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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  October 23, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪♪ hello, everyone. i am anita along with joey jones. whole sapphire and avett. the big saturday show. here is what's up. joey. >> brand-new video of the latest migrant caravan from the southern border. kamala harris visited the border now, she just announced a trail but it's overseas. >> nicole. >> forget hard work, try hardly
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working. why is the media pushing during the coronavirus pandemic? >> and david. >> a movie set everyone is talking about, ignition by the woman who handled the weapon used by alec baldwin. >> first, the national school board association now apologizing for the letter the attorney general admitted was used to target parents and investigate them as possible domestic terrorists. here's what ag merrick garland told congress two days ago. >> when did you first review data show like this so-called disturbing uptick? >> i read the letter and we have been seeing overtime -- >> i didn't ask you, he read the letter, that's your source? national school board association represents thousands of school boards and school board members says there are these kinds of threats when we
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read in the newspapers reports of threats of violence in the context of threats of violence -- >> for the very first wine in your -- >> gentlemen's time has expired. >> okay, and as aba showing an apology for the letter sent to the department of justice reading in part, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. we deeply value not only the work of local school boards making contributions within our community but also the voices of parents who should must continue to be heard. this morning on fox and friends, one of the parents outspoken as school board meetings says the federal government has declared war on parents. >> this is a political operation, a war on parents and it was orchestrated by the white house with cooperation of the justice department and they brought in the national school board association to give them the excuse to declare this war on parents.
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parents are not domestic terrorists because what the government has done is they have taken parents out of the sacred duty taking care of their children turn them into battle combatants against the government this is not right. >> okay, wow. it seems like this whole thing got exposed this past week when merrick garland was testifying on the hill and people actually got to hear he was relying on a letter as an excuse to likely parents to domestic terrorists and now the national school boards association is a damage control. david, is this apology solving anything? >> no, it doesn't. let's think for a moment. first of all, you have a letter written, we haven't been clearly told who wrote the letter or who approved the letter and then we get an apology letter from school boards around the country
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like pennsylvania not only to dismiss themselves, they pulled out from the an sba so it doesn't solve it. what we need to find out is the root of this by the biden white house and attorney general decided to go with the letter without any source -- this is the department of justice to investigate before you actually go in and prosecute americans wanting to show up at a school board meeting and voice their concerns. education is local. you can't get more local than the parents there. >> you heard attorney general merrick garland got grilling over that. i want to put a pull up that we have, a fox news poll showing how concerned parents are about this, it shows 73% of parents are extremely or very concerned about what schools teach. doctor sapphire, parents and schools have had to take marching orders from the federal government, local government about covid protocols, mass and
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vaccine mandates and now they have to worry about the justice department going after them for asking tough questions asked in this be good for anyone's health? >> first of all, these are parents, not terrorists and in this letter, office is already strained relationship between parents and educators specifically the administrators. when you have verbiage such as patriot and treating them like they should be parents, domestic terrorism is escalating a situation. 75% of all violent threats and violence in general thought occurs in the workplace has been in healthcare and why? it happens when people are frustrated when they are scared and looking for a solution so rather than escalating the situation such as they did the white house with this letter, they should have looked to de-escalate through communication and conflict resolution because parents should have a say in what the children are being taught. >> and that's what they are being told so your monitor they will take a different topic now.
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joey, i want to turn to you as a retired marine, severely injured in afghanistan, perhaps you know better than anyone out there, there are real terrorists right now in the middle east now that the taliban is in control in afghanistan, hardwick get to a place where anyone thought it was okay calling curious parents terrorists? >> i am at that of a 2-year-old and a 12-year-old, i probably have more to say about this from that perspective than any of them. my kids deserve to be treated with respect and not told they are racist for the color of their skin and thankfully we don't have a big problem with this but the federal government present everywhere. i want to focus on distinction here, the reason you saw members of congress passing this so fast, using that term specifically, domestic terrorism gives the federal government fbi opportunity to invoke things the doctor said like the patriot act
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and circumvent your constitutional right to invade your privacy so if someone has never threatened the school board member ever but they like with the facebook group and other federal government is investigating guys of domestic terrorism, they can go further and stop labels on you and intrude your life more because you are passionate one day about the education of your children from is americans politics of critical race theory, this objectively is scary and not something parents should just accept or school boards should accept around the country. the school board itself says that wasn't even what we wanted out of this letter and we don't even standby our own letter anymore, it doesn't give the fbi a lot of cover for the layton policy product ticks they are being used for. >> you have to wonder if this provides a chilling effect for parents to raise any concerns going on in the classroom. i certainly do, i want to put up
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a pole and have you react, a pull talking about what parents are concerned about, what major problems are concerned about when it comes to schools. schools pushing political plans, 63% of parents against 57% in parents pushing political plans 54%. let me have you react to that, david, are you surprised by the results of this poll? >> i am not surprised about people being concerned but i will tell you what i am concerned about, why aren't there more parents out there reacting to this? ground zero of the areas around the country. there is one thing but if nothing else out of all of this and probably part do to covid where parents and children spent more times together, parents will be more involved in their children's education. we've had a problem in this country for parents sent their
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kids off for eight or so hours a day for the government to raise their children. that responsibility is yours once the child is out there in the world until they are an adult. they are your responsibility, they involved. >> that's right. when you have a child, probably the biggest investment you can make. we all agreed with that. coming up next, an update on the shooting on the movie set that has everyone talking, a woman who handled the weapon, alec baldwin fire made a stunning admission. coming up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ page 188... uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh!
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show. new developments in the shooting death of a cinematographer on a movie setting in mexico. we are learning the popgun handed to alec baldwin was a cold gun or unloaded gun. we are also learning several crew members leading up to the incident over poor working conditions and last month the
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woman responsible for handling weapons on set admitted on a podcast september she had doubts about the job saying and i quote, you know, i was really nervous about it at first and almost didn't take the job because i wasn't sure if i was ready but doing it, i liked it, it went really smoothly. now a 911 call gives us a glimpse of vaccine. >> we need an ambulance right now, people have been shot on it movie set accidentally. >> you said someone was shot? >> director and cameron woman was shot. >> he shot the gun, he's responsible. >> that's just amazing, i've got to tell you on this one, safety comes to mind. joey, i want to go to you first. remember the cheney training, check, clear. know your weapon, you consider a weapon regardless whether it's
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supposed to have blanks or whatever the case may be. it's a mess. >> i've been on movie sets with proper firearms, this was obviously not i popgun. there's a lot we don't know, those who don't handle guns regularly, number one, when the use the term misfire, this was not a misfire. that means you attempt to fire a gun in front of a bullet was in it does not fire. that's not what this was. there were multiple misfires prior to this, i don't know if they mean the technical definition of a misfire or something like this. another thing i want to clear up, a popgun has been demilitarized, chemically changed to where it doesn't have the ability to function as a gun so it was not a popgun, but it sounds like, it was designed to shoot blank bullets. what blank bullets are, the same cartridge casing and black
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counter in a regular bullet, it just doesn't have the projectile on the end the, and her somewhat but still has a black powder explosion for the smoke to come out, that sounds like what they were trying to do so we have to ask, what came out of the end of the gun that killed one person and injured another? having been on movie sets and note this really well, there isn't a situation in my mind i could fathom where ammunition should have been on the set and near that gun but at the end of the day, i don't know a gun owner in the world who doesn't consider themselves responsible for clearing and understanding the condition of the gun they pick up. if we decide no one is legally at fault, i hope hollywood understand regardless how they built firearms, if they glorify them and use functional ones on set, everyone to go to proper safety training, i could put my 13 or 12-year-old son through the training today and he could administer a class that would
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save lives in every person on set in people at home to be safe in this environment and understand and know the weapons or firearms or prop they are using at some time that does not happen here. it's tragic, it's not being mean to alec baldwin or amy moral support had to be pointed at that person and one think they are taught, know where your weapon is pointed at all times. this is a problem for what he was doing. >> and you know, it's interesting, joey talks about difference between misfire and
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firing a gun. according to los angeles times, there was a problem with the gun, they did have at least three incidences before where there was some kind of problem so i have to ask, why didn't they take the gun out of commission? it seems like from reading a bit about the story, there were a lot of veterans working on the set, a bunch, they were not a bunch of rookies. they've worked on them before so you have to wonder about what the safety protocols were and where they followed? i know now hollywood is looking at, should they than real guns from movie set? that's one thing being talked about as well as other safety guidelines but the thing here is no matter what safety guidelines they introduce, you can't bring back this woman, this was a 42-year-old wife and mother, she left behind a 9-year-old son. this is tragic for everyone involved so hopefully the hollywood industry will take a look and institute new safety
2:19 pm
guidelines. we also have to ask, what about criminal charges? will there be criminal charges here? if there's someone they deemed responsible for this so there's a lot more to the story to unfold and we are going to be hearing more in the coming days. >> quick one, nicole, i know we have to wrap this but on the medical side of this, we haven't heard much about medical response on site, have you heard any? >> no, ultimately are still a lot of unanswered question but unintentional shootings killed upward of one to 2 million americans a year so even with cdi, spider-man on a building or people on other planets, why would we have guns on movie sets that could potentially cause death like this? you keep talking about training, people handling guns but alec baldwin is a actor, he isn't military or law enforcement, what training does he have and
2:20 pm
why was the weapon on set? >> law enforcement and military -- >> people on set know what they are doing to train the actors what you shouldn't do and basic things. i know plenty of advisors who have gone on site and have done this. there are a lot of questions. next, migrant madness again. another caravan headed for the u.s. but don't expect to see kamala harris at the border. we'll explain why at the border. ♪♪
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fox news alert, a new caravan reported 2000 migrants heading toward the southern border. customs and border patrol review this fiscal year set a record for the most encounters.
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virtual chief earlier today addressing the crisis. >> i try not to get political but when the american public, take it personally. document thousand got a ways meeting people literally crossing the border border patrol did not have the resources to respond and interdict them, how could you say you have border security? we know terrorist threats exist, they've existed for years but never to the extent, i didn't see them to the extent i did just before i left as chief. >> as far as for czar, when asked if she would be visiting, she said i don't have any plans at this moment, no. instead the vice president announced plans to travel to france in november. [laughter] but hope she finds some good food over there, i guess. got a clip here secretary jens psaki and peter doocy, let's
2:26 pm
check this out real quick. >> widest president by can say he's going to the border? >> as you may have seen, there's been reporting he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> he said i've been there before, he said you drove by for a few minutes, does that count? >> what is the root cause, where are people coming from? i'm asking you a question because i think people should understand the context. where do people -- >> i maximum you. >> people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. the president has been to those countries ten times to talk about border issues. there is a focus right now on a photo op, the president does not believe a photo op is the same as solution. it may be the difference we he has with republicans. >> but he said i get i should go down from a photo op, is that
2:27 pm
what you see? >> he doesn't. >> david, number one, thank god for peter doocy, we really do need him in there. you know he's really doing his job when the press secretary is asking him questions back because she doesn't have answers for him. what she calls visiting the border a photo op, how you respond to that? >> i'll tell you what, as someone who's been to the border since the 90s reported on it, citizens would see a photo op the way biden and kamala harris are treating this because they are not showing up and talking about solutions. by the way, i'm not sitting on the side for the president, you're supposed to be down there highlighting this issue but the contradictions are so clear, americans are being able to see it. they are sending more cabinet secretaries and high level officials to the sum than they have to the border. they are telling us, people
2:28 pm
south of the border, don't come to the united states while they make plans to build two new centers from large centers on the southern border to deal with influx of illegal aliens and we are talking about getaways and introductions, what about what we don't know and the national security components of this? the fact that you have iran and hezbollah operating in venezuela, wallace triangle where islam was operating for decades down there and they are working their way from mass migrations, not just economic migration, it's all kinds of illegal activity, human trafficking soaked democrats are challenge, people have to realize they are calloused, too big to fix problem and that's really where the democrats are they'd be doing something about it, not canceling contract. >> is just another issue democrats are stepping on their own feet and losing the american
2:29 pm
people. doctor safire, we know most of the people probably aren't that thin or we presume as much they are probably not, they are crossing the border, a lot of them aren't getting tested and even if you take coronavirus out of it, what is a public health risk of having it open for in caravans of thousands of people regardless, i am pro- legal immigration but what is the public health risk having them across the border from impoverished and countries in the southern hemisphere? >> many of the countries migrants are coming from have lower vaccination rates than we do here in the united states and escalating surge of migrants across the border making state and city government and nongovernment officials alike having to deal with their own testing and quarantining of migrants coming because the federal government continues to not offer routine testing from a quarantining, isolation and even
2:30 pm
vaccination. governor newsom of california recently k-3 50 million-dollar contract to a private company to do their own testing and vaccinations as migrants come over. interestingly, he gave this the exact same company president trump worked with to build the wall against the border so when it comes to public health and migrants from a there's always fence concern about infectious disease coming across the border. it's only okay as long as we have the personal ways to test for an offer treatment for those needing medical treatment. if we are not testing front, therefore we are not able to help these people and while in texas and arizona in california and other border states are coming down from their ways, it's important we do not allow people who are covid positive to come into the communities and cause another surge of infections so we have to be testing and quarantining those who are positive and offer vaccination in the federal government needs to step up if they allow them to cross the border. >> i imagine bringing drugs
2:31 pm
across, that's pretty unhealthy. i think there's a lot of reasons it's an unhealthy thing for our country. president biden in his own words this week that he's too busy to go to the border, going overseas and visiting hurricanes and all of these things but i think we got a graphic here, half a millions security around his residence there in delaware there so my question is, if he has time to go to delaware with a security fence with our taxpayer money, are americans seeing the hypocrisy? >> it's not good here, i believe that's his summer home, department of homeland security, $500,000 federal dollars going to build a fence around his house for protection but the border doesn't get a wall, right? i guess his summerhouse get a wall the border doesn't? peter doocy can ask about that at the next press conference.
2:32 pm
another question, does anybody know, is kamala harris still at the port of czar? is she? knew she went to the border one time but she went to central america, she went to southeast asia and now she's off to paris but if you are the border of czar, she needs to pay attention to what's going on at the border. [laughter] >> i don't know what the term means anymore, if there is a made-up title for somebody not doing their job, i think we have a lot of czar's who come on. it makes the administration look worse. maybe the need to abandon the term czar for a while and say people going to france and other things are czar. forget hard work, try hardly working. the media pushing anti- work message after a record number of americans today say goodbye to their job. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> welcome back to the big saturday show. his immediate anti- work? federal outlets pushed the narrative it's quitting across the nation and what they dubbed
2:38 pm
the great resignation. check out these headlines. >> from the new york times even with our dream job, you can be anti- work, here's market watch. are you ready? part of the great resignation and the washington post. how to leave bad jobs for a better one in the great resignation. the great resignation is finally getting companies to take burnout seriously. is it enough? buzz feet news, americans are over worked and over work. one person quoted saying what's really important to me is to be able to carve out the time and space to build important things outside of work. now this whole time working mom of three, i can appreciate carving out time for things outside of a full-time job, i really do but david, i'm going to go to you because the labor statistics said 4.3 million americans left their jobs in
2:39 pm
august. august is the time when kids are going back to school, i understand your ago when kids were being kept home and some parents had to leave their jobs to care for their children because of lockdowns and so forth but what you think is driving people to leave their jobs now? >> it's a very complex set of reasons why people are leaving. covid changed the workforce to a certain%. those able to work remotely. there's something really missing here and that is the importance of the work ethic the track. when you start a job, rarely does anybody start as ceo of a company or senior manager, you start somewhere and work your way up and the longer you wait or the more you leave the workforce, the less money you make over your lifetime that goes to your retirement to the economics make no sense to me. we have a cultural problem understanding the value of employment, the value of owning
2:40 pm
what you know, using your skills and the beauty is when you do it properly, you have the right, the ability to make choices later on in life that your application may become your vocation or otherwise. >> absolutely and joey, you being a combat veteran, you come from a lineage of hard workers, do you think the media has had influence in people the way they view employment these days? >> i think the media spread a narrative that starts with education institutions and i could say that and say before i ever went to georgetown, i graduated from school of masonry with my dad in our work is inherent to be an american, that's what makes us unique, our fortitude to work hard and filled things that shouldn't be built, if they can't be built, do things that can't be done by filled an entire nation of immigrants and do so with hard
2:41 pm
work and our hands. what you do with your mind and your mouth and your body, that's the product of your labor and who you are. my dad told me, clean toilets, that's fine, that's the american way regardless of what the metrics show, i hope that is still part of our culture. >> that's right, do everything with dignity. anita, safe spaces and changing education and people having mental health, you think the media is perpetuating the feeling you don't want to work anymore? >> i think the headlines are scary and pretty sad. i grew up with things like hard work never hurt anyone, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, working hard is success, we all grew up with those slogans and we all did okay. scary about this is in china, they are telling kids the opposite, they are saying work hard and then work harder.
2:42 pm
then chinese children compete up against our children and they realize examples of how this works out, look at what is happening with our supply chain, there are 10 million jobs open right now, they can't be filled. look at the problem from more than 150 ships sitting out there, no one to unload them, no one to drive them to the factory and as a result, there's not going to be under much under the trees for christmas. that's not what working hard gets you. i'm afraid of headlines like that. >> i agree and burnout is real but there has to be a balance and at this time i think burnout initiative and wellness initiative may be in the wrong direction and we have long-standing consequences for our nation. we have to move on. >> raising money for the taliban? that seems like something no one would ever do some berkeley students have actually pitched in. shocking new video from a college campus coming up next.
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♪♪ >> welcome back to the big saturday show, colleges and universities around the country have a problem, what we are about to show you, it's the next level. horowitz went to you pal berkeley as part of a social experiment and asked students to donate money to the taliban and the results were shocking fully. >> fifty dollars. >> fifty dollars? >> i am a student. >> that's really generous. thanks, guys.
2:48 pm
>> sadly, i wonder what would have happened if we had asked for more money but he sums it up this way, his reaction is so genuine. first, what he said about kids in america. >> i want to be clear, this is not just an isolated group of people saying hit america, this identifies the hard left is all about. they want to see destruction of the united states of america because it offends them to their core. it is revenge for what they see at the original sin of this country. >> what are they reading for media feast days? representative bryant mass, certainly joey like you understand like to deal with evil people they want to raise money for and for taliban he had this to say.
2:49 pm
>> we just saw what went on with hypersonic weapons. in order to make those kinds of weapons that travel at extremely high speed, high altitude caring nuclear and others, it requires a number of rare earth minerals to withstand the temperatures and if china has the advantage of getting close because they are buddy buddy for the taliban, that put the u.s. in a bad place. >> this creates an entire picture of national security and frankly, media stupidity by these kids. this is you kat berkeley so i got to georgetown on this one, what are they missing at uc berkeley besides common sense and an awareness of approval murderous group of people simply being a soccer player, a woman soccer player at that.
2:50 pm
>> that's culture. they are not doing anything wrong. i want to speak to those students directly, that is very capitalist and elitist of you to simply want to send money to the taliban as they try to build their country and reclaim virtue, you should move there and bring all of that intelligence and wisdom you have as a 19-year-old, california at berkeley, moved to afghanistan and help them build the taliban you obviously believe in them. i'll donate for your plane ticket because i am a capitalist and i'd rather throw money at something and do it myself obviously as my track record shows and i don't blame these kids, they are children, they shouldn't be at 19 or 20 years old, they should be grown adults but their parents raised them this way, when you spoil a child and bring home red version of the toy they wanted, not blue, they are not thankful for the toy, they destroy it. no, i wanted the blue one, that's who these people are, they don't appreciate this country for what is, they are mad because it's not exactly what they want it to be and
2:51 pm
they'd rather support a regime like the taliban they should move there and bring their intelligence and wisdom they have with them and help the taliban and their goals they have professors and teaching them in college much older than 19 and 2019 and 20-year-old serving on u.s. navy ships making real life decisions how to protect this country. nicole, there are adults at the university, uc berkeley, free speech where they seem to have the most close minds teaching children to be closed minded. >> that's right, i have a 21-year-old and their age only goes so far in excuses. in 1966, other campuses take their lead from what happens on berkeley and that's because berkeley has a history the last half-century of extremism. you can't actually say you want to support minorities and other privilege but also say you will give money to the taliban among the most extreme anti- woman,
2:52 pm
anti- religion, anti- cultural freedom group there is, they kill woman because they want to learn to read and they want to teach others just like most 21 euros or 20-year-old living in a bubble of hypocrisy and dichotomy in they need to grow up and be educated by real leaders who will allow both sides of the political aisle to have a place in the conversation, not just one side which is what happened at berkeley and other campuses across the country. >> anita, i'll pass it to you, your thoughts? >> i think it's interesting a filmmaker blamed a professor for teaching these kids, brainwashing them in the classroom. you have to wonder what they are teaching in the classroom and real quick, apparently the cameraman was absolutely shocked at the responses from the students. he said he considered himself to be a left-leaning person for san francisco, even he was shocked.
2:53 pm
>> the big saturday flops our next, not the one we just covid at berkeley. big saturday talk is next. ♪♪ regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans. ♪ ♪ she drives hands free... along the coast.
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muck finish if. >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." e it's time now for our pick for the biggest fails of the week. my flop of the week is the women of "the view" trying to give condoleezza rice a lesson on
2:57 pm
race. listen to her response when asked about empowering black children. >> i would like black kids to be completely empowered, to though that they are beautiful in their blackness. but in order to do that, i don't have to make white kids feel bad for being white. [laughter] >> now, what you didn't see was a lot of eye rolling and confusion especially from joy behar about answer. condoleezza rice went on to explain that she grew up in the segregated south and couldn't even go to the movies, but let's see is, she went on to be national security adviser, secretary of state, and she's a longtime professor at stanford. i think she's quite qualified to talk about education and race, maybe a little more than joy behar but, of course, she handled it with grace, dignity and poise. joey? >> yeah, also she's a member of augusta national which was an all men's club until not too
2:58 pm
long ago and also on the board of the college football playoffs. she's very impressive and have crossed over to maybe a lot of places traditionally black women weren't. so i think she had a lot to say on that. my flop of the week is washington state firing the football coach and is four of his assistants because they did not abide by vaccine mandates. let me tell you just a little bit on this. the mandate that came down from the governor, i thought universities were the places that stood up for people, theyed stood up against government tyranny, i thought universities allowed diversity of thought. this is just another example like the topic we talked about earlier where universities are becoming an extension of the government. and so just to coach -- i can't remember how to say his name, but there's a lot of sec schools that probably wouldn't mind having him down here. dr. saphier. >> well, you know, hi flop of the week was one of those uh-oh moments for dr. fauci when a
2:59 pm
letter from the deputy director of at the nih wrote to the oversight committee saying, essentially, gain of function research was done at the wuhan institute of virology under the ecohealth grant which received money from the nih despite multiple times testifying by dr. a few under oath saying that -- dr. fauci saying that the nih did not fund any form of gain of function research, so, uh-oh. >> remember, we saw rand paul questioning him on that over and over again, and he denied it, but turns out it's true, i guess. david? >> well, again, they're going to say it was directly or indirectly they didn't know about it, but they should have said maybe. >> yes, yes. david, let's do it quick, david. >> what can i say. all right. so hi if flop of the week -- my flop of the week, the state department's international pronoun day celebration. the official twitter account,
3:00 pm
and i quote: today on international pronouns days, we share why many people use pronounce on their mail and social media platform. for those who would like to have a little english language fun, there's more than a hundred official pronouns, and until now, none of them were used for your own personal identifier -- >> that's it, folks -- jon: a high stakes governor's race in virginia, former president obama hitting the campaign trail this afternoon just ten days to go until election day. good evening, i'm jon covet, and this is "the fox report." jon covet. ♪ jon: former president obama campaigned earlier this afternoon in richmond, virginia, hoping to boost support for democratic candidate terry mcauliffe, the state's former governor. meantime, republican glenn youngkin also on the campaign trail today. the latest polling shows the candidates locked in a dead heat ra


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