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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  October 24, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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lawrence: oh, look at this, welcome aboard -- oh, baby! look at that. [laughter] lawrence: behind the train. rachel: bye, everybody! bye! pete: have a great sunday, everybody. go to church. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. today, liberty and freedom in florida. coming up, florida's governor, one of a handful in the country vowing to stop joe biden's totalitarian regime while helping to alleviate the ports backup. this week unconstitutional vaccine mandates, censorship of free speech and ineptitude all on full display.
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>> freedom. i have the free come to kill you -- freedom to kill you -- 40 president -- 40% of all products go to los angeles and -- what am i doing here? >> is it long beach? if. >> long beach, thank you. >> police officers, emergency responders, should they be mandated to get vaccines, and if not, should they stay at home or be let go? >> yes and yes. maria: florida governor ron desantis on the fighting of the incompetence and unconstitutional rulemaking of this white house. then just another corrupt career old decision selling influence. -- politician, hunter biden's art show opens this new york as details emerge of joe biden's shared bank account with son hunter as hunter was rolling in the dough from china and ukrainian officials. plus, getting rich in congress. great stock trades with some
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perfect timing ahead of big government contracts. how did nancy pelosi amass so much wealth while sitting in the house of representatives for 30 years in and then this -- >> if anybody -- [inaudible] it is you. maria: anthony fauci busted as the nih confirmed it did, in fact, direct money to wuhan to test ways of making the coronavirus more deadly in so-called gain of function research despite fauci digging in under oath. house intel ranking member and california congressman devin nuñes with former acting director of intelligence ric grenell on the corruption and perjury in plain sight as much of the media refuses to coffer it. plus, inflation surging, supply chains locked up, but the democrats insist on throwing trillions more at this economy. >> we've met every milestone along the way. maria: senator bill hagerty with the latest on the multitrillion dollar spending plan being
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negotiated right now. then, no time to cure the country, the leader of the free world lies to the american people yet again. >> i've been there before, i haven't -- i mean, i know it well. i guess i should go down, but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. maria: no time to go to the border, all this as resignations are surging across the country. nurses, cops, fire fighters, pilots walking off the job rather than accept a forced shot. mandates now threatening lives and our economy. coming up, seattle firefighter dylan lindbergh and charlie hurt with the impact of unconstitutional mandates. all that right here, right to now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ maria: and first this morning, florida governor ron desantis continues to fight the power
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grabs, ineptitude and unconstitutional rulings of this white house. earlier this week he called the florida legislature back for a special session to address the federal vaccine mandates to create protections for floridians who risk losing their jobs. he is also looking to help alleviate the supply chain log jams in california by offering companies incentive packages to reroute their ships to florida's ports. joining me right now is the governor of florida. governor, it's good to have you. thanks very much for being here this morning. >> good morning. maria: tell he first about the log jams that we're seeing in california. we've got about 160 ships sitting there idle, unable to drop off products, that's why we've got empty shelves across the country. what can you do in florida? >> well, maria, we're really proud of our seaports. since i've been governor, we've invested about a billion dollars into modernizing them and making them even more effective, so we have capacity.
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so if there are ships that are idled off the west coast and, actually, there's some off savannah on the east coast as well, we've already had some from is savannah be rerouted. we can accept that, we have her capacity. and they made a big deal about california ports would start doing 24/7. we always do 24/7 in florida, so we have multiple options. each individual port can offer companies incentive packages to be able to do it. obviously, that's a good thing for florida because we're driving her economic activity in our state, and we've been doing very well, but it's also good for the country to be able to alleviate these log jams because they have shortages continue to pile up, and especially as we get into the christmas season, this drives inflation even higher. i mean, it's a huge problem, and so florida can step up and help be a partial solution to this really national crisis. we want to do it. maria: so tell me more about the economy in florida. you said that you have been creating jobs. you know, there were reporters
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mocking you over the last six months for your stance on insuring there was freedom and liberty for floridians, and yet now we turn around and you see what's happened in florida with job creation. what can you tell us? >> so in september the nation as a whole reported 195,000 new jobs. florida, the state numbers came out this past week, florida shared that with 84,900. if you look at august 2021 and looked at our hotel revenue compared to august of 2019, pre-covid, we were up 11% over that, the nation as a whole was down 5% compared to pre-covid. so we have been able to protect hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs, thousands of small businesses, and we've provided more and more opportunity. we have 400-500,000 job openings right now in florida. you go back when covid first started, everyone thought because we have such a
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tourism-based economy that we would be having massive problems for years to come, and we were able to make sure that we protected people's right to work and businesses' right to operate, and the result is we've really been leading the way now in terms of these economic numbers even in the face of a lot of hostile trends coming out of washington d.c. maria: yeah. and is we haven't seen any of those hostile reporters report on any of the facts in florida that you're talking about. look, the president is still trying to, you know, cut down the power of governors. last week he said that he would send the national guard in there to help with the supply log jam, and then the white house had to walk it back. so i ask you because the national guard is the you are view of governors -- purview of governors. the white house saying requesting use of the national guard at the state level is under the purview of governors, and we are not actively pursuing the use of the national guard on a federal level after he said he
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would. would you, governor desantis, consider the national guard? >> well, we have the logistical know-how and capacity with our ports of the supply chain, you can bring it, we'll handle it. there will be no need to do that in florida because we're modernized. we're ready to go. if you're going to start talking about national guard, what he should be doing is sending them to the southern border to get that under control, because that's a catastrophe month after month. we see 100-200,000 people coming illegally. he inherited a policy under donald trump which was effective, and now it's a total disaster. and so he's always criticizing governors, he's criticizing florida and texas, but that's his job to secure our country. and he's failed to do so. maria: meanwhile, these vaccine mandates are clearly unconstitutional, and now you've got first responders quitting in droves. we're going to speak with one of them who just lost his benefits later on in the program, a firefighter from seattle.
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but look at some of these mandates and how they're causing havoc, because the health systems across the country are already at crisis levels, and now nurses are saying, look, i have religious reasons, i have other reasons that i don't want to be forced to take the shot, so they're walking off the job. military. if you get discharged in the military with a dishonorable discharge, it's almost equivalent to being treated like a felon. you can't work again. police unions are resisting. in chicago there will be fewer police on the streets, already a situation that has crime surging. what are you doing with regards to these vaccine mandates in florida, governor? >> well, fortunately, we've been able to put -- fight back very effectively against mandates imposed by, for example, local governments against police and fire. maria, these people we've been hailing as hero, the nurses we've said have been heroes this whole time. they've been working day in and
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day out. they couldn't do the their job on zoom, they had to be there, and they did it with honor and integrity. now you have people that want to kick them out of their job over this shot? which is basically a personal decision. and you're right, what biden's doing is unconstitutional. he does not have the authority to do this. but what it will do on a practical level in addition to being unconstitutional, in addition to taking away people's personal choices, is it will wreak havoc in the economy because even if a small percentage of these folks end up losing their jobs or voluntarily walking away, you're going to have huge disruption in medical, in logistics, in law enforcement. and so in florida our policy's very clear, we're going to have a special session, and we're going to say nobody should lose their job based off these injections. it's a choice you can make, but we want to make sure we're protecting your jobs and your livelihood. maria: yeah, not only that, but in a situation where there's crime spike across the country, the president of the union,
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police union in chicago is estimating that 3,200 chicago police are defying the vaccine, and they will be off the job, that means off the streets. what is that doing to the american people and their feelings of safety? it's very concerning. your thoughts on where this is going. i mean, is he just trying to insist that this is a law so that companies follow or could actually be abdicated and confirmed to be constitutional? >> well, first, i think it's important to point out on a scientific basis most of those first responders have is had covid and recovered, so they have strong protection. and is so i think that influences their decision on a lot of in that they have already had it and recovered. so they're making no accommodations for that. they're still pretend thing like that doesn't even exist, so that's really, really troubling when you see that. but i can tell you, maria, in florida not only are we going to want to protect the law enforcement and all the jobs,
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we're actually actively working to recruit out of state the law enforcement because we do have needs in our police and sheriffs' departments. so in the next legislative session, i'm going to hopefully sign legislation that gives a $5,000 bonus to any out of state law enforcement that relocates in florida. so ny if pd, minneapolis, seattle, if you're not being treated well, we'll treat you better here. you can fill important needs for us, and we'll compensate you as a result. maria: well, there's a reason businesses and hedge funds are moving to florida as well as the democrats are negotiating tax increases. no state income tax there. governor, thanks very much for being here, we appreciate your time this morning. >> thanks, maria. maria: all right. florida governor ron desantis. quick break and then democrats in disarray fighting over spending plans as progressives dig in trying to push through trillions of dollars in new spending despite the massive inflation that has already been caused by all of the free money flowing. next up, senator bill hagerty is here with an update on the
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negotiations. what, if anything, gets done this week, and will the bullying mob get their way? stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ bill, mary? hey... it's our former broker carl. carl, say hi to nina, our schwab financial consultant. hm... i know how difficult these calls can be. not with schwab. nina made it easier to set up our financial plan. we can check in on it anytime. it changes when our goals change. planning can't be that easy. actually, it can be, carl. look forward to planning with schwab. schwab! ♪♪
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every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. ♪ >> the cost of the build back better bill in terms of adding to the deficit is zero, zero. zero. because we're going to pay for it all. in addition to that, half of it is a tax cut. it's not spending money, it's a tax cut for working class people. maria: tax cut. it's just extraordinary. the president continues to misthis the public. -- misinform the public saying this multitrillion tax and spend plan costs nothing. senator joe manchin saying the climate spending is a nonstarter, senator kirstin kyrn sinema saying raising taxes is a no-go and aoc refusing to back infrastructure at all. joining me now is tennessee
7:17 am
senator bill hagerty, member of the foreign relations, appropriations and banking committee. senator, good to see you this morning. thanks so much for being here. where are we on this? i know joe biden wants this reconciliation bill passed by the time he goes to the climate summit in glasgow, europ what's your take? is will they get it done by then? >> they're putting an i get this passed, again, my democrat friends. the republicans are involved in no way in this negotiation. this is all a circular firing squad that's happening on the democrat side. and if it were, indeed, true what joe biden said this costs nothing, then why is it so hard to negotiate? this is going to be a massive increase in taxes on the american economy, and we've already seen the inflationary impacts, maria. real wages are down, down 3-4% just since joe biden took office. that's a tax on every american. so this bait and switch activity that biden's been involved in since the very day he took office is really taking hold, and the american public is tired of it. what we're seeing is my
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democratic colleagues are having a very hard time moving forward on this massive spending program. maria: so two key questions remain, the top-line number which is what they're focused on. they want to say that they're taking the cost down to $2 trillion or so. and then the sunset. they say that some of these federal programs will sunset, in other words, go away. the top line seems to be 1.7-2.1 trillion range, the sunset question is obviously -- what can you tell us? >> bernie sanders started out with 6 trillion. they moved it down to 3.5, thousand they're talking -- now they're talking around 2. but if they score something rather than ten years for just five years or three years, that's just a trick. what we're talking about is a government dependency program which this bull is chock full of. what happens after families adjusted their style of living to the new payments that are coming from the government? are we just going to put them on their heels and take it away?
7:19 am
by the time our children and grandchildren finish paying for these government dependency programs, it's going to amount to tens of trillions of dollars. maria: wow. we're also talking about a pretty heavy cost with regard to inflation that we're all paying more money for, everyday items. let's take a look at some of the moves that we've seen just as result of all of the free money since march when you signed, when the president signed into law the 1.9 trillion covid relief package. inflation soaring, gasoline up 42%, energy overall 25%. used cars and trucks, 24%. food up 4.5% likings, chicken, etc. -- like eggs. will we see these numbers worsen if this reconciliation plan goes through? >> i think we absolutely will because the government will inject trillions of dollars more into the economy. the effect was pretty immediate when the $1.9 trillion came through in march. month over month we've seen an increase in inflation. it's the most prefer niches
7:20 am
tax -- pernicious tax at all. there are many aspects that may have to do with supply chain dislocations, but when they're killed our independence on energy, every american feels this when they go to the pump. every good that we buy has to be transported in hurricane. try to buy a house in temperature the, up 20%. maria: yeah. senator, i know you've been to the border as have i. i want to take a break and show our audience this brand new, exclusive video, migrants being secretly flown into private airports. this video is being flown into the westchester, new york, airport in the middle of the night. why the biden administration is being so secretive about dropping off migrants in our neighborhoods across the cup. we'll take a break, and then we will come back with that. plus, when in doubt, just make it up. the president fibs to the nation once again about going to the southern border. we'll talk about it when we come right back. stay with us.
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>> do you have plans to visit the southern border. >> i've been there before. i haven't, i mean, know it well. i guess i should go down, but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. i've been spending time going around looking at the $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes and floods and weather and traveling around the world. but i plan on -- now, my wife jill has been down. she's been on both sides of the river, she's seen the circumstances there. maria: yeah, that was joe biden once again lying to the american people. fox news has fact checked that statement and, in fact, there's no evidence of joe biden at the border whatsoever. he flew into el paso at one point on a campaign stop but did
7:25 am
not go to the southern board as he just said. that as senator, not as vice president nor as commander in chief which, of course, the policies, his policies have worsened the situation. nearly 1.7 million migrant apprehensions over the past year, the highest number in history. of course, that does not include the hundreds of thousands of others who have gotten away. they are thousand in the country. i am -- they are now in the country. i am back with senator bill hagerty. senator, how does the president get away with these bold-faced lies despite no public record of this? >> you've done such a fabulous job of educating the american public on what the mainstream media will not. again, they're giving him a pass on what is a total lie, a fabrication. he's precipitated the greatest national security crisis that we've seen in our lifetimes at this southern border, yet he can't find time to go there? he can't find time to even own up to this. this is a complete disaster of his own making. they're now on track to have
7:26 am
over 2 million crossing this border illegally, and they're piping them into our homes, into our neighborhoods, into our cities. it's just amazing, what they're doing. they're turning every town into a border town right now. maria: well, you made the point when i've spoken with you in the past about how you knew that they were flying migrants secretly into chattanooga. now "the new york post" has busted them. they actually went to the westchester private airport and shot, you know, video of these people being let off in westchester and then going on buses. we don't know where they're going, but we know that rather than sending them back to their country and not allowing them to jump the line of those people who are waiting to get into america and get a green card legally, they are actually just putting them and resettling them in our neighborhoods across the country. what can you do about it, anything? >> well, i support legislation to bring this to a halt, to actually force them to disclose what they're doing. we are in a position right now where our local law enforcement
7:27 am
don't have any information, our schools don't have information will they be overwhelmed, our hospitals don't know how many people are going to arrive that are unvaccinated and sick. the biden administration's been completely silent because they're trying to move these people through the dark of night, as you mentioned. my colleague, marsha blackburn in the senate, chuck fleischmann in the house, we pushed forward immediately demanding this administration give us information. we put forward legislation requiring them to do so is. this is a massive problem, a security problem for our nation, one that's got to be resolved. maria: yep. by the way, senator. by the way, i am very sorry about your volunteers last night getting beaten by alabama. good to see you, sir. we'll talk soon. all right, quick break and then corruption at the highest level, selling influence and access to the white house. conflicts of interest in the a.g.'s office and trading stocks in congress. devin nuñes and ric grenell on corruption in plain sight, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> the nih has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research. i will repeat again, the nih and niaid categorically has not funded gain of function research. i don't know how many times i can say it, madam chair. we did not fund gain of function research. maria: well, there you have it,
7:32 am
anthony fauci testifying under oath that he did not send taxpayer dollars to wuhan to conduct gain of function research which makes coronavirus her deadly before the virus, of course, leaked from that lab and infected the world. then he doubled down on it under oath again. this week a blockbuster admission from the nih which completely contradicts his testimony. with the nih providing documents to the house of representatives showing that the nih did fund gain of function research in wuhan. devin nuñes sending this letter to the white house, very concerned about this. joining me right now, the ranking member of the house intel committee, congressman thune yes, sir, and former acting director of intelligence, ric grenell. gentlemen, good to see you. congressman nuñes, you were on this program back in may telling us, in fact, they did send this money. why is it that anthony fauci can go under oath and say otherwise? >> maria, i don't think that he can, and he should be prosecuted here. if he was notified, our
7:33 am
committee did a year-long investigation. we talked about it back this may, we put out an official report. so he was clearly on notice then. after that he went where? he went to the united states senate, and not once but, i believe, twice under questioning by senator rand paul he said it didn't happen, and that's simply not true. and i don't think his e-mails, when you go back and look at the time, show that he wouldn't though something about this either. so he's long been on notice, he knows this, and now the question is, is will the department of justice do anything about it. maria: yeah. ric grenell, actually merrick garland was questioned about it last week under oath as well. your thoughts on what we are learning now from the n nih. >> look, we heard dr. fauci say simply i don't know how many times i can say it. i think we should take him up on this and count how many times he said it because this isn't just once or twice or three times. he has been unequivocal in denying this. this is a real problem.
7:34 am
he not only doubled down, tripled down, but he promised that unequivocally this wasn't even close, it wasn't a spin. and i think this is total deception is what takes place in washington d.c. look, those of us on the outside of washington, we look at this clown show and we say how is this possible, how is doj not immediately going after them? we just saw nine republicans, nine republicans of devin's colleagues get so outraged at someone not showing up to congress in the form of steve bannon. they should be at the forefront of now protecting congress' integrity if that's what they're so concerned about to say you can't come to congress and lie to us multiple times both on the house and the senate side. we're on the outside looking at this and thinking, are we watching a third world crumble?
7:35 am
this is really scary for the united states to not have a doj and an attorney general to jump on this immediately, prosecute the guy. maria: yeah. ric, you make a really good point, but let's talk about those nine republicans. you're talking about fred upton the, peter meyer, liz cheney, nancy gonzalez, adam kin singer. what are they doing, are they just being selective in terms of protecting the integrity of this government? >> look, if you're asking me, i would say they have completely decided to be for the democrats. they are republicans, but they are so inconsistent in how they view issues that they're still in this trump derangement syndrome. they still want to give it to the republicans some way because they're so outraged that trump is still the leader of the party, he's gonna come back, he's gonna be the nominee, and so what have they decided to do, these nine republicans? they're still trying to stick it to republicans. it's really outrageous.
7:36 am
maria: yeah. devin nuñes, look, we also are trying to understand why there's no you shouldback on the chinese communist -- pushback on the chinese communist party. you were among the first to come on this program, i'm talking six years ago, seven years ago you and i were talking about china's behavior of stealing intellectual property and moving, you know, the military bases out as far as jabuti and bullying neighbors. what are your thoughts on the conflict of interest of this white house and the ccp? >> well, look, you have an art show going on right now this new york city. ric is supposed to be buying he a christmas present from there. ric, you need to get over to new york and buy me one. this is a problem growing right in front of our eyes. the chinese starts first with both soft our and hard power, right? whether it's the base in jabuti or the soft power that they used to gain access to points like in
7:37 am
sri lanka. so that they can project military power. meanwhile, the question is the biden administration acts like, oh, my god, we didn't know anything about this. that's not true. where the hell have you been? the same thing just like in afghanistan where they said they didn't know about the taliban's association with al-qaeda, the taliban wouldn't take over the government of afghanistan. the same is true with china, only this is much her dangerous buzz this is an -- more dangerous because this is an existential threat to our country. you take on top of what they're doing with these military bases, we've talked about this before, they're also trying to exert economic power and become the world's reserve currency. maria: that's right. and, ric, you know, it's so dangerous. in fact, until be funny if it weren't so dangerous, but the ccp has been very clear, it wants to overtake the united states as the number one superpower. and you've got major conflicts of interest here because we don't know how much money hunter
7:38 am
biden may still be receiving and what interests he has in i china right now. your thoughts. >> let's just remember, put this in perspective, that all of the container ships off the ports of los angeles and long beach stacked up is evidence that we still have a supply chain problem. finish -- the united states is not able to manufacture goods to the point where we're relying on china for a lot of these products. that's got that change. gotta change. and we've got to bring home-ing. the reason why the biden administration isn't taking on china to grow the united states' manufacturing base is because they're afade of what china -- afraid of what china knows about them. let's be really clear. three weeks before the election last year we saw 50 former u.s. intelligence officials, without any evidence, come forward and say that hunter biden's laptop was russian disinformation. finish -- i can guarantee you
7:39 am
that none of those 50 people had any briefings from the intelligence agency, there was no raw intelligence to assume. they took a political stance in the face of elections, of an election three weeks before the biden-trump election. they tried to distract us away from the story by saying look over at russia. beijing loved that. what is on that laptop? a whole bunch of evidence that shows that the bidens have been in economic relationships with chinese government officials. so we've got a huge problem, and it points to the fact that joe biden is unable to take on china because we know what's in that laptop indicates that the chinese know a lot more than the american public about the biden-chinese relationship. maria: you're right. and john ratcliffe came on that week and said let me be clear, this is not russian disinformation. the intelligence agencies never deemed it to be, so thank you for reiterating that.
7:40 am
you're absolutely right. meanwhile, you've got -- we also heard on this program from peter schweizer that hunter biden wanted the secret service to follow him around everywhere except china. he said we don't want secret service following me around while i'm on the ground in china. why? i mean, that's just downright dangerous. >> we all know why. you don't want someone trailing you when you're having business meetings. somebody from the u.s. government. look, this goes to show why we need to have a separation between u.s. companies doing sensitive work inside the ideas government whether it's at the state, dod or intel level and at the same time doing work in china. they should not be able to work on u.s.-sensitive programs, and they're allowed to do it. maria: yep. >> we've got a whole bunch of companies in alabama doing it, and mike if rogers, who's the chairman there alabama, a republican, is allowing this to continue because he's protecting
7:41 am
alabama businesses. the swamp continues on both sides of the aisle. maria: meanwhile, congressman, look, this week white house press secretary jen psaki refused to say whether the united states would defend taiwan should china a invade taiwan. that was very dangerous. we also understand that the united states is nearing a formal agreement, i know that it's been out there, but this is a formal agreement to use pakistan's air space to carry out military operations in afghanistan, and that, of course, because we lost, we gave up that incredibly fortified bagram air base. your thoughts on the bigger threats here where we need united states strength. should taiwan get invaded? >> well, look, this has been going on for a while, and she just dismissed it this week just like many other issues over the course of the last nine months. and including biden not being able to put together a coherent sentence on what his plans are.
7:42 am
you know, where is the u.s. government standing firm saying we're going to protect our strong ally, taiwaning, and showing and projecting military force? the fact of the matter is some of that force is not being used, some of that force needs to be rebuilt that we were doing during the trump administration. you know, our navy is now smaller than the chinese navy. china's economy could quickly surpass our economy. this whole idea basically, i think it's called leading from behind is the term, but they are -- they seem to be extremely scared to say anything bad about china, and i think what ric is kind of pointing out is that, you know, are there things buried there? do the chinese have -- remember that term, supposedly the russians had all this dirt on trump. the fact of the matter is the russians have lots of dirt on democrats and the chinese probably also and their allies
7:43 am
in the media and with the big tech companies. maria: meanwhile, i know, congressman nuñes, you're having a hearing this upcoming wednesday. you've got all of the leading heads of the leading intelligence agencies coming in to testify the, talking about the director of the cia, director of the defense intelligence agency, the director of the ns answerer, and you're going to be -- nsa, and you're going to be talking about, you not talking about china, you're talking about diversity? is that right? >> well, look, this is one of the cults the democrat party is following, if you don't agree with us, you're somehow a racist. they're talking about critical race theory. why was the military talking about critical race theory when we have china doing all of these things? we heard that from joan milliare. -- general milley. here we are this week talking about diversity in the work force while at the same time what are they doing to the work force and the military
7:44 am
intelligence agencies? maria: yeah. >> forcing vaccinations. forcing max wearing. they're -- mask wearing. they're talking about teaching critical race theory. they're not working on the things they should be doing which is how do we deter china and win a war against china. maria: yeah. ric, real quick word because while china was launching hypersonic missiles, the state department was celebrating pronoun day. >> the only thing i can think of is maybe delaware vin can show up -- devin can show up at the intel meeting in washington, d.c. with all the intel agencies talking about diversity, and maybe we could suggest a president of the united states to appoint, i don't know, a diversity person, maybe somebody openly gay to run the intelligence agencies. that would really be progress maybe. but maybe we'll talk about the other things. maria: congressman, good to see you. ric grenell, acting -- former acting dni, great to see you
7:45 am
both, gentlemen. thanks so much. wow, just wow. devin nuñes and ric grenell. we'll talk soon, gentlemen. quick break, and then the list of resignations is growing, nurses, pilots, cops, state troopers, firefighters walking off the job instead of being forced to take the coronavirus vaccine against their will. we'll talk with one fire fighter who just lost his benefits. also turning point's charlie kirk about the mandates and the impact of losing so many first responders during a pandemic. stay with us. ♪ ♪ at heinz, every ketchup starts with our same tomatoes. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone.
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>> today myself and thousands of or brave men and women are being forced to either comply with the mandate or -- [inaudible] i'm choosing to stand in my belief. i believe in freedom. this is for everyone who's standing up for this and for if everyone else who felt forced to
7:49 am
comply. vax or no vax, let us come together and rethink firing thousands of great men and women. maria: that was seattle firefighter dylan lindbergh who has already lost his benefits because he does not want to take the coronavirus vaccine, and he's being forced to. dylan joins me right now along with the founder of turning point usa, charlie kirk. gentlemen, thanks for being here. dylan, tell us what you're up against. i know you were a volunteer when you first joined the fire fighters back in 2017. what are you face thed with now? >> good morning, maria. it was october 18th was the deadline to be fully vaccinated or face termination, and now since then i'm faced with not showing up to work and not doing this anymore. and it's not just me. there's a lot of guys out here that had to make this difficult
7:50 am
decision. maria: charlie, dylan put his life on the line for several years now joining the force in 2017 as a volunteer, and that's just one area, firefighters. we're losing nurses as well as pilots during this pandemic. your thoughts. >> and police officers. dylan is a hero, and dylan is just one member of a community of thousands of people that are now being punished when we once called them heroes. this is tyranny, maria, where we are clamping down with the force of the state on the lawful and the heroic, yet we are keeping our borders wide open, we're not prosecuting rioters, also we're using the threat of the state to go after moms and dads that show up at school board meetings. it's completely and totally upside down. dylan deserves to be able to have his liberty protected. i don't understand how this is even remotely constitutional. it's immoral. he goes into burning buildings to save lives, the least we could do is say, you know what?
7:51 am
if you don't want to take the jab, that's your right to do it. this is reprehensible, maria. i never thought i'd see it -- maria: it, it -- yeah. dylan, you've been fighting fires this washington state as well, putting your life on the line every day. >> yeah. and we've been taking covid tests before every shift. we've been doing all the ppe mandates, and i've been following all the guidelines for that. maria: stay right there, we're going to have more with dylan and charlie when we come right back. ♪ you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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7:54 am
maria: welcome back. we are back with seattle firefighter dylan lindberg and turning point usa's charlie kirk. dylan, do you have any course of alaska? how are you going to fight back? what are you going to do about this, losing your job
7:55 am
potentially? >> i'm trying to share the facts right now that first responders are not the ones that are passing on this virus. maria: yeah. i mean, obviously, you're strong and going into fires, and that's what you do. we would expect that you would be able to handle this. but, charlie, you know, the media's not communicating it, we're not hearing it. in fact, this week we learned that former president trump is going to start a new social media company called truth social. look at this stock chart9 of the company that his truth social is going to be a part of. it is a publicly-traded company. the stock rallied 350% on day one of the announcement and then another 80% the next day, digital world acquisition corp.. what's your take on creating truth social, a social media company? >> has the potential to be a game-changer. that alongside rumble, the new youtube competitor, we're finally seeing a community of
7:56 am
free speech platforms to be able to get the word out so people like ty lanker they're able to -- dylan, they're able to communicate freely without being clamped down. this is one of the biggest issues in the country especially with younger people, the work we do at turning point usa. the tech giants are clamping down on speech, they're suppressing the flow of ideas. we are not a free people if we're controlled by a small handful of corporate companies in silicon valley. i'm very excited to see how this company's going to succeed. maria: yeah. explain what turning point usa does, charlie. >> we're on college and high school campuses across the country fighting for pro-american freedom values. i'm actually on campus tour right now traveling the country, university of vermont, university of oregon later this week, and we are bringing the message of american exceptionalism where it matters most. and i can tell you when it comes to social media, so many young people know that there's a game at play, that there's a small group of companies with a political agenda that are
7:57 am
manipulating speech. it's gonna change. maria: right. dylan, real quick, are you going to be able to get unemployment benefits? >> no, ma'am. ♪ maria: wow. i'm sorry about that. charlie kirk, dylan lindberg, great to have you both, thanks very much. we'll pray for you, dylan, thank you. thank you for joining us, everybody, i'll see you tomorrow on fox business, "mornings with maria." have a good sunday. along for the ride.our hoe allstate. better protection costs a whole lot less. ♪ p a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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