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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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don't forget the new documentary series is out right now. it's called blown away. the people versus wind power. it's definitely worth watching. tune in each night at 8:00 p.m. for the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a good evening, here is sean hannity! ♪ ♪ >> americans held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines, day 69. >> sean: welcome to hannity this busy friday night. americans held behind enemy lines. thousands of green household cardholders, we have no idea the exact number all suffering under taliban rule. many are already dead. at during last night's town hall
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on fake news cnn commode joe biden didn't make a single mention of afghanistan or the men, the women come of the children, and americans, and green card holders, allies he abandoned after 13 days prior saying he wouldn't do it. not to mention, a question, not a word, nothing. wow. it's possible joe doesn't even fully remember what would happen afghanistan, that's way back in august but for them, that's 400 lifetimes ago. it's a hole three months ago and let's face it, joe biden's not particularly doing well and that was on display last night and he's every thing we've been telling you a cognitive bias every day it seems to get worse and worse, it's scary, not funny anymore. predictably last night, welcome of the town hall became a train wreck. take a look. >> 55 corporations making over $40 billion. they don't pay a cent. not a single little red cent.
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you know if you're in real estate, major real estate, ask them. they know they should be paying more than 21%. we can pay for this whole thing come i've got it written on a card but i will not bore you with the details. the question of is on the community college, which is a big campaign promise he made. >> and i'm going to get it done and if i don't, i'll be sleeping alone for a long time. i'll be going to scotland. two weeks, weeks, i'm losing track of time. in 40 of all products, coming into united states america on the west coast going through los angeles and -- when am i doing here? long beach, thank you. what i have said, you're shaking her head no, but let me tell you something, it is the truth. >> sean: when am i doing here? long beach, yeah, yeah, thanks for the safe.
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at one point biden seemingly forgot about his own hands and just stood there like this for an extended period of time. does anybody know what he was doing like that? what was that about? throughout the night biden offered zero solutions for all of the crisis is that he himself has caused. i have solutions, bring back the trump policies on the border, energy, afghanistan. peace through strength. on the economy, lower regulation and taxes. according to joe's spiking gas prices, they won't be getting better any time soon and he blamed opec. it's not opec's fault, it is your fault, joe. why don't you call texas and oklahoma, north dakota, alaska, hire back the keystone xl pipeline, workers you fired. maybe take back the waiver you gave your friend vladimir who country pays your son millions with no experience. saying there is nothing i can do about high gas prices, that is
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so reassuring. take a look. >> what about gas prices. >> gas prices relate to a foreign policy initiative that is about something going beyond the cost of gas. that's because of the supply being withheld. by opec. there's a lot of negotiation -- there is a lot of middle eastern folks want to talk to me. i'm not sure i'm going to talk to them. >> do you have a timeline for gas prices and when they my start coming down? >> my guess, you'll start to see gas prices come down as we get by and going into next year 2022. i don't see anything that's going to happen in the meantime that will significantly reduce gas prices. >> sean: the supplies not withheld by opec, you will yule, joe biden, you are officially reduced the amount of energy in the world because you are
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married to the biden-burning new green deal socialist, green deal manifesto. you killed the keystone xl pipeline, you're making the russian actor put in rich again. if you band expiration on all federal lands, you artificially reduced america and the oil and gas supply. the united states once again you're begging opec for the lifeblood of our company. we are paying more for everything we buy, paying more to heat and cooler home. we were in the number one producer of oil and gas for the first time in 75 years. guess what, energy independent. donald trump at the end of the presidency was not importing one single barrel from saudi arabia. now, any more instead of begging texas, why don't we begged them? you can ask texas and you do not have to beg gary to oklahoma, alaska, north dakota, they will
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help you. biden's blaming opec and that's the cop out there and frankly it's an all out lie like most every thing else that comes out of your mouth. according to the former ceo of mcdonald's, joe biden's gas and oil policies are the core because of inflation and the current supply chain fiasco. the labor shortage is playing a huge role. joe biden is now bowing to make the shortage far worse. if he does what we are about the plant that happens with nurses, teachers, first responders, military, do you think the economy is bad now? it will go down precipitously right into the sewer. >> should police officers and emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines. should they be stay at home or the like oh? >> yes, and yes. >> sean: fire them, at this point i will take let's go brandon. i will take brandon the nascar
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driver over biden. he went on to mock american's obsession with freedom. wow. are you going to do that, joe? it is not going to do it, spent in the of millions of americans. they're not going to listen to you, joe, flip-flop fauci, they're not going to listen to the ever-changing rules of the cdc or the nih. you cause the vaccine hesitancy. all of you. and because of the mixed messaging and the changing standards, they made up their own mind. you can try to convince them that you've been trying and it's not working. we are going fire them? i thought you would never implement a mandate, joe. and fauci said it, nancy pelosi it said that, jen psaki said it. now americans are being mandated. what happened to the choice of being tested? do you offer them that option are you going to take away their pay, the benefits come the
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pensions? of course the debate frankly in my mind is over a period of no longer in this country about faxed and not faxed because millions of americans have made up their minds and they do not agree with joe biden for whatever reason. we've had the debate and that's their choice, we live in a free society and their decision. there's got to be a way to thread the needle because if you have all these people willing to sacrifice, their jobs, their pay you, their benefits, their pensions, their careers, their salaries, over mandates, they must believe pretty strongly in their position. make no mistake, thousands of cops, firefighters, nurses, first responders, soldiers, walking off the job? if that happens, this country will not be more safe and secure, and it will have a devastating impact on our economy. joe biden and their radical advisors do not care about safety and security. they only care about politics. look at the border. in order to to abuse the radical left, joe biden not only is not enforcing the laws of the land,
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donald trump's plans worked. you can implement them once again and it'll work again. but he instead decided to go on his own and joe biden -- where are we? we are at a record high 40 year record high of illegal immigrants coming into the country. ironically, the same time biden started construction of a giant wall around his beach house it's going to cost you almost $500 the southeastern border is a disaster and apprehensions at an all-time high. by the way, that's where 90% of heroine crosses into our country come up fentanyl is killing hundreds of americans per week. that's crossing across the southern border. joe biden's too busy to visit so he lies about visiting and says the drive-through is a visit. take a look. it's because you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i've been there before and i haven't -- i know it well. i because i should go down, but
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the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole lot of time to get down. i've been spending time going around looking at the $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes, floods, and weather. if traveling around the world. but i plan -- my wife jill has been down. she's been on both sides of the river, she has seen the circumstances there. she has looked into those places. >> sean: this guy's a cognitive mess and he's your president. i sent my wife down to look at it? he never went there? not too busy to spend almost every week and then delaware, the beach house, right, joey? don't worry, the borders are kamala harris swung by el paso ones on her way to california. she was spewing carbon emissions left and right and of course she has no plans to go back and by the way, we've been looking at this for months. we can't find any record of joe biden and never one time visiting the border.
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jen psaki got into it again with her own peter doocy and joe biden was definitely not blonde she says. she did a drive-by and that comes as a visit to the border? take a look. >> biden said he had been to the border. >> welcome at peter, you may have heard, there's been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> does not count as a visit? he said i've been there before and he's saying he drove by for a few minutes? does not count? >> it is the root cause and where people coming from coming to the border here? >> the president tsai -- >> i'm asking you a question because people should understand the context. okay i'll answer it for you. people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. there is a focus right now on a photo op. the president does not believe a photo op is the same as solutions. that may be a difference he has
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with republicans. >> i guess i should go down, so does he think he needs a photo op? >> he doesn't and that's the fundamental disagreement he has. >> sean: the white house says they have no evidence of biden stopping and visiting the border, we'd love to see it. they're lying. joe biden has a solution to the southern burner crisis, would like to hear about that. here's the thing they don't have and that's a solution. i have one, follow the trump plan, you're not working on the solution and they do not care what happens at the border. it tonight they're focused on one thing above all else. new green deal radical socialism, packaged in the build back better propaganda talking points and bumper stickers. this bill is a massive step of america, the greatest wealth creating system and the entire history of mankind now becoming a socialist. like the former soviet union, venezuela, cuba, okay, simply put, it takes money from everybody that works and gives
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it to everybody else. if it's confiscation of pretty much all of the economy in the form of fairness in government entitlements. it'll raise taxes on everyone especially those making under 50 grand a year. it'll increase the debt and deficit on the massive scale even though they lie and say it will not cost a single penny and inflation which is already really bad is going to get worse. bill rode plays reliable forms of energy, like oil, gas, coal, unreliable, costly forms of energies. and joe manchin cares about the people of west virginia and he does, you'll vote no on any form of the bill. here now with more peter doocy. the idea that jen psaki wants to flip roles and be the questioner and get you to answer her questions, it's not a matter. you made a good point.
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it did he ever visit the border? i've been down there on horseback, i've been there on helicopters, all-terrain vehicles, there's films of me in tunnels out there when people are getting arrested and thrown in warehouses immediately falling off a horse. i've been down there firsthand and seen the border 15 times. he has to go down and see it and he never did, did she? she lied to you. think of what they are referring to several weeks after i'd asked, it appeared in "the washington post" is of the 2008 before the 2,000 election. joe biden went out to a event in new mexico but he landed in el paso. what the white house is saying, counts as a trip down to the border, is the drive and a motorcade from el paso's airport to the rally.
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you've been in some of the motorcades. you're going very fast. the cars are moving around. kind of side to side within the lanes. you can't roll down the window, you can't stop. it sounds like -- yeah. so, what they are saying and the president went on in the clip he said, i know it well. well, he knows it as well as somebody who was able to see some of that in el paso and that's it. >> sean: your question had nothing to do with the photo op. your question was fundamental. the joe biden lied to the american people when he said that he went down and visited the border? he didn't ask about the photo op and you asked and you've asked the question before, peter. if donald trump were president, everybody else in the room would follow up and say what do you mean you drove by in a motorcade? that's not going to the border. >> it goes to the point if
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that's going to count as a visit, then really like get out of the car or anything? when he flies back and forth directly from the south, you can see maryland out the window. it doesn't count as a visit to maryland because that's basically what they are saying his length of stay was at the border. >> sean: if i'm flying an airplane, it's a reagan airport and i see the white house and i see the pentagon i can say i've been there. all right, peter doocy, great job and you're killing it every day in there. i don't think they liked peter as much as they pretend to it. anyway, here with mark, he's a columnist for the hill, fox news contributor and a great media host on the media show here on n fox, joe concha former arkansas governor of mike huckabee is with us. this is your wheelhouse and i'll throw it up to you. he lied and flat out lied to. >that's th word and where to
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begin with the town hall last night. the president claimed he been to the border is bad enough but the press secretary as he talked about with peter doocy where she has gone full. if she makes the argument that driving through el paso 13 years ago counts is going to the border? if you're packing all of this at home because joe biden drove through el paso 13 years ago, it's a three hour walk from the u.s.-mexico border. in 2008, he's been to the border and meanwhile the president says he's been too busy to visit the border. that's incredible because he spent 70 days in delaware since taking office and we are barely ten months in. jen psaki goes on to say biden doesn't have to visit the border to know what it means. this is enough to make some at his hair hurt. the numbers in the press secretary is outright lying. for cnn and the town hall last night they finished dead last in a three horse race.
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those few who tuned in did not hear one question from anderson cooper who was a former war correspondent in afghanistan asking about that particular horrific situation. cooper to your point also, played wingmen more than moderator helping the president remember the port of long beach where there's a supply crane my chain crisis there's a reason they chose cnn because it's not reaching a big audience certainly, but that's not one of the reasons that's for sure. cnn is losing 80% of the audience since the beginning of the year. this network may soon need to start addressing viewers by name. >> sean: they barely got 1 million viewers last night. if donald trump calls the program on a telephone and we get 4 million viewers. he's on the phone. we are not even seeing him. it let me go to governor huckabee. a lot of other things last night. he supports firing first responders, police if they do not get the shot and not offering them the option of
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testing. he's open to eliminating the filibuster. he also said at one point he was so confused -- one am i doing here? anderson cooper had to bail him out so he is a cognitive mess. imaging inflations going to last for a while, blaming opec for gas prices when he artificially reduce the world supply. it mending no near term solution for reducing gas prices. governor, this is a prescription for economic disaster. >> first all it was in a town hall, this was a game show. it's called who wants to be president? joe things he things like you might want to try the job sometime. instead of a millionaire wants to be a millionaire, want to be a trillion air president giving away free stuff. i'm disappointed in both you and joe for criticizing him for not going to the border. he has been repeatedly the taco bell in bloomington
6:20 pm
delaware. he already made a run for the border and you guys are just not appreciating. included in he's on the border. >> sean: listen, i plead guilty and i'm a smelly walmart shopper. i cling to god above and i believe in god. the bible i think is a sacred word of god. i believe in the second of my matt reitz and i cling to my religion. i'm guilty on all fronts that i like taco bell, you're right, yes, sir. is that the run? >> let me mention this, 12 question asked and two were asked by people who pretended to be republican. he gives you an idea that the fact that cnn thinks a town hall is a town hall if the town contains 90% democrats to make it as easy as possible on poor joe. even then, he couldn't figure out where he was, where long beach was, it was a pretty bad night in the white house had to do a fact-check on their own
6:21 pm
guy last night and start correcting everything he was saying. as it was coming out of his mouth. >> sean: you missed one other thing, he said he's been vice president for 36 years. did you hear that, joe concha? >> that would be a record, i would think. sean, when recovering the administration and the president, don't judge them by their words, judge them by their actions. as it pertains to the supply chain crisis because just like the border and the president not visiting, wait how long it will take and months, maybe never will joe biden kamala harris, secretary transportation secretary pete buttigieg visit the ports in terms of addressing the problem and talking to those people working on the ground mem in person saying how do we solve the problem? judge them by their actions and not their words because we have an absentee president and vice president and pete redo haa job that has $100 billion
6:22 pm
budget, 58,000 employees and he's been out for lunch on paternity leave for two months. >> sean: i'm going to make a run to the border after the show if they are open. governor huckabee, thank you for the idea, brilliant. joe concha, mike huckabee. it coming, joe biden mocking we have the lectures, we've had this golden, now he's mocking te americans who have a different view on the vaccine. it leo 2.0 terrell relic in senator scott brown will react. dr. fauci lied to congress and we know for a fact the nh money went for gain of function and coronavirus research at the wuhan virology lab. he lied to us. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ [ sneeze ] are you ok?
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>> welcome to fox news live imac for fin in los angeles. after alec baldwin was handed a weapon seconds before he fatally shot a cinematographer on the movie set in new mexico, the assistant director who gave him the prop gun was unaware it was loaded with live rounds according to documents. the movie director was injured by an egg is recover. alec baldwin expressed that his heart is broken and cooperating with authorities. at the intended is once again raising questions about movie set safety. my current spleen pandemic ravaged countries were arrested trying to enter the u.s. illegally in the last 12 months. it is the highest number of illegal crossings reported since 1960.
6:28 pm
most detained were single adults. i matt finn, now back for "hannity." for all your headlines, log on to ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight we have more disturbing moments from biden's fake new cnn town hall from last night. he actually mocked and scalded in the past, lectured in the past demanded in the past, now he's mocking americans that have a different point of view then him. if for reason, they made the choice not to get vaccinated. reasons some of them have underlying medical conditions, some have natural immunity, following that science. you may not agree with them but that's what they are doing. they decided to stand on their principles. that will be their choice. we live in a free society. here's how joe biden after he has lectured them and scalded them, yelled at them, here's what he saying now. take a look. to speak of the two things that concerned me, those i try to mat a political issue.
6:29 pm
i have the freedom to kill you in with my covid beard and come on, freedom. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrell to rella by the way, his wife is running on a very winnable seat for new hampshire. i might have to start asking her instead of you on the program, just saying. welcome back. let me just start. let's focus on what we heard there. they said they would never do this. just like they have been wrong all throughout the pandemic. that's point number one. i have a hard time and i've been very clear, senator, i believe in science, vaccination science, i'm begging people to take it seriously, i've seen the worst of it. if you have the unique medical history and condition, please taunt your doctors. if if you have a breakthrough case or you didn't get vaccinated to come call your doctor immediately and asked them if it's right to get it for
6:30 pm
you, monoclonal antibodies. i'm taking it seriously and i do now. for whatever reason, these people's minds are going to be changed. i've a problem firing nurses and military, first responders that do not run covid bonds to save our lives every day's in the moments here. there has to be a better way to thread the needle. why not allow them to have the test every day or once a week or whatever? >> because they do not want to. at the federal government is playing more and more of a role in our lives. interfering with our personal livings and freedoms, i live free or die states. we take it seriously. all due respect to the president, mocking people because in the name of freedom, yeah, we are still a free country. you wouldn't know it. what they are doing as you referenced earlier, they are lying and they said they don't have to do it now. they are making everybody do it and they're making them choose between their jobs and to their security. at not only our national security, but personal and family security.
6:31 pm
it's completely unacceptable and really an extension of d from the police defining people, pushing people away. you can see the amount of applause applauding the first line responders and police officers -- putting their lives and limbs and jeopardy. applauding them because they're going to be fired. first time i'm 62 years old, first time in my life i'm getting a little bit scared. i'm not quite sure what to do. >> sean: i'm telling everybody, leo, to take it seriously. you've been on the program enough and you you know what i'm saying. i had friends that died. i believe -- but with that, i believe in freedom and medical privacy. i believe in dr. -patient confidentiality. i do not believe in one-size-fits-all medicine either. there's got to be a way where people are feeling so strongly -- they are going to give up the pay, the benefits,
6:32 pm
their careers, their pensions. nobody's willing to think out-of-the-box and find a way to have a safe working environment? we've got packed football stadiums every sunday and saturday, leo. >> every week we have packed football states, playoff baseball games. it let me tell you what, this is about power control. i find it insulting for joe biden who should be fired to insinuate that police officers and first responders want to kill their fellow police officers. by not taking a vaccine? that's insulting. and it's stupid. these individuals and first responders who gave their life up, sacrifice 24/7 putting their own family arms away to protect protect us 24/7. joe biden cavalier wants to say freedom to kill? are you serious? it's insulting. the bottom line is that it's a part of the democratic playbook.
6:33 pm
they want power and control over every aspect of our lives. there is no mandate. not required in florida, but yet, biden looks at this as a power grab. the democrats do not understand it. that freedom and liberty is something worth dying for, and something worth fighting for. >> sean: leo 2.0 terrell perella. scott brown. coming up, bombshell you reported standing the nih funded gain-of-function research at the virology lab in wuhan. what does it mean from flip-flop fauci? and he lied to congress? later, alec baldwin x and atlee shot and killed a cinematographer on the set of his new movie injuring also the director. we will tell you what will happen straight ahead. ♪ ♪ kidney alert for type 2 diabetes! forty percent of people with type 2 diabetes will develop chronic kidney disease, or ckd. did you know ckd can lead to kidney failure and dialysis?
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♪ ♪ >> sean: no more big breaking news this friday night surrounding dr. doom and gloom flip-flop fauci. we have the most important piece of evidence he had to supporting claims that fauci in fact lying to congress. they told senator rand paul of kentucky multiple times that the nih never funded gain-of-function research at the wuhan lab. get this, and a new letter to republican congressman james, and nih are official admitted the truth than an experiment was conducted at the wuhan lab backed by u.s. funding "to test if proteins from naturally occurring bat corona viruses circulating in china where capable of binding to the human receptor in a mouse model." that would be by the very definition gain-of-function research. the nih is trying to do damage
6:39 pm
control claiming that the eco-health alliance gave the grant to and received your tax dollars then subcontracted with the wuhan lab. was not being transparent about the research. that prompted senator rand paul to respond on twitter saying i told you so and won't begin to cover it here. if dr. paul was right and flip-flop fauci was wrong and appears to have lied repeatedly including to congress you might remember this. >> dr. fauci knowing to lying to congress, do you wish to retract her statement to congress where you claim that nih never committed in a function research in wuhan? >> i have never lied -- >> the microphone. >> senator paul, i've never lied before the congress and i do not retract that statement. >> you're saying that's not gain a function? >> that's correct. it senator paul, you do not know
6:40 pm
what you're talking about quite frankly. i want to say that officially. >> sean: officially i am saying i don't believe fauci. it was going to take to have some real accountability for fauci? who has flip-flopped on masks, ventilators, injections, herd immunity, holiday gatherings, the virus, origins, we will never have vaccine mandates and much more. worst of all, it looks like he lied potentially to congress and that would be against the law. here are now former white house chief of staff reince priebus, fox news contributor jason chaffetz. starting with theo rice. okay, we've got the emails we've gone over january 31st, the day before the first day of corona in the u.s. fauci was told it looked like one of the genomes was manipulated in the lab in the flurry of emails about did we fund this and it seem like it was my interpretation. then he intercepted it and this.
6:41 pm
are you convinced that dr. fauci is not being honest with the american people? >> absolutely. what they are going to try to do now, the next phases that they are going to say that we didn't give the money to the wuhan lab, we gave the money to another entity that we gave a grand to that gave the money to the wuhan lab. but the grant writing process is so detailed, so wildly cumbersome that it is impossible for the nih not to know what they're doing. it's like forensic accounting times ten. the tracking, monitoring, the reporting, the nih lost control over this, they are lying. the eco-health company is lying. if but you hinted also, this is what happens when the media does not hold any of these folks accountable, nih, fauci who said anything differently. bill mark, i don't know if you saw this, but mel martin
6:42 pm
actually leave it or not we are using him as an example, but he pointed out something important. he said "the new york times" found that if you ask people where did they odds of somebody going to the hospital if they get covid. 40% of democrats said 50% or more is likely to go to the hospital if you get covid. it means these people are being fed through federal media a bunch of garbage. nobody is hold the nih accountable, holding fauci -- nobody's holding the media account to be either. that's all we get to this point. in spain jason, we have fauci's emails, the documents from the intercept they made public, now we have this new evidence. in your mind, is the case overwhelming and in convertible that dr. fauci knew more about the origins of the virus and
6:43 pm
gain of function and where the money came from. he was lying before congress and rand paul? >> yes, senator paul was clearly right. which would happen here is dr. fauci should be fired, or he should be dismissed, or he should retire, but none of that's going to happen. what should happen as the republicans in the united states senate -- i'm sick and tired of them issuing press releases every single republican united states should sign a letter starting with mitch mcconnell and make it a criminal referral to the district that has the jurisdiction they are in washington, d.c., in the u.s. attorney and demand that they do an investigation. you should also ask that dr. fauci take a leave of absence while that's happening. he should be put on administrative leave because he is they are and it incentivizes. if there something wrong to cover up evidence, you would do this if there is a shooting involving a police officer, you
6:44 pm
would do this if there is an allegation of sexual harassment. in this case, there is an allegation that millions of people died. so why take the chance of having dr. fauci continue to stay in that position. get rid of the guy. america needs a second opinion. get rid of dr. fauci. that's what has to happen. but republicans must be united. none of the individual press releases. >> sean: jason, thank you. it reince priebus thank you. and when we come back, alec baldwin accidentally shot them i killed a groom member and injured another asked after firing what is known as a prop gun on the side of his new move me. all here what the details straight ahead. ♪ ♪ what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now we're learning more details tonight following a shocking tragedy on the site of a movie that's being filmed that's called "rust." actor alec baldwin fatally shot the film's cinematographer and the director after an apparent what they call a prop gun mishap on the site in new mexico. the victims have been identified as halyna hutchins. the mother died on thursday and joel souza has reportedly been released from the hospital. he's expected to make a full recovery. according to the union that covers prop masters, the prop gun contained a live round. according to a new report, the bullet alec baldwin fired struck hutchins and exited her body and then hit the directors clavicle. here's a short clip of the 911 call. >> yeah, she might've been shot
6:50 pm
accidentally. it's. >> sean: earlier today, baldwin broke his silence and posted on twitter there is no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna hutchins, a wife, mother, deeply admired colleague of ours and added that he is fully cooperating with the police investigations. at the story breaking from the "l.a. times" tonight finds that just hours before this tragedy, at least half a dozen crewmembers walked off the sides in protest of working conditions. it detectives investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged. no charges have been filed at this time. who are the reaction, fox news correspondent geraldo rivera, and gregg jarrett. lemme start with you. the war is between me and alec baldwin do not factor into my opinion. i want to be straightforward. i would be shocked, i would be shocked if the evidence shows that in fact he did this on
6:51 pm
purpose. i don't believe that. i don't think we'd come to that conclusion. i believe in due process, presumption of innocence, we need a full forensic investigation. but in my heart, it seems like and looks like, and a tragic accident. how did a live round get in to that weapon? it's supposed to fire blanks! >> wright, sean, we are not clear the live round, they clarified by live round they are not saying that it was a bulletin and it could have been a blank. if but when you fire a blank, it leaves a residue in the barrel f the gun and we know guns very well. if you do not clean the barrel out and pull another blank behind it and fired the blank, it can eject that projectile. at the remnants what was in the barrel at sufficient velocity that it's bullet like. you mention charges. let me just say, let's assume that this was a tragic accident
6:52 pm
with the background of the labor turmoil and chaos on the site. listen to the definition of involuntary manslaughter. it involves a killing that occurs when the defendant is engaging in a lawful but dangerous act without exercising due caution and circumspection. the example they give is the driver who is texting and accidentally kill somebody. it involuntary manslaughter is a fourth degree felony in new mexo punishable by 18 months in prison. this is very serious. this is, at the minimum, the felony at the fourth degree, this is when alec baldwin or the prop sky may be facing. >> sean: listen very carefully from a but dangerous act without using due caution. on listening to those words carefully, geraldo, i'll pick your legal mind here. would it be the actor's role to take a prop gun and say, excuse
6:53 pm
me, can you assure me that this is a blank and not a bullet's remark >> it's not his role and there is no evidence that he knew that there was a real bullet in the gun, he would not be criminally charged unless it can be shown, sean, that he was mishandling the gun in a grossly negligent or reckless way. the preliminary information that we have does not indicate that, but law enforcement continues to investigate. there will certainly be a civil lawsuit for money damages, electing negligence, that's almost a given. but this sort of thing shouldn't happen because there are standard safety protocols in place on film sets involving license armorer's who are they are to provide, handle, maintain, check, and double check and secure the weapon so that nobody else has access to
6:54 pm
it before it's ever used. though baldwin might not be criminally charged, it's altogether possible based on gross negligence and recklessness as geraldo defined it in the new mexico statute, that somebody else in the film production could happen. they should never happen. it happened back in 1993 famously with the actor brandon lee. there was a fragment of her projectile lodged in the barrel and when the blank was fired, it evicted it killing him. that barrel should have been checked. the d.a. said that there is negligence here, but it doesn't rise to the level of criminal negligence, no charges were filed. >> sean: let me just say this -- >> 1983, there were criminal charges filed. >> sean: we have one minute. i would be hard-pressed even though alec baldwin hates me, i don't really like him. i'd be hard-pressed to believe he knew that this would happen.
6:55 pm
i want to see incontrovertible evidence. it seems like a tragic accident. our prayers to the families here. so tragic. >> what if they fired those armorer, the guy come of the union and didn't replace him? baldwin's or producer on the movie. he's not only the star, but also a producer. if the union guys were not there to take care of the weapons as greg defined taking care of the weapons, and they do not replace -- someone should have checked the barrel. >> sean: in this case, looking in my official thought, but we have to follow their forensics and the evidence. i do not see alec doing something like this. i'm saying that as somebody who doesn't like the guy, he doesn't like me. i would be shocked beyond any imagination that he did. but i hope this was not intentional on anybody's part, either way we lost a mom.
6:56 pm
apparently a wonderful woman. thank you both. of more after this more "hannity" after this period of ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues the night. laura ingraham is up next and we hope you have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> laura: all right, i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" end. [cheers and applause] welcome to oxford, mississippi. we are live from the campus of ole miss. they will take on the lsu tigers in a legendary rivalry and the campus has swelled with alums from both teams flooding into town. and another highlight of the weekend, former ole miss quarterback, the great eli manning and his family


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