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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i love you, america. ♪ but tomorrow catch "cavuto live" at 10:00 a.m. first, catch "the five." >> jesse: hello. i'm jesse waters with kennedy, greg gutfeld and jessica tarlov. this is "the five." we're getting new information in a tragic mistake rocking hollywood. alec baldwin accidentally shoeding dead halyna hutchins and wounding the director after firing off a shot from the prop gun from the set of his movie in
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new mexico. witnesses said baldwin was asking people around him why he was handed a hot gun. everybody now wondering how this could have happened. prop master's union reportedly saying there was a live round in the gun baldwin fired. the l.a. times reporting the prop gun misfired days before the accident and the camera crew had previously walked off the set over unsafe working conditions. the actor tweeting out a statement saying there's no words to convey his shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident and that his heart is broken for the family of hutchins. baldwin was questioned by police and released without any charges being filed. the santa fe sheriff i've office says the investigation is open and active and witnesses are being interviewed. greg, this is a crazy story obviously. a lot of protocols were not followed to have something like this happen. there's going to be a huge
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investigation and potential mammoth insurance pay-out afterwards. >> greg: he's not just the actor in this. he's the producer. so he's got a lot on the line here. right now i'm going through good greg bad greg. >> jesse: take your time. >> dana: what does good greg say? >> greg: good greg says -- he feels this. that i feel absolutely awful for the victim's family. i feel awful for alec baldwin. i can't imagine hor 'dourves -- how horrible it will. he will be known for this the rest of his life. bad greg says if anyone of us had accidentsly shot and killed someone or a police officer, he would be all over it. he would show no such compassion. we know that he's done that to police officers online. he would destroy us. that's bad greg. so good greg is going to say okay, this is about training.
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this is about violating the golden rules of handling guns. one, you always point it in the safe direction and number 2, your finger is always off the trigger, this goes in movies and keep if gun unloaded until you use it and treat all guns as though they're loaded. that's what i learned from my nra training. i learned those things. as a neurotic, i'm a very good gun owner. so what might have caused this? carelessness and probably comfort in the sense that you're in this land of make believe so you forget the protocols. really interesting hypocrisy in hollywood. a lack of respect for guns by the characters that the actors are playing. right? there's never any recoil. they're always pointing the gun like this. this is not a realistic gun practice. so the hypocrisy is, people in movies propagate unsafe gun practices while condemning the nra, which pushes safe gun
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practices. so you have this -- you are either pro gun control or you're evil that prevents you from benefitting from your adversaries training. training from the sworn enemy, the nra, would have prevented this. if you had actual nra training, this wouldn't have happened. i doubt alec baldwin had any nra training. having said that, i feel awful about it. >> jesse: what does good kennedy and bad kennedy have to say about this? >> i share greg's remorse for this. i feel really bad for that woman's family. she's going to work. she's a real bad ass, a woman in a male dominated profession, with a son and a husband. you think it's going to be safe. you're going on location. it's pretty wrote. then she loses her life. that's good kennedy. i'm piggybacking on good greg.
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it's friday. piggybacking is fun. but bad kennedy asks, who killed this woman? did the gun kill this woman or did alec baldwin kill this woman? that ultimately will be the question when the lawsuits are filed? who is responsible here? it's very interesting. i know dagen can speak to this in greater detail. this is part of a huge union fight. the unions will say if you had more union involvement, this would be safer. unions make everything better. we know that is not necessarily the case especially for things like teacher's unions and every other public sector union. that will be the thrust of a massive fight aside from the questions that are directly asked of this case. >> jesse: yeah, they have to find out were well-trained, well-organized union members responsible for handling this weapon appropriately and did they leave or were they fired,
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did they walk off the set because of this brouhaha over cost cutting. with all of this stuff not there, did a mistake happen? >> the l.a. times is reporting that the camera crew members of the international alliance of theatrical stage employees spent -- they walked off the set. it appears as if there were certainly nonunion workers filling in. so again, were the standard safety protocols being followed by the prop master, the stunt coordinator and the like. but the union is already in a huge contract fight with the studio. so it does raise the attention and level of outrage based on those union members about what is going on, but speaking of gun control, when these horrible accidents happen, i always wake up and think, who is going to weigh-in on social media for their own benefit for attention
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to bloat their own ego, to feed their own narcissism? guess who it was? gun control advocates. they hit the twitter sphere trying to exploit this tragedy for again, their own agenda. this is a workplace accident. none of their ideas on restricting gun ownership or dismantling abolishing the second amendment would prevent this tragic accident from happening. it's negligence. based on what we know it looks like negligence. but there just seems gross. it's not going to change anybody's mind about gun control. but here's just one example of what i saw. francis fisher is one of the stars on this movie. she retweeted this tweet from shannon watts of mom's demands. she was quoting a daily beast articles. francis fisher said the quotes
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are inaccurate. our director is already out of the hospital. she said he was in intensive care. i don't subscribe to the daily beast, so if that's what they're saying, they're wrong. can you correct them? again, it's the rush to make this accident, this death about gun control and it just raises the issue of like what ever happened to having some grace and just shutting the hell up? if you're not going to say thoughts and prayers, don't say anything. something that is roundly mocked by the left. >> jesse: jessica? >> there were unpalatable tweets from both sides. j.d. vance, a senator from ohio said disgusting tweeteds. it's not a time for that because this was a workplace accident. i'm curious to see what alec baldwin's role as a producer does in terms of complicating the situation for him.
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i grew up going to movie set a lot. my dad was a producer. i noticed from the age of 7 when i was cognizant of what was going on, how nervous the actors were around guns to make sure everything was fine because they are not firearms experts. they have not had training in this. you rely on the people, the union folks or the private handlers to assure that it's safe. this idea that there were real bullets in there and i understand that that can happen before and it was brandon lee was the last time someone died on a set, 1993, in "the crow". >> greg: the blank comes out at the same speed. >> he did after six hours of surgery. >> what happens, there's a squib in the gun that looks lights a real bullet. it doesn't -- it has the power removed from it. there was a fragment from the squib in the gun and then they
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used a blank, which is a full charge, no lead. so the charge sent the projectile out and killed him. >> jesse: we'll get more information. ahead, clueless joe biden outright admits he doesn't know how to fix rampant inflation next.
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you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at ♪♪ >> kennedy: very good. as the simply crisis gets worse and rampant inflation smacks the consumer in the case and nobody looks for the commander-in-chief for answers. president biden says he doesn't have a clue on how to fix any of those problems. watch. >> i don't have a near-term answer. there's two things that i could do. i can go in the petroleum reserve and take out and probably release -- reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon. still going to be above $3.
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long shoremen don't always get along with the business folks there. i have a relationship with them. i brought them together and i said you have to be open 24/7. no port there was open five day as week, 40 hours a week. 24/7. they have always agreed to it. ney have agreed to it. >> kennedy: i feel like he's really trying to blame the long shoremen now, jesse. i don't know if that is the best move for him. this was obviously a great showing by the president. >> jesse: tremendous performance. >> kennedy: he had answers for everything, especially supply chain. >> jesse: he does haven't any answers. hunter handles his finances. in a recovery, you have to have supply meet command. you can't take away permits and pipelines and leases. so right now we're begging opec to increase supply. opec says screw you. we're going to see it go to $100
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a barrel and we're going to get rich and joe can go scratch. he doesn't have any answers. he campaigned on this. he said we're toing to get rid of fossil fuels. here's the real problem. as the inflation goes up, gas prices and oil goes up. and a weaker dollar makes gas prices and oil go even further up. so he's going to have high prices, high inflation and a weak dollar and sit around and have no answers for this. i don't think he has a clue what to do and it's clear. >> kennedy: a lot of these things to people, they don't really understand or want to investigate what transitory inflation is. but they know what high gas prices are. they know that that bites them in the keister. i don't care if it's joe biden who is the president or president trump or president obama or jimmy carter. you have to have an answer for people who are hurting especially when we're getting into the holidays. everything is more expensive.
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gas is ridiculous. he was like i don't really have an answer in the near term. >> jessica: gas prices and empty shelves. people understand that. not during the height of a pandemic, in the midst of whatever this new normal is that we're going to be living through in perpetuity. i've been talking to past few weeks on the show about the importance of the president at least owning what's going on. i think that was an important element of this. that there was -- it was him talking to a journalist, people wanted him to get interviewed. he got interviewed. questions from the audience. i don't think this answer was sufficient for people because they're still going to be saying, well how can you -- you said inflation would be a near term problem. ron klain said that. that doesn't seem like it's the case. what are we going to do? one thing that i thought was great though in that he explained the mechanics of getting a bill passed. he talked about how he doesn't have the votes to get the filibuster reform. there were three holdouts.
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we think it's joe manchin hand kyrsten sinema. kyrsten. >> kennedy: they're both kyrsten. >> jessica: so i thought that was interesting. but that answer won't satisfy the american people but i appreciate that he took the question because they were waiting. >> jesse: he took it from a stacked audience. those were hand picked people. three democrats -- >> jessica: they weren't always democrats. >> kennedy: two independents. very few republicans. >> jessica: two republicans. >> jesse: you know it and i know it. >> kennedy: and they were at the very end when nobody is watching anymore. the president had something interesting to say in terms of vaccines and freedom. watch this. >> should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and if not, should they stay at home or let go? >> yes and yes. the two things that concern me, one are those that just try to make this a political issue.
2:20 am
freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. no, come on. freedom. >> kennedy: yeah. come on, freedom. it's a great thing. he has it wrong here, dagen? >> dagen: what a unifier. what a warm person who is really bringing the country together. he's clearly trapped in a bubble surrounded by socialists. because he's still sticking to the dirty unwashed trump voter is the one that is unvaccinated. can we get kyrie irving on the horn to make sure it's not an issue of race or political persuasion, number 1. number 2, does he know that people that are vaccinated can get covid? are they a danger as well to the rest of us? again, it's just divisive unnecessarily. one thing that does unite the american people is listening to this person stand up there incoherent, talking out of his
2:21 am
ass about thesh that natural guard helping out truckers which the white house had to backtrack or telling the god awful american truth to the american people. the high gas prices are design. it's to push electric vehicles. this is -- day one, they killed the keystone pipeline and a moratorium on new drilling. you have the federal reserve and other agencies strong arming financial firms to not invest in energy projects. i could go on. i won't. this is not a bug in the system. this is the feature. >> kennedy: absolutely. one of the features is the way that joe biden just stood there with two fists. i know you went to medical school. >> greg: yeah. that's called the corn holeo. it's a disorder that you get
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from watching beavis and butthead during the 90s. this calls for a halloween analogy. the biden white house has become the home that for got to buy halloween candy. so they're turning out the lights and pretending they're not there, right? mayor pete is under the bed. kamala is in the closet. he's talking to a bush. there's no head on this horseman. the only thing i can think of, he -- maybe he hasn't realized this. we realized this. the woke left contingent controlling him has no solution in a time of crisis. diversity training, practice nouns, racial politics. you can dab until that stuff when times are great. when times are not great, they suck. joe just assumed that someone would take care of these things. there's no one in his group. you actually do need moderate democrats and republicans to help you out. without them, you can't
2:23 am
require -- you can't expect wokesters to operate heavy machinery. there's nothing in the playbook and inflation or tax rates or supply chain issues. right? it's only about ridicule and race. that's where we are. america is on auto pilot. right? doesn't it feel that way? >> jesse: it does. >> greg: there's no head on it. we're the government. america is the government. we can do whatever we want now. if everybody says screw this, we're not going to do the mandates, it could happen. >> jesse: we can do whoever we want. >> greg: it's time for the purge, jesse. >> kennedy: they don't have an answer to one thing. the fact that they don't have an answer to any of them and all happening at once. god help us. a ridiculous new excuse from president biden about why he hasn't been to the southern border. talk about that next. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> dagen: we know why president biden has been to the border. he's way too busy? >> do you plans to i have have it the southern border. i have been there before. i know it well. i guess i should go down. but the whole point of it is, i haven't had a lot of time to get down. i've been spending time going around, looking at 900 billion of damage done by hurricanes and floods and weather and traveling around the world. but i plan on -- my wife jill has been down. >> dagen: oh, good. the white house got testy after
2:29 am
being pressed on biden's climb that he has visited in the past without any evidence. >> peter, as you may have seen, there's been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008 and he's certainly familiar with the fact and it stuck with them, the fact that in el paso, the border goes right through the center of town. >> does that count as a visit? he said i've been there before. you're saying he drove by for a few minutes? does that count? >> what is the root cause? where are people coming from that are coming to the border, people? >> dagen: greg, she blamed trump. he drove through the border. 50 years in politics and he drove through. >> greg: does that count? i actually went to turkey once because i had a connection there. you ever do that? you count where you've been -- >> kennedy: a state. >> greg: yeah. no, i just went to the gift shot and waiting for my next flight. part of me says the less he
2:30 am
does, the better. he's still doing stuff. that's the problem. if he was a bumbling consultant hired because he's your uncle's best friend, that would be fine. but he's in charge of stuff. i should be happy that the country is on auto pilot but maybe it's not on auto pilot. maybe there's somebody in the cockpit and driving this plane into the ground. maybe they actually know what they're doing. >> dagen: it's somebody in the gally nipping at the sauce and there's nobody in the cockpit. why would he go at this point? he will be greeted by the people that are trying to enforce the laws of the country. the border patrol vilified falsely by biden, border patrol and horseback, all of the ranchers that are now packing heat wherever they go because people are like swarming over their land. he would get chants of "let's go brandon" for sure.
2:31 am
>> jessica: a good friday laugh, kennedy. going to the border, making immigration -- this is exactly from the southern border -- is not something that democrats tend to do. that's a fact. it's nothing that they want to run on. it's been for decades. donald trump loved going to the border. he's going there since he hasn't been president and he doesn't go to places he doesn't want to go. he doesn't show up in flint michigan to talk about the water quality. he -- >> jesse: he has gone to chicago when they were in chicago. he should have gone and seen the south side. he does events like he said -- >> jessica: he's only been in the office for eight months. >> jesse: he should have drove to mexico to do a political event and flew out. that's going to the border? >> jessica: that's your priority. that's what you think -- >> jesse: the country's priority. >> jessica: it's not the number 1 priority. >> jesse: it's the number 2 issue facing this country.
2:32 am
you're a polster. you should know that. >> greg: are you a polster? >> jesse: she is. >> greg: i had no idea. she's pregnant. >> jesse: that was bad greg. where is good greg? >> dagen: do you have anything else to say? >> jesse: it's funny he says he's too busy to go to the border. he's been to camp david ten times, dagen. he's been to an international trips once. this week he had a three-day week. he took off friday and monday. i don't know what he's doing. he doesn't do anything. trump went somewhere. air force one sitting on the tarmac lonely has hell. i feel bad for air force one. come sit on me, joe. that's all air force one says. all he wants to do is go to scranton and michigan. there's other states to go to. >> kennedy: oh, he should go to the border. what is happening to human
2:33 am
beings at our southern border is awful and cruel. he's the president. he's signed a bunch of immigration executive orders that he backtracked on. he's relying on the trump immigration policy that is like leg humping. i said that because my dog -- >> jesse: one of his executive orders was to get back at trump. that's all it was. police call, emotional -- >> kennedy: you know what the remain in mexico policy is cogent. let's use that. they don't have a policy. they don't have a plan. they should have a plan. they have the votes. they can do something on immigration. if they don't get this bill passed, streamline the system so people can humanely enter this country so they're not passing through parts of central america to almost certain death and in many cases with kids unaccompanied being sexually abused. it's awful. they need to acknowledge that and that's one of the things --
2:34 am
another one of those things on top of inflation, the supply chain and afghanistan where they preebb tend everything is great. it's not great. it's horrible. >> dagen: i was surprised biden was not prepared to answer that question and did a crap job of answering it despite anderson cooper feeding him pureed food. >> jesse: dr. jill has been down there, bay again. when your wife goes -- >> greg: by the way, she's a medical doctor. she was probably there treating patients. >> jessica: i'm have the same degree and i'm a polster and i'm big. >> dagen: that's not what he meant. >> jesse: polster. >> dagen: a marine confronted by armed robbers. what happens next in the fastest. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> jessica: welcome back. it's time for the fastest. first up, a heart-stopping moment caught on camera. a quick thinking marine veteran stopped an armed robbery in a gas station. here's how he did it. >> i heard the door open aggressively. well, at that point, my sense tingled a little bit. i saw one person with a gun. they started yelling open the register. >> what was in the bag that you hit him with? >> two gatorades, two energy drinks and a snack. >> jessica: pretty incredible. fast moving. kennedy, could you have done that? >> kennedy: no. i don't think people should do that. he learned how to do that in the marine corps. most people will get shot and
2:40 am
killed and they failed. he practices this many of times. hello, james! >> greg: you're single. >> kennedy: and ready to mingle. >> jesse: we needed that guy on the set of the alec baldwin movie. >> greg: a callback. i watched that 400 times. i have seen it more times than larry elder selling relief factor, which i enjoy. >> kennedy: he's the governor of california now. >> greg: is he? >> jessica: i haven't heard that from a sane person. thank you. dagen? >> dagen: i think about like -- i talk a big game, but when it comes down to it, if i was in that situation, i would have hit the deck. >> jesse: i would have walked out the door. he was already walking out the door. if he hits the deck, it brings attention to yourself. >> jessica: that haunts you your whole life if you don't. >> greg: the guy that ran off, some friend. let his buddy go.
2:41 am
>> kennedy: the marine detained the guy with the gun until the cops came. there were two others. that took off. >> dagen: if i lived in yuma county, i would pack heat, which i don't have in new york city. >> greg: of course not. it's a felony. >> jessica: she's vending mens from japan are offering up random flights to domestic destinations. >> greg: that's all? that's all the information we get? >> jessica: did you read your packet? no. in japan, they have these fun vending machines that you don't know what you get. it's not like here where you pick what you want. and thin you get a flight. >> greg: has anybody been to japan? that's probably the cleanest thing you'll get. they have vending machines for everything from -- >> jessica: the ramen ones are delicious. >> kennedy: and royal milk tea
2:42 am
is the perfect combination in a can. you put your money in and they pop the top. it's the most delicious thing you'll put in your body. >> greg: i might try it. >> jessica: have you been to japan? you want a free domestic flight? >> jesse: i'm not going to japan. >> jessica: why? >> jesse: there's other countries on my list. i've been advised to not single out individual countries by name. >> jessica: by your lawyer. >> jesse: less learned. >> dagen: i don't do things on the fly. i get on an airplane if i really have to because i think about my brother who was stuck on a tarmac in 104-degree heat sitting next to a woman for 1 1/2 hours who had a gallon bag of hard boiled eggs. she sat there and peeled them one by one. i think i can't eat hard boiled
2:43 am
eggs even thinking about it and i don't want to get on a plane thinking about them. >> jessica: that is disgusting. last topic, a woman is suing kelloggs claiming the company has been misleading consumers over the types of fruit in frosted strawberry pop tarts. it has more apples and pears than strawberries. it feels american litigous. >> greg: i would sue over burning my mouth. the problem with a toasted pop tart, the outer area seems warm and you bite into it and fry the roof of your mouth. >> jesse: wait 30 seconds. >> greg: i can't wait. i don't even taste food anymore. goes in. >> jesse: you might have covid. could be a symptom. >> kennedy: you know, it wasn't real marital acts taking lays. it was just -- >> jessica: what is happening now. >> kennedy: it's fake
2:44 am
strawberry. everything -- >> jessica: apples and pears. >> kennedy: who cared. fruit flavors life savers. you're going to sue them? >> greg: you're not going to save them. i did that once. the person drowned. >> dagen: they could choke, greg. i choked on one. >> jessica: this is over. fan mail friday is up next. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ before you go there, or fist bump there, or... oh! i can't wait to go there! or reunite there, start here. walgreens makes it easy to stay protected wherever you go.
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. ♪♪ >> greg: that's match game. remember gene rayburn had a tiny microphone? terrible. fan mail friday. let's start. kennedy, you're out of control. what unnecessary product -- this is from frenchy -- what unnecessary product or service do you consider necessary? i have a great answer for this. let's go to you, kennedy. something that is -- i'm product or service? unnecessary? >> kennedy: dagen and i talked about this last weekend. a bike fit. i think a bike fit where you go to a bike fitter around they mae
2:49 am
sure you. it's expensive and takes a lot of time so you can ride your bike perfectly. >> jesse: like getting fitted for golf clubs. >> greg: good analogy. >> jesse: i was thinking massage. necessary but definitely necessary. >> greg: i don't know why you're saying it that way. >> jesse: it's like self-care. you have to take care of yourself. >> greg: this is a family show. don't talk about that. this is not cnn jessica? >> jessica: choking on pop-tarts. >> greg: i thought you were going to have a baby for a minute there. >> jesse: i got it, i got it! i'm sorry. i'll take it. >> jessica: kennedy will be delivering the honor. jesse will be filming. >> jesse: that wasn't discussed. okay. >> jessica: moving on. nail art. i am obsessive about intricate
2:50 am
japanese hand-painted nail art. they say it's distracting when i have like a wild design. makes me -- >> jesse: you have it here. >> jessica: i do. >> jesse: looks like the pop tart. >> dagen: i look like i've been digging up asphalt in the street with my bare happened. orchids. they're part of my process. >> jessica: yes. >> jesse: for the win. >> dagen: they're beautiful. >> greg: i still have an ipod. i have an ipod. i have everything. >> dagen: the wheel? >> greg: and i'm going to use it tonight on the ride home. >> jesse: you use it tonight for whatever you want. big guy. self-care. >> greg: pervert. >> jesse: you're sick. >> greg: what youthful activity do you wish you could still do? i'm not going to you, kennedy. dagen, youthful activity? >> dagen: a split. >> greg: a split?
2:51 am
>> dagen: i learned hugh to to splits in college watching "golden girls" during the day. it was like my trick at parties where i could run and leap and land in a split. i wish i could do that. i'm not revealing why. >> jesse: what was your party trick, kennedy? >> kennedy: i miss my mess taplism. i would eat four carmelos in one sitting. >> greg: that kills me. i also can't jog. >> jessica: all of the things that has been listed. gymnastics i gave up early. i was too tall. >> kennedy: i thought you meant in your pregnancy. >> jessica: this was not related to that. since you mentioned it. >> greg: jesse, youthful activity you wish could you could do. >> jesse: basketball. i can't dribble or shoot. i lost it. >> jessica: were you good? >> jesse: i wasn't very good to begin with. >> greg: i would say hitting on
2:52 am
chicks. >> jesse: did you used to do that? >> greg: i've been married. almost 20 years. like 15. i don't remember. >> jessica: you round up? >> greg: yeah. she rounds down. >> jesse: you better get that right before you get home. >> greg: one more thing is next. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ on ancestry i discovered more about my great-great-grandfather baptiste caretto. ancestry threads all of the little facts together into a narrative so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ♪ ♪
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together into a narrative so you get to feel like you've never seen anything quite like it. we've never created anything quite like it. the all-electric, all-mercedes eqs.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. greg. >> greg: tonight a great show kennedy is on. a second dose of that just like the vaxx and tom shillue. i haven't made this noise. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ >> greg: you know, i just want to be as happy as this little
2:57 am
fellow is. when i hear music, i get into the groove, look at that listen to his favorite -- probably the new album all acoustic. >> kennedy: king buzzo. >> it has a beat. >> jesse: i know more about the melvins than you think. >> greg: i'm going to shut up now. >> jesse: i want to make an announcement very special day in my life tomorrow i would like to share with everybody here. it is national tv talk show host day tomorrow. and this is legit. holiday was created to pay frint to tv talk show hosts and appreciate their unique form of humor, entertaining stories spontaneous and timely political jokes. did i not write that this is true. here's how you can start celebrating tonight with me on tucker carlson. i'm going to be hosting the whole hour at 8:00 and then continue the celebration of tv talk show host tomorrow by watching "watters' world" at 8:00. kayleigh mcenany, sarah palin,
2:58 am
curt schilling who is one heck of a guy and kacie mcdonnell at 8:00. check that out. kennedy? contend kennedy that was very sane. wonderful. have you ever wanted to live in a real life part of typically boy? charity bike ride in new jersey. oh my god, that was a deer that leapt into the race. knocked one cyclist down actually tumbled on the shoulder ran in the grass and everyone was fine which is miraculous because that could have ended very, very badly. >> jesse: fit for bikes that wouldn't have happened. >> greg: busted stuff there. >> jesse: good one, gutfeld. >> greg: thank you. >> jesse: kennedy you are done. >> kennedy: great prompter. i slur my words on the b block all good. your childhood is calling the iconic fisher-price chatter telephone pull toy adult upgrade preorder for short time tuesday
2:59 am
$60 now has a bluetooth connected hand set for grown ups. >> kennedy: isn't that awesome? >> jesse: i remember that. >> kennedy: every number you dial rotates the wheel. speakerring phone. at least i iphone nine hours. >> jesse: if you get it not until next year. supply chain. >> greg: thanks obama. >> jesse: biden. >> jesse: at least it's not a treadmill. dagen? >> dagen: guess what's made here in america america? bud, bud light, bud light seltzer. how about eggnog flavor. bud light seltzer. ugly sweater pack. comes out new flavor i have no idea what it tastes like. kennedy made me smuggle two warm cans of bud light seltzer into the movie theater on sunday night and i was really nervous about getting caught.
3:00 am
>> jesse: why? >> dagen: i had them in my sweatpants pocket. she had a bottle of bourbon in her backpack and i had two cans of seltzer in her backpack will. >> jesse: hard smeltser smuggled to watch silence of the lambs together? th ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ for the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly


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