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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 24, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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eric: they're on their way, a massive organized cara van of thousands of more migrants pushing past a blockade that police set up in mexico to try to stop them but it didn't work. the migrants as you see forcing their way through and they're continuing we're told their march north, right to the u.s. border. organizers tell us 2,000 men and women and children, they are on the move from southern mexico and now we're learning that anyone who wishes to join the cara van, -- caravan, all you had to do was register with a qr code on your phone.
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this shows us it's a well planned operation that targets america. welcome to "fox news live." i'm eric a sean. eric shawn, hi alicia. >> hello. republican grass roots versus democratic big names in the race for virginia governor that many see as a big test for democrats ahead of next year's midterms. polls show the candidates if a dead heat with election day just over one week away. republican glenn youngkin gaining ground on former govern governor terry mcauliffe after seizing on the issue of schools and parents' roles in what they teach kids. alexandria huff is in washington with more on the fallout over schooling. merck meredith is in virginia where democratic heavy hitters are trying to rally support for mcauliffe. first, we are live at the southern border in texas as we get more numbers on migrant apprehensions. bill. >> reporter: good afternoon. that's right.
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1.7 million migrant apprehensions here at the southwest border for the fiscal year 2021. that is an all-time record high and even as those numbers are coming in, as you mentioned, we are tracking that caravan which is heading to the u.s. border as we speak. take a look at this video from yesterday. thousands of migrants in the caravan yesterday pushing through the national guard and mexican police skirmish line that was set up to potentially stop them or try to slow them down. it didn't work out. the mexicans didn't offer a lot of resistance and the my grants pushed through you them -- migrants pushed through them and continued on with the march. it's a well organized march. they're posting qr codes online on facebook. there's an independent journalist down there who interviewed a migrant from west africa and asked him why are you coming right now. take a listen to what he had to say. >> why now?
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is the best time. because of the administration? because of joe biden. >> reporter: because of joe biden, he says. meanwhile, back where we are right you now, take a look at these recent pursuit video. what you're looking at is a texas state trooper pursuing a drug smuggler through the area. the area is notorious for drug smuggling. the trooper chased him through residential areas, eventually tackling him into the ground. if between some houses. that's what it's like out here. you can be living in one area and have a drug smuggler running through your backyard. eventually the trooper takes him down, opens up the back of the vehicle and finds a massive bundle of drugs, 100 pounds of marijuana. sometimes it's fentanyl, sometimes it's cocaine, sometimes it's heroin. the governor of west virginia
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said the drugs make their way to the interior of the country and can kill americans anywhere. >> we have seen an a immediate uptick from the standpoint of deaths coming from drugs and it is a direct correlation with what is happening at the border. we all know what's going on. there's drugs coming across the border like crazy and everything and a they're killing our people. >> reporter: now, regarding that migrant caravan, what we're told is their first location where they're trying to go to is mexico city, then they're likely splintering off into different areas when they try to get to the u.s. border. where that's going to be. we don't know yet. it could be del-rio. we don't know. it's likely to take them at least one to two weeks to eventually reach the u.s. border. we'll be tracking it. griff jenkins is tracking that as well. back to you. >> thank you for bringing us those incredible images.
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thank you. and we'll have much more on that with former acting i.c.e. director tom homan straight ahead. eric: dueling bus tours as the virginia governor's race near's the home stretch. republican candidate glenn youngkin is on a ten day get out the vote tour and former govern enter terry mcauliffe is bringing big names into the campaign trail. mark meredith has the latest on the tight race. hey, mark? mark. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's a busy day for both candidates. this race is essentially tied and republicans tell us they feel energized that they have a real shot at taking back the governor's mansion in a state that in the last few years has gone blue. republican candidate holding multiple events on the bus tour. he's been campaigning on two big issues, one, public safety, the other being education. he's calling for each virginia
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school to have a school resource officer on campus. he's also attacking what he says are far left curriculum choices, dominating commonwealth classrooms. >> my opponent came out and confirmed the truth is hard, when he said there's no place for parents in their kid's education. [crowd noise] >> terry mcauliffe wants government to stand between parents and their children. >> reporter: meantime, democrats are trying to paint young kin as the next donald trump. terry mcauliffe, long considered a favorite to win because he had been governor before, he has a lot of of support in the democratic party but at this point as we talked about it is a tie. on saturday, mcauliffe, who was governor once before, campaigned with former president obama. the president not pulling any punches, claiming the outrage over issues tied to education is out of touch with what west virginia voters really care
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about. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, that the right wing media pedaled to juice their ratings and the fact that he's willing to go along with it instead of talking about serious problems that affect people. that's a shame. >> reporter: young kin's poll numbers on education have surged in recent weeks. he'll likely keep talking about what impacts classrooms between now and election day. he will be in new port news later on this afternoon. terry mcauliffe is in charlottesville this afternoon and he'll be in arlington, virginia on tuesday. eric: mark, thanks so much. alicia. >> thanks, eric. republican candidate glenn youngkin is calling for the louden county superintendent and the entire school board to resign after e-mails showed they knew of an alleged sexual
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assault at a school when it happened. this follows a letter that that they sent the president about fired up presidents at school board meetings. we have the late evidence. >> reporter: youngkin told fox news that a newly uncovered e-mail confirmed they were aware of an assault they crammed not to be. here is -- claimed not to be. here is youngkin this weekend. >> there must be resignations. i don't know how they can go into the next school board meeting we have administrators and a school board that covered it up. >> reporter: the superintendent sent this e-mail to school board members, this afternoon a he female student alleged a male student assaulted her in a rest room. when the father tried to air concerns about transgender student policies, he said the superintendent publicly denied
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that a bathroom assault ever happened. >> i had never been to a school board meeting. brian: . i didn't know what to expect. i believe they had full intentions on trying to shut that thing down early. >> reporter: that that father was arrested at the meeting. he was cited in the national school board association's original letter to president biden where they likeened the actions of some parents to he domestic terrorists. on friday, the nsba apologized for their choice of words. >> they apologized because they got caught and they embarrassed the doj and exposed them for the political hacks that they are. and so what they have done is ignite a firestorm. >> reporter: that is one take there. early last week the superintendent apologized for the districted handling of the louden county case where authorities say the same suspect went on to be accused of another
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sexual assault, this month at a new school. alicia. >> alexandria hoff. thank you. eric: the lobbying group that represents school boards you across the country walking back controversial comments, likeening fired up parents to domestic terrorism, prompting the justice department to order the fbi investigation. the threats continue and they are disturbing. joining us now is keisha king, a spokesperson for the group, moms for liberty. welcome. you got the apology in the letter. do you accept the apology. >> no, i don't accept the a apology because i don't believe it's sincere. if they were really sorry about what was happening to parents and what was -- and calling us domestic terrorists they would have investigated and questioned these school boards to see if there was any validity to any of what parents are actually saying. there is no excuse for their dereliction of duty. they are supposed to be
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supporting parents. right here in duvall county, we have things like this, which is a support guide, that tells -- that excludes parents when their kindergartner could be transitioning. such a major life change could be happening to your 5-year-old and in this document which is -- which goes against the florida parental bill of rights, that says that parents have to be involved. so no, i do not support -- i don't accept their apology. i think it's phony and i think american parents should continue to sand up for their children and be involved and know what's going on with their child. they have that right. eric: this has caused so much emotion and contentiousness and bitterness and anger with threats against school board members because of that. the attorney general is talking about what the doj is doing, saying they're not going after parents but they're going after those threats. take a listen. >> the justice department supports and defends the first
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amendment right of parents to complain as much as they wish about the education of their children, about the curriculum taught in the schools. that is not what the memorandum is about at all. nor does it use the words domestic terrorism or patriot act. eric: the doj, the biden administration says they support freedom of speech. do you accept that? >> no. because we know if they he'll really did support freedom of speech, which was exhibited in all of these school board meetings, why would they have even accepted the letter. they're trying to make us believe -- they're trying to make us believe something that is right in front of our eyes. we see what they're doing. we've seen parents be upset if it was just about free speech and allowing parents to do what the first amendment allows us, why the letter? why even make it -- why accept t
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it? why? i don't accept garland's remarks. i don't care who they stand up with, terry mcauliffe, all the democrats, it makes us no never mind. we know they're trying to silence parents. in duvall county this support guide says they don't have to tell parents if your 5-year-old wants to transition into another sex. another gender. so, no, i don't care who they send. you can not convince me that this -- you can't make me not believe what i'm seeing with my own two eyes. eric: what would you want in terms of the guide that you you put up? how would you have wanted to be consulted? >> if my child is coming and saying, you know, such a major transition is going on in their life, i want to know about had the that. i want to be able to talk to my own children about those types of things. i don't want to be excluded from
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that conversation with my own child. that is something that we need to know. we tell the school if there's a death in the family or if we know the child is -- our child is going through something, we let the teachers know so they can get back to us so we can coordinate to make sure that our child isn't suffering or going through something that we're not seeing because they are with the teachers for extended amounts of time. so of course we would want something as life-changing as transitioning into another gender, we would want to be involved in that discussion. eric: some of these issues have caused such anger and threats. let me read to you what the school board president in pennsylvania has said about this. her name is christine dragony, she said the messages, they therefore every woman in my -- they threaten every woman in my family with rape, loss of privacy, my murder, if all this
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wasn't disgusting enough, several e-mails my fellow board members received are violently anti-semitic. some were trans phobic, the threats are certainly not protected under the constitution and must be investigated by the fbi. she says i will be turning over uncensored copies of the threats against my family and me to our local fbi office. keisha, finally, what would you say to people who are making threats. it is against the law, federal title 18, to make an internet threat against a school board member or anybody in the country punishable by five years in prison. >> i think it is abhorrent that anybody would of threaten someone's life, that they would show up at their house, do any of those things. that is not what anyone -- any parent that i know, any parent that i support is advocating. we absolutely do not condone violence, we don't condone
9:16 am
threats, we don't condone intimidation. we don't. we want to know what's going on with our children. and if that is happening, it should be handled by the local authorities. we don't need the fbi to come in to handle these things. our local authorities are well capable of handling those situations as they have for decades and decades to come. this is not new. elected officials, that happens sometimes. it's not right but it does happen. and local officials have been able to handle those situations pretty -- you know, pretty good. so why the change now? let local of usuals do what -- officials do what they do. parents need to continue to stand up. we don't need to have violence or threats projected to any elected official or anyone, for that matter. eric: keisha king, spokesperson for moms for liberty in duvall county whos has been dealing with issues with the duvall county school board. thank you for joining us.
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>> we have a fox news alert, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake reported in los angeles, it struck less than a mile from downtown los angeles just after 7:00 a.m. local time. there were no immediate reports of any damage. the quake was felt from santa clarita to orange county. meanwhile, in texas, two children were killed at a drag racing event. the victims were 6 and a 8 years old. police say a driver taking part in the event lost control of his car which crashed into the spectators. eight others were injured. and in florida, at least five people reportedly hurt in a massive car crash near orlando, more than a dozen others suffered minor injuries. eric. eric: aalicia, also in florida, the massive search for brian laundrie ended with the discovery of his remains. some say the investigation of what his parents may have known
9:18 am
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eric: in mexico, more questions about the safety protocols on the movie set where alec baldwin
9:23 am
shot and killed a cinemaing to s togr apher. crew members are complained about safety issues on the film. we're learning of two incidents with guns that led up to the tragic shooting that occurred. matt finn in los angeles where this raised quite an issue and just outrage in the film making community in hollywood and elsewhere. >> reporter: the last word from the santa fe county sheriff's office is that this is an active investigation. witnesseses are cooperating. so far, no charges have been filed. now the family of the woman that he accidentally shot and killed is speaking out, posting a picture to instagram, question writing we miss you. they said she had a marriage that was an example to follow
9:24 am
she leaves behind her husband and 9-year-old son. her father told the scottish son that he and his wife are trying to organize travel to the u.s. to comfort their grandson. a vigil was held last night. she was killed thursday when actor alec baldwin misfired a prop gun on the new mexico set of the film. a local president of a film union said she was a leader among females. >> union sets should be safe. every person deserves to go to work with complete security, knowing they can perform their work and return home safely. this moment has shaken all of us to the very core and we will carry her in our hearts and minds forever. >> reporter: the la times is reporting that alec baldwin was handed the gun by an assistant director and told it was cold and that the set of the film was
9:25 am
becoming increasingly troubled. some of the camera crew walked off set over working conditions just before baldwin accidentally shot and killed can his colleague. and just days before that, the paper reports a stunt double also accidentally fired rounds from a gun, prompting a crew member to text a production manager that we've now had three accidental discharges, this is super unsafe. after this accident an abc show banned the firing of real guns on its set. going forward they're use he replicas and computer generated flashes. eric: in a few moments i'll interview a former official from the atf, with new reports that they did target practice with live rounds and they kept bullets and blanks in the same spot, if you can believe that. we'll talk about that in a moment. alicia. alicia: with the death of brian laundrie confirmed, ayou tensios
9:26 am
shifting to his parents and what they may know and when they knew it. this as an anthropologist tries to determine laundrie's cause of death. charles watson is live in north port, florida with the latest. hi, charles. >> reporter: hi, alicia. the laundries will likely keep the attention off of them as seen by their quick departure from their home. they hurried to their pickup truck and backed out and sped off from the end of the street where our cameras lost them. that was 9:30s this morning. this is the first time that we've seen both of brian laundrie's parents out since wednesday they joined the search for their son at the environmental park where personal items and human remains belonging to brian were later discovered. the family's attorney has repeatedly dismissed claims that
9:27 am
brian's parents planted evidence or knew exactly where to find their son's remains. criminal defense attorney mark garagos says he's not buying it. >> they and the authorities show up at the same time and within a very short period of time find a notebook, find a backpack and find the remains. that is -- most people in the criminal justice system don't buy into coincidences. that is i think going to reignite authorities to take a look. >> reporter: this morning police returned to the area where brian's remains were found to continue their investigation. according to fox news digital reporter mike ruiz police found what appeared to be small bone fragments. it's not clear if they were human remains. police found a water bottle similar to the one used by brian. a forensic anthropologist will determine how and when brian died. we reached out to the fbi to see
9:28 am
where the investigation stands, even if there is an investigation that's active and so far they have no comment. alicia. alicia: charles watson in florida. thank you. eric. eric: alicia, some sad news from the world of music, jay black, lead singer of jane the americans, has died. his family says that jay black had been battling pneumonia. he was born and david blatt in brooklyn, new york. he was known for top ten hits such as this magic moment. jay black of jay and the americans was 82 years old. ok, let's talk about those changes to your financial plan. bill, mary? hey... it's our former broker carl. carl, say hi to nina, our schwab financial consultant. hm... i know how difficult these calls can be. not with schwab. nina made it easier to set up our financial plan. we can check in on it anytime. it changes when our goals change. planning can't be that easy.
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alicia: another caravan of my france making its way toward our southern border. video from southern mexico showing more than 2,000 people mostly from central america storming through mexican security forces who set up a blockade to try to stop the
9:33 am
caravan. this as new border patrol numbers show more than 1.7 million migrant encounters in fiscal year 2021, a record number. joining us now, former acting i.c.e. director, tom homan. he is also a fox news contributor. tom, thank you so much for being here. i mentioned that number, you take issue with that figure, reported by cbp, 1.7 million migrant encounters. why do you believe it's higher? >> well, if you look at cbp website they've got 1.9 enforcement actions. they're not counting the aliens that show up at the port of everyone tri. they don't all -- port of entry. they turn themself over to cbp officers and they're not counting the number in the figures. if you go back 15, 10 years ago, they used to count the numbers at once. the 1.9, they don't want to compare that to historical figures. it's already the worst ever historically. the 1.9 would be a far worse
9:34 am
story. even 1.7 is a historic figure. if you look at the day taxer it's really 1.9. alicia: as we see the few caravan that is more org's organized,they can register wit. we're hearing from the governor from west virginia on the tim pacts he has seen. -- the impacts he has seen. take a listen. >> if we have seen an immediate uptick from the standpoint of deaths coming from drugs and we have -- it is a direct correlation with what is happening at at the border. now, just imagine how far we are from the border and a lot of people would think, well, we're protected and everything. but we have seen an immediate, an immediate uptick. alicia: tom, this is very much not just a border issue. >> no, it's not. i was in arizona a few months ago with sheriffs from throughout the country. they're all feeling the effects from the border.
9:35 am
fentanyl alone, there's been enough fentanyl that crossed the border illegally that killed 90,000 young people in the country. 95% of the fenced nil comes fens the southwest border. border patrol has 40 to 50% of their man power has been taken off the line to process large groups. large portions of the border are unguarded. when they had the 15,000 haitians under the bridge, they pulled the assets out of the delly yows sector into -- del-rio sector into that area. that that left border unguarded. that surge is not an immigration issue, it's a drug issue, it's a criminal aliens coming across, possible terrorists could be coming across. border patrol arrested 14 people on the fbi's screening database. that's what a they arrested. so how many bad people came in that 400,000 that got away? alicia: and the biden
9:36 am
administration says what we're seeing here is a result of root causes in these home countries of these migrants, poverty, corruption and violence. we have seen in bill melugin's reporting that people in the caravan are saying they're coming here specifically because of biden. if the president went to the border, changed his message a little bit, do you think that would have any impact here? >> first of all, the root causes, that's a false narrative. we're where the root causes and fy '20, fy '19 when president trump had the illegal immigration down 82%. where were the root causes then, 82% decline in illegal immigration. the promises he made, the executive orders he signed, getting rid of all the programs that worked in the trump administration, that's the cause. the president himself during the campaign said i'm going to put a moratorium on deportations, i'm going to award amnesty and daca, i'm going to shut down
9:37 am
immigration he detention and give free healthcare. when he made those promises, the whole world listened and who wouldn't want to come to the greatest country in the world to receive those benefits. this is president biden and his immigration policies that caused the crisis. the president of guatemala said it, president of honduras has said it, the president of mexico said the biden policies are causing the surge. alicia: we will continue to follow this. thank you for being here today. have a good one. >> thanks for having me. eric: in washington, democrats in congress are divided over the president's spending plans and the plans to cut the trillions down as the october 31st self imposed deadline at the end of the month approaches. the president is under mounting mountingpressure as the supply n issues deepens. >> reporter: a lot going on for president biden. he's well aware of that. that's why today he had a
9:38 am
working breakfast with senate majority of leader chuck schumer and west virginia democratic senator joe manchin here at his home in wilmington, delaware, ten minutes from where i am right now. this is an effort to sell joe manchin on this plan. we know that senator chuck schumer is really lockstep with the president on some of these negotiations. but it's manchin and kyrsten sinema from arizona that the white house is trying to make sure they get on-board. manchin specifically is someone they have been talking with recently, a little bit more possibly than sinema. right now, the social spending aspect of the package originally toplined around $3.5 trillion. right now that figure is nowhere near that, now less than 2 trillion. the pay fors raising taxes on billionaires and corporations, climate priorities and child tax credits all under negotiation. >> here's the thing.
9:39 am
the president looked us in the eye and he said i need this before i go represent the united states in glasgow. american prestige is on the line. we're working very hard to get a deal. i understand we're close and i'm confident we're going to get there. >> reporter: the president leaves thursday for rome. he'll have meetings there, also at the vatican with pope francis, then on to glasgow for the climate summit. he wants to bring something to the world leaders on the climate front, show them he can get his agenda passed. which is this be the week that he gets it done. nancy pelosi is telling colleagues soon, as in just days. >> 90% of the bill agreed to and written. we just have some of the last decisionses to be made. it is less than we had -- was projected to begin with but it's still bigger than anything we have ever done in terms of addressing the needs of america's working families.
9:40 am
>> reporter: tomorrow he'll head to newark, new jersey, that is the president, to talk about his build back better plan. eric. eric: we'll see what senator manchin has to say, if he softened his stance at all. we'll wait for his comment. david spunt, thank you. ainsley: alicia: the shooting death of halayna hutchins is raising questions. we'll talk about the investigation and how the tragedy may lead to major changes for the industry, next.
9:41 am
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eric: there's more troubling details emerging in the tragic shooting by alec baldwin. the gun he fired was reportedly used by crew members of the movie for off site fun, aledgedly used for target practice with live rounds. it. was fired at off the clock gatherings and live am mission was -- ammunition was found in the same area where blanks for the movie were found. scott, talk about stupid. i mean, hollywood stupid. if this tmz report is true. using a prop gun to -- putting live bullets in a prop gun, then using it in a movie. what's your reaction? >> yeah, good afternoon, eric. i'll tell you, when i heard this
9:46 am
like a lot of people i was trying to figure out what was going on and as these reports have come out, they've actually been even more troubling than whats was originally reported. i think a lot of people think that because something is a hollywood prop that it's not dangerous. and an example i was giving a friend the other day, i said they used a delorean as a prop in back to the future. that doesn't mean you couldn't run somebody down with it. so when they call something a prop or replica, very often it's a live firearm capable of of having real bullets an inflicting real tragedy and that's exactly what it seems happened here. eric: there's also a report that live rounds, live ammunition were stored in the same area according to tmz as the blanks used in the movie. that would seem to violate every safety protocol there would ever be on a movie set. >> yeah, it is incredibly
9:47 am
reckless, especially if you're using a firearm that is capable of taking live ammunition, in this case it seems like it was an old cowboy style gun to kind of relate to something familiar to people. so it was an old style revolver that would fit in the period that this movie was supposed to be covering. but a lot of times the firearms have special reducers in the barrel or they can't actually accept live ammunition. they can only accept blanks, for instance. that apparently was not the case with this particular firearm, which means that trying to mix live ammunition with the blank ammunition that would otherwise go if the gun is just really a tragedy waiting to happen. eric: it is such a tragedy, so unnecessary, so you avoidable if it would seem professional restraints and guidelines were followed here. another point, remember brandon lee was tragically killed by a .44 slug back in 1993.
9:48 am
in that case, it was a part of a cartridge apparently killed him. they were blanks in the gun. any sense from you about what may have happened here, if this was a live round or a part of a live round. how does that work? >> so based on the injuries that were described, that actually killed ms. hutchins, it sounds like that this was a full-on projectile, not a wad, for instance, or a piece of paper that would go in some types of blank ammunition. but an actual live metallic round and that's a based on some reports that the round actually penetrated her chest, went through, and struck the producer. so that strongly implies that it was a live round of ammunition and not a blank, which is why it is even more important if you're using an actual firing working
9:49 am
revolver that you have to keep the live ammunition completely away from where the blank ammunition is and, frankly, that responsibility falls to the armor that's on set, but even an actor picking up a firearm because theseing a tosser do get -- these actors do get training about safe handling of fire armings. you're taught that every firearm is loaded and you never point a firearm at something unless you intend to shoot it. you could avoid something like this, even if there's a tragedy like a mix-up in the types of ammunition. apparently that was not followed either. eric: just so crushing and sad. scott, certainly we'll get to the bottom of this and it does sound as you describe it that it was potentially a live round because it did penetrate her and hit the director. scott, thank you. >> thank you, eric. eric: alicia.
9:50 am
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alicia: a big day for us here at fox as we officially launch fox weather tomorrow. it's a free streaming service, with a state of the art approach to forecasting. we deliver local, regional and national minute by minute weather programming throughout the day. meteorologist amy freeze is live with us now with a preview. amy, it's so nice to meet you. can you tell us how can folks get the weather from you. >> thanks. it's exciting. you're going to be able to get it right onto your phone, your devices, starting right now. go to and the app instructions are there, whether you have apple or android, pretty easy to could do. takes a couple seconds. the exciting thing about this, you might wonder what's different because you can get weather on a lot of different apps on your phone. this will bring tools to you that you've never seen before. we have a live stream. you're going to see meteorologists like myself, and
9:55 am
people from all over the country who are experts in different climates available at your fingertips, giving you a live stream on the weather. we also have a 3d radar. this is exceptionally cool because if you've never used technology like 3d radar you might think why would i want that? if you're at a football game and the rain starts coming down, you can actually see the storm coming not just as a 2d view but you can tilt it yourself just with the touch of your fingers and see the height of thunderstorms, see when the storms will pass and time them out real-time. it's super easy technology to use. do you have a question. alicia: i was curious. that's perfect. if you're at a game, who doesn't love that. you can get this on your tv, right? >> absolutely. it's something -- well, if you have an iphone, all you need to do do with most apps that have live streams, a couple clicks of the button, you can project it on your smart tv. there will be other sources where we'll be able to stream it
9:56 am
in, a fox now app you can see it oven your connected tv -- on your connected tv app. something families will enjoy, we give you future of casting. a lot of people ask what's my birthday weather going to be or when i get married in a month or so. you can create an appointment inside your app and watch that weather as it happens and see you how good the forecast is several weeks out, maybe several months out. alicia: that's fantastic. i preordered on, i preordered the app. everyone needs to do that. meteorologist amy freeze, nice to see you. the weather app launches tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern, it's available for apple and android devices. eric: we're going to have live meteorologists right in our pocket, on our phone, walking around with us. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance
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