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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 24, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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re thing. up top. high thryv! payments? high thryv! promotions? high thryv! email marketing? almost there, hold on. wait for it. high thryv! manage my customer list? can do. will do. high thryv! post on social media? hash-tag high thryv my friend! get a free demo at >> live images of roma, texas from our fox flight team drone as an organized caravan of more than 2,000 people makes its way toward the u.s. southern border. welcome to fox news live, i'm mike emanuel here in washington. we will have a live report from the southern border in a moment but first to our other top story as we enter the final leg of the virginia governor's race we have team coverage, alex hoff and mark meredith is in newport news, virginia where republican
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glen youngkin is holding one of several events today. mark, let's start things off with you, good afternoon. mark: mike, good afternoon, to you. this was not supposed to be a close race given republicans recent track record in the state of virginia but this race is now neck and neck and republicans tell us they fell energized and believe glen youngkin's decision to campaign heavily on education issues is what's going the pay off at the polls. he's going to be campaigning where we are here in new port news a few hours from now and youngkin a political new comer says if elected he will do a lot to reshape the classrooms in the common wealth. >> friends on day one we are going to launch the most aggressive charter school program in the history of virginia. [cheers and applause] >> choice within our public system where a child zip code won't determine his or her destiny. mark: youngkin has continued to
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campaign on raising teacher pay and vowing to hire more school resource officers. right now the democrat in the race terry mcauliffe who was governor once before in virginia, stacey abrams, dave performing and mcauliffe has been pleading with democrats to step up to ensure that the race is not taken for granted and encouraging donors to keep sending money. we heard from mcauliffe earlier within the last hour. >> we don't want another trump wanna-be. i like to say trump and khakis, we do not lap dog for trump as governor. that's why i need your help. mark: mcauliffe campaigned with harris, this week is president biden's turn and holding an event in arlington, virginia, that's just outside of washington but it wasn't that long ago that mcauliffe was complaining that the biden-harris administration low poll numbers, low approval rating was hurting him in the polls and now, of course, he's
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running to the white house to get that kind of support. another potential x factor that may be hurting mcauliffe's chances the democratic infighting when it comes to two massive spending bills, as you know, this is a race down to the wire and anything can happen. mike: you have all of the vip on the dems turning out and youngkin doing it solo, right, mark? mark: fox asked why not have donald trump on the campaign trail and he was trying to focus issues on virginia as opposed to the national race. when it comes to high-profile republicans whether or not it would be helpful in a state like virginia where democrats have traditionally have done well, may not be helpful as some think. mike: mark, many thanks. education and critical race theory both playing a big role in tight race in virginia as republican candidate glen youngkin calls for resignation of the loudoun county
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superintendent. >> that's right, the superintendent is behind recently uncovered e-mail and exposes interesting timing. here is youngkin this weekend. >> there's must be resignation. we had administrators at a school board who have been covering this out. >> so in may 28th, superintendent scott ziggler sent the e-mail to loudoun county board members, student alleged that male sexual assaulted in the bathroom, pressed the board of transgender policies, he was told record of a bathroom assault existed. >> and i've never been to a school board meeting before so i didn't know what to expect. but i believe that they had full intentions on trying to shut the
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thing down early. >> the father scott smith was arrested at the meeting and was cited in the national school board association original letter to president biden where they likened the actions to some parents as domestic terrorist. that letter sparked the justice department's controversial decision to intervene but on friday the nsba apologied for their choice of words. >> they are apologizing because they got caught and they embarrassed the doj and exposed them for their political hacks that they are. and so what they have done is ignite a fire storm. >> that's one take on the matter. earlier last week superintendent ziggler apologized or if handling of the loudoun county. mike: deeply disturbing story. more later on the show we will speak with tiffany justice,
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cofounder of moms for liberty. live pictures coming in again from roma, texas as border patrol confirms they have detained a record 1.7 million migrants trying to cross the border in the past fiscal year. bill is at the border with a closer look at the reason behind the surge, hello, bill. bill: mike, good afternoon to you, many of these migrants once we talked in the past several months believe if they can step foot here on u.s. soil under this administration they will likely have a chance of being released into the united states and now there's a brand-new migrant caravan headed our way in hopes of that happening to them as well. take a look at remarkable video at tapachula, mexico, brand-new caravan, thousands in it. you can see them shoving their way past mexican national guard skirmish line that had stopped them or slow them down. thousands of migrants pushing right past security forces,
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tossing them aside like rag dolls and moving on with their journey. incredibly organized caravan. fox griff jenkins reporting there are qr codes that people can scan if they want to join that caravan. there are ads for it on facebook and it has been growing by the day. thousands heading here for the u.s.-mexico border, independent journalists down there with caravan asked migrant from west africa why is he trying to get to the u.s. right now. take a listen to what he had to say. best time because of the administration? [inaudible] >> because of joe biden. bill: and back where we are right now take a look at this video in star county where we are standing right now. what you're looking at texas state trooper pursuing a drug smuggler in the area, star county notorious for drug smuggling because of activity directly across the border from us. you see the trooper pursuing the man through a residential neighborhood and eventually
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bails out and runs on foot and the trooper takes off after him running in between people's front yards, backyards, driveways, you name it. they go through it and eventually the trooper tackles the man and takes them down and arrest them and looks in vehicle, 100 pounds of marijuana. it's not always weed, sometimes it's fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, you name it, they are trafficking it down here. earlier today on fox, west virginia governor jim justice talked about how some of the drugs are making it all the way into his state. take a listen. >> we have seen immediate uptick from the standpoint of death coming from drugs and we have -- it is a direct correlation with what is happening at the border. >> we all know what's going on. there's drugs coming across the border like crazy and everything they are killing our people. >> the thing about the remarkable numbers, 1.7 million apprehensions during the 2021 fiscal year is some of those
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months are under the trump administration, back when border security was considered to be much, much tighter. it's going to be pretty wild to take a look at what the numbers are going to potentially be later on this year at the end of the calendar year for all of 2021 which will primarily be most of joe biden's administration. we can potentially hit 2 million for his first year in office. we will send it back to you. mike: stunning numbers. bill, thanks a lot. ♪ ♪ >> mike: democrats are looking for a special process to try to pass spending plan it's called budget reconciliation. congressional correspondent chad explains what exactly this means. >> senators can filibuster virtually any bill. you can bypass a filibuster with 60 votes. it's hard to wrangle 60 yeas in the senate but do not need for budget reconciliation. >> number 1, the issue of reconciliation which is like code to the american people.
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>> it's confusing, a reconciliation bill is exempt from a filibuster. it only needs 51 votes to pass. >> but here is the catch, only certain things qualify for reconciliation bill. reconciliation is reserved for taxes and entitlements, fiscal call issues, dc statehood doesn't qualify for reconciliation. immigration, not quite. budget reconciliation is kind of lake a sport. so you need certain types of equipment depending on the sport that you're playing. if you're going to play baseball, you need a baseball. but how about this, a softball, that may work if you're playing baseball. it's not unprecedented for lawmakers to use somewhat related legislative items in budget reconciliations so guess what, a softball might work if we are playing baseball reconciliation. here are some things that won't work. a tennis ball, this. this really won't work.
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again all balls but we are playing baseball today. this is way out of bounds. but guess what, this does work, a baseball bat. we are playing baseball reconciliation so this applies when we are playing baseball reconciliation. >> everybody needs to think through as they craft their -- pick their sports equipment out of the locker room, what will work for the referee, the senate parliamentarian. >> senate parliamentarian decides what's in or out. >> abiding by the rule, ruling to have parliamentarian is essential to the function to have senate. >> even the man partly responsible for writing the reconciliation process in 1970's, late senate parliamentarian bob doug says senators use reconciliation as a crutch. >> if there was anything that i could undo in my life it was ever helping create the reconciliation process in the budget act. it is now a monster and it is
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showing its monsterrous qualities repeatedly as it is used by both party. >> reconciliation remain it is only way that senate can seemingly pass major bills, that's why there's a push to alter the filibuster. mike. mike: chad pilgrim, thanks a lot. on how the negotiations are going on in capitol hill, let's bring pennsylvania democratic congresswoman christy, congresswoman, welcome. >> thank you, thank you so much for having me today. >> this morning your colleague said president biden is pushing to get this done before he heads overseas to a climate conference in scotland. do you expect the progressive wing and the moderate wing of your party to cut about a 2 trillion-dollar deal? congresswoman: so i'm intrigued that he has that point of view. i probably will believe that we will get a vote on the infrastructure bill before he leaves to that particular conference or at least i hope so and maybe the outlines and contour and agreement on what would be if you guys are calling it the reconciliation bill, that's more the build back better bill and remains to be
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seen whether they would come together in that timeline. >> does it worry you split between progressives and moderates can jeopardize the bipartisan infrastructure package? >> first and foremost i want to make sure that i'm delivering the things that we need and i believe that my community needs both. i believe that we need the infrastructure bill and frankly we needed it yesterday. our community, my lagger others county is still under federal state of emergency as a result of the most recent hurricane. but i also know that my community in talking to members of my community is very interesting in many of the aspects that are in the build-back better program as well such as tax credit, family leave. i know that you had megan mccain talking about i believe proved access to health care and more affordable drugs, those are the kinds of things that they are looking for that would be in the second build back better package. mike: you must be hearing from constituencies of everything costing more these days, gasoline, groceries, you name it. is there a policy that could be
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implemented here in washington to address that, i don't know, in some way? >> sure, there are multiple things that can be done in this area and honestly in some cases depends on what part of the supply chain that you're talking about and, in fact, before joining congress my background is in supply chain management and logistics and infrastructure and so when you speak about something like oil or gas, we are in a process right now where our demand certainly over the last year and a half has shrunk and expanded and we need to increase supply and the opec countries need to be increasing supplies and producers need to increase supplies and we need to think about the pipeline that gets it to people and we might be able to think about strategic reserves if it becomes an acute process but our biggest problem with this and all other aspects of the supply chain is to first take it seriously and to second to make sure in our actions that we make this temporary and so some of the other things that we can do in supply management as an example is what president
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biden has done, poured a lot of resources to sports, there's a lot of stuff that's back-logged there and a lot of things happening in congress as well and i served on a committee that focused on supply chain and defense and industrial complex. we can honshore, we can re-shore, we can near shore and pier shore and we can do all of the things that we need to do to make sure that we are thinking about the holistic aspect of the supply chain. lastly, we just recently in the nda authorization of the defense bill talked about the importance of making sure that we domestically have a supply of chips and that's something that we can also fund so that many backlog that is we are seeing in manufacturing can be lessened. >> you're on the small business committee, do you worry that supply chain issues may be killing small businesses in the country? >> so i think that we are in a really critical time right now and unprecedented time where we've had all kinds of different natural disasters that offend
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and accost us and we are in the process of trying to unwind on what has taken a year and a half to happen to beat us down with so it's going to take quite some time and i do worry but i do think that's part of being on the small business committee is so important. my background as i mentioned in supply chain but entrepreneur in this very area and i'm excited to be helpful in fixing the issues. mike: there's also the issue of inflation, what do you say to those pumping trillions more into the american economy only aggravating the inflation problem we have right now? congresswoman: sure, i would push back here with the supply chain conversation. one of the reasons why the supply chain is under such duress right now is access to labor not only around the world but domestically. many things on the build back better package addresses labor. whether it's child care, making sure that people have parental leave when they are sick or they have a child or their parents are sick, those are things that
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pump the economy that give people more access to jobs and so i would push back and say that the build back better program is, in fact, part of the solution. mike: congresswoman chrissy houlahan of pennsylvania, have a good day. congresswoman: you're welcome, you as well. mike: new details emerging about the fatal accident of alec baldwin's movie set next.
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>> people gathered in downtown albuquerque on saturday night for scandal light vigil to remember halina hutchins, shot on movie set. the investigation remains open and so far no charges have been filed. matt finn with the latest in los angeles. hi, matt. matt: halina hutchins husband posted a picture to instagram writing, we miss you, halina, and the sister of the 41-year-old says halina had a marriage that was an example to follow, real love and that she leaves behind not only her husband but 9-year-old son. hutchins was born in the ukraine, her parents still lived there. her father told scottish sun that he and his wife are trying
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to organize travel to the u.s. to comfort grandson and the vigil was held last night in new mexico, hutchins was killed thursday when actor alec baldwin misfired prop gun in the new mexico set of the film rust. local president of a film union says the industry has been rocked by this tragedy and that everyone deserves to work in a safe environment. >> tonight we celebrate her legacy as a leader among young female. we are here to remember helena. >> the la times was reported that baldwin was handed a gun by assistant director and told it was cold and that there were a few misfires before that on the set of the film rust which was apparently becoming increasing troubled. some of the cameras crews walked offset over working conditions just before alec baldwin shot and killed his colleague and days before that, the paper
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reports a stunt double accidentally fired rounds from a gun prompting a crew member to text production manager, quote, we've now had 3 accidental discharges, this is super unsafe and baldwin has since tweeted that he has no words to convey shock and sadness regarding the accident and he is cooperating with police. mike. mike: devastate if r the family. matt finn, thank you very much. ♪ ♪ >> mike: questions remain about how brian laundrie died about what what his parents know. charles watson joins us from north port, florida with the latest, good afternoon, charles. charles: hi, mike, one thing for sure the laundries are trying to stay away in quick departure from home this morning. both chris and roberta laundrie hurry today red pickup truck and no time at all they back out and speed off to the end of the street where our cameras lose
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them. that was about 9:30 this morning. so far they have not returned home and it's not really clear where they went. this is the first time we've really seen both of brian laundrie's parents out since wednesday when they joined the search for their at the mayaka creek and park where remains were later discovered. the family's attorney has repeatedly dismissed claims that brian's parents hid evidence and mark says he's not buying it. >> they and the authorities show up at the same time and within a very short period of time find a notebook, find a backpack and find remains. that is -- most people in the criminal justice system don't buy into coincidences and that is going to i think reignite the authorities to take a look. >> i think it's back there.
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>> okay. >> this morning police return to the area where brian laundrie's remains were found to continue their investigation. according to fox news digital reporter mike ruiz police found bone fragments. it's not clear if it's human remains and bound water bottle spectacular to the one that was used by brian and mike we just got word from the north folk police department that the items that they found this morning are, quote, no relation to brian laundrie and any other case. which there's you have it. mike charles, thank you very much. deep dive into the story, nancy grace on the hunt for justice as official locate brian laundrie's skeletal remains in florida after revealing beautiful blogger gabby patito was strangled to death. will there be justice for gabby, how did laundrie die, that's tonight 10:00 o'clock eastern here on fox news channel.
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hunter biden opening art show in new york city raising ethics concerned. our political panel will weigh in coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: controversial solo art show by hunter biden opened after publicly asked attorney general merrick garland to appoint probation reporter to investigate art sales. molly with details. >> hello, the artist hundreder biden perhaps best known for being the son of the president of the united states as you mentioned has a new solo art show. the gallerrist confirms that hunter's work is on display and wife popping into the freshly revealed space where paintings are hanging reportedly offered for anywhere from 75,000 to half a million dollars. biden's flourishing new art venture has drawn intense scrutiny from republicans who
10:31 am
feel the high-priced paintings could be bought by people or entities seek to go influence or favor by president joe biden. ironically comparing the price of hunter biden's work to famous classical pieces by monet and he's calling for special council to investigate. >> in 2019 hunter biden couldn't find a gallery to list his art and what happened in 2020 that changed all that, his dad became president of the united states. now as single piece of art from hunter biden sells for more than the average american home. molly: potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars can be funneled through art and arguing buyers will remain anonymous and hunter will not discuss anything related to sale of art. first pop-up art show drew
10:32 am
celebrities. mike: very interesting, molly line, thank you very much. welcome to both of you. >> hey, how are you doing, mike. >> mike: why should people care? >> they should care because there's always the chance for malfeasance and corruption to occur. having said that, mike, every family member of the president of the united states deserves to have -- make a living. in this particular case where the vigilance is needed is to make sure that it doesn't get -- give people undo influence within the biden administration. now the good news for hunter is given the fbi under merrick garland as long as he's not are testing school board meetings, he's probably not going to get investigated. so he's well to make his living
10:33 am
i suppose. mike: leslie arthur, concern of who is buying hunter's art work and what they are trying to do? >> we have had children of presidents selling things, people buying things since long before any of us were born. but it is hunter biden and joe biden's son and republicans find it a good talking point even though voters don't care about it at all across the board. it doesn't even rank top 30 in topic that's why we are discussing it. hunter biden and children are ae innocent until proven guilt and it doesn't matter, you know, if -- because nobody cares about hunter biden's art work if joe biden is the president. the concern is access to the president, right, but there have been just in the last administration the trump children making a living. so there's always going to be that risk in a sense and
10:34 am
certainly there could be very well be an investigation, david, i disagree with you, happy with merrick garland and taken a pass to investigate trump over and i would agree that any child of president can earn a living and, of course, unless anybody stop himself from doing that or proves otherwise is a problem with the president and presidency, let it go forward. >> mike: another red hot topic, vaccine mandates. >> we have seen that the mandates are getting more and more people vaccinated. here is what we know. the most disruptive i think that you can do to a workforce is to have covid outbreak in that workforce. mike: david, is she correct? >> mentors more than mandates are going to be more effective in getting the rates to continue the rise. we are on a good path, mike. and we are down now to just 12%s of americans who say they are
10:35 am
not going to get the vaccine whether it'd be distrust in government and what they are being told and whether it'd be personal religious exemptions that we are getting that percentage down. we need to continue to encourage vaccinations. it is the best way to conquer this covid epidemic and -- and the good news also is that as we get more and more data more older americans are being vaccinated and those are the most susceptible to falling to death under covid whereas your younger 18 to 29 are the group least vaccinated and also the least chance of dying from covid. not surprising given they are all young 18 to 29-year-olds are the ones least likely to have health insurance and also the ones that don't go to the doctor. those who feel they are impervious to health as we get a little older, though, we know
10:36 am
taking care of ourselves is really important. mike: to your world-class colleague neil cavuto is immune-compromised and he made the passionate plea today. >> we lost nearly 800,000 in the u.s., take the political speaking points and toss them for now. i'm begging you, toss them. think of what's good not only for yourself but those around you. mike: leslie, your thoughts? >> leslie: neil is absolutely right. there shouldn't be political. you know, seat belts, okay, that aside, polio, no, we don't. smallpox, no, we don't. why we got vaccines and we got vaccinated and we need to get vaccinated. the mandates have -- look at the numbers. mandates have forced people to think differently. they want to fly or keep their job or they want to go to a certain concert. last nigh my kids texted me and they said, mom, my husband covers for some professional
10:37 am
team's hockey last night and as a position and my kids were going into the hockey game, mom, we can't enter unless we have proof of our vaccines which i have on my phone so i'm sending this last night. they get to go to the game. look, it's better for everyone involved and we say everyone, not just the person being vaccinated but as neil said rightly pointed out people around us because a lot of times, mike, we don't know if we are vulnerable unless we are certain age group, we don't know all of the time if we have an underlying health condition until we are faced with a health condition and david to your point about the younger people, yes, death is the worst thing but there are other things that are very bad from this which are difficulty with fatigue, great fatigue, difficulty with motor skills, difficulty with respiratory issues. we are seeing that with young adults and children as well. the mandates are a good idea and i think it's very sad that we have made this political either
10:38 am
side quite frankly, this is a medical issue, this is a health issue, we are all in this together. we are all connected and if we truly believe that, you know what, we've got to get vaccine if not to help ourselves but to help our fellow men and women. mike: the two of you brought your a game, leslie marshall and david lavella. stay tune for fox news sunday. next chris wallace has more with dr. rochelle walensky. that's all right here 2:00 p.m. eastern. virginians in the final stretch of governor race where education and critical race theory are playing a big role. more on that next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> mike: election day in virginia shaping up to be a nail biter as gubernatorial candidates terry mcauliffe and youngkin play it out. tiffany, welcome. >> thank you for having me on today. >> let's play a clip from former president obama. >> as far as i can tell, the big message of terry's opponent is that he's a regular guy because he wears fleece and he's
10:44 am
accusing schools of brainwashing our kids. mike: tiffany, how do you respond to that attack? >> well, we have chapters in virginia, we have chapters in bedford, one starting in loudoun next week and what i'm hearing from moms for liberty they are happy that glen youngkin is focusing on issues of virginia rather than pulling politicians from across the united states to try to help sinking numbers. mike: some of the polling suggests there's enthusiasm gap. republicans are fired up to vote for glen youngkin while democrats are not as excited to vote for mcauliffe. do you think a former president energizes voters? >> no, i think that american parents clearly see that there's this alphabet soup in our children's education today sel, crt, it's all snake oil and all meant to cover the educational failings that are happening in the public education system. mike: terry mcauliffe took out
10:45 am
whole lot of heat that participants shouldn't tell teachers what to teach. aren't there more more parents than members of the teachers unions? >> absolutely. there are parents are the many and 2022 is the year of the parent at the ballot box and if you are an incumbent and candidate you need to be paying attention to what parents are saying and we want to reclaim the education and the idea that mcauliffe says that parents shouldn't be making decisions for kids is just ridiculous and parents know it. mike: i spent a whole lot of time in loudoun county, virginia, debate over critical race theory and proposed transgender policy, what is the social focus and education these days do to america's classrooms? >> well, i think it's putting undue stress to teachers and teachers want to get back to teaching fundamentals and in covid what we saw a window into our kid's education and like the
10:46 am
education to cake that's crumbling and everybody in education wants to put more icing on the cake, more flowers on the cake and teachers want to get back to teaching the basics and we know that's what our kids need. mike: i'm married to a mother of two, why are moms activating and organizing at this point? >> we know that the future of america and our children is at stake. and we believe in public education but we want parents back into classrooms. you saw recently there was a group dads on duty who went into a school to try to help with some of the violence issues that they were seeing. parents need to get back into america's public school classrooms and we know it in our hearts and we fight to get right back in there. mike: do you think a lot of parents are waken during covid lockdown, shutdown when they were seeing what their parents were studying and perhaps hearing zoom calls in the other rooms? >> absolutely. i think participants were thinking that their children were doing math and they were hearing conversations about
10:47 am
privilege or racism, interwoven into those things, social and emotional learning and parents are watching their kids, they haven't been in school or limited amount of in-person school and they got to see what was really happening and they don't like it. mike: tiffany justice, moms for liberty cofounder. thank you so much for your time, have a wonderful day. >> thank you for having me. mike: starting to feel like fall here in washington, you can get all of the latest forecast in the fox weather app launching tomorrow. fox weather amy joins us with more next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: west coast may soon see heavy rains feeling like fall in the east coast and soon you'll be able to know the latest forecast with fox weather launching tomorrow. amy can tell us more, congratulations. what are some of the cool bells and whistles that you guys will have to make fox weather awesome. >> first immediately at your fingertips and you can follow incredible technology. one of the things that we have is a 3g radar and what it allows you to do is look at storms and while you're trying to figure out if you have to send kids off
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with rain gear in the morning or you're trying to decide what the football game is doing to be like later that you will take the family to or maybe a business even revolves around weather, you'll be able to look at the radar and not just as you would time the storms out but 3d look at your fingertips. easy to use and it's be exciting to watch the weather in a technology way at the same time they are living it in their lives. mike: you're a veteran meteorologist, i've watched you many times in new jersey, in new york visiting family. it's exciting for you that you get now just the metropolitan area but you get where the weather is happening. >> absolutely, i foe casted west coast to east coast over the years. you know what it's like, you've been in texas, you've been in jersey and dc and you have seen severe weather over time and once you get the opportunity to talk about it with people, make that connection, the thing that's super special about it is that you can actually help them live their lives better and so
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we are hoping to do that here at fox weather. keep people safe, help them live better lives with their families and maybe do better business if they're able to track storms and stay ahead of the weather. mike: what about the app? >> one thing that you will like here is we can plan events. a lot of businesses use impact forecasting. it's great technology and it's been proven to be pretty reliable over time. you could choose an event two months, three months into the future and put it in your app, saver that date and follow the weather forecast as it gets closer. allot of times these forecasts are much better than even the climate data that we have available to us. i think it's cool technology that people usually don't use on a daily basis but everybody always asks me, hey, what's the weather going to be like on my birthday and now we can tell them. mike: meteorologist amy freeze wishing you great success with fox weather app launching in a matter of hours. check it out, it's going to be awesome. amy, thank you so much. >> thanks, mike.
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mike: new images of north korea and photos after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . . .
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mike: the american diplomat is urging north korea to stop additional missile testing and resume diplomacy over nuclear ambitions. ryan chilcote joins me with the latest. hi, ryan. >> reporter: thanks, mike. that plea from the u.s. envoy follows yet another nuclear or missile test from the north
10:58 am
koreans last week. north korean tv released these images of a missile leaving a submarine on tuesday. this is north korea's first submarine launch missile test since october 2019. there have been a lot of tests, what's the big deal about this launch? submarine fired missiles are harder to detect before they're airborne. that in theory, should there be a conflict, could give the north korean's an edge. a special envoy met with north korean officials, said the test was concern canning and counter productive. >> we call on them to seize these provocations and -- cease these provocations and other activities and instead engage in dialogue. we have made clear that the united states harbors no hostile intent. we hope they respond positively
10:59 am
to our of outreach. >> reporter: there hasn't been any positive response to any u.s. outreach since early 2019 when a summit between then president donald trump and kim jong un collapsed over u.s. sanctions. mike, some experts say that the north koreans could have another missile test, of testing a missile that in theory could reach u.s. shores in the coming weeks to try to keep this pressure campaign up on the united states. mike. mike: ryan chilcote, thanks very much. back here in the us, with the a short over to first base, the world series is set. the braves beat the dodgers, to take the national league pendant. they will face the astros in the world series, starting tuesday. you can watch on your local fox stations, starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. that is all for this hour of fox
11:00 am
news live. it has been a blast. fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next. i'm mike emanuel. thank you for watching. have an awesome day. ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. progress on the vaccine front could change the way we fight covid-19 in the u.s. ♪ >> if you're eligible for a booster, go ahead and get your booster. chris: the fda approves booster shots and guns the approval process -- begins the approval process to vaccinate those under 12. we speak with rochelle walensky about the push to get more shots into arms. the white house scrambles to put together a scaled back social spending plan and break the


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