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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  October 24, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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halloween is even happier. i could not resist that, no way, no how, so cute. eric: look at that little pumpkin posh tunes i can't take it. alicia: a wonderful way to end the weekend, that does it for us, great to be with you this weekend. eric: you too, thank you for watching on fox news. ♪ ♪ ♪ hello everyone i'm anita vogel with joey jones, nicole saphier and david webb, welcome to "the big sunday show", here is what's on tap tonight, joey. >> "saturday night live" with joe biden may not be who used to be. >> i miss the old me. [laughter]
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>> the ghost of biden's past in the approval rating is at historic lows. anita: too funny, nicole. nicole: a shocking twist in the investigation into the alec baldwin movie set shooting why the cross gun may have been loaded before the movie kirchoff the scenes. anita: and david. david: head football coach at pacific state has strong feels about halloween candy. >> what is your favorite candy corn. >> do not go trick-or-treating at his house. >> you will not want to miss the rent on the candy that he does like. anita: the cdc director is now backtracking after she said the agency may change the definition of fully vaccinated the current definition is two doses of pfizer or moderna and one dose of the johnson & johnson
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vaccine. watch. >> we will continue to look at this we may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future. anita: today in about-face the cdc director now saying no plans to change the definition. >> the definition of fully vaccinated is pfizer or moderna after you have received two doses you are considered fully vaccinated and after j&j a single dose you are considered fully vaccinated i want to be very clear about that. >> the boosters are not quitting change of definition at least at this point? >> we do not have a plan to change the definition right now. >> imported governor desantis which was announced as an opponent of vaccine mandates is ordering a special session to provide protection for workers who are fired for not being vaccinated. the governor sounding off about the job for job mandates on "sunday morning features".
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>> it will recap it in the economy because of a small percentage of these folks end up losing their jobs or voluntarily walking away you will have huge disruptions in medical, logistics, law enforcement, and florida our policy is very clear we will have a special session and we will say nobody should lose their job based on these injections is a choice you can make but we want to make sure we're protecting your jobs in your livelihood. >> a lot of discussion about this, doctor saphier let me ask you first as a medical expert on the show, do people need to have the vaccine does everybody need to have the vaccine if your love and healthy with no existing conditions i believe the survival right is in the 99th percentile, does everyone need the vaccine? >> it is important to say the cdc has demoralize competence and not only vaccine efficacy by the public health altogether,
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the booster blender itself started from the white house and now continues through the cdc, the problem that i have with doctor walensky's recent comments, is equally distributed amongst the population where it is clearly not, the vaccine -- boosters are recommended in people over 65 we know this age group has declining immunity over time also immunosuppressed or immunocompromised because data has shown us they were not able to have sufficient responses to the vaccine that demonstrates the boosters give them a boost if you want to call it in their immunity this makes sense we are talking about a younger healthier population and it's very different because what is the end goal for trying to keep people out of the hospital and save more lives the vaccines are doing at the booster data is showing if you give a booster now you have a 96% chance of
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preventing symptomatic illness that's the same number were reporting six months ago from the two dose regimen, new pfizer data came out last week that shows the decline has gone from 96% to 84%, 84% ability to prevent symptomatic illness is still really good the messaging needs to be clear are we trying to save lives and keep people out of the hospital or are we trying to prevent symptoms altogether. every trying to prevent symptoms all altogether we will probably need boosters every six months, i'm sure pfizer would not mind that, ultimately is at the end goal, i don't think so. >> it is really hard to say, the goalposts keep changing all the time, david we are seeing disruption in the supply chain in the airline industry, restaurants, americans are not accustomed to the shortages and supplies and having to wait for anything, how do you see the mandates playing out in his governor desantis going to come out smelling like a rose or
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smelling like something else? >> first of all what is this about its freedom of choice, freedom to choose as an american, mandated thing, when you mandate to americans for a variety of reasons we tend to object as a nation were constitutional loving society. the reality for those with the mandates i still have not figured out how joe biden knows the difference between a company with 100 employees or 90 employees or less when it comes to the virus we are seeing ideological signs having a real-world affect of the economics when companies cannot higher, maintain staff in the hospitality industry. one industry and involved in. hiring is a problem but if you don't have people come into a hotel, these disruptions are economic disruptions on the supply chain the variety of issues around offloading ships from their supply distribution to hubs around the country.
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all these various mandates are causing slowdowns in affecting the workforce, this is going to continue and for me it's less about christmas packages or the number of christmas packages and more about the fact that we are constantly affecting the supply chain as well as having an effect on labor force participation which if you combine those and other factors as a downward pressure on the economics of the country. anita: all good points there, joey i went to get to you in a minute i want to go back to doctor saphier, if you had a patient come to you in their 30s or 40s, healthy, no underlying conditions, asking you whether they needed the vaccine or not and they're worried about losing their jobs, what would your advice be to them? >> unfortunately i tell you this is a difficult situation. i'm not sure who is a person in charge of putting forth the mandates that is causing people
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to get fired or quit their jobs that are essential to continue to fight off the pandemic from nurses, physicians any person working in a hospital, firefighters, police officers, i tell people i cannot help you, there is no letter that a physician can write at this point because they have such rigid states that they're not listening to reason anymore and they're not listening to the fact that the data shows natural immunity they be just as protective if not stronger than the vaccine immunity what about everybody his recovery from infection sought detectable antibodies how can you tell them that they need this then mandates have become far too politicized and unfortunate that the part of the reason the august numbers showed a lot of people leaving the workforce because they don't want to continue employment under such mandates that do not follow science and do not take the individual employee into consideration. anita: a lot of people finding themselves between a rock and a hard place for sure. joey year military veteran, how
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do you see these vaccine mandates affect international security, we see a lot of service members not wanting to take the vaccine speaker i'll be honest i fully support american citizens and say this is not something that i want to partake in when you sign the dotted line and join the military i was for vaccines and never asked any questions about any of them maybe that was my fault but that's common, i do think that military service members are in active duty and have a lot less of a position to refuse it in their private citizen, that being said how does this affect our natural security, it affects the government to the people that are supposed to have trust in it, new york city trying to mandate the vaccine to going to restaurants or gyms, not just a restaurant in new york city, all they want to do is see someone that looks like a vaccine, you have an 18-year-old host or hostess checking they don't know if it's real or not is not very effective, all of this is all my friends outside of the city they
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tell me i would love to come in and have lunch with you but i'm not going into the city because they mandated the vaccine i don't know if you see a large uptick of people getting the vaccine you look at airlines with less than 10% are nonvaccinated but that 10% is willing to walk away before they will get the importance to them. 10% probably will not cause an outbreak but it definitely will slow and halt your flights, the national security is logistics and trust the people have in the government and ultimately our economy that's a national security a threat. anita: a strong feeling on both sides of this issue all the way around. thank you for all of your thoughts, still ahead historically low approval numbers are not the only things haunting joe biden. will introduce you to the ghost of biden's past, coming up next. >> who are you, who am i, i'm you from eight years ago, man.
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live" really makes fun of their president but now the show is finally admitting what the rest of the country sees. joe biden is not who he used to be. >> i have to tell you your dynamite with their clerks and your red liners. >> some of those facts on me. >> okay your cnn town hall was watched by no one in your approval rating is in the dumpster. >> i don't understand i miss the old me. [laughter] >> who are you, who am i. >> i'm you from eight years ago, the ghost of the biden past, how can you be mean you seem so happy and carefree, what is the word i'm looking for.
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joey: maybe snl decided to get in on the joke about biden with the approval numbers, according to a new gallup poll biden's approval sank or that 11%, that is the most of any president since world war ii, that is a lot that means the guy is not very popular. this is funny but this is being honest about who biden is insane is doing a worse job than he used to, he was the senator that habitually plagiarized and passed the crime bill that was unanimously seen as unfair to many minorities he is a vice president as bob gates says was wrong on every foreign major policy move and he was a candidate that said kids are just as talented as white kids, many of us expected him to be. anita: it was president biden
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who said he's a gas machine, he called it right there, first of all i want to say i'm so glad to see "saturday night live" back in the bipartisan business, they are just funny no matter who they make fun of. but if you look at what's going on in the country i guess you have to tie that to the approval ratings and that means a short list of things, supply chain issues, migrants crushing the border, covid-19 issues still plaguing us, controversial vaccine mandates, the democrats can't pass the infrastructure bill on capitol hill, gas prices, inflation, so many things going on and we are really not getting concrete reassurance from president biden that things are going to be getting better. anybody who tuned into the town hall did not exactly get reassurance. we are definitely not getting reassurance from the vice president. i think that is what's reflected in these approval ratings. joey: you mean we have a vice president? i kind of forgot about her i not seen her in a while. biden's approval rating has dropped 11 points that's more
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than any other president since world war ii, americans are just waking up to who they elected? david: i think a lot of people are waking up to who they elected. they are looking at a man who needs any form of humor or something positive which i think that's what this is the list that was brought up about biden's many failures in the absent vp, it says that all, snl may be making fun of them but in a way they may be protecting it by making fun of him saying it's old uncle joe by a man who is a corrupted crack, man who told president reagan if he was going to do something that he did not like he would leak it to the press and other things this is a mean-spirited politician who has woken up because he wanted to be president and there is woken systemic racism that he discovered. all these things came after 50 years in washington, d.c. or close to it and here comes biden
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he is not just a gap machine is this dad entrance dad statement in the world is watching. >> we knew it felt like he was harmless because he is vice president. usually you think giving him a legislative when would be a path to regain popularity, the legislative when it is not there it's been sorted by his own party and putting him in front of a camera means everyone has to hold their breath, as we see in this graphic he has known significantly less interviews than halyna hutchins obama i think will put up a graph that shows the amount of interviews. you look at that, he said 16 interviews, trumpeted 82 at this point and obama did 131 in most of those were friendly to him, how does he make himself popular again or can even. nicole: are you proposing that should be his new slogan make
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biden popular again. first of all when you look snl, they had to do something this is the season premiere lowest rated and all-time for snl history and some of the highest ratings for when they were making fun of president trump alec baldwin got in and before his betrayal of president trump. as anita mentioned during the administration they were not bipartisan they were only making fun of president trump, there was nothing on the democratic side even though there were a lot of gaps being had. here when it comes to biden they are finally talking about what other people have been mentioning and to get a little bit serious snl is funny it's not been as funny since welfare left i'm just going to say, the optics are everything so when people are looking at their president they want a strong leader, not only someone who comes across as being coherent which unfortunately during a lot of interviews which its poor
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public speaking or he doesn't know the question or he miss here's the question he is not coming across as coherent and has to be brought to attention and they need to talk about that and president trump gave a lot of interviews but i can tell you i think you got criticism because some of the interviews really did him a disservice that an itself so there is a fine line and president biden should be doing more interviews but the reason he is not is because he is failing miserably at these interviews. whether he's going to be a two-term or or not i don't know because if you can't interviews now how will he do them four years from now. joey: these are not gasps, these are offensive beliefs that he let slip from time to time. i don't know if we can call these gaffes the snl are not making fun of him, they are given him a pep talk, that's what it was there not bipartisan there said you used to be cool, wouldn't you be cool again
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because were on your team and we helped get you elected, don't let us look bad. anyway that is what i think, that is joey's 2 cents. straight ahead shocking developments about the props used in the shooting death of a cinematographer. the update is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪. nicole: welcome back to "the big sunday show" new reports emerging about the cross can alec baldwin used to accidentally killed a cinematographer on the movie set they were loaded with target practice offset shedding light
2:27 pm
into how the cold gun was loaded with five rounds. were also learning in blank rounds in the same area. people are weighing in on social media and on interviews to work on other shows and movies, what do you think about this, executive producer of the rookie in memo to his show crew, any risk is too much risk there will be no more live weapons on the show and from craig zobel, he is the east town, the mayor of east town if you seen that the director, he said there is no reason to have guns loaded with blanks or anything onset anymore it should be fully outlawed, there is computers, the gunshot fund mayor of east town is all-digital. you can tell but who cares if the unnecessary risk. this is something that we talked about yesterday, you have these people putting out these memos
2:28 pm
to their crews saying they should not be doing this are taking other safety measures but should there ever be live animal onset? anita: this is a discussion on hollywood people seem to be reuniting around the fact that there doesn't need to be live guns onset. those are two big hollywood industry types, one is a producer and wanted the director and if you look at twitter, a lot of people in the industry are saying there is computer generation, hollywood could do anything and i did watch the entire season of mayor of east town, it's an amazing show and there was one scene where a detective was shot and killed and i jumped in my seat was so real and now we find out that was not a real gun those effects were added afterwards, they could do the on that show they certainly can do that anywhere, i would like to look at it like this we cannot bring this young woman back like i said yesterday but maybe something good can
2:29 pm
come out of her death maybe other deaths can be prevented if they change the way that they do some of these things in hollywood. nicole: absolutely, david i want to put up another quote from another producer and director, he said even if prop bullets are required they are nerves down the bullet, but never lie bullets ever. we don't know what the projectile actually consisted of whether an actual bullet or some sort of debris, it is mind-boggling to me how a weapon that was not confirmed to be cold could've ever gone from the prop master to the ed to the actor without anyone properly checking onset. what do you think where do you think lies the responsibility, the per-person repairing the gun or handling the gun, where does that responsibility lie? david: is a variety of responsibilities when it comes to this issue and the idea that
2:30 pm
some will remove gun from sets were prop guns from sets, it is not going to happen. unlike a lot of others out there who are watching this from the sidelines i'm actually involved in the film industry in film school as we speak for veterans when i look at this industry that i've known for a long time the process is what matters. i have no understanding of why you would have lie bullets in this case onset and why anyone would go out and use a prop gun in any other manner. something is wrong as i said yesterday. but the idea that you can create everything from computer-generated images whether it's gunshots or something else, it's just not going to work and it takes away the realism and sequences what you can remove next, knives or swords, whatever, this is ridiculous the process was flawed, people were wrong and
2:31 pm
now we find out about live ammo on the set, that goes to a legal question of manslaughter contribute into this, i'm not a lawyer but there's a lot of other issues and don't blame the gun, blame the people. nicole: i undoubtably agree. we want to make clear that they said there was live ammo on the set they have not confirmed there was live ammo in the gun. one thing you talked about you go want to movie sets and make sure to help teach people how to responsibly handle firearms but again they should not carry live ammo, when we talk about the photographer shot from this gun either alec baldwin was playing around, why would the gun be focused on the photographer or was there a mishap and something happened accidentally? >> i don't know and we don't know one problem there so
2:32 pm
uneducated on guns and firearms they use terms like misfire was reported for a while and a misfire, when nothing fires. another thing i don't know if they understand between a prop bullet, probably in fake or a blank, blank for all intensive purposes, it's a piece of live ammunition without a projectile if you have debris and the gun and you shoot a blank there is powder that shoots out and could shoot somebody with a blank you can hurt someone with a blank, we put a cap on her guns so that could happen, here's the honest to god truth, everything that happened on the movie set that went wrong could've been solved with ten minutes of training and three seconds of habitual discipline. i spoke to somebody in the movie business i been on tv shows on the visa much like david talked about i was more like to how people handle at and understand what happens i'm not a chef but i know a difference between a
2:33 pm
knife that can kill me in a prop knife i know a difference between a dole blade, i know the difference of what a knife is made of. if you can train people how guns work even if they hate them, if i hade an enemy i want to know who the enemy is. step forward and offer free training to all actors and production staff he would like to get it even if they want to get it discreetly and not tell anyone if they know the nra they should step forward and leave this issue the more people to understand guns and more importantly to make them safe, the more lives that are saved in any situation to include on hollywood sets. i spoke to an actor today that i'm friends with and he said no one should've handed them alive gun, you know what no matter what you hand me i know what it is before he pointed at 70. that is common sense. nicole: that is right in education and knowledge are educational before handling. have any americans are trapped in afghanistan. the state department made a standing omission that is very different from biden's claims. that is coming up next.
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department dropping a bombshell about how many americans are still trapped in afghanistan. a congressional source who was on a call tells fox news state department officials reached staff and told them it is in touch with 363 americans in afghanistan in nearly 176 legal permanent residents. but remember the closing days of the evacuation, the president said this. >> we believe about 100 - 200 americans remain in afghanistan, some intention to lead, the bottom line 90% of americans in afghanistan who wanted to lead were able to lead. anita: the state department claimed to has an explanation for the discrepancy. >> that has risen as more a americans in light of our
2:40 pm
successful facilitation of our partners in recent weeks. anita: it seems like there are quite a few americans left in afghanistan, joey to you first, how dangerous for the americans up behind you know the geopolitical dynamic better there than most, what kind of peril are these americans facing. joey: the peril is death, that's unfortunate part, what really bothers me i have a quote, i don't normally do anything like this but i spoke to a close friend that helped fund and facilitate his trip to weeks after the 13 were killed they came on a few days ago is army special forces, his cia operator and in south africa, he brought home slaves from south america a month before this happened, these are his words, this trip
2:41 pm
ships all of us, every dude on my team, this is to rotating teams of season special operators, five went public with some of what we witnessed particularly honored teams i don't know if eliza be endangered, i believe the state department was actively sorting to get people out, we saw hundreds of people getting killed and their families and their children to horrific images let me say those are his words, his opinion and his experiences that doesn't reflect myself or fox news i have not independently verified this but i believe him and trust him and i know what he's saying, that our government does the expected influx of civilians and veterans and contractors to go over there and see what was happening in the truth by the totality for much of the time that this is been going on i tell you with everything that we witnessed i tend to believe him over the next podium of the state department right now.
2:42 pm
anita: that is a scary account that your friend has given. we know what is dangerous on the ground for americans, the taliban wants to kill americans. that is common sense, doctor saphier, talk about the stress that this creates, not only those trapped but the family did the u.s. there on pins and needles praying for the safe return of their family members and stress creates all kind of health problems. >> it is essential that the federal government is not only transparent but accurate with their statements to the american people about the american in afghanistan. were talking about people's lives, as you meant it goes beyond just the individual who is still in afghanistan, what about the family and friends here who are trying to get accurate information but they're not getting that we need questions and answers and we need the truth, why were these people left behind, was that by choice or because their victims of the hurried withdrawal of the u.s. troops, if they chose to
2:43 pm
stay behind, why do they want to leave now, what is going on that is making an unsafe environment to come home and how will we get them home, that is what we need to hear, the mental and physical health attributes as you're talking about are going to cause long-term consequences, not just individuals there but the people at home. we have seen mental health decline as a result of the covenant he pinned emmett. now you are talking about people who could be here watching what is going on on the news and thinking that their family members are being tortured or may be dead. we need to do everything that we can to bring people home that want to come home as safely and fast as possible. we need our government to be honest and truthful about it. anita: the biden administration has its own account of how things unfolded let's take a listen to what the officials in the administration had to say about it. >> we concluded the largest evacuation of civilians and making history. it was heroic, it was historic.
2:44 pm
>> extraordinary success of this mission was due today incredible skill, brave and selfless courage of her diplomats and intelligence professionals. >> this is been a massive diplomatic and humanitarian undertaking. >> this is now on track to be the largest airlift in u.s. history, i would not say that is anything but a success. anita: if it wasn't anything but a success, the administration is giving in cells rave reviews for the way it was conducted. david i think the president said we will not leave any americans left behind. he likes to blame former president trump for a lot of things. but i don't think you can blame trump for this one, what is your take? david: first of all the responsibility goes to president biden and his administration anthony blinken involved as
2:45 pm
well. you are being lied to by this administration from a high level contact at state, even within the biden administration they want this to go away. we have a responsibility and for various reasons including operational security, something that you understand the hard work be done by groups all across this country, individuals that are working together to bring people home, i brought a number of those groups on my show, i make connections between others, were doing the work that we can. we have to realize there's a lot more people left they keep moving the goal post on the numbers while people's lives are on the line, there are kill teams for high-value targets, the taliban is in a feverish search for a number of people, there is so much more to this in our responsibility to not let this story die for every
2:46 pm
american and every one of us in the media do not let the story die while people die in afghanistan. anita: that is a very good point. the story is still unfolding, it is not done yet. the mississippi state at coach has very strong feelings about candy. listen to the. >> you hate candy corn, what is your favorite halloween candy. >> i completely hate candy corn. anita: you won't want to miss the rant on the candy that he does like, that is coming up next. ♪ just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette.
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♪ ♪. david: welcome back to "the big sunday show" a few things in this world are polarizing over candy corn every halloween, that is actually true mississippi state football mike leach going viral for his disdain of the controversial candy, even more entertaining the coaches halloween treats which satisfy a sweet tooth, listen to this. >> you hate candy corn, what is your favorite candy.
2:51 pm
>> i completely hate candy corn. gummy bears for sure, the other thing that i like is when they used to have sprees in a box, you have to go to the dollar store to find it, they have the nerds clusters which is new, it is good, the nerds clusters is good, chocolate robbie almond joy. david: i like the fact that he enjoys a good halloween candy. he has 145 - 6, this guy is having a role in i'm not a fan of candy corn, i don't 0 five a favorite but, on, he won a big game he was getting off his chest and tell you where he
2:52 pm
stood. joey: he is a national treasure, if you don't keep up with college football, google his name, watch a tremendous amount of these interviews, he would like to talk about anything but football he has a great one with dating advice, he has one where he talks about creation and he did not just come from a frog in a puddle. he talks about pirates, he is well read and is very interesting even when he loses games. david: that's what we need, interesting in football and just football where your spouse to razz each other a little bit. nicole, what is healthier and a little bit of extra sugar, get the kids sugared up and send them home with the parents. by the way i'm not a fan of the halloween, go to your neighbors and get some candy. nicole: 0 did enter nutritional value, that being said liberty gone through several bags of candy corn in my house and were still a week away from halloween. we do fill up a cauldron for trick-or-treaters amongst candy corn by my favorite snickers as
2:53 pm
well. david: i like that too, so disclosure i'm actually in california for a halloween party this weekend and it's a weekend halloween party i won't tell you what my costume was. but close this up, what did you go for halloween last year end what will you go this year. anita: i don't know why was katie. one year i might do that again but i love that this coach has a specific type of gummy bear that he likes. that was so funny to me that candy corn you either love it or you hate it, right? david: yep, we will review our thank you notes, that is next. ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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: :: >> welcome back to the big sunday show. it is time for a new segment we're calling thank you notes. well, it is breast cancer awareness month, and as many of you know, that my day job is detecting and diagnosing breast cancer. so i want to take a moment to thank the men and women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, whether recently or in the past because it is your resilience and your courageousness and your hope that gives me the motivation to get up and go to work every morning. i would also like to thank my colleagues at memorial sloan kettering for their continued efforts to detecting early treating and preventing cancer because one day i truly believe we may be able to conquer cancer.
2:58 pm
david, it is your turn. >> thank you. my thank you note goes to mother nature for her many amazing talents. right now i'm in california. it is raining. well, rain means a shortened fire season. so mother nature will take care of the planet. let's just take care of her. to you, anita, take it away. >> yeah, thank you, david. so my thank you note goes to outspoken defiant and of course hilarious at times comedian david chappell. he stood up and gave his honest opinion knowing that he was at risk of a lot of criticism, which he's taken. he talked about gender being a fact. a lot of people he knew would disagree with that. he got up and said it anyway. i was never a fan really so much of his humor. before i didn't find him that funny. i'm going to give him a second chance now because he stood up, and he defended free speech. i think there are a lot of comedians out there who really appreciated that. joey? >> atina, comedians -- anita,
2:59 pm
comedians need to be fearless. that's what they are great at doing; right? they take the normal and make it absurd. i love this. i want comedy back to just being funny. >> right, yeah. >> my gun friendly friends have a new quote thanks to his -- buck shot, buck shot, buck shot. they know what i'm talking about. the atlanta braves brought home the trophy last night. they won the national league m . they did so when a lot of folks said they were down for the count. lost our entire outfield, two of our starting pitcher at the beginning of the season. they rallied around each other. they fought hard and for a city like atlanta that was snubbed by the mlb this year, went for the 28 and 3 falcons debacle. georgia bulldogs got beat twice in the last minute in championship games by alabama. we needed a win like this. so as a die-hard braves fan,
3:00 pm
thank you, and keep chopping. keep chopping. >> all right. that was a good one. atlanta, they did that. that does it for us, folks. thank you very much for sticking with us. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> jon: a busy weekend in the red hot race for virginia governor. both candidates are traveling throughout that commonwealth hoping to sway voters and to win the contest that could shape the national political dialogue. good evening, i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". with just over a week to go until election day democrat mcauliffe and the republican youngkin are both working to shore up support in what's shaping up to be a tight race. this weekend mcauliffe made campaign stops with several


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