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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 22, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news at night. i am chinon bream in washington. breaking tonight, president biden spending the weekend at his delaware home while no whit house is in cleanout mode after a series of eyebrow raising statements during a cable news townhall. here is the white house press secretary trying to clarify her remarks he had regarding the southern border.
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>> why did president biden say that he has been to the border? >> peter, as you may have seen there has been reporting that h did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> a drive through, years ago, and, discovered that might even be an overstatement. as more schools try to cancel halloween in the name of equity and inclusion. they're are breaking new details , on the circumstances and a prop gun. that killed the director of photography and enjoyed the director. thursday nights and even town hall performance sent fact checkers scrambling. laura blanchard is digging into the details for us tonight. good evening, lauren. >> jen psaki had her work cut out for her clarifying or
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spending some of the answers that president biden gave to cn on thursday at. starting with why he hasn't gon to see the situation on the u.s mexican border himself. he does not need a visit to the border to see what a mess was left by the leicester ministration. >> speaking amasses, masses, th white house was in cleanout mod clarifying multiple statements made by the president during a cnn town hall thursday night like this one on if you'd been to the border. >> i been there before, i know it well, i guess i should go down. my wife jill has been downright she's been on both sides of the river, she seen the circumstances there. jill biden has been to the border, but it was in 2019, not recently the recent custom and border protection showed norley nearly to million encounters this year, the highest on record . the white house pointing to a biden border drive-by more then a decade ago. >> and she may have seen, there is reporting that he did drive
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through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> psaki had to clarify if the federal government would be calling on the national guard t drive delivery trucks to ease supply train issues. >> would you consider the national guard to help with thi issue? >> absolutely, positively i would do that right. >> we're not actively pursuing the use of the national guard o the federal level. >> here's what he said when asked about reports of increase aggressive behavior from china towards taiwan part. >> so you're saying the united states would come to taiwan's defense. >> we have a commitment to do that. current u.s. policy is one of strategic ambiguity, chinese foreign affairs ministries spokesperson scolded the resident for what many believe was a misspeak. >> be cautious with its words and issues on the taiwan issue and not to send any to the separatist forces of taiwan. >> he's not intending to convey a change of policy nor has he made the decision to our policy
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brit could get the also overstated the in purchasing this doses. much was done. >> the president also making waves at his beach house in delaware. critics asking about homeland security potentially being for the construction of offense the are, but not along the southern border with mexico. what can you tell us? >> it is creating a splash. president biden is spending the week and back home in delaware. his 2.7 million-dollar rehobeth beach house, they're getting a brand-new $455,000 fence around upright that number according t usa, construction of the fence is already underwa and said to be finished by the end of the year. critics are quick to point out the president hasn't wanted to spend a dime for fencing projects at the u.s. other border even as i mentioned earlier he has the highest
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numbers of illegal crossings ever, but homeland security did award half a million dollar contract to protect a president beach house. >> we'll see you again in just few minutes. thank you. alec baldwin has exposed his condolences to the family of th woman he reportedly shot accidentally and killed with a prop gun on a new mexico movie set. they're are new details in the investigation into exec would happen. the very latest for as good evening, matt. >> we have new portions after h followed accidentally shooting to people and killing one. >> to people accidentally shot on a movie set by prop gun, we need help immediately. >> so it was a real bullet? >> i cannot tell you that part. >> baldwin was at the they obtain so they could document the film set where the shooting
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took place. the prop gun involved was taken into evidence. records revealing and assistant director handed baldwin a loade weapon and announced that it wa not loaded. moments later baldwin hired the gun, she was shot in the test and killed. director joel sousa standing behind her shot in the shoulder but expected to be okay. hutchins was considered a risin star and was reportedly advocating for more safety on the troubled movie set. hutchins called colleagues that she forgave coworkers for mistakes and encourage them to do they're best. >> there was never a note from her, and i think it was this kind of easy-going personality. at the same time, working it wa incredible work great. >> the "l.a. times" now recording several accidental gu
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discharges recently on the site including two rounds fired from a gun he was told is not loaded. we half-dozen camera crew workers or walked off to protes working conditions just hours before the baldwin shooting. a union representing the produc master said they shot was alive single round. the santa fe sheriff's office releasing a statement this investigation remains open and active, no charges have been filed in regards to this incident, witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives. baldwin tweeting, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness i am fully cooperating with the police investigation t address how this tragedy occurred. and a prop gun can be anything from a toy to a real firearm we will keep you updated on this. to get the supreme court is tracking a pair of legal challenges to the states new la
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that bans most abortions after heart beat is detective roughly six weeks into her pregnancy. unusually expedited schedule, restart due next week and they will be held the following monday november thirst first. they want to get to the more procedural in nature examining whether the federal government has the ability or the right to sue states, state officials, an private individuals in order to stop enforcement of the texas law. that will not be blocked in the leap meantime. celebrating that move tonight s that justice called the move devastating. the blame game is in full swing after who's at fault for the worsening supply chain crisis a the port of los angeles. national correspondent who is digging into the complex proble and its many possible culprits. >> as a truck driver i think it's important. >> ten days after he promised t speed things up, congestions at the ports is we're spread. >> it's like ten lanes of
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freeway traffic into fibrous. >> in the water and outcome of that traffic piles up at america's largest port, a recor 109 ships wait to offload their cargo. forcing the rest is simply drif into waters while upside san pedro bay. and the supply chain, right now there's no evidence it has spread. >> it's basically placating the public due to saying that were actually doing something. >> a shortage of warehouse workers is one problem, the other, a lack of test is to hau containers. >> the extra for five hours tha the ports are going to be open, they can be empty in the extra time they're doing here. they're only allowing container to go out that are already that's my whole problem. >> containers stack up at the ports, the economy slows great
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businesses get hurt. >> companies are losing money because they're not able to get products on themselves. >> they're is no creative way for a quick fix to this problem right now until the goods, both the end-user goods and the components get into the country and get into the factories and the manufacturer stands. until then, we're going to star running out of things fred. >> who do you think and do more? >> the container ship revolutionized the way the worl moves cargo. it fueled the rise of china and are dependent on that. the supply chain overwhelmed an there are no silver bullets anytime soon. >> because of challenges like that, white house officials
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could felt compelled to clarify multiple comments he made durin thursday night's town hall. the dream team panel, along wit the cochair of project 21, horace cooper. welcome back to both of you, telemann. >> i want to play around up in the mainstream media in january of 2021 around inauguration tim about what they said we would get with this new president, jo biden. >> president joe biden making i clear the administration will b nothing like his predecessors with a focus on truth, science, and transparency. >> transparency, and truth. >> we're return to normalcy has the truth and transparency now part. >> as the biden white house vowed transparency and truth when sharing information with the american people. >> as this white house promises to bring truth and science back to the white house. >> the valuing that youth.
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>> against that backdrop, it hurt a reporting for more blade are talking about the number of statements the white house is addressing the president made last night. also this comes from some fact checking that was also done on with the president said last night and we will just let that be up there for people to see. they talk about all kinds of different claims in context or they just actually weren't true. would you make of that because we were told lots of transparency lots of truth, and last night, there was a lot of head scratching. >> this has been nothing like the trump administration. we have gasoline at the highest price that most people have see in almost a generation. we have inflation running rampant. we have a creation of an artificial attack on employment that is worse than what happene with the obama care employer mandate. we are actually making people move from the towns and states that they live to places that
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aren't as direct an en and the vaccine mandate and the passports associated with it ar doing almost the thing. the 100 person employee rule is really going to restrict job growth. this is the exact opposite of the kind of amazing economic opportunity that the american people saw. it's no surprise that they are telling every poster they can find, this isn't what we expected. >> i will talk about that and just a second. you consult with preston trumka may he was accused many times o fact checking himself with hyperbole and he critics would say outright lies about some of the things he said. i know you have counseled him through that process, but it's now a new president and he's having to help deal with this. the poll shows that people don' have a lot of confidence in where the is going fred gallup has this report they say his
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average third-quarter job approval rating is down eight points from a second-quarter rating and 11 points from his first quarter. this is larger than any prior president risk register between his first and third quarters. do you have any advice for this president? ticket let me tell you, a real-life example of what you just illustrated their bright and was talking to somebody recently with whom i argued for five years about president trump . she was a true never trump her and she said to me recently, even though i'm still not a fan i would vote for trump today compared to that disaster we have been the white house. i believe we're seeing many people feel that way. you know, shannon, there are a lot of christians like myself that are disappointed in the result of the election, but the started to pray for president biden as the bible says we ough to pray, but over the last nine months as they watched him pursue this agenda, their prayers are changing in their praying now that biden will fai
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and fail spectacularly in this leftist agenda and i think thei prayers are being fulfilled as we watch the biden presidency implode before our very eyes. >> pastor, i'm sure you would delineate that we do pray for the person that they'll be safe and they'll be protected and guided to do what is right and have wisdom, if you don't like their agenda maybe that's a different thing, but i want to ask about vice president here i because she has a video out there being played at churches in virginia about the gubernatorial race very. >> in 2020 more virginians vote than ever before and because yo did, you helped send president joe biden and me to the white house. this year, i know that you will send your mcauliffe back to richmond. early voting has already starte great and this is the first yea that you can vote on sunday. so please, both after today's surface. >> pastor, you have posted
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high-profile candidates, political figures, eve got to b really careful. to me this video she sounds if it's being played in a church, it's advocating for a specific candidate. >> let me be clear, if those videos are played, it's illegal. it is wrong it violates every known irs regulation per eight we had vice president we follow the regulation, we didn't name him as a candidate, we didn't mention the election we didn't ask for a vote. here is to just the opposite. what makes this outrageous, shannon, is the double standard here because you've got the irs going after a conservative grou a few months ago, christians engage for simply saying you ought to vote you're biblical convictions right they say that's the same as voting republican convictions. it's a double standard at work right i'm going to make a prediction on your show tonight and i know what i'm talking about, within the next several months there is going to be som
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explosive evidence that comes t life that proves the internal revenue service is politicizing and it's being weapon eyes to g against conservative groups jus like it did in 2013. >> we did see a lot of that pra do you think any of these with very specific voting message fo a candidates are going to have audits or any other trouble in virginia? gig i don't think there's going to be any audits because the left never gets audited, but i'll tell you what, i feel sorry , i feel sorry for those parishioners that had to listen to that presentation. i mean it won't looks more like she's reading a hostage note than any actual genuine endorsement. shame on her for being a party to this and less of four she wa taken as a hostage. >> we have no note of any activity kidnapping in other or otherwise involving the vice president. we will let you know if any of that news comes in. great to see you both have a
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great weekend. >> thank you, shannon. >> thank you. as the democrats haggle amongst himself and ongoing to reach a multitrillion dollar social spending plan, the process of actually passing the bill is going to come down to budget reconciliations is somewhat wonky process that is here to his leg two from capitol hill. >> senators and filibusters virtually any bill you can bypass and filibuster with 60 votes, it's hard to wrangle 60 yeas in the senate, but you don't need 60 votes for budget reconciliation. >> at number one, the issue of reconciliation, which is to get it's confusing great reconciliation bill is exempt from a filibuster, it only need 51 votes to pass. airs the cats, only certain things qualify for a reconciliation bill. reconciliation is reserved for taxes and entitlements, fiscal
9:19 pm
issues, dc statehood cut doesn' qualify for reconciliation. immigration,. >> budget reconciliation is kin of like a sport, so you need certain types of equipment depending on the sport you're playing. if you're going to play baseball , you need a baseball. that have about this. a softball that may work if you're playing baseball, it's not unprecedented for lawmakers to use somewhat related legislative items in budget reconciliations so guess what, sophomore at my work for playin baseball reconciliation. here are some things that won't work. tennis ball, this, this really won't work great again, all balls, but we're playing baseball today. this is way out of bounds. but guess what? this does work. the baseball bat. we're playing baseball reconciliation, so this applies if we're playing baseball reconciliation.
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>> everybody needs to pick through is the pick their sport equipment out of the locker roo what would work for the referee. >> senate parliamentarian decides what is in or out fred. >> dividing by the ruling on th parlin terrien is essential to the function of the senate. even the man partly responsible for writing the reconciliation process in the 1970s said senators used reconciliation as a crutch fred. >> if there was anything i coul undo in my life it was ever helping free agents in the reconciliation process in the budget act freight it's now a monster and it's it showing its monstrous qualities repeatedly as it's used by both parties fred. >> reconciliation remains the only way this in the can seemingly test major legislatio which is why there is a push to on alter the filibuster. >> have a great weekend, thank you.
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and a free gym membership with locations nationwide. so call unitedhealthcare about the variety of plans we offer, including ppo plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, without a referral. enrollment ends december 7th. take advantage now. call or go online today. check out the talk in south lak tahoe, california, taking a casual dip, but then dropping i low and getting a master class and all things working. it looks like our friday night dance parties here after the show. 3 miles into a 26-mile charity bike ride when suddenly a deer crashed into a group of cyclist completely wiping one of them out right unfortunately the
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writer during the incident they were able to complete this greatly get this dear, flipping out int the brush over there. you do see the deer popped up i think at one point, but we know the writer was okay. and check out this german shepherd training to become a guard dog. what's the 19 week old just busting through the agility course in frankfort, kentucky. the lights and this sounds grea i write just like many of the other's training at the protection dog south of this. discourse was designed to the dog's confidence in their ability to handle very strange things. she nailed it. a much different story when it comes to this tag out emerging from a honeypot dressed as a beep. as she immediately began saying no thanks. her owners said it lasted about
9:28 pm
30 seconds and her insect get u she did not like the headpiece. did your pet dress up for halloween? send us your videos. we want to see them. five now, but check this out fo this is some of the highlights from when he was for tearing up the soccer field with this and all, his effortless quarterly abilities. they did start that stuff reall early. if you do have any videos of your soccer player of your cats and dogs in costumes hit us up on social media. >> the raging pandemic a largel wiped out trick-or-treating for millions of kids nationwide but this year it's not really the virus so much preventing young ones from dressing up and getting out there for candy critics say this time it's cancel culture. >> all across the country, schools are canceling halloween celebrations. this year not because of covid 19, but in the name of inclusivity. >> i know that it seems like
9:29 pm
we're just taking one more thin away from them, but you know, i think it's important that we make sure that everything we do in school is inclusive. >> in east lansing, michigan, they were notified the elementary schools there will n longer celebrate halloween or valentine's day in the classroo very letter that went out last week says each year, along with the halloween parties and premieres can we have families whose do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in halloween festivals. >> my initial thought was i'm s proud to be a part of this district fred. >> a similar situation is happening in seattle. where in elementary school is discontinuing its annual pumpkin . the principle of that school says several of our students historically opted for an alternate activity in the library while the pumpkin parad took place.
9:30 pm
this was an isolating situation and not consistent with our values of being an inclusive an safe place for all of our students. especially students of colors and those with a sensitivity to all the noise and excitement of the parade. one parent says it was just grandstanding on the part of th principal in a predominantly white staff fred. >> it helps bring people together, it helps unite the community, and has a lots of other good redeeming qualities that everyone benefits from. if this is the standard they apply, that anything that creates any kind of disadvantag for someone needs to be canceled , than we can use that reasoning to cancel everything brett figure riverside elementary school says it also plans to benefit instead of its typical halloween celebration and parade, the school instead will have a book bonanza were schools students will be encouraged to dress up as their favorite book characters freigh efforts of inclusivity will backfire and parents should hav
9:31 pm
more say in these decisions. >> the problem is these kids have friends and other schools who will be celebrating and they're going to be feeling all left out, so i guess equity mak sure everyone is equally miserable and bored. those progressive folks take over equity teams they take ove school boards, and they're making all of these decisions i large part like it happened her in seattle, without even consulting with the parents. >> in other news they cancel culture by become a he says his viral hit song with scope has been removed from due to medica misinformation. it's unclear which part of the lyrics they are referring to bu youtube says it's up for review. we will keep you updated. ♪ >> it is midnight snack time. we're bringing lauren blanchard back. apparently the topic tonight if you like to post pictures of
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your food on instagram, you're going to be a little fluffier. that's why i like to talk about weight gain it sounds a little nicer. >> i always fill guilty of this but if you're planning to pick up your phone, you may want to put your phone down when you pick up a fork. according to researchers at georgia southern university, if you're having a snack and decid i need to share this with the world, you might end up eating more feeling less full and wanting seconds. all of that can lead to weight gain researchers found when someone took photos of a small tasty snack it lead to stronger cravings and more enjoyment however something i wonder is i there is a small plate of healthy food so would taking that picture as bennett lead to i didn't think so. >> i have the intention sometimes you like what a great what mel. my husband is not down with taking pictures when you're out to eat. but then, when i take the picture it's like where there's
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just grabs and forks left and all the food is gone and it's not a pretty picture. >> realized my friend has more pictures of steak on this instagram than any pictures of me. >> in live on my phone, but the never come out because i get annoyed with it. >> i'd rather take pictures of my dog. >> could the definition of full vaccinated be about to change? what the cdc director is saying on that and how it could impact your status. that's next. ♪but i like it, i love it♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. do i need to pretreat my laundry? nope! with tide pods, you don't need to worry. applebee's. the pre-treaters are built in.
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>> is the cdc getting ready to read teacher defined the term fully vaccinated. the boosters continue rolling out to a wider population, the u.s. we need to update its
9:39 pm
definition for what it means to be fully vaccinated against covid 19. to talk about what that means, great to have you here doctor. >> hi, shannon. great to be back with you. >> let's play play a little bit and then you can explain and react for as. >> right now we don't have booster eligibility for people currently. we have not yet change the definition of fully vaccinated. >> eve got a lot of calls or questions about it today. they could be considered fully vaccinated. i think it's getting too far ahead of itself. when we give a vaccine, we trie to figure out how many shots yo needed that vaccine to be fully vaccinated.
9:40 pm
hepatitis a, hepatitis b is three shots by the way. shingles is to shots, each one is a different number of shots. with this, we did it in the middle of a pandemic and we're trying to figure out of many shots you need. they're is also the fact that the pfizer vaccine was trapped probably given to close togethe at the beginning so it may be the third shot while cement community. it's only been approved for 65 or above so she shouldn't be talking about that yet. down the road will figure out how many vaccines you need shot you need to cement immunity in than the word booster may go away. it's making people feel vulnerable shouldn't because what we know is that you're actually still quite protected against severe disease for a long time in almost all cases, especially with the they shots. i don't think we need to re- definition of terms yet. i don't think that's where we should go. we should just say to people more and more after six months,
9:41 pm
after you receive this i can shots, we may offer you a third for more immunity per figure wh do you think the fda is counseling against people testing their own immunity levels. it's very helpful to know where your immunity stands so if you need the booster or you don't, to make good personal medical decisions, it's a simple blood test, why do you think there is such hesitation or actually counseling against people doing it it's her own personal medica information. >> i think everybody should do it. here's the problem. we haven't come out with a grea test yet in the united states. we have one test that shows you had covid, but it's not exact enough and it wont tell you how much immunity. we have another test that goes up when you've had the shot, bu it too isn't totally reliable. another thing were getting wron here is if you've had covid, it actually gives you some immunity . than it varies after that great other countries like europe and israel is counting.
9:42 pm
we're not even counting natural immunity. and natural immunity plus one shot is probably better than tw shots or at least equivalent. how come we're not counting people who've gotten over covid is having a partial immunity at least? that makes people feel more restricted and more overcome by mandates. >> this is amazing. the first investigational transplant of a genetically engineered nonhuman kidney into a human body recently completed while you're there, a big step forward. i want to play something from dr. robert montgomery and then you can tell us about this exclusive story. >> i had five near-death experiences included being in a coma for three weeks. i made it through all of that b the grace of god. i did get a transplant three years ago. in september and almost to the day when we did this transplant
9:43 pm
and a wonderful second opportunity at living and you know, we want to make sure that as many people as possible have that opportunity. >> tell us about this, doctor? >> can you imagine that the guy he was the hot head of our transplant institute at a heart transplant nearly died five times took a hepatitis c heart himself which is now working beautifully and he's the one wh gives the first kidney to a human recipient and guess what they need next, a hartford how did they do this? they altered the gene on the date so that the human didn't reject the kidney. we have such a shortage of organs in the united states, it's unbelievable, 100,000 people on the list only 30 different 35,000 per year prate if we can use animal kidneys like pig kidney or heart, we're going to save thousands of thousands of lives every year prate it seems like we are on the cusp of those.
9:44 pm
this is an amazing breakthrough that we might be able to give animal kidneys and hearts to human recipient down the road. >> we will count on you to keep us updated on that front. thank you so much. >> thank you, shannon. to get a new lawsuit claims there may be more fat in your bacon than advertise.
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>> time per night court and it is. normal foods facing a class-action lawsuit over claim it reduced the fat in that center cut bacon by just cuttin the serving size. while hormel advertise its product is having less fat for your belly, the lawsuit argues you're being deceived because you're getting less product great night court is now in session great attorney brian rotella and the president of national center for life and liberty, welcome back to both o you. >> hi, shannon. >> we're going to get right to exhibit a this is from the complaint they say much of that fat savings being advertised on center cut bacon which by the way it is 25 percent less are you two up reduction in the serving size eight used due to the original bacon amputee center cut bacon axley being 25
9:50 pm
percent leap when is this just about changing the serving size, is it really 25 percent leaner? >> shannon, let's be honest com over having people sue about th fat in their bacon. they're suing over the fat in their bacon. its bacon. i think the reason there are suing is the trial lawyers over the last year haven't been able to make the bacon, during covid 19 meathead shutdowns people haven't been able to go to jury duty, just in california alone between march and august of 201 and 2,021.4 million cases less we're settled. what does that mean, trial lawyers are hungry so they're bringing these low-calorie end in here, the standard here is the reasonable consumer, the only reasonable consumer with respect to my good friend david would be duped on this is somebody who thinks that this company engineered that had so steel. giga people also a lot of them
9:51 pm
to go to the gym in the last year because they've been cooking things and staying home like bacon. we want to put up the hormel packaging. it does say 25 percent less fat on there. they give you the ingredients you can read them for yourselve and figure out what you're eating here. what about brian saying it's bacon, listen. >> shannon, words matter. i don't know what business goal this guy went to, but he's like you know what, if we serve smaller portions, we can charge more and we can light to the consumer and we can actually make more money by committing fraud. the reality is people count on these things. somebody with heart disease is not going to be eating this bacon thinking there healthy start looking at people with allergies, gluten labels or other types of peanut allergies or other things. people are counting on these companies to be honest right this is a scam, the company is sitting here exploiting consumers asking them to read the fine print. they know exactly what they're
9:52 pm
doing. they're profiting unethically, and really immorally, but also absolutely illegally. it's a deceptive trade practice. >> the consumers say that they were duped for it consumers who purchase center cut bacon end u with a product that is not as lean as they were led to believ prate on the other side of that we have exhibit that i pulled from the web, this is one of th reviews for this bacon. bubble likes it says it is by far better bacon than any other commercial bacon produced. my family has tried tons of bacons in always returns over melchert archery test is on the blt. she complained test the blt and pick the black label hormel out of the group. with those two things in mind, at the final argument from each of you, brian, do you first. >> in the complaint, one of these plaintiffs bought the bacon over four years from 2017 through 2021, $6 each time,
9:53 pm
where they duped every time wit respect again to my friend david . as a reasonable consumer is not buying that bacon every time an not realizing it's just smaller portion and that's why that's was fast. i don't think they pass the muster. i think this case gets thrown out. >> shannon, the reason it taste so good as their lying about what's in it. they're trying to sell it as healthier and their charging more, there exploiting the consumers and using their expertise for their own financial advantage. the plaintiffs here have a strong case and they will stay this will ultimately settle and hormel wealth, correct this fraudulent advertising. >> we will see what they say is they contribute to the conversation and we will track the case. have a great weekend. >> thank you, shannon. >> some good news before we say good night's great navy veteran and their family have moved in their transitional phone home i fort worth texas thanks to operation homefront right and helps veterans and their
9:54 pm
families get settled with their civilian life straight they wil now be living rent-free in this new home. the family was speechless at first, their super overjoyed though. while they live there they can save up to purchase their own home and then another military family moves into the transitional home when the best moveon move on. i love the story,. >> it is really life-changing for so many different families. my story, it is a bright idea a a scottsdale, the company has developed a as oral pal solar powered device that can create water from air. a grades water vapor which is condensed into liquid and then ones are added a can be bobbled to run through a faucet. it means drinking water were widely accessible for communities here in the u.s. an abroad without reliable power. these panels run in the sun and not a plug prate source water says they are already in at least 50 countries. could get you said this is base
9:55 pm
in scottsdale? >> yes. >> i love scottsdale. but one of the things i love about being out there is it's not humid. i think these people would make a killing here in dc where the humidity is like 90 percent all the time. or at least it feels like that' great thank you for being bringing us the story and being with us tonight. that sit from washington, have great weekend. time shannon bream ♪“i swear”♪ jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin
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