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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 23, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues the night. laura ingraham is up next and we hope you have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> laura: all right, i am laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ins a gram angle. we are live from the campus of old ms.. the number 12 ranked rebels take on the lsu tigers in a legendary rivalry and the campus has alums from both teams flooding into town. former quarterback, eli manning
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and his family are in town and his jersey will be retired, it will be extremely emotional and hang next to the jersey of his father, another superstar who played 13 seasons in the nfl. the manning families beloved in oxford so a special time to be here. the energy here, the crowd is not. everybody knows who watches this show and listens to me, i'm a major ftc football fan in the tradition of football is just a huge part of life not just here in the south but across the midwest, the west coast, and once a week of freefall we
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gather together in our home at bars and stadiums and tailgate to cheer for our favorite team and it is what they call the old normal, it is called america and we told you i year and a half ago the tragedy of this pandemic wasn't just going to be measured in the number of lives lost but in how much of our culture and traditions we lose in the process. we want you a lot of powerful people would try to use the temporary covid crisis to create a new normal. they still have people masked up in blue state america and in areas of federal control and with few exceptions allowed babel excuse -- exclude you, fire you, even shame you for not complying with vaccine mandates. thousands of americans have been forced from the jobs in the past week although president biden last night said such concerns about vaccine mandates are overblown. >> i waited until july to talk about mandating because i tried
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everything else possible. the mandates are working. all the stuff about people leaving not true. you have a 90% vaccination rate. >> tell that the 1900 state employees in washington state now out of work or the 34,000 healthcare workers in new york who have been pushed out for refusing to get the jab and the list goes on and on. since the early days of the pandemic, how red state america did not bow down, patriotic hard-working americans fought to preserve their pre-pandemic lives. this willingness to fight for our freedom, maintain our traditions, defied the experts who weren't elected to anything, to make decisions for ourselves, all this the lefty tests and
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biden doesn't understand. >> things that concern me, one are those who try to make this a political issue, freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. come on, freedom. >> ever heard of president of the united states talk about freedom in such a pejorative manner before. his own cdc concedes that you can spread the virus whether you are vaccinated or not. democrats love calling everything an emergency, covid is an emergency climate is an emergency, racism is an emergency, because when you call something an emergency, it gives washington more power. football, especially college football would be superspreader events.
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all of us ignored them. we knew the science or outdoor transmission better than doctor fauci did. despite his prestigious degrees and all of his titles is the mass outbreaks that were predicted did not happen thankfully. the south and the heartland far harder than the rest of the country to keep our schools open, to keep our churches open, to keep our county fair's going and to keep college football going. and they did that no matter what the experts said. >> doctor fauci says it is dangerous to gather at a game like this. why are you doing it? >> in my opinion there is no
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doctor fauci. there's just people having a good time enjoying life and living life the way we should live it. >> you are not worried about fauci? >> need to come to oxford, take his mask off and enjoy again. >> doctor fauci says it is not a great idea to go into a stadium. >> that's the craziest thing i ever heard. >> we live too long isolation and suffering from it. you only live once, don't be scared of living. >> we understand that americans have an inherent right to self-determination. that means we understand that life is filled with risk and we also know that we manage those risks better than washington dc ever could. think about college football, you have the school song, the chants, the cheers and the parties before the game that adds to all the atmosphere but
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in the end results matter. stats are meticulously analyzed, tvs, interceptions, passing and rushing yards and in the end either win or lose but in politics, other than on maybe election day you can insulate yourself from scrutiny despite repeated screw ups, faulty predictions, fumbles, you get the point. if you are a liberal, if you are woke that usually means 0 accountability. that only seems to make them angrier by the way that they have no accountability and get more resentful along the way. tonight and tomorrow across the united states we are all going to be having fun with family and friends and we are going to be getting ready to root for our team. they will make mistakes but we are going to remain loyal and hopeful about next season was part of the tradition the left hates about america. they like tearing down our traditions i say life is too short to be as unhappy and
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miserable as they are. i've never seen anyone hate their own team as much as the left hates america. feeling the excitement tonight it reminds me of a quote by an alum who said we might not win every game but we've never lost a party. and in the end we might even, might even invite doctor fauci. here with me now. i'm so excited, mississippi river -- governor kate reed, you've been in the excitement the last couple days. i thought tuscaloosa was crazy until i came to oxford. mississippi has been vilified, ridiculed in the press for not bowing down to the covid tyrants yet your state has a 5.5%
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unemployment, places like new york city over 10%. your thoughts on this period? >> it has been a challenging time but the reality is we've done it right because we focused not only on saving lives but protecting livelihoods. it is great to have you here. was we think as rural america and a football fan like yourself with us and you will see a great football game. laura: you people out there watching. when you watch what is happening across the country we have been telling people for over a year the recovery could be led and would be led by the red states including mississippi, here's proof. the bureau of economic analysis reported real gdp for the state increased at an annual rate of 6.9% in the first 1:45,021 and
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mississippi surpassed prerecession level of real gdp before the united states did. and we started getting ready for the show tonight i didn't know that fact, you won't read that in the new york times or the washington post, but you guys are cruising in mississippi. >> no doubt we are seeing great economic growth, gdp growth, more capital investment. last year in 2020 during covid 19 we actually saw capital investment exceed $1.9 billion in our state which was twice the average of the last eight years. we are seeing people around the country looking at mississippi and other red states because we've been open for business. we have a business friendly climate, a great place to visit. you mentioned new york city, great american city, you can't find better restaurants than you find here anywhere in new york city.
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>> it was real good. there are some head ones from washington. he is president biden's solutions the rising gas prices. >> the cost of gas, $3.30 a gallon, down in the single digits, one dollar plus. i don't have a near-term answer but it is going to be hard. laura: how about drilling and releasing permits for new drilling, they decided not to deliver a drilling permits, that is part of it. >> president biden doesn't have a near-term solution to any of america's challenges, he made it perfectly clear. the reality is gas prices are going up is a direct result of policies of the biden administration. gas prices were low the entirety of the four years -- laura: he blamed saudi arabia saying some people in the middle east wants to hear from me. >> blame the private sector, he wants to blame anybody but the
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policies he has pushed upon americans over the last year. america was energy independence under donald trump. this administration like it has in so many areas tried to change the direction of the country and hard-working mississippians, hard-working americans are the ones paying the bill. laura: how important was it to have full stadiums at college football games this fall? you played last year, you have full stadiums, 100,000 people packed into stadiums, how important a message is that to the spirit of america? >> msnbc and doctor fauci had their way we would play tomorrow's game with no one in the stadium. the reality is we have to get back to normal in america, recognize that itself this is part of life. we go to church on sunday and college football games saturday and we are getting back to
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normal in mississippi. laura: governor. which is more of an essential service, football or church? great to see you. the science regarding coveting kids is crystal-clear, they are less likely to contract, spreader suffer serious instances of the disease than adults. we've known every 2 months but despite the overwhelming evidence president biden was pushing shots for kids as young as 5 years old on cnn last night. >> unlike past administration science will dictate this. over 800,000 sites right now exist in america where you can go get a vaccine. you're going to be a will to do that with your children particularly we will try to work it out to deal with child care centers and those of you who have children, brothers or sisters between that age
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category above 12, get the vaccine for them, get the vaccine. laura: here in oxford they are following the fact that the data. oxford school district superintendent bradley robertson recently ended the mask mandate saying we have to consider the low risk of transmission versus high risk of learning loss, if only more school officials followed his lead. joining me is trent kelly his district include oxford. great to see you tonight. it must be refreshing to be represented by people who want the best for the population and consider the science. >> absolutely. that is wrong, they want to consider the science and then they don't and when people do they want to throw rocks and it is bad on our kids to have to wear these masks all day long, inside, outside, follow the
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science. if it makes sense do it, if it doesn't don't punish these kids. laura: we've known for a long time the children are much less likely to die of covid's in any number of other serious communicable diseases but it doesn't look like the left and democrats want to let go of the mask issue for the foreseeable future. a friend of mine said in 2020 for the democrats will undoubtedly be wearing masks at their convention, that is three years from now. >> it shows control, they like mandates because it shows control and it doesn't matter, children aren't dying, we are going to vaccinate 5-year-olds but we don't care about tens of thousands of people coming across the border, testing or making sure they are vaccinated but make a 5-year-old -- laura: i was thinking about this today, they are in power, have the house and the senate, a lot of statehouses, the presidency, a lot of judgeships, they seem
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really angry. these are happy people here, these are kids and adults and fans, are american people who want to be left alone by the federal government if at all possible. the left is so unhappy and angry, why do you think that is? >> because they are not exercising control over americans. what all the masks, they don't care about the border, what is wrong in afghanistan, they don't care about elation formulations, they want to talk about things that take away the freedoms of god and patriotic loving americans. laura: they are angry the football has resumed and there's no superspread. >> i love football. the fans love football. laura: we've got our own raymond
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arroyo to folks around oxford. is what he found. >> what about tailgating. they tailgating is a big threat. >> is part of america. if you want to tailgate, personal choice, do what you want to do and have fun. >> it is happening. i don't think it is that big a deal because my wife and i were vaccinated. we have no fear about it. that's the reason for getting vaccinated. laura: i discover what the running of the tents is all about. plus two series explore what it means to be american is what makes this country great. don't go away. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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easy? -easy? switch your xfinity services to your new address online in about a minute. that was easy. i know, right? and even save with special offers just for movers. really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm here right at i'm here at the grove where people tailgate and people say it is really crowded here. this massive crush of people. before the big lsu game it is pretty quiet, not seeing any activity, and a lot of activity.
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♪♪ let's go brandon ♪♪ let's go brandon ♪♪ laura: why is tonight? laura: give me your strategy. you know exactly where you are going. i'm worried about your health. if it means broken bones, sprain, turned ankle, was it worth it? if you don't get the spot and somebody else gets the spot you wanted to you go back? >> that's not going to happen. the running of the tents on the grove is more likely, the running of the bulls, it is no joke. never get between a college football fan and tailgating.
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speaking of which, tailgates are not just a good time but quintessentially american. my next guest sees them as a window to the soul of the country. joining me is clay travis, and debut tomorrow. how are you? why aren't you in oxford with me? >> i will be in oxford a couple weeks but we are doing a cool event, that looks amazing and i know how incredible it will be tomorrow because i've been in the road all fall and we are having incredible time and i hope people will love the documentary behind-the-scenes of sec football, the pageantry of it all but we are doing a really cool thing for the college football pregame show tomorrow, we will be at mcbrien's bar
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raising money, lukacs if you died of a congenital heart condition and since then they made their quest to raise as much money to fight. card conditions through the foundation so look bright will be with me tomorrow talking college football, and are something fox is doing and i can't wait to be part of it. >> we have such a great group, can't wait to watch tomorrow morning and the whole idea of people gathering together again, being together, packed stated, last year wasn't the same. it was a small crowded city. how important psychically is it to have this completely locked and loaded with people every
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single weekend? >> you said don't get between college football fans and their tailgate, that is exactly what doctor fauci did and what college football fans finally did is said we are going to get back to normalcy, some of our stadiums, have a full abnormal life and all the people that expert know what i'm talking about. i'm born and bred in the south, i know how important a the culture it is to be in big for football stadiums celebrating your team and the only way we get back to normalcy is by kicking the ass of fear and that is what football oftentimes is all about. when we come together on a saturday rooting for our special teams and their favorite teams and everyone is in those crowded stadiums, not a mask to be seen, hi5ing everybody around you, that is how we reclaim american normalcy, how we kick doctor fauci's as and i'm so glad college football, nfl fans have led the way back to the will see in this country.
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>> you cannot say it better than that, good luck tomorrow, we will be watching, small southern town dominating in football, taking back the airwaves. we have a definitive list of the top 20 radio talk shows in the country, no show on that list has ever originated from outside a big city until now. joining me is the host of our american story that broadcasts from oxford, mississippi, you and i started the radio show all those years ago. your show is a huge success that you are a my cousin vinny deal, you came from new jersey and relocated here. what is so great about mississippi? >> you spent the day, welcome to
12:28 am
america by the way. you and i live in dc. i told you i couldn't stand the place and couldn't wait to be out of the place. i'm a refugee from the north coming home to his own country. >> what is incredible about the south as it is not political, people think it is so politically this or that, no, it is just people being together and i to to to the show about college football because it is not political. i'm political but the football wasn't, family, friends, little bit of faith and a little bit of prayer that i hope siemens. >> telling positive stories about a good and beautiful people and this is a good and beautiful country. my lebanese grandparents and sicilian grandparents did not come here because it is a white supremacist nation noted my kenyan friends, chinese friends, mexican friends. is a beautiful country, not a perfect country. every night, 2 hours a night we tell stories about america's past, present and we told a beautiful story about barbra
12:29 am
streisand because in the end what kind of a life is that the poor jewish girl in brooklyn goes to a heiskell and because of intellectual property rights, meritocracy she rises to be the greatest star in the world and has worked $600 million, what a story and we celebrate her story, henry ford's story and the show is a runaway hit in large measure because it comes from small-town america and most people live in small-town america, you know what i know people from small towns go to those big cities, stay for a little while and then come back home. there is something special about small-town, you know each other, can't abuse each other and don't want to be the jerk in town so we get along because we need to. we are going to bump into each other over and over. laura: i got run over on the grove earlier. they do run over you. politics is such a dominating force in our lives. you've done so much with education over the years in your
12:30 am
show is about educating america. how important is it that schools get back to teaching and not propagandizing, you just wrote a piece that's going to be published in newsweek on social studies in america. >> social studies teachers a weapon rising education for activism and advocacy to which i say because the community organizer, run for office. i've nothing against people express their opinions but your job is not to indoctrinate, it is to tell people who thomas jefferson was. he didn't just own slaves, hero the declaration of independence, had a formidable part in what outlet slavery in northern territories and expanded territories and created a revolution which started the abolition of slavery, it was white countries mostly but for haiti that started this revolution of the ending of human bondage, and christians played a fundamental part in the abolition movement so tell the whole story, yes, thomas jefferson owned slaves, he was a flawed man. we are flawed the judgment the context of his time. we do that every night. >> you are saying a while ago,
12:31 am
the netflix controversy, how many shows on netflix future an evangelical or devout christian of some sort in any prominent role. i was racking my brain, maybe i'm missing one or 2. >> last time i could think of a priest playing a positive role, in grand torino there's a good priest on the waterfront is the last time. talking 1954. netflix doesn't feature a priest or pastor or small business owner or business owner as a protagonist in any of their work, they are always the bad guy. did it is dissident from how we live our life. >> antithetical to who we are. so great to see you. congratulations on your success. here's a little more from raymond.
12:32 am
>> some experts who say tailgating is dangerous because of the pandemic. are you worried? >> i'm not vaccinated, i will have a good time and enjoy life, if god will take me out it will be his terms, not doctor fauci. >> we are trying to bring the and if anything can bring the country back it is college football. the ftc is particular, they led the way. >> do you think the south is leading the way back to normalcy? >> of course. what it should be like a football games are not about all these rules and stuff. do what you want and have fun. if you are worried don't come. laura: he also asked some game goers what they think of biden's cognitive state. we will show you the most concerning moments from that townhall, friday follies next. n,
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>> laura: it's friday and that me laura: it is friday that mean is time for friday follies and for that we turn to our friends fox news contributor raymond arroyo. welcome to mississippi. you have been watching the president over the last few days and there were some overlooked follies. >> president biden's gas, prior practically monday through friday folly. when he is really in a pickle, saying things that are untrue he can always rely on some help from his friends. >> when we had $1.9 billion.
12:39 am
>> los angeles -- what my doing here? >> long beach. >> long beach, thank you. >> reporter: these were two of the milder fumbles, the white house spent much of the day trying to clean this up. these are untrue statements. the president told anderson cooper he was going to deploy the national guard to relieve the supply chain constipation. they can't do that. the white house said we don't plan to do it and that is the governor's prerogative and this is even worse, he has been down to the border. he hasn't been down to the border since 2008 when he was on the campaign trail and drove up from the southern border. laura: he says i have been busy, traveling, the hurricanes, i know the border. this weekend he's going to have
12:40 am
been in delaware the weekends. >> they get shaky, they look at this, his agenda stalled on capitol hill. in addition to these statements the body language, it was downright frightening, the president zoned out, looking at his shoes, you watch and see. >> the build back better plan, the clean electricity performance program has been dropped from the spending bill. >> president biden: it will be approved, a much smaller dose. the same dose but a smaller dose. >> the same dose but a smaller dose. i can't translate. what is this thing, is it rock them sock them or about to drive an imaginary car over anderson.
12:41 am
laura: they are gripping, gripping to reality your what they know. >> what real voters feel about this. you take the car keys away from someone. we gave him the nuclear codes. i decided to go out to the streets in oxford and ask what they made of this. describe for me president biden's cognitive state in one or 2 words? always. >> the nicest thing i can think of. >> putting. >> i am concerned for him. behind-the-scenes he's not running a country. >> if that was my dad i wouldn't want him out there like that. i would want to protect him.
12:42 am
>> i am being literal when i say this. >> like last night when he was going through his spiel and couldn't stop. >> does it concern you his cognitive state? >> it is overlooked and glossed over but is a serious issue. >> reporter: give me your sense of president biden cognitive ability. your turn. >> i'm not going to - >> president biden: not a joke. >> reporter: it is sad. it is sad that americans feel this way about their commander in chief and this is why politico filed a complaint with the white house. he is only some nine interviews since taking office. trumpeted 57.
12:43 am
obama did 151. biden is incapable of that give and take. laura: it was a phone a friend with anderson cooper. every time president biden forgot where he was going anderson pulled him back. come on. dinner is at 4:30. >> reporter: 100,$000 pyramid. the border. laura: it was elder abuse. good to see you. are you rooting? >> reporter: i'm not rooting for anybody. don't tell me. laura: at liberal arts colleges. professors across the country are being targeted by the world,. we will hear from a journalist
12:44 am
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[cheers and applause] >> laura: welcome back laura: welcome back to the ingraham angle. it is great to be here on college football weekend. we have a new story about a conservative professor who claims to be the target of the liberal mob here at oxford. mark berson claims he was accosted by school administrators after two students accused him of racism. his sin, uttering the phrase china virus in class. professor, walk us through what happened. >> we've got to step back a
12:50 am
little, with the parents on campus. i'm the faculty advisor for turning point usa and i don't think many people knew that until will with arrived on campus. he has a podcast and quite a following. he speaks on campus. i'm associated with turning point usa next day i received an email from the university's equal opportunity and regulatory compliance office saying i front a foul of the word police by using the phrase china virus. what is interesting is i don't think i ever used the word china virus. i use the term china. . i was invited to be part of a
12:51 am
conversation to take place two days later. the following day in class my graduate students notified me i had been removed from the class schedule. laura: your teaching the class. >> for the spring of 2022. i have been removed. laura: what happens then? >> i have my meeting with the director of the eo rc and she informs me the term china flew is a racial slur and so i must be a racist teacher. laura: what did you say to that? >> i asked if the virus was from china and she said yes and i asked if it was a virus and she said yes, and i said did i violate any university policy? she said no but everybody knows it is racist and if you had chinese students in class you would have offended them.
12:52 am
i'm pretty good at recognizing chinese students or anybody with chinese in them because 26 years ago i adopted a little baby that was one quarter chinese. i know someone from china when i see them and nobody in the class is from china. but that didn't seem to matter. i was still in violation of some policy. laura: there is a middle eastern respiratory virus, that wasn't racist to say that, that was the official name of it. what is really going on? in a place like ole miss that is all conservative and all great, it is not all great because there are forces in these universities, liberal arts and journalism school and beyond that want to wokeify the whole place. is that true? >> i'm a uniform in farley hall, the home to journalism, a conservative professor and make
12:53 am
no apologies for the worldview i hold. i believe in the sanctity of life, the sovereignty of the individual, we are all created equal and in god's image. laura: i have to read what ole miss, we asked them for a statement in the city the university of mississippi welcomes all points of view on our campus and do not discriminate based on political points of view. he is scheduled to teach in the spring. that is their response. >> that is half true. my graduate classes been removed. i expect the classes i'm still on the schedule for will bring removed as well. laura: it says you are still scheduled to teach in the spring. >> i am, two undergraduate classes. on september 9th i received an email from the department chair confirming my schedule. that i would be teaching two graduate classes and two undergraduate classes on october 11th, two of those
12:54 am
classes have been removed. laura: do you think this professor should be teaching at the school? yes? the right will ultimately prevail here, thank you for telling this story. when we come back i talked to some of the great fans on the crowd stay there. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. [cheers and applause] >> i am here with the crowd. they say that laura: i am here with the crowd. they say ole miss is going to win. are going to win? >> 100%. laura: how about your hat? it is going to come with you. why is college football important? >> important to our way of life, shows our freedom.
1:00 am
laura: a question. about your mask. >> i don't where it. laura: are you worried about doctor fauci? what about what you say to america from oxford? >> what's up? laura: all right, from oxford, mississippi. >> happy friday my fellow funky friday folks. what crazy week. bad things are happening, but it's okay because we're all in this together. first, last night's town hall. what did do we get from joe?


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