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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 23, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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implications, and it's a sign of america's medical innovation. paul: remarkable stuff. thanks. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thank you to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ eric: hollywood shocked, saddened and searching for answers after that horrible deadly shooting on the movie set in new mexico that involves alec baldwin. the actor break his silence saying that the killing of the cinematographer on his movie with a prop gun was a, quote, tragic accident. authorities investigate what led up to the shooting as well as the problems on that set that had been reported. hello and welcome to brand new hour of "fox news live," i'm eric shawn. alicia: i'm alicia acuna in for arthel. details are now emerging in the
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aftermath of the accident. cinematographer hal halyna hutcs was killed. there are reports baldwin was told the gun was cold meaning unloaded when it was handed to him. there's also a report that several crew members walked off the set days before the incident to protest poor working conditions. actor dean cain says, in his opinion, it's apparent that strict safety measures were not followed. >> there's a really clear protocol when you have a firearm on set as, clearly, they weren't followed. it should never, ever happen. that's, like, rule number one that live rounds are kept out. eric: and lots of questions whether or not that production if was trying to save money. matt finn live in los angeles with more. matt? >> reporter: eric, we're learning more from the multiple 911 calls placed from the movie set of "rust" in new mexico where alec baldwin accidentally
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shot and killed a woman. one of the callers told the 911 operator that the two shooting victims were doubled over and alert after they were shot. here's some of the 99 11 calls. >> reporter: baldwin fired a gun that he was reportedly told was cold at the director of photography, hal that hutchens. she was shot in the chest and killed. director joel souza, standing behind her, was shot in the shoulder. he's expected to be okay. hutchins was reportedly advocating for more safety on the troubled movie set. her colleague said she had a very strong work ethic and forgave coworkers for mistakes. and we now know a search warrant
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was issued so investigators could document the film set, the warrant says baldwin's blood-stained costume and the prop gun was taken as we've, and the h.a. times is now reporting a prop gun misfired a new times on the movie set before baldwin's fatal shooting. baldwin was photographed after the tragedy looking distraught, and he has since tweeted, quote: there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic stent that took the life of -- accident that took the life of halyna hutchins. i am fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred. and after the accident the abc show "the the rookie" has reportedly banned firing of real guns on their set. they'll use remember ca guns, and you have to wonder how many more might do the same. eric. eric: just tragic. thank you. alicia: among the many questions swirling around the deadly
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shooting, where do alec baldwin, the production company and the studio stand legally. joining me now is mercedes colwin, fox news legal analyst. mercedes, thank you for being here. we still don't know all of the facts, but from a legal standpoint where do you see this headed from a criminal standpoint and civil? >> well, there's definitely criminal charges, that could be at least a minimal investigation. number one is involuntary hand slaughter. and it's not -- manslaughter. and it's not really going to be alec baldwin because in new mexico there's excusable homicide. and under excusable homicide essentially if there's an accidental killing of an individual but ordinary care was used by the individual being accused of it, they're excused of the homicide. the focus may very well be the prop manager. what did he do in terms of, he or she do prior to handing the gun to mr. baldwin. did he exercise the sufficient care? because under the involuntary
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manslaughter charges in new mexico, you have to show reckless disregard for someone's rights who ultimately results in the individual's death. so all of that has to be investigated. but that's just on the criminal side. then you have the civil side. already it's being reported that it seemed like the set was not being done this a way, exercising the appropriate amount of caution to insure the safety of the individuals participating in the movie. that really rings very clear that there could be civil, a civil responsibility, civil case that will come out of it, a wrongful death case. but here's the rub, if everyone is employed by the studio, let's say it could be a worker's comp claim. but if mr. baldwin is, obviously, he's an independent contractor, he could be sued individually. the prop manager, unless the prop manager is actually an employee of the studio, then of course that would be swift under worker's compensation. but there will likely be some
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sort of civil action that comes out of it because at the end of the day, this was a horrible tragedy and someone died, ms. hutchins died. she was young, she was only in her early 40s. there will be so many years that, obviously, her family -- not only the fact that her while's lost her mother, but of course the husband as well. there could be multiple parties attached to it as well. alicia: and then we also have this report from the los angeles times that matt finn was reporting on in part, and it has some pretty damning information in there including that six camera crew workers walked off the job due to safety concerns, and there's this, quote: baldwin's stunt double accidentally fired two rounds saturday after being told that the gun was cold. a colleague was so alarmed by the prop gun misfires that he sent a text message to the unit production manager. we've now had three accidental discharges. this is super unsafe, according to a copy of the message
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reviewed by the times. so, mercedes, where does a text like that take things? >> well, that's going to be in the civil action. i mean, certainly they're going to look at that and say you knew or should have known that this was a dangerous prop. there had already been misfires presumably is with that similar gun that was used here or other guns that were available to the actors and crew. there is obviously a very big problem with the safety of those guns and yet nothing was done. so that is clear evidence that a plaintiff's lawyer can use on behalf of ms. hutchins family when they sue -- presume by there will be some lawsuit that comes out of this. they will use that to say you knew that there was a dangerous, it was a dangerous set, there was danger in the guns itself, and nothing was done to secure those guns to insure that nothing could happen. and, unfortunately, now this is the result of it. alicia: and when we're talking
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about an accident or possible negligence and you have alec baldwin here who's not only an actor on the set, but also a producer, and then we have the production company, i mean, does alec baldwin, is he, like, more vulnerable legally if he's a producer as opposed to an actor? >> well, it could be. i mean, it really depends on all -- there's so many contracts that are involved in the making of a movie. so there's multiple layers, there's multiple contracts, multiple parties, multiple entities. it's anybody that employed ms. hutchins would probably fall into that worker's comp like i talked about earlier, but anyone outside of that could be listed as a direct defendant by ms. hutchins' family when they will sue. it really will depend on with respect to the contract and presumably if alec baldwin is actually producer, he may very
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well be the person who contracted all the individuals there including ms. hutchins or the prop managers. but a lot of focus is going to be on this prop manager, what was done prior to handing the gun to mr. baldwin and what safety procedures and precautions were taken on the set. and you're exactly right, alicia, there's so much evidence that a lot of safety was at risk, and if there's any evidence of a deviation of standard of care, that's clear and con sliping evidence that there's -- convincing evidence. alicia: just really feel for this family that has lost a wife and mother. mercedesing colwin, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. eric: meanwhile, the autopsy coming back inconclusive for the cause of death for brian laundrie. his remains were found on wednesday in that florida wildlife reserve. it's not known if he killed himself or perhaps fell victim to one of those wild swamp alligators. charles watson is in front of
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the laundrie's house. hi, charles. >> reporter: hi, eric. forensic anthropologieses will take a look at the remains and try to determine when and how he died. that is the path that's being taken after, as you mentioned, an initial autopsy came back inconclusive. on wednesday the fbi confirmed they found human remains and personal items belonging to brian in the swampy environmental park. law enforcement had been searching the area for brian for more than a month as he was considered a person of interest in the murder of his girlfriend, gabby petito. at the laundries' north port home, we've not only seen people showing town see the gabby petito memorial, but we're also seeing people stop by to pay their respects to the laundrie family. the makeshift memorial honoring gabby continues to grow by the day as people continue to add signs, pictures and american flags to honor the 22-year-old. and while that memorial gets
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larger, so does the outpouring of thoughts and well wishes for the laundries who have received a number of flower bouquets with respect for the death of their son brian. one woman says she worked with both brian and gabby and said people should reserve their judgment. >> the world needs to know they're not bad people. he head a mistake. made a mistake. only god can judge you. >> reporter: meanwhile, there are a lot of questions about what the laundries knew, if anything and when, after brian's remains were found the morning they rejoined the search for their son in a once water-logged area that they had previously flagged to police. the family attorney dismissed claims and conspiracies that the family planted evidence or knew where to find brian as baseless. >> coincidence may be an appropriate word, but at the end of this tragedy, chris and roberta, you know, knew he went
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to the reserve, they knew his mental state when he went there. >> reporter: and, eric, no word yet if the funeral service will be held for brian laundrie. we have spoken to the family's attorney who tells us his body will be crematedded. eric: and that photo behind you of gabby on the lawn just heartbreaking and haunting. alicia? alicia: the border crisis reaching an all-time high in fiscal year 2021 with more than 1.7 million migrant encounters. according to new numbers from customs and is border patrol. bill melugin is live at the southern boarder in hoya, texas -- la joya, texas, with more. >> reporter: that's exactly right. look, we already have record-setting, hi to have call numbers, and even so we have yet another massive group of migrants in a caravan heading here as we speak. take a look at this wild video out of mexico shop this morning showing thousands of those my
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grants in the caravan literally forcing their way through mexican security forces who are trying to set up a roadblock. that was national guard and federal police. you can see they just run right through them, kind of like a hot knife through butter, and they just continue on their way could be there. again, thousands of migrants in that caravan just leaving tapachula this morning. this group planning to head to mexico city first, then head towards the u.s./mexico border. but this is an incredibly well organized caravan. the leader, an activist who basically said it's the biden administration's policies that are enticing migrants to try to get to the u.s. board, and he's going to help lead them there. there were some beans that the migrants were holding up one of which said joe biden for all. this caravan forming, i would add that tens of thousands of migrants are on their way to the border this week.
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that caravan now on the march, and as you can see, mexican security forces really not offering a whole lot of resistance. now, earlier today former u.s. border patrol chief rodney scott was on fox news. he basically said the administration's strategy is not working, something's going to have to change. >> there were known terrorists that crossed the border. i've made that clear to congress. i've asked them -- this is a direct result of this administration's policies. you can't stand on the border with a smirk on your face and say the border's closed, the border's secure, we have a plan. >> reporter: and then take a look at this tweet that the u.s. consulate put out last night. they're warning their people there that they need to shelter in place because of cartel gun battles versus the mexican government. the mexican city is directly across from the u.s. city of brownsville in southern texas. there were some serious gunfights going out on out there last night.
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the cartels had actually set up roadblocks which could lead to further fighting, so pretty startling that that gunfighting is having to lead to people sheltering in place there. and that is directly across the border from an american city. back to you. lynn liver so scary. -- alicia:. bill melugin, thank you. eric: democrats sending in big names to help terry mcauliffe in virginia including former president barack obama. polls show this closely watched governor's race is neck ask neck. some say it could be a clue for which party will win in the midterms. we're live from from old dominion straight ahead here on "fox news live." ♪ behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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governor's race. high profile democrats are heading to the state as mcauliffe is shown in a dead heat with republican glenn youngkin with just over a week until election day. mark meredith is live in richmond with more. hey, mark. >> reporter: good afternoon. terry mcauliffe is counting on the biggest names to try to fire if up debate and help him out in what's turned out to be a very close race. former president had a lott to say, very eager to to be back out on the campaign trail helping out terry mcauliffe here at virginia commonwealth university. it was interesting to hear the president showing his full support for mcauliffe but also bashing the republican in this race. although the former president made it clear he sees this as a race that goes beyond just virginia especially going into next year's midterm election. >> i believe you right here in virginia are going to show the rest of the country9 and the world that we're not going indulge in our worst instincts, we're not going to go back to the chaos that did so much damage, we're going to move
1:21 pm
forward with people like terry leading the way. >> reporter: but a monmouth university poll shows mcauliffe live and his go opponent tied. democratic in-fighting and mca all live's his steps have cost him. and he may not be as strong in northern virginia as originally expected. glenn youngkin has been keeping his campaign focused on two main ishes; one, public safety, the second the focus on schools. it appears to be paying off. we've seen his favorability rating on education rise in recent months. he's now leading on the issue slightly. we heard from youngkin this morning who told supporters he knows why people are so upset on this issue. >> i want to thank you for being out here this morning. we have a lot of work to do. and let's be serious, this is not about a campaign, this is about a movement, a movement led by virginians, by parents. this is a movement, and here's
1:22 pm
what we must do: we will win -- >> reporter: youngkin will continue on the trail this weekend. he's going to be holding multiple rallies tomorrow including in newport news and chesapeake. we're going to be on the ground to show you that side of the campaign. we are expecting more of these events. as for terry mcauliffe, he's got a big one on tuesday, an event with president biden in arlington, virginia. mcauliffe has campaigned with the president before earlier in the summer, but we have seen the president's approval ratings drop in recent weeks, and we're waiting to see whether or not that issue could cost mcall police officer this race that's getting closer by the day. alicia: mark meredith, thanks. eric: well, the national school boards association are now apologizing for the wording of the letter it sent president biden last month about fired-up parents and the threats of violence at some contentious school board meetings we've been seeing across the country.
1:23 pm
that letter prompted the justice department to order a federal investigation of those threats. alexandria of -- hoff has more. the school board association is walking back some of that harsh language saying there was no justification for it n. a follow-up to members, the nsda apologized for initially relating the actions of some parents to, quote, domestic terrorism. attorney general meshic gashland -- merrick garland has been forced to play defense. >> we are not investigating the peaceful test or parent -- protest or parent involvement at school board meetings. >> reporter: one example originally given of a threatening parent was scott smith who was arrested at a loudoun county, virginia, school board meeting. he was asking for answers after his daughter reported being sexually assaulted in a bathroom by a male wearing a skirt. >> i believe they had full intentions on trying to shut
1:24 pm
that down early because every time we clap, we got scold for it. >> reporter: police confirmed the report, the board dismissed it initially. republican candidate glenn youngkin has called for an investigation into the board's response. the nsba's new apology note, quote: we deeply value not only the work of local school boards that make important contributions, but also the voices of parents who should and must continue to be heard. a source close to attorney general garland tells fox news the a.g. is pleased with the revised letter as he's totally focused on preventing viability, not labeling parents. alexandria hoff, fox news. eric: the the race to elect new jersey's next governor is in the home stretch. republican jack ciattarelli is running to deny phil murphy a second term in the governor's mansion. a recent poll found new jersey voters think the next governor's main concern should be taxes
1:25 pm
followed by jobs. the garden state has had one of the highest property tax if not the highest in the nation for years. take a look at the recent poll that shows that both are only 6 points apart. chit elly just really nipping at -- ciattarelli nipping at murphy's heels. president biden is expected to campaign for -- former president obama is expected to -- walking back president biden's suggestion that the national guard could be deployed to help with the backlog are. some say send in the guard and the army with their trucks to make sure you don't run out of essentials or christmas presents. that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ alicia: president biden facing multiple crises around the country including major
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disruptions to the national supply chain. the white house is now downplaying biden's comments on possibly using the national guard to help clear the bottleneck at our nation's ports. david spunt is live in wilmington, delaware, where the president is spending the weekend. hi, david. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. despite on thursday at a national town hall saying that he would use the national guard to deal with the supply chain logjam crisis, the white house just a day later said that's not going to happen. the president made the comment thursday evening at a cnn town hall. he was asked by. anderson cooper would you consider the national guard to help9 with the supply chain issue. the president said absolutely, positively i will do that, enquote. friday press secretary jen psaki said it's not something that is under active consideration. cargo ships continue to sit off the coast of california, in many cases sitting stagnant waiting
1:31 pm
to deliver goods. it takes several days, in some cases 5-5 days, to unload -- 5-7 days to unload a ship. there's still a trucking shortage. as for the president's infrastructure and social spending bill, something else the white house is watching closely, riden optimistic about a deal at least publicly. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema continue to hold the cards here as the president has come down significantly to from his original $3.5 trillion social spending bill. the the key issues right now actively being negotiated, they include climate priorities, corporate tax hikes, also child tax credits. >> bottom line, do you think you will get a deal? >> i do think i'll get a deal. >> reporter: problems also continue at the southern border. a new caravan making its way knot to our border. -- north to our border. the president being criticized for saying he's been to the border. we cannot find any such trip in
1:32 pm
his career other than october 2008 when he motorcaded from el paso, texas, to new mexico. the press secretary, jen psaki, said that biden has visited countries south of the border. as far as an actual border trip the, we cannot find one, and the white house hats not yet provided a specific example. alicia? alicia: david spunt live in wilmington, delaware, thank you. eric: for more on the supply chain and making sure we don't run out of things, robert wolf is with us, former economic adviser to president obama and a fox news contributor. i get to running -- before i get to running out of stuff, they say in long beach and los angeles they're going to start running the ports doctor/7 -- 24/7, but will that be enough? >> we're talking about making up for a year where for the most part the economy was closed, trade was closed, ports were closed. we're going to have incredible pain going into this pent-up
1:33 pm
consumer demand, and we're going to have to have patience. that being said, it's going to improve, but it's not going to be business as normal. eric: what would you call on to do right now that the government could do to try and solve this, or are they doing whatever they can now? >> you know, i think they're doing everything they can. i mean, let's take a step back. it's kind of a perfect if storm, right? we have supply chain issues, logistics issues, consumer demand pent up, and that's all taken place because we've never been in a situation where the global economy shut down like it did during the pandemic. and so remember, we're at least 75% consumer demand-driven country, and we're going into, you know, the holiday season. and people have actually had a lot of savings, and they've had the ppp money. so, you know, a lot goes to more spending during this time. and what i would say, eric, is we're just going to have to figure out every which way we can, you know, i would say turn the lights on as much as we can,
1:34 pm
24/7 operation, adding more licensed truckers. there's a lot of ways that we can make it better, but there's no magic wand. eric: yeah. there are a bunch of ways also as you just mentioned in terms of truckers. flexport, a billion dollar company, the ceo has some suggestions. let me run these by you. he says, thurm one, change the zoning. get this, zoning in l.a. and long beach you can only stack containers two high. he says make it six high. deploy the national guard and army trucks to get her trucks in there, the white house, you know, putting cold water on that for now. use government land for those containers to get the ships and containers off and hopscotch trains for shorter hauls. right now if they put a container on a train and go from the port of los angeles to dallas, 1,500 miles, no. hopscotch them short tore get the train off, to get the train back, to get the containers on
1:35 pm
the train. this just seems like a logistical nightmare especially when you have this type of backup this 40, 50, 60 ships sitting like a parking lot out in the pacific. >> yeah, eric, yes, those are all ideas, but we have a major infrastructure problem in this country. the engineers' report gave us, like, a d over the last few years on how well the u.s. infrastructure's working, whether it's ports or trains or next generation g, s or national -- gps or national electric grid. we've been having these issues for a while. we've had a need for a national infrastructure bank. we know why we have these issues logistically, but what's happened today is 100% driven by the pandemic, right? we're talking about literally trade ended, manufacturing ended, you know, the consumer was on the the sidelines and then all of a sudden, boom, everything opened up, and i think -- no one could be ready for it. we're not alone in this.
1:36 pm
so, yes, some of these different ideas could be helpful, but those are not going change things in a one week or two week basis, being able to pile up a few more cases. we're short tens of thousands of truckers. we're short, you know, different industry and service -- i mean, people who are sitting on the sidelines employment wise because they want better wages and benefits. there's a whole slew of things that are going to take time to work out of what happened over the last 18 months. eric: the president of the teamsters speaking out about that in terms of wages and benefits for truckers to hire more truckers. finally, bob, you just mentioned the infrastructure bank that you testified a year ago, look, we're talking about the infrastructure now with the president's, you know, trillion dollar bill. what did you testify about a decade ago, and what does this country need to do to stay competitive with china and all these other nations that have some infrastructure far advanced, believe it or not,
1:37 pm
beyond ours? what is bob wolf's solution and prescription to try and get us back up to where we should be. >> well, i don't think we're going to be able to catch up that quickly. the first thing i would do is pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, that's $1.2 trillion. that should be passed immediately. that's the physical part of infrastructure, but it includes, you know, getting wi-fi and computer capability to rural areas, it includes an increase in -- capability, it looks at next generation gps, it looks at the whole electric watery discussion -- battery discussion that we all should be having as we move to a more climate-resilient type of environment. you know, what i was saying back then are the same things we're saying today, but back then it was a couple trillion in needs, today it's four trillion. it doesn't get better. and i remember that governor rendell once said you'd hate to see a sign don't go over that
1:38 pm
bridge because you could take your life in danger. we have tens of thousands of bridges that we need fix thed, never mind the roads and everything else. there's a long way to go by passing this wisconsin partisan infrastructure -- bipartisan infrastructure plan. eric: there's a vote as robert wolf, former white house economic adviser has john f. kennedy looking over one shoulder and the boston red sox cap on the other. my condolences on the sox. >> well, we beat the yankees -- [laughter] eric: that was it. this new yorker. robert wolf, thank you. alicia? alicia: thanks, eric. the issue of schools, their safety and what they teach, is key in the closing -- the closely watched race for virginia governor. republican candidate glenn youngkin calling his recent events parents matter rallies, and democrat terry healthcare if all live holding round tables with educators and parents.
1:39 pm
polls have them neck and neck. so let's bring in a political and investigative reporter for the washington examiner. sara, thank you so much for being here. before we get started, i'd like to it up some recent fox news polling. first, on the top issues among registered voters. you can see inflation and higher prices at the top with 87ing tolled by political division and health care. but then comes what schools teach at 73% as a top issue. and then we can look at top issues for parents. 80% said what schools teach. how does this kind of concern play out in the virginia race and more broadly heading into the '22 midtermses? >> this issue is a huge winner for glenn youngkin. there was a recent cbs poll that found that among those voters rated schools and curriculum as their top issue motivating their vote. glenn youngkin led those voters by 20 points.
1:40 pm
mcauliffe is in a really bad position when it comes to this issue not just because of the gaffe that he had a gubernatorial debate where he said he doesn't believe parents should be telling schools what to teach, but because his party is completely on the offensive when it comes to critical race theory and mask mandates in schools. democrats don't really have a satisfactory answer to parents who are concerned about those things, and republicans are have really been able to seize that opportunity and fill that gap. you know, if you talked to republicans earlier in the summer about how glenn youngkin's campaign was going, you heard complaints that there was not really animating it, and he was running strictly an establishment campaign focused on jobs and economic growth at a time when joe biden was still polling relatively well on those issues. the political backdrop has completely shifted since the summer. biden is underwater nationally, he's underwater in virginia, his
1:41 pm
party is not popular, they're not able to get anything done, and the schools issue has drawn a lot of attention to something youngkin is really on. so the star it is are aligning for young job kin in a glue state. alicia: we have this national school boards association apology, the loudon county school board, a lot of apologies going around, but when i saw these number, i was thinking about all the parents around the country who were at home sometimes during the remote learning and what they saw and heard coming at their kids coming on their computers is something that they didn't like. >> that's right. and in virginia this is really the perfect nexus of a local and a national issue. you see a lot of republicans starting to emulate the strategy that youngkin has pursued in virginia. loudoun county is really the ground zero for this movement of parents who are showing up at school boards and demonstrating against liberal curriculum policies and if also covid mandates that they feel are an
1:42 pm
overreach. and youngkin has taken advantage of that, but it's not just a local issue anymore if, it's a national one. i think a big mistake mcauliffe made was he tried to nationalize this campaign. he made it all about national issues and trying to do so to motivate democratic voters. right now the national picture is really unfavorable for democrats, and youngkin has kept the focus on virginia issues. you don't see him bringing in national visioners the way mcauliffe did. youngkin's focused on himself, on virginia, so mcauliffe's strategy of trying to make this about a broader ideological argument seem like it may have backfired in the final stretch of the race. liver herb sarah west -- alicia: sarah westwood, thank you so much for joining us. eric: well or, president biden admits gas prices will not come
1:43 pm
down until sometime next year. have you checked the cost of your tank when you topped off? did you get sticker shock? coming up, why the president says costs could keep rising, and he does not have a near term plan. ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
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1:48 pm
seven years. in new jersey the average price of a gallon now sits at $3.39, the highest level in that state in more than a decade. now president biden says prices may not fall until next year. david lee miller is at a gas station in new jersey. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, alicia. it's a cool, crisp fall day. the driving season is over not just here in new jersey, but for most of the country. this is the time of year when prices usually go down, but this year things are, indeed, very different. prices across the country are soaring is. according to aaa, the average price for a gallon of regular now is $3.38 nationally, and that's up 7 cents from a week ago. depending on where you live, you can expect to pay a great deal more. how much? a gas station along an isolated section of highway 1 this california was charging $7.59 a gallon for regular ask almost $8.50 for premium.
1:49 pm
california leads the nation for the highest prices averaging $4.54 followed by hawaii at $4.27. also on the top five, nevada, washington and oregon. speaking earlier this week at a town hall-style meeting, president biden said there's no quick fix for escalating gasoline prices. >> but i don't -- i must tell you, i don't have a near term answer. there's two things i can do. i can go in the petroleum reserve and take out and probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon. it's still going to be above $3. >> reporter: and according to a aaa survey, gasoline in all 50 states is now over $3 a gallon. you're going to find the lowest prices this oklahoma, arkansas and texas. some industry analysts warn though that the nationally we're
1:50 pm
going to see higher prices likely this holiday season and even according to the president, he doesn't expect prices to drop until winter of next year. back to you. alicia: wow. david lee miller, thank you. eric. eric: well, britain's queen elizabeth, she's back home and resting after spending the night in the hospital. this after she was recently seen walking with a cane. coming up, we'll have the latest on her majesty's condition live from london as "fox news live" continues this saturday afternoon. ♪♪ ves that if a pair of goggles can help your backhand get better then your bank should help you budget even better. virtual wallet® with low cash mode℠ from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes caare waking up pnc bank. to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪
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eric: there are concerns about queen elizabeth's health after britain's longest serving monarch spent the night in the hospital this week. she's recently been seen walking with a cane. following advice from doctors, she is resting. kitty logan has the latest on her majesty. hi, kitty. >> reporter: hi, eric. yes, well, the queen is back at windsor castle. she's been there since thursday. she's said to be at her desk working as well. she usually does spend the weekends at windsor castle. the palace is still giving very little detail about her health, but they say she's this good spirits. it is quite typical for the royal family to keep these
1:55 pm
medical matters very private, but we do know the queen was admitted to a london hospital on wednesday for tests. she was out again the following day. we understand that hospital admission is not covid-related, but it's not clear if there's any other specific health rob. the queen is, of course, now 95 years old, but she does keep a very full diary. she was recently seen walking with a stick for the first time and did unexpectedly cancel a trip to northern ireland. she is still due to host an upcoming climate summit in scot, so we do expect to see her back out and about. but, of course, the hospital visit has brought some concerns because of her advancing years. and don't forget that her husband,prince til in, pass -- philip, passed away earlier this year at age 99. eric? eric: she is remarkable s and we wish her majesty the very best, of course. kitty, thank you. alicia: fda researchers say pfizer's covid-19 vaccine is
1:56 pm
highly effective at protecting kids ages 5-11 from the virus and that its benefits outweight i any side effects. -- outweigh any side effects. a panel will meet to decide whether or not to approve it for children. if it is approved, the the cdc would do its own review before making recommendations on who would receive it. eric: we'll see what happens with that. it's or not to get the vaccination if you can to protect yourself and your loved ones. that does it for us for now or, right, alicia? back tomorrow. alicia: see you then, looking forward to it. eric: take care. ♪ ♪ regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans. ♪ ♪ she drives hands free... along the coast.
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