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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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and i quote: today on international pronouns days, we share why many people use pronounce on their mail and social media platform. for those who would like to have a little english language fun, there's more than a hundred official pronouns, and until now, none of them were used for your own personal identifier -- >> that's it, folks -- jon: a high stakes governor's race in virginia, former president obama hitting the campaign trail this afternoon just ten days to go until election day. good evening, i'm jon covet, and this is "the fox report." jon covet. ♪ jon: former president obama campaigned earlier this afternoon in richmond, virginia, hoping to boost support for democratic candidate terry mcauliffe, the state's former governor. meantime, republican glenn youngkin also on the campaign trail today. the latest polling shows the candidates locked in a dead heat race as they debate key issues
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including education and whether parents should have a say over what their children are taught. we begin with mark herr divot live in richmond, virginia, where former president obama campaigned earlier today. mark. >> reporter: jon, good evening. former president obama is pleading with virginia democrats not to stay home on election day, he's urging them for the base to come out and support terry mcauliffe, a candidate who's calling this all the favors he can trying to get the democratic elite out and shore up support ahead of a race that has gotten tight in the last couple of days. obama did not pull any punches, he trashed the republican in this race, glenn youngkin, saying that he believes he is a reincarnation of donald trump. and obama in his remarks encouraged people to get out to vote. something we've heard him say before, but he also weighed in on education which has become one of the most crucial issues in this race. >> glenn youngkin and donald trump share a dangerous,
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divisive agenda that would take our commonwealth backwards on education. leapt me be clear, glenn youngkin wants to follow donald trump and betsy devos' plan and take the money from private schools and send them to public schools. >> reporter: but a poll out this week from monmouth if university shows youngkin leading on education but only by a hair. youngkin has been campaigning heavily against critical race theory and says virginia parents are being shut out of curriculum choices. my colleague caught up with him this afternoon, and he said mcauliffe's decision to bring obama on the trail is a sign of desperation. >> terry mcauliffe wants to make it about anybody other than glenn youngkin against terry mcauliffe, so he's invited everybody to campaign with him to try to shine a light into his -- >> reporter: but the mcauliffe campaign says they are thrilled to have people like form ther president obama, vice president. harris and president biden on the stump with them.
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president biden's going to be holding a rally next week at arlington just before he heads out of the country. we're seeing democrats trying to bring in any of the support they can with this race a lot closer than people expected only a few weeks ago. jon. jon: mark meredith, live in richmond, virginia, thank you. hours after campaigning in virginia, former president obama is in new jersey to compete in the only other governor's race in the nation right now, he's in newark, new jersey, campaigning for democratic incumbent phil murphy who's facing a challenge from jack ciattarelli. a recent poll shows governor murphy leading ciattarelli by six percentage points in that heavily democratic state. >> the national school boards association apologizes for the tone of its letter to the biden administration last month which likened what the organization called threats and acts of violence at school board meetings to, quote, domestic
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terrorism. alexandria hoff has details there washington. >> reporter: the national school board association is now walking back some of that harsh language used in the letter saying there was no justification for it. in a follow-up to members, the nsba apologized for initially relating the actions of some parents to, quote, domestic terrorism. attorney general merrick garland has also been forced to play defense. saw federal involvement as an effort to silence parents about school curriculum. >> we are not investigating peaceful protests or parent involvement at school board meetings. there's no precedent for doing that. >> reporter: one example the nsba initially gave of a threatening parent was scott smith who was arrested this summer. he was pleaing for answers after his daughter reported being sexually assaulted in a bathroom by a male wearing a skirt. >> i believe they had full intentions on trying to shut that thing down early because every time we clapped, you know, or tried to support somebody, we
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scolded for it. >> reporter: the board dismissed it initially. glenn youngkin has called for an investigation into the board's response. the nsba's new apology note statements, quote: we deeply value not only the work of local school boards that make important contributions within our communities, but also the voices of parents who should and must continue to be heard. a source close to attorney general garland tells fox news the a.g. is pleased with the revised letter and is focused on preventing violence, not labeling parents domestic terrorists. jon: alexandria hoff in washington, thank you. washington examiner editor-in-chief hugo girden will join us later in the hour to analyze the bellwether virginia governor's race and its potential impact on the national midterm elections. the supply chain crisis being felt nation wide ongoing cargo backlogs are creating gridlock at our nation's ports and preventing goods from
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reaching store shelves. new york republican congressman chris jacobs will join us in just a few minutes with his reaction. first, though, let's go to david spunt live in wilmington, delaware, where president biden is spending the weekend. david. >> reporter: jon, good evening. president biden and members of his administration are keenly aware that this supply chain crisis is something that's not going to be going away anytime soon. there are thoughts it may continue into 2022. cargo ships are continuing to line up off the coast of california. they have been parked there in that virtual ocean parking lot for several days. some experts say it takes 5-7 days to completely unload a cargo ship. there's still a nationwide trucking shortage. the president was asked about calling in the national guard for help. >> would you consider the national guard to help -- >> yes, absolutely. s positively. i would do that.
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>> reporter: but the next day white house press secretary jen psaki con that districted her boss -- contradicted her boss. >> that is not something under active consideration. >> reporter: jon, as for a deal on the infrastructure and social spending bills, another priority for this white house, the president is on the list ific about a deal. -- on the list inabout a deal. west virginia senator joe manchin and arizona senator zinn that continue to hold the cards. the president has come down significantly from his original $3.5 trillion top amount. the key issues continue to be negotiated; climate priorities, corporate tax hikes and child tax credits. >> bottom line, do you think you will get a deal? >> i do think i'll get a deal. >> reporter: problems also continue at the southern border. a new caravan making its way north to our border. the president being criticized for saying he's been today border -- to the border. we cannot find any such trip
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other than 2008 when in a motorcade he went there el paso to new mexico. press secretary jen psaki says that joe biden over his career certainly was in different countries south of our border, but as far as actually visiting the specific border, we can't find an example, and the white house has not provided an example. jon? jon: david spunt live from wilmington, delaware. david, thanks. soaring prices at the gas pump hitting drivers right in the wallet, and the average price for a gallon of gas is at a 7-year high. new data shows the national average rose 7 cents in just one week and more than $1 over the course of a year. drivers wondering when they might see some relief. according to president biden, it could not come until next year. david lee miller is live in new jersey with more on that. david. >> reporter: jon, here in new jersey the rice for a gallon of regular -- price for a gallon of regular gas is slightly higher
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than the national average at $3.44. that same gallon one year ago cost about $1 less. gas prices across the country are on the rise, and analysts expect a further rise this holiday season. even president biden says winter next year. prices are soaring, it's simply demand although gas prices usually drop after the summer driving season. this year is different. following covid lockdown, more people are taking to the road. president biden says pricing is also to blame for the pain at the pump. during a town hall-style meeting earlier this week, he said there's no quick fix for escalating price. >> i don't -- >> i must tell you, i don't have a near term answer. there's two things i could do. i could go in the petroleum reserve and take the out and probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon.
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it's still going to be above $3. >> reporter: according to data compiled by aaa, gasoline in all 50 states is now over $3 a gallon. california has the high prices averaging $4.534 followed by hawaii at $4.27. some people pay even more, a gas station in a remote part of the california coast is charging $7.59 and nearly $1 more for a gallon of premium. some industry analysts say the u.s. must do more to increase domestic oil production. >> i think the best way to reverse this is to have president biden reverse course. send a signal to the rest of the world that the u.s. energy producer is back. send a signal to opec that because you're restricting supplies, we're going to get off the back of the u.s. energy industry. >> reporter: and experts say higher gas prices could have a broader impact on the economy
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because people will have less discretionary spending. on average, americans are now spending an additional $17 to fill up their tank compared to one year ago. jon? jon: david lee miller. david, thanks. joining us now, new york republican congressman chris jacobs. congressman, you heard president biden there suggest that there isn't much he can do about bringing gas prices down. what do you say to that? >> first, thank you for having me. disappointed as i'm disappointed with most of the things i hear from president biden. lack of leadership that he can't contribute to solving a problem. he certainly is good at creating problems. we have a real crisis here, one of the many crisis, energy crisis. you know, i'm from the buffalo, new york, area so we have good, hard winters here, and indication right now are natural
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gas is going to be 43% higher than last year. and that's the main source of heating for, families here. so we're going to have families who have already been hit in the octoberbook, paying much more -- pocketbook paying much more to fill up their gas tanks. now they're going to have to choose between inflated costs of food or inflated costs of heating their houses over the winter of we have a real, you yu know you know, joe biden said he wasn't going to raise taxes on the middle class. the middle class is going to get hit hard with joe biden's inflation tax. jon: and then there's the supply chain crisis which nobody in the administration seems to be taking all that seriously, at least if you listen to the transportation secretary and the white house rest secretary. listen -- press secretary. listen. >> couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and tread mills delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things. so why -- >> tragedy of the tread mill that's delayed.
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>> i think there's always been two kind of christmas shoppers. there's the ones who have all their list completed by halloween, and then there's people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve. if you're in that latter bucket, obviously, there's going to be more challenges. jon: what do you think about those answers from the white house? >> i think that is one thing i hear from many of my constituents, these are big problems we're facing and many crises that we have, but also the fact that it seems like the biden administration doesn't really care hutch about it or listen -- hutch about it or listen or take them seriously, the citizens, that these are real problems impacting their everyday lives. so it's kind of a slap in the face, if you will. and, you know, these problems were caused by bad policies. bad policies created day one. day one with executive order on the keystone the pipeline, that started the trend as far as its tone with energy independence here. day one stopping the building of the wall and the remain in mexico policy, that was the immigration, beginning of the
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immigration crisis. so his policies directly are impacting this. and the major expenditures of money that have contributed to this inflation, and what is his solution? oh, we need to spend trillions of dollars more on this socialist reconciliation plan that they have. so more of the same to try to get less results. i don't think anyone's buying that. and that's why he's sinking in the polls, and that's why i think people are very skeptical about his leadership. jon: yeah. americans are noticing the increase in prices. when asked if their bills for groceries and everyday items have increased a lot or a little, 43% say they have increased a lot, 40% say they have increased a little. americans are paying attention, and it's the hurting. new york republican congressman chris jacobs, thanks. and coming up, new details from the 911 calls made from the
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movie set where actor alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a woman with a prop gun. we're also learning that it's not the first problem with a gun on that set. plus, charles watson is tracking the investigation since brian laundrie's remains were found in it'll. charles. in florida. >> reporter: the hunt for brian laundrie is now over, so what's next in this ever-evolving story? those details coming up. ♪ ♪ partner to help share the load. wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth.
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a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. jon: fox news digital has obtained t9 911 call in the deadly alec baldwin movie set showing as the actor calls the incident, quote, a tragic accident. the cinematographer was killed when baldwin fired a prop gun on his new movie," rust," ask reports indicate there might have been problems prior to the fatal shooting. matt finn has new details. >> reporter: we're learning the set of the movie near santa fe was becoming increasingly troubled according to the l.a. times. some of the camera crews even walked off. and just days before that, the paper reports a stunt double also accidentally fired rounds
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from a gun prompting a crew member to text a production manager, quote: we now have three accidental discharges. this is super unsafe. the l.a. times reports two crew members who witnessed baldwin's accidental fatal shooting said there were not safety meetings and no assurance there wouldn't be more misfires on set. the l.a. times was told the safety of the cast and crew was top priority, it was not made aware of official complaints, and it is investigating. the director of photography, halyna hutchins, was killed when alec baldwin fired a gun he was told was cold. the director, joel souza is, standing behind her, was shot in the shoulder. he's expected to be okay. here is some of the 911 call.
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>> reporter: a search warrant was issued so investigators could document the set. baldwin's blood-stained costume and the prop gun were taken as evidence. baldwin has tweeted, quote: there are no words to convey hi shock and sadness regarding the tragedy thetic accident that took the life of a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. i am fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred. and the latest update from the sheriff's office says witnesses are also cooperating with police and so far no criminal charges have been filed. jon. jon: matt finn reporting live. matt, thanks. an autopsy comes up inconclusive for brian laundrie's cause of death. his remains found wednesday after more than a month of searching. meantime the, how much his parents knew about their son's disappearance is still an open question.
3:22 pm
charles watson is live in knot port, florida -- north port, florida, with the latest. charles. >> reporter: hi, jon. well, the next step is figuring out what happened to brian laundrie. that task is now in the hands of a forensic anthropologies who will take a look at brian's remains and try to determine when and how he died. that is the course of action that has been taken after an initial autopsy, as you mentioned, came back inconclusive. wednesday the fbi confirmed they found human remains and personal s belonging to brian in the swampy mack hatch chi environmental park. law enforcement had been searching the year for the brian for more than a month as he was considered a person of interest in the murder of his girlfriend, gabby petito. at the laundrie's north port home, the memorial gets bigger by the day as people continue to add signs, pictures and even american flags to honor the 22-year-old. and while that memorial continues to grow, so does the
3:23 pm
outpouring of thoughts and well wishing for the laundries who have received a number of flower bouquets today with respect to the death of their son, brian laundrie. one woman who showed up to the laundrie house this morning says she knew both brian and gabby and says people should reserve their judgment. >> the world needs to know they're not bad people. they made a mistake. only god can judge. >> reporter: meantime, jon, questions continue to swirl about the laundries, what they knew, if anything, and when after brian's remains were found the morning they rejoined the search for their son in a once-water logged area that had previously, they had previously flagged to police. laundrie family's attorney dismissed claims and conspiracies that the family planted evidence or knew where the find brian. to find brian. >> coincidence may be an appropriate word, but, you know, at the end of this tragedy, chris and roberta, you know,
3:24 pm
knew he went to the reserve, they knew his mental state when he went there. >> reporter: and as for what's next for the laundrie family, we've been in contact with the family attorney to who tells us brian's body will be cremated, but at this time the family has no plans for a funeral service. jon? jon: charles watson life in north port, florida, thanks. coming up, former president obama the latest star democrat, i should say, trying to help terry mcauliffe in the closely-watched race for governor of virginia, but is it enough to overcome republican glenn youngkin's momentum and president biden's falling approval numbers? we'll discuss with washington examiner editor-in-chief hugo girden. plus, here's bill melugin with new developments at our southern border. bill. >> reporter: jon, a brand new, massive migrant caravan trying to get here to the united states
3:25 pm
as we speak, so what happens when that caravan ran into a blockade by the mexican government today? we've got the video for you, we'll show you in just a few minutes. muck finish. ♪ ♪ jon: i'm jon scott, and i was there the day fox launched 25 years ago. i'd worked at other networks, and i knew the reputation of the people who were starting this thing, and i thought it was worth a chance. i'm jon scott. television news, kind of a single person's game. hours are horrible, there's a lot of travel, it's tough to have a family and work in tv news. but i already had a family. eleven months after we launched, our fourth child was born. i like to think that she was the first official fox news baby.
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♪ jon: i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. the you're just joining us, here's a look at our top stories. the fda says pfizer's covid vaccine for kids ages 5-11 appears highly effective. a panel of independent advisers will vote on whether to approve the shot next week. documents from former facebook employee and whistleblower frances haugen reportedly show facebook was show to enact emergency measures against misinformation and extremist content. the january 6th capitol riot took place. an internal spread sheet shows many measures used ahead of the
3:31 pm
020 election were rolled back after election day. the white house will again postpone the release of records related to the assassination of former president john f. kennedy. the delay to winter 2022 is necessary coming after the national archives said the pandemic slowed its ability to release information. for more on these ask other stories, download the fox news app. you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to u.s. customs ask is border protection has released the latest statistics on operations at the southern border, and no surprise, amid the ongoing border crisis they show that the fiscal year that ended in september saw the border patrol end countering 1,734,686 migrants. that is the highest number on record. to make matters worse, ab exclusive -- an exclusive video shows yet another caravan headed for the u.s. bill melugin is down in la joya,
3:32 pm
texas, and has more details on the worsening crisis there. bill. >> reporter: jon, good evening to you. that's exactly right. look, we already have historically high numbers of migrants at the southern border, now we're finding out there is a brand new high grant caravan heading here to the united states, and it looks like they are not going to let anything slow them down. take a look at this wild piece of video out of tap call la, mexico, earlier today showing that caravan literally forcing their way through a skirmish line set up by mexican security forces meant to stop or slow them down. as you can see, they just got a running head start, they used physical force, and they just rushed their way through that line, they broke it, and they took off running down the street in an effort to continue their path towards the united states. again, this is a massive, brand new caravan heading our way as we speak. take a look at this second piece of video. this is when the caravan first started marching earlier this morning, tapachula, mexico, kind of near the guatemalan border.
3:33 pm
this is an incredibly well organized caravan. griff jenkins reporting it's so well organized, they actually have qr codes people can scan if they want to participate. they've got american flags, they've got banners that say joe biden for all. the main activist leading the group says the biden administration policies are enticing to these migrants, it's almost like a cattle call for them, so that's why there's so many of them trying to get here to the united states. as that caravan starts marching, you can see they're not going to let police or security forces stop them. take a look at some video from here where we are this week. we still have migrants showing up where we are right now as we have got this other caravan on their way. all week long we see these family units cross the rio grande, illegally walk into texas, and they just come strolling by the incomplete border wall we're standing to, the wall the biden administration stopped construction of. and that is frustrating to border patrol agents because you can see they endlessly have to
3:34 pm
deal with these family units who are showing up every single day and night willing to turn themselves in. earlier today on fox former dhs secretary chad woman and former u.s -- chad wolfe had some pretty -- chad wolf had some pretty tough words. take a listen. >> the hedge from this administration is clear that if you come to the boarder and you get across, you turn yourself in to border patrol, you will be released into the united states. and that's exactly the wrong message. >> he's got a ton of experience. that is a very, very smart guy, and if i was the american public, i'd be asking why. >> reporter: and former chief rodney scott talking about alejandro mayorkas there. take a look at this tweet from the u.s. consulate in mexico, the hex can city directly across the border from brownsville right in southern texas. they put this tweet out instructing personnel to shelter in place because of cartel gun battles taking place between the
3:35 pm
mexican government and the cartel in the streets. that's an area run by the gulf cartel. the gun battles getting serious. u.s. consulate members ordered to stay in place. the consulate went on to say the cartels actually set up roadblocks, and that could lead to more gun fights. again, scary situation for u.s. citizens town there, even scarier to think that is directly across from a u.s. city. jon, back to you. jon: bill melugin live from la joya, texas, thank you. >> as far as i can tell, the big message of terry's opponent is that he's a regular guy because he wears fleece -- [laughter] and he's accusing schools of brainwashing our kids. jon: that was former president barack obama campaigning for virginia democratic gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe earlier today in richmond, virginia. mcauliffe and republican glenn
3:36 pm
youngkin are locked in a dead heat according to the latest polling with less than two weeks to go until election day. patrick hurray with this assessment on the state of the race, quote: something has happened in the last few weeks among suburban woman. the old confirms that youngkin's strategy is working and that mcauliffe was unwise to blow it off. suburban women, who have tended to vote for democrats, to think that they would continue to do that could be moved off that track. here now with his analysis, editor-in-chief of the washington examiner, hugo girden. you say there is an element of desperation on the part of the mcauliffe campaign. what do you mean by that? >> yeah. there really is, you know? all the big guns from the democrats are being wheeled out to try and help, you know, mcauliffe. today it was former president obama, but you see mails coming from nancy pelosi -- e-mails and carole king and kamala harris
3:37 pm
has shown a video which is being used in churches across virginia. president biden is apparently going to stump for terry mcauliffe. but that's a real problem for mcauliffe, because biden's collapsing popularity is part of the reason why the virginia governor's race has become a kind of referendum on the first nine months of joe biden's time in office, and it's not going well. and glenn youngkin looks like he might win a state that has been trending very sharply blue for, you know, over the past decade. what we're watching at the moment, jon, is something really extraordinary. we're watching the perception shift about which party is on the side of the little guy. and you heard very clearly in president obama's speech there he was mocking glenn youngkin because he's been a former ceo, and he head a joke about glenn youngkin, you know, not being the kind of guy who did the dishes, not doing the grocery shopping. but all over virginia there are
3:38 pm
ordinary people who are really cross about their children being brainwashed in schools and the perception is changing. ordinary people are thinking, wait a minute, the democrats don't represent me anymore, and that's why the state might actually now go back to the republicans. jon: mcauliffe said during that debate that he didn't think parents had any business getting involved in what the schools are teaching their children. >> yeah. that was a real, that was a real blunder, you know? a gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth. and what mcauliffe said there when parents all over the country but particularly here in virginia were saying, you know, they don't like what's being done this schools, they are standing up, they're complaining particularly in loudoun county, and then mcauliffe really blundered by saying he didn't think that parents should be
3:39 pm
telling teachers what they teach children. during the pandemic parents have had a much clearer view of what's going on in school, and they don't like what they see. and, you know, the number of ways in which the democrats and biden in particular are failing ordinary people; inflation has been running at 6% since biden took office, so ordinary americans are seeing the value of their wages falling. the last report you had from the border, there's an absolute crisis and extraordinary scenes coming from there. ordinary people want the border policed, they want immigration, proper immigration policy, and they're astonished and aghast seeing, you know, illegal immigrants rushing the border and the biden administration not only not doing anything about it, but actually welcoming them. so there's a real perception change about which party stands the up for the little guy and for ordinary americans, and it could split virginia back from democrat to republican. jon: president biden has made
3:40 pm
one campaign appearance with terry mcauliffe. he's going to make another one next week. do you think that that actually is going to help the mcauliffe campaign? >> no, i really don't. i think biden is part of the problem. i mean, i think that the whole democratic party and its, you know, misperception about what ordinary people want is the central problem. but president biden's popularity has been collapsing, and the idea that when he turns up to stand beside, you know, terry mcauliffe and stump for him that this is going to do mcauliffe any good, i think, is a fiction. the trouble for mcauliffe are, of course, is that he can't say, mr. president, please stay away. he has to pretend that of course he's being, he's being advocating for biden's build back better spending of $5 trillion more which is, of course, stoking inflation. they can't escape each other, but i don't think it's going to
3:41 pm
do mcauliffe to have biden in virginia with him. jon: one quick headline from fox, the president has lost more approval at the beginning of his term than any other president since world war ii, that according to a fox news poll. washington examiner editor-in-chief hugo gurden, thank you. >> thank you. jon: coming up, we're learning more about queen elizabeth's health since she spent the night in the hospital and whether she's going to change -- going to a major climate change summit in scotland next week. ♪ ♪ u using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ jon: here are some other headlines from around the globe. ing a u.s. drone strike kills a senior al-qaeda leader in syria according to central command. it comes two days after an attack on a u.s. military
3:46 pm
outpost in syria. russia's defense ministry says russian and chinese warships conducted their first joint patrols in the westerning pacific this past week. the two nations staged naval drills in the sea of japan earlier this month. the u.s. envoy from north korea arrived in south korea today amid stalled denuclearization talks. the news comes day days after north korea fired two ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. turkey's president has ordered the removal of ten ambassadors from western countries including the u.s., this in reaction to the nations calling for the release of a my philanthropist who has been imprisoned in turkey for four years. italy's former interior minister says the trial he faces on charges he refused to let migrant ships dock in the country two years ago is not serious because actor richard gear is listed as a -- richard gere is listed as a witness. he delivered food to people
3:47 pm
onboard that ship. and saudi arabia's crown prince says he looks for his country to reach net zero emissions by 2060. he spoke at the saudi green initiative forum for the u.k.'s prince charles warned of a dangerously narrow window to act on climate change. and that's a look at some stories from around the globe. britain's queen elizabeth is back at windsor castle after spending a night at a private hospital in london this week. buckingham palace says the 95-year-old monarch went to the hospital on medical advice but declined to say much else. kitty logan picks up the story from london. >> reporter: hi, jon. the queen is now back at windsor castle. she's said to be back at her desk and is working after a brief hospital stay earlier this week. the queen often spends the weekend at windsor castle. the allays is giving very little detail but say she is in good spirits.
3:48 pm
it's quite typical to keep medical matters privacy, but we do know the queen was admitted to a private london hospital on wednesday or for tests. she was out again the following day. we understand the admission is not covid-related, but it's not clear if it's any other specific health problem either. the queen is now 95 years old but keeps a very full diary. she was recently seen walking with a stick for the first time, an unexpectedly -- and unexpectedly canceled a trip to northern ireland this week, but she still is due to host the upcoming climate summit in scotland. this hospital visit has sparked concern due to the queen's advancing years. her husband, prince phil in, died earlier this year at age 99. jon? jon: kitty lo began, thanks. coming up, the school bus driver shortage across the u.s. is forcing one state to have the national guard help get students to class, and now other states might be doing the same.
3:49 pm
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3:53 pm
>> reporter: there's a driver shortage in this country, and it's not just hitting the transport of goods. school bus drivers are in short supply too. in massachusetts a unique solution has been found to insure kids get to school, the national guard is providing rides. the state's governor, republican charlie baker, has called up to 250 members to drive school bus routes in the commonwealth insuring children get to their classrooms. >> let moms come to the door. >> reporter: the initial order came in september, and the effort has gradually expanded with guard members now trained in driving transport vans in 13 school districts. >> to the extent that we can find people who qualify and we're able to do it, you know, we'll try to, we'll try to serve as if communities as we can because, obviously, the goal here is to try to make sure we have vehicles, we put people in
3:54 pm
them who are qualified to drive them and do what we can to insure kids get to school. >> reporter: the potential of calling up the national guard has also been floated in ohio. new york is reporting a shortage of 15-20% according to senator kirsten gillibrand's office. according to a survey conduct by several student transport associations, many school districts across the nation are facing the same struggle. 51% of survey respondents describe their driver shortage as severe or desperate. roughly three-quarters of all respondents, 78%, also indicated the school bus driver shortage is getting worse. and here in massachusetts, the national guard is not just helping to get kids to school, they're helping to keep the doors open. from quincy, massachusetts, molly line, fox news. jon: and coming up, we'll tell you about a new orleans tradition returning tonight for the first time in nearly two years. ♪ ♪
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