at the time. one man who lives in the area
3:27 pm
says to him it makes sense. >> very jungle life, very rough. i think it would be very hard to do the search that they were in here doing. >> and jon, we've reached out to the fbi to get comment about where this investigation stands. they responded, no comment. jon? >> jon: charles watson from north port, florida. charles, thanks. and for more on this mystery, nancy grace is hosting a live one-hour special tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern, about three and a half hours from now, right here on fox news channel. coming up, the head of the cdc today discussing whether it will update the definition of full vaccination now that most americans are eligible for booster shots. we'll get a doctor's thoughts on that next.
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including those receiving therapies that suppress the immune system, may experience lower immune responses. vaccination may not protect everyone. side effects include pain, redness, and/or swelling where you got the shot, muscle ache, headache, and general discomfort. other side effects may occur. all flu shots are not the same. i raised my game with fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. ask your doctor or pharmacist for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. >> jon: i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. it is the bottom the hour. here's our top stories. two people killed and eight people injured in a horrific drag racing accident in texas yesterday. one of the drivers lost control of his car and crashed into parked vehicles and spectators. the kids were ages 6 and 8. torrential flooding struck the san francisco bay area today. the rain submerged highways and high winds toppled trees.
3:33 pm
and twitter is suspending indiana congressman jim banks official account about his comments about dr. rachel levine becoming the first openly transgender four star officer. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> we don't have booster eligibility for all people currently, so we are going to -- we have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated. we will continue to look at this. we may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future. >> so the boosters are not going to change that definition at least at this point? >> we don't have a plan to change that definition right now. >> jon: that's cdc director dr. rochelle walensky on the definition of fully vaccinated. now that millions more americans are eligible to get boosters. the fda authorized the use of moderna and johnson & johnson boosters last week. joining us now is dr. marty
3:34 pm
makary, professor at johns hopkins school of medicine, also a fox news contributor. i guess she answered the question. i guess if you got your one shot of johnson & johnson or two shots of the others, you are fully vaccinated, under the cdc guidelines. but that could change, doctor, that's what she said. >> well, people are understandably apprehensive about the cdc changing their definition because so much of society is adjudicated based on whether or not you meet that criteria of being fully vaccinated. so when she clearly suggested that last week, today she's really walking it back and trying to make it clear that it's not true. the risk is not equally distributed in the population which is why many of us are very concerned about fully vaccinated meaning that you've got a booster as well. >> jon: because you've suggested that the government is pursuing this one size fits everyone policy, when it comes to vaccinations. >> that's right. the risk is different, and everyone's got to assess their
3:35 pm
own individual risk, and somebody over age 65, then a booster may make sense, especially with pfizer. it turns out the moderna vaccine is holding up better. when you get a second johnson & johnson or other vaccine after the initial johnson & johnson you are in a much better situation. unfortunately, a lot of this was avoidable because the interval between the first two doses was too narrow. three and four weeks relegates those first two doses to essentially function as one primer dose. that's why we're having these conversations. that guidance should have been adjusted early. >> jon: and we also were promised that there weren't going to be any vaccine mandates. >> well, that's why so many people are apprehensive. it was very clear from both politicians and from public health officials that we're not going to have mandates. now we've got mandates in the other extreme, where california is requiring vaccines of kids in schools, even though natural immunity is ignored and dosing interval is not appropriate. you're going to have unintended
3:36 pm
harm from these one size fits all vaccine mandates, including people who had it already. >> jon: yeah, what about natural immunity from those who experienced covid symptoms? >> i recommend they don't get vaccinated if they're low risk. if they're high risk, then one dose may make sense, but not two doses. that's why we're seeing a host of complications. that's why a fifth of america is in bed for a day after that second dose. we haven't had good data on natural immunity. it is curious that the studies have not been done. the nih should have done it. my team at johns hopkins is leading a large study on the durability and duration of natural immunity. we're doing it because the nih hasn't done it. >> jon: the government with all its money and power is not doing the kind of study that you say needs to be done. >> with 38,000 public health officials between the agencies and a budget over 52 billion dollars, they have not been interested in looking at that question of durability. instead, they throw out there that it is an unknown and tell
3:37 pm
people that you still have to get vaccinated, so my team is doing the largest longitudinal study to date. we'll see what the results show. but they should be forth coming in the coming weeks. >> jon: i wish you well there. good for you for taking on that assignment. we are still seeing, though, a lot of covid deaths in this country and elsewhere. we have got the vaccines. why? >> no one should be dying of covid right now, jon, with rare exceptions. the therapeutics are so advanced. we have had such an intense focus on vaccination we've left out these many therapeutics that need to be used in combination, and they can be used in combination. merck's drug is sitting on the shelf at the fda. the application is going to get looked at for three months. it should be available today on a compassionate use basis. it cut deaths to zero. that is no one who got the drug has ever died. flu voxamine, an anti-depressant to reduce severe illness.
3:38 pm
steroid nebulizers. all of these things have solid data. they avoid the controversies of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, they should be given in combination with monoclonal antibodies. >> jon: you touched on kids. should young children, 5 to 11 years old, should they get vaccinated? >> parents will need to make that decision point in the next three weeks when it is authorized. if a kid has co-morbid condition, yes. if the kid had covid in the past, in my opinion, right now, the answer is no. unless there's further data. if the kid is healthy, you need to look at the data for healthy kids. i would say if you choose to get it, space out those doses. we are seeing a lot of complications after the second dose when it is given so close together. >> jon: those are expected to be out in november; right? for children? >> that's right, november 2nd and 3rd.
3:39 pm
the cdc will be meeting, and the days following that, parents will have the opportunity to get their kids 5 through 11 vaccinated. they should have a conversation with their pediatrician, in a way of creative strategies, one dose, spacing out both doses or foregoing the vaccine if they have natural immunity. >> jon: there's so much distrust i guess out there of the government and the vaccines, dr. makary, how do we fix that? >> public health trust is at an all-time low. it is because we have politicized the immune system. it is unfortunate. i think people still trust their local doctors, and many of them are still giving good advice. >> jon: dr. marty makary from johns hopkins, good to have you on. thank you. >> thanks, jon. >> jon: hunter biden's art show opened yesterday in the big apple, but some republican members of congress are worried that patrons who buy his paintings might also be trying to purchase political favor with the biden administration. molly line in new york with more on that. molly? >> good evening, jon.
3:40 pm
the artist hunter biden perhaps best known for being the son of president joe biden had a solo art show in a neighborhood in manhattan. the exhibition is open. that's according to to the gallery. there's photos of hunter biden's wife. the paintings are offered from 75,000 to half a million dollars. biden's burgeoning art career has drawn pretty intense scrutiny from republicans who fear the high-priced paintings could be bought by people or entities seeking to curry favor with the president. g.o.p. congressman ken buck pressed attorney general merrick garland last week on this very issue comparing biden's work to famous pieces by monet. he wants a special counsel to investigate >> in 2019, hunter biden couldn't find a gallery to list his art. and what happened in 2020 that changed all that? his dad became president of the united states. now a single piece of art from
3:41 pm
hunter biden sells for more than the average american home. >> -- potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars could be funneled to hunter biden through his art sales. the white house has sought to reassure those concerned about undue influence arguing entires will remain anonymous except to the gallery, and hunter himself won't discuss anything related the selling of art. hunter's first show in l.a. drew political figures and celebrities, and we are waiting to see if there are any famous faces stopping by to his latest show. jon? >> jon: i like the monet. molly line, thank you. coming up, it's a case that's baffled detectives in one long island town for years. the beach murders. laura ingle has an exclusive look at new clues that might crack the case. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
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>> jon: it is a murder case that's baffled investigators for more than a decade. the bodies of more than ten victims discovered across a sleepy beach town in new york, despite nationwide attention and a massive investigation, the long island serial killer remains elusive, but authorities say new technology might finally lead to answers. laura ingle reports from gilgo beach, new york. >> they are some of the most notorious serial killings in modern u.s. history. while it's been more than a decade since the string of murders that unfolded near gilgo beach on long island, less than an hour from new york city, new investigative technology is moving this cold case forward. it all began when 24-year-old shannon gilbert disappeared from oak beach long island in the pre-dawn darkness of may 1st
3:47 pm
2010. >> she is saying they were trying to kill me. >> a girl is screaming help me, help me. >> shannon was terrified out of her mind. >> the search for shannon set off a series of shocking events >> the beautiful beaches of long island new york have become the latest backdrop in a murder mystery. >> ten sets of human remains discovered along ocean parkway. all were sex workers, four of the victims kroung women in their 20s -- victims young women in their 20s were found at gilgo beach. >> when you have so many women being killed and the guy hasn't been caught, you do whatever it takes >> with no arrests made in the case, authorities last year decided to release evidence to the public. >> we believe that the belt was handled by the suspect. >> now more than ten years after the first victim was found, there's a new sense of urgency to the investigation, and fox nation got an inside look. >> you mentioned the software
3:48 pm
and the hardware. is this specifically around the gilgo case? >> yes. we know we're close. we think it's only a matter of time. >> hear from experts who turned the case upside down. >> i think the most likely cause of her death was manual strangulation. >> the critics who say investigators are still missing the mark. >> that's absurd on its face. >> i don't know that there was anything else i could have done. >> and the victims' loved ones still standing strong. >> to the person who took my sister's life, you are a coward. >> over the course of our month's long investigation, for this series, one thing became clear about the long island serial killings, the story of these historic murders, one that began close to where i'm standing is far from over. and the investigators trying to solve the case, even after all these years may be closer to doing so than ever before. in oak beach, new york, laura ingle, fox news.
3:49 pm
>> jon: let's hope so, laura, thanks. grim tide, hunting the long island serial killer is available now on fox nation. coming up, new details on the damage caused by an earthquake that had people in taiwan ducking for cover. stay with us.
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>> jon: some other headlines from around the globe, in taiwan, at least one person is injured after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the capital city of taipei earlier today. no deaths are reported. in south korea, u.s. diplomats are urging north korea to stop testing nuclear missiles and instead return to negotiations. the u.s. envoy on north korea made the comments after meeting with south korean officials. in colombia, armed forces have captured a drug kingpin and gang leader. he is accused of sending dozens of cocaine shipments to the united states. off the canadian coast, a fire burned in several containers on board a cargo ship near the coastal province of british columbia earlier today. the shipping company says no injuries were reported, and the fire appears to have been contained. pop star ed sheeran says he's tested positive for
3:54 pm
covid-19 and is now self-isolating. he hopes to complete his planned interviews and performances from home while he recovers. that's a look at some stories from around the globe. ♪ this magic moment ♪ this magic moment ♪ >> jon: the man singing that classic jay black, the leader sing of jay and the americans has died. his family says he'd been battling pneumonia. black was born in new york. best known top ten hits like this magic moment. jay black dead at the age of 82. and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like,
3:55 pm
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♪ ♪ jon: when some may say washington, d.c. is filled with rats and snakes it is actually home to a lot of cats, dc cat count. the 3 year study finds there are about 200,000 cats in dc, half of them living indoors only, all fat cats on capitol hill. as well as donkeys and elephants.
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mistious gang has used drones to rescue 3 dogs trapped on the spanish island of la palma. the dogs were on the roof of a building surrounded by lava. after officials got green light to rescue the dogs they arrived. to find a sign reading -- the dogs are fine. signed by the a-team. the rescue was illegal. >> better forecasts in the future with all news fox weather app. digital weather network beginning tomorrow morning, new app will help you plan your day with forecasts, specific to your neighborhoods and other areas you care about, can keep you updated on storms headed your way, you can scan qr code on your screen or visit fox weather dot-com. it will be great, that
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is our fox reports this sunday. i am jon scott, thank you for watching. "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is up next. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy, it's "sunday night in america," a wessel blower is alleging that facebook put profit over the common good-bye ignores myths and disinformation. this new whistleblower wanted to be a member of facebook integrity team. apple and amazon are catering to china by removing apps for the bible and other religious books to maintain their market


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