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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 23, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> jesse: why? >> dagen: i had them in my sweatpants pocket. she had a bottle of bourbon in her backpack and i had two cans of seltzer in her backpack will. >> jesse: hard smeltser smuggled to watch silence of the lambs together? th ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ for the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming
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♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
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pete: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends." that was our nation's anthem performed by steve emerson and we are so glad you are here on this saturday morning. rachel campos duffy, the birthday girl. we are not going to hide it. pete: the birthday girl and in the texas seat lawrence jones. lawrence: good to be with you guys. in for will cain this morning. pete: give him a little time off. rachel: the texas seat has been filled. lawrence: brian's corner and the texas seat. pete: kilmeade corner. rachel: i was in dallas this week. lawrence: how was it. rachel: my daughter is touring that university we will see if she becomes a texan. lawrence: we will adopt her. pete: so you shall. october 23rd. national tv talk show host. [cheers and applause] rachel: legally? is it our day.
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lawrence: i don't know we had a day. pete: i don't know we had a day either. johnny carson's birthday was designated national tv talk show host day. rachel: i'm going to extend my party all the way through tonight. pete: we said we are having a party all weekend long why not. rachel: dancing at our house bring that in here. pete: you had all the kiddos. rachel: sean flew all in the kids sean was there and my sister came in with her family. pete: very cool. we might have a surprise or two. stay with us. four hours starting right now. we are very glad you are here. in the news, you may have seen it, you have been down to the border a lot, lawrence, our own griff jenkins is going to be live for us this morning as well. there is another migrant caravan on the way. we are tracking that migrant caravan what we have now learned on the numbers front this last fiscal year 2021 was not just a record high over a couple of years or five years or 10 years, we now know under the biden
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administration, that the number of encounters, and these are the encounters we know about at the border is the highest in american history, at least recorded american history. that number and some who talk about it say it's even on the low side. lawrence: it is. pete: 1.7 million people illegals have crossed the border and been apprehended in the fiscal year 2021. rachel: yeah. tom homan was on tucker carlson last night. jesse watters was filling in and he said don't believe those numbers. those numbers are lagging because there are still people coming across all the time. but also that, you know, there is a lot of under reporting as you talked about. if we go by just a normal -- i mean, we are looking around 2 million people, that's roughly the population of new mexico that we brought in just since joe biden has been in office. lawrence: they low balled it and also it doesn't include the got-aways. and i think that is the real story right there. there is a lot of people coming across the southern border that we don't know about. it is a crisis of joe biden's
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own making. i'm not telling you what i heard. i'm telling you what the migrants tell me. they say the president of the united states said that they could come here. rachel: right. lawrence: many of them will even tell you they were deported under the trump administration. they will lie and say it was because of their driver's license. you will find out most of them had criminal background, either they were domestic abusers or they were part of a drug trade. and they tell you that the president of the united states, the reason why they are taking that journey four years later is because joe biden said they can come. and so it's hard to really deny that the president isn't open borders when the folks that are coming across the border says the president says they can come here. rachel: when they interview them they will sometimes say would you have attempted this journey under donald trump? they say heck no i would not have tried to do this under donald trump. the biden administration, pete, is finding new ways to bring people over. they have a new climate. pete: a new status. rachel: this new status that you
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could claim climate, you know, your refugee status. they are not just not stopping, they are finding new ways to allow people to come in. pete: find a legitimate reason for you to hop the border effectively as opposed to follow the legal process. you mentioned the numbers. we have a further breakdown of the southwest encounters for the month of september. 192,000 in total, which is a nominal decrease from the previous month. and you have got -- lawrence, you talked about it. about a quarter of the people have been to the border once before and arrested once 59% single adults and the number of unaccompanied minors is down 25%. rachel: peter doocy has been asking jen psaki, the white house press secretary about why joe biden still, after these record numbers have seen coming out, at the border. here is how that exchange went. >> why did president biden say
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he has been to the border? >> well, peter, as you may have seen, there has been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> does that count as a visit? he said i have been there before. you are saying he drove by for few minutes? does that count? >> what do you -- what is the root cause? where are people coming from who are coming to the border. >> the president said he has been to the border. >> i'm asking the question people should understand the context. >> i'm asking you if -- >> -- i will answer it for you. people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. the president has been to those countries 10 times to talk about border issues. there is a focus right now on a photo op. the president does not believe a photo op. is the same as solutions. >> that's not what he said either. he said i guess i should go down. so does he think he needs a photo op.? is that what he is saying? >> he doesn't. lawrence: this is embarrassing. can we first talk about how the president of the united states said in a town hall that probably he should go?
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the american people has been asking him to go. he is tanking in the polls. it's probably the number two issue when it comes to the country right now. the only reason why it's number two is because we are getting hit on the economy. can we also talk about the press secretary, they told us when they got into this white house that there was going to be a new standard for the press. going to go back to the normalcy. now she asked the questions enough to to peter doocy? i think it's just embarrassing what the biden administration. you cannot spin this when you look at what's happening at the border right now. the people of texas are saying, why isn't the president there? and by the way, these aren't republicans. these are democrats that are on these border states. and that's why you see a lot of them are turning to the republican side now because they don't have a choice anymore. the democrats that are elected there cannot depend on the biden administration to keep their seats right now. so they have to go with the people. rachel: there are so many things happening at the border that he could see. he could see the communities that are overwhelmed. the people who have to send
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their own children hours away to the hospital their riverside hospitals overwhelmed with the migrants. talk to border patrol and how overwhelmed and really vilified they feel and unsupported. or they could take a ride as you have done a bunch of times and see all the drugs coming across. he could look at the rusted border wall that's laying on the ground and the jobs -- infrastructure jobs by the way that could have been created if you just put the walls up. or ask the border patrol would it help if we had a wall which they would overwhelmly say yes. lawrence: he won't to talk to border patrol. rachel: exactly. pete: that's the point. >> you could go down to the border wall for a photo op. lots of politicians do that if you want to understand what's going on talk to the people doing the job. see it yourself. you know what a difference it makes to be there for a couple of days. it starts to soak in what the real story in. and it's offensive to tax paying, law abiding citizens you have been 10 times to central
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america to figure out root causes but you haven't gone one time to the communities that affect your citizens? based on the policies that you are enacting, and it's because, we know, this it's because they go like this because they don't care. it's an open border that they are fine with that they want. that their activists want. rachel: deliberate. pete: it's a deliberate approach and climate refugees more of a deliberate approach. sovereignty doesn't matter. some democrats in texas may be looking for another option. lawrence: have no choice. pete: because they have no choice. but the national party is -- lawrence: terrible spin. 30,000 folks that are in panama waiting right now to come into the state of texas. the question is what is the biden administration going to do? they were warned last july about the first caravan that was coming. they had an opportunity to act i don't think they will. pete as you may have seen there has been reporting that he drove by there in 2008. that's your answer. rachel: what does that even mean? lawrence: anyway, hard turn now to this.
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now to new details on the movie set tragedy in new mexico. rachel: interesting and tragic story. investigators are told alec baldwin was told the prop gun be was a cold gun meaning safe to use that left a cinematographer dead and are a tore injured. pete: speaks out for the first time since the incident. alexandria. >> this is completely life-changing for the actor. he tweeted this. there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halane that hutchins. wife mother and colleague of outside. i'm in touch with her husband offering my support to him and his family. my heart is broken for her husband, their son and all who knew and loved haynna. same round struck a director who was standing behind her. listen to the 911 call.
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>> we need an ambulance out at bonanza zeke crank right now. we have two people shot on a movie set accidentally. >> you say someone was shot. >> director and camera woman has been shot. >> yelled at me at lunch asking about revision. >> he is supposed to check the gun. is he responsible. >> santa fe's district attorney released this quote at this time we do not know if charges will be filed. we will look into all the facts and evidence of the case with great discretion and have further informed at a later time. our thoughts are with all affected by this tragedy. and just hours prior this accident, several crew members reportedly walked off set protesting working conditions on that movie and citing safety issues. guys, send it back to you. rachel: thank you alexandria, appreciate that. so interesting to note that beautiful cinematographer that you saw the picture of. she is a mother, a wife, a 9-year-old son. so tragic. the on the film was very young 24 years old. this was only the second film that she had the armorer, that
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means the person responsible for all the guns that were going to be used during the movie set. she is also the daughter of a very famous armor error with a lot of experience. you have got wonder what's going on on these sets. i saw tom cruise berating over covid problems. this seems like basic stuff. lawrence: they were walking off because of safety conditions. rachel: right. lawrence: seems to me it may merit after this incident i want to know who knew what when and why this happened especially when it comes to. i don't know how anybody else was raised my dad even told me don't play with toy guns in a certain manner because it could cause someone to lose their life. so -- pete: it's true. anyone who has been around guns understands how important gun safety is. i'm sure the armorer who made this tragic mistake obviously
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nobody wanted this to happen there were reports there were three accidental discharges in the days leading up to that in the military we used to call them accidental discharges now we call them negligent disharntion. nothing accidental about it something was missed in the process, either trigger discipline or the type of ammunition or loaded, not loaded. there will be culpability here. you think about the lives lost. rachel: even alec baldwin how crushed he is. it doesn't appear he has any liability as an actor. clearly somebody else's faults. he is a producer on the film. it will be interesting. we will talk about this later on what kind of, you know, liability everyone on this film who had something to do with this may have. lawrence: definitely praying for both of them. rachel: absolutely he must be torn up and alec baldwin's family. terrible. pete: as we learn more we will bring it to you. now we turn to a few additional headlines this morning. the autopsy on brian laundrie's remains is inconclusive. the laundrie family attorney
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telling tmz the manner or cause of death could be identified. the next step will to be send it his bones to anthropologist to be determined. brian laundrie's death is the worst possible outcome. one telling people quote we will never know exactly what he did and we will never know why. we will have questions for the rest of our lives. petino was found strangled to death in wyoming park weeks after brian returned home from a road trip they had been on together. and a texas business owner says police told him to put on some gloves and gather his own evidence at a crime scene after his store was robbed. kurt andrews says austin police told him they were unable to help him because of, you know, covid. the city is currently plagued by police shortage in part due to the city's move to defund the police department. this as crime is surging in austin. the murder rate rising over 90%. they told him to pick up his own
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cartridges, spent rounds on the ground as evidence. rachel: do you remember in seattle they told somebody to get a dog because their store was being robbed. pete: houston astros are headed to the world series. the astros shutting out the red sox 5-0 to win the alcs jordan alvarez earning series mvp honors. the astros securing third al pennant in five years this year they did it without a trash can. they will take on the braves dodgers. the alcs continues tonight in atlanta and those are your headlines. laura, you know that reference they had the whole cheating thing, i'm pulling for them. lawrence: i'm not. i'm a texan. i don't like cheaters. pete: they are not cheating, lawrence, they are winning. lawrence: they are winning now but they are cheaters and they dishonored my state and i'm glad to be a ranger fan i never liked houston to begin with. so there is that. pete: i love you, houston.
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lawrence: here comes the hate mail. rachel: up next the supply chain crisis is sinking to new lows as cargo is floating at sea why americans wait for their packages. pete: wow, that doesn't look good. this reptile surprise catching officers off guard. more on the gator that decided to take a little stroll. rachel: that must be florida. ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints.
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3:22 am
[laughter] pete: the reason we are talking about this is there is new information, the national association of wholesaler distributors. if you are a hole sailor it means you buy a bunch of goods and sell them to retailers. if you are in that business right now you are dependent on import ago ton of goods. a lot of them are sitting in the ocean outside of ports where they are yet to be unloaded because we have a supply chain crisis on a number of levels. well, they are going to the next -- and now we have cargo containers it appears just floating in the ocean? lawrence: where are the climate change activists? rachel: yeah. that does not look very good. pete: that does not seem good. eric is the president and ceo of the national association of wholesale distributors and wrote a letter to joe biden. here's a portion of what it says. it says if tens or hundreds of thousands of employees are terminated just two weeks before christmas, the result could be nothing short of catastrophic for the newly unemployed and their families and for the u.s. economy. so the other aspect that we -- i failed to set up before i read that quote is now you have got
3:23 am
these vaccine mandates. you already have an employer crisis and employee shortage. you start firing people right before christmas, he is saying it's only going to get worse. rachel: it's on so many levels. people getting fired because of vaccine mandates. lose workers there. there was great article -- well, i think we might talk about it later on about truckers. they are raising the wages for truckers. we can get some of guy was saying it's hard to recruit truckers. you can't wages this job is vilified because, you know, it's fossil fuel job or uses gasoline. and so there is so many things in the biden administration so many levels disrupting our economy. weird to me. at a very basic level just for political survival. you just want your economy to run well voter citizen return to
3:24 am
the prebiden days where i never had to think about the supply chain. i never had to think about my shelves being, you know, inventory and shelves being low. what happened? like where are we? lawrence: you are missing it. according to the biden administration it's demand. people just want more. rachel: i shouldn't want so much. lawrence: it's the people's fault. my pops is a truck driver. people are throwing all types of trying to recruit him trying to recruit him to other conditions as well. rachel: is he currently a driver? lawrence: is he currently a truck driver. he gives me scoops about what the drivers are saying about fox news viewers out there. always know what is happening on the ground. rachel: the people who run this country watch our country. lawrence: i like to buy things at wholesale cases of water gatorade protein shakes. rachel: bargain shopper. [ laughter ] lawrence: just when it comes to
3:25 am
clothes i'm different. i thought it was me getting my stuff in bulk. go out there and having diner segments a lot of business owners come and say there is a lot of stuff they just can't sell they have to take it off the men knew. they are not able to -- i'm talking about clothes. i'm talking about food. it is a big crisis. and they are now calling on the state to give them some resources for this because they can't depend on the federal government. pete: true. you watch the biden administration from the podium attempt to sort of spread the blame out and pretend like it's the policies of the trump administration. it's not just their fault. they are trying really hard. rachel: not working. pete: it's not working. ed is the former mcdonald's ceo. if you want to look where the supply chain problems are coming from look right at joe biden. here he is with mornings with maria. >> i first experienced this back during the 1970s into the 19 0s where we had stagflation where prices of fuel was going
3:26 am
up like crazy. transportation was limited. distribution was limited. we had to raise prices. we had to address our opening and closing schedules in restaurants, modified the menus. and we are going through it again. it's been exacerbated clearly by covid. it's also been impacted dramatically by the policy changes that president biden made even before he was national guard rate offed when he said he was going to shut down oil. shut down the pipelines. move away from fossil fuel. lawrence: we have a long show this is this is really a crisis administration. when you look at the past campaign that was governed strictly based on emotion and not policies. it doesn't feel good. i know we want tone and tenure. >> be able to go in the store and you can't get the stuff that you need or that the border is out of control or that crime is up. i mean, that's going to be a
3:27 am
real indictment on the press when it comes to what they did in the past election. because, again, they laid these policies out, they decided not to dover and now we can't get stuff that we need on the shelves. i think that's embarrassing. >> just before christmas. we will have a segment oh pete hegseth. pete: we came up with it together. rachel: you took the lead on it. you started it. my god this is amazing ideas. pete: if you don't want your gifts to be shipping con terror american company we are going to highlight american conditions where you nor the going to have. rachel: we will do it here on fox square.
3:28 am
lawrence: bought in america made in america. rachel: save christmas yourself. lawrence: they won't be upset with you. still ahead the white house is forced to answer after biden tells several lies during his town hall. watch. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i have been there before. and i haven't -- i mean, i know it well. i guess i should go down. lawrence: as you know blunders are nothing new for him. rolling the tape coming up. pete: o man. the virginia governor's race is heating up. education is a priority for voters. we will talk to a school board member coming up. ♪ don't you forget about me. ♪ >> i'm jesse watters and i have been at fox for 18 years. i wanted to work at fox because i liked watching television.
3:29 am
and i started in the basement of fox in the newsroom. i was working in intake so i was labeling tapes. i grew up on television. people come and see me on the street and say, jesse, i remember you when you were a little guy and running around the streets. >> who was the first president? >> people don't usually go from a producer to on air. it's a unique journey. someone said no, you have to go into another market and then come on air i said to myself no, i don't want to do it that way. one day i got a call, jesse, you are now going to be on "the five." i had to take a breath and think my gosh, it's a lot of pressure. you are only as good as your last show. every single day there is pressure to be excellent, and we take that pressure very seriously.
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3:34 am
in the polls with democrat terry mcauliffe. less than two weeks before election day. education proven to be a top priority for the parents there. here to react is former school board member and executive director parent activist groups laura. thanks so much for being here, laura. i was just there on the ground. it seems to me that the number one issue for parents in virginia is education. >> you are exactly right, lawrence. education is top priority across the nation with our group. we are out speaking to parents in every single state. and especially there in virginia. parents are fed up. they are looking for leadership that will have their back and respect the fact that they are the -- they should have the primary role in raising their children. we have seen what mcauliffe has said. he has said in his debate that
3:35 am
parents should not have a say in what their children are being taught. but on the flip, you have another candidate that's running that says that he supports parents and he is on the right side of the issue in loudoun county where he is asking for an investigation of that school board. so, there is truly a difference in these candidates. lawrence: you know, laura, i'm so glad that you brought up that situation we saw the emails the superintendent of the schools notified the board of that sexual assault. that child did it again. i think people are missing or misrepresenting what virginia voters are talking about. they are not just talking about crt, but they are talking about safety as well as these mandates that are in these schools. >> you are right. we have gotten to a point with a lot of our school boards are so political they are more interested in being politically
3:36 am
correct than they are educating our students and even keeping them safe like we seen there in loudoun county. now this school board is, like you said, i am a former school board member and a former chair. and our job, number one job is to keep our students safe, then educate our students. that board and that superintendent have failed doing their job and i appreciate what youngkin has brought forward that that board needs to be fully investigated on this. lawrence: laura, where do you see this election going? i was just there and the crowd was so big and the location they were having it that he moved part of the rally outside. so does it go in his favor or do they stick with politics as usual? >> well, i think if the parents that are really frustrated and the parents that are really looking for new leadership, not more of the same, and if they get out and show up, i think youngkin has a good chance of
3:37 am
winning. but, if they stay complacent and think that other people are going to carry the vote, then i think you're going to see it go the other way. lawrence: laura, you are so right. it seems like the democrats are concerned sending everyone there to do the bidding for the former governor. thanks so much, laura. >> thank you, lawrence. lawrence: you bet. so, is history repeating itself with more blunders from president biden? we will take a look back. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> i want to thank you all for being here second -- by the way, where is mom? mom, is she here? >> she is homeworking. need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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pete: welcome back. from the border to vaccines to foreign policy. joe biden's town hall on thursday provided more blunders for the white house to try to walk back. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i have been there before. and i haven't -- i mean, i know it well. i guess i should go down. you know, we were able to go from when i first got elected -- when i was first was elected, there were only 2 million people had covid shots in the united states of america, the vaccine. now we have 190 million because i went out and bought everything i could do buy in sight. i want to make china understand that we are not going to step back. we are not going to change any
3:42 am
of our views. >> are you saying that the united states would come to taiwan's defense. >> yes. we have a commitment to do that. >> there has been no -- the president has not announced a change in our policy nor has he made a decision to change our policy. there is no change in our policy. pete: nothing new for gaffetastic joe. independent women's forum senior fellow beverly hallberg. thanks for being here. >> thank you. pete: you watched it. we know it wasn't 2 million shots. weave knew it was 18 million shots before he came into office. he changed taiwan policy on the fly is this on purpose or is this just the way joe is. >> i think it's the way joe is today. is he not at the top of his game. the fact that cnn had a list of corrections after this town hall shows that joe biden just can't stick to the right script. i thought it was very interesting when he was talking about going to the border and he is like well maybe i guess i should go which doesn't give one a lot of confidence that the pet
3:43 am
is guessing whether or not he should go. you saw the press secretary jen psaki having a rough time talking about that. fox news own peter doocy questioning when has he gone to the border he hasn't. she had to make it clear what he was referring to was a drive by 13 years ago on the 2008 campaign as you know, pete, things have changed a lot on the borders since then. it's a little bit just one of the most important issues facing our country. the president hasn't gone. this is more than just the traditional gaffes we have seen from the president. i think that now that he is incorrect on what he is stating doesn't seem clear what he is doing as president should be concerning to americans. pete: you mentioned gaffes. let's play a few of the hits. >> stand up, chuck. let them see you. oh, god love you. what am i talking about. i tell you what, you are making everybody else stand up though, pal. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you
3:44 am
have a slight indian accent. >> and i want to thank you all for being here. second, by the way, where's mom? mom? >> she is at home working. >> oh, she is watching us. okay. i thought -- 40% of all products coming into the united states of america on the west coast go through los angeles and and -- and -- um, what am i doing here. >> long beach? >> long beach, thank you. pete: beverly, it's no surprise that from the campaign in the basement to now with limited interviews, why would you want to provide him a public forum? >> yeah, because this goes beyond what we have seen with embellished antidotes or misspeaking in front of an audience which we have seen in the past few years this actually goes to saying incorrect things. in when it comes to car prices that car prices haven't gone up when everybody knows both used cars and new cars have gone up and it's because of inflation and also as we have all seen with the supply chain.
3:45 am
it does make you question why they put him out there because they always have to do a clean-up job his team does after he speaks. we haven't seen kamala harris go out there because she hasn't been a good communicator. the president hasn't been a good communicator. when it comes to words especially with our leadership, what we do need are leaders telling us things that are true, first of all. and, also clear direction and we are not getting that from this administration. pete: certainly not. beverly hallberg, thank you so much for breaking it down for us we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you got it rachel, i think you have some headlines. rachel: i do. we begin the headlines with this. another inand out restaurant in the san francisco bay area defies covid vaccine rules. the pleasant hill restaurant has been fined at least $750 for not checking the vaccination status of indoor diners. this after in and out was forced to temporarily close a san francisco location after refusing to czechoslovakia seen status saying it refuses to be the government's vaccine police.
3:46 am
and, take a look at this: police walking a 9-foot alligator on beach. sunset beach say the gator was just walking through the neighborhood. he broke through porch lattice and even attempted to enter a pool. officers managed to get a rope around its neck and relocated it to a nearby pond. can you imagine just walking? lawrence: i think we can get two gator boots out of that gator right there that's what i'm doing. [sigh] pete: just means he will be back. rachel: this is like the catch and release policy of the administration. pete: we should relocate him -- i agree with you on that. rachel: check in now with chief meteorologist with rick reichmuth for our weather forecast. rick: you are having a big birthday. rachel: i did have a big
3:47 am
birthday. rick: it was yesterday. pete: you heard it was going to be a party all weekend. lawrence: you came for the party. rick: first 45 minutes, nothing hang yet. we better bring this up here. [laughter] rachel: thanks, rick. rick: take a look at the maps. southeast today, tomorrow had a great weekend you are going to enjoy it overall not that bad. a few showers across parts of the ohio valley. take a look move in here central plains one of the two spots we will be watching the next couple of days. big showers and thunderstorms later on this evening. get ready for another chance of really big severe weather. mostly really large hail that becomes worse tomorrow. then modify forward out across areas of the west. huge storms are moving. in we have a storm moving in tonight into tomorrow across parts of the west. especially northern california. it's going to bring incredible amounts of rain and snow and a lot of wind. we might be seeing winds pushing 100 miles per hour across coastal areas and higher elevations into parts of california. when you move forward though we have got drought going on across the west forever. we talked about it so much this
3:48 am
summer and everywhere we have the drought we have a lot of rain and mountain snow come in. we will see snow by the end of this week across areas of the sierra nevadas 4 to 5 feet really good news. all right. guys, back to you. pete: rick, you make that look easy. i know it's not. like i told you, i want to try to do the weather at some point. rick: i have been inviting you forever. pete: i accept your invitation. rachel: he wants to be your intern. rick: i will sit on that couch. [laughter] is that what it is? i will take on the hard hitting political stories and you will take on the big storms. pete: dial it up. rick: not happening. [laughter] pete: we're going to do it. all right, up next, would florida save christmas with major backlogs putting the christmas season at risk, the solution could be as simple as re-routing ships as we said. ♪ beginning to look a lot like
3:49 am
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3:50 am
david: my grandfather, pinchas. michael: my great-great- grandfather, rachmaiel. gigi: pinky and rocky. simi: there was an uprising in poland. david: and then the family broke apart. michael: they scattered around in different places. gigi: they worked hard. simi: and built new lives. michael: but rocky and pinky's families didn't see each other again... all: ...until now. david: more than 100 years later, ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors and each other.
3:51 am
3:52 am
rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." stranded cargo ships off the coast of california are
3:53 am
threatening to wreak havoc on christmas. thankfully florida is stepping in to help as governor desantis welcomes stranded vessels to unload in his state. joining us now is florida ports council michael reuben. michael, welcome to the show. we are learning it's at a total stand still in california. they have 109 parked containers off the coast of california. they say that is a record. yesterday l.a. completely ran out of storage and warehouse space. so tell me how florida can help. >> well, we provide a more efficient model at this time than what you have over there. that's a problem that's been happening for at least a year in california now. they have used that same trade lane for, you know, since the 1970s. yes, it was a short route from asia. but now you are trying to stuff too many -- too much cargo into a limited space. they just don't have the capacity. so, over in florida, we have capacity. we have got several sea ports that can handle that increased business and we are willing to
3:54 am
prove to not only shipping lines but all those terminal operators and cargo owners of why florida can be their pier to the world. we have the third largest domestic partner here in the united states and we have the ability to take that discretionary cargo to either the midwest or upper west in one or two days. so we think it's a better opportunity and more efficient way to move those goods. rachel: yeah. i'm just curious. you mafing that these shippers are savvy business people. why haven't they pivoted to florida sooner, maybe even before, you know, the crisis hit? they had to perceive that this was on the way. >> that's an excellent question. look, long-time contracts. record revenues over there. over in california. and there has really been limited incentives to move anywhere else once have you used that model for a long time. start ignoring that warning sign like getting one of those traffic or accident signs on your waze app. on traffic.
3:55 am
and ignoring it looking showing we are a better model to move that traffic. rachel: are there other states that can provide this business-friendly environment but also have the capacity to help out the way florida can? >> certainly, i think there is -- i will speak on their behalf. i know i have heard from several of them in south carolina and virginia and other areas where there is not a -- there is not a backlog like there is over there in some other ports. >> i get you want to promote florida. i gotcha. florida is doing really good at promoting themselves. they certainly do have a biz friendly environment. and they have a governor and government employees who are saying come to us. so, they could be potentially saving christmas for america, florida. >> yes, well, as you said governor desantis and our secretary kevin tivo have done a
3:56 am
fantastic job why you should bring your business to florida. rachel: david, thanks for joining us on "fox & friends." >> thank you for having me. rachel: you have got it no problem, migrants reportedly tying the knot near the border to get a leg up on the asylum process. griff jenkins joins us live with the latest on the border at the top of the hour. ♪ they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ with amerisave's consistently low mortgage rates, you can afford that pool you've always wanted. and that your friends' friends' friends have always wanted. well, good luck with that because amerisave can only help with the part of the dream you can buy... with money.
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4:01 am
portilos. pete has never tried a hot dog. pete: i have not. lawrence: her mind was on the hot dog. you called me will. it's okay. rachel: i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i was thinking about the hot dogs. you are absolutely right. lawrence: i'm just the chocolate version. rach. pete: is portillos a brand. rachel: it's a restaurant. pete: in chicago? lawrence: mastered the perfect. >> i'm going to tell you when i have a len teen know had the heart surgery i had to make appointments. not fun to go to chicago. my reward on every single trip was drive-thru portillo's on the way home. pete: this is a food truck out
4:02 am
here but it's a physical location. rachel: the line is so long every day any time of the day to get through you are going to be happy. pete: i can't wait. cancel our breakfast order. rachel: we're having hot dogs for breakfast. sounds pretty good. lawrence: sounds good to me. reich reich we are going to begin with the news today. border crisis. it is massive. we also have a massive new migrant caravan which is getting ready to head north here to the u.s. lawrence: this as the migrant encounters explodes to all-time high. pete: yeah. we are going to have griff jenkins here in a moment to break down some of those numbers. what you said is not hyperbole, lawrence. two year high, five year high, all time high surpassing a surge that happened in 2,000. if you look at the numbers here we are at 1.7 million fiscal
4:03 am
year 2021. rachel: i don't believe those numbers. tom homan says so, too. pete: they are probably higher. 400,000 last year under president trump. that gives you the contrast. rachel: looking at probably 2 million people so far coming here illegally which is about the size of the population of new mexico. so we have a brand new state. lawrence: i know i stated this in the first hour but this number doesn't include the got-aways. for those who don't know got-aways are folks crossing the border that we may have detected but we didn't get to them fast enough. rachel: they don't want to be detected because they know they are going to be -- lawrence: these are most of the folks that don't come with the children. people keep asking why do they come with a children? compassionate standpoint the kids are enduring this parents -- some of them not their kids because of title 42. they know if they come with the kids surrender to border patrol they know they will get a notice of to appear and 90% of them don't show up for that notice. they come with the kids.
4:04 am
the got aways are the folks coming across the border run away from border patrol and texas dps. i realized when i was on the ground the reason why they get away where is the border patrol's airplane and helicopter? they use the texasplane and helicopter to detect these folks coming across the border. they are not allowed to do the chases anymore. they have to depend on the texas dps to do those chases and turn them over to the border patrol. this is another indication that the biden administration is, in fact, open borders another indication is the caravans coming along and gathering in different areas. the latest one we are hearing about is in the southern state of mexico which griff jenkins is going to join us live to break down what's happening at the border. griff: good morning, rachel, lawrence and pete. i was just listening to your conversation. you are right, lawrence, you are
4:05 am
talking about the title 42 sending people home. if you look at this number, the most ever on record 1747686. the last time we had a record like that it was 1.69 million in 1986. second closest in 2,000, 1.67. the title 42 expulsions you forget we also have to look at the title 8 which are the people that are released. if did you go deeper into the numbers, here i will show you right now, you can see 192,000 encounters in just august. and 9% decrease from the over 200,000 in august. 26% had at least one prior encounter in the past 12 months so we know there is recidivism and 59% were single adults 9% increase from august. encounters of unaccompanied children decreased 24% from august what you are looking at video shot in tapachula southern most part of mexico where a caravan is gathering at this moment. they will soon leave and head to the u.s. this is exactly the same path
4:06 am
that the caravan took in 2019 when i went and covered it, it started just the same way and it is so organized this time that migrants have been given a qr code to participate. it is being run by the same guy who organized the 2019 caravan. he runs the organization. he was in tapachula when i was there three weeks ago getting this started. he is blasting the biden administration. because he says they are sending the migrants a mixed message. here is some of what he told me a few weeks ago. listen. >> thousands of migrants or to haiti to either die of hunger or to die of violence. this is inhumane. biden administration is telling people, yes, we welcome migrants. we going to do this. we going to do it. but they not. griff: now, what we were talking about just a moment ago, i was saying title 8 people don't talk about that much, that is how people are being caught and released with literally just a
4:07 am
piece of paper that says contact your ice office if you feel so inclined at some point in the near future. when i went deep into these numbers, there are 600,000 of that 1.7 million that have been released in the country. and that is why people are continuing to come. i am going to speak later today to the former border patrol chief rodney scott. is he going to weigh in on these new numbers. he was in washington earlier this week for a senate hearing and he says he is deeply worried about what he is seeing. listen to what he told the senate. >> i'm extremely concerned by the avoidable and rapid disintegrations of what was arguably the most effective border security in the history of our nation. the current administration has failed to even acknowledge that a crisis exists or to demonstrate any meaningful effort to secure our borders. griff: now, yesterday afternoon, i was pressing cbp for specific number i would like to get. now, we know on record that there are more than 325 gang
4:08 am
members that have been apprehended this fiscal year more than 150 in the rgv where we have had a reporter and, lawrence, where you have been. i asked him how many migrants have hit the terrorist screening data base the tsdb and they said we don't keep that number but when i was in panama, i was told that at least 52 terrorists, known terrorists had crossed that darian gap in route to the u.s. guys. lawrence: griff, we know there are 30,000 migrants waiting right now to cross that border. real quickly and i know you stated this with the leader of that group. for the audience, why are people coming now? griff: they are coming now, lawrence, because they are getting a clear message that if you come, you will succeed. no matter how treacherous your journey is, if you survive that journey, you will be allowed to say. in fact, rachel, as you mentioned earlier, there are 12 couples in tijuana where i spent time in that camp that just got
4:09 am
married by a catholic priest named fabbian who is from saint peter's church in manhattan, gave them licenses. these are not central americans or haitians. these are mexican families or couples that believe with this marriage license the fact that they got married in this migrant camp that's going to help them. there are so many paths that these migrants sees a a successful path to come and be allowed to stay in the u.s. and they feel that now is the best time to come. and what rodney scott, the former chief is going to tell me today is not only is it an overwhelming situation at the border, but it is a national security critically important moment for our country because, as he says, think of the border as your home, if you don't know who is coming into your home? how can you have security. rachel: so, griff, who is funding them? there is no way activist that you featured there. i have seen him in other introduce as well.
4:10 am
there is no way he is on his own organizing the qr codes. this is very sophisticated. who is funding this? griff: that's a great question. and i'm going to head down to mexico after i anchor this afternoon and i will catch up with him and i will ask him pointly that exact question. rachel: thank you. griff: i don't know fully his funding. i will say this, it is certainly appearing to be very organized. and our producer in mexico, who is already in that caravan where we are getting this video from her name maria patterson she will continue to send us pictures and video throughout the morning which i will continue to bring you. ened i will ask her what she can find out. rachel: i would like to know who is funding it? is our government funding it? that wouldn't surprise me either. lawrence: you are one of the best i edits. pete: see you in a boat or on a train in the next 24 hours. appreciate it he mentioned it. real quick. this idea that a catholic priest
4:11 am
from manhattan is marrying couples in mexico. they are getting a marriage certificate -- i didn't know you could give marriage certificates from a place where you are not. rachel: giving a manhattan. pete: manhattan marriage certificate to non-american citizens. i don't understand how that can be legal. they believe by presenting it, whether it is or not, it's going to help them get in the country. rachel: it's not just questionablably legal in terms it of federal, state laws, whatever. it's also completely not -- none of this is in accord with catholic rules and regulations around marriage. so, first of all, you can't get married in america outside of a catholic church. people like to have a beach wedding. they won't marry you. you are not allowed to get married outside of the church. those were outdoor weddings. two, you have to go through training to get married. they have -- you have to go through six months to make sure that this is a serious thing. this does not appear to be that. appears to be people doing it
4:12 am
for the wrong reason. so, questionable whether this priest is a priest or an activist. we will see. pete: gone rogue. call the pope and check it out. rachel: i don't think there is going to be any reprimand from him. pete: you are right. rachel, look right there throwing your hands up. how much worse can it get? a lot of americans are throwing their hands up as well. if you look at joe biden's approval rating, it has tanked faster than than any most world war ii president. lawrence: good point. lawrence: first to third quarters first year of a presidency drop or raise in numbers. you have eisenhower, carter dropped 9%. bush after 9/11, obviously saw a huge surge up. and if you go to the last -- the most recent three, obama, trump and biden, staggering number there that joe biden surpasses everybody. it's actually not surprising if you look at the cascading number of crises that we could easily list right now. but voters are having some
4:13 am
buyer's remorse here and it's reflected in those numbers. rachel: it's just interesting to me that the biden administration hasn't pivoted, you know, the economy. lawrence: they can't. rachel: the economy is something that you know you're going to lose everything if you don't have the economy right, right? pete: but if you are so behold ton climate activists. if that's your religion, then you are willing to sacrifice the economy. you are willing to sacrifice energy in pursuit of that and they have shown that. lawrence: white house has perfect response to this it's simply covid. listen to jen psaki. >> i would go back to what our view is that we are still going through a hard time in this country. people are tired of fighting a pandemic. they are tired of the impact on their lives. some of them are sick and tired of people who won't get vaccinated who they feel are impacting their ability to live life in a normal way. some people are still fearful for loved ones. and we all thought that it would be over at this point in time. there is no question that the
4:14 am
fatigue with covid is impacting people around the country. the president understands that he is empathetic to that he knows the best thing he can do is get covid under control. continue to address fundamental issues in our economy. put people back to work. that's what he is focused on every day. lawrence: covid causes crime. covid causes the border. covid causes the supply chain. i mean, that is the new position of the democratic party that all the failure that's happening in this country is because of covid. and this is why they are tanking 11 points. this is why the democrats that i have been talking to in virginia who have been education are saying, do you know what? i was a democrat. i thought i was a democrat. the democratic party left me. maybe i should give the republicans a chance. now, do i know if they're going to win in virginia? i don't know. it is a signal to what is happening in the country because of joe biden's crisis. they lie. they continue to lie, lie, lie. they started under trump and it's because of covid. pete: i think if your issue is
4:15 am
the unwashed, unvaccinated and so angry and frustrated with those people, you love joe biden right now. because he is imposing mandates and firing people from their jobs for not getting the vaccine. try to excuse those numbers as if people are dissatisfied because he is not doing enough on covid? it's a dissatisfaction with the mandates that are coming, with the not actually following the science. with masking kids up, with mandates that continue. also, the scary part about this, too, the longer covid persists, the closer we get to the 2022 election. and the more the same protocols that were followed that emergency measures at the ballot box need to be instituted yet again with not as much oversight. rachel: they have to keep the fear going so there is an execute to keep these laws that aren't helping. pete: didn't exist before 2020. rachel: they don't just blame covid. if you recall, they tried to defund police on republicans. that didn't fly very well. they are trying to blame the border on trump. what?
4:16 am
like that doesn't make any sense. to think they are really in a credibility crisis as well. lawrence: speaking of virginia, all eyes on virginia as republican glenn youngkin terry mcauliffe final pitches to be the next governor. rachel: mcauliffe hoping for a last minute boost as former president obama is set to hit the campaign trail with him today. pete: alexandria hoff in d.c. with what to look for as the voting numbers come in. >> throughout this campaign mcauliffe the democrat here holding a small but steady lead. that has now changed with just 10 days to go the candidates are now dead even. according to the latest monmouth university poll, the two are currently tied at 46%. now that democrat terry mcauliffe is calling in the big guns to give his voters a push. yesterday he fired up his get out the vote tour bus and today will be joined by former president barack obama. stacey abrams will campaign tomorrow and president biden will do so on tuesday. this week vice president kamala
4:17 am
harris lent her voice as well. >> this race is tight. and what happens here, i promise you, are is about the people of the state and the people of our country. and we have got to make it clear, virginia, that we're paying attention. >> the entire country is paying attention because this race is considered indicator of voter sentiment ahead of the midterms. some 115 miles away from where obama and mcauliffe will be be republican glenn youngkin will launch his bus tour in fairfax county. youngkin has been critical of all the big names mcauliffe has brought. in he is focusing on parents frustrated by what they see governor overreach in schools. according to new early voting data 9.5% registered voters have so far turned in their ballots with registered democrats outnumbering republicans so far. guys, send it back to you. pete: alexandria, thank you very much. >> thank you.
4:18 am
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lawrence: welcome back with few prices skyrocketing united airlines ceo air fare is about to sore, too. >> now supply is still swamping the amount of demand ultimately higher jet fuel prices lead to higher ticket prices and ultimately we will pass that through. lawrence: he is also sounding the alarm on possible cancellations ahead of the holiday if airlines fail to hit vaccine deadline. here to discuss most of american dream home on fox business sailor casone. cheryl casone. >> good morning. lawrence: you know about this. >> jet fuel is biggest cost. federal aid to make it through the pandemic. jet fuel costs absolutely happening because of global oil
4:23 am
shortages. demand is higher now because the world is opening up. not just the united states but also this vaccine mandate is really tricky because you have got american, southwest, they are pushing it almost to thanksgiving to figure out what they are going to do. you have also got the faa now receiving reports that pilots are having discussions in the cockpit. they are frustrated about the vaccine mandates. they are distracted. there has been some kind of unfortunate reports going to the faa. now the pilot unions particularly in the american and southwest telling the pilots cut it out. focus on flying the plane and so there is a lot that's there. the vaccine mandate is a problem. prices are already going higher. book now if you want to fly for thanksgiving or christmas. don't wait. lawrence: we saw that delta backed off their little mandates they were planning on doing because of the pushback they were getting. not just the air fuel though, gas prices are going to go up as well. >> it's going up across the country. we are seeing nearly $8 for a
4:24 am
gallon of gasoline in one remote town gorda, california, we talked about it yesterday on fox news channel. it's so interesting because you have got now prices going up across the country and president biden who is saying well, there is nothing i can really do. well, you could empower domestic oil production in this country. you could stop listening to climate change activists and actually start to encourage more production on our soil. that was happening under the previous administration. and the minute that president biden came into office, he clamped down on the oil companies. they are proposing more regulation. shut down keystone. lawrence: is that why prices are going up. >> that's a piece of it we are dependent on saudis and russia than we were before. we have actually gone backwards. you don't want to be dependent in the middle east for oil supply. really we weren't. here we go again. we will probably hit 100 bucks a barrel. that's unfortunate. i have seen 140 and 170 in my 20 years of business news. i hate to say it we are going back that way.
4:25 am
lawrence: we were pumping and we were energy independent under the last administration. cheryl, you got a new show now american dream home. >> yeah. lawrence: new series that follows a new couple family as they hunt and buy their perfect home. i love this. >> thank you. lawrence: i need to find my home. >> on tuesday night we will be heading to gulf breeze, florida where actually you can still get a good deal on a home in that particular market. florida, this poor couple lost their previous dream home to a urk had. this is their second dream home they are purchasing. going out to california, actually, east of los angeles arrowhead. that part of the country as well. prices are going up because people want to get out of l.a. they will want to get out of san francisco. i'm not sure i can blame them considering what is happening in beautiful cities. they are looking for perfect mountain home out in california. lawrence: what cool job you have. you get to help people find their dream home. american dream home airs every tuesday 8:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox business network.
4:26 am
thank you so much, my friend. >> good to see you, go cowboys. lawrence: we are going to win this year will would be proud. a national school booed is apologizing after a letter sent to the white house called parents domestic terrorists. what is going on with our schools? our parent panel, they're next. ♪ (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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as soon as i get back to the office. hey, i can help you do that right now. high thryv! thryv? yep. i'm the all-in-one management software built for small business. high thryv! ow. get a free demo at >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. pete: that was attorney general merrick garland defending his controversial memo to investigate parents that are protesting school boards and denying that they were seen as extremists. but new emails reveal that the national school board's association was in contact with
4:31 am
the white house for weeks leading up to their letter describing parents as domestic terrorists. our parent panel joins us now to react fairfax county, virginia mom with parents defending he had azra naomi and karol markowicz. i think we will be joined by keisha king in a moment as well azra, i will start with you. you obtained emails from the national school board association and the white house before they were released. here is a portion of one from september 29th. in the email it says in talks over the last several weeks with white house staff they requested additional information on some of the specific threats. the letter also details many of the incidents that have been occurring. azra, you got this email, ultimately acknowledging that there was coordination with the white house before the letter went to the justice department which triggered the memo they put out saying we need to pay attention to parents. what do you make of you how this
4:32 am
whole thing is unfolding. >> this is a political operation. this was a war on parents. and it was orchestrated by the white house with the cooperation of the justice department and they brought in the national school board association to give them the excuse to declare this war on parents. it's a real tragedy. i'm wearing this shirt that parents in northern virginia created parents are not domestic terrorists because what the government has done is that they have taken parents out of the sacred duty of taking care of their children and turned them into, you know, battle combatants against the government. this is not right. i mean, we are just parents. so, what we have also done is we exposed as parents defending education the fact that we follow the money and it goes straight back to merrick garland's son-in-law who has a company that is profiting off of the educational consulting business that is happening in america right now.
4:33 am
and so we don't -- and it was moms that exposed all of this. that's what so remarkable. we were able to do this with just the gum shoe work of moms. pete: moms stepping up. i love it joined with florida mom moms for liberty keisha king. she joins us as well. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. pete: we learned the national school board association apparently is now apologizing to their members in a letter. here is a portion of what they said. they said we regret and apologize for the letter. to be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and students is our top priority, however, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. karol, no justification made it all the way to the justice department. >> right. and, you know, it's interesting that they are apologizing only to their members. what about to all the parents who now are afraid to speak out at school board meetings because they are afraid that the justice
4:34 am
department and the fbi are going to come after them. it's absolutely crazy to me that merrick garland can sit there and say that they would never go after parents in this kind of way and they would never target parents for speaking out but then what's the point of merrick garland's involvement? otherwise, it should just be a local police matter, anything that happens at any local school board meeting. i think it was absolutely done to stifle parents from speaking out. i think parents understand this i think they are going to continue to speak out. pete: keisha, usc one of those who spoke out you said effectively to school board and others it's time to leave government schools and public schools. do you think that's the only answer or will school boards ever make change? >> i think that's the only answer to make them make changes. i think the nsea is a clear example of why it's time to leave and that they had no regard for parents or children or what was in the best interest of parents and children.
4:35 am
and this just goes to show you that their concern is not with american families. their concern is with special interest groups. and they would do whatever they wanted to do, including contact the biden administration and get the doj involved to make sure that they stifle parents' concerns. pete: as remarks you know, when. >> i was going to say, pete, i completely agree with what kisha and karol are saying. we are moms. if our children brought a letter like the school board association sent out as karol said. we would send them back to their room and say you need to write that letter again. i thought i would help out the school board association and did a little edit of their letter. assist them what it should say: dear moms and dads of america, we're sorry. they need to own up and take responsibility for what they have done and apologize just
4:36 am
like quisha said, nobody should have to be afraid and parents, all of these momma and pap ba bears are not afraid. they have stood up to the government and they said we have a right to speak. i want to applaud all of them because they are amazing. pete: you would like to think an organization like that could say we are sorry. but from covid protocol. think about it covid cdc guidelines effective live written by teachers unions. school board communicating with the white house quietly and openly. teachers have any say or union dominated exercise at this point? >> well, i think it's really a leftist conglomerate. you hit the nail on the head when the teachers union helped the cdc write the reopening guidelines. when they said the biden administration stimulus bill has
4:37 am
to be passed in order for schools to open. >> we have politicized process. the biden administration has politicized all of these agencies that should have never been politicized but here we are. i would say the one positive about this is i get emails every single day from parents all across the country say i have woken up. i'm running for my school board i'm speaking out. i'm fighting back. i now know what's going on and i'm not going back to not paying attention anymore. that's really something. that's really encouraging, i think if there is one positive from education during the pandemic, it's that parents saw what was happening and said no, not my kid. pete: quisha, last word, the, intimidation. they want parents to feel intimidated to speak out. what is your message to parents who might feel intimidated today? >> my message to parents is that there is hope and you do not have to leave your children in these marxist indoctrination camps. you do not have to be silenced
4:38 am
or intimidated. if admission, i believe this sin expiring even more parents to stand up for their children who our most precious natural resources. there is no backing down when it comes to our children. pete: i could not say it better myself. amen. azra, quisha, and karol, thank you so much for your time and for being. >> thank you. pete: ferocious watchdogs of our most precious resource. thank you all. >> be unapologetic, everyone. pete: amen and parents are not domestic terrorists. i like that. all right, thank you all. chicago officers could lose their jobs if they don't get vaccinated. but neighboring indiana is offering jobs to those standing for freedom. senator mike braun joins us live to break down the new effort. ♪ how does amerisave deliver such low mortgage rates time after time? awesome question. see, the risk-based pricing model we use called yield spread premiums is displayed as credits or hits, depending on the --
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♪ >> if you ignore and directive of your supervisor or worse a direct order that's lawfully given, you are going to destroy your career. that is going to follow you forever. over what? rachel: chicago mayor lori lightfoot sending a stark warning to unvaccinated police officers over the city's vaccine mandate as nearly 40% of them have yet to send in their vaccination status. but, senator mike braun from the neighboring state of indiana is welcoming chicago cops with open arms and no mandates involved and he joins me now.
4:43 am
senator, welcome. you know, before i got to this segment i thought about being a border patrol agent under joe biden or being a police officer under lori lightfoot has to be just about the two most demoralizing jobs in america. so, tell me what they will find, these police officers, if they go to indiana? >> well, first of all, that disrespect that's coming from joe biden, from lori lightfoot, from state governments that kind of roll the same way as the federal government, that is the hardest job. throw firefighters in there as well. think about what they have gone through with covid. we have been trying to keep people with their employers in the private sector and the public sector. spent billions of dollars to do it. and now you have got this kind of heavy handed approach. yeah, come on in to indiana. we are a state of choice and free enterprise and in the public sector as well. i served on a school board for 10 years.
4:44 am
that's another area i know you have been talking about. you cannot operate the way some places are and expect people to stick around and take it. and that is on display across the country and in those places, my business moved to california 10 years ago. talk about a place even harder than the federal government to deal with, you will make choices individually. you will make it if you work for a school corporation or for a police department. now we have got the other shoe to drop where they are trying to force businesses down to 100 employees, to have that same ultimatum given to their employees. so, this is playing out not only in the race for governor in virginia, across the country. and for we, as republicans, if we don't have enough material to work with, we better soul search what we're doing. because i have never seen an administration government gone wild like we are seeing here
4:45 am
reflected in places like chicago and states like illinois, new york, california. rachel: yeah. add state of washington to that, do. you bring up a great point. it's not just how you are treated on the job. when you look at the school system in chicago, those officers have children that go to school. so, tell me, are you already seeing this migration of police officers looking at indiana or is this just your opening offer here? >> >> i'm in my hometown of jasper which is over five hours south of chicago. our own police department here had an inquire from a policeman in chicago and in the northwest part of our state. you have got all the benefits of a low cost of living, schools that aren't force vaccine and masking mandates. what would do you? people are already fleeing the state high tax state, high regulation state. rachel: yeah. >> me as a main street entrepreneur i have had to fight
4:46 am
it when my business was so little. when we expanded into other states and especially now national company three of my four kids good young executive team run it is everywhere, rachel, people will make a decision to scoot if you are having a heavy handed federal government gone wild interjecting into your lives at every level. rachel: good point, senator. thanks for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. rachel: there may be one reason to stay in chicago and that is portillo's hot dogs. it's time for taste of chicago right here on fox square. pete: come on out here and get one. rachel: i am coming out right now. pete: beloved hot dog and street chain portillos have brought their beef bus to new york. lawrence: the chief operating officer of portillo's. thank you so much. you have had an ipo in new york. >> yeah. lawrence: you decided to bring it? >> absolutely. we wanted our investors who
4:47 am
haven't had a chance to taste our amazing food to taste a little bit of chicago. also, we have been serving food to the public. not sure when we are going to come to new york. it's going to be a while now. but we wanted everyone to experience our food and what so many people around chicago and beyond the nine states we operate love so much. pete: we said at the top of the show chicago only but it's not. >> it's not. we are in nine states across the u.s. we ship our product direct to all 50 states across the u.s. and we have a ton of demand, especially in the sun belt where we are targeting our growth specifically. rick: pretty impressive got people to invest in your company without having tasted your food. well done in your pitch deck. >> the food speaks for itself. rick: this is the chilling dog and this is what makes hot dogs famous in chicago. tell me, derek, about chicago dog. >> really seven ingredients that maid make it unique to chicago really the high quality made by
4:48 am
our amazing team members that makes it magical. we think it's absolutely magical. pete: looks like taking on filly here. lawrence: i don't think it's a competition. >> slow roasted. lawrence: liquid gold. >> slow roasted four hours liquid gold, soaked in own spiced gravies. it's amazing on french bread. absolutely amazing. rick: thank you so much. >> phenomenal. lawrence: you could be paying more for your heat. how could you help drive down the cost? chip wade next. rachel: i was about to report him to hr. i'm excited. >> wow. >> great. ♪
4:49 am
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lawrence welcome back. heating bills skyrocket as much as 50%. rachel: home energy efficiency with one of the things next guest is thinking about on next project.
4:53 am
pete: diy expert chip wade tips on tackling heating bills. of course you are building a home in the mountains. tell us about it? >> yes. good morning. we in the north georgia mountains a more mountain cabin. building is crazy right now. let's do talk about materials and energy efficiency. check out the r rheem water heater. the most efficient water heater in the market. uses so little energy because it uses heat pump technology and less power than 100 watt light bulb that's going to save you $480 a year. also wifi connected and leak detection. when this guy is up in the mountains i will be able to keep tabs on it. keeping as i would up. silicone was the old technology now we have dap hydrant sealant even better. apply it in extreme weather conditions. it dries to paint and is waterproofed just 30 minutes
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4:55 am
recently built the scale model. see how it's long and sleek. having building materials on the outside of the house that's going to keep it low maintenance is key. start with equtone. mill details. go around the perimeter of the house. what's cool about it mono chromatic all the way through. it will never have to be painted. i will never have to paint this house and it's going to look great. continuing the theme of low maintenance putting mcilroy steel roof on the top and putting cool wave wall also steel on some of the facades as well. it's going to be all in black if this is interesting to you open card yard. open up the top here so see inside. look at this. isn't this awesome? there is going to be beams, all of this is open air right here. so you are going to be able to have this massive view of the mountains. we are actually going to be covering this process live for you guys? i will be dropping videos every
4:56 am
week. wave works see how this projects comes along and follow along for all the building materials we are using. a lot of lessons learned because the market is a little bit crazy right now. >> rachel: you are hitting on the right topics. energy issue in is i all thinking about it. >> this guy to help me. pete: chip wade making me feel inadeq don't go anywhere. more "fox & friends." your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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5:00 am
♪ ♪ lawrence: the sun is up in atlanta. welcome to "fox & friends." i'm lawrence jones in for will cain today. rachel campos duffy, pete hegseth. good to be with you this morning. pete: good morning. rachel: good morning. lawrence: texas seat and the tradition continues. rachel: we have had a lot of
5:01 am
food segments, this show is known for food segments. we had a hot dog segment we are still talking about. portillo's hot dogs? >> the key rachel is to get all of that in one bite. if you can do that, then you have the perfect hot dog. rachel: all of it. not one thing that's missing. but you have to have it all -- pete: really good. rachel: i told you were going to like it? >> you told me and you delivered. i can see the truck over our shoulder. if they want to send up more hot dogs we will eat them. i had one and a half hot dogs. i had a whole roast beef sandwich. rachel: he had three. lawrence: i'm not going to apologize for it. pete: both phenomenal. philly's has a run for money. i'm not kidding. great cheese steaks in filly. that was really good. lawrence: we had to skip our breakfast run for this was it worth. pete: was it worth it? rachel: i'm not hot dogs for breakfast.
5:02 am
pete: i liked it. lawrence: that truck can come by any time. pete: there it is right there portillo's apparently in seven states. just had ipo promo not getting paid to talk about portillo's. lawrence: they want to slide us something. pete: pete slide us a little more love. rachel: i just saw them. pete: there they are. rachel: by the way. we're going to have some fun this morning, too. it is rachel's birthday. it was yesterday. have we disclosed what -- did we talk age? are we able to? rachel: i'm not shy about it. rachel: i had the big 5-0. lawrence: look at those genes. pete: whatever you are doing. keep doing it, okay? rachel: it takes a village. i'm not going to lie. lawrence: that's good. pete: big 5-0 with r.c.d. all morning long. rachel: thank you. i feel blessed to be this age. lawrence: we have new video captured by fox news this morning showing migrants in mexico getting ready caravan to
5:03 am
come to the united states. brand new footage apparently assembling around an american flag and stepping on it. rachel: griff jenkins joins us live as he prepares to go down to mexico himself today. griff: good morning, rachel. happy birthday, welcome to the 5-0 club. heading down to that caravan in a few hours, pete, lawrence any moment now from tapachula our producer is there now. and sending us these videos just moments ago. message for joe biden. it joe biden all we believe numbers about 1,000 right now with more arriving. they should be deporting within the hour. we are told it is highly organized, guys, so much so that migrants were given a q.r. code on facebook to scan to participate. it's being run by the same guy who organized the caravan that we followed in 2019, which took the same track from tapachula all the way negras from -- a man
5:04 am
runs an organization. efforts in tapachula a few weeks ago what i was down there. he told me is upset with the obama administration he is sending migrants mixed message to many do. here's some of what he had to say. listen. >> thousands of migrants haiti either die of hunger or die of violence. this is inhumane. the biden administration is telling people, yes, we welcome migrants. we going to do this, we going to do it. but they are not. this as we get final numbers for fiscal year 2021. highest there on record. 1,747,686. go deeper in those numbers, and you see the final month fiscal year 2021 september with 192,000 encounters. actually 9% decrease from august. looking now at this migrant caravan coming, they are coming
5:05 am
because they know, like the ones that went before them, they will be allowed to stay, most of them caught and released and the former border patrol chief rodney scott who testified before a senate panel this week says it's not only immigration issue but it's a national security issue, here's some of chief scott. listen. >> i'm extremely concerned by the avoidable and rapid disintegrations of what was arguably the most effective border security in the history of our nation. the current administration has failed to even acknowledge that a crisis exists tore demonstrate any meaningful effort to secure our borders. griff: later at noon chief scott will join me to weigh in on numbers in new caravan. one thing we will be watching this morning, rachel, pete and lawrence is whether the mexican government allows this caravan to advance beyond tapachula. that southern most part of mexico as they make their way 2500 miles to our border.
5:06 am
now, last month, we had reports of smaller caravans being stopped. we will see if this one which is very visible will be allowed to continue and what the administration intends to do once it gets closer to our border. rachel: very interesting. they are in the southern most state of mexico. the activist leaders have said, griff, that they are only just going to mexico city because they want to get the proper permission from the mexico government to enter because they haven't been allowed to move from that point. when the migrants are interviewed, they say oh, no, we are going all the way up north. we are going to america. so the leaders have a different message than the -- some of the migrants, in addition, we just saw that sign they were putting forth, griff, did said biden for all. >> we have different message from america first from the last administration. griff: such a good point. look at this sign they have joe biden's name. they are marching with signs saying we are coming. the part about the mexican
5:07 am
permit it's a temporary work permit that would allow them to seek jobs and go to any part of mexico not just the tapachula southern area. while they wait to get to the u.s. so ultimately the end goal in both cases is to get to the u.s.s. and they are coming because more are being allowed to stay after crossing illegally than ever before in history. and an important part of these numbers, it's never been that we had people coming from so many different countries. officials say we have more than 150 countries coming whether it was northern triangle in central america, guatemala, honduras, he will salt have a door haitians we saw under that bridge in del rio and african-american countries and all over the place that's why the chief says we are dealing with national security issue. lawrence: it is national security. we know ms-13 folks that have domestic violence abuse i saw the other day people that are part of the cartel have been arrested. so, griff, prayers and safety to you as you travel into mexico.
5:08 am
thank you, one last number and this is more than 325 known gang members fiscal year 2021. >> that's why i say to you, griff you are going south. pete: keep us posted. sin searly look forward to the reporting. talk about mixed messages. there is no mixed message or confusion. joe biden is for all. they are going to hold that ban up and dare the white house to stop them when they know the white house is controlled by the far left of the american political tech truck which wants borders open. rachel: we talked to griff earlier, lawrence, i asked him who is funding pueblo, the nonprofit group that's organizing. they have qr codes. highly sophisticated caravan. this isn't just a facebook post. so, he said when he goes down there, he promised us here on "fox & friends" that he was
5:09 am
going to ask the leader who he has the -- he knows and has relationship with. he is going to ask him who is funding you? is it, you know, the government is it george soros? who is doing this? lawrence: meanwhile the biden administration is saying per jen psaki that the president went by the border, through the border. the reason why he needs to go. pete: 13 years ago. lawrence: not because of the photo op. you don't understand it watching on tv. until you see what happens there. when you see the wrist bands, the q.r. codes, when you see the broken limbs of people that are hopping on trains because they said that the president of the united states said they could get here. they were deported under the trump administration. but this is their opportunity. you know what? if this is going to be the biden administration's position just to drive through the border, democrats should drive through the voting ballot. just drive by the polls, don't go in there and cast your vote for them because they are showing you the democrats of texas that are along that border how much they think of you.
5:10 am
pete: another example of that is we were paying, i think $5 million a day not to build the wall. the biden administration was. yet, we just learned that $500,000 will be put into building a wall around joe biden's house in delaware. so apparently walls do work and are important unless you live on the southern border for this administration. rachel: infrastructure projects that are just human infrastructure worth your dollars but actual infrastructure projects that secure our nation,. pete: here is another thing not worth your dollars according to democrats that's police and law enforcement. we have seen how they have been ridiculed. we have seen how many places they have been defund them. mandates may be forcing out some of the very best who don't want to be forced to comply with a vaccine mandate. now we are learning in one city in austin, texas, residents there, one resident in particular has been told i know there was a crime that happened at your business, we don't have the ability to go there because of covid but we really know it's because of staffing. you are requesting to go ahead
5:11 am
and need to collect the evidence yourself on the crime scene. here is kirk andrews. he is austin business owner expressing frustration over the lack of police response. he said, they got back on the phone with me and said that nobody would be coming out and said it was due to covid restrictions which didn't make any sense to me. that, to me, sex extremely frustrating. he was literally collecting shell casings, shots fired. lawrence: tampering with a crime scene. can we talk about that? number two, i have been down to austin reporting on it. they also just told the cops that they were no longer going to be going to certain type of crime scenes. it's not just covid. they said they had lack of resources. so the people of austin, by the way, that's a democrat city. it's a democrat city. and by the way, the democrats they are upset as well. their kids can't go to the playground anymore because the homelessness crisis. they are allowing them have encampments, literally around city hall. and they do absolutely nothing about it. rachel: this is happening in seattle.
5:12 am
this is happening all over the place. seattle, by the way. we had a business owner who had been broken -- his business had been broken into multiple times. pete: six times, yeah. rachel: six times. the cops said we can't do anything. get yourself a dog. this is what defund the police looks like. pete: exactly right. the police have security. they even order us to pay with our fall dollars for fences around their summer homes as joe biden did. and then for the rest of you, get a dog and pick up your own shell casings and do your own crime investigation. outrageous. lawrence: we used to say it was just a big city. now in the suburbs as well. actually we really weren't for defund the police even though that was a complete lie. it was the trump administration that was for defund the police. rachel: they tried that. no one believed it. pete: nothing worse than the reality or the prospect of you pick up the phone to call for help and no one answers.
5:13 am
rachel: my goodness. pete: no one comes and tell to you deal with it yourself. that's what it's come to. rachel: supply chain, store shelves filled. calling 911 and getting an answer and a response in an emergency. these are things that used to be kind of normal in america that now are not. pete: it's like the guy who -- it's like the place holder for a field goal kicker. you never think about him until he drops the ball. that's what the supply chain is. that's what 911 is. here? pete: it doesn't work? we take it for granted because it's a beautiful system. equal justice is a beautiful thing. capitalism is a beautiful thing. when you start to throw a wrench into it and see the way a lot of people have lived for a very long time. rachel: why they want to come here but maybe they won't find that so much. lawrence: we have been talking about the real crime happening across the country people getting shoved into railroads and shootings all across the country. but, apparently to the national school board's union or whatever they are, representatives, they are not having to apologize for
5:14 am
calling parents domestic terrorists. well, you had a family, and panel early on, pete, it was so great of all these moms. let's play some of that from earlier. >> they had no regard for parents or children or what was in the best interest of parents and children. and this just goes to show you that their concern is not with american families. >> what about all the parents who now are afraid to speak out at school board meetings because they are afraid that the justice department and the fbi are going to come after them? >> if our children brought a letter like this school board association just sent out, we would send them back to their room and say you need to write that letter again. i thought i would help out the school board association and did a little edit of their letter and this is simply what it should say, dear moms and dads of america, we're sorry. rachel: pete, what it like interviewing domestic
5:15 am
terrorists? pete: dicey. let me tell you this story is messed up on so many levels. the school board association apologized forever creating the letter that became the justification for the department of justice, you know, paying more attention to parents, which is really just intimidation. the letter scribbled on we're sorry they apologized to their members. not to the parents, and ultimately we learned because of something azra naomi brought up as well emails released that the white house was coordinating with the national school board association draft a letter that went to the justice department that merrick garland acknowledge inspected testimony letter putting memorandum out guiding people to pay attention to school board meetings. lawrence: it's such an important point. so much deeper. what happened was the national group, just like these national tea party's union, didn't consult all the local school boards. meanwhile the local school boards are getting the pressure from the parents. what gives? your national organization sent this letter calling us domestic
5:16 am
terrorists. they didn't even consult them. just like these national teacher's unions aren't consulting the rank and file teachers. now they have to apologize. rachel: i thought what was fascinating as well is when you asked one of the panelists what's the solution? and honestly she said something that really, i have to agree with, she said the solution is to leave the system. as parents we hate to do that, right? these are our tax dollars. this is our money, these are all children, they don't belong to the state. they don't belong to these boards or the teachers unions. but when there is so much rot and corruption and you see this, you know, coordination with our federal government, with this administration, and all of the stuff going on, at some point you go i just got to save my kids. i might not be able to save this whole system. i have got to save my kids. i think the answers in the wrong run is of course school choice. school choice attaching the money to the child will defund some of these school systems and make them responsive.
5:17 am
but, for a lot of parents like me, i look at this and i say i can't wait for something this corrupt to change. my kids will be graduated by then. and for many people their kids will already be indoctrinated they will already get all this weird gender ideology that they are spreading. and they are not getting the reading and writing. this is system by the way the loud loudoun system. this is one of the richest systems in america. this is about cultural marxism that has infected. lawrence: one of the biggest issues for virginia voters right now. pete: in the exchange between the national school board association and the white house the white house even said we need more examples. you need to actually provide examples. what happens when you don't provide evidence or examples you usually are result to hyperbole in that case they resorted to the i had per bow lee terrorists. call them them something didn't have any evidence. turns out none of it was true.
5:18 am
rachel: calling your opponents is domestic terrorists has worked for them in the past. just look to january 6th. pete: it's true. turning now to a few additional headlines al well. new york city police searching for this man that attacked an 11-year-old girl manhattan dog park. punched a victim and pulled her hair after she scared the dog. a boy was punched. the teens were not -- and a new whistleblower accusing facebook of picking profit over stopping so-called misinformation and hate speech. "the washington post" reports the former employee says facebook officials were concerns about problematic content and one executive dismissed concerns over public backlash interference in the 2016 election. this as facebook struggles to maintain good public favor and faces scrutiny from lawmakers. other whistleblower -- who says we need more censorship. got it all right, three maryland
5:19 am
counties planning to succeed from the state because they want to join west virginia. you know, geographically kind of makes sense. always that weirdout out. wasn't it? republican lawmakers in garrett, allegheny and washington county says conservative constituents are fed up with over whelmingly liberal states. telling the "new york times" quote we are kind of ignored up here. that's why people are thinking west virginia might be an option if they keep ignoring. those are your headlines. i don't know if we have that graphic again or not. i would like to know why maryland juts out like that. how did that happen? look at that. that's not how you draw a state. lawrence: weird. pete: straight line i know it has to do with washington, d.c. a little bit. then it goes down and up. probably a river right there is my guess. rachel: bring historian on. pete: i think that's a segment tomorrow. tell me more about the history of maryland. rachel: i like that. nih admits the u.s. did fund
5:20 am
gunch at the wuhan lab despite multiple denials by dr. fauci, something the doj could have been looking at instead of moms. former state department spokeswoman morgan ortagus on the contradiction. pete: christmas shopping in jeopardy bf the supply chain. businesses not in a shipping container because they are made in the u.s.a. that is coming up on "fox & friends." lawrence: that's what i'm talking about. rachel: yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪ ♪and make you understand♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for $1
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." a bizarre new disinformation campaign in china claiming that covid-19 was imported to wuhan through a shipment of maine lobsters this as the national institutes of health admit that the u.s. did fund gain of function research in wuhan contradicting previous claims from dr. fauci. here to react is former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus. welcome, first of all, morgan, always great to see you. this is the first time. >> good morning, rachel. rachel: try to say this came from the u.s. but now they are doubling down.
5:25 am
why are they doing this now when it's become apparent to everybody that it's come from the wuhan lab? >> because there is no accountability for anything that they have done for the past year and a half. and they are trying everything they can to deflect from the wuhan lab. and there's a pattern of who they accuse of actually being the people or the country to start covid-19. so they have, of course, blamed the u.s. army. they have done that on multiple times. they also have blamed australia. they blamed india. what do these three countries have in common obviously under mike pompeo and president trump we stood up to the chinese communist party. australia had the audacity to call for an independent investigation. and, of course, india has been defending themselves, defending their territory neither himalayas against the chinese incursions there. any country that dare to shine a light on what actually happened or stand up to the chinese communist party in any way the chinese tried to deflect from
5:26 am
wuhan. tried to deflect all the accusations and say oh it's maine lobsters. pointedly, they tried to blame maine lobsters because they know that is important agricultural commodity and export in the united states so they want to try to deflect and hurt us at the same time. and i would finally say, rachel, just remember the doctors, the journalists, the scientists who knew what was happening about wuhan and blowing the whistle, they have gentleman nicly disappeared in china. rachel: right, that was the first clue there were problems. whistleblowers were all disappeared. and you talk about holding china accountable. maybe we ought to start holding dr. fauci accountable who did everything he could and we now have the letters of him colluding with other scientists to try to hide the fact that the u.s. was funding gain of function but more importantly just trying to get us off the idea of china when nobody could have known better than fauci about what was happening in that lab. he was all down with everyone
5:27 am
saying that you were racist if you suggested that it came from china. >> yeah, and importantly, it was actually in the obama administration that we did away with gain of function research because that administration was concerned about things just like this happening. so there was a lot of work arounds that the nih would do. josh rogin from "the washington post has reported extensively on this. on the work arounds that the nih would do. specifically in this lab and other places around the world to distract. try to make it look like they were funding gain of function research. listen, this is why we live in a democracy. we need to shine the light on anything that we are doing. but, ultimately, listen, ultimately the chinese communist party is trying to escape responsibility for a deadly virus that they have unleashed on the world. there is still no real independent investigation into what happened. there is still no accountability. and the world is asleep.
5:28 am
rachel: right. our government appears to be an apologist for the chinese government in this cover up and you have to wonder why. maybe it's -- thanks a lot morgan for sharing this information. it's so important. most important topic going on right now. thank you. >> i agree. thanks, rachel. rachel: all right. coming up next, someone i know very well sean duffy joins us live. oh. i didn't know that was happening. >> hot dogs and cake, everybody. happy birthday. rachel: oh my goodness. ♪ celebrate ♪ they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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pretty sure it's rachel campos-duffy's birthday. happy birthday rachel. >> happy birthday, rachel.
5:33 am
>> happy birthday rachel. >> happy birthday, rachel. >> happy birthday to you rcd. >> happy birthday so glad you were born. >> big 5-0 but always in our hearts. 20 in our hearts. >> you look like a day not over -- i'm not going to play that game. >> i hope god blesses you every single day and makes this a special birthday. >> i hope it's a great, wonderful, fantastic, fabulous birthday because you deserve it. >> love having you part of the family, rachel. >> love having you part of the team. >> you deserve the best. >> i hope if there is any day you get to relax, pick up your feet today is that day expeeking of relooking relaxing reading one of the greatest christmas books of all time. >> make it a great day, no kids, leave them with the housekeeper. leave them with sean. you just party. >> wishing you a happy birthday.
5:34 am
and here's to many, many more. >> cheers. rachel: oh, you guys. pete: very nice. rachel: that's so nice. so fitting because i love my family but i love my fox family as well. and that was really sweet. it's been amazing year. i'm kind of like the betty white of broadcasting. i got my shot in career very late in life. grateful and this has been a fabulous year. lawrence: it's been a big year for you, too. rachel: sean flew in some of the kids who don't live near us. my sister was there. he ordered mexican food and played mexican music. >> brian kilmeade doesn't understand that i am the house. that's on me. but you did relax yesterday and it was fun. all the kids were there. everyone came in and we had a good day. rachel: it was awesome. we had a great day. we topped it off because in the
5:35 am
morning our little margarita you can see her in there she had her first confession. we had a lot it celebrate yesterday. pete: you told me she doesn't have much to confess for. rachel: of all the kids she is the best. as i was preparing her i want to be a fly on the wall in confessional. i can't imagine what she had to say. the sweetest thing in the world. >> she this to lie about things she had done wrong. rachel: i know she was lying about anything she did. i can't think of anything. >> happy birthday. rachel: thank you, baby, i appreciate it. pete: i advocate. >> first time. rachel: he wanted to before. pete: this time we finally did it. rachel: thank you. pete: what's the topic? rachel: we're going to talk about supply chain problems. business groups representing wholesalers, are warning the biden administration that their vaccine mandate is going to have a catastrophic affect on jobs
5:36 am
and supply chain problems will only grow worse if thousands of workers laid off. having impact and hitting close to your table. we are hearing now, sean, this is serious stuff. chipotle is going to raise their prices. >> this is where it all stops. chillicothe. this makes sense, so the wholesalers, they sent a letter to the president. three pages and if you are an organization like this, you don't write letters to the president because you don't want a political enemy in the president. it has to be that serious to write. rachel: good point. >> if you go forward with vaccine mandates we are going to lose a number of employees, we already have a supply chain issue and labor issue if you go through with the mandate we will have a bigger issue. you are not fixing the supply chain with a mandate you will make it worse. you guys all know this but supply and command. if you affect the supply further, and demand stays the same. you will see inflation and prices rise. we will have more inflation and supply chain issues. they have to pay more people to come back into the workforce which means those price
5:37 am
increases for labor is going to be passed onto the consumer as well. again, more inflation. this is just absolutely stupid by the biden administration. lawrence: what do you think the action is going to be, i'm a chipotle small, dump some of the meat out of the scoop before they put it in there. do you notice it? people are going to be upset about that. >> they won't use scoops like little spoons now to put a little meat in there. to your point, lawrence, is i think the more and more people see the price increases and see it at the gas pump and see it at chipotle and see it at grocery store the more frustrated they get. who do i blame? who is at fault for the issues i see in the economy. only one person to look at and it's joe biden which is why we see so many democrats afraid of all the things that are happening because joe biden is not up for three years for election. but these house democrats, these senators are up in a year from now. and so they are starting to freak out. rachel: i'm so surprised that they are doing this. the economy is one thing you say
5:38 am
you can do. inflation hurts the working class and poor more. >> aocs of the world. the squad, they are never going to lose their seats by going forward with these kind of policies. you have a lot of moderate seats. but also some members think they were safe. but now they are going oh my goodness. horrible. do they really want to give up their congressional seat, something you work really hard for. rach and i know this. your whole works at this give it up for policies that hurt make have. >> there have been a lot of retirements is that why? >> you will see more retirements, lawrence. they will continue to roll in. rachel: interestingly, we had on our podcast this weekend, it comes out today, we had senator rand paul, i asked him about aoc. i said is it because she really believes this is going to happen? and he gave a quote that we could all use. he said i put her in the category of big heart, small
5:39 am
brain. you can watch that podcast and hear that quote and he also talks about fauci and so much more on our podcast from the kitchen table. it's a great interview with senator rand paul. dropped now. something else that dropped, sean. >> our christmas book. our christmas book. listen, this is great. you can actually preorder right now. it's made in america. we have fox talent from around the studio that have come in and talked about finest memories of christmas. traditions of christmas. so, it's very cool and if you are looking for a great gift or a great read. our american. rachel: no supply chain problems with this. preorder, book is made in america. lawrence: have it for christmas. pete: great to see you. thanks for bringing the cake. >> listen, i have got to get a piece before i go. lawrence: had our food. >> i was up at 3:00 cooking the cake. balloons, flour arrangements, that's the kind of guy i am.
5:40 am
lawrence: coming up, all-american christmas on fox square. we have toys made right here in the u.s.a. live on fox square. ♪ ♪ i'm proud to say ♪ that we're all-american ♪ in god we trust ♪ living the dream ♪ and never giving up
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learn more about the condition at >> two people accidentally shot
5:44 am
on the movie set by a prop gun. we need help immediately. >> was it loaded with a real bullet. >> i cannot tell you that. >> new details emerging from the 911 calls prop gun alec baldwin handling on movie set. killing cinematographer and injuring director. how could something like this happen. here someone who has been on dozens of movie sets including those with guns. actor dean cain our friend. terrible, tragic story. the question really we all is how does this happen? >> pete, it's something that should never have happened. it was a huge, huge awful tragedy. i feel terrible for everyone involved. obviously the cinematographer who lost her life and director who was shot and alec himself. i disagree with alec politically tremendously but i like him personally. we are friends. and this is just a horrible situation. there's a really clear protocol
5:45 am
when you have a firearm on set. and clearly the protocols weren't followed. i can run through it real quick. i'm not going to say exactly what happened because i'm not -- i wasn't there. and, you know, i am also a law enforcement officer. i'm not going to mess with the investigation or anything. but, starts off with an armorer or prop guy who has the weapon, okay? always a safety meeting prior to something happening. talk to everybody. first addresses the entire crew. talks about the size of the blank. quarter load, half load, full load. sound hearing and eye protection is provided. if you are going to fire the weapon at camera, there is a stand that goes in front of the lens and people. if it happens the stand can stop 9-millimeter. strong stuff. generally the stunt coordinator gets involved with the corography. you don't point weapons at anybody. when you fire you try to make sure that doesn't happen. the rounds, the blank rounds are loaded just before each fire. if you are rehearsing, you use a
5:46 am
rubber gun or something else of that nature. now, i did try to do some research on this and i found out a few things from some sources nearby who knows some people around. i guess this was happening. it's a period piece so this weapon was period weapon or looked similar to a period weapon. who knows maybe who that came from maybe not an armorer or somebody who does recreations, i don't know specifically i heard it was a live round that was left in the chamber. pete: how does a live round even make it on to a set? >> it should have never ever. rule number one that live rules are kept out. now as one who has done so many flimsz with firearms, and i also am a police officer. i fire rounds all the time. i'm very familiar with my firearms. i check every single time. you may have somebody go through and check clear a weapon. they show me the magazine is
5:47 am
empty or siller is empty. dry fire. things can you do. i also i can't. unless i have to, i won't point the weapon at anybody. i'm aiming in the right spot? good, good, we will do that i don't know how it happened. and it shouldn't have ever -- that live round should be nowhere near a set ever and that was a colossal mistake. it's going to get ugly. losing someone's life there is going to be bad repercussions. pete: it is tragic. dean cain you know what you are talking about as usual. >> we appreciate you being here. >> thanks, pete. pete: we have got coming up on the program clay travis, dan bongino going to join us live, don't go anywhere. ♪
5:48 am
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5:51 am
rick: welcome back. take a look at fox weather forecast. a lot going on weather world. get ready for active week ahead and watching tomorrow for severe weather. right now waking up to cooler minneapolis cooling down to 45 in morning. in cleveland with a few showers. i will tell you the southeast, you are the winner for the weekend today and tomorrow. things are going to be looking great. however, you see these storms cutting across eastern kansas and missouri right now.
5:52 am
refire and looking at significant hail. that's today's severe weather. this active pattern is bringing a lot of moisture out across parts of the west centrality and northern california watching areas five to 8 inches of rain. drought. great news for that a lot of snow as well across the sierra nevadas. here is where our severe threat. all the storms moving to the west central plains. big tornado threat for tomorrow. all right, lawrence, send it over to you. lawrence: thanks, rick. so 77% of ports are experiencing above average wait time. it could leave your christmas tree
5:53 am
sellers. bowl mania. great game for kids. lets them set up the pins all our games are available. lawrence: how long does it take to get to consumers in u.s.a. >> as long as it takes fedex or u.p.s. to get to their homes. all our games are in loud dick, michigan. that's the great thing about american-made. they are already here not in a shipping container. lawrence: tell them the website where they can buy these games. >> classic games like knock hockey and game board. buy them once and last. lawrence: rachel? rachel: toys from china don't last as long. here we are with andrew from maple landmark. tell us what you have got here. >> all kinds of classic toys,
5:54 am
games, gifts. basically, if you need a gift, we have it for you. everything is made in middle burry, vermont, and available at maple and rachel: that's right. you are seeing a lot of color and things that are tangible. one of the things i notice hard to find around christmas nativity or christian themes. here you have nativity puzzle darling i have will be getting that and again you said like previous american made owner is that you should order early still. even though you are not in a shipping container you prefer people to order early. >> we are really busy. if you want something for christmas now is the time to order it. rachel: some of the things are customs. >> name puzzles and trains. rachel: great stuff. all-american made. pete? pete: thank you, rachel. i'm here with mike of lux block. i described them when i looked at them next level legos. >> we like to think that big difference is no disrespect to lego. we love leg goes too. brick snap together and move. fold it you have structure. a lot of the kids are really
5:55 am
immediate engineering experience so they don't get by stacking things all the time. pete: it can move around and look like waves but it's strong enough to be the empire state building here. >> exactly. really robust. fully experience building. pete: 100 percent. pete: as far as inventory, ordering for christmas, what kind of shape. >> if your audience buys from us and tries to slam us, all we do is hire more college students begging to work. hundreds of college students asking us to work. america is in good shape. there are college kids who want to work. but the them to work, you guys, buy from us. absolutely. pete: put them to work. where can people learn more will bux give mike lyndelle. buys from us too. pete: fantastic. thank you for what you are doing. proudly made in illinois, right? >> proudly made in illinois. america. pete: we have more coming up from christmas to halloween.
5:56 am
we are getting all the tips and tricks on pumpkin carving. this could get dicey. next hour. ♪ meant to be ♪ one fine day ♪ you're going to want me for your girl ♪ screams] ♪ ♪ big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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♪♪ come on, come on, spin a little faster. ♪ pete: welcome to "fox & friends." it's the final hour of the saturday edition, and we're glad you're here. and that is pumpkin carving with a power tool. the only way to do it. rachel: have you done it? pete: i feel old. i've done it many, many years. rachel: oh, really? pete: elder statesman. i've done it a couple times with the kids. you've got to be careful. [laughter]
6:01 am
if you don't apply the right level of pressure, it ricochets off the ump kin. fist -- pump if kin. first year i ever did it, i kind of nicked my thumb a little bit because i wasn't pushing hard enough. [laughter] rachel: we're kind of traditionalists when it comes to the pumpkin carving, but i like this idea of power tools. pete: it makes it a lot faster. of course, it's a competition. you are the current holder of the trophy -- rachel: i am. pete: are you guys going to be on a team? rachel: we usually do. pete: okay, i'll take you both on. lawrence: the last time we had a competition, ien won. it's not looking -- i won. it's not looking too good. rachel: by the way, i have the trophy for bull riding. [laughter] i'm going to take that -- lawrence: will has the day offed to. the tradition continues.
6:02 am
pete: we're glad your -- you're here because today is national tv the talk show host day. lawrence: i didn't know we had a day. pete: we have our own day. and happy birthday to rachel campos-duffy, she's 30. [cheers and applause] doesn't she look it? we agree, we agree. so stick with us. we have got a fun final hour here on "fox & friends." but we start with this. on the move right now, thousands of illegals are beginning to march to the united states. rachel: this exclusive video is just in to our newsroom and showing what is happening right now in the southern state of mexico as the massive caravan heads to our southern border. lawrence: unbelievable. griff jenkins joins us live down in mexico himself today. griff, that video. >> reporter: good morning. let's go back to this video down
6:03 am
where i will soon head. the migrants, numbering more than a thousand, are on the march. you can hear them. [speaking spanish] they were chanting as this departed, the southernmost city. that, of course, was once a campaign slogan of one president barack obama in 2008. they're marching now, and they were making signs, guys, with president joe biden's name on it. the sign is giant. they painted it in red, joe biden is for all. clearly, the migrants are not getting the message they shouldn't come as often the administration will say because so many migrants are being allowed to simply cross and stay in the u.s. we've been talking about it all morning, the 1.7 million thats crossed our border this fiscal year, the most ever in history. but you see also these signs, we come this peace. this is certainly a sign of more to come, and it is an important point because as this caravan starts heading towards our
6:04 am
border, it's about 2500 miles from where they are if they follow the same track of 2019, they went to eagle pass, texas, it'll be right down the road from what we saw in del rio last month. and i think it underscores the fact that this surge, unprecedented, is not slowing down in the least bit, and it is highly organized. the organizer ran caravans in 2019, and he's running this one. you see the american flag, they're flying a giant american flag as they go. now, they're on the move right now. organizers of the caravan told our producer, moira, that mexico's immigration police are 4 miles outside of this city. it'll be interesting to see if they actually stop them because there is a lot of pressure on mexico to try and keep them from our southern border. we know that, obviously, a court has ordered that the administration reinstate remain
6:05 am
in mexico, that trump era policy that helped cut down on the number of illegal crossings. but yet how that will be implemented is yet to be seen in how the administration gets an agreement which is yet to happen with mexico to do so. so a very important caravan not just a large one coming right now as we speak, and i will soon held there and join them. lawrence, pete, rachel? lawrence: griff, one quick question for you. these are mexicans who are making their way across. i remember when i was on the ground when the haitian population was coming across. the mexican authorities did not let them set up camp on their side. they said camp on the american side. so since these are mexicans, are they going to let them set up camp there? there shouldn't be an excuse for them not to be able to stay this, right? >> reporter: great question. this caravan, we believe, is made up of not just mexicans, but also some central americans
6:06 am
from guatemala, honduras and el salvador along with some haitians. so this is really indicative of just how many different countries are coming. but your point about just moving them along is the fundamental problem. remember when i was in panama a week ago, we saw them come out of that darien gap jungle on a canoe, and they would get to the southernmost point of panama, get on on a bus, go 12 hours straight to costa rica and be let out. now mexico, which has traditionally facilitated these folks along, they don't want them there either. i got a phone call yesterday, i said hello, it was a haitian migrant named junior who i met and interviewed and we put on the air in panama last week. he's already in this and a part of it. so really the problem is if you're going to address the root causes as vice president harris says she's going to, you've got to stop this way before every
6:07 am
country south of our border has simply moved them along, as you say. that is the fundamental cause. by the way, our producer in the pool yesterday asked vice president harris whether or not she has any plans to go to the border anytime soon, she said not this year. and, of course, as we saw in that town hall with president biden, he seems to think he's been to the border although it's not clear that he ever has. so the problem of this caravan coming right now is really sort of sums up all of the issues that we have with no end in sight. pete: griff jenkins, thanks so much. keep us posted. we look forward to your reporting down there along with the caravan, and that's a perfect segway because he mentioned what joe biden said at the town hall. a little confused about whether he'd been there, saying maybe i should go to the border. our own peter doocy was in the white house press pool and asked jen sack i key about joe biden's -- jen psaki about president biden's absence at the
6:08 am
border. >> reporter: why did president biden say he has been to the border? >> well, peter, as you've seen, there's been reporting that he did drive through the worder when he was on the campaign -- >> does that count as a visit? he said i've been there before. you're saying he drove by for a few minutes, does that count? >> what is the root cause? where are people coming from -- >> the president said -- >> i'm asking you a question. i think people should understand the context -- [inaudible conversations] >> i'm asking you -- >> okay, i'll answer for you. people come from central american countries. the president has been there ten times to talk about border issues. there is a focus right now on a photo op. the president does not believe a photo op is a solution. >> that's not what he said earlier. he said i guess i should go down. so does he think that he needs a photo op? >> he doesn't. rachel: that exchange is fascinating.
6:09 am
we can fight about whether he thinks he was there or wasn't there, the point is you go to the border if you think there's a crisis. and i believe that for the biden administration this is not a crisis, this is a plan that's being executed beautifully. this is what they want to happen. they wanted open borders. in fact, lawrence, they're finding new ways for illegal immigrants to come. now the white house has put out a report on climate and migration which actually opens the tour for some of these people who refuse to go through the proper channel, the system we have in place for legal immigration now making claims that they are climate refugees. lawrence: yeah. and not just that, you have people that are in the middle class in a lot of these countries, and we're saying we don't even have to go through the legal pathway, let's just go to the southern border. lastly on the clip, it would be one thing the these folks were staying in the country of origin. it's now an american problem. they're now here. just to focus on where they start doesn't really solve the problem. also i want to know what is
6:10 am
homeland security doing? mayorkas has been very transparent behind closed doors, he'll tell border patrol, the people of texas, look, i understand there's a crisis, but when he gets in front of the camera, much like jen psaki, they lie and won't take ownership of the crisis. pete: rachel, you hay be right, this is actually a well orchestrated and executed plan. the question is whether that plan is in keeping with what voters really want, and we're starting to see that in the approval rating of joe biden. and we compared it against previous presidents of the post-world war ii era. and in the first three-quarters, the first and third quarter of the first year of their presidency, where did their approval rating going in comparing it. joe biden's not doing well. if you look at past numbers, eisenhower down a couple points, carter down nine, reagan down three. george w. bush post 9/11, obama down ten, biden down a whopping
6:11 am
11.3 points. maybe open borders is what they want. maybe they want to close pipelines and make gas prices go up. maybe they want -- rachel: that's what they want. >> pete: -- impose mandates on people across the country. these are all things they want to do, but in doing so, do they know how much they're alienating people with a lot of buyer's remorse? lawrence: it looks like democrat have buyer's remorse. that's not just independents that are dropping concern these are democrats that are saying enough is enough. if my pocketbook matters. rachel: and some very key constituents, his panic ins in particular -- hispanics in particular, many of them upset about education. they don't want their kids indoctrinated either. they came to this country for opportunity, not to turn their kids into marxist activists. one of the things we put on griff jenkins to do as he goes if down to mexico today is we want the know who's funding this. ing if you look at that caravan
6:12 am
that came through, it is very sophisticated. we're learning they're using qr codes, this is not some ragtag team of people who came together. this is organized. who's funding it? is it a george soros group? is it our federal government through ngos? we don't know. griff has promised to get an answer on that. pete: he'll get it if anybody can. lawrence: that national poll is starting to affect voters on the local level, and virginia is one of the big states right now. republican glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe making their final pitches. rachel: mcauliffe is hoping president obama can give him an edge. pete: a look at early voting numbers. alexandria. >> reporter: as of right now, over 9.5% of registered voters in virginia have returned a ballot with democrats largely outnumbering republican ifs, but election day is ten days away.
6:13 am
this morning glenn young kin fired up the get out the vote this fairfax county. he's energized by polls that show a recent slip by his opponent, democrat terry mcauliffe. >> we're going to share a message with virginia, a message that is rooted, rooted in a future that can be so much better than our past and where we are right now. >> reporter: the latest monmouth university poll shows both candidates tied now at 46. mcauliffe who served as virginia's governor and is trying to win back that state has called on the big guns. he launched his bus tour yesterday and is today will be joined by former president barack obama. stacey abrams will campaign tomorrow and president joe biden will do so on tuesday. youngkin has been critical of the big names, instead he's banking on support from parents frustrated by what they see at government overreach in schools. and on that note, we do have some breaking news for you. the national school board association is now apologizing for likening some parents to
6:14 am
domestic terrorists. as you know, it was their original letter where they stated that sent to president biden that prompted the department of justice's promise to investigate parents. no word yet if the attorney general will retract that directive at this point, guys. pete: thank you. apologize to her members, not necessarily to the parents. hey, we'll take it. it's a baby step, alexandria. really appreciate it. all eyes on that race, lawrence. you were down there recently and got a chance to talk to people. lawrence: loudoun county is ground zero for this fight. i had an opportunity to talk about the big governor's race. take a look. let's talk about this governor's race. what do you think is going to be the defining issue? >> i think one of the defining issues will be education. that is definitely something i'm hearing from all the moms, all of the dads. as a former democrat, i'm very concerned that the party has completely left its core values.
6:15 am
lawrence: do you think education is going to be the defining issue. >> oh, i think it's going to be the defining issue of this whole election. >> what's going on in the schools is horrendous. i've got a 6-year-old boy, and hi wife works for the school system, and she's just about had it. >> i see it going to mr. youngkin for education, the economy and is, in general, freedom. pete: and, in general, freedom. rachel: yeah. lawrence: i told you guys several of those folks were democrats. they still classify themselves as democrats because they believe that the party left them, they didn't leave the party. rachel: yeah. it's fascinateing, what's happening there. people are saying it's a bellwether state. if i talk to people, i have family that that lives in virginia, they say youngkin is going to take the edge and is win this, so we'll see. and we'll also see if youngkin wins, if it actually has an impact on other democrats who -- the. pete: yeah. that will be very interesting. i'll say as demoralizing what's happening in our classrooms is, it's very heartening to finally
6:16 am
see education be a topic. how long have we felt like -- it's about time. it's always been a third, fourth tier topic, and yet when you look at the indoctrination of our kids, it's great to see -- ray i ray i -- rachel: i agree. pete: we're going to pause to tell you about something you are you are not going to want to miss. the patriot awards are barely over three weeks away, tickets are going fast, it's on november 17th. it's at the hard rock live theater in hollywood, florida. now, the gold tier tickets for the event are sold out, but there are still spots at the silver and patriot tiers. get your tickets at we will all be there, will will be there -- lawrence: i just ordered -- pete: you did? i think black tie optional. you can wear whatever you want. wear whatever you want. he's going to be black tie.
6:17 am
rachel: he always wants to win the best dressed, and at fox he usually does. lawrence: pete got me last year because he had the american flag inside -- i may pop on the american flag tie. pete: ooh, i like that. by the way, "fox & friends" is going to be broadcasting from there as well, and we're going to have sean, tucker, lara, bongino, nancy grace, you'll get a chance to meet 'em, take a photograph, books will be signed, all that. it's more than a great event, it's an experience, and we're going to celebrate america. rachel: all right. coming up, china retaliates after a member of the team calls out their violent regime. tony travis reacts next. ♪ ♪ ♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪ ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪
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muck ♪ ♪ pete: boston celtics' center enes kanter taking a stand against china and xi jinping for oppressing the people of tibet. >> tibet belongs to tibet. i have my voice and speak out
6:22 am
about what's happening with the brutal dictator of china, xi jinping. i have a message for you and your henchmen. i will say again and again and again loud and clear, i hope you hear me. free tibet, free tibet, free tibet. rachel: might had free hong kong as well. the chinese regime is retaliating, pulling the team's games from their streaming platform. lawrence: of course, it's china. joining us now, clay travis. the response of china has already been they're going to take action, but why was kanter the first and only one to take a stand? >> well, first of all, thanks for having me. good morning, everybody. i think you have to give a lot of credit to enes kanter for stepping out there. remember, a couple of years ago the then-general manager of the houston rockets tweeted free hong kong, and basically everything fell apart in terms of the relationship between the
6:23 am
nba and china. they're still trying to pick up the pieces. in fact, the 76er games, because he's thousand the gm of the -- now the gm of the 76ers, are still not chaired. and all of these nba players have wanted to see they are activists, but we've got nba players in chinese sneakers with chinese sneaker dealers char actually made -- that are actually made with slave cotton from muslim uyghur minority population there, and it's as if no one wants to pay attention to the inconsistency of speaking out on all sorts of american issues denigrating our country, refusing to go visit the white house, but shutting up and dribbling for chairman xi. and i give credit to e necessary chanter -- enes kanter. i'm not sure how many stood the up alongside of him. yesterday he came out with an even more aggressive statement saying the chinese government was guilty of general side, that he wants for the uyghurs to be
6:24 am
freed from the concentration camps in which they're held, have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, basic human rights which they don't have in china, and i think this is a major issue, guys, not only because of the nba's relationship, but remember, the biden administration is going to send our athletes to beijing in ten as a port of the -- as a part of the winter olympics. guys, i don't think that makes sense at all. we are basically kowtowing to china when we need to be standing up to them. i give e necessary caboter -- enes kanter credit. his family was jailed in turkey, he himself is not allowed to return to his home country because of his willingness to speak out against the brutal leadership in that country. so this is a guy who knows a little bit about freedom and the benefits that we have in america compared to what the chinese and the turkish people where he's from don't have. rachel: yeah. he sounds like a really brave person. >> no doubt. rachel: you brought out the hong kong, when that tweet went out
6:25 am
about hong kong, and it was lebron james that kind of tried to tell players to be quiet and go along because he knows his master. >> yes. rachel: my question to you is what has been the reaction of the players and the owners to this doubling down of enes' statement? >> most of them are pretending it doesn't exist. and that's sad. but even sadder, i think, is there's a whole cottage industry of media that are, that make their living covering the nba. and these are the same people that every time lebron james criticized a police officer or every time steve kerr rips donald trump or gregg popovich did the same, they were there writing down every word, and they made it a headline. you go on's web site today, you know what you won't see? any of enes kanter's statements about chinese oppression because i believe espn is protecting their relationship with the nba,
6:26 am
and they know that china is going to be furious, and they're trying to pretend that this story doesn't exist in a way that they never did every time donald trump was ripped, every time a police officer was attacked. i think it's shameful of the n with ba media, i think --, this ba media, i think it's a nettic. rachel: i think it's gross, actually, i think it's really gross. >> it is. it is. pete: clay -- >> i agree with you guys. pete: i think we agree college football though, not gross. [laughter] if. rachel: that's a great segway. pete: especially on fox. you've got northwestern/michigan, oklahoma state/iowa state, what do you like? >> look, i love northwestern to cover that game, i like oklahoma state to cover that game. and, guys, this is an awesome event. i heard you talking about the patriot awards which i'm going to be at also. we've got a couple of things, we've got a documentary going up on fox nation. i know your wife jen, i hope
6:27 am
she's going to like it, pete, because we've got a pretty good show. and that day -- debuted today. you can get a free 30-day pass, go to use the code word outkick. i'm at luke bryan's house, he's doing an all-day charity event. we're going to be the live with big noon kickoff with luke bryan this morning, and he's doing it for the brett boyar foundation, pediatric heart research. his niece died, tragically, a few years ago, so they are doing everything they can, raising millions of dollars to help fight that disease and to help everybody out there with congenital heart failure, pediatrics, all over this country. we're going to be there all day with fox trying to do a good deed with him and many other people there. so it's going to be a heck of a day, and i hope people will enjoy that in a little while on fox as they get ready for a day of college football. lawrence: such a great cause.
6:28 am
pete: also folks can download the fox bet super 6 app, pick six outcomes from today's college games and watch to see how it all plays out. it is free to play. clay travis, you're the man. got double duty. >> appreciate if it, y'all. have a good morning. rachel: thanks, bud. do you think he'll forgive me for calling him -- [laughter] pete: we should have asked him that. rachel: i know. all right. pete: all right. still ahead, a very special tribute. our next guest is dedicating a song to one of the 13 troops killed in kabul and donating the proceeds to his family. that singer performs a patriotic tribute coming up next. i'll shoot you an estimate as soon as i get back to the office. hey, i can help you do that right now. high thryv! thryv? yep. i'm the all-in-one management software built for small business. high thryv! ow. get a free demo at
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♪♪ rachel: a newcomer is giving all proceeds of her song to the widow and newborn daughter of
6:33 am
one of the 13 troops killed in kabul. lawrence: he was just three weeks there becoming a father before his death. pete: and today singer jen tolman will be performing at his memorial service. but first, she stops by "fox & friends". welcome, jenny. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. pete: yeah. what moved you to write song that will benefit, ultimately, his family? >> you know, honestly what happened was that god gave us this song about two months before anything in afghanistan was even happening with the withdrawal. so we had no idea what was just about to come. but during the start of the withdrawal in afghanistan, i felt this urgent need to ohs this song on my instagram -- the post this song. i just knew that somebody needed to hear it. and it found its way to gigi,
6:34 am
riley's wife, and and she said it describes exactly how she feels at the moment. as a song writer, you can't ask for anything more than for your song to connect with somebody who needs it most. rachel: and now you're going to be performing at the memorial service. what does that mean to you? >> i can't even tell you how humbled and honored i am to be here to represent riley's life, to celebrate it with his family. i had the honor of having dinner with his family last night, with the whole mccollum family. they are incredible, resilient people. their spirit is absolutely inspiring. i mean, i just can't even describe how honored i am to be here. rachel: wow. lawrence: jenny, we thank you so much. you're a great american. we're going to hear that song, lonely as a lone star. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ there's no shooting stars over
6:35 am
san antone -- ♪ [inaudible] ♪ sure is lonely in the lonestar tonight. ♪ there's a picture on our heart i took of you -- ♪ and an old phone number you wrote on -- [inaudible] ♪ sure is lonely in the lonestar tonight. ♪ with heavy heart i'm on my knees -- ♪ there's no prayer i know to make me forget. ♪ [inaudible] ♪ wasn't meant to include
6:36 am
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♪ pete: fox news alert, another caravan is forming right now, making its way to the united states. this is all new, exclusive video just in from our newsroom from the crew on the ground in mexico. lawrence: there is still no plan to address the border crisis. we have now learned dhs has approved a $457,000 fence around the president's beach house. here now to react is fox news contributor and host of "unfiltered" and a friend of the program, the great dan bongino. the hypocrisy is running rampant. no security for the united states and the people of texas, but the president gets a new fence? >> yeah, yeah. walls don't work except when walls work. did you ever see the movie moneyball? there's a scene in the movie where the billy beane character
6:42 am
says, you know, if he's a good hitter, then why doesn't he hit good? [laughter] so if walls don't work, why do walls work, right? i mean, it's the moneyball result. why do people constantly build them? listen, i'm not joking, i'm not trying to be an ass this early in the morning. i'm just asking a simple question. if walls don't work, why do people constantly build them everywhere? we did a thing on our show, one of the producers on the show went could be to gracie mansion in front of the wall, bill de blasio's wall, and i think the man on the street, they missed the irony as we were asking people the question, do walls work? and we did it in front of the work. nah, they don't work. and the wall's right there in the background. they completely missed the irony of what was happening. of course they work. are they perfect? no. it's just an impediment. it's not going to stop every single person. yeah, you can tunnel under it, yeah, you can cross over it, but they work. most people can't because most
6:43 am
people don't have a ladder, most people don't have the ability to tunnel. some do. i mean, it's just stunning. how do you wake up every morning as a leftist and not recognize this stuff, you know? rachel: dan, you're 100% right, and it's so sad because it could have been american jobs, just millions of dollars laying there rusting on the ground, and there could have been a good american working on that wall and helping out the border patrol. >> yeah. rachel: i have a question for you, the same question i asked griff jenkins. who is funding these caravans that are coming across the border, dan? i mean, we see this is very sophisticated, they're carrying biden signs. sometimes we've seen them wearing biden shirts. what -- who is behind this? who is funding these ngos that are organizing these caravans? >> well, that's a -- by the way, happy birthday to you. rachel: oh, thank you, dan. >> whatever's in the water you're drinking, send it our way, you know?
6:44 am
[laughter] sean sent this great tweet out, happy birthday to my wife who keeps getting younger, and you're a terrific human being. a monster happy birthday to you. my family loves you, you're the best. but on that question, i address that tonight a little bit in my show. will says i'm the best at fox for plugging everything i do -- [laughter] so there you go. i stuck that in there right there. i'm serious. the hall heart attacks of the leftist trap -- hallmarks of the leftist trap every single time are three things, right? the media, congressional committees and activist groups. we know the media's behind the caravans, people in congress and their committees, the leftists. so the question you ask is a good one. who are the activist groups and the money behind it? i don't know. i can speculate. i have a bunch of names, one of them i was right about on the facebook whistleblower case which was a trap. i dreaps that tonight on my -- address that tonight on my show how i said this is a trap, the facebook whistleblower. all we've got to find out is
6:45 am
who's funding it, and i reveal that tonight on the show. but there's a number of potential suspects out there. pete: dan, real quick, i've got to ask you about what's happening in austin. you've got police there telling business owners and citizens, sorry, we can't go to the crime scene. they say because of covid. we know it's because of staffing shortages. and the next level on this is they're telling them to collect their own evidence. it can't be real. help me with that. >> yeah, i know. listen, i've got to talk about something else. don't worry, not anything weird. on this case, can you imagine the evidence in court when joey bag of doughnuts, hey, so i stopped at the scene, i picked up this bloody knife, i brought it home. yeah, my uncle and my friend touched it and bobby and marie touched it too. oh, okay. has anybody thought any of this through? like the whole chain of custody thing? just quick, you guys mentioned the breaking news about the national school board association having to now apologize and shame walk back
6:46 am
the letter implying parents are domestic terrorists? i know this wasn't one of the topics, but to the liberty lovers, the patriots, look at me, man. stare me in the face on this one. you can win. we can win. this is what happens when you pressure these people in congress to do the right thing. we can't win all the time, we're not going to win every fight, but this is because of you because you wouldn't shut up and you would not sit down. you said i will not be treated like a terrorist for speaking out for more, for my child. and you won. you won. put your chest out and your chin up today. again, it's not a victory lap forever, it's no time to give up, but i'm just telling you all, you can win. you can win these things. this country's ours. we run it. we outnumber them, and you won. that is a huge story, ask i'm proud of everyone who flipped a double-barrel middle finger to these people and said i'm now going to show up with ten people instead of two at the school board because you're implying
6:47 am
i'm a terrorist for loving my child and not wanting them to be taught to be a racist using crt. rachel: amen, amen, yes! lawrence: they need a reason to watch the show. you've got to save something for them, dan. >> i do. by the way, lawrence, you are always the best dressed man in time. i had to actually emulate pete, i had to spruce up the nrksdz but lawrence is always the best dressed. he'll be there, like, in tails and white tie for this event. [laughter] every time i see lawrence i say to my wife, damn, who's this guy's tailor? this guy's sharp. so the patriot awards, make sure you go there just to see what lawrence has on. i'll probably have a t-shirt, something like that. [laughter] we'll take a picture together, show what a good dressed man looks like next to me. [laughter] pete: dan, you're welcome on the show anytime, and you can pick your topic. whatever you want. >> thanks, guys. that's why i love you guys. freedom to do what i want. pete: thanks, dan.
6:48 am
rachel: all right. lawrence lawrence all right. this is what we've got coming up next, we are getting all the tricks on pumpkin carving. pete: got a lot of expertise too. [background sounds] rachel: is that what you're not supposed to do? is that what you're supposed to do, is that what you said? ♪ ♪ (vo) i am living with cll and i am living longer. thanks to imbruvica. imbruvica is a prescription medicine for adults
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♪ pete: it's an annual tradition on "fox & friends" every october, right, rick? rick: pumpkin carving with power tools. rachel: and this year the best pumpkin will take the "fox & friends" trophy -- pete: away from rachel. [laughter] lawrence: mr. andy mappen. >> thank you so much. we're thrilled to be back with you guys. typically, our technicians are using these power tools to help owners check off their to-do list, but it's halloween season, so we're kicking it up a notch. we are going to put you guys in a contest after i show you a few new tricks. okay. these are the shiniest pumpkins, are they not? before i start teaching, if you're viewing from home and you want to follow along, go to
6:53 am
mr., all of the templates you can use right there. first, we have -- now, this is something that our technicians would typically use for some custom carpentry work, but you guys are going to use it to make gigantic eye holes for our pump kins. let's see how it works. one, two, three, whoo! are they great? you can -- pete: gotta put pressure on it, otherwise -- >> and keep all your fingers intact. [laughter] go ahead. pete: go? >> yeah, go for it. all right, look at that. nice. okay, now, next weapon, next weapon, so -- [laughter] go, go, go! whoo! all right. so this is our standard drill bit. this is what our guys typically use for custom decks, but you
6:54 am
guys are going to use it for holes for the hair for the pumpkin. okay, let's try it. ready, one, two, three. looky there. he's the rule, whoever makes the scariest pumpkin wins that trophy. you can start. i'm going to let you take this one. okay, guys, let's go. on your marks, get set, go! [cheers and applause] [inaudible conversations] >> there you go. >> a spider. spider, for sure. you know what? you look like you've done this before. you've got this, you've got this. let's see what you've got. oh, i'm not going to lie, that's messy. i think our molly maids could definitely help with clean up.
6:55 am
[inaudible conversations] >> you got this. i've got to check on your competitors, i'll be back. here's a rat. okay. you need a rat, you need a rat. whoo! okay, guys. now, you've still got a little bit of time. let's get some competition going. [cheers and applause] all right! let's go, let's go! we're going to have to count 'em down. five, four, three, two, one! all right. here is the deal. i have been told that i have the power -- [cheers and applause] now, here's the deal -- [laughter] i'm not going to lie, those are the ugliest creations i've ever seen. but here's the deal, hey, here's the deal. if you're like me, you probably have a lot of --
6:56 am
epair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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[cheers and applause]>> that makes no sense! pete: it's mystifying. [laughter] ♪ ♪ david: new details about the tragic shooting on that alec baldwin movie set, the actor being told the gun was safe before he fired the fatal shot. we'll have more on that and the legal liability the crew faces now in just a moment. but first, president biden's approval rating dropping by the largest amount of any president since world war ii. voters apparently turning their backs on him and other democrats as they try to push


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