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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 24, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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howie: when the pandemic first struck it was news. when big name media people got the virus. from george stephanopoulos to chris cuomo. now in the vaccination era it's sparking a different debate. neil cavuto who works incredibly hard, hosts three shows, says he was somewhat stunned to test positive for covid-19, he has ms, he's a cancer survivor and five years ago he had open hearth surgery so he's especially vol near and.
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doctors tash-vulnerable. doctors tell me i'm lucky as well. i'm surviving this. he said the message is clear, get vaccinated for yourself and everyone around you. that's a great message. we'll talk to neil about this couldn't veer sha subject in a few moments. on the same day, john king revealed something he kept yeaht for 13 years. >> i'm immunocompromised. i have multiple sclerosis. i'm grateful you're vaccinated. back in those days it was very frightening. i decided to keep it a secret. howie: all this along with the death of collin powell and other public figures getting sick personalizes what can feel like an untold story. everyone is entitled to their opinion on this but that desire personal freedom is colliding with mandates from the biden administration on down which
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anchors and reporters are no longer just covering or opining on the great vaccine controversy but they in some cases becoming the story. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. howie: ahead, meghan mccain on her caustic media coverage, her ugly exit from the view and her response to blistering can criticism from president trump. when president biden fielded questions at a town hall, anderson cooper more interested in helping him explained in exp. >> you're proposing federal paid parental leave and you had dinner with dr. biden that that night, what was that conversation like? is there anything you can do to either encourage people to go back to work or make jobs more attractive? what could do you say to someone
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who is down, do you have a time line for gas prices and when you think they may be coming down. off-mic, you said this is a big f-ing. p i'm wondering the big back better plan is it a bigger f-ing deal. >> howie: joining us now, kat timpf and mo elleithee who runs the instituted of politics. kat, this is joe biden's third town hall as president, all with cnn. seems the to me that anderson cooper asked a lot of process questions, that's the bill, what's your backup for things cut from the bill, with one exception, never challenged the president. your take? >> i think that's absolutely true. and it was a little strange to watch. even newsweek which isn't
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exactly super conservative publication said five strange moments you may have missed and i think that's something that makes it a little stranger is that what we do know is that all of these questions were screened ahead of time. so there weren't any surprises there at all. i think it is -- look, a lot of people do like joe biden. a lot of people might find it endearing when he makes mistakes like had that. he admits he's a gaffe machine. when you look at how some people have been pushed in the past, you have an deer son cooper basically -- anderson cooper basically helping him through it and you have prescreened questions and some people are not fans of that. howie: i'm not a fan of prediction questions, like when will gas prices come down. he can't be expected to know. i think most of the questioners selected by cnn were democrats or big biden fans.
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>> president biden, i have so much faith in your election win but based on history, the bipartisan efforts of the democratic party are held hostage by rogue moderates and republicans. howie: a lot of people said what can you do, what's in the bill to help us. my question to you is, look, biden is good at connecting with ordinary folks so it's a good format for him. shouldn't the network have included some people who were going to be more aggressive talking to president biden? >> well, i mean, look, that was a pretty aggressive question from biden supporter. howie: he blamed congress. >> sure. right. but, look, right now this whole discussion, this whole debate is a mess. if you watch the coverage and this is true i think across most of the networks, we are so caught up in the process, we are so caught up in progressives versus moderates, democrats versus republicans, white house versus congress, the price tag,
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and all those are legitimate issues to explore. biden can -- did promise he would be a guy that could get results by navigating through washington so it's he totally legitimate to explore all of that. the thing that seems to be lost in all of the coverage right now is what is actually in the bill. what is the bill -- and it's important because it's a big, big bill. got to have -- >> not sure congress knows. >> it's covering a lot of things. that's the challenge. i think a lot of people in congress are trying to figure of out what's in this big thing. so it makes sense that the american people would be confused. so let's focus on that. howie: the media could do a better job dealing with the substance of it, not the politics and the price tag. it's not our job to sell the bill. that's the administration's job. anderson cooper did get biden to admit one thing, had that he
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should not have said that the justice department should prosecute those resisting subpoenas from the house january 6th committee. that committee now has given rise to house democrats joined by nine republicans voting to hold of steve bannon in criminal contempt of congress for defying a subpoena. donald trump sued congress over his subpoena for documents and my question to you, kat, is these are important stories, no question about it. are they being covered in the a mostly partisan way? >> yeah. and i think it's hard when you have a figure like steve bannon. we're not hearing people really discuss executive privilege and what that means and doesn't mean. it's more people see steve bannon, there was an opinion piece in cnn, the many lives of steve bannon, from the bank stuff, the seinfeld stuff, the trump stuff, to getting pardoned. a lot of people see that he's getting away with it again. on the conservative side, i think a lot of conservatives tune out when people talk about
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january 6th. they say, okay, it was bad. they think that democrats are using it for political purposes. i'm not a democrat or a republican. i would like to see some nonpartisan coverage of these stories but when there's a figure like steve bannon involved, much like donald trump himself, it seems really difficult to get that kind of coverage. howie: this is a legitimate story and not much covered by fox but when i see the same incremental developments being hyped at the top of the hour, hour a after hour after hour on other channel else's personally msnbc, it can feel like an anti-trump crusade. your thoughts? >> look, i think it's a sign of the times. i think it's a sign of the polarize a -- polarization that's out there. i think it's an important story that we need to focus on. it's not just what happened on january 6 but the efforts by some to stonewall the investigation and to avoid the
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investigation. you know, the steve bannon thing, watching some of the other networks, there was a lot of discussion about executive privilege and whether or not it's a legitimate argument for someone who wasn't even in the white house to make. and so -- and what it gets to, i think the bigger issue, and it's a fundamental question that i'm actually glad we're focusing on, is congress' ability to hold people accountable and to do oversight. this is a big fight we have, no matter who is in charge of congress. when republicans were in charge of congress, trying to do oversight, there was a lot of the same fights going on. but this one seems to be a little bit more heightened, because it is really putting that he question on the line. what is congress' oversight role and how much are they willing to accept it? howie: bannon was initial any
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the white house, but was not in the white house at the time of the events leading up to january 6th. it's not about steve bannon, he's a proxy for trump in these wars. on this question of executive privilege i it was five years ago, 2016, when barack obama invoked executive privilege when is attorney general refused to testify before a republican controlled house committee. and ultimately, and the house democrats walked out and holder said this is political theater and ultimately the justice department didn't prosecute. that was certainly covered. he was the sitting ag. it wasn't the armegedon this is portrayed as particularly in left-leaning news outlets. >> absolutely. i didn't say there was no coverage of executive privilege. there has been some discussion of that. there was a piece in the hill that completely focused on that. but again, people will talk about it differently depending on which team they're on and whether it is obama or whether it is bannon and trump. and bannon is about as
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polarizing a figure as it gets and talking about january 6th is about as polarizing as it gets. i haven't heard any conservative not say it was awful. they have a thought that democrats are politicizing. they don't want to tune in when i think discussing about congress' ability to do oversight, i think that's a great discussion to have, one of very many, many discussions that i wish we could have in a way that's less politically charged we only have 24 hours a day to cover these things. the coverage sometimes connects a lot of dots, republicans, office holdsers who don't openly challenge trump are buying into this stolen election claims which led to january 6 and therefore every republican that doesn't denounce donald trump is complicit in what happened january 6. do you find that to be a stretch. >> i don't think any republican that supports donald trump is complicit in january 6. i do think that this
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investigation is designed to figure out what happened and what everybody's role was in what happened. that's why i think it gets so hyper part san and -- partisan and polarizing because so many republicans refuse to even engage in this process. when you would think if they did, we could actually send a strong signal and they could make this case themselves that we are here, we denounce the violence, we denounce what happened. we want to get to the bottom of this so that it doesn't happen again. that's not what is happening. and it exacerbates the polarization which makes it easier to connect. howie: the last person charged by doj for not testifying in congress, a an official in 1983. when we come back, neil cavuto speaks out on battling covid and the debate over vaccinations. that's next. voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life.
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howie: as we mentioned at the top neil cavuto who battled multiple sclerosis for years has contracted covid-19, fortunately, he's fully vaccinated. joining us now is the host of your world at 4:00 p.m. weekdays on fox news channel, neil cavuto, welcome. >> thank you very much. howie: how are you feeling? what are your feelings about what might have happened if you hadn't gotten the covid vaccine? >> i'm feeling better. i've had some monoclonal antibody treatment, it's popular for conditions like mine. my wife had the same. she tested positive for covid as well. soon after i did. i feel bad about that. the dog's okay. so hopefully that remains the
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case. but i teal very strongly -- feel very strongly, and i know we live in this hyper politicized age that people get vaccinated. i know a lot of people say that's a private decision. i get that. i appreciate that. but i would like to urge people of all sorts, please get vaccinated. this situation for me being immunocompromised, half the cases we're hearing on the breakthrough front are among the immunocompromised, people like me who had and have multiple sclerosis or prior heart situation or cancer. there are many like that all around us and mine is not a see considerate at fox. but -- secret at fox. there are plenty of people working around you, howey, at fox and all environments who are susceptible to this kind of thing. you can help had them out a lot, whatever your views on mandates, i get that, nobody likes to be ordered to, but if you could get vaccinated and think of what it
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could mean for someone else, we'll all be better off. howie: as you say these things and as you acknowledge and this is a very politically divisive issue, particularly when it comes to man a dates, you decided to -- mandates, you decided to use your illness to try to drive this message. >> i do do. i know it's going to get me a lot of coverage, saying you're a never-trumper, we don't trust you, we don't believe a word you're saying, that's just coming from my family. having said that, this is not about me. it's not about people's political positions on this. i get that. no one likes to be ordered to get a vaccine. but i can tell you right now, those who have been vaccinated are in far better position right now to survive this and even handle cases where they come down with this, precisely because they have been. the numbers prove it. the numbers also prove that countries with the he lowest vaccination rates are the
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countries right now experiencing the highest number of new cases. so we really have to think of that beyond just our particular politics on that, maybe there's a call for protocol like the one that fox had where you short. sort ofshare your vaccine statuf you don't get vaccinated you get regularly tested. cases seep through. i'm a good example of that. p immunocompromised are in their own neck of the words here. i can't stress this enough. it's not about left or right, not about who is conservative or liberal. everyone, regardless of political persuasion are coming down with this. we are losing 3,000 people a day. we've lost 5 million globally to this, nearly 800,000 in the u.s. take a political speaking point and toss it. for now. i'm begging you. toss them and think of what's good. not only for yourself, but for those around you. if you don't want to do it for
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yourself, if you think it's a pain in ass, i get that. think of people around you. people who have experienced this are not judging the wisdom of mandates, they're wishing they got vaccinate and they didn't. howie: i'm so struck that you got nasty e-mails while you have covid. some people are -- >> oh, boy. some doozic. howie: you can read them when you're back on the show. some are saying cavuto was vaccinated and he got covid. you didn't end up if the hospital. what about this question of peopling back and saying this is a matter of personal freedom, i don't want media people or the biden administration telling me i should do this. >> i get that. i appreciate that. have a problem with people telling me what to do. back in college i had a problem with bouncers, that's a separate
8:21 am
story. i get that. for god's sake, think of the bigger picture. get outside yourself and think about those you work with, think about those around you, think about keeping them safe. when you go to the grocery store and you see an older woman or man who is double and triple masked, they're doing it for a reason. they're scared out of their wits. ease their concerns. would it kill you to at least look after those right now all around you. there's breakthrough cases, they're happening among immunocompromised individuals like myself. think of those who are vulnerable. think of yourself and family members and wanting to get together and thanksgiving and christmas and some ares choosing not to get vaccinated knowing they could be risking those very loved ones. i get where you're coming from on this of mandates. but get a protocol down that satisfies this so we're safe. it's not about me or great people like john king at cnn who
8:22 am
is battling multiple sclerosis and vulnerable to, it's about people in everyday life who need to be told that a getting vaccinated is a help, it's not a deterrent. it's something that will make you better and everyone around you better. to me, this is so incredible. just say my god, get it. stop the politics. howie: i've got 20 seconds. after ms, after cancer, after heart disease and now covid, do you ever feel a little bit unlucky. >> someone said i'm like sus custer, i'm surrounded. i don't look at things through a political spectrum, through all my shows. i have no the time for that. life is too short to be an ass. life is way too short to be ignorant of the promise of something that is helping people worldwide. stop the death. stop the suffering. please. t get vaccinated. please. howie: thank you very much. hope you feel better soon. >> thank you very much. howie: up next on this same
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subject of passing of colin powell and the impact of the vaccination. meghan mccain getting flak from all sides including donald trump over her controversial new memoir.
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or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. howie: when it comes to the increasingly bitter vaccination debate no event has served as more of a test than the sad death of former secretary of state colin powell from covid complications. >> he had multiple mile low m , survived cancer, he was 84s 84 yearsold, this affirms the nr people to get vaccinated. >> he may be an outlier. does it tell us anything about the effectiveness of the vaccine? what does it mean that powell was fully vaccinated? what does fully vaccinated mean? i'm not leading you to vaccine
8:27 am
hesitancy, anyone who suggests otherwise is lying to you. howie: we're back with the panel. kat, what do you make of the way that co-lip powell's death -- colin powell's death became instant fodder, waging war for or against the vaccine. >> i really think that in order to tell this story, you have to tell the whole story which is he was fully vaccinated, yes. he had parkinson's, blood cancer, was survivor of another cancer and was 84 years old. i think you could have a comprehensive conversation about that, saying it's not perfect. there are breakthrough cases. the reason i got vacation naitd nateed, even -- vaccinated, even though i could probably survive it, it was to reduce my chance of spreading. you sudden have a science based conversation about it and not politicize it. we didn't initially know about
8:28 am
colin powell's other health battles. some vaccine sceptics insist that his death shows that vaccines are not effective. >> yeah, but then you look at someone like neil, who makes a very, very compelling case that his situation and his health would probably be much worse if he hadn't been vaccinated because of his other conditions. and that is what a preponderance of the scientific and medical evidence tells us. look, i think it is -- i have a lot of respect for people like neil and people like john king for disclosing this and helping personalize and you humanize this. we have a relationships with the media hosts we watch as viewers. we come to know them. we come to trust them. they're not faceless statistics. for whose who are watching and see the personal impact it has on these hosts, maybe it brings the story home a little bit more and helps them see what that
8:29 am
human impact is. howie: that's what i was trying to say at the top of the show. two radio hosts, dennis pregger said he is proud he got covid. he said he believes he would rather have natural immunity. dan bongino is threatening to quit his radio show, he got the shot because he has hodgkin's lymphoma but he's denouncing the parent company vaccine mandate for other employees. your thoughts on these kinds of caseses? >> i'm somebody who is very anti-government mandate. i think companies can do what they want. i don't understand how it's legal but i'm pro -- i got vaccinated myself, as soon as i could get vaccinated. i think vaccines are the best way to fight against this pandemic. getting things back as normal as they can be. i don't like to wear the masks. vaccine's the way to go for me. i think the mandate is a different thing entirely.
8:30 am
howie: mo, brief comment? >> look, neil and john and what they've done is important. but the people who are watching their shows are probably already vaccinated or predisposed to being persuaded. it's the people who are listening to others who are pushing vaccine hesitancy that really need to hear that message and as long as there are media personalities pushing that hesitancy it's going to be hard to turn the corner i think. howie: not a lot of people trust the media these days. and there's social media which includes misinformation. mo, kat, thank you for joining us this sunday. next on media buzz, meghan mccain was the biggest conservative voice on a network daytime show and she is talking about her battles with whoopie goldberg and joy behar and
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howie: meghan mccain quit the view after four years in july. she was the shows' most controversial co-host, at the center of made ya coverage, as the only republican voice on the panel she had many increasingly personal and even nasty clashes with joy behar and whoopie goldberg. >> we're going to -- girl, please stop talking. please stop talking right now. >> no problem. >> thank you. >> i won't talk the rest of the
8:35 am
show. no problem. >> i'm okay with that. howie: she's out with a memoir, called bad republican. it's pulling no punches. here's our conversation. meghan mccain, welcome. >> thank you, howie. howie: your audio memoir is awash in publicity. donald trump put out a statement to the press. isn't it funny meghan mccain who has been a bully and basically a low life is complaining it was she who was bullied by the slobs and radical left maniacs of view. he talks about your father's funeral. whats is your reaction. >> my first reaction is thanks for the publicity. he has a way of helping people get publicity for their books. i think this is part of what my memoir is about, about being a bad republican at the view, when being a republican in general means you're a bad person at the view. i'm leaving the republican because i'm not a trump
8:36 am
supporter. my family and a him have a blood feud at this point. it's about what conservatism looks like post trump which i think republicans will have to take a hard look at one way or another, even if he ends up running in 2024. howie: does it sting at all? or have you become accustom to it. >> i'm used to it. it used to hurt when it was against my dad. i don't like when it's against colin powell, people that i respect. for me no. this just happened before we came on. i was laughing in the car with my husband. howie: let me play a brief excerpt from your audio memoir. >> whewed ian -- whoopie enjoyed the emotional you traum. howie: you were hardly a trump defender. everybody knew that you say some at the view kind of blamed you for the trump presidency. what was going on. >> i don't think it's a surprise to you. you worked in other spaces other
8:37 am
than fox, that the media is very liberal. it's called the liberal media for a reason. the entire staff on the view are democrats, except for after the -- actually, there's crew members that aren't that work behind the camera. but my third year, we actually ended up hiring a personal producer for me who is conservative, just because like they finally understood that needed to have someone else in the giant, huge show that was conservative. howie: do you feel like the media singled you out? in all of the coverage that the view got, they targeted you, look at what nutty thing she said now. >> yeah. i think the media really loves a punching bag. there were emotional moments and drama. there were moments that it was like red meat to the mead y i thought there were other moments that were cruel and unkind and sexist and i think that the lens that from the way we were looking at women right now and the way they've been mistreated
8:38 am
by the media i think there's headlines even now that people have written to me privately, ayou poll guying for -- apologizing for. and i think we need to be more aware the way we talk about women especially, if a woman is emotional or passionate, it doesn't mean they're crazy or insane and the view just -- i felt like i was patient zero for a pretty long period of time after my dad died. howie: let's get into that. you say in the book that that whoopie goldberg eventually treated you with open disdain. >> i have great love and respect with whoopie. all things considered she was good to me. my issue was with joy. things shifted during covid. i felt like i was the only republican anyone knew which is a problem for media circles. i felt like any time trump would do something people would hate
8:39 am
they could take their anger out on me because i was an avatar for conservative. there was a correlation between his insanity at the white house and how i was treated on the show. howie: there was one encounter with behar, we'll talk about it after we show this. >> traitor. >> you missed me so much when i was on maternity leave. you missed fighting with me. >> i did not miss you. >> when we broke for commercial, i burst into tears, not just like tearing up, up controllable sobbing. i was super hormonal and deeply hurt. howie: why did that insult by joy behar hit you so hard. how did that lead you to eventually quit the show. >> i talk about this extensively in my book that i really had bad post partum anxiety. howie: after the birth of your
8:40 am
daughter. >> yes. i had irrational fears, because i'm so controversial, because people have bad reactionses had they would channel their anger toward my child. i wanted armed guards outside my house. i was hormonal, i was diagnosed with -- i don't know what you call it, a disorder. howie: you weren't happy at the show for a long time. >> we are friends, i have -- thank god i have a lot of friends in media. we met off the record at different times. you're also a friend. i would confide in you and a lot of other friends at fox that it was really rough. i wanted the opinion from outside media people of how it looked. i have friends that worked in media that particularly last year they said this is really bad. i thought it was starting to impact me. i'm a serious person. i really worried that the avatar and the caricature of who i was becoming was going to become reality at some point. i was sick of having all -- everything happen in my life
8:41 am
being told through the lens of leakers end side of abc. howie: there were a lot of leaks. some people will say it was a television show, you were paid lots of money to do it, it's a rough and tumble environment and are you painting yourself as a victim here. >> i've definitely heard that. i think the thing that i would say is i don't think anybody, no matter how much you're paid or what situation you're in should be bullied at work. i think this is a much larger issue about toxicity at the workplace of america, a larger issue about you how women are treated after they come back from maternity leave. i had an outpouring of response from women around the country, on social media, privately e-mailing me, having not similar experiences, but similar experiencess in the sense they went back to the work environment when suffering from postpartum depression and they were treated poorly and it impacted their recovery from it. i think it's a larger problem.
8:42 am
i don't think of myself as a victim. i don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. howie: there are lighter moments in the memoir. a decade ago donald trump invited you on the apprentice you. you declined. >> he contacted my agent. easy wanted me to go on. i have a rule that i don't do reality television ever. so it wasn't an option. howie: in a moment, meghan mccain on her twitter addiction, on a nasty encounter with seth meyers, and more. y the a little more. now, get new lower auto rates. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower rate today. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. you're in good hands with allstate. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
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howie: here's a more personal part of my interview with meghan mccain, author of the audio memoir bad republican. you live your life as a very public person. you wrote an op-ed which i thought was very brave at the time in 2019 when you suffered a miscarriage. you just had a very unpleasant on-air encounter with seth meyers on his late night nbc show. the next day you got the call from your doctor's office. what was your initial reaction after having the difficulty on the air with nbc. >> it went viral. it was a mess. it was the worst appearance on public television in my life. i felt like my world was imploding and i had no control over anything. the context of the interview, he got angry about something i said about congresswoman ilhan omar's
8:47 am
anti-semitic comments. it was like he had never, again, he had never interviewed a republican before or i still don't understand it. you can watch it on youtube. it's terrible. howie: you're a contrarian conservative. you're tough on the left too. when you found out about the miscarriage, you connected it to stress. >> like many women, i blamed ply self. i wanted to know -- my c i wanted to know -- i was a wreck afterward. i wanted to know if i had done to cause myself a miscarriage. i had one ob/gyn that i insured he me that i didn't. i have very strong opinions. i can take a stand one way or the other. i don't vacillate. people respond positively and negatively. people never have a luke warm take on me. like they really love me or absolutely hate me. i worried that would impact my
8:48 am
personal life and it's part of the reason why i ended up leaving the view, i felt like the controversy was finally taking a toll in different areas of my personal life. howie: you tweeted you had a trip to new york and you cried because you had to leave the baby for a few days. >> i did. i was such a nerd. howie: and you talked about drunk tweeting. you said you are addicted to twitter. >> it's awful. i mean, i think i'm a millennial, classic millennial. i do worry about the dopamine impact with social media. i want to read breaking news. at some point i would like to be brave enough to quit twitter. i haven't gotten there yet. howie: do you think being a mom and all that goes with that has changed your perspective on your career, on television, especially given the rough time you went through that you describe with the postpartum anxiety. >> 100%.
8:49 am
i would bring energy home from the view you that was negative. i think every on air person experienced this. when you have a bad day, if it's written about in the news, it would ruin my night. i would have to deal with it. i would be exhausted and saddened. i didn't want to bring that around my child. she is so little. she just turned one. i want to enjoy this time with her. howie: do you want to get back on tv or have you had enough of the on-air combat, yes or no, meghan mccain. >> right this second, no. i'm really enjoying -- i'm writing a column for the daily mail. i love to be able to come on with friends right now. i've gone on shows with -- i'm very blessed. i can pick who i want to talk to. not this second. people are speculating that nobody wants me. i have had offers. i just -- i'm just in this place where i'm really happy. i haven't been really happy in a long time. that sounds sad. it's because my father passed away of brain cancer. i had all this intensity at my workplace.
8:50 am
i had a miscarriage. everything that happened with president trump. it took me a long time to get to a place where i'm happy. media sometimes makes you sad. so i don't know if i want to go back to it. i would really -- wherever i go next, i have to have many conversations with my bosses about what kind of work environment there is. fox is always a lovely work environment when i worked here. howie: to be continued. meghan mccain, thanks very much. >> thank you, howie. howie: still to come, the horrifying alec baldwin shooting, donald trump launches launchesa social media platform. the buzz beaters is next. - [female narrator] they line up by the thousands. each one with a story that breaks your heart.
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8:54 am
how on earth did this happen, alec baldwin on a movie set firing a prop gun that killed the cinema tographer, allowing the actor to yield a gun with ammunition. he was told it was a cold gun, meaning no live ammo. he was photographed crying after the incident. baldwin says there were no words to convey my shock and sadness. my heart is broken for her husband, their son and all who knew and loved her. someone has to be held accountable. katie couric is talking about the memoir that has drawn so much media flak. savannah guthrie asked about her sympathetic comments about matt lauer when he was fired for sexual harassment. >> it was really devastating but also disgusting and, you no,
8:55 am
i think what i realized is there was a side of matt i never really knew. howie: she also pressed her on her admission she cut from an interview the harshest comments by ruth bader ginsburg about nfl protesters because she wanted to the protect the justice as a big rbg fan. >> how do you justify that? it violates a cardinal rule of journalists. >> i think what people don't realize is we make editorial decisions like that all the time. >> do you think that was wrong, now that you look ate in the light of day. >> ultimately, i think i should have included it. howie: no question, that was a miss that. donald trump remains barred in twitter, facebook and instagram, he's launching a social media app, starting a subscription streaming service of what he calls non-woke news. his social app has been hacked, the perpetrators put up a gross image of a pig.
8:56 am
trump claims it's a place for free speech. they cannot harm us and/or the site or annoy its employees. when hadley gamble interviewed vladimir putin it was bizarre when he invoked her looks to deflect her questions. >> a beautiful woman, i'm saying one thing to you, you're saying a different thing to me, as if you had not heard what i said. howie: that was followed by a russian media propaganda campaign, saying she was a secret weapon against the russian leader, who squeezed into a tight black dress and put on high heel pumps, moving her legs, a blatantly sexist smear. she laughed it off with a instagram post saying my best angle. there we go. that's it for this edition of
8:57 am
media buzz. i'm howard kurtz. we hope you continue the conversation on facebook and on twitter, we post my daily columns there and check out my podcast called media buzz meter, you can subscribe at iep. itunes,on your amazon he devic. i'm glad we had the chance to talk with neil cavuto. we'll be back next sunday with the latest buzz.
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